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Brother in law

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Ian emerged from sleep, the sun was already high in the sky and the room was bathed in light.
He ran his hand over the bed, no one.
Ian was happy to notice that his one-night lover had preferred to leave before he woke up.
Although Mandy had no problem meeting his partners during breakfast, Ian preferred to avoid these meetings as much as possible.

Smells of coffee and pancakes came from the kitchen. Mandy had always had to make food for her brothers and her father, and she had ended up developing appreciable cooking skills.

"- Your lover of the day didn't want to stay for breakfast?
- No. There will be no need to make a scene to make him leave...
- It's a shame, I start to be talented in the role of the fiancée who discovers that the man she has to marry is gay.
- You are so good in this role.
- Maybe you should be worse in bed, so there would be less that would try to stay.
- Do you think those who leave before breakfast are the ones I've disappointed?
- Given the shouts that came from your room yesterday, I don't think that guy could be disappointed in anyway. "

Ian laughed heartily. Life was decidedly easier with Mandy.
Nothing to hide. No secrets.

"- Did you remember that you have to go with me tonight?
- To your father's?
- Yes, actually it's more my brothers' now, since most of the time my father is in jail, but yes that's it.
- Why do you have to go already?
- My big brother got his girlfriend pregnant for the fourth time, and he seems to think that it is something to celebrate!
- And the future aunt must come to celebrate that occasion?
- Yes and the fiancé of the future aunt too. They have never met you, so I have the impression they are wondering if you really exist.
- Admit you want to show them your perfect little fiancé...
- Asshole!" Mandy retorted with a big smile.




Ian and Mandy had arrived in front of the Milkovich family home.
Ian had never met Mandy's brothers, but he had heard a lot about it.

Everyone in the neighborhood knew who the Milkovich brothers were.
Of course none was as dangerous and insane as Terry Milkovich, but each of them already had a good reputation as a criminal.
The evening promised to be lively.

"- Mandy! Good to see you !
- Abbigail. It’s been a long time.
- I must say that, you don't come over a lot since you got your new apartment, your new job and your new fiancé." She remarked, eyeing Ian.

"- Ian, this is Abbi, Iggy's girlfriend. Abbi, this is Ian my fiancé. "

Before Ian could say anything, Abbi took him in her arms.

"- Welcome to the family."

Abbigail, the fury, vanished as quickly as she had come when a voice called from inside the house.

"- She's always so...
- Blunt? Transparent? Exuberant?
- Yes…
- Yes always. I still don't know how she can be in a relationship with Iggy, this guy is the opposite of Abbi.
- We have to believe that the opposites attract.
- Do you really think that?" Mandy raised an eyebrow.

"- Yep, it seems to be the case quite regularly.
- In that case what would be your opposite?
- What do you mean?
- What character would have the guy that could attract you...
- Hard to say... "

Their discussion was cut off by Abbi's return to the door.

"- Are you coming or are you planning to spend the night outside?"



Finally the evening wasn't as unpleasant as Ian had feared. Mandy's family reminded him a bit of his.
Of course, some details were different. The pile of guns on the fridge, tire levers and iron crow bars everywhere.
But all the discussions were cheerful and alcohol was flowing.

Despite the good atmosphere Mandy seemed a little upset. One of her brothers was missing.

"- But why is he too busy? I’m almost never here, and he doesn't bother to come!
- Let me remind you that it is my future kid that we celebrate, not your live in ! " Remarked her brother.

"- Still! If he doesn't show up, I'll kick his naughty little ass!
- Who are you calling little, shithead? "

The last of the Milkovich’s had just returned to the house.

"- You asshole."

Ian wondered if the big words had replaced the nicknames in this family.

"- Ian, this is Mickey, my little brother.
- Kinda tall, isn’t he." Said Mickey, putting the weapon he had on his belt on the dining room table.

"- It's not my fault that you haven't grown up since you came out of our mother's womb.
- Every day is proof that she should have had an abortion when she became pregnant with you."

Mandy laughed and took Mickey in her arms.

"- I missed you asshole.
- What's stopping you from coming to see us moron?
- I have something called a life.
- And that's your fiancé?
- Yes. Ian, this is Mickey. Mickey this is Ian. "

Mickey greeted Ian with a nod, grabbed a beer behind him, and sat down on one of the chairs.

"- What are you talking about?"

Abbigail detailed each topic of discussion to the newcomer.

Of all the Milkovich’s, Mickey was the one Ian had heard most about.

His reputation was well established in this city. It was quite surprising that their paths never crossed when Ian had worked in one of the small supermarkets in the area.
However, Ian would never have imagined Mickey like that.

Although his build certainly allowed him to compete with his brother in hand-to-hand combat, he was smaller than them.
It also seemed very simple to read him. He raised an eyebrow whenever something surprised him and he bit his lip as soon as he thought.

Mickey slid his tongue down his lower lip, Ian was hypnotized by these lips.
In fact, Ian felt hypnotized by all the physical traits of Mickey.
His lips, but also his eyes, a beautiful blue, his thighs, his muscular arms that his tank top was showing...

Ian would have tried his luck if this guy wasn't the son of one of the biggest homophobes in the area, the brother of his fake fiancé, and probably 200% straight.


He had to cut off his contemplation when the subject of his fantasy stoof up.

"- Where are you going?
- To piss! "

Ian didn't know if he should be grateful for this sudden departure or not.
He would have liked to enjoy this view a little longer, but this attention would probably have been noticed.
Better to avoid a scene.


Ian finally thanked the heavens when he saw Mickey's came back.
If the front half was this pleasing , the back half was just as appetizing.
Mickey's back was muscular and his ass was a work of art.

Ian had already been attracted to several men in his life, but never so fast.
He had trouble understanding what was happening to him.
This guy was Mickey Milkovich, the brute he had always heard about when he was younger.
It was Mickey Milkovich, Mandy's brother.
It was Mickey Milkovich the son of Terry Milkovich...

Ian stiffened in his chair. If his brain hadn't yet processed the fact that Mickey Milkovich could please him so much, his body had completely captured the information.
Ian felt more and more cramped in his underwear.

He mumbled an apology and quickly left the house.
Fortunately for him Mandy was smart enough to borrow a friend's car to come here.
Ian shut himself inside, turned off the interior light and closed his eyes.


He had to calm down and quickly. Someone would soon wonder where he had gone.

He looked at his leg. It had become impossible to hide his erection.
Ian couldn't believe what was happening to him. He was there, in front of the Milkovich's house,hard as a rock because of Mickey Milkovich. And he would have to masturbate there, in this car, if he wanted to prevent things from getting worse.


Ian undid his belt and slid one of his hands on his dick. He closed his eyes and began to caress himself.
As he slid his hand down his shaft , the image of Mickey came to him. His lips, his eyes, his arms, his hips, his thighs, his ass.
Ian felt his legs, then his whole body start to shudder.
He came hard in his hand.

He closed his eyes for a moment, before finding a napkin and wiping himself.
He would never have had imagined himself in this situation.