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Incorrect QuestFriends! Quotes

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Lorraine: It’s true, my friend Hopper Scotch died.

Hop from the other room: Stop telling people I’m dead!

Lorraine: Sometimes I can still hear his voice.

Elee: You know what, you’re in time out. Get on top of the fridge! Get up there!

Everett: *climbing on the fridge* this house is a FUCKING NIGHTMARE!


“Everyone knows my role here is to look hot, and I am doing my job flawlessly.” -Joe during the Heart of Charmonde scene

The Party led by Jesse: McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds!

Don: *Pulls in*

Everyone: *Cheering*

Don: One black coffee

Misha: I’m so happy, I could kiss you!

Xoc: Neat

[Later, talking with Jesse]

Xoc: I can’t believe I said neat!

Jesse: That’s not so bad. Do you remember when Everett confessed to me.

Xoc: didn’t you thank him?

Jesse: I thanked him

Jesse: I ain’t talking

Shauna: We have ways of making people talk.

Shauna: *cuts a piece of cake*

Jesse: Can I have some?

Shauna: Cake is for talkers.

Everett: *frustrated and sad laying on his bed*

Jesse: *runs and jumps on the bed*

Everett: No, let me mope.

Jesse: *Smiles at him brightly*

Everett: *Trying not to smile* Stoooop.

Jesse: *boops his nose*

Everett: *Smiles* I hate you.

Jesse: Mission accomplished. *Hugs Everett*