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We're Here For You Senpai

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                A knock came from the hospital door.

                “Come in.”

                The door slid open. “Um, sorry for the intrusion, Togata senpai.” Midoriya stood just outside the door with Kirishima behind him. Both their eyes grew wide at the sight in the room.

                “Heyooo!” Togata stood on his shoulders, cycling his legs through the air like a comedy scene in a manga. His hands rested on his lower back for support. A big bright smile was on his face as he looked at the two. “Morin’ Midoriya, Kirishima! I guess I’m the only one who they want to keep an eye on for one more day, huh?! But just look at me! I’m in tip-top shape, damn it!”

                Midoriya and Kirishima ran over to Togata’s side. Kirishima made sure to close the door. “Senpai…” Midoriya started to say.

                Togata stopped kicking his legs. “I know. I’ve lost my quirk, and even Nighteye is gone. I’ve got absolutely nothing to smile about right now. But that’s exactly why…” He sat himself down, crossing his legs. “You know, even though Nighteye acted the way he did towards you, Midoriya. He’d smile quite a lot when he was talking to me. So that’s why you won’t catch me sobbing anymore. After all, I’m ‘Going to become an outstanding hero’ from here on out!” Togata rested his bandage arms between his legs. A solemn smile rested upon his face.

                Midoriya and Kirishima couldn’t understand how their senpai could be so calm about the situation. Neither one of them believed they could hold it together if the roles were refused. Mirio Togata had lost everything for the sake of saving one little girl. They had all risked something during that raid, but Togata suffered the most.

                The third year still had many wounds that hadn’t yet healed both seen and unseen. The young man who stood before the two first years was truly amazing. They were lucky to have him as an example.

                Kirishima stepped closer to the bed, resting his hands on top of the sheets. “Well, maybe we can do something to really make you smile.”

                “And what’s that?” Kirishima leaned in, kissing the older boy on the lips. The unexpected surprise radiated in Togata’s eyes. The blonde quickly fell into step, kissing the redhead back. His hand wrapped around Kirishima’s chin.

                The two parted their lips. A real smile appeared on Togata’s face. He looked at the blushing Kirishima. “So what do my naughty first years have in mind?” His body already began to act at what they were proposing.

                “You get to have the both of us at the same time.” Midoriya held up his fists in front of his chest. His face turned to one of determination.

                “Midoriya.” Kirishima called the other boy over with his hand. Midoriya moved closer to Kirishima who grabbed him by his tie, pulling him into a kiss. The two started a heated make out session before their senpai. They removed each others’ school jacket, dropping them to the floor.

                “Hey, don’t leave me out.” Togata rapidly pointed to himself.

                “Sorry about that, senpai. We’ll make it up to you.” Kirishima took a hold of his tie, slipping it loose as if they had been transported to a strip club. He gave his best sexy toothy smile. He popped the buttons on his shirt slowly to reveal the lean muscles underneath. He made sure to roam his other hand on the expose skin.

                Togata’s eyes widen at the strip tease. The boy had come a long way from their first time together. He wasn’t the only one. Midoriya had begun to slide his pants down, keeping his legs spread open. Black boxer briefs instead of blue All Might fan ones revealed themselves. His cock was already semi hard inside his underwear.

                Red and green eyes watched him to make sure he saw it all. The clothes fell off both boys slowly and seductively. Togata’s erection came further to life. He wanted to have them both right at that moment. His mouth longed for his two Kohai.

                Midoriya and Kirishima both stopped when they had only their boxers left. Togata looked at them with a perplex look. “Why did you both stop? You were just getting to the best part.”

                Midoriya gave a seductive look. “We have something else in mind.”


                Kirishima climbed into the bed, going next to the window. He shut the curtains just in case. Midoriya then climbed into the bed on the opposite side of Kirishima. They both faced their senpai. “Just sit back and relax, senpai. We’ll take care of that naughty dick of yours.”

                Kirishima peeled down the hospital pants Togata was wearing. His teeth took a hold of the waistband of his senpai’s underwear. His eyes focused on Togata. His cheeks tinted red. He tugged down the briefs like a slutty dog.

                Togata’s hard cock sprung out. Togata narrowed his eyes in lust; he let out a slow heated breath. “Where did you learn that?”

                “We told you, we’re going to make you smile for real.” Kirishima gave the erection a lick. He rolled it all the way up to the tip. He kissed the top of the head before he circled his tongue around the twitching head. Kirishima was completely focused on the cock. He continued to kiss and lick it while pumping the lower half with his hand.

                Togata moaned. He couldn’t believe Kirishima had gotten this good at blow jobs in such a short time.

                Midoriya crawled up beside Togata. He rested his hand on the blonde’s shoulder. “Does it feel good, senpai?”


                Midoriya’s cheeks redden. He turned Togata’s head toward him and kissed him on the lips. Their lips melted together as they slipped their tongues into each other’s mouth. Midoriya unknotted Togata’s hospital’s robe, opening it. He slipped his hand into the shirt, rubbing his hand against the bandaged chest.

                Togata’s body felt warmth and pleasure from his two kohai. The three of them had been through so much together. The aching pain in his heart was replaced by heated desire. His growing need was inside of Kirishima’s mouth. He wanted to do so many things to the two that he lost count. His tongue twisted with Midoriya’s that took his breath away.

                Midoriya pulled back, short of breath. His face heated in longing for the third year. “Senpai, I want to ride you. Can you…”

                Togata got the hint, giving a nod. He brought his fingers to his mouth, licking them until each one was wet. He pulled Midoriya against his own body. He slipped his hand into the back end of the boxer briefs. He started by putting two fingers inside the younger boy.

                The heat from the hole made Togata moan. Midoriya’s inner walls squeezed around his fingers that he began to thrust into. Togata did his best to keep himself under control while he got sucked off by Kirishima. The redhead boy had really become a pro at sucking dick since the last time they did it.

                Midoriya held onto Togata, doing his best to hold on. His uneven moans brushed against his senpai’s chest. He worked to relax his body more so Togata could finish prepping him. He felt the third finger invade his body and then the forth. His head fell into Togata’s chest. All four fingers stroke inside him, making him weak.

                Kirishima removed his mouth from the wet cock. He gazed up at his senpai. He inched himself closer to the sexy blonde. He kissed up Togata’s bandage stomach to his chest.

                Togata unfolded his legs, opening them up so Kirishima could get closer. All this attention over him was overwhelming. Both boys had been teasing him way too much. His cock wiggled with the need to put it into someone. He took his fingers out of Midoriya’s twitching hole which had the younger boy moan into his chest.

                “Stop teasing me, damn it! I need to fuck you right now, Midoriya.” He gazed down at the panting boy. He wanted to see that cute face twisting in pleasure from riding him.

                Kirishima looked at him. “Not yet, Togata senpai. You have to lay down first then you get Midoriya.”

                Togata instantly did so almost taking both his kohai with him. Kirishima only smiled at how excited his senpai was. His gaze went over to his classmate. “Ok, Midoriya make sure senpai feels good.”

                “Y-yeah, right.” Midoriya’s breathes were uneven and his boxers already wet from pre-cum leaking out. He finished pulling off the underwear and climbed on top of Togata. The older boy’s cock slid between his cheeks not yet inside. Midoriya let out a shivering moan.

                “Senpai, watch me take care of your cock. I’ll do my best to reward you for all your hard work.” He slid his body up the shaft until his hole reached the trembling head. Midoriya rested his hands on Togata’s stomach for support. He lowered himself down on the thick dick.

                Midoriya threw back his head. He shot his tongue out along with a moan. He felt the full weight of his senpai’s cock inside of him. He had missed this feeling. Hearts appeared in his eyes. “To-ga-ta senpa-i! Ah!”

                The first year started to ride his senpai. His erection bounced up and down with his body. He lowered his head down, shutting his eyes. His moans flowed from his mouth nonstop. His senpai’s cock pushed aside his inner walls, hitting the sweet spot.

                Togata latched onto Midoriya’s hips. A heat expression of lust melted onto the blonde’s face as he watched the boy fall apart on his cock. “Ah, you really do have a talent for this, Midoriya. I’m honored to be your senpai.”

                “What about me?” Kirishima moved down beside the blonde. A slight blush dusted his cheeks with animal lust which filled his eyes. “I’ve fallen in love with you too, Togata senpai.”

                “Sorry, Kirishima.” Togata spoke breathlessly. “Didn’t mean to exclude my favorite redhead.” Togata could never forget the expressions of Kirishima’s determination melting into love the last time they did it. The boy was the definition of a cute manly man.

                Kirishima grabbed onto the openings of Togata’s hospital shirt. “Yeah, don’t forget me because I want to stay with senpai no matter what.” Kirishima locked lips with his senpai. His eyes closed, falling deeper into the kiss.

                Togata rested one hand on the back of Kirishima’s neck. He opened his mouth so their tongues could dance together. His hips jerked up, slamming his dick inside Midoriya who called out his name like a chant. The boy’s ass squeezed his dick to great satisfaction.  

                Kirishima broke the kiss. He gazed down at his senpai with love and admiration. “I don’t want you to have fun with just Midoriya. You can have me too.” Kirishima pulled down his underwear to show his erection that had been suffocating in the garment. His hair had already begun to fall from all the heat in the room.

                Kirishima wrapped his hand around his member. “You love sucking dick as much as you like fucking ass right, senpai?” He cupped one of his pecs as he gave his dick a few strokes.

                Togata nodded.

                “Then I’ll let you enjoy mine. Be as rough as you want with me.” Excitable lust filled Kirishima’s face. An open smile spread over his face too that showed off all his teeth. He wanted them both to feel the same way they did the night before the operation.

                Kirishima moved himself on top of Togata. He straddled his legs around the older boy’s shoulders. His dick hung right in front of his senpai’s face. “Go ahead, senpai.”

                Togata gave the bottom of Kirishima’s dick a lick before taking it into his mouth. Kirishima released a heated breath. Togata brought his still wet fingers up behind the redhead. He used his other hand to spread Kirishima’s cheeks apart so he could shove three fingers up his ass.

                Kirishima moaned. Kirishima loved his senpai, being rough with him. His hole instantly closed around the fingers only for his senpai to take them out and stab them back in. Hearts came to Kirishima’s eyes as the rough treatment of his ass went on.  

                Kirishima thrust his dick into Togata’s mouth. He threw back his head, moaning just as much as Midoriya. Pleasurable pain kept going throughout his body. “I love it! Ah, senpai this is…AHH!” Togata added a forth finger to the mix.

                Togata didn’t forget Midoriya though. He eagerly slammed into him over and over again. The boy had dropped his head onto his classmate’s shoulder for support. His hot breath blew against Kirishima’s sweaty skin.

                Both of his kohai were a mess and he loved it. He took Kirishima’s dick out of his mouth. “Kirishima, help me fuck Midoriya. He looks like he could use another dick.” He licked his lips in his heated desire to completely break the two and maybe even himself.

                “But I want you to fuck me,” Kirishima could barely say the words. His ass needed more than fingers he needed a thick dick.

                “I’ll do it after we fuck Midoriya, I promise.”

                Kirishima grunted, barring his teeth. “Alright. This is for you senpai.” Kirishima forced himself off of the older student. He crawled himself around Midoriya who’s dick was already throbbing. He was going to come soon for sure.

                Kirishima kneeled down between Togata’s legs. He took a hold of his own needy erection, pressing it against Midoriya’s already stuffed hole and up against Togata’s thick rod. He pushed his wet tip against it, trying to force an opening. He gritted his teeth, dropped his head and shut his eyes.

                Midoriya arched his back. A vibrated scream came from his throat. “Too much… ah, I can’t take you both-uh.”

                “Yes, you can. I believe in you.” Togata spread open Midoriya’s cheeks to allow Kirishima to push in easier.

                “Sorry, Midoriya. This is for senpai.” Kirishima pushed harder; inch by inch his cock made its way up into his friend’s ass. His cock finally made itself fully inside squeezed against his senpai’s member.

                Midoriya’s body completely collapsed on top of Togata. His cock throbbed and leaked from the feeling of two dicks inside him. His mind was completely blank unable to think at all. He just clung to his senpai.   

                “Midoriya, we’re going to start moving inside you now. Make sure to relax your body.” Togata gave him a few more seconds to comply. “Ok, Kirishima, we kept him waiting long enough.”

                Both the blonde and redhead pulled out halfway before slamming themselves back in. Their dicks rubbed against each other. Midoriya’s tight walls squeezed them hard together that had them all moaning that filled the entire room.

                Kirishima bite down on his teeth. “Damn, it’s tight.” He never fucked another guy’s ass before, but it felt good.

                Togata moaned nonstop. His glazed over eyes focused on his two lower classmen who looked completely as perverted as himself.

                Midoriya’s body rubbed against his senpai’s. His body had reached the point of no return. His throbbing cock exploded between him and Togata’s stomachs. The biggest load of his life soaked him and his senpai’s upper bodies.

                The other boys blasted their seamen into him, threatening to impregnate him. His stomach swelled up. His mind was long past gone and he was unable to move. His tongue hung out of his mouth. Drool ran down his chin. His eyes glazed over and nonresponsive.

                Togata smiled while his eyes still showed his lust. “So that really did break you.” He stroked the top of Midoriya’s hair. He gave him a kiss on the forehead. He was so glad the boy was his.

                Kirishima pulled his dick out of Midoriya, getting Togata’s attention. Kirishima let out a breathy moan. “You promised to do me next. Wreck me, like you did Midoriya.” He stroked his cock, getting it hard again.

                The sight of the dishevel boy made Togata’s cock grow hard again. He really had broken him and he loved it. He gazed back at the unconscious Midoriya who lay on top of him. He first lifted Midoriya off of his junk and then laid him beside him in the bed.

                The mixture of Togata’s and Kirishima’s cum leaked out of the boy. His stomach was still swollen from their massive loads.

                Kirishima climbed on top of his senpai’s lap. His hands stopped on Togata’s stomach. Their raging cocks rubbed against each other. A craze lust radiated from the boy’s eyes. His face was hot. “Finally.”

                He lifted himself on top of the cock, impaling himself on it. His back straightened up; he threw back his head howling in bliss. Even though he had already came cum leaked from his tip. He dropped his head down. “I’ll do a better job than Midoriya. You can fuck me all you want, senpai.”  

                “You’re really something, Kirishima. You can have my dick as long as you need it.”

               “Thank you.” Kirishima started to ride it. His body rose and fell hard on the member. Kirishima grunted and moaned. His eyes stayed lock with his senpai to make sure he enjoyed it as much as he was.

               Kirishima tightened his inner walls around the member. He wanted to feel every inch of him and each slam into him. His own cock flopped around, leaking out cum like a water faucet. “Senpai, your dick feels so good. I love it! It’s the manliest thing ever!”

                “Your ass his trying to milk it dry,” Togata laughed and moaned at once.

                “That’s because it’s so good. I love your dick, I love you!” His hair drenched in sweat had fallen all around his head. Hearts filled his lustful eyes that took in everything about his senpai. “I don’t care if I’m not a man anymore if it means having you. AH-ahhh!”

                “Kirishima, you’re still a man. You’re my man, ah, ah.” Togata licked his lips. “My sexy little man who just wants to be with me. So show me how much you love me, you cock loving man.”

                Kirishima shut his scar eye. He wrapped one hand around his cock, jerking it off. “I’m a cock loving man who can’t get enough of-ah, his senpai’s-uh, dick,” he confessed. “I love it!-Ah, uh, uh. I-I love being fucked by your cock-Ahhhh!” His senpai’s cum pumped into him.

                The warm liquid filled his body with bliss. His cum shot out of him, blasting over his senpai. Both of them moaned. All the strength in Kirishima’s body left him. He collapsed on top of Togata.

                Togata hugged him. The man was still in the midst of post orgasmic bliss, smiling. He kissed Kirishima’s forehead. “You two really knew how to make me really smile again.”

                Kirishima gazed up at the man. A weak grin came on his face and sweet love trembled in his eyes. “That’s because we love you, senpai.” Kirishima kissed him on the lips. Togata kissed him back, enjoying his kohai’s softer side.

                A knock came on the door. The door slid open right after to reveal Hado, Amajiki and Erasure Head. “Hey, Togata. We just came to see-” Hado stopped midsentence when she saw what was going on.

                Kirishima and Togata looked over at the three.

                Hado blushed and giggled. “I see you’re doing better.”

                Amajiki covered his eyes and blushed. “S-sorry!”

                Erasure Head’s eyes glowed red with his wraps floating in the air. “What do you three think you’re doing in a hospital?!”