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Princess Raven Starheart, Warrior of all Time - Chapter Four - The Tragic Death of Princess Raven Starheart

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Chapter Four

The Tragic Death of Princess Raven Starheart

Raven steppedin to Ten foreward as outside the starship flew threw the stars and order a Romulan ale. witch she took over to the table wear Hermione was stiing starring at the stars as the whooshed passed.

hey Sis wassup?" she asked her beloved twin sister Hermione.

Hermione took a deep and sighed her bosom expanding with the deep breath. She flicked a long curling golden tress from her delicate features and starred at her sister's deeply green eyes with misery in her heart reflecting in her own bright blue orbs.

"Oh Raven it's Captain Jack he broke it off," Hermione said sadly, a tear tickling down her soft cheek.

Raven reached over and pulled her beautiful twin sister close her heart aching for her.

"Oh hermine no, don't say, that" Raven stated her own emerald orbs growing full of tears.

"It's true he said he couldn't handel me any more," Hermione sobbed into her sister's shoulder her heavy double d breasts weighing heavily on Raven's own smaller bosom.

"Well he wasn't man enough for you anyway," Raven said angrily leaping to her twin sisters defence.

"I am threw with men" hemrione said angrily wiping her tears from her streaming azure orbs. "From now on it's only women for me they cannot break my heart the way men can."

Hermione and Raven did shots to ease awway there pain and soon stumbled drunkeningly back to the quarters they shared on bored the enterprise E. where Ginny was waiting for them. The three friends fell into bed and got underdressed and sleeped the sleep of pain and sorrow. Raven woke up in the middle of the night to find Ginny and Hermione going at it in the next bunk and rolled her eyes and went to the bathroom. She didnt want to interrude on the lovemaking they were doing so she went out the other door and took a turbolift to the quarters her beloved Legolas had on another leevl.

"Beloved wat is it?" asked Legolas concern creasing his handsome face with concern.

"Oh my love, it is hermione, capitan Jack has broken her heart" Raven described taking Legolas. into her arms and holding him. "Tell me that will never happen between us?"

"My darling, our love burns as wood the stars of the firm

ament." Legolas exclaimed bending down to kiss her on the lips, his lips burning with the passion.

Her own passion enflaming her loins she took legolas to his bed and climbed upon top of him, taking him within her and ridining out her waves of passion. until they came together in ecstasy and passion.

"my darling that was incredible" legoals panted after her head resting on his chest.

"as it was for me my love" she responded sleep taking her quickly into its embrace. but her dreams were troubled filled with pain and blood and sorrow. she saw her sister weeping, holding her in her arms. in the dream.

In the morning they all got together in the 10 forard. for breakfast. Raven wearing her black pleather boot-cut pants and tank top reading Hell Hath No Fury. Hermione in her tight pink denim skirt and white baby tee that showed off her flat belly and new belly ring. Ginny had on her black tights and a black sweater.

Raven went up to Captain jack where he was talking to harry Potter. and slapped him.

"not sure I deserved that," Jack complained rubbing his cheek.

Then Hermione slapped him too.

"Now that I deserved." he said rubbing his cheek again.

"I hope you go to hell asshole!" hermione yelled at him. Ginny grabbed her friend and lvoer by the shoulder and pulled her off of him. Harry stepping between them.

"I wish I could space you right now you jerk for breaking my sisters heart but we need all the swords and guns and fighters we can get so your safe for now," Raven angrily told captain Jack then turned to face the rest of her growing army.

"we received news that our foes have gathered and taken over Deep Space Nine attacking in the night when there defences were down" she explained putting her fists on her hips in a defiant gesture. "Now we know where they are we can attack them and retrieve Excalibur the only sword that can stop Sauron."

"But dear cousin what of the evil plans of Magneto and his brotherhood?" Aragorn asked his sweet cousin.

"And of the peoples of Imladris and Gondor who still lay fallen beneath the forces of Demona and Diablo?" Lord Elrond King of the Eleves of Rivendell asked his neice.

"magento's evil plans must be stopped of corse and so too will our peoples be freed from imladris and Gondor both," she explained. 'only Neo can defeat the Smith Virus that has infected the people of Gondor, just as only I have the strength to remain uncorrupted by the One Ring that Magneto is hoping to extract from the solid lava around Mount Doom. But first things first my friends we must capture excalibur. Once we have excalibur we can defeat Sauron."

"But how can we get abord Deep Space 9" Seven of Nine requested her head tilted inquiringly to one side.

"We can transport abored," Captain John Luke Pikard suggested.

"That would be illogical Captain" interrupted Ambassador Spock. "four surly they will have their sheilds up."

"We can sneak aboard and shut off the defesnive shields like that timeduring the Star Wars," han Sollo mentioned to his friend Luke Skywalker.

"inded the young jedi nodded. as Chewbacca roared his wookie approval.s

"Okay it worked befour it can work again" Raven nodded her ascent. "Han and Chewie and Luke can try to sneak abord Deep Space9. The Sailors and hermione and I will use our Sailor Teleport power to teleport aborad the sation. Then as the shield go down the rest of you can transport a board using the Entrprize's transporters.

Everyone was ready tog o an han Sollo and Chbacca and Luke departed with the Millenium Falcon to try and use their old tircks. Then Raven exclaimed Green Earth Crystal Power Makeup!!1" and transformed into Sailor Terra. hermione yelled "Comet Crystal Power Makeup!"and transformed herself. into Sailor Commet.
Raven drew out the Green Destiny Sword that was her birthright and destiny. its emerald hewed blade shining in the light cast by the Enterprise E's lighting. She looked over to her beloved Legolas who was talking with Will Turner a crew member of Captain Jack's that had followed them into outer spcace.

She walked over to him and asked Will to excuse them and said to Legolas ": Beloved we go into battle perhaps fro the last time but no that no power can spearate us for our love nows no bounds."

"Our love will triump over everything my darling love," said Legolas taking her into her arms and crushing her to his chest with his strong yet tender arms wrapped around her. they kissed and parted, raven wento the other Sailors.

"Sailor Teleport Action!" they cried as once and found themselevs soaring through space to the station called Deep Space Nine and found themselves surrounded by Klingons and Goaul’d and aliens and predators.

The battle was intense and really scary. Sevral times they had to save each others lifes and help each other out but that is what a team does working together to save each others lives. Sailor Moon was really brave to save her friends but when it was her turn to be threatened and she turned into a big chicken. crybaby. Sailor Jupiter was really strong and cool, and Sailor mars flamed the alines and predators. But coolest of all was Sailor Terra, for Raven had mastered the Green Destiny Sword as was her destiny and kept their foes at bay.

But as things seemed their darkest they were joined by their allies and the tide began to turn on the Deep Star Nine. Soon they were fighting their way into the command centre where they found Sephiroth!

"Now at last we face our destiny!" Sephiroth excalimed to Raven his sword unsheathing behind him and he held Excalibur!

"Now at last will your evil end!" Raven vowed and attacked.

Their fight was incredible and fierce for they were as evenly matched as sword fighters and their swords were matched for each other. Ever time one seemed to gain the advantage the other would escape and the first would find they were on the defense. Then it would go all over again. They battled back and forth through the command center, and just then Hermione broke in and yelled out for Raven to "Look out!!" because a Predator suddenly appeared from his invisibility cloaking armour. with a huge spear to kill Raven from behind.

Raven ducked and rolled and saw Hermione get attacked from behind by a Kilngon warrior Hermione screamed in pain and Raven started to rush to her side when she felt a very odd sensation and looked down to see a blade penetrating out of her heart.

"RAVEN!!!1!" Hermione screamed and then yelled "COMET FLASH!!" and her Sailor Power kicked in and everyone but she and Raven got blinded. Legolas shot an arrow at Sephiroth who was blinded but still able to sense it and just dodged but it got him in the eye. Then the forces of darkness all were transported out of Deep Space Ni by the Klingon ships of prey outside.

Hermione dragged herself over to her sister who lay there in a pool of crimsnon blood that grew as she watched in terror and pain. Hermione pulled her sweet twin sister close and wept with pain and sorrow and despair as sobs rackt her body. and the forces of good and light cried at the tragedy.

For Princess Raven Starheart, Warrior of all Time, was dead.

Peopel one belieft that wehn you did, a crow took you're sole to the land of the died... but sometimes just sometimes the corw could bring the sole back to make the wrong thins right.

That night on Earth a crow landed on a tombstone and cawed once.

Inside the coffin, a girl a woke.

She pulled herslef to the surface threw the mud and dirtt and when she reached the surface she looked up to the moon hihg above as it brooke thru the clouds of rain and her eyes glinted silver in the moonlight. her mascara running down her pale cheeks in long black lines her hair darkened to the shadow of night.

"Welcome back" spoke a voice from the darkness.

She looked over and saw a young man with skin as pale as moonlight. Some instinct from her life befour told her this was a vampire and a powerful one.

"Who are you?" asked she her voice cracking with disuse and the dust of the grave.

"My enemies call me Lestat" he introduced hopping off his perch atop the tombstone her had been sitting on. The moonlight hid again behind the clouds and the rain began to fall.

"and what of your friends vampie?" she asked her companion.

"I don't know, for I have no friends" he stated with a grin the streetlights glinting on his sharpened fangs.

"You are Raven Carter" he continued helping her to her feet.

"How do you know that" Raven asked as she shook him off for she needed no help from a vampire.

"Its on your tombstone" he answered pointing to the toomston.

Raven read it alllowd. "Maria Susanna Raven Carter, Beloved Sister, Nice and Cousin"

And so she cried, for she knew she died.

"Am I a vampire?" she asked Lestat stumbling through the sematary to get away from her grave.

"No you are something else the Crow now I should think" Lestat claimed as he walked alongside her.

"Then I have a mission to bring to pass" she decided and turned to her vampire companion. "and you shall help me, Lestat. Because your fate hanges in the balanace as well."

And she told him about the plans Magneto had to draw the ring form the dried lava around Mount Doom and how Spehiroth had conquered middle Earth with Diablo and Agent Smith and Demona and how everything had fallen apart when she had died.

"Okay" Lestat agreed to help "I know some people who may want to help two."

"gather them all" Raven Starheart, the Crow declared. "For we fought the forces of darkenss with the forces of light and all we got was my death, but now we shall draw up on the froces of darkness to fight the darkness."