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Min Yoongi, or the demon in progress

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Yoongi hated his job.
To try and live his dream of becoming a music producer, he had to take another job in the meantime, to have some money to be able to live properly.
So he decided, one day, that working as a retail worker at Walmart for a while was a good idea.

Oh, how wrong he was.
In the few months he had been there, Yoongi had seen all kinds of shit: from kids taking a dump in the middle of an aisle or grown adults coming drunk, dressed 7 sizes too small and unable to open one of the freezer door before trying to run out of the shop in high-heels without paying (yes that did happen... and more than once) to racist grandmas that never fucking leave... Yoongi had seen more horror in the few months that passed than in the previous 25 years of his life.
He was now what people would call: unbothered by things -or “deeply traumatized” some others might say-.
Why he had decided to move to America for a few years, he had no idea. Maybe it was to work on his English, but had started regretting it deeply as soon as he entered the shop.
Yoongi just... had troubles with American people. They were weirdly uncivilized in this shop: coming practically naked, sniffing, burping and even sometimes peeing wherever they wanted. Maybe it was this specific shop, maybe it was cultural differences, he didn’t really know.

This past week had been a bit weirder than usual, mostly at closing time. Yoongi was always the last one in the shop since he had to do the inventory and make sure everything was good for the next day.
However this week strange things have started happening: odd figures stood at the end of an aisle, some decorations spelled “your gonna die soon” -which Yoongi corrected to “you’re” because if he had learned one thing from his English classes, it was the difference between your and you’re- , gulps and shrieks were heard throughout the shop... Nothing seemed to bother Yoongi nor was he paid enough to care.

This time, blood had started dripping from shelves in the kid's aisle.
All of that was such a hassle for Yoongi. He should have left 2 hours ago! Why was he still mopping up the blood coming from under the kid toys?
He checked a few times in said kid section to make sure a child hadn’t been crushed and forgotten by their parents -which, once again, wouldn’t be a first. Except for the last time the child was still alive and crying for help-, but didn’t find anything conclusive. He shrugged it off as he continued cleaning the shop. He took out some hydrogen peroxide to clean it up more thoroughly; wouldn’t want cops showing up with luminol and a black light and nearly making the shop close again. Yoongi didn’t ask why that happened, and to be honest, he wasn’t even surprised about it anymore.
Rude customer after rude customer, they had broken the blonde man into an emotionless robot.
“Which is why he wasn’t surprised when the walls started weeping blood too.
The tired man let a long-suffering sigh: this night was never going to end.

After being done he finally closed the shop fully and got home to his dog Holly.
When the small dog barked at him as he opened the door, Yoongi nearly forgot how much of a pain his job was, and remembered how worth it was to come back home to this tiny bundle of joy.
He didn’t know what he would do with him, and, to be honest, he didn’t think he would be there without Holly.

Yoongi falls asleep soon after, not having eaten anything, after writing a few lyrics of his new song. He didn’t realize however the 6 pairs of eyes watching him in his sleep.

Waking up was the hardest part of the morning for Yoongi. Why would he even get up? What was the point of his day anyways? Feeling physically unable to move from his bed, the lack of motivation slowly crawling up his body, he didn’t care about waking up anymore or being late. It’s not like there was a lot to his life waiting for him. He had a shitty job with a shitty pay, what else could he do?


The week went on as normal. Well, if getting thrown up on and receiving a bunch of racial slurs to the face was considered normal.
The nights, however, kept getting more and more...particular.


“sir or ma’am or neuter, I’m going to have to ask you to stop crawling on the ceiling, it’s closing hours you need to leave now”

The creature simply kept advancing towards him, slowly, in a spider-like movement.

“Don’t “UHHHHH” me! I told you to get down! The sales are only tomorrow! Come back in the morning”

The woman like figure stopped, seemed to look at Yoongi with wide eyes before turning around and crawling back the other way.

After making sure that he was alone again, Yoongi decided to head back to the bathroom only to find a message spelling “I see you” on one of the mirrors.
Once again, the young man sighed and mumbled “then close your eyes and you won’t anymore”

He then opened a stall only to find a woman with long black hair crawling out of the toilet.
He breathed out again, unamused.

“Ma’am, Ma’am! This is the men's bathroom, the women's bathroom is on the left when you get out. Now if you’d please leave before I piss on your face that’d be great”

After being done with his business, Yoongi left the bathroom to fetch an old Ouija board that a colleague had given to him -no, he doesn’t know why either-, feeling like someone wanted to communicate with him.

He then sat on the floor and started a conversation:

“If any spirit or whatever wants to talk to me or like, threaten me, or even kill me” he started before murmuring a “that’d be great” with a sigh. “then feel free to use this Ouija board with me”

Something then started to make Yoongi’s hand move to different letters. After a while, Yoongi started deciphering what was written and frowned.

“Sir, I’ve seen this movie before, I know you’re trying to spell “your mom sucks cocks in hell” and you’re using the wrong your-”

He didn’t have time to finish his sentence before a “Fuck U” was spelled out on the board, making Yoongi’s frown deepen:

“Sir, if you keep speaking to me like that, I’m going to have to end this spirit board conversation. Have a good day, goodbye”

The blonde man got up, threw the Ouija board in the kid aisle -maybe some kid would become traumatized by it- before deciding that it was now time to close the shop.

What he didn’t expect however was for demons to start visiting him during his afternoon shift instead of late at night.

Before Yoongi had time to rest, he noticed a woman scaring other customers by making odd noises and standing still. He gestured towards her and snapped his fingers in her face.

“Ma’am? Stop growling all over the place, please. I’m going to have to ask you to leave this place before I call the exorcist to remove you from the premises”

And that’s how the whole day went:

“No, it is not in my power to give you human brain. Please check the food department of another store for that”

“Sir, please stop trying to put a spell on everything in the shop or I’m going to have to ask you to leave for disturbing the other customers”

“Company policy forbids me from accepting power from customers in exchange for my soul or firstborn child”

“No sir, I do not want to play a game, I know this quote already and I cannot play with you on my shift. However, you can ask Susie to lead you to the child tricycles and dolls”

“Ma’am please don’t eat the souls of other people. We value the well being of all customers here at Walmart”

“No sir, we do not sell babies for sacrifices. You can find an Ouija board to contact Satan but he’s often busy. His number is 465-”


After a tiring day full of monsters, the horror was finally coming to an end.
Yoongi was surprised at how -most- demons were much more well mannered than his usual customers.
Most of them respected his decision of not choosing a painful death or selling his soul and quietly left to find someone else willing to pay the price.

One customer, however, was persistent enough to follow him home.

As Yoongi turned the key inside the keyhole he sighed:

“For the fifth time, I don’t care about any of the promised torture you have for me. I’m a retail worker, my life is already a torture. Now if you’d excuse me, tomorrow is my day off.”

He then slammed the door in the demon’s face.

The next day Yoongi would be free of any demon customers -and he wasn’t talking about the actual demons- and puke to clean up as it was his day off. Finally, he could sleep in peace.

4 am. Phone ringing. Yoongi decided to ignore it, because who the fuck would call him at 4 am?
6 am. More ringing. Never stopping.
Yoongi sighed before getting his phone and pressing the answer button.

“Hello?” he mumbled, voice rough from sleep.
“7 days...” a creepy voice responded, trying to scare the unbothered retail worker.
“Please make the 2 days, I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive another day in this shop” he answered before hanging up and going back to sleep.

The last time he was woken up, it was from the voices he heard. However, they didn’t seem to be coming from the phone this time but from his actual room.

“Do you think that if I bite him, he’ll wake up?” whispered a pretty voice.
“Stop trying to eat everything Glut! We need him alive and well” responded a high pitched voice.

“Can you all shut the fuck up, leave my house and let me sleep” grumbled Yoongi as he realized that he wasn’t going to be able to peacefully sleep.

The blonde man got up slowly, rubbed his face in exasperation before opening his eyes and noticing
6 pairs of eyes staring back at him.
He was normally a late sleeper -as in, if no one was there to stop him, he would sleep his life away without a care in the world-, so being woken up by 6 rainbow haired demons wasn’t how he wanted to wake up on the weekend.

“This is going to be a long day.” he mentally groaned.

“Are you sure this is the human that’s supposed to become one of us?” asked the demon with purple hair “Is he even bad enough to become a demon?”
“I mean, I’m pretty bad at everything if that counts” Yoongi responded before getting out of bed and leaving the room to head to the kitchen now that he was awake.

The light shone in the rather small apartment as the blonde man took out a bowl of cereals before sitting on the couch not too far to the right against the wall.

“Did you just close a door on my face?” roared the red-haired demon as he stepped angrily into the room.

Now that he could fully see them in the lit up room, the young music producer realized a few things:
1. this was, in fact, a demon in front of him, 2. he seemed really angry 3. he was really fucking tall -compared to him- and 4. he was speaking Korean.

Yoongi took a closer look at the intruder: broad shoulders, imposing lammergeier wings -Yoongi’s 3 am night Wikipedia researches weren’t useless after all- that were folded behind him as well as a rather intimidating frown on his face. The demon had a pretty young face with some sort of spiky beard-like chin and pointy ears that made him look older and more powerful than the rest. His vivid red hair was pulled to the side as a sort of quiff and Yoongi noticed how his skin was black up to the neck.
What was the most visible apart from the wings were the big swirly horns -”like two unicorn horns” Yoongi thought- that came straight out of his forehead. To say that Yoongi didn’t feel slightly intimidated in front of this big guy would be an understatement.

“I uh-” the blonde started, raising his hands up as if defending himself.
“Don’t scare him away Wrath, he’s kinda cute! He looks like an angry cat” giggled the blue haired demon that had sneaked up behind him, putting his hands on his shoulders before letting them go down his chest.

Yoongi felt as if he was interrupting something, so he decided instead to divert his attention to the other demons.
Next to the blue one, was a purple one. Standing tall and frowning slightly. He looked younger than the rest but however, he looked more mature. His one lesson on religion made Yoongi assume that this was a demon representing Pride, seeing how the blue one referred to the angry one as Wrath.
Pride had enormous black and purple wings with slight silver on the tips. His horns were sending up tall on his forehead/head while he wore a sideways crown on his head.
They all seemed to be wearing the same attire -at the exception of the blue one that only wore a tank top-. They were all in black suits with some sort of intricate white design and shirts of their respective colours -or black shirts- as well as a matching choker-thing -Yoongi didn’t know much about these things-.

“Why does it look like you’re straight out of a hellish version of Inside out” mumbled Yoongi before settling back on his couch comfortably.
“What did you say?” retorted the red monster, puffing out his chest to look more imposing.
“Nothing” groaned Yoongi “why are you here anyway?”
“We’re here because we chose you to become a demon like us and represent the last sin: sloth” explained the green man.
“Hum... I didn’t ask for this? My life is already a nightmare I don’t need to become a demon to be stuck in hell”


The creatures sighed, defeated. While they stayed silent, thinking, Yoongi had time to examine the remaining demons.

The one he assumed was Lust -since his hair was dark blue in a side part- wore a simple tank-top with the same symbols as the others with long golden wings with some sorts of double black horns coming from his head as well as a black and gold demon tail. He seemed to always wear a flirty smirk on his face, which did make Yoongi’s cheeks turn slightly darker than usual even if he didn’t want to admit it.
Behind him stood two other demons, a green one, and a yellow one: Envy and Greed.

Envy was dressed all in black except for the green and white choker he had, he had a black button-up shirt under his suit. His hair was more fluffy than Lust’s and also parted to the side, leaving enough attention to the two horns on his head in some sort of triangular shape. His eyes were completely black. He also had earrings and noticeable fangs and claws. His wings were rather small but nonetheless beautiful: he had different shades of green on his hummingbird wings.

Greed wore the same suit as the others but with a white collar and a black shirt under. His claws were smaller than Wrath’s like Envy, as well as his fangs. His hair was light blonde similar to the long yet thin wings he had in his back. On his head, came out two light gold horns that curved to the back of his head.

The last demon stood in the kitchen part of the house, trying to find something to eat. Yoongi guessed that the orange haired demon was Gluttony. He had a lot rounder looking wings of different light browns. They were huge, making the resident of the apartment question how he managed to walk around in the tiny space. His horns were basic demon horns, the classical bighorn sheep horns. However, a piece of his left one was missing.
He seemed a lot friendlier than the others, even if he was rummaging through his stuff.

“You’re not going to give up are you?” sighed Yoongi, looking at what seemed to be the leader.
“No” Wrath crossed his arms before letting out a long breath and sitting on one of the sofa chairs in the living room “Look, we need to restore the balance of hell right now. I promise that it is not that bad when you’re not the one being shamed.”
“Shouldn’t you be shamed though? You’re literally representations of sins”
“Yes, but in hell, we don’t care about God's rules. We rebelled. We’re trying to punish those who need punishment, not those not fitted to be angels. Those turn into regular demons.”
“Oh. Makes sense I guess.”


Pride then stepped in to explain.
In reality, the Satan that had been contacting him was a simple regular demon in charge of hell while the actual Satan was going down to earth.
However, hell wasn’t ruled by one being but by 7 sins that represented a whole being. At first, there was one demon who had all sins: Lucifer, who was doomed by God to look after hell. But the power of the 7 sins being too powerful for him, Lucifer decided to separate the 7.
First, he separated himself from Wrath, Gluttony, then Greed and Envy, then finally Lust. Lucifer kept Pride as it was the original sin. And now he’s decided to turn a mortal into the last sin after having observed him for a long time. They have been spying on Yoongi throughout the years trying to make sure he was suited to become Sloth.

“Are you calling me lazy? After all I’ve been doing?” called out Yoongi at the end of the story, feeling slightly offended.
“You sleep as much as a cat” retorted Greed.
“You barely go out or do anything all day” added Pride
“You’re too lazy to even make friends or keep relationships” finished Envy
“Okay fine!” barked the accused one “I just- there’s nothing to do. There’s nothing that I like doing apart from making music and even that seems impossible now. I don’t want friends or a significant other because what is there to me? I’m just a boring dude with no life. It’s been years since the last time I’ve ever felt like doing anything, since I’ve last enjoyed my life.”
“You haven’t told anyone this...” whispered Lust, frowning at the discovery.

Why was he saying all of this to those demons? As Lust said, he hadn’t said anything to anyone.
Since he’s been in America everything has been going worse than before. Being so far away from his family and hometown had taken a toll on him.


“I’m just tired.” Yoongi mumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes “No I’m exhausted. So if instead of giving me an immortal life you could just fucking finish me off that’d be amazing” he laughed bitterly.

God how tired he was. Every minute, every second of the day felt like torture. Every single time he woke up his body felt as if it was buried deep underground already. Like he couldn’t move or breathe.
What was the point of waking up anyways? When all his life had to offer was a pitiful job and a horrible feeling in his gut telling him that he was better off dead.

“Can’t you just kill me and make me never wake up again? Just, die off completely? No heaven, no hell, no purgatory, nothing” he pleaded quietly, head low.


The demons in the room were shocked. Never had they imagined that the human they had been following for so long felt that way. They didn’t know how to respond to that. What WERE they supposed to respond to that?!

Lust had an idea:

“We-we’re going to find a way! You wouldn’t want to leave your dog alone, would you? Or your parents and brother! So, for now, we’re going to try our best to, I don’t know, make your life better. I-uh, I know that when I’m down I just go get laid and-”
“Not everyone has sex like a bunny like you Lust” groaned the orange demon after he came back from the kitchen to listen to Yoongi’s rant “But I get what you’re saying”

“If we give you a bit of us, to, I don’t know, loosen you up a little, make you enjoy life more, maybe you can work this out?” wondered Wrath, sounding a lot less threatening that he previously had.
“Why do you care? You’re demons” mumbled Yoongi in a low voice.

“Because we’ve come to know you from watching you and you seem like a nice guy. We might be demons, but how the Bible represents us is bullshit” groaned the purple one.
“Jungkook!” yelled Gluttony, seemingly offended “Language!”
“What?! It’s true hyung! We have feelings too! Humans aren’t all bad, and this one seems to be nice enough for us to want to help right?” whined the other.

“Yeah, this could work!” exclaimed Greed and Envy at the same time.
“You do what you want but you better have some kind of human form to come to help me with rent if you plan on staying here.” Yoongi shook his head “Also, you have normal names?”
“We can come to help you at your shop thing” giggled Gluttony “and yes we do have normal names, we’re not just sins, we’re people too. My name is Kim Seokjin, you can call me Jin.”

Yoongi learned that they were all Korean. He also learned that Greed -or Kim Taehyung- was also originally a human from Daegu. Wrath’s name was Kim Namjoon, Lust was Jung Hoseok, Envy was Park Jimin and Pride was Jeon Jungkook.
In Yoongi’s opinion, they seemed quite nice as people, even if they literally represented the seven deadly sins.
For once, Yoongi thought that maybe his life wouldn’t be as boring as it normally is from that day on.



(Want to see how the demons look? Here's all of them, made by the lovely Lulack! Here's RM, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook.)

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Well, Yoongi wasn’t wrong on the boring part.
After spending a day talking to them and playing with Holly, the blonde had inspiration for a song and decided to leave his guest unattended.
What he didn’t expect was to fall asleep on his desk and to be then woken up by a loud thump.

Grumbling, he came back into the living room only to find Wrath, head stuck in a wall.

“What did you do to my living room?!” yelled the host, horrified.
“Ah. Yoongi hyung! H-how was your sleep?” stuttered Jungkook, guilt in his eyes.
“What. Did. You. Do?” repeated the other sternly.
“It isn’t Kookie’s fault!” whined Envy “I wanted to make Wrath angry at him... And I always get what I want” he whispered the last sentence with a slight smirk.
“CAN SOMEONE HELP ME FOR FUCK SAKE?!” shouted the demon that was stuck.

Namjoon’s horns were deep within the structure, making it impossible for him to move his head.
Lust giggled, came behind him and landed, with a loud smack, a big slap on his ass before laughing away and hiding behind Greed.

“HOSEOK! I swear to god when I’m out I’m going to destroy your ass!” roared Wrath, trying to get out of the wall but failing.
“Uhm, gladly” flirted the other, not caring about the threat.

After a few attempts, the group managed to carefully un-stuck the demon.
The latter cracked his neck and groaned when he was out, glaring at the other demons.

Yoongi was horrified by the holes the horns had left in the room: what was he supposed to tell his landlord?!

“Don’t worry Sloth! I’ll fix this!” Taehyung responded before pulling out a phone out of the inside pocket of his suit.

He then proceeded to call someone to come fix the hole in a few minutes.

“What are you doing Greed?! And don’t call me Sloth! I don’t have the money to fix this!”
“Oh. Well” frowned the other “Guess I’ll have to use my sin”
“What do you mean?”

“Each of us have powers corresponding to our sins” explained Wrath as he rubbed his horns “I have super strength, Pride has charisma and can get the attention from everyone as he wants, Envy can make people think he’s of whatever status he wants to obtain what he wants, Greed can control people to give him what he wants, Gluttony can eat anything of any size and Lust can make anyone attracted to him and desire him.”

“That’s... Kinda cool” mumbled Yoongi, slightly surprised “What would be my power if I was Sloth then?”
“I’m pretty sure you’d be able to slow and stop time for as long as you want”

“That’d be useful for my tracks” thought the blonde, lost in his mind because of the endless possibilities that presented themselves.

Yoongi didn’t have time to sigh that the people coming to repair the hole were already here.
He nearly panicked for a brief second, wondering how they’d react to the demons. But to his surprise said demons appeared to have changed their appearance when he wasn’t looking.

Taehyung went to open the door with a smile and gestured the hole to the men. He was wearing a simple light yellow shirt with a collar and black pants. His mullet like hair remained unchanged but the horns that were previously on his head had disappeared as well as the sharp wings. He looked like a normal person now.

“Hi! Yes, the hole is this way” he gestured with a smile.

“Can I eat them afterward?” Whispered Jin to Yoongi
“No! God, you can’t eat people here Glut!” Responded the other, baffled.
“Why not?” Pouted the latter.
“Because people are living beings with lives here, well most of them... It’s not the same as eating foul souls”

When the hole was finally repaired, the workers asked for payment but Tae stepped in. His eyes turned a light tint of yellow as the two men seemed transfixed.

“You will now leave without having any memory of what just happened okay?” Greed’s voice (resonated), soft and deep, making chills appear on Yoongi’s arms as he watched the scene unfold.

The two workers nodded and left the room, slowly closing the door.


“This is amazing!” Shouted the other blonde, excited. “We can maybe save up some money like that!”
“I can’t use it as I want in the human world sadly” warned the other “it tires me out the more I use it. The only one that never gets tired is Wrath and Pride, to be honest. But for Kookie, it’s more so that it strokes his ego anyways so he never gets tired of that.”
“Hey!” groans the latter, offended by the -rightful- claim.

Before the two started bickering, Jin appeared in the room with something in his mouth. However, Yoongi noticed a very weird detail... He had a melon stuck to his horn. He was the only one that had only partially transformed, leaving his horns on his head.

“Hum... Jin...Do you... want help with that?” he gestured towards the melon.
“Oh! I didn’t notice it” the other exclaimed before pulling on the fruit to make it unstuck. “Anyone want some?”

He only received negative answers so he decided, in record time, to eat it on his own.
While he was eating Yoongi was eyeing him up, questions coming to his mind in waves.

“What happened to your right horn?” The blonde wondered as he sat in front of the eating demon.
“Oh... I got hungry” he responded plainly
“Yeah, I didn’t have food so I took a piece off. It only hurt a little”

“What is wrong with these people” the host thought, confused.

“Also, is it a normal thing for demons to be...well....attractive?” he mumbled, blushing slightly.
“We want to attract, sinners and other demons so that they give in, of course, we have to be attractive. Which is why you were chosen, you’re just too pretty” Hoseok responded before leaving a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder making the human uncomfortable from the unwanted contact.


It was soon time for dinner, and Jin was the one to offer to go buy some food -he said that, compared to Greed, he had remembered about needing to spend money in the human world- and to make dinner.

While he was gone, Yoongi took the time to observe the other new residents. How he was going to convince his boss to hire the 6 of them he didn’t know -he hoped Lust could use some of his sin to get them hired-.

They all now had natural hair colours: Namjoon had light brown hair, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook had black hair and Taehyung had blonde hair. Jin also had brown hair now.
They all wore casual clothes in their respective colours.


As Jin returned, Yoongi gathered them all in the small living room. They all tried to fit there but to little success. The blonde man had to stay standing up to talk to his guests.

“So. I want to make a few rules for now” Yoongi started, waiting for all attention to be on him before continuing “Please don’t break anything. Glut, please ask for food instead of stealing all of it. Don’t use your sin on me, any of you. I’m looking at you Lust, I’ve seen you checking me out. And don’t bother me while I’m working on songs. Understood?”

They all nodded before Envy asked an important question:

“Where are we going to sleep?”

Silence fell into the room. Fuck, he hadn’t thought about that.

“Hum well... the sofa can turn into a bed I believe but we’re going to have to move everything so that it fits in the room. And hum... I guess two of you will have to sleep with me in my bed” Yoongi grumbled the last part, not pleased at all.
“Or some of us could transform into our animal forms” suggested Namjoon.
“You have animal forms?!” gasped Yoongi, getting more and more confused by the second.
“Us sins represent different animals. We can summon said animal but we can also change into it.” the demon explained calmly “Some of us are pretty small animals while others are bigger. Pride is represented by the horse, Envy by the dog, Greed by the frog, Gluttony by the pig and Lust by the cow. As for me, I am represented by the bear. And you will be represented by the goat as Sloth”
“As I said, I’m not going to be a sin-”
“We’ll see”

Yoongi clicked his tongue and crossed his arms. His expression remained unbothered but his posture showed perfectly how annoyed he really was.

“So Envy, Gluttony, and Greed could change into their animal forms to sleep. Changing form doesn’t take much energy compared to using our sins.”
“Okay, so Greed and Envy can come sleep with me. I’m not letting a pig sleep on my bed. So you’ll sleep with Lust, Wrath and Pride, Gluttony.”

“Oh come on you can at least let ME sleep with you! We’re all going to be crushed against one another!” whined Hoseok.
“No, you’re going to try to do things in my sleep, so you’re not sleeping with me”
“That’s not-...Okay, that’s a little true” he mumbled, not able to retaliate.

“Pride could sleep with us” said Greed “I know that he probably feels offended of not being able to sleep in an actual bed”
“H-hey!” protested the youngest.
“Fine, his highness can sleep with us too” grumbled Yoongi, already regretting not telling these demons to fuck off right away.

After setting the sleeping arrangements, the group decided that it was time for a movie while Seokjin was busy in the kitchen -he specifically asked everyone to keep Namjoon away from the kitchen as he was a disaster when it came to cooking and a lot of other things-.
Yoongi was feeling refreshed from having someone else cook something that was probably better than all the ramen noodles and pizzas he ordered. A lot of the time he would simply skip dinner and go straight to writing songs or sleeping. But seeing how the group was now watching over him, he didn’t think that Gluttony would let that slide.

They all decided to watch some random k-drama while eating what Jin had prepared. Yoongi hadn’t tasted proper food in so long that his palate felt oddly tingly from all the flavours pouring into his mouth as he took a bite.

When it was finally time to sleep Namjoon, Hoseok and Seokjin got their bed prepared in the living room as Yoongi and the others changed the sheets in the other room.
Envy and Greed had already both fallen asleep during the movie, so waking them up to prepare the room was a hassle for the blonde man.

They all said goodnight and got into bed. Yoongi suddenly saw Jimin turn into some weird green specks before appearing as a black dog, making Holly bark in excitement at his new friend. Then, Taehyung got a pillow on the floor and transformed into a frog onto it.
Finally, Jungkook got into the bed next to Yoongi, leaving the human slightly uncomfortable from the unusual presence beside him.

Then, silence.

Yoongi couldn’t help but want to coo when he noticed that Pride had curled up into a ball by his side as he laid as far as he could from the other man. It was pretty funny in his opinion.


However, the night got less and less funny when Yoongi’s insomnia caught up to him.
1 am. The host got his phone from his bedside table, put the luminosity on minimum and began writing lyrics and ideas that popped into his head.
2 am. Writer’s block. It wasn’t the first time nor would it be the last. Yoongi was tired of his constant lack of inspiration. Frustrated, he decided to play a game on his phone.
2:33 am. Yoongi was bored. The app was rather unamusing to the artist after 30 long minutes.


3 am. Yoongi’s mind had started traveling elsewhere. He felt the exhaustion settle inside of him but his mind wouldn’t shut up about different life decisions he had made and random questions about the universe.
He sighed in defeat as quietly as possible. How on earth was he supposed to be a demon representing Sloth when he was himself restless?


“I can feel you thinking” Envy’s soothing voice resonated inside the room.
“Did I wake you up? Sorry” whispered the other, not wanting to wake up the other two demons.
“No not really, I just felt bad suddenly and I was wondering why until I heard you sigh”
“You felt bad? Why?”
“Us demons can kinda feel other people’s emotions and wants. That’s how we choose which people are corrupted or not.”
“Makes sense”


A pause. Jimin slowly climbed onto the bed, sitting in his dog form by Yoongi’s feet.

“What were you thinking about?”
“Don’t worry about it. I was just having an existential crisis, that’s all. Questioning life’s purpose” Yoongi exhaled as thoughts flew rapidly into his mind.
“Life doesn’t have a purpose. Nor does life after death. We’re just here because we are. That’s all. Don’t try to make sense of something that doesn’t mean anything” advised the demon dog. “Your purpose in life should simply be to live as you want and nothing else. As for your life after death, it depends if you’re going to heaven or hell. In your case, you have been chosen to rule hell. So you’ll have to do just that. It’s not that hard.”
“What if I don’t want to?”
“Well you won’t become a demon and will die and end up being a demon there anyways, just not as a ruler of the underworld”
“There’s no way for me to go to heaven?”
“Heaven is a strict place where nearly no one enters. God is a very difficult being that only wants the pearls of humanity in his sanctuary. Most people end in purgatory nowadays. God isn’t much of a fan of people he cannot control. So someone like you isn’t on his list of nice little boys” Envy giggled.

Yoongi smiled at that. He couldn’t help but wonder which one was really hell then.

“He also doesn’t seem to understand mental illnesses. So he just thinks people are sinning when they cannot control themselves.”
“Sounds like an asshole if I’m being honest”
“He kinda is” Jimin giggled again, and hey, Yoongi was starting to like that sound. “That’s why Pride rebelled and was expelled down to hell. But hey, he must have had a soft spot for him for making him the ruler of the underworld”
“Yeah probably”


After a minute of comfortable silence, Yoongi couldn’t help but ask:

“What’s hell like?”
“For demons, it’s a hot place where 6 people rule for now. It’s a bit like earth really. People have jobs assigned to them and do certain things. But the difference is that there are no “bad” demons. Well, in our definition at least. There are only demons and foul souls that are tortured for eternity for their, well, sins.”
“But what makes you a foul soul”
“Some demons are qualified at the gates to choose that. Foul souls consist mostly of psychopaths, pedophiles or people that have only used the sins to make others’ lives more difficult. It can be a bit tricky to choose sometimes but we won’t let lazy people, gluttons or even greedy people become foul souls unless we find that what they have done in their lives should be punished. It’s a complicated job! I’m glad I was chosen as a ruler of the underworld and not someone who has to be at the gates, even if we’re called sometimes to help.”
“That’s...hella confusing”
“Yeah, it really is”


“Hey Jimin”
“How old are you guys?”
“Time doesn’t exist in hell or heaven. So we just count how many years we’ve been on earth.”
“Oh. That’s one way to do it. Were you all humans before?”
“Not Pride as you understood from the story we told you. But yeah the rest of us were humans once. As soon as we gave in, we became immortal and stuck physically from aging."
"That's cool. No growing old? Don't know if I want to be immortal though"


After a while and more questions, Jimin fell asleep while talking, making the other smile slightly.
Yoongi barely got any sleep but hey, at least he wasn’t left in his thoughts alone for the whole night this time.

Chapter Text

Yoongi knew how the day was going to go as soon as he opened his eyes.

He felt tired. So fucking tired. Exhausted even. He didn’t know if it was the lack of sleep or his brain.
Who was he kidding, it was always his brain. Sleepless. Always waiting for the right moment to fuck everything up when Yoongi needed it the least.

Yoongi couldn’t breathe properly. His lungs, his skin, his legs, his whole body felt as heavy as a rock.
He couldn’t move. Felt too much.
He wanted to cry, he felt like he was drowning. Heavy, so heavy. But he was too tired to cry, scream or fight.

It was in those moments that Yoongi felt like dying the most. Those endless moments that stopped him from doing anything and everything. This constant weight inside his chest made it so hard to live.
Tears wouldn’t come out, even when he willed them to. He hoped, prayed for some sort of relief.
But none was coming.

His mind wouldn’t leave him alone. It kept telling him that the world would be better off without him, that no one needed him. And the exhaustion wouldn’t help his want.

“Please let me have one normal day for once” he pleaded to no one as he managed to move slightly to the right, his hand laying lifeless off the side of the bed. His eyes wouldn’t focus on anything. He felt so empty yet so full of unwanted emotions and thoughts.

He stayed like this for about an hour or even more, he didn’t know how long it lasted. But he heard as if it was a background noise, the sound of the door opening and someone coming in.

“Hum...Yoongi? You should get up... It’s 2 pm already” a voice he hadn’t learned to recognize yet let out.

He didn’t care anymore about how others saw him. As lifeless and powerless as he felt, he couldn’t care.

In his line of vision came the blurry image of Hoseok, looking concerned.

“Yoongi? Are you okay? Do you hear me?” he whispered as if he was scared of Yoongi’s reaction.

The man couldn’t respond. His throat felt dry and making a noise seemed so tiring for him that he just couldn’t do anything. He slowly blinked in response.

Suddenly, he felt careful arms raise him up and make him sit down on the bed. He could barely hold up or move. His head turned slowly towards Lust who brushed the hair out of his face.
Normally, Yoongi would have moved away from the contact, but right now he craved the affection. Even if he wasn’t going to ask for it, those little touches seemed to ground him, to make him FEEL something, feel alive, cared for.

“Come on Yoongi, drink some water” the other raised a glass of water to his lips, making him take small sips, quietly. “Now let’s get you up okay?”

The demon’s voice was soothing: soft and calm. It made Yoongi feel like he could depend on the man in front of him, that he wasn’t to be afraid of him and that Hoseok wasn’t there to judge him.

The other got Yoongi up as slowly as he could, holding onto his waist when his legs began wobbling before he calmly led him to the kitchen where the other waited for him.

He was bombarded with questions that he couldn’t hear clearly, still too secluded inside his mind.
Lust decided to shush them all and told Gluttony to prepare Yoongi some food.

He tried to eat. He really did. But the smell of food only made him nauseous. His stomach couldn’t take more than a few of the bites that Jin slowly fed him before he started feeling sick.
Still a bit too weak to move properly, the blonde man got up and made his way to the bathroom where he arrived just in time to go vomit what he had just eaten.
Taehyung had made his way to the bathroom with him and was rubbing his back while he puked.

Meanwhile, the others were stressed out. They didn’t really fully understand what was happening to their host.

Namjoon was the first to open his mouth:

“I didn’t know could be like that.” They all nodded, finally understanding what he meant “But I know one thing, Yoongi is going to be a part of our lives from now on, and we need to do our best to make him feel welcome and cared for. He is family, like the rest of us. We need to help him go through what he’s going through.”

All of them listened attentively, completely agreeing with what the other had to say.

“As Hobi said, we all need to give him a little bit of us” Wrath continued “If we give a little bit of us, maybe he’ll start enjoying his human life then demon life a lot more than he is now”

Before he had time to add anything else, Greed came back with Yoongi who still looked pretty much out of it.

“Hey hyung, how are you feeling?” Namjoon asked, voice as soft as possible.

When he didn’t get a response from Yoongi, he looked him up in the eyes.
Their eyes met, but not really. It felt as if Yoongi was in a different world as if he saw right through Namjoon. His eyes were lifeless, like the rest of his body. He was slouching as if standing up was barely humanly possible for him. So he held onto Tae. And that hold helped ground him; it made him feel a bit more like he was actually part of this world and didn’t live inside his own mind.

Taehyung got him to sit down on the couch/bed next to where Jimin was currently sitting. The other boy didn’t know how much physical contact the human wanted or could handle, so he simply sat close to him and let him do what he wanted.
The rest of the group ended up joining them, all sitting as they could around Yoongi, but leaving enough space for him to not feel too pressured. They then continued watching the k-drama that was being played on the TV screen altogether. When Yoongi moved to rest his head on Jimin’s lap and curl into a ball, no one made a sound. The blonde man felt more at ease, his mind was trying to tell him that they were doing it out of pity and that he was bothering them but he ignored it.
Holly then joined them to settle close to Yoongi with a whimper which made a small smile appear on his face.

Even if he still felt like complete utter shit, Yoongi felt like he was in safe hands.
He pondered if joining them would be a good idea but shook his head. He was at his lowest point and simply received some form of affection and he was already letting his guards down.
“Just for today,” he thought as his tired mind drifted to a dreamless sleep.

He woke up less than 2 hours later when he felt the light shift of Jimin under him.
He felt a tad better. Even if Yoongi tried to stay as neutral as possible, not wanting the guys to really know what he felt, they seemed to notice the slight difference because they beamed when he turned to them. How were these people demons and not angels with how they treated him? The concept of demons seemed a lot more confusing than what most humans believed.

“Hey Yoongi-hyung, how about we go out to the park to get you some fresh air, hum?” quietly asked Namjoon, eyes understanding and patient.
“Sure” the latter responded, seemingly unbothered yet voice rough from the lack of use.

They all seemed to light up at that. Hoseok and Namjoon were the ones going while the others stayed at the apartment or went out to buy some important household items that were missing as well as clothes.

Yoongi went to get dressed and took the comfiest sweater and jeans he could find in his wardrobe.
Then, he got Holly’s leash and attached it to the dog’s necklace.

The 3 man decided to stop by a coffee shop before heading to the park. On their way there, Hobi explained how as a human -and a hidden demon on earth- he had always wanted to become a dancer, and that he had practiced a lot while Namjoon seemed to be in the same field as Yoongi.
Of course, when they arrived at the coffee shop, Yoongi ordered some dark coffee he could simply already make at home but no one commented on that. However, he couldn’t help the smirk that left his lips when he saw Hoseok flirting with the cashier while he ordered one of the sweetest and most colourful drink they had. Yoongi may not have known the guy yet, but he felt like the drink suited him. As for Namjoon, he ordered an Ice tea, that went perfectly with the late Summer weather.

They all settled at the nearest park where Hobi decided to sit on a small horse swing to drink his beverage, making Namjoon giggle fondly and Yoongi roll his eyes. This guy was definitely something.
The blonde couldn’t help but notice the dimples forming on Wrath’s cheeks when he smiled and somehow found it extremely compelling.

“So Jimin explained to me that you count your age with who has stayed the longest on earth, so who would be the oldest?” wondered the blonde as he took a sip from his coffee.
“How old are you again?” replied the brown-haired man.
“25 why?”
“Then the order from oldest to youngest would be Jin, you, Hoseok, me, Jimin, Tae and then Jungkook”
“Oh, Jungkook is the youngest? Well it shouldn’t be surprising since he wasn’t born human”
“Yeah, he only stayed 20 years on earth”
“That’s already quite a lot. How did you both become demons by the way? Did you have a specific way of becoming one?” Yoongi pondered, curious.

Silence insured at that question. Namjoon’s face became a lot more serious as he sent quick scared glances towards Hoseok while the other seemed lost in thoughts.

“I uh, it’s a long story that we might tell you in the future. It’s not the right time yet to talk about that. Anyways, Hoseok would you mind showing off your dance skills since you’ve already finished your drink”
“Oh... Sure!” excitedly answered the demon, already jumping to his feet to show off.

Yoongi wondered why Namjoon had avoided the question like that but ended up shaking his head: it was none of his business. However, the thought that Namjoon looked more scared of Hobi’s reaction than the question itself lingered at the back of Yoongi’s mind.

He didn’t have time to think for long as Hoseok started freestyling on some random American song he had put on his phone.
Yoongi was amazed. Never had he seen someone move like that. A small crowd of people had gathered around the boy and were looking as surprised as Yoongi. Namjoon sighed in contentment, a smile never leaving his face as he watched the other do what he loved with an affectionate look in his eyes.

Yoongi had so many questions about the demons now living with him that he nearly forgot about his own problems. Namjoon had looked so serious and concerned at the same time that the host couldn’t help but want to know the reason of his reaction. He decided that asking the others about themselves would be a better idea instead, so as to get to know his new roommates.

They met Taehyung and Jimin on their way home and ended up walking together. It felt nice to finally have people to talk to.
“I could get used to this” wondered the human, lost in thoughts.

When they got home, Jin and Jungkook greeted them at the door with a card game in hands.

“Let’s play let’s play” exclaimed the youngest one, excited.
“What do you want to play Jungkook-ah?” mumbled Yoongi as he went straight to the couch/bed. The other seemed to beam at the nickname before grinning.
“Well, hyung, I thought that we should all get to know you and I have an idea of a game to do that: let’s play blackjack and the person who wins gets to ask a question to someone. Since we already know each other, except you, you get to ask us questions to all of us or one of us specifically. While we can ask you questions when we win”
“Seems like a lot of the questions are going to end up on me but alright, sure”

They all settled down on the bed, Yoongi in between Jungkook and Jimin.

“How do we play again?” Asked Taehyung, a bit lost.
“You have to pick as many cards as you want to get close to 21, without going over. When you think you’re good and don’t want to add any more, you make everyone stop and we all compare” explained Pride, proud of himself for suggesting the game. “If you’re over 21 you lose”
“Okay, seems simple enough”
“Since I’m 20, there’s no way I’m loosing!” Jungkook puffed out his chest and raised his chin.
“Sure Jungoo” giggled Envy, a fond smile on his face as he booped his nose.

As Jungkook predicted, he won the first game and cheered for a few minutes before turning to Yoongi.

“Hyung, what’s your type of... girl?” he asked, unsure of his question and the gender he should ask.
“My type of person is someone that respects my life choices and loves music as much as I do. Someone I could call a partner in every sense of the term”
“We all love music here” mumbled Jungkook to himself.
“Why do you ask?”
“I was just curious” Pride smiled in a way that reminded Yoongi of a bunny, which he found pretty cute. “Anyways, let’s play again!”

After a few more turns and the help of the others, Yoongi got to know them a little bit more.
Namjoon had been an underground rapper for a while that liked to compose tracks. He also had an IQ of 148 which surprised Yoongi a lot -not that he thought he was stupid, he simply found him pretty hot-headed and clumsy. Then again, he was Wrath after all-.
He didn’t learn much more about Hoseok apart that he used to have a sister and danced in a crew for a while.
He learned that Hoseok wasn’t the only one that danced in the group: Jimin used to be a contemporary dancer and Jungkook and Tae used to dance for fun.
Jungkook loved photography and wanted to become a photographer -or a tattoo artist, he wasn’t sure-. Tae, on the other hand, used to be an art student.

Yoongi got to talk a lot about him -even if he was reluctant to do so-: he explained his situation as an underground rapper struggling to make music. He also told them that his rap name used to be Gloss but he ended up liking Suga and then Agust D a lot more.
He didn’t go into details yet about his depression; he wasn’t ready to talk much about it, not that there was a lot to talk about in his opinion. He was just desperate to follow his dream and what he liked and everything kept fucking up. His parents not being supportive was one reason, but there were so many more. He was kinda grateful for his parents though, they helped him take things into his own hands.

“Ah ha! I won! “ Hobi giggled, triumphant. “So, you seem to not care about genders. Have you ever been with a dude?”
“Yes, multiple times”
“Do you top or bottom?”
“And I’m done playing” sighed Yoongi, getting up.

He tried looking annoyed, but the slight smirk on his face showed the complete opposite.

He hadn’t asked them about how they became sins, seeing how Namjoon had reacted. He felt as if it was something that they’d have to come to him instead of the opposite.

He had had a lot of fun playing with them. What was funnier was the part where Wrath ragged because he didn’t win once, how Envy and Greed found a way to cheat and how Gluttony got pissed enough to end up eating the box of the cards.
Yoongi was having fun. He couldn’t really believe it. It had been so long since the last time he had talked to people that much without getting bored or annoyed.

However, he didn’t know how to express his gratitude. He hoped that they managed to see through him sometimes so that he wouldn’t have to awkwardly explain himself.

He was starting to like these guys. Now, he had to go write songs though.

Chapter Text

It was finally the day, the day where the demons would be joining Yoongi at work.
A week had passed since the arrival of the demons and even though Yoongi sill had some accommodating to do:

“No, Glut stop it! No! God damn it! Don’t eat the mother fucking plates you idiot, we need those!”

“Who stole my fucking shirt again?!”

“I swear to god if you break something else Wrath I’ll emasculate you in front of everyone!”

Yoongi was finally getting used to the 6 boys that were now living with him.
He still sometimes felt like he didn’t have enough privacy though -especially in the shower as Taehyung liked to join everyone when they showered- and since the incident the week prior, Yoongi felt like more and more eyes were on him. However, he didn’t feel judged, not one bit. All he noticed was the careful glances and how they seemed to be looking out for him more.

“Yoongi! Did you eat this morning?” wondered Jin, looking him up and down “Aish! You’re way too skinny, you need to eat more! Here, I prepared some breakfast, eat up”

And by “some breakfast”, Gluttony really meant 3 different dishes that he forced the host to try.

“You’ll see, by the time we all start working, we’ll gain so much money that we’re going to be rich!” smiled Taehyung, a mischievous glint in his eyes.
“And then, everyone will be envious of us” continued Jimin as he adjusted the other’s shirt properly.

When everyone was fully dressed up and ready to go, they forgot one single issue: Yoongi’s car was a 5 seater, not 7.

While the blonde man was driving, Taehyung had decided to call shotgun and joined him in the front, much to Jungkook’s disapproval.
Seokjin, Jimin, and Namjoon sat in the back, squished together as Hoseok was comfortably seated in Jin’s lap and Jungkook in Namjoon’s.
It probably wasn’t the best idea but hey, Yoongi had no intention of having to babysit 6 demon kids in the public transports.

The car ride was a torture. Everyone was loud and couldn’t stay in place nor stay in their human form for long.
Yoongi was not cleaning up feathers everywhere in his car.

“Hey, Yoongi-hyung, how about we go to a club tonight, we haven’t gone out since we arrived” Hoseok whined as he faced Jin and grinded his hips hard on the other.

Jin let out a low groan and licked his lips, fixated on the slight smirk that Hoseok was showing.

“I’m probably going to end up having to do more hours so, not tonight no” Yoongi sighed, irritated when he noticed that Hobi wasn’t listening but kissing the living day out of the demon under him “Can you not fuck in my car?!”

The lust demon stopped, pouting and turned around to be seated properly in between Gluttony’s thighs.
Meanwhile, Kookie was lightly snoring on Namjoon’s lap as the latter petted his hair slowly and delicately, earning fond looks from Jimin.


Yoongi ended up arriving late, forcing him to stay for longer that day.
Why was he late? Well, he had to calm a furious Wrath getting mad at someone that “stole his parking spot”. He had to physically get out of the car to run after him, only to find him two seconds away from punching the guy. He then had to calm two madmen -one being 180 pounds of muscle and the other one 160 pounds of rage as he said- and ended up looking for 20 more minutes for a new parking spot, earning an “I told you I should have punched the dude” from a grumpy Namjoon.

However, the old lady owning the Walmart wasn't as mad as usual: she was more than thrilled to see the “handsome” new workers.


“Yoongi-hyung” whined Jimin, bored out of his mind “Your job is awful! Why don’t you just quit it”
“The shop is not even open yet and you’re already complaining” sighed the other “If I had the money to do anything else I’d do it and you know it Jiminie”

Upon hearing the nickname, Jimin was too shocked to respond. The demon returned back to work, a faint blush tainting his cheeks.

The day ended up a lot calmer than what Yoongi had expected. No demons -other than the 6 living with him- had appeared during the day and Gluttony had only eaten one of the shelves of the food aisle.
The blonde was surprised at how calm Wrath was when he talked to annoying customers.
Pride, however, said he was too important to work at a place like Walmart, which got him yelled at by the boss when she came to look at how everything was going. He ended up pouting and filling up different aisles while mumbling.

As Yoongi expected, however, the night wasn’t as calm.

“Hyung, there’s another food thief on the food aisle, please take care of it and ban it back to hell” sighed the human as he cleaned up the ashes another demon had left all over the place when Yoongi gave him a hit on the head with the broom he had.

“Coming!” sing-song’ed Jin before hearing a loud “that’s what she said” from the Lust demon from the other side of the store.

“Jimin could you help me with this customer? He wants to know how to make a pact with you guys” The blonde added.
“Sure thing Hyung!”

“Hum Yoongi... When did we get an aquarium with a siren in it?” wondered Greed, looking at the beast suspiciously before wings grew out of her back as she screeched.
“Another fish demon? For fuck's sake I’m not the one cleaning up the bloody water this time!” yelled back Yoongi as he was trying to stop another creepy demon from coming out of the ceiling with his broom.


The night was long for the 7 men, so the drive back was a lot quieter than before.

“We didn’t go to the club...” mumbled Hoseok grumpily.
“We’ll go another time, love” responded Namjoon with a giggle.

Uh. The demon had dimples. Cute dimples.

“Wait,” Yoongi thought, confused.
Did Namjoon just call the other love?
Weren’t Hoseok and Seokjin together?


Lust demon. Right.
He probably did stuff like that to everyone. Which was probably why he also flirted with Yoongi a lot.

It made sense in Yoongi’s mind so he wasn’t going to search further.
Not like he wanted to.


The rest of the car ride was silent -or at least Yoongi was too lost in his thoughts to hear the others talking-.

When he got back they all watched a movie that the host found boring enough to fall asleep, curled up into a ball on the sofa, hands between his legs.

“Look at how adorable he is. I can’t decide if he looks more like a kitten or a baby” cooed Jin as he moved a strand of hair from the other’s eyes, making him frown cutely in his sleep.

“Namjoonie-hyung, do you think he likes us?” pondered Jungkook.
“Even if he acts cold sometimes I’m sure he’s starting to like us, yes” reassured the other, a calm smile on his face as he admired his sleeping hyung’s small frame.


When the latter woke up, he felt all eyes on him as he stretched and grunted.

“What are you all looking at?” he grumbled, still half asleep
“We’re just wondering why you look so cute that’s all” smirked Lust as he got closer to him, making the host move away, next to Jimin.

Yoongi sighed and rolled his eyes at the compliment.

“Anyways, I’m going to bed” he added, getting up slowly.
“Wait, but it’s only midnight and we don’t work tomorrow!” whined Envy, pouting cutely.

Gosh was Jimin pretty.
That was something that Yoongi couldn’t deny: these demons were really fucking attractive.

Getting out of his thoughts, he shook his head and blushed.

“I- well, we can play another game if you want Jiminie”
“Yeah, sure! Can we play the ask questions game again, I still have somethings I want to know about you”
“Yeah, okay”

They all decided to stay in the living room on the bed as Namjoon got up to retrieve the card game that was currently waiting on the TV table. Once again, Yoongi was sitting against the wall between Jimin and Hoseok. However, the lust demon had decided to sit in Namjoon’s lap when he came back instead, making Jimin pout with envy. The envious man ended up sitting in Jin’s lap, leaving Jungkook and Taehyung to bicker together on the other side of the bed.

They chose to play blackjack again and Taehyung was the first to win.

“Hyung, what are your hobbies other than music?” he asked curiously.
“Well... Not much. I’ve always been a fan of instruments and music making, so, that’s where I concentrated my efforts the most. But I’m also a huge fan of basketball. When I manage to get up, I always end up in the park near the apartment where there’s a basketball course. I used to play with some kids before, but they stopped when they noticed me coming less and less.”

The others nodded as he talked, seemingly really interested in what he was saying.

“So yeah, I’d say basketball is the one thing that I really love doing”
“We should all go sometimes together!” exclaimed, exited.
“Sure thing Jungkook-ah. Oh I forgot to mention, I also do some b-boying in my free time”

Hoseok suddenly looked way more invested in the conversation when he heard the news.

“Really? That’s so cool! You’ll have to show me Hyung! I’d love for you to teach me some tricks!”
“Yeah, I’ll show you one day”


When he finally won, Yoongi couldn’t help but ask what different types of demons existed.
He had seen demons of all kinds of sorts: flying demons, swimming demons, shape-shifters, evil demons, neutral demons and many more.

“It really depends on how you died and what type of person you were. Each demon is unique. We believe that people that were evil will be evil demons that should be punished. Some demons weren’t humans before and don’t know how to behave with humans, which is why they will act weird and freak people out. Others, however, became what they are because of how they died. For example, a demon with a fish-like tail most likely has a link with the ocean: they could have drowned or been a child of the sea. Oh! And pets do also go to heaven and hell. Most of the time they follow their owner or stay in the purgatory waiting for them. However, they do have to adapt in some way, which is why they turn into angels or demons.” explained Namjoon, turning towards a lost looking Yoongi at the end of his speech.
“That’s.... confusing and cool” responded Yoongi, baffled. “at least I know that I’ll see Holly in purgatory or hell when he dies” he added sadly, petting the small dog that had arrived in the middle of the conversation.


The next person to win was Jungkook who couldn’t help but do a little winning dance.

“Yoongi-hyung, you said you liked instruments. Do you play any instruments?”
“Shouldn’t you know that? With spying me and all?” the host grinned.
“Hey! We had hell to rule, we were busy people! We couldn’t spend our time watching you!”
“I thought that time was nonexistent in hell?” Yoongi giggled at how flustered Jungkook became.
“Well- I... I had to fast-forward stuff alright? Watching someone’s life is boring!” Pride whined at his hyung’s teasing “Now can you please answer my question?” Yoongi laughed.
“I’ve played the piano since I was young. We didn’t have a lot of money but I remember us having this big and old piano for the longest time. I used it a bit when I was younger and then used it again after a while. I started getting really into it when I was 13 and started writing lyrics for songs. However, my parents found out that I was not studying but writing lyrics instead and threw them away. I remember being really pissed at them for the longest time.”
“How did they take in the fact that you wanted to become a music producer?” carefully asked Jimin, turning to face him.
“They told me to do what I want but that they don’t support it. Which is why I’m here and struggling as I am” giggled bitterly the other.
“That must have been hard Hyung... Why don’t you just go back to Korea?”
“I thought that I’d be able to make music here and be more free with what I write but I soon realized that this country is not for me. I will leave sooner or later, but for now, I need the money so I’m stuck...”

Silence fell into the room as everyone was lost in thoughts.

“We’ll get you out of there Hyung, I promise...” murmured Jungkook, frowning.
“Thank you Jungkook-ah”


They slowly started playing again, this time Hoseok was the one who won. A grin settled on his face as his eyes sparkled with mischief.

"Yoongi-Hyung, what's your sexuality?" he giggled.
"I don't care. I'd say pansexual is the closest" the other sighed.
"Oh! Then we can go to a gay club tomorrow! I haven't been to one in so long and I'm kinda tired of girls"
"Sure I guess, as you want..."


They continued for a while, the tense atmosphere had disappeared as soon as it had arrived. They ended up falling asleep on the bed, all curled up together.


Yoongi woke up, all tangled up in Jimin and Hoseok, as the latter rested his head on his chest. Namjoon was hugging them as much as he could while Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jin were on their laps.
Yoongi couldn't help the little alarm ringing in his head, singing "too close, too close for comfort!" but he didn't dare to move, not to wake up the others.

He ended up staying where he was at, feeling the warmth radiating from each body. He couldn't help but get more and more comfortable as time went by, the heat lulling him back to sleep.

After the others woke up, the day was calmer as none of them had work on Saturday. However, throughout the whole day, Hoseok decided it would be a good idea to whine about wanting to go to the club.


Which led them towards the nearest gay club at the end of the day.

Yoongi wasn’t that much of a fan of clubs. Too loud, horrible music, having to dance, touchy and drunk people...the list went on.

But the blonde did prefer gay clubs. They were more fun and people seemed nicer and less annoying, most of the time at least.

That didn’t stop him from getting hit on at either clubs.

Yoongi didn’t feel attractive. So he didn’t really get the attention he got at clubs. Why someone would bother talking to him when he tried his best to appear threatening and unapproachable, he didn’t know, maybe people liked that.

However, after the 3rd or 4th shot of vodka that the demons gave him, he was starting to feel himself a little more.

He liked dancing. Not as much as he liked composing music or raping but he still liked to dance a lot. Letting your body express itself through music was a form of art in his opinion. He hoped people would dance to his songs one day.

“You’re having fun Hyung?” asked Jimin, grinning as he moved his hips a little too sinfully for Yoongi’s taste.
“I am. I just wish they’d put on better songs though”

Jimin nodded before he noticed Jungkook trying to take a shot of vodka at the bar before making a disgusted face. The demon decided to dance towards his friend while laughing at him.


The music was intoxicating. Or maybe it was all the drinks Yoongi had taken, he didn’t really know.
As he gently moved his head to the music, finally getting a feel of it, he took a look around.

The mass of bodies against each other, the dancing lights, the people flirting at the bar; everyone seemed to be having fun.

He turned his head to the bar and noticed Taehyung talking with Jin.
God were they beautiful. Their perfect tan skin reflecting the light, Greed’s boxy smile, Gluttony’s knowing eyes; if he didn’t know them he would have thought that they were angels instead of demons.


Something, however, caught his eyes suddenly: Lust.

Hoseok was in the middle of the crowd with his eyes closed, letting his body rock softly to the vibrations of the music in the room. In Yoongi’s opinion, he looked godlike.

His now brown hair sparkled with all kinds of colours, his eyelashes, lips, nose, everything looked unreal, ethereal. He was radiating something that caught Yoongi’s attention and forced him to make his way through the crowd.

When he came closer, he noticed a mass of people watching. How could they not be watching when the demon moved his hips as he did?

Yoongi advanced even closer. Something was pulling him towards the other, maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was simply the curious want he felt inside of him.
But his mind blurred as soon as Hoseok noticed him, exhaling once from the effort. Lust looked like he wanted to eat him and Yoongi felt as if he was stuck in his grasp.

"Hey there, dance with me?" he whispered in the loud room, the movement of his lips entrancing.

The human made his way towards the other, slowly. They both looked at each other, intoxicated by the music and the lack of air in the room before they started dancing to the beat, close to one another, their faces inches away from each other.

Yoongi tilted his head to the side, observing the facial expression of the demon in front of him. He followed the tongue poking out to wet his lips, hungrily. His head fuzzy, his mind blurry, he couldn't help the light smirk forming on his face when he led his arms to Hoseok's neck, resting them on his shoulder as they grinded softly against each other.

As the music changed to a slower song, Hoseok let a trail of kisses down Yoongi's neck, taking his time on the parcels of skin. The oldest tilted his face to the side more, letting him access more of his neck.

It soon wasn’t enough.
Their lips met hungrily as Yoongi let his hands travel to the other's hair. The music was pumping in their blood as Hoseok bit his bottom lip lightly, making his breathing quiver.
Tongues were soon added to the mix before Hoseok grabbed Yoongi's behind and pushed their crotches together, forcing a groan out of both of their lips at the delicious friction.

However, they soon felt a pair of hands on their shoulders, pushing them away from each other.

"Jung Hoseok! You know you're going to be in so much trouble for this when Yoongi wakes up tomorrow! He clearly told you not to use your sin on him!" warned a pretty pissed Jin as he forced them apart.
"Yoongi-hyung, snap out of it please, we're going home" pleaded a tired Jimin as he shook the other a little.


The ride home was silent, Yoongi was sleeping in the back, his head on Taehyung's shoulder, too wasted to care. Jin, being the oldest and the only sober one -he couldn't get drunk if he wanted to anyways-, he got them all home safely.
The boys all being tucked to bed, Jin couldn’t help but snicker as he followed suit: tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.


When Yoongi woke up with a bad hangover and the taste of Hoseok's lips on his, he swore that he was going to send him back to hell for breaking one of his rules.

Chapter Text

It took Yoongi an entire week of avoiding Hobi for the latter to finally explode and manage to explain himself.

Every day Yoongi would ignore the other, making him whine after him every time he would leave to go write songs in his room. He let everyone in except him, and every time he would try to fool him by pretending to be one of the other demons, he failed.
After a few days of avoiding him, Yoongi soon realized that he couldn't keep going on forever like that.

So he didn't fight it when he was left alone in the house with Hoseok, nor when he pushed him against a wall to stop him from fleeing.

"Will you listen to me?! Please?" the other pleaded, making the blonde roll his eyes.
"Don't touch me" bit the other, a warning in his eyes.

Silence fell in the room as Hoseok let him free.
Yoongi sighed and advanced towards the sofa-bed.
When he didn't see the demon move, he exhaled once more.

"Come sit down" he ordered.

When the other did, Yoongi nodded.

"Now explain yourself then, go on" he crossed his arms.

Hoseok was the one sighing this time.

"I didn't mean to betray your trust Yoongi, I-" he started.
"It's hyung to you"
"...Yoongi-hyung. I have to explain some stuff related to the sins first. When you get your powers, it takes some time for you to fully control them. And by some time I mean that it can take years. Well, human years, you know what I mean."

He stopped for a few seconds, waiting for a sign that Yoongi was following him. When the human nodded again, he continued.

"I was the last one to turn into a demon. The first one was Wrath, the second was Gluttony, then Envy and finally Greed. So even if it's been quite a while, I can't 100% control them. Well, more precisely, I have troubles controlling them when I'm drunk"

"...Okay? That makes sense I guess." Yoongi mumbled, half convinced " Why did it only affect me then?"
"Oh trust me, it didn't only affect you. I had so many people on me before you showed up."
"Yeah, but why did you-... kiss me" Yoongi mumbled the last part, trying to hide his embarrassment with his cold exterior.
"... Because drunk me wanted to kiss you"


An awkward silence settled once more at the confession. Hoseok was looking intensely at Yoongi, flustered, while the other coughed to hide his surprise.

"A-Anyways. I guess I forgive you. But don't you ever get drunk next to me again"
"Alright, yeah, seems fair."

They managed to hide the odd tension when the others came back, but even if it went over the youngests heads, it didn't go over Jin and Namjoon's as they gave them weird confused looks.


Today, the demons had a plan: have a fun day with Yoongi.
For that, they had decided to surprise him.

“So where did you guys want to go?” the oblivious host asked.
“Follow us, we found a great park not too far!” excitedly responded Taehyung.
“What’s in this bag?” wondered Yoongi, pointing towards the bag Pride had in his hands.
“You’ll see hyung” grinned Jungkook, his bunny teeth showing.

Yoongi noticed Namjoon jumping up and down slightly which he assumed meant that the demon was excited. Jin had a glint in his eyes while Jimin was murmuring something in Tae’s ear, giggling.

Curious to what they wanted to show him, he decided to follow them without complaining.


He hadn’t thought of the fact that they’d bring him to a basketball course.

The demons couldn’t help the fond looks on their faces when they saw, for the first time, Yoongi’s gummy smile and lighted up eyes. Everything seemed worth it for them.

Jimin got a ball out of the bag, immediately throwing it to Yoongi with a “think fast”.

Yoongi stared at the brand new ball and started spinning it on his pointer finger, awe in his eyes.

“You didn’t have to do that” he whispered, still awestruck by the situation.
“We wanted to.” smiled Namjoon “Now show us what you got Hyung!”
“I need a team though”
“Then pick one”

Yoongi saw the hopeful look in Hoseok’s eyes, making Yoongi feel a pang of guilt. He sighed and chose him as well as Jin since he felt like it was only fair if he had the least amount of player in his team.

When they started the game he realized he wasn’t much at an advantage.
Jungkook and Jimin seemed to know what they were doing and took the ball from him pretty quick and marked a point.

“I’m pretty rusty” Yoongi defended.
“Sure hyung” giggled Jimin prettily.

When he was finally head in the game, he managed to mark two 3 pointers.

“I decided to go easy on you”
“Oh shut up!” whined Taehyung.

They were all having fun until Namjoon tripped and hurt his ankle, taking him out of the game. It was all fun and games until Taehyung grew wings and dunked on him.

“Do you want people to see you?” warned Yoongi
“But it’d be so much fun if we could fly!”

Yoongi didn’t respond and instead sighed and stole the ball from him to run past him.

He was about to mark a point when he was stopped by a slightly intimidating Jungkook flying too.

“Oh come on, that’s cheating! I can’t fl-“

Before he had time to finish complaining, he felt arms grab him and his feet getting elevated from the floor, making him let out a high pitched -and manly- scream.
He managed to fly past Jungkook and mark a point.

He soon noticed that Jin was the one holding him.

“Aish, you’re really too light! You need to eat more Yoongi!” groaned Jin.
“P-put me down!” he yelled back, terrified.

When he was finally put down he felt Jin’s wings flapping around, creating massive gushes of wind.
To say he was impressive was an understatement. His powerful wings had now turned a more caramel tone in the autumn breeze.

“Wow,” he let out, baffled.
“So, how was it?” Jin giggled, his perfect smile shining.
“I uh... It was cool”
“Just cool? Come on, Jin-hyung is impressive” retorted Jungkook, his black wings flapping around.
“Yeah yeah, now transform back and let’s go home, I’m exhausted”
“We were here for less than an hour and you’re tired already?” playfully added Hoseok.
“You, shut it”

Yoongi started heading home before he was stopped by Jimin and Taehyung running towards him.

“Hey we’re not done! Let’s go get ice cream!” they yelled in unison.
“Ya, it’s too cold for ice cream” grumbled the host.
“Then how about some hot chocolate and coffee Hyung?” Namjoon’s gentle voice resonated.
“... Sure” Yoongi accepted, slightly flustered at how much warmth he felt each time the Wrath demon spoke.


With the group of demons leading the way, Yoongi took the time to observe the scenery.

Autumn was finally coming, the leaves were blushing a pretty red colour as each gust of wind sent them tumbling to the yellow-y grass. The breeze left a barely noticeable smell of flowers and pumpkins on its way as they approached the coffee shop. The taste of chocolate and sweetness on their tongues made the youngests fasten their pace. Yoongi couldn’t help but smile at their eagerness as he followed behind, close to Namjoon who was discussing with Jin and Hoseok.

They soon arrived at a very old-fashioned coffee shop. The smell of spices and warmth filling their lungs as they went in.

The inside was pretty much in coordination with the outside. On the right was a long dark brown counter with different flavours of ice cream. On the wall were various pin-up style paintings and photos of women. On the left was a different counter with a bunch of candies.
Yoongi took a lung full of air, inhaling the freshly varnished wood and strong coffee smell.

In the middle, however, was something that Yoongi didn’t think he’d see: a rustic looking piano with a mic.

It was calling out for him.

The blonde blushed when he noticed the smiles on the others’ faces as they watched him eye the piano in delight.

He suddenly felt the ghost of a touch on his shoulder. Noticing it was Namjoon, Yoongi relaxed.

“let’s get you your coffee and the kids their ice cream and then you can play it okay?” murmured Namjoon in his ear, making the other shiver lightly as he nodded.

Yoongi couldn’t help rolling his eyes and smiling when he noticed the 3 youngest and Jin take colourful flavoured ice creams. As usual, Hoseok took a smoothie that probably contained more sugar than all of the ice creams combined and Namjoon joined Yoongi with a coffee -even if his was mixed with some hazelnuts.

They sat down at two tables that they put together to eat and discuss.
Noticing that everyone was talking about ice cream except Namjoon and him, Yoongi chose to strike up a conversation with the Wrath demon.

"You haven't shown me what you're working on, lyrics-wise" curiously wondered the human as he sipped on his dark drink.
"Oh yeah, I should show you, I need some advice for a track I have ideas for. I'll try to convince the kids to sing it if possible."
"They can all sing? That's cool"
"Yeah everyone can sing"
"I can't" pouted Yoongi.
"I'm sure you're not that bad" responded Namjoon, a bit flustered by Yoongi's pouting face.


They stayed like this for a while, just talking about music while the others continued to fight about which ice cream flavour was the best.
After a while, Hoseok noticed Yoongi zoning out, glancing at the piano with want.

“You know we’re not going to stop you from playing it” the demon giggled as Yoongi moved his sight away from the piano.
“Come on Hyung! We all want to hear you” pouted Jungkook.

Ah, how weak he was to the pride demon’s pouting face.

“Sure Jungkook-ah” he responded, getting up.


He slowly advanced towards the brown instrument. It had collected dust as nobody seemed bold enough to play it in front of a crowd.

Yoongi didn’t mind crowds anymore. He used to have pretty bad social anxiety, but the more he went out of his way to rap in front of people when he went out, the more used to it he got.

Although, he had never performed on the piano yet. Nor had he performed in Korean any of his creations.

He had written a few pieces in English but the language barrier caused him not to be as free as he would have liked in his writing.

The composer let out a long anxious sigh, a bit intimidated to perform in front of the new people in his life and even more a personal piece like this one was.

As soon as he sat down and caressed from his fingertips the old notes of the piano, his heartbeat slowed down and he felt calm again.

He touched the mic a few times to see if it was on before closing his eyes and starting.

The song he settled for was entitled First Love and explained his love and passion for music throughout the years.


He got so into it that he didn’t notice that everyone in the shop had stopped what they were doing.

When he was finally done, his world came back to him as soon as he heard clapping.

Surprised and slightly out of it, Yoongi turned around towards the demons to see them looking at him in awe and applauding.

“Thank you” he finished speaking through the mic.

He noticed that Taehyung was coming towards him. However, a tall stranger beat him to it.

“Beautiful! Your lyrics and passion- you’re Korean right? Do you live here?” the man asked.
“I uh- yes?” the other responded, confused.
“Well I work at Bighit entertainment in Seoul and we are searching for talented people like you as music producers and idols” the man started before lending Yoongi a business card. “if you ever come live in Seoul, book an appointment to audition and you will for sure be taken!”

To say that Yoongi was shocked was an understatement. He shakily stood up, bowed and took the card from the man.

“I don’t know what to say... Thank you, I’ll think about it”


After saying goodbye to the stranger, Yoongi stood still for a few minutes, not listening to the others congratulating him.

His dream was finally coming true.

However, he calmed down when he remembered that for the time being he was still stuck in America and didn’t have the money to move to Seoul just yet.

“I can’t believe you’ve finally been scouted!” yelled Jimin, jumping in place and gripping Yoongi’s arm.
“I... yeah... wow” the other responded, baffled.
“Now we really need to get you some money so that we can move to Seoul” added Taehyung impatiently “do you want me to tell the dude at the cashier to give me all his money?”

That’s when Namjoon had to jump in and explain for the third time what was morally acceptable in the human world to the demon.

As much as Yoongi was excited by the news, he couldn’t help but count in his head how many months of salary he’d need to be able to get a house in Seoul and work there.

When they got back home, Yoongi was still a bit shaken, not knowing what to do from now on.
Jin decided to prepare them some food and organize what else they could do with their day.

“Uhm guys” Yoongi caught the attention of the other boys “I uh, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful day and for bringing me to the basketball court and coffee shop... I’m not really good with words but yeah, thank you” he finished, scratching his nape in discomfort.

“Aw, you’re more than welcome Yoongi” yelled Jin from the kitchen.
“Yeah, it’s normal! We wanted to give you a little surprise for being nice to us and letting us in your house” Jungkook added. “We wanted you to like us” he murmured the end of the sentence.
“I... Well, you’re all good yeah” Yoongi stuttered, not knowing how to answer.

His answer seemed to be enough for the boy as his face beamed making the others coo at his excitement.

Yoongi had started liking that expression on the youngest a lot.


As months went on, Yoongi got to know the demons a lot better. Hoseok seemed to always be in a good mood, trying to cheer him up as best as he could on his worst days. He still tried to flirt with him on multiple occasions, but it didn’t seem as serious as before.

Jungkook sang for him as he played the piano once they went back to the coffee shop. However, the boy was a little prankster as he kept trying to embarrass or annoy Yoongi. He still wasn’t used to Jungkook sleeping in the bed with him and ending up nearly cuddling him every night. He wouldn’t tell the other that he was slowly starting to like feeling the warmth of Jungkook’s strong chest against his back.

Taehyung came to visit him a lot more when he was writing songs, whether it was to ask to rap a part or to give him some crazy idea he had gotten while going outside, Yoongi had gotten used to the constant low and soothing voice that came to his room nearly every day.

In days where he needed it the most he could always count on Jin to bring him food to bed and even feed him sometimes when he himself couldn’t do it -the others didn’t need to know that part-. He also loved listening to him sing in the shower or when he was preparing dinner; it made Yoongi want to write millions of songs just to be able to hear him sing more.

Yoongi and Namjoon had a very particular relationship. They weren’t as physical together as they were with the others. However, Yoongi didn’t feel like he was less close to him than the rest. It felt as if they had known each other for years when they would discuss song lyrics or when Namjoon would come outside at night when he noticed that Yoongi was gone so that he could help the other feel better and talk about the stars and the universe. They didn’t talk about the many times when Yoongi finally fell asleep on a bench, his head on the demon's shoulder as he continued his explanations. And if he woke up in his bed next to Jungkook the day after, he didn’t question it. Nor did he question how rested he felt on those nights.

As for Jimin, Yoongi couldn’t help but feel warmth in his chest after every squeaky laugh and creased eyes. He also learned that Jimin was a lot more persistent than he thought when he saw him dancing over and over to songs he himself didn’t recognize. Yoongi respected Jimin and his kindness.
He had so much more to learn from the boy.

He had so much more to learn about the boys that barged in his life like unexpected presents.

Chapter Text

It was the second time that Jimin had started acting distant.
Yoongi remembered how Halloween went:


He could recall the smile and all of the demons faces when he told them that candies were on sale and that they could decorate the apartment a bit. Jimin, however, had looked scared, like the idea of eating candies terrified him.

Yoongi hadn’t asked questions, deciding that it was none of his business, that Jimin would tell him if he needed to.

He had overheard a conversation between the two dancers of their friend group where Hoseok planned to learn a dance with Jimin for Halloween.

He hadn’t expected for things to escalate as quickly as they did.

Jimin was one of the nicest people he had met on this earth. And even if he had his own weaknesses like his need to have what others had, he was basically an angel with a broken halo.

He didn’t expect the demon to be fighting his own battles in his mind.


The issue with Jimin was that he was never satisfied with what he had, making it impossible for him to be remotely close to satisfied with himself.

Only when he noticed the other had been gone for hours at night to practice the dance had Yoongi started realizing that something was wrong.

He knew where Jimin and Hoseok practiced: a big abandoned building with a dance room filled with broken and dusty mirrors.

When the others didn’t say anything, yet looked troubled as the envy demon didn’t respond to their texts, Yoongi decided that enough was enough.

He took his phone and placed it in his pocket before grabbing his keys, telling the others that he’d be right back and leaving.


What he didn’t expect was to see a bruised up Jimin with shards of glass in his right fist and a shattered mirror in front of him.

Yoongi ran to the other that was leaning his head on the broken mirror, softly crying, before stopping right behind him, not knowing what to do from there.

“Jimin-ah, what happened?” he softly asked, placing his hand on his shoulder as he could.

He didn’t expect for the other’s knees to buckle and for him to slide down the mirror and let out a sob.

Yoongi soon followed on the floor, next to the hurt boy, concerned.

“Jiminie, hey, no need to cry” Yoongi winced at his wording. Fuck did he not know how to react in those situations.

“I... I did-didn’t want y-you to see me like-like that Hyung” the demon hiccuped.

Yoongi frowned at that.

“Hey, it’s okay to cry. Nothing’s wrong with that”
“I’m so fucking pathetic” the other spit to himself making his friend’s frown deepen.
“No you’re not, don’t say that”
“I can’t do anything right, I’m such a failure”

To say that the human was baffled would be an understatement. Since when did the always smiling Jimin feel so much hatred towards himself?

Yoongi, not knowing what else to do, took the crying boy in his arms as he quietly shushed him.

“no you’re not. You’re always here to cheer us up and you dance fantastically well. You’re also one of the nicest person I’ve ever met and I’m not just saying that to make you feel better. I’m saying that because it’s the truth and something you definitely need to know. I’m going to help you get out of that pretty head of yours and stop thinking so low of yourself. If that means that me and the others have to tell you everyday that you matter, then we will because you do matter”

Yoongi was slightly impressed with himself, he usually always failed to comfort others, but seeing the ghost of a smile light up Jimin’s gorgeous face, it seemed that he had managed to make him feel a little bit better.

“Thank you Hyung” the youngest whispered in his neck as he pulled him closer.

They walked back to the apartment, hand in hand “You want me to feel better Hyung? Then hold my hand please”.


The blond ignored the warmth he felt and how his heart raced from that contact alone.


When he got back, the others were waiting for them and their face fell in worry as they realized the situation from Jimin’s puffy eyes and bloody fist.

They were pulled into a group hug as all the different voices resonated in concern in the apartment. They peppered Jimin with kisses and if seeing Hoseok jump on Jimin and kiss him on the lips made Yoongi have butterflies in his stomach and a slight pang of hurt travel his body, he ignored it once more.

Jin got the hurt boy to follow him to the bathroom to clean his wound before they all gathered on the sofa to watch a horror movie and eat candies.


This time was different however.
It all started in the morning at work.

They were all having their break when their boss came into the room and noticed Jimin eating a snickers bar.

“Jimin, if you don’t stop eating like that you’ll get fatter” she warned sharply before taking something from one of the shelves and leaving the room again.

Jimin’s face grew pale and he dropped the snack as if it had burned him.

From that moment on, Jimin was elsewhere: he only responded with short answers and was more clumsy than usual. They all watched in concern as the frown on Jimin’s face only grew bigger throughout the day.

That evening, Jin had prepared Jimin’s favourite dish to make the youngest feel better. The latter thanked his hyung with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes before saying that he wasn’t hungry but that he would eat a small portion to make his hyung happy. Yoongi missed the boy’s crescent eye smile.

He hadn’t expected to be woken up that night from the sounds of Jimin vomiting in the bathroom.
The blonde man quickly got up and ran towards the bathroom only to be shocked to see Jimin purging himself.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he harshly asked.

Jimin stopped what he was doing as soon as he heard Yoongi’s voice before flushing the toilet and staying on the floor, head low as silent angry tears rolled down his cheeks.

Yoongi really wanted to demand an explanation as to why Jimin was doing that to himself, but seeing the broken boy in front of him, the host couldn’t help but feel pity for him as he sat down next to him with a sigh.

He started stroking the demon’s hair as he put his head on his shoulder and sobbed.
Replaying the events of the day, Yoongi started placing the pieces back together: Jimin thought he was too fat.

After a few minutes of silence, Jimin’s sobs turned into sniffles, making Yoongi open his mouth.

“I know you probably don’t want the others to see you like this because you know that they’ll be worried but tomorrow I will have to tell them. You can’t stay like that Jimin-ah. You don’t need to loose weight, you’re already too thin for your height, you don’t need to become a skeleton to look pretty okay?”

Jimin simply nodded with a whimper and hugged the other man closer to him, making the latter’s heartbeat pick up.

“How about you sleep with me in your human form tonight? I’m sure Kookie won’t mind. Just brush your teeth and come join me in bed okay?” Yoongi sleepily added.

The other nodded once more before shakily getting up from the floor. Yoongi did the same and left the room so that the other could have a few minutes to sort his thoughts.


A few minutes later, he felt a warm body move to settle behind him. Close, so close. They stayed like that for a few seconds, just enjoying each other’s company. Something was on Yoongi’s mind however. He decided to slowly turn around to face the other boy who’s face he could barely recognize in the darkness of the room.

“Hey Jiminie” he whispered so as not to wake up the sleeping Jungkook next to him.
“How did you become a sin?” ‘and does it have anything to do with how you reacted today?’, he wanted to add.

For a few seconds, Yoongi didn’t get an answer. He thought that the other had fallen asleep before he heard a sigh and Jimin started explaining.

“I knew you’d ask me one day.” he started before taking a deep breath “My dance was everything to me. I used to be a contemporary dance student in Busan. My professor wasn’t the nicest person... She would tell me that if I was thinner, my moves would be more graceful. So I started trying to find ways to loose weight until I started not eating at all and purging myself. And then I got addicted to it. The feeling of being so lightweight was just ethereal for me. So I continued. I was a broke student that lived in a nearly deserted building in front of a rich house. My professor lived there. She was a really famous contemporary dancer. As you can guess, I got envious of her family. And once they threatened to take my building down to replace it with some fancy hotel, I snapped. I chose a day where the family would be away on a cruise and I burned down their home. But before that I stole all of the fancy designer clothes they had. Then, when I got back to my apartment just as the sirens started resonating outside, Jungkook, Namjoon and Jin were already waiting for me. I had nothing to loose anymore so I decided to join them and gave them some of the designer clothes.”

Yoongi was wide-eyed at the confession. He sometimes forgot that he was in fact in front of a demon and not an angel. However Yoongi could somewhat understand that anger and frustration: he himself had to choose between going home in less than 2 hours or eating on some days so he could understand the rage that would come out of someone trying to destroy his home.
He didn’t find Jimin’s actions to be respectable but he was too lazy to care anyways.

They continued their conversation for a long time, talking about how the others would tell them their stories when they’re ready, before they both drifted back to sleep facing each other.


Waking up was difficult for both men. Yoongi found Jimin and Jungkook cuddling on one side while he had been pushed to the other side. Having woken up before him, Yoongi observed the two boys. Jimin’s arms were curled up to his chest while Jungkook’s were firmly holding his waist. They looked cute together like that, sleeping, their faces nearly touching.

When Jimin finally sneered, Yoongi noticed Jungkook opening his eyes and kissing the crown of his head with a barely noticeable “good morning sleeping beauty”. Yoongi adverted his eyes, feeling like he was intruding on a particularly intimate moment.

When they entered the kitchen, they all noticed Jin cooking breakfast.
His glare however wasn’t happy when he laid his eyes on Jimin, making the youngest lower his head in shame.

He knew. He had probably been awake during the whole thing.

“Sit. All of you” Jin ordered rather seriously.

Jungkook, Taehyung, Namjoon and Hoseok, not knowing what was happening, followed without a fuss, questioning looks on their faces.

Yoongi put a reassuring hand on Jimin’s shoulder and led him to his seat before he sat next to him.

Jin silently brought food to the table and sat in his own seat next to Namjoon.

Everyone quietly served themselves some food in bowls except Jimin.

“Jimin” Jin warned, the stern look never leaving his face. “eat”

Jin’s face stayed stone cold but his eyes betrayed him: all Yoongi could see in them was concern and fear.

Jimin slowly turned to Yoongi, who nodded towards the food with a slight smile.

Finally, the demon took some food in his bowl and started eating, slowly, making Jin smile and his eyes turn into relieved ones.


When he was done with the little food he had taken, Jimin put his chopsticks down before exhaling loudly.

“I... I’m sorry. I’m sorry I did it again.”

At his words -and taking the situation into context- everyone understood what had happened.

“I won’t tell you that it won’t happen again but I will try my best to at least talk to you about it.”

Jimin sighed again before turning towards Yoongi.

“And I also wanted to thank you Hyung. It’s the second time you see me in a state like that even if I desperately try to hide it. Yet you never pressure me to talk or say anything, but you’re always here for me. So, thank you” he bowed slightly.
“Ya I told you to stop thanking me Jimin-ah, you would have done the same for me, if not more” Yoongi responded, embarrassed.

Everyone at the table took turns feeding Jimin from that point on, always adding a comment like “here love, you look pretty like that” or Yoongi’s favourite one said by Namjoon“you always look perfect to us sweetheart, no need to try to change”. Yoongi couldn’t help the longing he felt in his heart: maybe one day he’ll have people care for him like they did.

Before he had time to say anything, Jungkook noticed Yoongi’s pouting face. The maknae turned towards his hyung with his chopsticks and food in between them before speaking with a light grin on his face.

“Say ‘ah’ Hyung”
“Wh-” fumbled Yoongi, flustered, before complying while adverting his eyes. “Thank you Kook-ah”.

Noticing Taehyung look at the last shrimp in Yoongi’s plate with want, Yoongi took it between his chopsticks and placed it in his bowl without saying anything and diverting his eyes towards a brightly smiling Jimin.

Everything felt so right.
Since the demons had come to his life, Yoongi had started taking care of himself more: eating and sleeping at regular times when Jin cooked him some food or Jungkook whined to join him in bed because he was cold; everything seemed to be slowly falling into place.

The month of November flew by: they had organized a birthday party for Namjoon, Jungkook and Jimin since they hadn’t celebrated their birthdays when it was the time. Yoongi couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous blush on Jimin’s face when he received pink and white stockings, nor could he ever forget the excited bounce in Namjoon’s steps as he opened his presents or Jungkook’s bunny smile when he got a new camera.
Not knowing them enough, Yoongi had offered the three boys different plushies: a Ryan plushy for Namjoon -since Jin had told him he liked that- , a cute and unique baby blue small chick with a light yellow bow for Jimin and a light grey rabbit for Jungkook with a pink heart. From the excited shrieks he heard from the three men, they seemed rather pleased by their present.

During the month, Yoongi couldn’t help but notice how close the demons were together: whether it was from the way Namjoon let his fingers caress the back of Jin’s hand slowly and absent-mindlessly, or how Tae would leave quick pecks on Jungkook’s face to make him blush or on Jimin’s to make him giggle... to say that Yoongi was confused by their relationship was an understatement.
When he thought that two of them were together, one of the two would try to sneakily kiss one of the others when he wasn’t looking. It frustrated Yoongi so much; maybe they were really close friends? Maybe demons relationships or friendships were different than humans? Yoongi didn’t dare to ask.

A small, very small part of him felt a sense of longing every time they did something cute like that.

Man did Yoongi need to get laid or something.

Chapter Text

Time went by so fast that Yoongi didn’t realize that Christmas was already approaching.
They had all settled on celebrating both Jin and Taehyung’s birthdays at the same time on Christmas so that they didn’t have to spend too much money -that didn’t stop any of the boys from showering Jin with love and kisses on his actual birthday when he complained about being too old-.
So to say that Yoongi was surprised when it was Christmas eve was an understatement.

He should have been paying more attention: after all, the streets were littered in Christmas decorations and lights, Christmas songs were constantly playing everywhere they went and Walmart had a special sale again.

Yoongi decided that it was time to spend time with the boys and to decorate the apartment a bit.

Since they all wanted to keep some money for birthday and Christmas presents, they all chose two lights or decorations each to liven-up the house.

On that day, Seokjin and Taehyung were told to go out together -on what Yoongi suspected was a date- while the rest of the group prepared everything in the house.


While the two went out, Yoongi put his plan into action.
Yoongi was the one who was preparing the meal -after all, he might have been living on instant noodles for most of his life, but he was actually quite good at cooking when he wasn’t too lazy- while Jimin and Hoseok worked on deserts. Jungkook and Namjoon were not allowed in the kitchen as Kookie had once made potatoes that got stuck to a plate enough that they had to throw the plate out, and as for Joon, well, the fact that he didn’t know which way to cut an onion was enough for Yoongi not to want him in his kitchen ever again. The two ended up being in charge of putting some of the decorations up.

Yoongi couldn’t help but stare at Jimin and Hoseok being all lovely dovely and spreading frosting on each other as they giggled. God did they look good together. Yoongi couldn’t tell if he was jealous of them or if he wanted them to be truly together, he didn’t really know. He couldn’t know when Hoseok would smile at him with those eyes. Those eyes that spread so much love that anyone would end up having their heart crushed into dust.

The human got so distracted that he spaced out and didn’t notice the two little demons sneak behind him until they both put their heads on his shoulder at the same time.

“What are you cooking?” they asked at the same time, making Yoongi shiver.
“Never do that again, you’re reminding me of The Shining” he grumbled before going back to cutting his vegetables. He was preparing a roasted beef with a ratatouille because he knew how much the boys loved when he made it.

Yoongi’s hands stuttered when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his torso and another one sneak to his hips.

“Can we watch you cook for a bit?” said Jimin while staring at Yoongi’s delicate fingers slicing up some pepper.
“S-sure” he coughed as he tried ignoring Hoseok’s breathing brushing his neck.

They stayed like that, tangled together for a few minutes before Hoseok spoke when he heard Kookie grunting in the other room and Namjoon shout as a lot of shuffling was heard.

“I’m going to go help them out, they seem to be having difficulties” he let out a breathy giggle before untangling himself from the two others.

Suddenly, Yoongi felt a firm pair of lips on his neck, making him drop his knife on the counter in shock. He quickly turned to a frightened and embarrassed looking Hoseok before the latter left the room in a hurry. Yoongi didn’t miss the blush covering Hoseok’s ears, making him astonished that the normally flirty demon had been flustered. Had he not meant to do that? Had that been meant for Jimin instead?

Yoongi shook his head and resumed his cooking. He couldn’t help the heat from creeping up his neck when Jimin positioned himself right behind him, his hips inches away from Yoongi. Why did Yoongi suddenly feel so small? They were the same size goddamnit!

His heartbeat calmed down when Jimin started slowly humming an unknown song. God was Jimin’s voice soothing to him. Yoongi nearly zoned out again at the melody, instead, he decided that switching to onions and trying not to cry while cutting them was the best idea.


A few hours later, the doorbell rang and a shout of “Hyung it’s us!” from Taehyung was heard from the other side of the door. The other demons were giggling as they opened the door to the two birthday boys.

“Happy birthday Tae and Jin!” everyone yelled in unison, big smiles on their faces.

The astonished looks on both of their faces were priceless.
Yoongi was quite proud of their work to be completely honest: on the kitchen counter was the heavenly smelling roasted beef and ratatouille while the deserts were kept away in secret in the fridge.

The room, however, looked like a child’s dream.
The boys had bought and attached to the corners with wires and nails different coloured curtains. They all formed a bright box of colours that hid nearly the whole room apart from the kitchen part.

“Come in, come in” squeaked Jimin as he made his way towards the two birthday boys and lead them to the front of the opening of the curtains.

The three demons opened the curtains to find a very unique looking space.
The boys had turned the bed back into a couch, bought a very fluffy and white rug and placed the TV in front. On the corners of the curtains were small Christmas lights that gave a warm and cozy atmosphere to the little room. There were also different colours of lights around the TV and the couch. In the corner, they had managed to squish a small Christmas tree that everyone got to decorate as they pleased -making it look like a huge mess, but they liked it that way-. Next to the grey couch was Holly’s tiny dog pillow where he rested comfortably. The curtains weren’t fully attached to the corners of the room so they draped over the couch and around the TV. Pillows and plushies from each boy were all scattered around the room as well as a bunch of diverse covers.
It looked messy but perfect.

Jin squealed when he discovered a baby pink sheep plushy that hadn’t been there this morning. Tae cooed when he noticed a tiger plushy with a bright blue ribbon.

“This is- wow. Thank you so much for all of this!” Tae bowed before clapping from excitement.
“There’s more, look at the presents under the tree! I can’t wait for us to open them!” said Jungkook, bunny smile fully on display.

Yoongi wanted to squish their faces with how adorable they were all being.
He shook his head slightly, feeling dumb.

“Let’s all take a bowl and eat before it gets cold! We could watch a movie at the same time!” said Hoseok, stars in his eyes.
“As long as you don’t dirty the couch or the rug, you can do whatever you want” responded Yoongi.

Before getting some food, Jimin lended everyone a onesie, forcing a grumbling Yoongi to wear the black cat one.

After taking some warm food, they all got back inside the tent-like structure.
The two birthday boys sat on the sofa together with Namjoon and Jimin. Jungkook sat on the floor in front of Jimin while Hoseok and Yoongi were in front of Namjoon and Taehyung.

Jungkook had made himself into a burrito of covers, only his face and the little bunny ears of his onesie could be noticeable. Hoseok wore a yellow lion onesie which only made his smile more radiant.
Jimin was cuddled close to Jin while Taehyung played with Jin’s hand. Namjoon had decided to start lightly petting Yoongi’s hair, making the latter flinch at first, then grumble before he let the hand travel in his hair.

They had settled for an old Christmas movie that Yoongi had seen dozens of times already, but seeing the excited smiles on the youngest ones, Yoongi wasn’t going to complain.

After few minutes of silence, everyone cuddled up together, Yoongi started feeling someone staring at him.
He turned to the side and noticed that Hoseok wasn’t paying attention to the film, but was instead watching him. Yoongi blushed.
Did he have something on his face?
It seemed like Hoseok was switching between staring at Yoongi and staring at their hands, close to one another.
Yoongi gulped. Did Hoseok want to hold his hand or something?

He sighed silently before looking back towards the TV.
Slowly, Yoongi moved his hand so that his fingertips touched Hoseok’s, making the other jump slightly at the contact. Yoongi could see him smiling from the corner of his eyes as he felt a hand rest on his and lightly caress his skin.

Yoongi couldn’t concentrate on the movie. Not when he felt Hoseok move closer to him and rest his head on his shoulder. Not when his delicate fingers rested on his and traced small circles on his skin. Not when he felt the other boy’s breathing even out slowly but surely, showing that the man was falling asleep on his shoulder.

He relaxed however when he felt Namjoon’s strong hands play with his hair, gently petting it and twirling it between his fingers.

Suddenly, he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore.
He didn’t notice when he blacked out.

What he noticed, however, was how he was now curled up on the floor, one hand between his legs and the other one being held by Hoseok who was sleeping soundlessly in front of him.
He also felt the weight of Kookie behind him. The bunny had switched side and was now resting close behind Yoongi, hugging his waist and keeping him close.

Yoongi felt weird.
Oddly enough, not in a bad way. Which was quite new for him.
Normally he would want to move away and coward in his own little safe bubble.
But it felt nice to be between the two bodies, keeping him warm. He felt safe. He felt good.
He should have pushed Jungkook away, still feeling a bit flustered to have someone breathing down his back. But when he felt him snuggle closer and purse his lips against his back in his sleep, Yoongi didn’t have the heart nor the will to move.

So he stayed like that.


And for the first time in a long time, he felt at ease.
He felt good with the demons close to him.
He felt like his house wasn’t as lifeless and suffocating as before.

Yoongi could finally breathe.


He didn’t tell it to the guys, however, not wanting to scare them away by his sudden need to hold their hands or comfort them.

Yoongi felt needy. Like he needed affection, which was something he had never experienced before.

But not affection from anyone, but affection from his newest friends -and from Holly, but that wasn’t new-.

When he slowly got up after hearing Taehyung squeal that it was “time to wake up, there are presents waiting”, he used the excuse that he was too sleepy to stand up properly, to back up to Namjoon’s broad chest as he held his shoulders to keep him still. God was his chest comfortable, the slow and steady beat of his heart matching Yoongi’s. He wanted to stay there forever.

Noticing that Yoongi was still drowsy, Namjoon pulled him back down to sit in his lap. Yoongi didn’t complain like Namjoon had imagined he would. He simply backed up, turned to the side and nuzzled closer to his chest with a small groan. Namjoon blushed, not used to this display of affection from his Hyung, his heart beating faster. The older man was too sleepy to notice the change of beat, however.
Namjoon couldn’t help himself and laid a delicate kiss on top of his head, earning another groan from Yoongi.

Namjoon started petting Yoongi’s soft hair again with an affectionate smile, not noticing how everyone had stopped what they were doing to watch them. The presents seemingly not as important as what was happening in front of them.

Namjoon was getting fond of their second oldest hyung. How sleepy he always seemed but also how passionate he was for his music. Getting to know him was a challenge that Namjoon was slowly beating, but the reward felt bittersweet. His heart ached for the boy. It ached every time he saw him look so tired of living, so deceived, so helpless. But it also ached when he smiled, when he laughed, when his eyes lit up when he talked about his lyrics. It ached so good but so bad too.


Namjoon truly hoped to be able to make his hyung get out of his situation.
He also hoped that he would join them soon too.

But more importantly, he hoped that he would be happy.
And he was sure that the other boys thought like him.

Chapter Text

Yoongi quickly noticed the evolution of the relationships he had with the demons.


Namjoon had become a bit more touchy than before. He would also be at Yoongi’s feet when the other requested it whether it was to bring him a coffee while he was working or to massage his shoulders when he groaned from the pain. Yoongi also noticed the younger man avoiding his gaze from time to time. He couldn’t really pinpoint why but he didn’t really try to understand.


Jimin was ever more in his face than before since the incident. He had become more bubbly as before, always smiling and trying to get his attention for no particular reason.

Yoongi didn’t forget that the innocent looking man was a demon, especially when he would walk in his room with Jin’s pink sweater that was too big for his small frame and his baby pink stockings. Yoongi couldn’t help the blush from forming on his face when he noticed that the other was wearing some kind of panties with them. Yoongi didn’t know what the other wanted from him, but god was he trying to get his mind out of the gutter each time.


Jungkook had become more clingy than before. The normally shy kid when he was around Yoongi was now all confident and trying to get Yoongi to understand how amazing he was. He didn’t really understand why he was doing it but he couldn’t help but giggle when Jungkook would flex in front of him. The younger man was a brat though, always being disrespectful to Yoongi just to piss him off.


Jin had become a lot more open to Yoongi. He would often stay up or get up early to make some food for the kids and on days where Yoongi couldn’t sleep, he joined him. One night, while the others were sleeping, Jin had explained his past to Yoongi.

Jin used to be bullied when he was a child for being too fat. Having had enough of it, he sold his soul to Jungkook against a way to make the bullies stop. The bullies stopped soon enough when Jin became older and noticed that he could eat anything and not gain weight or be sick. Jin grew in popularity as he was very handsome and when the time came, Jungkook came back for his soul and turned him into a demon as well.



Jin wasn’t the only one that opened up to Yoongi however. Taehyung had asked Yoongi to join him to an art exhibition that was happening in the city at the moment. Knowing fully well how intrigued by the subject Taehyung was, Yoongi accepted. Yoongi listened attentively as the other went on and about all the different sculptures and paintings on the walls. Then, they came in front of one specific painting that represented Seoul. It had been made by an artist called “V”.

On this painting, a boy was standing, arms stretched on top of the highest building of Seoul and was looking down on the city which was painted yellow from the sun’s rising light. The boy, however, had magnificent wings on his back.

Taehyung smiled his gorgeous boxy smile at Yoongi when the other understood what this meant.


“I painted that right before I got my wings. I was a struggling artist that had just arrived in Seoul on my own because no one supported me. I wanted to show them that I could get up on my own and that I would one day become the artist I was meant to be. I did become pretty famous before Jungkook arrived. I still paint as much as I can as you know already, but I haven’t shown my latest work at an exhibition yet. Maybe later, I’ll see” Taehyung explained, feeling melancholic, “this is my favorite painting and my most well-known one. It represents me and what I’ve been through. Can’t believe I actually grew wings in the end.”


After that day, Yoongi asked Taehyung to show him his work. Suddenly, his room was filled to the brim with sketchbooks, paintings, and art supplies that he didn’t know where Taehyung had put beforehand.

Tae explained that he had made a portal from his room in hell to the human world to be able to bring his things.



If Yoongi was starting to wonder what it was like to live in hell and what his own room would be like, he quickly dismissed the thought.


As for Hoseok, he was still his flirty self, yet he seemed a lot more genuine than before. He opened up more easily and didn’t stop himself from hugging Yoongi as he pleased, even if the other got mad at him for it.

However, on New Year’s Eve, Hoseok seemed to have become a lot bolder than before. He was actively flirting with Yoongi and would leave kisses on his nape every time he found the other slouching somewhere.

It was on New Year’s Day that the demon asked Yoongi a very important question.


Yoongi had felt how much the other was staring at him through the day. He could feel the heat of his gaze on his skin.


Hearing the others leave to go to the park and to go buy drinks, Yoongi was about to put his headphones back on when Hoseok called him.

Yoongi was sitting in his desk chair when Hoseok approached him.


The look in his eyes...


He thought that he was going to devour him.


“Hyung, I need to ask you something,” the demon said, sounding a bit unsure. He barely called Yoongi Hyung, which meant that what he was going to ask was serious.

“Sure, what do you want Seok-ah?” Yoongi responded, trying to act nonchalant.


Suddenly, the other was all up in his space, his hands firmly grasping the armchair as he tilted his head and licked his lips, making Yoongi gulp and avoid eye contact.


“Hyung, something has been in my mind since the day we went to the bar.” He murmured, looking at Yoongi’s face up and down. “You don’t have to say yes but would you mind if...”


He stopped.



“If what Seok-ah?” Yoongi urged, voice quivering slightly from the intense glare he was receiving.

“If you’d let me kiss you again? No Sin, no nothing, just me.”


Even if he kind of expected the answer, Yoongi couldn’t help but feel heat creep up his neck and cheeks.


“Why though? Don’t you have the others? And random people at bars to do that?”

“I don’t fuck nor kiss anybody that I find unimportant to me anymore. But you and the others are different. You’re just... You.” Hoseok revealed before slowly leaning in a bit, staring at Yoongi’s lips “And I want you”



Yoongi would be a dirty liar if he said that he wasn’t attracted to the lust demon. The boy was toxic to him. It was not helping that he was also a ray of sunshine at heart compared to his previous vision that Yoongi had of him.


So he didn’t really regret it yet when he answered.


“Okay. Kiss me then” he sighed, eyes also fixed on the other’s lips.



Hoseok grinned before slowly leaning in, letting Yoongi change his mind if he wanted.



Soft was the first word that came to Yoongi’s mind when their lips met each other.

Hoseok tasted like sun-kissed skin and peaches, his mouth glided with his with ease and the hand that was delicately pressed to Yoongi’s cheek to deepen the kiss felt like fire.


Yoongi had kissed a few people in his life -he was 25 for fucks sake-, yet none came as close to feeling like a mind fuck as Hoseok’s kisses.


It felt as if he was in a different dimension, his mind went blank and his senses covered in Hoseok and only him.


The soft kisses soon turned into a makeout session, Hoseok pressing Yoongi to his chair with the force of the kiss. Their lips danced against each other, Hoseok biting Yoongi’s bottom lip delicately, pulling it before releasing it and diving in again.


Yoongi complied right when he felt Hoseok’s tongue poke at his mouth, opening his mouth greedily, wanting to taste all of Hoseok.


The kiss became heated pretty quickly: Yoongi let his hands travel Hoseok’s back and nape before attaching them to his hair. He took a deep breath through his nose, not wanting to break the kiss.


Fuck did it feel good.


It wasn’t enough though. Yoongi let a whine when he felt Hoseok slide his hands under his thighs before lifting him up, forcing Yoongi to attach his legs around his waist and his arms around his neck.


The blonde man was about to ask what the other was doing when he was thrown onto the bed in front of the desk.


Yoongi was starting to feel the fire creep down south at Hoseok manhandling him like that.

He didn’t have the chance to say anything that the other had already climbed on top of him and started kissing him again, this time more hurriedly.


Yoongi wanted to feel all of Hoseok, all of his body, his shape, his muscles, everything.


Barely having the time to breathe, Hoseok finally left Yoongi’s now swollen lips alone before he started sucking on his neck eagerly.


“F-fuck, no marks” the human warned, tilting his head to let the other get more access to his skin.

“Yoongi you’re too much,” the other said between kisses and bites “I can’t stop myself, you’re so pretty and-”


Hoseok rested his head on Yoongi’s collarbone, breathing heavily, heart pounding.


“Stop me now please” Hoseok murmured against his skin, sending shivers through his whole body. “I’m a Lust demon, this is torture”


Yoongi didn’t say anything for a minute, just catching his breath and thinking about the pros and cons.


On the one hand, he would finally get laid after way too long -and with a lust demon of all people!-, on the other hand, it might make everything awkward after that and make the other demons jealous.


But the temptation...

Images of Hoseok naked on top of him, looking at him with those mischievous eyes, pounding into him popped inside Yoongi’s head, making him blush slightly.


Fuck it.


One time wouldn’t hurt, right?


“I uh... I don’t want you to stop.” Yoongi started, scrapping his neck awkwardly before continuing “Just, let me shower and then we can do whatever you want. But just this one time alright?”

“Really?! Fuck yes, let me get some stuff then! I’ll show you how good I can be for you” Hoseok responded, his usual playful yet sensual stare back on his face before he jumped up from the bed and smirked. “I’ll be the best fuck you’ve ever had, you’ll see”


Fuck did that sound appealing.



While he was in the shower, Yoongi had time to cool down a little bit to think things through.

He’s pretty sure Hoseok has already fucked every person in this apartment except him and it didn’t seem like it had made their relationships awkward.

However, he still hadn’t asked what their relationship status was: were they all fuck buddies? Were some of them in open relationships? Or were they all together?

And if it was the later one...


Where did that place him?



He knew that if they were all together, Hoseok had asked them about having some fun with Yoongi. Plus he said he didn’t go around fucking anyone anymore. But if he wasn’t anyone, what was he?


Yoongi sighed and let his worrying thoughts go down the drain with the water sliding on his skin.

He trusted Hoseok into talking with the others first: he was too good at heart not to do that.


Hoseok was someone that wanted to please. Not just himself, but people important to him.

It seemed as if Yoongi had become one of those people in the last few months.

Yoongi felt warmth in his heart from the thought of it. Yet, he didn’t let that affect him.

Even if Hoseok found him important, they were just friends. Friends that were about to fuck, but friends nonetheless.


Crude images came to his mind at the thought of Hoseok fucking him, making him tug a few times at his dick to relieve some tension before getting back to cleaning himself.


After cleaning every single part of his body neatly, he chose a white fluffy robe to wear before leaving the room only to find Hoseok on his bed in only his boxers.


Tight, tight boxers.




Heat crept up his cheeks as he took in the sight before him.

Dancing as good as Hoseok took time and a lot of effort, Yoongi could clearly see that from all the muscles the other had gained. From defined abs to strong arms and thighs, even if he was still pretty lean, Yoongi could see that the other was in great shape.


He couldn’t help but feel a little bit self-conscious at that but the heated gaze Hoseok threw back at him made his thoughts disappear as soon as they had come.


He slowly climbed onto the bed next to Hoseok, their gazes never leaving each other’s.

Hoseok gestured towards him and brought their lips together again, slowly making out with him, taking his time.


As delicately as he could, Hoseok tugged on the piece of article to signal that he wanted it off. Yoongi let it fall from his shoulders, earning a whispered “stunning” from the other.


Hoseok started living a trail of kisses from his neck down to his collarbones, feeling the man beneath him shiver at the touch.


“Please, can I give you hickeys, I can’t-” whimpered Hoseok, seemingly physically pained from not doing so.

“Fuck- sure, whatever” Yoongi breathed out, a little dazed.


The kisses became firmer, tongue was added to the mix as well as a bit of teeth. Hoseok pulled at the skin of Yoongi’s collars with a smack of lips and left behind a reddening mark.


He continued to trail kisses and hickeys down the other’s body, feeling it tense up at particular places.


Yoongi hissed and threw his head back when Hoseok took one of his nipples in his mouth and played with the other with his hand.


“Off, I need this off” hurried Hoseok “Is it okay?” he continued, wanting to make sure of his friend’s consent.

“I swear to god if you don’t remove it right now and touch me Seok-ah I will-”

“Alright alright”


Not only was he now naked under Hoseok, but he felt naked under his stares.


“You’re so fucking beautiful Yoongi”

“Stop being sappy and touch me already” Yoongi groaned, blushing from the compliment.


His groan soon turned into a sigh as Hoseok trailed his hands up his thighs.


“turn around? I wanna eat you out is that okay?” whispered Hoseok against his lips.

“fuck, more than okay” Yoongi responded, quickly kissing him before getting on his hands and knees.


He couldn’t help but feel exposed, but the reassuring hand on his back made him feel secure.


“you’ve got such a nice ass, pink hole and everything...” murmured Hoseok, talking to himself more than to Yoongi.


The other felt heat creep up his back, causing him to shake slightly.

He suddenly heard Hoseok rummaging through a box and pulling something out of it to place it next to him on the bed. As he was about to look at the object, wondering what it was, Hoseok slapped his ass lightly, forcing a yelp out of Yoongi.


“No peaking, it’s a secret. I promise you’ll like it” Yoongi could hear the smirk on Hoseok’s face as he spoke.

“Since when do you command your hyung like that?” grumbled the blonde even if he didn’t move again.

“Since I’m the one that’s going to make you crumble in my arms”

Yoongi snickered “I doubt it”.

“You’ll see, you’ll see” sing-songed the demon.


Yoongi was about to retort once again, but instead gasped when he felt Hoseok hover over him as he trailed his hands down his chest, hips and body slotting against his.


Yoongi bit back a groan when Hoseok started playing with his nipples with careful fingers as he kissed his nape.


Slowly, the hands trailed downwards, caressing the pale skin as Hoseok’s mouth did the same to Yoongi’s back.


Yoongi let out a gasp when Hoseok tugged a few times at his already hard dick before letting his hands explore his thighs.


Hoseok lightly tapped Yoongi’s leg, making him open them wider.

Yoongi was now on his elbows, face against the mattress, ass up while Hoseok continued trailing kisses down his spine before playfully biting at one of his butt-cheek.


Finally, Hoseok used one of his hands to grab Yoongi’s ass and pull one of his butt-cheek, revealing the pink hole even more, making Hoseok exhale loudly at the sight.


Yoongi couldn’t help but start shaking when Hoseok gave a tentative lick against his hole.


He relaxed against the tongue breaching in, sighing in pleasure. Hoseok could not and would not know that rimming was one of his favourite thing.


He just ended up in a different kind of space. One where every touch sent shots of pleasures in his body, where he would end up a lot more sensitive and whiny than he was used to.


No, Hoseok could not know that.



As Hoseok continued his treatment, Yoongi's legs started shaking slightly as a few barely audible moans and groans left his mouth.

He couldn't help but close his eyes in pleasure, letting the sensations take over.


Suddenly, he hissed at the cold contact of lube on his cock and rim, making him open his eyes and bite his lip.

Then, at the same time as he felt a finger breach in with Hoseok's tongue, wetness engulfed his dick, forcing a loud groan out of his mouth.

Yoongi turned his head to get a look at what was happening to him before noticing Hoseok holding something in his left hand against his cock:

a fleshlight.


He let out a breathy moan as Hoseok moved it up and down his dick and started fingering and rimming him harder.


"F-fuck... Hoseok, you cheeky son of a bitch" Yoongi groaned out, fisting the sheets in front of him as his body relaxed against the pressure and pleasure.


He felt the slight giggle coming from the other against his rim before his lips started sucking at the skin again.


Slowly, Hoseok picked up the pace when he noticed Yoongi’s hips start moving and more moans coming out of his mouth. After a few seconds, Yoongi closed his eyes and grit his teeth. The obscene noises of the fleshlight as well as Hoseok’s tongue were starting to make Yoongi feel dizzy.


“I’m- Hoseok, I’m gonna come” he warned as a throaty groan left his lips.

“You’re so pretty like that Hyung, fucking yourself on my fingers and into the fleshlight” Hoseok said before palming himself to release some pressure “Now come for me beautiful”


Hoseok accelerated the movement of the fleshlight, seeing Yoongi trying to get away from the feeling.

A few seconds later, Yoongi came with a broken moan, eyes closing and watering slightly at the pleasure.


“Such a dirty little thing you are” Hoseok giggled as he gently moved the fleshlight away from Yoongi’s dick, seeing a string of cum connecting from his tip to the object.

“Shut up Hobi, fuck” the other panted, trying to catch his breath.

Hoseok only laughed at that before rummaging through the box of sex toys next to him on the bed.


Before Yoongi could fully come down from his high, he felt a cock ring being slipped onto his still hard dick, making him groan in slight over-sensitivity.


Without a warning, Yoongi felt something a bit bigger being shoved into his hole.

“Wha-” he started before Hoseok took his arms and placed them behind his back, making him fall onto the bed face first.


Then, before he knew it, he was cuffed like that, arms linked by baby blue handcuffs with a silver chain.


“You kinky motherfucker” Yoongi mumbled before moaning slightly when he felt Hoseok move the toy inside of him delicately.


Before he had time to complain about the slow pace, Hoseok rammed it back into him over and over, changing directions to find his prostate.


Yoongi couldn’t help the whimpers coming out of his mouth at being handled that harshly before it turned into a low whine when Hoseok hit his prostate right on.


“Found it... Now the fun can truly begin” Hoseok chuckled lowly, a small smirk never leaving his lips.


Yoongi yelped as soon as the vibrations started, groaning at the intensity as it abused his prostate.

Hoseok kept it there as the blonde man wiggled, trying to get away.


“Hoseok- fuck, oh my god” Yoongi moaned out, pulling on the restrains as his hands grabbed onto nothing.

“Look at you, all squeamish from a simple toy, what a nice little slut,” he said darkly.

“Fuck!” Yoongi shouted out at the combination of Hoseok’s words and the sensations.


Feeling his orgasm coming, he whined painfully when he felt the restrain of the cock ring.


“Hobi- fuck, remove that shit please”

“Not yet, I’ve got a job for you first, then I’ll let you come” Hoseok chuckled “You’re so pretty like that, withering around. Can’t believe I’m finally able to see it.”


Before Yoongi could protest, he felt Hoseok raise him and gently put him on his knees on the floor in front of the bed.


The demon licked his lips and lowered his boxers slowly, letting Yoongi know what was happening and giving him time to refuse if he wanted to.


“Shit” Yoongi said, his eyes not leaving Hoseok’s cock when it sprung free from its confinement.


The vibrator was now away from the human’s prostate, letting him breathe a little and clear up his mind as Hoseok approached the side of the bed, his member in hand.


“Now suck” Hoseok commanded, the smirk and the lustful glint in his eyes never leaving.


Yoongi cursed once more before raising himself a little to come face to face with Hoseok’s dick.


He opened his mouth slowly, letting his tongue out and looking Hobi directly in the eyes.

Hoseok slapped his cock a few times against his tongue before Yoongi took the tip in his mouth, making him swear.


Slowly, Yoongi alternated between bobbing his head and twirling his tongue on the tip, causing Hoseok’s eyes to roll back.


“You’re doing so good” Hoseok praised, moving a hair from Yoongi’s eyes. “Looking so good for me”


After bobbing his head a few times, going lower each time, Yoongi slowly raised his gaze to Hoseok’s eyes again before slowly going down to the hilt. His eyes watered slightly but he never broke eye contact, making Hoseok curse again, his face twisting in pleasure.


As Yoongi got back up slightly, Hoseok couldn’t help the small jolt of his hips, surprising Yoongi slightly.


“S-sorry I couldn’t help it” Hoseok apologized, panting.


Yoongi removed his mouth from his cock with a pop before saying, voice rough:


“Fuck my face”

“You heard me”


Yoongi said before taking the cock back in his mouth and bobbing his head faster, making Hoseok moan.


The lust demon grabbed Yoongi by the hair, stopping his movement before starting to roll his hips expertly, mesmerized by the sight of his cock disappearing between Yoongi’s lips.


As he accelerated his movements, he couldn’t help but tug on Yoongi’s hair once, making him moan at the painful and pleasurable sensation. The vibrations caused Hoseok to buck his hips harder, gagging Yoongi slightly.


“Fuck I’m close” Hoseok panted, never stopping his brutal rhythm “I’m gonna cum on your face is that okay?”


When Yoongi moaned around his dick he took it as a yes and fucked his mouth a few more times before quickly pulling out and stroking himself with one hand and holding Yoongi by the hair with the other. Yoongi opened his mouth, poking his tongue out, eyes closed.


Hoseok came with a low groan as his cum splattered mostly in Yoongi’s mouth and on his lips, some landing on his cheeks.


“Fuck that was so hot,” Hoseok said, voice quivering from the powerful orgasm he had. “This image is going to be burned inside my head forever”


He quickly got a tissue from the bedside table and cleaned Yoongi up.


“Can you please stop this vibrator?” Yoongi pleaded, groaning “I wanna cum so bad”


Hoseok delicately did as he was asked, hearing Yoongi sigh in relief as it came out before pulling him to his feet and dragging him up on the bed in the same position he was in before: face first on the pillow, arms behind his back.


Hoseok opened his mouth to talk but Yoongi beat him to it:

“My arms are starting to hurt and I’m on the verge of coming even with this fucking thing on, so you better start fucking me right now” he demanded.

“Wow, the kitten has claws” Hoseok scoffed “Do you want me to use a condom? I can’t give you any disease as I’m a demon and we don’t get diseases but if you still prefer I can-”

“Just fucking fuck me Hoseok!” Yoongi shouted out, getting impatient.

“Fine fine,” he said, positioning himself behind Yoongi.


When he finally breached in, Yoongi sighed contently at the feeling. Hoseok was big and he still felt the slight burn, yet he couldn’t bring himself to care as he was finally being filled up like he wanted.


After a few seconds, Hoseok started a slow yet deep rhythm, earning small gasps from Yoongi.


“I swear to god if you don’t fuck me like I want I’ll never let you fuck me again” Yoongi warned, having enough of Hoseok’s teasing.

“Oh? Didn’t know there’d be a second time”

“Hobi I will-ah!” Yoongi screamed out when he felt Hoseok’s hands on his hips as he started pounding into him violently.


Skin slapping against skin could be heard throughout the room as Yoongi started panting and moaning uncontrollably.


However, Hoseok purposely avoided Yoongi’s prostate, barely brushing it each time, earning an impatient groan from Yoongi.


Before he had time to protest, Hoseok put his hand on Yoongi’s shoulder blades and hit his prostate right own, causing Yoongi to let out a broken scream and a sob at the amount of pleasure he was feeling.


“H-Hobi! Oh my god” he yelled out, tears welling him in his eyes as his orgasm approached rapidly “please let me come, oh my god, please Hobi”


Hobi continued abusing Yoongi’s prostate for a minute before Yoongi’s face was drowned in tears of pleasure and pain and he finally removed the cock ring in one swift movement.


Yoongi let out a silent scream of his name as he orgasmed for the second time, this time much more intense than the last.


Hoseok was soon to follow, getting out just in time to cum on Yoongi’s back, painting it white.




“That was the best fuck of my life, not gonna lie,” Yoongi said as he yawned for the third time.


After having cleaned him up, Hoseok had tucked him inside the bed before joining him and playing with his hair.


“And that’s when you’re supposed to say we’ll do it again?” Hoseok questioned, nudging the oldest gently.

“Oh shut up” Yoongi groaned, hiding his face in the pillow “maybe” he mumbled.

“YES!” Hoseok shouted out, victorious.


Yoongi rolled his eyes before curling himself onto Hoseok’s chest, a smile forming on his lips at the content feeling in his guts.


“It’s not gonna be weird tomorrow? No one’s gonna get jealous?”

“Nope, it’s not like they don’t want to-” Hoseok stopped before giggling.

“Don’t want to what?”

“Nah, not for me to tell”
“You’re such a dickhead”


They continued to talk for a while, Hoseok playing with Yoongi’s hair as he trailed random shapes on his chest. After a few minutes though, their eyes slowly closed.




“Should we wake them up?” a voice said.

“Nah, just let them sleep, look how cute they are” another responded.

“Yeah but that’s my spot... I’m the one that can cuddle Hyung not him.” whined the first voice “It took so long for Hyung not to flinch every time I wanted to cuddle and he just decides one day that he wants to fuck him and now he’s in his arms”
“Jungkook, language!” whisper-yelled the second voice.

“I’m jealous too, I want to be able to do that too...” said another voice, sighing.

“Yah, he might not think of us like that Jimin, as far as we know Hoseok is only his friend too.” added the second voice.

“Yeah but at least they’re friends with benefits...” responded Jimin.

“We’ll see later what they are okay? Let’s get to know him more and make him trust us before we do anything that could scare him away alright? Now let’s go and let them sleep.”

“Alright, Jin-hyung...”



Chapter Text

After their little fun, everything came back to normal -at least, in Yoongi’s opinion-.

He didn’t realize the longing stares coming from all the other boys sent him when he was doing pretty much anything, he didn’t realize how much closer they tried to become to him. How Jin would tell him bad pick up lines to make him laugh or roll his eyes, how Jimin was more touchy than usual, always trying to poke the soft skin of his stomach every time it showed. He didn’t notice Taehyung asking him to go out with him a lot more to show him things that he liked or that reminded him of Yoongi or when Jungkook would take pictures of him when they went out without him noticing. He didn’t see the blush forming on Namjoon’s face every time he was too blunt with Yoongi or looked at him for too long. He, of course, saw how more touchy Hoseok was now, yet the soft sparkle in his eyes every time he looked at Yoongi went unnoticed.


To say that Yoongi was clueless would be an understatement.


What he did notice, however, was how much more touchy they were with each other.

They still didn’t kiss in front of him, but the soft stares and cute giggles and whispers were enough for Yoongi to feel a bit left out.


He tried ignoring the feeling, he really did. But the longing he felt for the demons in his house went beyond sexual attraction. He was getting attached to them a lot quicker than he had thought.


As always, he pushed the thoughts to the side, storing them in a pretty little box with a ribbon in his mind before going back to what he was doing.




During the following months, Yoongi alternated between going to work and spending time at the coffee shop to play for the old couple that owned it.


Henry and Matilda were an adorable couple. Matilda used to be a piano artist before she met Henry when he came to watch one of her show.

Henry presented himself to her and they very quickly fell in love.


The elderly couple was everything that you would want from a peaceful and domestic relationship.

They would bicker at each other playfully, making a small scene in front of the boys to make them laugh. But apart from the small bickering, they were one of the most inspiring couple Yoongi had met.


They communicated a lot. Every once in a while, Yoongi would come alone, tired of his day and questioning his feelings and goals and the two were there to cheer him up and tell him stories of their youth.


They were the one that made Yoongi realize that he felt something he couldn’t quite figure it out for the demons at his house.


Explaining his situation to the couple was a bit tough: how could you explain that you were starting to feel things for immortal demons? And maybe even 6 of them?

But all Yoongi had to say was “I’m confused about my feelings for more than one person” for the couple to understand what it was about.


Jungkook was very particular for Yoongi. He kinda wanted to baby him all the time and protect him of the world, but some other times he wanted to teach him how harsh it was and have deep conversations with him.


Taehyung was a mystery. The way his mind worked was fascinating, he was always coming up with brand new ideas and Yoongi had trouble keeping up. However, his open-mindedness was amazing -not that the others weren’t open-minded, he just thought so out of the box sometimes that it scared Yoongi with how wise he could be-.


Jimin was still harsh on himself. If only he could give himself as much love as he gave to others that would be perfect. He was too pure, in a way, to be a demon. He was too kind, too thoughtful, too genuine and oh so beautiful. Yoongi never knew how to act around the Envy demon.


Namjoon was so impressive in Yoongi’s opinion. He went from the goofy clumsy idiot he usually was to an always thinking brain questioning the reality and purpose of life. Yoongi knew that always thinking like that pained him. He would see it on nights where Namjoon would go out and cry alone in the night, silently, waiting slowly for the thoughts to leave his head and let him sleep peacefully.

Yoongi wanted to be there to protect him from those thoughts.


Hoseok was so unique. He would go from acting like some kind of fuckboy to joke or tease Yoongi to a caring and soft individual that made Yoongi very confused of which of the personalities he showed was the real him. Yet he was intrigued.


Finally, Seokjin was too kind. He always tried to act like both the parent and the child. He wanted to educate them all and teach them on how to be and what was right but at the same time he couldn’t help but want to be babied and cared for all the time. He didn’t show that side too much, but Yoongi knew it was there. He could sense the longing after a long day where he had to act like the adult one in the house to keep it all together. He was tired, Yoongi could tell.


“In my opinion,” Henry said one day “You aren’t the only one thinking like that. If you hadn’t told me you weren’t together with those boys, I wouldn’t have known.”

“They look at you with so much admiration and passion that it’s impossible in my opinion for them not to at least admire you,” added Matilda. “You should tell them”

“I don’t even know what I would tell them. I just don’t know what I feel. I’m so confused...”

“All you have to remember Yoongi is that when the time comes and you feel sure of what you’re feeling, you need to tell them before they burst out and do it for you in a way you wouldn’t like” advised Matilda, a soft smile making his eyes crinkle.

“But if those happened to be simply admiration, then it’s okay. Just don’t worry about it. Let yourself feel for once Yoongi”


Hearing these words calmed his beating heart a lot, making him feel more confident.


He would try to let himself feel more, to see where this lead him. He would pay more attention to what he was feeling.

If was the first time that Yoongi cared so much for people in his life. If it happened to be just admiration or affection, then Yoongi would let it be and move on.


He simply hoped that it would be just that.

If not, he didn’t really know what he would do just yet.


However, the talk with the lovely couple helped him feel a lot better already. He felt like he finally had people he could count on or talk to if he needed it -other than the 6 demons of course-. He didn’t really like talking, and they understood him completely, never pushing it too far. They let him take his time and open up if he wanted to. And if he didn’t, they would tell him stories about their lives instead.


He really liked those two people. He was going to miss them when he’d -hopefully- go to Seoul.




Feeling like everything was slowly falling into place, Yoongi really didn’t expect the grieving face of the old man when he came to see him one day.


Yoongi hadn’t come in two weeks or so, which made him realize that things were missing. Apart from the piano, all the decorations were gone.


“What’s happening Henry?” Yoongi asked, concern written on his face “Where is Matilda?”


He certainly didn’t expect to be comforting a crying man that day.


The old man explained that two weeks ago, right after he came to see them, his wife had a heart attack and they weren’t able to reanimate her. Being reminded of her every day by coming to the shop, he decided to sell it as fast as possible. The piano was hers and it was too painful to keep it. The ice cream shop was going to be replaced by an antique shop.



Yoongi felt his world crashing down once more.


Where was he going to go now to relax and play his bad mood away? Who was he going to talk to when he needed to be away from the boys a bit?


This place reminded him of so many different memories with the boys too.

The first time they came here, his birthday where they all embarrassed him by singing happy birthday to him, all the time they were exhausted after work and decided to come to chill here, writing lyrics with Namjoon, listening to the maknaes sing...

All those precious memories were being torn to shreds.


The others seemed as defeated as him when he came back home to explain the situation.


This was the last day the shop was open, tomorrow it would be closed forever and soon replaced by an antique shop.



They decided to spend the night there with Henry, to keep him company. They all ordered some pizza that they barely touched as they all sipped on different drinks that the old man had prepared for them as a goodbye.


They all stayed silent as Yoongi played River Flows by Yiruma on the piano.


They waited till the last drop of their beverage was drunk to leave as they looked around the shop, smiling to themselves as they all remembered specific memories that happened there.


When they went to bed that night, it was as silent as a cemetery.


Jimin and Jungkook were both cuddling in bed as Tae joined them for once. Namjoon, Jin and Hoseok were discussing quietly in the other room while Yoongi was sitting by the bed, thinking.



When he heard everyone fall asleep, he got up, put his shoes on and left.



He was determined.



Finding himself in front of the shop as it drizzled outside, unwanted emotions that had bottled up throughout the day burst out.


He picked up a rock that was laying on the road, advanced towards the shop and threw it with as much force as he had against the glass door.


A hole near the handle was created, allowing Yoongi to put his hand through and open the door.


The alarm of the shop rang loudly. But Yoongi didn’t care: as long as the old man didn’t have cameras -and he knew he didn’t as they had talked about it a few weeks prior- he was fine.


And he played. He played until his fingers hurt as much as his heart. He played and hoped that he would die from exhaustion. But he was only breathless and shaking when he stopped.


Yoongi’s eyes lowered to his hands: they shook from all the work put into them and blisters had appeared on the tip of his fingers.


Yet his eyes remained dry.


Yoongi felt empty again, the loudness of the alarm deafening, making him dizzy.


But the tears wouldn’t fucking come.




He couldn’t remember when or how he came back home. He got undressed and put sweatpants on before heading to bed; it was as if he was doing it automatically.


Somehow, he managed to fall asleep.


The day was going to be difficult again, back to square one.


He woke up at 6 am when he noticed Jimin and Taehyung get up to go to the kitchen.


Slowly, Jungkook shifted beside him and warm hands delicately grabbed his shoulders.


He felt the left one slide down his arm to rest on his hips and the other one snake behind him.


Yoongi’s heart started beating faster as Jungkook pulled him closer against his topless torso.




Yoongi surprised himself when he sighed contently.


Somehow he felt safe in Jungkook’s arms. He felt like the emptiness inside of him was getting filled with warmth.


When he shifted a bit he felt Jungkook pull him closer, his hips slotting against Yoongi’s ass making him blush slightly.


“Hyung, stay, please” the maknae grumbled against his neck as he pressed a sleepy kiss there, making Yoongi shiver.


When did he get confident enough to do any of this? Did he think Yoongi was Jimin or Taehyung?


“It’ll be alright” he murmured against his skin once more as he placed a soft kiss against his nape.


Somehow the act didn’t make Yoongi want to push him away like it usually would.

Somehow, the comfort of being in Jungkook’s arms made him feel a lot better already -not that he would tell him anyways-.

He still felt like shit, but he didn’t feel as tired mentally as before.


He had to find a way to thank him later.



When he properly got up -after fighting Jungkook to let him go for a few minutes-, he made his way to the coffee machine.


Sleepily, he greeted everyone and made himself a cup before opening his eyes wide when he heard the click of a camera.


He turned towards the noise, catching Jungkook smirk, camera in hand, before he sprinted back to Yoongi’s room, closing the door behind him.


Yoongi followed, embarrassed as he started banging on the door.


“Jungkook delete this right now!” he groaned, voice groggy from being used for the first time of the day.

“Never! You look cute Hyung!” the other responded behind the door.


When he finally opened the door, Yoongi noticed that the camera was gone and that Jungkook still had that silly smirk on his face, a glint of mischief in his eyes.


“Where did it go?” Yoongi demanded more than asked.

“I don’t know, you tell me Hyung” responded the other, grinning proudly.

“I swear to god if you sent it to hell again I will-”


Before he could finish his sentence, he heard Taehyung and Jimin laughing behind him -at him more precisely-.


“I will end all of you” Yoongi grumbled before going back to his coffee and drinking it all in one go.

“It’s okay Hyung, I’m sure you looked fine in that photo.” reassured Namjoon, patting his back cautiously “Plus, it’s not like Jungkook would post it on internet”

“He’s probably going to keep it to himself to look at every night” giggled Hoseok before getting hit in the shin by Jungkook “Hey! Don’t hit your Hyung, disrespectful brat!”


They bickered for a while, Yoongi simply watching, a content smile on his face.

Somehow, all his previous problems were slowly fading away.

He didn’t feel like doing anything still, but simply watching the others made him feel finally at home.


Suddenly, he understood:


As long as they were there, he’d be at home.

Chapter Text

June was finally there, the boys were all wearing light shirts and shorts while Yoongi wouldn’t let go of his black ripped jeans and hoodie like his life depended on it.


Hoseok and him got a lot closer than before, yet even if they had sex here and there -for Hoseok's birthday for example-, Yoongi wouldn’t let him in, still cautious of the other’s flirty attitude.


Finally what Yoongi had wanted to see happen ended up happening: he caught the demons kissing -other than Hoseok kissing one of them of course-.


He had gone out with Hoseok, Namjoon and Jin for lunch that day while the maknae line had decided to stay in.


Yoongi didn’t expect to see Jungkook and Jimin making out on the couch with Tae watching them when he came back home.


They separated from each other with a smack of lips and jumped away blushing.


Jungkook was about to say something when Yoongi shushed him with his hand.


“I don’t want to hear it. You do whatever you want, just be careful next time, cause I don’t think I’m in the mood for this” he said sighing yet trying to lighten up the mood.


He couldn’t help the fire spreading in him at the sight, but he ignored it.




After that, it was… awkward.

Jimin and Jungkook acted more clingy than usual and would kiss Yoongi’s cheek or neck when he wasn’t paying attention, as if trying to make him forgive them.


The thing is, he didn’t need them to do that: he already forgave them.

It’s not like they had been fucking on the couch when he came in. He was just surprised that’s all.


Yet he couldn’t help the ugly feeling traveling his body at the thought of them kissing.


He couldn’t pinpoint what it was and he felt ashamed to be feeling like that. He had no right to be jealous or mad that they were together.


But were they together?

That’s what confused Yoongi.

He could understand them fucking around with Hoseok like he was doing. But alone without Hoseok? No that didn’t make sense. They didn’t seem the type to do something like that.

Yet here they were, kissing on the couch lazily as if they had the whole time in the world while Taehyung looked at then like that.


Like they meant his whole world.


To say that Yoongi was frustrated would be an understatement: he had started avoiding everyone in the house to be left in his thoughts alone.


But seeing all of their concerned eyes on him every time he would come out of hiding, it didn’t last long.


One day when he woke up in Jungkook’s arms, smelling his cologne, Yoongi couldn’t resist but curl up deeper in his chest and take in the soothing scent.


He didn’t realize it when he did it.

As Jungkook moved -most likely waking up- Yoongi groaned and pressed his lips against Jungkook’s collarbone, making both of them freeze.


Yoongi got up as quickly as be could, fear written in his eyes before getting off the bed and leaving the room.


When he got into the room he was met with 5 confused faces and noise coming up from behind him.


Quickly coming up with an idea, Yoongi shouted -in a totally not “something’s wrong, don’t talk about it” type of voice-:


“Let’s go to the Pride Parade!”



Finding something to dress them all up was difficult because, for some reason, the demons wanted to be in their demon form for the parade -“no one would notice come on Hyung!” they had pleaded-.


Jimin had also decided that they would have to put makeup on -or more so that HE would put makeup on them, whether they liked it or not-


Yoongi was the last one to be dressed -as Jimin needed to get fake wings and horns that he for some reason had in his room in hell-, but god damn did the other ones look good.


Jin had a rainbow suit with black shoes. His horns were colored rainbow and he had a very beautiful rainbow makeup with glossy -and kissable- pink lips. His wings matched his black shoes somehow -Yoongi didn’t know how Jimin did it in so little time-.


Hoseok was exactly like Jin but in bisexual colors while his shoes were golden like his wings. He had very subtle specks of golden glitter on his lips as a gloss.


Namjoon wore a pride shirt with white shorts with all the different genders and sexualities drawn on it -Jimin said he had done it himself when he was bored- with white shoes with rainbows. His powerful wings and horns looked a bit ridiculous with the outfit.


Jimin was wearing black mini shorts with ripped fishnets and a white tank top with pride written on it.

With it, he also wore big black high boots with heels. On his head, he had a rainbow flower crown. His eyes were sparkling with all the rainbow colors.


Taehyung was wearing the same outfit with pink fishnets and converse rainbow shoes.


As for Jungkook he had a holographic makeup and glossy lipstick. He had ripped blue jeans and a tight white shirt saying Pride.

He was more than happy that everyone was wearing a shirt saying his name.


Jimin took his time on Yoongi, making him wear ripped black jeans with fishnets, black converses and a black sleeveless shirt saying “Pan King” in the pansexual flag colors. He gave him a pride snapback, a black and grey flannel and made his makeup go with the shirt.

He gave Yoongi some small black wings and two little stick-able horns to put on his hat.

Finally, he took some eyeshadow out and drew a flag on everyone’s cheeks.


“Perfect,” Jimin giggled, looking at his work proudly. “It’s 11 am, the parade should start in an hour or so. We might get to find a way to participate in it”


“Why do you want to participate?” Yoongi asked, raising an eyebrow: joining such a big event didn’t make him feel comfortable at all.


“Because it’s going to be fun, come on let’s go!”



Yoongi sighed as he got out of the car, shaking his head at the mess of real and fake feathers scattered around in his car.


He put his fake wings on again and made his way towards the crowd of people waiting for the parade to start.


“And how are we going to join in Jimin-ah?” grumbled Yoongi as he fought the itch in his back of the feathers poking him.

“Oh, simple, I already signed us up on the website yesterday”

“You did what now?!”

“I knew we were going to go anyways so I signed us in” whined the demon, pouting.


God was Yoongi weak for all of their pouting.


He exhaled deeply once more before mumbling something to himself and advancing towards the crowd.


After a few minutes of confusion, trying to know where they would be in the parade, the parade was finally about to start.


Yoongi took his time looking at everyone's attires from scandalous to cute to completely and utterly ridiculous -then again, he didn't think he looked any less ridiculous himself-. He spotted very attractive people waiting like him, making him blush slightly, feeling a bit awkward and out of place for some reason.


Hoseok grinned at Yoongi and pinched his cheek, making the older groan and frown.


"Don't make this face Yoongi-ah, you look great and you're gonna have a lot of fun!"

"It's Hyung to you," Yoongi mumbled, making the demon roll his eyes.


Before they had time to say anything, the parade was starting.

People in front of them started advancing in the streets where a mass of people with different lgbtq+ flags had gathered.


The demons started walking too, making sure that they were walking and not flying while Yoongi followed them, hiding behind Namjoon's powerful wings.


He felt Jimin tug on his hand to stop him from hiding before linking their fingers together. Yoongi's heart started pounding harder in his chest as he stared at their connected hands. His gaze went up to Jimin's face, trying to understand why the demon did that, but instead of looking back, Jimin was looking straight ahead, a soft smile on his hands as their hands swayed together.




Was he blushing?


Before he had time to do or say anything to the flustered demon next to him, his other hand was being held too.


He raised an eyebrow and turned his head to his right, only to see Taehyung grinning at him.

Yoongi rolled his eyes, not noticing his cheeks heat up when the Greed demon softly kissed his hand like it was nothing before looking back to the parade.


They stayed like that for a few minutes -Yoongi was sure that his hands were disgustingly sweaty at this point but the others didn't seem to mind-. However, he felt someone stare at him.


He turned slightly to see who was staring only to find Jungkook sending daggers to the other demons -or was it to Yoongi? He couldn't really tell-. The demon's eyes widened comically when he noticed that he got caught before he quickly advanced towards Jin and started talking to him.


Jimin slowly detangled their hands when they arrived in the middle of the parade and people waved at them so that he could go towards them and start talking to the people in the crowd quickly.


Not wanting to get separated, the group made their way to Jimin only to overhear a conversation:


"Those are really cool wings you have there. You're really cute by the way, would it be weird for me to ask for your number?" a tall attractive man asked the Envy demon, making him blush.

"I uhm… I'm sorry, it's really nice of you to ask so politely but I'm… I'm already taken?"

"Oh sorry, one of them's your boyfriend?" the man said, pointing at the group that had gathered behind him.


Jimin turned to the side, noticing the others before smiling softly at them.


"Yeah, you can say that."

"Well, it was nice to talk to you…" the stranger paused.


"It was nice talking to you Jimin, have a nice parade, and happy Pride!"

"You too, bye bye!"


Coming back towards the others, blushing slightly, Jimin went to Taehyung and Yoongi in small quick steps.


Noticing Taehyung frowning, Yoongi didn't expect for Taehyung to crash his lips on Jimin that urgently, making the other demon whimper in surprise. Jimin didn't hesitate to tangle his hands in Taehyung's hair as he held his face as they made out.


Yoongi couldn't help the blush from rising at his cheeks, making him look away.


"Yah, those kids are always so eager," said Jin, rolling his eyes before trying to stop the two, making them whine at the lost.


Yoongi quickly made his way towards Namjoon, feeling slightly awkward.

He could hear Taehyung say something to Jin:
"Aw, Hyung wants kisses too!"


Yoongi did as if he didn't hear the smack of lips behind him.


God was he confused. Were they just all friends who sometimes had orgies or something?
Yoongi was so fucking confused.


The rest of the parade was… a lot more fun than he thought it would be.

People were yelling "Happy Pride" all over or whistling at them when they walked by. They even got some presents -pride glasses, flower crowns, flags and a lot of stickers and pins basically-.


Yoongi couldn't help but notice how happy everyone looked.

Feeling this included…. Yoongi was going to miss this when he came back to Seoul.

Even if America wasn't that great in some places for LGBTQ+ people, it was a lot better than anywhere in Korea sadly.


Noticing Yoongi's sad smile, Namjoon grabbed his shoulder and smiled widely at him when their eyes met.


Yoongi didn't stop the thought that came to his mind like a breeze:



God was his smile gorgeous.




"I'm tired!" whined Jimin, limping a bit "And these shoes are killing me! Is the car still far?"


They had had an awesome time at the parade. Seeing drag queens and kings, bears, or people with a ridiculous amount of pride accessories had made Yoongi's day.


"Don't worry Jimin-shi, we're nearly there," said Jungkook, earning a hit on the head from Jimin at the nickname.


Even if Yoongi had the time of his life, the adrenaline was finally coming down and he was left in a pleasant and content mood.


It had been a long time since he had had that much fun.



However, something clicked in his mind, making him stop in his track.


"Hyung?" Namjoon asked, noticing him not following anymore while the others continued talking.


"I think I'm ready to go back." he announced.

Noticing the confused look on Namjoon's face, Yoongi continued.


"To Korea. I think I'm ready to go to Seoul."

Chapter Text

After telling Namjoon, Yoongi told the others about his plan: this summer, they’d go back to Korea for real.


The perks of living with demons were numerous. One of them was that they could make a portal to hell to put all the furniture that they wanted to bring to Korea -which was mostly the couch/bed and Yoongi’s stuff, as the rest was usually kept in hell anyways-.


They decided to immigrate legally instead of causing troubles to Yoongi if he were found in Korea.

As they all had -fake- passports, they were going to go by plane together even if Jimin had whined about having wings for no reason.


They’d be leaving at the start of August. Planning everything took time -and money- but they managed.


Papers after papers, they didn’t see August arrive.


When it was finally time to leave, they couldn’t help but feel a pang of hurt in their chests at the thought of leaving the crappy apartment. They had gotten accustomed to it in the end, now they’d be getting an apartment with enough rooms for the boys to be in groups of two -or alone- per bedroom.


It would be more expensive than their little improvised room arrangement, but everyone would have more space and privacy.


As for jobs, everyone was each going to find a job that would be useful to bring a bit of money.

Yoongi was going to try to contact the person that had scouted him in America to see if they were still interested. He even wondered if he could find a way for the others to join him in the company -they were indeed trying to find producers, actors, singers, rappers, and dancers after all, which would be great for the boys as they all excelled in one or more of these categories-.

But at first, Yoongi was going to find a small job that would allow him to sell his music again as he waited for an answer.



The flight was pretty eventless. Taehyung had used his powers so that people left their spot so that they could all it together during the flight. As for Hoseok, he had actually rejected the advances from the hostess, looking very proud, as if trying to prove a point making Yoongi roll his eyes fondly.


Jungkook had been sick the whole flight. Sporting a massive headache, he curled up next to Yoongi and let his head rest on his shoulder, frowning in pain.


It was quite ironic, a demon with wings sick on a plane.


Yoongi couldn’t stop himself from petting the boy’s silky hair, letting his hand delicately run through it as the other tried to sleep the pain off.


The seating arrangement worked that way -they were in the middle isle meaning that Yoongi sadly couldn’t watch outside while on the flight-: Jungkook was on Yoongi’s left and Jimin on his right.

Next to Jimin was Taehyung and behind them, Hoseok and Namjoon were trying to sleep.


As mentioned previously, the flight was pretty uneventful, except for Hoseok and Jimin, who ended up fucking in a bathroom before one of the hostesses complained about the noise they were making.


After their little fun, Jimin came back to his seat and laid his head on Yoongi’s other shoulder making him feel slightly trapped between the two bodies on him.


“Is he okay?” Jimin asked quietly, gesturing in a slight tilt of the head towards Jungkook.


“He finally fell asleep after I gave him pain killers so it’s a start” responded Yoongi, shivering slightly at Jimin and Jungkook’s breath on his neck.


Jimin hummed at that and nuzzled closer to Yoongi, breathing in his scent.


Next to him, Taehyung had also ended up falling on Jimin while sleeping, making Yoongi giggle silently as he thought:


“We look like dominos”


Arriving was tough for Jungkook as his head pounded from the pressure.

So Yoongi did something he had wanted to do for a while now: he took Jungkook’s hand in his, rubbing slow circles on his soft skin.

He didn’t miss the slight blush painting Jungkook’s face at that. But it was soon replaced by an uncomfortable scowl as he squeezed his hand when the plane started lowering towards the ground.



Finding a place in Korea that was:

1 big enough

2 cheap enough

3 accepting their broke asses

Was a bit of a challenge.


But they did find one when they were finally losing hope.

The apartment was quite spacious and had a good placement by the center of the city. Yoongi wasn’t the only one wondering who had died in it for it to be so cheap.


Finding a taxi big enough for all of them was a hassle but after 20 minutes of trying, they finally found one.


Squeezing a half-asleep muscle bunny like Jungkook in the car was very difficult, but they found a way.


Finally, they arrived in front of the apartment.

Faking having a job had been difficult for them but because of fake papers and Taehyung’s and Jimin’s sin -which was making people believe that he is of a higher status than he is- no one noticed anything strange.


Now, all they had to do was to install everything.


They first started with pulling out things from hell and deciding on the sleeping arrangement. There were four bedrooms, meaning one of them would have the luxury of having his own room.


They all decided to go for rock paper scissors for the room.


Surprisingly, the youngest won the room. Doing a victory dance at that. Even if the room was smaller than the others, Jungkook looked rather happy about it.


Having a room on his own meant having more privacy and more space.

Jungkook was happy that he could finally buy a nice computer to edit the videos he took of their day to day life and adventures. He also wished he could buy a good mic to record songs on. But that’d have to wait for a bit.


When Yoongi entered the house, the kitchen was on the right. It was pretty spacious, but all the boys would be crowded if they all stood in there. The counters, stove, and fridge were against the wall. The other side of the kitchen didn't have a wall but instead, it had a bar with stools on the outside of the kitchen leading to the dining room.


The dining room was as of that moment, empty, but Yoongi could totally imagine a big table for all of them there. It was big enough that it could probably double as a dining room and living room. On the opposite wall, big windows led to a nice view of the city.

The boys still couldn't believe they had managed to get such a nice place for so little -well, it wasn't inexpensive, but it was still cheap for what it was-. The small glint in Taehyung's eyes made Yoongi believe that he had something to do with it.


From the front door, on the left was a hallway where all the rooms and four bathrooms were located. There were four different bedrooms with each having a connected bathroom: they were going to finally be able to have a bit more privacy in the bathroom.

The rent might have been cheap, but living with 6 other people was going to cost each of them a lot in terms of electricity and water -as well as food and other necessities-.


Each one of them was going to help pay his share anyway.


The first door on the left of the hallway was Jimin and Hoseok's room, the one next to it being Jungkook's. The one on the right was going to be Namjoon and Taehyung's while the one next to it was Seokjin and Yoongi’s.


For now, the place was completely empty apart from the kitchen and bathrooms.


After opening a new common bank account for all of them and transferring what was left of their money for the month in it. They decided to go take care of their furniture -as well as buy food-.


Jin, Namjoon, and Hoseok had to take care of bringing stuff from hell to put them in their respective rooms while Yoongi went to go get them food -he couldn't really help anyway because he couldn't step into the hell portal without dying, Namjoon had warned him-. He had also made a list of utensils and other things they were missing so that the other boys could go buy them at the Ikea not too far -not like they had enough money to buy better furniture anyways- since Jungkook somehow knew how to drive a car and had bought one right after taking care of their banking account.


After taking everyone's order, Yoongi took his time to look at the neighborhood. They weren't too far from a cinema place with different little shops, but apart from that, the neighborhood was rather quiet.


When he came back, he didn't expect to see such a giant mess everywhere.

He sighed, put the food on the counter in the kitchen and in the fridge, before making his way through the diverse chunks of furniture towards his and Jin's room.


For now, all the room had different papers taped to the door so that everyone knew whose room was whose.


Yoongi entered his room only to find Jin putting boxes in two different corners -probably separating his and Yoongi’s stuff-.


They had decided with Seokjin that they’d get two twin sized bed on each side of the room and a long desk for both of them -but mostly for Yoongi since he was the one with the desktop while Jin had a laptop- where they’d put the two old desk chairs that they used to bring to the kitchen to eat.


Jin had already assembled part of the desk since they brought Yoongi’s old one. They only needed a longer plank for both of them to be able to fit: they only had to wait for the maknaes to come back.


Having lived for quite some time together, they all, bit by bit, bought more and more stuff. Which is why having part of it in hell was a good idea -as long as it wasn't something they used often or that Yoongi would need-.


Yoongi was quite surprised by how much furniture they already had in the end. They didn't need to buy a lot more for now.



Hours passed after the maknaes came back and the boys finally called it a day.

Spending the whole day -and night- building shelves, desks, and other important furniture had made them all exhausted, but they were quite happy with the results.


Jungkook, Jimin, and Taehyung had gone to Ikea and back a few times to get what they needed to get started, but they weren't nearly done.


For now, the dining room finally had a long rectangular white wooden table with matching chairs since they used to only have desk chairs and the couch/bed to eat beforehand.

Said couch/bed had been returned into a couch for now -they planned on buying a brand new and bigger one with those "feet thingies" that Yoongi forgot the name of, as well as one or two armchairs.

In front of the couch was now an old rug that Yoongi forgot he had bought and the table for the TV.


They were thinking of getting a few plants and hanging a few of Taehyung's paintings and Jungkook's photos on the walls to decorate a bit, but for now, they were too tired to care about the blank creamy walls.


The bathrooms already made them look at home as their respective towels and robes were hanged and toothbrushes, toothpaste, colognes, and makeup littered the different drawers and counters of each room.


As for the rooms, Yoongi hadn't brought his bed, deciding on selling it last minute so that they could have somewhere to sleep on before leaving -and mostly because it was a shitty bed and he really wanted a new mattress-. They also didn't want to bother putting it in hell. So instead, for now, each room had its brand new mattresses.


Yoongi and Seokjin's room was pretty empty apart from the two big mattresses and the desk area.

The desk area was very organized: The desk was now long enough, leaving enough space for two people. On it, they had already put a laptop and desktop as well as some Mario plushies.

Beside the desk on the right side was Seokjin's guitar.

Having the biggest room since they were the hyungs, they had enough space for two dressers but for now, they stayed with simply having two suitcases of clothes.


Other than that and a few boxes, the room was empty.


Jimin and Hoseok already had their twin sized mattresses with the beds already while all the others slept on the floor. Their smaller pink room simply had the two beds and a pretty big wardrobe in the wall.


Namjoon’s mattress was already filled to the brim with Ryan plushies while Tae's side of the room had his mattress. Their room was quite similar to Yoongi’s and Seokjin’s apart from the fact that they had a small TV and different gaming consoles they had bought instead of the desk with a computer. There was also a white sheet on the floor by Taehyung’s bed where Taehyung’s easel rested. Namjoon’s side of the room came with a closet big enough for two guys who didn’t have many clothes.


Finally, Jungkook had a twin sized mattress that would soon be put on a bunk bed. Under the bed would be a wardrobe and on the opposite wall would be a desktop with a nice computer for gaming. But they’d have to wait for that.


All they needed for now was to get jobs.

While waiting for an answer from the company that scouted him, Yoongi was trying to find a simple part time job.


After a few days of living in their new apartment and getting used to the life in Seoul, all of the boys got interviews for different jobs.


Jin had already gotten an answer from a coffee place looking for a barista and Jungkook was impatiently waiting for his interview there to come.

Taehyung had found a job in an art gallery while Yoongi simply got a pizza delivery job as he knew how to ride a motorcycle.

Jimin and Hoseok both got into the same dance academy as dance assistants which made them more than delighted.

Finally, Namjoon had somehow managed to become a philosophy teaching assistant at a university not too far from where they lived.



After a few days, everything was finally falling into place and all of them now had their beds. But something seemed to be off with Jungkook.


Every time one of them told them they were going to sleep at night, Jungkook raised up, eyes wide and ready to say something before his shoulders slumped and he sighed.


Yoongi was starting to notice something weird when he got up in the middle of the night one day and heard noise from the living room.


Frowning, Yoongi made his way towards the room carefully so as not to wake the others up.


He didn’t expect to see Jungkook on the couch on his phone.


He looked tired. Exhausted even. His hair was messy as if he had turned too many times in his sleep, trying to get into a comfortable position. His eyes were bloodshot as he squinted to look at the screen in front of him. He had big bags under his eyes and he was frowning deeply.


“What are you doing up Kook-ah? It’s late” Yoongi asked, voice rough from sleepiness.


Jungkook jumped slightly, startled, before relaxing when he noticed the other in the room.


“I could ask you the same thing hyung” Jungkook retorted, a small smile on his face.

“I just woke up for some water. That doesn’t explain why you’re here. How long have you been awake?”


Jungkook’s smile was replaced by a pout and he seemed to shrink on himself. Yoongi knew what that meant: too long.


“Can’t sleep?” Jungkook shook his head. “Do you know why?”


Jungkook’s tongue poked the inside of his cheek subconsciously and he wasn’t looking at Yoongi, eyes still glued to his phone which only meant one thing: he was about to lie.


“Played for too long and now I’m too awake that’s all Hyung…” he mumbled, biting at his lips.


Yoongi gave him the look showing him that he wasn’t convinced at all but that he’d drop the subject.


He approached Jungkook slowly before ruffling his hair.


“Go to your room and try to sleep now okay?” he said firmly yet eyes remaining soft.

“Yes Hyung” the other yawned.


Yoongi left it at that and went back to his room, forgetting about his water.

Before dozing off, he made a mental note to tell the others about his new discovery.


He forgot to do so.


He didn’t wake up for the next few nights so he couldn’t really tell if Jungkook went to the living room at night or not. However, he noticed him look more and more sleepy as the days went on, the bags under his eyes getting deeper. The others seemed to notice it too, sending each other concerned glances and asking Jungkook if he was sleeping enough. Jungkook lied again, saying that everything was fine and that they shouldn’t worry.


Yoongi didn’t expect to wake up that night, wanting to pee only to freeze when he noticed a shadow standing in the room.


He was getting so used to the demons that he immediately recognized the shape as Jungkook.


Not saying anything, Yoongi observed what the other was doing in his and Seokjin’s room.


However, nothing happened. Jungkook only sighed and quietly got out of the room, closing the door behind him.


Yoongi was very perplex: why was the maknae coming to their room if he planned on only standing there?


Yoongi wanted to confront Jungkook about it but the other stayed in his room most of the day.


That night, Yoongi tried to stay awake to see if he’d come again. And he was right. At around 1am, Jungkook was in his room, sighing once more and leaving right after.


For a week, Yoongi stayed awake and waited. And everyday the same thing happened.


It took a while for Yoongi to comprehend why, but he finally understood.


That night, Yoongi stayed awake once more until he heard the subtle creek of the door opening.


A smile formed on his face when Jungkook appeared in the room.


Suddenly, scaring Jungkook slightly, Yoongi moved the cover to let it open and said, voice rough:


“Come here”


Jungkook was about to speak -probably to explain himself- but Yoongi shushed him and gestured towards the bed once more.


Jungkook took big steps before stopping in front of Yoongi’s bed, indecisive. Yoongi simply took his hand and mumbled:


“Come on, I want to sleep and I’m sure you do too so hurry up”


Jungkook finally climbed in bed but tried his bed to stay away from Yoongi so as not to bother him. Yoongi rolled his eyes at that and sighed loudly before moving to Jungkook’s chest and curling into a ball there.


Jungkook was tense at first but he ended up relaxing and cuddling Yoongi with a deep tired sigh.


He delicately laid a kiss on Yoongi’s head -totally not making the other blush- before squeezing him slightly and resting his head on his.


Yoongi hummed contently at that before he felt sleep take him away.


He woke up getting spooned by Jungkook, feeling his breath tickle the back of his head.


He couldn’t help but smile at that:

Of course this would be his best night sleep.


From then on, Jungkook usually sneaked to Yoongi’s room at night to sleep. At first, he tried to hide it from the others by getting up early so that no one noticed. But on a particularly tiring night, Jungkook ended up oversleeping and received a very cute photo of him and Yoongi cuddling in bed in their group chat.


He didn’t say anything when he saw Jimin sneak into Jin’s bed one night but he couldn’t help the sly smirk from forming on his face.


The others smiled at him one day when he woke up feeling finally rested.


He didn’t miss the soft smile that formed on Yoongi’s face when he appeared in the room, hair all over the place, and heard them bickering about being able to sleep with Yoongi and Jungkook being privileged for being the youngest.


Yoongi felt happy.

As if he had finally found his home.

And he wouldn’t change it for anything.







Chapter Text

Finally. After a month of waiting, Yoongi got the job he wanted: producer at a rather new company called BigHit. To his surprise, a week later Namjoon also got the job -as he had asked Yoongi if he should try joining too-, meaning that his job at the university wouldn't be needed -he hadn't started anyways-.

Both of them were now music producers under BigHit.


They quickly learned that most of the music they were writing was going to Bighit’s solo idols as they didn’t have a group of idols yet. The company was just starting so they weren’t famous yet, but Namjoon thought it had potential to grow as they seemed a lot more open about what they could write about.


Even if he didn’t get as much money as he would have liked and didn’t have the freedom to write about whatever he wanted just yet because they didn’t know him, Yoongi felt good. He was finally living the dream he wanted. No more selling his music on the streets, he had someone that would sing it or rap it live to fans! This was great!


They could also keep their identities private for now as they had aliases: Yoongi was Suga and Namjoon was RM, which stood for “Real Me”. This suited Namjoon like a glove in Yoongi’s opinion.


What was the most fun for them was that they were allowed to have a room just for them with equipment to write songs. The equipment, even if it wasn’t top quality, was better than anything Yoongi had worked with.


The room was pretty luxurious for how little money the company had.

It had a long desk where both computers were, a mic in front of each screen and nice desk chairs.

The room also had two pads that could be used to mimic a piano, small drums, and other instruments.


Yoongi would have been pissed about not having his own room if he hadn’t been sharing with Namjoon.


The following weeks, Yoongi discovered that Namjoon and him had a lot more in common than they thought. Even if they stood on different grounds on certain things, they both loved to debate and being proved wrong to be able to learn.


As for music, it was a delight for both of them. All their uncompleted tracks seemed to work perfectly together or very well with each other’s lyrics.



"Joon, can you pass me my bottle please?" mumbled Yoongi, rubbing his bloodshot eyes.


The two men had been scolded by the rest of their roommates because they hadn't come home the night before and had stayed working in their studio without stopping all night. They were exhausted, felt like shit, their eyes stung and they were stuck on one song they were working on together.  They had to write this one sort of love song and neither of them was inspired by anything.


"Sure Hyung" Namjoon responded, barely looking at Yoongi, brows frowned as he pouted at the screen in front of him.


Yoongi didn't really pay attention either when he grabbed the bottle. Only when he felt something warm did he notice he had put his hand on Namjoon's. He awkwardly slid it down to grab the bottle before Namjoon let go.


The blonde man coughed once before going back to what he was trying to do.


"His hands are so soft…" he couldn't help but think before mentally shaking the thought out and going back to what he was doing.


"Hey, Yoongi-Hyung…" started Namjoon, leaning on his chair.

"hm?" Yoongi mumbled back.

"Do you sometimes wonder… Why do we feel so comfortable in our own misery?" he stopped for a second before continuing "because, you know… I don't know if I'm the only one, but sometimes, when I feel particularly bad… It's comforting in a way. Not that I feel bad right now, I was just thinking-"

"Yeah I get what you mean Joon-ah" responded Yoongi "I don't know to be honest. I guess we simply get used to it and see it as some kind of second home where everything gets familiar after a while. Doesn't mean we should let ourselves fall in those moments though. It's those times when we got to get up and fight the most."


Not knowing what else to say, Yoongi stopped and closed his eyes, thinking of what he had just said.


It was true, wasn't it? Feeling comfort in something as cruel as pain was a bit ironic.


After not getting any answer back from Namjoon, Yoongi opened his eyes and turned towards the other man.


He did not expect to be met with that look: that look, filled with amazement, wonder and a bit of melancholia.


"Is everything okay Namjoon?" Yoongi asked, confused and a tad flustered.


It seemed to get Namjoon out of whatever he was in.


"Uh- yeah yeah! I just… I never got an answer like that, ever, that's all." Namjoon said, "Normally I only get an "I don't know Joonie, go to sleep" or a "Where did that even come from?" or worse, awkward silence and then a "You're weird"… So I just, wasn't expecting someone to understand"


Namjoon scratched his head, lowering it in the process as his cheeks flushed, clearly embarrassed.


"Hey Joon-ah, look at me," Yoongi said, "You're not weird for thinking things like that. It just means you have lived through things that some people haven't, and they have shaped you and made you notice little things you didn't notice before"


Once again, Namjoon was stunned.


"Say something damn it" Yoongi cursed

"You're really something else Hyung, wow."

"Yeah, I guess…"


They both laughed a bit at that before falling in comfortable silence again.

It was cut short though when Namjoon blurted out:


"I beat up a bunch of people when I was a teen so badly that my mom called me a monster"


"Let me explain." Namjoon started panicking before calming down when he noticed Yoongi listening "when I was about 14 and still human, I was coming back from the cinema with my mom and some group of people ambushed us. They were threatening us and I don't really know what happened after that. I kinda blanked out, but when I came back to my senses the attackers were all on the ground unconscious and I had blood on my hands."


Namjoon took a shaky breath before continuing:


"I thought I killed them, Hyung. They were all pretty badly beaten up and I didn't even remember doing that. It's like- I was powered by a rage so intense that it clouded all my senses and took over my body. I remember the anger creeping in, I kept thinking "how dare they attack an innocent woman and her son like that for no reason, and threaten them with knives, ready to end us for money!". I was never a violent person, I was always on the clumsy type, so this happening… It scared me. Not of people, but of myself."


He stopped again, making sure Yoongi was still listening.


"The situation only got worse when I turned back towards my mom and all I saw was horror. I remember, very clearly what she yelled: "you monster! You are not my son, don't ever come close to me ever again!" and she left me. All alone, a teenager, on his own. When I felt the anger creep in, I let it out by screaming and told myself that would be the last time that I would let anger consume me like that. From then on, I always learned to control it, make it my slave instead of it enslaving me.

However, that same day, when I was still in that alley, that's when Jungkook found me. He looked so young back then as he hadn't reached his peak age when he would stop growing like a human, and he told me that I was very courageous and wise for doing what I did and immediately knowing what I had to do to stop the anger. He told me that I would be a perfect fit for Wrath, as I was strong, powerful and knew how to control myself. I don't know how he saw that in me but he did, and that's how I became who I am today, the demon of Wrath. A clumsy fucker who slips up here and there in controlling my anger on mundane things."


Namjoon looked back towards Yoongi, praying not to see that look of horror that he had seen in his mom's eyes.


He was only met with shock and amazement.


"Wow… Your story… Is very inspiring. If you want to know what surprised me the most, it's wise Jungkook, wow, I cannot imagine that right now!"


They both laughed at that, the atmosphere feeling less like it was difficult to breathe and more like how it had been before: relaxed and filled with understanding.


"I'm sorry for your mom's reaction, even if I can understand it a bit. But I am most proud of who you have become Namjoon. Even when you have to put on the role of Wrath and be all-powerful and everything, I can still feel the real you seep through. Actual Namjoon might have been made for intimidating people and being all-powerful, but Real Namjoon is much better just being a clumsy talented man. I'm proud of you Joon-ah"


Namjoon's eyes teared up a little as his shoulders slumped in relief.


"Thank you, Hyung. Really."

"You're welcome. Now let's try to go back to work!"
"Y-yeah you're right, shit."



Even after all their efforts, it clearly wasn't working. The first few minutes had made them think of an idea to switch the love song to something more intimate, sharing a moment with someone you care about and seeing them for who they are. But as for what they were actually going to be writing about, they were left in front of a blank page.

This wasn't working!

Yoongi let another frustrated sigh, raising his hands up as he stretched while looking at the clock:

4 AM already.


"Hyung…" Namjoon yawned out for the twelve's time, "we aren't going anywhere-"
"If you're asking me if I'm going to stop, the answer will be no as long as I don't finish it and you know it. If you want to stop, feel free to, but I'm not stopping."

"I know! I know! But listen to me: how about we take a quick 2-hour nap, I'll set an alarm and we'll wake up when it rings. Let's just take a break, this is useless" the youngest pleaded, tiredness slipping from his frame.


Yoongi frowned once more before his face softened.


"Fine, but just 2 hours alright? Nothing more"



They looked in the room for a place to sleep, only finding the couch behind them. How were they going to fit?

As if reading his mind, Namjoon gestured towards the couch.


“You take it, I’ll just sleep with my head on the desk”

“Come on Joon, I’m not making you sleep like that, the couch is big enough for two”

“But Hyung, you don’t like cuddling…”


That was a lie, he clearly liked it as long as it was with someone he trusted.


“That’s fine, I don’t mind cuddles. I sleep with Jungkook most of the time for fuck's sake!”

“But I thought Jungkook was different” Namjoon mumbled, face heating up.

“You or Jungkook, I trust both of you equally. I know you’re not as much of a fan of skinship but just this once, let’s just nap for a bit.” Yoongi responded, clearly exasperated.

“Alright, alright…”


They both got up in sync before making their way to the couch.


Namjoon took his phone out before putting an alarm on.



After putting it by the couch, Namjoon stopped in front of it, as if waiting for something.


“Unless you want to be the tiny spoon -which, by the way, nothing wrong with that- I suggest you get on first.”



Namjoon got on the couch and laid there, facing Yoongi, awkwardness seeping through every move.


Yoongi made his way towards and laid facing Namjoon, blushing slightly at the near lack of space between their faces. He decided that tucking his head under Namjoon’s would be a safer idea.


Yoongi turned his head slightly, noticing  Namjoon’s hand hovering over his body.


Groaning loudly, Yoongi awkwardly moved his own hand to grasp Namjoon’s and place in on the curve of his body, close to his hips.

He saw the bob of Namjoon’s Adam's apple, making him blush slightly. Instead, he decided to huddle himself closer.


After a few minutes of awkward silence, Yoongi felt soothing circles being drawn on his lower back. He couldn’t help a relaxed smile from appearing on his lips.


After that, it only took a few seconds for Yoongi to give in and fall asleep.



Soft murmuring is what woke him up.

The circles were still there but instead of being on his shirt they scattered under it, on his naked back.


He let out a soft groan, before letting his hands grab at Namjoon’s shirt as he took in the barely noticeable scent of his cologne, relaxing immediately after it.


“Did I wake you up Hyung?” Namjoon asked, only earning another groan in return. “Sorry”

“Time?” Yoongi mumbled tiredly.

“Now don’t be mad Hyung… But I think we overslept”

“Namjoon…” Yoongi warned

“I’m sorry, I may have not properly set my alarm, so sorry!”

“I’m going to kill you, just you wait…” Yoongi mumbled, hitting softly at Namjoon’s chest as he shuffled closer, the calm heartbeat close to his ear lulling him back to sleep.

“Sure Hyung, but first let’s go get something to eat and finish this song alright? I think I have a few ideas”


“Come on Hyung”


Yoongi sighed and moved his head from the comfiness of Namjoon’s chest before staring at his face.


Namjoon was clearly more awake than him, but the look of fondness he had in his eyes made Yoongi’s skin heat up.


It was the same fond look he saw him look at the others, the same he saw when Hoseok was showing off at the park. It was the first time he had seen it directed at him.


If it made Yoongi’s heart beat faster, he tried his hardest not to notice.




The song ended up being finished in terms of lyrics a few hours later. They only had to work on the music and adapting it to the lyrics.


If the lyrics talked about the feeling of being secure in someone’s hold or the simple moments of seeing the one you love content -and sleepy- neither of them commented on it.




Chapter Text

Something Yoongi had learned early on when the demons came to his apartment, it was that he was not to ask about how they became demons. He first assumed that it was simply what Namjoon had said: they all had secrets and would tell him when they were ready. Jungkook had been easy since he was born a demon. But in the time they spent together, Yoongi learned everyone's story.


Everyone except Hoseok's.


For some reason, Hoseok's story seemed to be a bit of an issue, not only to him but to the others.

It took a while for Yoongi to realize it, but it seemed that the others didn't know Hoseok's story either.

Confused, Yoongi went to Namjoon and Jin right away, asking them how they had missed Hoseok's story when they were watching him.

They quickly explained that to see someone's life, you would see it through their eyes. For some reason, however, while they were looking at his memories, some part of his life was completely skipped, from a 5-year-old to an 18-year-old. The other demons had no idea what had happened and Jungkook himself couldn't really understand why.


It seemed that they had never tried asking him though. They were too scared of offending Hoseok.

However, when Jin talked, Yoongi noticed a guilty look and Namjoon's face that disappeared as soon as it had come.


Yoongi decided to investigate.

When the two made their way to the door to go do something else, Yoongi called Namjoon and gestured him to come back.


When he finally sat down on Jin's bed, Yoongi crossed his arms.

"Spill," he said.


"You know what I'm talking about, I know you know something else about Hoseok that you don't want to tell me about or the others about. But I'm not going to move till you explain it to me"


"Namjoon, I'm your Hyung, spill."


Namjoon hated when Yoongi used the Hyung card because he was right, he was technically older than him. That didn't make it less frustrating though.


With a sigh, Namjoon explained:


"Before we knew you, we found Hoseok in a strip club. That's basically all we saw of his life after his 18th birthday. He left home, didn't say goodbye to anyone and that's as far is we can go back in his memories. After that though, he became very… sexual. He would go around and sleep with as many people as he could, and I don't know, something felt weird. Because he seemed like a kid living his life partying but it didn't look like he was having fun at all. It took a few years for him to become as joyful as he is now, and we don't know what made him switch. It just suddenly happened. He went from a morose teen that fucked around but didn't seem to enjoy it a single bit to someone that was actually enjoying life and having fun."


Namjoon scratched his head, brows frowning.


"I got…curious and asked him about it pretty much right as we got to know him. And- and he suddenly stopped, looked at me with the blank eyes as if he was lost in thoughts before they came back to normal and he started shaking and hyperventilating. I tried calming him down but he kept repeating "I don't remember, Namjoon, I don't remember anything. I can't remember! All I remember is that I wanted to forget and it worked somehow, but I don't remember anything before that! I don't remember what I wanted to forget!" and I kept telling him that it was okay, that he will one day but he kept on hyperventilating to the point that he passed out. We got so scared and when he woke up, he didn't remember what had happened so I didn't try to make him remember. But I still feel guilty for trying. So please don't, just don't try to make him remember alright? I don't know what happened, what he lived through, but it clearly isn't something he should remember."


They parted ways right after Namjoon told him and Yoongi laid on his bed, deep in thought.


What was that called… PTSD? Dissociative Amnesia? When you forgot a part of your life because of a specific traumatic or shocking event that happened? He was pretty sure it was one of the two.



Yoongi left it there. Even when he took notice of how Hoseok would flinch when movements were too harsh or voices too loud.

He had promised himself that he wouldn't talk about it to Hoseok and went on with his life.



However, as usual, nothing went according to plan.


Yoongi knew something was off as soon as he woke up - at nearly 1PM-. He heard hushed angry whispers coming from the living room.


Coming in, Yoongi noticed an angry looking Jimin getting scolded by Seokjin.


"Jimin, I swear to god if you don't go cool off right now-" warned Jin slowly.

"Oh shut up, stop trying to act like you're my mother and leave me alone!" Jimin said before marching towards his and Hoseok's room.


Yoongi shot Jin a curious look before the demon sighed and sat on the bar stool, looking exhausted.


"He went out again last night to practice and only came back now. So you can imagine how it's going in his head right now."
"Self-destruction and anger, as usual. Is Hoseok in their room? I don't know if we should leave him there with an angry Jimin…"

"I think he is, let's go."


As if on queue, they started hearing yelling, sounding way too similar to Jimin's voice, coming from said room.


"Jimin- calm down, it'll be fine, I'm sure you will be able to perfect that move in no time-" Hoseok's pained and slightly strained voice resonated as they came closer to the room.

"How do you fucking know?! You're an amazing flawless dancer! Of course, it's easy for you!" Jimin's voice became louder and louder.
"Jimin, calm down, you just need to rest a little, you're not thinking straight-" Hoseok's voice was so small compared to the furious Jimin in front of him.
"Why is everyone trying to tell me what to do?! Leave me be a fucking adult for once! I don't question all your life decisions! I don't question why you won't fucking talk to us when things aren't okay!"



The two other boys arrived in the room, opened the door only to find Hoseok cowering slightly on his bed and Jimin pacing. They were about to interrupt when Jimin finally sent an accusing glare to Hoseok while shouting:


"And I certainly don't question why you would go sleep around like a fucking whore all day!"



Regret filled Jimin's eyes as soon as he saw the look on Hoseok's face: pure shock and terror.

Something broke inside of Hoseok.

He started shaking violently, his eyes widened wider and wider as horror filled them and he wasn't breathing anymore.


"What is going on here?!" Namjoon's voice was heard from the corridor as three individual pairs of footsteps were being heard coming towards the room.


Out of nowhere, Hoseok's soft but broken voice murmured in the room, getting all the attention back on him.


"I'm-I'm not a whore. I'm sorry. I'm not. I promise. I'm not a whore. Please don't. I don't want to."


It's as if he was in a trance, repeating apologies after apologies like a mantra.


"Hey, baby, I'm sorry- I, I didn't mean to," Jimin said, voice way softer as he crouched in front of Hoseok.


The sight of someone approaching him only made his eyes widen even more and his breathing even quicker as he repeated: "I'm sorry, please, I'm sorry, don't."


"What are you sorry for love, it's my faul-" Jimin was about to say, reaching out to Hoseok before the demon yelled as if he had been burned.


Everyone crowded the room as confused and scared stares looked around the room for any indication of what was happening in front of their eyes.


Hoseok had now cowered against the wall with a shout of "DON"T TOUCH ME"


 "Please please please don't touch me, I won't do it again, I promise, just don't touch me anymore, please don't, sir please."


Shocked faces were all there was around the room.


Namjoon advanced towards Hoseok, who only started sobbing at the sight of someone advancing towards him.


As he came closer, the pleading transformed into soft whimpers and whispers.


A certain word seemed to make Namjoon's eyes widen in horror as if finally understanding what was happening.


"No no no no…" Namjoon repeated over and over quietly as he delicately took the crying boy's hand in his "Everything but that, please no, god no…"


When Namjoon took the hand in his, Hoseok flinched and repeated loud enough for everyone in the room to hear.

"Dad, please don't touch me again, I'll be good I promise, I'll be good, I don't want it, please."



Namjoon burst into tears as he carefully took the other in his arms even if he tried to struggle for a bit.


The others looked at the scene, shocked and confused as, slowly, the severity of the situation hit them at once.


"Baby I'm so sorry, you're safe baby, you're safe now okay? No one will ever touch you again like that okay? No one."


"Oh my god," Jungkook's shaky voice rang out in the room "He was rapped. He was rapped by his own dad, oh my god."

"I'm gonna throw up-" Taehyung warned before rushing to the bathroom where he emptied his stomach's contents.


The rest of the group stayed there in different states of shock: some of them crying, others standing still, barely breathing.


It took a few minutes for Hoseok to calm down to simple sobs. He wasn't struggling in Namjoon's grasp anymore at least. He had seemed to have regained some sort of conscious back, knowing where and with who he was. It didn't help him stop crying though.


"I tried to stop him, so many times, I tried so hard. I swear I fought, I swear Jiminie, I'm not a whore, I tried, I really did, I-"

"Hey hey hey" Jimin started, coming closer and cupping Hoseok's face in his hands "baby, you did everything you could, you're not a whore. I'm sorry I said that I'm so so sorry, I wasn't thinking and I was mad and wanted a reason to be mad at you and I shouldn't have. I'm so sorry baby, I'm so sorry."


Hoseok seemed to calm down a bit at that before he completely passed out in Namjoon's arms.


Slowly, Namjoon put him to bed and told the others to come to his and Tae's room for an emergency meeting.



When they were all finally there, seated in the middle of the room, Namjoon took a deep breath and started:


"So… I think we all understand what has happened in that gap we couldn't understand in Hobi's memory. I think that he had some type of amnesia, where he simply couldn't remember a traumatic event that happened to him. Now that he remembers, we'll need to be supportive of him and try not to bring sex up until he feels comfortable about it and talks or wants to himself."

"Oh my god," Jin said, eyes wide, "What if. Oh my god no. Do you know how Hobi never wants to bottom during sex? And the only time we've seen him bottom was when he was very depressed and young before he became lively and happy? What if… what if he didn't loose his memory right after they happened, what if they were lost when he suddenly became happy? What if…. What if all those times he bottomed, he was doing it to punish himself? To break himself even more or to try to somehow forget? What if, he got through all that trauma and found a way to break himself even more to the point where he wouldn’t remember?"

"That's a possibility" Yoongi mumbled, "God that's awful…"


"It's all my fault…" Jimin said, close to sobbing before Taehyung came towards him and engulfed him in a hug. "If only I hadn't been stupid and kept my mouth shut, this wouldn't have happened if I didn't-"

"Hey, it's pointless now. It would have happened one day or another babe, don't blame yourself too much." said Taehyung, caressing his hair.

"Now that it happened, we have to be here for him and take things slow okay? So no sex, no mention of sex, no kissing, not too much physical contact until he initiates it okay? We have to earn his trust again and show him that his life now is much better, that anything intimate and physical can be good again." continued Namjoon.

"Right now all I want is to go see him, can I go see him? I don't want him to wake up confused and alone." pleaded Jungkook.

“Sure Kookie, go ahead.”


Jungkook got up quickly and made his way to Hoseok's room as the boy slept.


The others stayed behind and talked again for a while, trying to find ways that would help Hoseok.

When they didn't know what else to say, they all went their separate ways.

Jimin still needed comforting so him and Taehyung made their way to Tae's room to talk about it together.

Jin let his stress out by cooking Hobi's favourite food while Namjoon sat at the counter in front of him, looking up ways to take care of a person with such trauma.

Yoongi was about to join him when he passed by Hoseok's room and heard a soft voice sing in English.


"You are not alone

I've been here the whole time

You are not alone

I've been here the whole time singing you a song

I will carry you, I will carry you

Is anybody out there?

I will carry you, I will carry you

Is anybody out there?"


Yoongi sighed, feeling a heavyweight in his chest as he imagined Jungkook slowly singing to a sleeping Hoseok and running his hand in his hair delicately.



They were going to fix this. They would find a way.



Hoseok woke up, panting and crying as the events he had tried his best to forget came back to haunt him.

He let out a loud sob, shaking and hyperventilating slightly, which only got worse as Jungkook took his head in his hands, trying to calm him down.


"Hobi-hyung, baby, it's okay. He's not here anymore. You're safe. We won't let anything like that happen to you ever again."

"I can't-I can't breathe!" Hoseok said, tears flowing like rivers down his face.

"Shh, shh, you can, I know you can, just follow my breathing okay?" Jungkook said before inhaling deeply and slowly, watching Hoseok mimic him shakily.


It took a few minutes but Hoseok calmed down.

Jungkook sat on the bed next to Hoseok who was now also sitting.


"Kookie" Hoseok whispered.

"Hm?" Jungkook responded, turning his head towards Hoseok.


He let out a surprised noise as Hoseok crashed their lips together with so much force that Jungkook nearly fell on the bed. Hoseok grabbed his hair and neck as he deepened the kiss.


Jungkook nearly forgot where he was. He was kissing Hoseok like it would be the last time or like a lover coming back from war. But as he opened his mouth to reciprocate further he felt them: the tears falling onto his own face as Hoseok kissed him.


That's when he noticed all the emotion and sadness seeping through the kiss.


"Hyung-" he mumbled out against the other's lips, gasping as he was pushed against the pillow.


Hoseok kissed him senseless as he straddled him, making Jungkook let out a whine at the force of it all, barely able to keep up.


"We shouldn't-" Jungkook said between kisses.

"Let's have sex."



Jungkook looked up at Hoseok's face, confused before he noticed how pained Hoseok looked. He was still silently crying, some tears falling onto Jungkook's own face before he went back for a kiss.


"Make me forget," he said between kisses "Please Kookie…" he pleaded.


Jungkook pushed him slightly, making the other sob further.


"Hey, hey hey." Jungkook said as Hoseok was now fully sitting on his lap.


He tried stopping the tears from leaving the other's eyes but they kept coming, making Jungkook's heart ache.


“We can’t have sex. Not when you’re in that state. I am not going to take advantage of you, alright? Whether you want to break yourself again or not, I’m not letting that happen. We will fix this, you won’t forget, but you will stop thinking about it and you will learn to love sex again okay? But baby steps first.” he said softly.

“Kookie… Please…” Hoseok sobbed out, shaking his head as more tears fell down his face.

“No love, we’re not doing this but we can cuddle. Is cuddling okay with you?”


Hoseok nodded silently.


“I need a proper answer baby."

"Yes, let's cuddle, please."

"Okay. Come here."


Jungkook moved to the left side of the bed, leaving space for Hoseok to settle down next to him.


Hoseok immediately laid down and curled an arm around Jungkook's slim waist, cuddling up close to him.

Jungkook left a small kiss on his fluffy hair before bringing him close and getting the cover on top of them.


The youngest ran his fingers along the other's back in a soothing manner, making Hobi sigh contently before he left a small kiss on Jungkook's collarbone.


"Now sleep for a while. Jin-Hyung will come to get us when the diner's ready."

"Hm…" Hoseok nodded against his chest.


As their breathing evened out, Hoseok couldn't help but ask, wanting to be sure of the answer.


"None of you find me disgusting?" he whispered.


Jungkook held him close and kissed his forehead.


"No, you're not disgusting. You were taken advantage of. It's not your fault and we all know that. We don't think any less of you."

Hoseok was quiet for a while before he let out a shaky breath.


"Thank you bunny."

"You're welcome, it's normal. We love you no matter what. And Jiminie-Hyung didn't mean it when he called you a whore okay? He just wanted to piss you off because he was himself pissed off. I'm sure he feels really bad about it."
"He doesn't need to. I forgave him already."

"I know, but you'll have to talk for him to know that."

"I know, I will. But let's sleep for now okay?"
"Yeah. Good night. I love you."

"I love you too."