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The Arrogance of Youth

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Two years later.


Team Flash had achieved a close working relationship with Agents Snart and Rory, while at the same time the Flash still battled the supervillains Captain Cold and Heatwave.


But for Joe West and his daughter Iris, it was too much.  As far as they were concerned this was nothing more than an elaborate plan of Snart which would end in disaster when he turned on them and showed his true colors. In the end Barry Allen moved out of their house, and into his own apartment, just as Wally West, the lost son of Joe arrived back in Central City. 


Wally was a speedster like Barry, but refused to listen to the other man. He was young and couldn’t wait to pull on the suit and become a superhero. The fact that Barry refused to allow him to face off against Cold and Heatwave and the Rogues, Snart’s crew, was a source of contention that slowly grew into a major wedge that was driven between him and Barry. It was around that time that he stopped coming to STAR LABS.


Central City


The Museum of Modern Art looked like a brick box but inside was large glass walls to allow an organic flow of art with high glass floored walk ways, adding to the sensation of flowing through the exhibitions or so the guide book said.


Captain Cold was thrown backward smashing through one of these glass walls. He landed on his back sliding along the floor leaving behind a smear of blood. Somehow he managed to roll onto his side and bring the cold gun up firing a stream of ice to try and slow the speedster down and get some distance between them.


But he missed only to be grabbed and thrown through a second wall in a shattering of glass the cold gun falling from his fingers. By the time his body came to a halt the speedster was on top of him, and a power punch to the head knocked him unconscious.




Barry arrived on the scene minutes later. He could hear the alarms going off and he swore under his breath.


 “Barry,” He could hear Cisco voice coming over the comm.


“Get any footage I need to know what happened here.”


“Cold.”  Cisco hazards a guess.



“Missing, but,” Barry strode forward stepping through the shattered glass wall and looking down saw the bloody smear and the cold gun laying among the blood and the shattered glass. He picked it up and charged it keeping it pointed towards the floor. The distinct whirling noise showed that it was still charged. Snart would never abandon the gun even if it was exhausted. Walking forward he saw there was about twenty feet of clear floor with just some blood spatter. The professional side of his mind noted. Continuing through the second broken glass wall he noted an even longer and thicker blood smear and then again it vanished. Raising a hand to his comm he said, “Someone took Snart. You best contract Rory, and then batten down the hatches.” He paused, “I am cancelling the rest of the patrol. Once I’ve had a look round pull all the CCTV footage and I’ll meet you back at base.”


Snart was missing and Barry didn’t want to even think of the fallout from that.




Cisco looked at the feed from the museum then switched to that from the traffic lights and the ATM. He bit his lip, in one of the freeze frames he could clearly see the speedster with an unconscious bloody Captain Cold thrown over his shoulder. He looked across quickly at Caitlin, she had her attention focused on her screen. Taking a deep breath, he pressed delete and the footage began to be erased from the cameras.


He felt the whoosh of air as Barry arrived back at the cortex, “Any luck?” he asked his face showing his concern.


“Nothing, the feed had been scrubbed.”


 “You have to find something Cisco. People don’t just vanish, there must be away.”


“I’ll try,” Cisco said, avoiding the look that Caitlin was giving him, and looking back at his screen.