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See You Again

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Another defeat. Another year of not getting the championship. Another year of failure. I'm sorry. Maybe they were right. Maybe I'm not what I used to be. Maybe I should step down, make way for the new generation. This team no longer needs me. They don't want my guidance nor my advice. I don't bring in money and now I can't even win the championship.



GLORY was never meant to be played alone.



But in this moment I have never felt more alone than now. Sighing, I logged out One Autumn Leaf's account card standing up lifeless more than usual.


Someone grabbed my wrist jolting me out of my musing. Looking down I saw a slender feminine hand. Mucheng. That's right, I'm not alone. I still have her and my dream, our dream. I glanced at Mucheng's eyes; sad but determined. Familiar and yet not the same. I should not give up. That isn't right. That's not like me at all. I will move forward for my sake and for the three of us. This moment of weakness, I will not let it get to me again.


We walked down the stage, hidden in the shadows. Together. Supporting each other like we always do.



“Well played.” A hand outstretched to me. It was old Han. His hand was warm, his grip strong. It was only but a moment.

“See you on stage." And just like that he turned around and walked away.

“Typical old Han. ” I said, a faint smile forming.