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Darcy glanced at the plant that was trying to grow in that flower pot that Icy swore wasn't hers and Stormy had done the same. She knew it wasn't hers - she had the unfortunate habit of killing whatever plant that came into her possession [which she discovered after several unfortunate attempts to maintain those roses that one Specialist had given her - which had her equal parts irritated and amused and flattered]. She glanced at it again, noting that it looked like it was covered in ice, even if it really wasn't. That told her all that she needed to know - it was Icy's plant, regardless of what she said.

She mulled over what she knew about flowers - which wasn't very much since she wasn't totally interested in being that girly. She did know messages could be sent with flowers so what could someone be telling Icy without actually coming out and saying it.

Darcy glanced at Icy and then at Baltor - if that look Icy was shooting him had an ounce of power behind it, he'd probably be a block of ice. She paused and had to bite her lower lip to keep from laughing. 'Your looks freeze me' - which could unfortunately be literal with the Queen of Ice.