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Slippery When Wet

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Taehyung stomped his foot, the bare skin smacking against the marbled flooring. "What the fuck, Mom?"

"Don't give me that attitude, darling," Jiho said with an airy tone, not looking up from her phone. She tapped her own foot upon the floor, producing a sharp tap every time the dress shoe came down. "The pool has to be cleaned and this is the only time he can clean it."

"So get another fucking pool boy," Taehyung snapped, crossing his arms. The cold air in the foyer made his skin prickle with goosebumps. He was only wearing his normal pair of swimming trunks and had been looking forward to lazing about by the pool all day, maybe swim a few laps, most likely get drunk. That was before he found out there was a new pool boy with a new schedule.

"No, this one will stay, and he comes at two."

"Two is so late, Mother," Taehyung commented melodramatically. "I thought you liked your fucks early in the morning."  His words finally earned him a look from Jiho, and  Taehyung smirked in satisfaction. She pursed her lips together, but didn't deny it. Not like she could – Taehyung knew the only reason his mother had the pool installed years ago was to lure in those delicious hunks of meat to keep her occupied in the morning hours while Tae's father was working.

Jiho raised an eyebrow and returned her attention back to the phone. "Regardless of what you think the responsibilities of a pool boy may be, you forget that their main purpose is – "

"To fuck married housewives with too much money to spend?"

Jiho glared at him again before finishing. "To clean pools. We have a pool, we need it cleaned. That's why I hired Jimin." She waved her hand at him. "Why don't you go and do something productive with your life?"

Taehyung whined and stomped his foot again. "Because I wanna be just like you, Mom." He grinned when she let out a light tinkling of a laugh.

"Oh you're so cute," she said, caressing his chin. "But please, darling, try to get something done today. Okay?"

Taehyung sulked quietly as she said her goodbyes and left for her daily activities. The grandfather clock by the door to the kitchen showed that it was almost two. The stupid pool boy would be here and Taehyung would have on of two options. Option one, he waited until the pool boy was gone to enjoy the pool. Option two, he attempted to enjoy the pool while the pool boy was there.

Taehyung groaned. He didn't want to share the pool with some golddigger whose only real purpose was to give his mother some eye candy. He was tired of seeing those pasty boys with no sense of subtlety flirt with her.

Resigning himself to giving up on his sacred swimming hour, Taehyung trudged up the staircase to change back into his street clothes. He mentally griped the whole time, blaming his mother for ruining the one good thing he had going for him in the summer. Shopping would cheer him up. Hopefully.

After he was dressed, Taehyung stopped by the kitchen. One shot would do, then he would find his driver and ask to be taken out. The first shot of tequila went down smoothly, and Taehyung hummed in satisfaction. Okay, maybe two shots would do.

As Taehyung poured the second shot, movement through the kitchen window caught his eye. That would probably be the pool boy. Taehyung stalked over, fully prepared to glare at the man with the full brunt of his wrath, whether he'd notice him in the kitchen or not.

The shed on the far side of the pool was open where the pool boy would be collecting the necessary tools. Taehyung felt a stab of spite and briefly contemplated sitting by the pool edge just to show off to the working man how easy and luxurious his own life was.

But then the man stepped out of the shed and all negative thoughts fled Taehyung's mind. In fact, many positive – very positive – thoughts replaced them.

The pool boy was a dream. No, wait, that was far too tame of a word. He was godlike. Tan skin covered a well- muscled body. The plain white  tank top did nothing but accent his toned arms. As though blessed by the heavens, even the man's face matched the perfection of his body. All the other twinks his mother had hired were nothing in comparison to this Adonis of a man. Unaware of his watcher, the pool boy deposited his tools at the edge of the water and went to work, brushing his sleek black hair away from his eyes.

Taehyung's fingers gripped his shot glass as he openly gawked. His gaze followed the smooth curves of his legs – up his strong calves and muscled thighs that disappeared beneath loose swim trunks. In a split second, Taehyung's plans for the day changed. He threw back his shot and rushed up to his room. He spared a glance at the swimming trunks he'd discarded earlier before throwing open his closet's double doors. Normal swimwear just would not do on a day like today.

Within sixty seconds, Taehyung stood in front of his mirror, inspecting the skintight swimming briefs. He usually didn't wear them – he opted for the trunks when he was relaxing or nothing when he was tanning. Twisting side to side, Taehyung scrutinized how they fit his ass and accented his legs. He played with the hemline, letting it rest low on his hips so his V-line was plenty visible. With a satisfied smirk, Taehyung slapped his ass, hoping that the pool boy would appreciate the healthy jiggle as much as Taehyung did.

The pool boy said nothing when Taehyung stepped out of the house with a towel over one arm and his bottle of tequila in hand. He didn't even look up at Tae. Not even when Taehyung paused outside the door and pretended to admire his surroundings, not when he raised his hands above his head in an exaggerated stretch with a squeal. The pool boy stood by the water's edge with a long-handled net, scooping small debris from the surface of the pool.

Taehyung frowned, then held his head high as he sauntered over to his favorite sun bathing lounge. He would be pissed if the man ignored him all day. Taehyung wasn't about to risk tan lines for nothing. Foregoing his usual sunglasses, Taeyhung settled down, ready to shamelessly admire the man. He'd settle for making him uncomfortable if he couldn't manage to attract any other attention.  

Ten minutes passed, and the pool boy went about his business diligently. What had his mother said his name was? Jimin?  He had good work ethic. Taehyung hated that sort of work ethic. He would much rather have a pool boy who was easy to distract. Yet the man refused to look at him.

"You know why my mother hired you, right?" Taehyung tried another tactic. He took a swig of his tequila – one more and he'd probably start to feel its effects.

"I imagine it has something to do with pools," Jimin said, and sweet Jesus, he had the voice of an angel. It was smoother than Tae's alcohol, and Taehyung was sure it would taste just as good if it was moaned into his mouth.

"That would be the obvious answer," Taehyung drawled, pretending to be preoccupied with the swirling tequila in its decorative bottle. Ah shit, he hadn't realized he'd opened the one his father had received as a business gift. He'd probably get yelled at later. Oh well.

"Considering how she looked at me during the interview, I can infer that she had something else in mind."

"Well at least you're smarter than the other pool boys." Taehyung admired Jimin's physique. Even his back looked like it was chiseled from the finest marble – artwork personified. The way the muscles tightened and rolled beneath his skin as he worked only made Taehyung wonder what it would look like to see him in the throes of pleasure.

The pool boy finally turned his eyes to Taehyung. His expression remained passive, yet his eyes traveled down Taehyung's body, clearly pausing as they took in his briefs. "Lucky for me, my mornings are booked." His eyes flicked up to Taehyung's face, and he smirked.

A fire erupted in Taehyung's stomach a thousand times hotter than the sun beating down on him. Yes, this was definitely worth risking a tan line for.

Jimin went back to work, slowly stroking the surface of the water with his net, though Taehyung was pretty sure there wasn't anything else left to scoop up.

Taehyung sat up and spread his legs, settling his feet flat on the ground on either side of the lounge. He leaned back on his hands and lifted his chin, exposing his throat to the sunlight. "It really is a nice day, isn't it?"

"Yeah. It's – I, uh – "

Taehyung looked up at Jimin to see him staring at him with wide eyes. Yes, that was the sort of attention Taehyung wanted. Setting the tequila bottle between his legs, he smiled and playfully waved his knees back and forth, emphasizing his brazen display.

Jimin let out a disbelieving laugh and rolled his eyes. He dropped the long-handled net with a clatter and walked closer to Taehyung  until he was standing at the end of his lounge. At that distance, Taehyung could clearly see perky nipples through his white tank-top.

Taehyung tilted his head to the side with an innocent look up at the pool boy.  "Like what you see?" He shuddered when Jimin grabbed the tequila bottle, letting the glass graze against Taehyung's groin through his tight swimming briefs, and took a swig.

 "Never really considered myself entirely fond of spoiled fuckboys who are more concerned with spending their parent's money than anything else." Jimin set the bottle back, nestled right back against his crotch.

Taehyung smiled and subtly leaned back more. "Mm? How about now, pool boy?"

The black-haired man scoffed and flicked his hair away from his eyes. "It's Jimin."

Taehyung's smile widened, amused by Jimin's casually defiant attitude. "I know, pool boy." He pouted and took on last gulp of the alcohol when Jimin turned back to the pool. "Oh, come on now, it was just a joke."

"I know."  Jimin shot him a smirk. "I have a job to do." He knelt by the filter and pulled it out, going about his normal duties.

Taehyung sighed in annoyance, the effects of the alcohol rolling over his body. Giving up wasn't an option at this point. He had his sights set on Jimin and he would have him. Taehyung always got what he wanted.

"Do you mind if I swim?" Taehyung asked, stepping up to the pool's edge. He stretched from side to side as though preparing to do some laps.

"Whatever." Jimin shrugged, not looking up from his task.

Taehyung eased himself into the cool water, keeping his eyes on Jimin. The man really was the most beautiful thing Taehyung had ever laid eyes upon, even if he was cleaning the filter. His body had just the right shape to it, perfectly fitting his stature. Squatting over the filter, his thighs and calves bulged in a way that made Taehyung hunger to run his hands all over them. He'd have to compliment his mother on choosing someone who was actually attractive for once.

"Do you ever swim in the pools you clean?"


"Have you ever wanted to?"

Jimin didn't respond, but he did glance over at Taehyung. There was a playful glint in his eye that made Taehyung tingle with excitement.

"Don't you ever get hot?" Taehyung did a few lazy backstrokes, not drifting too far from where Jimin worked. "I'd have a hard time resisting the urge to cool off." The gentle rocking of the water was comforting when combined with the tequila. He knew drinking and swimming was a bad idea, but he was never one to care about something like that.

"I have my ways of cooling off."

Taehyung swam to the edge of the pool, crossing his forearms on the warm tiles. "How so?"

Jimin eyed Taehyung with a smirk, then stood. In a clean motion, he pulled his tank top over his head. His abs were as chiseled as Taehyung had suspected, his tan skin glowing in the sunlight. His muscles curved and flowed from one to the next, working in perfect harmony to create a vision that left Taehyung dumbfounded.

With a smirk, Jimin squatted down at the edge of the pool, right in front of Taehyung. "There. Cooling down already."

Taehyung swallowed heavily, eyes trained on the crotch that had been practically shoved in his face. In that position, Jimin's thighs strained gorgeously, the muscles pronounced, intimidating, and sexy. Finally dragging his gaze upwards, Taehyung gave a breathless chuckle. "It's not quite fair, is it?"

Jimin sat on the ground, sliding his bare feet into the pool on either side of Taehyung. "What's not fair?"

Holy fuck, this man was tempting him in every way possible. Taehyung licked his lips without caring how thirsty it made him look. "You're cooling off, but you're getting me all hot."

"I don't see anything wrong with that."

If Jimin didn't have literally everything that Taehyung needed in a man, he would have scoffed and made sure the other man knew who was really in charge. Unfortunately, Taehyung had lost control the moment Jimin looked his way.

"You could try to heat me back up," Jimin suggested with a playful lilt and leaned back on his hands.

Taehyung nearly choked as a prominent bulge in his shorts was put on display. He was breathless and dizzy, overwhelmed with need.   "Is that an invitation?" There was no avoiding the hopeful tone.

Jimin grabbed his crotch, squeezing around his erection. He smirked when Taehyung downright moaned at the sight. "You've wanted my cock since I showed up, haven't you?"

Oh God, now he was talking dirty. This man would surely kill Taehyung by the end of the day. He just wished that it would happen after getting fucked. Taehyung nodded, watching Jimin slowly stroke himself through the thick fabric.

"You want to taste it?" Jimin's voice was a sultry assault to Taehyung's ears. "Choke on my cock, let me fuck your mouth?" Pulling at the drawstrings that kept his shorts on his slim hips, Jimin released his erection and held it upright for Taehyung to see.

"Holy fuck," Taehyung moaned. Without waiting for another prompt, he hoisted himself up, forearms braced on either side of Jimin's legs, and sank his mouth around the hot member.

Jimin groaned and grabbed the back of Taehyung's head. He held the younger man still as he undulated his hips, dragging his cock along the length of his tongue.

Taehyung moaned, letting Jimin fuck his mouth. He held onto the other man's strong legs, stopping himself from floating away. It had felt like hours since he'd started trying to get Jimin's attention and now he finally had him. The wait, the teasing, the flirting – it had all been worth it. Jimin's cock was the perfect size, the perfect shape, perfect just like everything else about him.

Jimin dug his fingers into Taehyung's hair and pushed his head just a little farther – just a little too far. He choked and squirmed, and Jimin released him, a teasing grin on his face. "Get what you want?"

Taehyung coughed, but managed a smile and a shake of his head. "Not quite." He tugged on the ends of Jimin's shorts, but they didn't budge, pinned beneath the pool boy.

Jimin leaned back again, his cock still resting upon his abs like artful pornography. "What do you want?"

"I want you to get your ass in here with me, pool boy," Taehyung said, tugging at him again. He placed his feet on the wall of the pool and pushed back, trying to leverage himself to pull the shorts off. Of course, that asshole had to lift his hips at that moment, letting them slide down his legs and sending Taehyung toppling back in the water.

After much splashing and spluttering, Taehyung resurfaced to find Jimin laughing, a hand over his mouth. He sat on the edge of the pool, his shirt on the ground behind him and his shorts hanging off one ankle.

"I said get your ass in here, pool boy," Taehyung instructed, tugging on Jimin's ankle. Impatience started to turn within him, but he reminded himself that the game of cat and mouse had worked well for him before – he just needed to keep pushing the other man's buttons until he caved.

Jimin smirked down at him – it was impressive how quickly the man's expression could change in the blink of an eye. "You really have been aching for my cock since I showed up." He used his foot to push Taehyung away from him.

Taehyung tried to keep a hold of Jimin, but his wet hands foiled that attempt. "And what about you? I saw you looking at me."

"Indeed, I was," Jimin confirmed, but made no move to join Taehyung in the pool. His smirk turned more devilish. "Just wondering how someone could fit into briefs that tiny." "It wasn't easy," Taehyung admitted, his back bumping against the far wall of the pool. "But I think it was worth it."

"Was it?"

Taehyung tried to stomp his foot, but the water slowed his movement enough that it wasn't as satisfying as it usually was. "Well, you want to fuck me, right?"

"I guess."

Taehyung gasped in offense. "How dare you! I'm a hot commodity, I'll have you know." A short laugh broke through Jimin's flirtatious smirk, and Taehyung blushed. "You laugh because it's true."

"Is it, now?" Jimin pulled his feet onto the edge, and Taehyung's mouth went dry. This five-course meal of a man was now leaning back, showing off his entire body. He held his hard cock, giving it a few strokes as Taehyung watched with unbridled hunger. "You're doing a very poor job of convincing me to fuck you."

Taehyung whined and petulantly slapped his hands on the top of the water. He wasn't used to being denied – especially when his prize was right in front of him. He pushed himself towards Jimin, but the man pushed him back with his foot again. "Oh, come on!"

Jimin grinned, clearly enjoying keeping Taehyung on the edge. It was stupid. Taehyung shouldn't have to deal with that sort of behavior. He could go out and get any piece of fine ass. He didn't have to waste his time fighting for what he knew he deserved.

Except Taehyung knew that he didn't want any other piece of fine ass, and there was something about how Jimin forced him to work for it that excited Taehyung even further. "Do I have to beg?"

Jimin bit his lip with a smile and raised an eyebrow. "Would you stoop so low for me?"

Would he? Taehyung's eyes followed Jimin's hand sliding along his erection, still aware of its taste, its texture, its heat. He nodded. "Yes – yes. Please fuck me."

Finally, Jimin acquiesced, sliding into the water with Taehyung. The excitement must have shown on his face, because Jimin laughed again as he came closer. "You think that's all it will take?"

"Well," Taehyung said, his voice less steady now that Jimin was in the water, "you're here, aren't you?"

"I am," Jimin confirmed, tilting his head to the side playfully. "But like I said, I'm not really into spoiled fuckboys."

Before he could help himself, Taehyung let out a whine, and blushed when triumph flashed on Jimin's face. "Oh, just fuck me already, pool boy," he said, annoyed at himself for being so whipped already.

In an instant, Jimin's mouth was on his, his whole body entrapping Taehyung. Fingers slipped into the hem of his briefs. Taehyung nearly cried with anticipation of being rid of the restricting material. Relief sank into him as Jimin pulled them off, letting his aching erection free in the cool water.


"Much," Taehyung groaned, then gasped as Jimin's hand came around his cock. "Okay, but this – yes – this is even better. The best."

"The best?" Jimin teased, smiling that perfect smile. "You're easy to please."

Taehyung blushed and pouted. "Don't mock me, pool boy."

Jimin's gaze snapped up to Taehyung's face, eyes ablaze. "It's Jimin," he said, shoving Taehyung roughly against the wall. "If I'm gonna fuck you 'til you're screaming, it might as well be my name."

Taehyung was pretty sure that was the moment he died. Everything after that felt like some heavenly hallucination. Jimin's hands were on him, his mouth on him, his body on him – Jimin was slowly invading every inch of Taehyung's skin, and Taehyung was more than willing to surrender to him. Taehyung wrapped his hips around Jimin's hips, pulling him even closer, encouraging the sexy man to grind against him.

"So needy." Jimin pulled back, holding Taehyung at arm's length.

"Yes, yes," Taehyung groaned, fighting against Jimin's grip. God damn, the man was strong. He could imagine Jimin throwing him around, pinning him to the bed – or literally any other surface. It didn't matter. Taehyung would take it if it came from Jimin.

Then Jimin was back on him, rolling his body against Taehyung's in a sensual motion that had Taehyung dizzy with anticipation. He moaned and whimpered and squirmed and prayed that his needs were successfully conveyed. Jimin lifted him up enough to easily reach beneath him, his fingers probing into Taehyung.

Taehyung panted, resting his elbows back on the tiled ground lining the pool. He closed his eyes and focused entirely on the stretching sensation. Soon Jimin would be inside him, and the idea of it was as intoxicating as the smooth tequila he'd been downing earlier.

"See? So easy," Jimin purred. He licked and bit at Taehyung's neck, sucking bruises into the tan skin.

Taehyung was pretty sure that it was meant to be an insult, but he didn't care. He moaned and whimpered, clinging to Jimin for dear life.  He was pretty sure he'd never been subjected to such an onslaught of stimulation – but of course Jimin had to prove him wrong by prodding deep within him, massaging his prostate until he was aching with need.

"Holy shit, Jimin – " Taehyung gasped. Using Jimin's body as an anchor, he rocked his hips in an attempt to ride Jimin's fingers like they were a cock. "Fuck, fuck – "

Jimin hummed in appreciation, a smirk on his face. "It turns me on to know you've been aching for me since I showed up." He raised an eyebrow when Taehyung opened his mouth to dispute the claim, and it died on his lips. Taehyung couldn't even act like it wasn't true. "You want me to fuck you, right? Slide my dick right into you? I'll fuck you good and hard so I'm the only one you think of no matter who you're with."

"God," Taehyung choked out, finding it difficult to function normally as Jimin continued to torture him with his fingers. "Yeah, I'm okay with that." He gasped and tensed when he felt the other man's erection brushing against his rim. Jimin slowly lowered him, replacing his fingers with his cock. Impatient as ever, Taehyung tightened his legs around Jimin's waist, sheathing himself entirely on him. They let out twin gasps of pleasure.

Realizing Taehyung was done playing games, Jimin pulled back and thrust in with similar force. Taehyung's head snapped back with a quiet cry, a pure ember of ecstasy burning within him. Again and again, Jimin's cock slid into him, making him bounce in the water. He kept a grip around Taehyung's torso, keeping him close.

"Holy fucking shit," Taehyung moaned. It was almost unfair how Jimin was perfect in everything he did, including this. Keyword: almost. Being the object of such a sexual storm was more than enough to quell that annoyance. "Fuck, Jimin –so good!"

The pool water sloshed between their chests as Jimin relentlessly fucked him. He hadn't yet taken his eyes off of Taehyung, watching him writhe in pleasure. His soft pants were barely audible over the noise created by their activities but they were there – low grunts and huffs that coincided with every thrust. They were contrasted by Taehyung whimpers and moans.

"Fuck me – oh God – " Taehyung tightened his arms around Jimin's neck, one hand in the damp black hair. "Oh fuck yeah – Jimin – " He squealed as the man hit his prostate over and over. Everything from his navel down was growing taut, his pleasure spiraling out of control.

"Is this what you wanted?" Jimin asked, his voice husky and breathless and unbelievably sexy. "This is what you've been craving all day."

Taehyung nodded, gasping as he bounced with the force of Jimin's thrusts. It was exactly what he'd been wanting, though Jimin wasn't entirely correct. It was exactly what he'd wanted for the entire summer – a fuck of the lifetime that really would leave him dissatisfied by any other man.

He was close – so close that he could feel the edge right there – he knew there was no stopping it, no drawing it out any more. Like their flirting and teasing, he'd reached the end of his limits, and he released himself. His climax took him so violently that Jimin had to hold on even tighter, his head thrown back with a shout of Jimin's name.

"God," Jimin grunted, shoving Taehyung against the wall. He took a few sharp breaths before he shuddered, his cock twitching and pulsing out his seed deep within Taehyung. As he held himself, the water began to calmed around them, making his soft whimpers clear.

Taehyung breathed heavily, still latched onto the other man. The tips of his fingers and toes felt numb, his body turning its attention fully to the fading pleasure. He let his head fall forward, pressing his forehead against Jimin's, and he laughed softly. "Wow."

Jimin grinned in satisfaction. "As good a compliment a guy could get." He pulled out and Taehyung groaned in disgust. "Oh no," Jimin teased, "if only you had a pool boy to help clean that up."

Taehyung snorted and rolled his eyes before hoisting himself up on the edge of the pool. He sighed, pushing wet hair away from his forehead. He grinned when he saw Jimin eyeing his body, a quick pass of his tongue over those sensual lips. "Now look who's hungry," Taehyung said, pushing on Jimin's chest with his foot.

Jimin swam closer to rest comfortably between Taehyung's legs. He ran his finger from Taehyung's hips to his thigh, and smirked. "No tan line."

Taehyung grinned, pleased that his efforts at perfection didn't go unnoticed.

Rather than pulling himself out of the water, Jimin drifted over to the staircase and walked out, giving Taehyung masturbation material to last him until the end of time. Rivulets of water streamed down his muscular back, drawing attention to an ass that could attract any person – man or woman. Jimin shamelessly walked over to his discarded clothes. Either he didn't notice Taehyung gawking at him, or he was pretending he didn't.

"I'm out of time," Jimin said, pulling his shorts back on. "I'll be back tomorrow. Maybe we should fuck before I clean the pool?" He gave Taehyung a playful wink, and Taehyung's dick twitched at the thought.

"Fuck yeah."



"Did you do anything productive today?" Jiho asked, pouring herself a glass of wine. It was almost dark out, which meant it was her third glass already.

"I told you I wanted to be more like you," Taehyung said, waving his hand with nonchalance, "So I fucked the pool boy."

Jiho paused, then nodded, clearly impressed. She raised her glass to him. "Fair enough."