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Prison Break | KiriTodo (Prisoner Kirishima x Officer Todoroki AU)

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Kirishima day in his cell with a quick blueprint of the whole prison.

'I don't even get what this is trying to say..." He thought to himself. Kirishima used a pencil given to on his request and began circling. While working, Kirishima got a note from the cell next to him.

The note read:

How's the work going with trying to escape?


On the other side of the note, Kirishima wrote his reply, however he heard footsteps from outside and he quickly hid away his note. He got a look at who was coming by and it was Officer Todoroki. The hot son of the police chief. Officer Todoroki didn't usually come to their prison, but whenever he did Kirishima always felt something was strange.

Officer Todoroki stopped in front of his cell.

"You're Kirishima Eijirou right?" Todoroki asked.

'Did he already forget my name?' Kirishima thought to himself.

"Yes sir. I am Kirishima Eijirou." Kirishima responded. He glanced to the side to see prison guard Midoriya next to him.

"Alright then, come with me." Todoroki spoke.

Kirishima was surprised. 'What does he need me for?' He thought again. Midoriya got out the keys and opened up his cell and handcuffed Kirishima. As Kirishima was being lead to one of the rooms, Kaminari and Sero who shared a cell together gave him some snarky comments.

"Yikes bro. You must be in trouble again." Kaminari chuckled.

"Ahaha yeah. Better keep our promise." Sero shouted.

"Aw shut up!" Kirishima yelled. He forgot he was next to Officer Todoroki.

"Shut up you two! Or else both of you are gonna have cleaning duty next." Midoriya shouted. Both went quiet.

Kirishima walked in the room to see Satou in there with his arm bandaged. Kirishima quickly felt a tingle in his spine.

"Sit here Kirishima." Todoroki pointed to the chair in front of Satou.

Kirishima did as he was told. He glanced up at Satou to see him glaring at him.

"Do you know why you're here?" Todoroki was up at Kirishima's side close to his face.

"Why?" He asked. Kirishima knew why he was there, but didn't exactly want to have things get worst.

"Witnesses told us and the security footage told us you got in a fight with prisoner 45, Satou Rikidou here didn't you?" Todoroki spoke.

"Y-yeah..." Kirishima replies. He turned away from Officer Todoroki.

"Seriously that's all you have to say? No sorry? My life is complete hell now that my arm is broken." Satou yelled he got up, but was quickly brought down by Midoriya.

"That's enough now prisoner 45." Midoriya whispered. Satou took a seat and continued glaring at Kirishima.

Kirishima looked down onto the ground. It was really childish and unmanly of him to fight over a whole misunderstanding.

"This resulted in prisoner 45, Satou Rikidou breaking his arm. You do realize what may happen to you right." Todoroki asked.

"Let me guess, solitary confinement, three more years in prison, who even knows..." Kirishima muttered.

Before Todoroki responded, he requested Satou and Midoriya to leave.

"Can you and 45 step outside for just a moment?" Todoroki whispered into Midoriya's ear.

Midoriya nodded and quickly guided Satou our for a second.

"Hey wait I want to hear what will happen to him!" Satou exclaimed. Midoriya forced his hand to make him stop talking.

"Oh you'll know, but that won't be until later." Todoroki announced and quickly closed the door and covered up the small mini window.

"Hey why'd you ask them to leave?" Kirishima asked, he could feel his head beating.

"Well because you've assaulted someone in prison, the least you can get is an extended 1 year in prison. The most? Probably up to, I don't know 20 years and solitary confinement." Todoroki explained.

Kirishima nodded and slumped into his chair. He didn't want to go into solitary confinement or stay 20 years. One year and another one to go.

"So, you asked why I made Midoriya and that other prisoner leave?" Todoroki asked and got close to him yet again.

"No, why'd you ask both of them to leave?" Kirishima asked and that's when Todoroki put his mouth and pressed onto his. Kirishima didn't stop him at all. As they finished, Kirishima pushed off.

"W-wait why'd you do that all of a sudden, and what about the s-security cameras?" Kirishima insisted. He was shocked by the kiss and turned away.

"Security cameras, I turned them off for a moment and the person monitoring you is off by now. And why? I always been fond of you in a way." Todoroki said. He sat onto the chair in front of Kirishima and drank his water.

"What do you mean by that? You in love with a prisoner?" Kirishima asked.

"Don't pretend you aren't gonna admit you like me too." Todoroki said and continued drinking.

"Well I don't know about that, but all those times you chatted with me, gave me some drinks-" And Kirishima was hushed by officer Todoroki.

Todoroki walked outside to ask Midoriya and Satou to come back inside. As the two walked in, Officer Todoroki had a few more things to say.

"Your trial will be set on Thursday, the judge will determine your sentence so, go back to your cell and rethink what you've done." Officer Todoroki said and then left.

Kirishima walked back to his cell and was uncuffed. He sat in his bed rethinking what had happened. He felt something in his pocket and it was a note from officer Todoroki.

I'll be back for you in court.

-Officer Todoroki

Kirishima put the note back into his pocket. He later down on his bed and just stared at the ceiling. He barely got any sleep.