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What it Means to be Immortal || Book One: The MCU (Being Rewritten)

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She slowly opened her eyes. Blinked a couple of times. Rays of light leaked through the curtains, spilling on her face. Bella sat up on her bed and slowly reconnected to her brain. She ran her hands through her short, messy, bleached hair, scratching her scalp. The immortal let out a big yawn and got out of bed. She walked down the hallway of her home, to the kitchen, where she was greeted by the smell of breakfast.

“Morning,” a thick British accent greeted her.


“Morning Vizh,” Bella greeted back.


Her android brother, Vision, smiled softly and returned to his cooking. It was rather weird, you may think. The immortal girl from a different universe had a red android for a younger brother. How does that work? Let’s just say, Bella’s (adopted) father was the famous Tony Stark, who created the said android. Rather weird when you looked at the two. Bella looked like a young East-Asian woman in her early 20’s. Vision, on the other hand, when in his human look, looked like a blonde Caucasian man in his late 40’s. Nonetheless, he was only 3 years old, and Bella was around 100 000 years old.



“Your girlfriend is still asleep?” The immortal teased.


Vision replied with a small nod. Bella walked to her taller brother and smelled the sizzling bacon from the pan. “Smells delicious bro,” She commented as she walked to the kitchen counter. Vision looked back at his older sibling, who was about to leave to her bedroom. “Are you going to stay for breakfast?” He asked, re-rolling the sleeves of his dark sweater.

“I promised a friend that I would help him with something,” The immortal responded. “I’ll try and return here in time, I’ll make no promises, kid.” Bella walked back to her room to get changed into her casual jeans and t-shirt.




A mechanic sound was heard outside the complex, and Bella grabbed her bag with her scythe and dashed out of the Avengers Facility to meet her old friend. Ever since her early years after her awakening, she was able to travel through different universe. The immortal and The Doctor knew each other very well. She first met him during is 11th generation, when they were both locked up in an alien spaceship. That was over 1000 years ago, and he’s now a female with a strong Yorkshire accent. Though this generation that Bella was going to meet, had a different face.


The Blue Box that was standing outside the facility and its door opened. “Hello Doctor,” Bella greeted with a smile. “Bella, you’re here,” he said in his strong Scottish accent. “Come in, I need to show you something,” The Doctor gestured her into the TARDIS. The immortal walked inside the ‘bigger-in-the-inside-than-it-is-on-the-outside’ box.


A pleasant whirring of the TARDIS filled the console room. “What is it you wanted me to see?” She asked. The Doctor was pressing some buttons and flicking some switches on the TARDIS console. He then pointed to the screen in front of him, “This is what I wanted to show you,” Bella walked towards him to get a better view of the screen. It showed security footage of a dark figure surrounded by dead bodies. It seemed to be saying something but the immortal couldn't understand a word the ominous figure was saying.


“He’s asking for us,” Kaleb spoke up from inside his friend’s backpack. Bella reached in for her friend inside the bag and took out the scythe he was possessing. “Do you know him?” She asked. Kaleb hesitated for a bit.


“He’s a demon, like me,” He replied “but I don’t know who he is,”

The immortal stayed silent for a moment, letting her mind process.


“Bring us there, Doctor,” Bella requested, still looking at the screen. The Doctor typed up the coordinates and the TARDIS took off.


Bella stayed quiet for the duration of the trip. She knew her friend sounded uneasy. Demons were savage beings, destroying everything in their path. They kill, possess, and destroy. Kaleb was none of that, even though he was the Demon God (though Bella knew there was only one God, she only thought of “Demon God” as the “superior” demon). A few centuries ago, the Demon race gave up on Kaleb as the Demon God when they found out he joined forces with a Grim Reaper. Even though they couldn't overthrow him, they rebelled against him. They mocked him, calling him “Soft hearted” and “Coward”. Kaleb never minded what they said, or what they thought. He never regretted meeting Bella. And Bella never regretted meeting Kaleb.


The whirring of the TARDIS stopped.

They had landed.


Bella walked out of the Blue Box and was greeted with the sound of mechanics and the heat. With her Scythe in hand, the young immortal walked down the dimmed light hallway.


“I’ll just wait here,” The Time Lord called out, looking around the area from the TARDIS entrance.


Bella looked back at him and nodded in approval, before he re-entered his blue box. She continued to walk the hallway, unsure where she was. As the immortal walked through the unknown building, crimson red blood mixed with strange liquid substances started filling the cold tiled floor. Bella then came across a huge room, filled with control panels and glass cases. Some were empty and the others with strange creatures in them. Dead bodies were also scatter on the floor, across the room. Bella, as a Grim Reaper, didn't know of this, and started to confuse her. She was supposed to receive a telepathic message from the authorities who were in charge of the Grim Reapers. Bella hesitantly brushed it off, presuming another Grim Reaper must have been given the message. Though she didn't remember feeling the presence of any of the soul collectors in the building.


 In the center of the dimmed light room, was a shadowy male figure, standing up straight, head bowed down and silent. The immortal cautiously walked towards the figure. As she did so, her possessed scythe slowly collected the souls of the dead.


“So you got my message,” a low voice came. Bella flinched and brought her weapon (or tool) by her side. The dark figure turned around to see the immortal, slowly pointed his finger at her and yelled, “TRAITOR!”


That’s when Bella realized, he wasn't pointing at her, but her friend, Kaleb. The immortal’s grip on her scythe increased. Kaleb was growing anxious.  The figure started to charge toward the two, about to strike. His eyes were glowing purple with murderous intent. Traitor? What does that even mean? Bella jumped high, dodging the creatures attack, which instead attacked a broken control panel. The Grim Reaper then slashed her scythe towards the figure, sending a wave of vibrations, causing the control panel next to the creature to explode. The Grim Reaper landed safely on the higher platforms of the room.

A lab? There were glass cases with creatures, control panels, and strange liquid substances (mixed with the blood) spilled on the floor. This was definitely a lab. Bella ran across the hanging platform, running her empty hand on the metal railings. Her path was then blocked by the creature, making Bella to take a few steps back. “This was the Demon in the footage,” Kaleb noted. Bella placed her friend on her side, floating in mid-air. “You stay behind me,” Bella removed her hand from the rails and clasped it with her other hand, creating static from the metal. Her hands then turned into fists, punching the ground below her, making lightning bolts, striking her target in front of her. The Demon stumbled back from the counter attack, trying to regain his posture.


“My fellow demons try to defeat you,” He let out a groan. “You betrayed us, running off with some girl,” Bella flinched as he spat out the last word. The Demon stood up, phasing through the debris covering him. “You are no demon,” he continued, “you’re a coward.”


Bella grabbed her scythe at her side, her right hand turning dark, before she released her scythe. A dark shadow on her hand rose up on her arm. It’s texture turning rough and sinister. The immortal girl shot a thick string of web substance from her dark hand on the Demon, and threw him off the platform. Bella’s dark hand rose at the side of her, forming two red eyes on the palm.


The scythe was a Grim Reaper’s tool, it’s strength, its other half. Kaleb may be stuck in Bella’s scythe, but that doesn't mean he can transfer to its other counterpart. The counterpart, being his best friend, Bella.


“So do you want to kill him now or ask questions before he kill him?” Kaleb asked from Bella’s right hand. The immortal shot a string of web on the ceiling and lowered herself down a few feet away from the attacker.


“Let’s ask him some questions first,” Bella proposed, “then we kill him.”


“I’ll be good cop, you’ll be bad cop.”

“Why am I bad cop?”


“Because, me and him, are the same race.”


“You’re the one who said that we should kill him.”


“You’re the one who agreed.”


“Are you two done bickering?” the Demon interrupted, sitting up against a pile of rubble and coughing. Bella raised her hand, shooting black web on the demon, sticking him onto the pile of debris.


“Who are you?” The Grim Reaper asked menacingly, in her best ‘bad cop’ voice. The Demon stayed silent for a moment, slightly hesitating, then spoke firmly.


“Faust. My name is, Faust Krad.”


Kaleb took a hard swallow. “You’re a Krad,” Faust nodded in response. Bella rose her hand to whisper to her friend. “Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?” The Demon God resisted to roll his eyes at his friend’s question. She obviously didn’t know some things in the Demon Realm. “The Krad family are royalty. They work in the castle with high power over the Demon Realm,” Kaleb explained.


Bella looked at Faust and thought for a moment, “Why are you here?” Krad stayed silent, but stared furiously at Bella’s right hand. The Grim Reaper looked at her dark hand, already knowing why Faust called them in the location they were now at. He wanted to kill Kaleb Grot. After those statements Faust made towards Kaleb, it was obvious. It was quiet odd, Demons were mortal, but they were very difficult to kill.


Kaleb made an exception though. As long as a Demon possesses an object or a vessel, they can live forever. Kaleb Grot possessed the scythe and Bella, but mostly the scythe. Kaleb respected Bella’s privacy.

“I don’t think we should kill him,” Bella blurted out. Kaleb looked up at the Grim Reaper, “You don’t want to kill him anymore?” Bella thought for a moment, trying to figure out how to word her reason.


“You said he was part of royal blood.”



“If we kill him, the Demons would find out it was us. And not just demons, but the 10 Major Worlds too, and it would create a scandal.”


Kaleb thought for a bit, then looked at Faust, still looking grim. Bella had a point, Grot didn't even know who Faust was, what he has done, and what are his intentions, but killing him might be the wrong move. Faust looked young, like a prince maybe. If his family of Royals found out he was killed by a Traitor, it would cause widespread rumours that could affect them.

“Let’s just let him go,” Kaleb agreed. Bella nodded and drew a portal circle on a small sticky note, then sticked it on Krad, instantly teleporting him back to the Demon Realm. The body of the demon went from dark to light, then disappeared. Bella took a big sigh, grabbed her scythe, exporting Kaleb back into her weapon, and left the room to The Doctor, who was waiting in the TARDIS.