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Discovering Priorities

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The trees lining the road sped by as Yoosung stared out the window, eyes unfocused, lost in his thoughts.  MinJi was in danger and he wanted to help, but he had this niggling feeling that something was going to go wrong.  Maybe he was just being pessimistic about the situation. Even if something went wrong, it was worth it to keep her safe.  He was glad that Seven had agreed to let him come, he would help with anything he could, and Seven wouldn’t have to do this on his own.

“You are looking very determined over there, care to share what is making you look so serious?”

Startled from his thoughts he looked over at Seven with a sheepish smile.  “Just thinking about how glad I am you let me come with you. I want to be able to help keep MinJi safe, and I’m glad you won’t be doing this on your own.”

Seven smiled at him and nudged him with his elbow.  “So you are here to protect me as well? Are you sure you don’t have a crush on me too?”  He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at Yoosung.

Yoosung was glad the car was dark as his cheeks burned red.  “Y-you are my best friend, of course I want to protect you.”

“Cutie Yoosung transforms into Superman Yoosung, defender of the RFA!  With our powers combined, we will save the world from the villainous Mint Eye!”  Seven winked at Yoosung before directing his eyes back to the long road ahead.

The silence between them returned, and Yoosung returned to his thoughts.  Seven used to invite Yoosung over almost every weekend, and they would spend the entire weekend together playing games and sometimes even just talking.  They hadn’t hung out together the last few weeks, and he missed spending that time with his friend.

“Hey Seven, I know you have been busy with the hacker and keeping the apartment safe for MinJi, but I miss hanging out with you.  Maybe after the party we can play games sometime?”

“Yoosung, won’t you want to spend your weekends with MinJi after the party?”  The smile on his lips tightened, almost imperceptibly.

“Yeah, of course!  I am going to take her on lots of dates once I finally get to meet her,”  Yoosung gushed, “but I want to spend time with you too. Besides, you know she likes playing games too, and you two get along really well, so we can all hang out together sometimes.  I’m sure MinJi would like that too!”

Yoosung didn’t notice the sad smile on his lips, but did hear his sigh.  “Maybe. Let’s talk about it with everyone after the party.”

“Are you okay Seven, do you want me to drive for a little while?  Or I can get you a snack?”

“I’m fine cutie.  Why don’t you check the messenger and see what everyone is up to today.  Be sure to say hi to everyone for me.”

“O-okay, but you will let me know if you need anything right?”

“Of course!”

Yoosung unlocked his phone and opened the messenger, opening the chatroom.  MinJi was on, chatting with Jumin. They were talking about Rika and V, he wasn’t sure this was a conversation he wanted to be a part of, but he did enjoy seeing the picture of Rika that Jumin had posted.  She looked happy. Even if she had some mental instability at least she was happy some of the time.

MinJi :  Yoosung!  Why didn’t you say anything when you joined?  I was just thinking about how I missed talking to you today!

Yoosung :  I missed you today too, but I need to help protect you and Seven.  He says hi as well.

Yoosung :  I was just reading through the chat.  I’m glad Jumin was able to see Rika happy before she died.

MinJi :  Are you and Seven still diving?  It’s pretty late, so be sure you are both getting some rest even if it is taking turns.

MinJi :  Hi Seven!  Please be safe both of you.  I expect both of you to come back in one piece, even if you don’t make it for the party.

Yoosung :  We will do our best!  Seven got pretty quiet and told me to check the messenger instead.  I think he is worried about our mission, so I should try to cheer him up.

MinJi :  My two defenders!  I know you can cheer him up!  I love you Yoosung!

Yoosung :  I love you too MinJi!  I can’t wait to see you at the party, but I have to protect you first.  I promise I will see you soon. Please get some rest and try not to worry.

He signed off and turned back to Seven.  He was staring at the road with a stony expression.  “MinJi said hi and to make sure you get some rest. Are you sure you are feeling okay?  Did I say something to annoy you?”

“I’m fine Yoosung.  I promise you didn’t say anything wrong.  Besides we are almost as far as we can go in the car.  Are you ready to hike the rest of the way?”

The trees were still thick around them when Seven pulled the car off the road, cutting between the trees off-road to hide his car.  They grabbed their backpacks and began the final leg of their mission, hiking through the trees towards the Mint Eye hideout.