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Give Me Relief Senpai

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                Kirishima stood outside of the Third Years’ dorms. He fidgeted around, looking at the text he had sent earlier. He didn’t know if he had made the right decision, especially when he considered what tomorrow was. Maybe Midoriya had the right idea not coming here?

                But he couldn’t sleep. Not with everything that was going on at the moment. He needed to be prepared for tomorrow so he needed guidance from his senpai. The lights downstairs were all still on in the building so he had hoped that his senpai hadn’t gone to sleep yet or maybe he should have texted-

                The door opened then. Kirishima shot his gaze up to the door. He was greeted by the sight of a certain blonde third year. “Kirishima, what are you doing here this late?” the older student asked.

                Kirishima put away his phone. “Oh, I was hoping to talk to Amajiki-senpai. Do you know where he is?”

                Mirio Togata, U.A’s top student or as Kirishima knew him as U.A’s biggest secret pervert gave him a weak smile. His hand rested on the door. “Tamaki has already gone to bed for the night. He wants to be ready for tomorrow.”

                “Oh, yeah. That makes sense.” Kirishima blushed, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment.

                “What’s the matter, Kirishima? Is there anything I can help you with?” Togata asked. After a moment his eyes fell downcast. “No, I guess I’m in no position to do something like that.”

                “That’s not...” Kirishima knew Togata felt bad about the current situation along with Midoriya. They had failed to save a girl from a criminal and now she was suffering. That was what tomorrow was about, correcting that mistake for the both of them.

                Kirishima balled up his fists to the point that they trembled beside him. He didn’t want to say something careless and hurt the other man’s feelings. He was already dealing with enough.

                He took hold of the fabric around his chest, squeezing it. He dropped his head as tears began to form into his closed eyes. “I don’t know what to do. I don’t like lying to my friends, senpai! I know it’s important, but, but…” Kirishima chocked on his words. His chest felt like it was tightening up on him. Why couldn’t he figure out what to say?

                The door to the dorm building closed. Footsteps travelled closer to him. The warmth of his senpai’s strong arms embraced him. “I understand how you feel. Don’t worry it will all be over tomorrow I promise.”

                Kirishima parted his tear filled eyes. He hugged the taller boy back around his waist. He knew crying about his problems wasn’t very manly. It was just he had to vent to someone who would understand. His aching heart started to ease.

                Kirishima was about to thank his senpai when he felt something press against his stomach. The shape of it made him go red, realizing what it was. He shot his head up at the blonde. “Senpai!”

                “Opps, sorry.” Togata separated from the redhead. “The darn thing always acts up when I’m around cute guys like you.”

                Kirishima balled up his fists, throwing them up into the air. “I’m not cure, I’m a man!”

                “You can be cute and a man.” Togata gave him a thumbs up and a wink.

                “Jeez, Togata senpai. You never stop being a pervert no matter the situation do ya?”

                Togata dropped his shoulders. A remorseful look appeared on his face. “Sorry about that. How about we both head to bed and talk in the morning?”

                “What about your boner?” Kirishima pointed to the bulge in the third year’s pants.

                Togata rapidly jabbed at his own chest. “Don’t worry; I’ll take care of this myself. You just head back to your dorm, Kirishima.”

                “No I can’t leave you like that. It was my fault after all.”

                Togata raised his eyebrow. “Are you sure about that?”

                Kirishima eagerly nodded. “Yeah. Besides I haven’t…” Kirishima’s face turned a beat red again. “I want to know if it is as good as Midoriya said it was in that video you guys sent me.” He scratched the side of his cheek in embarrassment.

                “Oh?” A smile spread across Togata’s face.

                “Do you know some place we can be alone?” Kirishima couldn’t look the older boy in the eyes.

                Togata grabbed Kirishima’s hand. “I think I know the perfect place.” He led his kohai toward the dorm building.

                “Wait, senpai. We can’t go in there.”

                “Don’t worry I was the only one still awake.” Togata pulled the younger boy into the building, guiding him into the common room. Togata threw Kirishima down onto the couch with an uff. He climbed his way on top of him.

                “Senpai, hold on a minute.”

                “Am I going so fast you can’t keep up?” Togata teased.

                “I can keep up.”

                “Then-” Togata seemed to be waiting for Kirishima to make the first move.

                Kirishima steeled himself. He wasn’t going to be some punk. He grabbed his senpai by his tie, pulling him down into a kiss. Widen surprise showed in Togata’s eyes. He kissed the young boy back, cupping Kirishima’s cheek.

                Their eyes closed. They deepen their kiss; their rough lips molding together. Kirishima’s body warmed to the feeling. The kiss felt a bit dirty to him since they weren’t in love or anything. His body didn’t care. It grew warmer.

                He wanted to try something, something he imaged trying with Bakugou for months, but never built up the courage to actually do since they weren’t together. He could try it with his senpai first to get some practice in. After all his senpai was a pervert who only wanted sex. He didn’t want more from the redhead.

                Kirishima parted his month. He stuck out his tongue to brush against the other guy’s lips to act as an invitation. Togata broke the kiss then. He gazed down at the disappointed and sad redhead. “A little too eager aren’t you?”

                “I just wanted some tongue,” Kirishima whined. “What’s the big deal you did it with Midoriya.”

                “You’re absolutely right. I guess I should comply if my cute little first year is begging for it.” Togata spoke like some excited cartoon character.

                “I’m not begging.”

                Togata ignored him, planting his lips over Kirishima’s. This time he opened his mouth so their tongues could wrestle for dominance. They tugged and yanked at one another’s clothes that expose parts of their skin. Heat radiated off of their bodies.

                Togata broke the kiss again, going for the boy’s expose neck. He littered the nape with a dozen kisses. Kirishima’s body curled up underneath him. Kirishima moaned without meaning to. He could feel his own erection coming to life.

                Kirishima pushed his hands against the third year’s shoulders. He turned his head off to the side, exposing more of his neck to Togata’s mouth. “Shouldn’t we do something about our dicks already?” He wanted to help his senpai out at the same time he didn’t want to be come undone and no longer be a man.

                Togata brought his mouth to Kirishima’s ear. His heated breath brushed against it. “Sure, let’s see if you can keep up with Midoriya.” He pulled himself off the boy part way. He lifted Kirishima’s shirt off of him.

                He threw the shirt down to the floor. Next he stripped the boy of his lower clothing that left him completely expose. Togata licked his lips in anticipation. The boy looked just as sexy as he remembered. His cock twitched against his briefs in the desperate need to have him.

                Togata decided he would just phase his clothes off since it would be faster and he could dig into his meal. To his surprise Kirishima with a slight blush on his cheeks sat up. The spiky redhead took a hold of his golden tooth jaw belt buckle and undid it for him.

                Togata looked to Kirishima, seeing the fiery determination in the young hero’s eyes. The boy really cared about being a man. Though he wanted to simply tackle the younger student down and have his way with him he decided to let him have this. He enjoyed it as well.

                Kirishima kept his hands solid. He refused to let them tremble. He would be a good kohai to his senpai and take care of this situation. After he finished undoing the older boy’s pants he went for the button up shirt. Each button he undid revealed more and more bulging muscles to his eyes. He wanted a body like that.  

                Kirishima snapped open the last button. His fingers slipped into the tie, pulling it free. All that was left was… Kirishima slipped the clothes off of Togata while the older boy watched him. He moved his body accordingly to make it easier for Kirishima to remove them.

                When all the clothes hit the floor, Togata brought Kirishima into another kiss. He rested his hand on the back of his neck. Their tongues flapped against each other. Both boys’ erection rubbed in eagerness against the other.

                Kirishima’s heart beat solemnly. It felt nice to be with his senpai. He didn’t need to think about anything else in the moment. He drew closer to the blonde, feeling his muscles against his own.

                Togata parted their lips. His eyes were in a daze and barely open. “Let’s try something different.”

                “What?” Kirishima’s mind was a haze. He wasn’t sure what Togata senpai had in mind, but he was pretty sure he would like it. He allowed his senpai to bring him back down to the couch. Togata flipped his body around on top of him to have his large cock right in front of his face.

                Kirishima’s eyes grew wide.

                Togata looked down at him. “Let’s 69. I’ll suck you off while you do the same for me.” He gave Kirishima a thumbs up.

                Kirishima returned the thumbs up. “I’m up for that.”

                “Just be careful with those teeth of yours I don’t need bite marks on my junk.” Togata then focused on Kirishima’s erection. He wrapped his hand around the base of it to keep it still. He lowered his mouth to its tip.

                Togata twirled his tongue around the head, earning him a moan from the other boy. He soon wrapped his lips around it all while still circling his tongue on it. He lowered his mouth further on it, filling his entire mouth and some of his throat. Togata bobbed his head at a slow pace, covering the shaft with his saliva.

                Kirishima shut his eyes for a moment. He moaned, feeling waves of sensation shoot through him. Togata senpai must be a pro at sucking dick, Kirishima thought. His body trembled from the hot mouth.

                Kirishima at last managed to open his eyes to see his senpai’s dick dangling in front of him. He had to do his part. He reached for the cock, giving it a few pumps with his hand. It was as big as he remembered. It was so manly!

                Kirishima lifted his head to give the bottom of the shaft a few licks that reached the man’s balls. He pulled the cock closer to his mouth. He started to put it inside.

                How did Midoriya ever suck this? It’s huge! Kirishima opened his jaw even further, careful to not touch it with his teeth. The thick taste of meat in his mouth made his cock throb. He worked to put more in his mouth. He supported himself on his elbows. He moved his mouth around the cock, doing his best not to bite it.

                Kirishima felt his senpai’s mouth leave his dick. He was about to question why when the mouth returned. His butt cheeks were then spread and he felt two wet fingers against his asshole. They messaged the area to get the hole to twitch and open before they entered.

                Kirishima’s eyes shot wide open. He just barely stopped himself from biting down on his senpai’s cock. His fingers clenched onto the couch cushion. An intense wave ran up his body. Kirishima’s hips jerked up into Togata’s mouth.

                WHAT THE HELL?! Before Kirishima could think further Togata pulled his fingers out only to stab them back inside. Kirishima struggled to hold himself together. He screamed into the other man’s dick. His senpai was being way too rough. From the video he saw he was much softer to Midoriya.

                Togata continued to suck his cock, doing it at a slightly faster pace. Not enough to relieve the sharp pain in Kirishima’s ass. Togata kept playing rough with the other boy’s hole like it was some sort of toy he could throw away. He added the third and forth fingers into him that gave Kirishima’s body no rest.

                Togata blew Kirishima harder. He picked up his pace on the dick and his back end until the redhead could fight it no longer. Kirishima’s hot seed shot into his mouth. He took the first load as if it was his first time getting a drink in days. He swallowed it all before removing his mouth.

               Kirishima still had Togata’s cock in his mouth. His mind was a daze from the intense climax. He just needed a second. Togata didn’t give him that, thrusting his thick dick into his mouth and down his throat. Kirishima found it hard to breath, but couldn’t fight back. His crimson eyes narrowed. He liked the feeling of being roughed up by his senpai. He knew he could take it; he just didn’t expect to enjoy it so much.

                Togata thrust his throbbing cock in one last time. His cum exploded into Kirishima’s mouth. Kirishima was force to drink down the thick protein since Togata refused to move his dick. His body returned to its former red hotness. His cock hardened in the need for more.

                Togata took his dick out of his mouth once he was finish. “That was amazing! Glad you didn’t bite my dick off.”

                “Sure.” Kirishima’s normal happy self came back after a moment. He spread his legs wide open. “Now let’s see what your dick can do in this hole, senpai.” He pressed his hands down on his thighs to fully show himself off.

                A twinkling light shimmered in Togata’s eyes. “Oh, is that a challenge? Then I won’t hold back.”

                “I don’t want you to. I want to see how much of a man you really are, senpai.”

                Togata flipped himself once again. He planted his knees between Kirishima’s legs. He took a hold of his still erected cock, lining it up with the redhead’s hole.

                “That’s it show me what you got.” Kirishima’s eyes shimmered with challenge. A tint of red rested on his cheeks as he licked his lips in seduction. Kirishima had already learned a lot from his senpai.

                “I’m liking you more and more, Kirishima.”

                “Just fuck me already.”

                Togata did just that, slamming his entire member inside of the smaller boy. He latched onto Kirishima’s hips, ramming all the way inside of him over and over. His balls slapped against Kirishima’s rear.

                “Uh, ah, uh.” Kirishima turned his head slightly. His cocky yet seductive expression gave way to moans. The sensation of Togata’s cock inside him rushed throughout his body. So this is what Midoriya felt that day. It really is…

                Kirishima’s ass clenched against the big piece of meat inside of him. He could feel it even more. He covered his mouth with the back of his hand to cover up his moans. His other hand grabbed the back of the couch for support.

                His cheeks became even redder. He was enjoying this even more than he thought. Sweat glistened his skin that only seemed to make his senpai more eager. The middle of the front of his hair fell to his forehead, disheveling it.

                “You look great like that.” Togata picked up his pace a little. His eyes grew more lustful. “Give yourself to me.”

                Kirishima’s cock slapped against his stomach. Kirishima lowered his hand from his mouth, letting his moans flow out naturally. Some more of his hair dropped from the heat. Sweat poured down his body.

                He cupped one of his pecs. His mind thought of only his senpai; forgetting all about another blonde he knew. A loving expression came to Kirishima’s face. His moans flowed out. I think I’m falling for Togata senpai…

                Togata bent over him some more. He rammed his cock even harder into Kirishima.

                The sudden sensation made Kirishima’s ass squeeze the dick. He grabbed the couch again. Part of his face and hands harden up. He threw his head to the side, clenching his teeth. His scar eye closed. His hair fully fell around his face. Pre-cum shot onto his stomach and chest.

                Togata thrust into him harder.

                Kirishima flew up his head in a panic. He pressed his hands against the older boy’s abs. “Senpai, I can’t take it. Ah, ah, ahhh.” Tears appeared in his eyes.

                “You can take it. Just enjoy my cock.”

                Enjoy senpai’s cock… Kirishima dropped his hands down beside his head. He lay back on the couch. He took it, it felt even better than before. His mind had gone blank. All he wanted was his senpai to keep fucking him. Drool spilled from his mouth. His tears fell from his eyes in pleasure. “More, more, more…”

                Kirishima didn’t want the moment to end even when he felt them both reaching their end. No, not yet. I want more. I want Togata senpai to keep fucking me forever. I don’t need anything else. His eyes became hearts, rolling up in bliss. He stuck out his tongue, letting out sloppy wet moans.

                Togata pumped into him one last time. He sent his load right up Kirishima’s willing ass. The feeling of the warm liquid forced Kirishima to come too. His seed shot all over himself including his face and tongue.

                The boys collapsed into each other, catching their breathes. “That was amazing, Kirishima. You have a talent for this just like Midoriya. Well, we should clean up and head to bed.”

                Kirishima wrapped his arms around his senpai’s back. “Not yet… I want to stay like this for a little longer.”

                Togata gave a nod and smiled. “Sure.” His eyes closed, drifting off to sleep.