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Kismet and the Rapper

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“So….you’ll be my slave?” a man asks. A woman turns around. She has a beautiful face with purple eyes and long dark brown hair. She wears a long black dress; it’s got his style in mind, showing her shoulders and her collarbone. She smiles a seductive smile.
“Of course, my darling. I’ve devoted my entire being to only you.” She lies. Just another helpless victim caught in the web of her beauty.
The man smiles. He has a goddess under his thumb. “I want riches. I want to be the richest man in the country.”
“I will do as you please.” She snaps her fingers. A beautiful home materializes on a cliffs edge looking over the city. He wears different clothes. She whistles. “Very stylish.” She walks around him. “Do I have taste or what?”
“I want to go to a party.”
“I will do as you please.” She says and snaps her fingers, but nothing appears.
“A bit theatrical. So, what did you do?” he asks, looking around.
She smiles evilly. “Check outside.” He doesn’t move for a second and then smiles and runs out. She sighs lightly. “Boys and their toys.” She follows behind. She walks out and sees him hugging up his 450,000 dollar Lamborghini. It’s black with the license plate reading, kingmidas.
“Never in my wildest dreams would I ever see one of these.” He gets in. “Let’s go, baby!” He says. She walks down the steps. He’s amazed at the simple, graceful movements. She leans on the door.
“You go. Have fun. Enjoy the nightlife.” She hands him a wallet that’s full of money and three platinum cards.

“I want a goddess in my life.” Jimin says. RM looks at the television. He raises an eyebrow.
“What are you guys watching?” he asks. Jin, Jimin, J-Hope and Jungkook are watching an interesting new show.
“It’s called ‘Deal with the Goddess.’ It’s a new show that has taken Hollywood by storm.” Jimin answers.
RM sits down next to Jin. He watches the story unfold. By the end of the episode, they’re left to wonder what King Midas’ fate will be. By the end, V joined in.
“Oh, man. I can’t wait until next week to find out what happens.” Jimin says. He stands and does a couple of dance moves.
“I know. I don’t know if I would’ve asked for riches, though.” Jungkook says. They look at him.
“What would you ask for?” Jin asks.
“I don’t know. IU maybe.” They all laugh at him. V and J-Hope push him. RM stands up and walks into the kitchen.
“Next week, the cast of ‘Deal with the Goddess’ will be visiting Seoul. They’ll be filming the beginning of their second season somewhere in the city. Five lucky fans will have the opportunity to appear in one of three episodes that will be filmed here. So, it’s time to get your acting shoes on. Come and meet the cast next week and participate in the meet and greet.” The commercial continues.
“Oh man. This is awesome! They’re gonna shoot three episodes here! I would love to be a guest on it!” Jimin’s all excited.
“Maybe he’ll like my looks and ask me to star alongside the goddess.” Jin says. RM walks out of the kitchen.
“She’d eat you alive, Jin.” RM teases him. They laugh. Suga walks out of his room.

At the beginning of next week, the cast arrives in Seoul. There are fans screaming their names. They wave lightly. There are six members that appear on the show on a regular basis, two, not including the goddess are in every episode.
“Goddess, please!” a fan screams. The woman smiles and stops. She uses her phone as a microphone. The rest of the cast and security turn around and watch.
“I will do as you please.” She says in Korean. The fans scream and the cast laughs. She turns the app off and catches up with them, laughing lightly as well.

They finally arrive at the hotel. The woman who plays the goddess sighs and sets her bag on the desk. She looks at the flowers and the welcome basket. There’s a knock at the door. She opens it and the producer stands there.
“Hey, Jun.What’s going on?” she walks into her room. He follows closing the door. She sits at the desk and pulls out her laptop. She opens it and turns it on.
“I can’t believe that you were able to write the entire plot for season two and we’re not even done with season one.” He pulls up a seat. She smiles lightly. “Who would’ve thought that a writer from Wisconsin would turn into the great goddess, Kaiam. I hear your other stuff is doing very well and you have to do a promotion in a couple of days. How do you do it, Kisa?” he asks.
“No sleep, no life. I got an email from my mother the other day. One of her sisters wanted to borrow some money, but when she said they’d have to ask me, they said to forget it.” She says with a light laugh.
“I guess you find that terribly amusing.” She nods lightly. “So, after the press conference and fan meet tomorrow, we’ll start scoping out places to start shooting. We got all our permits, so we are good there. We’ll also have five hours to film in downtown Seoul a week from now. In the meantime we have to choose five lucky fans to use as extras in the three episodes.” The producer lists off.
“Sounds jam packed full of strawberries and cream.” She’s sarcastic, typing away. He sighs. “Sorry, Jun. I’m talking to the writers. We had to do a revision for the last episode.”
“Is it a major revision?” She shakes her head.
“Just a minor one. The bathroom scene for White Horse is a little too risqué. I don’t know how, but I’m just making some minor changes.” She answers.
“Gotcha. Send me a copy of those revisions as well.” She gives the thumbs up. “Well, I’m gonna head to my room, need anything just let me know.” He says and leaves.

After a few hours, Kisa has changed. She wears black skinny jeans and a simple white v-neck tee under a black hoodie with a DNA lace cutout on the back, which shows off a black wings hand painted on the back of the tee. She puts on black tennis shoes and grabs her messenger bag and heads out, she wears a black baseball hat on her head with two rings piercing the brim. She wants to explore the city. It’s not every chance that she gets to see a different city, especially one that she loves like Seoul.
She carries her phone in her back pocket. Wandering the city, she gets to explore alone. In peace. It’s late afternoon when Kisa finally decides to sit down after ordering herself a black tea and mango bubble tea. She watches people pass by. She adjusts her sunglasses and watches a cute couple walk past, holding hands. She smiles lightly, sadly. She looks down at her hands, then back up.
“Hey! Come back here!” a woman yells. Kisa looks to the right and sees some punk running with a purse in hand. She stretches her legs out and looks around. The man doesn’t pay attention to where he’s going and trips. The woman and a police officer catch up. Kisa stands up, picks the bag up and gives it to the young woman.
“There you go.” She says lightly and walks away. The young woman’s eyes are wide. Kisa finishes her bubble tea and finds a place to throw it away. She continues on exploring the city. She uses her translator app that she created to talk with the locals. She knows the language, but she likes using her app since she doesn’t get to use enough otherwise.

As the evening winds down, she looks around a store, there’s kitschy stuff, something every tourist could think of as a souvenir for home. She bows and exits, finding a little convenience store on a corner. She walks in and looks around at the different stuff, finding some of those crunchy seaweed snacks that she loves. There was only one place at home that carried those, and they were always out. She grabs four packs and continues to wander around the store. Someone walks into the store. There’s actually two someone’s and Kisa looks, they’re very handsome. They know what they’re looking for. She walks up to the counter and sets a few different things down. The two handsome men stand behind her. They’re talking about her, but she doesn’t pay attention to the entire conversation.
“I wonder if one of us will get picked.” Jin says. RM shrugs his shoulders.
“Well, Hobi uploaded the video to their website. So, who knows…” He answers. She smiles at the clerk and turns around; she lowers her sunglasses and winks at the two.
“Good luck on the contest.” She says. RM’s eyes widen. Jin’s eyes are wide too, he knows who she is. She walks out and heads back to her hotel room.

The next day, the press conference and fan meet is underway. The fans scream as the cast steps onto the stage. They all wave. Kisa sits at the end, no one knows that she’s the writer and creator of the show, which was originally a story that the studio picked up right away.
“Have you chosen the lucky five fans that will appear in the first three episodes of season two?” a reporter asks.
“Our producers are going over the submissions right now. Also, Kisa’s putting her two cents worth. Alexis and I keep trying to tell her to pick some gorgeous hottie, but she refuses to listen to our suggestions.” The audience laughs.
“You really want someone to upstage the goddess?” one of the female actresses defends.
“If you two didn’t like naughty bunnies so much it would be different. I’m not trying to get this show an X-rating because of you two perverts.” Kisa states.
The audience laughs out loud. The reporters laugh as well.
“Who’s calling us a pervert?” Alexis defends.
“I never said I wasn’t. I just keep it private instead of constantly trying to change our rating because of a couple of bunnies.” She says.
“So, how’s the season gonna end, do you know?” another reporter asks.
“We don’t. The writers are holding the last episode very close to the chest.” Another woman answers.
“Kisa, are you looking for anything in particular when looking at the submission tapes?” a female reporter asks.
“I’m interested in finding some talented individuals. Spice it up a little. From what I understand there’s gonna be a special musical guest, but I don’t know who it is.” She drops.
The fans scream. She laughs lightly.
“You’re originally a writer and not an actress, how is your other stuff doing?” a male reporter asks.
“I’m blessed to have such patient and fun co-stars. Sometimes I think it’s more their show, even though I get a little bit more screen time than them. As for my other stuff, my three poetry books are in the top ten best sellers and my latest book, Bad Reservation is the best seller in the fantasy category. It’s also up for nomination at the Prima Awards next month.” She states. “Is that a good enough answer for you?”
The other reporters chuckle lightly.
“I know you each have various backgrounds, but I read that two of you have college degrees in something completely different.” Another male reporter states.
“I have a Bachelor’s in literature.” Alexis answers.
“I have a Master’s in Information Science and Technology, which basically means I’m a fancy librarian.” She teases herself.
The audience laughs. The other cast members laugh lightly. The reporter smiles.
“Before this show I was a Medical Coding Specialist. I was glad that I was discovered by Kisa. She came to the clinic I was working at and she approached me and asked if I wanted to audition for a part in a series that she was part of.” The second woman says.
“I see. So, it was thanks to Kisa that you’re here?”
“It was thanks to her that all of us are here. We’re grateful to her for seeing us for who we were and not just if we were drop dead gorgeous or naughty bunnies.” The first woman teases.
The audience laughs.
“Goddess, please!” a fan yells out. The press laughs.
“Yes, goddess. Please.” A reporter adds.
Kisa sighs and stands up. She wears a black form fitting dress shirt with slits up to her bust and a white tank underneath with some kind of design on it. She laughs and holds up the mic to her mouth.
She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath and opens them again. She looks right at the camera.
“I will do as you please.” She smiles lightly, and the fans scream. She laughs and sits back down. The six other cast members laugh and applaud.

After the press conference the meet and greet starts up and the fans get to meet with each member and take pictures and get their autographs. Kisa has by far the most fans, she signs her name in her various books and takes countless pictures with them. She laughs and accepts the couple of gifts, most of which are flowers. One man gives her sexy lingerie. She raises an eyebrow and looks at him.
“Thank you…” she doesn’t know how to accept such a gift. Plus, it’s a far cry from her style or size.
Afterwards, the cast is laughing at the unusual gift. Alexis slips it on over his clothes and they all laugh, riding in the car together. Kisa gets her phone out and laughs as he models it.
“I’m so sexy.” He says.
“Hey, that fits you perfectly. You can have it, if you want. Let your girlfriend see you in it.” the first woman says, laughing.
Kisa laughs lightly.

They get back to the hotel and Kisa looks at all the submission videos. She finds a couple that seem promising. They perform as part of their submission videos. She sees producer Jun’s choices and only agreed on one. She finally finds the submission video that she was most anxious to see. They introduce themselves in their normal style, bowing to the camera. She smiles lightly. They play around and do a little dancing and singing. Jun didn’t think it would be possible seeing as they are K-pop idols, but she’s very interested in having them on the show. It even gives her an idea. While, choosing the last three choices she is re-writing the third episode completely. She then sends it over to the writers, reminding them that the original story did feature them in it and she would like to use them.
After a little bit she gets the producer and the director to her room. She opens the door and walks over to the sitting area where there’s a couch and two chairs flanking a coffee table. She sits in the chair and they sit on the couch. She crosses her legs.
“I want to go with the original story for episode three. The writers have already been notified and I’ve already talked to the CEO of the studio and he agrees with me.” She says.
“But…” the director starts. She holds up a finger.
“I can sue for creative infringement. You told me to change the story because you didn’t want the hassle. I told Mr. Barnes that and that under my contract I can pull my story and all the creative licenses out of his studio.” She’s not done, she’s got one more trick up her sleeve just in case the director doesn’t bow, but he nods. She smiles.
“Good. The studio is in talks right now. Also, I have my choices for the five, if you object I get it. It’s a long shot, but I saw their talent.” She says, handing producer Jun her piece of paper. He just nods. She chose Jimin and Namjoon as the ones to appear on the first episode. He looks at her. She smiles lightly.
“They submitted a video as just another fan of the show. I thought it was fair.”
Jun just shrugs. He kind of wanted to choose them too, but the director originally said no, so he was out voted, but since Kisa also chose, the director was out voted.
“So, tomorrow we’ll scope out some places to do our first shoot a few days from now. We’ll have a quick run through day after next.” The director says. He hates when Kisa threatens the CEO of the studio, but she did only agree to let the studio do this show, allowing her to retain all creative licenses and the ability to freely pull it from them. They walk out of the room.

Tomorrow morning they’re looking at all the different places that were suggested, but none look right, at least until they see the river park. It’s perfect for the first few minutes of the episode. The director is talking on the phone while they’re scoping out the next location.
“Okay, so it was approved by the company of BTS, they will not only be performing on our show they’ll also be allowed to participate in both episodes. It seems that the CEO of the company is a big fan of yours.”
She smiles lightly and laughs.
After several hours in the early morning they have scoped out several locations and while on their way to pick up their permits they drop off Kisa at her promotion for her book, Bad Reservation. She is escorted in, fans screaming out loud. They call out ‘please, goddess’ to get her to say her catchphrase, but she’s not here for that. She’s here for her book. In a few weeks’ time her book will either win or lose at the Prima Awards.
“Is it true that this story is in reference to your heritage?” a fan asks, while she signs her name.
“It is.” She says, sliding the book to her. She laughs lightly and takes the book.
“I was wondering what you did before being published?” another fan asks, she’s writing her name again.
“Before being published I went to school and got my master’s in Information Science and Technology. I was always writing. I got my first chance at becoming published because a friend of mine in California put my blog on his radio show. From there a small publisher helped me achieve my dreams.” She says.
“That’s so awesome.”
“So, just keep believing in your dreams and they’ll come true.” She adds, encouraging the young woman.
“Thank you.”
“I know this is off subject, but I just have to know. How fun was filming the Pillow Talk episode.” A woman asks.
She smiles. “It was miserable. There were feathers everywhere for weeks. We were filming our Christmas episode and if you look closely, you’ll see a couple of feathers falling from above. It added a nice effect, but kind of odd for it to be snowing inside.” She mentions, handing the book to her.
“Thank you. Good luck on the show. I can’t wait to see the end.” Kisa smiles and nods lightly.
After the book signing and answering countless questions about everything in her life, she was grateful to get away and finds herself at a skate park, watching a bunch of kids playing. They leave her alone for the most part; one of them keeps looking at her but doesn’t do anything. She stretches her legs out and puts her hands in her pockets. Her phone rings and she gets up and walks away from the skate park.
“Where are you?” Jun asks.
“I’ve been kidnapped. They won’t let me go until you pay them seven books of green stamps.” She says, walking down a street. She’s not keeping too close an eye on her surroundings.
“What the hell? Green stamps? Really, Kisa. You’re gonna use green stamps in your little scenario?” he says. She laughs lightly.
“Seemed appropriate. I’m actually not too far from the hotel. I’ll be just fine, Jun. See you tomorrow.” She hangs up the phone.
“Why don’t you hand over the phone, honey?” a man says behind her. She stops and turns around. She slips the phone in her back pocket.
“I’m sorry. I can’t. My phone is my lifeline.” She says and takes a step back with her right leg. He takes a few steps in front of her, but before he can do anything, she grabs him by the shoulders and juts her knee into his groin. He doubles down, curling into a ball. She looks up and sees RM standing there; he had seen that something was gonna happen and was going to help but stopped.
“A tender flower like me can’t be wandering the streets unprotected.” She says cute, taking a deep breath.
He doesn’t say anything, but then laughs out loud. She laughs lightly and turns around to walk away.
“I’ve never seen a tender flower hit like that.” He calls. She laughs and puts her hand up, waving lightly.

The next day, the six of them are in the hotel restaurant having breakfast going over the script. They mark their changes. They have a studio booked to film the rest of the second to last episode, but in the meantime, they’ll be meeting up with the five lucky winners, well three of them at least.
“My brain’s starting to hurt.” Alexis says.
“It’s okay, Alexis. At least you’re in this episode. I’m not in this one this time.” The second man states.
“Hey, that means you get to play food runner for us.” The first woman teases.
The third man just chuckles lightly. Kisa shakes her head and enjoys a stone pot meal, instead of what the others are eating. She hasn’t really eaten greasy food in many years, since she had to have her gallbladder removed.

At the studio after they meet with the three winners, they’re doing a quick run through before they start filming. Kisa’s in makeup getting made up, since the filming they’re doing, she doesn’t show back up until the end. The cast and the crew look to see the members of BTS walk in. They’re amazed at the elaborate set. It’s huge.
“Welcome, gentlemen. I’m Jun, I’m the main producer of ‘Deal with the Goddess’.” He introduces himself.
“Hello.” RM says. He translates for the other members who bow lightly.
“We’re doing a quick run through, then we’ll meet with you after we film this part.” He mentions. They sit in some chairs that were brought for them. Their managers watch the rehearsal. The CEO of the company would have loved to come and see the filming of the episode, but work calls and he’ll just have to wait.
After the rehearsal, they start filming. Everyone is quiet on the set and the cast films almost right through before Alexis messes up. He kneels down, laughing hard.
“Sorry, guys.” He says, still laughing.
They try again. He sighs heavily and stands back up. The first woman can’t contain her laughter, but thankfully she didn’t turn around yet and they didn’t catch it. She looks up and everyone looks and sees Kisa enter, she stretches and walks down the steps. She wears a brocade corset with black leather pants and no jacket. Her hair in a fishtail braid. She walks down the steps, no shoes on her feet.
“How’d you sleep goddess?”
“Not bad.” She gets to the last step and misses it, falling on her butt hard. She laughs out loud. The other cast members burst out laughing. Some of the crew does too, including BTS.
“Oh man that hurt! I think I bruised my butt!” she gets out. Alexis falls to his knees, holding his stomach. The first woman bends forward on the chair she was in front of, laughing so hard there’s no noise.
The cameras stop filming, and Jun walks up to her. She’s still laughing hard, rubbing the pain in her butt away. After a few minutes, she can finally talk.
“Are you okay?” he asks.
She stands up and rubs her butt again. “I think I’ll survive, but I think my butt’s gonna sue me for damages.” She says. That makes Alexis and the first woman laugh hard again.
“Let’s take a break and meet up with your guest cast really quick.” Jun says. She sighs and takes the towel from him. The seven members approach BTS. They’re frozen in their seats.
“It’s nice to meet you guys. We’re big fans of your music.” Alexis says, bowing lightly.
Kisa wipes her neck; the lights are hot when you’re laughing so hard. They each bow and introduce themselves. Kisa bows lightly.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Kisa. Glad you’re able to join us on this.” She says in Korean. RM smiles lightly, she speaks it very well.
“That was a good wipe out.” Jungkook says.
She laughs. “I’m a natural.” She says. They laugh again. The cast laughs and shakes their heads.
“We have to at least finish this scene, and then we can discuss your appearances.” The director says. “Kisa, we’ll take it with you at the bottom of the stairs.” She nods, and they take their places again.
The scene is shot without any more problems and they are able to move on. Kisa sighs heavily and the sets are changed and moved. It takes five hours to get to the end of the episode. Kisa had four costume changes.
This episode is the conclusion to the Master of None. The actor who plays the older man is in full makeup to have aged prematurely. He had wished to never age, but in return his wife and child took the punishment. On their deathbed, he reversed his wish and took the full brunt of the punishment.
The set is a nursing home that he was placed in. He sits in the bed and it looks like a real nursing home. The woman playing the nurse goes over her one line. She nods as Jun explains what she does, since it was changed slightly.
“Rolling!” The nurse is doing something on the machine when Kisa stands at the door. She knocks lightly. The woman looks back.
“Are you family?”
“I’m all he has left.” She states. The nurse nods and leaves. Kisa walks in and stands at the foot of the bed. “At least she placed you in a nice home.” She states, her hands behind her back. She wears a black dress, gothic style, but the top part is off the shoulders and the bodice of the dress is whalebone.
“You…” he gets out, but coughs. She walks around and grabs the cup of water.
“I can grant you one last favor.” He looks up at her. “A chance to be reborn. Start all over again.” He nods. She leans close to him. “I will do as you please.” She whispers and puts her hand on his arm. His head falls to one side. She stands up straight and walks out of the room. The camera moves on the man in the bed.
“Cut.” The director says.
“Alright. That was a hard five hours work.” Jun says.
“For who? I just sat in a bed for the last couple of minutes.” The man says getting out. The cast laughs. The members of BTS are clapping. Kisa sighs and runs her fingers through her hair; she’s standing next to Jimin. He looks at her and his breath catches in his throat. She walks over to the camera and looks over the director’s shoulder; they watch the last little bit. RM looks over and watches her. He leans over and tries to see more of the top of the dress.
The guys’ laugh lightly. J-Hope slaps his arm hard, trying not to laugh too hard.
“Ow.” She stands up and looks at the guys. They laugh harder. She raises her eyebrow.
“Looks good to me. Mind if I go change?” he shakes his head. She walks past the seven and goes to the changing room. They all watch her walk away.
When she returns they’re already talking about their scene and the episode they’ll be doing. Jimin is excited. He gets to act alongside Kisa. She sits down across from RM and crosses her leg, touching his. He jumps slightly and looks at her. She tilts her head lightly. Jun hands her the script for the first episode and the third episode. She looks through the first episode.
“We won’t talk too much about the performance until we’re actually filming, which will be in two days. This is gonna happen fast, since we also have to film the entire third episode.”
“Now, will we have any problems filming a concert full of people?” the third man asks.
“I don’t think so. Army is very understanding. Especially if they know that their boys will be filming.” Kisa says; she has her head on her hand.
They look at her. She’s an army too. They know it.
“How do you expect to fill an arena full of people in such short time?” Suga asks. The cast look at each other and Kisa smiles and gets an idea. She gets up and walks away. She talks on the phone for a minute. They look at each other and then she walks back and sits down.
“What plan do you have hatching in that sick and twisted brain of yours?” Jun asks.
“You’ll just have to wait and see.” She says.
After about twenty minutes of talking and getting things hammered out the group is satisfied. Kisa gets up and answers her phone. She walks away and out of the studio, she’s pacing back and forth, nodding lightly. She hangs up and watches the seven heading out.
“See you on location, Jimin. Namjoon.” She calls their names. They stop and look back watching her walk back in.

Two days later, the cast and crew are at the park. There is security to keep the fans away, just in case any show up. All seven get to watch the filming. It’s amazing, just the sheer amount of activity going on. The seven watch while the cast practice in their regular clothes, Kisa wears light blue ripped skinny jeans with suspenders and a white tee; she wears red converse high tops. The sides of the white tee are cut to under her bust and there are black corset ties, exposing some of her skin and a tattoo. They laugh when they mess up the lines. Kisa and the third man do their scene while the others read along.
“There you are. Welcome to ‘Deal with the Goddess.’ We have to get you into costume and then makeup.” Jun states. Jimin and RM are escorted into makeup after they change clothes. It’s nothing too dramatic. The other five are brought some chairs and they get to watch.
After an hour of costume and makeup, the first scene is set up. It’s with the third man and Kisa. They stand on the edge of the river; she stands up on the concrete, arms crossed.
“Kaiam, we better get going. The others will be wondering where we are. If we’re to do this thing, we have to plan this out.” He states.
“I know. Hopefully this little lead will pan out; otherwise I have some serious pain to dish out.”
He sighs lightly and walks away. She stands on the concrete alone. A ball goes bouncing into the water.
“Oh, no. My ball.” A little girl says, running after it. She looks to her left and sees a little girl make her way up to the slab and finds a way to the top. She climbs down and tries to reach for it. Kaiam watches as the little girl falls into the water.
It only takes a second for her to react and she slides down the slab and hanging on she grabs the little girl. She pulls her up and back onto land. She sighs heavily. The little girl cries. Kaiam straightens herself out.
Kisa is given a top layer to cover up her chest. It’s a short coat that ends under her bust. It has a large princess hood, long with a fluffy pouf at the end and long sleeves with a little flare.
“Good, Kisa?” the director asks. She gives the thumbs up. “Action!”
“The river is no place for a little girl.” She says and kneels in front of her. The little girl stops crying and looks at Kaiam.
“That was the ball my dad gave me before he was sent away and died.” She sniffles.
Kaiam looks at the ball, floating further away. She sighs and looks at the little girl again. “Dry those tears and I’ll get your ball for you.” The little girl looks at her happy. Kaiam smiles. “There we go. Smile.” She taps her nose lightly. Kaiam holds her hand up.
“Freeze!” the ball is fished out of the water. A ball is put in Kisa’s hand. “Action!” She hands the ball over to the little girl.
“Thank you!” she says, taking the ball and running off. Kaiam stands up and sighs lightly.
“Cut!” Kisa takes the coat off and hands it over to the costumer and she takes her next mark. Her dress is a classic, long black gothic style dress with a leather bodice and whalebone and the bottom is a silk skirt with feathers and fluff on the back just above her butt. There are short ¾ sleeves, this is the original dress.
“Ready Kisa?”
“For an eternity.” She says.
“Hush.” She laughs. “Action!”
Kaiam is walking along a path. She sees a young man by the edge of the river. She stops and watches him for a minute. After a few minutes she decides to approach him.
“She’s not worth it.”
He looks at her. “Excuse me?”
“Whoever it was that broke your heart. She’s not worth it.” Kaiam walks closer. Jimin has a hard time not containing his nervousness and he laughs. Kisa laughs. She takes a step back.
“I’m sorry. I’m nervous.” He says.
“Kisa don’t encourage him.” The director scolds. Kisa kneels down, laughing harder. “Let’s move on a minute. We’ll let you regain your composure.”
Kisa walks away and does her next part, over by the park. Jimin’s heart was beating so hard.
“Hope I don’t do that.” RM says. Jimin nods.
“You okay?” Jun asks, approaching them. Jimin nods again.
“We’re sorry. We’re nervous.” RM says.
“Kisa only plays a goddess. She’s really down to earth.” Jun says, handing Jimin some water.
“I’ll take over for you, Jimin!” Jin yells. The guys laugh.
“I got it!” Jimin yells back.
“After we get your part and yours, then you’ll be free to head out. We still have to finish as much as we can.”
“Okay. Thanks.” RM says.
“We can’t watch the rest of the filming?” Jimin asks.
“Uh, well, I don’t personally care, but we’d have to clear it with your agency first.” Jun says. “You ready?”
Jimin nods.
They are able to film Jimin’s part without any problems. He watches RM act. They’re on the street. He’s crossing the street, walking away from the park. There’s a car racing towards him. The car stops within inches from where he would be. He goes to the spot.
“Act scared. This car was racing towards you but is stopped by magick by Kaiam.” The director reminds him. He nods. “Action!” RM falls back. His eyes wide, surprise and fear in them. He looks at the front bumper of a car. Kisa grabs his arm and pulls him back onto the sidewalk. “Cut!” the car is pushed out of the way.
“Just pretend that that car just sped off without making you into a Namjoonie-cake.” She says softly. He looks at her. She looks at him and smiles.
“Action!” they move their heads. They both stand up. He looks at her; she looks at him a curious look on her face.
“I can’t figure you humans out. You spew love, but then when your hearts are broken, you become self-destructive.” She says.
“What’re you talking about?” he’s confused.
She sighs lightly. “You are a complicated creature. Cute, but complicated.” She says with a smile.
“Kaiam!” she looks to the left.
“Well, one more chance at life. Just remember, you’re not a cat. You don’t have nine lives and I won’t be there to save you next time.” She says and walks away. He turns around and watches her.
“And cut!” RM sighs heavily. He kneels, clutching his chest. She was so cute there, saying those lines to him. The other six meet up with him, laughing and teasing him. He stands up, laughing too. RM and Jimin return to change and the seven of them are all together again.
“Before you guys go, we have to get some hype about this episode.” Kisa calls after them. They look at her and are completely confused. RM and Jimin are in their regular clothes again. They’re brought back to the basketball court. They’re handed mics from one of the sound people.
The first woman holds Kisa’s phone, pointing it at her. She waves them to join her. They do and stand behind her. She wears her clothes from rehearsal this morning.
“Annyeong, Seoul. This is Kisa coming to you from the river park. As I’m sure you’ve heard we are filming our first three episodes of ‘Deal with the Goddess’ here in the city. The third episode is going to star a very special guest. They’re gonna need you, Army, to come to the arena seven days from now and make this the concert of a lifetime. Now, if you’ve read the books, then you know this is Bulletproof Luck and who better to represent luck than your own Bangtan Sonyeondan!” she says. Music starts. She steps aside.
They perform one of their most popular songs. Kisa smiles. The song ends, and the woman stops filming. She hands Kisa the phone who posts it all over her social media. As soon as she does the rest of the cast’s phones make noise. They start the chain, sending it out.
“I’m glad you guys caught on quick.” She says, walking up to them.
“We were surprised, but when your sound people handed us mics, it was pretty obvious.” RM says. She smiles, her body moves side to side lightly.
“If that wasn’t a great tipoff, then I would’ve had to employ the infamous squeaky hammer.” She teases. They laugh.
“Can we get that and post it as well?” Jungkook asks.
“Of course.” She hands him her phone. “There’s an app that you can use to send files between phones without them being connected.” She states. The guys look at her phone and Jin sees the app and opens it. Jungkook uses it to transfer the file to each of their phones.
“See you guys, later. We have to finish filming this episode. I guess in a few days Jun will contact you and we’ll start filming Bulletproof Luck.” She says. Suga hands her the phone back. She keeps her hand out. He sighs and puts her phone in her hand.
“Cute. Nice try. I know my phone.” She says.
“I tried.” He says with a shrug. They tease him, getting caught.

About three days later, the seven are back to start filming Bulletproof Luck. It starts with them meeting the great goddess Kaiam. The story goes that Kaiam is down on her luck, she’s nowhere to finding the one that had originally had her banished to the mortal realm. While here, she has since had to regain her own place amongst the other gods. They all looked down on her, she was a forbidden goddess, no temple, save for one that was thought to have sunk into the depths of the ocean thousands of years ago. Her presence on this realm, though, is starting to wreak havoc on the humans. Her meddling with their mortality and playing with their souls has created a vortex. The original summoner must be killed to set the world right, but she might never make it home, so she doesn’t know which is worse, sending this world into chaos or be stuck here forever. In the meantime, to set some wrongs right she has to find seven.
“Seven what is still confusing.” The third man acts. In the series his name is Kismet.
“All oracles were higher than kites from my experience.” Kaiam states.
“That doesn’t help, Kaiam.” Alexis’ character’s name is Raul, a mythology professor that had survived Kaiam’s special brand of devotion. She released him from his contract and he ended up just kind of sticking around. The three females’ names are Freya, Mia and Gretchen. Freya is an angel that was banished here after her charge was killed by Kaiam. They had partnered up in the fourth episode of season one to deal with a sloth like creature.
“Okay. The oracle said that to close the vortex was to either kill the original summoner, which we know he’s here, but where I don’t know. Or I selflessly give of myself to seven.”
“I mean, you’re talented, but to give of yourself selflessly, I don’t think you could physically handle it.” The second man says; his character’s name is Valentine. He walks into the old mansion that they all occupy.
“I think I got it.”
“Got what?” Mia asks.
“The seven you’re supposed to help.” He holds up a picture of seven pieces of art. Kaiam sits in the chair, head resting on her hand, looking at him curiously.
“I would’ve said artwork had the oracle said artwork. These are definitely seven living breathing humans.” Kaiam says.
“Nice try, Kismet.” Freya says. She gets up from her seat and goes into the kitchen. “Kaiam!” she sighs and snaps her fingers. “Thank you!” she walks back in and is holding a cold bottle of soda. She sits back down.
A few more hours of filming and then Kaiam is out walking the streets. The particular area was notified of filming going on and was advised to not interfere, but if they wanted to appear they were to contact them at the mansion before filming started.
Normally, Kaiam, if she wants to she cannot be seen by normal humans, but because of the whole vortex and balance thrown off, she stops when people are able to see her. She moves quickly into an alley. She’s filmed breathing heavily, freaked out.
“Cut!” Kisa is helped by the costumer with the removal of the dress and she wears light jeans with a ripped knee and fitted V-neck tee with corset ties on the back, revealing a wings tattoo. She’s helped with a bust length hoodie. “Action!” she steps out of the alley. She’s freaked out that humans can see her.
The seven come to her rescue after Kaiam saves a cat from being attacked by a group of teenagers. She had protected the cat with her body.
RM kneels down and touches her shoulder. She flinches. He backs up quick. “It’s okay. We won’t hurt you.” He says.
She opens her eyes and the cat runs out of her arms. She sits up and looks at the seven guys looking at her. They look at her surprised at the fact there isn’t a scratch on her.
“You okay?” Jin kneels, he’s behind RM. She moves back, knees close to her body.
“It’s okay. You don’t have to be scared of us. Why would you put yourself in danger for a mangy feline?” RM asks.
“That mangy feline has as much right to be here as any of you.” She says. “Maybe more so.” She gets up and runs away.
“Cut!” the seven stands up.
The sun has set, and the seven guys are filmed at a dance practice. They are working on some of their harder choreography. Kisa watches, smiling widely.
Bulletproof Luck was a hard story for Kisa to write. It wasn’t hard to write about her being here, but for her to run into a famous group, without them needing her help even temporarily, was gonna be difficult.
After the filming, they go to the next location, a large mansion. It’s a party for the rich and famous. They’re dressed in very nice clothes and their part is filmed. The man who had originally summoned her was throwing the party. Her magick didn’t affect him. He has her most precious item. A necklace that protects him from her magick.
Kaiam reveals to them who she is and what they can do to help her. It’ll backfire, and the man will know why they’re there, crashing his party. Instead of them being shot, though, she takes the shots for them, revealing large black wings.
While they film the party, Kisa is wired up for the gunshot wounds. The wings will be CGI as well as some of the shots. The corset is loosened on the dress to compensate for the gunshots.
She watches on the screen; their acting is amazing. They look amazing in their clothes.
“Those must’ve cost us a mint.” She says to Jun.
“Thankfully they’re just rented.” He says.
“You’re up, Kisa.” The director says. She’s filmed running through the mansion, pushing through the people to reach them before they’re harmed. She can’t see them being hurt on her account. Enough people have been hurt on her account or by her.
She reaches the upper floor just in time to see the gunman on the balcony above. She yells and runs through, pushing through the people.
The man smiles. She jumps in front of the seven just in time. She reacts to the shots and falls to her knees. Their eyes widen. They have to imagine wings having been spread.
“Cut!” the costumer comes with three others with a wing contraption and put it on her. Thankfully she’s sitting this time. The first time she used these things, she almost fell backwards. They add pools of blood around some of the feathers. They move away from the scene.
“When I say action, everyone scatter!” the director says. “Action!” the extras scream and run. Suga pushes through the crowd after the man while RM holds her up.
“Kaiam, stay with me!” he yells shaking her shoulders. She’s close to passing out. “Kaiam!”
He’s supposed to slap her, but not actually, but he can’t. He has his hand raised. The director was about to call cut when Jungkook walks around and does it for him.
“Suga!” he walks back in, walking down the steps. He carries the necklace. Kaiam looks at the most precious piece of heaven in the entire world. She looks up at him.
“Take it. It’s yours now.”
She holds her hand out to him. He drops it in her hand.
“Cut!” the costumers remove the wings. She stretches her back quickly and gets back in place. “You okay, Kisa?” she gives the thumbs up. “Okay. Action!” She stands up and walks past him. The camera follows her out to the balcony where he’s supposed to be. He’s lying on the ground; the makeup team did an awesome job and so quickly.
“I have to make this right. I have to close the vortex and the only way was with your blood, but after spending time here I won’t stoop so low. I’ll find my own way to close it.” she turns around.
He laughs. She stops. He gets up on his knees.
“This world has made you soft, earth destroyer. Do those boys know what you really are?”
“Do you?” she walks away.
“And cut!” that’s the end of the scene. She grabs her cheek.
“Ow!” she says, her eyes finally watering. She’s laughing lightly though.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to have to do the scene over again. We screwed up too many times.” Jungkook says, apologizing. They can hear some of the crew laughing.
“Don’t worry, but it hurt. You didn’t even hit me hard. I just wasn’t expecting that.” She says.
“It looks real then.” Suga states blankly. She flips him off.
“You should do your own stunts more often, Kisa.” Alexis states. The cast laughs.
“I just can’t get a break, can I?” the cast and crew laugh. “What’s the last scene?” she asks walking away. The guys laugh following behind. The actor playing the man follows behind. They’re on the first floor of the mansion; Kisa’s changing into the dress with the hole where the wounds would be. The rest of the cast are preparing for their entrance. She walks back in with the wounded dress. RM watches her makeup getting touched up. He looks at the two holes, one exposes more of the valley between her breasts and the other exposes her stomach. She wears the necklace.
They get positioned at the top of the steps.
“Action!” they walk down the steps, Kaiam leading the seven. “Okay!” the six runs through the doors and sees the seven and Kaiam. They are relieved to see that they are all okay. “Donald!”
He runs in and stands at the top of the steps. “Kisa!” he yells. That automatically makes her laugh.
“Cut!” the director yells. She turns around.
“My name’s Kaiam, Donald!” she yells. He’s on his knees laughing too hard. The other cast laughs hard.
“Reset!” it took three tries, but they finally get the shot.

Kisa walks out of the trailer after changing and sees RM still hanging out. She puts her coat on. She walks up to him and taps his shoulder. He jumps and turns around. She jumps back.
“Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.” She says.
“No. I’m sorry.” He says. She’s glad that he can speak English. She was getting tired of speaking Korean. Her brain was starting to get confused.
“So, tomorrow is the concert.” He says.
“Yeah. It’s gonna be interesting.” She says and starts to walk away. “Have a good night Namjoon-ah. See you tomorrow.” She says.
“Uh…wait. Where were you going?” he asks. She stops and turns around.
“Back to the hotel. I have other things I have to do.”
“What about eating?” he asks.
“I haven’t even thought about food. Probably won’t eat until tomorrow morning.”
“That’s not good. You should eat something.”
“You gonna cook?” she asks. He laughs lightly and shakes his head. “Good. I was gonna say. I’ve seen you cut onions. It’s good to go with your strengths, like rapping and writing lyrics.”
“Wow. Harsh.” He says. She laughs lightly.
“Sorry. Just being honest.” She shrugs.
“No, I was thinking of getting something to eat. Maybe noodles. Something quick.” He says.
“I’d rather go with you than what I have to actually do, but I can’t. I have to get back. Thanks for the offer, though.” She walks away.
“Uh…” he catches up with her. “Can I at least get you back to the hotel?” he offers. She smiles and nods.

Back at the hotel, she invites him up. He’s intrigued and follows. She laughs lightly and shakes her head, pushing him lightly. He laughs and stops when she opens the door. His eyes widen. It’s a huge suite, complete with a huge balcony.
“Holy crap.” He walks in. She laughs and nods lightly. She kneels by the desk and pulls out a cup ramen. She tosses him one. He catches it.
“You mentioned noodles.” She says.
They’re sitting at the coffee table eating the cup ramen. He sees the stuff around, and its story concepts and storyboards for the next couple of episodes of ‘Deal with the Goddess’. He looks at them, wondering why she would have them. He sees the book Bad Reservation and picks it up. He accidently knocks the book bag on the ground and the original book of ‘Deal with the Goddess’ falls out. He picks it up and looks at her. She looks at him not really revealing anything by her expression.
“Did you like the book before you started acting?” he asks. He doesn’t want to jump to conclusions. She sits back and crosses her legs.
“I think you know the answer, but I’ll let it simmer in your head for a minute.” He opens the back of the book and sees the about the author, but no picture. He reads the back and then opens it and sees the same math problem and DNA sequence that he saw on her side and her clothes.
“Why don’t you want anyone to know you wrote this? Do you know…”
“I do, but I choose to remain anonymous. I like being judged by my acting skills instead of the fact that I wrote it. Do you think the show would do as well as it does, if the public, at large, knew I was the writer and creator? It never would’ve gotten off the ground. It’s in my contract that no one is to reveal who I am. Hence the name Kisa, instead of my actual name.” she states.
“And the design?” she raises her eyebrow. “I know what it is, but…”
She smiles. “My ancestors broken down into just genomes and math.” She says.
“Clever.” She smiles and nods. He finishes eating. “So, what made you go the actress route instead of staying in the IT field?” he asks.
“I’ve always found myself as a writer first. IT was something that intrigued me after. I’ve created three apps since I’ve graduated. They’ve all taken off; my latest is a translator app. I’ve always had a desire to travel and it was always a horrendous thought to learn a language. So, now this app helps people speak the language and survive the world at large.”
“Wow.” He’s impressed.
“I also created a music app. I had the idea when I was messing around with my program on my laptop. You can write a song with just a simple touch and set it for any instrument. So, someone who loves music, but isn’t inclined can write their own tunes. They can create a symphony if they want all on one app.”
“That’s cool. I’ve never seen that app anywhere, though.”
“Yeah. It’s in a limited market, which is probably why Suga tried to steal my phone.”
He laughs. “Makes sense now.” She nods.

The morning comes and there’s a knock at the door. Kisa sits up and stretches. She looks at RM lying next to her, crashed out. His arms around her. She crawls over him and steps outside. She walks back in; the others following behind. She walks into the bedroom and closes the door. They stand around him.
“Namjoon!” they all yell. He jumps and looks at them. They hear her laugh on the other side of the door.
“You were here all night and nothing?”
“How do you know?” he asks.
“I can hear you.” She says behind the closed door. She walks back in, changed and looking like a fresh flower. She wears light pink skinny jeans and a white dress shirt with the sides slit to under her bust. There’s a Henley tank underneath. “That’s what I need for my reputation. To be bed by a K-pop idol. The press would have a field day.” She says. The guys laugh out loud. “It’s every girls dream come true.” She grabs the cups and throws them away.
“Congratulations.” She looks at Suga. “Your social media video has gone viral. There are thousands flooding the arena, waiting to find out who’s going to be able to attend.”
“How many?” she takes his phone and looks. Her eyes widen. “Wow. Seventy-five thousand people are inquiring about it.” she says with a laugh and a wide smile. They all look at her surprised. “Thanks. I’ll let the director know. You guys better go. I have work to do.” She says. “We have to finish filming the episode.” She states.
“We’re being excused by the goddess.” Suga smarts. She steps right up to him, she’s shorter than him, but she’s definitely got a powerful presence.
“I’d turn you into a cute little mouse first if I were a goddess.” She says softly, her voice is slightly hard. “I’ll see you guys later. Jun will let you know what’s next.” She says.
The seven leave. RM stops. “Sorry about that.” She shrugs her shoulder. He leans down and kisses her lightly. She closes the door behind him.

They’ve filmed every scene that remained. All that was left was the big concert at the end. She’s had thousands of shirts printed for this auspicious occasion. She walked down the line and chose about fifty people to receive special shirts with the ‘Deal with the Goddess’ insignia on the back, which is a blood stamp of a genome and wing. On the front is the name Bangtan Sonyeondan with their signatures on it and the cast on the back. At the bottom hem is the date of this moment. Afterwards, the fans are let into the arena. They’ve brought their BTS bombs and notice the large camera above. Kisa walks out onto the stage.
“Annyeong.” She says with a bow. “As you can see we have a large setup for this special filming. I ask that you not interfere with the camera crew and I apologize in advance for their interference. We are filming the concert scene of the Bulletproof Luck episode for ‘Deal with the Goddess’. While they will be singing live, we have to first film our individual scene before the start. Please refrain from loud noises until the signal and then there will be a quick interruption then the concert will finish afterwards. Be genuine, show your love. Please be patient and the boys will be right out. Thank you.” She says bows and walks off, runs off, because she has to change.
Out front of the arena, the cast is filming; the scene is up on the jumbo screen for the vast ARMY to enjoy. The cast enters and that signals the concert to start. The crowd goes wild. The cameras move around. There’s a drone camera flying around, catching the electric energy of the audience. Kisa smiles. At the mark, the fifty that were given the special shirts move the crowd as she walks up to the stage. The guys stop. The music is cut off. The crowd closes behind the cast. The six stay behind while Kaiam walks up on stage.
“I just want to say thank you for all you’ve done for me.”
“The vortex?” Suga asks.
“I’m going to close it now.” She holds the necklace out to RM. He takes it. She sets it in his hand.
“What about you?” he asks.
She shrugs. “Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll meet again. Until then, I keep on trying to get home.” She says.
“You mean…” Jungkook says. She looks at him.
“It’s just a piece of jewelry now. One that I’ve detested since it was made. So, I drained it of its power and that’s what I'm gonna use to shut down the vortex.”
“You can’t stay here, can you?” RM asks.
She shakes her head. “Not here, not now.” She walks up to him and kisses his cheek. “Sing well.” She says and jumps off the stage, she exits the way she came, the cast following behind her. They exit the arena.
“Cut!” the director says.
The audience cheers wildly. RM holds the mic to his lips, allowing the crew to remove the mics for the show off of them.
“Can Kisa and the others come back here?” he asks. They enter the arena and walk up to the stage slowly at first, then the audience starts cheering wildly and starts chanting for them. They jog the rest of the way to the stage and are shown how to get on stage. “Let’s give them a round of applause real quick.”
The audience cheers wildly. A couple of them scream for Kisa. They allow her to step forward and she takes a bow.
“Thank you. Thank you very much. You should also cheer for yourselves.” She looks back at the guys. “You guys have the best fans. Army truly loves Bangtan and I’m glad to be counted as one of them.” The audience cheers wildly. She claps and bows once more. “Enjoy the concert on behalf of ‘Deal with the Goddess’ and the crew. We need to finish filming the concert, don’t forget. Be yourselves; show the world your love.” She says, and they get off the stage once more and walk out of the arena, enjoying the wild cheers and applause by the fans.
The concert finishes and the seven are shown running through the arena and look out the window. The drone camera moves away from the window. In the show they’ll be looking at the vortex disappearing in the sky.

Several days later, the crew and cast have packed up and they are on their way back home. Kisa had to stay back for a few days and do a couple of promotions, including a television talk show with regards to the filming that was wrapped up and the concert that took place.
“How did it feel as an ARMY to work with the guys?” the host asks.
She smiles. “It was amazing. We still had a few scenes after the concert had wrapped, but it will forever be the best experience of my life.”
“So, what would you say to the fans right now?”
She looks at the camera. “Thank you. Not just as ARMY, but as citizens of this beautiful city. It has been my honor to be here and to have witnessed your awesomeness. I will treasure this moment for as long as I live.” She says.
“That’s beautiful.” He says. “Who’s your bias?” he finally asks. She laughs lightly and thinks for a second.
“Without a doubt Kim Namjoon.” She says.
Some fans in the crowd screams. She laughs lightly.
“How was it working with them?”
“They were a blast. So funny. During one of the scenes, Namjoon was supposed to “slap me”, but he couldn’t so instead of losing even more time, Jungkook did and actually hit me.” The host laughs.
“I hope it wasn’t hard.”
She shakes her head. “It wasn’t hard, but it surprised the heck out of me.” She laughs.
“You tied up downtown Seoul for several hours while filming, what was that like?”
“It was hectic and stressful and because we had such a small window of time we only had one chance to get it right. Thankfully the two contest winners were very talented.”
“What can we expect from these first three episodes of season two?”
“You’ll just have to watch.”
“Are you meeting up with BTS at all?”
“Not since the shooting for the concert wrapped. The rest of the cast had other scenes to shoot so we couldn’t enjoy the rest of the concert, but from social media the fans were beyond pleased. They enjoyed the concert and from what I hear the guys performed several more songs than normal. I have to say, I’m jealous.”
“Yes, but I guess, if I weren’t doing ‘Deal with the Goddess’ I never would’ve gotten the chance to meet them. So, I may be ARMY, but I’m also Kaiam first. So, I guess I should thank the writer for writing this book and allowing me to meet them.”
“Here’s your chance.”
She looks at the screen; she laughs again and bows again. “Thank you for writing ‘Deal with the Goddess’, who would’ve thought that out of all the women out there I would be chosen to play Kaiam. I hope I am living up to your vision of her.” She says.
“I must confess…” She looks at him. “When I was told that you were gonna be on the show, I had to surprise you. Let’s bring out our musical guest.”
She looks back and sees BTS perform. She smiles and watches. Afterwards, they join her on stage; she stands up and hugs each of them, tearing up slightly. RM laughs, hugging her back. Jin has a bouquet of flowers for her. He hands them to her, she takes them and they all sit down. She wipes away the tears.
“Are these tears of joy?”
“Of course. I’m ARMY. Meeting my group, the ones I’ve followed since my humble beginnings, who’ve inspired me to write some of my poetry. Oh, I am over the moon.” She says.
“We feel the same.” Jungkook says.
She laughs and blushes. “To hear that from you, Jungkook, makes my heart happy.”
“So, we have to know, guys, how was it working with a legend like Kisa?”
“Awesome.” Jimin says. “She was so down to earth and easy to relate to.”
“Definitely not afraid to be who she is.” Suga says.
“That’s a high compliment coming from Suga.” She says. The guys laugh. They know she got his number.
“She’s amazing. I’ve never seen such talent.” RM says.
“She took a slap like a man.” V says. They all laugh.
“Thank you.”
“She’s able to handle so many hats and not let it get to her head.” Jin says.
“You could take notes from her.” Suga says. They laugh. Jin shakes his head and says nothing.
“I enjoyed the heck out of every moment.” J-Hope says.
She smiles. “So, did I. It was nice to get the chance to sit and talk with Namjoon on some of our breaks while filming. He was the perfect sounding board.” He laughs lightly, blushing lightly. “They all had really good ideas.”
The guys smile happily, proud.
“It was easy to talk to you. You listened to us.” Jimin states. She smiles lightly.
“It’s not every day that you meet a producer and director that listen so well to the cast, let alone guest cast.” Jin says.
“You and your crew are highly praised all around.” The host says.
“Yes, I guess so.” she says.
“One more thing and we have to wrap this up.” The host says. She looks curiously. “Please, goddess.”
She laughs and sets the flowers on her spot. She kneels down next to his seat, both hands on the arm. She looks up at him, with a puppy like cuteness.
“I will do as you please.” She says softly. He blushes and coughs. She smiles and sits back in her seat.
“Well, that’s all the time we have for now. We’ll see you next time.” He bows, still blushing. The camera turns off. “One last thing…” she looks at him. He hands her Bad Reservation. She smiles and opens it signs her name. She hands him the book and he gets up and goes to his room. BTS are greeted outside with countless fans. She smiles and starts to go a different way.
“Kisa!” countless fans call her name. She stops and walks out fully. “We love you!” “I was at the concert! You were amazing!” fans scream. She bows and ends up signing her name along with BTS’.

Several hours later Kisa finally arrives at the airport. She looks out the window at the people and gets out, grabbing her two bags and walks through the airport towards her gate. She sits in a chair; she has her sunglasses over her eyes and a hood up, to cover her hair. She may be a star, but she likes traveling without the star treatment.
“Hey.” She looks up and sees the seven standing in front of her. She stands up. She’s confused.
“What’s going on?” she’s honestly confused.
“We had asked Jun and he told us that you’ll be back on a mini tour for your new release and we want to put our bid in.”
“Excuse me?” she’s confused.
“We want you to be in one of our MVs as Kaiam and Kisa.” RM says.
“Oh and…” Suga hands over a book. She’s confused, looking at him like a curious little puppy. “Just sign it. Our CEO wanted really bad to meet you.” He says. She digs in her bag and signs it. She hands it back, still holding her hand out.
“Phone.” He gives her his phone. She puts the musician app in his phone. She holds it out to him. “You share this with anyone; I will hunt you down and take it out of your blood.” She threatens. He takes his phone back and nods.
Her plane is boarding. “It’ll be awhile…” RM says and kisses her. Her eyes widen. He moves back. She takes a deep breath and smiles.
“Take care of that necklace.” She flicks at it on his chest. She grabs her bags and boards the plane.


© September 21, 2017