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Shen Wei figured something was wrong when Zhao Yunlan didn't pick him up after his last class this afternoon. While the new SID office is only a few blocks from the university, that never did stop the department head from making the trip anyway if only just to get to see his beloved a few minutes earlier.

He only became more confused when he stepped into the building and found everyone trying but obviously falling to contain their laughter. All the worry that he held before dissipated, at least it doesn't seem like anything bad has happened if the rest of the
department is in such good spirits. Before he could ask, a booming voice sounded from the stairs.

"What are you all laughing at? Keep this up and all you assholes can kiss your bonuses goodbye!" Zhao stepped down from the stairs, his demeanor immediately changing as he turned to face Shen Wei. "Babe, my subordinates are all bullying me, take me home?" He whined, blinking at the other to try and make himself seem as innocent as he can.

Shen Wei could only stare as he processed what was happening in front of him. It was definitely his Yunlan, but... the pair of cat ears on top of his head didn't belong there before and the tail flicking behind him is standing out like a beacon. Deciding to ask questions after, Shen Wei wrapped his arms around Zhao Yunlan and teleported them home.

"I wanted to come pick you up but... well, I can't exactly go out in public like this.” Zhao tried to explain as soon as they settled inside their room, though not looking particularly embarrassed over his situation. “You still love me, right? Even if I look like Da Qin’s relative? Meow?”

Shen Wei sighed, shaking his head as he reached to touch the other’s cat ears to try and figure out how this could have happened. “Of course you’d still be joking at a time like this. Is this hurting you at all?”

Zhao Yunlan shuddered at the touch, instinctively leaning into Shen Wei’s hand. The ears were way more sensitive than he had anticipated, having never been touched there before. He nuzzled against the hand that was still on his ear, wanting more. “No, this feels nice… more? “ He murmured, closing his eyes. Shen Wei blushed in response, starting to stroke the ears as requested.

It wasn't long before the pleasant feeling turned into something more, mere touching isn't enough to satisfy the officer. He climbed onto Shen Wei's lap, pulling him into a kiss. “This is called teasing. It's not very nice, babe.”

“I didn't mean to… I…” Shen Wei pulled away quickly, a dark blush already forming on his cheeks.

“You’re the one who caused this, you better take responsibility.” Yunlan demanded, grabbing onto Shen Wei’s hand and pulled it towards the bulge in his pants. “See? I'm already all hard because of you. You're not going to leave me hanging, are you?” Unable to fight his own forming urges, or maybe he just didn’t want to, Shen Wei pushed Zhao Yunlan onto his back and started undressing him.

“Come on, /professor/, don’t you want to experiment on me? Learn what you can about exactly what has changed about me?” Zhao purred once they were both completely undressed, his tail slowly swishing back and forth. Shen Wei could only think to kiss him to shut the man up, his own arousal growing at the man's words. He opened the drawer of the nightstand to grab the lube, pouring a generous amount onto his hand. Too impatient to wait for the liquid to warm, he promptly pressed a finger to Zhao’s entrance and slowly pushed in.

Zhao Yunlan hissed at the initial coldness, but it only took moments before his body warmed up to it and was aching for more. Sensing the acceptance, Shen Wei pressed a second finger into his partner, reaching deeper to search for that spot inside him.

“Xiao Wei… Fuck... “ Yunlan moaned out softly as he felt his prostate being brushed, already starting to lose his mind in the pleasure. Shen Wei continued his movements a little longer before an idea came to him. He withdrew his fingers, drawing out a whine from the man beneath him.

“I want you to open yourself up the rest of the way for me.”

Obeying Shen Wei’s order, Zhao reached down intending to continuing opening himself up. He looked up, confused, when he was stopped by the other. Shen Wei didnt speak as he pinned Yunlan's hands above his head, reaching for the man's tail with his free hand and guided it towards his hole. “Like this.”

“Never knew you had such a kinky side, babe…” Zhao Yunlan immediately understood what the other was thinking, pushing his tail past his entrance as the appendage wriggled deeper into him. He softly moaned out his lover's name, the furry sensation of the tail is unlike anything he's experienced before.

It wasn't long before Zhao Yunlan adjusted to the feeling and size, starting to fuck himself with his tail in earnest. Shen Wei watched the man like an eagle stalking its prey, his hunger for the man growing more and more insatiable. He pressed his lips against Yunlan's in a heated kiss, nibbling against his lips before licking his way into the wet cavern. Yunlan moaned into the kiss, eagerly kissing back in return.
The constant pressure against his prostate caused Yunlan to already approach his release, but it was just ever so slightly out of reach. “Please… 'm so close already… want to come…” Zhao Yunan begged, knowing all he needed was the other man's hand on his cock to bring himself to completion.

“No. You're coming on my cock or not at all.” With a firm but gentle pull, Shen Wei tugged Zhao's tail from inside him. He stared fascinated for a moment as the pink rim fluttered, still wide open from the tail.

“Don't just stand and stare.” Zhao Yunlan whined, spreading his legs apart further as an invitation. “C’mon I’m ready for you.” Without needing further incentives, Shen Wei pushed in deep with a single thrust.

“So tight for me…” Shen Wei murmured, staying still for a moment to let the other adjust to his size before moving his hips in quick and powerful thrusts.

“Xiao Wei...god, your cock feels so good in me… fuck… so deep…” Yunlan moaned out, looking up at the professor with lust-blown eyes. It was all he could do to grip onto his lover, moans of his name spilling from his lips.

Zhao Yunlan's tail curled tight around Shen Wei's leg as he neared release, acting on his pure instinct of wanting to be closer to him. It took only a few more thrusts before Yunlan came with a shout, Shen Wei following right after.

“Was that taking enough responsibility?” Shen Wei panted, gently pulling out before collapsing onto the bed beside Zhao Yunlan. Yunlan didn't know whether to laugh or cry, finally deciding on just nuzzling closer to his beloved.

Shen Wei held Zhao Yunlan in his arms, a content smile on his face as he pressed a kiss to his forehead. They laid peacefully for a few minutes, only stirring when Shen Wei suddenly decided to get up.

“Where are you going?” Zhao asked, pouting at the sudden loss of warmth.

“Just grabbing a towel to clean you up. Rest, I'll be right back.”

Zhao Yunlan was already asleep when Shen Wei returned, he chucked to himself before carefully cleaning the other up, careful not to wake him. He curled back around the sleeping man after he was done, closing his eyes to rest a litte as well.

Maybe he doesn't have to be in such a hurry to find a way to return Yunlan back to normal after all.