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F1 Boarding School AU

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Charles swallowed thickly as he stood in front of the large building, adjusting the backpack on his shoulders. It was his first day at this new boarding school, having only moved here days ago. His parents were still back in Monaco, and he already missed them a little, but he was almost sure he would be fine.

Some laughing football players brushed past him and he tensed, ducking a head a little to not draw attention to himself.

He entered the school and looked around, trying to find a way to find out where the headmaster’s office was, worrying his lip between his teeth when he realised he had no clue.

“Excuse me? Are you the new kid?” someone asked. Charles twirled around and came face to face with a blonde boy with bright blue eyes and an easy grin, who seemed a couple of years older than him. Slightly behind him was another boy with very pale hair and light blue eyes and an overall air of ‘I don’t care.” that intimidated Charles a little.

“Y-yeah, I’m Charles…” Charles introduced himself shyly. The first boy grin and shook his.

“I’m Sebastian, that’s Kimi.” he said, pointing behind him at the annoyed looking boy. “Don’t worry, he’s sweeter than he seems.” Sebastian added in a hushed tone. Charles smiled slightly, peeking up Kimi, who gave him a curt nod.

“Anyways.” Seb continued. “I’m head of the student council, so if you need anything, just ask… also I think I’ll be giving you the grand tour later.” he said with a grin. Charles blinked.

“T-thanks… and eh, do you know where the headmaster’s office is? I’m supposed to go there for my schedule I think…” he asked quietly. Sebastian’s grin widened even more.

“Yes! Come along!”


There were already three other boy’s waiting in front of the office. One blonde haired boy with wide blue eyes that was clutching a soaked-looking sketchpad, sniffling slightly. And older boy who looked very similar to him had one arm wrapped around his shoulders, quietly talking to him in an effort to console him.

The third boy looked up when he heard Charles enter, his brown hair falling into his eyes slightly. Charles gave him a big smile before keeping his eyes to the floor as he followed Seb further into the waiting area.

Kimi flopped down on one of the uncomfortable looking chairs after Seb whispered something to him. Charles sat down as well, keeping some distance between them, paling a little when Sebastian walked towards the other group of boys. Charles glanced at Kimi from the corner of his eyes, a little unsure about him.

“I don’t bite.” Kimi muttered without looking up from the little screen. Charles tensed a little at the words and gave a nervous chuckle.

“Sorry…” he answered quietly, moving to the chair next to Kimi’s.

Sebastian was meanwhile worrying over the other boy with the sketchpad, squeezing his shoulder in sympathy as the boy explained something to him. Charles noticed the brown haired boy kept looking at him and blushed. Kimi sighed and tucked away his phone.

“The boy with the sketchpad is Stoffel, some assholes keep drowning his drawings for some reasons, the older one is Jenson, his older brother, and the guy that keeps looking over at you is Pierre.” Kimi explained suddenly. “I think you’ll have some classes with Stoffel and Pierre so I don’t know… go make friends I guess.” he finished.

Charles blushed a little at the prospect of going up to them to introduce himself, but Pierre saved him by already walking over.

“Hi, I’m Pierre.” he said with a friendly smile. Charles shook his outstretched hand.

“I’m Charles… Nice to meet you.” he answered softly.

They were interrupted by the door to the headmaster’s office opening, a tall, grey haired man with a stern look in his face coming into the waiting area.

“Well, it’s busy as always.” he said with an exasperated expression. Jenson, still with his arm around his younger brother’s shoulder, cleared his throat.

“Mister Arrivabene, sir, those assholes from FIA through Stoffel’s sketchbook into the pond again.” he said with a frown. Mister Arrivabene sighed, giving Stoffel a sympathetic smile.

“I promise you I’ll try to solve it, okay? What they did is wrong....” he said. Stoffel glanced up, his eyes wide.

“It was my December assignment for miss Williams’s class.” he said. Mister Arrivabene nodded thoughtfully.

“Why don’t you two take the next two periods off, see what you can still save from the drawings? I’ll tell Claire to give you more time to hand it in.” he decided. Stoffel smiled in relieve, and also Jenson seemed satisfied.

“Thanks, sir!” they both said, before heading out the room. Stoffel hesitated for a moment as they past Charles and Pierre, but Jenson was already pulling him along again.

“I’ll introduce you later!” Pierre called after him, earning a thumbs up from Stoffel just before he was pulled around the corner. Pierre chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“There are way too many overbearing big brothers on this school.” he muttered under his breath. Before Charles could ask him what he meant, he felt mister Arrivabene’s eyes on him.

“You must be Charles Leclerc!” the man said with a friendly grin. Charles nodded a little apprehensively. Sebastian walked back over and sat down next to Kimi, tangling their fingers together. Mister Arrivabene glanced at them. “Ah I see you’ve already met Seb, and Kimi. That’s a good start.” he mused, before gesturing Charles to follow him into the office.

Half an hour later, Charles walked out with a bag and his arms full of books, a schedule tucked under his arm and a slip of paper with the combination for his locker. He was glad to find Seb, Kimi and Pierre still waiting for him, the latter rushing forward to take some of the books from him.

“How many subjects are you taking?” Pierre said. Charles shrugged.

“I don’t know… not even anything extra!” he said, eying the amount of books in confusion. Sebastian nosed through his bag and chuckled.

“Ah, you must get English from mister Horner, he goes through about 9 books per year.” Sebastian said, holding up some of the paperbacks. Pierre grinned.

“I’ve got English from Horner too, cool!” he said. Charles grinned back, relieved he at least knew one of his classmates now.

‘By the way, are you staying in the dorms? Or do you have your own place outside the campus?” Sebastian asked. Charles blinked.

‘Eh, dorms, but I don’t know where…” he said, cursing himself for not realising earlier. Sebastian sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Hulk was supposed to find a place for you, but he was probably too busy partying again.” he grumbled, taking out his phone to send a quick text.

“Or too busy snogging Checo.” Kimi added helpfully, lazily stretching out his legs in front of him. Sebastian kicked his legs until he sat up a little straighter. He took a pen out of his bag, and scribbled something on the back of Charles schedule.

“Come to our room after your classes, I’ll have it sorted then.” he promised. Charles grinned gratefully.

‘Thanks Seb.’ he answered. Pierre looked down at the schedule as well.

“Ah you’ve got Chemistry first, me too! I’ll help you find your locker to dump this stuff, and then we can go there together.” he said with a wide grin, before blushing a little. “If you want to, of course.” he added quickly. Charles smiled gently.

“I’d like that.”



“Who are they?” Charles asked, following after Pierre as they walked to their chemistry class, his bag much lighter now that he had dumped his stuff in his locker. Pierre glanced up from reading through his notes and snorted.

“The curly haired one is Daniel, that other guy is Max.” he explained. Daniel and Max were leaning against the lockers, Daniel’s arm slung around Max’s shoulders as they spoke quietly. Daniel was wearing a soccer jersey and had a sport bag slung over his shoulder, both covered in school emblems. He had a massive grin on his face and an overall air of cheekiness. Max looked a little more shy, blushing as Daniel made some kind of witty remark, but he was leaning comfortably against Daniel’s side.

“They seem like an odd combination.” Charles remarked. Pierre chuckled, bumping their shoulders together as Charles almost forget to turn right towards the Chemistry labs.

“They are… Max is probably the biggest computer and games nerd you’ll ever meet, and Daniel is the star player of the soccer team. No one really knows how they started hanging out and became friends, or whatever they are now, but they seem to get along really well.” Pierre explained. Charles glanced over his shoulder just in time to see Daniel leaning in to press a kiss to Max’s nose, making him blush before cuddling a little closer.

“That seems nice…” he muttered. Pierre nodded in agreement, wanting to add more before the bell rang. He cursed and quickened his pace.

“Come on! We’re going to be late.”

After his lessons, Charles made his way over to the dorms, trying to navigate the labyrinth like hallways in search of Seb’s room. Pierre hadn’t been in the last class of the day, so Charles had had to figure out how to get to the right dorm by himself, which was a little more complicated than he had imagined.

Eventually, he found the right number and hesitantly knocked. It didn’t take long before Sebastian opened the door, grinning when he saw Charles and grabbing some keys.

‘I’ll be back soon Kimi!” he called over his shoulder, the Finn letting out a grumble in acknowledgement.

“Come on, it isn’t too far.” Sebastian said, walking back the way Charles had come from. Charles followed after him, answering Seb’s questions as he tried to ensure the German his first day had been okay.

They stopped in front of another door and Sebastian knocked, winking at Charles at the same time, which was a little confusing. Charles only understood what Sebastian had been so amused about when it was Pierre who opened the door.

“Looks like we’re gonna be roomies.” Pierre said with a chuckle, opening the door a little further to let Charles in. Sebastian handed the keys to Charles before he left,

“Behave!” he called over his shoulder, before going back to his own room.

The rooms weren’t big, but it would do just fine. There were two small, separate bedroom with a bathroom and a tiny kitchen/living room in between. Sitting at the unstable looking kitchen table were two other boys, Stoffel and another boy with dark unruly hair, who seemed to struggle sitting still.

“Stoffel and Carlos live across the hall, but they seem unable to hang out there for some reason.” Pierre said in exasperation. Carlos snorted.

“Is only because your room is bigger, and you were not sharing until now.” he explained, before reaching out to shake Charles’s hand.

“Charles, right?” he asked. Charles nodded.

“Yeah, nice to meet you.” Charles answered, sitting down at the table as well. He still had a lot to get used to, but at least it seemed he was already making friends, which was definitely a plus.