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Red Rocket at Red Rocket

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The walk to Sanctuary from the Red Rocket gas station wasn't a particularly long one. Having a settlement so close to their base of operations saved a lot of time for Piper and Nora, who had taken up temporary housing in the gas station because of a few leads that Nora needed to chase up about her son in the surrounding area. It was nice to be away from the crowdedness of central Boston, but living so far away from Diamond City meant that it was harder to get a hold of some of the few luxuries available in the post-nuclear wasteland. Piper wasn't particularly bothered about not being able to use soap, or chow down on her favourite pre-war snack every one in a while, because she'd lived without those luxuries before, rather it was the isolation from what little society that there was. As a result, she usually hung around in Sancutary for longer than she needed to, bothering everybody with invasive questions, just to fill the silence that she'd otherwise have to deal with.

As she arrived in Sanctuary one afternoon, she found little conversation to be had. Many of the people living there were simply too busy to entertain her, which Piper understood, but nonetheless found herself disappointed by. Life outside of Diamond City had been rough to adjust to, so having what little interaction she had taken away from her made her feel lonely. She had Nora, of course, and it wasn't as if she'd never been alone before... she supposed that life within Diamond City had made her complacent. As she started the short trek back towards the gas station, she thought on her own psyche, and how stupid it was of her to be bothered by such silly things.

As she arrived back at the gas station, she paused. Something was wrong. Usually, when she arrived, no matter what time it was, Dogmeat would run up to her and greet her. Failing that, Nora would usually be around to say hello, busy working on one of the power stations outside - they always kept malfunctioning. Her bag of supplies on her back, Piper drew her pistol and started walking slowly towards the gas station, worrying that perhaps something was wrong. It was the late afternoon, and yet there were no signs of life, not even a banging in the garage to indicate that Nora was working on one of her weapons. The assumption that everything had gone wrong was a common assumption to make in the wasteland.

She neared the door, and the automatic sensor that Nora had installed picked up on her presence, silently opening the door for her. Piper stepped inside, and looked around for signs of a break-in. Everything was as it should have been, short of a slight shuffling noise which could be heard coming from the storage room, which Piper and Nora had turned into a makeshift bedroom. As Piper moved closer to the bedroom, she could hear a muffled groaning, as if someone was struggling. Worrying that it was Nora, Piper moved over to the bedroom door, and looked inside, quickly realising the mistake that she had made.

Rather than groaning, Nora was moaning, in what was unmistakably pleasure. The bedroom didn't have a door, which meant that Piper had a view full of Nora's situation. The vault dweller was facing away from Piper, on her bed, on her hands and knees, with Dogmeat mounting her. Nora was nearly naked, her vault suit unzipped, and pulled down to her knees, along with her panties. Her bra was technically still on, but merely hanging from her elbows, rather than doing anything to cover her motherly breasts. Dogmeat, in his mounted position, was humping away at Nora as if his poor doggy life depended on it, as she continued moaning, giving him words of encouragement, and all Piper could do was stand there watching, her eyes wide.

Had Nora been doing this every time she left the two of them alone...? Piper couldn't be sure, but she felt betrayed, as if Nora had been using what was obviously a mental weakness on Piper's part - a need for public company - to fuck their dog. As angry as Piper was, she wasn't at all ready for a conversation about it, which meant that she needed to get out of here before they were finished. Yet... as she watched them go at it, she found herself feeling hot. She didn't immediately recognise it as arousal, merely assuming that her anger had gotten the better of her. As she took her own hat off, placing it onto one of the shelves Nora had put up, her pants rubbed up against her slit, giving her a sudden realisation that she was horny. She was fucking horny, watching her friend fuck a dog. What the hell was wrong with her? Today wasn't her day, that was for sure. If life could just go ahead and stop giving her life-changing revelations, that would have been brilliant. Much appreciated, on her part, really.

But it didn't. Life wanted more from her. She reached down between her own legs, more out of a need to get off than a want to. She couldn't believe that she was about to masturbate, watching her friend have sex with an animal. Lucky for her, things wouldn't quite work out that way.

"Stop, stop!" Nora called out, and Dogmeat followed her instruction immediately. Worried that she was going to get caught, Piper moved around the corner and hid herself, her hand still firmly lodged inside her pants. She listened closely to what was happening, trying to figure out what Nora's reasoning for stopping him had been. Had she come to her senses? Piper hoped not, because that would put Nora at least a step above her... Piper still wanted desperately to see them going at it, so that she could just masturbate to it and get rid of all these things that she was feeling. And then she thought about it, and felt even worse about herself.

Hearing more shuffling, Piper braved a glance around the corner, and tried to get a good look at what Nora and Dogmeat were up to. Dogmeat was now on his back, facing Piper, with Nora, still facing away from the reporter, down between his hind legs, her mouth on his... his... cock. Nora was really going at it, bobbing her head up and down on his doggy dick like it was the nicest thing in the world. As Piper wondered how nice it could possibly be, Dogmeat let out a howl and... Piper was around the corner before she could even figure out why. Whatever it was, Nora spent the next couple of minutes slurping up... something, and Piper could only make the connection that the dog had finished, and what Nora was licking up was his cum. God, it was so depraved. Piper quickly fixed her clothes, pulling her hand out of her pants, and headed back towards the door to the outside, not wanting to be caught and questioned.

She waited there for Nora to be finished, not daring to go back around the corner. A few minutes later, Nora rounded the corner, and looked surprised to see Piper, but as surprised as she looked, she also looked as if nothing had happened, which in turn surprised Piper. Her clothes were completely fixed, and there wasn't even a smell of dog... cum.

"Did you just get back?" Nora asked Piper, and it took Piper a moment to answer.

"...uh, yeah. Heh, long queues. Sanctuary's getting big, huh?" Piper finally managed to reply. Nora gave her a look, and Piper could just tell that the older woman didn't believe her, but no accusation came.

"Yeah. I'm glad. They're good people," Nora replied, before pointing behind her. "Your hat's on the shelf. Dunno if you could find it or what, but." Nora moved towards Piper, close enough that Piper could finally had proof of what Nora had been doing - the dog cum on her breath. "To be honest, you look better without it," Nora continued, and gave Piper a knowing smile before heading into the garage.

The nerve on that woman. Flustered, Piper moved back towards the bedroom and grabbed her hat, before heading outside to calm down, needing to do so after the cavalcade of emotions she'd just felt.