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The Lone Rebel

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He checked the Galran army readers again going through his thoughts...

Why would Zarkon send Sendak and his entire armada to this planet Arus?

Arus, a planet that I never heard of and that's far away from the Galran Empire.

Looks like there must be something valuable to Zarkon on that planet. I'd better check it out and prevent it from falling into his hands.

Meanwhile, in the Castle of Lions, there was a feast. Arusians were everywhere and among them were what seemed like giants were the paladins.

"Not feeling well? Try some nunvill. Settles the stomach and brightens your smile." Coran asked Shiro.

Shiro glanced and saw Hunk faint after drinking the Nunvill.

"Pass. I'm not sure we should let everyone wandering in and out of the castle like this." Shiro said with concern.

"Oh! These Arusians won't hurt anything...much." Coran said as he noticed two Arusians dangling on a hovering tray crashing into the wall.

"Besides it's only fair to let them see the inside of the castle that has been sitting on their planet for so long." Coran continued.

"But who knows when Zarkon will attack again. I'm going on a perimeter check just in case." Shiro said.

Then he left the ballroom. Little did the team know that they were being watched by Sendak and his crew in the distance.

Time Skip

"You can't leave!" Keith said.

The whole team including Coran were in the corridor listening to Pidge's plan on leaving Voltron and finding her family.

"You can't tell me what to do!" Pidge yelled.

"We still can't form Voltron without the Blue Paladin. The last thing we need is another paladin dropping out. You're not the only one without a family. These Arusians have families. Everyone in the universe has families." Keith said.

"Hey, I have a family. They live on Earth and I wanna be with them. Is that a thing that could happen?" Hunk asked.

"You wanna leave too?" Allura asked.

"Of course I do. Voltron is super cool don't get me wrong but I never signed up to spend a lifetime in space fighting aliens." Hunk said.

This frustrated Keith even more and he snapped.

"You're putting the lives of two people over the lives of the entire galaxy!"

"Keith, that's not how a team works. People have to want to be part of it, they can't be forced." Shiro said.

"If you want to leave, no one's stopping you but please think about what you're doing."

"I'm sorry. I made up my mind." Pidge said filled with guilt.

Then she walked away.

"This team is already falling apart. How are we ever to form Voltron now?" Allura asked.

Internally, she was panicking without Voltron, there was no hope to save the universe. No hope to defeat Zarkon. She wished they found the Blue paladin sooner to make things easier.

Suddenly a huge explosion was heard and shook the castle.

Screams and panic echoed through the castle and Arusians were constantly bumping into each other as they ran for their lives out of the castle.

The team went to check out the explosion which was in the Central room, finding the crystal shattered into pieces.

"Without the crystal, the castle has no power, therefore, we can't access the lions. They're sealed in the hangers. Without them, we're completely defenceless." Allura said.

"Lion warriors! Our village is recently being attacked! Will you help us?" The Chief Arusian asked.

"We soon as we figure things out," Keith said.

"This is bad." Hunk admitted.

"We have to get a new crystal for the castle but I'll need a ship," Coran suggested.

"You can use the pod that I prepared earlier," Pidge said.

"I'll have to scan for any Balmera nearby. Hunk, I'll need your help to carry the crystal." Coran said.

"Bal...mera?" Hunk asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'll explain on the way." Coran said.

Hunk, Coran and Pidge exited the bridge in a flash.

"In the meantime, I'll go and help the village," Keith informed.

"I'm coming with you. It's my fault that they're in this situation in the first place." Allura said.

"I'll guard the castle," Shiro said. Both Allura and Keith nodded and headed out.

Time Skip.

Allura and Keith managed to reach the bridge finding Sendak holding Pidge who was struggling as a hostage and Shiro on the ground nearby handcuffed.

"Stand back," Sendak warned.

"It's over Sendak. You're outnumbered." Allura said.

"On the contrary, I always have a backup plan," Sendak said as he grinned.

Then Keith and Allura heard footsteps coming to their direction but strangely they stopped.

The door opened, revealing something unexpected. A bunch of Galran robots in pieces and in front of them a person covered in a brown cloak with a mask stood there, holding a gun. (In this Au, Lance has the same exact clothes as Matt .)

"Surprise!" The person yelled.

He pulled the trigger and hit Sendak's arm directly.

With the blast, it came right off and released Pidge onto the ground.

Using Sendak's surprise as an opening, the person rushed in and punched Sendak in the face. This made Sendak lose balance but he manage to claw with his other arm the person's mask.

As Sendak fell to the ground, the person's mask was sent flying across the room revealing the person's identity.

The paladins were shocked by the mystery person's reveal.

He was a human teenager about Keith's and Hunk's age. He had brown hair, tanned skin and small ocean blue eyes.

"You?! You're supposed to be dead." Sendak said with shock.

"Correction, I lived." He responded.

Then he kicked him in the face which made Sendak's jaw emitting a sound of cracking.

"Now...we're...even." He said as he panted.

Everyone was surprised by his sudden appearance and how he defeated Sendak who was now unconscious, single-handedly.

Keith observed the teenager from head to toe until he noticed that he had an open wound next to hip.

Without any hesitation, he ran to the boy immediately catching him in his arms as the teenager was losing conscious due to blood loss of his wound.

"Guess I overdid it. Thanks....umm?" The person said.

"Keith." He responded.

"Keith. That's a nice name. Name's Lance." Lance said before everything went black.