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Elemetal Odyssey

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Tell me O’muse, of the ingenious heroines, the successors of fallen Gods who travelled to world’s end to rescue their lone brother.


Her eyelids felt like lead as they opened but the cruel sun left Katara burning and she quickly arose at the realisation of where she was.


“I thought you were dead. I was contemplating as to whether to cremate you or let the sea take you away,” a voice spoke behind her. Katara turned to find a girl there. She was as tall as Katara but had fairer skin with raven hair and amber eyes. “Thank you for not burning me,” Katara replied as she gave a slight bow to the girl who chuckled in response.


“I don’t want to be too intrusive but I must ask what happened to you?” the girl asked as she gestured her hands up and down pointing towards katara. Katara looked down to see what alarmed the girl so much : her arms and legs were burnt and as she felt her face she could feel the skin peeling off. As she further inspected her limbs she found more cuts that she hoped she would find. “Oh my I don’t look too good,” Katara said “You look like a corpse,” the girl replied “you need somebody to help you with this” she continued.


“Your concern is appreciated but this isn’t much of a problem,” Katara replied. The girl stared at Katara with her brows furrowed “are you...certain?” the girl asked, concerned. Katara laughed as she began walking to the water.


“That’s the sea. It will sting,”


“Don’t you worry I’ll be alright,”


She would be alright. She was the daughter of Poseidon, the sea was his domain, he commanded the waters and she knew she could too.


The water felt cool as it washed the sand away from her feet and as she waded deeper into the sea her cuts stung. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The water that once stung in her cuts was now soothing, her burnt face felt cool as the water trickled up and danced through her burns. As she opened her eyes she felt renewed.


“Wow you actually look quite pretty when you’re not cooked,” the girl replied as Katara walked back to the beach. Katara looked at the girl who wore an unamused face. “So there was a reason for me to suddenly crave a walk to the beach at night. Who knew it would be to rescue a daughter of Poseidon,” the girl spoke. Katara suddenly took a step back as she looked at the girl



“You put on a show where you walk in the sea and come out newborn? I thought you wanted me to know,” the girl interrupted her as she laughed. “Also now that I know that, I also know why you looked like shit,” the girl continued as her expression suddenly sombered. Katara looked down at the sand, the girl knew what had happened.


Screams and cries echoed in Katara’s mind and while the cuts and burns healed, her chest remained hollow. “The Gods are gone,” the girl spoke “Olympus is gone,” Katara affirmed. The girl took a deep breath and then said “let me take you to my house, you must be hungry,” Katara had no home and nobody to turn to, who was she to turn down an offer? “Alright,” Katara said as she gestured the girl to show the way. There was no turning back; there was nothing to go back to.