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Odourless Poison

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"You're early" Brad called out, startling the senior.
"Geez, uh Brad!" he exclaimed, clearly startled, "you scared the crap out of me. Warn me before you talk." He said, gesticulating wildly."Sorry man," he started apologetically, "I'm having a bad week."
"Tell me about it, I can't stop playing online blackjack. I owe thousands of dollars to some very sketchy people."
"Why doesn't anyone listen to me?" Blaine interrupted. "I'm in 23 clubs; I probably would've been Prom King if the school didn't have so many stoners. And what's wrong with having a solid game plan?"
"My house is getting foreclosed on."
"And get this: my fiancé called me a 'puppet master'. Well, if pulling strings means that I encourage people to reach their fullest potential then, 'Hell yeah!' Guilty as charged!" he ranted, turning to head towards the back corner. "Well, Brad, if everyone just wants me to sit down, and shut up, that's exactly what I'm going to do." He said with finality, sitting in the chair closest to the heating vent. "I'm going to be right back here, in the back corner. Believe me. That'll send a message, loud and clear."

Brad turned away from the eighteen year old, focusing back on the piece of music he was working on prior to the interruption. Blaine could feel himself getting drowsier by the second. He thought he smelled something funny coming from the vent but barely had time to ponder it before losing consciousness, slumped forward in his seat.

Moments later, the rest of the Glee club walked in, ignoring the sleeping boy, and waited for Mr Schue. When the teacher walked in shortly after, he noticed Blaine sleeping in the back corner.

"Guys, why is Blaine asleep? Can someone wake him up please?"
"Oh just leave him Mr Schue, we're better off without his bossiness anyway." Tina argued.
"Look guys, I think you're right, he has been really controlling lately, but that doesn't matter, we still need him for Nationals and we need to work on our dancing. Can you wake him up please Sam?"

The blonde moved towards his friend, shaking him to try to wake him but to no avail, he was very deeply asleep. It was then that he noticed the strange smell coming from the vent.

"Hey Mr Schue? What's that smell?" at these words the teacher walked over to investigate the alleged smell. When he noticed it, his eyes widened in panic and he started jostling Blaine again, but even this couldn't wake the unconscious boy.

"Everybody get out of the choir room now! Sam, I need you to carry Blaine into the corridor and lay him on the ground then go tell the nurse to call an ambulance." This completely freaked Sam.

"Mr Schue, what is it?"
"It's gas Sam, Blaine quite possibly has gas poisoning." Sam quickly scooped his best friend into his arms and raced him into the corridor. As Sam ran off to get the school nurse, Will crouched over the small teen searching for signs
of life. He had a pulse, but he wasn't breathing.

"Mr Schue, is Blaine going to be ok?" Marley asked timidly. Will turned to look at her softly.
"I don't know Marley, I need to get him breathing again." Kitty responded to this, jumping down to his side, tilting Blaine's and pinching his nose.
"Mouth to mouth," she explained to her teacher, "Coach Sue makes all the Cheerios take the course when we join the squad." In that moment, Will Schuester had never been more grateful for Sue Sylvester in his life.

Within ten minutes the paramedics had arrived and fitted Blaine with an oxygen mask and commending Kitty on her mouth to mouth before rushing off to the hospital. Will was still slightly in shock but he knew he had to notify someone about Blaine. It was then that he realised that he had no contact details for Blaine's parents – Cooper sure but he lived in LA and was no good to him now – none whatsoever. He couldn't very well call Kurt because a) Kurt was no use to him in New York and b) he wasn't sure he could handle a hysterical Kurt Hummel at the moment. So he called the next best person.

Burt Hummel strode into the Lima Memorial Hospital 15 minutes after receiving a call from Will Schuester about Blaine. He didn't bother with any pleasantries, simply asking where Blaine was and how soon he could see him. One of the nurses took him straight to Blaine's bedside. The boy looked tiny in the hospital bed with the oxygen mask covering half of his face; he looked peaceful as he slept though. The doctor looked up from where she was checking the monitors, "I'm sorry, who are you? Are you Blaine's father?"
"Nah, father-in-law to be. How's he lookin' doc?"
"He was very lucky. We're going to keep him sedated for the next 24 hours or so just to get his oxygen levels back up but he's going to be fine."

Burt took Blaine's hand in his, watching as his chest moved up and down with his breathing. Thank god you're ok kid, he thought, I don't think I could handle losing another son.