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Ephemeral Phantasm

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Izuku was a strange kid, that was the thought that was ran in an endless loop in 3 years old Katsuki Bakugou mind, firstly he spoke to himself nonstop, at first he thought he was over thinking but then he actually listened to his mumble one time and it turned out he was an entire dialogue with himself.

It was creepy.

Normally Bakugou would have left it at that but his mother and Izuku's were quite good friend and so every time he would go out his mother instructed him to take the mumbling mess with him.
Izuku would then walk with him barely listening to what he was saying to him, registering the world in a way that was frankly creping him sometime, yet he tried to approach him with his way, he noticed that the boy seemed obsessed with crow so he threw them rocks. He started to bawl like crazy and thus he nicknamed him crybaby from then on.

Their bond was neutral at best with few moment where they actually had a conversation, later Katsuki would hear a conversation with theirs moms.

- Inko, I don't know how to say this... but Izuku, is he... right in the head ?
She sighed and Katsuki assumed she refrained from crying and tried to calm herself.
- It's complicated... from what i understood from his father it may have something to do with his Quirk.
- But, correct me if I'm wrong but it's not there yet ?
- No but his mind may be a little different the other kids his age until it's there, all his family branch had mental quirks, and some of them where pretty taxing.
- You mean ?
- Please, i don't want to...
- I'm sorry, it was not my place to ask, please forgive me.
- It's nothing...

Katuski didn't know what they meant by taxing mental quirks but he knew something every kid his age knew.
Most mental Quirks were villains quirks.
It was not long after that his own Quirk manifested that he started to tease Izuku constantly.

- So Izuku where is your Quirk ? Doesn't matter i have the best Quirk of this shitty School and 'I'm going to be the best hero there ever was.
- Yeah... that' really cool... I like all Might too.
- Yeah well I'm going to beat his ass !
- Hmmmm...
- Stop humming me !!!

Whatever Bakugou did he simply could not have the attention of Izuku which he should rightfully have, he had the best Quirk, the most courage, he simply was the best !
But Izuku was still in his own little world, it was ridiculous, he didn't have any other "friends" then him, everybody ignored the freak that he was and HE the most future awesome person ever pay him attention and he just ignore him.

It was infuriating.

The first time he used his Quirk on him it was an accident, he frankly didn't mean to do it, once again Izuku was spacing out and muttering to himself and Katsuki simply wanted to shake his shoulder. Except he had trouble controlling his Quirk as a four year old and slightly burned him.

- Oww that hurt Kacchan !

Kacchan, his nickname, it sounded like a victory that had finally came. Except Izuku then proceeded to stop paying attention to him once again after that.
From then on every time Izuku stopped paying attention to him he knew what to do, it started with little blast to his face, then when he stopped paying attention once again he went to his ears, finally Katsuki just blasted him senseless in a fit of rage whenever he felt like it.

Soon enough his other "friends" asked him why he bullied their classmate. He could have told them to simply piss-off but he felt imaginativ this day.

- A Quirkless loser like him doesn't deserve to be called our classmate.
- I'm not Quirkless.

Katsuki looked at Izuku with an surprised expression. It was the first time he actually spoke to so many people, he assumed he was shy but simply seemed annoyed.
- Oh yeah ! So what's your Quirk, I bet it's a villain Quirk that's why you never showed it, I heard it was even a mental Quirk !
That's when all his others classmates started to chant Villain Quirk Villain Quirk in repetitive chant and for the first time since Katsuki killed that stupid Crow Izuku seemed perfectly conscientious of everything and it hurt him.
This expression, this realization that Izuku was inferior to him was everything hat Katsuki lived for and for a few moment he felt a strange sensation, was it that happiness ? Seeing his enemy brought down , the utter conquest being on top, being the strongest ? It felt, yes it felt good in a certain way, but why was his earth à little heavier than usual ? Why was his laughing throat so tight ? Was being number one... really worth it if it felt so ... lonely ?

Then the pain exploded in his left socket and he started crying, everybody looked at him, hot red liquid started pouring on his face and silent was suddenly omnipresent. Time seemed to stop for a moment when Katsuki looked at Izuku all his classmates frozen like the extras in a shitty anime that they were.

Izuku started to speak, his voice was different, Powerful, present, Katsuki had the impression that for all his life he only heard the echo of this voice reverberated against a cavern in the form of a skull to form the soft echo that was Izuku voice.
- Katsutki Bakugou, you have demonstrated the power and the mental Fortitude to be the hero you pretend to be. However you lack the essential quality that make a hero.
- And what is it Fuckface !

He was angry and terrified at the same time, he hopped only one of his feeling was passing trough.

- Humility !

As he said that a thousand other voices started to echoes and silhouettes started to appear behind Izuku. There were so much ! Thousands and thousands all looking directly at him all so much different from one another surrounding him like if they were spectators in an arena looking at the show that was his misery.
One of the silhouettes approached behind Izuku and steadily became more visible revealing an old man white a long white beard surrounded by a dirty cloak and walking with a long wooden staff he missed an eye and two raven where on his shoulders completely silent. He put his hand on Izuku shoulder and simply said.

- I will give it back when you learned a lesson. If you continue to close your eyes to others then you won't mind that I take this one.

And with this word Izuku who had his eye in his hand threw it in the air like a piece for playing head or tails, then one of the Raven ate it.
Suddenly time returned, Katsuki way crying like a Baby at the pain and Izuku was just looking at him with extreme attention. He got what he wanted, he got Izuku attention that day, the true question was, was he ready to pay the price for it ?

Soon enough a teacher arrived, then the howling of an Ambulance came to the little School of Katsuki and took it to the hospital, the last thing he saw before the doors of the vehicle close was the Police entering in the children play space.




Izuku knew he always had been different from the other children. It started as soon as he could remember, for the first day it had been whisper then the first one came.
It had been quite fascinating looking at the little fairy that flew across his baby Crib, he had understood from his mother that fairy where those speck of dust that passed in the sun, beautiful little fleeting thing. Wait when did she say that ?
A few day later he appeared, the cornerstone of his existence with his deep voice and odd mannerism, he sat beside him and started to tell him all the stories that the world could hold.
He spoke of the Knights in the country of Europe eternally saving maiden, slaying dragon and defending the church with their wizard friends.

The story of the fairy mischievous creatures or where they benevolent ? Tricking human, making them dance eternally. Or giving protection to loving runaway couples fleeing the society Gaze this monstrous floating eyeball wanting only to look at them judgingly unable to ever escape it's gaze unless they reach the city of true Love in the sky whose only key was a dagger to the earth and drowning in tears.
So much Stories, the old man knew the most intricate, the most wise, the most dramatic, the most sad, the most happier and of course the most epic.
Other went to tell him stories, the spirit-soul of the house that was destroyed for building his apartment, weeping that all his occupant went away and left him alone to be destroyed, Fae and spirits told him the story of a rock or a particular leaf even sometime going as far a ring that traveled for hundreds of years on so many fingers and yet never finding the perfect match.
In such a place was it so difficult to understand why Izuku was always so distracted, each of these story were only told for him, and him only ! He loved each and every one of them, each a piece of the glowing treasure that was this incredible dream, the dream of life.

His mother was incredibly worrisome, when he first told her that fairy whispered him the story of a Rock she immediately took him to someone in white, Izuku had to call him Doctor but in his mind he was a white entity, a literal absence of existence, he simply told his mother to stop worrying it was simply the imagination of a child.
He never spoke of the dreams ever again, he only ever told his mother about what he was sure was "true", whenever she asked what he did with Bakugou he knew what she wanted to hear, playing with him, telling her he went to the park. And it was technically true, but he never told her about all the incredible things that would happen on the way.

One truth came to his mind, the world in which his mother lived was boring and sad, it was full of dread, lies and deception, like the love that his father said he had for her mother, now she was a beautiful crystal glass before, now she cracked and the liquid love she contained dripping down similar to her tears.

But then Izuku discovered Heroes, particularly All Might. they were being of legends, defeating evil, saving innocents, modern day Knights !
He started to obsess over heroes, it was his only link with the world, the only fraction of his psyche that seem aligned with the world at large, this obsession served him well except for the fact that Katsuki seemed pissed that the only thing he ever talked with him about was all Might. he never quite appreciated the Kid to say the truth he was just an excuse for not making his mother worries.

He never understood what made him break, when ultimately he drove his bullying too far his long time friends reacted, they all watched as the Storyteller of his bedtime stories took his eyes and whispered to him.

- Now, isn't that a interesting story to watch ?

When Katsuki eye was taken he was brought to a new place away from his mother, they injected him with a strange product, they told him that it was to nullify his Quirk and brought him to a white room telling him it was his new home. The Storyteller simply laughed when they injected him with the product and just continued to tell him stories for the night.
Such was the new Home for Midoriya Izuku, the Beacon Mental Hospital for mental Quirk.