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I was falling.

I wasn't even sure how I had ended up in this hole. I had just walked up a mountain, and, somehow, tripped. I couldn't even scream. It felt like someone was blocking my ability to talk. I landed, face-first, of course, in a patch of yellow flowers. I pushed myself up, and tried again to speak. After a few seconds of struggling, I managed to spit out, "Well, that sucked."

I pushed myself off of the ground, brushing dirt from my jeans. I scanned the room, looking for an exit back to the surface. The only way back was an impossible climb a vertical wall. 'Guess I'm stuck here,' I thought to myself. I set off down the hallway I had noticed earlier. It had a doorway at the end of it. I stepped through, noting the change in lighting. I was curious as to how a cave could contain a spotlight, or any light at all, until a small yellow flower started talking. 

"Howdy! I'm Flowey! Flowey the flower." 

I stared at it. As far as I knew, normal flowers didn't talk. Yeah, sure, they looked pretty, and talking to them made them grow better, but they never talked back. Until now, apparently.

I tried to speak, but, once again, it was like something was preventing me. I struggled for a second, then managed to say, "Hi, Flowey. I'm Katie." Might as well play it nice.

The flower thing looked shocked, like it hadn't actually expected me to speak. "Well, um, howdy Katie. You must be new to the Underground. Someone ought to show you-"

"The Underground. Fitting name," I said, cutting it off.

"Now you're just annoying me," the flower thing said. I was surrounded by white pellet things. "DIE."

I tried to take a step back, but the pellets had started to close in on me. The flower appeared to be laughing. 'Just my luck that the first thing I come across is evil.' I prepared myself for either immense pain or death by closing my eyes, but it never came. I opened my eyes back up, and glanced around. There appeared to be a goat woman in front of me, a look of absolute rage on her face. 

"What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth. Ah, do not be afraid, my child," she muttered, turning to me. "I am Toriel, caretaker of the Ruins," she said. She started to say something else, but I accidently cut her off.

"Hi, Toriel. I'm Katie," I said sweetly. Maybe she would be nicer than the flower was.

She looked surprised that I had spoken. Funny, her reaction was the same as the flower. "Oh. Well, hello Katie," she said, recovering quickly. "Welcome to the Underground. If you will allow me, I will be your guide."

I nodded, following her as she turned and went through a doorway."The ruins are full of many puzzles." Her voice sounded generic, I went to reply, and found that once again, I couldn't. I also couldn't approach her. She gestured at a set of buttons on the floor. "Familiarize yourself with them."

"Alright," I said, managing to push through the block on my voice and actions. I walked over to a sign I had noticed earlier. 

Only the fearless may proceed. 

Brave ones, foolish ones

Both walk not the middle path

I stared back at the buttons, then made a kind of z shape with along the buttons. I flipped the switch and the door opened.

"Good, very good. Follow me," Toriel said, continuing through the door. I followed without question.