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Dance Until Morning

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rippedtide added natureCANBEcandy and thewreckoning to Creature Feature

thewreckoning: this is going to end in disaster

thewreckoning: that's the only reason i'm participating in this, you know

rippedtide: oh hush, pidgey-pie. this is gonna be awesome!

thewreckoning: did you just call me PiDgEy PiE?!!?

rippedtide: hunk, buddy, you here?

natureCANBEcandy: sure am, buddy, just in time for your demise

rippedtide: ?

thewreckoning: say goodbye to your selfies, McClain

rippedtide: pIdGe?!?

thewreckoning: nobody calls me a pastry and gets away with it

rippedtide: ok i'm sorry I'M SORRY

rippedtide: pls don't wipe them the last few took so long to get just right

thewreckoning: then i'll only spare those


natureCANBEcandy: why are we here again?

thewreckoning: to torture lance?

rippedtide: first of all, rude

rippedtide: second of all, this chat is supposed to be a safe and positive space for mythical creatures in the wake of the Unveiling

natureCANBEcandy: wait really? that's so sweet lance!

thewreckoning: that's actually not a bad idea

rippedtide: thanks you guys!

thewreckoning: actually can i add a couple people? they really need some positiveness

rippedtide: yeah, of course! :) 

thewreckoning  added lurker and letmedieagain to Creature Feature

lurker: what the fuck

letmedieagain: Not a name I would have chosen for myself, but apt.

lurker: pidge, what the fuck

lurker: what is this

natureCANBEcandy: hi new people! :D

letmedieagain: Hello :)

lurker: hi?

lurker: pidge pls explain

thewreckoning: calm down, Keith, it's just a group chat

lurker: but why?? am  here???

letmedieagain: Because you need to socialize.

thewreckoning: because you need more friends

natureCANBEcandy: wow i'm extremely impressed that was practically simultaneous

rippedtide: *sniff sniff* is that...? a loner i smell??

lurker: fuck off

rippedtide: :) hello new frie-

letmedieagain: Keith.

rippedtide: wow ok try to be nice to somebody

natureCANBEcandy: really lance? by calling them a loner?

thewreckoning: i mean he's not wrong

letmedieagain: Pidge.

lurker: fuck you, pidge

letmedieagain: okay i give up

thewreckoning: oh wow he even lost his capitals

lurker: victory

letmedieagain: Moving on,

thewreckoning: oh they're back

lurker: punctuation too, damn

letmedieagain: Judging by the name, this is a chat for mythical creatures?

rippedtide: you are correct, morbidly named person!

lurker: lmao

thewreckoning: it's so accurate it hurts

rippedtide: what what'd i say?

letmedieagain: ...How about we do introductions? Along with what we are?

natureCANBEcandy: good idea! who's first?

thewreckoning: i'll get mine out of the way since everybody knows me already

thewreckoning: i'm Pidge, she/her they/them, and i'm half Greater Gremlin and half Nature Witch

rippedtide: wait, WHAT

rippedtide: since when were you half Nature Witch?

thewreckoning: since i was old enough to dig in the dirt with my mom? lance, you didn't know?

rippedtide: no! i knew you were a gremlin, though how you can be Greater when you're so smol is a mystery, but i didn't know you could do magic!

thewreckoning: selfies

rippedtide: i'm very sorry your Greatness please forgive this foolish soul

lurker: what's this? do i smell... blackmail?

rippedtide: oh haha lurker go ahead and laugh at my suffering

lurker: i will, thank you

thewreckoning: what's that, Keith? i couldn't hear you over the sound of your private playlists

lurker: shit

lurker: uh,,, i love you?

thewreckoning: mhm why don't you introduce yourself next

lurker: fffffine

lurker: my name is Keith, he/him, Lycan

natureCANBEcandy: that's why your username is lurker!

thewreckoning: that and he constantly distances himself from everyone else

rippedtide: pff, lone wolf

lurker: Do NOT

thewreckoning: lance, that's actually a really insulting term to Lycans

rippedtide: shit, i'm sorry!!!

rippedtide: i'm so so sorry!!!

rippedtide: and i wanted this to be a safe space for everyone, shit, i'm so sorry!

lurker: i guess it's fine since you didn't know

lurker: but lone animal wolves are usually isolated for a reason

lurker: to call a Lycan that means you think there's something seriously wrong with them and you wish them death

lurker: since wolves, animals and weres, are social creatures to want them alone is to want them to die

rippedtide: oh deities, that's awful, i'm so sorry i said that!!

lurker: like i said it's fine

rippedtide: no it's not. dude, if i knew i never would have said that and even tho i didn't it still obviously bothered you so it's not okay.

rippedtide: I sincerely apologize, Keith.

lurker: ... i forgive you, uh

lurker: i don't know your actual name, wait, pidge said lance? right?

rippedtide: yeah I'm Lance, he/him, and i'm half mer half siren

letmedieagain: That explains your username.

rippedtide: oh yeah, everyone can never get enough of The HarpoonsTM slicing through the waves~

thewreckoning: ugh

natureCANBEcandy: lance,,,

rippedtide: don't worry, platonic aesthetic appreciation is also welcome ;)

lurker: and now i can't stand you again

rippedtide: hater's envy is also accepted ;P

natureCANBEcandy: omds lance pls tone it down

rippedtide: well if it's about toning-

rippedtide has been Muted

natureCANBEcandy: wait what?

lurker: that was an option??

thewreckoning: after a fashion

letmedieagain: Pidge, bring him back.

thewreckoning:  fine

rippedtide has been Unmuted

rippedtide:  SO R U D E

thewreckoning: well none of us are human, so

rippedtide: ...okay i'll forgive you for that vague song reference

thewreckoning: i knew you would

rippedtide: D:

natureCANBEcandy: are we still doing intros?

letmedieagain: I was wondering that, too.

rippedtide: oh sorry guys

thewreckoning: sorry

rippedtide: who's going next?

natureCANBEcandy: i guess i can?

letmedieagain: Yeah, go ahead

natureCANBEcandy: alright, hi guys! I'm Hunk, he/him, and i'm a Nature Fae

rippedtide: and the brightest ray of goodness and light to shine down on all life on earth

thewreckoning: this is truth

natureCANBEcandy: aw guys <3

letmedieagain: I guess that leaves me. My name is Shiro, I'm Keith's older brother, he/him, and I'm undead.

rippedtide: OOOOH i get it now that's clever

rippedtide: also still really morbid

rippedtide: wait is that insensitive?

letmedieagain: Nah, at least not to me.

lurker: shiro's the most nihilistic person you'll ever meet

letmedieagain: Probably

thewreckoning: definitely

thewreckoning: my brother thinks it's the most hilarious thing ever

letmedieagain: How is Matt, by the way?

thewreckoning: still nerding out over the flower that smells like you

natureCANBEcandy: aw!

lurker: it's not a good thing

rippedtide: what why?

thewreckoning: shiro's undead, remember?

natureCANBEcandy: ohhh i think i know what flower you're talking about now

natureCANBEcandy: the carrion flower, right?

thewreckoning: right. he's wigging out over all the scavenger beetles and flies that swarm the thing

rippedtide: i'm sorry what?

lurker: the flower smells like rotting flesh

rippedtide: oh ew!

rippedtide: no offense, shiro

letmedieagain: I smell like formaldehyde, so I have no idea what they're talking about.

letmedieagain: But I'm glad Matt's enjoying himself.

thewreckoning: only for another couple days

thewreckoning: then he and his tech are once again subject to my tampering

letmedieagain: R.I.P. Matt...

letmedieagain: Unlike me.

rippedtide: dlskfjae

natureCANBEcandy: wOW

lurker: i did warn you guys

natureCANBEcandy: you did! i just wasn't expecting it so soon

lurker: i'm honestly surprised he held out this long

letmedieagain: Longer than I held on to life.

lurker: shiro...

thewreckoning: AHAHAHA

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rippedtide: ugh i hate humans

rippedtide: i thought the whole point of this Unveiling thing was so that we could go about our business in peace?

rippedtide: fifteen (15) times, people swam out to my rock which is practically out in the middle of the ocean, from the beach, to ask if they could touch my tail or if i could give them a tour of the nearest reef

rippedtide: and that's just the number of people who were actually decent enough to ask, the number of people who outright demanded or just stuck their sunscreen slathered skin all over my scales is unfortunately much higher

natureCANBEcandy: oh dude that sucks

natureCANBEcandy: at least with the reputation of the Fae people give me a wide berth whenever they come to gawk at me

thewreckoning: whenever people see the tips of my fingers or my eyes, they always clutch their phones and bags closer to them like i'm just going to try to outright steal their tech

thewreckoning: and even if i did, i would only do it to upgrade their shitty software, not break it

letmedieagain: People just run away from me. Sometimes screaming.

rippedtide: lucky

lurker: i have the same problem as Lance during the later half of the waxing cycle, ever since the finer details of a shifter's limits and control became easily attainable knowledge

rippedtide: omds u 2??!

lurker: oh yeah

lurker: and they go right for the ears too, like fuck you, you're not Kagome and i'm sure as hell not InuYasha

thewreckoning: weeb

lurker: says the Gremlin who keeps all the episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood along with all the movies playing in the background in canonical order while tinkering with their tech

rippedtide: i wanna say busted but i'm afraid for my selfies

thewreckoning: wisely so

natureCANBEcandy: oh i love that anime!

natureCANBEcandy: sorry a couple of Imps were trying to steal some of my honeysuckle

rippedtide: you gave some to them, didn't you?

natureCANBEcandy: for weasel-like beings with needle sharp teeth, they have surprisingly effective puppy-dog eyes

rippedtide: hunk, you are sweeter than honey, buddy

natureCANBEcandy: aw! i love you too, lance <3

thewreckoning: but lance, how'd you get the more pushy humans to go away this time? i know you've been trying increasingly intimidating things

lurker: this should be entertaining

rippedtide: it was actually kind of disappointing

rippedtide: you know how the main difference between Mers and Sirens are their eyes, right? Mers' are rounded, Sirens' are slitted

lurker: i... actually didn't know that

letmedieagain: That's actually really interesting! Is it okay to ask why that is, or is it just a defining characteristic?

thewreckoning: it has to do with the conditions they hunt in, right? i can't quite remember, Gremlins' are slit to filter out light and help us focus in on things when we're working on a microscopic scale

natureCANBEcandy: i think it's the hunting and the light things. i know mine are slit because they're a defining characteristic. apparently a while back, slit eyes were more attractive because it was easier to tell if they weren't human

rippedtide: yup, it's hunting and light. Mers hunt in the trenches and Sirens looked for prey near the surface

rippedtide: before the Unveil, anyway

rippedtide: now everybody just goes wherever they like

rippedtide: that's a good thing in all this i guess

rippedtide: but anyway, i'm both so i can constrict my round pupils into slits whenever i want

rippedtide: and so this one guy who had the nerve to try to backhand compliment me while feeling up my tail got the shock of his life when the eyes he had just comended me for for being so human-like for an animal narrowed into slits while i hissed really loud at him

thewreckoning: oeisfjsdjbf

letmedieagain: A true inspiration

lurker: my respect for you just went up so much right now

natureCANBEcandy: what'd he do then??

rippedtide: made a sound somewhere in a dolphin's range and swam the fastest i'd ever seen a human go in the water back to shore

rippedtide: oddly enough, i didn't have any more disturbances after that, wonder why?

thewreckoning: look out guys we've got a badass here

rippedtide: excuse you, when i actually have one it is fantastic

thewreckoning: aaand he's back

lurker: sigh it was good while it lasted

natureCANBEcandy: just be glad you guys don't have to deal with his fish puns

thewreckoning: hUNK NO

lurker: NO DON'T-

rippedtide: OwO did someone say fish puns?

letmedieagain: Did someone say puns?

lurker: oh gods and goddesses no

thewreckoning: hunk whyyyy

natureCANBEcandy: dear deities what have i done

rippedtide: i think i'm HERRING some negativity here

letmedieagain: Oh, I don't know... I TROUT it was fond exasperastion.

natureCANBEcandy: shiro, not you too

lurker: kill me now, and don't bring me back shiro

letmedieagain: Like I would zomBE cruel enough to do that.

rippedtide: ooh, morbidity and puns all in one, nice

letmedieagain: Thank you.

thewreckoning: i will shut down this chat permanently

rippedtide: no you won't pidge you told me you love this chat

thewreckoning: you have no proof

rippedtide: beach, i got receipts 

thewreckoning: STOP THAT and like i said, you have no proof

rippedtide: wait...


thewreckoning: all things digital are susceptible to my whims

natureCANBEcandy: you know you scare me sometimes, pidge

thewreckoning: then i'm doing my job

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lurker: and even tho their teeth are rounded their bite force is 1821 psi

lurker: that's enough to crush a human skull one hundred and twenty one times over!

thewreckoning: metal

rippedtide: what's nine plus ten?

natureCANBEcandy: uhhh... twenty one?

lurker: no, it's nineteen

thewreckoning: ignore them, Keith, they're being memeing shits

lurker: what's memeing


letmedieagain: Hey, you guys

natureCANBEcandy: hi shiro!!

thewreckoning: the dead guy's here! now it's a party

lurker: sup loser


letmedieagain: Oh good, you're here, Lance. I wanted to ask you something.

rippedtide: what is it?

letmedieagain: I know you've mentioned you're half Siren a bunch of times, but it just occurred to me that I have a friend who is also half Siren who's been lamenting about not having anyone to talk to about it.

rippedtide:  go on

lurker: wait, shiro since when do you have friends other than the people on here?

letmedieagain: I don't know... since I started socializing more than you?

thewreckoning: so since always

lurker: understandable have a nice day

rippedtide: i thought you didn't know what a meme was??

lurker: pidge told me that was a regular joke?

rippedtide: pidge i thought you hated memes

thewreckoning: the boy needed some pop culture somehow

natureCANBEcandy: guys what about shiro's question?

rippedtide: oh right, sorry, so what about your friend?

letmedieagain: It's cool, but thank you for that, Hunk.

letmedieagain: Anyway, I was telling her about this chat and she seemed really interested since the only person she can talk to about mythical creature stuff other than this online group she and I are apart of is her Uncle

letmedieagain: So I was wondering if it would be okay to add her here?

rippedtide: dude, of course! everybody's welcome

letmedieagain: Awesome! I'll add her now.

letmedieagain  added deadlygorgeous to Creature Feature

deadlygorgeous: Hello, everyone! My name is Allura.

natureCANBEcandy: hi allura!

thewreckoning: hey allura

lurker: hi

rippedtide: welcome to the group, allura!

deadlygorgeous: Oh my, you're all so friendly!

letmedieagain: Guys, how about we do our introductions again so she knows who we are?

letmedieagain: I'll go first. Allura, if you haven't guessed, this is Shiro. And you already know I'm a zombie.

deadlygorgeous: Yes, your vernacular gave you away, I'm afraid.

natureCANBEcandy: ooh, vernacular, so fancy

natureCANBEcandy: i'll go next, i'm Hunk and i'm a Nature Fae, he/him

thewreckoning: i'm Pidge, she/her they/them, i am they today and i'm half Greater Gremlin half Nature Witch

deadlygorgeous: It's wonderful to meet you both!

rippedtide: and i'm Lance! Mer and Siren extraordinaire! he/him

deadlygorgeous: Oh, you're Lance! Shiro's told me a bit about you, I hope you don't mind?

rippedtide: not at all, it's a pleasure to talk with a fellow Siren

deadlygorgeous: Indeed it is! :D

thewreckoning: wait, someone's missing here...

rippedtide: Keith! stop embodying your username and get out here!

lurker: i was driving

deadlygorgeous: Road safety comes first, we completely understand.

lurker: oh the new person, right sorry

lurker: i'm Keith, he/him, and i'm Lycan

deadlygorgeous: Wait, Keith, as in Shiro's little brother Keith?

lurker: unfortunately

letmedieagain: Love you, too, lil' bro

deadlygorgeous: Oh, it's a delight to finally meet you! Shiro talks about you so much!

lurker: what no what did he say

letmedieagain: Nothing too bad, don't worry

deadlygorgeous: He sent me a few pictures of your tail chasing phase when you were younger, you were so cute!

lurker: wHAT

thewreckoning: AHAHAHA

natureCANBEcandy: aw tiny keith!

rippedtide: dsjhfa;e i need to see these pictures

lurker: nallura don't pls

deadlygorgeous: I won't, don't worry.

letmedieagain: If you won't, I will.

lurker: SHIRO

rippedtide: DO IT


letmedieagain: (Image Sent)

natureCANBEcandy: AWWWW

thewreckoning: surprisingly less vicious of an expression than i was expecting

rippedtide: you're so?? fluffy??

lurker: you're a dead man, shiro

letmedieagain: Already am, Keith

deadlygorgeous: Well, if you're going to send them at least send my favorite

lurker: allura?! i thought you were on my side!

deadlygorgeous: I'm sorry, Keith, but you really are adorable

lurker: shiro do nOT

letmedieagain: Already did it

letmedieagain: (Image Sent)

deadlygorgeous: See! He's gotten the tail!

thewreckoning: allura is officially my favorite person now

lurker: of course she is


rippedtide: i don't know how to handle this??

letmedieagain: That was the moment just before he realized he was attached to the taiywuhdao ufawieyfgoa ieufawerbgfp QW

thewreckoning: oh shiro's dead

deadlygorgeous: Again

thewreckoning: his username has been fulfilled

natureCANBEcandy: oh my god is he gonna be okay?

rippedtide: yah he's fine he's just dead

deadlygorgeous: Well then! In this brief interlude, allow me to properly introduce myself. I'm Allura, I go by she/her, and I am half Siren, half Vampire.

natureCANBEcandy: oh wow!

rippedtide: i'm calling it now you're an absolute babe

deadlygorgeous: If you mean attractive, then I am frequently told that I am, yes.

rippedtide: knew it

thewreckoning: may i ask... um...

deadlygorgeous: How I was turned?

thewreckoning: yah it's just, it's so unusual to hear about an aquatic creature being affected by one of the viral creature strains

thewreckoning: of course if you're not comfortable with it then just completely ignore me, i'm too curious for my own good sometimes

deadlygorgeous: No, it's quite alright!

deadlygorgeous: As a matter of fact, I was fortunate for my turning to not be traumatic at all. It was arranged long ago by my Father, May Atargatis swim alongside him, and my Uncle Coran to save my life, actually.

rippedtide: what!

thewreckoning: whoa...

natureCANBEcandy: is it appropriate to be eating popcorn rn? because i already had it before you started but now i feel like i should have it 'cause it sounds like it's gonna be good

deadlygorgeous: It is a very interesting story, so I don't blame you, Hunk. Go right ahead and enjoy your popcorn.

natureCANBEcandy: cool thanks, i just didn't want to be rude, even tho you can't see me, i still would've felt rude if i didn't ask

deadlygorgeous: That is very thoughtful of you! I appreciate it

rippedtide: hunk once again proving to us all that he is a precious treasure

thewreckoning: oh yeah definitely

deadlygorgeous: I agree!

natureCANBEcandy: aw guys!

lurker: i haven't even met him but i know he must be protected at all costs

natureCANBEcandy: oh gosh not you too keith

natureCANBEcandy: wait keith!

thewreckoning: ayyyy look who's back from being a murderer!

lurker: ...what

rippedtide: is shiro finally at peace?

lurker: oh, yeah actually

rippedtide: WHAT

natureCANBEcandy: what?!?!

lurker: pidge, guess who came by while i was trying to bury shiro unalive

rippedtide: WHAT

deadlygorgeous: Oh, how fun!

rippedtide: ALLURA WHAT

thewreckoning: tell that piece of garbage he can stay right there

lurker: he's in a deep trance right now but i'll tell him when he's out

natureCANBEcandy: wait what's going on now i'm lost

lurker: pidge's brother came by while i was angrily burying shiro and offered to refresh his animation since he was already half underground by then

lurker: shiro said yeah since his arm's been bothering him lately

natureCANBEcandy: oh okay. what's wrong with his arm tho?

lurker: bone

thewreckoning: it's all bone so sometimes he has difficulty moving it

rippedtide: dude, that sounds so badass!

lurker: he throws it at me sometimes

rippedtide: easrdtfygvhbj

natureCANBEcandy: omds what??

thewreckoning: lmao i've seen that!!

lurker: i make sure he regrets it by stealing it tho

thewreckoning: i've seen that too! didn't you bury it one time?

natureCANBEcandy: ?!?

lurker: yup, it dug itself out tho, that was disappointing

deadlygorgeous: I love this story! For some strange reason, Shiro never told me about it, I wonder why? ;)

rippedtide: wait allura!! weren't you telling us about how you were turned?

deadlygorgeous: Oh, I was, wasn't I? I got completely enthralled with the gossip.

deadlygorgeous: Well! I was originally full Siren, as you might have guessed, as was my Father, but Uncle Coran is part Sluagh and part Vampire.

lurker: wait, what's a Sluagh?

deadlygorgeous: A Sluagh has origins in both Ireland and Scotland, but basically they are forever wandering spirits of sinners who come for the souls of the recently dead.

lurker: ...

thewreckoning: ...

rippedtide: ...

natureCANBEcandy: ...

deadlygorgeous: Now, I know what you might be thinking, and while most Sluaghs do take a shine to eating these souls, there are those who choose to guide them to the afterlife. My Uncle is one such Sluagh.

natureCANBEcandy: oh thank goodness

thewreckoning: i can kinda guess how he got turned

deadlygorgeous: Yes, it's very easy to mistake a Vampire for a recently dead person, and the one he happened upon and tried to help did not take kindly to having his soul almost removed.

lurker: yikes

rippedtide: poor coran

deadlygorgeous: It's quite alright! He says he actually prefers it to before, he's a lot stronger now.

deadlygorgeous: Anyway, at the time, there was a very lethal sickness going around that only affected Sirens. When medical science improved later on it was discovered that it was actually a recessive birth defect similar to albinism in that it weakened the immune system, but to a fatal degree, and it turned hair white, but it left the eyes alone.

rippedtide: wait, you're talking about Sap! mi mamá told me about it, how it sapped you of life and color

deadlygorgeous: Yes, that is what it was commonly referred to as.

rippedtide: she said it hasn't been around for thousands of years tho

deadlygorgeous: Ten thousand, to be exact.

rippedtide: !!! you were around then??

deadlygorgeous: I was one of the afflicted.

natureCANBEcandy: oh my deities

thewreckoning: !!

lurker: so that's why it was arranged for you to be turned? (i scrolled up)

deadlygorgeous: Yes. The Sap's physical characteristics only show up later in life and by the time my hair had fully turned white I was in a fairly serious condition and my Father was desperate,

deadlygorgeous: So he went to the kind Sluagh-Vamp that he befriended when he saw the great lengths he went through to make sure my Mother passed on in peace.

deadlygorgeous: My Father pleaded with Coran to turn me, even offering scales from his own tail, and of course Coran would hear none of it. He did warn him that if he did do this, it would be a very long time before I would be able to see my Mother or him in the afterlife.

deadlygorgeous: My Father and I had talked this over when I was awake and lucid before we had even sought Coran out, so we had already accepted what would happen because of this. He only had Coran promise to look after me once he was gone, I later learned.

deadlygorgeous: The turning bite was excruciating, but with it came a slow relief from the Sap and for the first time in a long time I could finally take a full deep breath, ironically, once I was dead and no longer needed them.

thewreckoning: wow so... what happened then?

deadlygorgeous: Well... then I learned to be half Vampire from Coran. As you might know, newly turned Vampires can be very dangerous until they have a firm hold on their new urges and abilities, so it was only safe for me to be around Coran.

deadlygorgeous: Luckily, Coran is an excellent teacher, so it wasn't long before I could see my Father again.

rippedtide: that's great! so you did get to see him again

deadlygorgeous: Yes! Our pod was just Father, Mother, and I, so I was very glad to see him again.

deadlygorgeous: We visited him every day from then on and Coran became a new part of th pod almost, I... I think Father wanted that to happen so that after...

deadlygorgeous: Well, um, Sirens are fairly long-lived but not nearly so long as the never-ending agelessness that Vampires have.

deadlygorgeous: Coran and I stayed by his side continuously during his later years and he... He went to join Mother nine thousand, seven hundred and eighty years ago.

rippedtide: oh allura... My Heart Sings Sorrowfully

rippedtide: that looks really weird in english...

deadlygorgeous: No, no! It... it's the first time I've gotten those words from another Siren since his death, so even over text, I'm touched! :,) Thank you.

natureCANBEcandy: what does that mean? my heart sings sorrowfully

deadlygorgeous: I don't know if it's changed at all, but those words are part of a beautiful Siren song about grieving loss. It's sung by the grievers themselves and anyone who would happen to swim by if they hear it. It's a mourning rite. The song lasts about three days.

rippedtide: the song is only about 11 hours long now but yeah

rippedtide: the beginning of the song, My Heart Sings Sorrowfully, is used the same as like, "my condolences" or "i'm sorry for your loss"

natureCANBEcandy: hey allura?

deadlygorgeous: Yes?

natureCANBEcandy: would it be insensitive for me to say it to you too even tho i'm not a Siren?

deadlygorgeous: Oh, Hunk, I... Not at all! :,)

natureCANBEcandy: My Heart Sings Sorrowfully

thewreckoning: My Heart Sings Sorrowfully

lurker: My Heart Sings Sorrowfully

deadlygorgeous: Oh my... Thank you all so much! :,D

rippedtide: :)))

Chapter Text

letmedieagain: My Heart Sings Sorrowfully for you, Allura.

deadlygorgeous: Shiro! Are you done with your... reanimation, I think it was?

letmedieagain: Yeah, sorry for just disappearing.

deadlygorgeous: Not at all! Making sure you stay in one piece is much more important.

letmedieagain: Still... I scrolled up to catch up, I hope that's okay. You never mentioned anything beyond Coran being the one who turned you with permission and that you live with him.

deadlygorgeous: That's perfectly fine. I never mentioned it before because you never asked, that's all. I don't think anyone's asked before this actually.

letmedieagain: Yeah, sorry. I don't know about Lance and Hunk much yet, but Pidge is definitely curious to a fault. And Keith can definitely be pretty nosy if he's of a mind to be.

deadlygorgeous: Nothing to be sorry for. It was nice to talk about it.

letmedieagain: Then inviting you here was a good thing?

deadlygorgeous: Most assuredly.

letmedieagain: I'm glad.

deadlygorgeous: I was especially glad to be here for the unveiling of young Keith's baby photos!

letmedieagain: Pff, yeah. He's still pissed at me about that.

deadlygorgeous: Speaking of, where is he? And the others?

letmedieagain: Keith left for work earlier, actually. And Pidge is always online, she's probably lurking instead of Keith today.

thewreckoning: am not! i'm trying to code something so i haven't had the chance to reply yet!

deadlygorgeous: Hello, Pidge!

thewreckoning: hi allura :)

deadlygorgeous: But Keith is at his job, correct? What is it that he does?

letmedieagain: He works at the autobody shop in the nearest town. It's quite a commute from the cabin but he gets free access to tools to fix up his bike when he needs them.

thewreckoning: i don't know why he just doesn't use mine

letmedieagain: You know why.

thewreckoning: he knows that nitro booster would be ridiculously cool if he would let me install it!

letmedieagain: Leave his bike alone, Pidge.

thewreckoning: fine

rippedtide: keith has a bike?! man, i've always wanted to ride one, but no one brings theirs to the beach so i can't charm them into letting me ride it

rippedtide: 'cuz i can charm anyone into giving me a ride ;)

thewreckoning: IM CHOKING

deadlygorgeous: Does this mean you want to charm Keith into giving you a ride?

letmedieagain:  Haha!

rippedtide: what no! that's not

rippedtide: i just meant i've never ridden a bike before!

rippedtide: like, does it require a certain level of leg coordination, or?

thewreckoning: wait, what do you mean?

rippedtide: you know, to pedal!

thewreckoning: omds

letmedieagain: Lance, Keith owns a motorbike.

rippedtide: a motor...?

rippedtide: oh the really loud ones!

thewreckoning:  really loud ones

rippedtide: those are so cool! i want to ride one of those even more than the other kind!!

rippedtide: do you think Keith would let me if i asked him?

letmedieagain: I'll talk to him about it, but no guarantees. He's very protective of her.

rippedtide: !! thank you shiro <3

rippedtide: wait, her?

thewreckoning: keith's bike's name is Red and she's a sophisticated lady

thewreckoning: or that's what he tells me when he says i can't make any mods to it

rippedtide: that's actually kinda cute

deadlygorgeous: Really, Lance? In front of my salad?

letmedieagain: sdjugfoawig

thewreckoning: slayed by the vampire

rippedtide: honestly, i'm too happy about there being another memer to really be offended rn

deadlygorgeous: oh worm?

rippedtide: kumjyrdtf

thewreckoning: jhyftdfoi

letmedieagain: dhfahdehfa

thewreckoning: oh wait i just got a text from hunk

rippedtide: the smol one has been BlessedTM

rippedtide  has been Muted

letmedieagain: Pidge.

thewreckoning: i warned him! he's lucky i'm not erasing his selfies rn

thewreckoning: and i'm not reading your texts until i read hunk's, lance, so stop spamming me

thewreckoning: so hunk says something's wrong with his router, so i'm gonna go over there and fix it...

thewreckoning: i will, lance, don't worry... oH MY DEITIES U R SO ANNOYING, FINE

rippedtide has been Unmuted

rippedtide:  the party don't start 'till i walk in

rippedtide: but seriously pidge, you must tell him

thewreckoning: i know, lance

rippedtide: he needs to know

thewreckoning: i know, lance

rippedtide: ... did you just...

thewreckoning: i will confirm nor deny nothing

deadlygorgeous: Now, I know the two of you must be talking about Hunk, but what must he know?

rippedtide: that he is too precious for this world and i love him very much

thewreckoning: we know, lance

rippedtide: i kNEW IT!!

thewreckoning: whoops gotta go fix hunk's internet bye

rippedtide: you can run, pidgey. but you'll never escape the memes

deadlygorgeous: You make it sound so sinister.

rippedtide: ah, but is there anything more sinister than obscure yet somehow relatable jokes?

deadlygorgeous: Point.

letmedieagain: Point.

letmedieagain: Oh, hey Lance? Can I add Pidge's brother to the chat?

letmedieagain: He's being an annoying shit and reading over my shoulder right now.

rippedtide: d-... did shiro just swear?

deadlygorgeous: I can't believe it, but I do believe he just did.

letmedieagain: It's really not that rare of an occurrence. I don't know why you're so surprised, Allura.

deadlygorgeous: Yes, I've heard you swear, but never swear at someone. It is surprising!

letmedieagain: Matt deserves to be sworn at.

rippedtide: okay, now you have to add the guy

letmedieagain:  SIGH

letmedieagain  added botanissedbitch to Creature Feature

botanissedbitch: i love when you give me lovestruck sighs

letmedieagain: Oh, I'll give you some-kind-of-struck sighs.

botanissedbitch: kinky

rippedtide: ewuihgbgwar

deadlygorgeous: I feel as if I should look away from my screen, should we give you two a moment?

letmedieagain: Don't you dare leave me alone with him.

letmedieagain: ...Guys???

botanissedbitch:  well since we're alone...

rippedtide: NO DON'T i see those suggestive ellipses, we're still here! or at least i am

deadlygorgeous: I am as well and I also would not like to witness what might've been said after those really suggestive ellipses.

botanissedbitch: i was just gonna do a deg deg face

letmedieagain: Sure you were.

letmedieagain: And my name's Felicia, so you can say bye to me right now.

rippedtide: foijghwo

deadlygorgeous: pwoqjihfcnwew

botanissedbitch: D:

botanissedbitch: shiro how could you

letmedieagain: *Felicia

lurker: why are there vines with hissing flowers creeping around our garage?

botanissedbitch: shit did you open it?

lurker: yeah...?

botanissedbitch: fuck don't touch anything they're poisonous i'll be right there

rippedtide: um...?

deadlygorgeous: Is everything alright?

deadlygorgeous: Shiro?

letmedieagain: sorry give me a second

rippedtide: no caps...

deadlygorgeous: Oh dear...

letmedieagain: We're alright. Everybody's fine.

rippedtide: what happened?

letmedieagain: Matt had some samples of poisonous crawlers in the garage that apparently aren't supposed to be exposed to sunlight or they'll turn aggressive.

lurker: and then i got home and went to put my bike away like i do EVERY DAY and just barely dodged whatever they spit at the last second cuz it hissed at me a millisecond before

rippedtide: shit

lurker: yeah

letmedieagain: Matt is such a dumbass, I swear to the gods.

letmedieagain: I told him to put all that stuff in our shed.

lurker: we have a shed?

letmedieagain: Yeah??

lurker: why tho? like, what's in it?

lurker: where even is it?

letmedieagain: It's behind that one tree!

lurker: what tree???

letmedieagain: The one that looks like a creepy hook!

lurker: omds shiro, when you say shed, do you mean that sad lean-to of rotten boards that that family of skunks moved into??

letmedieagain: ...I'll be right back.

lurker: ten bucks says he's redoing matt's tombstone:

lurker: here lies matt, a stinky-ass motherfucker

rippedtide:  um...

deadlygorgeous: He has a tombstone for Matt?

lurker: it sounds creepy because it is

lurker: he says since he's likely to not ever die he gets to be the one to engrave our tombstones

rippedtide:  our???

lurker: he does it for everyone he's close to

deadlygorgeous: Aw!

lurker: i know for a fact that mine says: here lies lassie with lassie crossed out and keith half-heartedly scratched in

rippedtide: owqifjsfnwoe

rippedtide: do you actually look like lassie??

rippedtide: i mean, i know we saw baby pictures but maybe your coat lightened?

lurker: no i do not look like fucking lassie

lurker: (Image Sent)

lurker: this is me last run

deadlygorgeous: Oh, that's beautiful, Keith!

deadlygorgeous: Did you take this picture?

lurker: no shiro did, with some coaching

rippedtide: ...

rippedtide: okay but what filter is this?

lurker: ?

rippedtide: you look all... glowy and phosphorescent, and i know part of that is the moon behind you but i need to know what filter that is so i can take a selfie with it immediately.

lurker: oh that's just my fur actually, it looks like that sometimes

rippedtide: ...

rippedtide: your hair... just does that...

lurker: i guess my hair does that too...?

rippedtide: okay so what conditioner do you use?

lurker: what's conditioner?

lurker: lance?

deadlygorgeous: I believe he has frustrated himself into leaving.

lurker: ???

Chapter Text

unfairlyshinyhair -> fishyguy

unfairlyshinyhair: shiro said you wanted me to give you a ride?

fishyguy: he's lying don't believe him!!

unfairlyshinyhair: so you didn't want to ride Red?

fishyguy: red... oh!! your bike! yes, i definitely want to go for a ride with you

unfairlyshinyhair: then why did you...? whatever. where do you live? i'll pick you up

fishyguy: now??

unfairlyshinyhair: yeah...? unless now's not good for you

fishyguy: no! now's fine, i live near arus shore, i can meet you there?

unfairlyshinyhair: headed there now, see you soon

scale-yboy ->  SplashZapFlourish

scale-yboy: h  e  l p

scale-yboy: oh wait you guys have no connection

scale-yboy: come baaaaaack i need to vent about how pretty this boy is!

rippedtide ->  Creature Feature

rippedtide: shiro, why didn't you warn me that your brother is a speed demon?

lurker: your shrieks of terror were hilarious

rippedtide: i'm not talking to you

deadlygorgeous: Speed demon...? Oh! Were you able to go out for a ride with Keith, Lance?

rippedtide: yes. and it was really cool until keith started trying to throw me off!

lurker: i wasn't trying to throw you off! that's my normal speed!

rippedtide: speed demon. i rest my case

rippedtide: also still not talking to you

thewreckoning: prepare yourselves

rippedtide: pidge!

rippedtide: wait what

thewreckoning: to be fair, there's no real way to prepare but i still wanted to warn you guys

rippedtide: what?!?

letmedieagain: I am... concerned??

lurker: pidge is warning us i'm legit scared

deadlygorgeous: Warning us about what, though??

rippedtide: ^^^^

natureCANBEcandy: i,,, have been BlessedTM

rippedtide: !!!! ????

thewreckoning: he's putting flowers in his hair i don't know what to do sEND H E LP

rippedtide: ?!?!

lurker: quick question: what's happening

natureCANBEcandy: i met a goddess today <3

rippedtide: !!!!!!

lurker: like an actual goddess???

thewreckoning: nah hunk's just mooning over her

natureCANBEcandy: she's prettier than the moon <3 <3

thewreckoning: see

deadlygorgeous: Oh! So you've met someone who's caught your interest, Hunk?

natureCANBEcandy: yeah! her name's Shay

rippedtide: !!!!!!!!!!

letmedieagain: Good for you, Hunk!

lurker: cool

rippedtide: i nEED DEETS, MAN. COUGH 'EM UP

natureCANBEcandy: i'm still trying to reconcile it in my mind, honestly

natureCANBEcandy: there are not enough words in any language to describe how ethereally beautiful she is

deadlygorgeous: Aww!

rippedtide: thiS is nOT HELPING my nEED FOR DEETS

rippedtide: pIDGE

rippedtide: you were there give me the 411 or whatever the hacker code is for tHE DEETS

thewreckoning: there is,,, so much wrong with what you just said

thewreckoning: but sure i'll do it since hunk's compromised

rippedtide: yeeEESSSS DEETSSSS

deadlygorgeous: Ooooh! Gossip!!

deadlygorgeous: Oh, no, wait-

deadlygorgeous: DEETS!! :D

thewreckoning: okay okay! so i arrive in hunk's part of the forest, right?

rippedtide: uh huh

thewreckoning: and he takes me to the router i built for like, the entire forest

letmedieagain: Are you talking about that huge cube you were building a few months ago?

lurker: no way! the thing that was taller than my bike?

thewreckoning: yah

rippedtide: wait but wifi routers are usually the size of books, right?

lurker: yeah, usually, but this is pidge

rippedtide: tru

thewreckoning: hunk felt bad about being the only one to get internet in the forest so he asked if i could make it so that everyone in the forest could use it if they wanted to

rippedtide: hunk is so nice

thewreckoning: bitch! what about me!

rippedtide: like you wouldn't have built one anyway eventually just to prove you could

thewreckoning: ...

thewreckoning: point

lurker: wait, what forest is this?

thewreckoning: Balmera forest

lurker: ...

lurker: isn't that like 10,000 sq kilometers?

thewreckoning: yah

lurker: ...and you gave all of it internet coverage

lurker: with one router

thewreckoning: even signal reception within a radius that covers the entire forest and about a mile outside of it, 5G speed

thewreckoning: that was a fun side project

lurker: ...

lurker: you terrify me

thewreckoning: thank you

rippedtide: OKAY but we're getting off track here!

rippedtide: the deets are dwindling!

thewreckoning: okay, so hunk takes me to where we set up the router

thewreckoning: and it's like, covered in growth

thewreckoning: which should be impossible because both me and hunk coaxed everything to grow away from it and discouraged the soil from letting anything take root close to it

thewreckoning: but it's just like,

thewreckoning: it basically had a moss and vine cozy wrapped around it

deadlygorgeous: How did that happen?

thewreckoning: apparently it looked too pointy and cold

letmedieagain: ?

thewreckoning: hunk and i were just staring at this thing, going what the fuck

letmedieagain: Language.

thewreckoning: sorry. we were staring at this thing, *thinking to ourselves* what the fuck

letmedieagain: sigh

lurker: no caps! 20 points pidge

thewreckoning: fuck yeah!

rippedtide: dEETS!

deadlygorgeous: Deets!

thewreckoning: geez calm down! so we're staring at the router and out of this tree nearby comes a Dryad

natureCANBEcandy: *the most beautiful Dryad ever

rippedtide: so Shay's a Dryad?

thewreckoning: Shay's a Dryad

thewreckoning: and honestly she's?? so nice???

natureCANBEcandy: she didn't know what the router was, just that it was really cold so she was worried about it and she didn't want any animals to hurt themselves on its sharp corners

thewreckoning: i'm redesigning it like those rounded dice, so in the meantime hunk's using my hotspot

thewreckoning: i mean not really 'cause he's still mooning over shay but

lurker: what about the old router?

thewreckoning: shay said she would break it down into parts for me to make the safer one with

deadlygorgeous: Does she know how to break it down properly? You said she didn't know what it was.

natureCANBEcandy: to be fair, it looked nothing like a regular router

thewreckoning: when we told her it was an internet router, she had no idea what we meant

thewreckoning: she had no idea what internet was

rippedtide: gASP not even instagram???

thewreckoning: no lance. not even instagram

rippedtide: that poor girl...

thewreckoning: but i mean, even if shay does reduce it to complete scrap i can just build it from scratch

thewreckoning: which might be easier, actually

natureCANBEcandy: should i go tell her you want that?!

thewreckoning: sure, buddy go right ahead

natureCANBEcandy: later guys!

thewreckoning: ...he just tossed his phone over his shoulder and skipped away

thewreckoning: s k i p p e d

letmedieagain: I'm really happy for Hunk.

thewreckoning: i am too, don't get me wrong

thewreckoning: but skipping??

thewreckoning: that's the least efficient way to get around

deadlygorgeous: One of the most fun, though.

deadlygorgeous: At least, according to Coran.

lurker: pff

lurker: running's best

rippedtide: i prefer the back stroke

rippedtide: or motorbycycling-

rippedtide: but mORE IMPORTANTLY,

rippedtide: we need to figure out how to get an accurate assessment of this shay


rippedtide: you don't count, you suck at peopling

thewreckoning: ...hurtful, but fair

rippedtide: who's up for crashing hunk's to help pidge with their modem?

thewreckoning: i don't need help

rippedtide: company, then. work with me here

letmedieagain: I can't. I'm helping Matt with some kind of... He says it's an anti-inflammatory, but I'm pretty sure it's poison.

botanissedbitch: IT IS NOT POISON

thewreckoning: ooooh~ that boy has pooiisooonn~

botanissedbitch: shut up, Kathem

thewreckoning: you shut up, Matthew

letmedieagain: He's screeching now, thanks.

thewreckoning: np

lurker: i'll go

thewreckoning: ?

lurker: with lance

rippedtide: you will?

lurker: yeah

lurker: you probably need a ride anyway, right?

rippedtide: actually, yeah, now that you mention it

lurker: pick you up at arus beach?

rippedtide: yeah

lurker: cool. be there soon

insula-them -> SplashZapFlourish

insula-them: fluked

rippedtide: now you answer back?!

deadlygorgeous ->  Creature Feature

deadlygorgeous: I believe this is called tea?

thewreckoning: dkfsoifjfjaw