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The BBS Chronicles

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Scotty's POV


It had been around 4:50pm.

Brock, an Elf of 25 with brown eyes that were always kind and brown hair that went down from the center of his head to the left of his head, leaving the right side constantly short, had recently told me that a good friend of his from the Wing Hove was arriving at 5:00. He didn't say much else. Of course, this had confused me. I had never heard of the Wing Hove until now, and I wasn't sure who Brock was referring to.

When 5pm came along, the sound of wing beats have echoed in the skies and then there was the sound of a creature. Soft spoken words had followed, each one calming and encouraging. My feet had carried me to the area, where Brock already stood with Arlan, a man with tan skin and black hair with dark eyes who I found rather amusing to talk with, especially when he acted as his "Carlos" alias. The two had smiles on their faces as they looked at the creature. A giant bird of reds, oranges and browns with piercing eyes stared at me. A Roc. It seemed to be glaring at the other Elves.

An Elf came down from the Roc's back. He was the same age as Brock, with dark hair that was swiped to one side. Chocolate brown eyes and a tan skin tone. His lips were pulled back into a smile of his own, warm and welcoming. The Roc nudged the Elf and let out a sound similar to a growl, who simply chuckled and spoke to it in a calm way. The same voice I had heard earlier was coming from him.

"Easy there, Vanoss. They're good people, boy. Friends of mine. Moo, Droidd. Say hi to Vanoss. My partner."

The Roc let out a short screech, typical of a bird that size. Brock simply approached, allowed Vanoss to get used to him and then greeted him in Elvish tongue. The bird responded with a nudge before it's attention went to Arlan. He had done a similar approach, allowed the Roc to adapt to his presence and greeted it. The Elf chuckled as he watched the two greet Vanoss before he looked at me.

"Who's this? You're certainly a face I haven't seen before." He spoke with a slight confusion to his words. When Brock turned to face me, he let out a soft sound and looked back at the Elf.

"Ev, I'd like you to meet Scotty. He's one of the Chosen." Brock explained, a friendliness to his voice that I had rarely heard vanish unless he was mad.

"Is that so? It's nice to meet you, Scotty. My name's Evan. This is Vanoss, a Roc." Evan had outstretched a hand in greeting, patiently waiting for me to take it.

I had nodded and walked over to him, taking his hand and shaking it before I looked at him properly. I wasn't sure if I would be used to this Elf just yet.

"It's good to meet you, Evan. Brock and Arlan haven't told me much about you... So forgive my lack of knowledge and blame them. Or just Brock. Or Arlan." I had responded with a cheekiness and a chuckle, to which Evan looked at Brock and let out his own laugh.

"Got it. Moo and Droidd rarely bring me up anymore." Evan seemed a bit upset by that, but shook it off with a smile we all could tell was fake. "Can't blame them. I haven't exactly been much of a contribution to the kingdom or the Elven race. Not since I left Arborlorn."

Arlan seemed to be tempted to say something, but simply walked up to Evan and pulled him away from myself and Vanoss. The two came together in a hug, which was then joined in on by Brock. The three held each other and spoke quietly before they parted. Evan seemed to have calmed down a little.

When Brock and Arlan started walking inside, Evan gestured for me to go ahead. He gave the justification of needing to take Vanoss somewhere safe. I nodded and ran in order to catch up with the two of them.


It was about 7:00 when I saw Evan again. He was sat there on a windowsill, staring out at the scenery. He seemed to be somewhat bothered by something and I wasn't going to deny the temptation to ask. When I did, he frowned lightly and looked up at me.

"Have you heard of Elf-Hunters, Scotty?"

A shake of my head seemed to make Evan shift uncomfortably as if the fact I didn't know who or what those were disturbed him. The brown eyes of the other Elf seemed to darken, a complete contrast to the bright night on the other side of the window he sat upon.

"Elf-Hunters, Scotty, are humans who hunt us down for our ears. They cut them off and sell them to other species in order to gain a profit. That profit could be materials or money." Evan paused and looked at me. His lips were pressed in a tight line. He was clearly attempting to see if I was okay with hearing this. A small nod of my head was the reassurance he needed it seemed.

"These Elf-Hunters have increased in numbers. Elves are terrified, they're refusing to leave homes and the safety of their land. I can't blame them honestly. A good friend of mine had lost his ears to them and had died due to blood loss from the wounds... I hadn't known until recently."

The news certainly shocked me. I wasn't used to the idea of being hunted for our ears. I wasn't used to the idea of the world outside of the Westland being dangerous. I hadn't expected people to go against Elves.

I leaned against the wall beside the window, the slight ridge pointing in to my back. I didn't mind though. My eyes and mind were focused on Evan and everything he spoke.

"I came here to talk to Brock, since he's an advisor of the King... I wanted him to tell the King about this issue... I don't want to hear that more Elves have died... I wouldn't be able to bare it."

"I can't blame you." The words slipped out as soon as he finished talking. Evan seemed to be surprised at the quick response I gave but the way he looked at me showed he appreciated it. "Instead of waiting... We could go to Brock now? I know where he'd be right now..."

"I haven't been here in a lot of years... Can you show me?" Evan seemed sheepish when he responded. He even looked down and had a small fluster on his cheeks from embarrassment. I laughed at his sudden mood swing, a grin on my face.

"I've gotcha Evan." He looked up with clear relief in his eyes. "Lemme lead you there. We'll go now, if you're cool with it?"

"Yeah. I'm cool with that. Lead the way, Scotty."