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Dance Until Morning

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rippedtide added natureCANBEcandy and thewreckoning to Creature Feature

thewreckoning: this is going to end in disaster

thewreckoning: that's the only reason i'm participating in this, you know

rippedtide: oh hush, pidgey-pie. this is gonna be awesome!

thewreckoning: did you just call me PiDgEy PiE?!!?

rippedtide: hunk, buddy, you here?

natureCANBEcandy: sure am, buddy, just in time for your demise

rippedtide: ?

thewreckoning: say goodbye to your selfies, McClain

rippedtide: pIdGe?!?

thewreckoning: nobody calls me a pastry and gets away with it

rippedtide: ok i'm sorry I'M SORRY

rippedtide: pls don't wipe them the last few took so long to get just right

thewreckoning: then i'll only spare those


natureCANBEcandy: why are we here again?

thewreckoning: to torture lance?

rippedtide: first of all, rude

rippedtide: second of all, this chat is supposed to be a safe and positive space for mythical creatures in the wake of the Unveiling

natureCANBEcandy: wait really? that's so sweet lance!

thewreckoning: that's actually not a bad idea

rippedtide: thanks you guys!

thewreckoning: actually can i add a couple people? they really need some positiveness

rippedtide: yeah, of course! :) 

thewreckoning  added lurker and letmedieagain to Creature Feature

lurker: what the fuck

letmedieagain: Not a name I would have chosen for myself, but apt.

lurker: pidge, what the fuck

lurker: what is this

natureCANBEcandy: hi new people! :D

letmedieagain: Hello :)

lurker: hi?

lurker: pidge pls explain

thewreckoning: calm down, Keith, it's just a group chat

lurker: but why?? am  here???

letmedieagain: Because you need to socialize.

thewreckoning: because you need more friends

natureCANBEcandy: wow i'm extremely impressed that was practically simultaneous

rippedtide: *sniff sniff* is that...? a loner i smell??

lurker: fuck off

rippedtide: :) hello new frie-

letmedieagain: Keith.

rippedtide: wow ok try to be nice to somebody

natureCANBEcandy: really lance? by calling them a loner?

thewreckoning: i mean he's not wrong

letmedieagain: Pidge.

lurker: fuck you, pidge

letmedieagain: okay i give up

thewreckoning: oh wow he even lost his capitals

lurker: victory

letmedieagain: Moving on,

thewreckoning: oh they're back

lurker: punctuation too, damn

letmedieagain: Judging by the name, this is a chat for mythical creatures?

rippedtide: you are correct, morbidly named person!

lurker: lmao

thewreckoning: it's so accurate it hurts

rippedtide: what what'd i say?

letmedieagain: ...How about we do introductions? Along with what we are?

natureCANBEcandy: good idea! who's first?

thewreckoning: i'll get mine out of the way since everybody knows me already

thewreckoning: i'm Pidge, she/her they/them, and i'm half Greater Gremlin and half Nature Witch

rippedtide: wait, WHAT

rippedtide: since when were you half Nature Witch?

thewreckoning: since i was old enough to dig in the dirt with my mom? lance, you didn't know?

rippedtide: no! i knew you were a gremlin, though how you can be Greater when you're so smol is a mystery, but i didn't know you could do magic!

thewreckoning: selfies

rippedtide: i'm very sorry your Greatness please forgive this foolish soul

lurker: what's this? do i smell... blackmail?

rippedtide: oh haha lurker go ahead and laugh at my suffering

lurker: i will, thank you

thewreckoning: what's that, Keith? i couldn't hear you over the sound of your private playlists

lurker: shit

lurker: uh,,, i love you?

thewreckoning: mhm why don't you introduce yourself next

lurker: fffffine

lurker: my name is Keith, he/him, Lycan

natureCANBEcandy: that's why your username is lurker!

thewreckoning: that and he constantly distances himself from everyone else

rippedtide: pff, lone wolf

lurker: Do NOT

thewreckoning: lance, that's actually a really insulting term to Lycans

rippedtide: shit, i'm sorry!!!

rippedtide: i'm so so sorry!!!

rippedtide: and i wanted this to be a safe space for everyone, shit, i'm so sorry!

lurker: i guess it's fine since you didn't know

lurker: but lone animal wolves are usually isolated for a reason

lurker: to call a Lycan that means you think there's something seriously wrong with them and you wish them death

lurker: since wolves, animals and weres, are social creatures to want them alone is to want them to die

rippedtide: oh deities, that's awful, i'm so sorry i said that!!

lurker: like i said it's fine

rippedtide: no it's not. dude, if i knew i never would have said that and even tho i didn't it still obviously bothered you so it's not okay.

rippedtide: I sincerely apologize, Keith.

lurker: ... i forgive you, uh

lurker: i don't know your actual name, wait, pidge said lance? right?

rippedtide: yeah I'm Lance, he/him, and i'm half mer half siren

letmedieagain: That explains your username.

rippedtide: oh yeah, everyone can never get enough of The HarpoonsTM slicing through the waves~

thewreckoning: ugh

natureCANBEcandy: lance,,,

rippedtide: don't worry, platonic aesthetic appreciation is also welcome ;)

lurker: and now i can't stand you again

rippedtide: hater's envy is also accepted ;P

natureCANBEcandy: omds lance pls tone it down

rippedtide: well if it's about toning-

rippedtide has been Muted

natureCANBEcandy: wait what?

lurker: that was an option??

thewreckoning: after a fashion

letmedieagain: Pidge, bring him back.

thewreckoning:  fine

rippedtide has been Unmuted

rippedtide:  SO R U D E

thewreckoning: well none of us are human, so

rippedtide: ...okay i'll forgive you for that vague song reference

thewreckoning: i knew you would

rippedtide: D:

natureCANBEcandy: are we still doing intros?

letmedieagain: I was wondering that, too.

rippedtide: oh sorry guys

thewreckoning: sorry

rippedtide: who's going next?

natureCANBEcandy: i guess i can?

letmedieagain: Yeah, go ahead

natureCANBEcandy: alright, hi guys! I'm Hunk, he/him, and i'm a Nature Fae

rippedtide: and the brightest ray of goodness and light to shine down on all life on earth

thewreckoning: this is truth

natureCANBEcandy: aw guys <3

letmedieagain: I guess that leaves me. My name is Shiro, I'm Keith's older brother, he/him, and I'm undead.

rippedtide: OOOOH i get it now that's clever

rippedtide: also still really morbid

rippedtide: wait is that insensitive?

letmedieagain: Nah, at least not to me.

lurker: shiro's the most nihilistic person you'll ever meet

letmedieagain: Probably

thewreckoning: definitely

thewreckoning: my brother thinks it's the most hilarious thing ever

letmedieagain: How is Matt, by the way?

thewreckoning: still nerding out over the flower that smells like you

natureCANBEcandy: aw!

lurker: it's not a good thing

rippedtide: what why?

thewreckoning: shiro's undead, remember?

natureCANBEcandy: ohhh i think i know what flower you're talking about now

natureCANBEcandy: the carrion flower, right?

thewreckoning: right. he's wigging out over all the scavenger beetles and flies that swarm the thing

rippedtide: i'm sorry what?

lurker: the flower smells like rotting flesh

rippedtide: oh ew!

rippedtide: no offense, shiro

letmedieagain: I smell like formaldehyde, so I have no idea what they're talking about.

letmedieagain: But I'm glad Matt's enjoying himself.

thewreckoning: only for another couple days

thewreckoning: then he and his tech are once again subject to my tampering

letmedieagain: R.I.P. Matt...

letmedieagain: Unlike me.

rippedtide: dlskfjae

natureCANBEcandy: wOW

lurker: i did warn you guys

natureCANBEcandy: you did! i just wasn't expecting it so soon

lurker: i'm honestly surprised he held out this long

letmedieagain: Longer than I held on to life.

lurker: shiro...

thewreckoning: AHAHAHA