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cressiweek2k18 gods banner


Inspired by all the classical art I saw when I was in Russia while the World Cup was going on, I wanted to depict them as the duo gods they are in this sport. It's been some trying times for this pairing with the Ronaldo transfer and whatnot, so I wanted to do something solid and monumental. The background mandala I designed, among footballs and interlocking bands, features the odd harlequin flower, which has the meaning of "laughing at the face of trouble".




Cressi Week is the fan week that celebrates the pairing between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, taking place soon this year in the first seven days of October.

To participate, simply create fanwork and post them during the week under the "Cressi Week 2k18" Collection.

For each day there is a prompt card with 4 different prompt types to choose from and combine, so as to form the inspiration for your work. 



You can find full details on the Tumblr blog :)

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