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"Hey everyone, it's PrettyBoyQ here. Today, we're gonna unbox some fan mail!" the red-head said to the camera, smiling happily as he held up a box before scooting out of the way, several stacks of envelopes and several boxes behind him on his bed. Trevor smiled as he watched, his legs crossed as he rested his feet up on his desk. The YouTuber was one of Trevor's favorites, always watching whenever he went live to do his unboxing videos or a vlog of him going to a store to buy whatever. He hated when he had to miss his live videos though, but he couldn't exactly drop all of his work just to watch. He was glad that the YouTuber had a set schedule for his live videos though, easily able to make time most of the time. 


"Alright so first is from Ingrid from New York. Wow, I actually glanced over all of the addresses and most of you are from New York." he said, carefully opening the box and pulling out a note. "It says 'Dear Q, I've been watching you from your first video until now and I really love everything you do. I hope that you can make room for this on your shelf or something. Take care.' Aw Thank you so much, Ingrid. Let's see. Oh, it's a stuffed bear! How cute, he's got a little bow tie. Thank you for this. I'll put him up next to my sloth." he said, getting up off his chair and going to get onto his bed, putting the gift bear beside a stuffed sloth on a shelf above his bed. "Perfect!"


"Mr. Langan." 


Trevor sighed and muted the video, looking up from his phone. 


"Ah, Olivia. To what do I owe the pleasure?" he asked, setting his phone down and scooting back to rest his feet on the ground.


"You're defending a perp that a vic defended? I was a little surprised." she said.


"Even the lowest of the low are entitled to a good lawyer. But I'm sure that's not all you came here for." 


"Well, after the case is done and over with, I was wondering if you'd like to go out to dinner." she offered, hands in her pockets.


"You could have called me for that. I'll have to call and let you know my answer though." he said. Olivia nodded and smiled. "What else?"


"Oh nothing." she said, going to leave. Trevor didn't wait until he heard the door shut to unmute.


"Thank you so much, Johnny. This is such a cute bracelet, it matches my eyes." He showed the gray and black bracelet after putting it on his wrist before going and opening another package. The video went on like that for another 15 minutes before he stopped. "I can't get to everyone's on camera today but please keep your eyes peeled for a thank you note in the mail. Until next time!" 


When he shut off the camera, he sighed and smiled, turning around in his chair as he looked at the mess of opened envelopes and boxes on the floor. His phone began notifying him of comments and likes to the video but he didn't check yet, going to begin writing out the thank you notes. That took a good few hours before he took a break to throw away the trash from the gifts he opened. He decided to take a break from opening things and writing, stretching before he put on his shoes and tied up his hair, grabbing his phone and wallet before he went out to take a walk.


Trevor had an appointment with a client before he got the chance to go out to get some lunch. He had a while before his next appointment and decided to go get some pizza. There was one person in front of him in line and he pulled out his phone to check his email.


"Two slices of pepperoni with extra cheese on it, thin crust." The voice was too familiar and Trevor looked up from his phone, someone a whole foot shorter than he was in front of him with strawberry blonde hair. He gave a look of curiosity, watching him. When it was his turn, he ordered a slice of pizza and a soda before paying and going to sit down to wait for his order. He watched the guy, wondering where he'd seen him before and then he realized. 


"Q?" he asked. The guy looked up from his phone at Trevor and quirked a brow. "I... Wow, it really is you. I'm Trevor. I watch your channel on YouTube."


"Oh wow, it's nice to meet you, Trevor." he said happily, offering a hand for a handshake. "Wow, I knew my viewers lived in New York but I didn't know they lived this close." Trevor chuckled and nodded. 


"I work close by here. I'm just... Wow, I'm speechless." 


"You wouldn't be the first. I'm expecting that when I have my meetup soon but don't spill the beans to anyone about that." 


He excused himself to get his pizza and Trevor got his as well, going to sit down. Quincey went and sat across from him.


"So, what do you do for work, Trevor?" he asked before he took a bite of one of his slices of pizza.


"Defense attorney. Everyone's entitled to a good defense, no matter what it is they do." he replied. "It's not always fun but it is enlightening." 


"A lawyer, wow. And you watch my videos? I'm flattered." 


"From the first till now. I'll admit, I'm not much into the makeup thing but I do watch those too. I was watching your unboxing video just before I got here."


"Did you send anything in? If you did, I'll get your note done before the others." 


"Oh I didn't get a chance to. I can never decide on what to send." Trevor smiled shyly, blushing. Quincey giggled and ate his pizza. "That bracelet does match your eyes by the way."


"You're a smooth talker, Trevor. I appreciate the compliment though. Thank you." 


They talked and ate a little longer before Trevor had to go. He threw away his trash before going back to Quincey.


"It was really just a pleasure meeting you. I still can't believe I ran into one of my favorite YouTubers." he said.


"The pleasure is all mine. I do hope we can sit and talk like this again sometime." 


"Oh here, this is my card. If you ever feel like calling, go ahead." Trevor said. Quincey nodded and took the card, thumbing over the words and numbers on it as he watched Trevor leave. He smiled and saved the numbers into the phone under the right presets. He was surprised that it had his cell phone number but he was glad he wouldn't just have to have his office number. 


Trevor sighed as he got back into his office, smoothing his tie as he sat at his desk, frowning at the sticky note on his desk left by his assistant that his appointment rescheduled and called to figure out why but he didn't get an answer, leaving a voice mail for them before hanging up and looking at the calendar on his computer. He didn't have another appointment until tomorrow and sighed as he kept his line clear for any pop-ups and new clients for any new cases. His phone alerted him of a new text and he hoped it wasn't anything stupid but when he saw the message, he smiled and saved the number.


[to: quincey] now i'm glad i had my cell put on my cards

[from: quincey] me too, makes it easier to stay in touch

[to: quincey] you're always welcome to contact me for anything

[from: quincey] good to know

[from: quincey] we should get pizza again sometime or chinese

[to: quincey] i'd like that a lot. just let me know whenever you're free and i'll do the same

[from: quincey] sounds good!


Trevor couldn't remember the last time he was so happy. By the end of the night, he picked up a new client and had a few appointments the next day. He locked up his office and files before heading out and going home. He was glad to be home and got himself a beer after he showered and changed into a pair of boxers and sweats, not bothering with a shirt as he sat on the couch, feet up on the coffee table as he looked through his email. When he got a notification about a new upload from Quincey, he smiled and watched it.


"Alright so, follow up from my unboxing. I didn't get a chance to finish every single one of the thank you notes but I sent out the ones that I did. I know who I need to finish writing for and I promise as soon as I finish every single one, they're getting sent out. That being said, I did get a chance to meet one of my fans today, you know who you are. It was absolutely amazing meeting you and I do hope to meet you again soon." he said, smiling. Trevor blushed and his heart fluttered at the less than direct mention about him. "Tomorrow, I'll be doing an outfit of the day video before I go visit my parents so you all get to see some family time. Until then, stay safe, stay you. Goodnight!" Trevor gave a like to the video as he always did before getting up and finishing his beer, going to throw out the bottle before he went to his bedroom and plugged up his phone and got in bed. He was definitely excited to speak to Quincey again and meet up with him again.