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So, I Met the Greek Gods (chapter one)

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Hel's POV

"Hel, please"


"Thank you, dear." Sigyn planted a passionate and kind kiss on my forehead

"Only because you have been asking me more than a million times already." I rolled my eyes and took a deep sigh, "Although I really do not have a choice do I..."

"You'll like it dear! You will get to meet and greet your Greek counterpart. Ha..Hey..what is his name?


"Yes! Hades."

"And another Loki? No thanks." I snickered as I remember, most of us have a comparison with the Greek deities, and I am perfectly sure that the Grecian also have their trickster god

"Oh. That only. But at least we will soon learn new things from the gods like ourselves!"

Odin and Zues have been talking for a while now. And they decided they'd set up a date for both the Norse and Greek gods to meet each other. And today is the day of their first visit.


"Yes, as you all may know, today is the day in which we get to meet the Greek gods or the Olympians," Odin announced in his usual voice in the midst of the congregation.

All of Asgard has came here to see and hear Odin talk about the Olympians and get to meet the Greek gods themselves.

The front steps of the palace were covered by the huge crowd of both rich and poor people, Valkyries and warriors, magical creatures and such.

And at the very front of the audience, were us, the gods and goddesses. Although the ones sitting are only the major gods (Odin, Frigga, Thor, Loki, Balder, Tyr) and their consolts. So the most of us had to stand up and tire down.

"So I excpect each and everyone of you to behave properly." Odin divulged while nodding at Loki's direction.

"We'll see about that, old man." Loki smirked as he sat up straight on his seat.

"Loki." Sigyn, his wife was sitting beside him, warned him with a calm voice. Only Sigyn can threaten you with a demure voice, believe me.

"Oh, dear, it's like you're never used to me!"

"Oh, but I am. Just...please not too much trouble this time, ok?" Sigyn smiled and placed a hand on his lap.

"Are there any twin gods, Hel?" Narfi and Vali asked me but I seem to be distracted and really pissed off about this idea reason at all. But knowing that someone out there is like you? Maybe even stronger? Annoying.

"I've heard of Apollo and Artemis. The sun god of poetry and music and the moon goddess of the hunt." I answered with a shrug.

"Oh. A man and a woman? What about two men. Like me and Val!" Narfi uttered enthusiastically.

"I have no idea about it, Nar." I sighed and caressed Fenrir's dark fur.

After the short announcements by Odin were made known unto us, everyone went to their own ways to prepare for the feast this evening.

The girls gossiping about a handsome god called Apollo; the young men talking and laughing heartily while talking about a goddess called Aphrodite.

Everyone just going about their days and own businesses. The high class citizens picking out dresses and robes to wear for tonight. Others just waiting to get an invite from the kind all-mother. They all seem to be excited about the upcoming ball as well.

But I sat in my room with Sigyn.

"Dear, are you planning on attending with your skeletal form, decayed body, or your black and white beauty?" Sigyn asked as she finished brushing the last strand of my hair.

"Black and white." I sighed. Not really sure though. And not wanting to attend anyways.

"Alright." Sigyn then pulled out quite a few dresses that she placed on a couch beside my bed, "Hmm." She grabbed one dress and showed it to me, "Here."

The dress wasn't really that much. And it did not really surprise me as much. It was black and the skirt goes down to my ankles. The sleeves are off my shoulder and long enough for me to hide my fingers in it with a wide end, it looked like something that a witch would wear. And I love it.

Sigyn then comforted me with some inspiring words and phrases (she does this all the time and I just love her so much) before finally leaving me alone in her room.

Once more, I sighed deeply and laid down on my bed.

And with that, I fell asleep.




I woke up to Narfi's freckled face and Fenrir licking my head.

"Skìta???" groaned angrily and placed my hand on Fenrir's head as he drools all over my lair.

"Such foul language Hel! And you're the only one we are waiting for. The Grecians will be here any time soon, sister!" Narfi exclaimed excitedly. How adorable this young man is. Although he and Vali are taller than I am, I still call this tiny and adorable. They are my younger brothers afterall.

And tonight, he's wearing a sea green attire with golden details on it and his brown robes goes down to the floor effortlessly. His hair was braided in different ways. He's as handsome as one young lad could be.

"Alright." I gagged as Fenrir licked my face once more, "I'll be there in a bit."

As I assured them, they both went out of my room with a playful shout of excitement.

As I cleansed and dressed myself, I immediately went out of my room and there I saw Baldr on the halls.

"Ah! Lady Hel! You are finally finished. Let us go!" He grabbed my arm carefully and leaded me to the main hall where all of Asgard's gods and goddesses are settled.

"Pleasant evening to you too, Baldr, but I am perfectly capable of walking by myself." I muttered as I sat down beside Loki on my left and on my right was my brother Vali, reading a book as usual.

All the major gods rested on the center of the seats and on both sides, the minor deities, which I would be one of.

The entire hall was filled with women, men, young women and young men here and there. They all looked galvanized but still kept their modest and proper stances as they are of the higher classes in Asgard.

"Where's Heimdall?" I asked Loki which is consumed by the wine he is drinking.

"Probably watching out for the Grecian twats," He shrugged, "Also, darling you look wonderful." Taking a sip from his Asgardian beverage, he winked at me in assurance.

"Thank you, father." I nodded and kept my eyes at the front door.

I rested my chin on my palm and sat there lazily as I stared at the wine and bottles on the table.

"Hel. Where are your etiquettes?" Vali nudged my arm but he kept on reading his book.

"Lost in the deepest darkest depths of Niflheim, thank you for asking." I snickered and didn't even bother changing my posture.

"Finally! Our wonderful guests. The Olympians." Odin stood from where he was sitting and pointed at the entrance.

Everyone looked ahead in gasps and awe and started to applaud. Women straightening their gowns and fixing their hair with a playful giggle as the gods walked pass them.

I noticed all the other Norse gods have stood now as well and was also starting their applauses, even Loki, and I was still on my seat looking gauche.

So I straightaway stood up decently and cleared my throat. Narfi, beside Vali, was laughing at me and Vali was shaking his head in disapproval. But I kept my stance and clapped absent-midedly.

"Greetings, my beloved." Odin motioned us to stop applauding and the crowd has stopped their noises now, "Before we get to mingle with each other, let us all enjoy the feasting first."

And with that, the servants had brought the food to the tables on the sides of the castle and everyone just went their merry little ways to eat.

Odin, on the other hand, has invited the Greek gods to come and sit in with us at the huge table in front of everyone else.

And they all sat.

The big bearded man, which I figured must be Zues, with his petit wife has decided to sit in front of Odin and Frigga.

Loki beside me has invited over a younger god with light curly hair and quite a skinny physique to sit with us. I only figured he's one of the younger gods because...he looks like a young god. Not as young as I am, maybe older by a few...decades?

He introduced himself to us as Hermes. There and then I knew he's the messenger god. AND the Greeks' trickster god. Oh well...I mean Loki and Hermes? What could go wrong right?

I see all the other gods and goddesses inviting each of their counterparts or a person that seem interesting to them.

While Narfi, and Vali have decided to give their seats to the others that haven't found an empty seat yet.

"You're leaving me?" I asked Vali teasingly.

"Hel, we're raised by Sigyn as gentlemen. Now excuse us." Vali answered seriously and made an ugly face at me as they left

I replied with a mocking roll of my eyes.

Scratching my arms and looking down the table, I let the empty seats beside and in front of me be inhabited.

"Wonderful evening tonight, yes, my fair lady?" The man who now sat in front of me said, "But, as always, mornings are still better."

He has beautiful golden hair with braids that run from here and there. His complexion slightly tan, like he just had a ride under the heat of the sun and his white clothes complemented his skin perfectly. He was unlike the other gods for his face was so young and handsome almost like he wasn't born thousands of years ago. He's probably of the younger gods.

I raised an eyebrow at him (which is my natural respond to everyone who introduces themselves to me) and took a sip from a wine glass.

"Aren't you way too young for that, darling?" He grinned But he too, poured himself some of the beverage, "I am Apollo, if you're wondering. Which maybe you aren't, but I'm the god of poetry, music and the sun," He took a sip from his glass, "And that girl over there, is my twin sister Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and the moon. Amazing right? I got the sun, she got the moon." He said while pointing at the lady that is sitting with Skadi.

"And you are?" He tilted his head slightly and raised an eyebrow.

"I am Hel. Goddess of the dead and Queen of Helheim."

"You aren't much of a talker are you? Well, means I can talk more, and you can listen more!" He responded cheerfully and raised the rim of his glass to his lips another time.

"Oh, my dearest daughter! Who is this man you newly met?" Loki placed his hand on my shoulder and gave Apollo an approving smile, "Is he your counterpart? He looks too nice!"

"No. He is the god of music and poetry." I answered with a sigh. I'm not even interested on meeting my 'counterpart'.

"Ah alright, I see." Loki then nodded at him and went back to his conversation with the god Hermes and a few others with him.

"You are supposed to be with Bragi." I suggested and tried to sound a little bit nicer this time, "The Norse god of poetry. His name literally stands for 'poet'"

"Where is he?"

"There." I pointed at the person three seats from Odin and unfortunately, he was already accompanied by someone.

"Oh, the goddess Athena had already caught his attention."

"He is also known as the god of knowledge besides music and poetry." I suggested

"That explains. Athena is the deity of wisdom and warfare. Oh well..." He sighed taking another sip from his drink, I haven't even finished mine yet and am not planning on.