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How to be a Hero: Vigilante

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Izuku woke that morning to a completely empty home. No sign of his mom in the kitchen or her bedroom. The living room was also empty, the TV still turned off and no one on the couch. Inko wasn’t here when he called for her, she didn’t answer him like she usually would. His mom is gone and he didn’t know where she left to. She didn't leave anything behind to let him know when she was coming back or where she went.

Izuku walked into the dinning room and searched for something that would explain her disappearance on the table, like a note or letter. He looked on,under and around the table. With nothing found, he went inside the kitchen to see if he could  find anything there and he did.

On the counter was a piece of paper next to a envelope. The envelope was stuffed to the brim and had a yellow sticky note that said Money in his mother’s cursive handwriting. Izuku grabbed the folded letter, unfolded it and began to read it.

It was addressed for him of course, his name scrawled at the top.


I’m going to go somewhere and be away,far away, for how long I don’t know. I don’t even know if I’m ever able to come back to you. Don’t look for me, please Izuku, this is for your safety and I would rather you be safely in the home I’m sending you to]

Home? What is she talking about?

[Pack all your clothes and the little first aid kit under the sink inside the duffle bag on my closet shelf and leave to the address on the back of this paper. After you get there,  it’s just gonna be you alone, so you’re gonna need something to protect yourself. There are classes that I paid three months ahead in,


[self defence and taekwondo]


[take them because you need to be safe and protected. Do what I've always seen you do; replicate and make is yours.]

Replicate? What did she mean by replicate? And was whatever is coming after her is going to come after him too? Izuku really hoped they weren’t villains, but they probably were.

[When you get to the house, there are another set of instructions in a box near a rusted door frame connected to the kitchen, if you see two take both of them with you.

In the envelope is 500,000 yen(roughly 4500 usd) in total get on the train and buy you a few essentials, like a bigger first aid kit, food, and clothes. That’s all you’ll really need, everything else is already there for you Izuku. Please get there safely Izuku, I love you baby

Inko Midoriya

P.S burn this when you get there. Now hurry and go Izuku before they come.]

Izuku felt...numb. His mind was still trying to process what he just read but his emotions seemed to still process what was happening. The fact that his life was changing faster than he can comprehend was mind-blowing for a lack of words.

Izuku is pretty smart for his age, most of his time spent reading books with his mother. When he first found out he was quirkless, Inko gave him books to try and keep his mind off of it, but it never really worked as she wanted. He knew that she knew he wouldn’t give up his dream, but she still pushed him to study even though she knew.

She knew from the moment he came home in tears and bruises and had to comfort him. Letting Izuku cry from the sadness and frustration as she hugged him, letting him get snot and tears on her shirt. It was almost a daily thing, patching up Izuku, him crying about it being unfair and then them reading books together to calm him. She made sure he was sharp, both intelligence and reflex, making him exercise and testing his reflexes from time to time. It made him more aware and help deal with the bullying. They broke the first few fragile things she would throw at him but he eventually started to get better, though he still fumbled a bit.

After dinner, she would sit a the table as he studied, pointing out things he gotten wrong and on weekends they’ll go to the bookstore together to pick out new books, one a different subject or a higher reading level. Izuku was once allowed to bring them to school but wasn’t again after many were burnt by Bakugou or destroyed by his other classmates.

But now his mom was missing and he had to hide in the place she’s sending him to. Izuku grabbed the envelope and it was filled with money, but only 10,000 yen notes. Maybe I should make them into smaller bills.

He put the letter inside his pajama’s chest pocket, it sticking out and flopping over but not falling out. He placed the money on the table as he headed to Inko’s room to grab the duffle bag she wrote about.

It was deep in her closet, on top of the shelf, he had to grab the stepstool to get it. The bag was a dark green and was decorated in military patterns. It had many mini side pockets and secret pouches, like the one that was on the bottom of the bag  Izuku would have never found if he didn’t turn the bag over to clean off the dust. The side and secret pockets could fit small things he couldn’t put in his pocket. Izuku took out 30,000 yen put what he didn’t take out inside the secret pouch.

Izuku also changed his clothes into black pants that had pockets and a simple orange shirt. He stuck the letter and money inside his back pocket and put on a jacket to cover it. Izuku stuffed the rest of his clothes from his dresser and his closet into the bag, creating room for the small first aid kit, a few lighters and a box of matches just in case.

Izuku made certain that was all he needed and made his way out the door, snatching his all might keys and locking the door. He put his hoodie over his head and heaved the bag over his shoulder as he strolled to the train station.


Izuku stopped at a store where a ATM was stationed to see if he could break the bills into smaller ones. He also purchased a few snacks for the lengthy way to the other home. As he was getting his things scanned, Izuku checked the location in the letter.

On the back of the letter, where the location is, the residence is about three stations down and a walk to the forest. It said to go 5 miles outside the perimeter, find a pathway and to follow it. Why is it so far from other people? Maybe it was a secret base, seeing as how far away from civilization it is.

“Um..excuse me?” someone called. Izuku looked up from letter and to the cashier. She was staring at him blankly and a little creeped out. “I said the total is 693 yen kid.” her voice was soft but cold, like he was some type of weirdo.

Izuku felt himself blush, his face blaring hot as he realized that he was muttering again. He pulled out the money needed and waited for his change as he snatched the bags and scurried off after he crammed it inside his pocket. As he walked out, he heard a giggle from behind him.

Izuku walked to the station covering his face with the hoodie to not show himself blushing. God that was embarrassing, He formed that habit some time ago and was constantly called creepy for it by girls and picked on boys at school. When Izuku got to the train station, he swiped in and waited for the train.

Izuku got off the train and walked forward, following to the huge mountain that was maybe in the woods. The town was quiet and peaceful, people barely walking around. The stores were empty, only a few people inside aside from the cashiers. Outside a few were gangsters he was guessing from their mean faces and cigarettes. Izuku kept his head down and walked a bit faster. He figured if he got caught by them, they'll take the money his mama gave him. 

It took a while, Izuku throwing another candy bag into the trash as he walked to the dense forest. The trees were pretty tall almost reaching the mountain top, though that could be just how he was only 6. He walked to the left, since the right was only a dead-end of a very narrow alley and a building. He walked and walked and walked until he finally saw a trail almost 2 hours later.

It was a pretty thin one, he could have almost missed it if he didn’t see a small arrow with the initial I.M inside. Izuku walked inside, pushing a few branches out the way. The branches seemed to appear more and more the further he walked. Izuku almost gave up and turned around but he just kept going because it was something his mother wished for him to do.


It took hours to find, the day closer to night but Izuku found a little house right in the middle of the large field of tall grass. The grass almost reached his knees and has groups of mushrooms in the dirt leading like a path to the house.

The house itself looked worn and burnt, like it was once in a fire. It was leaning to the left and looked very shaky and unstable. Izuku walked closer and saw the broken stairs that had mushrooms of different sizes growing out of it. The mushroom heads were flat and they were growing in tight clusters. There were green patches growing in the sudders of the walls and green leaking out of the vents and cracked pipes.

He took slow steps on the stairs, barely putting weight in his feet as to not break through them. Izuku pushed the door and it swung open, hitting the wall and breaking off some of the already chipped paint. The inside looked worse than the outside. Everything was burnt or at least had scorch marks on it, the walls were falling apart and there were windows with holes or was broken completely. Green patches were everywhere, on the floor, walls and even the old broken couch near a cracked tv.

She wants me to live here ? Izuku thought as he looked around. He walked cautiously, trying not to break through the weak floors. It was kinda hard to get around and find the box his mom told him to with the sun setting. But by the time he found it, the night was already here. Izuku found it next to the threshold that connected the kitchen to the living room. The box was wooden and in perfect condition, the top was a slide off. Izuku felt inside of it and found a letter with something else along with a pair of blue doctor gloves. He felt around the unknown thing and came across some type of button or switch.

Izuku flicked it and a blocked light had came from the cracks of the box. It was a flashlight.

Izuku grabbed it and used it to look over the letter.

[ Izuku, you need to take three steps to the right, turn left and walk until you hit the end of the hallway.]

Izuku stood from where he was sitting on the floor. He looked to where the other opening of the kitchen was and walked as he was told. When he reached the wall, it in the pink and white wallpaper, bits of white standing out around the edges of the disgusting patches of green. Izuku looked back at the note see what else he had to do.

[When you get to the wall, check for any mold and press really hard on the squishiest part, there should be a door that opens to some stairs, go down and make sure to close the door behind you.]

Izuku guessed that’s what the gloves where for. He slipped on the blue doctor gloves and put the flashlight between his teeth. Izuku began feeling around the wall with one hand as he held the flashlight in the other one. The wall was really squishy and made him subconciously hold his breath and cringe at the feeling a few times. It was when he accidentally pressed really hard that he felt something soild and pressed against it further. The wall on his right had opened and stone stairs spiraled downwards.

Izuku took off the gloves and flashed his light to the stairs. There was the luminance of the moon peeking through the windows that had fireflies floating outside of them. The walls were made of stone and had torches on them. Izuku made a note to light them at a later time and kept ahead to a dark room that lit up when he stepped inside.

The room looked kinda like an office from one of those old fancy houses with red and gold decorative wallpaper, a wooden chestnut desk and a big twin bed on the far right. There was also papers everywhere, on the floor, on the desk, and anywhere you stepped. Two bookshelves laid in the room, one near the fireplace he just noticed and one near the bed. They seemed to sreach to the ceiling, almost touching it. 

Izuku stepped forward and seen two doors on his right and a stone hallway on his left. He went to the doors on the right and opened the one furthest away from him.

Inside was a gardening bed? Like it was literally dirt replacing the ground and a glass roof and wall that had and upwards slope to the outside on the left.  There was plants already planted and growing. Izuku then left and went to the other door on the farther right.

In that one was some type of warehouse. It was really big and had at least ten thin metal shelves filled with boxes and what seemed like..weapons? There was a few knives scattered in between some of the boxes, all various sizes. He had a lot to look at.


After exploring for a few more hours, Izuku found even more rooms. The one behind warehouse had another TV mounted on the right wall, a gym mat mounted under it. Actually, Izuku was sure 95% of the room was covered in gym mats, aside from the climbing wall that covered all of the suspiciously tall walls. Behind that room was a shooting range.

The shooting range had seven stations and a glass wall that seperated the range from the long, long wall of name tagged weapons. These weapons were, of course, long-ranged. The name tags told Izuku what they were, what type and a short description.

Behind that room was a smaller room with the back and right wall filled with short-range weapons. The walls were wooden and the floor had a black, slightly thinner, gym mat covering it.

There was also another room in climbing room. It had mirrors with wooden pole mounted in the middle, another TV mounted on the right wall shiny metal pole mounted from floor to ceiling slapped in the middle. It looked like it was a room for a small dance class.  But the prominent feature was the glass window that showed patches of purple flowers. It looked really peaceful. It looked like it was a room for a small dance class.

On the other side of the warehouse was a big kitchen. There were pans hanging from the ceiling over the large island in the middle. On both walls lined counters with neatly lined utensils, stoves and cabinets with all types of spices. The back had a already stocked walk-in refrigerator and freezer. On the right of those though was a bathroom. Not a full one though, just a toilet and sink. The full one was in the office.

Izuku tried going through the hallway in the office, but it only led to a larger hallway that could fit a 16-wheeler truck. The hallway was made of stone and concrete floors, some of the cracks had dirt, vines and grass sticking out of it. Izuku tried going as far as he could but it kept going and going and going, seeming to never end. The hallway, if it can even be called that anymore, seemed to stretch farther the more he walked and grow larger too, it could probably fit about three sixteen wheelers about now. He gave up after another 5 minutes and walked back. Maybe he could finish exploring later.

Izuku spent the rest of the night picking up the papers and sorting the out notes, letters from his mom (he’ll read those tomorrow)and random lists before he fell asleep.


He missed her already.