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Story of a Prince: A Spiran Odyssey

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After sustaining heavy injuries by Alm, Berkut's life slowly start to fade away. At the last moment, he regretted what he had done to his beloved Rinea, what he had been trying to do to his own kingdom, and what he wanted to do to his own cousin. Now that his life was ending, he placed his trust on the one person who's destiny is to inherit the Rigelian throne.

He looked at the crying man after he gave his own memento to him. "You're not…a child anymore… Alm… You must…make Valentia a land not… of gods…but of men… A world where people…never again… are corrupted by divine power… You can do it… I know…you…"

And then, his eyes closed. The last thing he heard was a voice from Alm, crying in despair.

"Berkut! Berkut… Why? Someone please tell me… I never got to know you… or my father…" The man sobbed.


Berkut's eyes opened and scanned his surroundings. There was nothing, just a big wide open space covered in fog. Is this the afterlife? Or is he doomed to burn in the pits of the Underworld because of his actions.

"Rinea?" He called out, but there was no answer. "Rinea!"

He walked forward…but is he really walking forward? There was no direction leading anywhere, and no matter where he would go, it's nothing but empty space. Is he destined to stay in this realm?

"RINEA!" He called out once again, this time his voice was louder.

"She is not here," said a voice behind him. A voice that came from a little boy.

He turned and saw a lone child standing from behind him. A peculiar child, he thought to himself. He donned purple clothing with a strange design, not like the one's he usually sees in anyone wearing even amongst the commoners from Zofia and Rigel. His face was draped in a hood so he couldn't make out his facial features.

"Who are you?" The former Rigelian prince asked.

"You don't need to know who I am," the young boy declared which earned him a raised brow from Berkut. "But in time, you will know."

"What do you mean?"

"I've watched your struggles. How you sacrificed everything you held dear just for power, even sacrificing your own beloved. But even with power, you were still defeated." The boys words stung deep in Berkut's heart.

"Are you here just to humiliate me further?" He retorted. "What have you done to Rinea?!"

"Calm yourself. I've done nothing to her. But I did talk to her for a bit, and she agreed to wait for you a little longer."

"What?!" He said feeling a little outraged. Just who is this boy? Who does he think he is?

"Prince Berkut," the boy said. "Deep down, you want to atone for your sins…correct?"

Berkut tensed up a bit when the boy said of what he felt deep in his heart. He nodded slowly. "Yes…"

The boy gave a faint smile. "Then your new story begins here. He will need your help."

Before Berkut could say anything else, the boy suddenly disappeared and he was engulfed in a bright light and once again, he drifted back into unconsciousness.





"Oi! Don't force him like that ya!"

Berkut slowly opened his eyes, and saw a group of men huddling towards him. "Hey! He's awake!" One of them said. He looked to his left and saw the sea, from afar is what seemed to be like a ruined temple. He slowly lifted himself upright. "Where…am I…?" He even looked at his hands, his body, and he can feel his heartbeat. He's alive? How?

"You're in Besaid ya," said the man with reddish orange hair. Berkut examined the man, and thought of how….unique his hair and clothing are. He looked at the other men beside him and they were all wearing the same clothing, except for that one blonde man, who looked unique out of all of them.

"Geez man! We thought you were dead!" said the blonde. "We were about to go back until we saw you floating in the sea unconscious. We've been trying to wake you up!"

"More like you've been pokin' his face with a stick!"

Berkut saw a stick on the blonde boy's right hand and started glaring at him. The boy laughed sheepishly and threw the stick away, and acted like nothing happened. "So, anyway…" The man examined the Rigelian prince. "Wow… I've never seen anyone dress up like that before. Not even from where I come from! What's your name? Are you a soldier or something?"

"My name is Berkut," the Rigelian said. "And I am a prince of Rigel." Or at least…I used to be, he thought.

The group only looked at him in bewilderment and one of them even looked like he was mad.

"Uh… M-my name's Tidus!" The blonde boy said, trying to steer away the confusion. "Sin's toxin must've gotten you too! I know because I got hit too!"

"Excuse me?!"

"W-well all this got me hungry!" Tidus eyes moved towards the red head. "Why don't you lead the way Wakka!"

"R-right…" The man named Wakka motioned towards the path leading to a forest. "Back to the village! I'll get you both somethin'!" The rest of the men followed him.

"Hold on," Berkut suddenly said, eyeing on Tidus. "What is the meaning of this?!"

"Look," Tidus lowered his voice for only Berkut to hear. "You have to go along by saying Sin's toxin got you and your head feels funny for now, or other people would think you're crazy."

Him? Crazy? The nerve! A man of status such as him would never say any foolishness. He sighed. He didn't have a choice. He is in a completely foreign world, a world that is very different of his own. "Alright."

Tidus gave a cheeky smile. "That settles it then!"

Berkut wondered as they walked. What is this world? Who are these people? He remembered the boy's words about his atonement, and said that he will need his help. What did he mean by that? So many questions. Hopefully there will be answers once they go to the village this Wakka spoke of.