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Dangerously in Love 2.0

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The airport was filled with people either going out or coming in to the country. It’s not much different to Narita Airport that is as busy as ever, with the people who are coming in and out of the place. People in groups swarmed inside the airport while waiting for their scheduled departure while the volume of people inside increased when another plane arrived.


“Announcing the arrival of Flight No. E0218. Flight from London. I repeat, announcing the arrival of Flight No. E0218. Flight from London.” A voice from the speaker echoed through the whole airport to notify everyone who were waiting for the people who were inside that plane.


The exit opened for those who were on the Flight No. E0218 and the waiting area swarmed with so many people holding on to their camera while some others were holding on to their phone with their voice recorder on, well it’s a field day for the reporters today.


One by one, people walk out of the exit and the reporters and their cameramen were anticipating for the arrival of the two people they were waiting for hours now. Each person who goes out of the exit will make them all excited but they will be down for some reason when they found out it’s not the people they were waiting for. Almost everyone from the Flight No. E0218 already came out and the reporters started to lose all hope when the two people they were waiting for made their grand appearance.


“There they are!! Sawamura Eijun and Miyuki Kazuya!!” Almost every reporter shouted with excitement when they saw the two took their time walking out of the exit. The cameramen didn’t waste any time and started to take photos of the two whose hands were intertwined as they walk out of the exit.


The two were wearing the same black shirt with Baymax print on the front, the same ripped jeans for their pants and red converse shoes along with a black cap on their heads. They were wearing the same thing from head to toe.


Kazuya was carrying a slightly large bag pack while Eijun had none. It was obvious enough that the brunette stuffed his clothes to Kazuya’s bag. Eijun adjusted his cap to cover his face a bit as he tightened up his ponytail while Kazuya just smiled on the side and held on to the brunette’s hand right after Eijun adjusted his ponytail.


The couple didn’t even notice the reporters and the cameramen who were watching them as they just headed out of the airport. They were so focused on each other that they didn’t bother checking out for the people waiting for them. As a result, when they both walked out of the waiting area, the reporters and the cameramen crowded into them.


“Sawamura-sama, Miyuki-sama, is the rumor true about you two getting engaged 2 weeks ago??”

“If yes, how about Colton-sama??”

“Didn’t Colton-sama got the advantage at first??”

“If you two are really engaged now, when do you plan to get married??”


Questions like these started to pop out one by one when they were crowded in. As a protective stance, Kazuya wrapped his arms around the brunette, pulling him close to him. The cameramen caught everything in their lenses and the reporters became more eager to ask so many questions.


“Eijun-sama, Kazuya-sama!!” The two turned their heads quickly when they heard a familiar voice coming from the crowd. Eijun whose eyes scanned everyone instantly spotted Chris in the crowd and perked up as he looked at Kazuya.


“Kazu, let’s go.” Eijun whispered to his lover.


“Sure. Let’s go.” Kazuya smiled to the brunette and they both held hands again, making their way out of the crowd. It’s not an easy task to get away from them so it took a few minutes before they can get to where Chris is.


“I already called for security Eijun-sama, Kazuya-sama. Let’s just proceed to the parking lot.” Chris said after greeting them.


“Thanks Chris.” Kazuya said then again smiled while the brunette just yawned.


“Thanks as always, Chris.” Eijun said and patted Chris’ shoulder.


“It’s my duty, young master.” Chris bowed his head down to the brunette and smiled.


When the security personnel came to where they are, they slipped out of the airport and went straight to the parking lot. Chris drove straight to the Miyuki Mansion to drop the two off. The Miyuki Group’s underlings gathered outside to greet the two of them.


“Welcome back, Kazuya-sama and Eijun-sama.” Everyone greeted in unison.


“We’re back.” Kazuya greeted back and held on to Eijun’s hand tightly.


“We’re back.” Eijun greeted right after.


The front door opened and it revealed Toku, walking out of it with Kuramochi, Ryousuke and Haruichi, following behind him closely.


“So how’s the US trip, you two??” Toku asked as he raised a brow. Eijun instantly perked up and jumped on to the middle aged man in the front door.


“UNCLE!!!!” Eijun excitedly jumped out.


“Eijun! Energetic as ever!” Toku said and stroke the brunette’s head like a kid. Kazuya glared a bit as he made his way to the two and pulled the brunette away from his Old Man.


“Hey babe, I told you to behave earlier in the plane right??” Kazuya said as he held the brunette with his back slammed on his chest.


“I’m behaved.” Eijun looked up to the guy in glasses behind him with those puppy eyes and pouted.


“Don’t look at me like that. It’s not going to work.” Kazuya steeled himself and gave the brunette a glare when Eijun noticed the Kominato brothers and Kuramochi behind Kazuya’s dad. The brunette perked up even more and let himself free from Kazuya’s grip as he excitedly hugged the three.


“Harucchi!!!! Ani-san!!! Kuramochi-senpai!!!! It’s nice to see you guys again!!” Eijun greeted.


“Eijun-kun!!! Nice to see you again after a few months.” The younger Kominato greeted back to the brunette without hiding his excitement to see one of his close friends.


“Welcome back, young master.” The older Kominato greeted properly the brunette.


“Yoooo! Sawamura~” Kuramochi smirked as he grabbed the brunette by the neck and tried to do a wrestling move on him.


“Senpai!” Eijun laughed not even resisting the green haired.


“Okay, Mochi. Stop that now and let’s go inside.” Kazuya just sighed and pulled his lover away from his right hand man.


They all went inside the mansion while the underlings bowed their heads to them as a sign of respect. The brunette let himself get dragged by Kazuya on the hallways when they all stopped walking.


“You two go and get some rest for now. We’ll call you guys once the lunch is prepared.” Toku said and gave Kazuya a light pat on the shoulder then smiled to the brunette on the side.


“Lunch is not needed, Old Man.” Kazuya said and continued to drag the brunette to his room.


“See ya later, Uncle.” Eijun waved his hand goodbye before they both disappear on the hallway.


They both entered Kazuya’s room and the brunette immediately flopped himself on the king size bed. Kazuya locked his room and turned his head around his room. He noticed that his room became cleaner than when he left it a few months ago. He put down his bag pack and flopped himself to the bed too. He checked out the brunette who was getting his sleep slowly with those half lidded eyes. Kazuya leaned in and kissed the brunette’s forehead.


“Finally getting tired now?” Kazuya asked whispering beside the brunette.


“Yeah.” Eijun mumbled, not quite pronouncing the word properly.


“Rest well.” Kazuya said as he runs his finger to Eijun’s hair, tucking the stray hair to Eijun’s ear. Just when he said that, he slowly felt his exhaustion that accumulated for days now and easily fell asleep too.




When Kazuya woke up, he turned to check out the brunette beside him but the said brunette was nowhere to be found. He quickly sat up and check around the room but he’s really not there. He picked up his phone and check out what time it is and found out that it was past 6 in the evening already. He went inside the bathroom and took a quick shower, changed clothes and went out of his room. He walked down the hallways and saw Kuramochi coming out from his room.


“Yo, Miyuki!” The green haired greeted.


“Yo! Did you know where that idiot ran off to??” Kazuya greeted back then asked.


“Bakamura?? He’s at the dojo with Toku-sama. He woke up two hours ago.”


“Tsk. Thanks.” Kazuya rolled his eyes then walked to the hallway heading to the dojo. He opened the door of the said dojo and the first thing he saw was their underlings crowded on the side while Toku was on the opposite direction drinking tea. Eijun was at the center of the ring with a random underling infront of him.


“What’s going on here, Old Man??” Kazuya asked as he sat beside his father and pour himself some tea too.


“Eijun got bored and came here when he saw these kids training here.” Toku explained as he sipped on his tea.


“Did you tell him to hold back??” Kazuya asked as he finished his tea in one go.


“I think I forgot to tell him that.” Toku chuckled like it’s not a big problem though it really is that made Kazuya sighed.


“Babe!! Try to hold back at least 70% of your strength won’t you??” Kazuya decided to shout out to the brunette.


“Ehhh??? It should be 50%.” Eijun whined as he turned to look at his lover while blocking the punch that was going to reach his face in a second. After blocking, he turned around swiftly to gain momentum and gave the guy a kick on his abdomen like it was a natural thing for him to make that move while talking.


“Using 50% of your strength will kill these newbies.” Kazuya raised a brow as he poured another tea to his cup.


“49% then!!” Eijun smiled brightly.


“Nope. Just use 30% of your strength. If you wanna use 50% of your strength then call an Executive to fight you.” Kazuya shook his head in disagreement to what the brunette just said.


“Hmmph! Fine!” Eijun pouted and ended the current match by knocking out the newbie in one move.


The brunette pouted and sulked all the time he was sparring with their newbie underlings. Kazuya noticed this as he scratched the back of his head. He turned to look at the brunette who was not even using 10% of his strength as he let out a sigh.


“Okay! Time for a break now. Eijun come here.” Kazuya declared that made the newbies sighed with relief while the brunette just slumped himself on the wooden floor he was standing at earlier.


“Eijun …” Kazuya called out but the brunette didn’t responded. He sighed and stood up from where he was seated and walked towards the brunette, sitting down infront of him, pulling the brunette to a hug.


“Come on. Stop sulking~” Kazuya cooed to Eijun’s ears making him blush.


“Stop it! It’s embarrassing …” Eijun mumbled as he hid his face on Kazuya’s neck, holding on to Kazuya’s shirt tightly.


“Then you should stop sulking.” Kazuya chuckled softly when he noticed that the newbies were watching them. He runs his fingers to his lover’s hair like combing it until his fingers reaches the tip which was on the brunette’s waist.


“Let’s go eat our dinner to a fastfood later. Will that improve your mood??” Kazuya asked as he whispered it again right to Eijun’s ear. The brunette perked up and pulled away, his eyes sparkling with excitement.


“It will!!!” Eijun answered excitedly like a kid as he leaned in to Kazuya, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Kazuya was dumbfounded but quickly regained his composure and gave the brunette a smile.


“Let’s go and change then we’ll head out.” Kazuya said and stood up, pulling the brunette to stand up. When Eijun stood up, he quickly ran off of the dojo, leaving Kazuya.


“Hey! You guys are going out??” Toku asked as he finished drinking his tea.


“Yeah. We’re going to eat out so we don’t need dinner, Old Man.” Kazuya answered.


“Sure but don’t spoil Eijun too much. You guys will be inseparable and won’t be able to work alone.” Toku sighed as he stood up and looked at his son when a dark aura came out at a millisecond but instantly disappeared and a smile appeared on Kazuya’s face.


“Nothing will keep us apart, Old Man.” Kazuya said and left the dojo.


Kuramochi passed by Kazuya and was going to greet him but Kazuya didn’t even spare him a glance. The green haired made his way to the dojo to check the newbie training and to report things to Toku but what he found in the dojo was frightened newbies along with the dumbfounded Fifth Head of the Miyuki Group instead of sparring session.


“Uhm … What just happened??” Kuramochi asked that made everyone snapped back to reality.


“O-Oh! Kuramochi, it’s you. Come in.” Toku said and faked a smile.




Kazuya went back to his room and found Eijun still changing his clothes. He just went and opened the cabinet and pulled out another shirt for him to change in to. Eijun noticed that Kazuya was acting weird so he grabbed him by his wrist.


“Hey, is there a problem??” Eijun asked, looking up to his lover.


“No. There’s no problem.” Kazuya answered like usual.




“Yep. Maybe I’m just hungry so let’s go.” Kazuya answered, finding his way out from Eijun’s suspicions.


“Really?? I’m getting hungry too.” Eijun answered excitedly and pulled Kazuya out of the room immediately after changing going straight to the parking lot.


“I’ll drive!” Eijun raised his hand.


“Nope. I will so go inside now.” Kazuya shook his head in disagreement and ruffled Eijun’s hair.


“Stingy!” Eijun pouted and dragged himself inside the car.


“Yeah. Whatever but you can’t let me give you the car keys.” Kazuya chuckled as he went on the driver’s side.


Eijun sulked again for a few minutes but his mood instantly improved when they arrived at the fastfood chain. The two then ate their dinner and walked around the area. It was the last week of May and summer came earlier than expected. When the two walked out of the fastfood chain, Eijun started sweating so much that it started to irritate him.


“Hey, are you okay??” Kazuya noticed the brunette that keeps on wiping his sweat.


“Hmm?? Yeah. I’m fine but … why the fuck is it so hot??” Eijun gritted his teeth in annoyance as he continued wiping his sweat off.


“Pfffft. Get used to it. Summer came in earlier and it will stay like this for a while.” Kazuya chuckled as he pulled out his handkerchief and leaned in closer to the brunette and started to wipe off the sweat on Eijun’s face.


They were in the middle of the street walking around when Kazuya stopped and wipe off the sweat on Eijun’s face so when the brunette realized this, he turned red right away as he bit his lower lip, looking down so that Kazuya can’t see his blushing face.


“Stop looking down or I can’t wipe your sweat properly.” Kazuya said and grabbed Eijun’s chin, making him look up again.


“We’re in public. Stop it.” Eijun muttered and tried to look away. Kazuya looked around and saw some of the people that were passing by are looking at them.


“Well, it’s not like I care. Let’s go.” Kazuya chuckled and grabbed Eijun’s hand, holding on to it tightly.


“Y-yeah.” Eijun mumbled as he bit his lower lip again, trying to hide his smile.


The couple went bar hopping and as always, they were both getting hit on side by side by both male and female. When one hits on Kazuya, Eijun will constantly give that person his death glare until that person will leave by his/her own accord but when Eijun is the one getting hit on, Kazuya will immediately show that Eijun is already his so the moment someone approaches Eijun, they will immediately back off.


“So, did you talked to your Dean??” Eijun asked when he suddenly remembered about Kazuya’s studies getting on hold because of that time when Kazuya went after him.


“Pffft. That’s so sudden but yeah. I already talked to Dean. I passed all of my requirements and got the necessary credits so I passed my second year.” Kazuya chuckled and explained, looking straight to Eijun’s golden orbs as much as possible.


“That’s good then when will you be going back to Uni??” Eijun asked after he gulped down his beer.


“I need to go starting this July.” Kazuya shrugged.


“Eh?? Why so early??”


“Our senpai picked a Welcoming Committee for the incoming freshman and I was one of the unlucky chosen ones. They said we need to prepare for so many things, that’s why we need to start going to Uni by July.” Kazuya said as he gulped down his beer too.


“Hmmm … I see. Then we’ll be both busy sooner.” Eijun pouted then ordered another bottle of beer.


“Why?? You gonna miss me??” Kazuya teased.


“Yeah. I will miss you. Is there a problem with that??” Eijun looked back to his lover and gave a smug grin.


“There’s no problem at all instead, I’m happy to hear that coming from you.” Kazuya smiled then ruffled Eijun’s hair.


"Let’s stay together until we start to get busy okay??” Eijun smiled and Kazuya just smiled back as a response.


“So what about you?? What are you going to do??”


“Well, I need to go back to London for my studies too since I just graduated from my preparatory course so I need to go and enroll for my Masterals soon.” Eijun chugged down his beer again in one go.


“Yeah. I think I heard about that from my Old Man but when will be the graduation ceremony??” Kazuya furrowed his brows.


“Ehh?? That boring ceremony?? It was that time when Narumiya kidnapped Ayumi and you guys went to save her.” Eijun answered casually that made Kazuya choked.


“What?? You came with Raichi here in Japan and skipped your graduation ceremony???” Kazuya asked in disbelief.


“Uh-yeah. You are far more important than that boring ceremony anyway and even Ciel and Kiichi skipped it so there’s no need to worry about it.” Eijun answered and turned to look at his lover when Kazuya was covering his face.


“Uuuhhhhm. Is there something wrong, Kazu??” Eijun asked, tilting his head, trying to look at Kazuya’s face.


“Fuck! Eijun, stop dropping a bomb like that. It’s not good for my heart, you idiot.” Kazuya inhaled and exhaled deeply, uncovering his face as he stared straight to the brunette’s golden orbs with his beet red face.


“Eh?? I don’t get it.” Eijun asked innocently.


“Argh! Just forget it.” Kazuya shrugged, looking away when he noticed that Eijun’s phone rang and a message appeared on the lockscreen. Unfortunately, the message notification was in private so it didn’t reveal the message on the said lockscreen so all he can do is wait for Eijun to tell him what’s up.


Kazuya just stared at the brunette’s face while reading the said message when the brunette made an annoyed face. Eijun locked his phone and put it down beside his drink then look at Kazuya.


“So, what’s up?? You suddenly got annoyed.” Kazuya leaned in a bit and continued to look straight at Eijun’s eyes.


“It was Mom.” Eijun sighed.


“What about Auntie??”


“She told me that I need to go back to London for at least three days for the quarterly family and group meeting.” Eijun whined.


“And what’s wrong with that?? It’s not like you’ll be gone for more than a week.” Kazuya chuckled as he pinched the brunette’s cheek.


“But, we’ll be busy soon so I want to spend every minute of my free time with you.” Eijun slammed his head on the table and continued to whine like a kid.


“Seriously, you’re really an idiot aren’t you?? I can just go with you back to London if you want to.” Kazuya said that made the brunette raise up his head with those sparkly eyes.


“Yeah. Why didn’t I think about that?? Then!! It’s final. You’ll go with me back to London.” Eijun declared and went back to drink his beer.


“Sometimes, you’re really an idiot.” Kazuya sighed as he continued to drink too.

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Eijun and Kazuya arrived to London a few minutes ago and right now, they were on their way to the Sawamura Mansion. Today is the first day of the Sawamura Group Meeting and the two were running late because the flight to London was delayed a few times in Tokyo. The moment they arrived at the mansion, Eijun and Kazuya quickly hopped out of the car and run through the halls going to the meeting room.


The brunette slammed the door wide open and everyone inside the said meeting room turned their heads to look at him. Kazuya who was right behind him felt himself getting embarrassed with the looks they are getting from the group. Eijun just scratched the back of his head and pulled Kazuya with him, going to the vacant seats that were prepared for them.


“Don’t mind us and just continue the discussion.” Eijun cheekily smiled to the group. He leaned in closer to the table and gave a sign to Raichi who was sitting across him. Raichi immediately understood what Eijun was telling him as he put the folder he was holding on the table and let the said folder slide to where Eijun was.


Everything happened in three seconds while Eitoku, Eiji and Ezra were facing on the powerpoint so the three didn’t saw what happened behind them though the Branch Executives saw it. Kazuya just literally face palmed on Eijun’s side and sighed.


“You didn’t read the agenda for today, aren’t you??” Kazuya sighed again when Eijun opened the folder and he saw the contents.


“I’m reading it at the moment, Kazu. Shut up.” Eijun glared to Kazuya beside him and smirked afterwards.


“Even I read what Auntie sent to you yesterday.” Kazuya muttered that made Eijun frown at him.


“Just shut up. I’m reading it already so …” Eijun hushed Kazuya as he read the agenda quickly while listening to the discussion.




The meeting finished by 2 in the afternoon and the second part of the meeting will be the next day. Eijun sighed on his seat as he rested his head to Kazuya’s shoulder. Ezra arranged some of the papers and handed it over to Eiji as she headed over to her sons.


“How come you two were late on the first day of meeting??” Ezra asked as she raised a brow to both of them.


“Delayed flight Mom.” Eijun answered as he stood up.


“Really, Kazuya??” Ezra turned to look at Kazuya to confirm it.


“Seriously?? You should’ve just asked Kazu if you’re going to confirm it to him.” Eijun shrugged that made Kazuya chuckle on his side.


“Yes Auntie. Our flight got delayed and we have to wait for three hours for the plane.” Kazuya laughed.


“Fine. Fine. You guys go and get some rest for now. We’ll call you two for dinner later.” Ezra said and gave the two a pat on their shoulders, leaving them after.


Kazuya noticed the brunette getting sleepy while trying to steady himself to stand. He smiled faintly and turned his back to the brunette.


“Come on, I’ll carry you upstairs, Eijun.” Kazuya said that made the brunette smile. Eijun slowly closed in to Kazuya’s back as he wrapped his arms around Kazuya’s neck, resting his head near Kazuya’s ear.


As Kazuya carried the brunette, Ezra quickly took a picture of them and sent it to Toku while the Branch Executives greeted the two as they made their way out of the meeting room. Kazuya just smiled back to them when he noticed someone familiar.


“Hey there Carlos. What’s up??” Kazuya greeted the tanned skin guy he met at Brixston.


“Ohhhh!! It’s Kazuya-sama and … the young master.” Carlos said after taking a peek to the sleeping brunette at Kazuya’s back.


“How are things at Brixston?? Still causing trouble??” Kazuya smirked that made the other Branch Executives turned to check them out.


“Don’t say it like that, Kazuya-sama. My underlings behaved ever since you came over.” Carlos said as he scratched the back of his head.


“Good afternoon, Kazuya-sama.” A redhead came over too and greeted the guy in glasses.


“Hey there, Shirakawa-san.” Kazuya greeted. When the brunette heard this, he opened his eyes and looked at the said redhead, smirking at him.


“Good afternoon, Eijun-sama.” Shirakawa immediately noticed Eijun and the meaning of the stare he was receiving so he just bowed his head down to the brunette.


“Katsuyuki~ I’ll visit Klayton after this three-day meeting so look forward to it.” Eijun said as he snuggled himself closer to Kazuya.


Shirakawa felt himself shiver in fear with his mouth gaped wide open. He was going to say something first when Eijun declared about going to Klayton. Eijun’s stares pierced through his body and soul as his body trembled again in fear again. Carlos noticed what is happening with Shirakawa and held on to the redhead’s trembling hands, trying to calm him down.


“E-eijun-sama … I’m so …” Shirakawa started but Eijun just glared at him.


“Let’s talk when I visit Klayton.” Eijun frowned at the redhead.


Kazuya who didn’t know what was happening with the three just observed but then he noticed how Shirakawa was trembling in front of him while Carlos trying to him the redhead by holding on his hand.


“Okay, explain what is happening here.” Kazuya said as he looked at the brunette on his shoulder who was busy intimidating the redhead.


“It’s not a big deal, Kazu. Let’s go upstairs.” Eijun said but Kazuya didn’t move an inch to where they are.


“Carlos what’s happening here??” Kazuya looked at the tanned guy but before he can even open his mouth, Eijun shot him a glare along with a smirk. Kazuya quickly noticed what Eijun is doing and smacked his head.


“Eijun, stop that.” Kazuya warned.


“Ouch!! What the fuck??” Eijun cussed out as he massaged his head.


“Shirakawa-san, what’s happening here??” Kazuya turned to look at the redhead.


“It’s just … There’s a miscalculation on the Budget Report I gave to Eijun-sama.” Shirakawa thought of an excuse that made Kazuya sighed as he put down the brunette from his back.


“Hoo?? Really now?? Since when did you start to get mad when there’s a miscalculation on the budget report, Eijun??” Kazuya raised a brow as he turned to the brunette on his side.


“I get mad every time. It’s just Shirakawa got a huge miscalculation this time that’s why I get this mad unlike before.” Eijun lied.


“Do you think I’m not observing you when you’re working on the papers, Eijun??” Kazuya frowned at the brunette.


“Nope??” Eijun answered as he bit his lower lip.


“Even though there’s a big miscalculation, you just give the reports back to the branch and tells them to redo it again like it’s no big deal.” Kazuya said.


“So someone tell me what is happening here. Now.” Kazuya demanded that made the brunette just stare at the floor like a kid getting some scolding from his parents.


“You don’t want to tell me huh, Eijun?? Fine. Let’s just say I’m going back to Japan tonight.” Kazuya sighed as he run his fingers to his hair and started to walk away.


“No!!! I’ll tell you.” Eijun immediately grabbed on to Kazuya’s arm to stop him.


“So?? What is it??” Kazuya sighed again after he was stopped by the brunette.


“It was about the punishment for Shirakawa’s sisters. Raichi didn’t get to punish them for me that day when Ayumi got kidnapped because we immediately came after you that day.” Eijun explained.


“Eijun, forget about it. Shirakawa-san, Carlos, you two can go now. Eijun won’t be coming to visit Klayton for that punishment.” Kazuya said as he dismissed the two. Shirakawa and Carlos felt relieved and they both bowed their heads to them and bid their goodbyes.


Kazuya picked up the brunette like a sack of rice and made his way upstairs to the third floor. He opened the door to the brunette’s room and threw Eijun to the bed after locking up the door.


“What the hell is with that ‘Forget about it’ shit?? You were drugged and they touched you all over. Why can’t I give them the proper punishment??” Eijun sat up and glared at Kazuya as he tried to calm himself down.


“Look, nothing happened between the three of us. It’s just some touching here and there and I hated their touch. So just let it go.” Kazuya explained.


“BUT I HATE IT!!!!!” Eijun shouted as he gave a good glare to Kazuya. He gritted his teeth in annoyance as he took off his shoes and disappeared under the sheets. When Eijun shouted, Kazuya was dumbfounded by that sudden outburst, he didn’t know what to react.


It took a few more seconds for Kazuya to process what Eijun just said but when it did, Kazuya pulled the sheets that was covering the brunette. Eijun held on the sheets tightly so that Kazuya can’t pull it off of him.


“Eijun, come on and look at me.” Kazuya cooed to the brunette.


“No way.” Eijun muttered.


“Please babe??” Kazuya pleaded and with no choice, Eijun pulled down the blanket enough to just look at Kazuya.


“Now what??” Eijun just looked away when he met Kazuya’s piercing gaze at him.


“Look, just let Shirakawa-san’s sisters off for now. They won’t do it again.” Kazuya said and leaned in to the brunette.


“And what if they do??” Eijun raised a brow.


“Then, if they do it again, I’ll let you punish them however you like. I won’t stop you by then.” Kazuya said that made the brunette sigh.


“Fine. I’ll let them off the hook for now but it won’t happen again.” Eijun sighed in defeat as he sat properly.


“Good.” Kazuya smiled as he leaned in and gave the brunette a kiss on his forehead.


“Then, I’ll take a nap now.” Eijun said and laid down properly on the bed.


“I’ll be taking a nap too.” Kazuya decided as he slipped inside the sheets and closed in to the brunette, wrapping his arms around the brunette’s waist, hugging him.


“Hey … It’s too hot.” Eijun whined as he pushed Kazuya away but the said guy didn’t even budge.


“Fuck. Nevermind.” Eijun shrugged that made the guy in glasses laugh.




The two slept all through the night and didn’t even eat their dinner either. Morning came and Eijun woke up before Kazuya again. He slowly slipped out of his bed and stretched a bit, looking at the guy who was sleeping beside him. Smile crept up on his face and put on his jacket. It was 4 in the morning so it was still quite cold in the morning.


Eijun slowly made his way out of his room and closed the door behind him. He then jogged down the stairs and passed by a few maids and butlers who were busy preparing for the needs of their Branch Executives. It’s just the second day of the Group Meeting so their Branch Executives occupied the whole second floor. Nonetheless, it was an early start for the whole servants.


Their servants greeted the brunette here and there as the he made his way to the back door of the mansion. He walked out of the said back door and closed it after when he turned around to look at the garden. His eyes instantly went wide when the flower garden he used to see in their backyard suddenly became a stone garden with just a few flowers here and there.


Eijun walked around the said stone garden and even found a wooden swing that fit the said stone garden. He walked further in the garden and walked past the storage room. He continued to walk around and found what he was looking for. It was the pool that wasn’t used for a year now though it was always cleaned by their servants. There’s no water on the said pool so the brunette went and opened up the water to fill it up.


It took at least 45 minutes to fill up the six feet pool that was wide enough for 6 people to race to. Eijun stretched his body again and took his jacket off of him along with his shirt, revealing the dragon tattoo on his left shoulder and the fire like tribal tattoo that was wrapped on his body for a few months now. He tied up his hair as he pulled his pants down leaving him with just his boxers. He turned on the shower on the side near the pool and soaked himself first. In a few minutes, he jumped inside the pool and swam to the other side like a pro swimmer.


Eijun was enjoying the pool by himself as he swam around back and forth. He stopped at some point when he felt himself getting exhausted from swimming too much so he decided to get out of the pool when he noticed a familiar figure sitting on one of the sunbathing chair that was aligned on the side of the pool. Eijun froze when he felt the stare burned to his skin, coming from the said figure. He felt himself shuddering.


“Nice ass~” Eijun turned to the said figure and felt himself turning red all over.


“Damnit! You’re such a perv!” The brunette tried to hide his embarrassment by turning his back to Kazuya and turn on the shower.


“Well, thanks for that.” Kazuya chuckled that made Eijun turn his head to him.


“That’s not a—” Eijun started to argue when he noticed Kazuya’s smirk on display so he decided to just stop talking all together before he embarrass himself even more.


It’s been two weeks since the day Kazuya proposed to him at Hawaii and they even went to US for a vacation just the two of them but Eijun keeps on embarrassing himself ever since that day. He just don’t know how to act around Kazuya like he used to and it’s frustrating him. Even though Kazuya acts like himself and keeps on teasing him like how it was before or how Kazuya does embarrassing things to him and acts like it was not a big deal to him made the brunette uncomfortable more like he just can’t get used to it.


Eijun was so deep in thought when he felt an arm snaking its way to his waist that made him jump. Kazuya traced the fire like tribal tattoo just above the brunette’s waist band, making him smirk a bit when he imagined that the tattoo goes down further more than what he can see, making the brunette shiver.


Eijun turned his head and was going to give a glare to his lover when he saw him getting soaked from the shower too. Kazuya’s hair started to stick up to his face so he run his fingers to it, brushing it back as he look at Eijun with those hungry eyes.


“W-what?? You’re creeping me out, Kazuya.” Eijun whispered as he tried to look away.


“What if somebody came here and saw you naked like this??”


“What?” Eijun asked, confused.


“No. Nevermind. Just go get dressed. We’re having our breakfast soon.” Kazuya shrugged as he pulled away from Eijun and picked up the brunette’s clothes and threw it to him. He sighed as he started to walk away, going back to the mansion.


The brunette quickly put on his clothes and run after Kazuya who was already near the storage room. Kazuya was not talking and that made Eijun look up to his lover. He nudged Kazuya on his side but the other didn’t even look at him. The brunette unconsciously pouted as they both entered the stone garden.


‘Is he mad at something? Or is he mad at me?’ Eijun thought as he tried to get closer to his lover as they walk through the stone garden but Kazuya is not reacting at all.


Eijun bit his lower lip as he tried to gather all his courage as he hold on to Kazuya’s hand, intertwining it, acting like it was all normal though his heart was abnormally thumping loudly.


Kazuya who was mad earlier when Eijun was so carefree and swam naked —though he’s wearing his boxers— in the pool was surprised when he felt Eijun’s hand on his. It’s been awhile since Eijun initiated something and that made him happy that instant especially when he felt Eijun squeezed on his hand. He can’t stay mad at his lover for a long time so he ended up squeezing Eijun’s hand back.


“Seriously, you’re really an idiot.” Kazuya muttered as he chuckled, holding on tightly to Eijun’s hand as he pulled the brunette closer to him.


“Are you still mad at me?” Eijun asked out of the blue.


“I was … but not anymore.” Kazuya said as he pulled the brunette without any warning. Eijun ended up to Kazuya’s chest as Kazuya wrapped his arms around the brunette’s waist, leaning in to his ear.


“When you want to swim, put on some clothes or if you don’t want your clothes to get wet in the pool then call me to swim with you and I’ll be happy to keep you company.”


“Eh? Why??” Eijun, as dense as he is, asked in confusion giving Kazuya some sort of headache.


“Why? Because I don’t want others to see you naked. I should be the only one who can see you naked so don’t do it again.” Kazuya announced possessively.


“You’re really a pervert aren’t you?” Eijun laughed a bit.


“Hey, I’m serious here. You might already notice but I’m the possessive type so …” Kazuya looked straight to his lover’s golden orbs as he smiled a bit, kissing Eijun’s forehead.


“I’ll seriously get mad at you if you do this thing again.” Kazuya continued that made the brunette nod softly.


“I won’t do it again. If you don’t like it then I won’t do it again.” Eijun said and hugged Kazuya tightly.


“That’s good. Then, let’s go and eat breakfast?” Kazuya said, pulling away from the brunette a bit so he could look at the brunette’s face.






At the second day of the quarterly meeting of the group, Eijun just sat there beside Kazuya mostly spacing out. He’s not in the mood to listen to any shit about the group right now. All he ever wanted to do today is to exercise and loosen his muscles. He was not involved in any fighting for less than two months now and it’s stressing him out so he decided to clear his throat that made everyone look at him.


“Uhm … Excuse me. I’ll go get some fresh air.” Eijun announced and before someone can even ask what’s happening, he disappeared from their sight as he closed the door with a slam.


Kazuya turned to look at Ezra. “Should I go after him??” He asked.


“No need Kazuya.” Eiji answered that made the guy in glasses sat down properly on his seat.


“Okay, so let’s continue …” Eitoku announced and everyone inside the meeting room turned their heads back in front.


On the other hand, Eijun stepped out of the mansion and sat on the stairs right in front of the main door of their mansion. He pulled out a cig and lit it up using his lighter that was stuffed inside his jacket. He started to puff out smoke as he stares at the cars parked in front of their mansion while some of the underlings were roaming around to secure the area. Eijun was enjoying his alone time outside when the tall gates of the Sawamura mansion opened and a car came rushing in to where he is.


The brunette raised a brow as he stood up and puff another smoke in the air, walking down the stairs to meet up the driver of the said car.


“I’m going to remind this shit about the rules of coming here in the mansion.” Eijun said to himself and finished his cig, stepping at it on the ground.


The driver of the said car stepped out of it, looking all panicked and hurt.


“Oi! Did you forget about the rules—” Eijun was cut off when the guy who just stepped out of the car, slid down the ground and bowed down his head.


“I’m so sorry Eijun-sama but there’s an emergency! Please help us!” The guy shouted that made the other underlings turned to look at them with curiosity.


“Tell me what happened.” Eijun crouched down to the guy and looked at him with those glowing golden orbs.


“Eijun-sama …”




Sawamura Eiji was still on the middle of discussing about the budget for the next quarter when the door burst open. Everyone inside turned to look at the person who dared to disrespect the said meeting.


“I’m so sorry for disturbing the meeting but Eijun-sama run off to a fight!!” The said guy apologized as he announced what just happened a few minutes ago. Kazuya quickly stood up as everyone felt a dark aura oozing from him.


“Tell me more about it.” Kazuya said, walking to where the guy is.


“The lower groups that were trying to bring down the Sawamura Group joined together and started a war against us underlings and when I told this to Eijun-sama earlier, he ran off to where the fight is.” The guy said as he bowed his head down.


“So they knew that the Branch Executives are not around because of the Group’s Quarterly Meeting and so they took advantage of it. Are they perhaps trying to take over some territories??” Kazuya turned to where Eiji is and the man nodded in response.


“These Groups mostly do this at these times of the month while we’re busy with the Quarterly Meetings but we usually ignore them. But for the past months they tried this, the damage they were incurring to the Group is getting bigger so we can’t completely ignore them either.” Eiji sighed.


Kazuya turned to look at the guy who just barged in when he noticed a blood stain on the guy’s side and the said blood stain is getting even bigger and more visible than earlier.


“Hey, someone patch this guy up. He’s bleeding.” Kazuya said that made the Branch Executives turned their heads towards him and to the guy.


A Branch Executive stood up and pulled out a medical kit from his bag. Kazuya raised a brow in surprise. ‘Is this guy for real? What is he? An emergency doctor or something?’ Kazuya thought but he turned his attention to Ezra, Eiji and Eitoku who are talking to each other ever so calmly.


Ezra pulled out her phone and dialled a number.


“Hey, Raichi. Where are you right now?? … What?? You’re already in there?? … Eijun contacted you? ...” Kazuya along with the other Executives were listening to Ezra talk to Raichi on the phone.


“DON’T YOU TWO FUCKING DARE TO GO INSANE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING SHOPPING DISTRICT OR ELSE!!” Ezra threatened as she ended the phone call. Her sudden outburst made everyone in the room flinched and shiver in fear. Ezra may look like a classy lady coming from a high ranking noble family but once she gets mad, people’s opinion of her might change in less than 2 seconds.


Well, considering Ezra’s family, she might be the toughest yet lady like person Kazuya has ever met except for his Mom. Kazuya along with everyone in the meeting room again flinched when Ezra slammed her fist on the wooden long table.


“I’ll definitely discipline those two if they caused such a huge ruckus at that fucking shopping district they’re in right now.” She gritted her teeth and frowned, looking at the Branch Executives. Even the Senior Executives bowed down their heads in fear of her.


“This meeting will be on hold until you guys pick up the two insane idiots in the Shopping District. I’ll give you guys an hour.” Ezra fumed, trying to calm herself down.


“Right away, Ezra-sama!” They all stood up and bowed their heads, rushing out of the meeting room straight to their cars.


“Kazuya, you go too. You’re the only one who can calm down the biggest idiot of the Group.” Ezra said while shooing away the guy in glasses.


“I’ll be right back, Auntie.” Kazuya said and bowed his head to Eiji and Eitoku who were speechless ever since.




Kazuya caught up after the Branch Executives who were also in a hurry to go to the said Shopping District. He arrived first and quickly stepped out of his car when he saw a crowd of people watching on the side blocked their way to where the brunette is. He slipped in the crowd and because the place is a famous shopping district, the density of the crowd is much bigger than ever.


The guy in glasses tried to make his way to the center of the crowd but it’s almost impossible because of everyone are trying to check out what was happening. Kazuya ended up pushing people away just to make it through and in almost fifteen minutes of that intense effort to push people away, he finally made it in the front of the crowd.


Bodies were scattered on the ground with their faces smeared with blood, maybe from broken noses or something while some got those purple-ish marks on their body. Kazuya checked out the surroundings and found the underlings from the Sawamura Group on the side so he made his way to them.


“Hey there. I’m Miyuki Kazuya.” Kazuya introduced himself when the underlings smiled to him.


“We know who you are, Kazuya-sama. Thanks for coming here.”


“It’s just Raichi fighting those guys. Where’s Eijun??” Kazuya asked straight to the point.


“Ah! If you’re looking for Eijun-sama, he’s in there, Kazuya-sama.” One of the underlings answered as he pointed to the pile of bodies on the side.


“What the fuck!!” Kazuya cussed out.

Chapter Text

“What the fuck!” Kazuya cussed out as he turned to look at the pile of bodies on the side. He sighed as he spotted the brunette who was sitting on a body or two beside the piles of unconscious bodies while sipping on a Frappe.

“Eijun!!” Kazuya called out and with Eijun’s sharp ears, he instantly turned around to find the guy who called out to him.

The brunette spotted his lover in a distance so he decided to wave his hand as he sip on his Frappe, finishing it. He stood up and jogged to where he saw Kazuya is, passing through the fight. He even dared to wave his hand to Raichi saying that he should finish them soon or it might be troublesome later on.

Eijun approached Kazuya smiling sheepishly while the other just stared at him, frowning. The brunette’s smile disappeared slowly when he noticed that Kazuya was not smiling back at him.

“Hi.” Eijun greeted but Kazuya didn’t reply.

“Kazuya?” Eijun tilted his head, unconsciously pouting at the same time.

“Kazuya-sama! Eijun-sama!” Carlos called out to the two.

“Ah hey there Carlos. Can you go and get Raichi for me?? I’m going to get these two back to the mansion before Auntie gets even more pissed.” Kazuya said and the tanned guy nodded, making his way to where Raichi is.

“We’ll handle everything here, Kazuya-sama.” Tetsu stepped in with a fiery aura with crackling noises coming from his fingers.

“Then, I’ll leave it up to you, Tetsu-san.” Kazuya said and smiled to Tetsu along with the other Executives.

“Uhm … Miyuki … Kazuya-sama.” Kazuya turned to his side and saw Raichi, ears all red.

“You’re here Raichi. Let’s go then.” Kazuya said and gave a light pat on Raichi’s head. Eijun who was watching all this time pouted even more and nudged the guy in glasses. Kazuya turned his head to where Eijun is and raised a brow.

“What is it??” Kazuya asked as the three of them started to walk away from the scene.

“Pat my head too, Kazuya!” Eijun stated.


“You patted Raichi so pat my head too.” Eijun looked up to the guy with glasses.

“Oho~ Jealous?” Kazuya blurted out without thinking.

“W-what?? No way!!” Eijun immediately denied, looking away.

“Then tell that to me while looking straight to my eyes.” Kazuya’s lips quirked up to a smirk but the brunette didn’t dare to look back to him. Kazuya just hummed but didn’t say anything further.

The three managed to get out of the crowd and walked straight to where Kazuya parked the car he used. Kazuya pulled out the car keys from his pocket and pressed the small controller with the key, unlocking it. The three hopped in inside with Kazuya on the driver’s seat, Eijun on the passenger seat and Raichi on the back seat.


They arrived back at the Sawamura Mansion with Kazuya dragging the two idiots to the living room where Ezra was waiting for them. Eiji was present too but he’s on silent mode ever since Ezra started to cuss out an hour ago in the meeting room while Eitoku was nowhere to be found, probably ran off and hid himself right when he saw Ezra got pissed.

“Here they are Auntie.” Kazuya said as he stepped back and closed the door to the living room.

“Thanks Kazuya.” Ezra smiled brightly to the guy in glasses as she turned to the two idiots in front of him. “Well, hello there, you two.” She said as her mood instantly changed in 0.01 millisecond she turned to them.

The two froze two where they are and slightly looked at each other. Ezra slammed her fist on the table that made everyone inside the living room flinched.

“I’m talking to you two. Can’t you guys hear me??” Ezra asked, gritting her teeth while staring at the two with those ice cold eyes, piercing their body and soul.

“We can hear you Ma’am!!” Both answered at the same time like this happened hundreds of times —though it really happened not only hundreds but thousands of times— that the two can talk in sync to answer Ezra properly and this amazed Kazuya at the moment.

“Didn’t I tell you two that you shouldn’t dive in first to a fight like that?? So tell me, what’s the fifth lesson I gave you two again??” Ezra said as she walked from side to side like a captain disciplining his soldiers.

“Lesson 5! Assess the situation. Do not go and dive in to the fight like an idiot.” The two said in unison that surprised Kazuya, again.

‘These two … did they get in trouble so much that they even memorized what they need to answer at times like this??’ Kazuya thought as he looked at Eiji on the couch, face palming for the nth time since they entered the living room.

“And so?? What does Lesson 5 mean??” Ezra raised a brow.

“It means, we need to think before we—” Eijun and Raichi stopped at the same time when they heard Ezra’s phone. She gave a glare to them before picking it up and answering the call.

“Yes, Tetsu?? … Really? … That’s good to know. Tell everyone that we’ll resume by 5 in the afternoon.” Ezra said and hanged up, turning back to the two idiots again.

“Well, it’s a good thing nothing was broken or anything in the shops where the fight happened. It’s the first time this happened.” Ezra clapped her hands slowly.

“So are we free to go??” Eijun asked but Ezra gave him a good glare that made him back off.

“Don’t think that you two are not getting any punishment this time because you guys didn’t break anything. Still, I’ll give you a punishment but it’s lighter than the last time.” Ezra said and smiled that made the two shiver in fear.

“Okay! You two go to the gym now!” She said and the two scrambled on their feet and ran out of the living room, leaving Kazuya in surprise yet again.

“Come on Kazuya. Follow me.” Ezra said and Kazuya nodded, following after her.

A few rooms from the living room lies the gym that Ezra was talking about. It has all sorts of equipment lying around as the whole room was walled up with mirrors. When they entered, Eijun and Raichi was standing side by side like they are some soldiers like earlier waiting for their Captain’s orders.

“I want 3000 Push Ups within 20 minutes. Start now!!” Ezra declared that made Kazuya dumbfounded. Eijun and Raichi were going to ask about some time adjustment but they didn’t even get to say it when Ezra started the timer on her hand. Once Ezra pressed on the timer on her hand, negotiations will be impossible.

The two quickly went down on the floor and immediately did what Ezra asked to.


“Last 10 seconds.” Ezra reminded as she sip on her tea with Kazuya drinking on his black coffee on a table inside the gym. Yep, Ezra asked to bring in a table with two chairs the moment Eijun and Raichi started their Push Up.

When their punishment started and Kazuya and Ezra already sat on the coffee table Ezra asked, the brunette keeps on giving Kazuya a glance though it’s mostly a glare than the usual look he’s giving to his lover.

‘How dare he enjoy drinking that fucking black coffee while I’m suffering so much here?’ Eijun thought as he pushed himself to the limits just to finish the 3000 Push Ups that his Mom asked for.

“Hey. How much more do I need to do??” Eijun turned his head to his side and looked at their maid, recording the number of Push Ups he made.

“You’re still on 1576th Push Up, Eijun-sama.” The maid on his side replied as he sighed, looking to his right side to check up on Raichi.

“I’m still on 1570th, Eijun.” As if they had some kind of telepathy, Raichi answered before Eijun can ask.

“We’re halfway through. Let’s finish this fast.” Eijun said and Raichi agreed.

Back to the present, Ezra was counting the last 10 seconds and when the timer stopped, both Eijun and Raichi collapsed on the ground.

“So did they reached the quota??” Ezra asked.

“Yes, Ezra-sama. Eijun-sama finished 3010 Push Ups.” The maid beside Eijun reported.

“And Raichi-sama finished 3004 Push Ups, Ezra-sama.” The maid beside Raichi reported too and that made Ezra smiled and dismissed the two maids.

“Thanks.” Ezra said as she picked up a towel and threw it to Raichi while Kazuya picked up a towel too and walked towards the collapsed brunette.

“Come on, sit up Eijun.” Kazuya said.

The brunette slowly and lazily sat up as he rolled his eyes when he saw Kazuya in front of him handing him the towel. He snatched it away from Kazuya’s hand and wiped it on his face down to his neck. He just continued to wipe his sweat when he felt a hand was on top of his head, making him look up.

“Good work today.” Kazuya said and ruffled Eijun’s hair that was quite damp because of his sweat.

“Hmm …” Eijun just nodded without even looking at Kazuya.

“Are you sulking??” Kazuya asked that made him smile a little bit though Eijun just ignored him.

He turned to Ezra and asked, “Can we go back to our room now, Auntie??”

“Sure and Raichi you can go and get some rest now.” Ezra said as she stood up and left the three of them in the gym.

Raichi immediately stood up and bowed his head to Eijun and Kazuya saying, “I’ll … go ahead, Eijun … Kazuya-sama.” as he quickly looked away feeling all shy again and stepped out of the gym leaving the two behind.

“Hey babe~ I’m sorry for ignoring you earlier okay? I’m sorry.” Kazuya sat closer to where the brunette is and caressed Eijun’s cheek.

“Y-you’re so mean … earlier … I even thought … you might even like Raichi … more than me.” Eijun muttered under his breathe, mostly whispering everything he was saying though Kazuya heard everything perfectly.

“I was just kind of bit mad at you earlier …” Kazuya started as he looked away, scratching the back of his head. “You said that you’re just going to get some fresh air and the next thing I knew is that you ran off to a fight somewhere …”

Eijun looked up and noticed Kazuya was not looking at him though he’s making a half irritated half worried face while talking. This made him realize that maybe his lover is mad because of what he just did earlier. “I … I’m sorry …” Eijun apologized.

“You didn’t even called me … I got all worried you might get involved into something dangerous again …” Kazuya sighed as he adjusted his glasses, decided to look at the brunette.

“I’m sorry, Kazuya. Please forgive me.” Eijun looked up to his lover as he closed in their gap, sitting closer to Kazuya than earlier.

“I’m sorry too.” Kazuya smiled as he pulled the brunette in his arms, hugging him tight.

“You idiot.” Eijun murmured, whispering it to Kazuya’s ear, giggling a bit.

“I’m not the only one, am I?” Kazuya chuckled.

“Then we’re both idiots.” Eijun then again giggled.

“Fine whatever.” Kazuya gave a light pat on Eijun’s head.


At the third day of the Quarterly Meeting, everything went well without any other distractions and Eijun participated willingly to the discussions. The Quarterly Meeting adjourned after they all had their lunch as Branch Executives went back to their own territories while the Senior Executives went straight to the Sawamura Group Base to continue their duties. Eitoku went with the Senior Executives to check some other documents waiting at the other mansion.

“Do you want to go out or shall we just stay here and laze around??” Kazuya asked the brunette, looking to his side where the brunette was sprawled on the bed beside him, his face was buried on the sheets.

“I don’t know … I’m too lazy to do anything right now.” Eijun answered with muffled voice that made Kazuya laugh.

“Then let’s just laze around till dinner.” Kazuya said as he closed his eyes trying to get a nap when he felt an extra weight on top of him. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Eijun on top of him, staring at him.

“Hmm?? What is it? Did you change your mind?” Kazuya asked, smiling a bit, running his fingers to his lover’s hair.

“C-can I … k-kiss … you … Kazu?” Eijun blurted while blushing beet red as he looked away. Kazuya was dumbfounded for a while but then he smiled again, trying to suppress his snarky laugh or it might ruin everything.

“You can babe. You don’t need to ask. Just kiss me if you want to.” Kazuya answered that made the brunette turn even redder —if that was still possible.

Eijun hesitated for a moment but he leaned in and slowly planted his lips on Kazuya’s cheek that made the other surprised though it was not enough for him. Kazuya pushed the brunette away for a bit but then pulled him back and kissed him on the lips. It was the brunette’s turn to be surprised this time as his lover captured his lips.

Kazuya pulled away a few centimeters away from Eijun’s lips as his dominant hand made its way to Eijun’s chin, opening it up a bit as he leaned in again and kissed the brunette. Kazuya paused a bit as he slowly licked the brunette’s lips, like asking if he can use his tongue to kiss.

Though with Kazuya’s impatience, he didn’t wait for the brunette’s response and happily slid in his tongue. The chaste kiss from earlier became a wet and erotic kiss that made the both of them got hard in an instant. Eijun pushed the other to lay back down again as he leaned down and continue the kiss.

Just when the brunette leaned down, their hard-ons rubbed each other through their pants and both groaned in pain and pleasure coming from their crotches. Eijun pulled away from a second to catch up his breath as he stared at Kazuya’s eyes, panting a bit.

“Eijun, I don’t think I can stop myself from here on out if we don’t stop now.” Kazuya breathed as he tried to catch his breath too like the other. He tried to suppress his instinct to just jump on the brunette, rip his clothes and get on with it but Eijun’s hurt expression flashed to his mind that instant.

It was that time when they both went to U.S to tour around. They both ended up in a VVIP Suite of a famous hotel and they both decided to have sex at that time. Well, their first sex. It was going well and everything was on the right track and Kazuya was stretching and preparing the brunette until it was time for Kazuya to put it in.

Kazuya got the head inside but the brunette started to get uncomfortable and couldn’t relax any further. He tried to calm down his lover but this was Eijun’s first time being bottom so who can blame him? The brunette started to freak out and tried to wiggle his way out of it but the sudden movement made himself move back, meeting Kazuya’s cock so it was inserted halfway instantly.

The guy in glasses felt the brunette stopped moving all of a sudden so he tried to check him out but when the brunette looked at him, his face was a mess. Tears were flowing down to his cheek, staining it. He was biting his lips so that no sound can escape from him while he was trying to calm himself down.

“J-just one more kiss then …” Eijun muttered, making Kazuya come back to his senses. The brunette leaned in again to kiss Kazuya before the latter can even respond.

Kazuya didn’t dare to open his mouth again and just kissed the brunette back. When the brunette was satisfied, he immediately jumped off of the bed and ran off straight to the bathroom. Eijun on the other hand, ran off to Kazuya’s room and went straight to the bathroom too to find some release.

When they both went out of their respective bathrooms feeling all refreshed, they were both felt embarrassed with each other but they ended up laughing it out. They decided to watch some movies through Netflix to pass time until dinner. By 7 in the evening, a butler came to call for them and they both headed to the dining room.

“So, when are you guys going back to Japan??” Ezra asked after she put down her glass back to the table as she turned to look at her son.

“Tomorrow night, Mom.” Eijun answered as he turned to his Mom.

“I see. I prepared the snacks that Toku-san asked for.”

“Oh! Thanks for the snacks Auntie.” Kazuya smiled and continued to slice through the steak they were eating for dinner.

“Your welcome, Kazuya. Say Hi to Toku-san for me.” Ezra answered again and smiled back.


After dinner, the two went back to Eijun’s room wherein, Eijun went straight to the couch, lied down on his stomach, turned on the television and lazed around while Kazuya on the other hand, went to the brunette’s walk in closet and started to pick out some clothes.

“Babe, what kind of clothes do you want to bring back??” Kazuya shouted that made the brunette shrug.

“Hmmmmm … I don’t know. It’s up to you. We almost have the same taste for clothes so just pick out something …” Eijun shouted back after he lower the volume coming from the movie he was watching.

“What the heck! How am I supposed to pick something from your wardrobe when there are so many options to choose from??” Kazuya muttered to himself. “Hey!! I’ll be randomly picking up some clothes so don’t blame me if you don’t like it.” Kazuya warned the brunette as he really did randomly picked some clothes from the closet.

The guy in glasses then went out of the walk in closet and put the clothes down on the bed, folding them nicely and stuffed them on his bag. He went back to his own room and took a shower before going back to his lover’s room.

“Eijun, you’re not going to bed yet??” Kazuya asked as he entered the room but there’s no response. He then went to the couch where the brunette is and found him sleeping. He picked up the remote control and turned off the television, picking up the brunette from the couch and laid him down on the bed.

The brunette squirmed a bit on his sleep and made himself comfortable after. Kazuya then turned off the lights and tucked himself in beside the brunette and tried to get some sleep too. He turned his back to his lover and was already on the verge of getting his sleep when he suddenly got pinched on his arm.

“What the!!” Kazuya almost shouted in pain as he turned to his back and saw the brunette frowning at him.

“Don’t sleep with your back facing me. I don’t like it.” Eijun muttered as he covered his face with the blanket, trying to hide his embarrassment.

“You should’ve just told me …” Kazuya sighed as he lay down again and pulled the brunette close to him. He pulled the blanket away from Eijun’s face and smiled.

“Is this better??” Kazuya asked and Eijun just nodded. “Good night Eijun. I love you.” He added and gave the brunette a kiss on the forehead.

“Good night, Kazu … I l-love you too.” Eijun whispered and snuggled himself to his lover.

Chapter Text

“Welcome back, Kazuya-sama and Eijun-sama.”

Everyone once again lined up and greeted the two who just arrived to the Miyuki Group’s Headquarters with their heads bowed down. The two greeted back and entered the main door after with Toku coming out of his room to check them out.

“Welcome back.”

“We’re back, Old Man.”
“We’re back, Uncle.” The two greeted back simultaneously.

“So where’s my snacks??” Toku asked straight to the point that made the brunette laugh while Kazuya got instantly annoyed.

“It’s still on the car, Old Man.” Kazuya answered and after hearing where the snacks were, Toku walked past them and waved his hand goodbye to them.

“You guys get some rest and I’ll go get my snacks.” Toku said and disappeared in the hallway.

“Uncle must have loved the snacks Mom and Dad bought for him.” Eijun giggled as he went after Kazuya who started to go to his room.

“Maybe.” Kazuya just sighed thinking that his father is getting old in age but getting younger on the inside.

“So, do you have plans now that we’re back here in Japan??” Kazuya asked after putting down his bag on the couch and looked at his lover.

“I still don’t have any plans … yet.” Eijun scrunched up his nose as he raised a brow while looking up, like he was thinking really hard it’s making his face really weird.

“Then what do you want to do tomorrow??” Kazuya changed the question.

“Oh!! I wanna hangout with Kuramochi-senpai, Onii-san, Harucchi and Fumie-chan!!” The brunette turned his head to face Kazuya with all those sparkles coming from his eyes.

“Now that I think about it, it’s been awhile since we hangout with those guys. Why don’t you call them and tell them to hangout tomorrow while I go and take a shower.” Kazuya smiled as he opened his closet, pulling out some new clothes then disappearing inside the bathroom.

Eijun quickly pulled out his phone from his back pocket and started to type out a message to them. After sending it, he threw his phone on the bed as he stripped off his shirt and was going to change clothes first but then it suddenly rang. Without thinking, Eijun jumped on the bed to check out who was the caller and answered it but it turned out that it was actually a video call when Kuramochi’s face appeared on the other side of the screen.

“Hey! Bakamura! We’re really gonna hangout tomorrow??” Kuramochi asked with that excited tone coming from him.

“Yes, senpai!! Let’s go eat lunch at a fastfood chain then … then …” Eijun frowned a little bit as he think of things that he wants to do.

“Don’t think too hard about it or you’ll fry your brain, Bakamura.” Kuramochi teased as he laughed out loud at the other side of the screen while the brunette just pouted a bit.

“Youichi, don’t tease him too much.” Another voice came from the other side of the screen that made the brunette looked a little closer to his phone. He saw the older Kominato sat down beside the green-haired and bowed his head a little, giving the brunette a greeting.

“Onii-san!!” Eijun said excitedly as he lay down on his chest while staring at the screen of his phone.

“Welcome back, Eijun-sama.” Ryousuke greeted properly this time and smiled.

“So until when are you guys going to stay here??” Kuramochi asked as he rested his chin to Ryousuke’s shoulder.

“I still don’t know, senpai. Maybe until Miyu--- I mean Kaz--- uhm …” Eijun raised a brow, thinking of what he should call Kazuya infront of them.

“Ryou-san!! Bakamura is sooooo funny!! I can’t stop laughing!!” Kuramochi laughed out loud with both of his hands on his stomach.

“Gaaaah---.” Eijun halfway sighed but was immediately stopped when he felt Kazuya climb on to his back. He turned his head and noticed the smirked that was on Kazuya’s face as drops of water slides down from his head down to his face then to his chest. Kazuya was still on his bathrobe when he climbed over the brunette and flopped himself to the brunette’s back.

The brunette instantly froze when he felt Kazuya’s weight pressed on to his own. He instantly blushed the moment he felt Kazuya’s boner pressed on to his butt, making him all tingly and overly sensitive to every move Kazuya makes.

On the other hand, Kazuya leaned in and rested his chin to the brunette’s shoulder too like what Kuramochi just did before he started freaking out after seeing Kazuya climbing on top of the brunette.

“Hey, babe.” Kazuya gave the brunette a kiss on the side of his head and turned to look at the screen, giving the green-haired a smirk.

“Oh! Hey there, Mochi! How’s your vacation slash staying over at the Kominatos for almost two weeks now??” Miyuki greeted with another teasing smirk came out of his lips.

“Shut up!! And pleaseeeee, calm yourself down Miyuki and don’t get tempted to do it infront of the camera.” Kuramochi rolled his eyes like he’s not talking to the current Head of the Miyuki Group.

“As if I’d let you see it, right babe??” Kazuya answered back as he gave the brunette another kiss to the cheek.

Eijun was getting even more and more embarrassed at the moment because of how Kazuya is acting infront of Kuramochi and Ryousuke, like everything is normal and nothing happened a few months ago between them so he decided to take his revenge by surprising Kazuya with a kiss on the lips this time.

Even Kuramochi and Ryousuke was surprised the moment Kazuya was stopped from talking and was being kissed instead. Eijun turned to face his lover as he wrapped his arms around Kazuya’s neck, making their kiss deeper.

“What the fuck, Bakamura!!” Kuramochi cussed out as he noticed Kazuya’s smirk to him before he ended the video call.

“Seriously???” Kuramochi frowned as he threw his phone beside him on the bed when he felt Ryousuke climbed on to his lap.

“Should we do that too, Youichi??” Ryousuke asked as he closed in the gap between them and kissed the green haired below him, not giving him a chance to respond.


“You’re getting hard, Eijun~” Kazuya whispered to the brunette’s ear, making him shiver with anticipation even more.

“K-kazuya … hnghh~” Eijun moaned out when he felt Kazuya’s hand caressed his crotch. His pants was already building up a tent as he moaned again when Kazuya leaned in and gave a lick to his right nipple, making it perk up.

“Kazuyaaa~ Hmmm … I don’t like … this …” Eijun moaned out again when Kazuya looked up at him with those teary eyes.

“Hmm?? What is it? Tell me.” Kazuya went back on top to face the brunette as he caressed his cheek a little bit.

“T-touch me properly … pleaseee??” Eijun pleaded. It’s been more than 15 minutes since Kazuya started teasing him and doing as he pleases making the brunette getting pent up than ever.

“Really now?? I can’t say no to you, damnit.” Kazuya cursed out as he went back down and unzipped Eijun’s pants, pulling it off and throwing it away somewhere in the room.

“So?? What do you want me to do next??” Kazuya asked and gave the brunette a smirk when he saw his lover’s hard on.

“Kazuyaaaaaa~” Eijun whined as he felt even more stressed and pent up so he decided to just touch himself.

“Oho~ You’re too embarrassed to tell me but you started masturbating instead. Aren’t you quite bold??” Kazuya teased.

“S-shut up!!” Eijun pouted as he curled himself to a ball, trying to cover himself now.

“Okay, come on. I’ll do it properly now.” Kazuya said as he pulled the brunette to sit on his lap, facing him. Eijun on the other hand, noticed Kazuya’s hard on from the bathrobe he was wearing so he decided to give it a rub making Kazuya look up at him.

“And now you’re teasing me.” Kazuya chuckled as he captured the brunette’s lips right after.

“Let me touch yours too~” Eijun whispered after catching his breath while giving his lover those half lidded eyes along with moans that makes Kazuya harder. Right after saying this, he slid his hand inside Kazuya’s bathrobe as he slowly touch the organ that was waiting to be touched.

“Ugh! Eijun, don’t tease me too much or I won’t be able to stop myself from pouncing on you.” Kazuya sighed in frustration as he opened up his robe to reveal his raging hard on while moving a bit closer to rub his own to Eijun’s.

“Ah! Kazuya!” The brunette immediately reacted as he tried to pull away from his lover but Kazuya on the other hand started to rub their dicks at the same time, rubbing it together making Eijun moan even more.

“No!! T-this is too … much … Kazuya~ Hnnngh!” Eijun freaked out but at the same time feeling good about what was happening coz it’s the first time he ever felt this kind of pleasure.

“Feels good huh??” Kazuya muttered more like talking to himself when he saw Eijun’s expression. Pre-cum was oozing out of their dicks, making it more easier to rub their dicks at once, making Kazuya’s job easier.

Eijun rested his head to Kazuya’s shoulder as he keeps on moaning on and on. After feeling that intense pleasure for the first time, Eijun got used to it and was now moving his hips along with same rhythm of Kazuya’s hand.

“K-kazuya, I’m c-cumming … Hmmmm …” Eijun whispered as he moaned to his lover’s ear, making the other even more turned on.

“Go ahead, babe. Just cum.” Kazuya whispered back as he felt himself getting at his own peak too.

A few more rub and thrust, the brunette felt his own climax and unconsciously bit Kazuya’s neck. Kazuya on the other hand, followed after a few more rub and reached his climax, mixing with Eijun’s.

“Tissue won’t fix this mess.” Kazuya muttered that made the brunette look down on the mess they made and giggled.

“Let’s take a shower then … both of us.” Eijun leaned in and whispered to Kazuya, making the other smirk.


Chapter Text

“So!! Why are you two late??” Kuramochi raised a brow as he stared straight to the couple who just arrived an hour late after the said meeting time.

“I woke up late.” Kazuya said as an excuse while giving the brunette some sort of sign to agree with him so that they won’t get found out.

“Yeah. He woke up late, Mochi-senpai.” Eijun smiled trying to hide the fact that they did something naughty before coming to the meet up. The green haired immediately saw both of their expression and just face palmed. He knew what just happened based on his experience with Ryosuke.

“But!! It’s okay now that they’re here, Kuramochi-senpai.” Fumie butted in and just smiled to Eijun and Kazuya.

“Yeah! Why don’t we go and order for our lunch.” The younger pinkette suggested, making the brunette perked up as he follow Fumie along with Haruichi to the counter.

“So, did you get a home run last night I mean this morning, Miyuki??” The older Kominato asked out of the blue that made both Miyuki and Kuramochi choke even though they’re not drinking anything.

“W-what? Ryo-san??” Kazuya asked to clarify if he heard it right or not.

“I know you clearly heard what I said Miyuki. So ??” Ryousuke smirked as he raised a brow, like he was reading every movement Kazuya makes.

“Still on the third base, Ryou-san. It’s not easy to score like in my past relationships coz I don’t want to hurt him or even scare him like that one time.” Kazuya sighed making the green haired give him a pat on the shoulder like he feels the same too.

“Then prepare him every day. He’ll get used to it faster.” Ryousuke suggested.

“We’re doing our jobs on both of our families so when he head to the bed at night, we’ll ended up getting sleepy. It’s frustrating.” Kazuya sighed as brushed his hair back, resting his back on to where he was seated.

“Oh fuck. That’s tough.” Kuramochi commented on the side line.

“And guess what?? Eijun will be going back to London when we start going back to University. Of course, he’ll be spending a lot of time there coz he’s on his Masterals while doing his job on his family too. Fuck!! I don’t want us to get separated to him even for a second.” Kazuya whined like a kid.

“Long distance relationship huh?? Think you can last Miyuki??” Kuramochi asked that made the guy in glasses give him a glare.

“So what is it that you’re implying here, Mochi??” It was Kazuya’s turn to raise a brow.

“Nah~ I’m just asking out of curiousity, Miyuki. It’s nothing to be so serious about.”

“Don’t joke about it Youichi~ He’s pretty crazy to Eijun-sama so he’ll never think of anything like cheating or getting snatched away by some other sluts out there.” Ryousuke butted in as he gave the both of them a smirk.

Before Kazuya and Kuramochi started another heated conversation, the trio arrived back to their seat and put down the trays on the table. It was a round table and Eijun sat down beside Kazuya while Haruichi was on his other side.

“So, what’s happening here?? What did you guys talked about while we’re not here?” Eijun asked so innocently as he picked a fries from the tray.

“Naaah. We’re just asking what did you guys do at States. What did you guys visited while in there.” Kuramochi answered, fooling the brunette just to cover up the heated up conversation that happened earlier.

“Oh we went to soooo many places, senpai. I’ll let you look at all the pictures on my phone later.” Eijun smiled as he unwrapped the cheeseburger and as always, Kazuya always takes the first bite onto it. It’s a refreshing scene coz it’s been months since they last saw them doing this but the only difference now is that, the brunette is actually sharing his most favourite cheeseburger to Kazuya instead of snatching it away from the said guy and eat it all by himself.

The gang finished their lunch after Eijun ordered another set of cheeseburger and fries set. After that, they all decided to go and hang out to an Arcade near the fastfood they went to for lunch. The Arcade was quite packed considering it is still in the middle of summer break but it didn’t stopped them from going in.

Kazuya went straight to the counter and pulled out some cash and exchanged it with tokens. It was obvious that the ladies at the counter were trying to flirt with Kazuya but the said guy didn’t even give them a glance or two. After getting the tokens from the counter, he immediately went back to Eijun’s side and gave everyone their share of their tokens.

“Miyuki-senpai, you’re quite harsh.” Fumie stated as a matter of fact.

“Eh? Why? How? What did I do?” Kazuya asked, confused.

“Coz those two ladies at the counter were still talking and they’re like asking you some questions but you didn’t even look at them.” Haruichi explained.

“Really?? They’re talking to me??” Kazuya asked as he raised a brow and looked at Kuramochi and Ryousuke.

“Yep they sure did.” Ryousuke answered without anything holding him when they all heard someone cleared his throat that made them all turned to look at the said person.

“I’ll go and start playing.” Eijun said and just faked a smile as he immediately disappeared in the crowd.

“Babe!! Wait!!” Kazuya shouted but with those buzzing noises inside the arcade, Eijun didn’t get to hear Kazuya calling out to him but even though he heard him, he’ll never look back.

Kazuya gave a glare to the four left with him and just sighed.

“Seriously you guys. It’s not that I didn’t noticed those girls talking to me. I really ignored them coz I don’t want Eijun to get jealous or something.” Kazuya shrugged as he rolled his eyes.

“We fucked up. I thought we’ll get to see Sawamura getting all jealous or getting angry to Miyuki but we all forgot that his emotions are underdeveloped.” Kuramochi freaked out.

“So you guys go and start playing and I’ll go and find that idiot.” Kazuya said and within a second, he disappeared in the crowd too.

Kazuya started walking around the arcade checking everything to his left and right until he found the brunette standing near a shooting game, watching the other guys play.

“Hey, babe.” Kazuya said as he closed in to the brunette who almost jumped from where he was standing from.

“Uhm …” Eijun opened his mouth but he can’t say anything he wanted to say.

“Can you … go and get me some water, Kazu??” The brunette ended up saying as he tried not to get any eye contact with his lover.

“Oh, you’re thirsty. Just wait here and I’ll go get some.” Kazuya said as he leaned in and gave Eijun a kiss on his cheek.

“I’ll be right back.” And just like that, Kazuya disappeared in the crowd again and Eijun immediately moved to another machine checking out the other games, observing it more like memorizing everything he sees.

The arcade was quite spacious but due to the crowd gathering, mostly kids and teenagers hanging out there, it didn’t seem that quite spacious now. Eijun moved to one machine to another so when Kazuya went back to where Eijun originally was, he couldn’t find him.

Kazuya then decided to move around to find the brunette but then he ended up bumping into people he knew to some gangs. It’s been awhile since he saw them so they ended up chatting for a bit then left them afterwards. He’s been searching for Eijun for minutes but then he ended up bumping into people he knew … again. Eijun who was at the last stop of the shooting game he was watching, decided to go and find Kazuya coz he’s even more thirsty now.

He went around the arcade and found Kazuya talking with a bunch of guys and girls on the side with him in the middle of the said crowd. He decided to get close to the crowd but then he noticed two girls clinging to Kazuya side by side while the said guy didn’t even try to shake them off.

“Ah shit. Is this jealousy again??” Eijun muttered to himself as he sighed, turning his back to where Kazuya is and walked away. He bumped into Haruichi and Fumie but he didn’t say a thing and walked past by them.

“Eijun-kun?? Did something happened??” Haruichi asked.

“Naahh. I’m done for the day, Harucchi, Fumie-chan. Tell them that I’ll go home first.” Eijun answered.

“Are you okay??” Fumie asked.

“I just need some sleep, Fumie-chan. Let’s hangout again sometime after I sleep this off. So, see ya guys later.” Eijun said as he waved his hand and quickly disappeared, going out of the said arcade.

Eijun jogged straight to where his Condominium is and was welcomed by the staff. He entered an empty elevator and went straight to his flat. Once the elevator door opened, he stepped out of it and went to unlock the door to his flat. The door clicked and was immediately greeted but his butler slash secretary here in Japan branch.

“Welcome back, Eijun-sama.” Chris greeted as the brunette just gave him a pat on his shoulder.

“I’m back, Chris. Oh and until I say so, you shouldn’t let any people step inside this place as much as entertaining them won’t do. I don’t want any people visiting me. Is that clear??” Eijun ordered as he took his jacket off, throwing it to the couch.

“Yes, of course, Eijun-sama but does that mean, even Kazuya-sama is not allowed to enter??” Chris asked.

“I said I don’t want any visitor, Chris.” Eijun said, glaring at the other.

“Understood, Eijun-sama.” Chris said as he bowed his head down while Eijun walked upstairs going to the master’s bedroom.

He stripped off and went inside the shower. After that refreshing shower, he picked up some clothes in the cabinet, something that he left before leaving here and put it on, flopping himself on the bed. He didn’t even bother to dry his hair as he just rolled around on his king size bed. Eijun picked up his phone on the bed side table and saw so many missed calls and messages coming from his fiancé.

From: Kazu
Subject: Where are you?
Haruichi and Fumie told me that you went home. Are you okay?? Did something happen?? Call me back if you read this message.
Received: 4:03pm

From: Kazu
Subject: Are you okay?
Come on babe just one reply will do. I’m really getting worried here.
Received: 4:05pm

From: Kazu
Subject: Heeeey!!!
Nevermind! I’m coming home. Seriously. I’m getting worried here!!
Received: 4:09pm

From: Kazu
Subject: I’m home.
I’m home but it seems you’re not talking about your home here but something else. Are you in your flat?? Please reply. I’m really getting worried. Why did you go there?? Are you okay?? What’s happening??
Received: 4:40pm

Eijun stopped reading the messages he received from Kazuya as he threw his phone on the other side of his bed. He turned his back on it and closed his eyes, drifting off to some far and peaceful place.

It was past 5 in the afternoon when Chris heard the doorbell ringing. He checked his tablet to see who’s the visitor and saw Kazuya in the front door, ringing the bell. He sighed. He walked to the front door and went out as he bowed his head down.

“Chris-san, is Eijun in there?” Kazuya immediately asked.

“Yes, he is, Kazuya-sama.”

“Then please let me in. I need to see him right now.”

“I’m so sorry but my master gave me a strict order not to let anyone in, until he says so. I’m so sorry, Kazuya-sama.” Chris then again bowed his head down.

“Is that so?? Then is he okay?? He’s not sick or anything??” Kazuya asked with those worried eyes.

“Yes, he’s fine, Kazuya-sama. He just went to sleep after taking a shower earlier.” Chris answered ever so politely.

“Then please tell him to call me if he wakes up, Chris-san.” Kazuya said as Chris bowed his head.

“Of course, Kazuya-sama.”


Three days quickly went by and Eijun didn’t even step out of his condominium even once. He just hangs out in the living room watching movies, sleeps all day or just swimming around in the pool area. On the fourth day, he decided to go out for a run coz it’s been awhile. He used his usual black tracksuit as he tied his hair back, putting his black cap.

“Chris, I’m going out for a run.” Eijun said as he picked up his phone along with his Bluetooth headset.

“Should I prepare a dinner for you, Eijun-sama??” Chris asked as he followed the brunette to the front door.

“Yeah. I’ll be back for dinner.” Eijun answered after tying his shoelaces.

“Understood. Please take care, Eijun-sama.” Chris said as he bowed his head down.

“I’ll be going then.” Eijun responded as he went out of the front door.

Just when Eijun stepped out of the building, he was immediately pulled inside a car. All of this happened in less than a minute and Eijun couldn’t even react. His adrenaline suddenly felt all pumped up and he was going to beat the guy who pulled him inside the car when the said guy quickly pulled him in for a hug.

“Oh fuck! I missed you so much Eijun. I’ve been waiting here everyday and I thought you’re not going to come out sooner … Babe, I’m so sorry if I did something wrong four days ago. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” Eijun realized who the hell is this guy who pulled him inside a car out of nowhere.

“Kazu … You’re here.” Eijun muttered as he let the other hug him tighter.

“If it’s about the girls at the counter then— Ouch!!” Kazuya was suddenly cut off and almost screamed in pain when he felt Eijun’s teeth sunk on to his neck.

“It’s not about that …” Eijun whispered as he felt his heart started to ache again.

“Then what is it babe? Just tell me.” Kazuya cooed, pulling the brunette closer to him. They’re at the back seat of his car so it was quite spacious but Kazuya decided to pull the brunette close to him even more.

“When I asked you to get me something to drink … You … you let those … girls touch you and I really … hate it.” Eijun mumbled on Kazuya’s neck. He was so embarrassed he didn’t know what to do so he just hid his face.

“So that’s what it is … I’m so sorry you had to see that. They’re the daughters of an investor to our family so I just can’t shake them off. I’m so sorry babe.” Kazuya whispered, playing with Eijun’s hair while giving him some light kisses on his shoulder, the crook of his neck, his jaw and then to his cheek.

“It’s fine now but because of you I didn’t get to hangout properly with Harucchi and Fumie-chan plus I didn’t get to play that shooting game I was watching before.” Eijun pulled his head back and looked straight at Kazuya, pouting.

“Then, why don’t we go again tomorrow?? I’ll call them to meet us in that same arcade we went to.” Kazuya chuckled as he pinched Eijun’s cheek for a bit.

“But don’t let anyone touch you like that again …” Eijun’s tone changed and Kazuya immediately looked up to him. “Or else, I’ll cut their hands off right in front of the customers.” Eijun finished what he was saying with that evil smirk of his, making Kazuya shiver for a bit.

‘Knowing him, he’ll definitely do it without any much concern and it’ll be a problem if he really cuts someone’s hands. It’ll be a disaster!! Hahaha. It’s been awhile Eijun’s devil side.’ Kazuya thought to himself as he just gave a reassuring smile to his lover.

“It’s be fine, babe. They won’t dare to touch me when they’ll see you with me.” Kazuya said as he leaned in to kiss the brunette on the lips.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Eijun said as he pulled away from Kazuya, opening the door to the car.

“Eh? Where are you going??”

“I’m going for a run sooo … See you tomorrow.” Eijun waved his hand goodbye and slammed the door.

“Ah shit. He ran away from me. I thought we’ll go back to the main house after talking to him.” Kazuya sighed.


The next day came up and they were supposed to meet infront of the arcade by 9 in the morning except Eijun was still not around.

“So, no morning routine for the fifth day huh, Miyuki??” Ryousuke smirked.

“Getting pent-up now, Miyuki?” Kuramochi added to Ryousuke’s teasing.

“Shut up you guys. I don’t want to hear that right now.” Kazuya sighed in frustration.

“Oh!! Sorry guys. I’m late.” Eijun greeted while munching on a cheeseburger on his left hand while soda and a plastic full of cheeseburger on his right.

“SA! WA! MU! RAAAAA!!!! You just went and eat with us just waiting here?!?!?!?” Kuramochi gave the brunette a headlock.

“But Chris went out and I didn’t even get to eat my breakfast Senpai!!” Eijun struggled to get away from Kuramochi while trying not to spill his soda or let the cheeseburger fall.

“Okay okay!! Stop that now and we’ll go and play.” Kazuya tried to pull the two away but it was useless so he turned to the brothers and Fumie instead.

“Then let’s go inside first and leave the two kids out here.” Kazuya sighed as the four of them went inside.

“What did you just said Miyuki?!!??!?!?” Kuramochi barked as he followed them inside the arcade while dragging the brunette.

“Eijun, let’s go and exchange some tokens.” Kazuya pulled his lover away from Kuramochi’s grip and hold hands with him, making their way to the counter.

“How many tokens do you want to get babe?” Kazuya turned to look at the brunette beside him.

“Fifty tokens for each of us will do for now.” Eijun answered.

“Don’t want to hold too much tokens at once huh?” Kazuya chuckled while the other just nodded.

The girls at the counter couldn’t help but squeal silently when they saw Kazuya and Eijun infront of them. Even though it’s like they’re invisible to the couple, they didn’t mind. They just wanted to see more of the two flirting.


After the distribution of tokens, they all went to the shooting games as requested by Eijun who’s itching to play it five days ago. It was a two player game though there were several machines in there so the six of them playing at the same time is not a problem. They played rock paper and scissors to determine who will fight against who and in the end, Mochi ended up with Kazuya, the fight between the brothers and Fumie against Eijun.

They were all having fun when Eijun excused himself and went to the comfort room when another two guys went in after him. The brunette was busy washing his hands after when he noticed the two guys watching his every move.

“You’re quite cute for a guy.” The first guy said breaking the ice. Eijun didn’t know if there’s someone else the said guy was talking to so he didn’t look.

“He’s ignoring you, man.” The second guy teased.

“Heeeeeey~ I’m talking to you cutie.” Eijun raised his head and looked at the two through the mirror when he realized they were really talking to him.

“Is that supposed to be me??” Eijun turned to look at them.

“Yeah. You’re the only other person here ya know.” The second guy responded.

“Uhm … excuse me for a sec.” Eijun said and was going to walk out when the first guy grabbed his arm, stopping him.

“Wait wait wait. We’re still talking to you cutie~ So, what about we go and get some drinks after playing here??”

“No thanks. I’ll pass.” Eijun immediately answered, turning the invitation down.

“Oh no~ We insist. Let’s go out for a drink.”

“Just say yes. My man here really likes you. Think he fell for you at first sight.” The second guy said.

“Then I really have to pass. I have a boyfriend and I don’t feel like going to get some drinks right now.” Eijun turned down again.

On the other hand, the fight between Kuramochi and Ryousuke ended when Kazuya noticed that Eijun still haven’t come back.

“What’s taking him so long in the comfort room??” Kazuya raised a brow.

“Maybe he’s taking a dump.” Kuramochi joked as he chuckled.

“I’ll just go and check on him.” Kazuya sighed and made his way to the comfort room.

He opened the door when he saw Eijun on the wall with a guy pinning him while the other one was just on the side, watching. Kazuya didn’t know what hit him and the next thing he knew is that, everything turned red.

Chapter Text

“Just say yes. My man here really likes you. Think he fell for you at first sight.” The second guy said.

“Then I really have to pass. I have a boyfriend and I don’t feel like going to get some drinks right now.” Eijun turned down again.

“Come on~ Just for 30 minutes.” The first guy then grabbed Eijun’s wrist and slammed him on the wall. Eijun didn’t even flinched and just stared at the guy.

“Or let me just do you here and we’ll leave you alone after. How was that??” The first guy whispered, licking the brunette’s ear though he just moved his head to the side to avoid him from continuing.

“Can you … uhm … let me go?? If I don’t go back soon my boyfriend will definitely come here looking for me.” Eijun just smiled trying to suppress himself.

“We’ll be finished before he can come here searching for you.” The guy snaked his hand around Eijun’s waist, pulling him closer while his hand was still pinning the brunette’s wrist on the wall.

“Ooohhh~ That’s how you make a move mannn!!” The second guy cheered when the door suddenly slammed wide open with Kazuya glaring at them with that intention to kill. They all turned to look at him.

“Mi-miyuki Kazuya???!?!?!” The second guy said panicking while holding his hands up in the air.

“Your boyfriend is Miyuki Kazuya??? So then, you’re Sawamura Eijun??” The first guy pinning Eijun was so in shocked he didn’t know what to do.

Kazuya got angrier when he noticed how the guy’s arm was wrapped on Eijun’s waist and how the brunette was just there standing, keeping his cool. He made his way to them and grabbed the guy on his collar and pushed him on the floor. Kazuya pounced on the poor guy after cracking a few bones on his fingers.

The guy on the floor was all black and blue when Kazuya stood up and gave him one last kick on his stomach. The second guy watching ran away minutes ago so the poor guy was left there alone.

“Told you my boyfriend is going to come here.” Eijun chuckled as he smirked at the poor beaten up guy on the floor when his eyes landed to Kazuya who was glaring at him now.

“K-kazu …”

“Let’s go.” Kazuya said as he turned his back to the brunette and walked out of the comfort room first.

“Kazu, wait for me!” Eijun shouted but Kazuya didn’t looked back.

Kazuya went back to the group as he tried to calm himself though his eyes can’t lie. Not at that moment. They all noticed how Kazuya was trying to calm down but he’s not succeeding one bit. The brunette then arrived to where they are and noticed the mood.

“Kazuya …” Eijun mumbled as he called out for his lover’s name.

“Let’s talk later.” Kazuya gritted his teeth, looking away.

“Okay!! Why don’t we move on to the next machine?” Kuramochi tried to lighten up the mood and the others just went along.

Eijun stood beside Kazuya, holding his hand tightly.

“Kazu~ Please talk to me.” Eijun whispered as he looked up to his lover, blinking a few times but Kazuya just watched Kuramochi and the others play that racing game.

“Kazu, I’m sorry if I did something bad that made you mad at me. I’m sorry so please don’t ignore me.” Eijun whispered again as he held on tighter to Kazuya’s hand.

“You should be. What did he do?? Did he kiss you?” Kazuya gritted his teeth as he looked down to Eijun literally clinging on to him.

“What? No. He just kinda licked my earlobe. That’s all.” Eijun answered that made Kazuya even more furious.

“So you’ll just let any guy touch you and lick your earlobe like that??” Kazuya tried to lower his voice but he failed.

“No!! I won’t!!” Eijun defended.

“Then why did you let him do that??” Kazuya glared at the brunette.

“I didn’t know what should I do!!” Eijun bowed his head down.

“What the hell??”

“You told me not to get into fights. You told me not to just punch people. You told me to calm down first and think before acting! So I’m just doing what you told me to do and now you’re mad at me again!! What should I do?? I can’t control myself if I tried to break free from him earlier. I could’ve just break his arm easily but you told me not to.” Eijun said as he got all teary eyed coz he doesn’t want Kazuya to get mad at him.

“Do you hate me now, Kazu??” The brunette asked as he looked up to Kazuya.

Kazuya sighed as he brushed his hair back, looking down to the brunette who was desperately clinging on to him. He doesn’t want to see Eijun like that. He really doesn’t want to get mad to the brunette but the situation forced him to.

“Look, I don’t want anyone touching you so … what I said before … forget about what I said before. Just don’t let any trash like those touch you but of course don’t overdo it. Make sure they’re still alive.” Kazuya said taking back what he said when the two went to America, when Eijun got involved with gang fights near the hotel they were staying at.

“You don’t hate me then??” Eijun bit his lower lip, looking a bit on the side.

“Of course not, you idiot.” Kazuya pulled his hand away from Eijun’s grip moving his hands to Eijun’s shoulder, pulling him close when Eijun’s stomach suddenly growled ruining the mood. The two laughed as Kazuya ruffled Eijun’s hair.

“Kazu, I’m hungry.” Eijun pouted as Kazuya pinched his cheek.

“Go tell them that you’re hungry and we’ll grab our lunch to some other fastfood chain.” Eijun’s eyes immediately sparkled then went to Kuramochi and the others.


After having fun at the arcade for the whole day, Kazuya and Eijun went back to Miyuki Group’s base and it was past 10 when they arrived there. The brunette made his way to their room and flopped himself to the bed. In a matter of seconds, Kazuya followed after him and locked their room and flopped himself beside his lover. Eijun moved closer to Kazuya, wrapping his arms to Kazuya’s chest as he hid his face to Kazuya’s neck.

“Kazuuuu~” Eijun whispered.

“Hmmmm??? What is it?”

“I missed you so much … these past four days we didn’t meet.” Eijun continued to whisper.

“Really? I missed you too babe.” Kazuya then turned his head, kissing Eijun’s forehead.

“Coz of you, we didn’t get to see each other for four days.” Eijun whined.

“Yeah. Blame it all on me. It’s my fault for letting them touch me like that. I’m so sorry babe.” Kazuya said as he kissed Eijun’s cheek next.

“And I’m sorry too for letting that shit touch me.” Eijun said, looking up to his boyfriend.

“It’s okay now. I’m not mad anymore.” Kazuya cooed, kissing the brunette on his cheek a few times more.

“Then we’re okay now?? Like realllllllllly okay??” Eijun perked up like a pup.

“Yeah. Let’s forget what happened a few days ago and today at the comfort room.” Kazuya then smiled, ruffling Eijun’s hair again.

“Then if we’re really okay now … kiss me.” Eijun said, biting his lower lip, making him all seductive, making Kazuya’s inner beast want to go out.

Kazuya made his move, leaning in to his lover, kissing him. The brunette responded by wrapping his arms around Kazuya’s neck, pulling him closer while Kazuya slowly made his way on top of him. At the same time, Eijun wrapped his both legs to Kazuya’s waist, slowly grinding his crotch to Kazuya’s.

“K-kazu~ Touch me~” Eijun whispered, moaning a bit.

“Be patient, Eijun.” Kazuya whispered back, rubbing both of their crotches even more.

It was getting hot and heavy to the both of them when Kazuya decided to pull away, cutting Eijun’s excitement making him whimper. Kazuya took the brunette’s shirt away and threw it somewhere in the room as he untied Eijun’s ponytail, letting his hair free on the mattress. Kazuya was like undressing a girl though he already got used to Eijun’s long hair but looking at him sprawled on his bed with his messy hair, he got even more harder if that is even possible.

Kazuya leaned in and started to kiss Eijun’s lips again, moving down to his neck then to his hardened nipples. Eijun is so sensitive making Kazuya even more excited as he made his way down to Eijun’s pants. The fabric was getting wet due to the brunette’s pre-cum but this doesn’t stop Kazuya from teasing his lover.

He rubbed the hard on a bit but pulls away his hand quickly making Eijun groan in pain and impatience. He did this a few more times gaining a cute glare coming from the brunette.

“Kazu!! Will you stop teasing me?? I want to cum!!” Eijun whined as tears started to form on his eyes making Kazuya look away.

“Ahhhhh!!! Shit! Why am I so weak with his tears. Damnit. I wanted to keep on teasing him but I don’t want to make him cry even for a bit.” Kazuya said to himself as he tried to stop the thought to bully Eijun on the bed even more. He decided to lean in and give a kiss on the brunette’s forehead.

“Shhhh~ Babe, don’t cry.” Kazuya whispered that made the brunette below him pout.

“Hmmm …” Eijun continued to pout as Kazuya pulled back, taking his shirt off, revealing his toned body from all of the training he got since he was young well, Eijun got a toned body too but he was skinnier compare to Kazuya.

Kazuya then took Eijun’s pants and boxers off revealing the hard on that Eijun was trying to cover. Eijun turned beet red when he saw the way Kazuya was looking at him and how he was trying to stop himself from pouncing on him. It was so embarrassing for him, he decided to sit for a bit as he pulled Kazuya to kiss him, pulling him back on top of him.

It was another round for a hot and wet kisses exchanged by the two. Kazuya reached out to his pants as he unzips it, pulling his own cock, rubbing it to Eijun’s.

“So good~~ Hmmmmm … Kazuya~” Eijun moaned as Kazuya bit a skin on his neck making the brunette shiver in pleasure.

“You cumming, babe?” Kazuya asked, whispering to Eijun’s ear.

“Yeah~ Hnnnngh~” Eijun panted as he felt himself almost on the peak of pleasure.

“Let’s cum together then, Eijun~” Kazuya breathed heavily to the brunette’s ear, making the brunette aroused even more.

“Hnnngh~ K-kazuya, I’m cumming!!” Eijun panted and shivered as he felt himself reach the climax along with Kazuya who also let out his seeds on Eijun’s stomach.

Kazuya leaned in once more to his lover, kissing him again then he pulled away to lie down beside the brunette as they both can still feel the afterglow of them doing it. Kazuya was the first one to recover after lying down a bit as he stood up, looking at Eijun that was still dazed, looking at the same spot for some time now. He picked up the brunette bridal style that made the other went back to reality that he was already in Kazuya’s arms.

“Kazu??” Eijun asked tilting his head, staring at his lover.

“I’ll clean you up.” Kazuya said as he kissed Eijun’s cheek.

“No. I’ll do it.” Eijun tried to break away but Kazuya didn’t budge until they entered the bathroom. Kazuya let Eijun sit inside the bathtub, detaching the shower head then turned it on. He started to wash the brunette while the other was just watching his every move.

“Don’t stare too much or you’ll fall for me all over again.” Kazuya chuckled as he washes Eijun’s hair.

“Pffft. Yeah. I do.” He smiled with those loving eyes, looking at Kazuya.

Kazuya noticed this and felt himself getting hot. He turned his head away as he continued to wash Eijun’s body.

“Idiot.” Kazuya muttered though there’s that hint that he was quite embarrassed after what he heard from the brunette.

“I love you, Kazuya.” The brunette said, wrapping his arms around Kazuya’s neck, pulling him in for a hug making the other dumbfounded.

“Yeah, I know and I love you much more than you know it, Eijun.” Kazuya whispered that made the brunette blushed. He pulled away as he kissed the brunette’s forehead, smiling after.

Chapter Text

Few weeks immediately passed by and it was already time for Kazuya to go back to University leaving Eijun behind with his old man, training at their dojo. Since Kazuya is one of the Welcoming Committee, he’ll be busy for the preparations for the party that will be held for the incoming freshmen within a few weeks. The party was not just in their department, it’s for the whole University so it’ll take a while for them to prepare everything they need.

The brunette was left with Toku in the dojo with him just lazing around on the floor while Toku was sparring with the family trainer.

“Uncle~ I’m bored.” Eijun whined as he turned to his side as he watches Toku and the said trainer fight on the center.

“Then why don’t you go and follow Kazuya to his Uni?? You stayed there for a few months too so they definitely know you.” Toku answered while kicking here and there.

“He told me not to so I won’t go.” Eijun turned his back to them and closed his eyes when he heard someone entered the dojo.

“Toku-sama, I’m back.” Eijun looked up and saw a blonde guy entered. He smiled.

“Yo! Kanemaru!! It’s been awhile!!” Eijun greeted as he stood up, making his way to the guy.

“It’s been awhile, Eijun-sama.” Kanemaru greeted properly as he bowed his head in respect.

“I’m back, Uncle Toku.” Another one entered the dojo and bowed his head in respect.

“Woah!! Furuya too!! It’s been awhile!” Eijun tilted his head to look at Furuya who just entered.

“It’s been awhile too, Eijun-sama.”

“Yeah, so what’s happening here? You two went for a mission or something?” Eijun asked as he went back down the floor and sat sloppily.

“Yes, Eijun-sama.” Kanemaru answered.

“Since we’re the official partners of Sawamura Family now, Eiji and Ezra were giving us some job to do since you guys are short on people.” Toku explained as he picked up his towel, wiping his face.

“Oh yeah. I remember Mom telling me about us, the Sawamura Family is in need for more people since our family was quite scattered all over Europe and that’s the real reason for me getting married to some other noble. To gather more people under the Sawamura Family but since me and Kazuya ended up with each other, our numbers doubled up and that resolved the problem.” Eijun chuckled.

“That’s why the Miyuki Family Executives were nowhere to be found. They’re all doing some kind of mission but it’s a good thing it was just on their own turf.” Toku sat down near the brunette.

“Pfffft. It was busy over there too but here I am, slacking here in Japan.” Eijun chuckled as he lies down on the wooden floor.

“Too bad, you’ll be going back soon too.” Toku smirked that made the brunette glare at him.

“Yeah. Whatever Uncle but while I’m here, I’ll slack as much as I can.” Eijun huffed making the two Executives who sat infront of them laugh.


In the afternoon, Eijun headed out with Furuya driving him to T University where Kazuya was. He didn’t dare to enter the University as he just stood outside the gate to wait for Kazuya. He forgot his phone back to the Miyuki’s so he doesn’t have anything to use to contact Kazuya and tell him that he’s waiting for him.

It was a good thirty minutes when Eijun saw Kazuya walking out of the University gates with a few more people with him. He was going to call out his lover when he noticed how Kazuya was laughing with the others like it’s the first time he saw him laughing like that so in the end, he just stood there watching his lover’s back, walking away from him.

“Maybe I’ll just come back later, Kazuya.” Eijun muttered to himself as he was going to walk away when an arm was suddenly wrapped on his shoulders. He flinched for a bit and was going to grab the arm and was going to throw the said person on the ground when the said person talked.

“W-wait!! Wait! You’re Sawamura Eijun right??” The unknown guy asked and Eijun just raised a brow, nodding.

“So you must be waiting for Miyuki.”

“Y-yeah??” Eijun looked up. The other guy was taller than him but not taller than Kazuya. He’s got this shiny black hair and deep chocolate eyes.

“MIYUKIIIIIIII!!” The said guy suddenly shouted making the group who were a few feet away from them, turning around to check out who was calling Miyuki so loudly.

When Kazuya turned around to look at the familiar voice, he saw his senpai with Eijun on his arms. His eyebrows almost knitted together as he made his way to the two, pulling Eijun away from his senpai.

“Senpai, please don’t touch him casually.” Kazuya said as he gave a quick glare to his senpai as he turned to his lover beside him.

“And Eijun, what’re you doing here?”

“Just passing by?” Eijun looked away.

“Oh really …” Kazuya said sarcastically, not believing Eijun’s lies.

“Naaah … He was waiting for you for like forty-five minutes now.” Kazuya’s senpai said, giving Eijun a pat on his shoulder. Eijun shot him a questioning look.

“How did you know??” Eijun asked.

“What?? Why didn’t you call me or something??” Kazuya grabbed Eijun’s wrist.

“Naaah. I was just passing by and was going to check on you before going back to my flat but now that I saw you, it’s okay now. I’ll be going and oh yeah, I forgot my phone in your room so I couldn’t call you.” Eijun then pulled away his wrist from Kazuya’s grip.

“Hey, wait. Why are you going back to your flat?” Kazuya then grabbed Eijun’s wrist again to stop him from walking away from him.

“Uuhhhmmmm …” Eijun them looked at Kazuya’s senpai then back to his lover.

“Private matters.” Eijun answered when Kazuya noticed this so he pulled the brunette away from his senpai.

“So what is it??” Kazuya asked, leaning close to Eijun.

“Need to check out the stores under the Sawamura family and I’ll be meeting with Japan Branch Executives tonight so I need to go back to my flat and change to a formal wear.” Eijun whispered.

“Then I’ll go with you. I wanna check out the stores and meet with the Executives too.” Kazuya smiled as he gave a kiss on the brunette’s cheek. Eijun was a bit shock from Kazuya’s move as he saw Kazuya’s friends and senpais were watching them making him pull away.

“Ah nope! Maybe next time, Kazu. You should go back to them now. They’re waiting for you.” Eijun smiled then pushed Kazuya back to their direction.

“Hey! Wait! I wanna go with you.” Kazuya said but Eijun keeps on pushing him back to his senpai and the others.

“Seriously, we’ll go together next time Kazu so go with them for now.” Eijun chuckled as he managed one last push and backed off from his lover.

“I’ll come back to your place tomorrow. See ya later.” Eijun said as he wave his hand goodbye to Kazuya and crossed the street, going back to his flat.


The brunette was welcomed by Chris as he went straight to the master’s bedroom, flopping himself on his bed. He just stared straight on the wall as he clenched on his shirt on top of his heart. There’s this foreign feeling inside of him again that’s making his heart tingle and his head ache so he ended up closing his eyes, drifting off to sleep.

“Eijun-sama, please wake up.” Eijun heard Chris, waking him up. He shrugged as he sat up with his eyes still closed.

“It’s time for the inspection, young master.” Chris said as he reminded the brunette his schedule.

“Yeah.” Eijun answered, nodding his head as he stood up, going to the bathroom for a quick shower.

After slipping on his bathrobe, Eijun saw a suit on his bed, lying in there, waiting for him to wear it. The brunette sighed as he put on his suit, leaving the necktie quite loose on his neck. He went out of his room to meet up with Chris who was waiting for him and the two went on their way.

The two arrived at the bar district and started entering those shops under the Sawamura Family and as always, Eijun and Chris talks with the shop owners or managers then check the shop itself and some other stuffs needed to be checked. After checking up a few more shops, Eijun shrugged as he loosened his necktie even more.

“Shit Chris!! Wearing a suit in the middle of summer is making me irritated and stressed out. Like some kind of shit is sucking away my energy.” Eijun cussed out as they entered another shop with a good air conditioning.

“Please bear with it for a while longer, Eijun-sama.” Chris tried to calm down the brunette.

“I wanna go home and laze around.” Eijun then again whined.

“Why don’t we order some drinks and stay here for a while, young master?” Chris suggested making the brunette gather some energy but it’s still not enough.

“But first, let’s go and meet the owner before drinking. I wanna get this done and over with so that I can drink properly.” Eijun suggested as the two made their way in the counter.

They were both welcomed by the bartender and opened the door for them going to the back of the shop. Eijun quickly finished the inspection as they both went back to the counter, asking for some drinks.

“And I need to meet up with the Executives later too. Damnit. I wanna go back to sleep. Chris, can’t we just adjust the meeting tomorrow night??” Eijun demanded.

“I can’t adjust your schedule for tonight, young master. The Executives needs to check up on their own underlings by tomorrow.” Chris explained.

“Ah shit. Bad timing!!” Eijun sighed asking for another mug of beer.

“Excuse me, young master but I think I saw Kazuya-sama here at this bar.” Chris whispered to the brunette coz the music is quite loud at the said bar.

“Where?” Eijun perked up and Chris pointed where Kazuya and others were.

“Oh! Okay. Don’t mind them. I know he’s with his senpai and the other members of their Committee.” Eijun nodded after checking out where Kazuya is and went back to drinking his beer. He pulled out a cig from the inner pocket of his suit and Chris immediately pulled out his lighter.

“There’s only one last bar we still didn’t finish yet right?? You just go and check it out Chris. I’ll stay here for a few more minutes to cool down.” Eijun said, puffing some smoke to the counter, asking for another mug.

“Of course, young master.” Chris said as he stood up and bowed his head, making his way out of the said bar.

Eijun just stared in a distance as he keeps on drinking and smoking at the counter, while checking out Kazuya once in a while. He sighed.

“Long night, young master??” The bartender asked that made the brunette just chuckle.

“Yeah. Can you see Miyuki Kazuya in there??”

“Yes, young master.” The bartender answered politely.

“He’s having so much fun without me. He never laughed and talked loudly like that when he’s with me …” Eijun rested his chin on the back of his hand, puffing another smoke.

“Uhm …” The bartender didn’t know what to say to console the young master in front of him so he just ended up pouring another beer to Eijun’s mug.

“It’s like he’ll be alright even if I disappear from his life …” Eijun said as he keep on watching Kazuya talk and laugh with the others.

“Don’t say that young master. I saw in the internet how Miyuki Kazuya-sama loves you. How he cherishes you and how important you are in his life.” The bartender said that made Eijun shot a look at him.

“You’re one of his account followers aren’t you? It’s like you know what’s happening between us.” Eijun chuckled that made the bartender smile.

“I’ll excuse myself for now, young master.” The bartender said as Eijun noticed a few customers sitting at the counter asking for drinks.

Eijun kept on both smoking and drinking when some stranger sat beside him on the counter. He was watching Kazuya by then but was blocked off when the said stranger sat beside him. He ended up looking at the stranger and raised a brow, puffing a smoke.

“Hi! Are you alone?”

“Yeah.” Eijun answered as he chugged down his beer, finishing what was on his mug.

“Me too. I was hoping if you want to drink with me?? If you don’t mind.” The stranger said that made the brunette look at him then to Kazuya who was having fun a few meters away from them.

“Well, I don’t mind.” Eijun said as he called for the bartender and gave another mug of beer to him. Then the stranger ordered for some beer too and sat closer to the brunette.

“So why are you here alone??”

“I just need to have some drinks that’s all.” Eijun asked himself why he was still answering the stranger’s questions when he can just ignore him.

“Well, I’m actually here to pick up some girls but there’s still no catch tonight. I’ve been to three shops now and there’s no one who suits my tastes …” The stranger keeps on blabbering that Eijun decided to just continue drinking.

“So noisy. Damnit. Can’t he stop talking?? He’s actually telling me all those and he still haven’t told me his name. Not that I’d ever want to know his name. This talkative shit.” Eijun said to himself as he finished his second smoke acting like he was listening to the stranger.

“ … now that I look at you properly, you actually look like my type. I sleep with men too so what can you say about going to a hotel with me? Right after we finish drinking this.” Eijun heard the last part and just smirked at the stranger.

“Naaah. I’ll pass.”

“Come on. Just for tonight. I’m really aching to do someone.” The guy then snaked his arm around Eijun’s waist, pulling him closer to him.

“Hey dude. I have a lov— I’m not really in the mood so back off.” Eijun pushed the guy away from him and sighed as he continues to drink.

“Just a round and we’re done. I’m just backed up right now. I need some release.”

“Then go jerk off by yourself. It’s not my business.”

“Come on~” The guy said as he rested his hand on Eijun’s leg, rubbing it a bit.

“Seriously, back off. I’m not in the mood to beat up someone tonight.” Eijun glared at the guy but he was persistent.

“I’m seriously asking you this now. Back off or else I’ll really beat you up here.” Eijun warned but the guy just pushed his luck and slipped his hand on Eijun’s crotch that made the brunette snap.

Without any warning, Eijun kicked the guy beside him. The stranger fell on the ground along with the stool he was sitting from as Eijun stood up and started to crackle his fingers. When this happened, everyone inside the bar stopped what they’re doing and focused on the scene on the counter.

On the other hand, Kazuya was talking about his trip to US with Eijun when they all heard a loud sound coming from the stool that fell down. They all turned to where they heard it and Kazuya immediately stood up. The whole city was his turf and he’s the leader of the Miyuki Family so for him, it’s natural to intervene in these kind of fights.

“Stop it!!” Kazuya shouted when he saw the guy in a suit started to beat up the poor guy on the ground. He pushed away the empty chairs to quickly arrive at the counter but he failed because of the spectators watching.

After a few more push to the people watching, Kazuya arrived at the scene and pulled the guy in suit away from the poor bleeding guy on the ground when he noticed who the man in suit was.

“Eijun?” Kazuya asked when the brunette turned who the hell stopped him from beating the crap out of the pervert who sat beside him.

“Uugghhh … I need to go.” Eijun said as he pulled himself, running away from the scene, out of the shop.

“Hey! Wait!! Eijun!!” Kazuya shouted but Eijun easily slipped out of the shop.

Eijun started to walk down the street to meet up with Chris on the last bar when someone grabbed his arms, stopping him. He sighed as he turned around to look and saw Kazuya behind him.

“What is it??” Eijun shrugged as he gave a tired look to his lover.

“What happened, babe?” Kazuya asked pulling the brunette into a hug.

“Nothing.” Eijun answered, didn’t want to explain anything.

“Just tell it to me tomorrow. I think you’re tired. Where’s Chris-san?” Kazuya didn’t push on the topic further, noticing how Eijun was acting and looking how he doesn’t want to say anything.

“I’ll be going to meet him up at the last bar which is our last stop.” Eijun then pulled away from Kazuya’s arms and just faked a smile. “You should go back there. I’ll be going now.”

“No. I’ll go with you to where Chris-san is.” Kazuya decided and Eijun just started to walk. He didn’t want to argue today so he just nodded.

They both arrived to a shop just a few meters away from where they are when Chris went out of the said bar.

“I already finished my inspection here, young master.” Chris said as he bowed down to the both of them.

“Okay. Then we’ll be going now, Kazu. We still need to meet up with the Executives.” Eijun then faked another smile.

“Hey! Can’t I go with you??” Kazuya asked before Eijun can turn his back completely to him.

“Of course you—.” Chris was cut off when Eijun answered then glared at him.

“No. Next time, Kazu. I’ll see you tomorrow. Go have some fun.” Eijun said and turned his back to Kazuya while giving a glare to Chris after.


The meeting ended by five in the morning and Eijun decided to go straight to the Miyuki’s to sleep there. The underlings welcomed him as he went straight to Kazuya’s bedroom. It was still quite dark so he turned on the lights and saw nothing on the bed. He checked out the bathroom but Kazuya was not there either, so he went out of the room and asked one of the underlings where Kazuya went to but was told that he still hasn’t came home.

Eijun went back inside the room, changed clothes and flopped himself down on the bed. He reached out for his phone on the side table and dialled Kazuya’s number. It rang a few times and it was picked up.

“Hey … Where are you?” Eijun asked without any energy left from his body.

“Hey babe. I’m on my way home. Where are you??” Kazuya asked.

“In your room …” Eijun replied as he felt himself getting sleepy, leaving the call still on.

“Eijun! Hey babe are you still there??” Kazuya can be heard from the phone but Eijun couldn’t hear him anymore.


Eijun felt someone was caressing his hair that made him wake up for a bit and saw Kazuya beside him, smiling. He turned to where Kazuya is and hugged him tight, making his worries and anxiousness go away but the moment he sniffed in Kazuya’s scent made him scrunched up his nose and turned his back to him.

“Is there something wrong, Eijun?” Kazuya asked.

“You smell like those girls.” The brunette whispered.


“I said, you stink so go and take a bath.” Eijun said, covering himself with a blanket.

“Give me a kiss first.” Kazuya said but was ignored by the brunette, making him sigh. Eijun has been acting weird since yesterday and it was bugging him to no end but he doesn’t want to force Eijun to talk about it so he didn’t push through with the idea of him asking questions to his lover.

“Fine. I’ll go take a bath but give me a kiss later.” Kazuya said kind of bit down when Eijun turned him down.

“Yeah. Whatever.” Eijun muttered as he tried to get some sleep again. His heart started to tingle again making his head starting to ache.

“Fuck this feeling!” Eijun cussed out as he shut his eyes to sleep.

Chapter Text

It was after lunch when Eijun woke up and there’s no Kazuya beside him. He closed his eyes as he sighed when he suddenly heard the bathroom door, opening and closing then the opening of the cabinet too. Eijun turned his back from the cabinet, knowing Kazuya was there.

“You’re awake. Why don’t you go and wash up then we’ll go eat brunch together.” Kazuya said as he pulled out a black v neck shirt out of the closet and put it on, making his way to the bed, sitting on the side. He leaned in and kissed Eijun’s shoulder then to his neck, up to his cheek.

“You told me you’re going to kiss me this morning but you fell asleep when I finished taking a shower. So now, give me a kiss, babe~” Kazuya whispered to the brunette that made the other shiver.

Eijun turned to look at Kazuya, leaning in for a kiss when Kazuya meet him halfway, kissing him on the lips. It’s like everything disappeared on that moment to Eijun, like they’re the only people left in the world. He unconsciously wrapped his arms around Kazuya’s neck, making the other climb on top of the other, pushing him back to the mattress.

“Babe, I love you.” Kazuya whispered in between their kisses but the brunette just continued to kiss him back, not answering to any of what he says.

“I said, I love you. Why are you not answering me?” Kazuya asked after he pulled away when Eijun didn’t answer. The brunette looked up to him but felt Kazuya’s stare at him, making him look away.

“I … I l-love y-you too … Kazu.” Eijun stammered as he sat properly, still looking away from his lover.

“Eijun …” Kazuya called out making the brunette look at him. “Is there something wrong?”

The brunette just stared at the other, like he didn’t know what Kazuya was talking about. “Got a problem with the Executives? Or was it about the guy you beaten up last night? Something is stressing you out?” Kazuya then continued asking.

“Or … did I do something that made you act weird like that?” Kazuya ended that made the brunette bit his lower lip.

“I’m not … acting weird or something … I’m just … tired.” Eijun answered as he sat on the edge of the bed, standing up making Kazuya look up to him.

“Let’s go and eat brunch, Kazu. I’m hungry.” Eijun said dodging the topic. Kazuya immediately noticed how Eijun acted and he really doesn’t want to force the topic too so he just sighed and stood up and agreed to go to the dining room to eat.

They started eating their brunch with that awkward silence between them. It’s the first time something like this happened so it was not easy to break off that barrier that separating them. They were both eating in silence when Toku and Kuramochi arrived at the dining room noticing that awkwardness between the two.

“Hey hey heyyyyy!! What’s up with the atmosphere??” Kuramochi greeted as he sat down in front of the two, teasing them.

“Kuramochi, go away.” Kazuya glared at his right hand man.

“You two.” Toku sat at the edge of the long table and called out the two.

“You guys are still on the honeymoon phase and it’s already cold war? What the heck!” Toku commented that made the green haired snickered on the side. Both Kazuya and Eijun shot a look at Toku, dumbfounded.

“You guys should make up properly. It’s not good to prolong fights like those.” Toku sincerely advised making Kuramochi nodded like he was some kind of an expert on this line though maybe he’s really an expert because of Ryousuke.

“Well, let’s go Youchi.” Toku said and stood up, making their way out of the dining room.

“What the heck did they come here for?? Did they just sat down and made fun of us??” Kazuya asked looking to where Eijun was.

“Yeah. They just did.” Eijun answered, making the two of them laugh at each other.

They were still both laughing when Kazuya’s phone rang. Kazuya then pulled out his phone from his pocket and answered the call with Eijun watching his moves.

“Yes, senpai? … Uuuhhhh … I need to go there right now??” Kazuya then looked to where Eijun is but the brunette looked away from him and continued to eat.

“I’m sorry but I’ll be coming late senpai.” Kazuya said that made the brunette look up to him with those questioning eyes.

“Yeah. Later then, senpai.” Kazuya said, ending the call.

“I’m almost done eating and you’re finished too so you can go.” Eijun said, looking away.

Kazuya pulled his chair close to Eijun and looked at his lover, though the other one is trying to not get distracted and look back.

“Look, I really don’t know what’s wrong babe but please … just please try and open up to me more. I really don’t know what’s going on with you coz you can’t express what you feel so please just tell it to me so we can work on it together. Whatever you’re feeling right now or whatever it is, I want the both of us to share it to each other. Please babe??” Kazuya pleaded, pulling the brunette close to him, resting his forehead to the brunette’s forehead.

“Yeah. I will.” Eijun smiled faintly.

“So, can I ask what happened in the bar last night?” Kazuya continued as the brunette nodded in response.

“He’s trying to hook up with me but I turned him down so he persistently persuaded me so when he tried to feel me up, I … snapped and kicked him.” Eijun told his lover the truth. Kazuya unconsciously knitted his brows and slammed his hand on the table. All the servants cleaning running around were surprised by Kazuya’s movement.

“I should’ve forced you to tell me last night so I could’ve given him a piece of mind too.” Kazuya gritted his teeth in annoyance but then Eijun held on his hand that was slammed on the table. He immediately calmed down and pulled Eijun in for a hug.

The two sat there for another thirty minutes when Eijun asked for seconds and Kazuya decided to wait until Eijun finishes so he can go to Uni and help with the preparations.

“I’ll be going now babe. I’ll see you later.” Kazuya then kissed Eijun’s forehead and smiled waving his hand goodbye.

“See ya.” Eijun waved his hand too though he stopped the moment Kazuya went inside his car, driving away from the mansion.


Eijun just lazed around on their bed almost the whole afternoon when Toku knocked on the door, opening it after.

“Hey Uncle. What’s up?” Eijun asked as he put down his phone on the side and looked at Toku upside down coz of how he was lying down on the bed.

“We’re kinda short on people and I need your help.” Toku announced that made the brunette stood up, coming down from the bed.

“What is it about Uncle?” Eijun asked, eyes sparkling.

“It’s an underground thing so …”

“Sure, I’ll go Uncle.” Eijun immediately agreed even though he still hasn’t heard anything about it.

“That’s how I like it. Let’s go talk in my room.” Toku said as he exited Kazuya’s room along with Eijun following after him.

Toku sat down on his swivel chair as he let the brunette sat infront of his table. He pulled out a brown envelope and handed it over to Eijun. The brunette opened it and pulled out a few papers inside as he quickly scanned everything instantly memorized it, giving it back to Toku after.

“I’ll do it, Uncle.” Eijun quirked his lips up for a smirk.

“Sure but be careful and be more alert because of those police can sense things like these. It’ll be a bad thing if you guys get caught.” Toku reminded the brunette.

“Of course, Uncle but who will go with me?”

“I really don’t want to impose on you further but we’re really short on people right now. So you just choose whoever you want to go with.” Toku sighed.

“Just the Kominato brothers will be enough Uncle.” Eijun said, pulling his phone out and called the older Kominato on the spot.

“Yes, Eijun-sama?” Ryousuke immediately answered right after one ring.

“I need you and Harucchi to go with me for an underground transaction, Onii-san. Come here at the Miyuki base at 17:00. I’ll be waiting.” Eijun ordered.

“Of course, Eijun-sama.” Ryousuke answered politely as Eijun ended the call.

“Eijun, bring the double wielding guns tonight just in case and they’re already yours to start with so go get it at the equipment room after.” Eijun then smirked at Toku.

“Of course, Uncle.”


The Kominato brothers arrived at the Miyuki base before 19:00 and they immediately prepared for the trip. The underlings prepared the car for the three and Toku gave Eijun the paper for transaction. Eijun then hide the two pistols on his back pocket while he hid knives on both of his shoes.

“Be careful and you three come back alive and unscathed.” Toku bid his goodbye to them as Eijun entered the back seat while Ryousuke was the one going to drive and Haruichi sat on the passenger’s seat.

It was an hour drive to where the transaction will take place and the specified time is on twelve midnight but the three went earlier to check out the vicinity and for Eijun to memorize the whole place. It was Eijun’s first time to go in that area so he wants to take precaution and prepare for the worst if anything happens. A few hours of roaming around, Eijun sat on the back seat with eyes closed, picturing the whole area like it was a 3D Hologram running on his head.

Eijun opened his eyes when the door opened and Haruichi went in and closed the door again, giving Eijun a paper bag with cheeseburger and fries set on it. The brunette peaked at it when he saw the contents as the younger Kominato just smiled.

“You looked stressed out, Eijun-kun so I went and bought something for you … and us.” Haruichi smiled then again.

“Thanks Harucchi. You saved me from dying.” Eijun chuckled as he unwrap his cheeseburger and started to eat.

Back to the Miyuki base, Kazuya just arrived from Uni just past 8 in the evening. He went straight to his room and didn’t found Eijun though they were just messaging each other a few hours ago so he didn’t mind and went straight to the shower first and thought Eijun might come back soon.

But when he finished showering and even finished changing to some recently washed clothes, he still didn’t see Eijun on his room so he decided to go check out the dojo first. He arrived there and saw a few newly recruited underlings training at that time and Eijun wasn’t there.

He walked around the garden and just saw a few guards on standby so he decided to just go to the dining room and saw Toku and Kuramochi eating their dinner.

“Welcome back.” Toku and Kuramochi greeted.

“Yeah. I’m back. Where’s Eijun?” Kazuya asked the moment he sat on his seat.

“He didn’t tell you?” Toku asked.

“About what?” Kazuya asked, confused.

“He went out with the Kominato brothers.” Toku answered after he gulped down his meat.


“Dude, you don’t remember what today is?” It was Kuramochi’s turn to talk.

“Hmmmm …” Kazuya hummed as he picked up his phone and check out his calendar to see what was on the scheduled event that Kuramochi sent to him every month.

“****** Company Weapon Delivery. Wait! Today’s the pickup date?? Don’t tell me …” Kazuya asked eyeing both his father and his right hand man as they both looked away from him.

“Damnit!! Why didn’t you guys reminded me?”

“What’s the reason I always send you those schedules on your phone if you’re not going to check it?” Kuramochi raised a brow coz he had this conversation with Kazuya a few more times a few years ago.

“Then why did you let Eijun go, Old Man??” Kazuya turned to his dad.

“I asked him for help and he agreed. He can always turn me down but he didn’t even hear what I was talking about and he quickly agreed. And right after he read the details, he really did accept it. Plus, Kazuya, he’s not a kid. He can handle himself more like he can handle all of our underlings here so why are you worrying so much?” Toku rolled his eyes and continued to eat.

“Shit.” Kazuya just cussed out and started to eat.


“It’s time.” Eijun said after checking out his wristwatch.

The Kominato brothers then nodded as the three of them put on their wireless headset as they stepped out of the car. They parked near the back door of an old looking warehouse as their supplier is waiting for them with a few underlings roaming around the area.

“Who are you?” A guy in shades asked.

“I’m the one sent by Miyuki Toku-sama to come pick up the supplies.” Eijun answered as he adjust his cap to cover his face some more.

“Tell me your name and take off your hat.”

“Quite demanding aren’t you.” Eijun shrugged as he pulled out the paper Toku gave him, opening it so they can see that he’s the real deal. The paper includes Toku’s seal and that confirmed everything.

“Boys, bring it here.” The guy in shades called out to his underlings and within a few minutes, four underlings came with a big metal container as they put it infront of Eijun and the Kominato brothers.

“I’ll just check the contents.” Eijun said and so as if on cue, the Kominato brothers stepped in.

“Young master, please step back for a bit.” Ryousuke said as a precaution. The brothers then opened the metal container and revealed lots of pocket pistols.

“Hmmmm …” Eijun hummed as he pulled out a glove from his pocket, putting it on his hands as he push away the handguns on one side, revealing the sniper rifles that was placed after the handguns.

Eijun pushed away the sniper rifles and saw the assault rifles at the very bottom of the container, making him smirk. He nodded to the Kominato brothers as Haruichi opened up the small case he was carrying for the payment of the firearms they got.

“Put it at the back of the car.” Eijun said as the underlings picked up the quite heavy metal container while Haruichi handed the small case to the brunette. He then handed the suit case with the money inside to the guy in glasses and both shook hands.

“Thank you for doing business with us as usual and please give my regards to Toku-sama and Kazuya-sama.”

“Sure.” Eijun said and was heading back to the brothers when they all heard police cars all over the city, going near them.

“Oh shit.” The guy in glasses cussed out. “They’re here.”

“Ohhhhh~ It’s been awhile.” Eijun licked his upper lip and started to stretch as crackling sounds came from his fingers.

Eijun checked out the people behind him and they were all looking hopeless thinking they’ll soon be caught by the police. He heard the police cars getting near them as he turned to their supplier.

“Relax. I won’t let those guys catch us, though take cover coz bullets might come flying anytime soon.” Eijun then smiled as he turned to their car, checking if the firearms are already in the safe place.

“Onii-san and Harucchi!!” The brunette called out making the brothers look at him. He nodded and the two nodded back like they don’t really need words to know what they were talking about.

The Kominato brothers then split up, Ryousuke running to the right and Haruichi on the left while Eijun just leisurely made his way straight to where the police will be coming from. A few more seconds and the police really did enter on to where Eijun is while the brunette put on a black face mask along with the brothers who did the same thing.

The police cars then stopped when they saw Eijun. The policemen stepped out of their cars and pulled out their guns, pointing it all to Eijun.

“Freeze!” The head of the police commanded that made the brunette raise a brow.

“I don’t need to deal with the police in Europe.” Eijun thought that made him sigh.

“Put your hands up!!” The head of the police continued.

“You told me to freeze but then you’re asking me to raise my hands now??” Eijun said as he put his hand inside his black leather jacket.

“Don’t make any movements and raise your hands in the air.” The police get even tenser when Eijun didn’t follow their instruction.

“Put your hands up now or we’ll shoot!!” The same policeman shouted.

“Ah! Found it.” Eijun was delighted, pulling out his cigs and his lighter.

“I’ve been smoking a lot lately, aren’t I?” Eijun scratched the back of his head. “Well, whatever.” He shrugged as he pulled his face mask down to his chin, putting the cigarette on his mouth, lighting it up.

“Oh yeah. What’re you guys talking about again? Uggghhh …” Eijun inhaled the smoke while while puffing the rest as he walk towards the police.

“I said, Freeze!” The head of the police then again commanded.

“Naaaaaah. It’s not like you guys can handle me if we started fighting here.” Eijun smirked.

“What did you just say??” One of the police shouted.

“I said it’s better to back off now, Mr. Policeman.” Eijun shot a look at the police who was gritting his teeth in annoyance to the brunette.

“And what’re you guys doing here anyway??” Eijun was only four steps away from the nearest policeman with his gun pointed at him though he really didn’t care. Policemen won’t just shoot ‘normal people’.

“We’re here to stop the illegal firearms distribution.” The head answered.

“Hmmmm … What will you guys do now? The deal was already finished.” Eijun said as he stepped close to the nearest policeman, leaning in to point the gun straight on his chest. The said policeman was taken aback. He didn’t expect the brunette to just point his own chest at the gun he was holding.

“Are you guys going to shoot me now??” Eijun puffed a smoke to the said policeman’s face, smirking. “Decide now or you guys will regret this later.”