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Baby thoughts

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Sara opened her eyes to the familiar vision of sleeping Ava next to her. They had been happily married for 2 years now but still she took her breath away everytime she woke up next to her. The vision of the peaceful sleeping Director was breathtaking for Sara. She took a moment to appreciate the view and then she got up as quietly as she could, picking up Ava’s white Time Bureau issued button down shirt  to wear as she made her way to the kitchen.


She pressed the button to the coffee maker and started making pancakes. She felt like treating her wife that morning and she also took a second pan out to make scrambled eggs moving her hips to a song that was playing in her head and that she started humming trying to be quiet though as to not wake Ava up.


A task that she failed cause as she turned around she saw Ava standing at the doorframe, her arms crossed over her chest a happy smile on her face as she was watching her wife dancing around in their kitchen in her shirt while cooking breakfast.


Sara stood there for a moment and then proceeded moving her hips singing the song out loud now that Ava was up and the cat was out of the bag, turning her attention again to the stove. Ava came to stand behind her, her arms resting on Sara’s hips and her head resting on Sara’s shoulder. “Good morning you beautiful creature” Ava said her voice still sleepy and low. “ Good morning to you too sleepyhead” Said Sara placing a soft kiss on Ava’s face as she was turning the pancake on the pan.


“Who would have known that the great Captain Sara Lance could be so domesticated” Ava said with a small laugh as she hugged Sara a little tighter planting a kiss on her temple. “Tell anyone and I’m gonna kill you Sharpe.” Said Sara teasingly pointing her spatula at her wife. They both laughed and shared a kiss.


“Tell me something ….. Don’t you have pajamas or any clothes of your own for that matter? How come you wearing my shirt every morning?” Ava asked her wife soft smile on her face but still wanting to tease her. “You know it doesn’t fit you right ?” Ava added earning Sara to throw a towel towards her which she caught midair. “Well for your information I think I look pretty sexy in this shirt and actually I think it fits me better than it will ever fit you, thank you very much” Sara said in faux annoyance. “It sure does Lance” Ava stated and she planted another kiss on Sara. Ava loved seeing Sara wearing her clothes, she thought it was adorable.


There was a reason that Sara was wearing Ava’s shirt every morning and also why she had stolen one of Ava’s shirt having it hidden on her room on the Waverider. Sara felt the need to be hugged by Ava having her smell around her as more as she could. Everyday when she had to untangle herself from her wife she preferred doing things in Ava’s shirt since it was smelling like her. Also the reason why she had a spare one on the Waverider. When she was on a long mission away from Ava, Sara would take the shirt out and putting it on letting Ava’s scent calm her down. But Ava was never to know about that.


Once the breakfast was ready Ava helped Sara place everything on the table and they sat next to each other enjoying their time sipping fresh made coffee. “You’ve made quite an improvement babe.” Ava said with a mouthful of pancake. “I still remember your first attempt to cook breakfast. You almost burnt the building down” She said teasingly with a smile on her face. “Don’t exaggerate Aves! I was only going to burn down the kitchen” Sara said back laughing at the memory of the fire on the pan as Ava run into the room straight out of the shower when she heard Sara yelling her name.


“All seriousness though these pancakes are great” Said Ava and pecked Sara’s lips. Sara felt really proud of herself. She kinda loved it when Ava complemented her about her cooking. Ava sat back on her chair sipping on her coffee and holding Sara’s hand with her free one. She got lost in her thoughts as she was rubbing circles on the back of Sara’s hand and looking out of the window. Sara too was enjoying the quiet moment with her wife.


Gideon’s voice came from the speaker Zari had installed into Ava’s and Sara’s apartment in order to be able to communicate with them immediately in case of emergency. “Pardon my interruption Captain but there is a level 10 anachronism that requires our immediate attention. Team is already assembled on the bridge.”


 Ava and Sara looked worriedly at each other as Sara stood up from her sit, placed a kiss on Ava’s forehead and went to the bedroom to get dressed. “Status Gideon” Sara said as she was going to get ready followed by Ava. “Baby Marie Curie has been displaced from Poland 1867 to Sidney 2003. She is currently at the Sidney’s Children hospital as the people who found the baby thought they should take her there as they assumed she was a dropped off orphan.”  Said Gideon’s voice.


Both Ava and Sara got ready in record time and Ava placed a kiss on Sara’s lips as she said “ I guess I will be working with you today. Seems like a good opportunity to spend the day with you.” “Are you sure babe? I think we can take care of a baby. I thought you had that important budget meeting with the president or something like that” Sara replied looking into Ava’s eyes already regretting reminding her wife about the meeting cause she too had missed working with Ava on missions.


Being the Director of the Time Bureau only increased the amount of paperwork, desk work and meetings Ava had to deal with and, oh how much she was craving to go out on the field, something that she rarely had the opportunity to do these days. “Shit! You’re right babe. I forgot all about that dickhead” Ava said her dislike about her days schedule evident in her expression. “What would you do without me?” Sara said with a grin on her face but love evident in her eyes. “I would probably be a better Director, Captain Lance since it seems the thought of spending more time with you make my brain go bananas.” Ava joked and hugged her wife burying her face on the crock of Sara’s neck and inhaled deeply.


“Did you just sniff me?” Sara asked amusement on her face. “I did not” Ava replied defensively looking a little guilty and flushed on her cheeks. Sara leaned in and gave a passionate kiss to her wife. “Pity … I would have thought it was hot” Sara stated and gave Ava a wink. Ava shook her head and moved to her bedside table to get her time courier to open a portal into her office to start her day. Sara did the same in order to get onboard the Waverider.


“Please call me immediately if anything goes sideways or when you solve that.” Ava said softly to Sara. “Admit it Aves …. You just want an excuse out of that meeting” Sara said back to her with a teasing smug look on her face. “That’s exactly it Lance…. I just want out of a boring meeting…. It has nothing to do with spending time on a mission with a gorgeous woman, whose ass is looking amazing in these jeans by the way” Ava said back mischievous smile also on her face. Sara was not expecting Ava’s complement and got a bit by surprise but as she was about to respond to Ava they got interrupted again by Gideon’s voice again.


“Captain Lance I have to inform you that the anachronism has reached a level 11” the AIs voice came through the speaker. Ava gave a worried look to Sara and she hurried to reply “We got it Aves. Go to your Directory stuff. We’ll keep you posted”. Ava let out a breath and she opened the portal to her office. “Call me immediately if you see that it gets tricky. Got it?” She asked Sara with a more official all business voice cause once she had stepped into her office and was no longer Ava , Sara’s wife but instead she was Director Sharpe boss of Captain Lance. “Got it ma’am!” Came Sara’s reply placing her hand on her forehead to teasingly sign off before Ava closed the portal shaking her head.


Once Sara portaled onboard the Waverider’s bridge she found the whole team waiting for her. “Talk to me people. Does anyone have any ideas how to get baby Curie back to her timeline?” Sara asked smiling at her team. She heard them out and they all decided that Sara would go to the hospital with Nate pretending to be the child’s parents looking for it after someone who matched Mick’s description tried to kidnap her.


Seemed as a solid in and out plan and so they chose to proceed. They got dressed and went to the hospital pretending to be all worried parents looking for their daughter. In the meantime Ava was negotiating the Bureau budget with a team of idiot presidential assistants wishing so bad that she could get out of that room of bricks.


Sara and Nate were able to locate baby Curie with the help of Zari who hacked the hospitals database to find the room in which the baby was kept for examination. Of course the mission did go sideways when Nate failed to answer the question of what color was the baby’s eyes after a nurse got suspicious. They had to snatch the crying baby and fight the guards in order to get out of the hospital.


They ran to the jumpship in order to get out of there only to find out that they had suddenly lost all communication systems. They only had one option and that was to wait for the emergency protocol to activate.


The protocol was Ava’s idea and a way to keep her mind a bit on ease when Sara was on a mission and it stated that if the coms were down for more than 30 minutes a rescue team would be sent to the last known location of the mission members and Ava would be immediately contacted.


“Leave it alone Nate.” Sara said in a low angry voice as she was trying to calm the baby down rocking her back and forth in her arms. “You’re gonna break it even more. We have no idea what went wrong with the ship. The protocol will be activated and we will figure it out once we are on the waverider. Until then we have bigger problems in our hands” She continued nodding towards the screaming baby in her arms as she proceeded making shushing noises rocking it back and forth. “I think we need supplies. And by that I mean baby stuff” Sara said answering Nates questioning look.


“Right. I don’t have the first idea about baby stuff though” Nate stated. “Neither do I Nate.” Said Sara getting all frustrated about how this whole supposedly in and out mission had went so far off. “Look how it’s going to play out. You’re a man. You’ll go in the supermarket pretending to be all stressed up single dad. Write down what I think we’re gonna need.” Sara continued as Nate did as he was asked. He took a piece of paper and a pen and waited for Sara’s instructions. “Diapers, baby wipes, bottles, baby formula , some baby clothes, pacifiers, bibs , water and get her a toy or something” Sara stated as she was trying to remember anything else that babies use but she couldn’t think of anything else. “What kind of toy?” Nate asked innocently. “I don’t know Nate get a stuffed animal, anything to distract her” She replied in her frustrated tone still rocking the baby back and forth.


Nate didn’t say anything else and already full on panic mode as he didn’t want to piss Sara even more he sprang to the nearest supermarket putting the things into his basket as fast as he could like his life depended on it. “First time Dad?” the supermarket employee asked him when he got lost on the baby formula aisle. “Yes and can’t really figure it out” Nate said pretending to be all lost which was not far from truth. With the assistance of the employee who took pity on him he got everything on the list and came back to the jumpship running for his life.


Sara was full on panic mode but let out a sigh of relief as soon as Nate got in the jumpship all sweaty from running. “Good job mate. Show me what you’ve got” She told him as she could see how much he tried to do this as fast as he could. Nate laid out everything and they chose to go with feeding the baby first as they thought she might be hungry.


Sara gave the baby to Nate who held her far from his body as if it was a grenade ready to explode and she started reading the instructions on the baby formula box adding water and a measure of the powder in the bottle and shaking the bottle hard letting all her stress out on the action.


Seeing the way Nate was holding the baby made her even angrier. “Hold this” She said and She took the baby back in her arms again making the shushing noises rocking her back and forth. She sat with the baby in her arms and nodded for Nate to give her the bottle and she tried to feed her but the baby was pushing the bottle away making Sara feeling desperate.


The sound of the portal and the view of her wife entering the jumpship with a smile on her face immediately made Sara feel a wave of safety and calm.


“What did you idiots got yourself into this time.” Ava said but her expression was soft. Nate let out a breath cause he too relaxed now that they had backup.


Ava saw the struggling baby into Sara’s hair and her heart skipped a beat as she had never seen Sara interact with a baby before. She went next to her struggling wife and said “May I?” pointing at the baby. “She’s all yours. I’ve tried it all. Shushing, rocking, feeding…..nothing helps” Sara said desperately handing the baby over to Ava. Ava rose the baby up and with a huge smile she spoke in a baby voice “Let’s see if there is a stinky in there shall we?” and then moved the babies butt close to her nose quickly wrinkling with disgust. “You’re a stinky little girl aren’t you? Yes you are… yes you are….” Ava said lowering the baby on the sit next to her unbuttoning the baby’s sleepsuit. “Pass me the wipes and a diaper babe” Ava said to Sara as she was working her way to get the baby naked in order to clean her up.


Sara was mesmerized by the view of her composed wife taking control over the situation and being in full mama bear mode just like that. She had to admit she was a bit turned on by that sight. She had never thought about how Ava would look like as a mum but from what she could see she would be an awesome mum and the view was kind of adorable as well.


She gave Ava the materials and she sat next to her resting her head on her shoulder as she was watching her work on undressing the baby. They all made a face as if they were about to get sick once Ava opened the dirty diaper. “Damn baby girl! What have you been eating?” Sara said and Ava laughed at her wife.


Once the baby was all clean in her new diaper and clothes Ava took her in her arms and started rocking back and forth until she fell asleep. Sara was looking at her Ava as a strange feeling started rising inside her. She couldn’t quite place her finger on it but there was something in Ava’s image holding the baby that Sara couldn’t take her eyes away of.


Seen that look on Sara’s face Ava whispered “Seeing anything you like Lance?” “I certainly do director Sharpe.” Answered Sara and she rose up to her tiptoes to peck Ava’s lips.


Once the baby was all calmed down and fast asleep it was time to plot a course of action.

Nate portaled into the Waverider to get the ship down in order to pick up the jumpship for repairs. Since they were left alone Sara looked at Ava who was lost looking down on the sleeping baby in her arms. This was a view she could get used to, she thought to herself.


“We have to take her back you know” Sara said as she stood behind Ava, resting her head on Ava’s shoulder. “Mmhmm , I know” said Ava.  “She just feels so good. She is sooo soft and got she smells delicious” Ava continued burying her nose into the baby’s neck. “She smells good now. A couple of minutes ago it was the stickiest thing alive” Sara said teasingly but she too knew exactly what Ava was talking about.


After a couple of moments Ava let out a sight and turned to Sara “We should probably take her back. After all she has too many things laid out in her future!” Ava whispered and placed a kiss on the baby’s forehead. Sara hugged her wife and she felt like her heart was about to explode from this unknown feeling. Something in Ava holding a baby made her feel in awe of her wife.


Ava opened a portal to 1867 Poland and she placed the baby into the crib changing it again into time appropriate clothes discarding the ones they had put her in when they changed her.


Little Marie Curie gave them a smile into her sleep and Sara saw Ava trying to hide a tear falling from the corner of her eye.


Sara took Ava’s hand and they portaled back to the waverider. They voiced out the mission report to Gideon in order to save time from going back to the bureau instead they automatically sent it after Ava signed it.


Once they finished they had dinner with the team Nate kept talking about how stressed he got in the supermarket and everyone brushed into laughing. Ava was sitting next to Sara holding hands but they both seemed a bit off that night. Something that didn’t escaped Zari’s attention.


“What’s wrong with you two? You’ve been way too quiet” She asked a hint of worry in her voice as it was not like them to be this quiet especially after a mission. “I’m just tired” Sara stated “Baby wouldn’t stop crying until Ava came to our rescue” she said giving her wife a proud smile as she placed a strand of hair behind Ava’s ear and Ava softly smiled back at her.


“I’m tired too. Had a meeting with the president right before I had to go deal with a baby Marie Curie.  I guess I just need some sleep” She said and she turned to Sara who got the point from the look on Ava’s face that it was time to get back to their apartment.


They said their goodbyes, Sara gave Nate and Mick orders to stay out of trouble and asking Ray and Zari to take a look on the jumpship in order to fix the communications problem. Once she was done being a Captain for the day Ava opened a portal on the hall of their apartment.


Ava leaned in to kiss her wife and then they rested their foreheads together. A moment later they both agreed it was time to get ready to go to bed. Ava put on her pajamas while Sara was in the bathroom.


She couldn’t get the image of the baby all content in her arms out of her head. She kept thinking of it while she brushed her teeth and again once she was in bed all cuddled up with Sara’s head buried in her chest as per usual.


Sara too was thinking of the baby. She was also couldn’t take the image of how cute Ava was looking holding the baby out of her head. She had never pictured her badass wife like that. She was sure that she would also be a badass mum …. If it ever came down to it.


The truth is they have never talked about it. The subject of having kids has never being brought up by any of them. Sara honestly had never given much thought about it but she was thinking about it now. Today’s mission had shifted something inside her. She never thought she could be a mother but then again she had never thought she was going to be married at all to begin with.


An hour had passed and they were both awake pretending not to notice that the other one was awake as well lost in their thoughts not moving one bit , not wanting to give up their restlessness.


“Spit it out Aves… I can hear you thinking” Sara said finally shifting up a bit so she could look at Ava and placed a soft kiss on her neck. “That baby really got me you know… I can’t seem to stop thinking about her. She was so cute and oh my god …..that baby smell! I’m telling you the first person who will put that scent into a bottle will be the richest person on the planet” Ava finally said


“Well she was not so cute from the beginning. She was a total gremlin before you came …. But I get what you mean … I keep seeing her face in my head. Sara replied and then she rested her head back on Ava’s chest intertwining their fingers together.


They took a long pause not saying anything more, both fearing that they might say something wrong.


“Fuck it. You’re my wife and we should discuss things like that.” Sara said like she was mostly talking to herself. Ava raised an eyebrow in question and Sara proceeded “Have you ever thought about it? Us having a baby I mean” Sara asked Ava her cheeks flushed without knowing the reason why.


“Well to be honest …. I haven’t really given much thought about it. There was a moment or two that I’ve wondered if you wanted to start a family with me but then again you never brought up anything remotely close to that direction so I shut the whole idea down until a moment like that would give us the opportunity to talk about it I guess” came Ava’s honest response.


“I see” came Sara’s response and then she went quiet again. Ava moved a bit to get a better view of her wife. “Well? Will you tell me what are you thinking about that?” asked Ava softly giving a kiss on the top of Sara’s head.


“I don’t know Aves… I mean … I’ve never really thought about that. After everything we’ve both been through…. I mean I’ve died a couple of times and I am an ex assassin and also a time traveler and you…. Well you are gorgeous but also a time traveler and …” Sara stopped and looked into Ava’s eyes with a look of adoration and a sad smile “And a clone Sara. You can say it, we’ve been through that.” ”Well that too but you’re also the Time Bureau Director… I mean … do we even have the time for a baby?”


They sat in a moment of silence when Ava spoke again “Let’s talk about it theoretically before we dive into the logistics of it. Do you even like babies? Can you imagine yourself being a mum? Cause I think I would like us being mums.” Ava said and she let out a breath as if she was nervous to say her thoughts to Sara.


“Well I’ve told you already I had never thought about it… But today …. Cuddling with the baby even when she was crying it made something inside me feel all warm… Also the vision of you holding her made me think that we could have that maybe. But… Can we?” Sara said looking into Ava’s eyes


“I think we should look into it then” Ava stated and she cuddled closer to her wife putting her nose on Sara’s neck to inhale her soothing scent.  “Did you just sniffed me again Sharpe?” Asked Sara teasingly. “Maybe …”Came Ava’s answer and she placed a soft kiss on Sara’s pulse point.


“For all it’s worth … I think you would be a great mum” Sara finally said burying her face in Ava’s chest.  Ava smiled and she held Sara tighter “I think you would be a great mum too” she replied and she kissed the top of Sara’s head.


“If we decide to go for it I know someone who can help us” Sara said sleepily her voice sounding all tired up. “Of course you do” Ava replied. “Yeah there is this Alex Danvers from earth 38… They have this Kryptonian technology there that no man is needed in making a baby… I think we should go with that if we…” Sara’s sentence stayed like that as sleep had finally taken over her.


Ava had a warm feeling inside her that night. Sara was onboard for having a baby and she even had an idea about how. Maybe they could have that too after all. Her heart was full of love for the infuriating Captain in her arms. She thanked her lucky stars and she let sleep take over her as well. They would continue this conversation later.