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Everything's Quiet

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There was a body found in an alleyway. That body is being autopsied now by Melinda Warner. 


Detectives Benson and Stabler have been called by her. They drove over there, from the coffee shop that they were at.


They walked inside.




Elliot decided he'd stay quiet while Melinda is explaining things about the body to them.


They walk over to Melinda. There's a sheet covering the body.


“So?” Olivia asked her.


Melinda uncovered the body, moving the sheet halfway off the dead corpse. Decomposition hasn't happened yet so, he has not been dead long.


“He's an african american male, mid to late 20s. He has cuts and bruises over his face from a brutal beating. He had a concussion, possibly from being hit over the head, repeatedly with something hard.” Melinda started to explain.


Olivia looked at her. “Wooden bat?”


“No, it had to be something like a wall. Then, he got blurry, darkened vision, falling unconscious. But, that's not what killed him. He has red markings around his neck, like when you're trying to strangle someone with a cord or wire. Then, whoever did this, started to strangle him with their bare hands. He had a will to live. When they couldn't kill him that way, they finally just killed him by putting a bullet into the back of his head.”


“Execution style.” Olivia said


“Exactly. That's not all. I also found and noticed he was ripped inside by anal penetration.”


“He was raped.” Elliot said to that.


“Yeah. Roughly. Whoever raped and killed this guy, they really hated him.” Melinda replied


“How many hours since he's been dead?” Elliot asked


“During what he went through, five hours. He's been dead for eight hours. He was found at 10am, this late morning. And last night, this all started at maybe 9pm, in the night. He's been dead probably since 2am.”


“This guy went through five hours of hell before dying.” Olivia also said.




Elliot looked at the body for a second. “Ok. Now we have to find out who our killer and dead guy is.”


Melinda looks at them. “Already got this guy covered.”


“Who is he?” Olivia also asked her.


“His name is Lamar Davis.”