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“Janis where are you taking me?” An hour ago Janis gave Cady a blindfold and told her to get in the car. Sixty minutes later the two were still driving and Janis hadn’t told Cady where they were going yet even though the girl has asked multiple times.

“I’m going to murder you.” Janis dead pans.

“Sixty minutes ago I would’ve thought you were kidding, now I’m not so sure. Just tell me.” Cady whines.

Janis laughs at her girlfriend’s impatience. “It’s a surprise. Just wait a little while longer.” Cady huffs and crosses her arms, fed up with not being able to see.

The girl’s finally arrive at their destination, Janis’ heart is close to pounding out of her chest. She’s sure Cady will like the surprise but part of her still worries that this surprise will be horrible and Cady will laugh at her.

“Okay, babe, you can take off the blindfold.” Janis reaches over the seat and helps Cady remove the layer of cloth. She studies her girlfriend’s reaction. At first Cady shows no emotion and Janis’ heart drops to the pit of her stomach.

“Are we at the zoo?” Cady turns her head to look at Janis.

“Uh, yeah, but we can totally leave if you don’t want to be here or whatever.” Janis offers the girl a way out.

“This is going to be the best day ever!” Cady exclaims and leaps out of the car. “Can we go see the lions?” Janis has a smile that reaches her eyes. She nods. “And then the rhinos?” Janis nods again as she tries to catch up to Cady who is now 20 feet in front of her and screaming as she heads towards the entrance.

“Caddy, wait.” Janis calls after the girl. “It’s 9 am calm down, I think you’re scaring the children with your excitement.” She laughs.

Cady turns around and runs back towards Janis. Once she reaches the girl she wraps her in a bone crushing hug, but Janis didn’t mind. “Thank you so much, babe, I can’t wait to show you all of the different animals.”

Janis follows the girl into the zoo. While she’s looking forward to seeing the animals look of pure joy on her girlfriend’s face when they finally get to the lion exhibit is easily one of the seven wonders of the world.

“I told you this, but back in Kenya I was alone a lot.” Cady began to explain as they stood outside of the lion enclosure. “And my mom and dad were always working. So I ended up talking to the lions a lot. I know it sounds dumb but lions are actually very sociable and I didn’t have anyone else to really talk to so the animals there were kind of my best friends.” The girl concluded.

“They seem like they’d be good listeners. Once you get past the big scary teeth that could rip out all of your intestines.” Janis jokes.

“Lions are sweet, they would never hurt you. Except that one time when I was telling this one about some boy troubles I was having and he tried to bite me.”

“I would probably have the same reaction if you talked to me about your boy troubles.” This earns Janis a playful shove from the other girl.

“Did you know that lions sleep up to 20 hours a day?”

“That sounds like me.” The two girls laugh and wander to the next exhibit.

The next stop was the African Elephant area. “When I lived in Kenya we’d study elephants all the time. When I was younger they were my favorite animals.”

“Why is that?”

“They can weigh up to 6.5 tons and get 10 feet tall. They are the world’s largest land mammal and could possibly be at the top of the food chain just based on size, but they don’t exist to hurt other creatures. Instead they roam around, eat some grass and just chill. It’s a powerful statement if you think about it.” Janis stares at her girlfriend in awe. She’s never heard Cady speak this passionately about something before.

“You miss it don’t you?” Janis asks as the two of them stare out into the makeshift savannah landscape.

“I try not to think about it.” Cady smiles sadly. “I love it here, I do, but a part of me wishes that I could combine the two worlds somehow.” Janis waits for Cady to continue, knowing she has more she wants to say. “It was easier there. I didn’t have to try has hard to be me. And the scenery is absolutely beautiful, Janis, you can see the sunset for miles. At one point it feels like the sun is melting into the ground you’re standing on.”

“Maybe you and I can go back there one day and you can show me.” Cady’s face lights up when Janis says that.

“In that case, you still have so much to learn about the animals and Kenya in general.” Cady perks up and starts to run towards the next section of the zoo. “Come on, babe, the rhinos are next!” Cady gestures for Janis to follow her.

The rest of the day is spent walking around to the different animals and Cady telling Janis various facts. A lot of the time Cady would spend talking about her experiences with them when she lived in Kenya. Part way through the day they stopped to get some food at the ridiculously overpriced cafeteria but Janis figured it was worth it because they were both starving and they had chicken nuggets shaped as the different animals in the zoo, which Cady of course got and definitely didn’t play with her food. They spent the next half of the day inside, because the heat was getting to them, watching nature documentaries. Janis almost fell asleep in a couple of them but whenever she was just about to doze off Cady would excitedly hit her on the arm because something interesting happened on screen.

Finally, the day came to an end and the zoo closed. When they got to the car Cady fell asleep instantly as she tired herself out from all of the running around she did. The copious amount of sugar she had a few hours ago also wore the girl down. Janis began the drive home and looked at her girlfriend sleeping. This trip to the zoo was easily in the top three days of her life. Seeing her girlfriend this excited and full of joy made Janis realize just how much she loves Cady. She was really looking forward to that trip to Kenya they would take one day, wanting to see what the actual placed looked like and how happy it would make Cady.