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Distress (VMin)

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What did Jimin ever do to deserve this? He was nice to everyone. He was a good person. So why did he get bullied all the time? This morning, all he wanted to do was get to class on time and greet his best friend Hoseok. He just wanted to be a good student. Yet, here he was. Tied to the flagpole with his pants down. He did his best to be strong. He really tried not to cry. But when all the other students showed up to school, they pointed and laughed. Jimin was ashamed and embarrassed. He cried, even as his friends pulled up his pants and untied him. Jimin was so humiliated."Maybe I should just move away..." Jimin couldn't handle all the bullying. He wished it would just stop.

"It was Taehyung again, wasn't it?" Hoseok assumed as he gently petted Jimin's head."That brat really needs to get his head out of his ass and leave you alone."

Jimin's other friend Namjoon tapped his foot angrily."Someone really needs to teach him a lesson. You know, show him how it feels."

Jimin shook his head as he sniffled, trying to stop crying."No, we can't do that. We're not bullies."

"We can't stoop down to his level." Hoseok agreed."But I do wish he could understand the type of pain he is inflicting on Jiminie."

Namjoon crossed his arms and sighed."Well, if we don't do something, he's just going to keep bullying Jimin."

Jimin rubbed his eyes with the backs of his hands, wiping away the last of his tears."I'll be okay, guys. As long as I have you two, I'll be fine." Jimin really loved his friends. He knew they really cared about him.

"Just let us know if Taehyung or his buddy bully you again." Namjoon said with a stern tone."Hoseok and I won't let him get away with hurting you all the time."

Now that Jimin had managed to stop crying, he smiled at his friends."Thanks, guys. I'll let you know whenever I need help."


Jimin felt like such a liar. He didn't always go to Hoseok or Namjoon whenever he was bullied. He didn't want to burden them too much. He knew they cared and wanted to help, but he felt like he was just pushing his problems onto them. Between classes, his books and papers were knocked out of his hands. When he squatted down to pick the papers up, he was worried when he saw that someone had stepped on a couple of his papers. His eyes looked at the shoe, up the leg, and to the face of the person. It was Taehyung's best friend."Y-Yoongi-hyung..." Jimin was terrified of Yoongi. Taehyung was always cruel to Jimin, but Yoongi was the scarier one of the two bullies.

Yoongi sneered down at Jimin."Look what we got here. Baby Jimin apparently doesn't know how to carry his things without dropping them."

Jimin really didn't want any trouble. He lowered his gaze in submission."Pl-please let me have my papers..."

Yoongi smirked at Jimin's submission. He loved making other people feel weak. He enjoyed asserting his dominance over anyone he deemed as weak."I'll let you have your papers if you carry my books to class for me."

"Okay..." Jimin really didn't want to because Yoongi's textbooks were really heavy.

Yoongi moved his foot off of Jimin's papers. As the smaller boy was picking up the papers, he purposely dropped one of his textbooks down onto Jimin's hand."Oops." he said sarcastically.

Jimin bit his lip hard to keep himself from whining with pain. He gathered his things and Yoongi's textbook, standing back up. He struggled to stay steady as Yoongi placed the rest of his books on the stack Jimin was carrying.

"Come on, loser." Yoongi turned and started walking, slipping his empty hands into his pockets.

Jimin had no choice but to follow Yoongi. Well, he could drop his books and run, but that would make things really bad once Yoongi would catch him. So Jimin just followed Yoongi, struggling to carry all the heavy books. How did Yoongi even carry these every day?

"Yo, Yoongi-hyung!" Taehyung grinned as he saw his friend coming with Jimin close behind."Hey, squirt." Seeing that Jimin was carrying Yoongi's books, he placed his own books on top of the stack, causing Jimin to wobble under the weight."If you drop those, I'll tie you to the flagpole again tomorrow, but you'll be naked."

Yoongi chuckled at that."All the girls will get to laugh at your baby dick."

"B-but..." Jimin could feel his arms going numb. He couldn't carry all of these books. They were slipping."They're so heavy..."

Taehyung rolled his eyes."Do you think we care?"

Yoongi reached back and smacked the side of Jimin's head."Just walk, you baby."

Jimin struggled so much to carry the books. Out of desperation to not be tied naked to the flagpole tomorrow, he barely managed to carry them all the way to his bullies' classes.


After school, Jimin's arms still hurt. He wished his parents would just move to another city, so he would get to attend a different school. He couldn't stand to be here. Taehyung and Yoongi made him so miserable."Guys, I need to get a book from my locker. Go on without me." Jimin told Namjoon and Hoseok.

"Are you sure?" Hoseok asked with concern. He really didn't like leaving Jimin alone on school property.

"Yeah, don't worry. Everyone is already leaving, so there's no one here to bother me." Jimin was relieved that most students rushed out of school each day. So he could go by his locker without getting harassed.

Namjoon draped an arm around Hoseok's shoulders."He'll be okay. If he needs us, he can give us a call."

"Okay. I guess you're right." Hoseok didn't want to leave Jimin alone, but he and Namjoon had plans.

Jimin waved at his friends with a smile before heading through the school halls. When he got to his locker, the halls were empty. No one else was around. He opened his locker and grabbed the textbook he would need to complete his homework tonight.

"All alone, squirt?" Taehyung said from behind Jimin."No friends to protect you."

"Please just leave me alone." Jimin whimpered. He just wanted to go home and get away from Taehyung.

Taehyung's hand quickly moved out and shoved Jimin into his locker. He stuffed the smaller boy into the tight space and slammed the door closed."Wow, I didn't think you'd actually fit." he said with amusement in his voice."Ooh." Bending down, he grabbed something from the floor."Did little Jimin drop his phone?"

Jimin's eyes widened. He couldn't even move. He was too cramped."Let me out. Please." he pleaded.

Taehyung held up Jimin's phone to let the shorter boy see it through the slits in the locker."Don't worry. I'll text your parents and let them know that you'll be staying at a friend's house tonight for a study party." He knew that lie would keep Jimin's parents from calling any authorities."No one will find you until morning. Sleep tight, baby Jimin."

Jimin burst into tears at the thought of being stuck in this cramped locker until morning. His body was already aching from being stuffed in here."Please don't leave me here. Please." he begged. But Taehyung didn't listen. Jimin cried as Taehyung left.