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Sands and eyelashes

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  Aizawa jumped from roof to roof as he chased down the sand quirk user. The villain releases sand through his palms and can blast them off like canons. He was involved in many robberies around the district and seems to get away with it every time.

    'Not today'  Aizawa thought as he threw his scarf towards the villain, wrapping itself around his body. Before the sand user can attack, Aizawa already erased his quirk. The hero tugged his scarf, making the villain fall on the pavement.

"Looks like the end for your misdeeds, Mister." Aizawa said as he went closer to the struggling villain.

"There's no point in struggling, let's just wait until the police arrive."

   Before he could react, the villain kicked sands towards his eyes. The attack caused Aizawa's grip to loosen, allowing the villain to escape.

"I thought the Sandman gets attracted to people who sleep."

   Even with his eyes squinted, Aizawa can make out an image of a woman. Of all the heroes around, why her?

"That hero doesn't sleep you know, yet he seems to have a natural bed head." Ms. Jokes said while she laughs at her pun.

   That joke wasn't even funny, heck, it didn't even sound like a joke, but the villain was down on his knees laughing. Ms. Jokes took the time to give him a swift front kick, leaving him unconscious.

"That was fast, wait until the police get a kick out of it. Get it? Kick?"

"Its not that funny" Aizawa replied as he continued to squint due to the sand he can't seem to get out. His constant rubbing made Fukukado worried.

"You're gonna hurt yourself with what you're doing, Eraser."

"I'm fine, I'm just gonna remove something in my eye" Aizawa answered making his rubbing more furious than before.

   Before he could probably tear off his eyelids, Jokes tugged his hand causing him to look at her.

"I'll help you with them; your eye-rubbing is making me uncomfortable."

   He was expecting for a joke to come after, but nothing came. Aizawa silently agreed and slightly lowered himself so that they were both on the same eye level. Emi's free hand cupped his cheeks which surprised him, widening his eyes.

   "Good, now keep it that way" Emi instructed not knowing the reason to his actions. She drew her face closer making Shouta nervous. It took him three seconds to realize that this was the closest she - no - anyone ever got with him. Aizawa Shouta never had a relationship. Not that he was against it or something, he just wasn't interested plus his daily activities increased the possibility of him being single forever. With her being so close, he took the time to appreciate her face. He knew she was pretty, he just didn't want to admit it to her (and to himself). Their proximity suddenly made his heart beat faster. Shouta silently cursed and hoped it would calm down. Her other arm was still holding his hand and it made his ears redden a bit. He prayed that this would be over before she can notice it. As if she heard his pleas, Emi lightly blowed on his eyes. This caused Shouta to squint and back away.

"Ah sorry, maybe it was a bit too strong" Emi stated with a look of concern written on her face.

"No, it's just that I've never done this before."he replied. That being said, the Smiling hero smirked.

"Oh so does that mean I'm your first?"
She said as she raised her eyebrow suggestively.

"Shut up and get back to what you were doing" Shouta replied as he pulled her by the waist with his right. His right arm remained there and lowered himself again. He ignored his fast beating heart as he maintained a straight face.

"G-geez ok, now try not to squint this time" her cheek slightly reddening because of his bold move.

   After a few seconds Ms. Jokes was able to blew off the sand on his eyes. The police arrived a minute after. The sand quirk user was still unconscious as he was led inside the car.

"Well I would love to stay for our date, Eraser, but I should head home now. My class starts early in the morning"

"Who said I was gonna do that?"

"Ouch, after all I've done you still see me as an eyesore?" Jokes said as she grips on her heart like she was hurt.

   Aizawa actually took the bait and was about to say something before she laughed.

"Eyesore? Get it? Hahaha"

   Aizawa rolled his eyes but was thankful to know she was joking. After a few talks with the police they parted ways. Aizawa walked towards his room, thinking about the case earlier and of Emi. When he realized what he was doing, he shooked his head, washed his face before going to bed with the feeling of Emi's hand on his cheeks still lingering.