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The Moonchild and His Stardust

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Part One 

Lil Meow Meow and TaeTae




There’s a whole minute left to 5 o’clock and Yoongi is already getting ready, putting all the equipment back, stretching his arms behind his back to relieve some of the tension from the shoulder muscles. It has been quite a long day and Yoongi can’t wait to go out for his break.

The clock strikes five and Yoongi is picking his leather jacket up, putting his arms through the spike-studded sleeves, a huge dopey smile on his face. The Min Yoongi Special 32-Teeth and Gums on display Smile™, A Rare Occurrence™ which is reserved for one and one person only.

“Tell Taehyung I said hi.”

Yoongi glances at Namjoon, who is staring at him knowingly, a smug grin on his face which he flashes Yoongi every day the clock strikes five. It’s the exact words Namjoon says every single day as Yoongi gets ready every time he is about to go out. The words are in no way for Yoongi to actually convey them to Taehyung but just Namjoon’s way of teasing him, trying to piss Yoongi off.

And it always does piss him off. Like now.

“I certainly won’t tell him you said hi,” Yoongi mutters, his customary reply to Namjoon’s taunt, his jaw ticking as he clenches his teeth.

Dear Lord. Save him. The man had been at it for five fucking months now and the smug looks had been thrown in his direction for six fucking months. When the fuck would he stop?

Yoongi almost wants to ask the question out loud but he already knows the answer to that question and anyway, asking the question would mean fifteen minutes of argument with the man and time is very precious to Yoongi. Especially when it’s five o’clock in the evening.

Namjoon can fuck off. Yoongi utters that out aloud as he flips off the man behind him, who is snickering behind him, like always. It’s a whole fucking routine they go through at five pm and Yoongi quits the parlour, the dopey smile reappearing on his face as soon as he is out of the door.

Because his eyes land on his destination. A coffee shop exactly opposite the parlour on the other side of the street where Yoongi is headed now, for his daily dose of coffee and Kim Taehyung.

He’d be lying if he said the coffee was the more important and main reason for him to visit the café because everyone, every one of his friends knows what, or to be precise, who Yoongi’s priority was in the small coffee shop.

Yoongi grins as he walks across the street, hands stuffed inside the pockets of his leather jacket, remembering the first time he had entered Sugar Rush (the coffee shop. What a lame name for a café, ugh) and his life had changed forever.

Now Min Yoongi is a very strict man. Not in general. But a strict man when it comes to his coffee preferences. He doesn’t like anyone messing with his intricate and complicated and exhausting (on the barista’s part) 12 step coffee and had always firmly believed that no one could get his coffee right except for the barista at Starbucks, which is located three blocks away from the tattoo parlour. Yoongi even had a fixed hour for a coffee. 5 o’clock. His holy break time made even holier because of his 12 step coffee invented by himself. Only Wang at Starbucks had been able to perfectly follow Yoongi’s instructions and make it correctly (obviously under Yoongi’s hawk-like surveillance. Yoongi hadn’t actually thought that the idiot would be able to make it. Don’t judge Yoongi. Everyone except him is an idiot) always keeping it ready for him at 5 o’clock when Yoongi stopped by, picked his coffee up and started walking back to the tattoo parlour in his own time, sipping his coffee on the way.

That had been until six months ago when Yoongi had been getting ready to go to the Starbucks and pick his daily dose of ambrosia. Yes. His coffee was equivalent to the food of The Gods and just as Holy.

And then it had started pouring. Not raining. But pouring. So much that Yoongi couldn’t even see the street clearly when he had opened the parlour door, the raindrops smacking on his face in sheets and turning the street a grey opaque glass making him unable to even see a few feet before him. 

Yoongi had cursed profusely about the rains because that meant delaying his coffee and he had wanted his coffee immediately and what’s worse; he had had no umbrella to walk through the downpour to pick his daily dose of nutrition.

Namjoon, utterly done from hearing Yoongi’s continuous loud profanities finally had had enough and had asked Yoongi to “shut the fuck up and go get a damn coffee from Sugar Rush.”

The suggestion that Min Yoongi would go and get a coffee from Sugar Rush was more absurd and downright abominable and hilarious than Yoongi willingly admitting to his entire group about his kinks and his all embarrassing moments.

Because Min Yoongi hated Sugar Rush for a lot of reasons.

To start with, Sugar Rush was pink. And not a pale, flowery pink or a soft baby pink but a downright horrid and flashy dark pink which made Yoongi think that the Barbie stores should kill themselves (if an inanimate thing could be killed) for not being this pink and girly. What’s more? The whole fucking coffee shop was full of lacey stuff. Lacey white tablecloths and white satin napkins and full of flowers (which the shop changed every single day. Who even does that?) and served coffee in china cups (teacups!!!) with flower designs on them and more of the absurd and gag-worthy stuff.

He had heard (from Namjoon) that the store didn’t even have a coffee machine. They grounded coffee in those classic marble bowls with little marble thingies used to ground things. You know, the kind you see in herbal medicine ads and whatnot. Yes. The coffee shop grounded the coffee in that way, as if the pink and the lace and the flowers weren’t a solid trip down to 1950s girl’s wedding dress parlour in the first place.

So it was obvious that Yoongi hated that place. And the fact that Namjoon would suggest Yoongi, Punk Rock Prince from Daegu with fastest rapping skills from his group, with eighteen tattoos (and counting) and multiple piercings, to visit Sugar Rush had been downright ludicrous. Yoongi had actually laughed in Namjoon’s face because that had been the most funniest thing Namjoon had ever said to date. The boy insisted that Sugar Rush’s coffee was The Best he had ever had and that was the second most funniest thing Yoongi had ever heard.

Namjoon literally never had coffee anymore if it wasn’t made from Sugar Rush since the man thought Sugar Rush was the Best Coffee shop in the History of All Coffee Shops. Yoongi, for his part, thought Namjoon was mental.

But it had rained and rained and one hour later, when the clock had struck six and Yoongi had been getting antsy and murderous, Namjoon finally told him that if Yoongi actually went to Sugar Rush and had a coffee from there, Namjoon would pay him 30,000 Won.

And Yoongi had accepted. Because in the huge, capitalist and monstrous world which is out for the blood of the poor (not that Yoongi is poor), Min Yoongi values money, even if it is a mere 30,000 Won. And that was Namjoon basically paying for his coffee so who was he to refuse.

The Bet was on.

So Min Yoongi, Punk Rock Prince, had kept kicked his dignity and reputation aside and had walked into the abyss of Pink, Lace and Flowers. He had prayed for Namjoon’s sake that the coffee better be good otherwise Yoongi was going to kill him, for making his punk rock self walk into that despicable coffee shop.

And of course, Yoongi had been correct about the kind of people who would visit the shop.

Yoongi had spotted an old lady knitting something woollen just as he had expected, most of the customers had been girly girls with their giggles and hair-tucking and restless eyes and their gossips about boys and dates and shit. Not one person there had been a boy, much less a boy his age.

And yet the place had been crowded when Yoongi had entered it, even with all the torrential rain outside. Maybe most of them came for a coffee now that the weather had turned suddenly chilly, or maybe most of them had entered to get away from the rain and had just wanted a shelter. Whatever the case, the café had been crowded when Yoongi had entered it (another thing to tick him off) and Yoongi had to wait for another whole 15 minutes by standing in a line behind three girls for his turn to order his incredibly complicated coffee, which he had been sure that the barista couldn’t make.

But Oh My God.

The barista turned around and Yoongi sold his heart and soul to the shop. And to the barista.





Drop Dead Gorgeous.

The barista, Kim Taehyung, was the most softest (yes, Min Yoongi found it necessary to add ‘most’ in front of ‘softest’ because that’s how soft the man was) man Yoongi had ever seen. The softest man with the softest smile and the softest hair (even though it was fucking fiery red for fuck’s sake) and the softest eyes and the softest face and softest gaze and soft, round cheeks...


That was what Kim Taehyung was. The actual personification and incarnation of the word ‘soft’.

Kim Taehyung was soft, even with his uneven eyelids (one mono and one double. Yoongi had noticed immediately), soft even with the most killer jawline Yoongi had ever seen, soft even with the most manliest and hugest and the most beautiful hands Yoongi had ever seen, soft even with his three ear piercings and attractive gaze, soft even his thick, black eyebrows which were in perfect shape, soft even with the dark red and thick hair and was made even softer with the tiny moles on the tip of his nose and his bottom lip.

Min Yoongi had laid his eyes on Kim Taehyung for the first time and already sold his soul and heart to him. And that was before he had even heard the man’s deep, baritone and sensual voice, seen Taehyung’s full Boxy Smile™, came to know his Sunshine Personality and even had his coffee.

Taehyung’s coffee, which Wang could only dream of ever making.

Yoongi had been so downright mesmerized by Taehyung, that he had forgotten what was he there for.

12 step coffee what?

He had even forgotten his own name.

In the end, Taehyung had made him a random coffee, probably thinking that Yoongi was a goner and had just entered the shop to get away from the rain. The coffee beat Yoongi’s 12-step coffee and Yoongi gladly drank it, even though it had a whole sugar cube in it when Yoongi’s coffee had like, zero.

For someone who didn’t believe in love at first sight and had fought with Hoseok for a whole month about the concept, Min Yoongi’s life was downright ironic.

Because Min Yoongi had fallen in love with Taehyung at first sight.

That was six months ago.

Six months ago, it had taken just a single glance at the man for Yoongi to fall head over heels for Taehyung.

And it had taken Namjoon only three days to know that Yoongi had been in love with him. Which wasn’t that hard to guess considering that Yoongi insisted on going to Sugar Rush again and no way would Yoongi admit that the coffee he had there was the best. It was damn good but not what Yoongi loved, for it had taken Yoongi three weeks to actually muster up the courage and ask Taehyung to make him his favourite, 12-step coffee. So if it wasn’t the coffee, of course, there could only be one reason why Yoongi insisted on visiting Sugar Rush.

Three days and Namjoon had already pronounced that Yoongi had found the love of his life. On the sixth day, Namjoon declared that Yoongi was going to marry Taehyung. And on the eighth day, Namjoon told Yoongi that he had already started planning the most perfect and dream wedding ever. And it had taken Namjoon a whole month to keep this thing secret from the rest of the squad. And then...well, Yoongi’s life had been Hell.

With the whole squad knowing about Min Yoongi’s not-so-discreet and hella-huge crush on Kim Taehyung, there was nothing the man could do to stop the teasing and the taunts and catcalls and the constant pieces of advice and opinions and all the nonsense which follows with having a crush. They had even named their group chat TaeGi (Yoongi had wanted to die at the name, whether because of embarrassment or whether because he absolutely loved the name and was 200% aboard the TaeGi train, he didn’t know) and Yoongi had been completely helpless.

It wasn’t that the six months were an absolute waste. Yoongi had gotten quite close to Taehyung. He knew they both hailed from Daegu, that Taehyung’s favourite colour was black (like him!), knew all of Taehyung’s past hair colours, knew all of Taehyung’s dogs and insane and hilarious pet stories, knew all about Taehyung’s favourite clothing styles and...You get the gist. He knew practically everything about Taehyung.

That was six months ago. Six months full of unrequited pining from Yoongi’s side, full of longing stares on his part and unending teasing from the group’s part and urges to Yoongi to ask Kim Taehyung out.

It had been six months and yet Yoongi was nowhere close to mustering the courage to ask the boy out.

Min Yoongi loved his life.




The small bell of the coffee shop chimes as Yoongi opens the door and walks in, one hand out of the jacket pocket.

It’s a dull Monday evening, and the weather outside is a bit drab today and Yoongi is still in a hopeless case with his crush but Min Yoongi is very happy. Because he is about to see Kim Taehyung, the Most Cutest person on the planet and the only one who could make Yoongi get out of his own bed on a Monday morning, or any morning to be honest. Real shame that Taehyung wasn’t the first thing he got to see as soon as he opened his eyes. Maybe he should click a picture with Taehyung, put it as his wallpaper and see it the first thing in the morning as a poor substitute to actually waking up next to Kim Taehyung’s beautiful, other-worldly and ethereal face at his side.

Yoongi enters the café, raises a hand in a sort of a greeting, almost like a salute to Mrs.Hong, the old wool-knitting lady, who waves back at him, smiling profoundly. Quite opposite to the look which she had given Yoongi the first time she had seen him, which was, to put it mildly, a disgusting and judgmental look.

They were friends now and Mrs.Hong had made Yoongi two pairs of gloves and one beanie by now (all black, Yoongi’s demands) which were the best clothing items Yoongi ever owned because fuck everyone, they were soft and kept Yoongi’s hands and ears extremely warm. And fuck Namjoon and Jin for teasing Yoongi and saying he looked hilarious with the beanie on with the beanie’s cat-like ears.  Because guess who had the warmest and best beanie in the world made especially for him? Not Namjoon and Jin.

Yoongi walks to the counter, mood already uplifted and full smile already on display, at the prospect of laying his eyes on the cuteness that was Kim Taehyung which was guaranteed to give him heart-attack.

And boy, he got his heart attack all right.

Not just one dose of daily heart-attack. But double heart-attack.

Because Kim Taehyung was holding a kid. On his back. Kim Taehyung had a kid on his back like a piggyback and holy shit, was that The Most Cutest fucking thing Yoongi had ever seen.

Yoongi literally stares at him for a whole minute standing right in the doorway and only remembers to move when a couple called him out so they could exit the shop, since he was blocking the entrance, staring at Taehyung, utterly awestruck.

Yoongi shakes head. Get a grip Yoongi he mutters to himself as he walks to the counter.

When Yoongi walks to the counter, Taehyung has his back to him, bending down and pulling something out from the shelf below the opposite counter. It takes the other man about ten seconds to realise Yoongi is here but when Taehyung finally turns around and looks at him, with Taehyung’s whole face lighting up and him smiling his Boxy Smile™, Yoongi thinks that life is beautiful after all.

“Hey there. Right on time again,” Taehyung chuckles, giving his head a little shake as he smiles at Yoongi, hands still working on grounding the coffee in the tiny marble bowl.

For once, Yoongi’s gaze isn’t fixed on the man but on something else. The child on Taehyung’s back, who had thrown Taehyung a nasty (but incredibly adorable!) look when Taehyung had shaken his head.

The child, maybe five or six years old, judging from her still tiny self, is probably the most adorable thing Yoongi had ever laid his eyes on. After Taehyung, obviously. The kid had her tiny, thin arms wrapped around Taehyung’s neck, her legs wrapped around Taehyung’s mid-riff and rested her chin on Taehyung’s shoulder, right beside his face, their cheeks almost touching, her small little mouth in an incredibly cute pout.

“Sorry, what?” Yoongi asks, looking away from the child, who had been peering at him over Taehyung’s shoulder and stares at Taehyung, who seems to have said something to him but Yoongi hadn’t been paying attention, so absorbed with having a staring contest with the kid.

“I said, you’ll have to wait for ten minutes. I have two orders to make,” Taehyung repeats, flashing Yoongi an apologetic smile, which makes his lips go into an adorable straight line like the emoji and makes his cheeks look puffier. It was Yoongi’s ninth favourite smile by Taehyung. Yes. He has a list.

Yoongi waves his hand nonchalantly and mutters a low ‘no problem’, watching Taehyung work. All the better for him since he can stay and talk with (and stare at) Taehyung for longer.

“Mimi, come on now, get down from my back. Uncle cannot work if you keep on restraining his movements like that,” Taehyung says after a minute, turning his head around, and Yoongi realises he is talking to the child.

The girl pouts, her nose scrunched in a lovable way before finally mumbling an ‘okay’ and Taehyung smiles, looking utterly relieved and walks back to the counter and bends down a little, so the girl can get down. The little girl sits down on the counter, removing her hands from around Taehyung’s neck, her tiny back to Yoongi before turning around and peering curiously again at him, the staring contest resumed.

“Oh, I didn’t introduce you two.”

Yoongi breaks his gaze away from the child and looks at Taehyung, who is grinning widely, eyes sparkling brighter than the Fourth of July and smile so blinding that would put the entire universe’s light to shame.

“This is my niece, Mi Yeon,” Taehyung introduces, coming to stand behind the girl, who leans herself easily into Taehyung’s chest, burrowing herself into the hug Taehyung is giving her. “Hyung, I mean my elder brother, his wife and Mimi came here the day before yesterday for vacations. But hyung and noona had to go back to Daegu again yesterday since their neighbour died. So they left her with me. They didn’t want to waste her holidays...and well...she wouldn’t leave,” Taehyung adds, grinning. “And I couldn’t leave her alone at home, so I brought her to work,” Taehyung finishes, shrugging slightly.

 “And Mimi,” Taehyung says, looking down at her, “This is uncle Yoongi. He is my friend.”

Yoongi looks down at the little girl.

Now Yoongi hates kids. They are very demanding and loud and always so full of energy which is almost everything what he absolutely hates to do. But if the kid is related to Taehyung in any way, then God help him, Yoongi is going to make an effort and interact with the kid, even if Yoongi thought kids were Satan’s spawns.

Yoongi leans down and smiles down at the girl in what he hopes is a winning smile. “Hello, Mimi.”

Instead of looking happy and greeting him shyly, which was how Yoongi thought the kid would reply, Mi Yeon suddenly looks angry, too feisty for a child and states, “No one calls me Mimi ‘cept for Uncle Tae. Don’t call me Mimi.”

Yoongi jerks back, surprised and almost starts to laugh but controls his expression quickly, looking at the girl’s furrowed brows and angry look.

Taehyung, for his part, looks scandalized. “Mimi! That’s not a very nice thing to say. Uncle Yoongi can call you Mimi if he wants to. Now apologise to him quickly.”


“Fine,” Taehyung mutters, folding his hands just like her and looks away from her. “If you don’t apologise to uncle Yoongi then I also won’t ever call you Mimi again. I am going to call you by your name from now on, Mi Yeon,” Taehyung finishes, emphasizing the girl’s name.

That throws Mi Yeon off.

“No! I’ll apologise,” Mi Yeon says quickly, reaching out and catching Taehyung’s hand, throwing him a panicked expression. She turns to Yoongi, “I am sorry. You can call me Mimi,” Mi Yeon says and Yoongi is surprised to see her actually be sincere about her apology rather than with reluctance. Wow, Taehyung had an influence over kids too.

Yoongi smiles, because how can he not? The kid is as adorable as her uncle, if not more. Taehyung has already returned to his coffee making, leaving Yoongi alone with his niece and Yoongi is sure that the man is relieved, now that he can finally work quickly and in peace.

“Hi Mimi,” Yoongi starts again, leaning forward again to pinch her cheeks before he stops himself. Maybe Mi Yeon wouldn’t like it.

Mi Yeon nods but a bit distractedly, her gaze fixated on Yoongi’s lip ring, watching it with utter fascination. She raises her hand quickly and touches the ring and Yoongi is surprised. He blinks fast but doesn’t pull back, letting the child touch his lip ring and watches as her eyes widen in fascination and delight.

“Is that a real ring?”


“Does it hurt?”



“I have one more ring. Look,” Yoongi says before sticking his tongue out to her and pointing to the ring embedded in the middle of his tongue and Mi Yeon shrieks again in delight, clapping her little hands twice before outstretching her hand and touching the ring with her fingertip, squirming excitedly on the counter. Kids, Yoongi realises, have no sense of personal space or disgust in them. The girl didn’t even think before touching his tongue.

“Can I get a ring too?”

Both Taehyung and Yoongi say a loud and firm ‘no’ simultaneously. Taehyung catches Yoongi’s eyes and grins before proceeding to pour milk into the cup, the smell of coffee dispersing into the air. Mi Yeon pouts again, looking a bit miffed for about five seconds before her eyes move upwards to Yoongi’s hair.

“You have glitter hair.”

“It’s platinum silver,” Yoongi corrects, staring down at Mi Yeon, whose eyes seem to have suddenly found a new object to be fascinated about.

“Glitter hair,” Mi Yeon says again insistently, before smiling widely, a boxy smile much like her uncle’s. Yoongi notices Taehyung and Mi Yeon even have the same soft, brown eyes and that that girl has a mole on the tip of her nose just like Taehyung’s. They even had the same black hair. Taehyung’ hadn’t dyed his hair in the last three months, keeping it his natural black since he didn’t want to “ruin his hair anymore”, not at all thinking about how the hair colour was ruining Yoongi’s entire life because Taehyung is natural black hair was a whole damn meal.

How rude of Taehyung to be so inconsiderate.

“Alright then, glitter hair,” Yoongi agrees. It’s not like he has a choice, does he?

“Uncle Tae, doesn’t he have glitter hair like Miss Paws?” Mi Yeon asks, twisting in her seat and looking at Taehyung, demanding his attention. Taehyung looks at her before glancing at Yoongi’s hair briefly.

“Yes, he does.”

“Who the fu-fudge is Miss Paws?” Yoongi asks, catching himself before it was too late. Damn. Yoongi never wants to have kids since he wouldn’t be able to curse at all. That would be a hard life.

“Her cat,” Taehyung answers, stirring the coffee with a thin, china stirrer. Yoongi liked the stirrer for some reason. Maybe because of the pretty, delicate blue design work on the grip and how it looked prettier and more delicate in Taehyung’s large, beautiful hands.

“Her cat is called Paws?” Yoongi asks, chuckling.

“It’s Miss Paws,” Mi Yeon emphasizes, looking at Yoongi with her hands folded in front of her and launches into a story of Miss Paws, which never seems to end. Yoongi listens to her, partly fascinated at how fast she spoke without getting breathless and partly wondering when the girl would take a pause. Mi Yeon could be a serious rapper if she wanted to.

About two minutes later, Taehyung appears behind her, placing down the tray with two hot coffee cups on the counter. “All right Mimi. The order is done. Give the call.”

Yoongi glances at Taehyung curiously, raising his eyebrows slightly. Taehyung just grins in response, shrugging his shoulders lightly.

Mi Yeon bends down sideways, looking around Yoongi and yells “Pika Pika Pikachu.”

Taehyung laughs out loud and Yoongi turns to look behind him, wondering what the hell is going on. He sees Ji Soo get up from a chair in the corner and walk towards the counter, a huge smile on her face as she looks at Mi Yeon.

“Thanks a lot, Yeonnie,” Ji Soo says, ruffling the girl’s hair and Mi Yeon positively beams at her, flashing Ji Soo a toothy grin. Ji Soo turns and looks at Yoongi and nods in greeting, which Yoongi reciprocates.

“Oh, by the way, Hoseok told me to tell you that he asked you to say hi to you know who,” Ji Soo says, throwing Yoongi a confused look as she picked up her tray.

Ji Soo worked at the salon two stores next to the coffee shop, where Hoseok was the manager.

“You can tell Hoseok that I told him to fuck off,” Yoongi snaps, suddenly irritated, not even caring about the fact that he just cursed in front of a little girl. He ignores Taehyung’s dirty look thrown in his way.

Trust his whole group to sit on his neck and harass him every chance they got. Especially Hoseok and Namjoon. Jin wasn’t any good. And so weren’t those annoying brats, Jungkook and Jimin. Who was he kidding? They were all the worst and Yoongi hated them all.

“Will do,” Ji Soo answers, grinning loudly before picking up the tray and leaving the shop.

When Yoongi turns to look at Taehyung, he is already watching him with a confused expression and Yoongi knows the boy wants answers. But Yoongi needs answers to more important things.

“What the hell was that Pikachu thingy?” Yoongi demands, raising his eyebrows at Taehyung and glances down at Mi Yeon, who was now playing with the spikes on Yoongi’s leather jacket sleeves. Yoongi catches her hand and pulls it away and holds her both hands in his one palm, so that she wouldn’t play with the spikes again. He doesn’t want the girl to accidentally hurt herself with those sharp spikes. Namjoon had himself once cut himself because of those. The fact that Namjoon is fucking clumsy is a whole different thing but anyway...

“Oh that,” Taehyung says, laughing loudly, remembering the whole Ji Soo incident. “Mimi has been giving the customers their own names which she thinks suits them. Mrs. Hong is Woolady. Which is, I think, a fusion for Wool-Lady. Ji Soo is Pikachu. Jungkook is Bugzie, you know, since he looks like a rabbit. Her names are getting creative.”

“And let me guess, no one opposes to what they are being called?”

“Nope,” Taehyung answers, popping the ‘p’. “Plus if you think about it, most of the names pretty much have logic behind it.”

That Yoongi could agree upon. Mrs. Hong was always knitting something with wool, so she was Woolady. Jungkook looked like a total bunny with his two bunny-like teeth which Yoongi loved and thought were cute (not that he’d tell that to Jungkook. The brat would never let Yoongi forget it by constantly rubbing it in Yoongi’s face) and Ji Soo loved Pikachu a lot, so all her tops were full of Pikachu cartoons. So it was obvious where Mi Yeon got that from.

“So, your usual?” Taehyung inquires, washing his hands before picking up Yoongi’s mug from the tray of cups beside on the counter.

“Nope. Mocha special 2,” Yoongi counters, smiling sheepishly, removing one of the rings on his hands which Mi Yeon had been fiddling with and handing it to her, letting her play with it. The girl is damn fascinated with everything and absolutely absorbed in everything about Yoongi. Yoongi doesn’t mind. It is sort of fun to play with her and for once, he actually likes a kid and the kid likes him back and is not running away from him, which they usually tended to do as soon as they saw his spiky jackets and his piercings and tattoos. Mi Yeon, on the contrary, found them delightful, all her attention focused on them.

“Mocha Special 2, eh?” Taehyung asks, throwing Yoongi a look as if he is surprised. “Did something good happen today? Or something sad?”

Yoongi just laughs. It had taken Taehyung only three weeks to guess that Mocha Special 2 meant either something good had happened or that Yoongi was having a bad day. And it had taken Yoongi three months to realise that Yoongi always drank Mocha Special 2 when he was feeling especially hopeless about his crush and felt like his situation with Taehyung will never move forward or when he was overwhelmingly happy and in love with Taehyung.

Like now.

It is funny how Taehyung knew what Yoongi felt even before himself knew what he had been feeling.

“Both,” Yoongi mutters, not meeting Taehyung’s eyes, not wanting a reminder of how much he loves that gaze and wants Taehyung to only look at him or for Yoongi to look at the boy and realise that Yoongi still doesn’t have Taehyung. Instead, Yoongi focuses on playing the high-five game with Mi Yeon, always swiftly retracting his hand anytime she was close to actually high-fiving him, smiling uncontrollably every time she pouted when she couldn’t.

Taehyung murmured a low ‘ah’ before turning his back to Yoongi, moving quickly to prepare the man’s order.

In the ten minutes that Taehyung takes to prepare Yoongi’s coffee, Yoongi bonds with Mi Yeon and has a lot of fun with the little girl, who laughs joyously every time Yoongi tickles her, squirming in her seat and shrieking loudly for her uncle Taehyung, who keeps throwing the two fond glances. At least Taehyung threw fond glances to her. Yoongi doesn’t think the glances are aimed at him.

“All right, Mimi. Uncle Yoongi’s order is done,” Taehyung announces, putting Yoongi’s coffee mug on the counter (Yoongi had his own coffee mug, reserved and brought only for him. He most certainly wasn’t going to drink his coffee from a tea-cup. No sir. And anyway, Taehyung had picked him the mug) and looks at Mi Yeon. “So,” Taehyung starts, throwing a sly glance in Yoongi’s direction, who pauses mid-way in his activity, which was locking both of Mi Yeon’s hands in his wristwatch. The girl had such tiny wrists that they both fit in just in Yoongi’s watch. Or maybe Yoongi had too thick wrists. Whatever.

“So, Mi Yeon, what is uncle Yoongi’s name?” Taehyung asks, leaning against the counter on his elbows, watching Mi Yeon with an excited and a huge, dopey grin, much like Yoongi’s.

Come on, even Yoongi is excited to know what name the kid was going to give him. The kid is excited. The love of Yoongi’s life is excited. And so Yoongi is excited.

If the group sees him now, Yoongi will have to kill himself rather than face all the Level no. 369814 of teasing and taunts. Thank God no one is here.

Mi Yeon peers at Taehyung thoughtfully for a moment before turning towards Yoongi, looking at him with her bright, sparkling wide eyes and Yoongi can practically see her gears turning in her head.

Suddenly, Mi Yeon’s eyes shine extra brightly with a renewed interest, a slow boxy smile spreading on her lips much like her uncle’s and both Yoongi and Taehyung lean closer, beyond excited to hear the name.

“I am gonna call you,” Mi Yeon whispers, leaning forward, a hand around her mouth as if she was telling a secret.

Yoongi waits. So does Taehyung.

Mi Yeon leans even closer and Yoongi holds his breath. This is of national importance. Please don’t judge him. He just really wants to know what name this adorable little girl who happens to be his crush’s niece has for him.

“Lil Meow Meow.”

Yoongi stares at her, blinking. Maybe he didn’t hear it right. Lil Meow what?

“What?” Yoongi blurts out, looking at Taehyung to check whether the boy had heard what Yoongi had just heard.

But Taehyung looks like he is about to piss himself laughing. The boy is biting down his lip, hard (which is making Yoongi’s mind and heart and thoughts race but Yoongi can’t dwell on that now) and Yoongi knows he had heard the girl correctly.

Mi Yeon tugs at Yoongi’s sleeve, trying to catch his attention and succeeding, as Yoongi looks down at her with a what-the-fuck expression. Not that the kids knew the expression...or maybe she did. Who can say anything with the kids nowadays?

“I am gonna call you Lil Meow Meow,” Mi Yeon repeats, flashing Yoongi a smile just as bright and other-worldly like her uncle.

At that, Taehyung loses it and starts guffawing, not even trying to stop himself or be discreet about it. Taehyung literally falls down on his knees, laughing loudly and clutches the counter to support himself before he lets it go and instead is covering his face with his hands, still on the ground.

Yoongi, on the other hand, is thunderstruck.

Because What. The. Heck?

Lil Meow Meow?

From which angle? And excuse him!! Yoongi is not a Lil Meow Meow. Not from any angle! He is Punk Rock Prince of Daegu who has a fucking reputation of being cold and a smart-ass and quick-thinker, he has a reputation of being the best underground rapper and (one of the) best tattoo artists and with the most tattoos in the area!! Excuse him but how dare this girl call him Lil Meow Meow?!

He is not a Lil anything.

Yoongi’s ego is hurt. Big time.

I am not Lil Meow Meow,” Yoongi states, glaring down at Mi Yeon who is still watching him as if he is the most loveliest and cutest thing ever. The girl actually sits up straighter and puts her little palm on Yoongi’s cheek, shrieking delightedly and pats it. It takes Yoongi a moment to realise that she is actually petting him. Like a cat.

At that, Taehyung launches into another roar of laughter, this time actually slumping against the counter and lying down on the floor, clutching his stomach as tears (actual tears) streak down his cheeks. His whole face has turned red from all the laughing.

“But you are Lil Meow Meow,” Mi Yeon shrieks, giggling and continues petting Yoongi, who somehow hasn’t stepped away from her and hasn’t stopped her from patting his cheeks. “You are like Miss Paws. Miss Paws also has glitter hair like you. And Miss Paws also likes to play high-five with me. And Miss Paws keeps sticking her tongue out like you do. You are like Miss Paws! And Miss Paws makes adorable and cute little meows and you remind me of Miss Paws...well now I miss Miss Paws,” Mi Yeon suddenly mumbles, her face falling, before it lights up again as she sees Yoongi. “You are my Lil Meow Meow.”

Yoongi looks at Taehyung desperately but the man is a goner. Yoongi thinks Taehyung is going to die of laughter and make the expression and actually come alive.

It takes a full five minute silence from Yoongi’s part and stopping Mi Yeon from petting him by holding her hands again (Yoongi wanted to kick himself from stopping her. Her face fell so rapidly when he wouldn’t let her pet him) and instead engaging her again with his multiple rings (The girl had an attention span of a goldfish) to finally stop Taehyung from laughing.

Yoongi kind of wants the boy to never stop laughing. Taehyung looked so joyful as he laughed, face spread into the widest smile Yoongi had ever seen with his eyes disappearing in crescents and his cheeks lifting up and looking fuller.

It was a beautiful sight.

“All right,” Taehyung starts, biting his lip to stop from bursting into a fit of laughter again and pushes Yoongi’s mug towards him, “one Mocha Special 2 for...for Lil Meow Meow,” Taehyung finishes, this time biting the inside of his cheeks to control his expression.

“Don’t call me that!” Yoongi snaps, not angrily, just...excuse him, he has a reputation.

Taehyung raises his eyebrows as Yoongi picks up his mug and stands behind Mi Yeon, who again leans back and burrows herself into Taehyung’s chest and beams at Yoongi. “If Mimi says you are her Lil Meow Meow, then you are everyone’s Lil Meow Meow,” Taehyung deadpans. “And if Mimi calls you Lil Meow Meow, you are Lil Meow Meow.”

Yoongi holds Taehyung gaze for a long minute in silence.

“You aren’t going to stop calling me that from now on, are you?”

“Nope,” Taehyung replies with a grin, popping the p.

Oh Dear God.

Yoongi presses his lips into a thin line, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before opening his eyes in a flash.

“Please don’t call me that in front of anyone else,” Yoongi pleads. No. More like begs Taehyung. Word about this can’t spread anywhere because Yoongi has a reputation! And surely, Kim Taehyung, inventor of kindness, sweetness and Sunshine Personality 101 wouldn’t sell him out to his friends like that. Surely not. Taehyung knows how much Yoongi’s reputation is important to him (well Yoongi actually standing in the coffee shop betrays that but still, he isn’t being rational now) and oh god please don’t let Taehyung tell about this to anyone...

Taehyung smiles at him and it is so not a good smile. Yoongi can’t believe that there is going to be a smile of Taehyung that Yoongi is actually going to hate. He didn’t think he even would have to make a category for Kim Taehyung’s so-not-good smiles.

“Can’t promise any promises I don’t intend on keeping,” Taehyung answers cheerfully.

“Please don’t. I am begging you, please don’t. Come on,” Yoongi begs, “I am your most regular customer and I give you excellent tips! Be fair,” Yoongi whines, actually stomping his foot for emphasis before taking a sip of his mocha. Hmmm. It is delicious. As always. There isn’t a thing Kim Taehyung makes that isn’t delicious to Yoongi, anyway.

“All right,” Taehyung replies, sighing a huge dramatic sigh as he clutches his heart. “I promise...”

“But what?” Yoongi demands, knowing that the ‘but’ was left hanging.

“Nothing. But nothing,” Taehyung replies defensively but Yoongi doesn’t miss the wild glint in his eyes, as if he knows something that Yoongi doesn’t. As if Yoongi’s death has already arrived. As if there is something far more worse than death that Yoongi is going to face.

Oh dear God. Someone save Yoongi. Or kill him right now.

“Whatever,” Yoongi mutters, and turns around. If he stays any more minute over here, then Yoongi is certainly going to die of a head explosion. Or a heart explosion. Or just die in general.

Because this sooooo wasn’t a good news for him.

As Yoongi exits the café, his coffee mug hot in his hands, warming his cold fingertips, Yoongi hears a loud “Bye Lil Meow Meow!” behind him and Yoongi doesn’t need to turn around and see how huge the grins must be on Taehyung’s and Mi Yeon’s faces as they practically screamed the name out loud.




It’s only half an hour later when Yoongi puts the cups away and removes the sketchbook, ready to sketch out another idea for a tattoo that Yoongi finally admits to himself that Lil Meow Meow was the cutest shit he had ever heard in his entire life and that he loved the way the uncle-niece pair called him that.








Yoongi plops down on the chair and slumps against it, shutting his eyes close and hopes that the ground would open up and swallow him and he’d die. That would be much better than the pain he is in right now. His shoulders are aching like anything and Yoongi brings one hand up and massages his right shoulder, eyes still closed and exhales loudly.

“I told you I would do the tattoo.”

Yoongi opens his eyes and stares at Namjoon, who is watching him over his beer can, leaning against the desk. Yoongi doesn’t reply.

“I know long, arm tattoos always tire you out and so I told you to not do it,” Namjoon continues in an I-told-you-so tone, throwing a look which translates to you-brought-this-on-yourself as Yoongi continues to massage his arm, hitting his shoulder with his left hand clenched as a fist.

“I know,” Yoongi finally mutters before grinning, finally putting his left hand down and proceeding to do the same with his right hand. “But it was a wolf tattoo. And a geometrical tattoo at that. And you know I can never resist a wolf tattoo or a geometrical design. And this was a geometrical wolf, so there was no way I was going to let the opportunity go,” Yoongi finishes, grinning satisfactorily. The pain is worth it.

Namjoon throws him a judgmental look before shrugging and takes a sip from his can.

Yoongi finally stops beating either of his shoulders and leans back against the plush leather seat, closing his eyes and resting his head.

“Really? I thought you’d be dying to go to Sugar Rush’s and you’d...rush out as soon as you were finished.”

Yoongi opens his eyes in a flash and throws Namjoon a look, who looks incredibly proud of his pun. Ugh. Why did the boy have to date Jin out of them all?

It is almost six in the evening, the sky outside a slightly darker and a mélange of pink and yellow. The tattoo had taken far more time than Yoongi had expected but Yoongi hates stopping mid-work and asking someone else to continue from where he leaves things off. He believes that if someone else continues drawing the tattoo mid-way where Yoongi leaves it off, it wouldn’t be the same as Yoongi’s style, which is pretty stupid considering Namjoon and he had done this more than once before and the tattoos had been just as excellent as they always had been.

But Yoongi really just couldn’t resist geometrical patterns and wolf tattoos. That was what he was best at. Along with water-colour tattoos. Namjoon was the best at long-arm tattoos and the more intricate ones. And even minimalist tattoos. But damn Yoongi if could let go of this geometrical wolf. It was the first Yoongi had ever drawn and it was always Yoongi’s dream to draw it. So when the customer had requested the geometrical world with the words “Winter is Coming” underneath, what could Yoongi do except break his back and draw the tattoo?

But the point here is, it is almost six in the evening and the tattoo had taken much longer than Yoongi had estimated it would take for him to draw it. Which means only one thing.

Yoongi has missed his 5 o’clock appointment to Sugar Rush.

Not that he couldn’t go now. Obviously, he was going to go there, just after a short break of ten minutes. He will rest himself for a bit before heading for his daily dose of Kim Taehyung and coffee.

“I’ll go in ten minutes,” Yoongi replies to Namjoon. “He isn’t going anywhere.”

“Oh My God. Did you actually just say that?! Or are my ears ringing?!” Namjoon shrieks, looking at him in genuine shock. Which is quite the expected reaction, considering how Yoongi was never late for his daily meet with Taehyung and how the boy would never miss even an opportunity or a second to meet the barista. Yoongi would usually be out from the parlour the second his customers left to go meet Taehyung, if he ever missed his usual five o’clock time.

This is the first time Yoongi has ever stopped and not...rushed out to meet Taehyung.

“Could you please say it again? Please! Otherwise, the rest of them won’t believe when I tell them that you really said it,” Namjoon says, removing his phone out and Yoongi has no doubt that the boy had his camera open, ready to film Yoongi.

“Please shut the fuck up and let me sleep for ten minutes. I am really tired,” Yoongi sighs, too tired to even snap at him. He swats Namjoon’s phone away which the boy held close to his face and it almost falls to the floor before Namjoon catches it swiftly. Yoongi slides down the leather chair and shuts his eyes, trying to ignore both, Namjoon (and his profanities) and the pain in his shoulders and prays that the other boy would now shut the fuck up and not start with his senseless chatter, since Namjoon loved to talk a lot when Yoongi was usually resting.

“Wouldn’t it be funny...”


“Never mind.”

Yoongi opens his eyes, now annoyed. “What?”

Namjoon glances at him. “Never mind. Anyway, I didn’t know you were listening.”

“Well, I am now. Now tell me, what would be funny?” Yoongi demands, watching Namjoon. Namjoon’s thoughtful expression disappears, replaced with an expression which Yoongi isn’t liking at all. The boy is smiling devilishly and Yoongi knows he doesn’t want to know whatever was thinking.

“Well, I just thought, wouldn’t it be funny if Taehyung actually brought the coffee here for you?”

Yoongi narrows his eyes at Namjoon, so not amused at the boy’s train of thought.

First of all, because that hasn’t happened ever before. Ever. Taehyung had never actually come to the parlour unless Namjoon ordered his coffee and asked him to bring it here whenever he was busy or when Yoongi did the same. Secondly, Sugar Rush had like, three baristas. So there was no way Taehyung was going to leave the shop unattended and come all the way here to give Yoongi a coffee, much less a free coffee. And thirdly, Yoongi found no reason why Taehyung should come all the way here to give him a coffee.

Unless Taehyung liked him.

Which definitely isn’t the case.

“Yes, that would be funny,” Yoongi deadpans.

Namjoon throws him another look. “No need to be salty. I just really thought it would be amusing if Taehyung did come here with a coffee for you. Or for me. I would like that more.”

Yoongi stares unamusedly at Namjoon. “Not happening. The boy will never leave the counter unattended and come all the way here to give me a coffee,” Yoongi mutters dejectedly. “He has no reason to do that.”

“I know,” Namjoon agrees. “But-”

Yoongi cuts him off, eyeing him suspiciously. “Did you call him secretly and order a coffee for us?”

“No!” Namjoon says, furrowing his eyebrows and Yoongi knows the boy is telling the truth. Namjoon’s tiny, cute nose flared whenever he lied (or tried to) and Namjoon’s nose didn’t flare now.

Yoongi sighs, trying not to think too much about it and sits up straighter and stretches his arms behind his back, getting ready to go out. “Then, there is no way that is happening.”

But Yoongi has barely finished his sentence when the door to the parlour opens, the small bell above it chiming loudly in the silence of the parlour and the smell of fresh coffee wafts in the room.

The coffee is here, all right.

But it’s not Taehyung.

Mi Yeon is standing in the doorway, holding two to-go coffee cups in their holder by the holder’s strap.

Yoongi stares at her, mouth open slightly, wondering if he is imagining her standing there or if the girl is actually standing there. In the doorway. Of the tattoo parlour. Holding two to-go coffee cups.

Yoongi turns and looks at Namjoon who is staring at the doorway with a same surprised expression, jaw on the floor. Not that he has any idea who Mi Yeon is.

Yoongi looks at Mi Yeon again, who finally looks at Yoongi, now that she is done staring around at all the parlour in wonder with her bright, wide eyes. The second her eyes land on Yoongi, her face lights up like the Fourth of July, spreading into a huge grin.

“Lil Meow Meow,” Mi Yeon shrieks and starts running towards him, laughing joyously and Yoongi is out of the seat in a flash. Because the girl is running towards him at full speed and for fuck’s sake, she has hot cups of coffee in her hands which she could spill on herself any second and there was no fucking way Yoongi wants to her to get burned.

Kids really have no sense of anything.

Yoongi meets her halfway and bends down, almost sitting on his knees, only focused on getting the coffee cups away from her hand before she could burn herself. The minute Yoongi sits down (the cups snatched away and put beside on the floor) Mi Yeon throws both her hands around Yoongi’s neck and wraps her legs around his waist, smiling hugely.

Yoongi stands up, utterly relieved, with Mi Yeon in sitting on his left arm, hands still around Yoongi’s neck and calmly walks back to his leather couch, the coffee cups in their holder in his right hand.

He still hasn’t had the time to process what the hell is happening.

Yoongi sits on the leather couch and Mi Yeon automatically adjusts herself and sits on Yoongi’s lap, leaning against his chest and dangling her legs over the edge, immediately starting to fiddle with Yoongi’s rings.

“What is this, Mimi?” Yoongi asks, leaning forward and looking at her.

“Uncle Tae sent you coffee. I wanted to see Lil Meow Meow and uncle Tae said even he wanted to but he said you must be busy because you didn’t come today at your usual time. So uncle Tae told me I could come here and bring you your coffee. He wanted to come but he has too much work. Too many people,” Mi Yeon answers, turning breathless as she looks at Yoongi with the same huge grin, as if he is the most adorable thing in the world.

Yoongi smiles, his heartbeat rocketing immediately.

Because Taehyung sent him coffee! Because Taehyung wanted to see him! Because Taehyung actually wanted to come here and give him the coffee but of course, the man is busy, but still! The man remembered! Kim Taehyung sent him coffee because Yoongi didn’t visit him one day.

One day.

Yoongi smiles even wider at the thought and doesn’t even mind when Mi Yeon starts petting his cheek, squirming in his lap excitedly.

Yoongi picks his coffee cup, which has Lil Meow Meow written over it in crayons and small cat ears drawn over it and Yoongi knows who must’ve written it (guess who is never going to throw the cup away?). He suddenly feels as if the sun is shining brightly (even though it has started to get dark outside) and that the birds are chirping and there is a storm of butterflies taking flight at once in his stomach (Dear God. Thank God Namjoon wasn’t a mind-reader). He looks at the other cup, with Namjoon’s name over it.

“Here’s your coffee,” Yoongi says, turning to look at Namjoon and holding his cup out to him, watching the steam rise up from the lid as the cup warmed his finger-tips.

 But Namjoon is staring at him with his jaw wide open, blinking owlishly.

Or more precisely he is staring at Mi Yeon who is sitting on Yoongi’s lap.

Oh Dear God, here it comes Yoongi thinks and as if on cue, Namjoon exclaims a ‘what the fuck’, his face incredulous.

“Please just fucking take your coffee or I am pouring it down,” Yoongi threatens, his outstretched hand starting to pain a little. At that, Namjoon quickly moves forward, eyes still on Mi Yeon who is eyeing him interestedly, and grabs his coffee cup, having full faith in Yoongi that he would actually drop the cup and let the liquid spill on the ground if provoked more.

Namjoon takes the coffee cup and continues staring at Mi Yeon and Yoongi, watching them hawk-like over the rim of his cup. Yoongi doesn’t give one shit and sips his own coffee peacefully. It’s Espresso (the most basic) today with a dash of chocolate, which means that Taehyung must’ve been really busy with the customers.

And yet the boy had sent Yoongi a cup of coffee.

Yoongi feels a warmth spread through his whole body, from the tips of his toes to the tips of his fingers and hair, which has nothing to do with the hot coffee he is drinking right now.

And sure, maybe Taehyung had sent it just because Mi Yeon wanted to meet him and must’ve thought to as well send the coffee with her, and maybe (and Yoongi is absolutely sure about it) Taehyung didn’t have any other motivation at all to send the coffee to Yoongi but Yoongi feels happy nevertheless. He can mope about the sad part later at night.

“You have a kid in your lap.”

Yoongi looks up at Namjoon, who is still watching him slack-jawed, his coffee all forgotten. Yoongi wonders how Namjoon’s hand is not getting burned from holding the coffee cup so continuously while Yoongi could barely hold the cup with his fingertips.

“I know.”

You have a kid in your lap,” Namjoon repeats, this time putting an emphasis on his words, as if Yoongi had somehow failed to understand their importance or magnitude.

I know,” Yoongi repeats, raising his eyebrows in a ‘do-I-look-like-an-idiot-to-you’ kind of way. Dear Lord. He can already feel an interrogation coming and that is the last thing Yoongi wants right now. Can’t he just enjoy his coffee in peace and play with his Mimi without anyone disturbing them?

Namjoon finally breaks away his eye-contact (more like staring contest) with Mi Yeon and turns to look straight at Yoongi. “Care to explain?” Namjoon demands, raising a perfect eyebrow. Namjoon raising one eyebrow meant only one thing, that he wasn’t kidding around and wouldn’t stop harassing the person until his curiosity was satisfied.

And Namjoon was the sanest of them all.

Yoongi’s urge to die rises.

“Namjoon, meet Mi Yeon, Taehyung’s niece who is here for a vacation,” Yoongi introduces, looking at Namjoon in an ‘are-you-satisfied-now?’ way before looking down at Mi Yeon and smiling automatically, “And Mimi, this is uncle Namjoon. Another of uncle Tae’s friend.”

Mi Yeon looks at Namjoon shyly but doesn’t reply, instead leans back and burrows herself further into Yoongi, who wraps a hand around her protectively unconsciously and adjusts her so she’d sit down comfortably.

Namjoon smiles at Mi Yeon. A dimpled smile, his most winning and charming smile. “Hello, Mimi.”

“No one calls me Mimi but uncle Tae. And him,” Mi Yeon answers, patting Yoongi on his thigh.

If Taehyung had been here, Yoongi is absolutely sure he would have chastised Mi Yeon much like yesterday and told her to let Namjoon call her Mimi if Namjoon wanted to. But Taehyung isn’t here. And Yoongi most definitely isn’t going to tell Mi Yeon that. No one gets to call her Mimi except him and Taehyung. Min Yoongi is the Chosen One. Others can fuck off.

“Okay then, Mi Yeon,” Namjoon mutters, face falling a little. Yoongi doesn’t give one shit. “Hello Mi Yeon,” Namjoon starts again and this time, Mi Yeon responds to him.

Yoongi quietly finishes his coffee as Namjoon converses with Mi Yeon, who refuses to go to Namjoon even after the boy asking her to give him a high-five for the seventh time. The girl absolutely refuses to leave Yoongi’s lap. Yoongi hides his smile behind the coffee cup.

When his drink finishes, Yoongi places the cup carefully on the table beside him, staring at Mi Yeon who had asked him something which he hadn’t heard, since he was so busy in putting away the cup safely, so no one would touch it. If anyone touches it, Yoongi is going to go to jail for homicide.

“Can you draw like this on my hand?” Mi Yeon asks, more like demands, pointing to a long tattoo on Yoongi’s arm.

“Only if your mom, dad and uncle Tae agree with the idea,” Yoongi answers, smiling at her.

Mi Yeon’s face falls in a sad pout and Yoongi suddenly wants to kick himself. How dare he make her sad?!

“But we can draw Mimi a little drawing with a sketch-pen for now,” Yoongi suggests, hoping that that will make the girl happy. As expected, Mi Yeon shrieks in delight and claps her hands loudly, nodding her head vigorously. Yoongi smiles as he watches her hair bounce, the pink, silk hair-band with the cute, little bow loosening before completely coming undone.

Yoongi reaches out and picks it up and puts it around her head, who surprisingly sits still when Yoongi orders her to do so, and ties it around her head, taking four attempts before he achieves the perfect bow.

Yoongi can feel Namjoon’s eyes ogle at him and his slack-jawed face but he (still) doesn’t give one shit. It’s Mi Yeon and Yoongi will do anything for his Mimi.

“All right. Let’s draw you a little drawing,” Yoongi announces and reaches forward on the table to pick a sketch-pen from the pen-stand on the table.

“So what do you want?”  Yoongi asks, beaming at Mi Yeon. Mi Yeon thinks for a moment, putting an index finger to her cheek as she thinks and Yoongi almost wants to coo at the sight. He reaches out and pinches her cheek and Mi Yeon giggles before sobering up.

“A kitty! I want a kitty. Like Miss Paws,” Mi Yeon states, flashing Yoongi a toothy grin before breaking into an even wider smile. “And like Lil Meow Meow!” Mi Yeon finishes, shrieking loudly, joyously.

Yoongi laughs heartily, his eyes closed, flashing the Min Yoongi Special 32-Teeth and Gums on display Smile™. If Mi Yeon got any more adorable than this then Yoongi is going to die of cuteness. And diabetes.

“All right then. We will draw you a kitty. Like Miss Paws,” Yoongi says, opening the sketch-pen and taking hold of her arm. “And Lil Meow Meow,” Yoongi adds, whispering, now positively beaming at her. He hopes Taehyung wouldn’t mind a small little kitten on Mi Yeon’s wrist. It is going to be a minimalistic design anyway.

“What’s Miss Paws?” Namjoon asks, looking confusedly at them as Yoongi starts his drawing.

“Her cat,” Yoongi replies just as Mi Yeon simultaneously pipes up “My cat!” in Namjoon’s direction.

“Okay. And what’s Lil Meow Meow?” Namjoon asks, still looking between the two of them.

At that, Yoongi shuts up instantaneously, freezing on the spot. He looks at Mi Yeon with a panicked expression, hoping that the girl wouldn’t answer Namjoon. Mi Yeon seems to not have heard Namjoon’s question anyway, since she was so engrossed in the design Yoongi was drawing.

Because if the girl answered Namjoon, then Yoongi was done. So done. He’d never hear the end of ‘Lil Meow Meow’, he’d get teased by everyone, especially Jungkook and Jimin and Hoseok, the brattiest among the lot, he’d lose his reputation and excuse him but he is Punk Rock Prince!!! The Punk Rock Prince. He could not have his reputation tarnished and completely wiped away just like that because of an innocent little reply and give his friends something that they’d (and everyone) call “Golden blackmail worthy”. They are all fucking assholes and Min Yoongi most certainly can not tell them who Lil Meow Meow is!

“Who is Lil Meow Meow?” Namjoon asks again, his tone insistent, looking suspiciously at Yoongi who suddenly seems to have stopped functioning, his expression that of utter panic.

Mi Yeon looks up, as if suddenly realising that Namjoon is here. And then she smiles and opens her mouth to reply. Yoongi drops the hand that he is holding and throws the pen away, moving forward to shut her mouth with his hands but it’s too late.

“He is,” Mi Yeon answers, pointing at Yoongi.

Yoongi feels his soul leave his body.

There is a whole minute of silence as no one says anything. Yoongi feels like he is already dead and cannot speak at all because he just knows what’s coming. Namjoon has fallen silent too, probably processing what Mi Yeon had just spoken and Yoongi can just sense the gears in Namjoon’s heads whirring. Mi Yeon is silent too, again staring down at the half-drawn cat, kicking her legs in the air over the edge of the couch, looking merry and unbothered.

“I am sorry,” Namjoon starts, shaking his head slightly, as if he hadn’t heard Mi Yeon correctly and Yoongi is wondering where the nearest graveyard is so he can bury himself alive forever. “Is he Lil Meow Meow?” Namjoon asks, pointing at Yoongi, a slow smile spreading on his face, eyes glinting. “Is uncle Yoongi Lil Meow Meow, Mi Yeon?”

Mi Yeon looks up at Namjoon and nods enthusiastically, her hair-band loosening again slightly but not coming undone, kicking her legs even faster in her excitement.

Namjoon looks at Yoongi, who feels like he is taking an uncalled for Ice Bucket Challenge and is being doused with unending icy cold water.

Namjoon’s gaze says it all.

You are so done for Namjoon mouths and moves a finger over his neck, confirming Yoongi’s death and then gives him two thumbs up, his dimpled smile on display, eyes glittering before he scrunches them tightly and bursts out in a full laughter. Namjoon actually falls down on the floor and laughs, clutching his stomach and kicking his legs in the air.

The nearest graveyard is almost 10 kilometres away ( Yoongi Googled it) and Yoongi is already calculating how large a pit he will need to dig so he can crawl in there and never see the world again.

Because he is so so dead.









“’sup Lil Meow Meow?”

“Fuck you,” Yoongi snaps, pausing in his sketching and looks up and glares at Jungkook, who saunters in the parlour, a smirk plastered on his face as he watches Yoongi with a wild gleam in his eyes, stuffing a doughnut in his mouth.

Jungkook swallows down the bite before opening his idiotic mouth again. “Aww. Feisty Lil Meow Meow now, are we?”

“Shut the fuck up,” Yoongi snaps, hand twitching to throw something at the younger boy, who walks towards Namjoon’s table and wipes his hand on the table, flicking off the crumbs all over the desk. Ew. Disgusting.

Jungkook cocks his neck to one side and fake pouts, eyes shining with mirth. “Why? Does our Lil Meow Meow not liked to be called Lil Meow Meow?”

“That’s it,” Yoongi roars and jumps up from the couch, throwing the sketchbook aside and runs towards Jungkook, who is too quick for him (fortunately for Jungkook and unfortunately for Yoongi) and hides behind Namjoon, who has just entered the room, stuffing a doughnut himself. Both Jungkook and Yoongi continue circling around the boy who finally has enough and yells at them to ‘shut the fuck up or he will beat both their asses’. That shuts them up.

“So, what got it started?” Namjoon enquires, flicking the crumbs off and wiping his hands on the desk. Again. Ew. Disgusting. No guesses where Jungkook got that from.

“Our Lil Meow Meow is angry today,” Jungkook pipes up, ready to take off if Yoongi came for him again. Yoongi is itching to do so, obviously, but that’s too much effort. And anyway, he should just get used to being called ‘Lil Meow Meow’ by now.

It’s been four fucking days and Yoongi hasn’t had his peace. He is dead since four days. His Punk-Rock self is dead. His reputation is dead. Everything about him feels dead. Namjoon had fucking announced it in the whole group about Mi Yeon calling Yoongi Lil Meow Meow and that was it. Now everyone fucking called him that. From Mrs. Hong to Ji Soo to the stupid new cleaner at the Jin’s bakery to probably the little gecko who Yoongi sometimes spotted in the parlour bathroom.

The group even changed the name of their group chat from TaeGi to ‘Lil Meow Meow and his TaeTae’.

Min Yoongi is living a hard, cruel life.

And although he pretends to hate the name but secretly loves it, he hates it when anyone else called him Lil Meow. He was only Mimi’s Lil Meow Meow. And Taehyung’s obviously.

God. How he loves it when Taehyung teases him and calls him Lil Meow Meow. Because whenever Taehyung calls him that, his nose scrunches fractionally and shit, it’s the most fucking adorable thing Yoongi has ever seen and his eyes go all crescents and crinkly and Taehyung so tries to control his laughter for a mini-second, biting his lips with his teeth before bursting out in a full laugh, the throwing-your-head-back-and-clutching-your-stomach kind of laugh.

Yoongi loves the sound of Taehyung’s laugh.

Yoongi loves it when Taehyung laughs.

Yoongi loves Taehyung.

And whenever Taehyung called him Lil Meow Meow with his nose scrunch and crescent eyes and controlled smile and then laugh, Yoongi fell for him all over again.

Yoongi wishes Taehyung would notice him someday.

“What is our Lil Meow Meow thinking?”

Yoongi looks up at Jungkook, who is sprawled over the other couch, which is so small for the boy that his feet are dangling over the edge. He knows Jungkook can fit perfectly if he curls himself into a ball. But Jungkook curling himself on the ball only meant two things. Either he is sad or his banana milkshake wasn’t available at the convenience store (which happens quite frequently much to Jungkook’s distaste). And Jungkook’s main reason for being sad was usually the banana milkshake being out of stock. So no matter how much Yoongi would chastise Jungkook for dangling his legs over the edge (because who wants to see the underside of his ancient Timberlands?), the boy won’t listen anyway.

“None of your business,” Yoongi grumbles, not wanting to delve into his hopeless romantic situation with either of the boys, especially Jungkook, who was shitty at listening or giving advice to people, especially on their love lives. No thanks but Yoongi would rather die than tell Jungkook about what he was thinking. He doesn’t need to ask Jungkook out of all of them for advice on how to ask Taehyung out when the boy himself pined after Jimin for three fucking years before getting the courage to ask Jimin out. And that was after Jimin confessing to the boy first.

 “What are you even doing here?” Yoongi asks, picking up his sketchbook to finish the design.

“I wanted him to draw a butterfly for me,” Namjoon replies and Jungkook does finger guns at Yoongi with a clicking sound. How mature.

“Why? You can draw butterflies very well yourself,” Yoongi counters, pausing in his drawing for a second to frown at Namjoon.

“Yes but not a single stroke butterfly. You know I can’t draw original designs without lifting off the pen. And Hyungwon called yesterday and says he wants a one stoke butterfly. So...” Namjoon answers, shrugging lightly. Yoongi nods, not having anything to reply to that. Even he himself couldn’t draw original designs without lifting off the pen. They always asked Jungkook to do that for them.

“Anyway,” Jungkook starts, smiling at Yoongi in a way that Yoongi doesn’t like at all. That face only meant one thing. And, Oh Dear Lord, Yoongi doesn’t want to start this conversation again. Because that’s exactly what the whole group has been talking about for the last four days, aside from the Lil Meow Meow thing. Yoongi can’t decide what they liked better. Calling him Lil Meow Meow or what Jungkook was about to just say again.

“Please don’t start with your stupid shitty theory,” Yoongi warns, throwing the sketchbook on the table in front of him, having finished the design and starts rubbing his temples. He can already feel the headache coming. All thanks to Jeon Jungkook.

“It’s not stupid at all!” Jungkook snaps, glaring at Yoongi before looking at him firmly. “I am telling you. Taehyung is in love with you,” Jungkook says, his tone just as firm and insistent.

“Oh My God,” Yoongi murmurs, slumping against the couch and closes his eyes. Not this shit again. He can already sense that even Namjoon is going start on the topic and jump on Yoongi.

“Yes, he is,” Namjoon says, agreeing with Jungkook and confirming Yoongi’s thoughts. “The dude brought you coffee that day! And he is coming bringing coffee for you for the last four days!”

“And how many times do I need to tell you,” Yoongi starts, opening his eyes in a flash and clenching his jaw, “that he came over with coffee only because Mimi wanted to bring me coffee and he comes here because Mimi likes to spend time with everyone.”

“That may be just his cover-up,” Namjoon protests, raking a hand through his hair, utterly frustrated at Yoongi’s inability to see the signs. “And even if it is not, let’s not forget the other things. Let’s not forget how the boy practically stood up the entire time and refused to sit but the minute Jimin got up from beside you, he took his place,” Namjoon points out, staring down at Yoongi.

“That was because everyone was already sitting when he came and Taehyung is just too polite to ask anyone to get up just so that he can sit,” Yoongi retaliates immediately.

“And also how when he didn’t get to sit with you day before yesterday he sat on the armrest next to you,” Jungkook says, staring at Yoongi with a ‘just-fucking-accept-it’ look.

“He said he was tired and had been continuously with the customers since one hour,” Yoongi says, warding off Jungkook’s comment. “And again, he is just too polite.”

“And how he always makes artwork only for you,” Namjoon adds.

“He makes it for everyone,” Yoongi counteracts, rolling his eyes. Because he distinctively remembers Jungkook’s coffee having bunny ears made on it with the foam.

“Okay. But let’s not forget how it was a fucking heart artwork yesterday,” Jungkook says, stomping his foot, looking angry.

“And let’s fucking not forget the lip incident,” Namjoon points out, looking stubbornly at Yoongi.

The Lip Incident aka when Min Yoongi stopped breathing and ascended to heaven and there had never been a death more beautiful, more dreamed of and more easier.

They had all been sitting around and chatting and Mi Yeon had been playing with Yoongi’s lip ring, since she was fascinated about it the most and wanted to know if the ring could turn. Before Yoongi could have even replied, Taehyung had yelled a loud yes to her and turned to Yoongi and then, holy shit, raised a tentative hand and turned Yoongi’s ring, looking at him as if wondering if it was hurting Yoongi.

Taehyung’s fingers had been on Yoongi’s lips. Taehyung had been staring at Yoongi’s lips. And he had been staring a lot (according to everyone else) and Yoongi can still feel how warm his fingers were against his cold lips, he still remembers how Taehyung had lightly caressed his lip and cheeks, ever so lightly that he might’ve not even touched it at all and the look which Taehyung had given him.

As if Taehyung had wanted to kiss Yoongi (just as Yoongi had been imagining how it would be to kiss Taehyung at the moment.)

Yoongi shakes his head and lands back on earth. This isn’t the time to think about it.

Or ever.

Because Kim Taehyung could not be in love with him. Kim Taehyung could not be most certainly in love with Min Yoongi. Someone so soft, so bright and brilliant and beautiful like Kim Taehyung couldn’t be in love with Min Yoongi. Because Yoongi was just...Yoongi. He wasn’t special. He certainly wasn’t smart, or handsome (he thinks he is quite pretty, but Taehyung was on whole another level) he wasn’t chatty. He mostly just listened to Taehyung speak and laughed at his jokes (which are much better than Jin’s) and just replied to him. Yoongi kind of thrived when Taehyung was around, like how the plants need the Sun to thrive, or how the Sun was responsible for good weather or in the way the Sun always gave its light to the Moon, making him visible.

The Sun makes the Moon beautiful.

 Like Taehyung makes Yoongi beautiful.

Taehyung was his Sun, his Star, the center of Yoongi’s universe and the reason for his existence.

Is Yoongi the Moon to Taehyung’s Stars?

Yoongi shakes his head, trying to force the thought out of his head. Min Yoongi is always right and he is going to be right about this too. Everyone else can just shut the fuck up.

Yoongi stands up abruptly and rakes a hand through his hair, hand stopping at the nape of his neck.

“Listen, Taehyung is not in love with me and please don’t fucking start your stupid theory again.”

Jungkook opens his mouth to say something but Yoongi cuts him off.

“The lip incident was nothing. Understand? Nothing! He was just showing Mimi how the ring turns, okay? It was just that. Now please don’t fucking say something like that again. Fuck this. I am going and taking a break,” Yoongi finishes and walks to his table, picks up his leather jacket and walks out of the parlour before either of the boys can even open their mouths, feeling something heavy drop in his stomach. He feels as if someone is clenching his heart before ripping it out and throwing it away and then driving military tanks over it.

Yoongi is suddenly very mad. At himself? At Taehyung? At Jungkook and Namjoon? He doesn’t know. All he knows, or feels, is that he is about to go crazy.

Because Yoongi wants to believe Jungkook’s and Namjoon’s theory. He wants to believe them so ardently, feel truly in his heart that it is possible for Taehyung to think of Yoongi in that way.

That maybe, just maybe Taehyung is in love with him too.

Yoongi wishes he didn’t have any counter arguments for everything they (Namjoon and Jungkook) had just said.

But the fact is that Kim Taehyung is the kindest and the most nicest person Yoongi had ever met. Taehyung smiled brightly to everyone, he spoke just as enthusiastically and in a friendly manner to everyone, he always brought everyone coffee and his generosity wasn’t just limited to Min Yoongi. Kim Taehyung just made everyone feel special.

That was how special Taehyung himself was.

The small overhead bell chimes as Yoongi enters the café, still feeling cold inside even though the weather outside is pleasantly warm and Yoongi is all cosy in his jacket. His mood is ruined and he can’t even blame anyone else for it. He might be mad right now but he is still sane enough to know it isn’t Jungkook or Namjoon’s fault.

Yoongi doesn’t even wave back to Mrs.Hong. He barely even notices her.

“You’re full ten minutes late!”

Yoongi looks up startled only to find Taehyung watching him with his hands on his hips, his expression somewhat mad too. Mi Yeon is sitting on the counter, who shrieks an excited ‘Lil Meow Meow’ as soon as she sees Yoongi but Yoongi is in far too turmoil to even respond to her.

Yoongi walks up to the counter silently, still lost in thoughts, zoning in-and-out between reality and his thoughts. “Yeah, had some work,” Yoongi mutters, not glancing at Taehyung. “I want Espresso 3. Make it quick and in a to-go cup,” Yoongi orders, putting his hands in his pockets and leans down robotically so that Mi Yeon can kiss his cheek.

“Espresso 3? That’s not good,” Taehyung murmurs and Yoongi finally looks up. Taehyung is staring concernedly at him, his thick brows furrowed and even like this, even when Yoongi can’t concentrate fully on the boy in front of him, Taehyung is absurdly beautiful.

Yoongi doesn’t reply.

“Is something wrong?” Taehyung questions, cocking his head to one side, still not moving around to prepare Yoongi’s coffee.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Yoongi replied, trying to keep the agitation out of his tone. He clenches his hand and jaw, trying to control himself and asks Taehyung to hurry up.

Taehyung stares at him for two more minutes in silence, looking as if he wants to ask the question again and again till Yoongi answers him before finally rushing around to make his order. Yoongi plays with Mi Yeon half-heartedly, unable to get the conversation out of his head.

Two minutes later, Taehyung hands him his coffee in the to-go cup and there’s artwork again on his coffee ( Taehyung doesn’t put the lid on top ever since Yoongi had once burnt his tongue since he couldn’t see the coffee inside with the lid on top).

It’s a starry sky.

Yoongi vaguely remembers telling Taehyung once how much he loved the stars and watching starry skies. Yoongi loves starry skies. They calm him down, they make him dream, and they make him think as if everything is going to be alright, that all his problems would simply disappear if he gazed forever at the stars.

I mean, how can your problems seem so huge when you are staring at the vast, beautiful infinity?

And starry skies also remind him of Taehyung and his wide, starry eyes.

Yoongi’s heart clenches and it so fucking hard to not start bawling right then and there. And it’s so fucking hard to not confess to Taehyung what he was thinking and kiss him right then and there.

Why does being in love have to be so hard?

Yoongi picks up his cup robotically and turns around, his nose prickling and he knows that if stands here for one more minute, the damn dam would burst and he would be sobbing right in front of Taehyung. How pathetic that would be? And for fuck’s sake, he can’t cry in front of the boy when the boy is the reason for his tears.

Yoongi turns around and is about to walk away when he feels a hand stop him.

It’s Taehyung. He didn’t hold Yoongi’s arm, or his wrist like a normal person would. Instead, Yoongi’s hand is in Taehyung’s hand. Yoongi stares at their hands, fingers not entwined in a romantic sense and all, not like that, but still, Taehyung is holding his hand.

Their hands fit perfectly together, as if they were just made for each other.

It’s really hard to not cry at the sight of their entwined hands.

Yoongi looks up Taehyung, who is watching him still concernedly, looking as if he himself is about to cry. There’s that expression again, the expression he had when he had touched Yoongi’s lip, as if he wants to say something, as if Yoongi was the most important and precious thing to him. As if no one existed for him but Yoongi.

Taehyung’s expression changes to pain for a second but it disappears so quickly that Yoongi might’ve as well imagined it. His expression turns soft, a sad kind of soft but soft nonetheless, much like his usual soft self and Yoongi feels slightly better.

“Whatever is wrong, it’’s going to be okay. You will be okay,” Taehyung whispers and squeezes Yoongi’s hand, one corner of his mouth upturned into a smile, his eyes and voice full of promise.

Yoongi almost wants to say no. That it won’t be fine. That he would never get Taehyung. That nothing would ever be okay but the boy squeezes his hand once more, this time firmly, even his squeeze full of promise and Yoongi believes him just like that.

Because it’s Kim Taehyung and how can Min Yoongi not believe him?









“Promise you’ll meet your Lil Meow Meow soon?”

Mi Yeon nods, looking close to crying (the girl had been crying and had just calmed down after being consoled by the seven boys. Jin’s cookies had finally done the charm to stop the tear dam) as she stares at Yoongi. “I promise.”

Yoongi smiles as he crouches in front of Mi Yeon, himself trying not to cry. The ten days had been awfully fun with Mi Yeon and the amount of wars and arguments the girl had ensued between them all, the biggest question being who was her favourite?  Yoongi had won, placed first along with Taehyung because was Taehyung and he was her uncle. Of course she was going to love him the best. But hey! Yoongi was placed on top along with him.

Hoseok could suck it up and boy, had Yoongi been gloating about it to the boy for the last three days. Surprisingly, Mi Yeon got the least with along with Hoseok, much to everyone’s surprise and Yoongi’s delight.

They are all standing at the station, from where Taehyung is going to take her back to Daegu and spend three days over there.

Which means three days without Taehyung and his coffee. But mostly three days without Taehyung. Ugh. Life is so hard for Min Yoongi.

And of course without Mi Yeon. Yoongi is going to miss her so much.

“I’ll miss my Mimi,” Yoongi says, looking at the girl and opens his arms. Mi Yeon removes her hand from Taehyung’s hold and throws her arms around Yoongi’s neck and Yoongi instantly wraps his own hands around her, patting her back and her head. He pulls back slightly and kisses her forehead. He ignores the loud coos behind him, particularly Jungkook’s fake crying and Jimin and Jin’s fake fainting. The asshole (Jeon Jungkook) was still salty about being placed second-to-last. Jungkook can fuck off too.

“Come on now Mimi,” Taehyung says, his tone urgent. “You can visit Lil Meow Meow again next month. I’ll bring you during Christmas vacations. Come on now, Mimi or we will miss our train.”

Yoongi finally (and reluctantly) lets go off the little girl, who looks close to crying again, her eyes red from all the crying. Yoongi had wanted to punch himself and everyone else for making her cry. He even thought of shifting back to Daegu because fuck everyone else, he wants his Mimi by his side just as Mimi wants her Lil Meow Meow.

“Wait. I have a little gift for my Mimi,” Yoongi says, grinning at her and Mi Yeon beams, perking up.

Of course gifts do the charms. Maybe he should’ve given her the gift earlier so she wouldn’t have cried at all. Not that Yoongi hadn’t showered her with gifts. The girl had received seventeen gifts overall till now by him (not including the gifts rest of them gave her) and Yoongi’s bank balance is considerably lower this month but who cares, if Mimi wanted a matching pink cat sweater for herself and Yoongi, then he was going to get it.

The matching pink, cat sweater which they both are wearing right now, along with Taehyung. Mi Yeon had insisted on her uncle Tae to get one sweater for himself too. Yoongi had bought it for him, never once thinking that the three of them would end up wearing the sweater all at once (it was pure coincidence!) and give Jimin the chance to say absurd statements.

Jimin had not-so-slyly commented how Yoongi and Taehyung looked like her fathers.

Mi Yeon had only shrieked in delight. Taehyung had turned as pink as his sweater at Jimin’s comment, going silent for whole five minutes, unable to look at anyone, especially Yoongi. Yoongi, for his part, had wanted to beat the shit out of Jimin for having no filter at all. And he had also wanted to crawl into a grave and die but that was his general mood whenever his friends embarrassed him around Taehyung.

Which is always.

But who cares. The three of them looked absolutely adorable in their pink, cat sweaters (It had a cat on the front with 3D ears. The ears were very soft and fluffy!) and thank god no one could read minds because all Yoongi had been thinking for the last hour was how abso-fucking-lutely him and Taehyung were looking like a damn couple and how Mimi looked like their daughter.

Yes. Min Yoongi is really smitten.

Only Kim Taehyung could manage to do such a wonder.

Yoongi opens his backpack and pulls out the gift. Mi Yeon peeks around him to get a good look at her gift as does everyone else, crowding around him. Yoongi turns to Mi Yeon and smiles, before pulling down the matching beanie on her tiny head. Yoongi had asked Mrs. Hong to make a beanie for Mimi, just like his own with the cat ears, knowing full well that the little girl would love it. Once he pulls down the beanie on her head, Yoongi pulls out his own beanie and puts it on, before fully beaming in the girl’s direction.

“See? Now we both have matching cat beanies too,” Yoongi says, patting Mi Yeon on her head. The girl looks damn adorable with her beanie and shut the fuck up, Yoongi is going to protect his Mimi from everyone.

Yoongi hears Jungkook and Jimin snickering behind his back about Yoongi’s beanie and possibly also about how the man is whipped for the little girl. But they can fuck off. Because guess who looks absolutely adorable with the beanie and excuse him but he is nailing down the matching outfits with the girl. Jungkook and Jimin can continue being salty about Mi Yeon not wanting to get matching outfits with the rest of them. (They had all asked her but she had straightaway refused, always instead running to Yoongi and climbing into his lap)

It finally takes three more hugs from Yoongi, one collective hug from the group and a thousand promises from Yoongi’s side that he’d visit her in Daegu before Mi Yeon finally agrees to go back home to Daegu, not wanting to be parted with her Lil Meow Meow.

As Yoongi watches her, already 20 metres away and quickly disappearing in the crowd on Taehyung’s back, he feels his nose prick. Yoongi sniffles and tries to control his tears. Because the last thing he needs is to cry about his Mimi, a freaking kid (and everyone knows how much Yoongi hated kids) in front of his asshole friends who will pounce on him the minute they sense what he is thinking. Dear God no.

Watch Min Yoongi control his stupid tears and be a boss-ass bitch. He is a strong, independent man and no one can make him cry.

No one.

“Are you crying? Is The Min Yoongi crying?”

Fuck Hoseok.

Min Yoongi is busted. So busted.

Instantly, as if Yoongi had just opened a pack of gum, everyone crowds around him, trying to take a good look at his face, pushing each other to see his face, their own faces incredulous.

“Oh my god. What kind of miracle is this?” Jin whispers in awe while Namjoon murmurs a low “But Christmas is a month away!”, moving forward to touch Yoongi’s cheek to check if they were actual tears but Yoongi swats his hand away, glowering at the boy.

“I am not crying,” Yoongi mutters but it comes out more like a sniffle and fuck his luck.

“You are crying! Oh my God, Min Yoongi is crying!” Jimin shrieks, looking like he had been just offered the ownership of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory instead of a mere Golden Ticket. “No wait,” Jimin says, looking at Yoongi, a slow smile spreading on his face. “It’s not min Yoongi anymore. It’s Lil Meow Meow. Because Mimi broke Min Yoongi and made him her Lil Meow Meow. Min Yoongi is lying dead in a ditch because of his Mimi and we only know a Lil Meow Meow. And our Lil Meow Meow is crying!!

“Shut the fuck up!” Yoongi hisses, darting forward to punch the boy but Jimin is too quick for him and ducks and Yoongi punches Jin’s chest, earning a nasty look from the boy.

“Did you hear that? Min Yoongi is dead,” Hoseok screeches, cupping his hand around his mouth and yelling at the sky. “Min Yoongi is dead! We only know Lil Meow Meow from now on.” Jungkook also yells a loud ‘Lil Meow Meow!’

“Ohmygodshutthefuckup,” Yoongi screams, hand itching to beat the shit out of everyone, since everyone, including Namjoon (Yoongi is starting to think he is just as insane as the rest of them. Maybe dating Jin did have an effect of him) are chanting ‘Lil Meow Meow! Lil Meow Meow!’ loudly, stomping their feet rhythmically.

Yoongi stares at their antics for another ten seconds before turning around without a word and walking away, pretending as if he doesn’t know them all.

Yoongi hears Hoseok’s, Jungkook’s and Jin’s simultaneous yell of “You can’t run away from us Lil Meow Meow!” before he finally pulls his earphone out, having had enough of them, trying to drown their stupid voices out.

He doesn’t know any of these crackheads.








Part Two

Yoongi and Taehyung




“’sup Lil Meow Meow?”

Yoongi picks up the water bottle next to him and without even glancing back, throws it over his head, having had enough of Jungkook’s shit. He hopes he hit his target and he hopes he hit it hard.

“Ouch hyung! What the hell!”

Yoongi whirls around, shocked at the voice, which definitely isn’t Jungkook’s only to find Taehyung standing in front of him, rubbing his shoulder and wincing slightly.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry,” Yoongi apologizes, getting up from the couch and running towards Taehyung, rubbing his arm hoping that he didn’t hit the boy hard. “I thought you were Jungkook.”

Taehyung raises one perfect eyebrow, pausing in his shoulder rubbing.

“He...always barges in through the door anytime he wants to and greets me exactly like that. With his smug ‘‘sup Lil Meow Meow’, so I thought it was him,” Yoongi finishes lamely, his voice small before shaking his head. He quickly removes his hand from Taehyung’s arm before the boy can notice. “I am so sorry. If I knew it was you...”

Taehyung laughs and waves his hand. “If you thought I was Jungkook then I understand...even his presence is annoying. We are good.”

Yoongi chuckles, relieved (of course he still wants to kick himself for hurting Taehyung like that) and stares at Taehyung, who has sprawled himself on the couch, already having made himself comfortable. Far too comfortable. The boy is lying down, clutching Yoongi’s favourite pillow on his chest and looking absolutely adorable as he did that. “What are you doing here?”

At this point, Yoongi feels quite stupid asking Taehyung that question.

It has been two months since Mi Yeon had gone back.

And it has been two months since Taehyung is still visiting Yoongi. That’s right. It has been whole two months and yet Taehyung always visited him, religiously, almost every other day during his break time. When he had visited for the first time, Yoongi had been surprised (too surprised) and asked him that question and Taehyung had simply shrugged. Yoongi guessed it must be because Taehyung was so used to coming here every day because of Mi Yeon, so he had let it pass.

But it was more than almost two months now and Taehyung still visited him. And this didn’t include Yoongi visiting him in the café at the everyday holy hour of five o’clock in the evening. The boy visited at absurd times, whenever he felt like it, with or without coffee, for what seemed like absolutely no reason at all. He would just drop by, chat with Namjoon and him, keep doodling on the sketchbooks (some of them were good! Yoongi drew one of Taehyung’s rose minimalist design for his customer) and chat with them, he would come for his lunch and hang out with them all (the seven now all gathered around and had lunch together, which Yoongi dreaded because of his friends and their not-so-invisible smug looks in his direction) and chat with them!

Taehyung talked a lot. From nothing to everything. From his favourite colours to seasons to why he loved trains over aeroplanes to justifying why Hoseok’s abominable acorn bag (according to the rest of them. Except Hoseok. And Taehyung, apparently.) was so beautiful and important and so were Jin’s crooked fingers. He talked absolutely about everything. Yoongi loved that.

And in that time, Yoongi thought that maybe, just maybe Namjoon and Jungkook (and the whole group) might just be right. That maybe Taehyung visited the parlour so much for Yoongi. That maybe, just maybe, Taehyung liked Yoongi back too.

If you ask Yoongi what makes him think that (aside from Taehyung’s so frequent visits), he would reply that maybe it was all the staring. Yoongi had found Taehyung staring at him, sometimes stealthily, sometimes openly, sometimes staring at Yoongi so much that he must actually be forgetting what he was doing and when he’d realise, Taehyung would turn around quickly, a blush spreading on his beautiful face. And whenever Yoongi would stare right back (which was a given, duh), Taehyung would flash him the shyest and tender smile, adding two new types of smiles to Yoongi’s list of Favourite Taehyung Smiles.

Maybe, just maybe, Taehyung likes him back.

Yoongi smiles at the thought, heat creeping up on his cheeks. He turns away quickly and hides his face by bending over his sketchbook, pretending to be super engrossed in the new tattoo design he was drawing.

“Oh actually, I...uh...”

Yoongi looks up Taehyung, who is watching him shyly, now sitting up straight on the couch. Taehyung scratches the back of his neck, looking as if he is contemplating something.

“Yes?” Yoongi prods, putting away the sketchpad, giving Taehyung his full attention, wondering what is making the boy so nervous.

“I actually wanted to get a tattoo.”

Yoongi stares at Taehyung. And stares. And stares.

“I am sorry, what?!” Yoongi asks, astounded at what the boy’s statement. Taehyung wanted a tattoo? A tattoo? And Taehyung?

“Why do you look so shocked?” Taehyung demands, cocking his head to one side, eyes filled with amusement, quite contrary to how he practically ordered Yoongi around.

“Because I didn’t know you were into tattoos and stuff? You look...I don’t know...the type who will run away from needles and stuff. You look like you will scream out loud if anyone even got the needle within a one-meter radius close to you,” Yoongi answers, grinning widely and shrugging.

Taehyung frowns. “That’s awfully judgmental of you.”

“I am sorry.”

“Apology accepted,” Taehyung says, one corner of his mouth curving up in a smile and Yoongi feels better.

“So, you want a tattoo,” Yoongi says, reminding Taehyung as he walks and drops down next to him. Yoongi is somewhat excited. Because the love of his life also (apparently) likes tattoos! And wants Yoongi to draw a tattoo for him! Taehyung wants Yoongi to draw a tattoo for him! Something permanent on his body by Yoongi. Taehyung trusts Yoongi with something like that. Wow. Yoongi is now maybe more than excited.


“And?” Yoongi prods, when Taehyung falls silent. For someone who wants a tattoo, Taehyung seems quite unenthusiastic, not going on and on about what kind of design he wants or where he wants to get it etc as all the other customers do. He seems quite contemplative, as if wondering whether it is a good idea to get a tattoo or not.

“And what?” Taehyung asks, giving Yoongi a blank look.

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “I mean, what kind of tattoo do you want? Do you have a design in your mind?” Yoongi asks gently, containing his enthusiasm.

Taehyung looks at him for a beat before nodding shyly, a beautiful scarlet colour shading his tan cheeks. Yoongi has never wanted to be an artist more than he wants to be one right now. Or maybe a photographer. Because Taehyung is looking so beautiful, glowing like a to-be-bride (or groom in his case?) and Yoongi wants to capture the lovely blush colouring Taehyung’s cheeks (and now ears), forever in a picture or a painting.

Yoongi watches silently and curiously as Taehyung removes a folded piece of paper from the back pocket of his jeans, still smiling shyly. Yoongi takes the paper Taehyung passes him, still silent and curious. He opens the paper carefully, not wanting to accidentally tear it in any way, leg bouncing up and down in excitement.

Inside, there is a flower, a plain flower drawn without lifting off the pen. A single stroke flower. The design is so plain, slightly complicated with all its twists and turns and intricate pattern for the petal but nevertheless, it is pretty because of its simplicity. Almost a minimalist flower. Yoongi can’t put a finger on exactly which flower it is. It seems like one of the five-petal flowers which kids draw in their drawing books with one stalk except a more advanced, adult-like version of it.

Yoongi glances up at Taehyung, who looks almost embarrassed as he scratches the nape of his neck, still flushing red.

“It’s beautiful,” Yoongi compliments, smiling slightly. And it is. Not because Taehyung has drawn it (the boy’s doodles in Yoongi’s sketchbooks were mostly all single-stroke designs, much like Jungkook’s, so Yoongi guesses it is Taehyung’s original design), but because it is a really lovely design. Neat, graceful and elegant.

At the compliment, Taehyung perks up. “Really?”

Yoongi nods, smiling and his smile widens when Taehyung smiles back, somewhat relieved.

“It’s so beautiful that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about the design,” Yoongi says, looking at Taehyung pointedly and the boy blushes.

“It’s just...I thought you’d make fun of me for getting a flower tattoo,” Taehyung mutters, glancing away from Yoongi. Yoongi misses gazing into his eyes. Taehyung’s eyes were lovely, a brown shade which probably no artist can ever replicate and call him cheesy but Yoongi could actually gaze into his eyes forever. Shame that it couldn’t happen.

“And why would I make fun of you for that?” Yoongi frowns, eyebrows furrowing.

Taehyung glances at Yoongi from the corner of his eyes. “I don’t know...I just thought...most boys don’t get a flower, you know...” Taehyung mutters, trailing away.

“First of all, anyone can get any tattoo they want. I don’t judge them at all. I have seen people get actually stupid tattoos and this isn’t stupid at all. Secondly, boys can get flowers or wear flowers or love flowers. What’s wrong with loving flowers?” Yoongi demands, temper rising, not at Taehyung but at the fucking society who dictated what boys (and girls) should love and shouldn’t love and what should they do and not do. Fuck their shit. How dare they make his Taehyung think badly of his design or make him embarrassed about it? Yoongi can’t believe that Kim Taehyung, softer than cotton candy and clouds, someone who wore pink sweaters and rainbow mittens and painted his nails because his niece wanted him to, could be made to feel embarrassed about his choices. Fucking society.

I love flowers,” Yoongi continues and Taehyung looks at him, slightly taken aback, slightly shocked. “Yes, I do and you know what? I have a flower tattoo too.”


Yoongi nods before smiling suddenly. “It’s a daisy. On the ankle. Namjoon’s design. It was minimalist and cute, so I got it,” Yoongi explains before Taehyung can ask him where. “I’d show it to you but I am too bored to remove the shoes and the socks.”

“I didn’t think you were the type to love flowers,” Taehyung notes, now smiling his Boxy Smile™ and Yoongi feels his heart soar, feeling a million butterflies explode in his stomach. Boxy smile means Taehyung is his usual carefree self now and Yoongi couldn’t be happier.

“Now that’s judgmental of you,” Yoongi points out and Taehyung chuckles, apologizing immediately.

“I love flowers. Nothing wrong with loving flowers,” Yoongi reminds Taehyung, looking down at the design and outlining it with his fingertip. It’s not that hard to draw now that Yoongi traces it.

“What’s your favourite?”

“Roses,” Yoongi answers without thinking, still tracing the pattern with his fingertip, trying to understand and memorize the design. “Yours?”

Taehyung laughs lightly and Yoongi looks up, still clutching the paper in one hand and mid-way pausing in the design tracing.

“I love all flowers,” Taehyung replies, smiling widely. “There are so many beautiful flowers and each one of them has so many beautiful meanings, I can’t select.”

Yoongi cocks his head to one side. “You remember flowers and their meaning? No, wait, scratch that. You know the names of various flowers?”

Taehyung nods, smiling secretively. “Mi Yeon’s mother is a florist. So I know,” Taehyung answers simply, shrugging delicately. “And when I go to Daegu in holidays, I work at her shop for fun. You know, because I love flowers. So I know the names and meanings and all.”

That was new information. Yoongi’s brain saved whatever new thing Taehyung says automatically. His brain is functioned to save each and every thing said by Kim Taehyung naturally. He even remembers the exact words Taehyung had said to him the second time Yoongi had met him. Yeah. He is a huge trash for Kim Taehyung.

“I only know Roses and Not-Roses,” Yoongi says, even though he full well knew at least 10 flowers (that was a lot more than he had expected, to be honest) but the result is expected. Taehyung laughs loudly, throwing his head back and clutching the pillow closer to his chest, eyes disappearing in crinkles. Yoongi loves to make Taehyung laugh just as much he loves the sound of Taehyung’s laugh.

“Anyway,” Yoongi says, getting back to the topic at hand. “You want this tattoo?”

Taehyung nods, now finally looking excited.

“Have you thought of where do you want to do it?”

Taehyung nods again (his nods are much like Mi Yeon’s and Yoongi realises where Mi Yeon had gotten the habit of nodding too much from). “On the ribs, a bit to the side though, so almost on my you get it?” Taehyung questions and Yoongi nods. Taehyung clutches his side and says a ‘here’, pointing to the exact place, just in case Yoongi hadn’t understood it.

Yoongi frowns and looks at Taehyung with concern. “I don’t have anything against the placing but getting a tattoo on the rib would hurt a lot. Are you sure you want to get a tattoo there?”

“I am sure,” Taehyung answers, his tone firm.

Yoongi continues to watch Taehyung uncertainly. Taehyung has never done a tattoo before and getting a tattoo all of a sudden on the ribs while having no idea of how much the needles would hurt was a huge risk. Not that the needles hurt a lot but it depends on how everyone took the pain. For Yoongi, the pain is lesser than an ant biting him but for others...well some people are quite sensitive. Not that Yoongi judged them for it. He has seen hardcore people cry in front of him without batting an eye about it.

“I will be fine. I know how much the needles hurt for god’s sake,” Taehyung says, his tone insistent although he rolls his eyes. It is a cute eye-roll. Yoongi is hella whipped. Ugh.

“If you say so,” Yoongi mutters. There’s only so much he can convince someone.

“Anyway, I will come tomorrow early to get the tattoo done,” Taehyung says, getting up from the couch and stretching lazily before glancing at the wristwatch. “I have two minutes to get my ass back to the shop and resume with my work. Keep the design with you.”

Yoongi nods and walks to the desk and places the paper neatly inside a shelf, not wanting to ruin it in any way. He knows if he keeps it lying around then Namjoon would somehow manage to destroy it, either by accidentally pouring water on it, tearing it or setting the entire parlour on fire. With Namjoon, anything is a possibility. Yoongi still has no clue how the fuck the boy manages to do tattoos so perfectly fine when he can’t even microwave pizza without burning his fingers every damn time.

Taehyung yells a cheerful goodbye and a ‘see you at 5’ before exiting the parlour, the overhead bell chiming softly behind him as the door shuts quietly and automatically.

Once Taehyung has exited, Yoongi does a happy little dance on the spot, actually jumping up and down on the spot and screaming on the inside and waving his arms (of course Namjoon isn’t in the parlour to watch Yoongi’s shenanigans. Shame.). Because Min Yoongi is going to draw a tattoo for Kim Taehyung! Kim Taehyung wants Yoongi to draw a tattoo for him! Min Yoongi is going to do a tattoo for Taehyung on his ribcage and it is Taehyung’s own design!

Oh My God Yoongi thinks, suddenly realising something. He is having The Epiphany.

Yoongi was going to draw a tattoo on Taehyung’s ribcage (Side. Sort of the same thing). His fricking ribcage!

Which means that Taehyung is going to be shirtless!

Kim Taehyung, the love of Min Yoongi’s life, the only one who Yoongi has ever loved, the only one who Yoongi is ever going to love and the one whom Yoongi had been pining on for the last eight months, is going to be shirtless in front of him!!!

Yoongi’s mind goes blank except for a string of ‘oh my god’ continuously running in the background, as if the tape of his mind is glitched, stuck on that only one thought.

Kim Taehyung is going to be shirtless in front of him!


Yoongi is probably going to die tomorrow. Not probably. Certainly. He has never even seen Taehyung without full sleeves to be honest, because Taehyung was always in the full-sleeved pink shirt which was the coffee shop’s uniform (Yeah. Pink. And Yoongi used to think Starbuck’s green apron was ugly. Not that Yoongi had anything against the colour pink, it was just a very tacky shade. For god’s sake, they could’ve selected a nice salmon pink or something but no).

Yoongi realises (2nd Epiphany) that he has never seen Taehyung without his uniform, except that one time he had gone to the station to say goodbye to Mi Yeon when Mi Yeon and Taehyung were going to Daegu, but then too Taehyung was wearing a large pink cat hoodie. Sure, Yoongi has seen (practically stalked and still stalked him) Taehyung’s Instagram account to know what kind of a fashion icon he is (the boy has 10k Instagram followers for God’s sake) but getting to see Kim Taehyung shirtless...well...that is a whole new thing.

Min Yoongi’s death is fast approaching and what’s more?

He can’t wait to die.








Yoongi feels jittery. He feels anxious, like a thousand invisible ants are crawling all over him but when he looks down there is nothing, just him standing in the room, trying to do something before Taehyung comes. He has cleaned the desk twice, rearranged Namjoon’s desk (which is probably going to give the boy heart attacks), he has vacuumed the entire room (Yoongi felt as if he was in a new whole place altogether once he saw clean the room could be. It is a feeling he isn’t familiar with) but still, Yoongi is on edge, in an excitable and an apprehensive manner.

Yoongi is going to draw a tattoo for Kim Taehyung today and Kim Taehyung is going to be shirtless.

There are a lot of things that could go wrong.

What if Yoongi accidentally hurts Taehyung and the needle goes far too in and Taehyung starts bleeding? If that doesn’t happen, then Yoongi might probably mess up the tattoo in some way. He might draw the design wrong or he could mess up because of how badly his hands are shaking since morning. Or maybe Taehyung could barge in through the door and tell him that he has changed his mind and he doesn’t want a tattoo at all or even worse, he doesn’t want Yoongi to do it for him. God, Namjoon would gloat about that to Yoongi forever because only Namjoon could do the tattoo for Taehyung then.

Oh God, Yoongi has never felt so nervous and excited in his entire life. It’s like being a goddamn bride on her wedding day. Next time Yoongi sees a rom-com or any romantic movie or TV show, he is never going to laugh about the brides being nervous on their wedding day. This shit is mad crazy.

Yoongi feels like he is about to have his fourth nervous breakdown since the morning when he hears the door open behind him. He whirls around, heart racing fast, faster than it ever has but it is only Namjoon, sauntering in with a coffee cup in his hand and a doughnut in the other.

Namjoon nods at Yoongi and starts walking towards his desk and then pauses, throwing a look around the entire parlour. Yoongi watches as Namjoon squints and throws another look, as if he can’t believe what he is seeing.

“ the parlour...did you clean the entire room?” Namjoon asks, looking at Yoongi with wide, shocked eyes, his jaw on the floor.

Yoongi nods, too nervous to even reply. He might just throw up. Or say something stupid which he most certainly doesn’t want to do. He has a reputation to hold. He is the king of sarcasm for god’s sake (among his other titles). No. He invented sarcasm.

Namjoon looks like he wants to question Yoongi further but something on Yoongi’s face must have given away, because Namjoon shuts his mouth (which like...never happens, especially ever since Namjoon started dating Jin. He used to be quiet before Jin had spoiled the boy a lot).

“Anyway, I went to Sugar Rush right now,” Namjoon starts, holding out his coffee cup to Yoongi like he is showing the proof. “And guess what? Taehyung wasn’t there. Big Shocker. Bo Gum said Taehyung had taken the day off. Know why?”

Now, Yoongi hasn’t told Namjoon that Taehyung had visited him yesterday and asked Yoongi to draw a tattoo for him. He knew if he told Namjoon, the boy would be more nervous and excited than Yoongi himself is (he was their no.1 shipper). Then the news would spread to ‘Lil Meow Meow and his TaeTae’ and then the whole fucking group would be watching (ogling) as Yoongi would be working on Taehyung. And if they knew that Taehyung was going to be shirtless in front of Yoongi, boy...the TaeGi train would goddamn slide from the tracks and crash and there is no knowing of what the boys could do...

“Err...” Yoongi starts, racking his brain to find something to reply and probably make Namjoon get out of the parlour before Taehyung gets here but at the exact moment, the door opens again, the doorbell chiming softly and both, Yoongi and Namjoon whip their heads towards the door.

Taehyung walks in, holding a coffee cup in his hand, a big, bright smile on his face.

Yoongi has stopped breathing.

Because OH MY GOD.

Taehyung is wearing an almost see-through black t-shirt and skinny black jeans topped with black bracelets and rings on his wrists and fingers, a diamond earring in one ear and a huge drop earring in the other and shit, Yoongi is falling in love all over again (aside from feeling mildly offended at the fact that Taehyung looks more punk than Yoongi has ever looked, and that was without the boy having a tattoos or piercings).

Namjoon senses that his friend is a goner, considering how Yoongi.exe has stopped functioning (and Yoongi’s servers have crashed) and is just blinking continuously at Taehyung, mouth parted open, and decides to step in.

“Taehyung...that’s a...great outfit,” Namjoon compliments, because it does look amazing. Even Namjoon, who isn’t whipped for Taehyung can see how fucking hot Taehyung is looking at the moment and like a full five-course meal. He wouldn’t hold it against Yoongi for his brain to stop working like that at the sight of Taehyung. If Jin came like that in front of him...then...well...

Yoongi watches (starting to return to his own senses, but nowhere near to actually speaking) Taehyung wink and do finger guns to Namjoon before walking towards him and holding out the coffee cup to him. Yoongi blankly takes the cup in his hands, his brain registering the Lil Meow Meow written on it in Taehyung’s beautiful handwriting and glances up at Taehyung who smiles at him. Yoongi might be having a cardiac arrest.

“So Taehyung, what are you doing here?” Namjoon continues, knowing that Yoongi still hasn’t completely arrived at his senses.

Taehyung turns and throws a surprised look at Namjoon. “Oh, Yoongi hyung didn’t tell you?”

Namjoon’s eyebrows shoot up in real surprise and he watches Yoongi finally come to his senses in his peripheral vision, looking between him and Taehyung with a panicked expression.

“Hyung is going to draw a tattoo for me,” Taehyung answers and Yoongi suddenly feels nervous and braces himself. God, Namjoon shouldn’t say anything stupid.

“Oh, that’s great!” Namjoon exclaims, smiling at Taehyung but throws Yoongi a ‘you-are-so-dead-if-you-don’t-explain-yourself-later’ look when Taehyung isn’t looking at him. Whatever. Yoongi can deal with Namjoon later. He has far important things to concentrate on and worry about.

“Yeah, it’s great,” Yoongi finally responds, clearing his throat and throwing Namjoon a ‘don’t-you-dare-say-something-right-now’ look before turning towards Taehyung. “Come on, let’s go to the backroom and get you ready,” Yoongi mutters, putting a hand on Taehyung’s arm and practically drags him out of the room before Namjoon can pounce on either of them. Taehyung waves a goodbye to Namjoon over his shoulder.

Once in the backroom, Yoongi shuts the door (he wants to lock it but then what if Taehyung gets a wrong idea?) and pulls the blinds down, knowing full well that Namjoon would bring the whole group so that they all can peep inside turn by turn. Yoongi knows how much of little shits all his friends are. (As if he hadn’t done the exact thing with the rest of them when it was Namjoon in his place with Jin beside him)

Yoongi takes a deep breath before turning towards Taehyung, who is just standing in the middle of the room, watching him. For a moment, Yoongi is speechless again as he watches Taehyung looking ethereal and otherworldly under the beam of the soft yellow light directly over their heads, looking straight out of his dreams. How many times has Yoongi imagined Taehyung in such an outfit? But the real deal is far, far better than his imagination could’ve ever painted.

“Thanks for the coffee,” Yoongi finally says, walking slowly towards the chair near the bed and sits down.

“I thought you’d be nervous. So I brought you coffee. Thought it would help you with your nervousness,” Taehyung answers, an easy smile on his face.

Yoongi stares at Taehyung and flushes. He wants to know why Taehyung thought Yoongi would be nervous. Had Taehyung just guessed Yoongi would be nervous and brought the coffee to simply help him calm down? Or was Yoongi that easy to read? Or did Taehyung somehow really know how Yoongi felt? Whatever the case, Yoongi doesn’t ask Taehyung why he thought Yoongi would be nervous and instead just starts sipping on his coffee, feeling thankful.

And the coffee does help him calm down. He is far more confident, less shaky and nervous and altogether more excited than he is in the morning. Taehyung doesn’t speak anything as he sits on the bed in front of Yoongi, letting Yoongi finish his coffee.

Once his coffee is done, Yoongi suddenly remembers that all the equipment is still on the desk outside. Namjoon and Yoongi rarely used this room, since the bed was used only if someone wanted to get a tattoo on the back and had to lie down for something. Otherwise, most of the tattoos were done outside, in the plush recliner chairs outside.

“I’ll just go and bring the equipment. Could you please get the design? I kept it in that desk somewhere,” Yoongi orders pointing to the desk beside the bed. He had tucked away the design in this room when he had realised that Taehyung would probably need to lie down for getting his tattoo the day before. “And just get ready,” Yoongi adds, feeling nervous.

Because ‘getting ready’ meant stripping down and Yoongi most certainly doesn’t want to be in the room when Taehyung would take off the shirt. He doesn’t think he can handle that at the moment, not when his heart is so weak...

Yoongi practically flees the room, breathing in heavily and feeling as if he really breathing for the first time in the entire day once he is out of the back room.  That was intense and Yoongi is just realising how really weak his heart is.

Namjoon is nowhere to be seen, no doubt out to spread the news and gossip about him and Taehyung. He can already picture the whole group surrounding him and listening to Namjoon with rapt attention. Yoongi ignores the thought and picks up the equipment and waits for a moment outside the backroom, the heavy machine in his hand, collects his breath before walking in.

Contrary to his expectations, Taehyung is still dressed and sitting on the bed, the piece of paper with his design the only giveaway that the boy had moved at all. Yoongi throws a furtive glance in his direction, wondering when the hell the boy was going to remove his shirt as he places all the equipment on the desk but is surprised when Taehyung is already gazing at him.

Yoongi’s breath catches.

Taehyung is watching him intensely, an unexplainable and unreadable expression on his face that Yoongi doesn’t understand it at all. There’s...Taehyung’s expression is so blank but his eyes... his eyes are saying too many things that Yoongi can’t understand at all. Taehyung looks as if he wants to say something or almost demand something or even confess but Yoongi really can’t be sure. He watches as Taehyung’s mouth parts slightly, still looking at Yoongi as in he is in some sort of tumult before the boy shakes his head. Yoongi watches Taehyung shake his head once, as if clearing his thoughts before looking at Yoongi again, this time with a completely different expression, much like his usual bubbly, bright sunshine and soft personality which Yoongi sees at the café.

Taehyung smiles at him. “I was thinking that I want another tattoo.”

“Oh?” Yoongi asks dumbly, not knowing what else to reply. Taehyung had changed his whole demeanour so quickly that Yoongi is sure that he hadn’t even finished taking his breath completely or blinked once.

“Could you draw a dandelion tattoo for me? Over here,” Taehyung says, touching behind his ear and turning his head so Yoongi can see better before turning to look at him again. “Just a minimalist design and very small. I have wanted a cute ear tattoo for a long time and I would love to have a cute little dandelion behind the ear. Cliché. I know. But I still want it. Could you do it?”

Yoongi just nods, not knowing what else to reply. He wants to ask Taehyung to slow down since the boy probably has no idea how much needles would hurt (again, depends on everyone) and ears are a very sensitive area for everyone to get tattooed on but he knows that Taehyung is going to be stubborn about it anyway. So Yoongi might as well give in.

“Sure, I’ll do that,” Yoongi says, smiling softly at Taehyung whose smile brightens. “But we will draw the other tattoo first. So you should...” Yoongi trails away, waving his hand at Taehyung’s shirt, hoping that the boy would get the clue.

“Oh, right” Taehyung mutters, colouring slightly, as if he is embarrassed he didn’t realise it before.

“You can put the shirt on the hook over there,” Yoongi says, pointing to the hooks on the wall and turns away as Taehyung stands up, giving the boy some privacy. Which is very stupid considering Taehyung is going to be shirtless in front of him in less than a minute, but still...fuck it, he can’t tell about the other boy but Yoongi is very shy. And also because he would probably drool if he sees Taehyung stripping down in front of him. And also because he would probably not be able to control himself and will slam Taehyung into the nearest wall and kiss him senseless.

Tempting. Very tempting.

Yoongi turns around to see if Taehyung is done (he could only pretend to keep on arranging the equipment for so long, anyway) now that more than a minute has passed.

And then Yoongi gets the shock of his life.

Taehyung has his back to Yoongi and is hanging his t-shirt on the hook but Yoongi is already dead. Not because of the shock of seeing Taehyung shirtless (that is given, duh) but because of the other thing. In that one moment, Yoongi notices three things.

The first thing Yoongi notices is how broad Taehyung is. Taehyung usually looked much narrower and small, almost like a teenager in his pink full sleeved uniform. But now that he is actually shirtless, Yoongi notices how broad the boy is. Taehyung’s shoulders are wide, (not as much as Jin) but boy, nowhere is he built like a kid. Taehyung’s shoulders are wide and defined, the shoulder blades sharp and standing out, looking firm and yet are somehow soft.

The second thing Yoongi notices is how small Taehyung’s waist is, so tiny and so perfect looking and quite in proportion with his wide shoulders. Taehyung’s ass is also so fucking perfect, so full and round that Yoongi blushes. Jimin has a serious competition for a perfect ass.

But both these things aren’t what gave Yoongi the shock of his life.

It’s the huge tattoo Taehyung has on his back.

Its moon phases, drawn vertically, starting from the top of Taehyung’s spine and stopping just above his tailbone. On the top is a waxing crescent moon, followed by the first quarter moon and progressing with the full moon exactly in the middle of Taehyung’s back. From then, the moons are waning, with the waning crescent moon just above the tailbone.

Yoongi doesn’t know when he moved closer to the boy, but there he is, standing right behind Taehyung, staring at the tattoo in awe. Taehyung must’ve sensed that Yoongi is right behind him because he doesn’t turn back and just stands still and Yoongi can hear his shallow breathing. But Yoongi is in far too much of awe to concentrate on anything else.

The tattoo is simply breathtaking. So beautiful, so elegant and God! Yoongi doesn’t have any more words at all for it. The details are perfect. The crater on the full moon is exactly cut in half on the next waning moon. Yoongi even sees a sort of stardust around it, a series of dots made to look like star particles around it (which are replicated around all the moons, the placing exact of the small dots and all) and the attention to details leaves Yoongi speechless. The moons are shaded perfectly and the whole thing looks as if it’s painted with a brush on a canvas and not at all like it is a tattoo.

Yoongi reaches out and extends his hand, not even hesitant about it. He doesn’t even think much about what he is going to do next, to be honest. He simply reaches out and touches the first moon with his fingertips, releasing a slow breath.

Taehyung tenses under his touch but he doesn’t say anything. Instead, the boy just swivels his head to the side and looks at Yoongi over his shoulder, still silent, looking as if he himself is holding his breath. He doesn’t turn around fully, but lets Yoongi watch the tattoo and touch it. It is only when Yoongi moves over and traces his finger on the next moon that Taehyung relaxes, still watching Yoongi over his shoulder, one corner of his mouth turned up, as if he is smiling.

Yoongi skims his finger over the tattoo slowly, revelling in the way Taehyung’s skin feels under his fingertips, so warm, so incredibly soft and so smooth as he observes the tattoo. When his hand reaches the last moon, Yoongi pauses for a minute, throwing a questioning glance at Taehyung before slowly tracing the tattoo again, moving upwards, not because he wants to keep on touching Taehyung (he wouldn’t do something like that without Taehyung’s permission) but because there’s something about the tattoo and the drawing that is familiar. Almost as if Yoongi has seen this exact design somewhere.

“You have a tattoo,” Yoongi breaths, finally letting his hand fall down, feeling a strange sort of feeling spread through his own body.

This time, Yoongi knows Taehyung is definitely smiling. “Yes, I do.”

“That’s why you kept on saying that the needles wouldn’t hurt,” Yoongi states, tone somewhat accusatory, suddenly remembering how insistent Taehyung was about not being afraid of the needles.

Taehyung laughs. Melodic. Carefree. Unrestrained. “Yes.”

Yoongi smiles, feeling Taehyung’s happiness spread in his own body. “It’s a beautiful tattoo. Very beautiful and nicely done, if I may be honest.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Taehyung questions, smiling even wider and Yoongi nods, knowing that Taehyung can see him nod in the peripheral vision. He glances at the tattoo again simply because he cannot help it. It is a work of art and it looked even better on Taehyung’s back. Taehyung himself was art. Yoongi doesn’t know what’s more beautiful; the tattoo, Taehyung’s back, or the tattoo on his back. Yoongi just stares and admires it.

“Namjoon hyung spent almost 6 hours on it.”

At Namjoon’s name, Yoongi tears his eyes away from the tattoo and looks at Taehyung’s face instead, surprise flooding through him.


Suddenly Yoongi realises why the tattoo has a familiar feel to it. Now that Taehyung has mentioned Namjoon’s name, Yoongi realises how stupid it was of him to not recognise Namjoon’s handiwork immediately. The whole thing practically screamed Namjoon. With its details, the perfection, the artwork and the whole celestial design, which were Namjoon’s favourite tattoos to draw. Of course it was done by Namjoon.

Which meant that the little shit never told Yoongi that Taehyung had a tattoo. And that Namjoon himself had drawn the tattoo for Taehyung.

How dare he withhold such an important piece of information from Yoongi?

Yoongi is going to kill Namjoon.

“When did you get it done?” Yoongi demands, trying to keep his voice in control. He needs to know how long ago this was, so that he could decide whether Namjoon’s death would be painful or not. If it was done anytime soon, Yoongi was going to kill him so cruelly, so painfully...

“Last month. You were in Busan with Jungkook and Jimin,” Taehyung answers and Yoongi stares at Taehyung. Yoongi had gone to Busan with Jungkook and Jimin. Jimin’s grandmother loved Yoongi (loved is an understatement, to be honest. Jimin was always salty about the fact that his grandmother loved Yoongi more than Jimin himself) and had insisted that Yoongi visit him and Yoongi hadn’t resisted. Jimin’s grandmother made the best kimchi and cookies and he really hadn’t been out of Seoul in quite some time.

 “I wanted you to do it but you weren’t here...and I couldn’t wait. Namjoon hyung told me to wait and let you do it...but honestly, I was just too excited so I asked him to do it anyway...” Taehyung trails away.

Kim Taehyung just saved Kim Namjoon from getting murdered. But Yoongi is still going to beat the shit out of Namjoon anyway, for not telling him about the tattoo.

Yoongi sighs, knowing that there isn’t anything he could do about it anyway. He turns away quietly and walks towards the chair and sits down, guessing that it would probably be too awkward if Taehyung and he walked side by side when the boy was half-naked.

Yoongi watches as Taehyung fidgets with the t-shirt (which he hadn’t hung up during the entire tattoo touching session) as if stalling time. Yoongi waits patiently, done with washing his hands. It is another two minutes before Taehyung finally hangs the t-shirt up and turns around shyly, walking towards the bed in a very self-conscious way, his cheeks flushed scarlet. Yoongi understands him. His own cheeks are flushed crimson.

Taehyung is in no way ripped. For all his broad, manly shoulders and narrow waist and perfect ass and beautiful, manly hands, Taehyung has the most softest tummy Yoongi has ever seen. If Yoongi had been expected abs and all, he would’ve been disappointed. Of course, he would have died also. Because who wants a tattooed Taehyung with six packs and perfect ass and being the complete package standing in front of them shirtless and looking all Punk Rock Prince even without an ounce of punk-ness in him?

(The answer is everyone, to be honest)

 But Taehyung with a tummy is somehow even better. Soft. Delicate. Adorable and The Cutest thing Yoongi has ever seen. It takes every bit of self-control Yoongi has in himself to not end up squealing out loudly at the baby-like tummy.  Yoongi wants to reach out and touch it just to be sure if it is as squishy as it looks like.

 Yoongi turns away and pulls on a new pair of gloves, trying not to stare too much. Taehyung looks slightly self-conscious and Yoongi doesn’t want the boy to be, not when Yoongi has the time to stare at it anyway for whatever time it was going to take for Yoongi to draw the tattoo (he has already made up his mind about working as slow as he could. You know...for the tattoo to be perfect).

“Do you want to lie down or just sit?” Yoongi asks, glancing at Taehyung for a moment before looking down again, pretending to take the stencil he had prepared yesterday in his hand and observing it. He wants, no, needs Taehyung to be comfortable around him.

“Which is better?”

“If you lie down, to be honest.”


Yoongi hears the rustle of the sheet and sees Taehyung lying down from the corner of his eyes. After another two minutes, when even Yoongi cannot prolong it anymore, Yoongi finally looks up, the stencil ready in his hands. He pulls his chair closer to the bed, feeling Taehyung’s eyes on him and tries to ignore the nervousness. He understands why Taehyung is self-conscious. Yoongi feels that too.

But are Taehyung’s reasons the same as his?

Yoongi lightly puts the stencil on Taehyung’s side, not touching him too much or too purposely, just barely holding the paper against the skin. “Is here perfect?” Yoongi asks, looking at Taehyung for confirmation.

Taehyung doesn’t reply but simply gazes at Yoongi. Silently.

Yoongi is about to repeat the question when Taehyung puts his hand on top of Yoongi’s. Yoongi is taken aback. Taehyung’s hands are surprisingly larger than his own, covering his own hand fully. He stares at their hands, Taehyung’s beautiful and delicate-looking on top of his own and then back at Taehyung, who smiles softly. The touch is soft and firm, nothing hesitant about it. Yoongi feels Taehyung guiding his hand up against his side an inch above from where Yoongi had originally held the stencil as he held Yoongi’s gaze, still smiling softly, not at all consciously. Yoongi’s palm skims Taehyung’s honey-coloured skin. Soft skin. Beautiful.

“Here,” Taehyung whispers and then drops his hand. Which is good for Yoongi, you know, considering how fast his heart is racing at such a mere touch by Taehyung.

It is another minute before Yoongi nods and turns towards the task at hand, his heart beating considerably slower. He doesn’t want to keep on staring into Taehyung’s eyes lest he blurts out something he might regret later. And also because Taehyung probably wouldn’t appreciate such a waste of time for no reason at all.

Once Yoongi starts his work, it’s pretty easy to not feel the nervousness and anxiety anymore. He can actually forget that it’s Taehyung who is shirtless in front of him and lying down on the bed once he doesn’t have to look at the boy’s face anymore. It could be just someone else for him.

Not that Yoongi isn’t aware that it’s Taehyung who is lying down in front of him.

In fact, Yoongi is hyper-aware of that, to the point that he knows when Taehyung looks at him, looks away or even so much as clenches his jaw or his palm in a fist (Yoongi has no idea what’s making the boy so angry or tense). He knows Taehyung is constantly staring at him, with his unreadable expression and unreadable eyes which always seem to say a lot but in a language which Yoongi doesn’t speak. But losing himself in his work helps Yoongi to not feel jittery anymore.

“So, why a flower?” Yoongi asks conversationally, some minutes later, when the silence stretches on for too long and both, himself and Taehyung still seem somewhat on edge. At least Yoongi is. And he has a feeling that even Taehyung is, if the clenched fist is any giveaway. And Yoongi knows Taehyung likes to talk a lot. Maybe that would calm down the boy or make him more comfortable around Yoongi. Yoongi hates the idea of Kim Taehyung ever being uncomfortable around him.

When Yoongi glances at Taehyung, the boy seems to be in thought, as if struggling to find proper words. Taehyung catches Yoongi’s gaze and smiles, suddenly looking sure. Yoongi returns to the task at hand.

“Because flowers are very...contrasting you know? Flowers are so delicate and so beautiful and are like...the symbols of everything pure, innocent, tender and beautiful. But they are still so contradictory. You may not be able to find trees in the desert but can find flowers in deserts and even on the highest peaks of the goddamn Himalayas.”

Yoongi laughs.

“Seriously. They can survive and grow anywhere, whether it’s too hot or too cold or too dry, they’ll still grow and spread beauty around. Flowers seem pretty weak and fragile, you know, but they are really one tough cookie. And I want to be like that too.”

Yoongi pauses and glances at Taehyung, who is staring at the light overhead, somewhat lost in thought, his expression serious.

“I want to be delicate and fragile and beautiful but I still want to be strong and tough like them. Someone who can be soft and beautiful and yet survive a lightning and rainstorms.”

Yoongi just gazes at Taehyung. Somehow, Taehyung just described how he himself really was.

Kim Taehyung was the epitome of softness, delicacy and gracefulness and yet he was one tough cookie, someone who didn’t flinch or even wince while getting tattoos (Yoongi himself winced whenever he got new tattoos in sensitive areas and had cried like a little girl during the tongue piercing). Not that Taehyung’s toughness was limited to not cry during getting tattoos, but Yoongi didn’t know him exactly a lot outside of the coffee-shop, except for whatever stories he heard from the boy himself. Yoongi is somehow still sure that Taehyung is stronger than he looks.

“That’s very deep,” Yoongi says, holding the stencil properly and continuing with the work.

“Really? Or are you just making fun of me?” Taehyung demands, his tone uncertain and full of suspicion.

Yoongi chuckles, not glancing at Taehyung and focusing on the line he is drawing. “No, really. It’s deep. And your tattoo has a meaning. I hate it when people get tattoos without any meaning to it.”

“I know right! I hate it when people get tattoos without any meaning too! Like why the fuck would you draw something permanent on your skin for no reason at all? That’s some serious lifelong commitment. At least those people who say because the design is ‘cute’ are better than having no reason at all,” Taehyung rants and Yoongi chuckles again. Taehyung’s tirade is quite cute and also Yoongi agrees with everything the boy just said.

“And some people get the most stupidest tattoos ever!” Taehyung yells and Yoongi flinches back as Taehyung jerks suddenly, wringing his hands as if their stupidity is causing him agitation somehow. Yoongi just throws Taehyung a dirty look, because Taehyung could’ve seriously injured himself and the needles could’ve pierced him. Taehyung apologizes and lays down, throwing Yoongi a sheepish smile. When Yoongi is sure the boy wouldn’t burst out again, he restarts his work.

“I know all about stupid tattoos. Namjoon and I have ongoing yearly bets. This year our bet is on who will draw the most stupidest tattoo ever demanded by a customer,” Yoongi snorts, remembering the bet they made so long ago.

“And who is leading?”

Yoongi flashes Taehyung a triumphant smile. “I am. You’ll never guess what a girl made me draw.”

Taehyung squints up at Yoongi curiously, although there is already a slow smile spreading on his face, his eyes widening by the moment. Yoongi waits for it to hit.

“Oh my God! Don’t tell me she made you draw...”

“A dick. That’s right.  Namjoon was so furious that no one would ask him to draw such a stupid tattoo,” Yoongi replies, smiling gleefully. The boy is soooo going to lose the bet. Taehyung laughs lightly. It’s again a carefree sound. A lovely sound.

“He practically whined about how he never got such stupid customers. I would gladly trade them but I need them to win this year’s bet. So Namjoon can fuck off,” Yoongi grins, shrugging and pausing in his work, because Taehyung is shaking with laughter.

It takes both of them another ten minutes to calm down, because Yoongi had gotten up, ran to his desk and shown Taehyung the dick tattoo he had drawn for the girl. Her own design that too. Taehyung (and Yoongi) had laughed about it for solid five minutes, tears running down their cheeks. And Yoongi laughed even harder because he remembered how Namjoon had raged when he had found out that the customer was supposed to be his but Namjoon had happened to be at Jin’s bakery (probably getting some own dick himself) so the customer had enough and had asked Yoongi to do it instead.

They finally settle down and Yoongi continues with the tattooing, almost half of the tattoo done. It was coming quite well and Yoongi hopes Taehyung would love it.

Taehyung seems to be at ease now, not quite on edge or self-conscious as he had looked some time ago. He is humming a low tune which calms Yoongi, makes him feel relaxed. Yoongi recognises the song from listening to it on the radio. He wonders how well Taehyung must sing, considering he was humming quite well and didn’t seem to be off-tune or anything.

Taehyung probably sang very well. Yoongi can bet that the boy sounded like angels singing melodies or some shit. He is suddenly glad that Taehyung is just humming and not actually singing. If he heard Taehyung singing with that baritone and raspy voice of his, it was a sure shot ticket to heaven (or Hell, more likely, but the point is that he would die anyway) for Yoongi.

And then again, Yoongi could handle only so much. Taehyung singing on top of Yoongi watching him shirtless, with his tattoos, wearing all black and black skinny jeans and see-through shirt at that would’ve been too much for Yoongi.

God had mercy on Min Yoongi. God must know Min Yoongi had a weak heart when it came to Kim Taehyung.

Yoongi shakes his head once. Focus Min Yoongi he thinks, focus.

“So what’s the story?”


“What’s the story behind the moon tattoo?” Yoongi asks, throwing Taehyung a cursory glance before focusing again. The silence isn’t something which bothers Yoongi. He just misses listening to Taehyung’s voice. Taehyung’s voice helps him remain composed. It soothes him.

When Taehyung doesn’t reply even after two minutes, Yoongi looks up, wondering if something is wrong with the boy or if he is still thinking like he had when Yoongi had asked about the flower tattoo. Yoongi expected the boy to be lost in thought when he had looked at Taehyung.

What he hadn’t expected was to see Taehyung blush. It wasn’t even a normal, light pink blush which kind of tells you that the person is embarrassed about the question or the answer which they are about to give. Instead, Taehyung’s whole face, literally the whole face, from neck to ears, had turned a dark crimson. Taehyung isn’t even glancing at Yoongi. He is pointedly looking away.

“You’re blushing!” Yoongi exclaims, stating the obvious, watching Taehyung incredulously.

“No, I am not!”

“Yes, you are!” Yoongi insists, almost laughing. “What’s the story behind the moon tattoo? Tell me now!”

“It’s nothing! I just love the moon a lot!” Taehyung exclaims, wringing his hands, still blushing furiously.

“No! There’s more, isn’t it?” Yoongi demands, laughing slightly, feeling a bit breathless and eager.

There’s something Taehyung is hiding from him. Either there is probably some embarrassing reason behind the tattoo or something very cheesy, which of course also falls into the embarrassing category and Yoongi is now absolutely curious to know why Kim Taehyung is this red, a human version of a tomato.

Taehyung is silent again and refuses to look anywhere near Yoongi’s direction, much less at the boy, his head craned sideways and eyes closed.

Yoongi’s interest has now skyrocketed.

“Come on, tell me or I’ll leave this tattoo unfinished!” Yoongi threatens, although it sounds less like a threat. He is still half-laughing, half-pleading Taehyung to just tell him the reason.

“I don’t care. I’ll just ask Namjoon hyung to do it instead then,” Taehyung answers nonchalantly, eyes screwed shut, the crimson colour on the cheeks nowhere close to fading away.

“Oh come on! Tell me, please Taehyung, please,” Yoongi begs. “I won’t laugh! Or tell anyone. I promise! Just tell me, please?” Yoongi implores and before his brain can even form a rational thought, takes Taehyung’s hand into his own, squeezing it firmly, as if his touch would somehow do the magic and make Taehyung open up.

The second Yoongi takes the boy’s hand into his own, Taehyung’s eyes are on him, wide with surprise and shock. The rational part of Yoongi’s brain (which is only 2 brain cells if we are all being honest here, the rest are all devoted in loving and dreaming about Kim Taehyung) is screaming at him to retract his hand and shut the fuck up but Yoongi knows it’s too late.

And anyway, he wants to hold Taehyung’s hand. He might’ve taken hold of it without thinking about it but Yoongi definitely isn’t going to let it go now that he finally had the chance and courage to finally take the boy’s hand in his own. No way is Yoongi backing down now.

Something flickers in Taehyung’s eyes and the surprise and shock vanish away. Instead, there is an infinite tenderness in his eyes and Yoongi simply watches, awestruck, breathless, as the corner of Taehyung’s mouth turns up slowly before turning into an easy smile.

Taehyung is glowing. Glowing in the way he smiles, glowing in the way he stares at Yoongi and glowing in the way he simply exists.

“I’ll tell you when the time is right,” Taehyung says simply. Taehyung’s voice is so soft, his tone so gentle and so full of promises and his gaze is so, so intense that Yoongi stops breathing.

Yoongi holds Taehyung’s gaze, not daring to look away, not even being able to look away.

There’s...there’s something about the moment, perhaps, because Yoongi finds himself praying for the moment to never end. Yoongi can spend his entire life like this, holding Taehyung’s hand in his own, staring at him.

He can live his entire life in this one moment. If he has to get down on his knees in front of God, he would do so without a single thought, because, in this moment, Yoongi feels like he has died and been born and died and born again, for a thousand times over and over again. In this moment, Yoongi feels as if only Taehyung and he are the only people who exist in the whole world. And in this moment, the only thing real is Yoongi and his love for Taehyung.

Nothing else existed at all.

“Promise?” Yoongi asks quietly, not glancing away from Taehyung.

Taehyung only squeezes Yoongi’s hand in response, the gentle smile still intact on his face.

Yoongi holds Taehyung’s gaze for a few beats more before retracting his hand. He immediately misses the warmth Taehyung’s hand had been providing but Yoongi has to do his job. Taehyung is in front of him for a reason, after all.

The rest of the time passes in comfortable silence, the only sound being that of the tattoo machine and of Yoongi’s own breath, sometimes interrupted with Taehyung’s low sighs. Yoongi doesn’t know what the boy is thinking and what is the cause of so many sighs but he doesn’t ask. Because he knows Taehyung won’t reply. The boy is one stubborn cookie.

They don’t speak again but Yoongi and Taehyung must’ve shared a thousand glances since then, some of them soft and tender, some bashful and some others almost as if they were sharing a secret, as if they were conversing with their eyes instead of speaking out loud.

Yoongi knows that something significant has passed between him and Taehyung in that moment. Something from which there was no turning back and Yoongi knows he doesn’t even want to turn back.

Does Taehyung feel the same?

Yoongi hopes he does.

“It’s done. Take a look before I bandage it up,” Yoongi states a few minutes later, leaning back in his chair, craning his neck from side to side as he tries to relieve some pain from the sore muscles. His back is aching slightly as is his neck but Yoongi isn’t going to complain at all.

He slumps back in the chair and watches Taehyung, who is watching his handiwork, a small smile on his face. Yoongi doesn’t look at the tattoo. He knows he is good and he knows he can never do a tattoo wrong. He has been doing it since he was sixteen and he was the one who trained Namjoon. So yeah. He doesn’t need to look at the tattoo.

Taehyung has a small smile on his face as he admires the tattoo, bending down and peering it from all the angles. Yoongi watches Taehyung fondly, his own mouth spread in an exact smile like the other boy’s, as if Taehyung’s own happiness is contagious. Not as if. It is. Yoongi’s mood changed according to Taehyung’s, like Yoongi was the Moon and Taehyung was the Sun and Yoongi’s was only shining if and when Taehyung’s sun was shining brightly upon him.

Like it is now.

Taehyung looks up at Yoongi, his smile levelled up from just one corner of his mouth upturned to his Boxy Smile™.

“It’s awesome! I love it!” Taehyung exclaims before looking down to admire it again. Yoongi just returns his smile, which the boy doesn’t see, glad that the boy is satisfied.

“All right. Let me bandage it now. You know how long to keep it covered before you can remove it right?” Yoongi inquires, getting up from his chair. Taehyung nods enthusiastically, giving Yoongi thumbs up.

Yoongi walks to his desk and removes the bandages and other things, kicking his legs in the air as he walks. He feels better at having finally moved from the chair. It is as if he had forgotten what it was to walk or have functional legs.

He takes his good old time in removing the supplies and then remembering that Taehyung wanted him to do a dandelion tattoo, searches for Namjoon’s sketchbook, where the man had dedicated three whole pages to dandelion designs all because Kim Seokjin happened to love dandelions. That was back when Namjoon had kept on pining on Jin, his huge crush known to everyone else, even Jin, except Namjoon himself. The whole group had kept on yelling at Namjoon about how he was in love with Jin and Namjoon had kept on denying, making Yoongi want to beat the shit out of his delusional ass. Yoongi had finally had enough and stormed into Jin’s bakery and told him to ‘fucking get his shit together and kiss Namjoon and confess’. And well then...the rest just followed.

Yoongi remembers how flustered Namjoon had been when Jin had finally confessed. The rest of them were all outside the tattoo parlour, their noses pressed against the glass window as they tried to peer what was happening inside through the one-inch strip between the two curtains, all of them pushing each other to get the best spot for watching the drama inside. And the loud shout which had followed from the whole group outside when they saw Jin grab Namjoon and kiss him had been deafening...

Not that Yoongi should laugh at Namjoon for making so many dandelion designs because of Jin when his own sad, pathetic ass has drawn like a million star tattoo designs for Taehyung (he has five whole sketchbooks dedicated to it in his flat and if Namjoon knew about it...).

Yoongi passes Taehyung the book and asks him to select one design as he starts bandaging him carefully, trying not to touch the skin around the tattoo, lest he hurts the boy accidentally.

“This one here!” Taehyung says and Yoongi looks at the tattoo Taehyung is pointing at. It’s a small dandelion with its seeds blowing upwards in the air.

Yoongi snorts. “Cliché.”

Taehyung raises his eyebrows. “I know it is cliché. But I want it anyway.”

“Why this cliché tattoo of all the tattoos?” Yoongi asks, throwing Taehyung a quizzical glance as he finishes bandaging. Yoongi slumps back in his chair, watching Taehyung who is watching him with a bitchy face. Yoongi suddenly realises how hungry he is. And thirsty too. He picks up the water bottle from his desk, still watching Taehyung as he waits for the reply. Yoongi knows that although the tattoo is cliché, Taehyung must’ve a good enough reason for getting that tattoo. He had a meaningful explanation for his tattoos (not that Yoongi knows what the meaning is behind the moon tattoo, but he is going to trust Taehyung) so there must be some reason for this stupid tattoo too.

“Because I like dandelions. They grow in the wild and are delicate enough to be blown away by the mere wind. I like how they soar high in the air, up above everything else and get carried away to places. They must see a lot of things, you know?” Taehyung says, smiling. There’s a hint of melancholy in the smile. And in Taehyung’s eyes. “I would love to go places like them and see everything,” Taehyung sighs, closing his eyes for a split second, as if he is imagining himself flying and being born away by the wind.

Yoongi’s heart clenches at the gloomy expression on the boy’s face. He wants to say something, comfort Taehyung in some way or do something at least to wipe away the look from Taehyung’s face. He wants to tell the boy that he will fly high too, that Taehyung will be able to travel the world and go to places and meet new people like he wants to, that he’ll eat all the delicacies around the world and click pictures on his camera and make his own Polaroid album like he wishes to and just...

 Yoongi remembers Taehyung telling him that his biggest wish was to backpack across the whole world and meet new people. Not quite hard to imagine, considering how much Taehyung loved to talk with everyone.

 But Yoongi finds himself unable to find the exact words which will help Taehyung, so he drinks the water instead, taking huge sips to prolong the moment and avoid saying something.

“And also because I want someone to blow me.”

Yoongi chokes on his sip. He doubles over, water entering his nostrils and spilling from his mouth and his eyes tear up.

Because that was so fucking unexpected?

What the fuck Kim Taehyung?

He looks up, eyes still watering and coughing violently, only to find Taehyung howling with laughter in front of him, clutching his stomach.

“Oh my God...your face...oh God...” Taehyung snickers, pointing vaguely towards Yoongi. He is laughing so hard that he is almost lying down on the bed on his side (the other side, not the tattooed one. The boy’s brain is still working fine, then). Yoongi gapes at Taehyung, still not quite over the words. His cheeks are slightly red (well, because...) and he is trying really hard not to dwell on the boy’s words.

“I was just kidding. I saw the chance and I took it,” Taehyung giggles, sobering up. “I just wanted to see your reaction.”

“And was it what you imagined?” Yoongi asks dryly, hitting his chest with a fist, trying to control his cough. Taehyung could’ve had his fun, but not at the cost of Yoongi choking and dying for God’s sake. But whatever makes the boy laugh and erase the melancholic expression from his face is fine with Yoongi, even at the cost of his life.

More than what I imagined. And totally worth it!” Taehyung grins, eyes twinkling, a hint of shameless laughter still on his face.

Yoongi rolls his eyes and mutters a low ‘whatever’, lips twitching as he tries to control his own laugh.

“Anyway, I know the tattoo will take only a few minutes but can we take a break for ten minutes? My neck is aching,” Yoongi requests, slumping back in the chair. Yoongi feels slightly tired because of all the continuous bending down. He should really take the offer and start working out with Jungkook and Jin if he doesn’t want to end up being a crooked old man. And also the fact that he couldn’t work on the huge tattoos then because of it.

“Oh. Right. Do you want me to bring you coffee? I know it makes you feel better. I can make it quickly and bring it over,” Taehyung offers as he straightens up, his eyes wide and questioning, a corner of his mouth turned down. He looks so adorable and so puppy-like that Yoongi feels like that he will feel better just by watching him.

Ugh. Yoongi shakes his head as if that would somehow get the thought out of his head. When did he become so cheesy?

Yoongi nods. Coffee will make him feel good. The only thing aside from Kim Taehyung which makes him feel alive and believe in the world. And it is even better because Kim Taehyung himself made it. So it is as if Yoongi is handed Ambrosia by the Gods themselves.

Exactly ten minutes later, Yoongi is comfortably curled on the couch, sipping on his Mocha Special 1 with an extra dose of chocolate and sugar, which was what Yoongi always drank whenever he felt tired and in dire need of some energy. Yoongi hadn’t even asked Taehyung for Mocha Special 1 (or as Taehyung liked to call it, Energy Emergency 101 Mocha) but Taehyung had brought it anyway. Taehyung must know Yoongi somewhat by now, if not well.

The thought makes Yoongi smile, lips curving into an unconscious smile, fingers wrapped around the warm china cup as he took small sips. Taehyung sat on the couch beside him but on the opposite end, facing him, their feet almost touching each other. All Yoongi needs now is a cold weather outside and a blanket to be draped on both of them. Even better if it would rain outside right now.

Yoongi starts daydreaming about stormy rains and him and Taehyung getting soaked in the rainfall, dancing around on empty streets as the raindrops fall on them, Yoongi finally having enough and just confessing his hella huge crush to Taehyung and then the boy just smiles...and then Taehyung grabs him by the waist, pulls him forward and leans closer, putting his lips next to Yoongi’s ear and mutters

“You should dye your hair black.”

Yoongi hears a shattering sound in his brain as he lands solidly back on Earth, the daydream fading away quickly as Yoongi’s eyes focus on Taehyung. Taehyung is watching him blankly as if he is lost in some deep thought. Not him, the boy is watching Yoongi’s hair to be specific, as he sips on his own drink.


“I said you should dye your hair black,” Taehyung repeats, blinking once before finding Yoongi’s gaze, smiling behind his mug.


Taehyung nods his head vigorously. “I mean, the mint colour suits you and all but really seem like a Lil Meow Meow,” Taehyung giggles and Yoongi rolls his eyes. “And then it doesn’t exactly give off the punk rock vibes, you know? But if you dyed your hair black...then boy, that would be hot. And Punk Rock too. I think you will look...beautiful in all black clothing, with your black leather jacket and your big combat boots and your lip rings and tattoos and your motorcycle...” Taehyung trails away, slightly breathless, partially blushing and fully smiling.

Yoongi simply stares at Taehyung, heart beating fast. “You really want me to dye my hair black?”

The boy thought Yoongi would look hot.


Hot as in the attractive type of hot, sexy type of hot, sensuous and seductive kind of hot, not temperature hot. And Taehyung thought Yoongi would look beautiful...beautiful. Yoongi has never been called beautiful. He has never even been called pretty or even fine-looking. Good-looking, handsome, hot were words Yoongi wasn’t even familiar of.

The highest compliment he had ever gotten was when Jin had said that Yoongi’s nose was better than Namjoon’s and that he was a solid four and a half.

Yoongi thinks he is a solid five at least.

Taehyung nods once as he takes a sip and then puts the cup away, wiping his mouth. Yoongi mirrors the boy, having finished his own coffee. Yoongi gets up from the couch, giving a lazy stretch like a cat, yawning widely before walking towards the chair again and plopping down. He looks at Taehyung and pats the bed in front of him, signalling the boy that he is ready. Taehyung obediently sits down in front of him, his expression still pensive as he eyes Yoongi’s hair.

“Natural black,” Taehyung emphasizes, meeting Yoongi’s eyes. “You will seriously rock the look and be...more handsome than you are now.”

Yoongi stills and slowly raises his eyes to Taehyung’s. He can hear his heart pounding and it is so loud and beating so fast that Yoongi wonders if Taehyung can hear it too.

“W...What?” Yoongi stutters, blinking furiously. He didn’t hear Taehyung correctly, did he?

“What what?” Taehyung asks, cocking his head to one side, looking at him puzzled.

“ think I am...handsome?” Yoongi asks disbelievingly, contemplating if Taehyung is lying, is mental or better yet, blind.

It’s Taehyung’s turn to glance at Yoongi disbelievingly. “You think you aren’t?”


Taehyung lets out a strangled sound and looks as if he is in some physical kind of a pain because of Yoongi’s reply. He closes his eyes momentarily, takes a deep breath before opening them in a flash and Yoongi is surprised to see the burning intensity in his eyes.

“You are more than handsome, Min Yoongi. Do you get it? More than handsome...I...there are no words for how incredibly beautiful you are, even with your mint hair,” Taehyung says, his tone full and final.

Yoongi’s breathing is shallow. Harsh.

Taehyung reaches his hand out and touches the corner of Yoongi’s eyes. “You have such beautiful and sharp eyes. And I love how you can shut people up with just a simple glance. If looks could kill, yours definitely would...” Taehyung trails away, slightly breathless as he chuckles.

Taehyung’s fingers move downwards and Yoongi’s breath hitches. He is frozen on the spot. Taehyung’s hand caresses his cheeks. Feather-touch. Light. Soft. “You have such pretty cheeks, so squishy. I love how pale you are, so when you blush it’s so easy to see,” Taehyung says, smirking slightly. “I love how rosy your cheeks get when you blush. It’s like rose petals against the snow. So lovely. So precious. It’s a privilege to see you blush, Min Yoongi.”

Yoongi feels his cheeks heat up instantly at the compliment, as if his brain is wired to please Taehyung by giving him what he wants and loves. Taehyung laughs, throwing his head back, eyes crinkled but his hand is still against Yoongi’s now warming cheeks.

 “And your jaw...” Taehyung continues and his hand curls around Yoongi’s jaw, holding it and Yoongi leans into his touch, closing his eyes as Taehyung’s thumb traces his jawline. By this point, Yoongi has ceased to breathe. “Such razor-like sharpness. Beautiful,” Taehyung breathes.

Yoongi’s breaths are too shallow now, far too shallow, much like Taehyung’s and Yoongi is suddenly aware of how close they are sitting, the intimacy of their position and the sincerity in Taehyung’s words.

And then, Taehyung’s fingers move south, ever so slowly, ever so gently and it’s a whole torture to Yoongi. He feels like an eternity passes in that one movement, in that one moment before Taehyung’s fingertips find the corner of Yoongi’s lips.

Yoongi is still frozen on the spot, unable to move at all, as if he is under Taehyung’s spell. He is trying so hard not to stare at Taehyung’s lips, which are almost a foot away than his own. They are almost leaning towards each other anyway, Taehyung’s fingertips still touching his lips and all Yoongi needs to do is lean forward a little bit. They are halfway there.

And Taehyung is staring at his lips anyway.

“Your lips...” Taehyung murmurs, licking his own before gulping slightly. “Your lips are pink...and so full and God...when you slip in that accent of yours sometimes, they are in such full pout...and so inviting and God, it’s so fucking hard to just stare and not kiss them...”

Yoongi licks his lips. And so does Taehyung.

And Taehyung’s lips are right there, now less than a foot between them and the boy seems to be leaning forward and so is Yoongi because goddamn it, he is not about to throw this chance away! Not when it finally seems to be happening.

Yoongi leans forward slowly, eyes fluttering shut, the anticipation building in his stomach.

He is about to kiss Kim Taehyung! He is about to know if the boy’s lips are as soft as he imagines them to be, if they would taste of the coffee that Taehyung drank not so long ago, if they’d be as plush as they seem to be.

Yoongi scrunches his eyes tightly and there are a million butterflies ready to take flight in his stomach and Taehyung’s hand on his jaw has tightened and Yoongi can hear the other boy’s ragged breathing too and their lips will touch any second now and

“Hey guys I was thinking of orderi-oh!”

Yoongi springs back, hearing the loud bang of the door opening as well as the shattering sound of his dreams and expectations in the back of his mind. Taehyung jerks back too, lurching away from Yoongi as he pushes Yoongi away, eyes wide with surprise.

Yoongi turns his head slowly to stare at the door, his own eyes wide in surprise, heart beating fast but for a completely different reason and heat creeping up his cheeks. Again, for a completely different reason.

Namjoon is standing in the door way and he seems to be frozen on the spot, one hand against the door, holding it open.

Embarrassing. And the urge to die. That’s what the three of them feel, as everyone stares at each other before quickly looking away, avoiding each other’s eyes.

Namjoon seems to be embarrassed about walking onto Yoongi and Taehyung like that, seeming like a little child who walks into a room only to find his parents doing things he isn’t supposed to see. Taehyung looks like he’d rather be left alone in the jungle waiting for a pride of lions to hunt him down and eat him rather than be in the same room as Namjoon or anyone else right now. Not after that epic, fail of a kiss.

Yoongi for his part doesn’t the know what to do. His voice has failed him. He wishes his eyesight, his hearing, his memory and his existence would fail him too. Someone should obliterate his entire existence. He doesn’t know what to do. Making eye contact, either with Namjoon or with Taehyung is risky and embarrassing. And not making eye contact with either of them is also risky and embarrassing.

Why the fuck do schools and universities not teach you this kind of stuff?

How To React When Your Dumbass Best-Friend Walks Into You Almost Kissing The Love Of Your Life 101.

Yoongi would teach classes like these if he ever opens a University. You know, realistic shit. Along with How To Flirt, How To Ask Your Crush Out, How To Not Die 101 When Your Crush Touches Your Hand Casually, Ten Thousand Ways to Kill Your Best-Friend etc.

Namjoon is the first one to break the silence.

Bless him, Yoongi thinks. And not bless him too. All this wouldn’t have happened if the idiot hadn’t walked in when...

Why, oh why did the boy have to walk in right at that instant?! Couldn’t he walked in on them maybe, 30 seconds later? Or more like, never?

Namjoon clears his throat. Yoongi looks up at him, hoping that he isn’t looking 1) embarrassed 2) ready to die 3) ready to kill (It’s a combination of all three but anyway.) Taehyung glances up Namjoon too and Yoongi is sure that it is taking everything in the boy to maintain eye contact and appear nonchalant.

“I was thinking of ordering pizza for lunch. Are you guys game?” Namjoon asks, smiling weakly, glancing at Yoongi and Taehyung for a moment before quickly looking away, staring pointedly at ceiling.

Yoongi wants the beat the shit out of Namjoon. At least fucking act normally Yoongi scream-thinks, as if Namjoon is going to read his mind.

Yoongi opens his mouth to say ‘yes’ but Taehyung beats him to it.


Yoongi swivels to look at Taehyung, who is avoiding his gaze. Taehyung’s neck and ears have turned red and boy, does Yoongi have to hand it to him, because Taehyung is staring right back at Namjoon, looking confident even if his voice betrays it.

Namjoon raises his eyebrows slightly but doesn’t say anything. Before he can turn to Yoongi, Taehyung pipes up again.

“I...have to go somewhere after this. I really can’t stay,” Taehyung finishes lamely, looking at Yoongi for the briefest moment before turning towards Namjoon again.

Yoongi frowns, almost about to ask Taehyung where he is going but Namjoon jerks his head, as if signalling him to stay quiet. For once, Yoongi complies. He turns towards Namjoon.

“You know my order.”

Namjoon looks and smiles, throwing both of them thumbs-up. “One pizza coming up! You guys...continue with what you were doing,” Namjoon mutters quickly and shuts the door behind him.

Oh God.

Continue with what you doing.

Yoongi is definitely going to kill Namjoon.

Way to kill the tension.

Yoongi stares at the door, hoping that his gaze would burn everything down (except Taehyung). If it would, Yoongi was going to stare into a mirror the first thing to kill himself, to be honest. Or maybe Namjoon would be the first thing. Any of the two would be better.

Yoongi doesn’t even know what to do. He cannot go back on the same topic with Taehyung. That would be awkward for both of them. The moment is over. The moment had started naturally, unforced. To go back to the topic again would mean desperation.

And then again, Taehyung doesn’t seem to be in the mood. Taehyung is sitting in front of him, still not having turned around to spare a glance at Yoongi.

Yoongi sighs inwardly and closes his eyes. Focus he thinks. Make him feel better. Don’t make it awkward for him. Act normally.

“Come on, let’s get done with your tattoo,” Yoongi says, trying to keep his voice light and normal.

When Taehyung finally turns around, Yoongi doesn’t look at him. Instead, he picks the stencil up and the gun, pretending to be engrossed in the design and preparing for the tattooing. He puts as much as distance as he can between himself and the boy, in case Taehyung felt conscious.

Each inch between them is killing Yoongi. He wants to rewind time to five minutes ago, when he and Taehyung had been sitting close together, finally, finally speaking something from their heart. Or maybe half an hour ago, when they sat and drank coffee, talking nonsense, comfortable around each other.

As they should be.

Taehyung seems to be on edge right and Yoongi cannot do anything but just do nothing about it.

Is Taehyung embarrassed about what happened? Or perhaps regretting their almost kiss?

Yoongi doesn’t.

Sure, it’s a bit awkward because his dumbfuck of a best-friend walked in on them almost kissing each other, but Yoongi doesn’t regret it. Nor is he embarrassed about the almost kiss.

In fact, he’d more than love to kiss Taehyung’s blank expression away. He’d love to soothe the boy by stroking his hair gently, holding him in his arms.

But the boy is barely responding. He has turned around, sitting upright on the bed, long legs dangling over the edge as both the arms grip the edges of the bed, staring vacantly at a spot below.

Yoongi sighs again, feeling an awful feeling spreading inside the pit of his stomach. The butterflies are dead. The storm is dead. There’s only a cold iceberg floating inside.

Yoongi sits beside Taehyung, keeping as much distance as he can which isn’t much to be honest. Taehyung wants a tattoo behind the ear, so Yoongi cannot really stay away from him that much.

Taehyung doesn’t react when Yoongi sits beside him and puts a hand to his ear, folding it in front.

“Hold it like this, okay? So I can work better,” Yoongi breathes, swallowing a little, trying to keep the sinking feeling away from his voice. It’s killing him. This mood change in Taehyung. All Yoongi wants to do right now is shake the boy hard and demand.

Demand if the boy regrets it or...

Or shake him at least to act normal. Or be comfortable around him.

As if Taehyung had just listened to his thoughts, Taehyung turns around, smiling his boxy smile.

“Like this?” he asks, folding his ear and almost puts his hand on top of Yoongi’s.

Yoongi nods, feeling his heart soar again. Not because Taehyung is smiling hugely again, and his tone is light (not in an artificial way. Yoongi would know) but because the boy doesn’t jerk his hand away from Yoongi’s immediately upon the touch. Taehyung lets his pinkie finger stroke Yoongi’s hand, sharing a secretive smile with Yoongi.

Yoongi sighs again. This time, utterly relieved.

Yoongi starts working again, feeling his old, cheerful self creeping back into him. Even Taehyung turns talkative as Yoongi works, kicking his legs in the air and Yoongi has to constantly reprimand him or that.

“How many tattoos do you have?”

“Eighteen and would you goddamn stop kicking your legs? I need you to sit still,” Yoongi hisses, pausing momentarily to throw Taehyung a look. “If you don’t stop then I will not continue with this tattoo,” he threatens. Taehyung stills immediately.

He is silent for another moment. Before

“What tattoo do you want to have next?”

“A tattoo with stars. And a moon maybe,” Yoongi answers immediately, without thinking about it.

Yoongi has wanted a star tattoo for a long time now. And the inspiration for it is sitting right in front of him. But after knowing that Taehyung has a moon phases tattoo, then maybe, a moon among a starry sky wouldn’t hurt at all.

The starry sky or constellations for Taehyung and the moon for Yoongi. MoonStar. The name sounds much better than TaeGi.

“Do you have a design in mind?”



Taehyung asks him a few more questions but shuts up eventually after Yoongi remains silent who is far too much engrossed into getting the tattoo done right.

Yoongi leans forward unconsciously, face again inches away from Taehyung’s own. Taehyung stills under Yoongi’s working hand, who seems to not have noticed the distance. Yoongi’s breath is hitting the side of Taehyung’s jaw and ear as he finishes drawing the last, tiny floating seed.

Yoongi has changed the design a bit, the alteration to the original design popping up inside his mind at the last minute. God! He hopes Taehyung wouldn’t kill him and hate him for the changes. Not that it looks bad. In fact, the tattoo is more meaningful now, more delicate, more beautiful.

“’s done!” Yoongi says, a grin spreading on his face as he slumps back, throwing the gun aside, eyes shining as he admires his own handiwork. Goddamn it. Min Yoongi is really the best out there and getting his job done right. And Min Yoongi is really proud of his work, not egoistic, just really really proud.

“Here,” Yoongi says excitedly, “I’ll take a picture and show it you.”

Taehyung nods enthusiastically, squirming excitedly in his seat, smiling so widely that the eyes have disappeared in crescents. Yoongi quickly takes a few pictures, from various angles and lighting and all that jazz, in case one picture turns out to be bad and Taehyung thinks Yoongi has drawn a bad tattoo.

Yoongi is in desperate need for Taehyung’s validation. These are probably the most cherished tattoos he has drawn and this is his most cherished customer. Yoongi is going to remember today for a lot of time and for a lot of reasons. Now Taehyung just needs to approve of his work and then Min Yoongi is going to legit die of happiness.

Taehyung stares at the picture for a long time and is far too silent for Yoongi’s liking, the boy’s eyes glued to the screen, face illuminated by it. Every second that Taehyung stays silent and stares at the tattoo wordlessly is a second of Yoongi’s anxiety meter turning up a notch.

What? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Oh my God just speak up Yoongi thinks, screaming on the inside. He wants to claw at his own face and scream loudly because Oh. My. God. Why. Isn’t. The. Boy. Speaking. Up?

“You changed the tattoo.”

Finally! After 2378607097 years! That’s how many years Yoongi feels have passed in the time it took Taehyung to utter the sentence. And a sentence which states what Yoongi has done. As if Yoongi doesn’t know he had changed the tattoo. Couldn’t Taehyung have commented something like ‘the tattoo is so beautiful’ or ‘you are so talented Yoongi hyung’ or ‘I love you so much Yoongi hyung’?

So much hate.

Not that Yoongi is going to say all this out loud.

“Yes, I did,” Yoongi says, pressing his lips into a thin line as he gazes at Taehyung, squirming in his seat. He wants to know if the tattoo is good or not, because Yoongi had changed it at the last moment, knowing that it would go well with the meaning Taehyung had in mind for getting it. Yoongi even knows what is coming. It isn’t going to be a compliment about the tattoo. Instead


There it is. Yoongi just knew Taehyung was going to ask this question. Wow. Someone needs to give Yoongi an award for knowing the future or reading Taehyung’s mind or something. Yoongi feels like he is God himself.

“Because,” Yoongi starts, trying to gather his thoughts. Yoongi had changed the tattoo all right. And he even had the exact meaning of Taehyung’s meaning in his mind. Bu would that justify the changes he had made? After all, Yoongi had done something permanent without Taehyung’s permission and if the boy didn’t like it...

Yoongi pauses and stares at the design. Instead of the plain dandelion with its seeds blowing away in the air, Yoongi had changed it to the dandelion seeds taking the shapes of birds as they float away in the air. It was quite pretty. Dainty. And meaningful.

“Because I want you to soar high,” Yoongi says, eyes shifting back to Taehyung’s.

Taehyung stares right back at him, his eyes searching, still and silent.

Yoongi raises his hand tentatively, pausing just before he can touch Taehyung, fist clenching in uncertainty.  He takes a deep breath and stretches his hand, fingers brushing Taehyung’s hair back. Yoongi watches his hand as he tucks a strand back behind Taehyung’s ear before glancing back at him.

Yoongi slides his hand down, holding Taehyung’s jaw lightly, stroking his thumb over the boy’s cheek.

“I want you to soar high like the dandelion. Because someday, maybe not today or tomorrow or for a year, but someday, surely someday, you’ll soar high like the dandelion seeds and fly to places. You’ll be as unrestrained as the birds and you’ll see things you want to, meet new people and visit places you want to. This tattoo shall serve you as a reminder to spread your wings and fly away to any where you want to,” Yoongi says, smiling slightly.

Taehyung gazes at Yoongi for a long time, a slow smile spreading not just on his face but his eyes are smiling too, radiating some sort of unrestrained and internal happiness. Taehyung slowly puts his hand over Yoongi’s, smiling ever so softly, just one corner of his mouth up.

“It’s absolutely beautiful,” Taehyung breathes. “I love it. Thank you so much,” Taehyung murmurs, looking earnest and before Yoongi can even know it is happening, Taehyung bring Yoongi’s hand to his lips and presses a soft, long kiss on the inside of the palm.

Min Yoongi just might be dying.

Taehyung holds Yoongi’s gaze, eyes still reflecting his smile as he kisses Yoongi’s hand and Yoongi is sure that Taehyung can feel his quickening pulse and hear his heart beating loudly.

“I don’t think this is enough.”

“Wh-what?” Yoongi stutters as Taehyung smiles, dropping Yoongi’s hand. Yoongi sooooo isn’t liking Taehyung’s smile and Oh. My. God is Taehyung thinking what Yoongi is thinking? Because if that is the case then Yoongi is sooooo not ready and God! Someone hold Yoongi.

Taehyung leans in closer and when did his smile turn into that devilish smirk?

Taehyung pauses just an inch away from Yoongi’s face.

“I think this should be enough,” Taehyung whispers and Yoongi only sits frozen, eyes blinking rapidly and mind completely blank as Taehyung presses a kiss on his cheek, just at the corner of his mouth.

By the time Yoongi has unfrozen (a solid ten minutes and thirty three seconds, Yoongi’s heart nowhere close to slowing down and his mind nowhere close to erasing the memory of Taehyung kissing his cheek on repeat, remembering Taehyung’s scent when he had leaned in close and the feel of his lips just at the corner of his mouth), Taehyung has already put on his shirt, standing ten paces away from Yoongi and silently watching him as he buttons up the shirt.

Yoongi turns to look at Taehyung, mouth slightly open. The boy seems to have said something but Yoongi isn’t too sure, what with only sound of blood rushing and his conscious screaming inside his brain.


Taehyung’s face is blank. “I asked how much for the tattoos. I’ll pay at the counter.”

Yoongi looks at Taehyung silently. He raises his hand tentatively and touches the corner of his mouth where Taehyung’s lips had been quite a few minutes ago. The skin is still tingling, still warm. Yoongi feels surreal and unearthly, as if he is a dandelion seed himself and is floating high above in the sky.

Yoongi gazes straight into Taehyung’s eyes.

“For you, no charge.”

Taehyung raises his eyebrows, pausing as he buttons up the last button.

Yoongi taps two fingers on the corner of his mouth. “I got more than I asked,” Yoongi answers, now his turn to smirk.

Yoongi doesn’t know how he had expected Taehyung to react. Maybe the boy would’ve laughed out loud or smiled his boxy smile or grinned or just smirked right back at Yoongi’s cheekiness. Or maybe Taehyung would’ve rolled his eyes and asked Yoongi to cut his bullshit out and demanded how much he needs to pay Yoongi for the tattoos.

What Yoongi hadn’t expected was Taehyung’s face to harden.

A pained expression passes on Taehyung’s face and Taehyung closes his eyes. When Taehyung’s eyes flash open, there is an indefinite unhappiness in his eyes, no trace of earlier joy visible in them. The expression stays. It doesn’t go away like before, when it used to make Yoongi question whether he had really seen Taehyung sad or not.

This time, Yoongi can see that Taehyung is sad. Taehyung isn’t hiding it anymore.

What the hell is happening?

Yoongi opens his mouth to ask what is wrong but Taehyung beats him to it.

“I didn’t.”

Yoongi simply watches as Taehyung walks towards the door, hand outstretched and holding the door handle.

Yoongi is so confused. What...did he say something wrong? Did he do something wrong? Yoongi cannot think of anything that he might’ve done to piss the boy off or to make Taehyung this dismal. Weren’t they flirting just a few minutes ago? Didn’t Taehyung kiss his hand and then his cheek, smiling so tenderly as he did that? Hadn’t he been complimenting Yoongi about the nice job he had done upon the tattoo? What could’ve possibly happened?

Yoongi stares at Taehyung, feeling more confused than ever.

Taehyung opens the door and pauses, standing on the threshold. Taehyung turns over and glances at Yoongi over his shoulder.

“I didn’t get what I asked for.” Taehyung turns around fractionally more, glancing directly into Yoongi’s eyes. “I wanted more.”

And with that, Taehyung walks out of the room, banging the door shut behind him.




“So what was-”

“Not now, Namjoon,” Yoongi snaps, not even caring to glance at the boy.

Yoongi’s hands shake as he picks his jacket up and throws it around him, trying to control his tears. His nose is pricking badly and he is so close to crying, so so close. Yoongi feels as if someone is dousing cold water all over his body. Or maybe he is submerged under an ocean, an ice-cold ocean and the water is filling inside his body through his nose, his mouth, his ears and Yoongi is going numb, turning ice cold on the inside.

Yoongi controls a sob. His hands are shaking so badly that even zipping his jacket up is a herculean task.

I wanted more.

I wanted more...

Taehyung’s words are ringing inside Yoongi’s mind on loop.

I wanted more...

“Hey, what the hell happened?” Namjoon demands and his voice sounds angry. Yoongi knows. He doesn’t need to look at Namjoon to know what the other boy’s expression must be. He feels a hand on his arm. Namjoon’s soft, comforting touch.

Yoongi pulls his hand out of Namjoon’s. “I said not now!” Yoongi yells, the tears finally welling up and spilling out and before Namjoon can even react, Yoongi pushes the parlour door open and runs, keeping his eyes focused on the road ahead, trying not to glance at a certain shop opposite his own parlour.

Yoongi walks slowly at first, hands balled into fists inside the jacket pockets, trying to ignore the cold feeling.

I wanted more.

I wanted more...

And then, Yoongi breaks into a run, hoping that he could run away from this city, run away from these people, from Taehyung. Or maybe run back into time eight months ago on that rainy day and tell his older self to not run into Sugar Rush to just goddamn pick up an umbrella and walk into Starbucks to get his usual coffee and not meet, or even glance at the boy that is Kim Taehyung.

Things would’ve been much easier that way. If he had never met Kim Taehyung. Yoongi would’ve never felt what he is feeling now. The numbness, the coldness and the intense urge to run to the end of the world.

But above all, Yoongi wants to run away from only one thing.

His own cowardice.








Part Three

The Moon And The Stars




“It’s pronounced G-I-F. G from Goat. G from Get. G from Gamble! It’s not pronounced as fucking J-I-F for fuck’s sake, you absolute fucking dumbass! It’s G-I-F. G. I. F!”

Yoongi smiles and puts the popcorn in his mouth, passing the bowl to Hoseok who is sitting beside him silently. Jungkook and Jimin sit on his other side, their hands outstretched as they wait for Hoseok to continue with the chain of passing the bowl. Four pairs of eyes, four pairs of identical smirks as the four of them watch the drama in front of them.

Namjoon and Jin arguing over the correct pronunciation of gif.

Yoongi grins amusedly as he licks off the cheese powder from his hands, watching Namjoon who looks so close to having a mental breakdown. So far, Jin has had counter-arguments for everything Namjoon has said, ticking Namjoon off even further.

It’s even more amusing to Yoongi because he knows Jin knows what the actual pronunciation of gif is. Jin s just messing with Namjoon, something which the man failing to notice while the rest of them can see it crystal clear.

Watching Namjoon having mental breakdowns over other’s stupidity was in Yoongi’s list of Top Ten Favourite Ways to Pass the Time.

Incorrect grammar, incorrect pronunciations and incorrect use of phrases and words. That is enough to tick Namjoon off and start a fight. And Jin’s way to get him riled up because according to Jin, Namjoon looks ‘adorable’ as his entire Ryan Doll collection when he starts arguing and gets angry, his cute little nose flaring in that adorable manner which showed itself only when Namjoon was heated up (Jin’s thoughts. Not Yoongi’s. Namjoon is as adorable as his toenail, according to Yoongi). Yoongi knows Jin liked to argue with the man just to see that nose flare.

And Yoongi likes when they both argue because it provides entertainment to the rest of them all. He likes it even better when Namjoon turns on the rest of them and starts arguing with them, always conveniently letting Yoongi be out of the whole drama, knowing full well that Yoongi will support Namjoon.

Because the rest of them are all dumbasses. And it’s a full-on entertainer for Yoongi to watch them debate with Namjoon with their pea-sized brains and exasperate the man in front of them further.

Yoongi knows exactly what is going to happen now.

Namjoon is going to turn towards Hoseok first and ask for votes on who is correct.

Oh Dear Lord. Here it comes Yoongi thinks, grinning widely as he puts a popcorn in his mouth.

“Hoseok,” Namjoon snaps, turning around and glaring down at Hoseok, hands on his hips.

“Err...” Hoseok starts and Yoongi knows he is stalling time, trying to rack his brain to avoid answering. Hoseok always got the worst of it, always getting caught between what he wants to answer (usually the wrong side. Not usually. Always the wrong side. Hoseok is dumbass no.1 along with Jeon Jungkook. Both crackheads without doing any crack) and what Namjoon wants to hear.

Now everyone turns to look at Hoseok, who is under the spotlight. Namjoon is glaring at him, Seokjin is throwing a ‘don’t-you-dare-take-Namjoon’s-side’ look to him, hands on his hips just like Namjoon.

Beside him, Yoongi knows Jungkook and Jimin are watching Hoseok with the same shit-eating grin as his own, a ‘you-are-dead-now’ kind of expression on the faces of the three. Maybe they’ve forgotten that it’s their asses which are going to get kicked once Hoseok’s turn is done.

Hoseok seems as if he is regretting enjoying the fight, regretting his entire life and regretting being born. He resembles a man who sees his entire life flashing before him in seconds before the death arrives. Yoongi is pretty sure Hoseok would prefer death than this.

Yoongi catches Jin’s eyes and the man winks ever so slightly, one corner of his lip twitching as he controls his laugh.

Jin is trying really hard not to laugh at Hoseok’s misery and Namjoon’s exasperation.

‘You are a little shit’ Yoongi mouths to Jin, controlling his own snort. Jin winks again, throwing Yoongi a full smile before turning to Hoseok and glaring.

“Well?” Namjoon demands, fuming in Hoseok’s direction.

Hoseok licks his bottom lip and opens his mouth, but instead of hearing the answer, Yoongi hears the chiming of the bells; loud, piercing and startling in the edgy silence of the parlour.

Yoongi and the rest of them whip their heads towards the door as Taehyung walks in, one hand in his pocket. The bells tinkle again softly as Taehyung shuts the door behind him, throwing them all a huge smile.

“Oh great! Everyone’s here,” Taehyung exclaims, although he looks slightly taken aback.

Before he can even take one step further into the room, Jungkook and Jimin are by his side, hugging Taehyung from both the sides and squashing him in between. They start yelling ‘Taehyung! Taehyung!’, jumping up and down and Yoongi rolls his eyes as Taehyung starts yelling incoherently too, jumping up and down as he supports Jungkook and Jimin’s crack head behaviour.

Yoongi used to think Taehyung was sane, quiet and shy.

But in the last two months, Taehyung had shown Yoongi a side of his personality which Yoongi thought was impossible for the boy to have.

Taehyung is as much of a crackhead as the rest of them (excluding Namjoon. Thank God someone is still sane). He was boisterous, the brains behind half of the pranks they played on Yoongi and Namjoon (teaming up with Jungkook and Jimin) and did all sort of mental dares and challenges which anyone could come up with.

The boy drank a small sip of shampoo just because Namjoon said he couldn’t (Namjoon had accidentally tasted shampoo while showering and had been ranting about how horrible it tasted and Jimin had dared Taehyung to do so. Taehyung had refused at first and when Namjoon had commented on how he couldn’t...well then...)

The Taehyung which Yoongi knew, the shy, soft-spoken, talkative and thoughtful Taehyung was only reserved for when he and Yoongi were alone or in the coffee shop.

Taehyung along with Jimin, Jungkook and Hoseok was a whole fucking migraine to the entire neighbourhood. He and Hoseok had once gotten into a battle of who could scream the most shrilly just because they wanted to. Even Jungkook and Jimin were done with Taehyung and Hoseok that day, as both the boys kept on screaming shrilly back and forth all day long, their voices going a pitch higher each time as they tried to outshine the other, till they finally reached a point where their voices must’ve been heard by bats only.

Jin had stalked away muttering something about ‘devil’ and ‘spawn’ and ‘where’s my Cross?’

Yoongi thought Taehyung looked adorable as he screamed, Taehyung’s eyes scrunched tightly as he shouted loudly, trying to be even shriller than Hoseok (Hoseok had won, by the way, if you want to know).

Namjoon had muttered something about where to find wedding tuxedos.

“’sup Lil Meow Meow?” Taehyung asks when Jimin and Jungkook stop chanting his name, although they are still hugging him. At least Jungkook is just hugging him. Jimin is hanging off from Taehyung’s side like a koala.

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “When will you stop calling me that?”

“Never,” Taehyung answers, voice full of promise. “I love calling you Lil Meow Meow. Because it always makes you blush. And you know I love to see you blush,” Taehyung finishes, smiling secretively, knowingly.

And Yoongi does blush.

Not just because of what Taehyung said, but because he remembers the first time Taehyung had said those words.

It has been over a week now but Yoongi is still not over the moment they had shared. 

When he and Taehyung had almost kissed...

Yoongi gives his head a little shake, trying to erase the thought from his mind. He ignores Namjoon’s knowing, dirty glance, as if he knows exactly where Yoongi’s mind had wandered away and also ignores the rest of them, who are ogling at Yoongi and Taehyung, back and forth, trying to figure out what is happening.

“What are you doing here, anyway? Shouldn’t you be at the service counter? It’s not your break time,” Yoongi frowns, quickly trying to change the topic before anyone can prolong the subject, or question them both.

Because Namjoon looks on the verge of spilling everything out. It’s a miracle in itself that he hasn’t yet blabbered about it in the group. Yoongi knows for sure that he hasn’t even yet told this to Jin.

Taehyung finally shrugs both Jungkook and Jimin off and walks into the middle of the room, resting his hips against the desk as he stands between Namjoon and Jin, the former who is throwing hostile looks in Yoongi’s direction.

“Yeah. I don’t have much time. But I have good news...and...uh, I wanted to ask something,” Taehyung mutters, scratching the back of his neck.

He’s nervous, Yoongi notes.

Everyone waits, falling silent instantly.

“Mi Yeon is coming this Friday.”

The room erupts in a loud, cheerful yell and Yoongi watches Taehyung chuckle softly. Yoongi himself is hooting loudly.

Because his Mimi is coming back!

Yoongi has missed Mi Yeon so much! Especially because Taehyung kept talking about her and sometimes randomly mentioning how he missed her. Yoongi missed her smile, almost identical to her uncle’s, he missed how she would always straightaway sit in his lap when she would walk into the parlour, not even asking for his permission and how she cuddled against him.

Mi Yeon was Yoongi’s very own, very personal soft toy.

The only person aside from Kim Taehyung for whom Yoongi is soft for. And the only one aside from Kim Taehyung who could make Yoongi do things which he wouldn’t even dream of doing.

And also because Yoongi considered her as his lucky charm.

Because ever since her arrival, things between him and Taehyung had changed.

Drastically. And for the better.

Well, mostly for the better.

Except for that one breakdown which Yoongi last week, but you get the gist.

Not that Yoongi s anywhere close to asking Taehyung out on a date but still...there is slow and steady and sure progress. They had almost kissed... and if Namjoon hadn’t interrupted because of his shitty timing, Yoongi might’ve even had his first date till now, much less just a first kiss.

Of course you can say that Yoongi could’ve asked Taehyung out then.

Yoongi knows that.

He has spent the last whole week staring at his ceiling instead of sleeping. Dreaming of himself and Taehyung, together.

Dreaming of asking him out and getting a ‘yes’ from the boy. Dreaming of them being in a relationship and buying matching outfits, going out on dates, holding hands as they walk around the neighbourhood, Yoongi dropping Taehyung off at his home and then Taehyung leaning down and kissing Yoongi on the lips. A sweet goodnight kiss.

And maybe a month later, or few more (if Taehyung needed time. Yoongi would move in with Taehyung right this instant) they’d both share an apartment, go to sleep side by side, with Taehyung in Yoongi’s arms or vice versa, Yoongi’s lips pressed against his forehead and Yoongi waking up to Taehyung the first thing in the morning...


Yoongi wants all this. He wants it so badly that even thinking about it is enough to make him start crying...

But Yoongi is so afraid and for so many reasons.

Because what if Taehyung doesn’t like him at all in the first place?

That is possible.

Because Kim Taehyung spoke like that with everyone.

He laughs with everyone, blushes whenever anyone gives him compliments, he flirts with Jimin and Jungkook too, knowing full well that they are together (and the fuckers flirt back with him. Assholes.) He is charming with everyone; the ladies, girls and the little kids who visit the coffee shop, sometimes even a few boys; he throws around his Boxy Smiles™ around to everyone as if they don’t cost him at all and laughs at everyone’s jokes.

Yoongi isn’t special to receive such attention from Taehyung.

The boy is attentive and friendly with everyone.

And even if Yoongi is special (because Taehyung doesn’t go around almost kissing people now, does he?) and Yoongi thinks, or even more, is almost sure that he is special...then what if whatever he has with Taehyung now is destroyed if he asks Taehyung out?

What if it doesn’t work out for Taehyung?

Or what if it doesn’t work out for Yoongi?

Yoongi has never been in any relationship. He hasn’t ever gone out on dates or even had crushes for that matter. It was and is only Taehyung for him. The only one who had managed to catch Yoongi’s attention. His whole attention.

So Yoongi doesn’t know how the whole dating things works.

To be with someone...share things, talk about what they feel, to touch someone, hold hands mindlessly, hold them in your arms, kiss them...

Yoongi is inexperienced in all this.

So what if Yoongi makes a mistake?

And what if Taehyung isn’t everything Yoongi has imagined him to be? What if he turns out to be someone Yoongi cannot stand and eventually dislikes? What if they both are a bad combination and that Yoongi has failed to notice it due to his infatuation for Taehyung? What if they are only better off as friends and nothing more? And if it doesn’t work out...would they be able to go back being good friends again?

Or would everything be ruined forever?

Yoongi knows for sure he wouldn’t be able to handle that.

And god...he is so, so fucking scared and


“Wh-what?” Yoongi squeals, startled.

Six pairs of eyes are trained on him, the eyebrows raised. How long had Yoongi zoned out? It is deadly quiet. No one is speaking anything, just staring at him.

Yoongi catches Namjoon’s eye who is looking at Yoongi with a pinched expression, as if he has been reading Yoongi’s mind. Namjoon purses his lips and turns away, nostrils flaring. Yoongi watches as a small tick appears in Namjoon’s jaw as he clenches it.

Jimin rolls his eyes and just glances at Taehyung. “So what did you want to ask about?”

The attention shifts towards Taehyung, who suddenly seems nervous.

“Errr. Right. I actually wanted to ask Yoongi hyung something.”

Yoongi feels like the rest of them are the spectators in a tennis match, their necks turning sideways, glancing at Yoongi one second and then at Taehyung, then Yoongi and then back again to Taehyung.

Oh Dear Lord. What is the boy going to ask? And why did everyone have to be here right now?

Fuck Yoongi’s luck.

“I mean, it actually applies to everyone if Yoongi hyung declines the offer...” Taehyung adds, throwing a glance at everyone, scratching the back of his neck.

Now Yoongi is definitely curious.

And so are the rest of them, looking at Taehyung with eyes wide open with excitement, leaning on the edge of the couch.

“Just goddamn get to the point already!” Jungkook shrieks, stamping his foot on the floor.

Yoongi feels like doing the same too. Otherwise, he is going to die of suspense and increasing heart palpitations due to curiosity.

“Well...the thing is, Mi Yeon has 3 special passes for Lotte World. Hyung, I mean my brother, is in an advertisement company and they just made an advertisement for Lotte World. So-”

“The one with Park Seo Joon?” Jin interrupts, looking awestruck. Jimin has dropped his jaw on the floor. Jungkook has frozen, his Bambi eyes wider than Yoongi has ever seen them.

Taehyung nods. “The very one. So since hyung-”

“Did your brother meet Park Seo Joon then?” Jungkook asks, just as stunned as Jin.

“Yes, he did,” Taehyung answers.

Yoongi wonders how the boy has so much patience. If it had been Yoongi in Taehyung’s place, he would’ve snapped at Jungkook and Jin already.

“Anyway, so hyung got-”

“Can you ask your brother to get me an autograph from Seo Joon?” Jin asks, interrupting the boy again.

Before Taehyung can even answer, Namjoon whacks the back of Jin’s head, looking annoyed. “Let the boy fucking finish asking what he wants to ask first. Fucking idiots. How many times will you make him repeat the same sentence?”

God bless Namjoon Yoongi thinks.

Jin glowers in Namjoon’s direction but nevertheless shuts up, motioning for Taehyung to continue.

Taehyung grins childishly as he continues. “Anyway, so since hyung directed the advertisement, yes he did direct the advertisement and before you ask, he is a director,” Taehyung says, looking pointedly in Jungkook’s direction before looking back at the rest of them, “He got three special passes for Lotte World from the CEO of Lotte World himself. For the whole family, you know. Anyway, he isn’t coming to Seoul. Only Mi Yeon is. And so now I have an extra ticket,” Taehyung says. “And so-”

“Why isn’t your brother coming here?” Hoseok interrupts.

Yoongi isn’t irritated this time. Even he is curious about that.

At the question, Taehyung cracks up. “Actually he was going to come here,” Taehyung starts, laughing loudly. Yoongi wonders what’s so funny? “But then I told him that he can leave Mi Yeon with me and go have some quality time with noona. I told him that I want a sibling for Mi Yeon.”

Everyone laughs, including Yoongi.

Taehyung sobers up. “He doesn’t get a lot of vacations, you know? And then he never gets to spend time with noona alone anyway because of Mi Yeon,” Taehyung mutters, shrugging his shoulders. “But, coming back to point, I have an extra ticket.”

Taehyung turns towards Yoongi, looking partly nervous and partly hopeful.

 Yoongi knows what’s coming. He just knows it.

“I know you don’t like to go to amusement parks and all and that you’d much rather spend your time at the parlour or at home and trying to get some sleep, but would you like to go to Lotte World with me?” Taehyung asks, pursing his lips as he stares at Yoongi.

Before Yoongi can even process the request in his brain, Hoseok speaks up. “Why does it have to be Yoongi? You have three one extra pass and there are six of us. Why can’t I go with you?” Hoseok demands, frowning.

“Because, first of all, you were shit-scared when you rode my fucking bicycle. I think going on a rollercoaster ride without you screaming your lungs out is a far too ambitious wish on anyone’s part. It’s basically asking for a miracle,” Taehyung deadpans and everyone cracks up, except Hoseok, whose face falls rapidly. Yoongi wants to get down on his knees and propose to the boy. His wit is fine as a wine. “I don’t want to spend the entire time there taking care of you because you will be fucking scared to go on half the rides. Even Mi Yeon isn’t scared of rides for fuck’s sake,” Taehyung mutters.

Yoongi snorts.

“And also because Mi Yeon gets along with you the least. So you are at the bottom of the list for going out to Lotte World,” Taehyung adds and shrugs in an ‘I-can’t-help-it” way.

“Well, fine. But what about me? I like to go on rides and I enjoy them a lot and unlike someone,” Jungkook says, throwing Hoseok a teasing look, “I am not afraid of rides. So I can go with you,” Jungkook finishes, throwing Yoongi a taunting glance. “I would love to go out with you. And Mi Yeon likes me a lot too.  ”

That little piece of shit. Yoongi is going to kill him the second Taehyung is out of the room.

Taehyung folds his hands in front of him and stares at Jungkook with a smirk plastered on his face. “Actually,” Taehyung starts, raising a finger in Jungkook’s direction. “Mi Yeon likes you second to last. So shut the fuck up.”

Yoongi snorts, this time loudly, unable to control himself like Namjoon and Taehyung winks in Yoongi’s direction before focusing on Jungkook. “And while I can take most certainly take you, I don’t want to. Because then I’ll have to look after two hyper little kids and I am not signing up for such a headache.”

Jungkook glowers. “Fine. Don’t take me. But then why would you want to take Yoongi hyung out of all of us? Namjoon hyung can go. Yoongi hyung doesn’t even like amusement parks for fuck’s sake,” Jungkook protests, eyeing Yoongi with another teasing look.

Jungkook isn’t protesting against not being able to go.

He is simply trying to get some sort of confession out of Taehyung, some explanation for why Yoongi out of them all. Jungkook is simply trying to prove his point to Yoongi.

Yoongi has three intricate and painful deaths planned for Jungkook. That little shit. Beside Jungkook, Jin and Jimin have similar smiles on their face.

Yoongi wants to die. His Constant Mood™ since he has developed a crush on Kim Taehyung.

“Exactly!” Taehyung exclaims, giggling slightly. “Yoongi hyung doesn’t like amusement parks! So I can take him without worrying about fighting over which rides to go to! Mimi and I can go on whichever rides we want to without worrying about Yoongi hyung not enjoying himself. He is going to be disinterested in all the rides anyway, so there’s no chance of fighting with him about any ride,” Taehyung finishes grinning.

 The boy did have some logic. Yoongi is impressed.

“He is afraid of the rides too, you know,” Jimin and Jin pipe up simultaneously.

Yoongi throws the pair a withering look, never having wanted the power of killing people with just a glance so ardently before.

“He can opt out of any ride if he wants to,” Taehyung says, shrugging his shoulders. “Anyway, Mi Yeon actually wants Yoongi hyung to come with us since he is her favourite. If not him, then Namjoon. And I want Yoongi hyung to come with us too. I like Yoongi hyung much better than the rest of you all anyway.”

Collected gasps of betrayal.

Jungkook pretends to faint, clutching his heart and drops down on the floor, flopping as if he is dying. Jimin slaps a hand on his mouth, eyes scrunched tightly and puts his palm out on the wall and leans against it, turning away from Taehyung as if he had just heard some bad news, like someone’s death. Jin screams out a loud “How could you?!” before turning towards Jimin and pulling him in a hug, as if both were consoling themselves and each other.

Hoseok sits on the floor beside Jungkook, fake crying and holding Jungkook’s face in his lap, who is now apparently dead, eyes staring out on the floor, unblinking. Even Namjoon pretends to be hurt, an actual tear sliding down his cheek. Yoongi knows the boy didn’t blink at all so his eyes could water.

Such fakes Yoongi thinks as he rolls his eyes, staring at all the feigned drama. He knows for a fact that inside, all the boys must be hooting, shouting, hollering.

Tonight, ‘Lil Meow Meow and His TaeTae’ is going to be lit. Yoongi makes a mental note to put the phone on mute, otherwise, his phone would be vibrating with the incoming messages the entire night.

Because they did get Taehyung to admit that he liked Yoongi the best. That Yoongi is special. And that Taehyung wanted to go out with only Yoongi.

Oh God.

The things he is going to listen from the group the second Taehyung walks out of the parlour...Yoongi doesn’t even have the time to brace for it.

Taehyung laughs loudly and hits Jimin’s arms. “You all know I don’t mean it like that.”

Jimin flings off Taehyung’s arms and turns his face towards Jin, still pretending to be hurt.

“Come on, you guys!” Taehyung protests, although he is still laughing. Taehyung walks over to Jungkook and kicks him lightly in the stomach, just enough to prod the boy to make him sit.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that,” Taehyung repeats, staring at all of them who have now stopped their shenanigans, although they are pretending to be salty.

Such fakes, Yoongi thinks again.

“Anyway,” Taehyung starts before someone can interrupt him again and turns towards Yoongi. “Would you like to go with me?” Taehyung asks, swaying back and forth on his heels, fists opening and closing at his side.

Nervous, expectant and urging. That’s the emotions Yoongi finds in Taehyung’s eyes as Taehyung watches Yoongi intensely.

Yoongi’s eyes trail behind Taehyung for a split second, where all the boys are now standing. Their mouths spread in grins so wide that Yoongi feels as if they are in a toothpaste commercial, nodding their heads furiously at Yoongi.

‘Say yes’ they all mouth together and Jungkook raises two fists at Yoongi, as if he is cheering Yoongi on.

“Yeah, I’ll go with you,” Yoongi answers, smiling slightly, trying to contain himself as he shifts his attention back to Taehyung.

Taehyung’s shoulder slump ever so slightly, relieved, as if he had expected Yoongi would somehow turn him down. The fists relax, the swaying stops and Yoongi’s Top Favourite Smile of Taehyung appears on the boy’s face.

“Great! That’s settled!” Taehyung yells and claps his hand. He turns towards the rest of them. “Sorry guys! The next time,” Taehyung apologizes, although his tone and the smile on his face betrays his words.

The rest of them appear to glare at Yoongi when Taehyung throws them a look but the minute Taehyung is gazing again at Yoongi, they are all dancing behind his back, yelling without any sound escaping their throats.

“Anyway! I gotta go back to the counter. Ji Soo will be back for her daily cappuccino and Jaehyeong cannot make it the way she likes it. He puts less sugar than her preferred amount,” Taehyung mutters.

Taehyung fixes Yoongi with a stare as he walks towards the door, his eyes twinkling and Yoongi feels the boy’s happiness radiate towards him in waves, its ripples hitting Yoongi second after second. Taehyung’s euphoria is something practically visible, a glowing, floating bubble cocooning Taehyung in.

Yoongi imagines the bubble extending towards himself, folding and enclosing him too. Just Yoongi and Taehyung inside that bubble, all smiles, all soft, all warm. 

“I’ll text you the details later. See you at 5.” And with that farewell, Taehyung is out of the door, the bells overhead chiming softly behind his departure.

The parlour is still silent but the action has already begun.

Yoongi watches Jin raise a hand up in the air, his eyes trained on the door like the rest of them as Yoongi sits stunned on the couch, heart pounding. Yoongi doesn’t bother watching the door like them. He knows the exact moment when the howling and the lecturing and the advice-giving and instructions will start.

“Now!” Jin roars and within a second, all of them crowd around Yoongi. Hoseok and Namjoon sit on either side while Jin, Jungkook and Jimin are on the floor, crouching in front of him, looking all businesslike.

“So this is a date,” Jin declares. “And-”

“It’s not a date,” Yoongi counters, rolling his eyes and feigning nonchalance even though his cheeks are colouring fast.

IT’S A DATE,” everyone yells simultaneously and Yoongi winces, their voices piercing in his ear from all sides.

“It’s not-” Yoongi begins but Jimin cuts him off.

“He fucking came here and asked you out. He specially hinted more than once that he wanted to go out with you. Only you,” Jimin snaps, eyes flashing at Yoongi. “How long will you be in fucking denial of what’s happening between you both?”

“Exactly!” Jungkook roars. “I can’t stand you two being all lovey-dovey and flirting with each other and that eye sex. Shit. Just fucking confess to him already, will you? I can’t believe you both are still flirting and nothing else has happened!” Jungkook finishes, shaking his head and running a hand through them, looking utterly frustrated.

There’s a moment of silence as everyone glares at him.

Yoongi opens his mouth. To reply what? He doesn’t know. He hasn’t exactly been processing information a lot since Taehyung exited. He is about to say something, anything but Namjoon beats him to it.

“They almost kissed!”

There’s a moment of silence. Before

THEY WHAT NOW?!” The rest of them yell together and this time, Yoongi physically retreats back on the couch, mouth flopping open and close like a fish, staring at them as if caught in a headlight.

The looks which Yoongi has received before are nothing compared to what he receives now. Yoongi sees a full revenge as well as his death planned as Jungkook and Jin glower in his direction, nostrils flared, listening to Namjoon recounting how Yoongi and Taehyung had almost been kissing each other as he had barged in on them. Yoongi doesn’t even have the energy to get mad at Namjoon for spilling out his secret to the others right now.

Yoongi isn’t even sure what he feels anymore. He just sits frozen on the couch, hearing only the sound of his loud, pounding heart thudding inside his ribcage and something else...something almost akin to anxiety coursing through his veins.

“They were like...this close,” Namjoon says, putting both the index fingers in front of each other and as much as Yoongi hates it, Namjoon is correct in his less than a centimetre distance between both his fingers.

There is a collective gasp as everyone stares at Namjoon’s hands before turning towards Yoongi, jaws on the floor, eyes bulging out of their sockets.

Jungkook recovers first.

“Jimin. Hold me. Hold me, otherwise, I am gonna run down to Sugar Rush with a microphone and tell Taehyung everything. Or I am gonna at least punch Yoongi hyung till he blacks out,” Jungkook fumes and Jimin obediently holds Jungkook from the back, arms crossed in front of Jungkook’s chest, throwing dirty looks in  Yoongi’s direction.

“Excellent Jungkook! Excellent!” Jin compliments, eyes lighting up and smiling in a way which Yoongi knows is so not a good news. Why did Kim Taehyung have to ask him out in front of the rest of them?

Why Taehyung, why?

“I am gonna give you an ultimatum, Min Yoongi. If you don’t confess to Taehyung or at least something further doesn’t happen between the both of you by Saturday night, then I am not to get my ass over at Sugar Rush and tell Taehyung how huge of a crush you have on him. Nope. But I am going to announce it to the entire fucking world. I am going to put up billboards and flyers and advertisements and whatnot till the entire world knows about it and so will Taehyung. I am going to pull a Min Yoongi, except a thousand times extra,” Jin threatens, smirking devilishly.

“You won’t do that,” Yoongi finally counteracts, gulping, trying to sound firm but his tone nevertheless betrays him.

Because Kim Seokjin is a whole headass and probably the most stubborn of them all. If the boy said it, then he did it. Yoongi knows Jin long enough to know how extra and how stubborn he is. So if he said he would put up billboards just to spite Yoongi, then the boy could actually do it.

“I most certainly will.”

Yoongi falls silent for a minute, staring at the floor. He sighs and looks up, licking his bottom lip. His hands tremble slightly as his heart races.

“But,” Yoongi starts, once again wetting his lips, which seem to have gone dry. “But it exactly isn’t going to be a date. Mi Yeon is...”

“Yoongi hyung, there are all kinds of dates!” Hoseok exasperates, raking a hand through his hair. “Consider it a play date then! My third date with Ryu Jin was babysitting her cousin sister who was the same age as Mi Yeon! And we had a lot of fun,” Hoseok emphasizes, glancing at Yoongi as if he is thoroughly done.

Yoongi stays silent. He stares pointedly at the floor, avoiding looking at any of them.

“Just ask him out Yoongi hyung for god’s sake!” Hoseok swears.

Yoongi is still silent. He shuts his eyes, scrunching them tightly and shakes his head.

They don’t understand he thinks. They don’t understand what he goes through, what he is afraid of, of what can happen. Yoongi knows. He knows all the pros and cons and it’s the just the mere thought that there are cons which makes Yoongi tremble, which makes Yoongi wants to let the things be as they are, be content with what he is having even though he yearns for more than that.

Hasn’t Yoongi thought about storming into Sugar Rush and profess his love to Taehyung in a thousand different languages and then pull him in for a kiss? If Yoongi got a penny for each time he had that thought, he would be touring the world with the man right now.

But they don’t understand what Yoongi is going through.

“Yoongi hyung.”

Yoongi turns towards Namjoon, not reluctantly but somewhat taken aback. Unlike the rest of them, Namjoon’s tone isn’t harsh or frustrated or in any way showing his agitation. His tone is gentle, soothing, urging and Yoongi feels his heart simmer down just by his voice.

Namjoon takes Yoongi’s hands in his own and presses it ever so slightly, just enough for Yoongi to understand what Namjoon wants to say. Yoongi and Namjoon have been friends for far too long for them to understand each other by mere glances and the most insignificant of the touches.

Namjoon’s touch now is comforting. Reassuring. Promising.

Namjoon’s glance is soft and gentle like his own self.

“I know what you are afraid of,” Namjoon murmurs, his velvety voice quiet. Yoongi feels Namjoon’s thumb caress the back of his hand lightly. “I know exactly what you are afraid of and what you are thinking. But if you don’t take a leap of faith, then hyung, nothing is ever going to happen! You might keep on waiting forever but Taehyung probably won’t. He might get tired of all the waiting and simply move on. Just waiting on and never doing anything when all the signs are in front of you is an act of cowardice. I know I am not the best person to say that,” Namjoon says, mouth quirking up and Yoongi smiles a little, knowing exactly why Namjoon said that, “but my case was still different. But with you, we all can see that even Taehyung is into you! It’s as clear as a diamond.”

Yoongi exhales slightly and shuts his eyes tightly.

“I know you are afraid of him rejecting you, or even more, I know you are afraid of things not working out for you both if you ever are together in a relationship. But you know what, hyung? I know you’ll do everything to not let that happen. I know you won’t fight with him, you won’t argue with him or have differences with him. Because you’ll understand him so much and you’ll love him so much that all these things aren’t going to happen at all!”

“And Taehyung isn’t ever going to think of anyone else. Not when it’s Min Yoongi laying out his heart and giving it to someone else. Your heart is the purest and beautiful out of any of ours and I think, no, I know for sure you’ll put the rest of us to shame when it comes to loving someone,” Namjoon murmurs and this time, he squeezes Yoongi’s hands firmly. “And so what if this isn’t a date? You can at least ask him out by the end of the day.”

Yoongi opens his eyes and glances at Namjoon, his own hands shaking between the other boy’s.

“You know,” Namjoon sighs when Yoongi stays silent, mouth quirking up even further, “if you are afraid that he doesn’t feel the same or he might refuse your date if you ask him or if you are still confused about whether he is really serious about you both, then there’s another way to around that.”

“What’s that?” Yoongi asks, his voice small, childlike.

“You get him to ask you out,” Namjoon replies simply, eyes twinkling like stars.

Yoongi lets out a shaky, uncertain breath, almost a mirthless laugh. He glances around the rest of them. They don’t look hostile or annoyed anymore. Instead, there are soft smiles. Gentle smiles. Encouraging smiles and glimmering eyes.

“And how do I do that?” Yoongi asks, arching an eyebrow up, throwing a quizzical look around at everyone.

Every one grins before sharing identical, knowing looks. Yoongi knows this look. It’s the ‘let’s- get –it’ kind of look. The kind of look you give your friends when you hatch a perfect, step-by-step plan against someone before it sets into action, knowing full well that the result is exactly going to be what you want it to be.








Yoongi raises his hand towards the doorbell, almost touching it. Just one mm more and slight pressure and voila! the bell will ring. But the hand falls down and Yoongi steps back and turns away, heart beating fast.

Six times.

Six times Yoongi almost pressed the bell and six times Yoongi backed away from the door, his cheeks heating even more, heart pounding even faster by the second and all he can think of is this is a bad idea.

Not visiting Taehyung. No.

That’s the best part.

Yoongi is going to go with Taehyung and Mi Yeon to Lotte World and enjoy himself and that isn’t a bad idea at all!

That’s the part Yoongi is looking forward to the most since the last two days. Since the whole group convinced Yoongi and made him ready to face this day aka Day of Reckoning, Armageddon, Judgement Day, Doomsday, Apocalypse (and all the other synonyms) with truckloads of instructions and advice and opinions and whatnot, fussing over Yoongi in every way possible and Yoongi had felt like a bride two days before her wedding, her best maids in full action around her, more excited than Yoongi himself.

The bad idea is the fucking bouquet in his hands.

Red and white flowers.

Huge bouquet.

If Yoongi is being honest, it isn’t all that huge. Just a regular, small size, a little bit larger than what brides carried as they walk down the aisle. Small enough to place it in a vase or something.

But to Yoongi, it feels gigantic.

Why didn’t flowers come in black? This much colour is ruining Yoongi’s punk rock self and his outfit. It doesn’t even go with his aura for god’s sake. Because ugh, so much colour. And the smell. The white flower (Yoongi has no idea what it’s called) actually smells really good if Yoongi is being honest, its smell overpowering the smell of roses themselves.

Yoongi didn’t even know which flowers to select. Taehyung had mentioned that he liked all the flowers and the goddamn store had so many options?! Yoongi didn’t even know these many flowers existed in the first place (he also can’t believe that some people knew the names to all of them. For Yoongi flowers were Roses and Not-Roses, except the 7-8 more flowers he knew). Yoongi had wanted to get one of each of the flowers at the shop but then that would be impossible to carry at Taehyung’s and of course, it would also have made Yoongi broke.

He can’t even handle this bouquet. It’s not that huge if he is being honest nor it is flashy. Minho had quickly selected the flowers and made the bouquet before Yoongi could even blink his eyes (red roses, red tulips and some white flower whose name Yoongi forgot by the time he reached Taehyung’s) smiling secretively, his eyes gleaming in a way that made Yoongi’s stomach churn (he doesn’t know if in a good way or a bad way) because thelook on Minho’s face was sooooo not a good news. Yoongi had demanded Minho the meaning of all the flowers but Minho had blatantly refused to tell him so, only telling him that ‘Taehyung would love them all’. 

Yoongi doesn’t trust Minho. Not one bit.

Yoongi stares at the bouquet in his hands.

This is a bad idea.

Maybe he should’ve never mentioned to the group that Taehyung was a sucker for flowers. Because the fuckers called Minho up and told him to keep a bouquet ready. Among all the other things they did (Yoongi regrets telling them so many things).

Yoongi is thinking of running downstairs, throwing the bouquet in a trash can and returning and then pressing the doorbell when he hears the sound of a door swinging open.

Yoongi looks up instantly, heart faltering for a beat and feels like a deer caught in headlights.

Because Taehyung is standing in front of him, beaming at him, an amused expression on his face.

“Were you ever planning on ringing the doorbell or not? I mean, backing away six times is quite something,” Taehyung finishes, giggling.

Yoongi stares at him, mouth parting open slightly. “W-what? H-How did you know I was here?”

Taehyung grins and cocks his head to one side. “The security guard downstairs rang me up the second you walked past him, said I had a visitor. And then I thought, you could only take so long for walking up two floors,” Taehyung explains, rolling his eyes. “So I wondered if there was something wrong...can’t say it wasn’t entertaining to watch you swing like a pendulum,” Taehyung finishes, grinning.

Yoongi rolls his eyes and glances away for a moment before turning back towards Taehyung, who is leaning casually against the doorway, hands folded in front of him, looking like he has just walked out of a modelling shoot.

Taehyung looked like a full meal even though he seems to be in the process of getting ready. Yoongi checks the boy out from top to bottom, letting his gaze slide over slowly.

Taehyung is wearing a loose red shirt, which is probably two sizes large for him and Yoongi has a hard time to not stare at the exposed collarbones, so sharp and standing out so clearly; has a hard time to not stare at the honey-caramel skin of Taehyung’s neck, collarbones and the soft curve of shoulders.

Taehyung’s shirt is dangerously close to falling off from his shoulders and Yoongi is dangerously close to dying. 

Yoongi lets his gaze slide down and dies a bit more at the ripped skinny black jeans, fitting Taehyung so perfectly, the thighs prominent and Yoongi thinks he is walking towards his own death.

Yoongi tears his gaze away from Taehyung’s thighs (that took a Herculean effort by the way, because Taehyung’s thighs were thick and yum...Yoongi wonders how great Taehyung’s ass must look in those jeans) and looks at his face, only to find Taehyung’s eyes trained on the bouquet in his hands.

Yoongi clears his throat. He hopes his voice won’t fail him now (no guarantee, to be honest). He clears his throat again and Taehyung slowly turns towards him, locking eyes with Yoongi.

“These are for you,” Yoongi murmurs shyly as he raises his hand, almost thrusting the bouquet in Taehyung’s hands, forcing himself to keep eye-contact.


That’s what Jin had told him to be.

Taehyung loves flowers and he is going to love these too (they all guaranteed. Yoongi felt like their guarantee came with terms and conditions written in invisible ink). Giving Taehyung flowers (something he loves a lot) is step one at capturing Kim Taehyung’s heart (according to the rest of them. Yoongi has no clue there are steps and shit. All he knew was that Yoongi’s love for Taehyung was like a blackhole, swallowing him whole along with his entire existence. He probably skipped those ‘steps’ and fell over the edge).

Taehyung takes the bouquet in his hands, eyes glued to the flowers, looking at it as if he is holding an explosive. He leans down and takes a deep breath, inhaling the scent of the flowers and Yoongi’s heart soars as he watches a slow smile spread on Taehyung’s face.

Taehyung glances up at Yoongi and then looks away, giving his head a little shake and puts a hand on his mouth.

Taehyung’s cheeks and ears are as red as the roses but a far more beautiful shade.

Taehyung put the roses to shame.

It takes Taehyung a whole minute and 23 seconds (Yoongi counted) to turn back towards Yoongi, a huge smile on his face. The look on Taehyung’s is one of pure joy. Unbridled, unconscious and infectious.

Yoongi mirrors Taehyung’s smile.

Is Taehyung’s heart skyrocketing as Yoongi’s is?

Yoongi believes it must be.


Yoongi knows it is.

“Minho got you the flowers, didn’t he?” Taehyung asks, smirking. He leans down again and inhales deeply, smoothening the petals of a white flower with the other hand.

Yoongi’s jaw drops. “ did you know?”

Taehyung beams as his eyes twinkle and all Yoongi can think of is how he can see the entire constellations of the universe sparkling in Taehyung’s eyes.

Beautiful. Ethereal. And transcendent.

That’s what Kim Taehyung is to Yoongi. Not just at the moment, but always. From the first time he laid his eyes on Taehyung till this moment right now, Taehyung is sublime and surreal to Yoongi.

Yoongi is falling in love over all over again.

“I just know,” Taehyung answers simply, throwing Yoongi a surreptitious grin.

What is with the smiles? Why did everyone know things which Yoongi didn’t know? Why is Yoongi the only one so clueless? And how could even Taehyung smile in a secretive manner? Shouldn’t he also be as perplexed as Yoongi is?

Yoongi squints at Taehyung, wondering what else does the boy know? He is about to demand Taehyung if Namjoon or the group mentioned something when Taehyung suddenly raises his hand and touches Yoongi’s hair.

“You changed your hair colour,” Taehyung notes. His voice is quiet. Muted. And different. Strange kind of different. Almost as if he is holding back from choking up or blurting something out.

Yoongi closes his eyes for a split second, revelling in the way Taehyung’s hand brushes his hair softly before tucking in a stray strand behind his ears. Yoongi shivers as Taehyung’s warm fingertips skim his ears lightly, gently.

Yoongi reaches out and grabs the boy’s hand as Taehyung lowers it, holding it firmly. Surely.

Yoongi smiles, ignoring the way his heart is skipping a few beats every few seconds.

When did he get so bold to hold Taehyung’s hand? Yoongi doesn’t know. Must be because of all the continuous drilling from Hoseok and Jungkook and Jimin. Yoongi can practically envision Jungkook by his side, screaming proudly at the top of his lungs because Yoongi mustered the courage to hold Taehyung’s hand.

Nevertheless, Yoongi finds himself holding Taehyung’s hand and the boy hasn’t yet pulled it out of Yoongi’s grasp.

It’s a good sign, right?

“Do you like my outfit?” Yoongi demands, cocking his head to one side, smiling smugly.

Dangerous. Too dangerous. Seriously.

Where is all this sudden confidence coming from? Is Jin hovering behind his back in some spirit form?

Taehyung rakes Yoongi from top to bottom slowly, so slowly that Yoongi feels like he might as well be naked in front of the boy. Taehyung bites his bottom lip before meeting Yoongi’s gaze. Something in Yoongi’s stomach does a funny little flip at the boy’s gaze. Taehyung’s stare is intense, consuming and hypnotic.

Yoongi feels a sudden jerk as Taehyung retracts his hand from Yoongi’s grasp and before he can even process what’s happening, Taehyung’s hand is encircled around his wrist. Taehyung leans forward, never taking his eyes away from Yoongi’s before he is close, too close than Yoongi can handle.

Taehyung puts his lips next to Yoongi’s ears.

“You look so fucking hot right now. I feel like I am having a whole five-course meal on a Christmas day in Paris at night with the Eiffel tower glimmering in front of me,” Taehyung whispers.

Yoongi’s heart wavers but he controls himself. Confident. Jin told him to be confident. And even if Yoongi is feeling anything but confident at the moment, he can try, right?

Yoongi inches forward, putting his own lips beside Taehyung’s ears. “I have my motorcycle too right now, you know?”

At that, Taehyung throws his head back and laughs, although the hand is still encircled around Yoongi’s wrist. A full laugh, childlike, unrestrained and Yoongi feels wonderful. It’s a sound he’d rather hear the rest of his life than any music.

Yoongi smiles, feeling content as he hears the melodious sound.

It feels like coming home.

“Min Yoongi. What are you doing to me?” Taehyung fake sighs, trying to look as if he was in pain but his eyes are dancing, shining and speaking a language which Yoongi thinks he can finally not just understand but speak too.

Yoongi raises his eyebrows, smirking slightly. “Want to go for a ride? You can sit behind. I will take you anywhere you want to go. We can drive by the Han River at night. You can see the city lights blurring beside you. And if you want then we can go up till the highest point and I’ll show you the city-lights twinkling like a thousand stars under your feet. They’ll shine just for you,” Yoongi says, his voice suddenly soft.

Yoongi looks down at Taehyung’s hand encircled around his wrist. Honey-Caramel against his snow. Masculine and firm against his own. Yoongi turns his hand inside Taehyung’s grip, not in a way of pulling his hand away, but instead threads his fingers through Taehyung’s, filling in the gaps between the boy’s fingers.

“And if you want to go further then I’ll drive till we are riding beside the beaches. You can feel the wind in your eyes, ears and hair. And if you get cold, I’ll wrap you in my leather jacket. And if you feel afraid then you can just hold on to me. I will not let anything happen to you,” Yoongi promises, looking earnestly at Taehyung.

Taehyung peers at Yoongi silently.

Yoongi waits.

And waits.

And waits.

And then


Yoongi nods. “I promise.”

There’s silence again for a beat as both of them stare at each other. Silent, wondering, believing, content.

Yoongi watches Taehyung’s mouth quirk up in one corner. “Then you better remember your promise, Min Yoongi, because I am not about to let that go anytime soon, understand?”

Yoongi nods again.

“And now, as much as I want to run downstairs right now and go on a ride with you and spend the whole night behind you on that motorcycle, I have a niece inside getting ready who will kill me and you if we don’t go with her to the amusement park. I am pretty sure she’s going to get mad when she realises I still haven’t finished dressing up,” Taehyung chuckles, rolling his eyes and finally letting go off Yoongi’s hand.

Yoongi blinks once. Twice. And then the reason why he is here in the first place comes crashing down on him like a meteorite shower.

Oh God. He had almost (completely, to be honest) forgotten that he was here for an outing with Mi Yeon and Taehyung at the Lotte World.

Damn Kim Taehyung and his eyes and his smile and him looking like a whole meal and flirting with Yoongi when they had such a busy day ahead. Yoongi had seriously forgotten Mi Yeon’s existence.

It was almost as if he and Taehyung were going on a date right now.

Yoongi groans under his breath and shakes his head. Taehyung throws Yoongi a knowing smirk and looks as if he is holding back his laughter as he steps behind, motioning Yoongi to enter the apartment. Yoongi mutters a low ‘shut up’ and shoves Taehyung away, a slow blush creeping up his cheeks.

“Where is she anyway?” Yoongi questions, frowning slightly. It is far too silent for a house which has a six-year-old kid who is about to go to an amusement park and for a six-year-old who is getting ready.

Taehyung frowns too. “I will-” he starts but his voice drowns out as Yoongi hears a loud shriek.

“Lil Meow Meow!”

Yoongi swivels towards the doorway from where the sound had originated. His eyes land on Mi Yeon standing in the doorway in all her Boxy Smiled™ glory and her cheerful, ecstatic aura radiating towards Yoongi in tsunami-like waves.

There’s only a second of head start Yoongi gets but it’s enough for him.

Yoongi instantly falls down on his knees and opens his arms wide, a laugh bubbling up and erupting from somewhere deep inside his chest and three seconds later, Mi Yeon wraps her tiny hands around Yoongi’s neck, squealing noisily in his ears. Yoongi picks her up and spins around, laughing out loud, his mood uplifted in a matter of seconds. Mi Yeon shrieks in delight as Yoongi throws her up in the air and Yoongi feels her joy seeping inside him, engulfing him, consuming him.

“There’s my Mimi!” Yoongi chuckles, gazing fondly at the girl. Mi Yeon perches on Yoongi’s arm, her thin, small hands still wrapped around Yoongi’s neck. “Give me a kiss,” Yoongi says, tapping a finger on his cheeks. Mi Yeon giggles and does as she is asked before pulling away.

“Lil Meow Meow changed his hair,” Mi Yeon pouts, patting Yoongi’s hair and her face falls rapidly.

“You don’t like it?”

“It’s not like Miss Paws anymore,” Mi Yeon whines and kicks her leg. Yoongi feels the heel of her foot land on his stomach and Yoongi controls his wince.

The things he does for the people he loves.

“But you don’t like it?” Yoongi presses, his own mood deflating.

Mi Yeon smiles shyly. “No. It’s good.”

Yoongi grins, feeling his Happiness Meter instantly turn up a notch.

“Alright, Mimi. That’s enough. Come on, Lil Meow Meow is going to be with us the entire day. And we need to tie your hair quickly or else we will be late. You don’t want to be late, do you?” Taehyung asks, walking towards them both and gently pries Mi Yeon off of Yoongi.

“No, I don’t!” Mi Yeon announces loudly.

“Excellent! Let’s tie your hair quickly and let me also get ready and then we can go and ride on your carousel and we will go inside the princess castle and go on bumper cars and so many things! Now be a darling and don’t be stubborn,” Taehyung mutters, taking her hand and walking inside. “Lil Meow Meow is here. See? Now you better get ready too,” he chastises, fussing over the belt of her frock and tying it in a perfect bow behind her back.

Taehyung glances up at Yoongi, looking somewhat done. “She absolutely refused to get ready further till you’d come. I have never seen her so stubborn,” he explains, shaking his head.

Yoongi almost pities the boy. But it’s quite something to watch Taehyung with kids. Even when the man is so done and looking harangued because of the kid’s shenanigans, Taehyung is pretty much a master with his patience and dealing with kids and getting them to do what he wanted to. But another glance at the boy and Yoongi knows Taehyung need help. His hair is wet and unkempt, his loose shirt (which Yoongi is loving just so damn much) isn’t exactly his outfit but rather a home wear kind of clothing and Taehyung isn’t even half ready for their outing.

Yoongi surges forward and takes Mi Yeon’s hand.

“I’ll tie her hair. You go get ready,” Yoongi urges, jerking his chin towards what he assumes must be Taehyung’s room. Mi Yeon wraps both her hands around Yoongi’s one (Yoongi wants to coo and melt down at how both her hands cannot even cover half of his one hand) and jumps up and down in excitement, pulling Yoongi sideways in small jerky movements.

Taehyung’s shoulder slump and he looks relieved, as if he is Atlas and Yoongi has offered to hold up the sky in his place for eternity.

“Ten minutes! I swear I’ll be out in ten minutes!” Taehyung yells before bounding inside a room as if a pack of hounds is behind him.

Yoongi shakes his head, smiling fondly. There’s no way Taehyung is going to be out within ten minutes. He’d bet anyone anything on that. No fucking way. Yoongi has stalked (and still stalks) Taehyung’s Instagram for far too long to know that the boy is going to walk out of there after a solid half an hour at least, after putting together some another incredible outfit and looking like he was about to go for a ramp walk.

Yoongi glances down at Mi Yeon, who was peering up at him with her Boxy Smile™, still clutching his hands and bouncing up and down.

“Let’s get you ready, shall we?”




“So where do you want to go first?”

“Over there!”

Yoongi raises his head, eyes following where the little hand is pointing.

The Camelot Carousel.

The gigantic carousel with 64, shining white horses on which there are screaming, yelling and boisterous children and a few adults too (couples mostly) with the boys looking like they’d rather be in front of a raging bull playing the matador and the girls looking like they are having the time of their lives as they live their fairytale.

Except for a fair few boys, who are looking at their girlfriends like some celestial angel has come down, smitten smiles on their faces.

Yoongi is the same. Except he is smitten for the boy standing next to him who is looking hot as hell.

Taehyung is wearing a black, side-cut tank top and a black, ripped skinny jeans topped with a blue, denim jacket. Multiple rings in fingers along with bracelets with numerous charms which tinkle with every hand movement of the boy, a red-green small glittering pendant which is looking so dainty on his exposed collarbones (Yoongi is having a hard time taking his eyes off of those collarbones. Obviously), a stud earring in one ear and a long, dangling earcuff in the other and as if this all isn’t a five-course meal in itself, rose-tinted sunglasses.

Only Kim Taehyung could pull off rose-tinted glasses on a punk rock outfit.

Yoongi and Taehyung are practically matching in their outfits, except Taehyung is wearing a light-blue denim jacket (and rose-tinted glasses. Ugh. Which classic movie poster did Taehyung step out of?) while Yoongi has his black spiked leather jacket (Yoongi made sure to wear Taehyung’s dream outfit of all black clothing with black combat boots and the black leather jacket) and it is so hard for Yoongi to not think of how much they are looking like a couple.

Yoongi feels a tug on his hand.


Mi Yeon looks annoyed. “Let’s go,” she whines, stomping her foot and jumps up and down and Yoongi feels the tug again. Taehyung, who is holding her other hand, is tugged too, bending downwards in Yoongi’s direction and practically bangs his head against Yoongi’s.

The girl has some serious strength.

Yoongi turns to look back at the Carousel.


The last thing Yoongi wants to do right now is to walk willingly towards the siren-like, screaming children and get sucked in the vortex of laughs and giggles and colours and lights which will sooooo ruin his punk-rock self but one look at Kim Taehyung and his shining, excited face and Yoongi starts walking towards the carousel, picking Mi Yeon up in his arms who had outstretched her hands towards his neck.

Yeah. Yoongi is hella whipped. We all know this by now.

Up close, the carousel is gigantic. Far too gigantic than Yoongi had realised it would be. No wonder all the adults could sit comfortably and look like kids themselves. The sheer size of the horses is enough for Yoongi to even sleep on (if he ever decided to pull such a stunt and if he curled up his body).

But up close, the carousel is beautiful too. The million bright yellow lights on the ceiling of the carousel cast an ethereal glow on the whole area, not looking like stars or anything, Yoongi wouldn’t use the metaphor but they looked pretty nevertheless. Definitely Tumblr-y. Aesthetic. Or maybe Instagram worthy. And with the glow falling only on the inside of the carousel and just in a small sphere outside its edge, the carousel is almost a whole other world in its own.

Yoongi can actually forget the people outside the carousel who are roaming around on different rides, the screaming and crying children, the giggling girls and the loud shouts and whoops of the groups of friends.

But here, standing on the inside, the carousel is a whole world in itself. Still loud and full of activities and people, but still a different world nevertheless. At least Yoongi feels so.

Suddenly he understands why the girls looked like they were in some kind of a fairytale world. Because the carousel is unrealistically soft and radiating brightness and ethereality and it’s almost hard to not imagine that one will enter a fairytale land and charge straight into a fictional world once you sit on the horses.

Yoongi takes his demeaning thoughts on the giggling girls back.

The carousel is beautiful and Yoongi is in a different world altogether.

This kind of beauty may not be Yoongi’s favourite kind of beauty but beauty is beauty nevertheless. And the least Yoongi can do is be appreciative of it.

Having the special passes helped them a lot. Taehyung, Mi Yeon and Yoongi did not have to wait in line for their turn. All Taehyung did was whip out his special passes and showed it to the guard and voila! They were inside before even the family standing first in the line could enter.

Yoongi ignores their nasty looks thrown in their direction.

Everyone can fuck off and get their own passes if they cared so much about getting in first.

Taehyung, Mi Yeon and Yoongi are The Chosen Ones.

Once inside, Taehyung is quick enough to select three horses for themselves. All the horses in the carousel are aligned in a single line next to each other and Taehyung quickly surges forward and picks up Mi Yeon and puts her on one of the middle horse, so that Yoongi and Taehyung can be on either side of her and the three of them can be next to each other.

Yoongi selects the horse on the inside of the carousel. Um. Excuse him. He still has a reputation to hold, even if he is holding on desperately to the last thread as if his life depends upon it. He cannot have his punk self be seen by the people sitting on a childish carousel and giggling like a two-year-old.

What if there is someone who recognises him?

Um. No. if he has to bear through this whole task (a torture, if he is being honest. Like come on, just because he found the carousel pretty doesn’t mean he wants to actively sit on it and ruin his punk self), he’d rather bear it his own way and not be seen. Thank you very much.

Yoongi walks over to the horse on the side, pushing through a family to get to his horse. Around him, all the people have arrived, with the fathers and mothers putting their kids on the horses, repeating over and over to the kids to hold on to the pole tightly, a few parents’ exasperated sighs as they pick up the fallen shoes of their toddlers and put them back on their kids’ feet, a group of friends all hollering loudly and whooping as they fight to pick up the best horses, no doubt the best-friends wanting to sit next to each other.

All the sounds of life.

But Min Yoongi feels dead.

Because What. The. Fuck?

How the fuck is he supposed to climb up this monstrosity when the horse is way high up above his waist?

Um. How the fuck would kids (and short people like himself) climb on these glowing monstrosities? Should he sue the agency on the grounds of child labour? Because climbing up this huge horse seems nothing less than a task which Yoongi thinks is a form of labour. Um. Didn’t people come here to enjoy the rides rather than spend their time figuring out how to climb up this Mt. Everest?

So much hate. These people had no consideration for kids and short people like himself.

Yoongi stares hard at the horse.

Maybe he could do a little hop and jump on it and throw one leg over to the side and pray hard to the Gods above that no one sees his embarrassing little stunt. Or maybe he could hold the horse and pull himself up like he does when he climbs over the wall to get into the garden of his neighbour in the middle of the night sometimes. Or maybe he could walk out of this whole damn thing and keep his dignity intact.

The last option sounds much better than the first two and Yoongi is almost close to giving up, almost has started to practice his ‘I’m sorry’ speech to Taehyung and bracing himself for seeing Taehyung’s sad face and


Yoongi startles and glances up.

When did Taehyung come and stand in front of him?

Behind him, Yoongi sees Mi Yeon, sitting on the horse, an excited smile on her face as she kicks her little legs in the air and squirms on the seat, clutching the pole in front of her tightly.

Yoongi’s eyes shift back to Taehyung. “What?”

“What are you doing? Come on now. Climb up quickly! The ride will start under a minute,” Taehyung says urgently, turning around and walking (almost running) towards his own horse. Taehyung glances at him over his shoulder. “The rung is on the opposite side.”

The rung. Obviously.

Yoongi walks up to the opposite side and glances down at the horse, where there are three rungs to climb up on the horse.

Of course there are rungs! How the fuck did he miss it out? (We all know he was too busy staring at Taehyung and even Yoongi knows it but anyway...)

As Yoongi climbs the rungs up, clutching the pole in front of him tightly, Yoongi thanks the Gods repeatedly for Namjoon not being present. Because the boy would’ve seen right through Yoongi’s epic of a fail and boy, Yoongi would’ve had to kill himself rather than listen to Namjoon talk about his epic fail for the rest of their life. He is pretty sure Namjoon would’ve mentioned this fail in the eulogy he would’ve written for Yoongi.

Namjoon is a little piece of shit in his own way.

Just as Taehyung said, the ride starts in under less than a minute, just a few seconds right after Yoongi makes himself comfortable (as far as comfortable he could be sitting on the huge, wide horse) on the metal horse.

The ride starts slowly at first, just a steady kind of slow, and the kind of slow where Yoongi knows his everyday walking pace is faster than this. But the second it starts, it’s Chaos around him.

Everyone, literally everyone, be it kids, toddlers, babies, Mi Yeon, Taehyung, the parents, the loud-ass and the huge groups of friends, everyone starts whooping loudly.

Min Yoongi included.

A yell, almost a laugh, escape Yoongi’s lips uncontrollably. Unconsciously. Yoongi’s eyes shut down as everyone yells and he joins. Somehow, Yoongi doesn’t even mind all the noise. Sure, he isn’t a huge fan of the carousel or rides or screaming and yelling, but sitting on a carousel, years later like this, certainly feels good. Not in the way that he feels childlike again or has the sudden urge to charge through the streets brandishing a fake sword and playing Pirates and start yelling like kids or throw tantrums, but it’s a nostalgic kind of good.

After the first two rounds, the ride picks up speed. Not to the point of toppling over or to the point where he’d feel dizzy, but certainly faster than Yoongi’s run and to the point where Yoongi has to hold on to the pole, not letting go of it. The lights around him are blurred and so are all the people, everyone except the ones on the carousel, which seem like the only ones steady.

Three rounds later, the horses start to go up and down and the speed notches up a little.

Another collective whoop.

Yoongi turns his head around to look around.

Mi Yeon is looking like she is having the time of her life. Either Taehyung instructed her well or the girl has serious consciousness because Mi Yeon doesn’t let go off of the pole even once even though she is squirming like anything as she sits on her horse, yelling loudly, laughing continuously, her Boxy Smile™ on display.

Yoongi’s eyes shift to the boy beside her.

Taehyung looks just like her. There’s his Boxy Smile™, eyes disappeared in crescents as he himself squeals loudly, yelling happily like Mi Yeon. Just as childlike. There are kids all around Taehyung, the row in front of him and behind him and honestly? Yoongi cannot differentiate between the kids and Taehyung.

The boy is a whole kid himself.

Yoongi is unable to take his eyes off of the boy. He leans his head and rests his forehead against the cool pole, not taking his eyes off of the Beauty and Otherworldliness that is Kim Taehyung.

Around him, the whole world seems to be on the move, everything in a mixed blur, one thing indistinguishable from the other, just a mélange of colours and lights and voices.

All except Taehyung.

The only thing which is still. The only thing with its own colours. The only one with his presence, shining brighter than anything and everything else.

Taehyung is his Sun and Stars and Yoongi is revolving around him as his Moon.

Is it possible to fall in love all over again as if one is falling for the first time ever?

Yoongi stares at Taehyung, his own mouth curving up into an unconscious smile.

Yoongi thinks it is possible.




If Yoongi was worried about having to go on to each and every ride and do more activity than he has possibly done in his entire lifetime, then he was pleasantly wrong.

Mi Yeon (and Taehyung) went around on the carousel for a whopping three times.

Yoongi sat again on the carousel for the second time only on his Mimi’s insistence but the third time, he put his foot down, preferring to stand on the outside and watch Taehyung and Mi Yeon having fun, looking as carefree and ecstatic as they could be.

Yoongi clicked like a gazillion no. of pictures of the pair, tons of boomerangs and quite a lot of videos (RIP his phone memory) which was followed by a picture session with the pair of them, not only clicking selfies but asking the people around them to click the pictures of the three of them together.

Taehyung complained about not bringing his Polaroid camera, face falling down rapidly at not having Polaroid pictures to put up in a cute little scrapbook. Yoongi promised there would be another time, that they could do this again just for his pretty pictures. That brought a smile right back on the other boy’s face.

That brought a smile to Yoongi’s face too.

Maybe, just maybe he could ask the boy out for the next visit to Lotte World as a date.




The carousel was followed by Bumper Cars.

Kids’ Bumper Cars.

Taehyung’s face again had fallen, miffed at the thought of not being able to go on the bumper cars and having to stand outside instead, watching through the sidelines and not being able to have any actual fun. Yoongi didn’t seem to mind. The kid’s bumper cars were controlled by remote controls from the outside anyway. Not the same fun as the adult bumper cars, where Yoongi is sure he would have smashed his car on the rest of them and that would be actually fun, to watch the adults being shaken.

Only Mi Yeon seemed to have had the time of her life, blissfully unaware of the fact that her car wasn’t being controlled by her, but by a responsible adult standing out of the area, the remote control in his hand.

Bless kids and their delusional hearts.

And the Bumper Cars were followed by the Lotty Train, which again, was only for kids.

Taehyung looked slightly done with Mi Yeon and her choices. That had been the second ride which the boy hadn’t been able to go to. But when Yoongi asked him if he really feels bad, the boy had just murmured a ‘no’, smiling slightly and saying that this was the sacrifice that came with having kids. About having to give up going on to the rides and doing the activities themselves so that the kids could enjoy. Taehyung didn’t mind really.  He simply cared about Mi Yeon having fun.

Yoongi didn’t mind too.




“So where to now?” Taehyung asks, looking down at Mi Yeon as he held her hand, the three of them standing in the middle of the amusement park and staring at the rides around.

The Lotty Train had followed a Tea-Cup ride, where the three of them (Taehyung had never looked so happy at being able to go on a ride) had sat in Tea-Cups which rotated dizzyingly fast, so fast that when the ride ended, everyone, every single person sat in their tea-cups for a minute or so for the dizziness to stop.

Yoongi had been glad that they hadn’t had their lunch before that ride. Otherwise, he is sure he’d have been sick and probably would have thrown up.

Taehyung had muttered the same thing, his face having had turned a sickly shade of green.

The Tea-Cup Ride had followed two other train rides, one which took them through the Jungle and the other which took them around the entire Lotte World, inside and out. Mi Yeon had wanted to go to her bouncy air castle but Taehyung reasoned with her, insisting that the crowd around would be less and they could have more fun in the train that way.

And they did. The train ride had been more than fun, especially the one which took them around the entire Lotte World. It was a whole experience and even Yoongi, who normally didn’t care for such things, had his eyes glued to everything that passed around him through the glass windows.

Taehyung had taken a cute candid picture of Mi Yeon and Yoongi where both of them were looking out of the train with identical poses, with the hands and noses pressed against the glass, totally engrossed in the scenery outside and oblivious to the fact that Taehyung had been taken their picture.

That had followed lunch because the three of them had been too famished to even walk more than ten minutes.

And here they stood now, looking around and deciding which ride to go to next, their stomachs fuller than before and their energy levels considerably higher.

Yoongi looks around. The crowd around them has thickened, what with it being a Saturday afternoon. The families and the groups of friends and the shouts and screams and laughter, everything has increased.

Thank God for Taehyung and his brains. Yoongi doesn’t want to imagine how crowded the tourist trains would be right now.

“We’ll go over there.”

Yoongi glances up to where Mi Yeon’s hand is pointing right now.

A long ride in the shape of an ancient looking ship.

Oh. My. God.

Is there any way Yoongi can back out of this ride?

Because fuck his luck. He knows exactly what ride this is and Yoongi most definitely doesn’t want to be in this ship.

Um, no, but he isn’t a huge fan of dying.

Especially dying by being flung off of the ship. Not that it is going to happen but Yoongi sometimes hates his paranoid, overactive and asshole of a brain. He has been in such a ride before, back when he was a little older than Mi Yeon and no thanks but Yoongi really doesn’t like to put his life on the line.

Not even for Kim Taehyung.

How the fuck is he supposed to do things for Taehyung and love him and confess to him and worship him and just even breathe around him if Yoongi will be dead?

Um. No thanks.

Can his Mimi for once select rides that aren’t : 1) boring 2) for kids and 3) life-threatening?

“Your face is white.”

Yoongi whips his head and gazes at the boy, who looks amused. Not mildly amused. But hysterically amused. The kind of amused where one has to bite their lips to stop from bursting out in a laughter. Taehyung isn’t laughing for Yoongi’s sake.

At least Yoongi thinks so.

“The sun is bright overhead. My face isn’t white.”



“We are literally in a closed hall. There’s nothing but cement roof over us. There’s no fucking sun to shine on your face and make it look white!” Taehyung deadpans although his eyes are gleaming brighter with amusement.

Yoongi glances above.

Well damn.

Taehyung is right.

There is nothing but cement roof above his head. At least directly over his head. The glass dome is in the middle of the room and they are standing in a corner of the room.

Beside him, Taehyung bursts out in a hysterical laughter.

Yoongi, for his part, is wishing that the cement roof should fall on him (except Taehyung and Mi Yeon) and should bury him in its dust and pieces, whether alive or dead, so he can have a fantastic excuse to not go to the ship ride.

Because there is no fucking way Yoongi wants to scream his lungs out and show how much of a little wimp he is in front of the love of his fucking (and probably short) life.

Can God please try not to ruin Yoongi’s last shred of punk dignity? That would be wonderful.

Yoongi doesn’t want to willingly walk onto that huge-ass ship. That’s like, willingly cutting off the last thread of his punk-rock self which he is desperately holding onto since the last two months (no thanks to his Mimi and her Lil Meow Meow thing. No. He doesn’t care how adorable it sounds. And Yoongi also doesn’t care how much Taehyung loves to call him that. Let him live!)

“You are afraid of the ride, aren’t you?”


“There’s no one here, hyung,” Taehyung groans, picking Mi Yeon up in his arms, who had outstretched her arms, signalling her uncle to pick up her. “You can admit that you are afraid of the ride.”


“I am not going to tell anyone,” Taehyung sighs, although he raises his eyebrows.

Yoongi turns towards Taehyung, nose flaring in irritation. “I told you, I am not afraid of the ride.”

Taehyung stares at Yoongi, his face an epic expression of ‘are-you-fucking-kidding-me-right-now?’ Yoongi watches as the boy presses his lips in a straight line.

“Hyung,” Taehyung starts and the boy’s ‘hyung’ is enough for Yoongi to know that whatever the boy is about to say is a bad news. Bad, bad news. “When we go on the ride and if you scream, if so much as a yelp escapes that mouth of yours,” Taehyung threatens, leaning his face closer to Yoongi and Yoongi gulps, “I am going to fucking announce it in the whole group.”

Yoongi doesn’t know what is more threatening.

Taehyung announcing the fact that Yoongi is a little weakling OR the fact that Taehyung is close, too close to Yoongi.

Or the fact that Taehyung looked directly at Yoongi’s lips when he uttered the words ‘that mouth of yours’.

And the fact that Taehyung licked his bottom lip slightly while saying that (as he stared at Yoongi’s lips. Did I mention that?)

Min Yoongi is dead even before the three of them can even goddamn walk towards the ride.

Two minutes later, the three of them walk towards the huge ship (after being yelled at by Mi Yeon, who not-so-lightly kicked Taehyung with her shin. Both Yoongi and Taehyung had been too busy making eyes at each other. Taehyung was making the eyes part. Yoongi had been dying on the inside)

They again cross the line, again receiving dirty looks from the ones who have been standing in the line and walk directly into the ride.

Taehyung and Mi Yeon select the seats at the farthest end of the ship, the ones which overlook the entire ship and the deadliest ones of them all. Yoongi read in the booklet (which they were handed at the entry, which had all the names of the rides and where each ride was, where the cafes were located and all that jazz) that the seats on the end of ship ride, The Conquistador, rises five metres higher than the ones in middle and almost touches the ceiling of Lotte World.

Why the uncle-niece pair is so hell-bent on killing Yoongi is a question he doesn’t have an answer to.

Yoongi walks up and sits on the inside, on the edge of the ship from where he can not just overlook the entire Lotte World (what with the ride being placed at one corner of the hall) but where there is also a huge railing to which he can hold tightly to.

So what if Yoongi cannot scream out or make even the slightest sound? He is going to hold on tightly to the handle and pray to all the Gods of all the cultures and wonder about all the sins he has ever committed to receive this punishment and will try to figure out ways to atone for his sins.

“Yeah. Hold on tightly to that. So Lil Meow Meow will not start meowing when the ride starts.”

Yoongi whips his head towards Taehyung, who has sprawled himself on the seat next to him, looking at Yoongi with the Most Infuriating Smirk Yoongi has ever seen on anyone. Beside him, Mi Yeon is sitting on her seat, looking highly excited, not even holding on to the seat or her uncle’s hand.

Yoongi cannot believe he just got bested by a six-year-old. A fucking six-year-old. A six-year-old who isn’t afraid of the ride but he, Min Yoongi, Punk Rock Prince from Daegu and one who has seen the Earth turning around the Sun nineteen more years than this little girl, is afraid of the ride.

Not that he is going to admit this to anyone. But we all know.

Yoongi drops his hand from the railing and on to his lap. He smiles at Taehyung, a bitchy smile but a smile nevertheless.

“Lil Meow Meow is not even going to meow once.”

Taehyung makes a face which translates to ‘We-shall-see’.

“Remember,” Taehyung starts, “one small little yelp and...” he trails away, flicking a finger over his neck and Yoongi rolls his eyes.

Sure. He feels jittery. He feels like throwing himself off of the edge of this ship. Or maybe confess to Taehyung and not face humiliation later. That’s any fucking day better than listening to those fucking assholes, especially Hoseok and Jungkook, talk about how Min Yoongi screamed like a little girl when a little girl did not.

Yoongi is pretty sure those brats would celebrate an anniversary of this every year till he dies so Yoongi can keep on drowning in the ocean of humiliation.

But no.

Watch Min Yoongi be a boss-ass bitch and not even move a muscle of his face even when the ride goes in full swing and prove Taehyung wrong.

Two minutes later, when Yoongi has come to terms with not being to run away from this Judgement Day and repeated ‘Remember. You are the Boss of your own life’ like a billion times in his mind like a mantra, taken ten thousand deep breaths and calmed himself down, the ride starts.

And so does Yoongi’s internal screaming, but oh well.

The ride starts slowly like all the other rides. Yoongi feels relaxed at the pace. It’s slow. It’s steady. He can breathe.

Beside him, Taehyung has started to squirm around excitedly just like his niece, both of them screaming and whooping breathless like the all the other souls on the entire ship.

The ship slowly moves to the ceiling, not quite yet touching it but simply rising upwards in its direction, with Yoongi’s end of the ride right at the bottom, close to the floor and all Yoongi can think is  ‘yeah, this is good. I can handle this much’.

The people at the stark front, the ones who are slightly airborne, are screaming happily, yelling like animals.

Yoongi and the ones on his end, are flattened on their seats, backs pressed into the seat, feeling as if the entire weight of the ship is falling on them.

And still Yoongi is fine. This isn’t bad. This is good. Nothing life-threatening.

The ship starts to move backwards, against Yoongi’s direction and it’s still good, still slow and still manageable. Enjoyable even.

Yoongi feels the slow breeze of air as the ship moves against the flow, feeling the air in his ears, in his hair and pass through his fingers as he stretches his hand over the edge, trying to let go of the scared feeling, trying to feel the exhilaration which the rest of them are feeling, trying to understand what is it about the ride which is making the boy sitting next to him laugh this breathlessly.

The ship swings forward again, this time the speed considerably higher and still it’s good. Still Yoongi hasn’t let out a single noise escape from his lips, instead smiling slightly as he raises his hands in the air, mimicking Taehyung and all the people at the back.

Fuck yeah. Watch Min Yoongi prove the Love of his Life wrong.

Two minutes later, Yoongi isn’t smiling anymore.

The Love of his Life is going to be right.

Yoongi feels as if his soul has started to leave his body as the speed increases notch by notch, feeling his soul rise up above into the air along with the altitude of the ship.

His left hand has found the railing again, holding on to it tightly, not even caring that the knuckles have turned white, grounding his teeth as he tries so hard to not scream. The other hand is clutched tightly in a fist, the nails digging into the palm of his hand and Yoongi knows, he knows that if he continues digging his hand a few seconds more, his hand will start to bleed. The nails are already hurting Yoongi and the only reason he isn’t wincing is because he cannot let out a single sound.

Yoongi cannot and will not utter a single sound.

He will not let Taehyung (and those fucking brats) have the opportunity to humiliate him just like that for the rest of his life.

 No sir.

Min Yoongi is a boss-ass bitch.

The ride, now in full swing and full speed, starts to move backwards again, opposite to the direction Yoongi is facing and Yoongi feels it again. He feels his stomach churning, feels his lunch float around in his stomach, threatening to rise up till his mouth.

The ride comes to halt for a split second as it stands completely vertical with Yoongi’s end being on the top, airborne, and almost floating in the air as it halts for a few seconds.

And then Yoongi does the Mistake of his Lifetime.

Yoongi opens his eyes, which had been scrunched shut tightly for the last ten minutes. He had only been letting himself feel the wind on his face and the upper body.

But Yoongi opens his eyes.

A mistake. Huge mistake.

And then, Yoongi screams.

Louder than anyone else. Louder than a dinosaur’s roar probably (Not that he knows how loud dinosaurs were). So damn loud that his scream is the only sound he can hear. (Rest in peace the people around him)

Yoongi screams at the top of his voice as he watches the entire Lotte World below him, his frail little body not dropping down and thwacking on the ground below in a pulp because of the seats in front of (now underneath) him. They are literally in a position where if the rest of the ship wasn’t underneath him, Yoongi would be falling on the ground below.

Why the fuck does this ride not have any seat belts to wear? This is fucking dangerous to his life. Min Yoongi is going to sue Lotte World. Already his upper body is being thrown against the seat in front of him, gravity being the bitch and working fully on his body and Yoongi is 100% sure that his soul is transcending his body as the ship starts to go down.

The ship starts to go down and Yoongi’s scream rises (as does his pitch. Only bats can hear it probably. At least the humans around him are safe right now) and fuck everything. He doesn’t care if Taehyung tells everyone about it. He doesn’t care if Jungkook and Hoseok will never let him forget this moment. He doesn’t care if his punk-rock self is dying fast.

The screaming is helping him cope with the stress of his fast approaching death.

Yoongi feels sick. Like really sick. Maybe he really should have let go of his dignity and stayed outside and not tried to be a boss-ass bitch.

Yoongi doesn’t feel so good.

Not at all.

Even glancing at Taehyung and Mi Yeon, who seem to be having the time of their lives and glancing at Taehyung’s exhilarating and breathtaking smile isn’t helping him at all.

 Yoongi shuts his eyes again, hand shooting in front of him so that he can hold on to the seat in front.

But his hand encloses on something else.

Or precisely, around someone else’s.

Yoongi’s eyes open in a flash to look at his hand. His hand, which is enclosed in Taehyung’s large, beautiful and delicate one as the boy holds it firmly.

Yoongi doesn’t remember reaching out for Taehyung’s hand.


When Yoongi glances at Taehyung, the boy is watching him with concern, a worried look in his eyes, his exhilarating smile fading away as he continues looking at Yoongi. Taehyung threads his fingers through Yoongi’s and squeezes Yoongi’s hand tightly, reassuringly, as if to say ‘it’s okay. I am here’.

Taehyung even says something because Yoongi watches his lips move but damn all the people and all that yelling, Yoongi cannot hear anything, even when Taehyung seems to be screaming it out.

Taehyung hasn’t even held Yoongi’s hand for ten seconds but Yoongi, although loving the feel of Taehyung’s hand around his own (how many times has Yoongi imagined holding the boy’s hand? Entwined around his own like this?), retracts his own hand from Taehyung’s, worried that he might probably crush the poor boy’s hand and break his bones into fine dust.

And if Yoongi so much as scratches Taehyung’s beautiful, long, slender and carved by God’s themselves hands, well then, Yoongi will have to kill himself.

He’d rather shout in the void while clutching thin air than hold Taehyung’s hand right now.

Yoongi scrunches his eyes shut again, clutching the railing with both hands and oh God, someone save him. Yoongi hates this ride so much.

And then the Most Unexpected thing happens.

And probably The Most Wonderful Thing Ever.

Yoongi feels a hand around his shoulder and before he can even open his eyes to understand what the fuck is happening, Yoongi finds his face pressed into something.

Something soft and yet firm.

Something which smells incredible.

Something which feels incredible.

It takes Yoongi a few seconds to understand what is happening.

One arm of Taehyung is around Yoongi’s body, snaking around him from behind and holding Yoongi against his own body. Yoongi’s face is buried in the crook of Taehyung’s neck with the boy’s other hand holding Yoongi’s face tenderly, covering Yoongi’s ears and Yoongi senses Taehyung’s mouth close to his ears.

Taehyung is murmuring something quietly in Yoongi’s ears, lips slightly brushing his ears. But the noise around them makes it impossible for Yoongi to even be sure whether Taehyung is actually saying something or if Yoongi is just imagining it.

When did Yoongi grasp the front of Taehyung’s t-shirt?

He cannot remember.

And yet his hands are holding onto Taehyung firmly, eyes still closed as he presses himself against Taehyung, breathing through open mouth as he tries to calm himself down, so he doesn’t feel nauseated, not even having the time to revel at the way Taehyung is holding him so tenderly.

Yoongi takes a deep breath, breathing in the man’s scent.

Maybe it is because Yoongi cannot at all feel any of the movement what with being held like this, or maybe it is the fact that Taehyung is holding him like this or maybe it is breathing the man’s scent, Taehyung’s musky scent mixed with a little bit the scent of coffee.

Whatever it is, Yoongi calms down considerably. He feels his heartbeat slow down and much more steadier than he had been a few minutes ago. The nausea disappears and the breathing comes back to normal, so do the heartbeats. Yoongi feels much, much better than before.

To the point that Yoongi doesn’t even realise when the speed of the ship slows down or when the ride even stops.

“It’s over.”

Taehyung’s voice is clear in Yoongi’s ears.

And audible.

Which only means...

Yoongi pulls back, hands still clutching the front of Taehyung’s shirt but not as strongly, and looks around.

Sure. The ride has come to a halt. There’s still laughter and yelling and the teasing voices and taunts of friends who are teasing their wimp friends (wimps like Yoongi) and the faints murmurs of the quieter adults and parents, a few of them reprimanding their kids and asking them to get up from their seats. The rush of the people who are exiting as Yoongi feels the metal under him vibrate with their footsteps, the sad, short whoops of people complaining about the ride having been too short and the excited yells from a few about going again on the ride.

So many sounds. So much activity.

Yoongi retracts his hands form Taehyung’s and disengages himself completely from the boy, eyes wide with embarrassment as he glances at Taehyung. He feels his cheeks turn red, the heat spreading up from his cheeks to his neck, to his ears, probably to his fingertips.

Oh My God...

Oh My God...

Yoongi just became a whole new level of unattractive and unlocked a whole new level of meme and blackmail-worthy material to Taehyung (And the rest of those brats. Because no fucking way Kim Taehyung isn’t going to run off and not tell his crackhead buddies Hoseok and Jungkook about this. RIP Yoongi)

Did. He. Just. Embarrass. Himself. To. The. Highest. Point. In. Front. Of. The. Love. Of. His. Life?

Yoongi now definitely wants to die.

He quickly glances away, not wanting to meet Taehyung’s eyes, who has been looking steadily at him, his expression incredulous.

Yoongi waits for the laughter to come, Taehyung’s carefree and unrestrained laughter, the laughter which resonates in Yoongi every time and makes him feel warm, working its way to Yoongi’s own mouth and stomach before Yoongi also joins him (Most of the times. Taehyung usually laughs at Jin’s jokes which Yoongi most certainly isn’t going to laugh at. Please. Over his dead body).

But the laughter never comes. Instead

“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me you were this afraid of the ride?”

Yoongi sighs but doesn’t turn to look at the boy, his cheeks flushing even more crimson at the boy’s question because surely, surely Taehyung is going to laugh after this. He is probably biting down on his lip hard like he always does when he tries to control his laughter, before almost always ending up laughing loudly.

And let Yoongi not give him more reasons, where the boy will not just laugh loudly but probably roll on the floor while doing it.


Yoongi feels a tug on his hand before there is an urgent pull, the force of it strong enough to make him turn his head and look at the boy without even wanting to do so.

Contrary to his expectations, Taehyung isn’t laughing. Or isn’t even on the verge of it. The boy is far from it, nowhere close to even smiling.

Instead, Taehyung’s eyes are filled with anxiety.

Concern. So much of it.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Taehyung insists, his tone almost angry, shaking Yoongi’s arm lightly, leaning forward towards him with his anxious face.

Yoongi hates being the reason for the expression on the boy’s face. And yet, Kim Taehyung looks beautiful, even when his beautiful brown eyes are filled with concern, even though his mouth is pinched tightly, even though his eyebrows are pulled together in a frown.

“I...I sat on this ride after a long time ago, okay?” Yoongi says, his voice small. He feels guilty. For what? He doesn’t know. Maybe for being the reason for that expression on Taehyung’s face. “I was a kid back when I sat on this ride and I had hated it. Okay? Hated it. But I thought it wouldn’t be as bad now that I am adult,” Yoongi explains, shaking his head slightly.

Clearly, he had been wrong.

“And anyway, you...” Yoongi starts again, looking warily at Taehyung, “you looked so excited and I thought, it wouldn’t be as bad. You were smiling so much and laughing and...I thought nothing can go wrong when you are smiling like that. Nothing can be bad when you are by my side...” he murmurs softly, trailing away before quickly glancing away from the boy.


When Yoongi turns to look at Taehyung a minute later (because what the actual fuck is taking the boy so long to reply? Or laugh? Or at least yell at Yoongi) , Taehyung has his face covered with his hands, elbows resting on his knees and all Yoongi can see is the pink tint on the boy’s ears and cheeks (what Yoongi can see of his cheeks, anyway)

The fuck?

Did Yoongi disappoint Taehyung so much?

He watches Taehyung hesitantly for a few more seconds, watches the pink turn magenta to a dark crimson, watches as Taehyung’s shoulders shake a little and a muffled sound comes from his direction.

Yoongi raises his hand tentatively in the boy’s direction but before he can even touch Taehyung’s shoulder, an apology already on his lips for ruining the boy’s excitement about the ride when Taehyung suddenly looks up, moving quickly and startling Yoongi.

Taehyung grasps Yoongi’s cheeks for a split second, taking hold of Yoongi’s whole face in both of his hands and Oh My God, Taehyung’s hold is so strong, so firm and yet so gentle ([REST] Yoongi) and before Yoongi can even lean against the touch, Taehyung drops his hands, placing them on his heart instead.

Taehyung scrunches his eyes close tightly, his expression pained, palms still against his heart.

“Min Yoongi what are you doing to me?!”

Taehyung flashes his eyes open and even though his smile has turned playful, Yoongi’s breath hitches, because the eyes...

Taehyung’s eyes are filled with a sincerity so intense, so powerful, almost burning.


Yoongi imagines a fire around Taehyung, spreading slowly towards himself, extending its arms towards Yoongi before wrapping its finger around him, closing Yoongi’s eyes and blinding him, engulfing him, smothering him and has there been a death so beautiful?

Yoongi doesn’t think so.

Taehyung drops his hands from his heart and smiles an exasperated smile, an ‘I-don’t-believe-you-at-all’ kind of smile and a ‘what-am-I-going-to-do-with-you’ kind of smile.

“Oh God!” Taehyung exclaims, before covering his face and shaking his head. He straightens up a minute later, still watching Yoongi in an awed exasperation, muttering something to himself quietly.

Before Yoongi can even catch a word of it or ask him to speak out loudly, Mi Yeon peeks around Taehyung, hopping down from her seat and comes to stand in front of Yoongi, watching him with her bright, wide eyes.

Yoongi had almost forgotten about Mi Yeon.

Dear Lord. What even is Taehyung’s influence on Yoongi?

“Lil Meow Meow?”

Yoongi tears his eyes away from Taehyung and glances at Mi Yeon and good lord, that pinched and concerned expression is so fucking cute and Yoongi feels attacked again.

“Yeah?” Yoongi asks, smiling hugely, completely forgetting the boy next to him. Yoongi extends his arms out, not needing to be told what the little girl must want (he knows it by now) and Mi Yeon wraps her thin arms round Yoongi’s neck, still watching him concernedly.

Yoongi stands up, prodding Taehyung to get up too, what with the people for the next ride arriving and filling in the seats quickly.

“I am not going to call you Lil Meow Meow anymore.”

Yoongi whips his head in Mi Yeon’s direction, eyes widening dramatically and almost loses his step as the three of them climb down the steps of the ride, pushing against the tide of the people storming in to get a seat in the ride.

Beside him, Taehyung is still muttering under his breath and Yoongi has caught a ten thousand ‘Oh Gods’ by now.

Yoongi will apologise again later. He hadn’t realised he disappointed the boy this much.

But Yoongi has more important things to concentrate upon.

Mi Yeon isn’t going to call him Lil Meow Meow?

His Mimi isn’t going to call him Lil Meow Meow?


Did Yoongi hear her right?

Well sure, Yoongi may have (pretended to. We all know) hated the name but EXCUSE HIM, that was THE CUTEST THING Yoongi had ever heard. That was The Cutest Name anyone had ever kept for Yoongi.  That was the Most Precious Thing anyone had ever said to Yoongi.

And now his Mimi, the Name-Giver, The Only One who could control Yoongi and had made him The Chosen One is going to take away his Title?

“Lil Meow Meow was screaming louder than my Miss Paws when I take her out to play with me in the snow,” Mi Yeon continues, her lips in full pout, eyebrows furrowed as he stares disappointedly in his direction.

Beside him, Yoongi senses Taehyung whip his head in his niece’s direction.

Yoongi’s heart clenches.

Whatever the girl’s next words are going to be, Yoongi so isn’t going to like them.

Yoongi is as sure of it as one is sure that water makes one wet.

“I am gonna call you Lil Roar Roar,” Mi Yeon continues, raising her hand and clenching her little fingers together like a claw and pretends to roar in Yoongi’s direction, her face breaking into a huge, toothy grin and her eyes twinkling brighter than the stars themselves.

Yoongi simply sighs.

He is correct.

Welcome to ‘Min Yoongi is Done For Again pt. 2’

The Second Phase.

The word is going to spread faster than he knows (because Kim-fucking-Taehyung has zero chill) and by the time Yoongi reaches home, he knows the group chat will have renamed itself from ‘Lil Meow Meow and His TaeTae’ is going to upgrade to ‘Lil Roar Roar and His TaeTae’ .

Beside him, Taehyung already looks like he is going to piss himself judging by how hard he is laughing.

Yoongi, for his part, doesn’t care.

Because who is still The Chosen One? Guess who just got an upgrade?

Not fucking Kim Taehyung.

Yoongi might as well stop pretending to hate the name and be done with it.

Because what fucking pride?

Yoongi’s pride flew out of the window the minute he had walked into Sugar Rush, when he had set his eyes on Kim Taehyung and had forgotten his 12-step coffee, when Yoongi had turned all soft and cotton candy for the Sunshine that is Kim Taehyung.

No. His pride hadn’t flown out of the window.

Yoongi had straightaway karate kicked it out of the window way past the horizon when he let himself have feelings for Taehyung, had spent countless soft emo hours thinking about the boy, when he had drunk a coffee with a whole sugar cube in it.

So what fucking pride?

Yoongi feels like he is taking a step into a new life, having had The Epiphany. A life with zero fucks and where he is still going to be a badass (wannabe and local) rapper and a tattoo-artist and punk rock prince while wearing his matching pink cat hoodie and beanie with his Mimi.

Because excuse him but it is 21097109% legit and punk rock to love yourself the way you are.

Fuck society.

Min Yoongi is still badass and is still going to slay with this new nickname while wearing his black cat-ears beanie and his black combat boots and his industrial ear piercing and the rest of the piercings and his eighteen tattoos.

Yoongi turns towards Mi Yeon, his expression mirroring hers as he smiles hugely.

“So where should Lil Roar Roar take his Mimi now?”




The rest of the time passes much quicker than before.

Mi Yeon continued to choose rides which Yoongi and Taehyung almost always could never ride. And the rides which both Yoongi and Taehyung would’ve loved to attend were, again, almost always out of bounds for Mi Yeon.

It was hard to find a balance between what the kid wanted and what the both of them wanted, but Taehyung let go of wanting to attend the rides he desperately wanted to ride (with Min Yoongi’s convincing power and another promise to attend Lotte World with the boy and the boy’s own conscious) and both of them instead settled to watch Mi Yeon have fun.

They watched her go up-and-down on a ride shaped like a tree, play around in an area themed like some fairytale world or some shit (Yoongi wouldn’t know) and once again go to her precious bumper cars and the kids’ train.

The only time where Taehyung and Yoongi again get to enjoy themselves is when the three of them went into a bouncy air-filled castle. 

Yoongi didn’t even pretend to hate it or find it annoying. Bouncy air castles were (and are) Yoongi’s most favourite attraction of any amusement park and Yoongi remembered how much he would cry when his time would up and he would’ve to leave and stop having his fun.

The three of them spent more than forty-five minutes bouncing up and down on the air-filled castle, with Taehyung and Yoongi being the only adults among all the little kids and Yoongi gave absolutely zero fucks as he hooted happily and engaged in a contest with Taehyung to determine who could jump the highest (Taehyung won. All thanks to the extra inches of height he has on Yoongi).

The castle was only open to kids but all thanks to the special passes by Taehyung’s brother and the two of them had walked right through the gate, kicked off their shoes and climbed right up on the rubber castle and started jumping among the kids, blissfully ignoring the envious and longing looks of some of the teenagers and young adults. Yoongi didn’t even mind when two random toddlers held either of his hands and started jumping along with him with a third random kid sitting on Yoongi’s shoulder and laughing loudly.

The Air Castle, for Yoongi, was the highlight of the day (among the rides. Because no moment of Yoongi’s entire existence, much less of the day, beats Taehyung holding Yoongi against his chest on that goddamn ship ride.)

The three of them spent quite some time in the Gift Shop, buying mostly nonsensical items which neither Taehyung nor Yoongi were ever going to use in life. They bought Mi Yeon tons of those cat-ears, rabbit-ears, Mickey-mouse ears hair-bands (Yoongi was forced bought himself a lion-ears hair-band, what with his upgrade from kitty to a roaring kitty).

Yoongi, who wasn’t interested in buying anything at first (because who pays so much money for some stupid shit, anyway?) ended up buying a snow-globe with a miniature carousel in it and a music-box with the carousel in it, which rotated as soft piano music played in the background.

Yoongi would be lying if he didn’t find it mesmerizing and magical.

Taehyung ended up buying the same snow-globe and music-box along with a miniature toy-train.

Taehyung also gifted Yoongi a fridge-magnet of The Conquistador (the ship ride) and Yoongi had to put all of his efforts together and summon all of his patience to keep his poker face intact as Taehyung kept on laughing like a mad-man.

It was actually funny but Yoongi would rather die than admit it.

They went up to the café when everyone was hungry again and Yoongi was getting cranky because of the lack of his daily-dose of his ambrosia, his nutrition, The Reason of His Existence, The Coffee.

Yoongi ended up complaining anyway, ranting about how the coffee wasn’t even one percent close to what Taehyung makes for him every day and saying that the cafe should just fire the baristas. He finally shut up when Taehyung hissed at him to shut up (apparently the barista had heard Yoongi talking about the his incompetence and had been giving Yoongi the stink-eye the entire time) because the barista had thrown them a murderous look from the counter to where they sat.

Taehyung and Mi Yeon had cotton-candy instead and cookies and hot chocolate. Apparently, Taehyung either didn’t care about the well-being of Mi Yeon’s dental hygiene or just loved to pamper his niece.

Yoongi thinks it’s the latter.

Once they had regained their energy from eating again and Yoongi had stopped being cranky, they went back to their rides again, letting Mi Yeon ride whichever kids rides were left or revisit any ride which she again wanted to.

Taehyung suggested going to The Conquistador which promptly received him a swift swat at the back of his head by Yoongi, followed by suppressed snickering from the former and an eye-roll from the latter.

Taehyung even suggested going to the Zombie horror house by which point Yoongi was ready to start a WWE smackdown with the boy.

The three of them again ended up at the bouncy air-castle, because obviously, it was everyone’s favourite. The trio even took the train ride once more, what with the crowd around them having thinned again since the park was about to be closed soon, and also because the three of them wanted to see the whole of Lotte World again in the night, this time shining in the dazzling and colourful lights overhead.

If Yoongi thought the amusement park looked straight out of the fairy-tale in the morning, he most definitely hadn’t been ready for how it looked at night, when the whole Lotte World looked beyond reality, beyond anything ethereal and beyond what even Yoongi’s imagination would have thought it would.

The transparent glass dome above revealed the night sky bedecked with the thousands of real glittering stars. And on the inside? The inside was filled up with a thousand twinkling stars too. Colourful stars, blue, violet, green, red, golden, as they flashed and twinkled not just in front of Yoongi but even in his peripheral vision, which glinted even when Yoongi closed his eyes.

The sight, Yoongi knows, is going to be permanently imprinted behind his closed eyelids.

The train ride again was worth it.




The crowd around them is thin. Far thinner than what it had been in the morning when they had just arrived. Yoongi can see most of the rides closing shut around them, with only the last rounds of the rides going around them with the few people left. The entries to almost all the rides have been closed shut and the remaining people are standing in the last queues for whichever rides.

Yoongi stands in the centre, staring around at the hall which is far emptier than ever and even though Lotte World is shutting around them, it twinkles just as brightly, still as beautiful, still as magnificent.

Mi Yeon stands between Taehyung and Yoongi, holding both of their hands, her energy considerably lower than ever and Yoongi knows the kid is done for. It wouldn’t be long before Mi Yeon would go all silent, all of her energy draining completely out of her. After all, six-year-olds could be energetic for so long.

“Mimi, come on now, decide quickly! All the rides are shutting down and if you don’t select quickly, you’ll miss your chance,” Taehyung reprimands, staring down at Mi Yeon as he tugs her hand.

The rides are shutting but the three of them are still rooted in the amusement park, waiting to go on to their last ride. Mi Yeon had already cried about having to go home after this and had thrown a mini-tantrum, stopping only when Taehyung told her she could go on one more ride.

Just one more ride.

And so they are standing, waiting for their Mimi’s decision, wondering where the actual heck would they end up again.

Yoongi hopes it wouldn’t be The Conquistador.

“There!” Mi Yeon exclaims, after what feels like 80652 years to Yoongi. The girl tugs Yoongi’s arm excitedly, jumping up and down, her old energy returning back to her.

Yoongi is envious of kids and their everlasting energy.

He could use some of it, what with having zero urge to function or breathe, much less live actively.

Yoongi smiles automatically as he sees the carousel, where only a handful of people are now standing, looking like dark shadows against the soft golden glow of the carousel’s lights.

They are back to where they started from.




“And here we are.”

Yoongi swivels around slightly, careful not to move too much lest he wakes the little girl up and glances at Taehyung, who has a small smile on his face as he pulls the car over and switches off the engine. Yoongi watches as the boy pulls out the car keys from the engine and faces Yoongi, repeating the words again.

Taehyung’s face is illuminated, cast in the dim yet harsh golden light of the car-light overhead and although it is too damn late, although their day of adventure is over and although the boy should look exhausted or sleepy, Taehyung looks far from it.

Taehyung looks only slightly tired. The kind of tired where one isn’t sleepy but simply wants to sit down on a recliner chair or maybe lie down on the bed next to someone and talk about life, the cosmos and everything else. Taehyung now is leaning more on an excited side, with an enthusiastic smile plastered on his face. He still looks he will be up for a backpacking trip to the Great Wall of China if Yoongi asked him to right now.

Contrary to the uncle, the niece is out cold.

Mi Yeon has curled herself on Yoongi’s chest, snoring lightly as one of her tiny hand clutches the front of Yoongi’s t-shirt, although the fist has loosened. Mi Yeon had absolutely refused to sit on the back seat of the car or even alone on the front seat for that matter, adamant about sitting on Yoongi’s lap even while in the car.

And what was Yoongi going to do? Say no?

As if.

They had barely left Lotte World before the three of them were hungry again and rushed to the nearest restaurant for dinner. Which turned out to be a lonely and dim McDonald’s with a bored, indifferent service boy behind the counter but it was understandable, considering it was past eleven at night and also because it was the first thing the three of them laid their eyes on.

And well, it was easy to fool Mi Yeon into going to McDonald’s by bribing about the Happy Meal toys.

And the dinner was followed by an impromptu long drive in the car because none of them had been sleepy yet and had been still in the whole adventurous mood even after the long day.

And so they drove along beside the Han River, blasting out songs on Taehyung’s car stereo with the three of them belting out the lyrics loudly, as if they were performers in their own concert.

Most of the songs were kids’ songs, because duh, Mi Yeon wouldn’t be able to rap songs like Taehyung and Yoongi would’ve loved to do. But that didn’t stop both Taehyung and Yoongi from singing out the kids’ songs at the top of their voices, both of them in a mismatched harmony, with Taehyung’s voice a little too rough and Yoongi’s a little too low as they swayed their bodies in the car with Mi Yeon’s shrill voice among theirs.

Mi Yeon was the only one who knew the proper lyrics.

Taehyung and Yoongi just sang some nonsense.

And Yoongi had felt like all the stars from the Milky Way had come down and showered upon him in that celestial moment of the night.

There were stars above Yoongi, some of them twinkling faintly in the little part of the clear sky, peeking at them through the silver-grey clouds while some shone brighter than them, making it look like the sky was studded with diamonds. There were stars glinting on Yoongi’s right side as the car had speeded along the bay of the Han River, because the colourful lights of the bridge of Han River and the streetlights were nothing less than the stars above.

But the brightest star had been on Yoongi’s left side, behind the wheels.

Taehyung was (and is) the most luminous, the most radiant, the most breathtaking, the one with its own presence.

Who cares about wanting to go and watch the northern lights and the northern skies when you have an entire Kim Taehyung by your side?

Certainly not Min Yoongi.

And for all of Mi Yeon’s insistence and enthusiasm to go on a long car drive, the little girl certainly couldn’t stay awake till the end. They had barely reached the half-stretch of the long road by the riverside by when Mi Yeon had started to grow quiet and Yoongi (and Taehyung) had already seen the signs of her upcoming sleep.

And yet they drove on, with smiles on their faces and the wind in their ears and the cool night air peppering small kisses on their cheeks.

And by the time they had reached the end-point of their long drive, Mi Yeon had fallen asleep, curled up on Yoongi’s chest, her light snores filling the car.

Taehyung and Yoongi had wanted to get down from the car and lay down beside the river on the green grass and watch the stars above and take in the beautiful night scenery of Seoul but both of them thought against it, not wanting to wake Mi Yeon up (because both of them were a hundred percent sure that Mi Yeon would wake up with that much movement while getting out) or even leave her alone in the car while they sat out star-gazing.

So they took a U-turn and turning down the music, went home in a shared, comfortable silence with small smiles as if they were permanently etched on the faces of both, the memories of the day filling up and colouring their minds.

“Give her to me. I’ll take her home.”

Yoongi lands solidly down on Earth and blinks at Taehyung, who is already watching him, hands outstretched in front of him. It takes Yoongi a moment to understand what Taehyung is talking about.

“No,” Yoongi whispers and shakes his head once before stopping abruptly, remembering the asleep girl. “She might just wake up. You go up and open the door and I’ll bring her up.”

“It’s not a problem, really,” Yoongi adds before Taehyung can contradict him, because Taehyung looks like he is about to refuse Yoongi’s offer.

Taehyung slumps back against the driver’s seat for a seat, gazing steadily at him. And although his expression is blank, a controlled kind of poker face, Yoongi sees something flicker in Taehyung’s eyes for an instant.

What is the flicker? Yoongi doesn’t know.

And in any way, it passes away in an instant, not giving Yoongi too much time to dwell on it.

Taehyung nods before opening the car door of his side and stepping out. He opens Yoongi’s car door for him, for which Yoongi is very grateful because how the heck was he supposed to open the door and not wake up Mi Yeon in the process?

Yoongi follows Taehyung up the stairs, smiling hugely at how Mi Yeon’s head is resting on his shoulder and her hand is still loosely fisting the front of Yoongi’s t-shirt.

Even in her sleep, his Mimi doesn’t want to go of her Lil Meow Meow.

Someone hold Yoongi. He is going to die of cuteness.

Ah, his heart is melting!

Yoongi pauses for a moment outside the door behind Taehyung as the latter opens the door before following Taehyung to a room, which Yoongi suspects is the Taehyung’s own. But Yoongi barely has the time to take a good look at the room now.

He walks forward and leans down, gently placing Mi Yeon down on the bed, keeping his movements as slow and as restricted as he can. He pries off Mi Yeon’s fist from his t-shirt and when Mi Yeon, groaning a little in her sleep, catches old of his pinkie instead with her whole hand, wrapping her tiny hand firmly around his pinkie, Yoongi feels like he is dying.

Never, never had his control been tested like this before.

Because it is taking everything in Yoongi to not end up squealing at the top of his voice and jumping up and down happily at the asleep girl’s cuteness.

Oh Dear Lord, save me Yoongi thinks as he gently pries off Mi Yeon’s hand from around his pinkie, biting down his lip hard to stop the squeal threatening to escape his lips.

Has anything ever been so cute and so precious?

Most definitely not.

Aside from Kim Taehyung, that is.

Speaking of the boy, Yoongi senses Taehyung moving beside him and steps back from the bed, letting Taehyung take his place. He watches as Taehyung removes her cute, tiny shoes and her socks and puts a huge, fluffy-looking blanket on Mi Yeon.

Not knowing what to do as he stands there aimlessly, Yoongi walks out of the room, not wanting to be in Taehyung’s way as put Mi Yeon away to sleep.

Min Yoongi is ready to call it off a day. He’ll just wait for Taehyung to come out, bid him goodbye and go on his way.

Maybe, just maybe Yoongi will be brave enough to kiss Taehyung on the cheek as he says his goodbye, if he cannot do more than that.

That’ll at least be an indication enough that he likes Taehyung, right?

Because come to think of it, Yoongi has never initiated kisses among them.

During the tattoo session, it had been Taehyung who had first initiated the kiss by kissing Yoongi’s cheek. And, when they were almost about to kiss, it had again been (mostly) Taehyung who had first leaned in and it was only Taehyung’s boldness which had made Yoongi lean into it.

All Yoongi has ever done was not let go of Taehyung’s hand whenever his brain had taken the control over his body and unconsciously made Yoongi hold Taehyung’s hand.

Maybe Taehyung will take Yoongi bidding him goodbye with a kiss on the cheek as a sign that Yoongi is interested in him.

And if Taehyung gives him a positive reaction, then maybe, just maybe Yoongi will muster up all his courage and confidence (and channel Jin and Jungkook) and kiss Taehyung on the lips.

Even if it is just a small peck.

And then Yoongi will

“You should stay here tonight.”

Yoongi whirls around and looks at Taehyung who is already staring steadily at Yoongi.

When did Taehyung walk into the room? How much had Yoongi been engrossed into his thoughts of how to bid the boy goodnight anyway to not even notice Taehyung walking into the room?

But Yoongi has more important things to focus on. Like

“What?” Yoongi asks, eyes widening in surprise.

What did the boy just say?

Stay here tonight?

Stay at his home for the night?

Min Yoongi staying at Kim Taehyung’s home for the night?


“I think you should stay here tonight,” Taehyung repeats, still looking steadily at Yoongi. His voice is steady and so is his gaze but Yoongi doesn’t miss how strange Taehyung’s tone is.

Yoongi cannot exactly pinpoint what the emotion is behind the strangeness, much like the strange flicker in his eyes back in the car.

“Stay here?” Yoongi asks dumbly, blinking slowly as he watches Taehyung.

Did he hear Taehyung correctly? Stay at Taehyung’s home?

Judging from Taehyung’s serious face, it is exactly what Taehyung had said.

Dear Lord.

This is more than what Yoongi had expected.

What the fuck should he do now?

Jin, Jungkook and Hoseok had not trained Yoongi for this.

Kim Taehyung is asking Yoongi to spend the night at his home.

Oh God. What is the boy thinking? What does Taehyung want? What is Taehyung expecting?

Yoongi isn’t even sure of whether he should peck Taehyung on the cheeks or the lips and Taehyung is really out here for Yoongi’s blood by asking him to stay the night.

Yoongi.exe has stopped working.

“Yeah. It’s late. Way more than late, actually,” Taehyung says, stretching lazily and turns to look at the wall. Yoongi’s eyes follow Taehyung’s.

Damn. Taehyung is right. It is past one-thirty at night and where the fuck did all the time go?

“Anyway, I don’t want you going out this late at night.”

Yoongi turns to look back at Taehyung again who is watching him concernedly, looking serious.

Yoongi rolls his eyes. So this is Taehyung’s reason to ask Yoongi to stay at home.

“I am not a kid. I have my bike. I can reach home pretty fast.”

Taehyung frowns. “I know you can. But still, I don’t want you to go out all alone at night. It is way too late, hyung and I don’t care if you have your bike or not. I don’t...I will keep on worrying the whole time till you reach home.”

Yoongi opens his mouth to contradict but Taehyung is on a roll.

“Don’t go,” Taehyung says softly and his frown clears away. Taehyung’s expression turns impossibly soft, impossibly imploring laced with concern and hope. “Stay, hyung. I am sure Mi Yeon would love to wake up and have breakfast with you,” Taehyung adds, smiling slightly and Yoongi mirrors the smile. “Hell. Even I’d like to have breakfast with you and Mi Yeon. I’ll make pancakes and-”

“I like waffles.”

“Waffles then,” Taehyung says, his smile widening a fraction although his eyes are still imploring. “Waffles and coffees, wait no, no coffee. I don’t have coffee at home. Hot chocolate?”

Yoongi laughs and nods, although he wonders how can Taehyung not have coffee at his home?

Shouldn’t he have like truckloads of coffee beans and equipment at home what with working at a coffee shop?

But hot chocolate works too. As long as Taehyung makes is dark which Yoongi knows he will.

Yoongi trusts Taehyung with his coffee and flavours and his drinks and his entire life, to be honest.

“Waffles and hot chocolate then,” Taehyung says, voice full of promise, eyes gleaming brightly. “And then you can see just how much more Mi Yeon chatters so early up in the morning and how fluffy her hair seems in the morning, looking like a bird’s nest...” Taehyung trails away, laughing slightly before his voice catches, breaking slightly.

Taehyung’s happy smile fades away, turning into more of an urging smile.

“Stay... Stay for me,” Taehyung murmurs softly.

Yoongi inhales sharply, staring awestruck at Taehyung. He is unable to look away and God, those eyes...those eyes and that tone and fuck, how does one breathe?

Yoongi nods, heart speeding up erratically.

Taehyung’s eyes light up even more (Yoongi hadn’t thought it was possible but oh well) and he claps his hand once, jumping up on the spot excitedly (Yoongi has a hard time remembering that Mi Yeon is the only kid around here), his Boxy Smile™ making its appearance on the boy’s face.

“Great!” Taehyung exclaims giddily and the boy literally, literally shakes on the spot, fists wringing in front of him as if he cannot contain his excitement. “You can sleep in hyung’s room. I’ll bring you blankets and,” Taehyung’s eyes rove over Yoongi’s body (Error 404: Yoongi.exe has crashed), “my clothes should fit you. You can get changed in hyung’s room. Come on.”

It takes Yoongi whole two minutes to start functioning and follow Taehyung to his hyung’s room. Not that Yoongi knew where it was and he hadn’t even followed the boy what with being blinded by the sun’s smile but there was a door opposite to Taehyung’s room so it should be the one, shouldn’t it?

Yoongi is surprised his two brain cells are still working enough to form a rational thought.

When Yoongi walks into the room, Taehyung has already placed a set of pyjamas for him on the bed and is in the process of tidying the already tidy room, straightening the edges of the bed-sheet and what not. He glances up, as if sensing Yoongi’s presence in the room and flashes him a smile, pausing abruptly in his place before standing upright. Yoongi doesn’t miss the way Taehyung’s hand is clenched in a fist.

“I’ll leave you to get changed,” Taehyung mutters tensely and without a further word, walks past Yoongi, closing the door behind him.

Yoongi exhales loudly and puts a hand over the cupboard, trying to control his heartbeat and get his energy back.

What the hell was the whole thing?

Is Yoongi the only one who sensed a kind of tension in the room?

Is Taehyung as nervous as Yoongi is?

It’s not like anything is going to happen.

They are just going to sleep.

In separate bedrooms.

Isn’t Taehyung the one who suggested Yoongi stay over in the first place? Then what the heck was all that...?

Yoongi shakes his head, trying to clear his thoughts. Maybe Taehyung is tired after all like he is. It must be nothing.

He walks over to the bed and gets undressed quickly, placing his own clothes neatly aside on a desk before quickly pulling over Taehyung’s pyjamas and shirt over himself.

The pants, surprisingly, fit Yoongi perfectly with the exception of them being a bit too long in length, the edges coming under Yoongi’s heels. Yoongi hitches the pants a bit up further over his waist, so he will not end up tripping over the edge or make them dirty.

The shirt, on the other hand, is far too loose. It shouldn’t be a surprise, considering how much Taehyung is broad (broader than Yoongi. Yoongi had always suspected it but today he became quite certain) but Yoongi is nevertheless surprised. The shirt is constantly falling from either of his shoulders and Yoongi keeps cussing as he keeps on pulling them back over and over, feeling a bit shy about his exposed skin (even if he is the only one in the room. Yoongi most certainly hasn’t forgotten whose house he is in right now). The sleeves are far too long, way past Yoongi’s fingertips and giving him the floppy winter sleeves everyone (and Yoongi) loves so much and Yoongi doesn’t bother pulling them back, feeling awfully cute at the sight of the sweater paws.

Yoongi brings up the sleeves to his nose, inhaling sharply. It smells a bit like coffee and the fresh smell of laundry detergent with the faintest trace of cologne.

Nothing like Taehyung but still a good smell nevertheless.

Oh God.

Imagine being Kim Taehyung’s boyfriend and getting to wear his clothes and feeling incredibly small and soft in them.

Yoongi cannot relate.

But he sure as hell hopes to relate.

He stands in the room for another two minutes, freaking out about being dressed in Taehyung’s clothes as Kim Taehyung Boyfriend Imagines keep popping up in his head, as if Yoongi’s brain is scrolling through some Wattpad fic on its own and throwing him in cute (and definitely unrealistic) scenarios with Taehyung.

Then, having yelled at his irrational part of his brain to shut the fuck up and shaking his head vigorously as if that is going to clear his head, Yoongi walks out of the room.

It would be rude to go to sleep without saying goodnight, right?

Yoongi yanks open the door, still screaming at his mind to shut up about the goddamn boyfriend imagery already but stops abruptly.

Taehyung is standing in front of the door, hand raised up as if he was about to knock on the door.

Taehyung drops his hand and throws Yoongi a look from the top to bottom, eyes wandering all over Yoongi’s body slowly, pausing particularly near Yoongi’s shoulder where the shirt is threatening to fall down again and Yoongi’s collarbones and chest are partially exposed.

Yoongi’s cheeks heat up and god fucking damn it, why didn’t Yoongi pull up the shoulder up again before going out?

But Yoongi sure as heck loves the way Taehyung looks so dazed at the sight of Yoongi and the way his eyes are stuck to Yoongi’s collarbone.

If Yoongi had been Jin, they’d be probably making out by now.

But Yoongi is Yoongi. So...

Yoongi raises his eyebrows and clears his throat, not trusting his voice while Taehyung is still staring at him like that.

Taehyung tears his eyes away from Yoongi’s exposed skin and looks up (Yoongi has to hand it to him. The boy doesn’t even look embarrassed about gawking so openly).

“I was just about to call you,” Taehyung says and Yoongi doesn’t miss the way Taehyung licks his lips, as if they have suddenly gone dry.

Yoongi himself is having a hard time to not stare those damned lips. Instead, Yoongi raised his eyebrows further in question.

Taehyung smiles, although a bit weakly. “I...” Taehyung starts and his cheeks flush suddenly, as if he is embarrassed about what he is about to say. “I cannot go to sleep if I don’t drink a cup of hot chocolate at night. And I...was wondering if you’d like some too...”

That’s new information. Yoongi’s brain has immediately stored this new information.

Kim Taehyung cannot sleep without having a cup of hot chocolate?

Oh My God.

That is so freaking adorable.

Yoongi wants to just die out of the sheer adorableness of this habit of Taehyung. Just when Yoongi thought that Taehyung couldn’t get any cuter and impossible, this man has to go and prove Yoongi wrong.

Taehyung is watching him sheepishly, fidgeting with the sleeve of his own pyjamas as he smiles hopefully, throwing puppy eyes at Yoongi.

Is it even possible to say no?

“I wasn’t sleepy yet anyway,” Yoongi replies, grinning slightly. “I sure as heck wouldn’t mind some. But-”

“I’ll make it dark. Yeah. I know,” Taehyung cuts him off, rolling his eyes.

Yoongi grins wider. Taehyung sure knows him.

“Come on then,” Taehyung orders and stalks off towards the kitchen, almost skipping in his movement.

Yoongi shuts the door quietly behind him (he knows there is a little kid asleep and well, it isn’t his damn house where he can bang the doors shut loudly) and follows Taehyung, entering the kitchen.

The kitchen is small. Not small in the way that it is cluttered or Yoongi has barely any space to move. But rather a perfect size considering Taehyung lives alone. Yet it is still large enough for Taehyung to fit a small dining table at one corner with four seats. It is clean, minimalistic, with very few items cluttering the marble kitchen countertop.

Yoongi throws a look around before his eyes land on a makeshift vase, which is just a huge water jug in which Taehyung has placed Yoongi’s bouquet, the flowers still in full bloom, looking fresh and pretty as ever.

Yoongi walks over to the countertop where the flowers are placed, adjacent to the counter where Taehyung is busily working and  pulling out mugs and whatnot and hops on to the counter next to the vase. The kitchen counter is tall enough that his legs dangle in the air, nowhere close to touching the ground. 

Yoongi grips the counter edge with one hand and twists slightly, letting his fingertips skim over the flower petals, feeling their velvety softness, a small smile on his face.



“What are these white flowers called?”


Yoongi looks at the flower, which looks almost a pearly white due to the light falling over it. The scent of gardenias is mixed with that of roses, although the gardenias are easily overpowering the roses. Yoongi can barely smell the roses what with the scent of gardenias hitting his nostrils so strongly.

Yoongi skims his hand over the flowers as he wonders.

What the heck was that knowing smile on Minho’s face when Minho had practically thrusted the bouquet in Yoongi’s arms, insisting that ‘Taehyung would love them all’, eyes glinting wildly. His friends had only suggested getting a bouquet. Yoongi was the one who had acted upon it.

Yoongi knows red roses mean love. After all, he has watched far too many movies (rom-coms. Not that Yoongi would admit that he is a sucker for rom-coms, but anyway) and watched his friends give each other red roses on Valentine’s day and shit to know they stand for romantic love.

That was one of the partial reasons for Yoongi in selecting roses, hoping that Taehyung would get the hint.

But Yoongi has no idea what the tulips and gardenias are supposed to stand for.

And Minho’s shining eyes and smirk means that whatever the flowers meant, wasn’t a good news at all, especially when he insisted on not telling Yoongi the meaning.

“What are gardenias supposed to mean?” Yoongi wonders out aloud.

“Do you want me to add whipped cream?” Taehyung asks him instead.

Either Taehyung did not hear the question what with being preoccupied with making the hot chocolate or did not want to answer Yoongi. Or maybe even he doesn’t know the meaning. Not that Yoongi thinks the last option is possible.

“Sure,” Yoongi answers. “Not a lot though. But make it dark, okay?”

Taehyung hums in agreement.

Yoongi waits for another minute before letting his hand fall away from the flowers and looking up at Taehyung again, opening his mouth to repeat his question. And that’s when Yoongi notices.

Taehyung’s pyjamas from the behind...are see-through.

Yoongi hadn’t quite noticed it when he had been standing near the door because they looked pretty plain from the front. Just a lilac satin pyjamas.

But from the behind, the pyjamas are almost see-through. Yoongi can faintly see Taehyung’s moon phases on his spine, peeking through the pyjamas.

Whatever train of thought Yoongi has, disappears quickly, replaced instead with the curiosity about Taehyung’s tattoo.

Should Yoongi ask Taehyung about the tattoo?

Would he answer?

Yoongi has made up his mind and is about to ask him the question but Taehyung pipes up instead, turning around for a moment and glancing apologetically at Yoongi.

“I am sorry I don’t have coffee for you for the morning,” Taehyung says. “I can’t drink coffee. So you’ll have to make do with hot chocolate even in the morning.”

“You don’t drink coffee?” Yoongi asks, surprised. He remembers how Taehyung had mentioned this a few minutes ago in front of the door.

Taehyung shakes his head. “I can’t stand coffee at all. It’s too bitter and yuck and just...” Taehyung trails away, shuddering slightly. “I hate it.”

Yoongi is too startled to think of anything else.

Taehyung cannot drink coffee?

Kim Taehyung, The Barista, The One and Only who could nail down Yoongi’s 12-step intricate coffee and actually make it better cannot drink coffee? Kim Taehyung, who makes the most amazing coffees and makes them up to Yoongi’s liking hates coffee? The One whose coffee tastes like it’s made by the angels themselves?

Doesn’t Kim Taehyung work at a coffee-shop for crying out loud?

Yoongi’s jaw drops, still taken aback at this Revelation.

What The Fuck?

Yoongi is almost questioning his whole love for Taehyung, but oh well, as long as the boy makes coffee for Yoongi what does it matter?

Taehyung can drink whatever the hell he wants to.

Who is Yoongi to dictate his choices?

But still, it is quite ironical.

Taehyung rolls his eyes and grins. “Don’t worry. I always get those reactions. You aren’t the first one,” he says and turns around and resumes his work.

“Then why do you even work at a coffee-shop?” Yoongi inquires incredulously, cocking his head to one side. It is curious why would Taehyung even work at a coffee-shop when he doesn’t even like to drink coffee, or to be precise, cannot even tolerate it.

Taehyung shrugs his shoulders delicately. “I don’t like coffee. Like I said, it is too bitter for my liking. Even with added sugar and whipped cream and shit, it is too strong for me. But I like the process of making coffee. It’s...calming for me. It soothes me. And anyway, I like making the artwork and the smell. The process is very enjoyable.”

Yoongi ponders about it for a moment before shrugging it off. Valid enough reason for Yoongi to understand. It is important to do what one loves and if Taehyung likes the process and it’s smell and the artwork then...


The artwork...

Taehyung loves drawing the artwork.

Didn’t Namjoon once say Taehyung only makes artwork for Yoongi?

Yoongi always got artwork on his coffee. And he even remembers Jimin and Hoseok explicitly fuming over how Taehyung would not make artwork for them, even after they bribed him with more money, except for that one time he had made bunny ears for Jungkook.

And Yoongi always gets artwork? From leaves to flowers to starry nights to now even coloured artworks?


Is Yoongi really special?

Have the signs been in front of Yoongi’s eyes from the start? Do all these signs really mean...?

The last two months quickly flash in front of Yoongi’s eyes. All the staring, all the fleeting touches in the coffee-shop every time Taehyung handed Yoongi his coffee mug, all the artwork, the everyday visits to the parlour and sitting right beside Yoongi...

Did this all really mean...?

Yoongi’s heart starts to beat faster. He licks his lips.

It’s now or never.

If Yoongi doesn’t ask now, doesn’t muster up the courage now and doesn’t make a move now, it won’t ever happen.

Everything, from their first meeting to the endless visits by Yoongi at the coffee-shop to Mi Yeon coming and bringing Taehyung and Yoongi closer to the everyday visits to the parlour to their outing at the Lotte World, every single thing has lead Yoongi to this moment.

This moment as Yoongi sits on the kitchen countertop of Taehyung’s kitchen, waiting to drink hot chocolate together late at night as the stars twinkle outside and the night grows old with Yoongi in Taehyung’s clothes and fuck, what more signs does Yoongi really need?

Yoongi opens his mouth, not trusting his voice at all and oh god, his heart is beating too fast and he is going to be sick and

“Done!” Taehyung exclaims lightly, keeping his voice low before turning towards Yoongi, two mugs in his hand.

Yoongi feels like he is about to faint from the pressure.

Taehyung walks towards him and when Yoongi looks at the boy’s face, Taehyung again has the strangest smile on his face.

A tense smile.

As if he is nervous. As if something is worrying him too. As if Taehyung’s heart is beating just as fast as Yoongi’s, their hearts in sync, their minds in sync.

Is Taehyung thinking what Yoongi is?

Taehyung passes Yoongi the mug, his tense smile still intact and Yoongi doesn’t miss the way Taehyung’s hands are shaking slightly.

And simultaneously, Yoongi doesn’t miss the artwork on his hot chocolate (Yoongi didn’t even know it is possible to draw artworks on hot chocolate).

It isn’t a starry night this time.

It’s moon phases.

An exact replica of the one on Taehyung’s back.

Yoongi’s heart speeds up further as his mouth goes dry.

He can almost hear Taehyung’s heart beating just as fast as his.

“What...what is this supposed to mean?” Yoongi stutters, taking in the artwork, the tiny moons waxing and waning and holy shit, how did Yoongi miss this before?

There is a tiny, solitary star at the top in a corner.

When Yoongi looks up, for the other boy still hasn’t replied, Taehyung is watching him steadily.

There is a soft, an impossibly soft, The Softest smile on Taehyung’s face as he watches Yoongi, his eyes bright, intense and burning.

Yoongi realises it the very second Taehyung’s lips quirk up in a more defined smile.

This all...this all is planned.

Kim Taehyung did not want to drink hot chocolate because he couldn’t sleep.

Kim Taehyung simply wanted Yoongi to be here for this.

Taehyung puts his mug aside on the counter, not taking his eyes off of Yoongi and then pries off Yoongi’s cup from his hands too, putting it aside. Yoongi doesn’t even bother protesting.

This has never been about drinking hot chocolate together anyway.

Yoongi waits silently for the boy to speak.

Taehyung is now directly standing in front of him, less than a foot away, almost caging Yoongi on the countertop as he stands between Yoongi’s legs (not in a sexual way, you perverts) and Yoongi doesn’t know if sitting here was the best decision or not.

There is no way to escape.

Not that Yoongi wants to escape.

Taehyung reaches beside Yoongi and Yoongi’s eyes follow his movement.

Taehyung plucks out one of the roses from the bouquet delicately between his fingers and glances up at Yoongi.

Taehyung smiles a half-smile, one of Yoongi’s favourite although still not glancing at Yoongi.

“Roses stand for love,” Taehyung says quietly and tucks the flower behind Yoongi’s right ear, his fingertips brushing Yoongi’s ears and Yoongi shivers. The flower petals are tickling Yoongi’s ears but Yoongi doesn’t bother removing it.

His eyes are fixated on Taehyung, ears straining to catch every word of the boy.

“Gardenias,” Taehyung starts and this time, Yoongi doesn’t twist around to see Taehyung plucking up a gardenia. He just knows what Taehyung is doing. Taehyung brings a gardenia up and gently places it behind Yoongi’s other ear and then gazes into Yoongi’s eyes. “Gardenias stand for secret love,” Taehyung whispers softly.

Yoongi’s heartbeat falters.

Yoongi grips the edges of the countertop tightly to stop his hands from shaking.

“And red tulips-” Taehyung continues and brings a tulip and places it just above the gardenia behind Yoongi’s left ear, “-stand for a declaration of love.”

The weight of the tulip over the gardenia is too much and the tulip’s thick stem makes it impossible for it to stay tucked nicely behind Yoongi’s ears and both the flowers fall down from behind Yoongi’s ears, falling soundlessly on the floor.

Taehyung doesn’t bother picking it up.

Nor does Yoongi. Yoongi doesn’t even bother sparing the flowers a glance.

For his eyes are fixated at Taehyung, unable to look away at all as the boy’s words echo in his mind.

Roses stand for love.

Gardenias stand for secret love.

Red tulips stand for a declaration of love.

Declaration of love.

So this is why Minho had been smirking knowingly. That little shit knew the meaning (along with Yoongi’s impossibly huge crush [secret love] on Taehyung) of the flowers and so...

If Yoongi survives tonight, he is going to fucking kill Minho.

Declaration of love.

Taehyung chuckles slightly and leans forward, putting his palms on the kitchen countertop beside Yoongi’s and now Yoongi is totally caged in and fuck, Taehyung is so fucking close to him and really, how the fuck does one breathe?

Taehyung cocks his head to one side and his half-smile, one of Yoongi’s most favourite, turns up a notch.

“You asked me about my tattoo.”

Yoongi stares at Taehyung for a moment before nodding because obviously, his voice is going to fail him the moment he opens his mouth.

Taehyung’s expression changes immediately. The half-smile vanishes and his face turns serious and Yoongi watches wordlessly as Taehyung closes his eyes tightly, an almost painful expression on his face.

Taehyung leans forward an inch, eyes still shut.

“I got the tattoo for you.”

Yoongi’s heart falters for a second time and his mind goes blank.

Taehyung opens his eyes in a flash and drops his arms from the counter. The painful expression has vanished too.

Instead, Taehyung’s eyes are earnest.

So sincere. So open. So beautiful.

Taehyung pauses hesitantly for a second, hand twitching (Yoongi notices) before taking a step closer to Yoongi and within a second, Yoongi’s face is in Taehyung’s hands and Taehyung’s forehead is resting lightly against Yoongi’s.

“The moon...the moons are you. You are the moon. My moon,” Taehyung breathes, his hands tightening on Yoongi’s jaw.

“You are my moon, Yoongi,” Taehyung repeats and retracts back a few inches, staring into Yoongi’s eyes.

Yoongi has forgotten how to breathe. How to speak. How to be alive.

“I know you think of me as the star,” Taehyung says and chuckles a little, almost in exasperation. “I know you think I am starry night and that’s why you have so many star tattoo designs drawn all over your sketchbooks.”

Yoongi suddenly finds his voice. “Who told you that?” Yoongi squeaks out.

Did Namjoon find his star tattoo designs filled sketchbook after all? That mustn’t be it. Otherwise, Namjoon would’ve announced this in the whole group and the whole group would’ve been at it for Yoongi and would not have let him live at all. Then how..?

“The day you were making the tattoo for me,” Taehyung says, as if reading Yoongi’s mind. “I saw it then. You told me to remove my tattoo design from the drawer and I saw one of your sketchbooks. I thought it was pretty cute at first and then...” Taehyung closes his eyes shut and drops his hands from Yoongi’s face, as if he is remembering the moment, reliving the moment, “I saw my name on one of the pages among the thousands of stars. I know your handwriting, hyung. It was so tiny and fuck, I could’ve almost missed that page and never realised...but I did end up seeing it. ‘For my Star Kim Taehyung’ and I just knew it then...”

Taehyung’s eyes flash open.

“And I just knew it then. You hadn’t said it yet but I knew it then for sure...what you felt for me. That you liked me. That you loved me...”

Yoongi’s mouth parts open and he lets out an unsteady exhale.

One of Taehyung’s hand finds Yoongi’s jaw again and Yoongi almost dies when Taehyung’s thumb caresses his lower lip.

Taehyung leans and rests his forehead against Yoongi’s again.

“And imagine my ecstasy when I knew it for a certainty that you loved me back.”

Loved me back?

Then did Taehyung after all...?

Yoongi wants to demand the question but Taehyung is on a roll.

“I always suspected it. That you had a crush on me. But I was never certain. You exactly aren’t all that open,” Taehyung mumbles, chuckling breathlessly and even Yoongi smiles.  “And you wouldn’t even react much to all my flirtation and my constant hints. So I was never really sure,” Taehyung finishes, shaking his head.

“But when I saw that sketchbook, I knew. I knew it then. And for my moon to think of me as the star...” Taehyung trails away, stroking Yoongi’s jawline with his thumb.

Yoongi shuts his eyes and leans against Taehyung’s touch, his face unable to contain his smile, his heart unable to control his emotions.

Yoongi turns his head a few inches and presses a kiss on the inside of Taehyung’s palm.

“You are my Star,” Yoongi finally says. “And not just a star but the whole fucking starry skies. All the stars in the universe.”

Taehyung laughs, the throwing-your-head-back kind of laugh when one is unable to control their happiness.

Yoongi smiles, feeling encouraged.

Taehyung had mustered up the courage to confess first.

Taehyung had taken ten steps further.

Yoongi could take one step further too, right?

After all, it is a step towards Taehyung.


Towards them.

Taehyung brings his other hand up too and holds Yoongi’s face in both his hands and before Yoongi can even sense it coming or even brace himself for it, Taehyung presses a soft, firm kiss on his forehead.

“And you are my Moon,” Taehyung mumbles, lips moving against Yoongi’s forehead and Yoongi feels tingly all over his body.

Yoongi’s eyes flutter shut.

Oh God.

This is really happening.

This is really fucking happening and oh my God, Yoongi is going to die.

Someone save him.

Taehyung pulls back, dropping his hands down and places them around Yoongi’s waist instead.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Someone give Yoongi a break.

His heart is too weak for all this shit.

“I got the moon tattoo for you,” Taehyung says, smiling brightly. Brighter than all the stars themselves. Fuck. Min Yoongi is a whipped man. “Because you are like the moon with your round face and your pearly, snow-white skin and with your radiant self-”

“-and how I am always up at night in the dark,” Yoongi interrupts, grinning.

Taehyung throws him an annoyed look. “Can you please, for the love of God, not interrupt my love confession?”

Yoongi shuts up and Taehyung rolls his eyes, his lips twitching and Yoongi knows Taehyung found his joke funny.

Taehyung looks at him again, eyes turning impossibly gentle as they carry ten thousand different emotions and shine like a diamond with ten thousand facets.


“You are my moon. And I have loved you in all your phases. Your phase of realisation that you have a crush on me. Your phase of looking at me for the first time after the realisation. Your phase of having a hopelessly huge crush on me which just kept on growing and growing,” Taehyung says, laughing breathlessly and Yoongi’s cheeks heat up.

Yoongi glances away quickly because ugh, so embarrassing.

Was Yoongi’s hopeless crush visible to every fucking person? Including his goddamn crush?

“Even your phase of denial of me being in love with you...”

Yoongi swiftly turns towards Taehyung, eyes widening.

Taehyung looks frustrated, although his eyes are still gleaming and gentle.

“God! It was so fucking frustrating!” Taehyung exclaims, his voice rising as one hand leaves Yoongi’s waist and he rakes it through his hair instead. “I kept on giving the signs and you just wouldn’t do anything. I knew Jungkook and Namjoon hyung suspected me of liking you. Everyone to be honest. But it wasn’t like I was hiding it. Quite the opposite. I was practically hitting on you and giving you hints to ask me out already!”

“And you just wouldn’t take any hints! And I...” Taehyung’s voice drops dramatically, just a whisper, “I almost gave up on you. Especially after that day...when we were so close to kissing wouldn’t kiss me back the second time. I had already kissed your cheek, given you a hint and fuck! What else did you need? And you just wouldn’t kiss me back. Or confess. Or do anything.”

“I was so frustrated and I almost gave up on you. It was enough. After months of flirting and the hints and all that, when you wouldn’t do anything, when you wouldn’t take a step further, I almost gave up on you,” Taehyung murmurs, closing his eyes, the pained expression returning on his beautiful face.

“What brought you back?” Yoongi mumbles.

He wants to know. No. He needs to know.

Was it some other unconscious clue by Yoongi which brought Taehyung back? Was it Taehyung’s feelings? Or did Taehyung simply return back to him not knowing where else to go?

“It was Namjoon hyung who brought me back.”

The fucking what now?

Did Yoongi hear Taehyung correctly?

Namjoon? Kim Namjoon? Kim fucking Namjoon, that headass?

Yoongi’s confusion must be apparent on his face because Taehyung giggles before shaking his head, the seriousness returning back to his face.

“That day of tattooing...I was so mad at the moment, when you wouldn’t take my final hint when it was so fucking obvious. And I did gave up on you. I told myself ‘I am never going after him again. Not after this...not after this...’”

Taehyung goes silent for a minute, as if lost in some deep thought, as if remembering his own hopeless position.

Yoongi suddenly feels attacked. Feels like kicking himself for his own stupidity, for his own blindness and denial and his own cowardice.

Not only did Yoongi himself suffer but he made Taehyung suffer for no fault of his own.

Why the fuck did Yoongi have to be like this?

Yoongi puts his head down, unable to look at Taehyung.

“I don’t know what happened then. I don’t know what happened with you but something must’ve surely happened, because Namjoon hyung came to meet me right after a few minutes.”

At Namjoon’s name, Yoongi looks up at the boy, having all his attention.

“He wouldn’t tell me what happened with you. Nor did he ask what happened between us. Nor did he ask me whether I had feelings for you or not and nor did he mention to me if you had feelings for me or not. I guess both of our hearts were quite open in that matter...”

Taehyung smiles at Yoongi and the hand around Yoongi’s waist tightens. He raises his other hand and tucks behind a stray strand of Yoongi’s hair and gently strokes Yoongi’s hair.

Yoongi doesn’t miss the way Taehyung’s eyes are shining with a kind of euphoria again.

Taehyung’s eyes meet Yoongi’s and the smile widens. “Instead, he told me something else. His own story with Jin hyung. How he pined after Jin hyung for so long and completely kept on missing the hints and clues even after everyone had told him Jin hyung liked him back. I asked him why he didn’t confess to Jin hyung then if he knew Jin hyung liked him back.”

“And he told me how afraid he had been. That he loved Jin hyung so much, that he was afraid that if things didn’t work out, it would break him. That he had never been with someone else seriously before Jin hyung came to his life. That he was afraid Jin would get tired of him someday and would leave him. That he wasn’t enough for Jin hyung.”

“So he never told Jin hyung, cocooning himself in his self-doubts. I was still so angry. I thought, ‘so what should I do with it? They are happy now’. And he told me, the reason they are happy is because ‘someone took the first step’,” Taehyung says, shaking his head. “He agreed he had been an idiot, a fool and he still wants to kick himself for his stupidity and no apologies would be enough for the time they had wasted. But you know what hyung told me?”

“What?” Yoongi asks quietly.

“Namjoon hyung told me that the reason he is happy is because Jin hyung was there to wipe away his insecurities with his love, his kiss and being strong by his side.”

Yoongi watches Taehyung wordlessly, his eyes searching the other’s.

“And then hyung left but not before demanding me to make him a coffee,” Taehyung mutters, rolling his eyes.

Yoongi laughs a little but his laugh dies down the instant Taehyung moves forward, putting his head against Yoongi’s shoulder and clutches Yoongi’s waist with both of his hands.

Yoongi’s hands automatically go around Taehyung, one of it coming to rest against Taehyung’s waist and other at the nape of Taehyung’s neck.

Yoongi hears Taehyung sigh against his shoulder.

They stay like that for a few minutes. Taehyung sighs few more times against his shoulders, leaning against Yoongi as if his energy has evaporated all of a sudden and Yoongi holds him, gently stroking the hair at the nape of his neck, giving Taehyung his time, comforting him.

Taehyung pulls back after a few minutes, mouth curved up into a full smile. Not his Boxy Smile™ but a beautiful smile nevertheless.

“That one meeting with hyung was enough. I realised...I realised how stupid I had been. I was so adamant about you confessing first, not wanting to be the one who does the confession. I wanted to be the one who was on the receiving end, wanted to be the one who felt special as the man I love confesses his feelings to me, whether in a grand way or not. I just wanted to be the centre of attention.”

“But that one talk with Namjoon hyung was enough to make me realise my own stupidity. How my own stupidity could be dangerous for me. For you. For us.”

Taehyung shakes his head violently, scrunching his eyes close tightly. “And I realised...why does it matter who confesses first? Why does it matter that you should be the one? Was my love going to change if you confessed first? Or would my love mean little if I confessed first? Or would your love lose its meaning if I confessed first?”

Taehyung opens his eyes and gazes at Yoongi.

“I realised my own stupidity. And I knew then that I had been too selfish in my adamancy of being the one who receives confession. I realised how dangerous my decision was. Because...because I would have lost you in the process and I...I cannot bear that.”

Taehyung’s hand closes firmly around Yoongi’s jaw. “I cannot bear losing you. It would kill me. Because I love you too much.”

Yoongi’s heart beats erratically and Yoongi feels like he is soaring, soaring high about the clouds, this world, this universe.

He is finally here

They are finally here.

Taehyung has taken the step for himself. For Yoongi. For them.

And now Yoongi should take his step. Towards Taehyung. Towards them.

They should walk side by side now, shouldn’t they?

One of Yoongi’s hand grips the front of Taehyung’s shirt, clutching it tightly in a fist as Yoongi closes his eyes, too overwhelmed with everything that is happening.

It has been a long day and fuck, all Yoongi had been hoping was to sleep and not this.

If Yoongi knew in the morning that this was going to happen tonight, that today would really be the Judgment Day, that he’d be confessing to The Love of His Life today out of all the days, Yoongi would’ve at least prepared his confession speech for god’s sake.

Why did Kim Taehyung have to come at him out of nowhere like this and shake his heart like this and make him so mushy-mushy?

Yoongi’s voice fails even before he has opened his mouth.

“I...” Yoongi starts and gulps, clutching Taehyung’s shirt desperately, so tightly that his knuckles whiten. Yoongi’s other hand is shaking and his heart is beating too quickly and oh my god, is he about to cry? God please no.

Fortunately for him, Taehyung waits silently.

Taehyung puts a hand over Yoongi’s, the one which is clutching his shirt, and draws soothing circles over it, waiting.

Yoongi takes a few more breaths, calming himself down, waiting for his heart to stop wavering and his emotions to be in control.

When Yoongi finally feels composed enough, he glances up only to see Taehyung’s beautiful smile, watchful eyes and serene self.

This is it.

This is the moment.

The moment where it all ends and it all begins.

“I love you,” Yoongi says and this time, his heart doesn’t beat fast. Instead, it is steady, just like Yoongi is. “I am in love with you, Kim Taehyung. I have been in love with you since the moment I saw you. And while I wasted enough of our time and-”

“You did,” Taehyung interrupts, rolling his eyes.

This time, it is Yoongi’s turn to be annoyed. “Can you please, for the love of God, not interrupt my love confession?” Yoongi smirks and Taehyung’s lips twitch and Yoongi knows he is controlling his laughter.

Taehyung raises a hand and waves it in a ‘go-ahead’ motion but the damage is done.

Yoongi blinks and blinks and blinks.

When Yoongi doesn’t speak up for another few seconds, Taehyung raises his eyebrows, still not speaking up. Apparently, he took Yoongi’s ‘don’t interrupt me’ part very seriously.

“I forgot where I was going with my confession speech,” Yoongi finally mumbles sheepishly and glances away from Taehyung, his cheeks heating up because ugh, that is so embarrassing.

But Taehyung laughs. So loudly, so clearly and the boy literally vibrates under Yoongi’s hands.

Yoongi watches him, utterly awestruck. A slow smile spreads on his face as he watches the boy laugh uncontrollably, Taehyung’s eyes in crescents and his cheeks round and full and oh God, how much more can Yoongi love Taehyung?

Taehyung drops his hand from Yoongi’s and puts them over his heart and bends over, as if pained.

“Ah, my heart. Ah, someone hold me. Ah, ah! You are so blinding, Min Yoongi, aaaah!” Taehyung yells, bending over and still clutching his heart.

Yoongi, for his part, is blushing furiously.

Can Taehyung shut the fuck up and not come at him like this with adorable and extra self?

When Taehyung continues with his shenanigans, still clutching his heart even after Yoongi hits his arms, yelling a few, low ‘stop it!’ to the boy, Yoongi covers his face with his hands instead because oh god, someone hold his heart and stop it from going fuzzy.

Suddenly, Yoongi feels two arms around him and Yoongi cannot even put his hands down, barely being able to uncover his face from his hands a few inches because Taehyung is hugging him so tightly.

Taehyung holds Yoongi tightly, as if he never wants to let go and Yoongi’s heart skips a beat again at the sudden intimate touch.

Yoongi feels Taehyung’s lips near his ears.

“We will be fine, Yoongi hyung,” Taehyung whispers, tone full of sincerity.

So tender. So gentle. So promising.

Yoongi believes him.

Taehyung pulls back, one of his hands still around Yoongi, near his lower back. Taehyung puts his other hand under Yoongi’s chin and raises his face, making Yoongi look directly at him.

For the first time in his life, Yoongi loves the fact that Taehyung is taller than him. That even after sitting on a tall counter and gaining a few inches than his usual height, Taehyung still has a few inches on Yoongi, making him feel small.

And comfortable. And protected.

Sitting like this, with Taehyung’s arms him and the boy towering over him, Yoongi feels as if nothing wrong can happen, feels safe.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

“We are going to be fine,” Taehyung repeats, his eyes searching Yoongi’s, as if he is scanning with his eyes if Yoongi still has any insecurities left, if there are still doubts, if there is still some denial. “You and I, we are going to be fine. We are going to be wonderful. Fuck. We are going to put Namjoon hyung and Jin hyung and the rest of them to shame,” Taehyung promises, grinning crookedly and Yoongi laughs a little.

“You don’t have to worry about anything. I am not going to leave you. Understand? I am not going to leave you. Fuck. I don’t think it is even possible,” Taehyung swears, shaking his head in incredulity, not taking his eyes off of Yoongi. “I don’t care that you have never been with anyone before. Or that you don’t know how to be with someone or what it is like to be in a relationship. I will go with whatever pace you want to. And you don’t feel like going forward on a particular day, I’ll stand beside you as I hold your hand and you don’t have to-”

Yoongi’s hand and brain act out of its own accord before he even realises what he is doing.

Yoongi puts a hand over Taehyung’s mouth, shutting him up before realising he shouldn’t have done that. It was wrong of Yoongi to cut Taehyung off like that, especially when the words were supposed to ease Yoongi.

Not giving the other person a chance to speak their heart out and cutting them out like that is a bad habit, whether in a friendship or in a relationship.

Yoongi regrets his action immediately and is yelling at his brain for doing so.

Taehyung, however, remains undaunted and quirks up an eyebrow in question before glancing down at Yoongi’s hand over his mouth.

Yoongi’s hand over Taehyung’s lips.

Taehyung’s lips.

Yoongi is dying.

Yoongi quickly retracts his hand, heat spreading to his cheeks and neck.

Taehyung’s lips twitch as he controls his laughter but the boy raises his eyebrow further, prodding Yoongi.

Yoongi finds his voice again, remembers why he cut off Taehyung in the first place.

“I am not afraid anymore.”

Yoongi doesn’t miss Taehyung’s sharp intake of breath.

Yoongi suddenly feels warm and encouraged. There is nothing to hold back anymore, nothing to stop him anymore, and nothing to make him scared anymore. Not when Taehyung is standing beside him firmly, casting off his bright light in Yoongi’s dark path, a million stars lighting up Yoongi’s night sky, guiding Yoongi through the small but unending path.

Yoongi feels Taehyung’s light shining brightly inside him, consuming him and making even Yoongi glow.

Yoongi feels as radiant as the stars.

“I am not afraid anymore,” Yoongi murmurs, feeling a confidence surge through his veins. Yoongi sits up straighter and leans forward, resting his head against Taehyung’s, eyes fluttering shut for a moment before he opens them again. “I...I am not afraid of being with you. With you beside me, nothing can go wrong. I trust you with my whole being. My whole self. I trust you with my heart,” Yoongi murmurs and God, it feels so so so good to say the words out loud after so long.

Yoongi feels like he has finally finished his race, jumping over the finish line and over the satin ribbon and is finally taking his first breath after the long endeavour.

The first breath of a new beginning.

“I am in love with you, Kim Taehyung,” Yoongi declares and he himself is surprised by how steady his voice sounds, how confident his voice is, “and nothing can change that. I trust you with everything I have and I’ll walk down the road with you, holding your hand tightly.”

Yoongi leans forward an inch, not giving it much of thought, to be honest, and their noses are almost bumping now and Yoongi’s hand is clutching the fabric around Taehyung’s waist so tightly and the other is just near Taehyung’s heart and holy shit, Taehyung’s heart is beating so fucking fast. Wow.

Taehyung lets out a strange sort of noise, somewhere between a sharp exhale and an exasperated laughter and a strained sound.

“Say it again,” Taehyung orders and Taehyung’s both hands are now on Yoongi’s cheeks (again) and fuck, Yoongi just knows what is coming.

He just knows it.

“Say what?” Yoongi asks, pretending to be perplexed although he knows full well what Taehyung wants to hear.

“Yoongi hyung please,” Taehyung whines and Yoongi shakes a little as Taehyung stomps his foot.

How adorable.

“I love you,” Yoongi murmurs although he is laughing at Taehyung’s antics. He sobers up quickly. “I love you so fucking much,” Yoongi repeats, smiling unconsciously and feels his heart soar as the words come out of his mouth so naturally, so unhesitatingly, unrestricted.

“I love you,” Yoongi murmurs again.

“Thank fucking God you do,” Taehyung mumbles and Yoongi contains his laughter which threatens to escape his lips. “I love you too. So fucking much. I am so in love with you.”

Taehyung leans forward and pauses just a centimetre before their lips can touch.

Yoongi senses Taehyung’s hesitancy and realises a second later that Taehyung isn’t hesitating for his own sake. Taehyung paused for Yoongi’s sake, giving Yoongi the time to back out of it, as if remembering that Yoongi might not be comfortable with the pace.

After all, he did say, Yoongi would set the pace for them and Taehyung would follow.

Well, fuck it.

What Yoongi (and Taehyung) wants, Yoongi gets.

Yoongi doesn’t give it another thought, doesn’t wait until his brain can go into overdrive or his heart can go into cardiac arrest.

Yoongi closes the gap between them.

The first thought that goes through Yoongi’s mind is

Oh. So this is what kissing feels like.

So this is what it feels like to have someone’s lips against yours, to be so close to someone that you practically share the same breath, to be physically this close to someone.

Taehyung’s lips are incredibly warm against Yoongi’s. And incredible soft too.

To say that Yoongi is overwhelmed is an understatement.

Yoongi has no fucking clue to what do. Sure, his hands are clutching onto Taehyung tightly, pulling him closer but Yoongi is so so so inexperienced. He did move forward and place his lips against Taehyung but that was it.

Yoongi is slightly unresponsive, having no fucking clue what to do, going forward with whatever Taehyung is doing.

Taehyung moves his lips slowly, yet firmly against Yoongi’s, both of his lips firmly placed fully against Yoongi’s bottom lip before pulling it softly with his own. Taehyung tilts his head slightly before placing another firm kiss against Yoongi’s upper lip, one hand tightening around Yoongi’s jaw and the other falling to Yoongi’s neck.

Yoongi still has no fucking clue what to do but he prays that whatever he is doing is right and follows Taehyung’s lead.

But god, if the kiss isn’t setting his whole body on fire.

Yoongi can get used to the feeling.

He can get used to being this close to Taehyung.

He can get used to kissing Taehyung.

Fuck. If kissing feels like this, as if his whole body is set on fire, as if a million stars are exploding around him and inside him, as if he is being consumed cell by cell by Taehyung, then God help him, how is Yoongi going to control himself from every chance he gets to kiss Taehyung?

Taehyung kisses Yoongi a few more seconds, a kind of push-and-pull with his own lips against Yoongi’s and Yoongi feels breathless.

And so does Taehyung, because when Taehyung pulls back a few more seconds later, the boy is breathing roughly, forehead resting against Yoongi’s, as if he doesn’t want to put too much distance between himself and Yoongi, now that they are so close.

Heck. Even Yoongi doesn’t want to let go of Taehyung.


Taehyung opens his eyes and grins, a kind of cocky half-smile.

God. So fucking beautiful.

“Wow indeed,” Taehyung agrees and starts giggling and a second later, Yoongi joins him, both of them giggling like two idiots who are madly in love, their bodies shaking.

“If that’s what kissing is like, well damn, I get the hype,” Yoongi mumbles, biting his lip as his cheeks flush crimson.

It’s not like Yoongi goes on screaming what his mind his thinking.

And all his mind and brain are just solely focused on the feel of Taehyung’s lips against his, Taehyung taking low, shallow breaths against Yoongi’s mouth, Taehyung’s body pressed close against his and the way the boy’s hands are tangled in Yoongi’s air.

Whatever two functioning brain cells Yoongi had have been effectively fried with that kiss.

“Well if that’s the case,” Taehyung whispers, “let’s get your more hyped up.”

Taehyung surges forward again and presses Yoongi’s lips against his own, not caring that he is still breathless, not caring that Yoongi is still breathless.

This time, Yoongi reacts instantly and pulls Taehyung closer with the hand at Taehyung’s neck. Yoongi’s legs, which had been resting against either side of Taehyung, wrap around his waist and now Yoongi cages him, as if daring Taehyung to let go out of his hold.

Not that Taehyung seems to be in the mood to let go of Yoongi anyway.

This time, Yoongi doesn’t need to follow Taehyung’s lead. He’s got the hang of it. Pretty much.

Yoongi presses his lips against Taehyung’s lower lip, his rosy lip which always distracted Yoongi whenever the boy bit it, whether to contain his laughter or when he was nervous and contemplative.

Taehyung’s lips are incredibly soft and incredibly warm against his own.

And now incredibly familiar too.

Kissing Taehyung is far, far, far better than Yoongi could’ve ever imagined.

The kiss is activating Yoongi’s all five senses.

Touch in the way his lips feel against Taehyung’s. Gentle, needy and familiar. In the way their bodies are molded together as if they are one, not having even a centimetre’s gap between their chests as they desperately press themselves close to each other, as if putting more distance between their bodies is a sin.

Taste in the way Taehyung’s lips taste, a little bit of chocolate with the faintest trace of cream. When did Taehyung even have a sip of his hot chocolate? All Yoongi can remember is the boy putting away their cups before confessing to Yoongi.

Sight in the way Taehyung looks to Yoongi this up close, in that one moment where Yoongi opens his eyes to gaze at Taehyung. So close that Yoongi can count all the eyelashes if he had all the time in the world. Close enough for Yoongi to admire Taehyung’s uneven eyelids and find the mole under Taehyung’s right eye as the cutest fucking thing in the world.

Smell in the way Taehyung smells against him. A little bit of coffee, a little bit of chocolate and a little bit of the boy’s musky cologne. The best fucking scent in the whole world.

And sound in the way Taehyung’s low, shallow breaths reverberate in Yoongi’s ears, lighting a fire inside Yoongi’s veins. The way Taehyung gasps a little when Yoongi moves his mouth a little to the side and kisses the corner of Taehyung’s mouth instead and licks Taehyung’s bottom lip once, tasting the faintest trace of chocolate on Taehyung’s lip.

Min Yoongi has lived his entire life in this one kiss.

They pull back a few minutes later, when the breathlessness becomes too much for the both of them to handle but they don’t let go of each other.

Taehyung drops his hands and puts the palms on the counter, leaning forward cockily and watching Yoongi with shining eyes, so full of happiness, so full of confidence.

And Yoongi?

Yoongi doesn’t move back even when the crimson on his cheeks darken at the close proximity, even when the distance is making his heart race. Yoongi holds his ground firmly.

“Well, now that we have done that, I think the entire group will fucking kill me if I don’t ask you out on a date,” Yoongi says in a matter-of-fact tone, trying to appear nonchalant.

Taehyung’s eyes twinkle even brighter and his Boxy Smile™ reappears. “To be honest even I would kill you if you don’t ask me out on a date now.”

There’s the laugh.

Yoongi laughs out loudly, a mixture of a little bit of embarrassment because god fucking damn it, he could’ve saved all those months of torture for himself and Taehyung if he had been a little bit more confident and daring and a little bit of without any care in the world because yes, they are finally here and Yoongi has finally confessed and the whole world is fucking glowing.

Yoongi smiles. The Min Yoongi Special 32-Teeth and Gums on display Smile™, A Rare Occurrence™ as he gazes fondly at Taehyung.

“Will you go out on a date with me, Kim Taehyung?”

Taehyung nods excitedly. “And where will you take me?”

Yoongi raises a hand and pushes back a strand of Taehyung’s hair, tucking it safely behind the boy’s ears. He picks the flower behind his ear (how the heck had the rose managed to stay put firmly behind his ear after that kissing session is beyond Yoongi’s understanding) and puts it behind Taehyung’s ear and Taehyung smiles widely, a childish smile.

“How about we go again to Lotte World? This time with your Polaroid camera so I can take tons of pretty and low quality, vintage Polaroid pictures of you on the carousel? That’d be so fucking beautiful,” Yoongi says, raising his eyebrows in question.

Taehyung’s face suddenly turns serious, all the traces of smiles and happiness vanishing from his face.

“Only on one condition.”

“Oh?” Yoongi asks, surprised. What the heck is with the sudden change of expression? Did Yoongi say something wrong? He doesn’t think he did. Didn’t Taehyung say he wants to go to Lotte world again with his Polaroid camera?

“Only if you go to The Conquistador with me.”

Yoongi stares and stares and stares and Taehyung’s expression cracks as he starts roaring with laughter, as if his joke had been hilarious.

It was. Not that Yoongi would admit it.

Yoongi smacks Taehyung lightly on the chest. “I know you are my boyfriend but if you even fucking sugg-”

“Did you just call me your boyfriend?”

Yoongi blinks.


Damn Yoongi and his non-functioning brain and the no coordination between his brain and his mouth.

But well, they confessed their feelings after having a crush on each other for 5470367 years. They kissed. And they are literally talking about going on date.

If that doesn’t make them boyfriends then what the fuck are they?

Well, Yoongi might’ve said it without giving it much of a thought. But he might as well own it like a boss what he said.

“Why? You aren’t?” Yoongi challenges, folding his hands in front of him, cocking his head to one side, trying to act cool.

Taehyung smiles. And fuck, god damn it, Yoongi just got his The Most favourite Smile by Taehyung because nothing, no smile can beat this one. This smile with the pure and unrestrained ecstasy, the pure giddiness which is making Taehyung fling his hands wildly, as if he doesn’t know how to express his happiness.

This smile which is so blinding, as if Yoongi is witnessing the birth of a supernova.

Taehyung puts his hands besides Yoongi’s cheeks and quickly pecks Yoongi, which catches Yoongi off guard but oh well, Yoongi isn’t definitely going to complain.

“I am. I most definitely am,” Taehyung mumbles against his lips, laughing an exhilarating laugh.

Has Yoongi ever been as happier as he is in this moment?

Most definitely not.

So this is what happiness feels like.

“Seriously though,” Yoongi starts, shaking his head and coming back to the topic, “if you even fucking joke about The Conquistador, then...”

Taehyung leans forward and again pecks Yoongi’s lips.

“Don’t worry. I don’t want to go to Lotte World for a date. So you don’t have to worry about The Conquistador. And even if we do go there, I wouldn’t ask you to go that ride with me.”

Yoongi pulls back, frowning. “You don’t want to go to Lotte World for a date?”

Taehyung shakes his head.

“Then what shall we do?” Yoongi asks, wondering.

Yoongi thought Lotte World was a good idea. But if Taehyung doesn’t want to go there...where should they go? Maybe Yoongi can quickly search a few fun date ideas for them. He doesn’t want to do the basic things like a movie date or some shit. Hell no. Unless Taehyung wants a basic date. Then Yoongi can have a basic date. No big deal.

Taehyung takes hold of Yoongi’s left hand and intertwines their fingers together, much like he had done at the tattoo parlour.

God. They’ve come a long way since then.

Yoongi stares at their hands and smiles, staring at it for a few more seconds before he glances up at the boy, still wondering.

“I was thinking...” Taehyung starts, smiling a secretive smile and Yoongi feels as if all the stars in the universe are glinting in Taehyung’s eyes, “maybe we could do a tattoo date. Get inked together. Matching tattoos. A moon and a star. For you and for me.”

Yoongi gazes at Taehyung for a few beats, contemplative and searching before nodding, a slow smile spreading on his lips.

Matching tattoos and a first date getting inked together?

Sign him the fuck up.

Min Yoongi has the Best Boyfriend Ever.

Yoongi retracts his hand from Taehyung’s and puts it behind Taehyung’s neck, linking both of his hands together and pulls the boy down, pausing just a few inches before their lips can meet.

“We could do that,” Yoongi agrees. “We can most certainly do that.”

And with that, Yoongi pulls Taehyung down and their lips are about to meet for the third time, so fucking close, less than a centimetre between them both and Yoongi can feel Taehyung’s breath fanning his own lips and

A phone rings.

A phone. Right when Yoongi is about to kiss Taehyung. Right when their lips are about to touch.

They both spring back a few inches, startled at the sudden loud voice of the cell-phone echoing in the kitchen.

Yoongi realises a second later that it is his phone which is ringing.

It’s the middle of the fucking night and who the fuck is calling Yoongi at this time of the hour?

Yoongi is almost about to reach out for his phone, which is lying beside him on the counter, to see who the fuck is calling him so he can know who needs to murder when he understands.

There is only one person who can call him.

Well, technically five but Yoongi can bet his entire life and his bank balance and property and whatnot that if he flips his phone over and glances at the screen, it must be none other than him.

“Fuck him,” Yoongi swears, not even bothering to reach over to the phone to check if it is really him. “I am not about to let that asshole interrupt us for a second time,” Yoongi mutters and with that, Yoongi pulls Taehyung down, smashing their lips together.

Namjoon can fuck right off.

Taehyung laughs against his lips and Yoongi can barely kiss him because the boy is shaking so badly with laughter, his whole body vibrating against Yoongi and eventually Yoongi gives in, joining Taehyung in his laughter, their combined laughter drowning out the harsh ringtone of the phone and filling in the kitchen.

Taehyung pulls back and throws Yoongi a wicked smirk. “Change of plans.”


“For our first date, we hunt down Namjoon hyung and kill him for always fucking interrupting us.”

Yoongi watches Taehyung for a minute before nodding, smirking.

“That,” Yoongi starts and pulls Taehyung down again, till their lips are close again, brushing against each other as Yoongi mutters, “is the best date idea ever,” Yoongi finishes, bending forward and closing whatever distance is left between him and Taehyung.

Yoongi cannot wait for his first date.

They are going to have so much fun.



















I wanted to put this in the section given specifically for the end of chapter/work notes but it got TOO FUCKING LONG and passed it's word count so I am putting it here.

And while I normally would've restrained form writing something like this (because bruh, I already wrote a long fic, how much more should I write and keep on talking about the damn fic?talk about being self-obsessed. smh.) I really wanted to write a long author's note, explaining certain aspects of the fic which I thought I should clear up for the readers. And also because Author's notes are the only ones where I get to talk to my readers, even if it is one-sided. (Unless you are the readers whom I regularly talk to on tumblr or twitter) (having said that, lmao, come and talk to me on tumblr/twitter y'all. I LOVE talking to you guys). SO bear with me and this note.

Before starting the AN, I am warning everyone that this one is going to be quite LONG  (and informative too! Because I’ll tell a few future scenarios of our lead couple) so feel free to skip this part, because after that demon of a fic in a single chapter, if you don’t want to read any further, I understand. I would be tired too.

And if you do continue to read this, then wow, I salute y’all.

To begin with, let me tell you, this fic was NEVER supposed to go beyond 5k words. It really wasn’t. It was a very short idea back when during the Tear album release everyone started calling our Yoongles Lil Meow Meow and I thought it was cute and thought, hey! How would our tsundere, punk rock prince Yoongi react to his crush’s niece calling him Lil Meow Meow. Would Yoongi bear it and kick his dignity for the sake of his crush’s smile?

And that was when the idea struck. And since I wanted to write a gift for classic_phan anyway, I decided to gift her this fic, with her request of some mutual pining. I am not sure how much justice I did to her request, though. Because we do not see Taehyung's side, so I am not sure how many you felt the 'mutual' pining. It was the first time I was writing mutual pining so I may have easily gotten it wrong. But anyway...

And the fic was NOT supposed to go beyond 5k words. But when I started writing, the backstory of Yoongi’s crush on Taehyung and introducing the setting took I think 3k words, and in that, I got so attached to Yoongi and his intense feelings for Taehyung, that the result is this massive fic. I just HAD to write this whole thing and give Yoongi the happy ending he deserves. I thought that it shouldn't just say one scene where Tae teases Yoongi about being Lil Meow Meow. And so I delved and wrote the whole thing.

About Yoongi and his denial, I am not sure what some of you thought about it, but I am extremely happy with my portrayal of Yoongi and his denial. I dunno how many of you went through what Yoongi did and/or if you could relate to it, but people like Yoongi do exist. And if you are someone who has never been in a relationship, never had a crush on someone before and are in general not much of a people’s person, then the denial and self-doubt is real. While I am usually open to criticism for my fics and characters or anything about the fic and writing style/skills, for the Yoongi in this fic, I won’t take any because I portrayed him as realistically as possible. Tbh I gave him a happy ending because this is a fic and lmao, we need to find happiness somehere since/if we cannot find it in the real world.

But not everyone like Yoongi gets a happy ending.

Yoongi and his denial and self-doubt comes from my own first-hand experience so I know that this much amount of (and even more, honestly) denial and rejection IS possible. Because when you've been alone for so long, lived without someone and independently, the thought of being with somene, sharing your feelings and opening up and depending on someone can be scary and people aren't ready for such a drastic change. It would take some people a few months or even a few years to open up. In the real world, Yoongi's self doubt would've continued for a long time in the first few months of the relationship. And in the real world, Taehyung would've gotten tired and left Yoongi and never made advances on him again. He would've given up and they'd never have been together. But I decided not to do so and make him happy, because we all need a little positivity.

About the length of the fic, I don't think the story hasn’t been stretched out unnecessarily. Scene wise, there are very few scenes but they are hella long and too detailed scenes, which is why the word count is so long. But lmao, if you think I stretched it for too long and went 'can she just end the fic now?" I don't blame you. (Although I don't think anyone wants a fic to end   XD   )

Anyway. That is it about the fic.

I have worked on this fic for three months now. Three whole I have lived and breathed and been the Yoongi in the fic and now, it is going to be strange to not open the word document anymore and type and edit the fic or write a few more scenes. Every single day for the last three months I have worked on this. On days when I would not be able to write, I would just reread what I've written and edit it but I Worked. Every. Single. Day. On. This.

The next few days are going to be hard because I am really really fucking attached to this story. I am so emotional because this fic is really my darliing. And while the excitement is there about it finally going up on AO3, it's really fucking strange to know that I don't have to work on this fic anymore.

The attachment to the fic and it's character was so much that for a teeny tiny split second I even considered a sequel.

I am NOT going to write one though. Because while I am so attached to this fic and it’s characters, when I put thought in it (and a lot of thought tbh), I realised I do not want to and have anything to add more to this fic. The story is complete and I don’t want to add something or write a sequel which will lessen the impact and the beauty of this fic. Everything about it feels complete to me and I hope y’all feel the same way too.

But still, since you all deserve to know, here are a few things which happen to the couples/characters in the story.

When the boys come to know that TaeGi are in a relationship, they all dance around them in a Ring-a-ring-o-roses style, screaming for a solid fifteen minutes and yelling happily. Yoongi keeps blushing while Taehyung keeps laughing.

Every year, for their anniversary, Yoongi keeps buying Taehyung a bouquet of gardenias, roses and red tulips without fail, as a memory of their confession.

And Taehyung keeps on bringing Yoongi a fridge magnet of the Conquistador as a gift and a joke, more importantly. It always makes Taehyung cackle and Yoongi never admits that he actually finds the gift hilarious.

The whole gang doesn’t understand why the no. of Conquistador fridge magnets on Taehyung’s fridge keeps on rising every year.

(having mentioned The Conquistador, that is THE ACTUAL name of the ride in the Lotte World. I researched Lotte World a lot so the names of the rides are all legit. Also, idk if it is possible to have artwork on hot chocolate but for our story’s sake, let us imagine it is possible).

Yoongi moves into Taehyung’s house a year later.

And three years later after being together, Yoongi proposes Taehyung for marriage, contrary to what everyone and Taehyung would’ve thought. Taehyung hadn’t thought of proposing to Yoongi for another two years or so because he wanted to give Yoongi his time (although marriage is most certainly on his mind)

Their rings have a star and a moon engraved upon it.

Their wedding hall is decked with Roses, red tulips and gardenias. Because obviously.

Taehyung and Yoongi have a bet about their wedding as to who will cry the most. Taehyung bet it would be Namjoon. Yoongi bet it would be Jimin or Hoseok. Suprisingly, Jin cries the most.

Oh and by the way, they do get a star and a moon tattoo on their first date, on the wrist, right underneath their pulse, right underneath where their hearts beat.

A year after marriage, Yoongi and Taehyung DO go on that world tour which Taehyung so much wanted. They go backpacking around the world for a solid six months (having had saved enough money for it) and in that time, Taehyung’s Instagram booms and he becomes a minor celebrity, for his aesthetic Instagram pictures and his travel vlogs and their travel adventures together and his being a fashion icon.

Taehyung and Yoongi adopt a dog, who much to Taehyung's hilarity and Yoongi's distaste doesn't get along with Yoongi at first. It is only when Taehyung comes home one day late from work and finds the dog asleep peacefully on yoongi's chest as yoongi is asleep that they both realises that the dog actually does love Yoongi. Taehyung clicks tons of pictures as a proof to Yoongi. Yoongi somehow still doesn't believe it because the dog continues to act salty with him for a few more months.


JiKook get married the third along with NamJin, both the couples marrying on the same day at a same place at a destination wedding at some island.

Aside from this, if you readers have any more questions about the couple or the characts, ask me in the comments and I’ll tell you what happens.


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