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Moments (One Direction One Shots)

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It was a cold breeze on the pier. Harry had no coat, but he didn’t mind. The wind kept him awake. It was nearly 11pm and he was waiting for someone.

The water looked beautiful in the darkness, the full moon highlighting the waves as they crashed over each other, the wind spraying him with a few drops of water every now and then. It was refreshing and Harry never tired of the ocean.

Footsteps on the wood stopped behind him, and arms wrapped around his waist. Harry leaned back into it for a second before turning around in his arms. He felt warm instantly in his loves embrace.

“I love the way your hair looks, love.” Louis smiled, brushing his fingers through Harry’s messy locks. “Very sexy.”

Harry laughed. “Sure it is.” He bet it was a tangled mess, but Louis would brush it out for him later at home.

“Why don’t you have a coat, Harold?” He immediately began taking off his own fluffy looking coat and placed it around Harry’s shoulders, shielding him from the cool flow of air.

Shrugging, Harry said, “I don’t mind it. I quite like the wind.” He smiled softly then, and kissed Louis on the lips. Just a peck, though. Louis’s eyes lit up and crinkled the way Harry loved. “And I have you to keep me warm.”

“Sap!” Louis chuckled, hitting his arm lghtky. “C’mon, let’s go home.”

They walked down the dock with the wind tossing their hair and freezing their cheeks, hand in hand. Harry couldn’t wait for Louis to warm him up.