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The fate of the Green Arrow

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Arrow lair

“No luck then?” Felicity asked as Diggle, Laurel, and Thea walked in.

“Just like every other time we’ve gone up against these Ghosts, they got away,” Thea grumbled.

“They got away with equipment containers this time,” Laurel mentioned.

“Not equipment, weapons,” Felicity said as she brought up the images of Kord Industries. “Which would make sense, considering Kord Industries is one of the leading weapons manufacturing companies in the world.”

“These Ghosts, if that’s seriously what we’re calling them, are stepping up their attacks, escalating. People are so scared they don’t even wanna leave their homes,” Laurel mentioned.

“Unless it’s to pack up in the middle of the night and get the hell out of town,” Thea added.

“I know all this, why are you bringing it up?” Diggle asked annoyed.

“The same reason we have for the last few weeks,” Laurel snapped.

“I’m not asking Oliver for help. He believes we can handle it. And he’s right,” Diggle snapped before he walked off.

“I cannot believe him,” Laurel said in frustration.

“Oliver did kidnap Lyla and leave his daughter alone,” Felicity pointed out.

“And by doing so, he probably kept both from getting killed,” Thea argued back.

“It’s been five months; Ollie’s been back for two. John has had plenty of time to come to the same conclusion as us, that Oliver was in a difficult position and did what he had to do in order to keep everyone alive and keep his cover so he could stop Ra’s from wiping Star City from the map. Especially after everything that happened with William and China White. This city needs help and we are past the time of petty grudges,” Laurel said in a voice that left no room for arguments.

Oliver’s apartment
Same time

“How was school?” Oliver asked as he and William ate dinner.

“Fine,” William said blankly, not looking up from his plate.

“Did you make any friends?” Oliver asked and only got a shrug in response. “Did you finish your homework?”

“I’m tired, I’m gonna go to bed,” William said as he got up, leaving his half-finished plate on the table.

“Okay. Goodnight William,” Oliver said dismayed at William’s rebuff of his attempt to bond.

“Goodnight Oliver,” William said and Oliver sighed.

District Attorney’s office

“These people needed a strong reminder the city doesn’t bow to terrorists,” The district Attorney was saying to Laurel when she suddenly stopped.

“Susanna?” Laurel asked concerned.

“…thought it tasted funny,” She said before she fell, her glass shattering as Laurel got on her knees, checking her pulse.

“Call nine-one-one,” Laurel barked before pulling out her phone. “John, city leadership is being targeted. Someone just poisoned the district attorney. I’m heading to my father; I need you and Thea on the other two members.”

Star City Police Department
Shortly after

Quentin was talking to his officers when the doors were suddenly blown off by explosions. Three Ghosts walked in and Quentin and his officers exchanged n a short fire fight before Quentin found himself surrounded.

Starling General Hospital
Same time

Diggle ran down the hall and saw the head of emergency services on the floor, clinging to life in a pool of his own blood.

Outside City Hall
Same time

The city controller saw a red dot on his chest and Speedy tackled him out of the way just as a shot went off. They got to the ground and speedy turned him over to see he had been shot and was already dead.

Star City Police Department
Same time

Black Canary suddenly burst in, whirling her side batons and striking the two Ghosts. The other fired a shot, getting Quentin in the shoulder but Black Canary wacked him in the head with her side baton, knocking him out.

“Are you alright?” She asked in concern.

“Fine, it’s a flesh wound,” Quentin assured her as one of his officers burst in.

“Captain Lance, the District Attorney is dead, and there are reports coming in that the city controller and head of emergency services have also been killed,” She said alarmed.

“That’s pretty much the city’s leadership,” Black Canary said alarmed.

“At this rate, there won’t be a city left to lead,” Quentin said grimly.

Star City, next day

“Have a good day at school, okay?” Olivier looked back in the back seat as he pulled up in front of William’s school

William didn’t respond, simply grabbed his Flash backpack and got out of the car. Oliver watched him from the window, his eyes not leaving William until he had walked into the school. As he turned to drive off, his phone went off with a text. Pulling it out, he saw it was from Thea.

‘Meet me at my and Laurel’s place,’ it read.

Laurel and Thea’s apartment
Later in the morning

“Thanks for coming,” Laurel said as she and Thea stood up to greet him.

“Well, my days usually consist of waiting for my son to get home from school, so,” Oliver joked before becoming serious. “I assume this has to do with the city’s leadership getting assassinated last night?”

“Always said you were smarter than you showed. We need your help Ollie,” Laurel said and Oliver sighed.

“Does John agree?”

“Frankly, I don’t give a damn what he thinks right now. This city is falling apart, we all know it. We need The Arrow,” Laurel said.

“The Arrow is dead Laurel. I want to help, believe me, but if I go out there, we’re right back to where we started before Roy faked his death,” Oliver tried to explain.

“Cisco made you a new suit before everything with Ra’s went down,” Laurel supplied and Oliver sighed.

“John…is not going to be happy about this,” Oliver noted.

“The city is falling apart and if he can’t see that we need help, then he gets little say in this,” Thea interjected.

Arrow lair

Diggle was pacing as Felicity sat at her computer, looking something up when they heard footsteps. Diggle turned, expecting to see Laurel and Thea walk in. They did, but it was the man accompanying them that had his attention.

“Oliver,” Diggle said and Felicity looked up, shocked to see him here.

“John,” Oliver greeted politely, like Diggle was an old friend he hadn’t seen in a while.

“We should have discussed this,” Diggle said as he looked sourly over at Laurel and Thea.

“We tried, you wouldn’t listen,” Thea argued.

“So we decided to do something,” Laurel added.

“The city is falling apart John,” Oliver pointed out as he walked over to Diggle.

“So what, you think all is forgiven?” Diggle demanded.

“I’m not asking for forgiveness. But this city is my home. More importantly, it’s my son’s home. And I want him to grow up feeling like this is a safe place to live. Let me help you on this John. Because Thea and Laurel wouldn’t have gone behind your back like this if you didn’t need me and you know it,” Oliver said and Diggle was silent.

“It’s worse than that. I was able to find out what The Ghosts stole,” Felicity said and they all looked over at her. “Cluster bombs. Sensor fused and high yield. Any more high end and it will be nuclear.”

“John,” Oliver said and Diggle sighed.

“Fine. What do you suggest?” Diggle grumbled.

“These weapons had to be stolen for a reason. Felicity should probably hack into Kord Industry database so we can find out everything we can about these explosives,” Oliver looked over at Felicity, who was already on it. “It might be helpful if we can get in touch with Captain Lance and find a list of potential suspects. And maybe someone should hit the streets, find out everything we can.”

“I’ve got my dad,” Laurel before she walked off.

“Thea, hit the streets,” Diggle said as he looked over at Thea. “I have lunch with Lyla and Sara. Felicity, tell me if you find anything.”

“Will do,” Felicity said as Diggle walked out after Laurel.

“He’ll come around,” Thea tried to assure her brother and he looked at her skeptically. “Yeah, okay. I’m gonna go hit the streets.”

Thea walked out, leaving Oliver and Felicity alone.

“So,” Oliver said awkwardly.

“Been a while,” Felicity said in the same tone.

“Since we broke up, yeah,” Oliver said.

“Oliver…you said you couldn’t do us because you had to focus on William. What makes you think you can do…this and focus on him?” Felicity asked gently and Oliver ran a hand over his face.

“Felicity, if things are this bad, then, I might not have a choice,” Oliver sighed.