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The twins' inked in hero academia!

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“ ‘Nother day, ‘Nother set of sleepy,” Nico mutters unhappily, rubbing her eyes. “Why do I have to know who wrote this-or-that book?” She looks to her sister, Mukeiko, who is not entirely listening to her grumbling. Rather, the older girl seems to be scouring the beach.


Huh? Whatcha lookin’ at, Mu-mu?” Nico asks, as she realises her sister’s attention is somewhere else.


Mukeiko mumbles slowly: “I’m trying to see whether or not Kazehana-san and that other boy are here again,” before widening her eyes, and blurting out: “There!” pointing to where the by now familiar figure of Kazehana Asio can be seen.


The other kid ain’t here, is he?” Nico asks. She then mutters under her breath: “I wanted to have a word...”, before taking a breath and screaming: “OI! WINDY,” making Kazehana fall into the water…again. Mukeiko glances, exasperated, at her sister.


The poor boy gets up angrily growling: “Really? Again? Why am I even surprised?” Rubbing his face, the twins come near him and he continues: “Can you not screech like a fucking banshee for once?!” As the girls approach him he gets up and adds: “And my name isn’t “Windy”, Blondie,” as an afterthought.


Nico only heard the insult. “BLONDIE?!” She fumes internally for a brief moment before regaining her composure and saying: “Can’t even be creative! Try again!”


Uhm, what?” he responds, flustered, and cocks his head at Mukeiko.


Y-You know what I mean!” Nico replies, waving her hand at him.


Uh, n-no?”


Try again! With the insult! Blondie is just so, so…cliché!” Nico, quite proud of the big word she just used, is now just whining without a goal, free from all logical thought. As she opens her mouth again, Mukeiko wraps her arm around Nico’s lower face.


Ignore her, Kazehana-kun… she does this every once in a while. She can’t stand when others don’t match her creativity,” Mukeiko sighs, before shifting her eyes further to the side of her head to look at her sister, still blubbering words into Mukeiko’s arm. “Have you calmed down any, Nikkun?” At the ensuing gurgle, she removes her arm, looking towards Kazehana.


Do you want to train with us again?” she shyly asks him to which a simple “Fine,” serves as reply.


So let’s run again, already! Race ya, Windy!” Nico shouts exuberantly, before promptly taking off.


Hey, Nikkun! Wait!” Kazehana replies.


You can’t call me that!”


And so begins another day of training.





After going through the same song and dance as the previous day, Mukeiko goes to ask something of Kazehana, standing near the edge of the water. “Excuse me? Uh…Kazehana-kun, do you want to spar with me?” she says, poking her fingers together rhythmically.


Sure,” He replies curtly. “Are we using Quirks?”

O-of course! I can’t turn mine off after all...” Mukeiko says, somewhat awkwardly, before getting into something of a combat pose, forming large claw-like hands on her arms. Kazehana takes on the pose he had used the day before.

Good luck Mu-mu! Kick his ass!!” Nico cheers in the background, summoning a set of pom-poms for a second to strike a pose.


At the count of three the combatants begin fighting, Mukeiko stretching out her arms towards her opponent, trying to tangle him, but a sudden wind thins them out. Mukeiko pulls back, and launches a frontal swing. At this action Kazehana reacts by manipulating the air around him in order to block her from reaching him. This causes her claws to be reflected away with some ink flecking off. Mukeiko backs up, her claws moving into a defensive position.


That…didn’t work as I wish it did,” she mutters under her breath. Then, suddenly, she goes in close. A strike aimed for the throat.


But it doesn’t connect. Mukeiko is sent flying to the sea by a gust of air. A good chunk of her body falls off, but she lands on her feet, mere inches from the water.


And so it continues. Mukeiko gets no hits in. Blown away time and time again, she is growing obviously distraught by her repeated failures. Though it would be apparent to any onlooker that Mukeiko will not win, Nico keeps encouraging her from the sidelines.


A splash resounds.


Mukeiko has landed in the sea.


MUKEIKO!” Nico shrieks, rushing to her sister’s aid, eyes widening in panic. At the same time, Mukeiko is trying to escape the water, but is being quite hindered by her seemingly melting limbs. Before Nico can get close enough to help, the inky sibling’s body gives out, spreading out onto the water like blood.


A small, white orb rolls out of the puddle of ink. Nico picks it up with both arms, sighing in relief of having recovered it.


Thank fuck you didn’t get washed away, huh?” she says to the orb, as she walks to her bag and begins to rummage in it. The orb vibrates as if to respond to her question. She keeps fishing in her bag as Kazehana runs up to them.


What just happened? And what is that thing?!” He asks, his voice startled and his eyes widened.


Don’t worry, you didn’t kill her,” Nico reassures him, finally appearing to have found what she was looking for. “This is pretty normal.”


That’s…Mukeiko? How is that normal?!”


Quirk,” Nico shrugs, as she pulls out a bottle of ink. “This ball, well,” she states as she pours the ink over the orb, “It’s Mu-mu’s real body.” The volume of the ink seems to expand, as it form into a small rudimentarily human shape, no bigger than a toddler. Kazehana blinks in surprise.




What’s not to understand?” Nico taunts. “Quirks are weird. Now, are we just gonna stand ‘round like a buncha fools, or are we going to spar? Mukeiko needs to regain her size, anyway, so you can fight me now,” she says as she takes on a fighting stance. Kazehana hesitanty copies her, and they begin their own round of sparring.



This goes on in much the same way during the remaining weeks before the entrance exam. And as the girls are ready to leave for it, Mukeiko pauses to look at a picture of their brother.


Hey… Nikkun?”


Yeah? What?”


Can we visit big bro’s grave before we go to the exams? I want to tell him we’re close to making it.” Mukeiko sighs “We don’t hav-”


We can do that,” Nico cuts her off, smiling sweetly, “if it would make you feel better?”


It would…thank you.”


Let’s go then. Don’t wanna be late.” Nico turns to walk through the door. “Hurry up, slowpoke,” she says, already back to teasing her sister, who follows her.



About a half an hour later, as they arrive at the graveyard, Nico stops at the gate and hands Mukeiko the flowers the smaller sister picked on the way there. “Here.” Mukeiko looks at her quizzically “You should have a moment alone with…him. I’d rather not.” Nico starts stretching to keep her muscles warm, as Mukeiko nods to acknowledge her sister’s preference.


Alright, Nikkun. I will be right back.”


A good bit later, Mukeiko returns, and the sisters walk, uninterrupted, to the UA grounds. Both are silent. After a few minutes, Nico pipes up.


So, this is it, huh? You better not bail out.”


I would never. We are going to be side by side for the rest of time. Let’s make big bro proud!”


Make everyone proud. We’ll get in, I’m sure of it.” Nico looks up to the gate. “Wonder if Windy is here too. Heh, prolly,” she sighs, brushing her hand against her sister’s arm.


...We should hurry inside. It’s cold out here.


Then don’t wear a t-shirt in february...”


Oh shaddup.”