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I just want my deku

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Here's the sad truth. All men are not created equal.

In our world. in our society. there are only two things that truly matter. your quirk, and your second gender. 50 percent of the worlds population are alphas. while 40 percent are betas. the last remaining 9 percent are omegas. within that percentage only 1 percent are males. No one knows why omega can be born male. Some think its an evolutionary mutation. others think it a blessing or a curse as well. Some think it's some divine beings mistake. 'Males are not natural. They shouldn't be omegas.' Some would argue. They are typically treated differently, even more so than their female counterparts.


With 1 third of the entire human and inhuman populous being so little, it’s very dangerous for the fate of humanity. After all If that total of 10 percent ever dropped to 0, It would be devastating to the world. With far less capabilities for others to be born, it would slowly kill the total populous, into a potential extinction. Thus the world at large has made rules to affect omegas differently. They are treated as an endangered species. So everyone is given very strict rules to follow. Omegas are treated as a second class citizen overall, but some would say otherwise.


While there are many rules to support and protect omegas, some believe its just an excuse to keep the omega population away from society. When an omega is born and reaches 4 years old, they are transferred to a type of government owned areas called ‘sanctuaries’. They typically are far from it though. No one is allowed in our out, without very specific permission at least. Most omegas live among themselves, with no permission to go outside the owned areas. fenced, walled off, and overall separated from regular society, they are taught and trained within the areas. Not being allowed to venture past it. There are some who live their entire lives without even seeing the outside world.


Within recent years however, many activists want the freedom of omegas. The governments replies however typically follow: 'It’s for their own good' ‘they are protected here from the terrors of the world’. Others argue that its simply entrapment to their kind. The laws have loosened up for them within the past few years, even if its just a small amount. Omegas are still 'technically and legally owned' by the government. Omegas are now allowed to leave the areas, venture past the blockades and walls.


The only three ways an omega is allowed to live among regular society are
1. an omega is owned by a trained and professional caretaker.
2. an omega is properly courted and mated to an alpha, and only an alpha.
3. omegas themselves can get papers and permissions to venture out into society, however they merely get a set amount of time before they must return. They can get an extension of course. However, its very hard to accomplish such a feat. Above all these rules however, the government gets final say to any and all cases relating to these rules.


families who wish to adopt an omega must be trained to become their caretaker in order to keep them in their lives. Training that takes a long time with a lot of seemingly unnecessary work. Some argue that these training programs are purposely long and difficult so that they may fail. Others argue that the training and rules are just, providing the proper license should only be allowed to those who are willing to spend the required effort it takes to earn it, to prove they truly want it.

In any case, in any way, the law states that omega mates and caretakers are to follow many strict rule when handling them.
1. omegas MUST be provided the proper amount of exercise, food, water, clothing, housing, and light to be allowed to live with the mate or caretaker.

2. an omega must NEVER be harmed in any way, mentally, physically, or emotionally.

3. omegas are to be provided a safe and calm environment to be live in.

4. omegas MAY be ordered or commanded to do something, however it must NEVER involve them getting harmed in any way, directly or in directly.

5. omegas MUST follow the rules given to them, unless it breaks or disturbs any of the laws protecting them. Such as for example: if they live within a household and are given rules to follow. i.e go to bed at a certain time, never leave without permission from the legal caretaker or mate, eat only what the legal caretaker or mate would allow them to, ask permission to do any activities that would not involve the legal caretaker or mate. and so on.

6. omegas MUST give consent to any potential breeding, without their permission, you are not given the legal right to breed with them.

7. if a potential mate wishes to claim an omega, they must first prove they can be a PROPER mate. They do not legally need to acquire a caretakers license, however they must learn how to be a proper mate to their omega by providing the rules listed above.

8. omegas MUST be given proper medical assistance, due to their biology and their needs for specific requirements to be healthy. for example, omegas must NEVER be touch and scent starved. Touch and scent therapy consists of an alpha holding/snuggling/cuddling/scenting or embracing them generally for a set amount of comfort time, the time being set by the CONSENTING omega. If an omega is scent or touched starved, it could lead to not only mental illnesses, but physical as well. Becoming ill from having a fever, to being in a critical condition.

9. the omega must be given proper affection and love for them to feel healthy. It must be real and not fake.

10. omegas MUST be kept out of any dangerous situation. Their safety must be top priority.

11. omegas MUST LEGALLY breed and have at least one pup in their entire life. Said pup does not necessarily have to be raised by the mother, but an omega must have one regardless.

12. omegas MUST have a mate by the age of 21. If no mate is present or accepted, then a mate will be chosen for them from government listing. (the listing consist entirely by alphas who have sighed up to have an omega mate. somewhat like pre-ordering something. when an omega reaches the age and has yet to have a mate, an alpha will be chosen for them from the list the alpha has signed up for. It takes out the middle man of needing to impress and court one, of course as long as the alpha follows all the proper rules as listed above).

13. omegas are ALLOWED to LEAVE a mate if they do not feel happy, not taken well care of, they do not feel safe, they feel vulnerable, or feels threatened at any given time. However if an omega DOES leave their mate, they must find another one within a maximum of 6 months. If one is not found, then one will be selected from the government listing.

14. an omega MUST REPORT to the closest nearby government owned area to be checked on. This consist of: update their information on their current life, their overall health, current mate, and pup situation. If everything is still in working order, then they may continue on with their current lives.


16. omegas are given a specific serial code to use when needed. such as if they are not with their alpha and need to be checked on, looked up for information about them. Etc.


17. omegas are ONLY ALLOWED to take any form of birth control IF they have yet to consent to having a pup. However the rule of having at least a single pup in their life still applies.


18. if an omega raises their pup which in turn is an omega they do NOT have to acquire a caretakers license.


19. omegas do NOT have the right to vote or partake in any political or governmental form unless their legal caretaker or mate allows them to.


20. the omega MUST BE ALLOWED to have access to any information about their laws protecting them at any given time.


Relationships have been more 'tolerated' within the past few years. Before, it was only ever alphas with omegas, and betas with betas. Recently however, with a more 'open minded' society, they have loosened the grip on these views. While it technically isn't illegal, it is considered poor morals and frowned upon. Alphas being with betas and alphas being with alphas. Omegas however, still are 'alpha locked' as it were called. That is one discussion only a few would argue about. 'Nature made omegas FOR alphas!' 'they LITERALLY can’t survive without them!' 'its cruel and immoral for them to pair up with others!’. Those were the most common replies to the big question of should omegas be allowed to choose EITHER alpha, beta, or even other omegas. So far, the laws haven't budged one bit on this.


This is the current life in modern society. Slowly its getting better, but with the rise of villains, disasters, chaos, urban destruction, and propaganda flying around about how heroes should and shouldn't be. Omega rights have slowly faded into a gray background, not forgotten in the slightest, but has become somewhat stale due to more 'serious' issues the public faces at this current time. The most important must be dealt with. Between the two of 'should omegas be more free' over 'the villains are literally ‘destroying society', they usually choose the latter.


With all-might now retired, Things have only gotten more intense. Everyone scrambles to hide behind someone for protection. But that's how its always been hasn't it? for those who need aid defending themselves, to be protected by the heroes. Now, there is only hope for the future. That one day, peace might return, All will be happy and safe. Until then, they wait.


Izuku Midoriya is a quirk-less male omega. His life consisted of being bullied for both these things. He was grateful however. He never had to be stolen away from society and kept locked away far from others. His mother was an omega, thus he did not need to ever live in an omega sanctuary. He was thankful for his life though, It was nice overall. He loved his mother and his father very much. His mother was one of the sweetest women izuku has ever known. even though his father has been gone from his life for a long time, he still sends his love, from messages, postcards, and even the occasional phone call. His work always kept him away from his family, but he was supporting them, and to him, that was more important than his own well being.


Izuku didn't have any friends, or expanded family members, at least as far as he knew about. He was bullied and picked on. but he still had his freedom...more or less. He didn’t want to report it or tell anyone. If he did, then it would be declared that his current environment is too dangerous for him to be living in. He would have to be sent away to a sanctuary forever. He didn’t want that, he wanted to go to school and live with his mother and overall outside. Not be restricted and restrained to some small place for the rest of his life. So he sucked it up, made the best of it.


A certain alpha figured this out, knowing Izuku wouldn’t ever report the bullying. So, it only let him feel like he could keep pushing it farther and farther. For most of Izuku’s life, he's always had a strange relationship with one alpha that's always been in his life. Katsuki Bakugo. They once were the closest of friends. then estranged. now they had...tension between the two of them. when Izuku started to go deeper into his 'omega nature', Katsuki didn't want him to leave his side. They never became mates once though. Yet the awkward unknown, unsaid, feelings between them never wavered. It only got more intense over the years.


Izuku always thought Katsuki saw him as a potential mate, and in all honesty, Izuku liked the idea. The strong alpha that was his friend for the longest time, someone strong enough to protect and provide for him, and he wasn't that bad looking either~. It never happened. Izuku held out though. Never accepting other alphas advances....well...the very few that dared come near him. Katsuki always threatened and scared them off, causing yet more frustration for Izuku. Thinking he was getting closer to Katsuki. however, each time they took a step forward, it always seemed to just take a step back just as quickly. so Izuku waited patiently. Never gave up hope, and deep down, he always thought Katsuki held his feelings for him deep deep down. Every time he seemed like he was about to show them, he only showed aggressiveness to the young vulnerable quirk-less omega.

"you're a quirk-less male omega. You honestly think you can become a hero!? don't make me laugh at how pathetic you are! omegas aren't meant to be heroes! its only for the biggest and baddest alphas! and only the toughest betas! you would NEVER be allowed entrance!"
"T-t-that's not true! I can try my best..and..they got rid of the rule that states omegas can only be support heroes so...I can try my best...t-that will count for something..."
"HAHA AS IF!, this shitty school is already bad enough! You want to make it worse by pretending to be a hero!"
"I...I can try kacchan!" Izuku raised his voice in an attempt at solid confidence. only to be growled at by Katsuki in return. Izuku bared his neck and whined in submission.
"HA! that's what i thought.”


It was the end of the school day now. Katsuki had tossed out Izuku's hard efforts at writing what hes always studied. heroes.
"Hey. I just figured out a way to get a quirk. go bend over for an alpha. get a pup in you, at least that will make you have a quirk in you for once!" Katsuki's friends laughed. Izuku just looked down at the ground.
"It wouldn't be your pup..would it?" Katsuki stopped and turned around then said
"What was that omega?"
"that's what i thought" Katsuki sneered and left.



many years later now.


"...I'm tired kacchan. i'm tired of this. I want...I want to be happy." Izuku stood in a hallway of their schools main building talking to Katsuki. He had waited until school was over with. He didn't want to bring up this drama during or before, else it just make things worse. Now that no one was around, it was quiet, and they were totally alone. He could say what was on his mind. The endless things that always nagged at him, numbed the back of his head, and gnawed at him when he simply looked at Katsuki. He decided he would stop waiting. it wouldn't change. it never did. he was anxious all day thinking about it. about how he would say it, what he would say, and so on. he felt like he was standing at the edge now. does he go forward past the point of no return? or go back and keeping living how he does now.


Katsuki just looked at Izuku how he always had.
"what the fuck are you talking about?"
"you know dam well what I'm talking about. you and me. and whatever...this is. I don't want this anymore Kacchan. I'm tired of you stringing me along. we've never had a decent relationship. friendship or otherwise. just...this. thing. its not healthy. we aren't in a relationship. we aren't mates. we aren't friends. you always get agitated when other alphas come near me, try to talk to me, or anything else!. You just scare them off. You want me to yourself but you never WANT ME!." Izuku's face became hot. Emotions starting to leak through. A lot of pent up thoughts and feelings he's always held under the surface is finally breaking free. things he ignored as hard as he could. he pushed them deep deep down within him. trying to act like they didn't matter.


'why bother thinking those things? they wont matter soon.' he constantly told himself over the years. hoping that the day would come where he would no longer needed to think and feel these things since Katsuki would be his mate finally. Katsuki just made a 'tsk' sound.


"this is what I'm talking about. you don't want me. you aren't serious about wanting me as a mate. no claiming. no dating. nothing. well i decided its over. I'm moving on. I'm not going to just sit back and wait for you like you want. you always talk to other omegas, and boast to everyone about how you have so many options that you can’t even decide who you want. it hurts a lot. you just think of me as some last resort don't you? something to have next to you so you always have a plan B if things don't go your way. you just want to wait until someone better comes along. and if they don't work out, then you come to me. that's how you think of me isn't it?. well i want to be happy Kacchan. I want a mate. a REAL mate. Someone who will love me. support me. keep me close and have me feel good about myself. you think I'm not good enough for you right? I'm just second rate to you. as i always am. you're above me. well I've had it. so now I'm going to leave. and unless you want to be a REAL mate. then I'm going to go find an actual one.


I didn't know how to say these things. I've felt like this for years. keeping them all bottled up. making sure i don't have to feel this way about you anymore. hoping that you will finally mate me. clearly it wont happen. goodbye Kacchan. I'm going to leave have anything you want to say.." Katsuki just stood there quiet. he didn't have any change in expression.
"you know I'm turning 21 in less than 2 months. its now or never. you know i NEED to find a mate...." Izuku wiped his face and walked away. he should have know this would just happen like he imaged it. but in the back of his mind, he did imagine it differently.... but that Kacchan just doesn't exist. Izuku had a hard time keeping himself from breaking down.


'no. not until I at least get to my dorm. I can wait. I've waited this long. I can wait a bit longer. it wont be that hard.' Katsuki just watched Izuku walk away, letting him walk away. after Izuku left the hallway, far enough away to where he couldn't hear Katsuki, he punched the wall
"FUCKING DAMMIT! SHITTY DEKU! YOU USELESS PIECE OF SHIT." Katsuki grabbed his face, his breathing became heavy. as if restricted. his other hand started to go off, small multi explosions popping up. He needed to blow off steam. he needed to leave. fuck Deku, fuck this place. he punched the wall again then set off to go blow off steam in the training grounds.
'fuck this life. fuck this life. fuck this life.' he repeated in his head as he stormed off.


Katsuki was in his hero suit. blasting walls down, breaking everything he could in his path to rubble. clenching his teeth and grinding them. nothing but hate radiated from him. he just mindlessly blasted and bombarded the surrounding area until it was just dust, and even then, he stomped his feet and yelled into the air. his voice strained from all the shouting. he looked over at one large concrete wall. he set off one massive explosion. putting literally everything he had stored up into it. his hands shook, not from the vibrating feedback. but simply from pure rage and adrenaline


"dam baku-bro! you totally-" Katsuki turned around and blasted the maker of the noise behind him. he didn't have time for anyone's bullshit. maker of said noise was Eijirou Kirishima who out of reflex quickly hardened to protect himself. something hes gotten used to from being around Katsuki all these years.

"what the fuck do you want shitty hair?! i'm busy! get your lame ass away from me." Katsuki snarled out, then started to walk away. Kirishima casually jogged up next to him. a smile on his face and a good mood to boot.
"whats wrong with my best bro? is it about school?, is it about Deku?" that made Katsuki stop in his tracks.
"ha! so it IS him!"
"why the fuck does it fucking matter?!"
"its usually only ever those three recently. so, whats up you with and Mr omega?"


Katsuki just growled and walked away. Kirishima just followed along him at his side.
"is he going into heat soon? You pent up about it?"
"none of your fucking business shitty hair. now leave before i blast your dumb ass back to the stone-age."
doubt you could do that. besides I'm your best bro! we tell each other everything!"
"why are you here anyways? stalking me? trying to stab me in the back?"


"Of course not! I came to train, work out! get sweaty! and here I come in and see you blasting everything to rubble throwing a big tantrum. you usually don't do it as badly as this time though. so you clearly-" Katsuki lashed out and tried to grab him, but Kirishima was to quick for that.
"ha! nice try! gotta be quicker than that!"
"COME HERE YOU FUCKER!" thus the chase began. Kirishima laughing as Katsuki chased him down, spouting about how hes going to tear him to bloody shreds and hang him by his own intestines. they kept this up for a surprisingly long amount of time. Katsuki finally slowed down and dropped to a knee. his breathing rapid and quick.
"DAMMIT!" he slammed a fist down to the ground, causing some debris to move and kick up into dust. Kirishima jogged casually back over to him


"whew! now that was a good run! you done for buddy? you get it all out of your system?." Kirishima said, not in a mocking tone, but a supportive one. Katsuki just fell onto his back with a heavy thud and stared at the ceiling. Kirishima copied and laid next to him. Katsuki was just quiet, almost pouting.
"so. wanna talk now?."
"calmed down?."
"well, at least you spent that energy. I know I feel good! nice to release stress. man aizawa is riding our asses lately!-”


Kirishima just kept chatting away merrily while Katsuki just spaced out. he hated his emotions. He hated his feelings. he was just hatred incarnate. he didn't want to think. he just wanted to lay there until he became dust himself.
"-and then he said to me that i didn't have the balls! can you believe that?! a beta calling me, an alpha, out for not having balls! HA! so i totally accepted his challenge listening?."
"go away."
"nope. I'm not going to leave your side until Mr grumpy alpha tells me. give me a hint at least? pleaassee? I just want to help!."
"get a gun and blow my brains out. then yourself."
"hmm...well clearly you don't want to live right now. so. Did Deku say or do something today? or did some alpha come and hit on him? they never learn. you always scare them off and yet they keep coming back. well I probably would too honestly! but we're bros. I would NEVER try to make a claim on Deku, that and I'm as straight as a pole. still, he is pretty cute. bend him over. look at his long pretty hair. enjoy yourself. mmfh."
"stop. calling. him. that. only I get to and stop saying that shit."
"so, if Deku and I hugged and Deku liked it and Deku said we should hangout more and Deku wanted to dress up as Deku then make a Deku fan club then Deku and I went out and stop all those baddies and had a Deku party at the Deku fanclub-."


"........Deku" Katsuki tried to swing a fist at him but was to tired, so his fist just jumped and then thumped to the floor.
"I have a good idea. remember in class when whats his face told us about how some people communicate better through messages and not face to face? wana try that? we can just text each other. we don't even need to do it now if you don't want to. I just want to talk to you! open up! I'm knocking on your cold shell of a heart! open up, I've got cookies!."
"why do you bother me so much? I clearly am in hell. I guess I deserve it. you, everyone, society, the shitty world itself."
"nope, not hell. so....want me to keep talking to you..."
"you wouldn't stop even if I asked."
"dam straight! at least I am! haha! Up high!." they always did this. always making stupid jokes. it always put a smile on everyone's faces. no one ever meant anything. it was just because they were all cool with one another. no one cared about gay or straight or anything jokes. even Katsuki smiled at them when they were the dumbest. like he was doing currently.


“I'm not touching you." Kirishima just grabbed Katsukis hand and made them high five.
"there. Better?."
"i will be when i hang myself."
"want me to get the rope or the ladder?."
"even in my dying days will you haunt my ever waking moments. I'm tired. I fucked up. I always fuck up."
"what is it this time? is it a boooooy? did some pretty little omega come a callin? wanting the baku-bulge? and Deku got upset?."
"I don't deserve him and his stupid fucking shitty ass and his stupid fucking wonderful face and how he has that shitty cute grin and up-beat attitude and his perfect kind heart and his overall wonderfulness."


"hmm...well want me to talk to him about anything?."
"okay okay, I'll stay away from ground zero's little omega."
"he isn't my omega."
"keep telling yourself that-."
"i mean it..he really isn't..." Katsuki put a hand on his face, wiping the sweat off of it.
"what do you mean?"
"what do you mean what do i mean?! he..hes gone. okay. he got sick of my dumb-ass. and I don't see why he wouldn't. I'm a fuck up. i don't deserve him."
"want to make this a serious talk?." they had those often. a serious talk between them. a special time where they both were alone, in a no joke no judgment zone with a promise of 'i wont tell anyone if you don’t'. only they had that special bond. and Kirishima was thankful for it. Katsuki might be, well is, a total asshole. however he's HIS asshole. plus he DID have emotions under all that reckless anger.


"tonight. later. I'm to tired right now."
"well. lets get up, get clean, get food and then have our little sleep over." Kirishima got up and offered an arm. Katsuki reached up and grabbed it, helped him up and the two left. Kirishima looked back at the ruins of what once was a training ground.
'dam. and i was looking forward to practicing my punching. oh well, leg day at least.' he had that final thought as they left.


Izuku cleaned himself up. he just finished having his own bath. now he was getting dressed, putting on cozy sweatpants and a night shirt. He laid in his nest. not knowing what to think. today...was intense....but...he didn't feel any better. letting what he wanted to say out loud should have helped, but it didn't.
‘maybe I didn't say it right. maybe I didn't say enough. maybe-’. suddenly there was a knock on his door. Interrupting his inner thoughts
"izukuuuu open up! I managed to snag some of Sato's cake! its sooo good!." Uraraka's voice said from behind the door.
"ah, thanks but..I’m kinda not in the mood right now."
"I know when a certain omega talks like that hes got a lot on his mind! open up or I'll bust your door down!"
"no no please don't do that!." knowing her, she was only half joking. she was very loving and territorial of her friends. Especially for izuku. with there pretty much being 500/1 alpha omega ratio. its good to have someone to help protect you from the constant stream of alphas. Izuku really tried his hardest not to stand out. not easy to do when you're literally the ONLY male omega in the school. there were a good enough amount of other omegas. still. his kind were beyond rare. he was like a unicorn to everyone. so rare. so pretty. So unbelievable to actually have seen one!. so of course you want to look at it, pet it, talk to it, etc. Izuku has had more than one alpha 'accidentally' brush up against him, sniff at him when he wasn't looking, make any excuse to touch him, and a variety of other things related to that.


Izuku sighed as he got up out of his nest and went to open the door. Uraraka was standing there in her PJ's looking as happy as she usually did.
"hey" Izuku stepped aside to let her in. the room was ever familiar, with it being covered from corner to corner in all-might merchandise. if you didn't know Izuku, then you might have thought he had a crush on all-might. which was impossible, with all-might being a beat AND his caretaker, it just wouldn't be a thing. not that Izuku cared about. all-might. the greatest hero there ever was. When everyone learned he was a beta, it blew everyone away. he didn't hide it, in fact, he was proud of it. it set an example to everyone that even betas can be heroes. it wasn't just an alphas job. it was also one reason endeavor hated that he was the second strongest hero. him, a huge powerful alphas alpha. behind....a beta. it wasn't real. how was it real? nothing like this has ever existed before.


Since then, betas were allowed to become heroes. from that point on, it opened peoples minds about the perceptions of second genders. how it didn't need to apply to how people can accomplish certain things. omegas on the other wasn't until far longer later that omegas were allowed to be heroes. even if it was only tiny roles. being able to take action in the world. It broke more barriers. many still disbelieve in the idea that omegas should be out and about 'saving people'. it was one thing for betas…..but another for omegas. still, ever so slowly, omegas proved that they could accomplish much if they were allowed to try.


"sooo why's my best friend down in the dumps? can I..." Uraraka motioned her head towards Izukus nest. He and gave her a thumbs up. it was always polite to ask an omega to enter their nests. it was a private sanctum for them. a single important area for them in there life. to be comfortable and feel safe and secure. entering or disturbing an omegas nest is highly immoral. not to mention illegal. omegas natural instincts do kick in when certain things get involved, one of them being their nests. Izuku trusted uraraka though, he knew she would never do anything on purpose, still he did appreciate the asking, even if she was his best friend and never really needed to. she made herself comfy and pulled a large slice of strawberry cake out of a little box, along with two small pink plastic forks.


"you don't care about the color right? I know for a fact that others ‘cough cough most alphas cough’....well they think its 'too girly' to use."
"oh you know i don't care about those kinds of things" Izuku rubbed the back of his head as he crawls over next to her, along with a bed table.
"ohh is that a new all-might pillow you got?" Uraraka made a somewhat cheeky tone.
"oh uh y-yeah, I saw it at a store and had to have it."
"huh, wouldn't have guessed you could want any kind of all-might collectibles." she smiled as she started to dig into the cake.


"haha, yeah. you know me, I'm just starting to be a fan for him. Really all this is just for a friend, I'm holding it for him."
"ohhh a friend huh? whats he like?"
"well, hes a male omega like me, with my kind of hair color and style and really wants to be a hero." "sounds like a perfect friend for me! be careful, I might replace you for him." they both laughed together as they ate together.
"mmmh this is so amazing! I'm surprised that he can bake so well! you wouldn't ever think it from looking at the guy."
"yeah, right?. he is great at it." the two ate peacefully without saying much after that. the moment


the last piece was on the plate the two eyed each other dramatically.
"its mine you know."
"oh? i was thinking the same thing."
"i brought it here, i get it."
"nonono! my nest, my rules!."
"oh don’t you play the nest card! fine, you're supposed to treat ladies kindly."
"and you should make sure omegas are happy."
"ohhh playing the omega card now huh? you're messing with fire you know, I'm afraid you might get burned."
"is that a threat or a promise?." they stared one another down for a few increasingly intensely moments. neither backing down. then quickly, Uraraka jabbed her fork towards the cake, only to be blocked by Iizukus. the two had a small fork fight until Uraraka used her quick to make him float away, the she stabbed her fork forward, only for the cake to be flung outwards by Izukus fork. she tried to grab it, only to miss ever so slightly as Izuku floated past her and pushed her arm down. she used her quirk to drop him causing the cake piece to fall downwards, she reached out and touched it ever so slightly, causing it to float away past Izuku


Izuku jumped back up and pushed past her, making her fall off the bed by 'accident'. thus breaking her concentration and having the cake fall towards the ground. having it dramatically land onto the carpet. "noooo!."
"five second rule!." Uraraka grabbed the piece and ate it.
"what? five second rule!."
"that doesn't actually work you know!."
"Well one of us has cake and the other doesn't, now do they?" they heard a knock on the door "coming." Izuku got up and opened the door. Tenya Iida stood at the door
"oh hey Iida, how are you?"
"I am quite well thank you, I came by because I heard a lot of commotion. I wanted to check on you just in case."
"thanks, that’s really nice of you, but I’m fine. Uraraka and I were just playing around." Uraraka walked over and said hello to Iida as well, who greeted her back.
"we were arguing over a piece of cake." Uraraka smiled
"Ah." Izuku looked at him
"did you want to come in?."
“thank you for the offer, but I must decline. I am preparing to go to bed soon, something I suggest you both to do as well."


Uraraka pouted after looking at the time.
"whaaat, its only 8:30!"
"exactly! it is very late in the evening and getting a good full nights sleep is important so that we may function well tomorrow."
"okay dad."
"i am no one fathers."
"okay then, fun police."
"i am in no way an officer of the law." the two joked more to one another for a bit longer. Izuku stopped paying attention however. his heart started to pump and he started to feel hot. as he looked down the hallway he saw Kirishima and Katsuki walking down said hallway. Kirishima's happy smile as he chatted away to a grumpy and tired looking Katsuki. Izuku panicked and excused himself quickly as he headed inside and hid.


"you smell and appear distressed. is it something I did?." Iida asked politely, in a worried tone.
"no no its not that! I just uh...I'll tell you tomorrow..if that's okay."
"perfectly acceptable. I should get going, I wish you both a good nights rest."
"you too."
"bye!." as Uraraka closed the door she noticed Katsuki walking down the hallway, catching a quick glance as his eyes met her for a split moment.
"well. time to be serious Izuku. we had our fun. we laughed. now its time to cry. okay whats going on? you panicked when you saw Bakugou didn't you?." Izukua held a blanket around himself, his face was red and he looked nervous.
"y-y-yeah..." Uraraka sighed as she got back into the nest. sitting next to her fellow nest inhabitant. "whats up with you both? you were anxious all day, and had a hard time focusing. now he scared you when you looked at him...hes not hitting you is he? you know I'll kill him."
"nonono! you got it all wrong! hes not hurting mean...its...a lot...and today i talked to him about it and...I..." Izuku started to shake and sniffle a bit. Uraraka held him and pet his hair
"tell me everything. but only what you're comfortable with. i promise i wont make you tell me what you don't want to."



Kirishima and Katsuki had finished getting cleaned up and were now headed to Katsuki's dorm room.
"- and then I told them that they didn't need to be so stuck up about it. I was just wondering if they came there often, and I wasn't even being rude or anything! seriously, I swear some girls in those 'pretty packs' are such divas. ah, but I can never say no to a pretty face." Katsuki wasn't paying attention, as his standard for his conversations that didn't interest him. as he walked down the hall he noticed Iida in front of Izukus room, talking to him and Uraraka. he noticed Izuku duck into his room the second he saw him walking down the wall. Katsuki sighed and shifted his gaze to the floor, now he was in was more sour mood. he took one last glance up to Izukus door, only to see Uraraka look back at him before closing the door quickly.


"hey dude whats with the face? agreeing with me about the girls?." Katsuki didn't speak as he just continued to walk to his dorm. eventually the two arrived at it. when he opened his room up the sight was horrid. it was filthy. cloths strewn in every direction possible. old cups and cutlery piled up on every surface they could be placed on. food wrappers littered the floor and bed. blankets and pillows scattered around the bed, like it has never been made once since hes moved in. some of the walls had holes in them, along with burn marks. the burn marks didn't just apply to the wall however, as various other places in the room had them, from the drapes, to the sheets, to pillows, to even his dresser.


"wow. Baku-bro, didn't Deku JUST clean it up LAST week? how did you turn something spotless into a total trashcan." Kirishima walked over, kicking trash away as he walked. he noticed a pizza box with a few slices still in it. it was partially burnt and bent.
"geez how long has this been here for?"
"just this morning."
"pizza for breakfast huh? didn't Deku help make you food in the morning? speaking of...mind if i.." "knock yourself out. i don't plan on eating it anymore." Kirishima flopped onto the messy bed and ate what slices from the box was left. it was true. Izuku did a lot of things to balance katsuki's life. cooking, cleaning, sometimes helping with homework. yin and yang really. now...he just felt half empty and off balance. Kirishima talked through a mouth full of pizza


"show. whas gon on wuth yo and deu". That name, it hurt like a knife in his side, twisting it deeper the more he thought about the omega.
"he told me shit that i knew for years. that I've fucked up whatever we had. what I wanted to have happen. I couldn't ever do what was right. I made him feel weak and worthless. made him feel pathetic. hurt him. I knew I was getting to him. I just....ugh. you know I cant say shit about my feelings and all that sappy shit. so whenever something would come up, i just pushed it away. I didn't want to deal with it. he KNEW i was a fuck up. but he kept trying. he wanted me, almost as much as i wanted him. but all I ever did was hurt him. I wanted him to take a hint, understand i was never good enough for him. have him move on. leave my worthless ass behind. instead, i just made things worse. whenever anyone even talked to him i just...i was so possessive.


he was MY DEKU. NOT ANY OTHER ALPHAS. but of course. i just shit all over his life. i took him for granted. i always knew no matter what i did, i would get another chance to make him officially mine, i could make him happy, live a good life, get mated, married, have pups. fight side by side and become the perfect hero couple. be the greatest ever. have our pups surpass us and become even more legendary. but no. i could never provide him that life. i could never bring myself to give him affection. the most i would ever do is ignore him and just let him do what he asked. I'm just such a cunt about everything. UGH! WHY CANT I JUST TELL HIM. I FUCKING HATE MYSELF. I JUST. I WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY. I'M GLAD HE FINALLY LEFT ME. I'M GLAD HE FINALLY DID WHAT WAS BEST FOR HIMSELF. i never deserved him. i watched him grow up to be this happy good guy. meanwhile i turned into a smug jackass who didn't give two shits about how he felt." Katsuki shouted and slammed his head against a wall. then made small explosions pop out of his hands. Kirishima swallowed down the last of the pizza and cleaned his hands on a nearby napkin


"please don't tell me this was used to wipe up your man sauce..."
"don't worry, i hardly do that. and no that's not it, its the one next to it...oh wait..that is it" Kirishima gagged and threw it out of his hand as fast as possible. that made Katsuki smile.
"I'm kidding shitty hair."
"good. you'd better be. i don't go around letting you touch my clean up supplies." Kirishima looked over at a nearby nightstand. he noticed a fallen picture frame. grabbing it and propping it back up he noticed it was a class of small children. he looked closer, taking it into his hands.
"awwww is this my little Baku-bro? aww don't you look cute! a little angry ball of fluff. oh and is that Deku? aww hes such a cute little omega! look at his big innocent eyes! man i-" Katsuki grabbed the photo, snapped the frame in half and proceeded to shred up the photo, blasting and burning said shreds in his hands. then just letting the ashes fall to the floor.
"i don't deserve that." Katsuki dropped onto his bed like a weight underwater. he just looking at his ceiling. Kirishima rested on his elbow and looked over at him.


"wana hug? its not gay unless the balls touch. ha I'm just playing with you, our balls could touch! haha...but seriously...i know how you feel. i mean I don't feel that way but i understand you. we've know each other for years now. i know how that explodi brain of yours works. have you ever tried to swallow your pride? just tell him he matters to you?." Katsuki would clearly have lashed out. but he was too drained. emotionally and bodily.
"no. I just cant. i cant work up the nerve. besides. if him and i were together. i would just ruin his life. he needs a GOOD mate. someone who wont ignore him. someone who can actually EXPRESS EMOTIONS. someone who doesn't have anger and possessive problems. my blood boils whenever i see ANYONE else talk to him. it always has. i just....its like i want to keep him somewhere safe. far away from everyone else. he can nest in peace. i can provide for him, he can be happy and relax while I'm at work and hes with our pups. I'd come home and we'd kiss and our pups would run up to their daddy and live happily ever fucking after. garbage. if hes ever going to live that life, it cant be with me. i never once have had my shit together. why did he try so hard?! another reason i don't deserve him! he doesn't give up on trying his hardest! He ALWAYS FUCKING SAVES ME, NO MATTER WHAT I DO TO HIM. did you bring a rope with you? i think my chair will hold me."


"haha funny, okay bro no more jokes about suicide. look. i'm not good at talking all emotionally either, but-"
"-rude to interrupt but yeah that's true. practice. You know, you've always tried your hardest. you've NEVER backed down from a challenge. you go up to whatever life throws at you, yell fuck to its face, then make it your bitch. you hold yourself back!"
"Because if i show him who i am-"


"BUT THAT'S THE THING! YOU'VE SHOWN HIM YOUR SHITTY SIDE! that's not ALL of you bro! you care, you have fun. you can laugh and cry. you never show it. you have a terrible time doing it. and trying? please. I've seen the dead try to smile better than you. but you have to KEEP AT IT! look at us. how did we get so macho? By training. its the same thing! you really going to let yourself hold you back? you've had all your life and look at you! wheres the guy who doesn't hold back! wheres the guy who HATES when people half ass shit! cause that's what you've been doing all your life. sure you've said more than once that you don't believe in yourself at times. but you've always overcome it. you think the sports festival held you back? And when you didn't get what you want, did you bear your neck and submit? NO! YOU DEMANDED YOU GET THE PROPER CHALLENGE! and when the villains invaded, what did you do when we got separated 'oh no! i cant do anything without support. these lame villains better just kill me. I'm so weak and small without everyone else.' no! you handed them their own gravestones! you charged at the guy WHO COULD TAKE DOWN ALL-MIGHT! You thrashed and killed and straight up gave everyone their own personal experience to hell!. when you were caught, did you accept their offer of becoming their bitch? NO YOU STRAIGHT UP PISSED IN THEIR EYE SOCKETS!. everything else we've ever done, did you lay down and curl up?!




Katsuki snarled and slammed his fists onto his bed he stood up and shouted


Kirishima stood up next to him








a loud sudden bang came from the wall.
"will you keep it down! I'm trying to sleep!"
"I'm happy for you to finally understand your feelings and growing as an individual. but I’m trying to sleep!"




"NOW HOW THE FUCK DO I EXPRESS FEELINGS?!" they both stopped shouting. both huffing heavily from being so pumped up. they then sat down on the bed.
"oh well i can help you. so what do you need help with specifically?"
"everything! how do i romance an omega and express myself without just killing the first thing i don’t like!?"
"well for starters. lets have basic conversation. you be you. and I'll be Deku."
"come onnn. you said all out! are you going to LITERALLY STOP YOURSELF BEFORE THE FIRST STEP?!"


"ahem. oh h-hi"
"this feels weird...okay uh...hi?"
"i was wondering. how are you feeling today?"
"...what do i feel like?"
"come on bro, just pretend!"
"ugh fine. are you?"
"oh thanks for asking i feel good today. i just got a good score on my test...i was uh...wondering...c-c-could you maybe...uh...would you like to come with me after school to celebrate with getting ice cream?"
"ugh why do i have to fucking go"
"nope. try again."
" i have to go?"
"try again."
"awww kacchan! Thank you!" Kirishima patted katsuki's shoulders.


“good! great first step! okay now, its about a half hour before you meet him. what do you do?"
"uh....give me a hint?"
"this isn’t a test with any one right answer. you're going somewhere to meet the omega you want as a mate!"
"okay uh...i...dress up nice...and...smell good...and...get him..uh...shit what do people like?"
"well people like flowers"
"i do that!"
"okay so now. is that all?"
" it good enough?"
"yes, so, smell good, look good, give him good flowers. okay, now you're there. you see his cute little smile as he waves his hand over to you...hiii Kacchan! ohh you look and smell amazing...oh flowers?" "uh..thanks. here these dumb ass plants are for you."
"no. wrong."
"thanks...i got you this...i thought you might like them..."
“ohhh i love them! thank you so much!...okay now, he hugs you closely. what do you do?"


"i..ugh...this is embarrassing"
"come ooooon..what do you do to your little Deku.."
"i..uh..i hold him closer...geez what if i get a boner though?!"
"well don’t press it up onto him"
"Well if I’m holding him close, its going to touch him!"
"well okay, lets just cross that bridge when we get to smell so nice feel so strong..."
"Thanks..i wanted to look good.."
"W-what?! for m-me?"
"yeah..i wanted to make sure you...felt..fuckin nice"
"no. almost."
"i wanted to make sure you felt nice around me."
"Aww thank you for expressing your feelings without anger or holding back! i really appreciate it!...oaky now Dekus gently tucking his head under yours. what do you do?"
"desperately try not to have my junk touch him."


"wow...the Baku bulge is amazing!"
"knock it off!"
"haha! okay okay....Kacchan..i feel a little under dressed now..he smiles and rubs his head against you. what do you do?"
"i...uh...its okay, i shouldn’t have over dressed. i was just..happy to see your dumb face"
"your cute face"
"c-cute?! complimented okay? you never say anything nice...are..are you dying? cause if you are.."
"no no I’m not dying! i just..i told you..i want to make this work. i want to be a proper mate. i want to make you happy."
"ohhhh kacchan! hes really into you. rubbing his head against you more. what do you do?"
"i rub his back and nuzzle his neck"
"ohhh going for the scent glad? really showing him your moves~risque~ i love sorry i didnt make myself good..."


"no no really its fine! i just wanted to make sure you..felt...good and junk.."
"eh, ill let that one pass.....Kacchan..i am being courted by some other alphas...just to let you know" "Then why the fuck am i here?! why the hell would-"
"STOP! no." Katsuki breathes deeply.
"that’s...good to know...but those other guys wont be as good as i am."
"eh ill let that pass too. but less pride. its a competition for courtship. but be nice. you know Deku doesn’t like you jealous."
"ppft...okay you're right...uh..that’s...okay..i want to earn your love. I don’t want to just be handed it." "oh Kacchan you really do care~...Deku looks you into the eyes. what do you do?"
"i kiss him...wait i don’t have to kiss YOU right?"
"not unless you want to. so no"
"good...uh...okay..i smooch him.."
"ohh Kacchan. you're so forward! but...i liked it...listen, lets go get ice cream! and we can talk more...way to go Baku-bro! you passed your first encounter!"
"ughhh why did that feel so difficult! DAMMIT! i cant even do one pretend experience without feeling caged!"


"it gets easier!. okay. so. your next encounter is him sitting next to you. his ice cream is good and hes enjoying it. he looks at you and smiles...kacchan, im really having a good time already!"
"same here ...uh...deku...listen..i...about before...i know..."
"Come oooon, let it out for deku"
"i...i fucked up badly. i always did. but no. thats not going to be me anymore. I’m going to do right. that kacchan is dead. i murdered him. this is better, new, forever Kacchan now."
"ohh? well i hope you promise me that, and keep the promise."
"i will Deku. i look...cute"
"oh Kacchan! so do you!"
"thanks..i really the ice cream..uh...makes you happy?"
"eh, that will do. okay so now you can smell and see how relaxed he is. suddenly oh no! your rival shows up! he starts talking to Deku! what do you do!?"
"get lost fuck face! this is my time!"
"noooooooo. try again."
"UGHHHH... i promise not to blow your brains out if you leave"
"UGH FUCK...okay...okay im calm...i ask leave"
"oh Kacchan, its okay, hes just asking me how I’m doing"
"yeah well you're with me. he can-'
" respect my rivals kindness...but i do feel threatened by him for taking my time away from you." "Ehhhh, okay I'll let it slide. but remember its HIS time too. be nice. don’t make him feel bad about it. say something like
'its okay if you talk to him. hes fair game like i am. its YOUR choice. not remember. like with every competition. your goal is to win"


"Yeah no shit."
"the ONLY way to win this one, is to keep it up. keep improving. but NEVER become someone you aren't. or else that will REALLY make you loose. people like it when you're YOU. not pretending to be someone and something you're not. IMPROVE yourself. Not REMOVE yourself."
"huh...glad you told me that....okay now what?"
"the rival has kindly met you. said that he hopes there are no bad feelings between the two of you. you're both trying to court the same omega. but that doesn’t mean you have to hate each other and fight like wild savages. this isn’t the stone age."
"okay...uh....i thank him for being kind, and i be kind in return. i tell him that there wont be any bad blood."
"Even if you loose?"
"i WONT loose"
"buuuut if you did? will you hate him?"
"Yes....but i wont show it or act on it."
"Goooood goood. you're learning bro! keep it up!. Deku does NOT want you to fight. be calm. be sweet."
"this is going to kill me. but im willing to die."
"Good goood! okay so now the rival has left....oh Kacchan. i really do love that you didn’t flip out on him!"
"Well baby, I’m just that good"



"thank you, i am trying my best not to"
"perfect! not only did you admit you're improving yourself, but you're also SHOWING how you're improving yourself AND you didn’t act out on anger. a full 100%! great job bro!...okay so now hes looking at you really are being better. but don’t think you've won just yet. the other alphas are far nicer than you are. don’t get a head of yourself. you aren’t winning."
"oh I’m gonna fuckin win...I DON’T SAY THAT! im just saying between the two of us...uh yeah, i..uh...shit what do i say..."
"Come on, you can do it!"
"...i am being competitive...and i do want to win..but i can only do my best. i wont force you to pick me"
" what"
"he smiles and licks his ice cream. Some of it drips onto him."
"i lick it off"
"noooo. not yet, you havent gotten close enough to be so forward."
"okay, i grab a napkin for him."
"goood!....oh wow thanks kacchan!"
"no alpha provides for their omega...Deku smiles sweetly at you, he really liked that comment. it WASN’T degrading OR showing how he cant provide for himself. you simply confirmed that, tha’ts what you plan on doing. Being the best provider for afraid of you." "w-what why?"
"you know why. you've...always had bad history with can i be sure you wont just hurt me again? how do i trust you?"
"i....i know. i dont deserve someone as amazing as you. you deserve better. but i PROMISE if you give me one last chance, i can and WILL prove myself right. i should have done this years ago. i should have gotten serious with you. not just playing games. i promise. if you do end up picking me, im going to be the best fucking mate in the world."


"b-b-best fucking mate?...i dont know if im ready to...deku is now blushing"
"nonono! i going to be the best and greatest mate the world will ever know!"
"ohh kacchan~...he clearly wants to kiss again."
"i kiss him. softly. i go deeper. heavier into it. i-"
" tongue yet..."
"i DONT ASSHOLE!...i...i make sure he feels relaxed. i gently rub his back. then i-"


a knock on the door suddenly interrupted them.
"who the fuck is it?!"
"hey man, i was wondering if you wanted to chill tomorrow.” Denki Kaminari's voice came from behind the door.
"oh shit thats right, the gang is heading out, wana come tomorrow?” Kirishima asks.
"eh, let me think on it. GET LOST DENKI, IM BUSY! I'LL THINK ABOUT IT!"
"okay. Hanta and i are meeting up by the fountain if you wana catch up. night." with that he left. "so...can we uh...continue? this is really helping me out" Katsuki rubs his head feeling a bit embarrassed.
"sure! Now where were we...oh yeah! you really promise?"
"i do Deku."
"this is the last time i give you. your final chance okay?."
"i understand."
"Dekus smile fades. he looks into your eyes and purrs....maybe....maybe if we do become mates...i might...invite you into my nest with me...then we can have 50 pups together! and i can finally score the Baku-buldge! theKkatsuki-cock! explosive man cream! That sweet sweet alpha nut! that-"
"knock it the fuck off!" Katsuki grabs a pillow and wacks Kirishima’s head with it. he just laughs and blocks it with his arms.


"okay okay! cant be all serious now can we!" and so the two continue on late into the night. eventually Kirishima leaves and heads to his own dorm room. Katsuki puts his arms behind his head and stares up at the ceiling. his thoughts muddled and mixed. what was he going to do tomorrow? they did have a much shorter day. what should he say? he cant just walk up and pretty much be like 'hey, can i get another chance to be your mate? im shitty and i wana bone down, but still!'. he yawned and closed his eyes. slowly drifting off to sleep. his thoughts slowly coming to a halt, something he was thankful for.




The next morning was the same as usual.
Izuku stretched and got up, quickly getting dressed and ready, when a scheduled knock on his door happened. always at the same time every morning like clock work. he opened it to see the familiar face of all-might!, well, Toshinori Yagi anyways. his normal lanky form stood in front of the doorway. a dapper outfit was worn.
"good morning young Midoriya."
"good morning. How are you doing?."
"good, now i ask you the same."
"i'm good. we really dont need to go through the procsess though, its fine really!."
"you know as well as i do that laws are laws. as your caretaker its my duty to check on you. ahem, you feel well today?"
"have you selected a mate yet?"
"no not yet.." that question always made Izuku feel a bit awkward.
"have you decided on when you will be having a pup on the standard of at least one?."
"n-no not yet.." another question that made izuku feel weird.
"you have approximately 2 months left to find a suitable mate. if one is not found then you will be given one who has registered to be selected, the priorities being what you would feel most comfortable with, if you do not find one suitable. then you will be given a mate closest to what you prefer. do you fully understand your legal rights and what i have just spoken of?."


"Yes, i do understand fully for both of these matters."
"there. not too hard now is it?."
"its such a hassle though..."
"laws are laws. are cannot just pick and choose what we want to follow and what we dont want to follow. but yeah, it is long. well now that thats out of the way, we can have a good morning."
"exactly what i was hoping for...oh would you like to come in?"
"sure, thanks"
"would you like tea?"
"wouldnt mind it, always good to have a bit of extra energy in the morning."


Yagi always felt a bit of strangeness coming into Izukus room. every inch covered in all-might material. he was used to his own merchandise being everywhere, but being in such a small space with literally every inch filled to the brim, made it a bit...strange. Your very imagine staring back at you from all angles. Yagi always thought
'well at least hes determined to be a true hero.'.
"here you go!" Izuku handed his caretaker a mug
"huh. never though I'd be drinking out of my own head"
"you're own..AH! im so sorry! i just grabbed the first mug that i had! if you want i can get another one!"
"its fine. i dont mind it. maybe it'll taste like me."
"trust me it doesnt...wait that sounded very creepy, i-im sorry!"
"dont worry so much. so, how did you sleep last night?"
"you seemed pretty stressed yesterday. anything you want to talk about? you know you can say whatever is on your mind to me" Izuku did think about telling him. he was his caretaker, mentor, the previous holder of one for all. and dare he say, friend?. he also did give good advice. and he was well suited in knowing how to handle 'omega issues'.

"its...long and emotional...i...i dont really want to go to class with all that on my mind..."
"understandable. we'll we can always talk anytime you feel comfortable with. you're right though, never a good way to start off a fresh morning with negativity. speaking of..." Yagi pointed to Izukus clock.
"AHHH IM GOING TO BE LATE! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING I NEED TO LEAVE BYE! YOU CAN BRING ME BACK THE MUG LATER! SEE YA!" with that Izuku ran off leaving Yagi by himself. he looked at his mug and smiled.
"i wish i looked that good again. ah well. mmh, this tea is good." he sipped once more, closing the door behind him.
"goodbye all might." he said in irony.



the class came in, talked and eventually went to their seats to quiet down and get to work. Izuku was the last one to come into class. feeling nervous and sweaty. shaking in fear. heart pumping almost as fast as his mind raced. Every thought swarmed his head. all about Katsuki. what would happen!? what would he say and do and act and- the bell rung and he rushed inside. Katsuki and his eyes met for a moment. within it, it felt like a whole year. the intense was strong like a steel beam. Izuku felt shame and fear and a whole group of other emotions all at once, not looking at Katsuki again. he was thankful that Katsuki never spoke. perhaps the silence was worse than words though....


"Midoriya. don’t be late again." Shota Aizawa said. Looking at him with his usual expression.
"s-sorry! wont happen again" Izuku bowed and quickly went over to his desk, accidentally bumping slightly into Katsuki. Izuku mentally screamed when Katsuki turned around a bit and asked if he was alright. after all, Izuku NEVER was late for class.
"i-i-im f-f-ine. thank you" Izuku bowed his head. then felt dumb. his face felt so red and hot that it might melt off. he was so worried on how his anxiety and fear pheromones were being mass produced at the time. he tried to look as small as possible not to be noticed. no doubt that Katsuki could EASILY smell him. not just that, but EVERY other alpha in the room.


'calm down. calm down. everything's fine. everything's fine.' Izuku steadied his breathing and mind. his side vision caught Iida turning to him. Izuku turned his head slightly to see a worried frown on Iidas face. Izuku just shot him a quick nervous smile before returning his gaze back to Aizawa talking in the front of the class. it was finally lunch now and Izuku just wanted to escape as fast as possible. so he did. he fast walked towards the door. only to be stopped by Aizawa speaking up to him.
"i want to talk to you after everyone leaves."
"y-yes sir." Izuku walked back over to his seat. walking in the direct pathway of Katsuki.


"its my bad. see you later."
'SEE YOU LATER?! WHATS THAT MEAN?!'. it only took a couple of minutes for everyone to leave the classroom.
"are you alright?" Aizawa asked from the front of the classroom.
"y-yes sir. Im fine really i am!. what did i do to stay after class? was it because i was late or did i fail something or-" Aizawa simply put up a hand to have him stop talking.
"everything's fine. although you should try not to be late next time. I'm letting it slide this time because i know you're always here before the bell even comes close to ringing. i was just concerned about you. i dont have to mention how you were when you entered the classroom." Izukus face suddenly felt hot. "I’m f-fine. just some...personal stuff I’m dealing with..its uh...'omega' things".
that usually quiets teachers. they dont usually need to get deeper into Izukus biology, as long as hes safe from any kind of harm.


"i wont pry, just make sure you give me a heat pass." a heat pass was something omegas gave their teachers during there, well, heat. it was to keep not only them safe, but others as well. Izuku always made sure to catch up on any work he missed during the time of his absence. when he felt his heat started to come on, he went to recovery girl to get one. then he just stayed in his room, making sure no one could smell it from the outside. in the beginning of living in his dorm. he learned the hard way about not blocking his heat from the outside world. suddenly the hallway his room was in suddenly became more of a 'standard' way of getting around. a lot of shooing away from both Iida and Uraraka. so now he always take precautions. putting scent blockers all around the doorway. keeping everything locked into his room. he had everything he needed in it, so there wasn’t any big reason to leave. other than getting more food and possible nesting materials. thankfully Uraraka was happy to help. being a beta made her immune to heats and the like. it also didn’t allow her to smell any other pheromones Izuku produced. he was thankful for that many different times.


Izuku typically didn’t like scent blockers. they smelled awful to him, sometimes gave him a rash, were surprisingly expensive, and he just sweat it off easily due to intense training all the time. so only getting enough for his heats were all that was needed.
"y-yes sir. of course. may i leave now?" Aizawa nodded, and with that Izuku promptly left.




Izuku now sat at his usual spot with Iida and Uraraka. Izuku just finished telling Iida quietly of course, about yesterdays 'situation'. Iida wiped his tears from his eyes
"i am so sorry he put you through such a terrible situation for years! i am always here for you! Legally as well."
"i do have a license in care taking. so if you ever need anything, i am more than happy to assist you! if you need touch and scent therapy, i welcome you with open arms. never feel bad for asking, and you may ask at any time. do not hesitate! i would feel much remorse to have you fall ill simply because you felt like i would not provide the proper care for you!. do you require it now? I do recommend it. when you came into class this morning you did smell heavily of stress and fear. as an alpha and as your friend i do wish to keep you safe and protected as much as i can!" Iida said with the usual movement of his arms.

“Thanks Iida, i really do appreciate what you always do for me. im uh...good for right now though, thank you, and i'll remember what you said" Iida nodded at the reply. Uraraka stooped eating and asked
"so Iida when did you get your care taking license? i dont ever remember you talking about it?."
"i've had it for many years now. back when we first began our first year attending this school. i was already in the process of studying it. i knew that as a future hero i would need to learn how to handle every and all potential situations that required whatever it would take for said situations. thus i had concluded that i would need to acquire a license so that i could legally aid any situation that an omega might be involved in. the capabilities to act fast is of great importance to a hero."
"oh well thats great to hear. you really are becoming a great hero. hey maybe i should get one too!"


"yes! that would aid you well in your future. i can even provide you with my old research materials. however i suggest you check into the current omega documentation and requirements for any kind of current test that would have changed due to it being a few years later. i am more than happy to assist you in studying as well." the two talked to one another, Izuku noticed Todoroki walk over to the table. "hi Todoroki"
"Hello Izuku, i was wondering if you're feeling all right, this morning in class, you didnt seem like you were."
"thanks but im fine now! really i am, i do appreciate you asking though." Todoroki nodded
"may i ask why you were so stressed?"
"uh...just...some personal stuff. i don’t need to talk about it anymore, but thanks for asking, you're a really good friend."
"i'd like to make sure you always are safe with me and that im a good friend." Izuku smiled. he really did have a lot of good friends.


far away behind them, not to be noticed, stood Katsuki. his stomach churned and his blood boiled. he was watching the scene.
"what the fuck is half and half doing there?" he said to himself. his fingers twitched and mini explosions started to crackle like tiny pop rocks. he started to grind his teeth as he watched Izuku get up and give him a hug.
"does that fucker think he can court my omega? oh im going to fucking kill him..."
"come on, what did we talk about just last night?" Katsuki looked at his shoulder, a hand was placed on it as Kirishima spoke to him.
"relaaax. Breathe. count to ten like we talked about. its for the good of yourself. Deku would want it remember?" Katsuki closed his eyes. he breathed and spoke through his teeth,
” 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10."
"there, feeling any better?"
"Yeah...a little..still..half and half trying to take whats mine away from me."
"remember? hes not yours."


Katsuki just growled in response. 'half and half' started to walk away. Katsuki started to calm down. now all he had to worry about was Iida. however he usually never worried. he never made a move onto his he acted like a friend for many years. at least, now Katsuki knew he WASN'T acting, and he made Izuku happy. so Katsuki let it slide. still...alpha nature kicking in.…
"what the fuck.." right as Katsuki had calmed down he started back up again. Izuku was being hugged by Iida now. only for a few moments. although it was a few long painful moments for Katsuki to watch. "chill bro. you know those two are just good bros to one another. hes about as much of a threat as Uraraka is." Katsuki breathed. Kirishima was in fact right. Still.…


"i need to go get some stuff, i'll see you both later on okay?." Izuku said as he hugged uraraka. then stood up and hugged Iida.
"we're both here for you! now and forever!" Uraraka said cheerfully.
"I'll always remember it. see you both later!" Izuku said as he trotted off. he was close to leaving when he turned a corner and suddenly bumped into none other than Hitoshi Shinso, who dropped some papers he was holding.
"oh sorry!" Izuku said as he bent over and helped pick them up
“its fine. I wasnt really paying attention...oh hey its you..Izaka right?"
"Izuku, wow i haven’ seen you since the...sports festival" Shinso smiled with a tired expression. "yes...we...did part on...bad terms.."
"its alright, things were said and done, thats in the past."
"Still...can i make it up to you? i'd really like it if we could spend some time together, i'd like to catch up and make a proper apology."


"oh..uh well sure that sounds nice! i suppose we should make a time to meet up"
"Would tomorrow morning work? i know its a bit sudden and early, but thats the closest time to being available recently." Izuku nodded and handed him the rest of the papers.
"heh...kinda feels cliche."
"yeah i couldn't agree more" Shinso smiled as he looked into Izukus eyes.
"oh i gotta go im running late, well bye! come to my dorm room at 8:00 tomorrow"
"Sounds good. i wont be late" Izuku nodded and headed off. Shinso watched him leave. he couldn’t help but watch...
'he is...cute...' the alpha said in his mind.

Chapter Text

"........Do you fully understand your legal rights and what i have just spoken of?."
"Yes, i do understand fully for both of these matters”.
"Good. so young Midoriya, what are your plans for today? If you don’t mind me asking”.
It was the weekend now. Everyone was running around enjoying their day off.
"Oh well I plan on meeting someone very soon. We're going to spend some time together today”.
"Oh? and who might that be.”
"Hitoshi shinso. He asked me out yesterday....JUST TO HANGOUT I mean! we're just going as friends! he said he wanted to properly apologize for how he acted at the sports festival."
“Hitoshi huh?. He does have good grades, stays out of trouble, is kind and a bit quiet too....but it's your choice of course”.
"What! nonono! I don’t plan on courting him! i just wanted to-"
"Wanted to hangout”.
Behind the two stood said alpha in the doorway. He smiled gently at the two. Hitoshi shinso was dressed in nice casual cloths.
"Hi, I'm ready to go now, it's nice to see you". Midoriya smiled.
"Same here. hello all-might".
"Hello young Shinso. take good care of young Midoriya. No funny business”.
“I don’t plan on it sir."
The two shared a smile, indicating both were joking to one another.
“Well I won't keep you. Goodbye to the both of you. I hope the day goes well for you. Remember young Midoriya, if you need anything, you can always call me at any time”.
"Thank you, I'll remember it. Okay let's get going."


Bakugo breathed deeply. He wore very dapper cloths and even had a few nice flowers. Something he picked up last minute. Clearly.
'You can do this. no holding back.' He thought to himself as he walked with pride over to Izuku's door. He puffed his chest out and cleared his throat. Oozing out self confidence. Then proceeded to knock on the omegas door. Waiting a few moments before knocking again.
'Time to alpha up. Okay, apologize for my actions. Ask for one last chance. Be good. Be calm. Let him
choose....oh shit what are we going to even do today?! shit shit shit i didn't even think about that!, fuck what does he like to do?. we could go that sucks....we
not that either....okay, a nice walk to start out with. go wherever. then do whatever is nearby that he want's to do. yeah....yeah that could work....just take it slow and natural. go with whatever flows
By us. Be calm and considerate. Don't be possessive. Do whatever it takes to make him happy. It's his choice not yours’.


Bakugo took another deep breath. He finally noticed just how long he’s been waiting for. He knocked again thinking 'is this little bitch ignoring me on purpose?!'t call him that...what the fuck is he not answering though!?....he must be freaking out that it's me.'
"Hey baku-bro! what's going on? ohh don't you look fancy. flowers too? wow someone's trying to impress a certain omega."
Kirishima spoke out as he walked up from behind Bakugo. Bakugo’s eye twitched and thought
'this fucker is going to ruin my plans.'
"Go away. I’m busy."
"Standing in front of a doorway?"
"Yes. I’m waiting for him to answer."
"Well you'd have to come back. All you're doing is standing in front of an empty room”.
“What? and how would you know that?”.
“Cause i saw him leave with some other dude this morning”.
Bakugo’s eye twitched again. "What. Other. Dude."
"Hmm...some alpha that had purple hair and looked like he hasn't slept in like, 5 years....I think he was at the sports festival...hmm..what was his name...oh! Hitoshi Shinso! That's right!"

"Easy boy easy! Down alpha! Chill already!. I overheard that the two plan on hanging out today. They also joked that he was planning on courting him. Although him, Deku, and all-might were just joking around, so there's no reason to get all butt hurt and angry."
"Easy alpha easy! calm down already boy! Down! He just said he wanted to apologize to Deku for what he did to him at the sports festival. That's all. No need to get worked up." "Yeah i fucking bet he is. Where did they go?."
"I don't know actually. They didn't say. Whhhyyyyy? Do you want to know so badly? you know Deku wouldn't like if you literally kill off the competition. His choice remember?”.
"Fucking hell...okay...I won't...but I need to see what they're going to do”.
"Going to stalk them huh?”.
"Not stalk. Study. See what the fuck he's going to do so i can outmatch it."
"I guess that's...okay...well like I said, I don't know."
"outta my way then. i need to find them."
Bakugo pushed past Kirishima and shoved the flowers into him.
"Aww flowers! for me? you shouldn't have! you really are the best bro ever."
“Shut it shitty hair."
"Good luck with the stalking!”.


"...So i just ignored them really”. Shinso spoke to Midoriya about how kids were always afraid of him because of his quirk. He always had to 'promise' them not to be ‘evil’ and control them.
"Wow....i can see why people would think that, but that doesn't excuse them for acting that way to you though. You shouldn't judge someone just because of their quirk...or being quirkless...."
"Or even being an omega?”.
"yeah that too!.”. They both chuckled. Midoriya took a deep breath and looked at the sky.
"Wow. it really is such a wonderful day. Sunny and clear with fresh cool air."
"Couldn't have asked for a better day. I was thinking we should do something fun like get ice cream. my treat."
"Ohhh that sounds nice! Okay lets do it!”. So the two got up and walked to go get some of that good old frozen sugar and milk combination.


"No fucking way..." Bakugo looked out at a small food court with none other than Deku, and that wannabe alpha. He had walked around all day. Hoping to find the two so he could 'study' them. Making sure he knew how he could outmatch him. Clearly he easily could...but its always nice not to repeat what the other alpha's done. He does NOT want to see like a copycat. Making him feel like he's such a weak alpha that he couldn't come up with his own ideas. No. Fuck that mess. He's going to be the most creative fucker the world has ever known. He's going to impress Deku so god dam wonderful, that suddenly his pups appear around them wishing them a happy life for the family...maybe that's a weird situation to imagine...but still. He's going to win. He's the only one worthy of Deku.


Bakugo got hungry and decided to take a break. He's been walking around all day and it WAS lunchtime now. He was next to the food court, might as well get something to eat, and guess who the fuck he runs into. Now he's hiding and sneaking up to the two as close as possible so he can listen to whatever that wannabe alpha says to his Deku... ' cream!? THIS WAS HIS FUCKING TRAINING FROM LAST NIGHT! HOW THE FUCK DID THAT WANNABE STEAL IT!? THIS IS WHAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO! NOW IF HE FUCKING DOES IT, IT'S JUST GOING TO MAKE HIM SEEM LIKE HES A FUCKING COPYCAT. Ohhhhh shits going to go down now....wait....WHAT THE FUCK?!'
Bakugo watches as Todoroki walked up to the two of them and started a chat. Only a few moments later does Iida walk over to them as well.
'REALLY?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT. OHHH YOU FUCKIN THINK THIS IS FUNNY GOD?! BRING IT ON! HELL, MAKE EVERY ALPHA FROM THE FUCKING SCHOOL LINE UP. I'LL JUST KICK EVERYONE'S ASS AND WIN DEKU! Bakugo could only see red in that moment. He tried his best to pay attention to what the four were saying though.


Midoriya was chatting with Shinso when he noticed a certain fire and ice alpha walk up to him.
"Oh Todoroki! What are you doing here?...oh well its a food court so you're getting food huh? haha.."
Midoriya laughed awkwardly as he rubbed the back of his head. Todoroki nods.
"In all honesty, I’ve never really tried street food such as these. I was thinking this was an excellent chance to do so. Then I saw you and thought I might say hello. So, hello”.
"Hi to you too."
"Forgive me but I don't recall who you are". Todoroki said turning to Shinso.
"I'm Shinso, the honor is all mine. I remember you from the sports festival. I suppose I haven't paid much attention to your other adventures and activities since then”.
"Yes. My life has been...eventful. I'm glad that recently I've been blessed with a small amount of respite. I've been trying to enjoy more 'down to earth' common things”.
"Oh? have you been enjoying it?."
"Not very much of it. Most of it is terrible. I suppose with my life living in silver and gold i've been spoiled to the point where I can't very much enjoy most things."
"I guess that will happen." Midoriya looked over and noticed Iida making his way towards them from the crowd.
“Oh hey Iida!”.
"Hello Midoriya, hello Todoroki, and Shinso I believe."
"Yeah that's right. I'm somewhat surprised you remembered me”.
"I make it a habit of remembering every face I've come across. Good to always know how to put a name to a face”. Iida adjusted his glasses.
"So what brings you here?....oh" Midoriya smiles awkwardly.
"Actually no. My brother was showing me how to memorize an area. Making mental notes on how to get from place to place, navigate easier from memory, and knowing what parts typically have the most foot traffic.”.
“Wow, even training when its the weekend huh?”.
"Yes. you can never be too prepared when you train to become a hero." Todoroki smiles along with Shinso. Todoroki responds
"I like your dedication. I hope one day you really will be an excellent hero”. Iida nod's to him.
“I really must be going. I simply wished to come over and say hello. I shall take my leave! I do hope the three of you have a wonderful day”. With that, Iida bows and the other three say goodbye. Todoroki turned back to the two.
"If it would be alright, I was wondering. what brought the two of you together? I've never seen you two interact outside of school before."

Shinso rubbed his head. "Ah well, i wanted to make it up to our friend here for how I treated him at the sports festival. I was trying to win...however i took it too far. so i asked Midoriya out to mend what I had done”.
"Ask out? do you plan on courting him? If so, make sure you are to treat him kindly. I am his friend and I look after his well being." Midoriya blushed and shook his hands.
"Nonono! he's not courting me! we're just friends! but thanks for supporting me. I really do love it when my friend's all say that”. shinso looked over to Midoriya, his smile dropped ever so slightly.
"well I won't take up any more of your time. If you need me I most likely will be trying out the other vendors here." Midoriya nodded and the three said goodbye to one another. Shinso looked backed to his current companion who watched Todoroki leave.

"You sure have a lot of alphas looking out for you”.
"Yeah! I'm really happy I have so many friends. Back when I was younger I really didn't have any. I guess that puts us in the same boat huh?”. Shinso smiled and nodded. Suddenly his phone buzzed, he fished it out of his pocket checking on it. After a few moments he spoke up.
"Would it be alright if we stopped by the book store nearby?”.
"Sure! did a new book come out or something?."
"Yeah, this series of mystery novels I love to read just released a new one. I wanted to pick it up. It really doesn't have many people who enjoy it, so I doubt it will be sold out, but I do want to get it as soon as possible so I can start reading it”.
"Ohhh nice! what series is it?"
"Don't laugh...but...crime guy's secret".
"NO WAY! I LOVE THOSE NOVELS!". Shinso perked up at that sudden reaction he received from the omega.
"Yeah! I've read them since i was turned 16! which is your favorite?!"
"I really loved number 4. I know not a lot of people liked that one, but I just really loved how detailed it was”.
"The giant crab guy too! I really didn't see him coming!”.
"Same here! usually you can tell what's going to happen, but that's another reason why I loved that one. It really thought out of the usual box." Midoriya smiled so wide it looked like his face might rip in half "Yeah! everyone says its just an okay average series, but I really love them! they don't over-complicate the series and it does catch your attention right before you feel like it gets dull. Plus the books are always nice and big too so you really get a lot for what you spend!”. Shinso laughed with agreement. "Want to head over their now?”.
"Yes please!”. With that, the two got up and walked away.


'Fuckin really!? A goddamn book?!? I knew Deku loved that crap but how can an alpha?! that wannabe probably just faked that interest to get into Deku's nest! I better follow them to make sure he doesn't try and stupid shit...' Bakugo huffed then followed from a distance...totally forgetting to get something to eat.

The two walked into the bookstore, kindly greeted by a book stock clerk. The two greeted her back asking where the new books were being held. She pointed them to the other side of the store. "more people come in that way, so they're all stacked over there." Midoriya was super excited, he couldn't wait to start reading it. As soon as he got his hands on a copy, he opened it up and began to fanboy over the first few pages. Shinso smiled at the omega. Enjoying his happy excited personality. His cute smile, how energetic he was when it came to something he took interest in. Shinso felt it was....wrong in a way. He had asked Midoriya out to be nice....but now....he's starting to develop feeling's for the small omega. It wasn't everyday he met someone who liked the same things he was into, the same background, the same difficulty in life, and a few other things. Was it because he was is an alpha? or was it because they shared a lot in common, or maybe it's a mix of both....


"...So what did you think?".
"Hmm? oh sorry, I drifted off into my own thought's for a few moments”.
"Oh that's okay! I was just talking about what I think might happen in this book”. Shinso and Midoriya talked for a while as they walked around the bookstore, talking about other series they enjoyed, sharing ideas, and eventually buying what they wanted. Then they proceeded to make their way out.
"Oh geez! we spent so long in there! It's already 5..…". Midoriya watched the sun fall out of the sky ever so slowly.
"If you want or need to, we can start heading back to our dorms”.
"No no! it's okay, I was just surprised about the time. If you're up for it, I'd like to keep hanging out." Shinso smiled, his eyes closing as he did. The two head off to continue their fun filled day.


Bakugo followed the two into the bookstore. a woman turned around and was about to greet him, however he quickly brushed past her.
'I can't have her ruin my spying....studying!. I'll just hangout in the back...’. So Bakugo did so for the duration the two stayed.
'Ugh fuckin hell! how long does it take to talk over fucking books?!' Bakugo groaned in his head
as he walked around the halls and aisles. He would occasionally grab some random book and flip through it. He really wasn't one to sit around and read. He had shit to do!. Not bury his face in some
book or listen to someone talk endlessly about it. He would mostly just look at the pictures (no surprise there.) and check out the most violent looking ones. He did see one graphic novel that had to do
with a lot of killing in an arena.
'Hmm...this could be something i could get into. maybe-' He suddenly stopped thinking as he noticed the two buying their selected books and heading out. Bakugo had made a mental note on what books Midoriya liked and bought. As he watched the two walk out of the store he quickly bought his book and left. Then continued on his 'study' throughout the rest of the day. Never loosing eyesight on the two, at least not for very long.

Eventually it was getting late and the two had returned to the dorms. 'fuckin finally. my feet are killing me.' Bakugo sighed mentally as he turned a corner to watch the two walk down the final hallways. He leaned his back up against a wall and listened closely to what the two said for the last time of their 'date'.
"I had a lot of fun today! thanks for asking me out, it was great!" Midoriya held his classic excited smile on his face. Shinso smiled back and replied
"Same here. I'm glad i asked you out........" Shinso looked away and his smiled faded a bit, causing Midoriya to frown with worry.
"W-whats wrong? did I do something?”.
"In a way..yes..". Shinso sighed and looked back at the omega.
"Today I just wanted to...well you we spent more time together I really liked that I got to know you. I don't want to ruin a really good potential friendship but......if you say no it's fine. I just hope this doesn't make anything weird between us...I was wondering....if I could...court you."

Midoriya felt shocked at the sudden request.
"W-w-what?! court!? I uh....oh wow…".
"I ruined out friendship didn't I?".
"No! it's okay! i just...well I actually....somewhat felt it coming...I did notice the way your expression changed a lot throughout the really are a great guy!..and...well I guess...I wouldn't mind giving you a chance. I do want to keep our friendship alive though, if it doesn't work out and we don’t become mates. I'm surprised that you...well...asked that....usually its alright if an alpha just...does it.”.

Shinso looked into his eyes and replied "I didn't want to make things awkward. I didn't want to hide my true intentions. so I just decided to tell you. Thanks for the chance. I won't blow it. I promise. I won't push anything either. If it simply doesn't work out, then it doesn't work out. I'm fine with that. I'm glad you don’t feel weird by the sudden proposal”. Shinso smiled and felt the tension lift from his chest.

Midoriya cleared his throat and blushed. "So..uh...listen...I've...never been courted my first one really don't know what to do..".
"Believe it or not..but it's the same for me”.
"REALLY?! THAT'S GREAT! I...I mean...I didn't mean anything mean by it! I just...I'm...glad we are each other's first. I guess it makes this feel a lot less awkward in a way”.
"Same here!. so...I guess I'll be going now. I do hope to see you again soon. If I get too much to handle or be in your personal space too much, just tell me at anytime. I just want to make sure you're comfortable with me”.
"Same here. I promise if you will, and I promise I won’t be clingy or needy”.
"I promise too. I don’t plan on not giving you affection though”. The two smiled at one another. " you want to hug or..." Midoriya asked rubbing his arm.
"Sure, I'd really like that”. So the two did. It was nice.....Shinso felt surprisingly cold though, which sent a shiver up Midoriya's spine.
"Wow you're really cold!”.
"Sorry, I just am naturally I guess. I never really notice it...but you feel really warm...and soft...that sounded creepy huh?”.
"No it's fine! now I feel bad about you giving me a compliment and I just said something negative about you”.
"It's fine, I didn't take it to heart or anything. This is nice”.
"It is.…".
The two were quiet for a few moments. Enjoying the moment of peace. It did feel slightly...strange...for Midoriya since he's never had a full on hug with another guy...let alone an alpha. His omega purred inside of him. Midoriya feared he may have actually did it in real life...he really wished it was only in his head...
Shinso closed his eye's. This was his first full body contact with anyone else besides his own parent's....and an omega? It felt so...cozy...warm...fluffy....Midoriya smelled so...good...gentle....he really hoped that he didn't just noticeably take a deep smell.
Midoriya smiled and said "Okay. Well I'll let you go now, I don't want to take up the rest of your evening. again, I really had a nice time today”.
"Same here. goodbye Midoriya, oh! Here, I should probably give you my phone number huh? don’t ever feel awkward to text me, I have bad insomnia so I stay up a lot...I'm sure you’ve noticed how tired I am usually".
"I promise I won't get annoying either. okay well goodbye”.
“goodbye”. With that, Midoriya headed inside his room then closed the door. Feeling a sense of warm and a little giddy. He had left today wondering what was going to happen, only to back feeling better than ever. A potential mate, great books, then he remembered he even had some ice cream left from last night to have his own mini celebration.


Bakugo dug his nails into the wall. His heart felt like it was about to burst into a million tiny needles so he could stab the wannabe alpha right then and there. He knew it. He fucking KNEW IT! He knew that wannabe alpha was going to make a move on Deku. Then they...hugged?! ASSHOLE GOT HIS SCENT ON DEKU. THEN HIS PHONE NUMBER?! blood will be shed soon enough’. Bakugo wanted more than anything to just walk over to the fuck face and blow his fucking head off. No. No. No he couldn’t. He trained too hard last night to ruin his first few steps. ‘Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Count down. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1’. Bakugo felt a bit calmer now. At the very least his heart didn't feel like it would explode out of his chest. What was his next move!? Deku had so much fun, felt good and...began...a courting?!. That's total fucking bullshit. No more fucking around, No more waiting. It was time to get his shit into gear. Now he REALLY is on the clock. ‘Shit...nothing to give to Deku now’ Bakugo thought as he rushed off to his room. Looking around inside of it for ANYTHING he could give possibly give as a gift. Tearing his whole room apart, practically making everything upside down and inside out.

‘Ugh! all of this is just fucking garbage!’ there's no way in hell he's about to give his Deku porn. wait...the photo from their childhood!....which he destroyed the night before......’ flowers flowers’... He opened his eyes wide and ran off grabbing his phone out of his pocket and calling Kirishima.
"Yooo b-"
"Hey to you too. In my room in a va-".
"uh..okay..have fun?”. Bakugo hung up and ran to kirishima’s room. He and Kirishima had keys to each others dorm rooms. Just in case either was too tired to walk to the other side of the building, or wanted to crash there, but mostly it was just so Bakugo had a place outside of his room where he could calm down in when he's too far away from Kirishima himself. Bakugo jammed the key into the lock. throwing the door open. Looking around his gaze fell upon a vase holding Deku’s flowers. Bakugo just grabbed the whole thing then slammed the door behind him, locking it, and running off to Deku’s room. Bakugo was tired, breathing heavily as he stood in front of his potential mates door.
Shit. He was sweaty, tired, out of breath, and probably smelled like strong anger pheromones. The alpha quickly cleaned himself up as much as he could. Smelled himself all over, His breath was a nightmare though. Thankfully he had a can of breath mints in his pocket. His ORIGINAL PLANS were to take Deku out on a date date. So he knew he would need them. After adjusting his cloths and popping one in his mouth, he fixed his hair...although who was he kidding? his hair was a rats nest. He breathed in so deep he felt like his lungs would expand out of his chest. Then slowly let it allll out. Steadying his nerves for what was about to happen.

'Okay shithead think...what do you say to him!? and this time you have to step up your game. the are the are strong and the best of the best...time to alpha up and seduce an omega...nature has perfected this way of life...I just need to reach inside and use out, breath steady, look cool and collected, seem powerful and lustful, and intimidating too. Bakugo knocked on Dekus door once more. Then waited, Clearing his throat.
"Coming." he heard from the Otherside of the door. He couldn't help but make a small smile
'Deku's famous cute voice…'.
"Hello, h-K-KACCHAN!." Midoriya fearfully gasped.
"Hey~”. Bakugo said in a cool seductive tone.
"Wh-wh-w-what are you doing here?”.
"Listen nerd..uh...I mean...ugh...Deku~”. Suddenly Bakugo grabbed Deku's hand, then got down on one knee.


Uraraka hummed as she walked down a hallway, holding some bags of food from her shopping. She had a great day. Even met up with some of the other girls. She was in a bubbly mood. she then turned a corner and the first thing in her sights was the asshole, on his knee, with Midoria’s hand in his hand. She gasped suddenly and almost dropped her bags while doing so.

"Deku. i was so shitty. I don't deserve you in the slightest. When you talked to me yesterday. It made me so mad. I wanted to murder. I...well my point was all true....well...I never thought of you as a plan B. I just...I was a shit head who wanted you to see someone else, someone better than me, someone who could actually be a good mate. Every time I saw some alpha talk to you though...I...I just snapped mentally....I couldn't bear to see my Deku be snatched up by some jackass....I....I was so angry and possessive and terrible and someone who shouldn't deserve your glance in my direction. So I finally made a choice in my life that will never waver. I'm going to do it. I'm going to settle down and get serious. No more fucking around. I'm going to alpha up”.
"Uh...k.k-aa-c-chan..w-what are you saying? why do you have my hand? why do you have flowers in Kirishimas vase....wait did you steal those? and why do you look so nice?”.


"Shut it nerd..uh...I mean..I...I'm sorry..what all this is's for you. I swore on my alphahood that I wouldn't be diking around anymore. Deku. will you let me court you? give me ONE FINAL CHANCE! I swear on everything I hold dear that I want to actually try. Try and not give up. Try and not back down from my own emotions. I'm going all out. No stops. I won't ruin you anymore. Please, one final chance is all I ask. If you say you don't want
me, then that's it. please, one last chance. If you don't like the new me. The NEW AND IMPROVED ME! the one I want to be for you! you make me want to be a better alpha! will you let your Kacchan try his hardest? will you let me try for your heart Deku!”. Midoriya was numb and frozen. He was so shocked he truly didn't know what to think and feel. His dream had come true! Kacchan actually wanted to be serious! to actually love him! to actually try his best! he would have screamed yes anytime before! but.....but what about Shinso?...what about their future? and what about Kacchan? he's never been the greatest to him...far from it....
"Kacchan. you are angry, violent, possessive and overall terrible to me. all I've ever wanted from you is love. To be your mate. Anytime before I would have happily accepted and became yours right then and do I know you've actually changed? how do I know you want to try? how can I be sure you won't just end up hurting me horribly? like I said. you hurt me so much over the years. I….I don't know if I can just forgive you out of the blue....I don't know if it would ever really work for us. How do I know you won't just be some abusive mate?. I'm being courted by someone really nice. Loving, open, amazing. Someone who has so much interest in me. Someone who has so much in common with me. Someone who doesn't raise his voice or threaten anyone who comes to close to me. I can see a future with him. I can see him as a good mate. If you hurt me. Even once. I won't ever forgive you. If I take a chance on you. One last chance. It had better be worth it. Ff you really are going to do what you say you're going to do. Then I accept. I don't want you to force yourself to become someone
you're not. I would love to see you change and improve in YOUR WAY. Not how someone else would. I accept. If you really want to be my alpha. One last chance."

Bakugo jumped up and hugged Midoria so tightly against him.
"I won't ever hurt you again. I can't thank you enough for giving me this”.
“I just hurt you again! FUCK ME!".
"Its okay! know...I...I want you kacchan. That I’ve wanted this for so long…..but not who you are right now. I want the better you. If you really will become who you say you will become”.
Bakugo smiled so hard. Midoriys felt like he had just seen something so unnatural, so rare that he didn't think it was possible. Kacchan....smiling?!.
"Deku...sweet Deku....I'm going to make up for all those years. OH and here. These are for you...if you want them or whatever..." Bakugo gave Midoriya the flowers.
" like them...they smell so Kirishima? so did you steal these from him?”. "No! I..well its a long story. the point is that those are yours, not his”.
"Thank you so you take the vase back”. Bakugo nodded. Then hugged Midoriya gently. Smelling him deeply ‘ will be mine...I just want my Deku...'
Bakugo thought.

Midoriya felt so hot against Bakugo. A total opposite to Shinso. They both really were polar opposites in every way...the perfect person vs his dream guy. Great. Now he's in a dumb love thing he's always heard about in media. He does feel really really really good though. Like he finally gets a chance in the spotlight. Kacchan did smell really good. so..strong...powerful...comforting...confident...manly...he really was a powerful alpha. A provider. A lover. Someone who would stay next to you every step of the way when raising pups. If he really meant what he says, then it's finally a dream come true. Only time will tell now. He couldn't help but rub his head against Bakugo’s chest...then....feel something big touch him....really big......Midoriya suddenly snapped out of his bliss, in fear.

'Please be a stick of dynamite, or bamboo, or a collapsible cane, or anything...oh Im getting...oh god why...hes only getting bigger...'
'shit shit shit stop getting hard! for fucks sake not now! please. I promise, if you go down I'll take care of you later. How about new pants? underwear? extra porn?! please oh god why! shit I bet he can feel it too. I can't just move away now! but the longer this happens the weirder it becomes! but he little....NO NO SNAP OUT OF IT!. so nice...mmh~...mmh...his nest is right there...just nuzzle him right over to it...I bet it's so soft...and smells like him...his little whines for you...moaning...begging.....wanting to have my pups put into him...oh god..please...I want to see him making a face of total satisfaction...NO FUCKING KNOCK IT OFF. THAT'S IT I'M NOT TOUCHING YOU FOR A MONTH...OHHH NOW SOMEONE'S GETTING SOFT. THAT'S FUCKING RIGHT! I OWN YOU, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!'

'Oh god I want to take him to my nest so badly..just...just a little nuzzling....then....I'd curl up under him...whine submissively…. NO STOP! oh god...I bet he can smell my arousal...oh god! I can smell his! let him spend the have tomorrow off anyways...NO STOP IT. THAT'S IT I'M DONE WITH THIS I'M BREAKING IT so strong...NO STOP!'


Bakugo and Midoriya let go at the same time. Both looked at one another awkwardly.
" smelled...good..".
"So...did you…".
Midoriya cleared his throat as he remembered Shinso existed.....why didn't he get the same reaction?...then again he never fantasised about him for years.'.
"I’m going to go. uh...text me and look pretty...I MEAN YOU LOOK SHITTY. BYE!." Bakugo left in a speed walking pace. Midoriya closed his door, then held himself close. His shirt smelled like over powered Shinso's scent...Bakugo was always one to be the strongest...even his scent wanted to dominate...
Midoriya smiled at that dumb thought. He then walked over to his nest. He grabbed one of his new books. Then though about how much of a fun day he had. A day he couldn't POSSIBLY have with Bakugo...he shook his head clear. Then sat in his nest and laid back. He relaxed and started to read his new book for about a half hour. Later he heard a knock on the door. A very rapid one.


"I'm coming I'm coming!" He said as he walked over and opened the door, only to be shoved back by Uraraka, who then slammed the door shut behind herself. She pushed Midoriya into his nest and then sat right next to him.
"Okay. ..Spill. ...What happened?!..I saw Bakugo PROPOSE TO YOU?!".
"W-what? Nonono! He didn’t! He just asked for one last chance to court me…".
"Courtship? really? him?!."
" know I've always liked him..".
I’m not surprised you accepted it, I'm surprised HE ASKED TO COURT YOU! why just suddenly out of the blue?!.".
"I think...I think he found out about Shinso…".

Midoriya explained his whole day to her. Everything he experienced, his current feelings, and out look on what he's going through.
“ at you! my little omega finally getting two boys to like him! someone's finally going to get an alpha! ohhh but who!? I love this drama! the perfect boy vs the intense manly alpha! the one who cares vs the one who lusts! the one who can relate vs the one who can command!”.
"Remember. I'm right here...and you know daaaaaaam well I'm going to be! this is too juicy to pass up! it's just like one of the many many drama movies and shows I watch! AHHH THIS IS SO EXCITING!".
"Well I'm glad you feel that way…".
"You don't feel like this?”.
"I...I really don't know how I I just said to you..".
“Hmm...well....let's stay up and talk.."

Bakugo opened his dorm room, walking through. He kicked his shoes off and tossed his shirt onto his bed. He felt amazing!. He doesn't feel this good unless he just took down a powerful baddie. The flashing lights of photos, the fame, the news, the CASH!. He flopped down onto his bed and relaxed his body. He just felt good overall. He whipped out his phone. He texted Kirishima. "Got to talk to him”.
"Awesome! tell me everything! did you stalk him”.
"No. I'll tell you tomorrow. I'm tired. Going to bed. Night”.
"Night. You'd better!"

Bakugo plugged his phone in and tossed it to his side. He noticed his shirt and reached for it. It smelt like just held it close to him. The image of his little Deku held closely to his chest in bed. Cuddling him and nuzzling his face into his hair. Taking in his scent.
'Shit...' he thought as his boner came back
'Okay okay, you've earned this....mmh..deku~' One hand reached down. the other held the shirt to his face. Tomorrow. Tomorrow things would start to change for everyone.

Chapter Text

A nice Sunday noon.

The bakupack or bakusquad (as others called them, even they called themselves one or the other) lounged about in Denki Kaminari’s room. Kirishima lifted a hand weight. Sero made little balls of his rolled up tape, then threw them at the wall, forming a face. Kaminari complained to the others. Last, the leader, the ‘alpha’ of the group, Bakugo, laid on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, arms behind his head and looking grumpy.


“You guys! Why do we have to be in my room?! you’re messing it up! Sero stop tapping everything! Kirishima stop dropping your weights everywhere! My floor is getting dents! Bakugo stop kicking my blankets and pillows off my bed!.”
“stop your bitching.” the alpha ordered.
“my rooms a dump, Kirishima broke his floor so they have to repair it, and Sero’s room sucks.”
“hey! I take offense to that! At least mine isn’t a dumpster! I swear I saw a rat in it the other day!. Speaking of the other day. How did you and your little omega go?~ were you invited into his nest? Did you get to have your own little sleepover? Did you get to have a nice cuddle fuck? Get your scent on him? Make a pup? Got to see his-”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP! No we didn’t do anything! I just talked to him. It’s also none of your dam business!.” Kisishima looked over with his sharp toothed smile
“come on baku-bro!. You promised to tell me, so tell us all! we’re your pack!”
“Pfft. I just tolerate you three.”
“Sure you do.”


“...Fine! If it will shut you up….”. Bakugo rubbed his face then put his hands on his chest.
“It went….better than I expected….i said sorry and everything. I doubt it as good enough though. I promised I would change for the better. Asked him to give me one last chance to prove I can be a good mate, a proper mate, someone who would be kinda and loving and supportive and junk. Guess he still had feelings for me. I’m the luckiest bastard ever. Of course I fucked around too long so this other alpha finally made a move right out from under my nose. Apparently the guy is a god dam saint to Deku. The two have a ton of shit in common, hes kind and caring and can talk without getting annoyed and hes open and honest and all this crap. I know cause I asked around the school about this jack off. Never once got into trouble, has perfect grades, loves to read and study, shares a lot with Deku in loving books and hero studies and junk, he actually ASKED if he could court Deku. ASKED! ALPHAS DON’T ASK FOR PERMISSION! Icy approves of him, so does our ‘class rep’. FUCK EVEN ALL-MIGHT LIKES HIM!. How THE FUCK do I compete with that?! Hes a perfect fit for Deku! What do I have!? The complete opposite of him! What interests do Deku and I share?! NOTHING! OTHER THAN WANTING TO BE A HERO AND WE HAVE A PAST TOGETHER!. I FUCKING BULLIED HIM HIS WHOLE FUCKING LIFE AND RUINED MOST OF IT! This swoops in and is perfect in every way!. Shit…...I really don’t deserve Deku.”.

kirishima grabbed one of Kaminaris many many hats, and threw it at Bakugo, having it land perfectly on his face.
“Good. Hide my shame.”.
“Not giving up are you?”.
“FUCK NO! I just….I gotta think of a way to be a ‘proper’ alpha. What do I do!? What do I say?! How do I one up the wannabe.”.
kirishima sighed and made a ‘tsk’ sound. “Oh dear leader. You have such a perfect set up. You need to see it. Feel it. You know Deku inside and out! Maybe soon ‘inside and out’ hahah. You get a major home advantage that he doesn’t have!”.
Bakugo took the hat off and tossed it to the floor. Getting a complain from Kaminari.
“What the fuck are you on about?”.
“History. Personal insight. You sit in front of him in class!. Yeah, we alllll know you’ve shown your shitty side. You need to show your good side. Didn’t we talk about improving yourself?. He has to learn every detail, something that wont happen in a day! He needs to learn about Dekus life, again, can’t learn it all in a day. You Know! You just have to show all the Good stuff you and he did! Even if you had plenty of bad moments, there should be SOME good moments too!. Reach deep deep down within that explosive brain of yours, dig out some stuff, and you’ll be GtG!


Bakugo sat up and checked his phone. He then sent a Text to Deku
B “hey nerd. let’s chill. Believe it or not but I want to do some classic stuff we did when we were kids.”
D “hii! Thanks for texting me Kacchan! Kinda surprised you still had my number...”
B “why would I get rid of it?”
D “maybe you didn’t want to talk to me...”
B “well suck it up. I DO want to. I really want to spend time together. Lets chill.”
D “I'd looove to! But I’m busy rn.”
B “with wut”
D “I'm with Shinso right now”

Bakugo bared his teeth and his heart began to pump.
B “why?”
D “spend time together, that's why”
B “spend time with me. I wana cuddle.”
D “ =D I wana snuggle kacchan!”
B “we can do anything you want babe.”
D “you called me babe!”


B “dam straight. So whens your gay ass gonna be done with extra.”
D “=/. Be nice. Hes your rival, but be nice. I’ll hangout with you some other time. Him and I are talking about books! HE HAS A SET OF LIMITED EDITION SIGNED COPIES OF THE ORIGINAL BOOKS WITH THE CREATORS SIGNATURE!!!!!”
B “cool”
D “it isssss!!!! Shinso also said I can borrow them anytime! And woooow! His room is sooo clean and organized! It would make Iida jealous.”
B “Cool”
D “Whats wrong?”
B “Nothin. Just miss you. Also I don’t know what to say to that stuff. I know it doesn’t interest me, I just don’t know what input I should be using.”
B “I’m glad you’re trying =]. Tomorrow me, Uraraka, Iida, Shoji, Kaminari, and jiro are getting together for a small study group. You can come too!”

Kaminari was startled by the sudden outburst, he fell to the floor and bumped his head against his dresser. “I honestly didn’t think it would matter! Were a whole group! And its not like you ever want to go to them. So I didn’t think it mattered. I'm not dumb enough to try and court Midoriya!.”
“I know you wouldn’t. You don’t have a death wish. Next time you’re doing something with Deku, tell me.”. Kaminari nodded quickly.

Bakugo went back to his phone.
B “I’m joining tomorrow. Teach them how to be a pro. Save me a seat. Next to you. Get ready to have your brains fucked out by me.”
B “i meant learned.”
D “ohh Kacchans so forward~. Kk I will! Oh and we’re all bringing food, so if you want to bring something too you can! You don’t have to of course =]”
B “only for my omega.”
D “kacchan you’d have to share!”
B “only. For. my. Omega.”
D “and if I wanted to share?”


B “fine. Do whatever the hell you want with the food I give you.”
B “My ‘rival’ isn't going to be there right?”
D “no, just us”
B “good. don’t need him Deku blocking me.”
D “Deku blocking?”
B “what the hell do you think it means.”
D “I know what it means. I’m just kinda surprised you want me all to yourself”
B “I’m NOT being possessive btw, I just want to spend time with you. If im trying to court you, then I have to actually COURT YOU! Meaning this alpha’s dumb ass has to get himself in line to do what needs to be done to prove to you how much you mean to me and how much I want you as your mate. Dummy. Now, tomorrow after school where are we going to meet for the nerd group?”.


D “Main hallway 2nd floor of dorms.”
B “cool. can’t wait to see your dumb cute face”.
D “wow. Dumb cute huh? Really going for the gold here”.
D “i was joking. But okay =D thank you kacchan”.
B “so. ‘rival’ call you anything cute?”
D “no. just my name”.
B “good. I have that going for me.”.
D “=/. tonight, I want to meet with you. No you are NOT in trouble or anything. I just want to really talk to one another about this. Two days ago you still made me feel awful. Then suddenly some other alpha comes into my life and you suddenly want to jump up and court me. I just….is this just about being jealous? Or do you REALLY mean what you say?. You have to look at it from my view. All of it just…..seems like you just want to keep him away. Like you did to everyone else. I really really really want to give you a chance. I just….im so scared you’re going to hurt me. I don’t want to hurt kacchan. I am so tired of crying all the time because of you. I'm just so mixed up. If Shinso never even came along, would you honestly still try to court me? Or would things not have changed?.”


Bakugo wanted to punch himself in the gut. Was Midoriya right? Did he only want to finally step up BECAUSE another claim was courting him. If Shinso never tried, would he actually want to court Midoriya?. Bakugo closed his eyes. He didn’t want to fuck this up. His last chance. The final string he had. Then he replied back.

B “I’m shit. I don’t deserve you. I would though. I would court you. However seeing Shinso made me realize. How easily I could loose you. How easy it was to loose a piece of my life I couldn’t live without. Honestly, he helped me out. He was the final push I needed to court you. Deku I want to imagine that life you had dreamed of. I dreamed of a life where I would come home to our amazing perfect home. You came to me and we hugged and kissed one another and held each other close. Then our pups would run up to ‘daddy’ and ask all about my day. I would tell them I fought all the bad guys to keep everyone safe. I could give you a life where you can relax all day without a care of concern in the world. No a single regret lurked in your heart.

A life where you would hardly ever have to get off your feet. A life where you always felt safe warm and loved. We would raise pups together. Watch them grow up, fight with their parents, grow some more, want to become heroes. Then surpass us one day. Then when the two of us are retired, we would spend the rest of our lives relaxing and enjoying one another. Watching the sun set and rise. Watching life carry on. Be in each others arms all the time. Make our house into a home. Our nest into a love nest~. I want to be a daddy alpha. You the mommy omega. I want us to happen. I want to be able to give you the world at the snap of my fingers. If you asked for me to bring the sun to you, I would, or die trying.

See? I can sound sappy and shit too. I need your help though. I want the emotional Kacchan in me to come out. I want to be able to share and open up to you. Talk about dreams and shit. Hopes and the future and all that fluffy crap. I want to give you so many things, you can build a nest as big as a mountain. I want you to drown in food, and hell, even all might stuff. If I ever get lucky enough to marry you. I want something amazing. I want the world to know “HEY FUCK FACES. THIS BITCH, THIS IS MY BITCH. IM HIS BITCH, AND TOGETHER WE ARE EACH OTHERS BITCHES AND WERE HERE TO STAY.” I know dammmm well your mom would cry as she watched you get hitched. I know my mom would get off my ass about making a move already. Actually no she wouldn’t. Next thing she would bitch about is me pumping you full of my pups. Then the old hag might lay off….naah, then she would bitch about me taking care of your pregnant ass, then being a good dad, then knowing her, she would TOTALLY haunt me and throw things at my head if I ever made you cry. My ghost mom would be my living hell if I didn’t keep you cozy and safe and loved.

If I DON’T court you properly. My mom will legit end my life. So its either live a life in hell with her. Or die by her hands. With you, you would always be my heaven. Shit, im actually getting watery. Ugh. This is the kind of shit I need your help with. I would want you to snuggle into my chest and neck and tell this dumb kacchan to let it all out. I'd cry like some dumb life time movie Uraraka watches.”

D “kacchan. That was amazing. You really do mean it. Okay, I’m convinced now. Still, I want to spend a little time together tonight. Maybe do what you would do, stay out past curfew, sneak off and go see something nice like stars on a hill or ‘some sappy shit’. Then lean in close and make your move.”
B “shit. You got me by the book don’t you?”
D “=D”
B “you know me toooo well. Another thing I love about you. Only you and shitty hair know how to deal with my bullshit. If I don’t get you, I’m pretty dam sure I’m fucked when it comes to courting ANYONE else.”
D “keep it up and you’d have to teach our pups to deal with it too.”


B “here’s hoping they DON’T turn out like their dad. I’d rather have more of you running around in the world than me. God, I hope I don’t become my mom. Kill me if I do”
D “only if you promise me that I won’t be the type of mom that cries while recording everything in our pups lives.”
B “Be serious. That will be you no matter what.”
D “now YOU know me by the books”
B “yeah, maybe this shit storm actually pays attention to you once in a while.”
D “guess you need to learn about me a bit more then huh? Same with me for you”
B “well, we can figure that shit out when we court huh?”
D “hence why we should meet up tonight for a bit. Give you a ‘fighting chance’ against Shinso.”
B “sounds fair. When am I going to get my OWN day to seduce you?”


D “ohhh, some big alphas trying to sneak into a certain omegas nest?
B “maybe. Knowing my mom she would want me to have you knocked up by next spring.”
D “well, your mom loooves me. I’m more than sure that I can give her some pups too, put in a good word for you to her.”
B “you? Convince her that I’m doing a smart thing?. Impossible.”
D “nothings impossible with love. Also I WILL give you your own day, no interruptions, just you and your Deku. Then you can use your flashy alpha nature to ‘seduce’ this omega into becoming yours. Remember, I don’t play favorites. You both mean a lot to me.”
B “got it. I walk uphill. I’m willing to do anything for you.”
D “anything?”


B “anything.”
D “even buuuuttt stuuuuuf?”
B “shove everything inside of me. Just for you”
D “funny. I was going to saw the same thing.”
B “let’s see if you can even FIT ME.”
D “yeah...i..felt it yesterday.”
B “eh, he was only a little hard”
B “want a pic? He would loooove to meet you.”
D “I’m good on pics for now. We haven’t gotten there yet”
B “kk, you tell me when and I can have pics made just for you.”


D “here. A little pop quiz for you. Better study alpha. You will see these kinds of things on your upcoming tests. They are worth a large part of your total grade.”
B “bring it on.”
D “how did you think I felt when you reacted to my first heat?”
B “shit I know this. I remember pushing you up against a wall and taking deep smells of you. Then just JERKING IT to you the second I got home. Okay, how did you feel when I did that….horny?”
D “a part of the answer. Whats the rest?”
B “hmm….you pleasured yourself to me?”
D “that’s the same thing!””
B “you felt...vulnerable and wanted me in your nest at the current time?”
D “ding ding. Correct. Also as a small extra to add, it made me cry a lot. I wanted, no NEEDED you. Post heat I felt so weird around you.”
B “ohhh yeah, I remember that. We went on that field trip to the museum. You kept ducking and diving away from me whenever I got even remotely close to you. Shit, all I could think about was you. I wanted to just be near you so fucking badly. Dam, I wish I asked you out then. We could have had plenty of anniversaries by now.”


D “you wanted to be with me? I thought you just wanted to beat me up or pick on me”
B “i prob would have. It was more ‘hey, I don’t know why I need you, but focus on me and need me too. Here’s a fist in your arm. I want to ask you out but im scared as hell you won’t want me. So I’m going to take out my frustrations on you because I want you to notice me and want me.’ man I was a shit head”
D “i super wanted you back then. I always imagined you coming up to me, saying sorry, asking to court, then pushing me up against the wall, rubbing your scent all over me, us having a sloppy make out then holding hands and you showing off to everyone that we’re mates now”
B “sounds hot. Wish I DID do that”
D “well, maybe now’s your chance lol”
B “I plan on making you mine.”
D “I fantasized about those words from you for years
B “I plan on making up for ALL that lost time.”
D “Good. I’m excited and hope so. =D”
D “gtg. Shinso and I are going to talk about ‘nerd stuff’, ttyl!”
B “kk.”


Bakugo smiled and put his phone down. ‘Now to prepare for tonight...what should I do? What should I wear?...”

“So, what did you and Deku talk about?”. Bakugo looks to his right and sees Kirishimas face RIGHT next to his.
“GAH! Dude out of my face! Why the fuck would you think I was talking to him?!”
“caaaaaauuuuusssseeee you were smiling.”
“I saw some funny shit. That’s all.”
“Liar. So, what are you planning on doing tonight?.”
“The fuck you mean?”
“I miiiiiigghhht have looked over your shoulder. You started to smile and I got curious!”

Bakugo’s eye twitched and he tried to throw a punch, Kirishima just laughed and caught it. They proceeded to wrestle on the bed, falling to the floor and knocking a lot of stuff over. “Guuuyyys come on! The two of you are going to ruin my room I swear!.”


Bakupack now sat around Sero’s room. After Kaminari kicked the three out to clean his room, the three headed into Sero’s to now ‘discuss’ Bakugo’s ‘predicament’. It wasn’t until a bit later that the last member of the pack showed up and needed to get caught up on all the thoughts and suggestions going around, then properly used his own input to the conversation.
“Flowers are a must!”
“ppfft that’s lame! Get something risque for him~”
“THE THREE OF YOU ARE TERRIBLE AT THIS!” Bakugo yelled then flopped onto the floor rubbing his face.
“God. Why am I so terrible at this?.”
“OHHH IDEA!” Sero said sitting up in his hammock
“now, you’re going to hate it because I’m right. What if, now bear with me. What if you went around and actually asked others on what to do!”
“Hey you’re right! I do hate it!”


kirishima crossed his legs and closed his eyes in deep thinking.
“that could work….Uraraka is his best friend. Ask her what he would like. We all dam well she would know the answers by heart. You could also ask around the others. Everyone does have their own ideas and thoughts on ‘romantic situations’ like these. At least I assume so. Everyone’s thought about romance at some point in their lives.”

“Hey perfect! I can go around asking not just our class, but why not the whole dam school! Then everyone would know how much I suck at this! it’s perfect! Why didn’t I come up with this plan!”
“We don’t HAVE to tell anyone about it!”
“then how the hell do we ask? ‘oh hey, yeah hi. Listen I need romance advice for someone I like that’s totally not Deku. Tell me what to do cause clearly, I’m not good enough to figure out what my own potential mate likes!.”

“Think of it like this. YOU want to win his heart. MAKE IT CLEAR! SHOW EVERYONE YOU’RE COURTING HIM! SHOW THAT YOU’RE TRYING SO HARD YOU’RE LITERALLY WILLING TO TAKE ADVICE FROM EVERYONE!. Don’t be all ticked off that you ‘feel dumb cause you don’t know what he likes’ cauuuse honestly, no one would expect you to know. IF you do THIS, then it SHOWS how hard you want to court him! How ‘the original Bakugo would NEVER seek advice. He’s so willing to try his best now that hes literally breaking his own stubbornness to learn and grow! JUST FOR DEKU!”


Bakugo sat up and thought. “Yeah….when you put it that way...yeah that could work...”
“See! There ya go! Now. let’s go figure out how to help you seduce your soon to be omega!”
Bakugo looks at Kirishima with angry eyes. Then right before he’s about to speak (most likely yell)
Kirishima interupts him
“I know exactly what you’re thinking. Well too daaam baaad. We are a pack! We help one another out! we’re all in this together! It’s time for the bakupack TO ROLL OUT! OPERATION, GET OUR ALPHA THE OMEGA OF HIS DREAMS!” the three other members jump up and make intense anime posses. (dragon ball Z, JoJo, etc. pick your poison.) Bakugo just shakes his head, grins and chuckles “You guys are such dumb asses.”
“We’re YOUR dumb asses! TIME TO ROLL OUT! First stop!...uh…….URARAKA’S!”
Bakugo sighed in acceptance. No point in wasting his breath trying to argue with them.
“We should split up, cover more ground. I’m going to her place, you three go wherever else. I Don’t care.”



Uraraka sat on her small chair at her table. Eating some ice cream while watching a B grade lifetime original movie. Mentally figuring out who the ‘true bitch’ is, in the current scenario. ‘I bet shes the one who stole the chicks money. She must have! Why else would she drive off with her baby in the middle of the night….’. Uraraka heard a knock on her door. She was a bit upset about that ‘dam. I was just getting to a really good part. Cop busted her ass with a shit load of crack in the back seat...’ she huffed and got up “coming. This better be good! I was right in the middle of my daily ritual!. Oh…..its you….”. she looked at the usual ‘annoyed Bakugo face’ standing in her doorway.
“Hey yourself. What do you want?.”
Uraraka’s eyes did widen a bit at the surprising...and disturbing..answer.
“uh...excuse me?”
“Look. I’ll cut to the chase. I’m more than sure Deku told you I'm courting him. Well help me. If you ARE his best friend, then you’d want me to treat him the best right? So tell me. What the hell does he like?.”
“Why not just ask him yourself instead of asking me.”
“He’s busy with my rival. Which no doubt you support. Give me a fair chance. Tell me what I have to do for Deku to be impressed. Make it snappy, I’m busy.”
“Gee, doesn’t that make me want to help you all the more.”
“Exactly, now hurry up and spit it out so we both can end this conversation.”

Uraraka sighed. ‘He is right. I’d MUCH rather be watching my movie instead of this jackoff talking to me...fine….’ she then cleared her throat drmatically.
“Stop being extra.”
“If you want to listen then I’M GOING TO BE EXTRA!. Now then, Get him a nice cozy big blanket he can use to build his nest with, along with some books on heroes which I’m pretty sure he owns everything on them. Still, look everywhere. There has to be SOMETHING he has yet to read. Get him something nice to eat, he loves ice cream and dumplings. Go fetch him some Tea, something that has some extra relaxation in it. Also anything All-might related works, that’s always solid for him. You get all that?”
“Yeah. K thanks bye.” With that ‘kind’ goodbye he turned around and left.


Kirishima stood in front of Koji Koda’s room. He thought to himself whule knocking. ‘Animal lover. Kind heart. He HAS to know SOMETHING about love. He doesn’t seem like the dating type, but every bit helps’.
The door opened up slightly, a rabbits head peaking out of the crack at eye level. Clearly being held up.
“who issss itttt” the rabbit ‘spoke’ in a small cute voice.
“’s me, kirishima, nice to meet you.”
“likewise! So polite! I love polite people! How can I help you?”
“i...uh….need to talk to your owner Koda.”
“ohhhh what about?”
“Koda can I please just talk to you.”
“but I’m not Koda! I’m Mr.fluffy!”
kirishima smacked his face.
“okay, Mr.Fluffy. I really don’t have much time, and I really need to talk to Koda.”
“I’m afraid hes a bit preoccupied at the moment, but I can help! Tell me what you need!” Mr.Fluffy said cheerfully, his nose twitched at the less than amused Kirishima.
“...I’m talking to a rabbit on my day off…...okay uh, Mr.Fluffy, I needed to talk to Koda about love, I needed romance advice, for a friend.”
“ohh I like romance! And I certainly know a lot about love! I love rabbits and birds and skunks and dogs and cats and ferrets and deer and-”
“PLEASE! Mr.Fluffy! I really am on a time limit and am in desperate need for advice!”
“well, interrupting someone isn’t very nice. Would you please apologize?”

Kirishima smacked his face the n rubbed it. ‘why is Koda doing this?’.
“...i really don’t like being yelled scares me!”
Kirishima laughed a bit to himself. This scene is ridiculous. Him, arguing to a pet rabbit in a doorway.
“I am truly sorry for both snapping at you and raising my voice. You must have a heart! Please look from my point of view oh wondrous rabbit! I am in need of advice for love and have little time to spare oh great and fair hair! What wisdom can you pass onto me, so that I may help pour move love into this very scary life we live!.” Kirishima thought ‘god. I’m SO glad Baku-bro didn’t come here. Or else their would be one small fried rabbit and a crying Koda’.

Kirishima heard sniffling. Behind the door, with the rabbits whiskers twitching, it almost seemed as if the rabbit was the one getting emotional.
“That...was beautiful” Koda said in his actual voice.
“Thanks. So uh...advice please?”
“S-sure just...give me a minute….” The sound of a small shuffle happened past the door for a few moments before Koda himself opened up the door fully. He wiped a tear away from his eye.
“yeah, just real quick. My friend is trying to impress an omega. He needs as much advice as he can get. I promised to help him out, so here I am!. I promise I wont stay long. So, got any advice?”. Koda nods and invites Kirishima in for a quick minute.
“Having a pet is always nice! Your friend can get the omega a cozy pet. Omegas like pets, like Mr.fluffy here. I mean I’m a beta but omegas really enjoy cute small soft things to hold and pet while there in their own nest. The omega I mean, not the pet. A little dog or cat or rabbit or something of a small stature. I have a few animal shelters phone numbers, I could give them to you, if you’d like.”
“Sure! I totally think Deku would be the type to want to cuddle something-UH I uh, meant….”
Koda just smiled and wrote down the phone numbers.
“Here. Tell you ‘friend’ to go with the ‘omega’ to the shelters, see if he wants anything.” Koda winks.
“Oh no seriously it is for a friend! I wouldn’t court Deku! Bakugo would have my head-uh the...alpha in question...ah screw it. Story summed up, the Bakupack are going around asking everyone for love advice to help Bakugo properly court Deku.” Koda smiled and make a little clap.
“Alright well I gotta go now, thanks Koda, and thank you too Mr.Fluffy”. Kirishima winked at the rabbit, who suddenly winked back. Kirishima just told himself the rabbit had something in his eye.


Kaminari knocked on Mineta’s door. This kid is the LAST person you want to ask about love advice, but might as well see if there is even a 1% chance some kind of golden nugget of info could be had.
“ohh hohoho! Hey there.”
“Hey little bro”
“Come for the ‘new books I found’?. I have extras.”
“No not for that….actually….no no not now. So. Quick summery, need lovey dovey advice.”
“...Me? Really? Me?”
“Eh. Might as well check while I’m here.”
“...Hmm...something sexy to wear?”
“Don’t think Midoriya would want to wear sexy stuff….”
“Midoriya huh?”
“AHH YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT! Forget what I just said!”
“ohhhh ho ho! Tell me everyyyythhhiiinngg! You makin a move?”
“HA! NO WAY! Bakugo would kill me. Anyways, asking around for him…..Hmmmmm he might actually enjoy seeing Midoryia in something skimpy…..hmmm…..Any other advice?”
“Sex toys?...a good camera?”
“Hmm….All right we’ll I gotta get going. See you later for those...books...”


Sero stood in front of Menzo Shoji’s room.
“HEY quick question! Love advice?”
“excuse me?”
“Give me love advice quick!”
“Nah wont work.”
“Look I’m really not the one to talk to about these things.”
“Any other possible ideas?”
“A nice hat?”
“Okay that’s probably good enough. K thanks bye!”
Shoji watched Sero dash off down the hallway. “What a weird question….”


Bakugo huffed and grit his teeth. ‘God why am I here?. Do it for Deku dumb ass.’ His thoughts were suddenly stopped as a the door opened to a familiar flashy guy.
“My what a treat! A visitor, at this hour? If I were expecting company I would have worn a better outfit, and perhaps set out a snack-”
“Listen sparkle. I’m only staying here for a second. Now do me a favor and give me love advice-”
“AHHH why didn’t you just say so! Come in come in!”
‘God. What have I sold my soul for?….Deku...he’s the only one worth it...’
“Please! Tell me who you swoon for, who you wish to love and hold dearest! The one who belongs in your heart and soul! The second half to you! The one who will make your life complete! The one you shall bond with for the rest of your life! The one who-”
“ALRIGHT DAMMIT SHUT IT!. Dam. Look its Midoriya. Give me advice so I don’t fuck up my one chance with him.”
“OHHH! So it’s true!, so many rumors and gossip floating around like a tiny bumblebee, buzzing its way into everyone’s ear. My my. May I ask, why do you swoon for him? Is it out of beauty? He is quite the charming omega, If I were an alpha-”
“T-thats rude….s-shouting at someone who has ever so kindly invited you into their home.”
“I’m….sorry..I’m stressed out. I need help. Please.”
“please? I don’t think I've ever even heard you use any word similar to that before! Daresay, ever!.”

Bakugo held his tongue back. He would have blew up that whole room and the owner to ashes if he hadn't needed the advice. Why was being so kind so difficult?! Bakugo couldn’t figure out how others did it daily. It was so tiring.
“Glamour! Something nice and beautiful! Make him feel so wonderful to you! The only piece to your unfinished heart! Give him something stylish! Bold! Breathtaking! Unique! Something that shows the world that you went out of your way to give him something that not only will show that you love him in the highest regards, but also something only HE would ever love! The one thing that will set him apart from all the others who could ever dream to love him as much as you do!”

“That’s...not half bad….”
“Why of course! I do know a thing or two about love~. Here, as a token of good will, take this swatch of fabric. I go to a store that has only the finest of materials! You should visit and get him plenty of nice things! You could have custom made cloths and outfits made just for him! Ohh, his need to nest will intensify soon won’t it? Omegas do nest when they go into their heat~. Pick out a nice soothing fabric for him to blanket himself with. I suggest something light but nice enough to spruce up his nest with some pzazz! I’m more than sure he would love it. Nesting supplies are ALWAYS a must have to court an omega!”
“Hmm...thanks...that’s not terrible advice….” Bakugo went deep into his thoughts, picking over everything he knew about omega nests. Piecing together what Deku would like and want. Bakugo never really paid much attention to nesting. He never considered it something important to learn. Ironic that he thought the most important thing wasn’t a big enough deal for him to learn it.
“If you are ever in need of more advice, you just come back to see me and I can dazzle you with more!.”
“Thanks…..I need to get going, this room is killing my eyes. Geez how are you not blind yet?”


Kirishima smelled something sweet and amazing. It came from Rikido Sato’s room. Kirishima savored the smell as he knocked. A few bumps and thumps later, the door opened up. The sweets eating alpha Sato stood in front of Kirishima. Bits of cake on his face, flour on his apron, even some frosting on his elbow...somehow.
“Hey bro! Alpha to alpha chat real fast!”
“okay sure, come in! I need to watch this cake though so I can’t leave or talk for long….the very last seconds are very important!”
“good to know! It wont be long I promise”. As Kirishima entered the room, the smell amplified. It smelled like a professional bakery. It was almost as good as an omegas heat. Almost.
“Daaaam bro! This place is super professional! I bet you could open your own mini shop!”.
Sato blushed “aww thanks...I’m not that good though...”
“Yeah you are!”
“Would you want to sample some?”
“Hell yeah!”
Sato took out a small bit of cake from the oven and gave it to Kirishima to taste.
“Careful, it’s hot
“MMMMHHH this is amazing! You are seriously good!….OH thats what I wanted to ask! I totally forgot. Okay so, I need love advice. Got any sweet sugary secrets?”
“Hmmm. Sweets are always Grade A. Good smells of course, everyone loves when you smell good. Dress nicely and be confident. Other than that I really don’t know much. Sorry.
“No problem! Thanks bro. Oh hey quick request….could I get a cake? doesn’t have to be big. Just some mini impress someone with.”
“Can’t tell you. Well actually you’re going to find out anyways. So, Bakugo wanted to get some sweet advice to court Midoriya with.”
“ohhh….I got an idea. Always worked on my old girlfriends. Something wonderful and belly filling. Leaving you warm and soft inside and out. Come back in a bit, I can have a cake for Bakugo to use. Alphas help alphas get omegas!”
“You can say that again!”


Kaminari sat on a chair in Mashirao Ojiro’s room.
He watched the big tail swing back in forth, somewhat in nervousness.
“Romance advice?...huh...I think you might want to take the route of fun activities, something you both would enjoy. No one gets bored or fed up when the other feels happy. I’ve always liked going on roller coasters, unless your date gets sick easily. I’ve had plenty of people vomit on me. Not fun for a romantic date. You could go out to a nice dinner, scenery is always great!.”
“Sweet ideas! Thanks! tail is just sooo cool!”
“So can you like...’do stuff’ with it?”
“Uhhh….” Ojiro suddenly went red.
“Get out please.”


Sero Stood in Fumikage Tokoyami’s room. He felt out of place by all the darkness and eerie nature the room. A shiver ran up his spine as he thought he felt something touch his shoulder. “Advice huh….Release the inner, deepest, depths of your soul. Do something that speaks from in. Revel in your carnal natures. Feed it. Give in to desire. Also dark chocolates. Proper presents too. Learn who they are. Study your prey. Then strike when they are most vulnerable. Take them someplace where they would love to be when you strike. Their heart will be yours to take. Feed upon their warm love and let the two of you court properly.”
‘geez this guy is creepy!’ Sero thought as he felt another shiver. Then a whisper in his hear
“Let them know how you feel by being the one to steal their very life away, show them how much better it is with you inside of It.”
“oh...h-h-i dark shadow...” Sero was shaking now, his creep meter was at maximum.
“okayThanksForTheAdviceIHaveToGoNowBye!” Sero said quickly as he departed just as fast, if not faster.
“good going. You scared him.”
“me?! You’re the one who talked about ‘stalking and striking your prey!’”


“Hello Bakugo, how may I help you this fine evening?” Tenya Iida asked looking Bakugo up and down. Looking his usual ‘professional’ attire.
“Need advice...even from you...”
“I can offer much! On what subject do you need advice for?”
“Yes. Romantic advice, love, sappy shit okay. Let me hear it and I’ll be out of your life.”
“Hmm..what new event has stirred you to seek answers for such a question?”
“Dammit just tell me! I’m courting Deku and I can’t fuck this up! Tell me what to do so I can make him happy.”
“Ahhhh, I always knew you two had….history….but I never would have considered that you actually would be accepted by him.”
“the fuck is that supposed to mean?”
“we both know fully well of what you and he had...experienced..over the many years of being in each others lives. Personally I protest to this situation. As a friend I feel like I must step in and prevent further pain from happening to Midoriya, you are very far from being a suitable mate.”
“What the fuck do you know! I’m trying my best! You can even ask him yourself! that’s another reason I need advice, because I don’t want to hurt him anymore than I already have! You and Uraraka are his best dam friends, so you must know some information I could use to please him, make him feel happy and special. Iida. Please, trust me. I DO want to make him happy. All I ask if a fair chance. I...i cant loose him….”

Bakugo actually started to tear up. His face was heating up and his palms started to ignite, causing small sparks to fly around. Iida just watched his expression change from annoyed to...distressed. Even his pheromones had changed. Iida adjusted his glasses, thinking about the situation. Bakugo clearly does want to do this, why else would he get so emotional?. He’s never been one to be anything other than pissed. Now...hes showing...vulnerability, shame, desperation. His pride was breaking down right in front of him. A distressed alpha isn’t a good thing to have around an omega like Midoriya. Bakugo was bigger and stronger than he was. No doubt Midoriya could defend himself, but abuse is abuse. Minds break worse than bodies do. His friend deserved better. Iida could very much see Bakugo being an abusive mate. Iida could not bare to witness his friend be covered in bruises and burn marks. Iida has been to many omega ‘environments’ as some would say. He’s seen abused omegas, returned and forgotten by their mates, dumped at one government enclosed area to another. It was an uncommon thing, but still. Alphas could be terribly violent and abusive, more so than the other two genders.

When he studied for his license he had traveled a bit of ways from place to place, learning and watching, experiencing and training for his tests. He had met a good number of omegas, none he saw as potential mates though. His focus was for school currently, he can think about mates a bit later in his life. Omegas could easily become quiet, submissive, controlled. Conditioned to the point where they couldn’t even think for themselves. It was a horrid thing to watch. No matter what your feelings are on omega politics, they are still people, and should be treated as such. No one deserves to be broken by others. Omegas battered and damaged, both body and mind, to a point where they could only be around other omegas without feeling like breaking down. Iida swore to himself that he would be the kindest mate possible. He would choose a mate who’s had a terrible life, to try and bring a bit of light into their lives. No, they were NOT a pity case to him. He wanted to love and help something that had yet to really so it themselves. His resolved to become a hero had been stronger than ever. He swore he would protect everyone from ‘villains’ both inside and out. Even if they did NOT look like it, the evil in peoples hearts could easily be hidden away. Locked behind a kind smile or a happy demeanor. Iida sighed deeply. Then finally spoke up to Bakugo, who seemed like he was only a little bit away from breaking down completely. A lot of old wounds about to be torn open once more. Old unsaid words and unfinished feelings about to burst right below the surface.

“Bakugo. I truly like to think you could become a good mate. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, just this once. You must realize, I will protect my friend from anyone and everyone. I will tell you what you need to know, then I want you to input what you’ve learned into your actions. I will be watching those actions closely. You must know yourself just how easily abused omegas can become.”

“yeah...I know...I've seen enough of them. I’ve gone on missions to put scum away for doing terrible actions to them. Underground buying and selling, Human trafficking, Prostitution, torture porn, and everything else that can be done to them. Some things you see, you can never forget. That’s another reason I want Deku. I also want to prevent him from going anywhere near one of those government shit holes they call ‘a safe place’. I want to be the one to provide for him, love him, take care of him. I just...I feel like if I don’t control the situation, then he WILL be abused. I don’t want to be possessive, I just want to make sure I’m good enough to be his mate, so he can trust me, so everyone can. I WILL do what it takes to prove myself in every way. Actions speak louder than words. Something I live by. Deku could so easily be caught and tortured by some sick freaks out there wanting a good time. So few omegas out in the world compared to us. Omegas go missing daily, trapped in some dark underground cellar having who knows what done to them.”
Iida simply nodded, he knew well enough what Bakugo said. He’s seen his fair share of horrors.
“Would you like to come inside?”
“No thanks. I really just want to finish talking then leave.”
“understandable. You already have the right idea. Love, care, provide, protect, let them have their own freedoms, make sure they are happy at all times. Give them hope and life. Let no harm come to them. Let them feel like they have control over their own lives. Bakugo, if you truly want to do what you say to Midoriya, I would welcome you to study with Uraraka and I in omega caretaking. Even if you do become his mate and are not required by law to have a license, it would greatly help your understanding of them and their needs.

Bakugo was quiet for a while. Then finally spoke up
“let me think about it. I need to go now.”
“i shall see you leave then. Goodbye Bakugo. I do wish you well. Personally I do prefer Shinso as Midoriyas potential mate. However, I do see something inside of you, something he doesn’t have. Something you and only you can do for Midoriya.”
“really? What would that be?”
“passion. Something to live on. Do not let the flames burn you, control you, set ablaze everything you hold dear in life. You can accomplish so much if you learn to control yourself. I know Midoriya can help you. he’s always helped you with your temper. I know he is the perfect balance to you. You two truly are matched well together. You may be opposites, but you two work well together when you need to. Goodbye Bakugo. I hope to see the outcome of this decision be made evenly for both members of the party. I do not ‘root’ for anyone. The only outcome I want, is for my friend to end up in a life of love. I cannot control his choices, only help him when he needs it, and advise what would be for the best for him.”
Bakugo nodded and turned around then left.
‘be true to yourself.’ Iida said inside of himself while he walked over and turned on his phone….


Kirishima knocked on Tsuyu Asui’s door
“Hey Asu! Open up! Mind If I ask you a quick question?.” all was silent for about a minute. Then the door cracked open to reveal a familiar froggy face.
“Hey Asu! It is I, the frenchiest fry!”. Asu started to slowly close her door after hearing that.
“Wait wait wait! I’m sorry! Okay so my question is this. Asu, what would bring your heart joy? I need advice FOR LOVE!”
‘...ribbit….” Asu started to slowly close her door again.
“Please I swear I’m not trying to romance you! Why would I?”
“nonono please no door closing! I didn’t mean anything rude about it! I just meant- you know what. Never mind. Point us I need love advice for Bakugo. He’s courting Deku and needs love stuff fast!”

“Ohh, then why didn’t you say so, ribbit...hhhm...personally I always imagined a perfect date would be going to a nice lake during sunset and having a small picnic. Watch the colors in the sky change, the colors reflecting on the water, it seems romantic to me. My only other advice would be to make the person feel comfortable. No one wants to feel stressed out or uncomfortable. Mood is everything when it comes to a good date, ribbit.”
“Great! Thanks so much! Okay I’ll get out of-” Suddenly a loud crash happened in her room, followed by a muffled voice, sounding distressed.
“Ignore that, ribbit. It’s nothing.
“It kinda sounds like someone asking for help...”
“Ignore it. It's nothing. Anyways I have to go. I have unfinished business to deal with. If you need me I’ll be at a lake….helping to remedy an old situation...”
“Asui...are you bury a body?!”
“No of course not, why would I bury a body? Anyways I really have to go now, goodbye, ribbit.”


Toru Hagakure clasped her hands together
“Love advice?! I would LOVE to give you some!” she clearly was giddy towards the subject at hand. Kaminari sat on her bed, secretly taking in all the ‘girly’ stuff there was around him. Memorizing it for...later…. ‘oh thank you for letting me get to come here!’ he mentally screamed in joy ‘I’m actually inside her room! How much did I luck out or what! I bet the other guys didn’t get as lucky as I did!’
“Are you paying attention?”
“huh..OH sorry, I kinda drifted off...”
“Clearly. Well that’s okay I guess. So I was saying that romance is like, TOTALLY my jam! I love it!. Soooo who’s the lucky omega huh?”
“W-what no! it’s not for me!”
“suuuuure it is.”
“I mean it! It’s for bakugo”
“….” Hagakure started to laugh heavily
“Long story….moral of which is that he accepted it. Now Bakugo needs all the help he can get. He plans on doing his best, so...yeah he doesn't know a thing. Help please.”
“He doesn’t know aannnyyything huh? Gee what a surprise!”
“Please! Bestow your wisdom! I’m sure or friend Midoriya deserves a good mate!”

“Exactly! But if he does let that animal court him, then I would really rather Bakugo do it properly for him. Gifts! Even the smallest tokens of affection will drive anyone to love them! It doesn’t even have to be something you buy! Homemade things, little cute things, anything that’s nice overall. It shows that the person is thinking about you, seeing things and knowing your proper tastes. Remembering little details about you. From what you like to eat, to how their mouth moves when they read. The littlest things make alllll the difference. Learn about them, know them inside and out but NOT in a creepy way!. Make sure to always be there for them when they need it. Always willing to listen to them, even if you don’t understand it. Simply the act of showing that they want to try to provide them a someone to talk to, someone to open up to, someone who will be there at any given time. It’s always good to be able to talk about something to someone who is willing to be at full attention always.”

“wow thanks for that!”
“Of course! If you ever need anything else, just tell Bakugo to come to me! IF hes going to behave himself that is.”
“so….what about...oh I don’t know….’secret things’ the type of private things you may or may not keep hidden in a container….mind showing me? Just as an example?”
“I WILL kick your ass.”
“Okay okay! I’m leaving!”


Sero listened to Mina Ashido hum happily as she thought on love advice.
“Show them that you like them! Do something fun and exciting! Like walking around at night! Watching the moon and smelling yummy food. Get something nice you both can bond over, watch fireworks and really just enjoy one another’s company! Companionship is a two way street! Make sure you both share! Make sure to also take and give! Give them what they would want to do, even if you might want to, and then the same for them to you. Personally my dream date would consist of him and I walking around at night, looking at the stars, eating hot street foods! Then going into the city! Seeing the sights, looking at all the lights, running around doing a bit of shopping, then at the end, enjoy a nice kiss. Saying some kind of romantic goodbye as you depart.” Ashido sighed as she imagined the blissful night she would like to have herself.
“That all sounds awesome! Do you have anything else to share?”
“What? that’s not good enough?”
“Nonono! it’s not that, it was great! I was just asking if you knew anything else”
“haha im kidding! And it’s fine! But sorry, that’s all I got.”
“Thanks so much again!”


Bakugo grunted to himself ‘yes. Even ask him. Just get it over with.’
He knocked on Shoto Todoroki’s door. ‘This had better be worth my time. I doubt half and half knows anything. Hell I’ve never even seen the guy talk to another omega! Except Deku….Dammit he better not secretly fucking like him.’ Todoroki opened his door, his blank expression was clear to bakugo, although a small hint of surprise was in his voice.
“Hello Bakugo. What brings you here?”
“Listen half and half, I need advice.”
“From me? I would think I would be the last person on earth you would ever as for advice.”
“Yeah well I’m desperate okay?”
“Clearly. I always assumed you had no interest in me in any way possible. I wouldn’t have ever thought you would come to me to offer friendship.”
“This is NOT about friendship. I just want advice and that’s it.”
“What advice might I provide?”
“Love advice.” Todoroki was silent for a while.
“You gonna talk or what?!”


“Why would you ask me for advice on this topic. I hardly know a thing. I don’t pay attention to anything of that nature. I have no interest in the matter.”
“Come on, there’s got to be SOMETHING you know. You’re an ALPHA. You MUST have thought about omegas before! At least once in your life! You never think about heats at least?”
“I do not pleasure myself to them. Nor do I see them as sexual objects. When the time comes, I will wed who I love, but I seek no love at this point in my life.”
“God. I knew you wouldn’t know anything. So you NEVER talk to omegas other than Deku?!”
“Not unless I need something. I only speak to Midoriya because I am his friend. I care for him, but not in a romantic way. I will admit, once I did imagine myself as his mate. I could very well see him as being a loving mother to our pups. I do intend on raising a family. I could see a good life with him. However those thoughts have long since past.”
“I fucking KNEW you wanted to court him!”
“Not since we first became friends.”
“Uh. Whatever! Advice then I can go.”
“i told you, I have none to give. Romance is not something I focus on. You could just do basic things. Chocolates are nice. Flowers are as well. Other than that, you need to seek someone else for information.”
Bakugo sighed and clicked his tongue, he turned around and left.
“Goodbye to you too.”


Kirishima had to bang on Kyoka Jiro’s door. She was playing loud music and clearly, regular knocking wasn’t gonna cut it. It took a few minutes for her to actually notice it. She finally turned down her music and answered the banging on her door. As she opened the door Kirishima accidentally smacked her in the face with his fist.
“OW What the fuck man!”
“Your music was loud and I was-”
“Yeah, I get it. What do you want?”
“Please! Help me! Tell me love advice! Help me learn to be romantic for Bakugo!”
“...You like him? Huh. I always thought you two were just good friends. I guess I could see you two fucking in secret. Who would be the top though? I hardly doubt Bakugo would bottom. Well you never know who would do what. Looks are deceiving.”
“What?! No way! we’re just best bros! I meant HE needs the advice! See he’s courting Deku so-”
“Really? That jack off? For him? Why would he ever accept it?”
“Looks can be deceiving remember?. He really wants to be a sweet heart for Deku!”
“Hmm….Okay I’ll bite. I guess I do want to see this play out. Okay I only got 1 piece of advice. Music. The way to win someones heart is to listen to music together. Get tuned in and really jam out. Once you know what they like, you can get them in tune with you. Music pumps the heart and the soul so much it can make you feel things you didn’t even realize you could feel them. Go tell the wild child this, Get him to learn Midoriyas flavor, then tune out the world and let him enjoy the rockin beats. Now get going, I need to practice my own music.”
“Okay! Good luck! And thanks for the advice!”
“Thanks but luck is for amateurs”

Sero walked down a hallway and met up with Kirishima and Kaminari. They told one another who they visited and what advice they got from them.
“Okay, that about wraps it up. Bakugo went to talk to Yaoyorozu. So we might as well head back and wait for the guy.”
the other two nodded and walked together back to Sero’s room.


Bakugo read the texts Kirishima sent. Updating him on whats been going on with the other three. ‘Last person. Lets hope for the best. If there is anything last to learn, it’s from her. She must have some kind of advice on omegas. I know for a fact she’s been secretly looking for her own omega. She always blushes and gets nervous whenever anyone brings it up.’

Bakugo knocked on her door. Almost just as quickly was it answered.
“Oh hello Bakugo, what brings you here?”
“I don’t have much time left. So I’ll get to the point. I want to get Midoriya to be my mate. I need as much love advice as I can get. So Far everyone’s been asked except you, well I’m here now. What do you have for me?” She blushed and looked elsewhere.
“Oh. I don’t have much advice. I myself am fairly new to all of this myself...”
“So you ARE looking for an omega?”
“w-what? No I meant...i mean...i just...i don’t know much about the subject!.” Her face turned beet red and panic was in her voice.
“My only advice would be to look it up. I’m sorry I can’t provide any other kind of information. Personally that’s what I’ve been doing...Reading about things is different than actual skill.”
“So you ARE looking then.”
“I only meant!..uh...I need to go now. I’m sorry. I hope I could help, with what little I have...”
“So, if you may or may not be learning, I’m assuming you have books on it. Mind if I borrow a few? I’ll return them mint condition, believe it or not but I make sure I don’t ruin other peoples things I borrowed.“. She just blushed and nodded.


At the end of it, Bakugo walked away with four different books. ‘How to court an omega’
‘How to be a proper alpha.’ ‘nesting and YOU. Know what an omega needs.’
‘Omega needs in a modern age’. ‘hope this shit helps. I plan on memorizing front to back on everything. Promise myself this. I promise. Ugh I feel weird for talking to myself. Glad no one can read minds.’. He finally came back to Sero’s room and opened it up, he found his pack writing flash cards and chatting among themselves.
“Hey there he is! what’s up Baku-bro! We all got some great info for you! Making flashcards just for you to learn! And of course these will help us out later on...But it’s YOUR day today! Now lets get learning!”. Bakugo just nodded and sat down.
“Oh nice books, Where did you get those?”
“borrowed them from Yaoyorozu. Plan on making sure I can memorize these things front to back. Anything helps at this point. All of these are written by alphas though. Kinda hoped something was written by an omegas point of view. At least that way I know what I’m learning is from the same gender as Deku.”
Kirishima put a hand on Bakugo’s shoulder.
“Relax bro! If they wrote a book and Yaoyorozu bought them, then they MUST be right!. You know she studies things like its religious. She fact checks the crap out of everything! So these must have some good reviews!.”
“Hope so. Alright, lets get this shit started. Give me the god dam flashcards. I want you guys to hit me as hard as you can with these things.”


A few hours later, Bakugo was laying on the floor. His brain was strained from forcing himself to learn everything all at once. He wouldn’t stop. He didn’t want to, he REFUSED TO! He felt like he was cramming for the most important test in his life, which he knew it was.
“okay, one more, then we’re done here. When an omega whines when he’s stressed, what does he want from an alpha? A. He wants to be held. B. He wants to leave. C. he wants to retreat back to his nest. Or D. all of the above.”
“D. all of the above.”
“Ya you got it! Whew you got this shit in the bag! You only messed up like, 4 times!”
“Chill out! Deku isn’t going to assume you will be PERFECT on your first try! Everyone fails! Practice makes perfect!. I wrote a lot of these down and even I didn’t get them all right!” Bakugo rubbed his face, then ran his hands through his hair. His eyes suddenly widened and he gasped.
“Shitshitshitshit! I’m supposed to meet him in a half hour! I’M NOT CLOSE TO READY!”. The three pack members looked at one another with a mischievous smile.
“Don’t worry bro. We have it allll figured out. You just get yourself ready. We’re about to Little mermaid the shit out of this! We all figured out what to do.”
“What the hell are you talking about.”


“Chill bro! Trust your pack! You get to your room, get your best cloths ready, clean yourself up, then meet Deku. OH and ONE last piece of advice. Jerk off as hard as you can.”
“Jerk off! You have to cum as hard as you can!”
“I saw this in a movie once! If you do it, you won’t be horny or thinking about sex! Your mind will be clear and little Bakugo will be too tired to care. No bothering you while you get your romance on! Also the body produces a pheromone that attracts omegas, pretty much saying ‘hey, I’m a stud with a good Sex drive. Just keep that in mind if you ever want pups.’. I learned THAT from Sex ed!.” Bakugo was about to protest, until he did the math in his head. He just nodded, got up, and Before he walked out the door he looked back. The pack members just all gave him a thumbs up. He sighed and retreated to his own room.


He did what Kirishima suggested, he got off as hard as he could, felt amazing, and wanted to sleep. He forced himself up, cleaned up, got ready, and sent a text to Deku.
B “Hey.”
D “Hey =]”
B “you ready for a nice date with your Kacchan?”
D “yep! So where do you wana meet?”
B “I’ll be at your door. I’m heading in a bit, get your ass ready to be impressed as fuck.”
D “I’m counting on it =] see you in a bit!” Bakugo finished up the last of ‘dress to impress’. He looked himself over one more time, made sure he smelled good with something nice he bought, light but strong enough to be noticed. He made sure to brush his teeth and pop a mint. He left his room feeling confident and ready. He approached Midoriya’s doorway, took a deep breath, and knocked. Shortly after, Midoriya answered, Bakugo’s eyes opened a bit in suprise, Midoriya wore something cute but casual. Bakugo’s eyes looked him over carefully, wanting to just grab him and cuddle the little soon to be his omega.
“you look cute.”
“you look amazing! You really went all out didn’t you? And just for little old me?”
“you know it babe. Now, lets get you all impressed. Come on, lets get out of this dump.”


Bakugo texted Kirishima back and forth for a bit, talking about meeting up on a little hill nearby in the wooded area. He wondered just what the hell his pack was up to. He DID trust them. He just really really really didn’t want to fuck even the slightest thing up. The couple finally arrived, they were on a small clearing and Midoriya’s eyes opened as wide as possible at the sight.
“Kacchan! it’s beautiful!”
“Yeah….” both of them had their breath taken away. The sight was amazing. The hill had a very nice makeshift nest with even nicer blankets on the ground, next to it was a fancy table with two chairs facing one another. Little lights hung over everything, placed in the trees and around the area, making it seem like little stars shining lights down onto everything with a soft glow. Romantic music played from a couple of little speakers around the table. Some nice food was placed, along with a big cake in the middle of the table. The sun was setting at the perfect time, making everything glow shades of orange and pink and blue and purple.

“Oh Kacchan, I love it!”
“Yeah same here...”
“Did you do all this for me?”
“Yes and no. My pack helped me out all day, they made all this for the two of us.”
“That’s so sweet! Oh Kacchan, you really did your best!”
“So, did I do better than my ‘rival’?”
“Well compared to what we did the other day and today, it really does pale in comparison.” Bakugo smiled and thought ‘HA TAKE THAT YOU FUCKER. THIS IS MY DEKU, NOT YOURS’
“Well I only want the best for you after all. Like I said, I am trying my best to change for you.”
Midoriya smiled warmly, wrapping his arm around Bakugo’s, then snuggling himself into his chest
“Oh Kacchan, I can’t wait to see whatever else you’re going to do for me. Not that I don’t appreciate any of this or expect more! I meant I’m just excited to see how you really are going to improve for me.”
“Only for you babe. Now, lets get this date going.” Midoriya nodded happily as he walked over to the table first, Bakugo noticed from behind a nearby tree, his pack all giving a thumbs up. Bakugo couldn’t help but smile at them.


It was wonderful. The two ate, talked, had their cake (which was the best god dam thing Midoriya has put in his mouth apparently, Bakugo really really REALLY wanted to make a sex joke about his dick. He held himself back though.) then cleaned up and sat together in the nest. They watched the stars in the sky and cuddled. Midoriya even made a little purr into Bakugo’s chest, who wrapped an arm around him. Bakugo nuzzled Midoriya’s head, really enjoying his scent and soft fluffy hair. The two had a long tender kiss. Bakugo opened his eyes and looked over at the trees, he heard a noise coming from them. His pack made ‘cute kissing faces’, Bakugo responded by flipping them off. It was late at night now, they knew they had to return to the dorms. Bakugo just wanted to stay like this forever, but Midoriya squirmed and protested, he DID LOVE all of this, but they needed to leave. Bakugo said he was willing to break every rule just for his ‘Deku’. Finally the two got up and left. Midoriya asked about the whole scene though. To which Bakugo just responded that the pack will clean it up for them. When they got back to the dorms, they had to sneak around so they didn’t get caught. When they arrived at Midoriyas room, they had another long kiss. Midoriya snuggled into Bakugo’s chest.

“Tonight was amazing Kacchan~”
“So. Do I win? Are we officially mates?”
“Not yet your not! You may have won this battle, but you have yet to win the war.”
“I don’t suppose that I can come in and sneak into that nest of yours. Take a nice sleep with you~ nothing sexual, unless you want it.”
“No! Not until we’re mates!...IF we become mates that is.”
“So when, and I WILL win, I do become your mate, I demand that I get to snuggle with you in your nest. I want to be with my Deku. I want to hold you tight to me when we sleep. I want my scent on you, I want to show the whole world that we’re mates.”
“Mmmhhhh that does sound amazing. I do really like Shinso though too. He has what you don’t have, and vice versa. I feel bad if I don’t give him a chance….I’m his first….And hes mine...”
“I...I should have been your mate. I should have taken you a long ass time ago. I regret it everyday that I didn’t. I just wanted you to know that. If I just stopped diking around and realize how much you really did mean to me, then maybe we could already be living in our ‘happily ever after’.”


Midoriya was quiet now. He really didn’t know what to feel. He was so torn. If Bakugo never courted him, then he would be mates with Shinso. If Bakugo courted Him all those years ago…. Midoriya sighed heavily. He really did feel so safe in Bakugo’s arms. He radiated protection, confidence, a true alphas alpha. Shinso didn’t. He wasn’t passionate, or the type to make a move. Midoriya DID like when Bakugo was the one to engage. Taking what he wanted when he wanted. He was the one to kiss first, to hold him first, to cuddle him first. Midoriya loved that he didn’t have to wait around or signal what he craved. Shinso was sweet though, he waited until he got the all clear. He didn’t assume things like Bakugo did. He made sure he always got permission to do something. He respected Midoriya’s choices. If he didn’t want something, Shinso wouldn’t push or pry. The two had so much in common. He and bakugo really didn’t have much. If it wasn’t for their ‘history’, then he wouldn’t have ever accepted Bakugos courting. ‘Why wasn’t love easier? Shit it really was as hard as it’s always shown’. He honestly thought that all the extra drama was just for TV and movies.


“I need to get ready for bed, I had an amazing time tonight Kacchan. I’ll see you tomorrow at study group...if you still want to come.”
“Goodnight, I had an amazing time too. I will come, if you’re going to be there.” the two parted ways. Midoriya got ready for bed and texted EVERYTHING to Uraraka. She squealed and DEMANDED she hear everything tomorrow to her face. Bakugo got ready for bed. He wanted to be with his Deku. He really had hoped he would be invited into his nest. He just wanted to hold him, ti be close to him. He honestly didn’t care about if he got laid or not. He just wanted more affection, even if it was subtle and unspoken. He turned on his side and held a pillow against him. He pretended it was Deku. It helped him sleep that night.



And now, a little bit extra. Just for all of you!
Enjoy this little extra fluff
Nice sweet treat



Uraraka, Iida, Shoji, Kaminari, Jiro, and Midoriya sat on couches, their homework splayed out. Everyone talking to one another and helping each other catch up or ‘teach’ them on the subjects they needed help with. Iida was the one ‘leading’ the little group. Going around, making sure everyone gets enough of his time evenly, asking what they needed help on the most, and so on. Kaminari and Uraraka needed the most help at the time, REALLY trying to make sure they didn’t flunk any more tests.
“Hey nerds. You finally catching up?” Bakugo said walking up to them.
“Kacchan!” Midoriya’s knew his face would light up the moment he saw Bakugo. He honestly didn’t expect him to be there the second they started. Thankfully he wasn’t too late, he came a little bit early to the halfway point the study group had. Bakugo walked over and hugged Midoriya tightly. The rest looked at them for a few moments. Shoji and Jiro just went back to homework while Uraraka smiled at the happy moment, Iida looked at them with a somewhat unsure look, still fearful for Midoriya’s sake, and Kaminari looked at his pack leader with pride, knowing well that last night worked wonderfully. All that hard work and effort paid off, now he hoped that Midoriya would hurry up and accept his leader as his mate. For obvious reasons, and a personal reason. The personal one being that he KNEW Midoriya could easily calm Bakugo down whenever he got worked up. No more need to fear of Bakugo lashing out if his mate is there to soothe him.

“You came” Midoriya sat down, sitting Bakugo down next to him”
“of course. I gave you my word. I always keep my word. So, whats going on here?”
“studying for the upcoming test.” Shoji said plainly.
“Would be easier if IIDA let us copy” Jiro complained.
“Copying would only lead to disaster! If you were to simply copy what I’ve learned then you would not have learned anything at all! Thus leading you to more failure in the future when I am not around to copy from. This is the best for all of us, helping one another learn properly so that we do not need to rely on one another in the future.” Iida said factually.

“Yeah yeah, factual smactual.” Kaminari sighed. Bakugo suddenly grabbed Midoriya’s head and pulled it to his chest.
“show me what you need.” he said casually to his Deku. Midoriya’s face wamred up, Bakugo taking charge as usual. He really did enjoy it. Bakugo then wrapped an arm around him. Midoriya smiled and blushed more. He didn’t expect physical contact. He loved it.
“well uh...h-here...i need help with these...” Bakugo just looked at the papers calmly, reading them over carefully, then tried to explain it to his Deku. By the time it ended, they all had at least learned something from one another. Bakugo ‘demanded’ he goes to Midoriyas room with him. Midoriya just agreed trying his hardest not to panic. The two just spent time together, doing a bit more homework, then hanging out. Midoriya was pulled into his own nest by Bakugo and held against his chest. The two watched a couple movies together. Midoriya felt so secure and comfortable. He really just wanted to curl up and sleep on the alpha. When Bakugo left that night, midoriya got ready for bed, doing his usual nightly ritual. He loved that Bakugo’s scent was still on his nest. He curled up and enjoyed it. He slept well that night, feeling totally relaxed and cozy. Bakugo did the same in his bed. He may or may not have stolen one of his Deku’s blankets. He held it close and gently, as if it were the owner himself. ‘this is his blanket now. His Deku can cry all he wants. Its his.’ he thought to himself with a smile, before burying his face into it. He slept calmly that night, And had a dream that made him feel amazing. This kind of feeling he only got when he had his ‘favorite’ dream. One where he’s king of the world and has every thing he could have ever wanted, including a solid gold throne and a huge magical staff that controls the weather….

In his dream. He was tired, sore, and overall felt worked out. Coming home was one of his favorite things to do. He opened the door, the smells of good food and his mate. His Deku walked up to him and threw his arms around him, the two kissed and nuzzled each other. “Welcome home Kacchan. Dinners almost ready.”
“Mmhhh your cooking is always the best. I’m starving.”
“Well I made more than enough and even have a little treat for us in the oven.”
“dessert too? You really are the greatest mate.” suddenly 4 small children of slightly different ages ran up to him. They called him ‘papa’ or ‘daddy’. He bent down on his knees and hugged each and everyone of his pups.
“where you good for mommy today?” they all nodded and smiled yes.
“good. Then tonight after dinner we can go out and do something fun for a little bit!” the children cheered and thanked their father even more.
“Alright, go play now. Let mommy and daddy have some alone time to talk.” The children nodded and left the two standing by the entrance of the house.
“you aren’t too tired to go out tonight?” Deku asked worried
“Not for my family” He and his Deku kissed once more, except with a little tongue now.
“Why don’t I help you get undressed. You must be tired from wearing your Hero outfit all day.”
“I don’t think I’d mind a little help from you. What about the pups?”
“They’ll be fine for a bit. Dinner is practically done so I don’t have to watch it. let’s get you undressed and I can help wash your back in the shower.”
“I can’t wait. You mind giving me one of your famous back rubs?”
“I never mind.”

That morning when Bakugo woke up, he had a new favorite dream.

Chapter Text

Friday at lunch, it was a usual day. However, a scheming Mineta sat at his own table, forming a finer pyramid as he stared at Midoriya sitting alone….

Elsewhere, The backpack sat at their usual spot talking about random things.
“I gotta go take a shit, See you extras later.” Bakugo said as he got up and left
“See ya bro!” Kirishima said as he left them. Mineta walked over to the Bakupack table and sat down.
“We are fools….”
“What?” Sero asked as he looked over at the small grape boy.
“Our efforts were for naught...we have accomplished nothing due to our rash actions...If only we had opened our eyes and seen what the correct answer to our quest was. The true pathway to heaven itself.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Kaminari asked.
“Look, over yonder. Witness the truth.” Mineta pointed over to Midoriya.
“Uh….Deku?” Kisishima asked still not sure what the small grape child is rambling on about.
“Witness it! Look ever so closely! The truth is in front of our eyes! See what I see!”
“Okay I’m more than lost.”
“YES GIRLS!.” Mineta pointed even more dramatically at Midoriya who was surrounded by girls. All of them asked him various questions.

"Ohhh you are so cute!"
"Can i pet you?"
"Whats your favorite food!"
"Can we be BFF's?!"
"Do you have a mate? is he cuuute?"
"We should totally hangout!"
"Do you paint your nails?"
"Do you get hit on a lot?"
"I have a TON of alpha friends! i could totally get you a mate!"
"I bet your nest is so cute! do you love stuffed animals?"
"What do heats feel like?"
“Can I get your phone number?”


“Yeah...he’s gay...what about it?”
‘HE is the ULTIMATE UNLIMITED RESOURCE! We must use him to our own advantage!”
“Okay bro, I’m pretty dam sure that if Baku-bro heard you talking like this he would kill you” Kirishima said in a worried tone for the small grape boy. Did he have a death wish or something?.
“I’m not afraid of him.”
“Famous last words. Nice knowing ya” Sero said with a sigh
“He is a chick magnet because he’s a GAY, OMEGA, MALE! Hes practically one of them! Nothing makes someone even more attractive than being friends with such a beautiful creature! We could EASILY be surrounded by them like he is! We can use him to our advantage! Think of it. So many hotties coming up to us begging to know about him!”
“I...I see it now….the truth is revealed to me!” Kaminari said with a sudden gasp.

“Bros I really don’t like how you’re talking about him like that. He IS a PERSON after all, now some renewable energy.” Kirishima said rubbing the back of his head.
“What? We ARE his friends after all! Plus he wouldn’t even CARE about us getting hit on! It’s not like he’s trying to get a date with them! Besides, It’s like a car. You wouldn’t NOT use it if you could!”
“We must be there! We must have those girls!” Kaminari said, practically drooling.
“Exactly my friend! Let us march over there now and use our perfect new friend!.”
“Yeah...using a friend doesn't sound good in the slightest.” Kirishima said. He looked over at Sero for agreement. Only to see Sero smiling and rubbing his chin.
“Not you too!”
“Sorry but….the facts are there...” Kirishima sighed and shook his head.
“Fine. Do what you want. If Baku-bro finds out, it’s going to be your heads. Not mine.


Midoriya sighed mentally as he kept trying to politely wave off the flock of girls. He hadn’t even noticed Mineta, Sero, and Kaminari sit where he was sitting.
“Hello ladies~” Mineta said in a ‘seductive’ voice. Midoriya perked up to see his friends sitting with him, he was getting lonely without Iida and Uraraka. Even with the flock of girls around him, he just didn’t know them. However the girls just ignored the three other boys.
“Hi you guys! It’s good to see you!” Midoriya smiled.
“Yeah hi to you too. So how are you ladies doing today? Did you hear that? We are his best friends! We love him and he loves us! So yeah, that’s a nice fact huh? You girls can come up to us at any time to talk.” mineta spoke, trying to look manly. The girls stopped chattering and looked over at the three.
“Ooohhh! I want to know everything!”
“Me too!”
“He’s hardly talking to us!”
“He must be shy. Poor thing.” Right at that moment, the bell rang, signaling everyone to go back to class. ‘Nononono! Not yet! Not now!’ the three boy’s thought
“Aww! Lunch is over!”
“I didn’t even get to know his favorite color...” The three boys sighed as their chance was blown.


Class had ended, along with school itself. The class was getting ready to leave, each person doing their own thing. Sero, Mineta, and Kaminari gathered together and whispered to one another as they looked at Midoriya.
“Next step in my plan.” Mineta said making a finger pyramid.
“...And that would be?” Sero asked trying to figure out what the little grape boy was thinking.
“If a girl won’t tell us who she finds attractive. Then we must ask..A GAY!. Midoriya well help us figure out who’s hotter AND how we can IMPROVE ourselves in the right way. “
“oooohhh I see! Cause hes gay he likes guys! That’s brilliant!” the three snickered to one another.
Midoriya opened up his backpack and pulled out a large packet of papers. Kirishima and Bakugo walked over to him and said hello.
“Hey bro whatcha doing after school? Bakugo and I were planning on hanging out, we wanted to invite you too.”
“oh nothing really, I was kinda busy actually. I really need to get these done.” Midoriya said as he showed them the packet.
“Daaaaam! Did you get that homework from a different class or something?!”
“no...its….legal stuff. My ‘Omega checkup’ is coming up soon and I need to fill out all this paperwork.
“Holy crap! All of that?! what’s it even about?!”
“Me being able to stay here. Not just in the school, but overall outside of the ‘omega sanctuaries’. If I don’t get this done in time, then its goodbye Midoriya to all of you….”
“Wow….dude...that’s so harsh!but what about mates?” Kisihima was amazed on just HOW INTENSE these things were. Being an alpha, he’s never had to deal with any kind of gender issues. Bakugo got increasingly angry throughout the conversation. Why? Why was life so unfair. How could the government be permitted to just...TAKE his Deku away from him…. This is the first time he’s ever actually seen any kind of paperwork that omegas need to do. He KNEW that there were a LOT of things omegas had to go through, but he didn’t even come close to thinking it was this much.

“yeah...but still...”
“Wait, but isn’t all-might your legal owner?”
“I...really prefer to have him be called my ‘caretaker’...owner is a little….disheartening..” Midoriya frowned and felt sad. To think he was be owned. Not even fully recognized as an actual person. Just a CREATURE that needed to be protected. His kind was technically endangered. He sighed as he looked back at his big stack of papers. It would take him days just to complete them….he still had a month and a half to finish them though...Still. It always was a painful reminder of just who and what he was to everyone….

“Yeah all-might is...but still, I need to actually only do about half of these. However all-might won’t be...taking care of me I though I should just...get used to doing these things….eventually I’ll just be on my own with this. So I thought I might as well get started on learning the entire process by most omegas need to do...I guess I am thankful that I only need to do these packets every six months...heh..”
“Man..I’m...sorry that you have to go through this...” Kirishima rubbed the back of his head. His happy mood started to die...he really did care for his friend. Knowing that he was FORCED to go through this so often. It was painful to think that Deku had all this intense weight on him constantly.”
“if you need any kind of help, I’m always here for you!” Kirishima forced himself to be cheerful again. that’s what Deku needed right now. He needed something warm and joyful in his life. Kirishima always made it a habit to make sure he could support everyone this way. Everyone did need SOME kind of pillar of light in their lives to help them get through the shit storm that people have to live through daily.

“thanks but, this really isn’t the thing I can be helped with.”
“I could try to learn everything! Maybe flashcards-”
“no. I mean I CAN’T be helped I HAVE to do this by myself….another rule I have to follow. I either learn this stuff, or...well go away. Bye bye.” Bakugo was more than furious. He felt hate literally being sweat out of his body. His deku...gone forever...he couldn’t even THINK about that. In all honesty, He would have GREATLY preferred his Deku being mated to someone else. At least that way his Deku wouldn’t have to live in some shit hole. Being brainwashed and torn away from all his friends and family. His Deku didn’t need his anger right now. He wasn’t good for him right now. He needed to leave fast. He knew that if his Deku smelled and sensed his anger, it would only stress him out more.

“I’m taking off, Deku I’ll talk to you later, good luck and junk. Kirishima, I need to go back to my room. I need to ‘Clean my Gear’. That phrase was code for ‘I’m literally about to flip my shit right now. If I don’t go somewhere else, I’m going to blow up this whole fucking school.’ Only Kirishima knew that phrase. Only he was allowed to. He was one of the few people Bakugo trusted enough to let him into his more ‘personal problems’, like his true feelings and emotions deeper down. Below all the rage and anger and overall pissed off I want to kill whoever gets in my way attitude.
“Okay bro, I need to get some stuff from my room anyways, I’ll walk with you in a second, let me just grab-”. Before he could finish, Bakugo had already walked out. Kirishima turned around and said bye to Mirodiya before leaving after his Baku-bro.


Sero, Kaminari, and Mineta watched as Kirishima and Bakugo walked away. They knew this was their chance to strike, with the one guy who would legit kill them out of the way, they could finally execute their plan. Kaminari slid up to Midoriya and tried to look cool.
“Hey cute stuff.”
“Uh...what?” Midoriya asked as Sero and Mineta did the same
“So...we got one question for you….how hot are we?”
“...Excuse me?”
“Listen. you’re gay, we’re guys. Tell us each on a scale of 1 to 10, how hot are we to you?”
“I….I honestly don’t know whats going on here...” Mineta made a ‘tsk’ sound.
“It’s simple. We want to know how attractive to girls we are. You’re gay so you should be able to tell us correctly!”
“..What does that have to do with any of this?”
“Come on! it’s not that hard to understand! You like guys, girls like guys, tell us how hot we are so we know. It’s all on the same scale you and girls use! So stop keeping us waiting and tell us please!!!”.


Midoriya was silent for a few moments, letting the information sink in. He suddenly went read and felt super awkward about the situation that developed around him. He shook his head rapidly and said nervously
“Nononono! I don’t know! And just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I’m attracted to any of you! You’re my friends too! I don’t know about this! I don’t think of any of you like that!”.
“Awww come on! Give us something at least!” Kaminari groaned. Mineta slammed his hands down on Midoriya’s desk
“Ahhh!!! I honestly don’t know! Everyones attracted to different things and different people! I guess...kindness? that’s always something people like!”


Bakugo stepped out of the door to his classroom. He tried his best to count down from 10. He walked down the hallway for only a few seconds before someone he REALLY didn’t want to be around came around the corner.
“Hello Bakugo.” Shinso smiled kindly. Bakugo honestly thought he was about to legitimately commit murder that day. The only thing holding him back was the imagine of Deku crying about Shinso being killed and him being arrested for murder. To be locked away for life, never being allowed to see his Deku up front without being behind a thick wall of glass. Never being able to hold him in his nest, never being able to have privacy with him, never being able to raise pups together.


“Hello...Shinso...” Bakugo tried his best to hold back the raging sea that churned within him.
“How are you doing? You look at angry as ever.” Shinso smiled.
“I was actually looking forward to talking to you, do you have a moment?” . Bakugo grit his teeth.
“Sure. For a moment.” Shinso nodded thankyou.
“This is nothing out of anger or frustration or sarcasm or anything negative. It’s pretty much commonly known now that you and I are courting the same omega. There isn’t a single person here who hasn’t heard about it. I just wanted to say that I hope there will be no bad blood or anger or hard feelings between the two of us. I truly hope that I will win, but if you do, I wont be angry. I only wish that whoever Midoriya chooses will give him the best life possible.” Shinso held out a hand.
“Just because we court the same omega, doesn’t mean we have to hate each other. Would you shake on it?”. Bakugo so wanted to punch the guy in the face or do far worse. His mind went back to his Deku. He know Deku would hate him if he did anything violent. This was a perfect thing for his Deku to show that he really is imroving himself. The other Bakugo would have lashed out, but the new one won’t. Bakugo made himself promise. This was it, a great test of willpower. This is what he wants, to overcome himself. Bakugo breathed through his nose and calmly let it out. He shook Shinso’s hand.


“No hard feelings. I promise.” Shinso smiled at the reply.
“I’m glad you agree. I know well that you are not the most….calm person. I honestly was a bit afraid that you were about to blow my head clean off.”
“Yeah, the old me would have for sure. I’m trying to improve myself. Become a better person. No more acting on sudden violence….or at least I try to. I wont be the rash angry alpha I was. I’m going to be in charge of myself. Control myself properly.”
“Well that’s wonderful to hear, it’s always great to improve ones own flaws. If you don’t mind me asking, what brought this sudden change of heart?”
“Deku. I promised myself that I would try, no, succeeded in doing this. I won’t fail him. I plan on winning this, I’m sure you already figured that out though.” Shinso nodded in agreement to hearing this.


“A very nice thing you’re doing for him, and more importantly yourself. I respect what you’re trying to accomplish. I truly wish the best for you, and if you do win, then I hope you will give him the greatest life he could ever want.”
“I plan on it.”
“Thanks for the talk, I’ll leave you now. I hope you have a good day, goodbye.”. With that, Shinso walked past Bakugo.
“That was great. More than great actually, you handled yourself so incredibly!” Kisishima came up from behind Bakugo and patted his back.
“Deku would be so proud! I was so shocked to see how well you handled this!” Bakugo just started to walk away but let Kirishima catch up to him.
“Thanks. Like I said, I promised that I would change for my Deku. I don’t plan on giving up. I will do this steep uphill climb for my Deku. I won’t loose.” Kirishima nodded and put thumbs up in approval of the ‘new Bakugo’.
“Can’t wait to see the new you forever now!”
“Believe it or not...that calmed me down a bit”
“Oh? Really?”
“Yeah. Talking to that just was a major obstetrical for myself. I did it. I won that battle. I plan on winning this war within myself. With my Deku in my heart, I will win every challenge. Even if it kills me.”
“Lets hope!. I want to see my Baku-bro get his omega.”


Midoriya was in need of help! He felt so awkward being surrounded by the three boys asking him a very awkward question. He really hoped he wasn’t producing any distress pheromones.
“You boys better knock your stuff off! Or else we’re all gonna kick your asses!” The four boys turned around to see all the girls in the class walk over to them.
“We just wanted to ask-”
“And you did, you got your answer, move on before we hurt you three. you’re making him feel anxious! He doesn’t deserve it!” Uraraka said walking over to Midoriya and hugging him. Gently petting his hair.
“Scent.” midoriya blushed heavily. He REALLY hated when his body acted without his permission.
“Aww but we-”
“Leave boys.” the girls all looked darkly at the three. Said boys backed off and said sorry, leaving quickly after grabbing their stuff.
“T-thanks...” Midoriya blushed harder somehow. He really wished he wasn’t there right now. He would do anything to trade positions with anyone.
“Of course!” Uraraka squeezed him harder.
“How did you...know”
“Momo” Midoriya looked over to her, she blushed and waved.
“So! Us girls were talking...and we have one super important thing we want you to do for us.”
“Oh? What would that be?”
“WE were hoping that you would come with us….and have a sleepover party!” Midoriya blinked and looked at each of the girls.
“Everyone's coming! We all planned this for a while and we wanted to invite you! you’re practically one of us!...I uh, didn’t mean anything mean by that!” Miroriya rubbed his head
“It’s fine! I know you didn’t. Really? I’ll be the only boy...won’t I weird everyone out?”


Asui walked over to him along with everyone else, she spoke up
“Why would we be? it’s not like you’re trying to get into our pants or anything. Besides you could use the fun”. Ashido smiled and said
“And you totally need a mini vacation! Forget your paperwork for a bit and have fun!”
“y-y-you know about this? How?”. Yaoyorozu felt a bit awkward.
“I...may have overheard...not only that, but I've been studying omegas. I learned what you have to go through, or at least some of it. I knew your 6 month period was coming up. I wanted you to join us, hopefully forget it, just for a little bit at least.” Midoriya smiled at such a friendly offer they made.
“I..I guess I can’t say no, or need to! Yeah...I could use a break from all of least for a bit. Yeah it’ll be fun...right?” all the girls nod. Hagakure walked in front of Midoriya’s desk.
“Don’t worry! We have everything planned out! Just pack your jammies and head on over to my room! don’t worry, I moved stuff out of the way so we have plenty of room for all of us! I might need help moving my furniture back into my room though….if you dont mind”
“Wait, you moved it out?”
“Yep! Sato helped me! I have it in a small storage unit nearby.”
“Totally! don’t worry my parents own it, we hardly ever use it so it was a piece of cake! No one has to worry about a single thing, I have everything planned out and under control. You just show up and have fun! See you tonight! The party starts at 5. We’re gonna have so much fun! We might even learn how to kill a man with our bare hands!” Midoriya nods and smiles happily, and awkwardly at that last thing she said...


Midoriya and Uraraka walked together to their dorm rooms, guessing what tonight's activities might be. Then they ran into Shinso, Literally for Uraraka.
“Ahhh! I’m so sorry! Oh, its you” Uraraka looked at the tired alpha.
“Yep, it’s me, and it’s no problem. Hi Midoriya”
“Hi Shinso!” the two walked over to one another, both feeling happy.
“So….Want to hug?” Midoriya asked, wanting him to start it like Bakugo would have….
“Sure, How was your day?” Shinso asked as they closed in the gap between each other. Shinso felt cold as always.
“Good, mostly, well other than a...bump or two now and again..but everything's fine overall.”
“I’m happy to hear that. I was wondering if tonight you might want to spend some time together?”
“I’m sorry. But I’m actually busy tonight”
“No problem, Its my fault I didn’t ask you sooner”
“No no! don’t blame yourself, this actually came up last minute.”
“Mind if I ask you what you’re doing?”
“I don’t mind, the girls from my class and I are going to have a fun sleepover….that sounds like it’s for kids huh?”
“No not at all, I really enjoy this but I have to get going”
“Okay no problem, I’ll let you go….physically too haha” so the two left go and said goodbye one last time to each other. Uraraka squealed slightly at the very cute sight.


Bakugo laid on his bed, he had his arms behind his head and sighed to himself. Kirishima used a small hand weight and counted how many he did. Bakugo looked around his room. He had memorized it from inch to inch. Still, every time he saw looked at it, memories of his Deku flooded into his mind. Them cleaning together, them sitting in bed being too tired to move. Them talking about small things. Bakugo so just wanting to grab him, pull him close, and just dig his teeth into his Deku’s scent gland. Claiming him right then and there, then just fucking him into the bed roughly. Bakugo did try to make arousal Pheromones so his Deku would ‘take the hint’, But either he didn’t pay attention, or ignored it. Bakugo had so many regrets when it came to his Deku. The biggest had always just been about not claiming him. Why was he such a fuck up!? He just wanted to go back in time and scream at his yonger self to get his shit together and say how much you love him!. He really would give everything he had just to be able to do that. Sadly there was just no way to do it. His mind wouldn’t stop pestering him about it. No matter how many times he told himself that it wasn’t possible, it just kept replaying the same scenario. He goes back to the day he bullied his Deku, burning up his hero journal. Tossing it out the window. Telling how useless he was for being quirkless. Telling him how his only way of getting a quirk was to go get knocked up by some alpha. His current self getting thrown into the lockers and screamed at by his ‘future self’. Ranting on and throwing all the pent up emotions at him. All the crying, churning rage inside, the desperation, the worry, the darkest shittiest parts of him breaking down. He would collapse onto the floor with his knees. Crying into his hands, cradling his face. Begging someone, anyone that he could run over to his Deku and tell him it would be all right. That he would love and support him no matter what. He could cry into his Deku and hold and be held by him. He could finally feel happy, he could finally do the one things he’s always regretted not doing. If only he did things differently. If there was some god or holy being or whatever out there. He prayed mentally that he would give his soul, just to be able to do what he imagined.


He wasn’t ready. He knew it. He always wanted to just beat the shit out of himself when he couldn’t bring himself to just walk up to his Deku. Say sorry countless times, kiss him, claim him, tell him he would be taken care of in only the best ways possible. Raise a family, settle down, deku would be a stay at home mom, far far away from all the dangers of the world. Be in a nice safe warm cozy place for the rest of his life. A place well protected from all the nightmares the world made. No need to feel fear, regret, unhappiness, and every other dark and horrid emotions that lurked within his heart and head. Bakugo breathed out slowly. This was his last chance. He knew it so well. He repeated it to himself almost every hour. He felt like he was diffusing a bomb, the smallest wrong move and he would just….die. He did consider the worst outcome. That his Deku would be taken away, locked away in some abusers home. Beaten and broken. Becoming hopeless and submissive. Covered in scars, bruises, burn marks, cuts, and every other thing that would ruin a body. He would just be a mindless sex toy to some alpha. A servant of dark pleasure. What if they had pups? Would the father beat them too? Or would he just make his Deku get rid of them.


Bakugo learned long ago how mentally damaging it was for an omega to be separated from their pups. It wasn’t like other mothers, it wasn’t easy for anyone, but to omegas, for some reason its far more intense. Far more emotional. Far more painful. It was worse than death. Bakugo did secretly study omegas for a couple years now. Reading biology, history, how these ‘government programs’ really worked. How ‘safe omegas get to be’. It was all bullshit. What the hell could he do? Sure he could go to some rally, go donate time and money, but what then?. It wasn’t something he could do overnight. He couldn’t save people. One of his biggest fears was about not being able to save anyone he loves. Watching them die and suffer painfully. Like he was chained up, like how he was in the sports festival, watching the ones he loved be hurt and killed. He has had plenty of nightmares about being chained. Watching someone rape and hurt his Deku. Right in front of him. His Deku crying out so much to be saved. He couldn’t do anything but watch. He hated his dark feelings in him, his thoughts, his emotions, his memories. He just wanted to drown them all out. He tried drinking, but that just made him feel worse. Drugs, religion, arts and crafts, hell even support groups. Nothing worked for him though.


He wanted to try therapy but….for some reason, he was always terrified. He was willing to go up against all-might himself, but talking to a mental doc? no. he couldn’t do it. He really never wanted to face his emotions. Bury and bottle them up deeper down. It was not even CLOSE to being healthy. That….was just….all he could do. He was in too much pain, too much fear, too much hate to bring himself to just alpha up and talk about his feelings. He was terrified of his own mind and emotions. He wanted to kill himself, not literally, but emotionally. Just forget everything and finally move on. His Deku would be his life saver. The thing that he could hold onto for support. The one thing that would keep him afloat above the dark waters he swam in. When he was around his Deku, it felt like all this darkness was banished while in Deku’s light. He didn’t want to lay down and die. No, no not anymore. He was going to fight. He wouldn’t let anything prevent him from getting his Deku finally. Hell, he could be switched with atlas and get to his Deku. Holding up the sky, chained to the earth, being drowned in by the stars. He would not stop struggling until he had his Deku. The SECOND he got his Deku, he would give him the greatest life possible. He would take such good care of his Deku that he would seem to be a GOD to him. In a very very small voice in the back of his mind…


He wanted his Deku to go back to being weak and quirkless. He wanted him to be vulnerable and weak. So he could feel better that HE was the one true breadwinner. The one true provider. The one that took care of all the terrible problems. He wanted his Deku’s worse problems to be along the lines of ‘he burnt dinner’ and ‘he couldn’t put the pups to bed’. Not ‘I might die being a hero’ not ‘i will break my whole body to save everyone’. Another thing Bakugo hated. That his Deku was getting so hurt. So wounded. So scarred. Bakugo wanted to somehow take all the pain away, clean him up and ‘make him pure’. Wash away all the filth and grime he was dragged through.


“Hey Baku-bro, wake up” Kirishima said, kicking Bakugo’s leg lightly.
“You were thinking again. Stay out of that head of yours. Come on, lets get your mind off of something. OH I GOT A GREAT PLAN! You can I go around and find Deku a perfect gift! You could totally get him something nice! He would love that AND it would get you points AND it would take your mind off of all those negative emotions!”. Kirishima jumped onto his bros bed and started to bounce on him, trying to get his bro out from his slump. Bakugo smiled, ‘that dumb ass is right! I SHOULD do that!’
“Alright Shitty hair stop jumping! you’re getting your sweat on me. Get off the bed and go clean up, I’ll do the same and we can get going.”
“Sounds great! You gonna jack off?”
“Eh probably. Give me an extra 10 minutes”
“Will do! Want me to gather the pack?”
“Nah. Just us. I don’t want to be rounding the guys up tonight. Do something casual I guess.”
“Not in that mindset huh? Well as long as I make sure you don’t think, then everything's gonna be great! Alright i’ll be back later, I’ll prob jack off to. We can totally shoot brogurt at the same time!”
“We are not jerking off together again. That was a one time thing when we were younger.”
“5 times.”
“Okay okay!” Kirishima said as he jumped off the bed and hit the floor with a loud thump.



Uraraka sighed, she honestly didn’t know WHAT to wear! It was a sleepover, but did that mean she should wear the cozy loose cloths, or the tighter cloths that she could move around in. what if it’s too ‘see through’. It wasn’t exactly made for outdoor wearing. She could also wear the one piece she got during that super cold winter. It was so warm and cozy and fluffy and great. What if she got too hot? It was a big one piece! She couldn’t just take it off! And what about using the bathroom? She always had to take the whole thing off just to go. It really wasn’t that cold tonight either. She sighed again. Too tight, too warm, or too loose. She could mix it up a bit...but still, then it would just look weird on her. She huffed and threw the cloths on her bed. Why was this as difficult as it was!? At least for Deku he just needs sweat pants and a T shirt!...wait...she could do that! Perfect!. Why didn’t she think about that sooner?!. Uraraka was interupted by a text. She looked at her phone. It was from her BFF.


M “hey!
U “heyyy”
M “figure out what yur gonna wear?”
U “not really settling for sweat pants and a T. you?”
M “same I guess….Kinda nervous D=”
U “why?”
M “first time sleeping with others...”
U “we’ve slept together”
M “yeee...but yur my BFF! That doesnt count. Plus what if I feel weird!”
U “overthinking it. GET TO IT THOT!”
M “i always feel anxious if I’m not sleeping in my nest….”
U “bring a couple blankets and pillows!”
M “that won’t be weird?”
U “how about this. I do the same, that way it wont look awkward!”
M “=D THX!”
U “np”
M “will you come over after your done? I kinda need help picking out what to take...i love my nest too much to just decide on a couple of things...and im preeettyyy sure I shouldnt bring my all-migt stuff….i already am wearing his jammies….NOT HIS but I mean, you know”
U “i got ya. Kk omw”
M “=d”
U “=d”


“See...I really can’t make up my mind..” Midoriya sighed as he kept touching, picking up, placing, then replacing his nest blankets.
“Well, this one’s your fav, so take it” Uraraka said, smiling….she was trying to be upbeat...buuuut Midoriya was taking waaaayyy to long.
“But...that’s an all might blanket...its embarrassing...”
“Fine. Then take this one.”
“That one is sorta for the base building...i don’t like to really cover myself with it...”
“OKAY. Then take THIS one.”
“that one only works with certain pillows...”
“DEKU. I SWEAR-” Uraraka took in a deep breath.
“fine. You’re taking your fav, and this one, and that pillow, and we’re leaving.”
“Bu-but that’s my most embarrassing one!”
“DEKU. I’M TAKING IT WITH ME. You either get on bored or get off. I want to go, the girls have been texting us to hurry up, and you are WAY to picky about your nest! I get it, this is very important to you, omegas get naturally anxious being out of their nest, but come oooon! It’s been almost a half hour!.”
“oh don’t you even start to get down on yourself! Come on omega, lets go.”
“If I die from embarrassment, it’s your fault.”
“I’ll put it on your gravestone that it was all my fault.”


“Finally you guys showed up!” Toru Hagakure complained as she opened up her door.
“Mr. omega here couldn’t move fast.” Uraraka gave him an annoyed glance.
“That’s okay! Hurry up and get in here before gross boys try to come snooping!” she giggled and pulled them into the room. It was almost barren! Except for almost the whole floor being covered in blankets and pillows, some containers, a refrigerator, and a large flat screen TV.
“okay they’re finally here! Now lets get this party started!” everyone wooed and cheered.
“what’s the first thing you have planned? Ribbt” Asui asked as she opened up a bag of chips.
“everyone hold onto your boobs! Cause we’re going to watch scary movies!” Hagakure skipped over to the tv, turned it on and put on some super scary movie that had a lot of good reviews.
“I married a killer?” Jiro asked uninpressed.
“It’s suuuper spooky apparently, People have peed themselves watching it!” Ashido made OOOoo noises and held her pillow to her chest.
“I highly doubt that...”
“Well it DID have great reviews!”
“Whatever, let’s watch it.” Midoriya looked over to her a bit worried and asked.
“Whats wrong Jiro?”
“nothing I just thought we would watch an ACTUAL scary movie!”
“What you’ve seen this one?”
“ no.”
“Shes lying I bet! don’t spoil anything!” Ashido accused
“If I DID watch it, I won’t, if I DIDN’T then I wouldn’t know any.” Yaoyorozu looked a bit scared and said somewhat quietly
“I’m not much of a fan of scary movies...I hope I don’t scream too much...”
“I doubt you will...” Jiro said with a warming smile.
“JIRO!” Ashido made a grumpy face at her as she said that.


While Hagakure was turning the movie on, she looked over to see a somewhat awkward looking Midoriya trying to find a place to lay down at.
“Oohh what’s your blanket? Is It alllll-miiight?” the rest of the girls turned to a red faced Midoriya.
“let’s see it!”
“Do it!” the girls started to chant together. He gave in and shown everyone. It was All-might covering up the whole blanket, he was giving a thumbs up, and in bold letters at the bottom it said “PLUS ULTRA! BE THE HERO YOU WANT TO BE!”

“Awwwww! It matches your PJ’s and your pillow!”
“i...i just really like all-might...”
“We know fanboy. don’t be ashamed! We all loooove something!” Jiro tried to sound positive so he wouldn’t be so stressed out.
“Oh that reminds me, Midoriya, I made a spot for you right there! It gives you plenty of room to build a nest!” Hagakure pointed, however it was kinda hard to tell…
“Right there, see!”
“oops, sorry, invisible.” she said, then she picked up a small pillow and through it at the spot.
“all that...for me?”
“well yeah! You need to build a nest or you can’t sleep!”
“how did you know?” Yaoyorozu raised her hand and looked sheepish
“i told them, I made sure to help them get things for you”.
“you did? That’s so nice of all of you!” the girls smiled at him kindly.
“oh! And those are for you.” Midoriya looked over to see a large stack of blankets and pillows
“yeah! I told you I would take care of everything! Including your needs!” Hagakure said with merriment.
“i...i feel a little bad you had to go through all this trouble for me...”
“don’t feel bad! we all wanted to make sure you felt cozy! Now you get your butt over there and start building yourself the greatest nest ever!” he nodded happily and thankfully and started to craft the ultimate nest!.


The girls and Midoriya screamed as the movie terrified them! All except Jiro, who looked totally unimpressed, and Asui, who didn’t give much of a reaction at all. Uraraka hugged Midoriya out of fear. Suddenly a loud knock on the door sounded and they all screamed louder! Except for Asui and Jiro.
“w-w-w-as that r-real?!” Yaoyorozu asked as she was right in between Ashido and Hagakure.
“Yeah it was” Jiro said as she just played with her earjack. The door knocked loudly again.
“s-s-someone answer it!” Ashido said with fear. She looked at their host with pleading eyes.
“w-what?! Why me?!”
“you’re the one who said ‘i prepared for everything!’”
“i didn’t mean this!”
“oh everyone relax. Geez.” Jiro said as she got up, they paused the movie as she walked to the door. Iida stood there in the doorway looking somewhat creepy, with the glare coming off his glasses.
“Is everything alright?! I heard screaming while I was nearby and had to check!”
“don’t worry everything’s fine, these bitches are just scared shit less.” Jiro said looking back with a smile.


“H-hey! Just because you watch these movies all the time doesn’t mean you don’t get scared either!” Hagakure whined out as her body shook. Only being noticeable by her outfit.
“Would it be alright if I may ask what’s going on here?”
“no problem. Girls night, scary movies, bitches be cryin.”
“ah. I see, well thank you for assuring me that no one is indeed in trouble, I shall take my leave now and-oh, Midoriya, hello”
“hey” he gave a scared smile and wave.
“I thought it was girls night”
“it is, hes practically one of us. So we invited him along.”
“is this good for his mental health? I can smell his distress heavily from where I am standing.”
“I’m fine! I really am having fun! Just...scared is all! This is a good movie!”
“ppft. Little bitch.” Jiro smirked.
“Please re-frame from calling him such vulgar names. It is not good for his self esteem.” Mirodiya smiled, got up and walked over to him.
“Iida its fine! I’m having fun! And I know shes just joking. I really appreciate you always looking out for me, but I’m fine and having fun! I feel...good, even if I don’t smell like it right now” Midoriya smiles and rubs his head. Iida nods and bows
“I apologize. I should not be treating you as a fragile figure. You are far stronger than that. I need to stop seeing you as an omega, and start seeing you as the strong young man you are”
“It’s fine really! I never feel bothered by how you think or act. you’re a terrific friend! I couldn’t ask for a better person!” Midoriya says happily, he goes in and gives Iida a hug, which slightly surprises him, but hugs back.

“Thank you for the affection. I am happy to hear your words. I do my best to ensure our friendship is healthy and happy. Well I shall leave you all to your own devices, have fun! And you really shouldn’t stay up too late! Even if it is the weekend, it is always best to get a full nights sleep. Goodnight, I shall see you tomorrow in the most likely event.” everyone said goodbye to him, then they closed the door and went back to their movie. After a few movies later, lots of screaming, popcorn, and even jiro being scared from time to time, they finally called movie night over.
“Okay, time over.” they all gave a sigh then talked about their fav parts.
“See Yaoyorozu, you weren’t the only one screaming as much….except...Asui...i never even saw you ONCE be scared.” Ashido said turning to her, everyone else did the same. Asui just shrugged and replied
“I don’t know, scary movies just don’t effect me. Never really been scared before. Just in general I guess. ribbit”
“you really are always calm under pressure.”

Hagakure clapped her hands together and said
“Okay girls! Time for an even scarier activities!”
S-scarier?!” Midoriya gulped.
“Yep! Time….for the inner self! what’s more terrifying than facing your own demons?!”
“actual demons?” Jiro said with a chuckle
“its time...for the wheel. of. TRUTH!”
“the what?” Midoriya looked around at all the girls suddenly looking at him.
“oh yeah, you’ve never done this before. See we play a game called wheel of truth, whatever the wheel lands on, that’s the truth you have to say!” Uraraka said cheerfully.
“oh...wait don’t you usually play truth or dare at sleepovers?”
“not...anymore” the girls looked at one another.
“we USED to..but..things got...weird….now we swore we never would again...”
“wait what happened?”
“we made a blood oath never to speak of it again..”

“don’t you worry your pretty little green head! Now, its time FOR THE TRUTH!”. The girls clapped in a ritualistic unison while Hagakure dug into one of the containers to bring out a dinner plate sized wheel. “there. Now we can commence.” the girls nodded and held hands. Then spoke at the same time


“We gather here now. Under this roof of silence. To speak only truth, lest our hearts be broken. We shall not speak the great unspoken. say no lies, or else hope dies. We are in debt forever more, within this the place we are sore, for we shall not enter the lair of the bear for We shall not reap, the heart of the mare, for her fire will burn and toil, all that which we shall not soil. For it is our duty, to keep this order, never again, to break the boarder. The seal is made, the die is cast, now we shall start what we cannot last.”


“uh...what the fuck?” Midoriya was FREAKED OUT at this point. His face was pale and he wanted to leave RIGHT THEN AND THERE.
“do not worry, blood of omega. You are now one of us…..OKAY so rules!” Hagakure got all cutesy and bubbly as if nothing weird just happened.
“you cannot lie. You must say the truth, nothing but the truth and the FULL truth. You ARE ALLOWED to skip the SERIOUS questions, if they make you uncomfortable. We all want to have fun, not stress out! So, what we do is we spin the wheel, whatever the arrow lands on, is what you have to say! So for example, if I spun it and the arrow landed on romance, I would have to answer a question about romance!”

“okay cool and everything, BUT WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!”
“Relax, its nothing, so anyways-”
“oh chill out”
“no no! it’s just this fun thing we made up! We wanted to ‘spice’ up the truth wheel game! And so we figured ‘why not creepy? Make it seem more serious’ so we did! We practiced for like, a month straight!” Ashido smiled and added
“yeah! It was a LOT of work to figure out what to rhyme and make up! We swapped ideas and practiced chanting together in perfect unison!”
“o….okay...i...i trust you...” Midoriya swallowed.


“well...we...did invite you over other reason...see...we have this...ritual...we do...and the recipe said we needed the blood of a male omega...and well….we found….just come here for a second...we only need a liiiiiiittttlllee bit of blood! We promise we wont cut you too badly! Jiro get the ritual blade please”
“with pleasure~” Jiro got up and walked over to a container, pulled out something wrapped up and walked over to a FREAKED OUT Midoriya
“hold still sweetie, it will be just oooonnneee second.”
“STAY AWAY FROM ME!? HELP! SOMEONE HELP!” the girls laughed again
“we’re kidding! This is just a marker! See!” Jiro wrote a smiley face on her hand.
“’m not part of a ritual?”
“no silly!” Uraraka said to him
“okay...uh...can...i leave?”
“nope! Okay so, seriously, this is a game that IS our little secret. Pretty much, what we say here together, STAYS with us. NO ONE REPEATS ANYTHING SAID OUTSIDE OF THIS ROOM! Or we kick your ass.” Uraraka said with a giddy smile, as if she just said the latest gossip.
“uh...o..okay...” Midoriya scooted away just a bit, trying to not be noticeable.
“oh don’t be like that! Come here!” Uraraka got up and pulled him close to the wheel.
“okay..n-now what?”
“what do you think? Give it a spin!”
“m-me first?”
“sure! First time doing it! Omegas before beauty!”


Midoriya made a ‘I’m not so sure I want to stay here with these girls now, can I call Kacchan? He would totally save me, white knight style’ smile. The wheel had a good amount of different sections, all randomly put on it. From something simple as ‘what did you eat this morning’ to ‘what is your darkest secret’. He spun the wheel, it slowly stopped on ‘romance’.
“ohhh goody! I super wanted to know! so. Midoriya. Do you looooove Bakugo?” Hagakure asked leaning in. all the girls turned to him and did the same.
“remember. You HAVE to tell the WHOLE truth!”
“o..okay...honestly...i don’t know...” He told them the whole situation. EVERYTHING. From when he was little, to this very moment in time.
“wow...that’s...heavy..” Asui said, using her tongue to grab a drink. Yaoyorozu made a sad face and frowned.
“I’m so sorry he put you through all of that...i promise I would never be any form of alpha that would be abusive in any way...”
“I want to like him...and I do but….well you know..” Uraraka rubbed his back then said
“Well, emotions and love are dumb and too complicated. Well, we’ve had your turn, now its Yaoyorozu!”
“w-what? Why me?”
“Cause you didn’t get to finish last time we did this! So now you can!”. Yaoyorozu just nodded and sucked in a breath, hoping for something simple. She never was good at the more complex questions. The wheel landed on romance!
“ohh good! Okay. Yaoyorozu, is it true. That you’re looking for your own omega?”. She nodded and replied
“yeah...I am...I've been a bit embarrassed about it...I just don’t know what to do really, and it’s not like I can just practice with one...I want to date, I just never have before. I don’t know the first thing. Hearing about Midoriya, well it makes me think that...omegas are more complicated than I believed. I don’t mean that in a mean way! it’s just...I thought I had it figured out, from what I’ve read...but it turns out its even more intense...I want to be a good alpha, I’m afraid I might not be. I don’t want to be overbearing, but I don’t want to attention starve my omega. Also what about nesting? What if I ruin theirs by mistake! Would they hate me?! And what about heats! How do I handle them!? Should know...or is it something bad, like what if they aren’t ready, but beg for it. It would be like taking advantage of a drunk person wouldn't it?.”


“well, I’m here for you...i...i guess I’m sorta the expert in the group” Midoriya rubbed his head and chuckled a bit.
“Personally, the nesting thing, well just be a bit careful, if you knock into it or move some stuff by accident, I wouldn’t get mad. I knew it was an accident. I would be annoyed depending on the situation, kinda like if you JUST cleaned up a house, then a bunch of dirty kids ran around in it, muddy shoes, sticky hands, dropping food on and into everything, etc. If I’m in heat, I do get territorial about my nest. I mostly just am grumpy about it, I have snapped at Uraraka before, but I felt super bad after….Heats also make you really really emotional and anxious if you’re out of your nest. At least for me. I guess everyone’s different, honestly I’ve never been around many other omegas before. Nests also are kinda our only safe haven. Like the one place we feel safe from the world. We also are really picky and fickle about things. Like I can go a long long time just trying to build it perfectly. I will move things around constantly, put them back, then rearrange them again. We also LOVE when you give us materials to build it up. Blankets, comforters, pillows, little lights, personally I love to read books in it. Also giving things that have your mates scent on them..its...relaxing.

The thing with the heats...this is a bit...embarrassing..but you get really REALLY...uh..’needy’… SUPER want it and can ONLY think The only thing that runs through your mind is ‘pups make pups need pups HAVE TO HAVE PUPS!’. If your mate isn’t comfortable yet with doing ‘it’. Then that’s good that you mention it. Even I’m not...ready….but no matter what, my body and brain BEGS for it. it’s just nature. It sucks. You need to discuss it with your mate before hand. It’s important that you’re both on the same floor of knowing what to do. Just leave them be for...however long they need to. don’t give in yourself. And well, leave some of your cloths around the nest. It soothes us in more ways than one. Like I said, we get VERY emotional during it. We whine and complain and NEED attention, not just...wanting to do it, but being held, pet, loved, and cuddle and snuggle and all that fluffy stuff. Without it we get really starved and well, can catch a fever. I’ve had heat rashes and Fevers before. Not good. You usually need someone to be with you. Uraraka has always been with me for these past few years. So she could always just stay with me in my nest. Other than that, I can’t really give any other advice. I don’t know anything about dating or courting. Just be open and honest I guess. No one likes to be with someone who they aren’t. I think you just need to find a ‘virgin’ omega. Not just sexual but I mean, dating wise. We don’t know either, and its great to be with someone who doesn’t know! It feels...stress free? Like we aren’t expected to act a certain way. Believe it or not, but we HATE being commanded and forced to do things. Even if we HAVE to follow them. we’re people, never forget that.


Hmm lets see….well you really are a great person, so just talk to someone else who’s never dated, the awkwardness is fun in a way! You both get to experience for the first time the whole courting and mating. You both get to sorta, grow into it together. it’s nice to be with someone who doesn’t know what to do either really. You both just kinda, make your own rules as you go along. So just remember that, and that’s all you kinda need to know. The nest and heat stuff will be learned as you go through it. Other than that, just talk and make sure you’re both on the same page as everything.”



Yaoyorozu thanked him heavily, and now went into deep thinking mode.
“Alright, my turn.” Asui said as she spun it. The wheel spun round and round until it stopped on darkest secret.
“Hmmmm….Well I never killed someone before….i guess my darkest secret would be...I thought Putting my stomach under peoples pillows to scare them at night, I never decided to do it though. Sorry, I really don’t have any dark secrets. I guess my life is pretty dull in a way.”
“Well that’s alright! I’m kinda glad you never did that...heh...okay my turn!” Ashido said as she spun the wheel. It landed on romance.
“Ooohhh fun! Okay I kinda thought Sato was attractive for a while! Then I got over my little crush, this was about...hmm...4 years ago?” the girls laughed. Uraraka went now, the wheel landed on romance.
“Oh...well...i guess this would be nice to get this off my chest...Midoriya...i really liked you way back when, before I found out you were gay. I thought you were so cute, nice, caring! I mean you still are! But you get what I mean right?” Midoriya blushed.
“MYYY TUURN” Hagakure said joyfully. It landed on what you do when no ones looking.
“ohhh, I totally get to do this all the time! Okay so, I looove to lightly tickle the back of peoples necks, to make them think there’s a spider on them!”


“ohhh creepy!” Jiro said as she grabbed the wheel and spun it really fast. It took a while before it finally landed on what you had for breakfast.
“Steak with eggs. Ugh, I wished I got a good one. Okay Midoriya your turn.” Midoriya swallowed and hoped for something easy. It never came.
“Oohhhh! Sex fantasy! Spill it!” Hagakure egged him on. Midoriya turned so red he felt like his skin might as well stayed that color.
“Remember, if you feel to stressed, you can always pass, no problem.”
“i...i want to join in on the stays here?”
“of course!”
“okay...uh..i...uh...sorta...had this fantasy...of Kacchan...taking front of his a bully type thing...sorta..pushing me against a locker...and just...having his way with me...Dub con I guess….i would want it….heh...”
“ohhh fun!”
“s-so...that’s….nothing else to...ask?”
“nope! That’s it. See? That wasn’t so bad!”
“I...i guess not….heh...” Yaoyorozu spun the wheel now. It landed on greatest desire.
“hmm….True love. Something I could never loose. Someone I could hold onto and live happily ever after like in a fantasy novel...cheesy huh?” Jiro laughed
“a little, but that’s cool!” Asui spun now, it landed on Hero idea.
“Well that ones pretty obvious, a rainy day hero. Someone I can go around and help others in need. Like a flash flood or boating accident or even helping someone catch a fish.” Ashido clapped her hands to that, then spun the wheel. It landed on favorite color.
“favorite color? PINK!” Uraraka spun now. It landed on sexual fantasy.
“hmm….i uh...always thought it would be hot to have sex in zero gravity. Just floating around having fun.” Hagakure spun the wheel now. It landed on what you do when no ones looking again.
“aww again! Okay so sometimes I like to whisper in peoples ears very quietly, close windows suddenly, make curtains move, to scare people and make them think the place might be haunted!” Jiro gave a thumbs up then spun the wheel. It landed on sexual fantasy.
“a fun one! Okay I totally have this idea of me getting my brain boned out while at a concert. The thrill of getting caught at any moment, while the music just blasts around us., okay omega, your turn.”


Midoriya tried his best to have the wheel land on something simple. The wheel slowed down on what you had for breakfast. Only to ever so slightly move onto sexual fantasy. He mentally screamed. The girls looked at him.
“ I ….got it...again…’s...another….Kacchan really dirty to me…’m going to be his puppy amazing of an alpha he is for breeding me….how he’s going to do it so well….everyone will be impressed...” Jiro smiled evily
“niiiiceee. Really like to be humiliated by the big bad alpha huh?” Midoriya wanted to curl up and die right on the spot. Yaoyorozu spun and it landed on awkward moment.
“Hmm….This one time I was on a mission supporting a pro. I was making something but….then my entire shirt ripped off...everyone saw, thankfully they all looked away as I made another...” the girls all laughed at the same time
“i would DIE if that happened to me!” Ashido said between her laughs. Asui finally calmed down and spun the wheel. It landed on favorite hobby.
“Taking long swims and just relaxing. Also a good workout.” Ashido now spun. Landing on favorite book genre.
“Believe it or not, but I like dark fantasy! The hero fighting demons while the princess is stolen away by an evil wizard. Only to be transformed into a hideous creature that ends up killing the hero!” Uraraka now spun, it landed on awkward moment.
“oh! I got one. Okay so one time I was helping to save some people, I made someone start to gently float away to stay away from danger! So anyways I got distracted and had to help someone else. I TOTALLY forgot he was still floating! He was sooo high up! Thankfully we got him down safely.”


“I would have died! I would totally have freaked out from the height!” Hagakure said as she spun. It landed on what she had for breakfast.
“Eggs with bacon and toast!” Jiro spun. It landed on favorite music genre.
“Aww, that ones too easy. Rock and roll baby!.” Midoriya gulped. He pleaded in his head for something. ANYTHING ELSE. Fate hates him, so does every god or divine being or the universe itself. It landed on sexual fantasy.
“IS THIS WHEEL WEIGHTED?!” he yelled loudly. All the girls laughed.
“This wheel REALLY wants to know about you Midoriya!” Hagakure laughed.
“I...i think you know where this is going...Kacchans friends….laugh and record me, threaten to post it online everywhere...and...maybe...someone...might...come along...and feel disappointed in me...saying how...I’m such a slutty omega for Kacchan...” Jiro smirked evilly and said
“you really are a masochist for Bakugo huh? No judgment! I just find it REALLY FUNNY that, that’s the ONLY THING you keep landing on”
“I-it’s n-not my...fault...”
“don’t worry sweetheart! No ones blaming you!”

Yaoyorozu spun, then blushed. It landed on sex fantasy.
“ do have this one idea…..I keep getting asked to we keep trying out each and everyone of them….” jiro smiled and imaged herself
“nice. I don’t think I’d mind if I could do that.” Asui spun, landing on sex fantasy.
“3 in a row huh? Well I have this fun one, of where we are both underwater. Although I’m always worried that they might drown...that’s not a sexy thing, more just worried about their well being.” Uraraka smiled
“Yeah I would be afraid of drowning as well” Ashido spun. Sex fantasy.
“Oohh my turn huh? Hmm...running around from place to place, going at it in different places, lasting as long as we can, kinda like ‘how many places can we go this time before finishing’. Always try to break out own record. I actually do worry I might make acid and kinda...dissolve them by accident. Not sexy, but terrifying.” Asui nodded to her. Uraraka spun. Darkest secret. She just said plainly
“murder fantasy. I kill someone by just...floating them up into space. No evidence, no ‘mess’. No one finding out….i mean, I NEVER plan on it! Just...something like an idea...ya know?” Jiro nodded
“yeah, true but I don’t think there isn’t a single person who hasn’t ever imagined their own murder idea.”
Yaoyorozu practically whispered
“I never have….” the girls laugh together


“you really are too sweet.” Hagakure said as she spun. Sex fantasy.
“Hmmm...kinda like between Jiro and Ashido. In public places, but going around too. I like the idea of getting caught, I couldn’t, but imagining how awkward the other person would be is so funny!” the girls nodded and giggled. Jiro spun. It landed on Favorite color.
“Red and black. But if I had to choose one...hmm...that’s really hard actually..”.
Midoriya didn’t even want to try. Fate wanted to hurt him. Lo and behold. Sex fantasy. He just fell onto his back and groaned.
“Can I die now?” the girls all laughed hard.
“I mean it. Someone kill me….you know what I’m going to say. Kacchan boasting as everyone gathers around. Him saying what a pro he is. Me moaning out. Him telling me to beg. I do. I beg constantly.”

“okay okay, time to give our omega a break. His first time shouldn’t be this pervy! This wheel is totally a perv to him! Well I think that’s enough of this. Well time for the next thing!” while the girls got ready, Midoriya checked his phone. He has 10 texts. 9 were from Bakugo, the other was from Shinso. Midoriya freaked out a little in his head. Wondering what Kacchan could want that he sent 9 messages. Was he hurt?! In trouble?!. He checked. Of course he named him Kacchan in his phone.
K “hey nerd.”
K “hey nerd”
K “you busy or something?”
K “plz”
K “do you hate me?”
K “what did I do wrong?”
K “shit I’m blowing up your phone and seeming like a stalker huh?. Shit sorry! I’ll stop now.”
K “okay I know I said I would stop, last one I swear, but I wanted to know what your fav kind of blanket type was. You have a tooon of them so I couldn’t figure it out. Super soft, Light, heavy, fuzzy, smooth, rough, cooling, warming, small, big, medium, etc. anyways text me back when you can. Sorry again for all the blow up.”

Midoriya sighed. ‘oh Kacchan. You would never bother me. I really should have paid more least he didn’t want to seem like a stalker. ‘ the last message was checked, very...plain, typical Shinso. Not that he minded. Still...maybe he was just too used to Kacchan.

S “hi, was wondering how you were feeling, if you don’t mind me asking.” Midoriya thought he should talk to kacchan first, checking in would probably ‘soothe the wild beast’.
M “hiii! I’m so sorry! I was busy and didn’t notice my phone.”
K “not mad at me?”
M “nope! =D”
K “thank god. Sorry about the blow up.”
M “it’s fine...makes me think you really want to talk to me =]”
K “i do. I always want to. Never forget that.”
M “so what did you mean by blankets again? My fav are big soft ones, not fuzzy or furry, something nice that won’t make a mess.”
K “got it. Promise me when I bring you a blanket, we snuggle in it.”
M “hmmm….okay I promise.”
K “good. Promise I won’t <===3 and make it awkward.”
M “okay, it’s usually fine..i...get turned on too...”
K “sexy~.”
M I feel...kinda bad, like I’m cheating on shinso.”
K “why?”
M “cause you and I talk to much, and I hardly see or talk to him.”
K “so? Pick me babe. I’m good.”
M “getting cocky huh?”
K “you know I always go all out with my ‘cocky’ attitude. Very big attitude. Usual too big to handle.”
M “geez, you are such a perv!...but I can’t say I don’t like it..”
K “I can turn you on anytime anywhere. You name it and I’m at your beck and call~”


Midoriya smiled. Shit, he was starting to get aroused. It wouldn’t be a problem being around everyone...but Yaoyorozu could smell it then it would be VERY awkard…
‘okay, calm down. No thinking dirty thoughts….no dirty kacchan...just ice cream. Or watching funny videos of cats, or studying heroes...yeah...callllmmm down...’ Midoria breathed deeply in and out. All better now that he’s calmed down. He checks back to his phone.
M “listen. Kacchan, I do want to see you again soon”
K “anytime, anyplace, name it. I’ll drop whatever shit I’m doing and rush over.”
M “i know you will =]. Which is good for you, tomorrow or sunday?”
K “either”
M “kk let me get back to you real quick.”

Midoriya switched over to texting Shinso.
M “hi”
S “hey. Happy you responded, was afraid I caught you at a bad time”
M “no I’m good! Just busy rn at the sleepover”
S “ah, well I won’t bother you then”
M “no no! it’s no bother, really! I just wanted to talk real quick with you, check in, have fun, etc!”
S “:) Thanks”
M “so whatcha up to?”
S “just finished reading for now, did my homework, cleaned up, organized, now I’m thinking of what to do next.”
M “no hanging out with friends this weekend?”
S “i don’t have many, not that it’s a bad thing, I just am not really the social type, believe it or not, must be a big surprise to you huh?”
M “totally! Massive actually! I assumed you were the life of the party =p”
S “:) I try to be. Would it be okay if I asked you something?”
M “from here on out, NEVER ask for permission, go ahead =D I NEVER will get mad or upset! You have the green light at allll times. If it IS something I don’t want to talk about, I’ll just say so. Other than that, go right ahead!”
S “thanks. So how much have you read of the new book?’
M “not much, haven’t really had much time to read, U?”
S “I finished it”
S “well, bored plus insomnia, plus love to read, plus love the new book, plus a speed reader adds up”
M “yeah I can totally see that. So speed reader huh? Wish I could do that”
S “eh, it honestly isn’t too impressive. It does help with homework and such.”
M “speaking of homework, could you help me out with mine? we’re from different classes, but it’s similar material, and you get the highest grades too”
S “I’m always willing to help :). what time/day?”


Midoriya thought for a moment. Both alphas were free. How should he organize it all?.

M “does Sunday work? We can spend a few hours, then maybe walk around and just hangout’
S “sounds like a dream”
M “perfect! Can’t wait to see you =D”
S “mind if I ask something? I know you gave me the green light but...this might be personal. I was just wondering, do you see and talk to Bakugo a lot? Not jealous, I just was wondering, if you don’t mind answering, if not that’s fine”
M “i honestly do, for both, but that doesn’t mean I like you any less. This race hasn’t been one yet!”
S “good to know. Hows your sleepover?”
M “good, fun!”
S “what are you doing?”


Midoriya paused. What should he say? Talk about the wheel of truth and the….details. No. he shouldn’t tell either alphas. The girls said all secrets were safe. So he never had to worry about anyone ‘spilling the beans’.

M “we just finished watching a scary movie marathon!”
S “scary movies huh? Funny, I rarely get scared or jump. I really don’t know why. You can always hold onto me if you get scared :)”
M “oh really? My friend Asui never gets scared either. Lol, it would be great to see you both try to compete on who can go without being scared for the longest. That does sound nice, big strong alpha to keep me safe”
S “well, not really big and strong, but I can keep you safe. That competition sounds like something I could win”
M “I GTG rn, ttyl! Oh and On sunday, mind if we go to your room?”
S “Not a problem, I’ll make sure everything’s perfect for you”
M “well don’t go into too much trouble for little old me”
S “wouldn’t ever be too much trouble.”


Midoriya sighed happily. Then instantly remembered about what he and his Kacchan were talking about.

M “sorry it took so long!”
K “shits fine babe”
M “so uh, tomorrow work?”
K “totes. Nice long sat with you, couldn’t think of anything better.”
M “not even having allll the money in the world?”
K “would give it all up just for you.”
M “aww Kacchan! =p”
K “yeah btw, tomorrow, where should we be?”
M “can we go to your room?”
K “uh….well you know how I mess shit up?”
M “its a disaster isn’t it?”
K “well. Disaster would be a way better improvement.”
M “well, how about I help clean it up some other day. Soon!”
K “as long as I get to see your sweet ass, I’m always good any day.”
M “=p”
K “can’t wait to snuggle the shit out of you tomorrow in that nest of yours.”
M “excited to snuggle Kacchan~”
K “babe, I’m going to snuggle you so dam good, it will change the definition of it.”
M “don’t get my hopes up!”
K “don’t worry, Kacchan Jr won’t bother us, I promise”
M “I honestly don’t mind either way….BUT that doesn’t mean we will do any of THE SEX at all”
K “don’t worry THE SEX won’t happen. I promise, the closest thing to it will be Kacchan jr getting too ‘friendly’ near you. He really would love to meet you. Always have to tell him to calm down.”
M “poor guy. He must hate being all locked away”
K “you know it babe. He can’t wait for the day he gets to meet you in person.”


Midoriya started to get aroused again. After taking a min of calming himself down, he went back to texting.

M “love this, but I Gtg rn. Ttyl! can’t wait to see you tomorrow!”
K “can’t wait to see that cute dumb smile of yours. I’ll make sure Kacchan jr behaves himself.”
M “;p kk bye!”


“so. You done lover boy~?” Uraraka smiles at him then makes a blowing kiss at him. The other girls
giggled as they looked at Midoriya fumble to put his phone away.
“y-ya I just uh...why did you call me that?”
“You kept muttering to yourself. We all ignored it until you started to blush and say...risque things~. So we all started to listen in on it. Wow, you really do like your ‘Kacchan huh?’. Midoriya’s face just melted at that point. Why wouldn’t it? Its been so hot and red almost the whole time so far. He just wrapped his all might blanket around himself and groaned.
“aww come on! Come out little guy. We were just messing around with you.” Uraraka said patting his head.
“We didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!” Ashido said.
“Would it help if we said embarrassing things about ourselves?” Asui asked.
“no….” Midoriya said, muffled by the blanket.
“Well we were planning on talking a bit of gossip! I hve allllll the juicy details!. Pays off when you’re invisible to everyone. People say things alllll the time. Not that I spy on people!...usually….it’s just that they don’t notice me, and if and when I DO say I’m right there, it just makes them feel bad. What they don’t know can’t hurt them!” Hagakure said in a cute way.

Midoriya poked his little face out a bit.
“You don’t do that to me do you?”
“I’ll be honest. Yes. I do it to EVERYONE! Including the teachers~. Again, they don’t notice me, so yeah….so. Wana know what all-might thinks about?” Midoriya poked his face out a bit further and nodded.
“So apparently he really looooves to watch cute kitten videos! He really gets all giddy about them, also he always has to read ‘how to teach and inspire for dummies’ books before knowing what to say to us. OH and wana know what he REALLY thinks of you?”
“...I’m a burden?”
“nooo! The opposite! He said you are almost like the son he never had! He really does love you! He was even thinking on what he should do for your 21 birthday! He was trying to figure out what special awesome thing he should do for you!. I DID hear a few ideas, mostly just general stuff, like take you to some carnival or fancy restaurant, but nothing is solid yet.”
“W-wow! He thinks...I’m like a son to him?! My life really has been getting better since I met him...” with that, Midoriya fully let his head go free from his blanket shell. The girls smiled as their little omega opened back up. They all shared gossip and had fun trading what they know
“Hey Jiro, I was wondering. Can you play dragonforce?”
“fuck yeah I can!”
“on a flute?”
“...challenge accepted...” the girls all laughed at that, until Ashido gasped and said
“We should totally play girls just wana have fun right now!” Jiro just waved her off.
“So overdone….lets listen to some slayer!” Asui said plainly to her
“I want to listen also...”

Afterwards they had a MIGHTY FEAST! Of ice cream, cake and other sweets. Overall ‘things terrible for them and that if anyone was on a diet it would be considered a cheat day’. Afterwards they played board games.
“Fools! You cannot defeat me in my own nightmare realm!” Midoriya laughed as he sat in his nest. However Jiro and Asui won most of the games. After that, they played charades, after that, they played cards! Poker was the most...intense….Asui always had the greatest ‘poker face’. No one could ever tell what she was thinking. The only other one who matched her was Hagakure, only cause she was invisible. Finally it was late and they all laid down to sleep. Uraraka whispered out


“Hey… awake?”
“I can’t sleep….”
“’s hard to outside my of my actual nest..”
“I have a hard time out of my own bed too...” they heard Asui start to whisper
“did we wake you up?” Midoriya asked?”
“Not really...i usually need my humidifier to sleep...”
“Hey Asui...i was wondering this...but….if you had kids….being a frog and all...would you lay eggs?”
“i….i don’t know….i need to know now!”. The three of them tried not to laugh. They heard Jiro yawn.
“did we wake you?” Asui asked


“no...I usually need the radio on to sleep...” they heard Ashido giggle.
“I’m awake too!. Honestly, you did wake me up, if I hear a pin drop I wake up. I need white noise to sleep...Hey Midoriya...If you and Bakugo had kids...would the kids be able to explode? What if they did that when you tried to change their diapers….that would be nasty...”
“ewww! I hope not!...wait...why would you think...he and I...”
“Duuuhhhh you obviously are super in love with him still!” Hagakure snorted and tried to hold back a laugh
“it’s super DUPER obvious!...yeah you kinda woke me feels weird sleeping with other people, so I didn’t sleep that soundly anyways.” then they all heard Yaoyorozu sigh.
“Same here...I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it….”

Hagakure sighed in a tone that sounded like she was relieved.
“haha! we’re all awake now! I kinda hoped for that. After all, whats a TRUE sleep over without 3am super deep talking to each other in the dark….” Uraraka started to stifle a laugh.
“If Iida found out, he would murder us.” Jiro replied to her
“Naaah, murder is illegal. He would have us arrested.” everyone laughed at that. Then Jiro said
“Midoriya….do you want kids? I mean, we all do at some point. Have you ever thought about them though? I’ve never thought about names or anything, but like, would I be a good mom? I don’t know a THING about raising kids. I know I’d only let them listen to the best music all the time.”


“I...I’ve thought about my pups before...just...what a family might be...I always imagined myself as a stay at home mommy..but...since I’ve become a hero in training...I don’t would be dangerous to raise them...but...It still would be nice...but...i don’t want them constantly bothered and in the lime light…..and what if someone stole them and used them against me….what if I’m not a good mom...what if I can hardly be around them cause I’ll be saving people all the time. There’s no way I’d want to live a life not watching them grow up.” Uraraka groaned after He said that

“I’ve never even considered any of that! I always just imagined a fun motherhood, fighting along side my kids, totally being a bad ass family of heroes!. I never even realized that they could get seriously hurt...” Hagakure giggled.
“If kids my kids DO inherit my quirk...that would be a nightmare! I could so easily loose track of them, being invisible!” all the girls laughed at that thought. Then Yaoyorozu said softly in a somewhat sad tone
“What if I raise my children wrong...What if they grow up hating me, like I didn’t give them enough love or attention or be overbearing.” Ashido talked to her in a soothing voice
“no way. You would be a great mother! you’re so caring and kind and gentle, your kids would love you!” the girls all sighed and were quiet for a while….Uraraka said
“I just realized…. could be a printing press! You could literally make an unlimited amount of money!”
“oh...i never though about that before...i suppose I could try...”
“do it! Girl I’m broke AF! Give me some cash!”


Asui asked
“Hey...does anyone else wonder where Iida’s exhaust ports lead to? like his brain or lungs or heart or something?" Uraraka gasped
"....i gotta know that answer now"”


Ashido whispered out
"do you think god could make an anime so big that even he couldn’t otaku to it?
“The greatest question of our generation" Uraraka replied.


Midoriya groaned out
“Sometimes I’m afraid I intimidate people with my quirk….” all the girls suddenly burst out laughing.
"Izuku, sweetie, you're about as scary as a kitten playing with a speak of dust" Yaoyorozu said wiping away a tear. Midoriya gasped
"wh-what?? i can be scary and intimidating!"
“You couldn’t scare a fly off a sandwich.”

Jiro went ‘huh’.
“ would make the best sniper. no one could see you." Ashido squealed
“Let’s give her a gun!” Hagakure giggled
“I won’t hesitate bitch! Stick em up fuckers! Pew pew!


Asui spoke a bit after that
“One time I was finished drinking something, then I thought it would be funny to talk to myself. I did the ‘this bitch empty. YEET!’ out loud, and threw it into a nearby garbage can. I looked over to see a mother and her child staring at me.”

Jiro asked
“If we survived a plane crash. Who would we eat first?” everyone went ‘hhm’.
“Bakugo would eat Midoriya...out...” the girls laughed
“s-shut up!”
“I wonder if Tokoyami tastes like chicken

Midoriya asked
“does anyone have thoughts that they try to outrun? Like can’t catch me omega thoughts!..i think to myself when I’m in heat at dirty stuff I said...i can never outrun them though...”
“I try to run away from my problems by blasting music and purposely sing horribly to them.” Jiro was the only one to reply.


Hagakure wondered aloud
“who do you think out of all the boys, would be the person most likely to ‘vape life’. Jiro ‘ppfft’
“I have my money on Mineta” Ashido did her own ‘ppfft’
“whattttt no way! It would TOTALLY be Kaminari first!” Asui thought, then said
“It would totally be Sero. He would try to to vape tricks with his tape somehow.” Uraraka said
“Gonna go out on a limb. Now, just think for a second, but Shoji. Think about it, he would TOTALLY do vape tricks AND master them with all his mouths.” Yaoyorozu thought, before saying
“Tokoyami. He and dark shadow at the same time. ‘the true darkness lives within my soul. Along with this vape cloud of pure evil.’ Midoriya snapped and said
“Aoyama. He would do light and vape tricks, make him try to seem even more shiny.” finally they all fell asleep shortly after that.


Midoriya yawned and stretched, he rubbed himself deeper into his nest. He moved around and wiggled, shifting until he was practically in a different side of the nest. He opened his eyes to hear whispering. His vision finally steadied and focused to see some of the girls taking pictures and videos of him.
“good morning sunshine~” Hagakure said happily.
“mmh…..wait...what are you doing?”
“taking pictures, videos, recordings. You were just to cute, we couldn’t help ourselves.” Uraraka said
“W-what?!” Midoriya jumped out of his nest, then quickly covered himself up as his morning wood sprang.
“Why do boys get hard in the morning?” Ashido wondered.
“S-stop looking at me! Go do something else! I the last person to wake up?”
the girls nodded ‘mmhhmm’
“why didn’t anyone else wake me?” then Yaoyorozu said
“Isn’t there a saying? Never wake up a sleeping omega Ashido squealed
“Besides, you were just too cute to wake up!”
“I..I’m not cute!”
“Yes you are.” midoriya blushed and touched his fingers together and sat down. Pulling his blanket over him. Then jiro asked
“So does anyone want to go get lunch?”. Midoriya popped his head out
“wait...lunch...what time...AHHH ITS NOON?!” he jumped up and grabbed his phone. He had 5 texts from Kacchan
K “hey”
K “Morning”
K “when you wana meet up?”
K “is my little deku sleeping in?”
K “you okay? It’s really not like you to sleep in like this. Also I just passed All-might. He was asking where you were.”

‘oh crap!’ Midoriya mentally said as he frantically typed.
M “hi! So sorry! Just woke up! Had a late night with the girls!”
M “that makes me sound weird doesn’t it? some woman in her 40’s”
M “If you’re good to go, meet me at my room! I have a spare key under my small rug in front of my door! Let yourself in, I’m leaving right now!”

Midoriya sighed. He looked over to the girls, all having raised eyebrows.
“talking to myself again I’m guessing?...heh...i uh...i gotta go..” Midoriya rubbed the back of his head. Then Jiro said
“We know. So, someone going to get a little ‘afternoon delight with his kacchan?’”
“N-No! We just..plan on hanging out...I had a lot of fun! See you all later! Thanks for inviting me and everything, gotta go! Bye!” Midoriya quickly grabbed all his stuff while saying this at the same time. He ran out the door almost dropping his favorite All-might blanket.

Midoriya finally made it to his room, he unlocked the door and ran inside. His room was empty
‘good, I still have a little ti-’ his thoughts were suddenly interrupted by big arms wrapping around his waist from behind him.
“There’s my little Deku~” Bakugo purred into Midoriya’s neck, Kissing it lightly too.
“K-Kachaannn~ s-stop!”
“What’s wrong? My little Deku likes it. I missed you. Mmmhhhh you smell just good as always~”
“There we go, my little nerd~. Now, what do you want to do today? Invite me into your nest maybe? It smells like you want to~ I’m more than sure you can smell my arousal too~. I read your texts and decided to come in and wait for you. Couldn’t help myself being around your nest. Then one thing lead to another, then this big alpha heard his omega walk in. I had to pounce on my prey~ Now I’ve caught you. Oh whatever should this predator do now?”
“Aahhh~n-no. Let go! Please! I mean it!” With that, Bakugo let go and took a few steps away. Midoriya turned around to see a ‘hungry’ looking Bakugo. He could see the lust within Bakugo’s eyes. He radiated desire and needed his ‘appetite’ satiated.
“So. when’s your heat coming? If you want, I could help tease it out of you~”
Midoriya gulped as he backed away and walked over to his nest, bending over to try and find fresh cloths quickly. Bakugo growled a bit and started to unzip his pants.


“No! No! This doesn’t mean that! I was just getting some fresh cloths. I want to go bathe before we do anything today...and we wont do ‘anything’ today, okay? I just...wanted to hangout...” Midoriya said nervously, red faced and tapping his fingers together. Bakugo crocked his head slightly to the side, the lust started to clear from his eyes. He sighed and zipped himself back up. He should have known better. ‘fucking cock. Stop telling me what to do!’ Bakugo yelled inside of his head. His dick twitched a bit.
‘i said no! Deku said no, and we are NOT going to force ourselves onto him! would bite...on the neck...mmmh...then he’d submit so….no..nono! NO STOP IT!’. If it wasn’t his dick, Bakugo would have punched the problem away. He sighed and tried to clear his head. He needed fresh air. He walked over to the curtain, opened it up and then opened the door. His head quickly cooled down and his ‘alpha needs’ started to fade away.

Midoriya smiled and sighed in relief…
‘good...he’s not trying to just mount me….the old Kacchan might have...but...would I have stopped him?...’ Midoriya snapped out of it and grabbed the rest of his cloths.
“Um...Kacchan...i want to go bathe real fast...I didn’t mean to sleep in that much.”
“’m keeping the door open while we leave. This place smells to heavily of you. I Can’t think straight.”
“that sounds good...wait...we?”
“what? You think I’m just going to stay here, in this death trap? Nah. Besides, I get to watch my Deku get all neked for me!”
“I am not getting neked for you!”
“Whats wrong? Nervous? don’t be. We’ve seen each other in the nude before plenty of times.”
“yeah! When we were kids!”
“And? Besides. I can help wash your back~ or give you a shoulder massage.”
“p..please stop tempting me! I don’t want to have sex with...someone like you...”
“what’s that mean? Someone like me?”
“You’re too dam attractive! I hardly can think straight! And your pheromones are too strong for me! It drives me crazy for you! I want to give Shinso the same kind of chance as you get!”
“Well, he isn’t as strong as me. And you know dam well hes to afraid to even do anything to you, I could walk over there and kiss you so deeply, you wouldn’t help but moan. He would NEVER try something like that! Get with a hero, not a zero. Come here my little Deku~ be my mate already~ Let’s make some pups~’


Midoriya felt a shudder up his spine.
“i can’t be here with you right now. I need cold water. So do you.”
“Good. Then that means I get to bathe with my Deku~”
“I am NOT YOUR DEKU! YOU ARE NOT MY KACCHAN OKAY!...okay?...I….I just….I need to think..” with that, he ran out his room. Not in anger, but fear. Bakugo sighed. Why did he blow it?! Why did he have to get so god dam thirsty!
‘you could have had a fucking normal conversation! Just one! Just hangout AND CHILL! BUT NOOOOOOO YOU HAD TO GO TRY TO DRY HUMP HIM INTO A CORNER! Ugh. Fucking bullshit. Now I have to go apologize. Fuck me….NOT LITERALLY, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT PENIS!’


Midoriya felt the cold water wash over his head. His body shivered and protested, but he needed to feel refreshed and awake. He heard the door open, and then heard footsteps walk over to him.
“Dek-Midoriya, I’m so sorry...I...The alpha in me just...took over...I really am sorry. And I SWEAR I won’t try to pull anything on you again like that. Today we will just have fun, chill out, do whatever. Nothing serious, no pup making, just you, and me, and whatever we want to go do. If….you still want to be around me...”
“I...I do….I’m sorry for snapping at you, I was just..stressed...”
“A proper alpha shouldn’t stress their-an omega out...”
“it’s not...just you. it’s me, it’s my deadline, its class, its everything!. I wished I could go back in time and just tell myself..I...I really don’t know what I would tell myself...”
“I know what I would say to myself...” Bakugo sat on a bench and told Midoriya everything he thought. From just wanting to say sorry, to wanting to say I love you, to wanting desperately just go back and deck himself for being such an ass to Midoriya.”


“I never would have thought you ever would feel this way...thank you...Kacchan...we can go back to our nicknames…i really do love them. Remember when we were little kids and we had that one special new years party. The one with the sparklers,”
“ohhh yeah I remember that. Man I haven’t thought about that in ages!”
“You and your mom and dad handed out all of them to all the parents and kids, then you laughed and said you were your own sparkler. You lit your hands up and waved them in the air. We all laughed and cheered. Then we watched fireworks. You sat down next to me and hugged me. Wishing me a happy new years. I did the same for you.”
“mmmhmmm. Then we ate those sweets that your mom made”
“except she messed up and they were all chewy and were super sticky.”
“haha yeah! It got stuck in my teeth for days! I got some on my favorite all-might toy and I was PISSED! I cried and cried and tried my best to clean it off.”
“yeah! Then I shared my toy with you and we played together while my mom cleaned up yours, really didn’t know baking soda could work so well for cleaning those.”
“right? I actually remembered that and used it on stains, I got this oil from something on my shirt once, put some on it, and it drank it right up! I remember getting my toy back and feeling a little sad actually, I knew that we couldn’t play with the same toy together at the same time.”
“you felt sad? I did too! I thought that you wouldn’t come over as often because you got yours back.”


“naaaah, I would come over anyways. Besides you know I LOVED that one action house plays set.”
“ohhh man! My mom gave it to me that year and we went so crazy! I called you to come play with it ‘Kacchan Kacchan! I got the house! No we can set it on fire!’”
“HAHA YEAH! I TOTALLY remember my moms face when she heard that! She totally thought we would ACTUALLY set it on fire! I had to tell her it was just these fake little flares that lit up when we turned them on”
“Yeah! Your mom talked to mine for so long, asking why ‘her little Kacchan is talking about lighting your sons toys on fire’”
“you know my hag of a mom always worried after that ONE TIME I DID IT! And it was totally an accident!”
“How did that one go? Wow it was forever ago! Was that the one we played by the river?”
“nahh that was a different one. The one I’m talking about was that little airplane that flew. We had the little controller and we pretended to be ‘news casters! Bringing the newest and most recent news of all time to the world! This just in, we found a large bird about to eat the city of worms!’. Then I tried to catch it and I tripped on that rock and hit my head, my hands went off and it caught on fire. Then it started to fly around all crazy.”
“HAHAH YEAH! AND THEN MY MOM SCREAMED! She ran and got the hose and blasted it with water!”
“the poor thing spiraled out of control and actually hit the neighbor in the face! That old guy was piiiiissssseeeed”
“oh yeah then your mom and him got into a yelling match while my mom took us in and gave us snacks, then we watched all-might videos.” the two laughed until it slowed down. Midoriya finished up, dried himself and got dressed. He walked over to Bakugo.
“Well, how do I look?”
“as stunning and cute as you always are.”
“Kacchan! I am not cute!”
“i love when you blush like that.” Midoriya smiled and walked over to him, he hugged the alpha and nuzzled his chest a bit. Then looked into his eyes. Sharing a silent stare. Then suddenly he kissed Bakugo on the cheek.
“That was my way of saying sorry, also a thank you for saying sorry. Now, lets go hangout.”


the rest of the day was fun. Hanging out, getting food, walking around, talking about their childhoods, everything was casual and fun. Easy going with no drama. Bakugo tore his pants on a fence while trying to climb it, he was trying to reach a pretty flower on a tree just for Midoriya.
“fucking dammit. Well here’s your flower. Its dumb cause its not as cute as you are.”
Midoriya smiled, it smelled great.
“i love it-” Midoriya’s mouth was suddenly covered by Bakugo’s. The two kissed deeply, no tongue though. After a few very passionate moments Bakugo pulled off.
“there. I thought it was only fair to return the favor from earlier.”
midoriya was dazed at the warm butterfly's he was having
“Shit. Already sundown. I don’t suppose we can stay out longer?”
“Lets go back to the dorms. Your place?”
“not unless you want to wear a bio-hazard suit.”
“Fine, just control yourself in my nest then.”
“I promise.” Bakugo went in for another kiss, only to be stopped by Midoriya’s hand
“oh no! Only one kiss a date Mr.alpha.”
“so, a date huh? Okay, I can work with that. Shit, if I knew this was a date I would have worn something better and worn cologne”
“as much as I love ‘romantic Kacchan’ which I really, really do by the way, I love casual Kaacchan.”
“i love you in every way. ESPECIALLY morning hair Deku.
“oh? Whys that?”
“cute face. Mixed with cute messy hair.”
“Why does everyone say I’m cute? I can be intimidating!”
“babe. you’re as intimidating as I have a small penis. It isn’t possible in this reality. Your cute, I’m hung, facts are facts. Now, lets go cuddle in your nest and watch something. Comedy?”
“you know it. Hung huh? I never seem to notice that when its cold out.”
“ITS COLD OUT ASSHOLE! THAT’S WHY! Fucking Deku.” the two smiled and headed back.


In Midoriyas dorm, the two lied in his nest, the new blanket Bakugo bought for him, covering them up. Midoriya snuggled his head on Bakugo’s chest (lets be honest, its his favorite spot.) and almost made a purr noise as the alpha ran his hand through Midoriya’s hair slowly over and over. They watched funny shows and highly rated movies. They laughed and enjoyed each others company.
“Kacchan...i really love this goes perfectly with my nest!...hmm...there always seemed to be something I lost a piece to my nest...”
“oh..uh yeah...well maybe you just put it somewhere and forgot.”
“doesn’t sound like something I would do, but yeah maybe.”
“I’m glad I picked out a good one. Kirishima and I went out yesterday night to hangout, and went over to a few shops, I saw them, remembered a few tips I learned on courtship. I texted you, waited FOREVER. And then got the goods.”
“sorry about taking so long...heh..”
“shits fine babe, I honestly didn’t care.”
“i...i like how you call me babe..”
“….alright. I want to say it. I really am falling in love with you. I know that might make you feel worse. But if there is even a SLIGHT chance that it might make you feel good...and maybe pick me….then I wanted to tell you.”
“it...does make me feel good...God...literally any other time in my life, I would have just thrown myself to you like a steak to starving wolves. You had know what, lets not talk about this. Lets enjoy ourselves and not think.”
“yeah...sounds good...”


The rest of the night was good. Nothing like a nice, warm, cozy, safe, soft, fun, evening. It was late and Bakugo had to leave.
“so. This is goodbye for now. Text me, talk to me, love me, and of course, I’ll see you daily. Since, you know, were in the same classes and lives basically. So I’ll see you later babe.” Midoriya nodded and the two hugged.
“i wouldn’t happen to get another kiss? A kiss goodbye maybe?”
“no you wouldn’t. Leave alpha, before I regret giving you more than one smooch today. Also Jr kept poking me all evening, just heads up.”
“fucking dammit. I told him not to. He just doesn’t like to listen. You know how boys are, never listing to what anyone has to say. I tell him to go left, he goes right, up, down, lie, truth. I tell him to stay put, Wanting to meet you in person.”
“well, what can you do. He is a growing boy too.”
“a very BIG growing boy.”
“alright! I get it! You have a big penis! Geez. How often are you going to talk about it?”
“uh...I’m a MALE. ALPHA. This is LITERALLY what my genders, both, talk about constantly! When have you honestly ever met a guy who hasn’t EVER once talked about his penis.”
“…..okay you have a point.”
“exactly. Now he is leaving, so am I, goodnight, text you later. Oh and one last thing before I leave. Did you want to go with us to the mall on Tuesday? Kirishima is still asking who’s going and who’s not. We need to figure it out if we’re going to know where and when to meet up. Anyways think it over, give me the details later.”
“okay will do, yeah I think I will but I’ll have to check my stuff. Anyways bye”
“bye”. Bakugo smiled one last time, then dove in for one more neck nuzzle, then left….. He may or may not have stolen yet another blanket while Midoriya wasn’t paying attention. …
Midoriya smiled at that sudden act. When he closed the door he rubbed his neck.
‘mmmh, Kacchan~’. He turned around and looked at his nest...was it...always that small on the left side?….


The next day was….decent enough. Midoriya and Shinso had their time together. They really didn’t do anything ‘exciting’ or ‘colorful’. They talked about their usual conversations, books, heroes, nerding out in general. Shinso helped Midoriya with his homework and they really did overall get along great. However, Midoriya just….didn’t have the same enjoyment as he did with Bakugo. He was unpredictable, fun, explosive (literally and figuratively) passionate. All the things Shinso wasn’t. The day ended and Midoriya left feeling...confused. He almost always was when he spent time with both boys. It was late now though, he waved those complicated thoughts away, no point in thinking about heavy things when you’re getting ready for bed.

He calmed himself down and laid in his nest. He tossed and turned as much as his heart did. He just couldn’t settle down. Without him really noticing it, he had wrapped his new blanket he was given from Bakugo around himself. When he did finally notice it, he felt somewhat surprised. When an omega is in distress, they will surround themselves with something calming….like a blanket from a potential mate...he relaxed as he took in Bakugo’s scent. It was soothing. He already felt like he started to calm down, his body letting go of the tension and worries that had built up inside of him. Finally he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep…


Class was over now, everyone started to pack up and leave, until….
“WHHHAAAAATTTT!, YOU...YOU GOT TO...SLEEP WITH GIRLS?! A WHOLE ROOM FULL OF THEM?! EVERY SINGLE ONE FROM OUR CLASS?!” Mineta, Sero, and Kaminari screamed as Midoriya told them about his sleepover with the girls.
“yeah, it was fun, we did a lot of cool things.’
“why would I have?”
“TO SHOW US! STOP LEAVING US IN THE DARK! YOU COULD HAVE BROUGHT LIGHT INTO OUR LIVES!” the girls heard the yelling and decided to ‘have some fun.’
“ohh yeah! We did lots of fun things! We compared boob sizes, we even tried on each others bras!”
“totally! It was great! Then we even played spin the bottle!”
“ohhh and don’t forget that we had that relaxing bath together with the splashing!”
“and how could we forget the part where we showed each other what kind of panties we wear.”

the three boys practically fainted
“why….why were we not invited….”

Chapter Text

Now it was only one week away from Midoriyas checkup. He still hadn’t made a mate choice. Every time Bakugo made progress, he would do something to fall back. Meanwhile Shinso only slowly crept along. Mundane but nice, but moved too slowly. Midoriya still couldn’t decide. He needed to, fast. His head hurt and his chest ached just thinking about all this, and the extra pressure from knowing he only has one week left didn’t help. He had hoped that something might happen to really set the scale off. Something that would happen that would help to prove to him that one of them is better than the other. Something soon.


Well. Today in class was...unexpected. The second the bell rang, their ‘glorious’ teacher Aizawa walked in.

“Alright you little shits listen up. I have a terrible hangover and I couldn’t give two fucks about teaching today. So I’m going to speed this up then sleep. Guess what. your partner is pregnant and just had your child. Congrats. For the next week or so all of you will be raising a sack of flour as your newborn bundle of joy. Good for you. You will care for it, pretend to feed it, change its diaper, and the usual taking care of a pup, got it? Good. You will color it, design it, do whatever to make it personal. Each child is unique and whatever. Oh, and these are specially crafted to be able to tell if you’re being a good parent or a shitty one. They will cry, they will demand attention, they will need to be looked after. This will be worth 1 third of your overall grade for this semester. Go crazy, don’t kill it, have fun.

Your partner will be the one sitting next to you. I don’t care about you all complaining ‘waah but my partner sucks! I want to do it with a friend!’ well tough shit. Life sucks at times, especially now for all of you. Everyone get used to your partner. Bakugo and Midoriya, you’re both partners.”

“why did you specify us...” Midoriya said quietly and somewhat embarrassed.
“Because the two of you are both practically mates already, and you’re the only one who knows how to calm his dumb ass down. Besides who else would ever even think about being mates with his crazy ass. This will also teach him how to be a good father to his future pups so he doesn’t end up ruining them.”
“do you have any idea on how to even care for a pup?”. Bakugo went silent now, only twitching in anger.
“exactly. Midoriya, do you?”
“oh, well uh, I did babysit some of my moms friends children, and I did have to take tests on proper pup raising for legal reasons, and-”
“good, stop talking now. See? Experience Vs dumb ass. Now, be a good mommy omega and keep daddy alpha in check. If you need any help, figure it out yourselves. That’s parenthood for you, ta da. Now I’m going to have a snack pack then going to sleeping, don’t bother me. Do whatever you want for the rest of the class. Just keep it down.”


With that he laid down and started to sleep after he went around hanging out blank white flour squares, the size of a regular pup. Some students groaned
“I don’t know what I'm doing...”
“I wish I had a better partner...”
“I never planned on having kids!”
“I take birth control for a reason!”
“I wanted to adopt teenagers..”
“1 third?! I’m basically going to fail already...”
“babies are just like more complicated cats….right?”


Midoriya looked at the little ‘pup’ in front of him. He wondered what he was going to do. He did want to raise a family...but...not so soon! And...not with Bakugo….did he?…. Midoriya looked over at said alpha who was staring at him.
“so mommy, what now?”
“oh uh...well...uh...i guess...we should give it a name...”
“alright. This is our male alpha son, his name is lord explosion murder.”
“w-what!? We can’t name our son that!”
“fine. King of explosive slaughter.”


And thus. The new ‘family couple's’ were as followed:

Mineta and Yaoyorozu (she is already planning on failing.)

Bakugo and Midoriya (woo. Like a happily ever after already.)

Hagakure and Shoji (both are fairly glad, they do work well together in general)

Jiro and Sero (Sero is happy he has a ‘hot girl’ to work with. Jiro is not so glad….)

Tokoyami and Todorokit (you know dam well one will raise their child ‘in darkness of the soul’, while the other has no fucking idea on what to do. Not like he had his own good childhood. How can you forget the third father. Dark shadow!)

Sato and Koda (two will most likely spoil the shit out of their child)

Kirishima and Kaminari (bros will raise the ‘manliest son ever’. bros are so happy to be daddies.)

Ojiro and Aoyama (the most ‘beautiful child ever’ will be made. Ojiro is nervous about failing.)

Ashido and Asui (both super happy and excited for their own little baby girl. Raise her right.)

Iida and Uraraka. (both their own ways...Uraraka is the ‘fun parent’. But that shouldn't be a surprise. Of course Iida will be the ‘ scheduled everything down to the very last second each day. Already planned ahead till college, plan out every meal to provide everything a growing child needs)


AND SO THE FUN BEGINS! WOOO! WHO ELSE IS EXCITED FOR THIS FUN FLUFFY CHAPTER?! I KNOW I AM! (also I don’t know ANYTHING about kid names in general...let alone Japanese time for simple names?)



It was after school now. Bakugo groaned, he wasn’t ready to be a father. There’s no way in hell hes going to let himself or his new ‘mate’ fail. He knew it was just a fake pup. Still, it did make him think of his ACTUAL pups somewhere down the line. He knew dam well this was going to be his future. Raising pups with his one and only love. He’d be dammed if he lost his Deku to anyone else. This was a perfect time to show just how ‘better’ of an alpha he will be. He needed to take a long walk after school. He honestly tried to avoid his Deku most of the day, he just told him he needed time to think. He wasn’t angry, it was the opposite, he was terrified! He would NEVER leave or ditch his Deku. He made sure that was well and clear. He just needed time for fresh air.


Midoriya nodded and told him to take his time. As long as he needed. Then head back to his room, knowing well they couldn’t just go into Bakugo’s room. Bakugo stood at the front of the door, wondering what he should say, do, think. He did NOT want to disappoint or fail his Deku in any way. He really didn’t have any clue as to what he was doing. He decided to just….watch, and learn from his Deku. He did tell Bakugo that it was alright, he would teach him everything he knows. Good. This would be good practice for the future. A great excuse to be around his Deku more too. Now maybe he gets to have a little one on one ‘alone time’ with his Deku….he shook his head. He didn’t want to force his Deku to have sex with him if he didn’t want to. Still, sleeping together as a couple would be equally as good, If not better. Wake up next to his Deku, see the smile and cute face. Feel how comfortable they both would be, holding one another. Bakugo smiled, he felt peaceful now. Then it broke as he heard his Bakupack inside.

“Mhhh. I looove yours Kirishima!” Bakugo heard slurps and sucking noises.
“haha! Dam right! Mine is the biggest here!”
“and tastes the best too. You really should give me this more often.” Bakugo heard Kaminari groan
“hey! Mines just as good too! Were both practically the same size!” Sero whined out
“why didn’t mine taste as good! I’m new to this! It’s not my fault it melted so quickly!”
Bakugo heard the four of them laugh. Then his Deku moaned out
“dam, these taste so good! So creamy and sweet! Give me this everyday!” kirishima chuckled
“don’t let Bakubro hear you talking like this.”
“Well he’s never done this for me yet. Maybe you could give him lessons!”
“anything to make our little omega happy!”
“you boys are just too sweet to me!” Bakugo was furious. He swear a blood vessel was about to burst in his neck


‘My deku….sucking dick!?...I’m going to kill all of my am I saying? He would never be some common whore!...this is just a mistake...this CLEARLY must be something else….my pack would NEVER betray me. They wouldn’t be that stupid. Just be calm. Breathe. This isn’t anything sexual….’ Bakugo breathed deeply in and out. Then opened the door nervously.
“oh hey bro! Come suck on this!” Kirishima said with a smile. the pack and Midoriya sat around drinking smoothies.
“We’re making smoothies! And mines the best! Everyone heard how I make my own, so they asked me to teach them, and to make it fair, Midoriya would be the judge! Of course I have the most experience so clearly, mines the best!” Midoriya moaned more and he drank it
“his is sooo good! Come taste!”

Bakugo twitched, he smiled and started to laugh hysterically. How could he have even thought about anything sexual!? They would NEVER do anything even close to that! Still….why did it sound so…..well, his dirty mind must have just shoved everything into a sexual situation. Any one else wouldn’t have thought about it like that. Or at least not jump to conclusions.
“Kacchan will you please learn how to make these with me! I want to try yours! I bet yours will taste amazing!... Whats so funny?”

“you! All of you! Me! I just….i was being so fucking stupid, anyways it doesn’t matter now. Sure let me taste!” so the five of them made smoothies that evening and tried out different styles and flavors.

Kirishima was an excellent teacher. They finished up and started to clean, Bakugo noticed Kirishima and Kaminari’s little ‘pup’. It had flames on it, super intense eyes, and what looked like fire and electricity shooting around it like a halo.
“wow. Nice….pup..”
“RIGHT?! WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT THE STRONGEST, COOLEST, MANLIEST, MOST BAD ASS KID THE WORLD WILL EVER KNOW!” Kirishima said with passion and flexing. Midoriya smiled awkwardly and said in an equal tone
“that...really is like both of you...i bet...he’s going to be...great..”
“right!? Oh! We should totally give our kids play dates!” Bakugo chuckled after hearing that.
“you dumb asses know these aren’t real pup right? How the fuck would they play.”
“Come on bakubro! it’s for pretend yeah, but we can still have fun with it! OH and Deku helped us build our own little crib! And its the perfect size so we can totally take it back and forth between my room and Kaminari’s!” Bakugo smiled. Sure, why the hell not go with the little ‘pretend’. Besides it makes his Deku really happy by his big smile. Anything to make his Deku happy.

“eh sure why not. Alright ‘manly alpha dads’ whats your pups name?”
“...thrashing pup?...that’s such a stupid fucking name!” Bakugo started to laugh. Kaminari got upset
“hey! No it’s not! it’s awesome and manly and cool! Besides, YOU don’t even have a name! Or a style, or anything! Midoriya has been waiting for you!” Midoirya scratched his face a bit and felt shy
“yeah...i wanted to wait for daddy alpha...It would be unfair if I did everything myself...I MEANT THAT I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE YOU OUT OF THE CREATION! Not that you wouldn’t do anything! I know you wouldn’t ever leave me and our pup” hearing that made Bakugo a little bit happy. His Deku knew he wouldn’t leave him. Kirishima gasped
“BRO! YOUR SON AND MINE COULD BE RIVALS!” bakugo went ‘ppft’
“like your son could beat mine. He would win every time.”

“alright alright alphas, put your dicks away, its late anyways, why don’t you two leave so kacchan and I can deal with our pup” Midoriya said as he started to clean up. The three nodded and agreed, then helped clean up. They finished and hugged and left the two alone. Midoriya was cradling his pup and humming to him.
“wow. Already trying to be a good mommy huh?” Bakugo said, almost a little bit of sarcasm thrown in with it.
“what? Like you’re doing anything a daddy would”
“well, I can do daddy things, like take care of mommy~ lets set the sack aside and let me help make a REAL pup.”
“enough Kacchan” Midoriya smiled and winked. Then walked over to his desk and set his pup on it.
“now, lets make ourselves a pup! Hmm..alpha boy...okay...what should he look like? I think he would look great with his daddies eyes. Ohh and his daddies hair!” Bakugo walked over to Midoriya, and pulled him close, then nuzzled into his neck, then whispered
“but your color. And your freckles.”
“Kacchan~ s-stop”
“no. also lets be serious for a second okay. You need to let me scent you for real. You need to do this with me asap.”
“I’m fin-”


“no you’re not! you’ve been getting super tired and weak and now you’re starting to get sick. You told Uraraka and Iida today how your temperature has starting to rise. We’ve been doing this for years now. I don’t care if I have a rival now or not. He won’t know how to do it correctly. I DON’T want to see you get sick, or worse. Let me do it. Tonight preferably. While we’re alone and have time. I don’t care if you feel bad if he can smell me on you or not. Are you seriously going to risk your own health just because you don’t want to feel sorry for him?” Midoriya was quiet then groaned lightly and whined.
“Stop trying to prevent it. Even your body is telling you to let me do this. Please.” Midoriya sighed and leaned into Bakugo.
“okay Kacchan...just...”
“no just. Let me do what I do, no butts about it. Want to go lie down in your nest? Or do it standing up, or go somewhere else?”.
“I...I want to do it in my nest...”
“Stop feeling bad. He will understand. Hell, he would WANT you to have this done. He doesn’t know shit and he would want whats best for you, even you know that. Please, I don’t want to do this to you without your full consent.”
“okay’re right….I wont debate it anymore.” Midoriya turned around and nuzzled into Bakugo’s chest.

They both started to undress. They usually only took their shirts off. Sometimes their pants. Although Bakugo ‘jr’ always got a little too….excited...around a certain omega wearing only his underwear. So the two decided to just to shirtless. They both sat in the nest. First they hugged close and held each other. Then Midoriya rubbed his face and head into Bakugo’s chest and under his chin. Bakugo then ran his hands up and down Midoriya’s back, arms, and rubbed his shoulders. Rubbing the scent gland and gently moving his hand in circular motions on the back of Midoriya’s neck, then proceeded to run his hand up and down his spine. Midoriya and Bakugo rested their foreheads against each others. They breathed in slowly then out. In and out, for a relaxing minute. Midoriya ran his fingers through Bakugos hair. Then slowly lowered his hands to his shoulders and rubbed Bakugo’s scent glad. Then repeated this process. After that, midoriya laid on his back. Bakugo rubbed his face under Midoriyas neck, then to his chest, then all the way down to his belly. He could start to smell his Dekus arousal. He couldn’t help but smirk. He looked up to a very red faced omega, Bakugo just winked and went back to rubbing his head against Midoriyas body, slowly returning up into the neck. Then leaned into the each of the sides and held his head there for a minute each.

Bakugo moved himself above Midoriya and smiled seductively~. He wasn’t exactly ‘soft’ either. Bakugo put his arms on either side of Midoriyas head. They touched foreheads again. Breathing in and out slowly for another minute. Midoriya then slowly ran his hands down Bakugo’s arms, then chest, then down to his stomach. Repeating this a few times. They touched foreheads again one last time.

“there. All finished, wasn’t that bad now was it? Feeling better?”
“already...yeah...” Midoriya swallowed as he stared into the powerful alphas eyes. His strong form right above his own. The fierce red eyes making him feel like he was starting to melt. So strong and intimidating, it made him want to submit right at that second. Bakugo smirk grow deeper as he saw his little Deku fight off the urge to submit to him. His pride was stoked even more now. He wanted this moment to last forever. He knew he couldn’t keep this up much longer. He didn’t want his Deku to have to have an internal conflict because of him. Before he got up, he quickly stole a kiss. Making it deeper and moaned in pleasure, creating a ‘mirrored reaction’ to his Deku moaning into him. The few seconds it lasted felt like whole minutes pasted.

Bakugo quickly got off and sat up.
“That wasn’t that bad either. So, how do you feel?”
“g-good…..” Midoriya said through his daze. The scenting, the arousal, the heat coursing through his body. The need to submit. Everything was interacting with one another so intensely, it made Midoriya feel like there was a battle going on inside of his veins.
“you okay my little Deku?”
“want help up?”
“want me to lay here next to you?”
“y-yeah...p-p-please...”. with that permission Bakugo laid on his side, resting his fist on his face.
“so. Was it good for you?”
“y-yes...” Bakugo relished the pure delight coming out of his Dekus voice. Bakugo closed his eyes and savored the moment. He could hardly wait until he was able to do this every night…..He could wait though. For his Dekus decision. But he knew he had it in the bag. He was by far NOT patient in the slightest. But he could do it for his Deku. Just for his Deku.


Speaking of the omega, Bakugo grabbed him and gently pulled him into his chest, having their chests touch and Midoriyas head tucked neatly under Bakugos chin. He began to rub his little Dekus back. Then started to whisperer
“what are you doing?”
“..enjoying the moment~” Midoriya said in a euphoric bliss.
“I meant for us. I know your feelings are mixed and junk, but face it. You and I are going to happen. You’ve seen me still changing for the better for almost two months now. Let me claim you already. I refuse to loose you next week when you have to be assigned a mate. You know Shinso is great, but you both don’t have a romantic connection. Believe it or not, but I actually talked to your friends, among others. You both have a lot in common, but only in a platonic way. You don’t have any kind of romantic connections to him, that’s why you’re so stressed. you’re forcing yourself to see him as a mate, rather than just friend. You might not believe me, but look at the facts. If you take away him trying to court you, would you have any romantic feelings for him?”


Midoriya added up the math. He was right….but WAS right….
“you know I’m right. Please, stop hurting yourself over this. I don’t want to see you keep stressing out over this issue. HELL even the dam TEACHER think we’re practically mates! You heard him loud and clear. you’re the only one who’s dumb enough to fall for me.” they both chuckled at that.


“i will tell you as many times as I have to, or you want me to. I...i love you. I mean it. I actually love you. Not possessive ‘oh hes mine’ but actual, healthy, love. Please. Let me make you happy. I haven’t been abusive to ANYONE at all since I promised I would change. No a single fight, haven’t broken anything, no wall punches. I’m learning to communicate. I know a little bit of expressing my feelings. I’ve only been getting better, all for you. Never once ‘having relapses’ or going back on my word. I love you. I love you so much it hurts. I just can only ever see a future with you. Only you. Ever.”


Midoriya was silent for a few minutes. A few long tense minutes for Bakugo. Midoriya heard his heart beating faster in fear.
“if we never had this history, would you have wanted me as a mate?” Bakugo asked while kissing Midoriyas head.
“Yes…..You’re right. About all of it. I do love you too. Yes. I accept your courtship. I invite you into my life as my mate. I wish to bond with you, now and forever. Make my scent gland yours. Make me yours, bite me, claim me.”
“what?! But you just-”
“i won’t claim you right here and now. Tomorrow. I want to do it properly. Romantically. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life.”
“oh Kacchan~”
“lets sleep. We can get ready tomorrow, besides we didn’t do anything today to work up a real sweat. Lets just relax like this. I want it as much as you do.”
“okay….i love you my Kacchan~”
“i love you too, my little Deku~”


“HURRY THE FUCK UP, SHITTY DEKU!” Bakugo pounded on the door bathroom in Midoriyas room.
“just wait a-”
“just go to your room then if you can’t wait!”
“I’m brushing my teeth hold on!”
“ew noo! Kacchan! I am not brushing my teeth while you poop!”
“just give me-”
“okay okay!” mirodriya opened the door, only to be pretty much thrown out of the way. Midoriya closed the door and sighed.
He just had to make sure now not to get toothpaste on the floor. It wasn’t long later now as Midoriya had finished up getting ready for class. He cleaned up, ran down to the showers real fast, came back and was putting on the finishing touches when the familiar and timely knock on his door was heard.
“Good morning all-might!”
“Good morning young Midoriya, chipper as always, hmm, except you seem to be in a better look more...alive. Wish I could say the same for myself.”
“oh, well i-”
“hey Deku I clogged the toilet, so prepared for that-” Bakugo stops as he sees all-might standing in the doorway.
“oh, hey.”
“hello young Bakugo.”
“Alright, I’m going to go get cloths then shower, don’t wait up.” Bakugo says as he runs off out of the room in only his boxers.
“Well...I have a few...questions now...although I’m afraid what the answers might be...” all-might says rubbing his head.


“It’s not what it looks like I swear!...well….let me explain….”


Bakugo breathed through his teeth as he jogged over to his class door. He was 15 min late already. He opened the door to see everyone just talking to each other, all their pups various colors and patterns and designs. Some even had little cloths. Ojiro and aoyama’s pup had bejeweled glasses glued onto its face. Along with a lot of glitter, covering it like it was some kind of skin type. It also had a little tail and a cape.


‘oh fuck I forgot to help Deku with our pup yesterday… he really is MY Deku...’ Bakugo savored the thought before he finally noticed Aizawa staring directly into his eyes with that bored expression while sucking on a squeeze it and in his famous yellow sleeping bag.
“you’re late.”
“i w-”
“i honestly don’t care. don’t tell the other teachers but I’m really just going to throw in this week. I have a lot of shit to do and I really couldn’t care less about this. Hell, even if you didn’t show up I wouldn’t care. Just do your work and finish your pup project and we’re cool. Now go take a seat by your mate or whatever.”
‘did he just….eh whatever, he said the same thing yesterday.’ Bakugo rolled his eyes and walked over to his desk, which had Uraraka and Iida next to it with their own pup. A little pink and blue haired one, with little glasses on it, and a dress drawn on it with purple marker.

“Hii Kacchan! I hope you don’t mind..i...kinda finished our son...” their ‘pup’ was well drawn and colored. It had Bakugo’s styled hair, with Midoriya’s hair color. It had Bakugo’s eyes and Midoriyas freckles, it had a little cute drawing of a blanket wrapped around it. Making it look like a square pale baby was in a blanket.
“wow. You colored and drew all this? Shit you really are the artist.”
“aww thanks Kacchan” Bakugo smiled as he sat at his desk. He turned around and as soon as he did Midoriya kissed him quickly, it happened so fast Bakugo thought he had somehow imagined it.
“Awwww you two are so cute!” Uraraka squealed. Bakugo was slightly annoyed at how loud and happy she was. Looking over he saw Uraraka and Iida’s pup. It had long well groomed brown hair going to to its halfway point, with a small shirt and skirt, and a pair of glasses drawn on it and a little blush.


“look Kacchan! Their daughter is soo cute!”
“Right!? Iida and I came up with her last night! We debated on what we wanted, at first it was….a little hard to talk about boy or girl. Then we settled on girl. Then alpha or beta, we went with beta.” Iida adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat
“i was… my beliefs of wanting to raise an alpha son, but we agreed on the opposite. Given to how life actually is, you cannot pick and choose how your children will be. So I no longer fought with her about both our child’s genders. This is a class assignment to help show us how to properly be well groomed parents for the future. Therefore no matter what my child will be, I shall love them regardless. This is a highly valuable learning opportunity for us all. Your mate has attached himself quite well to your child already. You should be thankful he feels that way.”
‘did four eyes just say mate…..’ Uraraka sighed and waved at Iida


“oh you, its just a class assignment YES I KNOW it’s important. I DO think that as well! But have a bit of fun with it at least! This isn’t just a blank sheet of paper with questions and math problems on it!. Be fun! At least understand that! Children do like fun and happiness in their lives.”
“yes, I see what you mean. My first mistake. Simply seeing this as a project and not a true child. I have already failed the first step. Thank you Uraraka for helping to open my eyes to this” she just nodded in approval.
“Oh! And her name is little violet”

‘guess that means Deku is really getting into it...why? These are just paper bags with shit in them’ Bakugo thought as he just looked at the pups.
“whats wrong Kacchan?” Midoriya put a hand on his and had a worried look in his eyes.
“nothin, just looking at all the mess of people.” he didn’t think it was important to say what he was actually thinking, and it wasn’t a lie, he really was looking at all the other ones.

Mineta and Yaoyorozu’s pup had long purple hair with a very detailed face and outfit. Hagakure and Shoji’s pup was...extremely basic...literally just white hair lines drawn on it, simple circle eyes, and a smile. With what looked like a little plain white skirt. Jiro and Sero’s pup had short purple hair, Sero’s smile, Jiro’s eyes, and a ‘cool’ looking expression that Jiro always has. On it had tape wrapped around it to make it almost seem like it was a partial mummy on the bottom. Music notes were drawn around it, as if the pup was humming.

Tokoyami and Todoroki’s son was...interesting. It had black hair with white and red marks here and there, like little triangles. Calm black eyes. A little beak design. It had what seemed like little dark claws on its sides like it was holding its sides, and all over the rest of the body was what seemed like a black and purple outfit that looked like a cross between a fancy suit and a Gothic design. Surprisingly Dark shadow was actually out, making ‘coochie coo’ noises and shaking a little rattle. Sato and Koda’s child was pretty cute. It had….very simple face and hair design, hair color was black and its face looked happy. (clearly neither knew how to draw…) it had a tiny stuffed cat glued to it, along with a pacifier in its mouth, it did have what seemed to be animal crackers on it where its cloths would be. Pup must be enjoying a snack while holding its toy and sucking on its pacifier. If any two people would make very sweet parents, it would be those two.


Lastly Ashido and Asui’s pup. Very adorable, pink skin, silly face with its tongue sticking out wide happy eyes and messy black hair. A little frog hat and a snorkel was on its head. It had a big green shirt drawn on it that said ‘mommies girl’ in hot pink colors.


Aizawa put in earplugs then pulled out a little air horn and blasted it. Everyone screamed and paid attention, looking at the bored expression on their favorite teachers face.


“listen up. You had your fun making your pups, always the best part. Now get ready for real parenthood. I’m going to turn on your little pups now. So get ready for that I guess. Now the real testing begins. Good luck and whatever.” he got some kind of remote out and pressed a few buttons. Suddenly the room blasted with the sounds of all the pups screaming at once. Some of the students screamed and panicked.


Midoriya just rocked and held his pup, humming and nuzzling it. Soon it stopped crying. Everyone noticed and rushed over, begging him for help. He felt nervous from all the sudden attention but accepted their requests. After a while of ‘showing and training them’ the pups had all turned silent. Kaminari sighed as he tried to rock his pup still then asked Midoriya
“how the hell did you do that!?”
“oh, well you might have heard me before but...I’m just..kinda good at it? I guess I just had plenty of practice...heh...” Iida thought for a moment before adjusting his glasses
“It’s not just that. Your internal instincts give you an edge in this. Your mind is naturally programmed to help raise and tend to your offspring. It is something that comes naturally to all omegas.” Midoriya smiled as everyone stared at him
“yea...i...i guess so. I just...feel right? Like I feel like I should be doing stuff...but again I did have practice...i guess both combine well”

Yaoyorozu pleaded to Midoriya
“please. Teach me! I’ve read things but, physical practice is typically better applied to learning correctly.”
“sure! I’ll teach you no problem” all the other students begged as well. Midoriya just smiled and offered to help them all least from what he knew……

At showing some basic things, like how to ‘feed their pups, rock them and nuzzle them, make sure they can have their parents scent on them to relax them, how to put them to their chest to let the pups hear their heartbeat.’ and a few other things. All the pups seemed to go into a ‘sleep mode’ of sorts. Midoriya smiled at all the effort they put into their pups. It made him feel warm and tingly inside. Like something clicking into place properly.
“well, now that they’ve settled down, why don’t we all introduce out pups!” Uraraka smiled wide and agreed. She showed off her and Iidas pup
“this is little violet! Shes our beta daughter.” Yaoyorozu spoke next
“this is my...and minetas….daughter ariadne. Shes an omega...I’ve thought about my future family, I would really want to raise one.”
“what the hell kind of fucking name is that?” Bakugo said
“Shes the wife of the Greek god Dionysus.” Kirishima tried to remember
“the dude who made wine?”
“Yes. He was the god of wine, and many other things...”
“ohh. Wine from grapes, little perv over there is grape boy.”
Mineta complained in reply to Kisihimas comment
“hey! I doubt your child has a better name! Besides….my Yaoyorozu is the smartest girl….we’re practically married...and married people sleep in the same bed….” Mineta made a pervy smile at her. She just sighed in disgust.


“uhhh Kaminari and my pup is THE FUCKING BEST! ALPHA MALE! THRASHING PUP! ALL MANLY! ALL STRONG! AND ALL AROUND THE GREATEST!” Kirishima flexed as he said that. The whole class was silent after that. Kaminari started to feel slightly self-conscious.
“w-what? it’s a cool name...” no one responded, until Hagakure spoke up
“anyways this is our pup! Our beta daughter named flower!...get it?...cause flower and flour sound the same...and...shes made of flour….” Jiro cleared her throat and presented her pup
“This is mine and Sero’s pup our alpha daughter, her name is beats.”


Dark shadow lifted up Tokoyami and Todoroki pup
“our turn our turn!” then Tokoyami took his pup in his arms
“yes. This is our pup. Nightshade. An alpha male. Dark shadow seems to became quite attached to him.” most students thought ‘figures he would name it something emo….’ Todoroki said plainly
“i do not really care for any of his looks or name. I hardly even know how to raise anything at all. I simply want to pass. Perhaps learn something at least, I don’t plan on having a family anytime soon. When I do decide, then I will study then. For now, I just care about passing.”


sato smiled
“that’s...understandable….well this is our pup, we call our little alpha son, sweet pea.” a lot of the girls made an ‘awww!’ which made Sato and Koda blush. Ojiro started to say, before he was interrupted by his partner.
“well, this is our pup-”
“THE MOST GLORIOUS, BEAUTIFUL PUP! Outshining all others! Our wonderful son, named GLAMOUR!”
“hes very…..shiny” Ojiro said trying to seem ‘okay’ with the whole...aesthetic.

Asui and Ashido went next
“this is our pup, lilly, our beta daughter! Asui said
“Shes the cutest!” Ashido said right after.

Then finally Iida and Uraraka took their turn
“Our beta daughter, little violet!”

before anyone else could say anything, a loud bell went off, causing all the pups to cry again. They all desperately worked to calm their pups down. Aizawa told them all that they needed to go to some ‘important’ school gathering. They had to bring their pups and tend to them while being there
“wouldn’t it just be easier if we left them here?” Sero asked. Aizawa threw an erase at his head, pegging him right in the eye
“no dumb ass. You can’t leave a newborn pup somewhere. I can already tell you’re going to fail just by that comment. I won’t say it again, treat these pups as your very own living ones.”

the students sighed and left, taking their pups with them…..
the school gathering happened in a major auditorium. It was a small school explaining about the ‘in’s and out’s’ of working within a collapsing building. Whether it was on fire, falling apart, or something else just as dangerous. Where to go, what to do, how to do it. They had some of the top ten heroes speaking out on their own experiences. The lanky frail form of all-might spoke out about his many many rescues. How things can go from 1 to 100 in just a few moments.

Finally it ended, thankfully everyone was released for the entire school day. The class came up to Midoriya and begged for ‘tutoring that day’ he wanted to agree and help, but he needed to talk to someone first…
Midoriya smiled
“oh idea!, lets start a chatroom!”
“golly! A chat room between all of us!? What ever could go wrong….” Uraraka laughs.

Midoriya pulled out his phone, pressing it for a bit, then sending a mass text
“there. All set! No one else gets to come on but our class got it! I gotta go talk to someone real fast, everyone….make sure your pups don’t die I guess” Midoriya laughed as he rocked his own. Everyone said goodbye to one another and parted. Before he put his phone away he sent a text to Shinso
M “hi, I need to talk to you”
S “:) sure”
M “its not good..”
S “i think I know where this is going, It’s alright.”
M “i feel its better to talk irl face to face”
S “thats very considerate of you, classic Midoriya”
M “taking this really really well...”
S “that a bad thing?”
M “no! I’m just sorta suprised”
S “eh, it was nice, but I kinda figured. You and Bakugo had history, same class, raising a pup together, etc, so My chances were low. Is it cool if we stay friends?”
M “totally! I’m so happy you’re not all mad….wait pup?”
S “yeah, my class did the same thing last year, plus I hear people talking about it too”
M “how did yours go?”
S “good”
M “that’s good, okay anyways, lets meet up near our usual spot in the hall.”
S “sounds good, see you there”

Midorya smiled and sighed, he was so thankful Shinso was taking this so well. Midoriya almost dropped his phone from being surprised. Bakugo slid up behind him, wrapping his arms around Midoriyas hips, nuzzling into his neck, and making a gentle hum.
“so. You want me to come with?”
“I heard you murmuring. And I might have looked over your shoulder.”
“K-kacchan! That’s totally an invasion of privacy!”
“Mates don’t hide things from each other. Now, why don’t you and I go talk to my ex rival. Rub it in, tell him how much he suck...I’M KIDDING! I won’t. Not the new me.”
Midoriya leaned into Bakugo and smiled, closing his eyes and enjoying the warmth.
“You really have changed. My Kacchan~”
“My little Deku~” the two mates enjoyed that moment. Forgetting the world around them. Midoriya snapped out of it and realized he needed to get going. He pulled away from Bakugo, suddenly feeling a little sad, then left.


Midoriya was humming to himself as he walked through the dorms. Down the hall he was walking, he saw Tokoyami give the little pup nightshade to Todoroki. Dark shadow sniffled and waved goodbye as the two left him. Todoroki just looked down at the ‘bundle of joy’ in his arms, unsure what to do.
“hey!” Midoriya said merrily as he stopped next to his friend
“ah, hello Midoriya, I’m glad to see you actually. I have no idea what to do now. I was planning on going to train, until Tokoyami said he needed to go tend to personal matters, and needing me to care for our pup.”
“oh I can help out easy! But first I still need to talk to my...friend...then we can hangout if you want”
“i would greatly appreciate that”
“alright come to my dorm later, lets say, 30 minutes? If that works for you”
“it does, I don’t have anything else planned today.”

The two nodded and Midoriya left. He went up an elevator and was nervous about talking to Shinso. In a way he was glad though. His mind was made up, for the first time in a long time, he felt….solid, happy, as if he didn’t have much to worry about now. He made up his mind, got a mate, now doesn’t even have to really worry about his checkup. It was smooth sailing from here on out. He breathed a sigh of relief and looked at his little pup in his arms. He felt so happy, it just felt like he….connected to it. Some light in him turned on and he finally can see in the dark.

The elevator opened up and he walked out of it, he stopped a little ways down a small corridor and his eyes opened up fully. Endeavor was standing in front of him now.
“Oh uh, hello, excuse me I really need to get going.”
“before you go. I want to have a word with you.” He said in a sturdy confident tone, almost condescending. Midoriya really didn’t like the now number one hero. He never treated him kindly, for two reasons. One, for being connected to all-might, and the other, for being an omega in the hero field. Not just any hero field, but a full on action hero.

“i really must go-”
“no.” Endeavor said sternly. Midoriyas body shivered. The alpha was projecting an aggressive influence. Radiating power. Midoryia swallowed and started to rock his pup anxiously. Endeavor was a true power house. An alphas alpha. The type of person Midoriya was….afraid of. Alphas can easily command and influence and overall just force omegas to do things, by sheer alpha nature. Pheromones, stance, voice, attitude. It was almost too much for Midoriya, he was strong willed and he could easily fight, But nature was nature. He wanted to just submit. His body was starting to be afraid. ‘The alpha can hurt me, stay still, submit, do what he says,’ nature was yelling at him.

“w-what do you n-need to say”

“I know you’ve been talking to my son. My master piece. Do you consider him to be a mate?”
“what n-no! Never, he’s my friend!” Endeavor nodded in approval.
“good. He is better than you are. Soon he will be matted to a proper omega. Someone worthy of his nature.” Midoriya started to thaw out from his frozen mind
“what’s that supposed to mean?”
“it means he won’t be courted by some common blooded omega. He will be with a purebred, someone with more powerful, genes.”
“Excuse me? Common?”
“you heard me. I’ve said what I needed to. You may go now.”
“you don’t order me. I’m not your servant.” Endeavor raised an eyebrow. A common low list omega talking back. It was surprising. He wanted to see how this will turn out. He’ll humor this little ‘interaction’ to see what kind of ‘bite’ this little omega has. He doubted it was much.

“yes. oh.”
“Move aside omega, let your superior through.”
“no. you are NOT my superior. You might be an alpha, but that doesn’t naturally make me lesser than you are.” Midoriya’s breathing started to get stronger. He stopped shaking as much, he tried to look the alpha in the eye. Eye contact was always….intense, between the two genders. Alpha glares could work an omega like they were putty. From lust, to need, to commanding, to intimidation and everything in between.

“please. Go on, I want to hear what you have to say. I suppose I can entertain myself for a minute or two.”
“i am not your entertainment. I am equal to you.”
“no. nature has never made you to be an equal. Especially YOU. A male omega. Truly the rarest of the rare. The weakest of the weak.”
“i am NOT WEAK!”
“yes. You are.” Endeavor sent a spine chilling glare. Midoriya so desperately just wanted to curl up and submit, whine for mercy. It screamed throughout his blood. But he had a stronger will. He forced himself to stand up straight and keep his gaze focused. Endeavor smiled, this little omega was standing up to him. Something hes only seen a few other times in his whole life. They all backed down shortly after however. Still, this was entertaining to witness.

“you...and your condescending alphas...thinking you own us...that we’re just natures addition to you. we’re not. We are people like you. We deserve to be treated as such. I am not property or an object.”
“Yes you are, now why don’t you go take that little fake pup away to your nest and lie down. you’re probably tired and grumpy. That’s why you’re acting like this. I understand, your kind does get cranky when they don’t have enough sleep. Go nap, you need it.” Endeavor said in a heavy condescending tone. Giving a fake smile.
“i am NOT tired. I am-”
“going into heat soon. That must be it. No wonder you’re so emotional.” Endeavor made ‘tsk’ sounds.
“Poor little thing. Well you should hurry back to your nest and prepare. Its for the best for you. I’ve dealt with plenty omegas in my life, I know what I’m talking about. Oh and before you do nest, you should have some chocolates, that typically eases omegas emotions. Now, be a good boy and scamper off now” Endeavor said, walking past Midoriya, while rubbing his head.

Midoriya felt all kinds of emotions just burst through his body, like electricity springing to life in his chest. He wanted to nod and obey, do what the alpha said. He wanted to submit and thank the alpha for the attention. He felt happy and wanted to purr for the physical touch of such a powerful alpha. He wanted to scream and shout at the alpha, letting his rage spill over and manifest into words and actions. He wanted to punch the alpha as hard as he could for treating him like some pet. He wanted to cry, he was so tired of being treated like this. He did want to go to his nest and relax. Make the alpha happy he did what he was told to do. He wanted to eat chocolate, that one was mostly because he was actually just hungry for something sweet. He wanted to run into Kacchans arms and cry, wanting to make the feeling of being so raw, exposed and vulnerable to the bigger alpha, go away. he wanted to be comforted by HIS alpha. He wanted to hide in his nest under some blankets, he didn’t like being around such an intimidating alphas presence.

Midoriya just turned around and looked at Endeavor...confused. He couldn’t think fast enough through all of these emotions and thoughts. Endeavor pressed the elevator button then noticed the omegas gaze.
“what’s wrong? Omegas liked to be pet. Oh, did you want more? Well I suppose I can spend a little time rewarding you for being a good boy, even if you are a bit grumpy. Come here, I’ll give you pets until the elevator comes.”
Midoriyas body yelled at him to move forward
‘do as he says!’
‘he commanded it!’
‘pets do feel soooo gooooood~’
‘please him!’
‘make sure to obey like a good omega!’
Midoriya just wanted to do as he was told. Close his eyes and enjoy the petting, purr into it. Such a powerful alpha, giving him attention, recognizing him! Showing him he was noticed! He was being rewarded for being a good omega!
He wanted to give in, move over, enjoy the pleasures of feeling taken care of. It feels so...right, to be near someone so strong. So protective. To be by his side.
Midoriyas thoughts drowned out his logic and reasoning. He almost took a step forward before he remembered the weight in his arms. His pup….the project….he was doing...for class….with his….mate...his Kacchan….


Suddenly he snapped out of the haze. His thoughts started to clear up, he could think again. The world seemed to come back, being solid once more. The things around him mattered. He wasn’t some submissive omega, doing what he was told, doing what ‘was right’. No, his happiness, his free will. THAT WAS RIGHT. He took a sudden breath in and shook his head.
“No….no you are NOT a hero. You are a condescending flaming jerk who thinks hes high and mighty. Times are changing. So is our future. My kind won’t be put in a submissive hold forever. The way you think is dying. I wanted you to know that. I will admit, I do want to feel submissive to you. I enjoyed the petting a lot, but I wont submit. I’m too strong for that. I can’t wait for the day that my kind can actually live outside a cage. We can take care of ourselves, just like anyone else. We just need to be taught that.”


Endeavor simply stared. He knew the omega would stand up for himself, but his whole kind? What was he, some kind of saint?. It mattered little. He was one lucky omega to even come this far. If it wasn’t for all-might, then he would have never had this life.
“I’m surprised you were strong enough to defy me. I’ve only had 2 other experiences like that. I congratulate you. You really are a strong little omega. Still an omega none the less however. Think about what your told, imagine a nice safe life for yourself. it’s still not to late to quit this whole little act you’re putting on. Go raise pups with that one crude minor hero. I know you want to raise his pups.”


With that the elevator had opened and the number 1 hero entered and left. Midoriya just stood there. Still. His body felt strange, somewhat scared about defying such an alpha. Scared on what would happen in the future. More than that though, he was proud of himself for overcoming a tough situation.” Midoriya really didn’t feel good the rest of the day. He said sorry to Shinso for meeting him only for a short time, he told Shinso how he felt, suprisingly Shinso agreed, it just wasn’t meant to be. They could still be great friends though. They hugged and left. Midoriya now sat in his nest, emotional and tired. He had such a nice day so far, only to be hit directly in the mental gut. Life really did have a way of stopping joy dead in its tracks. He texted his Kacchan to come over. Saying a short
‘Your Deku doesn’t feel good. Emotional cause stuff just happened. Plz come.’

almost within 3 minutes Bakugo knocked on the door. Midoriya told him to come in and Bakugo almost jumped straight into the nest next to his mate, grabbing him into a cuddle and telling him along the lines of
‘Your alphas here. Everything will be alright, I love you. I’ll make all the bad feelings go away.’ Except in his own Bakugo way of
‘I’ll fuck up whoever made you feel bad, was it Shinso? I’ll kill him. I’m going to hug the shit out of you and never leave your side until you feel like the wonderful person you usually are’.

Midoriya sighed into his Kacchan. He snuggled closer and tucked his head under his chin. He closed his eyes, enjoying the strong presence of his alpha, the comfort of his nest, the warmth of it all, the scent of his mate washing over him like medicine to ease pain. The door was knocked on and Bakugo growled, holding his Deku tighter. He was in a protective mode. He was going to kill anyone who got too close to them. Bakugo’s alpha instincts told him to protect his mate and their nest at all costs. To make sure no one was around to disturb them. Midoriya still didn’t feel good yet. He did whine for his quiet peace to come back to him, causing his Kacchan to be even more aggressive at the door.

Midoriya knew he couldn’t just ignore the person. So he shook out his natural feelings for a short time to clear his head, he could spare a couple minutes on whoever was there.
“Who is it?”
“Todoroki” Midoriyas eyes shot wide up and suddenly sat up, headbutting his Kacchan in the chin.
“oh s-sorry Kacchan!’
“shits fine babe...why the fuck is half and half here?”
“i totally forgot I promised to hangout with him!”
“tell him to go away. you’re mine for the rest of the night.” Midoriya felt butterfly's in his stomach, even though he should be upset about his Kacchan telling him what to do, he still felt nice to hear how protective and loving his Kacchan was to him. Midoriya got off the bed and walked to the door and opened it. Bakugo growled when he saw the other alpha.


“I’m so sorry! I totally forgot we were supposed to hangout. Would it be alright if we didn’t...i just...I’m not feeling so well.”
“that’s fine, if you don’t feel well, then I won’t push you.” Todoroki looked past Midoriya to see an angry looking Bakugo sitting in Midoriyas nest.
“I’m glad your alpha is here to aid you. I hope he does well”
“Fuck off half and half! Of course I’m going to do well! Better than that even!”
“Kacchan! Stop being so aggressive please” Bakugo saw the frown on his Dekus face, he mentally kicked himself for lashing out. That wasn’t the new him. Todoroki looked back at Midoriya
“It’s fine, I understand. He’s just being protective of you. Nature cannot be fought. I wont take up any more of your time. I hope the rest of your day goes well” Midoriya smiled and nodded his head.
“thanks, you too!...oh...uh..actually….can you come in for a second...i….need to talk to you, about...well your dad” Todoroki’s eyes turned more focused. His face became a bit more stern.
“please tell me, what has my father done to you?”


Bakugo would look between his Deku and half and half. His instincts told him to watch the other alpha carefully, making sure he wouldn’t pull any kind of move, or harm. Bakugo knew though that half half half wouldn't dare. Todoroki sat in a chair listening intently to what his friend said. He felt awful for what his dad said to his friend, and how his friend now felt. No wonder he was in such a distressed mood.
“I am so sorry for what he did to you. I wish I could have been there to aid you.”
“It’s alright. You couldn’t be there, you were somewhere else. I am really thankful that you would help me against your father, sticking up for me and everything.”
“of course I would, anytime anywhere. It’s bad enough how he treats others, let alone a dear friend of mine. You are not weak in any way. Never forget that. I am proud of you for managing to hold yourself together, not submitting to him. That takes an intense force of willpower to ignore his commands. Far worse so to an omega.” Midoriya nodded
“I know I’m strong, and I’m thankful you think that way, and that you’re proud of me. It’s just dumb nature. I’m sure that if I wasn’t an omega, I could have easily told him off.”


Bakugo gripped the pillows to the nest so tightly, he was gritting his teeth so hard, he was slightly afraid they might all break.
“that’s such fucking bullshit. If he ever says anything like that again, I will fucking kill him. He will NOT treat my Deku like that again. No one will.” Todoroki looked at him and nodded
“I agree. No one should speak like that to Midoriya, or any omega. My father is just an old thinker, his ways need to die. More than once many, including me, have tried to talk some sense into him, however he just ignores them, think they are ‘lesser ideas’.”
“I’ll show him lesser ideas, I’ll fucking blast his brains out.”
“Kacchan please, don’t be so aggressive” Midoriya turned around and looked nervously into his mates eyes. Bakugo suddenly felt sick to his stomach. He was creating a hostile atmosphere. He was probably producing such intense anger pheromones. His Deku was already distressed, now his attitude was just making things worse for his mate. Bakugo looked away and mentally kicked himself.

“I must go, thank you for your time. Again, I apologize for how my father behaved. If you ever need any help, if you ever see him again, tell me. I’ll come to your aid.” Midoriya nodded and smiled, he got up and hugged Todoroki, somewhat surprising him. Todorki slowly warped his arms around his smaller omega friend. Bakugo was trying his best not to snap and attack Todoroki in that moment. He counted down in his head, breathed, told himself
‘everything was fine, he was just a friend, don’t let nature take over, keep calm, he’s not trying to claim your Deku, it’s just a friendly hug, you know better!’ Bakugo swallowed down the sour taste in his mouth, he practically was foaming in anger. Todoroki noticed this and decided to hurry up and leave. It was VERY easy to see that Bakugo was wrestling back his urge to kill, something that impressed Todoroki.

“Thank you for the hug, I must be on my way, goodbye Midoriya, goodbye Bakugo, I shall see you both tomorrow.” the three nodded, Bakugo bit his tongue trying to shout. He managed to get out a weak goodbye to the other alpha. When Todoroki left Midoriya looked back at his Kacchan, giving a warm smile and pleasant soft eyes. Bakugo’s heart nearly melted right then and there. Did nature just create Midoriya to be so cute and soft looking? Or was it some miracle of perfection given mortal form. Bakugo thanked whatever universal force that was out there to have blessed him with his omega. Midoriya crawled back into the nest and nuzzled into Bakugo, making the alpha melt and want to die from joy. This omega could calm a storm by being too cute. Aizawa really was right, only the green haired omega could ever calm his crazy ass down.

“I’m so proud of you. You didn’t snap or yell at him. You didn’t even try to attack, and you even managed to say goodbye without being mean! I love you so much Kacchan. You really are trying your best for me” Midoriya pracically purred into his mates chest. Bakugo felt like every atom in his body was ready to melt in pleasure from hearing his omega so thankful and happy. He felt like he was cotton candy that fell into a puddle.
“t-thanks b-babe..” was all Bakugo could word through his ecstasy.
“Mhhh, Kacchan~” Midoriya nuzzled and purred. Bakugo thought he might die then and there. Nature had a funny way of causing all kinds of reactions from one thing to another, in this case, an omega’s soothing nature making even the hardiest most hateful souls want to curl up in bed and smile.
If he were to die then and there, the only regret he would ever have, was not raising a family with his Deku, not having pups, not getting married, not giving his Deku the life of his dreams.
“Listen...there’s something I wanted to don’t think...we..” Suddenly Bakugo felt like he was hit by a cold truck from hell, the sudden shift in opposite emotions made him feel like he was about to have every cell in his body dry up and turn to dust.
“W-ere not br-breaking up r-right?” His heart felt like it was beating faster than a mouses (fact, mouse hearts beat so fast they sound like they’re humming) could.
“no! No! Nono” and with that now he felt his heart suddenly stop and reboot. He swore that within the last minute, his body straight up had every cell reboot itself, erasing all known feeling from before.


“haha, I can hear your heart beating. Lets lay down. I love to be on your chest” Bakugo flopped back and had his Deku lay on his chest, then started to gently rub his head against it. In all of this ‘he’s melting like butter in an oven’ feeling, he didn’t even notice how much blood rushed to his dick. He was harder than he ever felt in his life, well, second time. The first time was when he smelled his Dekus first heat. THAT made him want to cream his pants on the spot, grab his Deku and run, go somewhere no one could ever find them, then hump harder than rabbits in spring. His only thought process was to knock his Deku up with as many pups as he could possibly fit in him. Thankfully His Deku gave a heat pass to their middle school teacher and left quickly. He straight up felt like he was going to kidnap his Deku and do all those things if his Deku had stayed even a minute longer. The second he got home he jerked himself harder than he ever did before that day. He hated himself, not for masturbating, not for the dirty thoughts, but simply because Deku wasn’t HIS yet. He felt like he was about to run out of the his house, blast his way to Deku’s, then claim him the second he answered his door.

Midoriya was so high on his Kacchan’s pheromones, he could hardly solidify a thought. Between all the ‘lovey dovey’ feelings, the soft snuggles and intense relaxation, and the sexual desire from his Kacchan, Midoriya thought he might just become in a state of permanent bliss. He accidentally brushed his knee up against his Kacchans dick. His eyes snapped open wide and suddenly sprang up
“i uh! S-s-sorry! I didn’t mean to..i uh….gee it sure is stuffy in here!” Midoriya shot up out of the nest and opened the balcony door. Turning on a fan to blow out the ‘stuffy’ air. He tried to take deep fresh evening air to clear his head. He felt his nature practically use him as a puppet. He felt like he wanted to do what Uraraka does when shes used her quirk for too long, vomit rainbows. The way bliss, happy, drunk on euphoria, happy go lucky butterfly's in his stomach needed to come out.


One day he WILL have his alpha mount him. He just...didn’t feel ready...not yet...even if his nature, body, upcoming heat, all deafened him with telling him to do it.





Midoriya’s head suddenly became silent the second he heard his Kacchan right beside him.
“sorry, I guess it was pretty stuffy in there….i...needed some fresh air too….”
“yeah...” the two mates just stood there, getting fresh air, breathing it deeply like it was the only oxygen they’ve had for a year.
“Alright I’ll say it. I’m sorry I got so hard. I….you’re my mate, and you’re the cutest thing in the god dam fucking universe, and I’m so fucking lucky to have you, and my body is screaming for me to mount you. My head is so god dam crazy right now, I just wanted to throw you into your nest and- no. no I won’t think about it anymore.” Bakugo sighed heavily, as if holding his breath. He was red from what he said, he did feel better for getting it off his chest before things got even more uncomfortable.


“i was having the same thoughts. I want this. I really do. Kacchan I….i just don’t feel ready yet. I’ve never had sex or anything close to physical contact from someone else in that way. I’ve used… else….I’m scared….I’m scared of you...”
“Sorry for...being so big….i guess?”
“no! Well..sorta….but no! I meant...overall. You intimidate me. Make me feel so...submissive...make me feel a good way...that doesn’t make much sense I know….it’s just...nature...”
“i hear ya. Trust me babe, I will never touch you in any way like that unless you want me to. I have plenty of willpower to control myself. I’m more likely to attack you than rape you”
“that’s what I men….I can defend myself….but…..nature controls me. When someone as big and tough as endeavor or you or anyone really, it makes me want to curl up and cry. Its like this massive pressure on me. Like suddenly the world is crushing me. that’s how omegas feel naturally. When people like you are around, it makes us want to submit the second you look at us. I’m afraid Kacchan. I’m afraid you’ll hurt me.

I’m afraid I will do something I’ll regret for the rest of my life. I love you….but you scare me so much….i want you...but I can’t be around you...i...i don’t know...i wish I knew...i wish I wasn’t an omega...” Midoriya put his hands on his face and his head down. His hair covering his face up. Bakugo wanted to hug his omega. He was careful, he didn’t want to risk making his Deku feel worse however.
“I’m sorry. I wish I could go back in time and never have treated you like that.”
“It’s not that...well I guess….” Bakugo just started to laugh a little, then it turned into a maniacs laughter.
“I’m literally to tough and manly and alpha to you that your body is literally trying to shrink away. Wow. Nature really is fucked up. Believe it or not but, this is common, like you said. The second I claim you, all that nasty fear will disappear. Trust me. You can even look it up. You won’t be afraid of submitting to others, because you’ve submitted to me. You won’t be afraid of me because your body will know I’m your mate. All this will just be over and done tonight.”

“w-wait...really? I’m so happy to hear that! Oh Kacchan! This has hurt me so much over these years. You….you’re about to take all the pain and fear away” Midoriya slammed himself into his Kacchan’s chest and hugged so tightly.
“Like I said...I’m going to protect and love the shit out of you.”
“oh wait...tonight? What do you mean?”
“remember?, yesterday? I said we’d go out on a romantic date and I would make a good claim”
“oh….OH uh….i totally forgot...heh...”
“that’s fine. This whole time I thought you knew, your plan was to talk to everyone about the pup stuff, then we’d get ready and go.”
“yeah...i...i didn’t even think about that….i...i actually want to call it off.”
“oh….i...i guess I can claim you another time”
“NO! I mean, yes! Well, I want you and ONLY you tonight! I want to tell everyone I can’t do it. I want to be with my Kacchan”

Midoriya kisses Bakugo gently. Then it turns into a bit more fierce. Midoriya pulls off as his body starts to ‘speak up’ again. Same went for Bakugo. Midoriya cleared his throat
“….thanks...i love you….uh….here let me go send a quick text to everyone” Bakugo just stared into his eyes fiercely and gave a nod. Midoriya felt like he was looking into a laser pointer. His eyes wanted to look away, but he also just wanted to look at his Kacchan. Baguko put a hand on his Deku’s face and caressed it, causing Midoriya to purr into it and feel that bliss returning.

“I’m leaving you to go get ready for tonight. But I want to see you before then. Spend the entire day with you. I love you, I will be back as soon as I can”
“I love you too. I should get ready also” the two kissed for a few moments before they were interrupted by their pup. The little pretend pup turned on and started to cry out.
“aww, its okay, mommies right here.” Midoriya cooed as he walked over, picking up the pup, then nuzzled and held it close, rocking it in his arms.
“Kacchan jr.” Midoriya said turning around and facing his Kacchan.
“that’s what I want to name him. Kacchan Jr. If that’s okay” Midoriya had a huge pleasant smile on his face. Something twitched inside of Bakugo. Seeing his mate with a ‘pup’ and being so….motherly. So domestic. Bakugo felt a sense of….pride? He couldn’t tell what this feeling was. He knew he loved it. He wanted it to last forever, like a part of him was put into place, filling up an empty hole he had inside of him that he didn’t even know existed.
“That’s perfect. I love it too.” The also said smiling, he walked over to his mate and held him close. The filled part seemed to inflate, growing into an even better feeling somehow. Bakugo wanted to feel this way forever. This deep unknown feeling. He wanted to keep it close and never let it go.


Midoriya said how sorry he was in the group chat about ditching everyone, he told them he wanted to spend time with his mate. Midoriyas mind felt tingles. Mate, his mate, HIS Kacchan. He always wanted this, dreamed of it. Now that it was real, it didn’t feel like it was. Like this was just a pleasant dream, if it was, he never wanted to wake up. It just didn’t feel real at all. Everyone in the chat said it was okay (more or less. There were those that groaned and pleaded for Midoriya to help them out asap when he could.) Midoriya replied that he would. He promised.

Uraraka came to her best friends room and squealed. His very first date with Bakugo! She was so happy for him!. She helped him pick out the best cloths, brushed his hair and all around made him look like the best omega that ever existed. Midoriya was thankful but felt shy. He had no idea what to do. Uraraka just told him to have fun! Be himself! Relax! Bakugo was probably just as nervous, if not more. Midoriya nodded as he fidgeted with his nest. He wanted it to be perfect. He really didn’t know why he was doing it. When he was laying in it, he did do that when he was nervous, but outside of it? He just chalked it up as a habit. Nature however had other plans….mating plans….something Midoriya had no idea about.


Midoriya asked Uraraka to watch his pup while he was out, she happily agreed, but ONLY if he told her every detail during and after the date. He promised he would, maybe not as much during, but definitely after. Now Midoriya just waited. He kept fluffing his nest, brushing his hair. Picking at his cloths, trying to readjust them, Waiting nervously for his mate to arrive. Uraraka kept talking to him while waiting, he was too nervous to pay attention fully. Midoriya started to wonder if he got stood up… he shook those thoughts away, his Kacchan would NEVER do that to him! Right?. No, his mind was just toying with him. Making him paranoid. He started to wonder if he should text his Kacchan. Although he imagined he might just be too pushy. He really didn’t want to be that way and blow it. One of his biggest fears was him doing something to ruin this relationship. Being too clingy or annoying or needy or everything else relevant to it.

“Uh fucking god! You’re too much! that’s it, I’m fucking done with you shitty Deku. Why did I ever even try to do this? God I knew you weren’t worth my time!” Bakugo would say as he left him. Midoriya would cry to himself for failing the one thing hes wanted his whole life, other than being a hero of course. His mind was just….being terrible to him. He couldn’t think like that.
‘Kacchan would never leave me! He said so himself! He said he was going to try his best! Beyond that even! He loves you so much hes improving and changing himself for you!’ Midoriya steadied his breath. A knock on his door startled him out of thoughts. He practically rushed over and opened the door with as much speed as he could muster.


There stood the alpha of his dreams. His Kacchan looking dapper, well groomed, smelling amazing, with flowers and a lustful yet relaxed gaze. Midoriya shivered in need, almost just wanting to grab his Kacchan and throw the two of them into his nest and breed. He cleared his mind with haste, making sure not to start making ‘sexual desire’ pheromones.
“hi Kacchan” Midoriya was surprised when His Kacchan kissed him out of nowhere. Midoriya closed his eyes as usual and enjoyed it. Now he really did want to take the big alpha into his nest. After Bakugo pulled off Midoriya sweetly said
“you know. you’re supposed to ask for permission before touching an omega. I’ve been meaning to tell you that since before we’ve started to date. Mr. handsy.”
“Sorry, You just make my nature run wild. I have to take. can’t help it. Besides, I knew you would just have said yes anyways. Cut out the middle man.”
“you know me so well Kacchan~.” the two snapped out of their focus on one another when they heard Uraraka sqee in happiness
“You both are so cute! Bakugo I will end you if you hurt him though. So will Iida! Well, he won’t kill you, I would though. Then he’d probably arrest me because I committed murder. And Deku would be mad at me for killing you, so that would really end our friendships.


“Don’t worry beta. The only way I’m going to hurt Deku is by ruining him in his nest.”
“K-kacchan!” Midoriya blushed. Bakugo just smiled and kissed him again.
“Watch our pup Beta. we’ll be back whenever. Don’t wait up, or interrupt us. Make sure all the extras know too.” Uraraka ‘hmf’
“Not extras BAKUGO”
“pfft whatever” Bakugo said while pulling his Deku close and leaving
“Bye Uraraka”
“Have fuuun!”




(inspired by Yu-gi-oh! Duelists of the roses OST - Yugi's manor.)
to me it seemed very romantic~)

The couple sat down at a table in the back of a very fancy restaurant. Bakugo had called ahead the day before and made reservations. Being that both were minor heroes, and Midoriya having all-might as his caretaker, the two had press hassling them from time to time. Here, Bakugo made sure no one would interrupt or even see them. Everything high class and well made was there. They had ordered dinner, Midoriya loved this, the charming evening sun hitting the window, lighting up Bakugo, making him look like the warm colors of the sky, his eyes standing out however, making it seem like he was practically and incubus. He looked directly into his Deku’s eyes, asking if everything was good. Midoriy nodded and said everything was more than perfect. Bakugo hardly blinked, he wanted to memorize every second of that evening. Every look on his Deku’s wonderful face. The sensual aura radiating from Bakugo made Midoriya relaxed, his muscles eased up. His heart felt stranger than usual. He had this flare within him ignite, Bakugo’s gaze fanned the flames higher. Back his dorm, when he held his pup, and his Kacchan held him. He felt this strange mixture pour into him. Filling a mold that had been empty. He didn’t even know how or when he had it. It felt like he was empty and cold for so long without realizing it. Only up until then, did he find out how warmed up it became. He wanted more. He thought it might have something to do with his nature. He’s read and studied plenty of things about it, what omegas go through, what they deal with, how their emotions changed more intensly than the other two genders at times.


Assuming this was in fact having to do with his omega gender, he felt….calmer. He wanted this feeling to persists for as long as it could. However he also didn’t know how to feel about it. He was scared, like trying pain killers. How would it affect him later down the line? Was their going to be some unforeseen price to pay? Was it good? Bad? Something in between? Was it natural or artificial?. He decided to look it up when he got home that night. He didn’t have everything known off the top of his head, he should brush up on it again. Especially since in less than a week, his checkup was due. Now that he had a mate, it would be a lot quicker and run much more smooth when he got there.

He smiled mentally, now he didn’t have to worry about so many details, so many legal requirements, so many tests and ‘updates’ on his well being. He felt far better knowing that every little detail about his own personal life wouldn’t be poked and prodded at by some government official. He could finally have some privacy. He always felt so raw, weak, vulnerable, open, whenever he had to test. He felt like he had to expose every inch of himself to them, which in a way he did have to.

Bakugo chuckled, causing Midoriya to snap back into reality
“Thinking again. I could hear your little murmuring going on. Then you made that classic overly cute Deku smile I hate so much. Always made me feel too happy. Like looking directly at the sun. now I guess it just makes me happy. Knowing you’re smiles are for me now. That...sounded obsessive. Sorry”


“no no its fine! I’m glad I don’t make you jealous anymore” Midoriya smiled, his eyes closed. Bakugo’s smile started to dip.
‘not jealous anymore….’ His words echoed. Bakugo knew better. His heart, body, mind, soul, everything, still felt jealous. Obbsessed. Overly protective.
‘mine mine mine, ONLY MINE. ALL FOR ME! ONLY MINE FOREVER!’ his head still screamed, in the far far back. Bakugo just tried to push that away, deal with it some other time. It only got worse the more he pushed it back. He just wanted to bury it deep deep inside of him. He didn’t want that poison to be exposed anymore, manifest into physical life.
He knew his Deku didn’t deserve it. He cannot let him EVER be exposed to his poison ever again. He would rather die from drowing in it, than letting his Deku have to be exposed to it in anyway. His Deku was to pure for that. His Deku had felt it for too long, too much, over the many many years. Bakugo couldn’t stand to think of him having one more drop of it in his Deku’s life.He didn’t deserve it. His Deku deserved better. Far better than he could ever be. Another reason why he had to kick himself in the dick, so he could improve. Killing himself just to try and go forward. Not back.

“Now I guess you’re thinking huh?” Bakugo looked back into his Deku’s eyes. Those eyes. Those pretty things. Those beautiful things. Those perfect things. Those eyes could cool the sun. Bakugo imagined him being the ultimate weapon. Just have his Deku look at any villain. Ask them kindly to stop, then the villain would apologize and surrender. Midoriya could stop the very nature of evil by being to cute. Bakugo wondered if all-might ‘adopted’ him, just because he knew that Midoriya had those abilities. Maybe secretly that was his actual quirk.

“yeah, sorry about that. Looking at you, it makes me think things.”
“oh? Like what?” Bakugo was silent for a few moments. Then he just shrugged and said
“lots of stuff.”
“wana give me a hint?”
“good, bad, ugly, and wonderful things.”
“ugly and bad? Am I ugly and bad?”
“FUCK NO! YOU’RE PERFECT IN EVERY WAY! I just meant, I’m the bad and ugly. Like a parasite to you. Siphoning all your wonderful energy. Absorbing all the toxic fluids in me. Clearing up my poison. Wasting your energy on me. Why...i...i need to know. Why? Why me? Why do you care about me so much? I’ve only ever hurt you. Poisoned you. Hurt you. I don’t deserve you. I know I sound like a broken record. But still. I just…..i don’t understand. you’re perfect and I’m terrible. You could be with any alpha you wanted. You could always get the best of the best. Not some hateful jealous nightmare of a mate. I’m literally the opposite of positively and kindness and being sappy and shit.”

“ know. Literally everyone asks me the same thing. You want to know why huh. Well. I love you. I’ve just….grown attached to you. From when we were kids. To right now.”
“If we never met as kids. If we never had that….thing between us….would you really still want me? If you never knew me except for whats on the outside?”
“I’ve been asked that a lot too. I want to say yes. I know everyone has something going on in their lives. Everyone has their own emotions and trauma and experiences. Even if they don’t show it. Everyone has their own way of thinking and dealing with things. From living life daily, to doing what they would consider extreme. For you. you’re an amazing person. Under that anger and hate, you’re so strong, willing to provide and care. You secretly do want friends, to be loved, to be surrounded by others. You don’t want to be alone or unknown either. You want to be a hero so everyone would cheer for you, appreciate you, love you, want to be with you. You don’t just do it for the fame and money, you do it for others. I can tell. I know you Kacchan. Even with the bullying, you loved me. You wanted me. You just….never would accept your feelings. All that pent up energy, well, I knew what your heart thought. Or at least, I imagined what it felt like.


I knew that if you never knew me, would you have even given me the time of day? Would you bully me? Wanted to spend time with me? You always thought about me, why not the other way around?. Would you have cared so much?. I think you would. Well, besides me being quirkless, besides me being an omega, besides us knowing each other as kids, you would want me. You felt like I was the thing you needed most in your life. You wanted support, someone to come home to, someone to cry on, someone to rely on, someone to always be there for you. You knew I was that type to do all those things. You want a family, a mate, a nice house with a good life. You want to be able to come home and have a wonderful greeting. you’d be fine if you came home to an empty house. But not always. You would feel just as empty inside deep down. No one wants to come home to nothing. Money can’t buy love and happiness, I guess. You can fill up the loneliness all you want with everything, but its just a sink hole.


It will only be filled for so long until it consumes whatever is in it before demanding more. If you didn’t have friends, or family. You would die. Loneliness if a terrible thing. I never had to feel that way. I had my mom, I had all-might, I have all my friends. You don’t have any of that when you imagine yourself. You have your mom and dad, but that’s it. You don’t even live with them anymore. You love your pack and are so grateful for them. They love you and want to be with you, they see the same thing as I do, or at least I imagine they do. I know for a fact Kirishima loves to be your best friend cause he knows the real you. You can tell off everyone, but you want them. You just have a hard time showing it. Like the thing of you pushing others away before they can push you away. You knew I wouldn’t push you away ever. So you put so much attention on me.


Kacchan. I wanted to be there for you. I knew I would always be someone you loved. Deep deep down, I knew you’re feelings for me, like I said. I know exactly how you felt when I got my first heat, when I started to ‘bloom’. When puberty came around, you really wanted me near you. You wanted me all to yourself but you were terrified I would reject you. Kacchan, I don’t want to reject you. This, this is amazing to me. I’m so hapy that you finally want me. Not just to be possessive and own me, but actually truly want to love me. You pushed yourself over your fear of rejection, and it paid off. that’s all I wanted. Was for you to accept your feelings for me and finally want me. I don’t want to leave you. Never be afraid of that, in all honesty, I feel the same. I wanted this for so long, it doesn't feel real. I feel like if I become too clingy or attached or needy or anything like that, you would leave. Not wanting to have to deal with me.”


“i would never leave you. You know how I feel. That I won’t be good enough for you, that you would finally see me as the terrible person I am, and move on. Shit. You have me figured out. I honestly could never even think to say all that dumbass sappy shit. I’m thankful you can. I do feel those things I guess. I promised I would claim you, that I would hold you until the day we die. I want to come home to you, have our pups run up and say how much they missed their daddy. How much they love how amazing of a hero I am, my biggest little fans. Then you and I would always spend time together. I would come home to dinner and sweets. Then us just….sleeping together in the same bed, nest, whatever. I would wake up and have you be the first thing I see in the morning.”


“kacchan...thats so cheesy...i love it...i want that too….i want that so badly. let’s make that happen. Promise me right here and now. You and I will both be the best thing for one another. AND that no matter how painful, you talk to me. Even if you don’t want to talk directly. Just, be with me. We don’t even need to talk. I just want to make sure you get that ‘poison’ out of you. Don’t think I can’t handle it. You know all the shit I’ve gone through, and not just from all the years with you. Being an omega, you get strong against this. At least I have. Anyways, promise me. That you will do whatever it takes to open up. Expose yourself, let all your demons onto me. FULLY. I don’t want you to hold back. Let it all out on me. Just shoot all that load onto me everywhere. I can take whatever you have. I don’t care how messy or sloppy or intense it is. I can take you, anywhere, anytime. Even if we need to go somewhere in public so you just let it out all on me. Look me directly in the eyes when you do it. I want to know you get the same pleasure as I do. I want you to just, finish all that on me, into me, everywhere you can put it. I can make it fit no matter what. Even if you feel like you need to pull me aside, put me against the wall and let it out. Cover me in it! No matter how intese! No matter if you think it might make me drop to my knees and cry. I will always demand more from you. Beg you for it. I will stop at nothing from getting it.”


“wow. I’m so hard right now. Do you have any idea what you just said.”
“i said I wanted to help you.”
“wow. God I wish I recorded that, it was so fucking hot.”
“uh….me being emotionally supportive? I don’t understand.”
“nothing babe. Everything’s fine. I promise to shoot my load for you.”
“that’s all I ask”
“I want you to moan my name and call me big daddy Kacchan while I do it.”
“uh...okay? If it makes big daddy Kacchan feel better after letting it out all on me. I’ll call you anything you want me to”
“Even calling yourself my dirty little Deku?”
“why would I be dirty? But...i guess...”
“now say. Daddy Kacchan please give me your load, I want you to make a mess all over my face”
“Kacchan I’m starting to think this has a different meaning than being supportive...”
“promise me to look me in the eyes while you say it too.”
“okay..uh...Daddy Kacchan, please put as heavy a load onto me while you make me a total mess as you can. I can take it anything from you. Does...that make you feel better?”
“very. fuck babe. This is the best god dam evening I’ve ever had.”
“I’m glad I can make you feel better. Is there anything else you want to say? Any kind of load you want to spill out on me? ‘m right here willing to take it. I’ll look you in the eyes and called you father”
“Daddy. Only daddy Kacchan”
“okay, daddy Kacchan”
“you know what. Later, I’m going to give you such a load, You won’t be able to do anything after.”
“oh, is it going to be that intense daddy Kacchan?”
“Wait…..Is this some perverted thing? What have I been saying this whole time?”
“nothing. you’re helping me big time for talking to me. Now, if your finished stuffing yourself with my meat, lets go out and let me finish my load onto you.”
“yes daddy Kacchan, whatever makes you feel good” Midoriya smiled while Bakugo thought


‘god. This kid is way to innocent. All that stuff I got him to say. Holy fuck, I feel like I could ‘release a load’ right here and now. Fuck, why is he so god dam innocent?’ Bakugo just smiled and waved over a waiter. Midoriya was reaching for his money but Bakugo slammed a fist on the table.
“you better not even fucking THINK about pulling money out.”
“no. Deku. I’m paying for this.”
“but this stuff is so expensive”
“NO. shitty Deku. The alpha provides.”
“THE. ALPHA. PROVIDES. FOR. HIS. OMEGA. NEVER try to pay for something. Or we’ll have a major problem. I take care of you. Got that?”
“i feel bad-”
“don’t. Now, lets get out of here. I have something special in mind. Besides, I’m too horny, I need fresh air.”
“wait….why are you horny?”
“nothing babe. you’re too cute, that’s all.”
and with that, Bakugo paid and the two left.




The young couple sat down in a park, nearby a small fountain was lively and active, causing some kids to play around in it (much to their parents distress). Midoriya laid his head on Bakugo’s shoulder, the two silent and watching the world go by. they’ve been doing this for a few minutes now, just letting the world be their only sound. Bakugo took a heavy sigh and moved Midoriya’s head off of him. Then turned and faced the omega.
“It’s time.”
“for us.”
“us to what?”
“for us to BECOME US. Me, you, mates.”
“aren’t we already?”
“not officially. Remember dummy, I need to claim you”
“ I forgot”
“no shit. You ready?”
“its just a bite”
“no. its far more important than that. Geez don’t you know anything about courtship?”
“not much actually...i...kinda just skipped over those parts in my legal papers and stuff….didn’t think it would apply...heh...”
“well it does now. Here’s the quick run down. I bite your scent glad, you belong to me, and only me. It scars over, showing you were claimed. This is...sorta for a very long time. Claims last a while, then they fade. Until then, I’m your mate. If there’s any backing out, do it now.”


“No. we promised. I’m ready.”
“okay..i wanted your full consent. This isn’t some everyday decision. This is like marriage.”
“wait really?!”
“yes. it’s that serious.”
“getting cold feet?”
“no no! I just...never put much thought to it...”
“well, to simply put it. I munch your neck. You belong to me, then when it scars over, you bite mine. This will be our markings for each other. This is going to be permanent for a long time.”
“h-how long?”
“roughly, 5 years”
“5 YEARS!?”
“i told you, it’s serious.”
“but...what about when omegas leave...”
“well then they have to be re bitten by their chosen alpha after they leave whoever else. Omegas have to be careful, to many claims in a short period, could have serious health risks.”
“Wow….well I don’t have to worry about that, I’m going to have my Kacchan forever!”


Bakugo smiled, he closed his eyes and savored this moment as much as he could.
“are you sure?”
“i may bite you?”
“you will let me claim you?”
“yeah, like I said dummy!”
“Just going through all this legal crap. I did have to study it.”
“wait...i thought only omegas needed to”
“not government stuff. Just school crap. Geez don’t you remember anything from biology?!”
“no...not really...most of the time when that happens the government pulls us out of school so they could teach us.”
“more bullshit from them...”
“It’ll be alright”
“no. this government fucking sucks.”
“nothing we can do right now”
“ is our night. Only focus on right now. Nothing else matters. Where was I?”
“About to claim me”
“ your neck and submit”
“like this?”


Bakugo’s eyes lowered a bit to his omegas submit. His body suddenly wanted to just have him right then and there. Alpha nature causes them to feel...good….when they see an omega submit. Good doesn’t cut it. Its….indescribable really. Bakugo looked at the pretty neck. Looking at where the scent gland was. The thoughts of vampires suddenly sprang to mind, always biting necks to drink blood. Just some stupid story and media based on history, and claiming bites.


“good. Just...bend your neck a little more to the side… that...listen before I do needd to know...this is gonna really bad.”
“Kacchan, we’ve been through worse than a bite. Just look at me, how much I’ve broken myself. I’m pretty sure I can stand you.”
“This is...a different kind of pain. it’s going to hurt. Badly. Scent glads are sensitive. Especially when someone makes a claim. Your body will react….bad….it will start to regerster me. it’s going to feel like a painful jolt slowly pumping around your body.”
“Its going to really, really hurt. Just...i wanted you to know. Ready yourself okay. I don’t want to hurt you anymore than I have to. I love you.”
“i love you too”


Midoriya swallowed and prepared himself. He steadied his breath and made sure to brace whatever hell was about to be thrown at can’t be that bad right? He trusts his Kacchan...but still….nah, He’s broken and fractured bones, he’s literally ruined his whole body at various times, and slowly recovered. He can do this. Oh fuck OH FUCK OH FUCK NO HE CAN’T HOLY FUCK THE PAIN!. Midoriya suddenly wanted to scream. Bakugo put a finger in his Deku’s mouth. Midoriya bit down. HARD.


Bakugo looked at Mioriya’s neck. He leaned in, nuzzled the scent gland. He was afraid of hurting his Deku. The only thought process were along the lines of: What if he bit down to hard? Hurt the tissue too much? What if he DIDN’T bite down hard enough? He didn’t want to put his Deku through this kind of pain again. Bakugo breathed in his Deku’s scent. Calming him down. Alphas were MEANT to do this. Mother nature made sure they did it right.


Way back in sex ed in middle school, he remembered being taught about alpha claims. His mind always turned to Midoriya whenever they talked about anything ‘alpha to omega’ related topics. He wished Midoriya was with him. Every time his name came up or the subject of omegas, he would look over to see the empty desk Midoriya sat in. He just chalked it up to ‘he was in heat’ or his mom didn’t sign a form allowing her son to be taught about sex ed.

(did anyone else have that happen in their school? Cause way back in my middle school, they had. Surprisingly a few amount of slips were signed, so most of my class was with me, fuck it was awkward. Nothings weirder than learning about boners when you’re literally touching knees in a cramped room with other people)

Either way, Bakugo just felt like he NEEDED to be around the omega…
Back in the present, the now Bakugo breathed warmly on the scent glad. Then took a deep bite….
He heard his Deku about to scream in intense pain, he had warned him, before his Deku could, he shoved his fingers in his mouth to bite down on. It hurt like hell, but it hurt far far less than what his Deku was going through. Bakugo remembered back in his sex ed, each alpha was given a small thick lump of some kind of mold. They taught the alphas how to bite down correctly. This was a serious issue back then, “you shouldn’t be teaching our kids how to claim! it’s too soon!” “they’re too young to be claiming! Let alone having sex!” “We can’t let them know how to! Or else they will do it more!”


Bakugo remembered biting down hard on the little lump. It covered his entire mouth, at the bottom was a hard plastic piece, the teacher said that this was as far as you were supposed to bite down on an omegas scent glad. It was all they needed to do to claim them, anymore or any less would hurt them worse, and mess them up pretty badly. If you failed to do it properly, the omega could have permanent damage, it would ruin their health overall. It was like oral care, if affects the entire body depending on how healthy it was. Bakugo was allowed to take his claiming lump home, he rememberd his mom yelling at him to practice properly, she did NOT want some omega’s parents coming to their home complaining on how his son ruined them.


Bakugo was somewhat surprised, in all honesty he didn’t think she would WANT him to be practicing. He got into fights, got bad grades at times, got into plenty of trouble overall, got caught having sex a few times, and just did the ‘I don’t follow the rules because I don’t feel like it’ attitude. To his shock his mom wanted to prevent any further damage her ‘dumb ass son could cause. It was bad enough her dumb ass son once had unprotected sex once, now hes going to learn the hard way if I don’t beat this knowledge into him’. His mother was a lovely woman.


Bakugo remembered him laying in bed, looking at the lump, imagining it being Midoriya, and claiming him. Practicing on it over and over. He wanted to get it right, get it perfect when he DID make a move….as to when?...he didn’t know...all he knew was that Midoriya was going to be his and ONLY HIS. He was going to fight off all other rivals, threaten them to stay away from his future omega. But he was an idiot. He never knew when to make a move. He wanted to, he just couldn’t push himself to do it. Only bully the poor omega. He waited and waited, thinking he would do it later, thinking he would always have time. Then the day came when Midoriya told him off in the hallway. Bakugo promised himself he had no time left. Now or never.


Back to present Bakugo, he bit down harder, making sure to get it just right, he felt hard tissue right beneath his teeth. He knew from practice, that’s when you were supposed to stop. He wiggled his teeth a little bit, making sure to do it correctly. He tasted blood and skin. He was worried that he did it too roughly. His thoughts ran over the ‘simulations’ countless times. He did it right. He was correct. He needed to have more faith in himself. He rememberd what the little lump felt like, it really was accurate to how skin was. Bakugo decided that was enough, you were never supposed to do it for too long, or too short. He pulled off gently, not to slow and not to fast, nice and easy. No need to hurt his omega further.


He finally pull off. Strings of saliva connected the two of them, Bakugo wiped his mouth off before looking at the intensely pained expression of his now permanent mate. Midoriya looked like he was going to pass out. Bakugo remembered that his teacher told them that there were cases where this has happened. The teacher told them not to worry too much, it was rare, omegas do get very tired after and need to rest. Bakugo made sure that the date was plenty done and over with so he wouldn’t have to drag his Deku around. He had planned this from the start. Now he just had to carry him home.


“There. It was shitty huh? Don’t worry, I did it right. you’re going to be fine. Everyone says to just sleep it off.” Midoriya would only respond by giving a tired lazy look at his mate. He just nodded sleepily. Bakugo pulled his fingers out, they were red and bleeding a bit, but other wise okay. Bakugo then wiped the blood and spit off of his fingers, then his mates mouth.
“shhh. Don’t talk. let’s get you home. This is natural, you just need to lay down for a bit. Now, lets get that cleaned up so it doesn’t get infected. Then I’ll take you to our nest.” Midoriya nodded and just felt like sleeping for 100 years. He just slumped into his alphas chest. His mind had so many questions and thoughts racing through it, but like a factory shutting down, everything slowed until it came to a stop.


Midoriya felt something touch his neck. Dabbing it, it stung, he groaned. He opened his eyes to see recovery girl humming a bit as she was touching his neck.
“Well hello sweetie. You have a nice little nap? You just close your eyes again and rest if you need to.
“shhh, save your energy. This is very common to happen. Now just relax. I’m just cleaning up your new claim mark. You just let your body heal.”
Midoriya just nodded a slight bit before shutting his eyes again.



Midoriya’s eyes slowly opened up. His vision was blurry and he didn’t want to get up. He felt something next to him, warm, soft, and...smelling really really good. It made his body release the tension in itself. Midoriya’s body naturally went to where this thing was at, shifting closer until he was up against it. He sighed as the blankets around him tightened. He felt like he was wrapped up in something strong. He closed what little bit of opened eyes he had. Drifting back to sleep quickly….

Midoriys woke up to small sounds. Opening his eyes he tried to find where the noises originated from. Moving his head slightly he found that his vision was completely blurred. He blinked and wiped them, making a big yawn and stretch to go with it. He bumped into something solid next to him. He looked over at Bakugo looking into his eyes.
“Hi Kacchan….morning...”
“mmh...kacchan….KACCHAN?!” Midoriya woke up with a jolt and looked into the eyes of a very laid back Bakugo.
“we fucked hardcore last night...remember? You moaned and begged for me to knock you up. So I did, you said you would use the pregnancy test you bought yesterday to see if I fucked a pup into you or not. Want me to open up the box and get it for you?”


“Relax! I’m just fucking with ya!. What do you remember from last night?”
“i...i don’t remember….everythings blurry OOOOOW OOOWWW WHY DOES MY NECK FEEL LIKE MY HEAD WAS SEVERED?!” Midoriya suddenly gasped as the pain shredded through him, like his muscles were snapping in half similar to how silly putty would when you ripped it fast enough.
“Yeah...don’t worry babe, We have pain killers. Want me to get you a couple?”
“ow...what...why….ugh my neck...” Midoriya flinched as he put a hand on the spot. It seriously felt like someone just took and ax and slammed it into his neck.
“Yeah, well, a quick summery, you and I are mated. I claimed you and it hurts like hell. It will scar over and we’re offically mates. Yay. Well then you will have to bite me, but other than that we are good to go.”
“M-mates?! Really?! I...oh...ohhh it’s coming back...wait...hat happened when you claimed me? I just remember a lot of pain”
“Passed out, I carried your cute ass back here, got you to recovery girl, she pattched you up, gave you pain killers, gave us a bottle for you to take over the next month, I carried you here, laid you in your nest, you cried and whined for me in your nest, so I layed next to you and we slept together. Then you cuddled up on me, then woke up screaming in my fucking ear.”


“i-i-i’m so sorry Kacchan!”
“Stop yelling. Relax babe. Shits fine. Chill out and lay on my chest. You love that.” Bakugo just looked at him with that relaxed expression the entire time. Midoriya just sat up in the nest looking bewildered. Bakugo rolled his eyes and grabbed his Deku’s head, gently pulled it in close and tucked it under his own. He rubbed his Deku’s back and told him about last night.
“So when you passed out, I carried you back here. You looked so cute sleeping in my arms. Even if you pretty much passed out from the intense pain. When I carried you into recovery girl’s office, she was surprised at first, then realizing that we ‘finally got on with it’, like shit even SHE thought we needed to hurry it up and become mates already. Anyways she said I did a good job with the claim. A perfect one, her words not mine, but I totally fucking knew I would. Yes, I can already tell how to ‘define perfect claims’ well listen up nerd. You have to make them deep enough without being too deep. Hard enough but not to hard, make it gently but not too gently and blah blah blah. Point is I dug just where I needed to and claimed you properly. Now it won’t get infected, at least as long as we take care of it for a bit, it will scar over nicely, and you’re neck won’t be killing you for that long. A day or two. you’ll still be sore though. Oh and just make sure not to lay on it or put any weight on your neck.”


“okay Kacchan, I believe you”
“no no! I didn’t mean it like that! I just meant I knew you would!. You do everything perfectly.”
Midoriya purrred. He couldn’t help but take a deep breath into his mates chest. He smelled so amazing, far better than he ever had before.


“Kacchan, you smell sooo good~”
“We’re mates babe. Your body is pretty much telling you that you and I, we’re a thing now. You smell just as good to me as I do to you. Now, if you want me to put a pup in you at any time, you just let your daddy Kacchan know.”
“wait...daddy Kacchan….so that WAS a sexual thing!”
“haha, of course nerd.” The two just laid In the nest looking at each other lovingly. Midoriya suddenly shot up out of bed
“relax! Stop screaming! Aizawa didn’t even come in today. He left a note saying for us to go whatever, he didn’t feel like waking up and coming here and then trying to keep us all together. Honestly, he is such a college teacher.”
“so…..everything’s fine?”
“STOP SCREAMING! We can go get him back from-”
“DON’T FUCKING INTERRUPT ME SHITTY DEKU! AND STOP SCREAMING!” Midoroya ran out the door and down to Uraraka’s room, leaving a grumpy Bakugo.
“Ugh. Gee, love you too. Shitty Deku, why do you care so much about this?...”



“Oh hi M-”
“WHERES MY PUP?!” Midoriya just yelled nervously needing to find ‘Kacchan jr’
“oh hes with Iida p-” Midoriya just ran off to Iidas room before she could finish.
“Good morning to you too...”

Midoriya banged on Iida’s door. No on was answering. Midoriya’s heart was pumping increadibly fast. He really didn’t know why, but for some reason his mind was roaring at him to get his pup back. Midoriya banged again and again. Still no answer. He decided to just run back to his room and grab his phone. On the way he ran past several of his classmates, not even saying hello. He was always saying hello and being very friendly, this made the others worry since he wasn’t doing that….and was rushing around.


Bakugo was getting some stuff before he was about to head out to the showers. He was shoved into the nest as Midoriya was frantically searching for his phone
That made Bakugo suddenly stop. He had to blink for a few seconds. Midoriya NEVER cursed, OR raised his voice like that.
“Babe...are you okay?”
“where is it...where is it” Midoriya just ignored him as he frantically searched
“Babe, it’s in the bathroom. I put it-” he didn’t get to finish as Midoriya grabbed it and slammed on the call button to Iida’s number. Bakugo just watched as his new mate was anxiously asking where the alpha was and to bring him back his pup. Midoriya just nodded while on the phone and then ran out of the room.


Midoriya finally found Iida sitting down enjoying the news while the two flour pups sat next to each other, both covered in a little blanket. Midoriya practically ripped it off and grabbed his pup. He was nuzzling it and saying ‘everything’s alright mommy’s here’
“Good morning Midoriya, you seem….excited”
“...mommy’s here….”
“Well, how was your date last night?”
Midoriya only cooed into his pup, totally oblivious to the world around him. Iida tried to figure out what was going on, Midoriya always had good manners, always was saying hello and being good at keeping conversations. This was totally the opposite, the only thing that would complete this was if this Midoriya said he suddenly wanted to be a villain.


Bakugo only took a quick shower, he wanted to spend the rest of his day with his mate, every second counted!. Walking down the hallway he finished putting on his shirt then headed into his mates room, he forgot his own phone. Walking into the room he saw his Deku cradling and purring to their pup in their nest

“oh cool you got the bag back”
“okay okay! Geez...chill… so what did you want to do today? I just wanted to hangaround, but I’m down for anything….babe?...hello? Take your eyes off the flour bag for one-”
“GET OUT KACCHAN! IF YOU DON’T WANT TO LOVE OUR PUP THEN GET THE FUCK OUT!” Midoriya yelled then growled at Bakugo. Bakugo was stunned again. Midoriya NEVER growled, hell, Bakugo didn’t even remember a single time he ever came close to doing something like that.
“Babe its just a ba-” Midoriya growled then threw a pillow at his face.
“Okay you know what! Fine! I’m going! Dam, you need to chill.” Bakugo said grabbing his phone then leaving.


Kirishima was bouncing a ball against Bakugo’s room wall while listening to him
“Shit seriously? He NEVER acts like this!”
“I KNOW RIGHT?! Is it me? Did this mess him up emotionally cause claimed him? Did I ruin him?”
“no. no way! he’s super in love with you! Maybe hes just pissed cause your pup means a lot to him”
“yeah but WHY?! No one else is taking it this far, sure he loves going the full credit. But this, this isn’t normal...right?”
“i don’t know personally. Kaminari and I are just fine. We take care of our pup and no problem”
“I need to quickly un fuck this situation….how do I do that?”
“hmm….OH I know! Whos the best person to talk to about Deku”
“….his mom?”
“oh...huh..i didn’t even think about her...i actually meant all-might.”
“oh yeah...old guy probably does know him….”
“Go talk to the old pro and see if you can get some answers, he knows Deku more than almost anyone else”
“Guess that makes sense. He has been his caretaker for like, what, 8 years now? Alright, I’m heading out. I’ll text you.”
“see ya! Good luck!”
“Losers need luck.”
“See ya loser!”



All-might drank tea as he listened to what the young alpha had to say. The two sat in the teachers lounge, Bakugo wondered if that was okay to do, All-might just said it was fine, no one was doing anything important today anyways.

“Well, this actually makes sense.”
“it does? Well whats up with my mate?”
“congratulations on that by the way. Well it’s his natural instincts that have kicked in. see, when a mother has her baby, she becomes attached to it. However, with omegas, they typically go the extra mile. Omega emotions are far more fluid and intense that other genders emotions. When an omega has a baby they quickly think its the most important thing in their life, they literally are aggressive, territorial, panicked, and overall stressed when not around their pups. Especially if its a new born. Young Midoriya’s mind has accepted the pup to be an actual one. He doesn’t actually think its a living talking breathing pup, but its still HIS pup. With you seeing it as just a flour bag, which in all honesty it just is, young Midoriya sees this as a threat to his pup. His mate isn’t being kind or loving to his pup, so his brain is telling him to be aggressive to you, so he can protect his pup.

When an omega recognizes something as its pup, they think of it as the most important thing in life to them. Their emotions become tied to it. Its the only thing they care about, and in some very rare and extreme cases, physically cannot be separated from it. Or they take their own lives just from not wanting to live with the stress of being without it.”

“w-wait. Kill themselves?!”

“yes. I actually knew a guy who took his own life. A long time ago when I was in, what, middle school? Or early high school, I can’t remember. Anyways there was this classmate I had that always had this teddy bear in his backpack. No matter where he went or what he did, he would never leave it behind. He never took it out in public when others were around, but we all knew about it, more or less. If something like an activity were to separate him and his backpack, he wouldn’t do the activity. He was bullied because of it, this was back a bit before all the omegas were ‘gathered’ together and sent to sanctuaries, so he and a couple other omegas were around our school. Well one day these bullies really took it too far. They took his ‘pup’ out of his backpack and started to mess with it, then at the end they actually ripped its head off. The poor guy was weeping horribly over it as the bullies just laughed at him and left.


The next day he wasn’t there, then the next day, and then on the third day it was shown what happened to him. His pup was ‘killed’. He didn’t feel like he could live with the burden of it. So he took his own life because of it. I never knew the guy, but of course I felt awful, like I should have done something. I never really thought much into any of this before the kid killed himself. That was one of the first moments of my life that made me want to become a hero. Anyways, the bullies felt horrible for what they did, they talked to the police about what happened. Really never found out what happened to them, well anyways after that whole ‘incident’ the school started to become more focused on setting up education programs for everyone. Make sure this kind of thing never happened again.”


“wow...i...i can’t believe…..all-might...i used to always bully Deku when we were younger. If he had some stuffed animal or whatever….i probably would have done the same to him….”

“well I’m glad nothing like that ever ended up happening.”

“oh god all-might. Friday, when we have to give them back...i...i can’t loose him...i don’t want him to kill himself”

“no no, he won’t. Hes hardly been attached to the pup for that long, well from what you told me, he really only became attached this morning. Besides this was a one of the few cases to ever have been known, and it was an extreme one. The kid was attached since he was little, and he had abusive parents and lived a very bad life overall. It made sense that his mind would focus on a single thing, just to keep him stable. Then when the one thing he had ‘died’. He felt like he died too. Young Midoriya won’t kill himself, although he might get very depressed. Make sure to be prepared for that, I know I am. Do something nice, help him go through it. don’t make him ignore his feelings, let him work through it. Let him accept that it’s gone and it isn’t the end of the world.”

Bakugo nodded and felt numb. He didn’t want to see his Deku cry. He had today and tomorrow to have his mate get all he needed out of this pup. Bakugo swore he would do whatever it took to make his mate happy.
“Thanks all-might, I think I know what I have to do now.”
“anytime, if you ever need anything, just ask.”



Midoriya hummed to his pup as he pretended to feed it. The door opened and he looked over, his smile faded and he tensed up. His mate stood there. Midoriya was still upset. He started to growl. Only to have Bakugo smile
“Daddies home. I brought some baby cloths, and a blanket for our pup!”
“This IS our pup. I haven’t been looking at it like that. To me, it was just some stupid class project. I didn’t think of YOU though. I was being selfish. This means a lot to you, so now it means a lot to me! Lets be a proper family and raise our pup together!”
“oh...OH KACCHAN!” Midoriya was happy and ran over and hugged and nuzzled his mate
“I won’t be a shit father, I promise. Now, is Kacchan Jr changed? Fed? Bathed?”
“i changed him, bathed him, and just started to feed him”
“mind if I have the honor?”
Midoirya smiled and nodded.


The rest of the day went by smoothly. The two ‘raised’ and cuddled their little pup. Watching movies and tv. Bakugo would cuss and Midoriya would yell “Kcchan! don’t say bad things in front of the pup!” later on the whole class gathered up and Midoriya went around telling everyone the ‘inns and outs’ of pup raising. The day went by and finally it was bed time. Midoriya slept alone this time. Bakugo went to his room and the two fell asleep. Midoriya had nightmares however…

He was in a government checkup room being interviewd.
“Well, we’re sorry, but you cannot leave.”
“your life is simply too dangerous, you must be protected. You will love it here, everything is nice and made just for you! you’ll get to be nice, safe, and happy! And you get to be surrouned by all new friends! And your own kind to boot!. Your new life will be fun!.”
“no..nononono! I have the proper paperwork! I don’t want to leave! Please, don’t take me away!”


“shh, it’s alright. We understand how… can be for poor omegas. Your emotions are so sensitive. Its okay! We will even let you pick out your own house! You even will get to have visitors once a month!”


“relax, this is for the best. Look at all the fun things you get to do! People you can meet, and you get to decorate your own house! doesn’t that sound fun little guy?”
“shh, its okay, just beathe. We know how hard it is to move at first. But soon it wont matter, you’ll forget all your troubles and issues. No more worrying about dangers of the outside world.”
“NO, NONONO!” Midoriya got out of his chair, he was shaking his head, crying and trying to leave.
“Secrutiy will you please help? Our little guy is being a bit...stubborn. He just needs some food and a nice nap”
“I DON’T NEED THOSE THINGS! DON’T MAKE ME!” Midoriya ran over to the door, it was locked. He was banging on it and trying to escape.

The door opened and 4 securtity officers stepped in, they had heavy swat team gear on.
“come on little guy, we will give you treats if you behave”
“You’ll be nice and safe here.”
“yes, you are a very good person! You are a very smart omega! Come on, lets get you settled into your new home”
“lets go make new friends!”


the security guards started to drag Midoriya aaway
“it’s okay. don’t be stubborn now. Behave for us”
“you will be soon enough. Lets get you fed and nice new soft safe cloths to wear.”

Midoriya could see the only door to the outside world behind him, he was being dragged away from it slowly
“NONONONO!” he was heavily crying and struggling to get out. He was so tired. He felt so weak.
“this ones a stubborn little omega. Please, we really don’t want to accidently hurt you.”
“now now. We have nice cozy nests just for omegas like yourself.”
“you don’t have a quirk.”
“no more words. we’re almost there.”
“please...i want my mom...i want Kacchan...”
“You will be allowed to see your mate in a few weeks. Your mother has been informed already, you might be able to see her soon if you stop being so tensed up. Omegas should feel nice and subbmissive.”
“okay, you need to relax. This will help you take a nice nap” suddenly Midoriya felt a small prick, he noticed some kind of needle. He started to feel tired, somehow even weaker. He tried to fight it. But he just wanted to sleep.
“there we go. Rest, when you wake up, you’ll be happy. we’ll keep you safe, we promise.”
“shhh. it’s okay...” Midoriya tried to fight it, but he slowly closed his eyes. The last thing he remembered was his ‘old life’ but even the memory started to blurr...he couldn’t remember anyones faces….then names….then...nothing.
“relax. you’re too tense…..there, finally asleep. Lets get this little guy to his new home.”



Midoriya woke up in a cold sweat. He was crying now and he reached for his phone. He was half awake but he called Bakugo.
“hey….whats gonna on..” Bakugo said with a yawn. Trying to wake up”
“I NEED YOU. I NEED YOU, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE.” THAT woke him up. Within a minute Bakugo was knocking on the door. Midoriya ran over and opened it, almost within a second he was tucking himself under his Kacchans chin, weeping into him.
“sshh, I’m here. I’m here.”
“Don’t let them take me away. I don’t want to go. don’t let them take me away.”
“let who take you away?”
“i...i don’t want to live in a sanctuary”
“no one’s going to take you away. I promise. I won’t let them.” Midoriya just wept into Bakugo’s chest. He slowly stopped, just enough for them to go lay in the nest. Midoriya curled up into Bakugo. He started to weep into his chest again
“don’t let them take me away...”
“i won’t...”



the next day Midoriya felt terrible. He could hardly sleep. He was half awake. And he had no appetite. He was still shaken by his dream. He didn’t want Bakugo to leave him. Bakugo promised he would stay right next to him all day. The two just stayed in their nest laying with each other. Nothing else really happened.


Friday, the final day. Aizawa made everyone come into class. He sighed heavily.
“4….out of 10 pups. Only 4 made it out alive. Really? What kind of parents where you?”
it was true. Only 4 pups survived the experiment.
“20. there are 20 of you. 10 paired up. 10 pups to be taken care of. And only 4 surrived. How could all of you be so careless? I’m thankful these weren’t real pups. Want to know something? Each pup had special equipment inside of them. It said EXACTLY how each died. Now, why don’t we go down the list, shall we?

First up. Mineta and Yaoyorozu. Your pup died from NEGLECT.”
“It wasn’t my fault…..” Yaoyorozu sighed.

“Second Bakugo and Midoriya. You passed with flashing colors. Congrats. In all honesty, I was 50/50 on if your pup would survive. Only because the pup would be with Bakugo.”


“quiet. Or I’ll make you fail and let Midoriya pass. Congrats, mommy omega managed to keep daddy alpha in line. Just as I had thought.”

“third Hagakure and Shoji. You passed”
the two smiled and looked at each other.

“fourth Jiro and Sero, your pup died from starvation.”
“i TOLD YOU!” Jiro yelled at Sero.

“Fifth Tokoyami and Todoroki. Your pup died from being cut open by a sword.”
“you can blame dark shadow...”

“sixth Sato and Koda. Your pup died from being used to bake.”
“His rabbit was trying to chew….i just...i misplaced our pup...i didn’t realize it wasn’t my usual flour...”

“seventh Kirishima and Kaminari. Your pup died from LITERALLY BEING RIPPED IN HALF!”

“eighth Ojiro and aoyama, death, burned alive.”
“i...may have used to much light...and mirrors...”

“ninth Ashido and Asui. You passed with flying colors.”
the two girls smiled at each other.

“and last, Iida and Uraraka. You passed with flying colors.”
the two looked at each other and nodded.
“good partner ship always requires communication.”

“fun project huh?. Well I hope you all feel shame for what you did. Shame. You killed innocent lives, they didn’t even learn their first word. Shame. For the rest of the class, I want you all to think of what you did. Feel that? More shame. Live with that guilt to the grave. The ones who DID pass, you get a gold star sticker. Yay.” Aizawa went around and put them on the ones who passed. Midoriya had his put on his cheek.

“well. We did it mommy.” Bakugo said with a smile. His firece gaze seemed….softer...more loving.
“We did it daddy...yay..” Midoriya didn’t really smile as much. He felt...empty…
“Aizawa, can we leave?” Bakugo asked
“sure, whatever, you passed, go get lost” Bakugo nodded. He got up and took Midoriya out with him. The two left and walked down the hallway, until no one could hear them.
“You okay?”
“no. don’t lie. I know for a fact you don’t.” Midoriya sat on the ground. Hugging his knees.
“come on. From now on, we talk. No lies, only the truth. The FULL truth. Okay?.” Midoriya just nodded.
“i….Kacchan...i feel empty...cold...i….i don’t know...” Bakugo sat down next to him and held him
“i know. I learned that omegas feel empty when they’re pup is taken away.” Bakugo didn’t want to tell him he learned it from all-might. Midoriya was embarrassed whenever he learned that.


“i don’t want to feel this way...i...i feel...i don’t want this...”
“It’s alright. It was sucks. We passed, and we learned. And now we can just spend the rest of the day together. You wana know something? This is the spot two months ago that you told me off. See? we’re together now. I’m getting my shit together. we’re both lerning and moving on. I thought being here might cheer you up. The progress we made. It shows.”
“ really does….thanks Kacchan...this actually cheers me up a bit...”
the two kissed and then just sat there in silence for a bit. Throughout the day, the two mates did fun activities, getting Midoriya’s mind off of it. He soon got over the small depression he felt. He said he didn’t feel cold and empty anymore. He was happy again. Then he slowly frowned when it was the end of the day and he was alone. Tomorrow was it.

It was time.


“Good morning young Midoriya.”
“good morning all might.”
“Are you ready to go?”
All-might nodded and the two left. Midoriya looked at his room one last time. He texted in the class chat room
“hey everyone. I’m leaving now. I have to go report in. I wish I didn’t have to. But I do. I hope I get to see you all again very soon. I’ll be thinking of you all. I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye in person. I have to leave early in the morning for these things. Anyways goodbye, I hope everything goes great for you guys. I won’t be able to talk to anyone. I’ll try the next time I can, but it might….take a while, haha. You know what I mean right? I hope everyone has a nice day, I know I won’t. don’t worry about me though! I have all of you to think of. I’ll be fine, for as long as this lasts.”

He gathered up his papers and put them in his backpack then walked away….

The two were outside, All-might rented a car for the two to drive to the nearest sanctuary. It was time to report in. thankfully it would be a LOT easier to do since he had a mate. Now to just finish up the last of the paperwork, then come back in another 6th months.
“oh, wow I almost forgot. Happy birthday young Midoriya.”
“thanks! I was a little worried you might have forgot” Midoriya smiled and rubbed his head.
“next time, kick me if I do” the two smiled
“let’s get this over with. I swear these get longer and longer every time. Last time It took 6 hours.” all-might sighed.
“i know right! Well at least there wont be any long lines this time”
“that’s true. Well then, ready to go?”
“yep! All set”


right before they got into the car they heard a scream from far away
they saw Bakugo blast his way towards them.



Chapter Text

Did that count as a cliffhanger? Hmmm. Well anyways TIME FOR..well THIS!

“SHITTY FUCKING DEKU!” Bakugo screamed as he blasted directly into Midoriya. He held onto him tightly, putting him at arms length and looking directly into his eyes. Bakugo had hot tears streaming down his face.


He wept into Midoriya’s shoulder
“w-what?” Bakugo pulled off and looked at Midoriya with many different emotions at once. Confusion, anger, sorrow, just to name a few.
“I’m not leaving forever! Just today!”
“I’m so so so sorry! I didn’t think it was a big deal!”
“I would fucking kill you if you weren’t my mate!”
“I’m so sorry Kacchan! I promise I’ll make it up to you!” Bakugo wiped his face and then started to laugh hysterically
“what?! I didn’t!”
‘….oh...ohhh I can see…..oh no! I hope no one worries!”
“you had a heart attack over me?”
“what the fuck do you think?! I almost dropped my phone reading that fucking thing! I DON’T EVEN THINK I CLOSED MY DOOR RUNNING OUT!”
“awww Kacchan! I’m so-”


“Midoriya!” Uraraka shouted. She was on Iida’s back as he bolted his way towards them. Iida skidded to a halt as they got close
“What do you mean you’re leaving forever?!” She said with tears in her eyes.
“No nonon! I’m not!”
“I-I didn’t mean to!” Iida adjusted his glasses and wiped them clear, along with his eyes. Then said
“your text! Why did you word it like that then?!”

“HEYYY!” The Bakupack Yelled as they ran over to them. Kaminari collapsed onto the ground when they got to the small group.
“I’….” Kirishima ran up, pushing everyone past by accident and grabbed Midoriya, hugging him tightly
“then why did he say it like he was going to be gone out of our lives!” everyone looked at Midoriya. Meanwhile All-might is just standing there, feeling awkward. He was hoping no one else would run over. They had a time limit before too much traffic started! Let alone the actual waiting at the sanctuary. Midoriya frantically waved his arms
“I-I can explain everyone!”



Everyone sighed, then took turns yelling at him. Midoriya quickly re wrote the text, making sure that he worded it CAREFULLY to let everyone know it was only for the day. He would come back later.
“Good. At least no one else will feel sad now...huh?” Bakugo grabbed his hair and pulled lightly.
“oh. You think?” All-might cleared his throat. Everyone turned to him and said hello, not even noticing the poor man.
“We need to leave now. Say your goodbyes for the last time. Young Midoriya and I will return later, hopefully not to long...although I doubt it. Those places are a nightmare of work. Honestly, the hero exams are far easier in my opinion.”
“No. there is NO WAY IN HELL you’re leaving without me.” Bakugo said pulling Midoriya’s hair lightly again.
“We want to come too!” the pack said along with Uraraka and Iida. All-might sighed.
“No. we’re late as it is. Besides, my car can only fir two people.”
“He can sit on my lap.” Bakugo said sternly.
“Quiet you!. You don’t get an opinion for the rest of the day!.” All-might felt awkward even more now, he knew trying to separate Bakugo from his mate was a death sentence. He was already hard to deal with, let alone having his alpha nature kick in an attack everyone who tries to get between him and his mate.
“No. there will be no lap sitting. Besides, that’s highly illegal while driving.”

Uraraka snapped her fingers
“Let’s all go together!”
“how about renting a van?”
“aww please! We all want to! Besides! Think of it like this! This is a PERFECT educational opportunity! Everyone here, excluding you me and Midoriya, are alphas! It would be perfect if they got to learn the in’s and out’s of proper omega mating! don’t you want the next generation to be able to take proper care of their partners?” Uraraka said factually with a sweet tone. All-might was going to argue. However, she was right. They would all keep fighting, and he was running out of time. He caved in an agreed. They all cheered, the second they stopped All-might told them they all had to hurry up. So they quickly rented a van, hopped in and drove off.

The drive was long and All-might honestly wanted peace and quiet on his day off. No such luck. Nothing says loud noise than a bunch of college students cramped into a tightly fitting van all talking loudly to one another. Meanwhile Bakugo was very irritated and ticked off. His mate was in the front seat and ignoring him. Bakugo’s eye twitched and his fingers tapped on his arm as he crossed them. He was still pissed off...but more importantly, he was swallowed by fear. He almost lost his mate, FOREVER, or at least that was the fear that ran through his heart and mind. That was one of his greatest fears, loosing Midoriya for any reason. This was the perfect example on how he felt like his whole world was going to rip apart in that nightmare scenario. All he wanted to do was try to calm himself down, by going back to Midoriya’s doorm, throwing him into the nest, cuddling him closely, scenting him and just never letting go. That was the first thing he WAS going to do the second they got back. No one else would talk to them, touch them, get in their way. no. for the rest of the weekend that was all the two would do. Bakugo would make SURE of it.

The group was loud and talking about whatever. From the morning, to playing games like eye spy, to punching each other when they saw a specific car, to playing a guessing game, to everything in between. Midoriya didn’t talk the entire drive. He was nervous. More than that. HIS greatest fear was being taken away. He always had nightmares about that, like how he did the other night. Midoriya would look behind his seat to see all his friends laughing and having a good time, then to his mate, who just looked at him with a murderous intent. The silent anger digging into Midoriya’s eyes like a drill through a wall. Midoriya would swallow and quickly go back to looking out the window. Bakugo never once moved his gaze from his mates seat. Even if all he could see was the back of it, with a little but of his mates hair.

Finally after a whole hour long drive, with only a slight amount of traffic (everyone complained about how long it took, All-might told them that’s why they always left so early, HEAVY TRAFFIC would have lasted far longer than one hour.) they arrived to the sanctuary. Everyone in the group, minus Iida, Midoriya and All-might of course, were speechless from visiting for the first time. It was FAR from looking like any kind of ‘fun paradise let’s stay here forever’ kind of place. It was a terrible prison.

The entrance was long, the walls so high up it seemed like the government was hiding some kind of secret behind it that they didn’t want anyone to know what it was, there were way too many checkpoints on the way JUST to find a parking spot. They went through it somewhat quickly, due to All-might having a pass. There were guard towers lining the area, as if expecting some sort of attack at any given time. There were so many fences, it looked like a winding steel maze, it made your head hurt trying to take it all in, like it was one of those magic eye pictures, always looking like it was moving. What really took your minds attention, was how it was. Gray. All of it. Everything was made out of Steel and concrete. No colors at all. It looked like someone came along and just drained all the life and color out of the area. A large gray splotch on a world map.

“Well. we’re here.” All-might said with a sigh, parking and turning off the car. Kirishima looked at everything, trying to see from left to right, it was so long it seemed like it went on forever.
“This is it?! This place looks like they are hiding aliens in there!” Midoriya sighed and looked over at them
“This is a santuary. A nice fun safe place for omegas. The place where we’re all supposed to live at.”
“Okay, there is NO WAY this is it”
“it is. This is just the outside.”
“Dam! Prision seems like a carnival compared to this place!”
“they don’t want anyone breaking in….or out. This is how the world handles us. We need protection after all. We are defenseless. We are to be kept safe from the dangers of the world.” Midoriya said without emotion. Like he was saying something on repeat. As if memorized. Which most likely, he did. The second Bakugo had a chance, he walked straight over to Midoriya, put an arm around his wait, and held him close. Midoriya shivered, he expected anger or restentment towards him, instead, it was a calming presence, something that helped to soothe Midoriya’s nerves. Bakugo nuzzled his mates neck a bit before they started to walk.

No one said anything after that, they just started to walk to the entrance. A huge entrance that looked like it had blast proof doors, and built like a vault. They had to walk across a bridge that expanded over one part of the parking lot. They had to make it past one final checkpoint before they were allowed inside. It was somehow even more morbid. Outside, at least you could see the sky and every other part of the world around you, inside however, they’re were no windows, the light’s were not the brightest, they’re were no details or anything that said ‘welcome! Here to find a mate?’. If you woke up and looked around, it would seem like an endless maze of concrete walls.
“Geez! How long is this place?!” Kirishima asked
“It houses omegas. it’s built with entire neighborhoods inside. they’re pretty big.” Midoriya replied, with no emotion. It was about as gray and colorless as the walls themselves.
“Wait, houses are just indoors?”
“no, these are just the inside of the walls. Behind them are where the living spaces are at. it’s like a giant courtyard. " Uaraka just felt a wall. Cold, as expected. A solid surface with no nicks or marks. It was all flat and too perfectly made. She asked
“How much further in?” Midoriya replied
“We’re almost there.” No one said anything after that. It was so quiet in the halls, it was like even sound was drained away.


Finally they entered a very large room, a maze of red rope covered most of the area. To the walls, sat a large number of chairs. There was no windows or any other way in, or out. Guards sat around looking bored. Heavily armored with guns at their hips. Some were playing cards. The only noise was the occasional yawn or throat clearing. The ceiling was so high up it seemed like you could easily think it was endless if it were a bit darker. At the opposite side of the room was a very large round counter, the length spanned across the room. Behind it was a few computers, different areas that workers sat. all glassed up with thick bullet proof ones. there were only three doors. Behind the area. Numbered 1 through 3. only a single woman sat at one of the areas behind the counter. Lightly tapping on the keyboard It was so quiet, it almost seemed like it was just a trick that your ears heard.

Everyone jumped a bit when All-might suddenly spoke up
“well. Here we are. Come on young Midoriya, let’s get this over with.” Midoriya just nodded. He tried to walk, only to have Bakugo stop his attempt at moving away from his grasp.
“I’m coming with you.”
“Well, there’s no rules saying you can’t. The rest of you, please be on your best behavor, and don’t cause anything. Also try to keep it down, the guards are….jumpy. they’re trained that way.”
the others nodded, but Iida spoke up
“I need to come too, I want to talk about seeing if they’re are any updates needed for my license.”
“And I want to apply to get one!” Uraraka said cheerfully. The exact opposite of the room. Like day and night.

“Alright. let’s go.” The pack split off and walked over to some of the many seats against the walls.
The four walked through the maze until they finally reached the front desk. The lady didn’t pay attention until All-might cleared his throat. She looked over and smiled. She spoke in a chipper mood
“Hello! How may I help you?”
“Checkup” Midoriya said plainly. She looked over and his expression perked up
“aww, is it time for you already? Are you getting a checkup? Good for you! let’s hope you’re nice and healthy!” she said almost condescendingly, as if she was speaking to a very small child. Bakugo’s hand started to ball into a fist. Midoriya had to relax it by putting his own hand on it.

“Yes. I am.”
“do you need an escort?”
“no. I’m fine.”
“Do you know where you’re going? We wouldn’t want you to get lost!”
“I know where I’m going. I’m 21. I’ve done this plenty of times.”
“Good for you! Well You sound like you’re always doing the right thing! A lot of your kind try to….forget that they’re supposed to come here.” Bakugo asked aggressively
“And what happens if they ‘forget’.”
“well we send some others over to bring them here! The poor things sometimes get lost, or aren’t able to come here. We make sure they always do.” Bakugo’s breathing grew heavier. Midoriya had to calm him down.
“Well let’s get you started little guy! I know how much your kind get a bit….overwhelmed with all this. We wouldn’t want you to be overwhelmed! So head down that way a bit, I’ll buzz you in and the guards will open up the counter opening on that side and you can go through the first door. If you can’t remember, just ask!” Bakugo growled
“He’s not a child.”


“Oh? Someone needs to calm themselves! Omegas don’t like aggressive atmospheres! You don’t want to startle or make him feel uncomfortable do you?”
“listen lady-” Some guards looked over, one stood up, the sound of his chair echoed loudly.
“Calm down Kacchan...please.” Bakugo looked at sweet innocent eyes his mate made. Bakugo just sighed through his nose and looked away.
“So, what’s your name little fella?”
“Izuku Midoriya” The lady started to type then looked at her computer screen
“ah, here we are! Ohh today’s someones birthday! Happy birthday! 21 is a big important number! Do you know why?’
“Because I need to have a mate by then”
“good! I’m glad you remember! So, now here I’m printing you a ticket, your new mates number is on there. I’ll call….him... up, and you get your very own! doesn’t that sound nice? Lets see who you’re matched here we go! He looks very nice! I bet he will take great care of you!”
“listen lady, he already has a mate. ME.”
“Does it matter?”


“Katsuki Bakugo.”
She typed quickly.
“hmm, nope. Not registered on here. You know, pretending to claim a mate is a very serious thing. I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble.”
“he IS MY MATE” a few guards started to walk over.
“IM FINE! Jeez. He’s my mate, I claimed him already. See my claim?” Midoriya bared his neck and showed her
“well good for you! I’ll just update this right now. Okay little guy, go get your checkup and I’ll deal with your…..strong willed...mate.” Midoriya started to walk away, Bakugo followed him
“no no! No alphas allowed over there. You have to stay here, besides, I need you to go over there to door number 3.”
“to register you of course!. If you want to own him, you need to fill out the proper paperwork. Now, who’s his previous owner?”
“I’m not going to own him.”
“Oh? But you claimed him. Unless you are making a false claim and have marked him-”
“I do NOT own him. He is his OWN PERSON.” a couple of guards walked over to them
“Is there a problem here?” All-might stepped in front of them.


“no no, no problem. Just. Miscommunication. This is his first time. Hes just defensive of his mate.”
The lady just looked at the two of them. Then shook her head, signaling the guard to step away.
“I’m his previous owner. He is now going to take over from here on out.”
“name...wait, you’re All-might! Oh I can’t believe I’m meeting you in person! You look shorter than on TV. it’s so nice to meet you!” she actually sounded like she was genuinely nice, and talked like she was talking to a person and not a robot.
“thank you? Well it’s nice to meet you too..”
“So, he’s the omega you own? lot’s of talk all about him! He’s never even been shown on TV or in any interviews? Why is that?”
“personal and private, not to be rude”
“i he...your son?”


“NO no nothing like that! Just a student I teach...uh well let’s get back to the point of why we’re here. He needs to register as his mate, they need to do care taking license business, and those boys back there are...climbing all over everything...” All-might sighed and rubbed his face
“they are...young alphas...”
“here to make a claim?”
“no. they just wanted to learn about all of this”
“ohh! Well I’m glad they are getting to learn all about omega courtship! I’m glad to see the younger generations wanting to actually learn how to do it properly, these days they try to do things the ‘easy way’. Kids right?”
“yeah….anyways, back to business please. We have a long drive back home and I really want to finish all this up before we get stuck in traffic.” she nodded polietly. Midoriya walked through door 1 as Bakugo walked through door 3. door 2 is where Uraraka and Iida went through.All-might had to reign in the three boys. He then thought to himself
‘i can’t tell if its better that young Bakugo came with us. Will make this claim process go faster...but his attitude almost go him arrested….’


……... ………………

“...Well that about does it. Congrats little guy! you’re as healthy as can be, and plenty fertile too, so don’t forget that. More than enough capabilities on having pups.” a doctor said as he typed in the last bit of information on a computer. The exam consisted of checking all the things bodily, nothing bad on the inside, everything working in perfect order, nothing wrong with the senses, seeing, hearing, touch taste smell, checking blood pressure, weight, height, appetite, how fertile he was, and a few other things. Midoriya did feel slight relief about that. Being healthy was good! Before the physical, they checked mental and emotional, along with dental. They asked him things like
how often do you have sex
are you taking birth control
taking any kind of medications
how often do you sleep
do you feel touch or scent starved
do you have a good living condition
do you eat healthy


Midoriya thanked the doctor and was allowed to leave. Now with that done, he could go home! Or at least, that’s what he COULD do. He did have other business though….

Bakugo sat in his seat. He was so close to exploding out. The only things preventing him were the two guards behind him blocking the door, and he knew if he wanted to keep Midoriya in his life, he needed to show he was a kind and gentle alpha. Not the raging angry kill you type.

“well, your sperm count is nice and high, you should easily be able to get your mate pregnant. When do you plan on doing that?”

“not in the forseeable future.” Bakugo spoke through his teeth. This was the final exam. He literally had to go and jack off into a cup, give it to the doctor to run tests, then get the results. He felt like he was in that dam room for hours!. ENDLESS amounts of paperwork. All pretty much saying
“death sentence if you harm your omega.” like he had planed on beating Deku to death. They checked him in every way, unlike an omega, he would only ever need to do this once. He was healthy as can be, and apparently plenty potent with his sexual appetite. Bakugo had to actually see three separate doctors, all for different things. They all talked about the same topic of
“you need to go constantly fuck your omega until he has 50 pups. it’s your responsibility to bring in as many omegas as possible!”

He was angry that they pretty much TOLD HIM to have kids. As if only HE was the one to choose that, as if his mate didn’t have a choice. The government sucked, and they pretty much went back on the ‘consent of having pups’. Without saying it directly.

“Well, we only have a few more papers for you to sign and you’ll be done”
“you...said...that...the...last...four...times...” Bakugo felt like a blood vessel was about to burst.
“Yes, however your quirk results came back along with your status as a minor hero...and we were a bit….worried about the omega.” the omega. Like His Deku didn’t even deserve a name. Like he was just supposed to be some puppy mill for the government.
“what about it?”
“You live a rather dangerous life style. Along with your dangerous quirk, we were worried that you might end up….harming him.” they had mentioned that to him plenty of times. Like he was going to be some big abusive alpha.
“He’s perfectly fine. So am I. I’ve never once hurt him all his life...” he said it cause it was true! Until the sudden flashbacks of him bullying Midoriya when they were younger. More times than not did he threaten and even bruise up the little omega. Whenever he said he was a good mate. The doctors looked at him like
“really? Like, REALLY? THAT’S the lie you’re going to say? You might as well beat him black and blue in front of us if you’re going to lie like that.”

He was known to be violent. Even as a hero. Still, they only ever saw what was on TV or in the news.
“Like I said, I have NO RECORD of abusing ANY omega. I don’t plan on hurting MINE.”
“you DO plan on having pups though, right?”
“yes. I do plan on getting him pregnant.”
“good to hear. The sooner the better!”
“yeah...that’s what I’ve heard from all of you. Talking like he’s supposed to just be laying on his back for the rest of his life having pups, just to ‘save the human race’.”

“well, yes I will personally admit, I prefer it if omegas were to...have additional pups. It is there responsibility to the world. However I have no say in the matter. Well, thank you for signing these last papers. you’re free to go! Enjoy your new ownership!” that word. He didn’t want to just OWN his Deku. Sure, he was HIS now. But he didn’t want others to just think of his as some object. A plus one. Something to look pretty on his arm. that’s what a LOT of people thought. Even some ‘heroes’ admitted that it was a nice thing is omega’s looked ‘pretty’. They never spoke about how they SHOULD be puppy mills. But they implied it. After all
“omegas were made FOR alphas. that’s just how the natural world is. They OWE IT to us for protecting and providing for them.” whenever Bakugo heard that, he wanted to beat the day lights out of them. People like that didn’t deserve to own an animal, let alone AN ACTUAL FUCKING PERSON WHO LIVES AND BREATHES AND WANTS THEIR OWN LIFE!.

A LOT of that hate did come from his own beliefs when he was younger. He DID want to just own Deku. He DID just want him to be the ‘pretty little omega that he owned’. He hated his younger self. He wanted to do everything possible to NEVER become that again. He also wanted to make sure everyone else knew that was a very very wrong way of thinking. Bakugo got up out of his chair and left the room. He walked down a few hallways and finally came back to the waiting room. He noticed his pack all having clipboards and pens. He noticed Iida helping Uraraka with paper work, and there. Right there. Did he see his omega. Looking sad.

Bakugo just wanted to blast this place apart for making his mate unhappy. He wanted to go home and do EVERYTHING he could to make his mate happy. He wanted to just do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to cheer his Deku up. He walked over as quick as he could. Then held his Deku’s head against his chest. He kissed the top of his head and whispered
“Come. On, we’re done. let’s leave.”
“no. I want to stay”
“don’t fuck with me Deku. I’m not in the mood.”
“i mean it, not like that, but….i need to do something.”
“like what?”
“i need to visit a friend.”
“you have a friend here?”


as it turns out, Midoriya had been friends with another omega for years. The two were pen palls and wrote letters to one another all the time. For the past couple of years, Midoriya had always visited his friend while he had his checkups, the two couldn’t spend much time together, but they always had fun and caught up. The Bakupack were signing lots of legal forms to be able to go deeper into the sanctuary. Being an omega, Midoriya could easily walk into it. The others, not so easy. With the help of Him and All-might, they managed to convince a few to let the whole group come in. the forms pretty much stated that there will be NO TOUCHING, LOUD VOICES, WANDERING OFF, OR ANY INVOLVEMENT WITH ANY OMEGA AT ANY TIME. As long as Midoriya was with them, they were allowed in. ONLY for a total of 10 minutes. Then they had to leave. Bakugo wanted to grind his teeth into dust, having to fill out more paper work. It was worth it in the end though. The groups had FINALLY gotten to see what the inside of a sanctuary was like. Something NO ONE was allowed to see. Even the media had very little access and ONLY at certain times. Sanctuaries were a big mystery with a lot of conspiracy theories floating around about them. Midoriya had seen the inside a few times. He told them to prepare themselves. It wasn’t pretty. All-might decided not to go, make sure that if anything came up he would handle it. The group left and went deeper in. Midoroya guided them and showed many many guards the passes they had. After what felt like an hour of walking around deeper within. They came out. The group felt….dissturbed by what they saw.


The entire place was walled off. That wasn’t strange however. The entire sanctuary was shaped like a pentagram. It was massive on the inside. There were tons of houses. If you could call them that. They were as small as a regular apartment. Not much room, but just enough to be considered living condition worthy. Everything seemed like out of a child’s doll house. Rows and rows and rows of the EXACT house type sprawled out. (I’m basing this off of the spongebob ep with tentacle acres). Like someone did a massive copy paste over and over. Every street was identical in every way, hardly any kind of ‘imagination’ went into anything. They were each blue colored with green grass. Nothing else, no other buildings besides a few near the entrances and exits.

“this place looks like a freaky dream. Why is everything the same?” Kirishima asked
“Omegas get too attacthed to things. We can’t handle when they are changed or taken away. So we are kept nice and ‘comfortable’ away from pretty much everything we don’t need” Midoriya said plainly, again, as if he memorized it, which he did.
“come on. Let’s go before our time runs out.” Midoriya sighed and walked. The group followed close behind him.

Everywhere they went the omegas they saw always stood in fear, watching them, as if they were vulnerable children standing in front of a vicious wolf. The omegas all wore the exact same outfit, fitting the various bodies sizes they had. Midoriya had to wave and smile gently to tell them that these are good people. The omegas went about their day. After walking a few streets Kaminari complained
“Are we almost there yet? I’m getting tired. Also how do you know where you’re going? This place is the exact same everywhere!”
“I remember it. By heart. I needed to. All omegas do.” everyone got quieter somehow, hearing that. When Midoriya talked about ‘omega things’ it was always in a sad light. No one wanted to be the one to say anything about it, else make things worse.
“Why?” Uraraka broke the silence.
“Because this is where I was supposed to live. Where we all are. When I was taken away for the first time, I remember having to do a lot of tests and walking around, they asked me things like ‘if you wanted to pick a house, where would it be?’. Every omega eventually needs to see their closest sanctuary, figure out what to do. Ususally we’re sent to live here. All the omegas you see have never even seen the outside of these walls. that’s why they keep tensing up. They only ever hear about how awful it is on the outside. How scary. How dangerous. This truly is the one and only place where they can feel safe. The media drills into our heads that we belong here. we’re happier here. that’s only because no one teaches us otherwise. If it wasn’t for my mother, if it wasn’t for All-might. This is where I would be living. I would have never known any of you, never gone to school in the public eye. Never do or experience anything outside these walls. This is were we belong. This is our one and only home.” everyone felt down after that. No one wanted to really say anything.

Bakugo growled as he looked around
“this is bullshit. Everyone here is brainwashed.”
“they feel safe. Comfortable. The only times they even experience an alpha or beta, is from the news. In a sanctuary, the government only ever shows what they want to show to the omegas. They don’t want to show us ‘too much of the outside world’ or else we will get ‘overwhelmed’. We never even get a real chance to experience life. When an omega turns 21, they panic. Imagine if your entire world, the one and only thing you know, the one place your friends and family are, suddenly is ripped away. you’re forced into a dangerous world with noises and people and experiences you know nothing about. When all you hear is how terrible outside life is, would you want to leave?. When the omega turns 21 they are automatically assigned to an alpha. The alpha comes and claims them, then they both leave.


People think its fair, others unfair. Either way, omegas get to distressed after a short while, they want to break off the relationship and come live back in here. Omegas are allowed to do that of course, but….usually we aren’t allowed to. Not when we are assigned mates. The alphas aren’t bad people, the government makes sure of that. But you don’t ever even get to meet your alpha. You just get un rooted, and given to them. The first time you see an alpha outside of the walls. You want to cry and hide. All you ever know is how dangerous alphas are. How easy they can abuse you, hurt you, yell at you. No one want’s to live that kind of life. Thankfully with how everyone is trying to help, they at least made sure omegas were given therapy outside of the walls. Being able to slowly try and get comfortable with their new life. Lots of omegas have mental breakdowns just from how fast and loud and overwhelming life is. Which them makes the media say how easily overwhelmed we are. And well….its just a big cycle.

If I was assigned to someone, it would have been today. Right now. I think I would cry. I would try and hide and leave. I wouldn’t want to be separated from my mom, from what friends I would have made here. To just be taken away and suddenly go live with my alpha, it would hurt. I don’t think I could talk to them, I would think they just wanted to hurt me, use me as some sex toy. Why would I ever want to be in a life like that? Everything different and uncomfortable. Even basic living is different. you’ll all see soon enough.” there was another quiet walk down another street. Uraraka was the one to break the tense silence again
“i don’t see anything except houses...what about education?” Bakugo looked at his mate
“yeah, back in middle school you had to be taken away during certain times.”
“oh, that’s because we are supposed to be taught certain things here. they’re are schools within the walls. Only living is out here. Food is given out 3 times a day near certain parts of the wall. Other than that, you make friends and talk, they really don’t give you much else.”
“how come?”
“like I said. Omegas get too attached to things.”

“this is so bullshit...” Bakugo was making little explosions go off in his hand.
“Kacchan stop, your agression is just going to hurt the omegas more”
“ugh...sorry...I’ll keep my cool...”


finally they arrived at a home. Midoriya knocked, soon after a slightly small omega, a couple years younger opened the door. He gasped and the two hugged
“You’re here! I knew it was 6 months exactly!” the two purred into one another and hugged, a soothing omega hello.
“Yeah, I just finished my testing, I wanted to see you before I left”
“I’m so happy! i-” The omega stopped as he looked over Midoriya’s shoulder and saw the others. He gasped and shut his door.
“hey, it’s okay, these are good people. they’re my friends. Remember all the stuff I told you about?”
“t-t-the scary things?”
“yeah...well we help to stop the scary things. Will you please let us in? we’ll only be here for a tiny bit. I promise.” the other side of the door was silent, the door slowly opened and midoriya hugged him and purred.
“I promise to be next to you the whole time.”
“come in….then...” The omega backed up all the way to the living room wall.
The group entered and…

The house and empty…..the living room and kitchen were in the same place, one bedroom, one bathroom and shower. One closet. That was it.
“this home is…..nice?”
“t-thank y-you.i t-try to keep it that...way...” The omega swallowed and nervously shook. 4 large alphas in the small room with him...everyone could easily tell it was a living nightmare for him.
“hi I’m Kirishima, n-” the omega yelped and hid behind Midoriya.
“I promise I’m nice!” the omega just hid more. Trying to put himself behind Midoriya as much as he could.
“ can...s-sit down if want..” that was a hard thing to do. The living room had a single chair, a small couch, a single table with a small vase with a fake flower, a small bookshelf with only 3 books.. And a decent sized TV.
“so….you read?”
“how come you only have 3 books? They run out? Haha”
“...those are my books...i...have a lot….”
“3 isn’t very much”
“’s a lot….”

Uraraka stopped the tension by saying
“oh I like your...flower”
“thank you...” he was calmer, her being a beta. beta’s weren’t know to be aggressive or abusive.
“You got any more?”
“why would I?”
“well, it’s nice to have a lot of flowers!”
“...but...that’s my flower...”

“so….what kinds of things do you like to watch?”
“...i meant what on TV?” the omega looked very confused.
“my Tv…..”
“What channels?”
“….huh?” Midoriya kindly said In a soft tone
“hey, why don’t you go see if you got my most recent letter, they’res something I forgot to mention in it”
“oh okay!” the omega quickly darted into his room, closing the door behind him. Midoriya spoke to the group

“listen. Life is totally the opposite here. They don’t have TV channels. They have one channel. Its an ‘educational’ program. The government pretty much just talks about the most recent news, some of it outside of here. Omegas typically aren’t allowed to have things. Attachments, remember?. He must be REALLY lucky then if he has this much. That vase and flower, those 3 books. that’s a lot around here. Those books aren’t even actual books from outside. They were made here. For here. it’s more ‘educational’ things. Like I said before, the outside world doesn't reach inside. I wonder why he even has this much, I’m surprised they gave him this much.” Bakugo was getting pissed.
“shit seriously?! This is nothing! Hell I’ve been to animal shelters with more things!”
“like I said-”
“i know what you’re saying! This is suh bullshit. I need to complain to someone.”
“You can’t. The most you can do, the most any of us can do, is protest. Go to a rally. that’s it. You can’t fight the government with your fists.”

“okay! I actually didn’t read your letter yet, I just got it earlier” the omega was chipper
“oh, well I don’t want to spoil anything. But the last part I meant as more of a metaphor. I’m not good at saying things without making them seem outside of what they really mean”
“that’s okay! I think I figured it out”

“so, mind if I check out this ‘educational’ programming?” Kaminari asked. He tried to use the remote, but it didn’t work
“huh...he little buddy, I think you’re out of batteries”
“oh no! We don’t have those, they can poison you! Besides, I already watched my TV today. I don’t have any time left”

“time? Also yeah, they can, but thats only if you don’t handle them right”
“Yeah….my time” Midoriya had to clarify
“omegas only get 20 minutes of TV time a day”
“A DAY!?”
the omega flinched.
“sorry, sorry” Kaminari whispered
“Actually, they let us have an hour now! isn’t that amazing?! It feels like its my birthday every day now!”


“Geez….” Kirishima rubbed his head, he felt so awkward. His freedom suddenly became so much more clear now. Everyone’s did. Then he asked
“well, what do you do when you run out of TV minutes”
“oh I read my books”
“you only have three, don’t you ever get bored?”
“i’s okay, I have a lot to do! I can read, or nap in my nest, or watch TV or go be with my friends or go for a walk or watch the clouds or lay on the grass”
“suddenly I feel ultra rich from my basic activities...”
“don’ get overwhelmed?...there’s so much….in life...”
“not...really...” the omega starred at him like he didn’t understand, which he truly didn’t.
“watch the clouds and sit on grass and nap. Dam that sounds terrible” Sero said.
“it’s fun though….i like to look at the clouds and imagine the shapes….the grass feels nice too...especially when they finish trimming it”
“Don’t you get to trim it?”
“w-what no! that’s way to dangerous and loud!.”

Iida and Bakugo both didn’t talk. They both knew it would make the omega too uncomfortable. Iida did it simply out of caretaking skills. Bakugo did it because he knew he would say something to scare the poor guy. If he got scared from ‘mowers being to loud’ he was pretty sure if he opened his mouth the kid would faint. Uraraka said gently
“what about flowers? I don’t see any around here”
“why would they? Flowers attract bugs….”
“well...that’s...true...but bugs aren’t that dangerous” the omega just starred at her.
“okay...what about trees?”
“w-why would we have those? They could fall on you!”
“not….that’s…..” Uraraka sighed and stopped talking. Everyone felt incredibly awkward about just how different their lives were. Uraraka imagined the omega would practically die if he even watch 5 minutes of the dramas she watched.

“Well you like to walk right? that’s nice. Where do you walk to?”
“is there any place in specific?”
“what about you and your friends? What do you do?”
“we do what I said I do. it’s fun looking at the clouds together.”
“that does sound….fun...” Kirishima spoke up, thinking he knew the PERFECT thing to say that would make the omega feel happy
“so...are you excited to get your own alpha?” the omega shook hard and hid behind Midoriya
“w-w-w-w-why would I?..i...i don’t want..i” the omega started to tear up. Midoriya had to calm him
“it’s okay. you’ll get a nice alpha. Like mine...”
“w-what alpha did you get?….you were assigned him today right?”
“yeah...well no...see, that’s my alpha right there.” Midoriya pointed to Bakugo. Bakugo honestly did not know what to say, the second he opened his mouth, anything would spill out. He just nodded and held out his hand. The omega looked at him like it was death itself trying to reach for him. Midoriya had to help relax his omega friend
“it’s okay. he’s very nice. His name is Bakugo. You know me, I would never pick someone mean or bad.’ the omega slowly reached out, as if trying to make contact with an alien.
“hi” he lightly touched his hand before pulling back quickly.

Bakugo just nodded and put his hands in his pocket. Trying to look relaxed and as least intimidating as possible.
“see? He’s nice.”
“he...he...he won’t r-rape you right?” the bakupack tried to hold back a sudden laugh. Uraraka blushed and tried not to gasp loudly. Iida was as silent as ever.
“no, no he won’t he hasn’t even touched”
“he...he hasn’t?”
“w-what about...pup...stuff….”
“no, we haven’t planned on it yet. You only need to have one, and only when you’re ready. Never forget that.” The omega nodded and cuddled closer to Midoriya, feeling a bit more relaxed.
“Oh, I never introduced you to everyone. that’s Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, Uraraka, Bakugo, and Iida. Iida is probably one of the kindest honest sweetest Alphas I’ve ever met.” the omega just nodded to them and whispered a hi. The others just waved.
“oh, we gotta go. Our time’s almost up. It was really nice visitng you, I promise to write again soon, but not until you write me!” Midoriya hugged and purred, the omega did the same, they both smiled and laughed.


The group said there goodbyes and left. While walking down the street Kaminari exhaled loudly
“dam! Honeslty I felt like if I breathed loudly I would kill him!” Sero agreed with him
“You all did really well, kinda asked him too many questions though...” Midoriya rubbed the back of his head. Kirishima blushed
“sorry about...i thought...he would be excited since he met learned not all alphas are mean and scary”
“it’s okay, you all did you best. Iida, how come you didn’t talk?”
“i remember from my tests and research that many omegas do not like sudden talking from alphas. So I simply figured that I should keep my noise level to a bare minimum.”
“that’s really kind of you”

Uraraka groaned
“i never knew it was this bad! I mean, trees??! flowers?!! what kind of people teach them theese things!”
“that’s it, first thing I’m doing when we go home is starting my caretakers license training. I want to try and help out as many omegas as I can!”
“that’s so sweet of you” kirishima pumped up his arm
“yeah! You know what, more people need to do this exact same thing! Count me in! I don’t care how much brain work it takes, I’m going to rescue my own omega in here! I’m going to show the world and show just how awesome life outside is!”

Iida nodded in approval
“that is very noble of you, I’m happy that you have decided to train. I of course am willing to help out everyone who wants to” Bakugo got closer to Midoriya and whispered in his ear
“We need to serious talk soon. I’m not mad, I just need to ask you some stuff.”
“okay, Midoriya whispered back.” everyone was silent on the way back….


The group finally drove home, they took FOREVER just trying to get out of traffic. They told All-might about their experience. He sighed and nodded, saying just how terrible life to them actually is. It is great to know that the younger generations are understanding this and want to treat omegas better. When they finally got back to their dorms everyone felt stressed out even more. They just talked about how the smallest thing of literally just switching on their TV’s was a miracle. Being able to eat whatever whenever, owning more than 3 books, talking loudly and hanging out. Everything was such a big deal now. They asked what they should do to celebrate Midoriya’s birthday. Midoriya said he was kinda drained for that day, maybe soon they should do something fun. They all nodded and agreed.


Bakugo and Midoriya went to Midoriyas room. They kissed and laid in the nest together
“listen. About today. I’m so fucking glad I have you now. When I first read your text. I was terrified. Now seeing that...that thing they call some ‘safe zone for omegas, a happy living area’. I just...i can’t stop thinking about how happy I am to have you in my life. I technically own you now. you’re officially all mine. All I want to do is hold you close and never let go. I want you, I want to keep you in my life. I want to take care of you and provide and love and do everything to and for you. No matter what, no matter how small. Ask me, talk to me, and I promise to do the same thing. I don’t care if you feel like kicking me in the balls. You talk to me okay?”

“okay, I promise Kacchan. I love you too….i have so many nightmares about that place...i...i feel so awful not visitng my friend but...i just can’t bring myself to ever go there…..i have so many nightmares of me being taken against my will. Not being able to defend myself. Being taken away and stuck somewhere, no one will ever find me or know where I am. No one saving me. At the very will to someone else. Having no way of defending myself. I’m so scared Kacchan. I hate thinking that but...i can’t get it out of my head. No matter how hard I try….My teeth feel numb, my heart hurts, my heard makes me so terrified when I think about it. I try to shake my head and ignore it. But it won’t go away. I don’t want to be dragged somewhere at someone else’s mercy. What if I get Stockholm syndrome? What if I become brainwashed and forget. I don’t want that. I don’t want to forget and enjoy it. I don’t want to loose myself, my will. I don’t want that. Please...please keep my safe… teeth feel numb just thinking about it...I don’t want that life...” Midoriya started to shake and tear up.

Bakugo held him closer and started to scent him.
“I’m here. That will NEVER happen. I promise. I will keep you safe. This is OUR LIFE not theirs. You belong to ME NOW….that sounds bad, but you get what I mean. I’M IN CHARGE. And NO ONE will hurt you or do anyhting like that. This is OUR LIFE. Not some terrible nightmare. What you think, what WE feel. It won’t happen. Not in this lifetime. OUR LIFE. OUR STORY. I promise. I won’t ever harm a single hair on you. I promise, to always keep you loved and safe”

“please...i don’t want that life...i...i know I keep talking about it. But it scares me SO BADLY.”
“i know it does, I know it does now. it’s just a nightmare that will never happen.” the two kiss.
“scent me makes me feel good...safer...happier”
“i promise. You ask me, I’ll do it”
“just...not in always feels weird...”
“that’s fine. Want to take our shirts off?”
“yeah….Kacchan...i…..I want you...”
“i know”
“no I mean...i...i want to have sex...not now..but...soon...i...I’m trying to force myself to be ready. I want to let you have me...i...I’m scared”
“DON’T rush yourself. I don’t care if I have to wait until we’re both 50. you ONLY ever ask if you are completely ready.”
“okay...but...i promise...soon...”
“soon is good enough for me. Whatever you decide is good enough for me.”

thus the scenting began. Midoriya wanted his mate...just...not tonight….today was too emotionally disturbing. He needed his head cleared. He needed to be relaxed and ready. He needed a bit more time. Until then, he just wanted love.

Chapter Text

“Mommy. How did you and daddy meet?” Midoriya looked down at his little omega pup. So young, hardly 4 years old now. Midoriya smiled and lifted him up.
“Well, we knew each other when we were kids, as little as you are”
“When I grow up, am I going to become a hero?”
“maybe, if you want to”
“Big bro is mean to me...he always says I’m too small to be a hero. I’m not allowed to play with him at the park when they play hero.”
“oh really? Well Kacchan jr and I are going to have to have a talk. he’s not allowed to be mean to his little brother. Remember, I was so small and little just like you are, look where I am now. Your daddy and I fight the bad guys all the time. We make sure everyone is safe, just like how All-might used to”

“Mommy….when will I meet my own alpha?”
“hmmm...good question, maybe now, maybe when your older. Love is a strange thing. Your daddy and I used to not like each other. He was mean to me at times. As we grew older, we got closer together and eventually he claimed me and we were in love ever since”
“Like a happily ever after?”
“yes” Midoriya nuzzled his small omega pup.

“mooooom I’m home!”
“Babe, I’m back”

the door closed in the other room. A small alpha son ran up to Midoriya and hugged his mother. Bakugo walked over and the parents kissed
“Go put the bags over there, I’ll unload them in a second. Kacchan jr, we need to talk. Have you been mean to anyone?”
“no….did he say something? I told you not to say anything!”
“kacchan jr...”
“but hes to small and slow mommy! He just slows us down and makes it boring!” Bakugo crouched down next to his pup and looked him in the eye
“i understand how you feel. You shouldn’t be doing that though. If you don’t want to play with him at times, that’s fine. BUT you HAVE to make time to also include him.”


“fiiine...he can be the civilian we have to save.”
“but I want to be a hero like mommy and daddy!” the omega pup looked down at his brother
“no way! Omegas can’t be heroes until they’re mommies age!” Midoriya made a bit of a mad face
“that’s no way to talk. Omegas can be heroes at any time. Apologize.”
“I’m sorry mommy.”
“i meant to your brother”
“I’m sorry Yuuto.”
“That’s better. Now both of you go clean up, dinners almost ready.” Midoriya put the pup down and the two ran off.

Bakugo sighed as he watched his pups run down the hall
“I remember when I picked on you, good times”
“oh come on I’m kidding! We were dumb kids. Besides, look where we are now! I got you pregnant didn’t I? Like I promised.”
“yeah okay that’s true. You did keep it.”
“like I ever go back on my word.”
“hey! you’re the one who panicked waaay more than I did when I told you I was pregnant!”
“you literally ran in, slapped down your test on the table while I was eating! You peed on that thing!”
the two laughed and hugged. They kissed then looked into each others eyes.

“Dam. 5 years ago you were fat bloated and crying”
“oh gee thanks. that’s what I love to hear. Nothing says true love than being told that.”
“i took care of you didn’t I?! I never ran off once!”
“Only because you knew your mom would kill you if you skipped town.”
“that woman would hunt me to the ends of the earth to kill me.”
“knock me up and run. A true alpha’s alpha.”
“well I try.”
they kissed again. Midoriya tucked his head under his alphas neck. Bakugo nuzzled him then said
“Want to call Uraraka tonight? Have her come watch the brats while you and I go out? We can go work out, run around, then fuck someplace”

“Haven’t had public sex in a long time”
“not since we were in college”
“speaking of which, I really need to call All-might, he hasn’t seen the pups in a while”
“let him enjoy his retirement, he doesn’t need our loud ass brats running around and climbing all over him”
“only yours is the loud one”
“eh, I won’t lie, besides, I told you that any more of me in the world would be a bad thing”
“well maybe one day some lucky omega will be swept off their feet like I was.”

“god I hope he can be emotional.”
“We just have to teach them better.”
“them? Yuuto is just like you, he is literally the sweetest and most pure thing in this world. He cried when I killed that grasshopper by accident. Pretty sure he won’t need help showing his emotions.”
“my poor pup. He might be a little too emotional.”
“shit, they really are like us. That might be a terrible thing.”
“or an amazing one.”

“two great heroes huh? Always thought I would end up dead before I could become a father. Never planned on knocking you up by the way. Well, not until I promised.”
“yeah, then you tried to get me pregnant as much as you could!”
“hey! You were in heat! I was horny! What else did you want me to do?!” the two laughed.
“did we do the right thing?”
“not this again. Dekku, we did.”
“i k-”
“no. no more words. You have talked about this for nearly 5 years now. You and I have pups, the greatest thing in our lives, leave it at that.”
“you’re right. See? You protect me even from myself”
“i told you I’d always protect you”


“i wonder what our pups will grow into. Hopefully not a little shit like I did.”
“well, he has me inside of him”
“that could stabilize him, it did me”
“and you are inside the other. That will give him courage.”
“two great heroes, went to fuck town. Had pups, now the worlds next generation of hope!”
“stop reading headlines.”
“if they said fuck in a headline, I would read it without hesitation.”

“speaking of, have anyone been hassling you? I had to shoo more media away when I was picking up Yuuto from class the other day”
“Yeah, but you know me, raised voice, chest out, explosions, they back off.”
“you gotta stop being so forceful! They already think you’re a potential threat to me and our pups”
“the only threat I am to you, is a threat of being the greatest father and mate. And to YOU I might fuck you to death”

“you aren’t that good you know”
“oh yeah fucking right! Next time I’m going to film you, then you get to watch the faces I get you to make.”
“hmm, is that a threat? I might have to see for myself if you can put your money where your mouth is.”
“i would say the same, but your mouth is almost always stuffed.”

the two pups ran back into the room, they ran around and around until Yuuto stopped
“ha! I told you I could outrun you!” Kacchan jr smiled. Bakugo flicked his head
“Be nice to your brother. it’s up to you to protect him, keep him safe. When your mom and I become worm food, its up to you to take care of him” Midoriya slapped Bakugo’s chest
“don’t say that to your son! Kacchan Jr, it is true that when we are gone, far far far far away from now, you do always need to love and protect your little brother okay?”
“okay mommy. I will”

“alright, you both go sit at the table, dinner should be about done. Daddy, why don’t you go call Uraraka” the kids gasped
“is aunty coming over?!”
the kids cheered. They LOVED their aunt. She was always so fun and playful.

“you got it mommy. I’ll make sure to grab all the ‘right stuff’ for tonight.”
“don’t say that...”
“what? It doesn’t mean anything….besides...i can easily slip them into my pocket….”

“alright enough, you both sit down, you go call. Now, let’s have a nice dinner”

the four sat down a bit later. Bakugo was eating like a wild animal, like he always did, and little Kacchan Jr was trying to mimic his father. Meanwhile Yuuto and Midoriya talked to one another about their day.

After dinner Uraraka came over. The kids ran over to her and hugged her. They all said hello to one another, Midoriya and Bakugo hugged her and said hellos. They all knew the set up of
“kids in bed by 8, one story, make sure they brush their teeth and bathe, no sugar, etc.”
it was something Uraraka was plenty familiar with.

The two lovers left quickly. They chased after one another into the night. Eventually they had run over to a nearby park. Midoriya tackled his mate to the ground, they struggled and wrestled on the grass. Bakugo came out on top
they kissed and breathed heavily.
“Wana fuck? No one’s around”
“what? I got a rubber right here...well...5”
“what? This is the first friday out we’ve had in a month!”

“okay that’s….true….alright fine, no ones around, let me get ready”
“oh baby let me help you with that.”
“the moons so bright.”
“yeah it is”
“makes me remember our first date night as mates.”
“holy fuck. that’s right, shit that was a long ass time ago”
“back when you took my virginity”
“fuck you were so cute back then. You are now, but that god dam innocent face, mmpf. I would love to see it one last time.”
“well, too bad, that face is long gone. I’m used to your dick now”
“Dam, I would love to see that cute little virgin face blush up when I whipped it out”
“oh god, that thing was going to kill me I swear”

“you know he loves you, Bakugo jr would only be a pain in your ass after all, like I always have been”

The couple laughed. They sat up on the grass and kissed.
“it WAS the first dick to ever touch me sexually”
“I know. I remember it well. Mmmf...i was your first everything….god I’m glad I was.”
“well, my first kiss, my first mate, my first sexual experience, my first claim, my first time having pups, my first marriage, my first time moving into a house with someone. Yep, first time for all of it!”
“Dam right. I plan on being the first to live out the rest of their life with you. And plan to be buried next to you.”
“and the first one to fuck me here tonight”
“fuck yeah!”


years earlier.


Bakugo woke up, he looked at the small omega cuddled up against him. He couldn’t help but smile and kiss his head. He put his face in his hair and inhaled his scent, his omega always calmed him. Midoriya suddenly woke up and shot up
“no PLEASE I’M SORRY! DON’T MAKE ME!” he huffed and puffed and looked around. He was home. He turned around to see Bakugo rubbing his neck and chin
“AHH K-KACCHAN! W-what are you doing in here?!”
“we’re mates. Geez when are you going to get that through your head. WE SLEEP IN THE SAME NEST FROM NOW ON! Shitty Deku, you hit my jaw. what’s wrong? You okay?”

“oh...mates...i...sorry I keep forgetting...”
“Well stop. I love you and you love me. Now be a good omega and tell Daddy Kacchan what your dream was about”
“ nothing..” Bakugo grabbed Midoriya’s hair and tugged
“stupid Deku. We promised to tell each other everything. Tell me or I’ll just keep tugging on your pretty head.”
“okay okay...i just….had another dream about me….”
“’s okay, don’t talk if you don’t want to. I just wanted to know, I know now, so we’re done. So, lets go get some grub and a shower. I want to soap you down.”
“no. quiet omega. Alpha is going to make you feel relaxed. I wont touch your omega bits if you don’t want me to. But everything else I get to clean.”
“o-okay” Bakugo kissed Midoriya. Who moaned into it. After Bakugo Midoriya moaned
“oh Kacchan...i love how forward you are...”
“love you too my little shitty Deku”


Midoriya swallowed nervously. His body must have been sending off crazy strong pheromones because Bakugo had to keep scenting him. The two got undressed next to each other. Firs their shirts, then their pants….Midoriya wanted to look away as Bakugo started to take off his boxers. He tossed them into Midoriyas face. Midoriya suddenly Felt like his head was about to explode.
“if you don’t even want to look at your mate thats fine. Those can tide you over until you’re ready for the real thing.”
“What? Your body is cock starved and you want to cover your eyes. Those are perfect for you. Keep them.
“keep. Them.” Midoriya couldn’t help but sniff them. He suddenly went from 0-100 of sexual arousal in under 10 seconds. He had to cover up his boner.
“there. See? Nice right?” Midoriya didn’t even know how to respond. He just took them off his face and tossed them down to his cloths pile.
“i really don’t need those”
“eh you’re right. I’ll just end up giving you a fresh batch soon enough”
“quiet omega. Now, come here to your alpha.” Bakugo said as he entered the pool of water. Midoriya covered himself and entered the hot steamy waters. He was so hard it hurt. He slowly wadded over to his mate. Bakugo closed the distance and pulled him closely with a kiss.
“now them, lets scrub up. I got shit to do today and I want to make sure my mate is nice and fluffy for me later.”

Midoriya just nodded. First thing Bakugo did was start to gently wash his mates hair. Running his fingers through it and made gentle rubbing motions with his fingers all over his scalp. Midoriya purred, he LOVED that feeling. Bakugo made a mental note to remember that. Then he washed the soap out, then he started to gently rub a washcloth all over his mate. Being gentle but firm enough to clean. The scars from the past were covered in soap, as if washing away the pain from yesteryear. Midoriya was in bliss he was LOVING this physical attention. Not even sexually, but just….love. The contact felt so...real. So ALIVE. It was far better than even being scented. Midoriya purred loudly and his eyes flickered. Bakugo took this as a sign that he was doing it perfectly. Bakugo scrubbed his whole body...except the ‘omega bits’.
“there, wash your junk and your ass while I clean myself and let’s leave.” Midoriya made a whine as the contact stopped. His eyes opened and he blushed, realizing what he just did. Bakugo just smiled and winked. Even with the hot steam, Midoriya’s arousal hung heavily in the air. He was so thankful no one else was around. He tried to calm himself down and breathe. He couldn’t help but watch his mate clean himself. He wanted to be the one to do it, but he was a bit to shy for that still. Bakugo suddenly jumped at him and started to wrestle him in the water

“KAAACCCHHAAAAN!” the two laughed as they wrestled. Bakugo picked up his mate and threw him into water. Then went over and kissed him.
“You don’t get to watch unless I say so.”
“I’m done, are you?” Midoriya just nodded. Then something poked him and he backed up.
“oh like yours isn’t? it’s pretty easy to smell you. Driving me crazy and shit.”
“it’s alright. Now, let’s get out of here before I want to fuck you in the water. I’m kidding, unless you’re up for it”
“n-no..not..not now” Bakugo nodded and the two got up and left.

Bakugo said he needed to go talk to someone, Midoriya smiled and he two left. Bakugo watched his mate leave around the corner. His smile faded and he knew what he had to do. Bakugo hated this….but he would no matter what..he would…….ask for help. After searching around he finally found All-might.
“hey. Old man.”
“oh good. I always loved to be called that.”
“good to hear, I’ll make sure to call you that from now on”
“please don’t”
“i need to talk to you. it’s important. Do you have time?”
“yes. What do you need to talk about?”
“Deku.” All-might took this as a sign of
‘this is very important since he means a lot to the both of us and we need to go somewhere private’


the two were now in a teachers
‘kick back and relax and be able to breathe without a bunch of kids all over you asking a million questions that give you a headache and you need coffee’ area.
“I’ll get to the point. he’s mine now. Not yours. I own him and he’s mine. Please, help me”
“with what exactly?”
“him. You know him more than anyone else I bet. He trusts you like his own mother. you’ve practically helped raise him. You know every secret, every nook and cranny of him, every little piece of him that makes up himself. Please, teach me. I need to know EVERYTHING about him. I’ll owe you so much. All I want to do is make him happy for the rest of our lives. I need help learning how to do that.”

“I’m very happy to hear that. I will tell you everything I know, you don’t need to owe me. Actually, from now on, don’t call me old man.”
“i promise, old timer”
“well, I should have seen that coming. Well, let me tell you some basics-”
“Relax. We will get to that. First you always need to start at the bottom and work your way up. Now then. First things first….”



Midoriya hummed as he cleaned up his room a bit, he felt so...warm. And not just from the shower. He did actually keep the boxers…..he felt like such a perv…..his body wanted them though….
A knock on his door suddenly made him jump.
“w-who is it?”
“Your best friend! don’t tell Iida I said that”
“come in Uraraka” She did as she was allowed to, she ran over and hugged him
“i never even got the chance to say happy birthday! Yesterday…..well todays not yesterday. Today is today and let’s celebrate! I have the PERFECT IDEA!”
“I think Kacchan said he wanted to spend the rest of the day with me...”
“he will and he can! This will be so much fun though! Okay so….”

Bakugo had left to go shopping, of course his pack ‘somehow’ found out and tagged along.
“you’re all stalkers you know that?”
“you LITERALLY TOLD US YOU WERE HEADING OUT! That was practically an invitation!” Kaminari said with a pat on the back.
“Yeah! Bakubro! You should never leave without your pack! What kind of leader leaves us high and dry!”

“UGH FINE. FUCKING TAG ALONG. Now, be useful and help me.” the three pack mates nodded.
“So, where could the nearest All-might crap be found?”
“how about there that specifically says ‘all of All-might crap ever made can be found here’” Kirishima said as he pointed to a store across the street, the other three looked over at a big banner that said
“NEW AND OLD HERO MERCHANDISE! CAN’T BE FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE!” Already a big group of people started to walk into the now open store.
“Shit, let’s go before the dam thing is filled!” Sero said running across the street, the other three followed quickly.


Midoriya had agreed to Uraraka’s plan. It sounded like a whole lot of fun! But first he needed to do something he was putting off for a while...almost 3 months worth….he feared what he was about to witness. His fears were manifested, it was worse than he ever even imagined.

He had walked over and opened up his mates door. The two gave each other spare keys, to drop in whenever the two wanted to. Midoriya gasped as the absolute disasster that was Bakugo’s room. Everything was just a mountain of garbage. He couldn’t even tell what was what. It was almost like a hoarders house.
“Oh Kacchan...” Midoriya had ALWAYS helped clean up his room from time to time. As a friendly thing to do, as well as a
“we’re spending time together...think we can become mates now?”

Midoriya’s first reaction was to open a window. Sure it heavily smelled like his mate, but far worse, it was heavy with garbage. Bakugo didn’t hoard or dig through garbage cans. He just had ZERO ability to clean up after himself. He was a nice guy like that.
“it’s never been this bad before….” Midoriya had to awkwardly step over piles of things just to make it to the doorway on the opposite side of the room. He tried to open it, but too much stuff was in the way. He decided to just roll up his sleeves and get to work……

before he could he heard someone gag
“ does...smell like a boys room in here….” Uraraka said at the front of the hallway door.
“w-what are you doing here?!”
“i wanted to come help you! I heard you mumbling about doing this and I knew that Bakugo wasn’t the cleanest…”
“yea...i usually help him...”
“we’re friends...”
“aaaand you wanted attention from him so he would claim you already huh? I know how you think.”
“’re right...”

“well, let’s clean this rats nest and get to work!” So the two got PLENTY of garbage bags and containers. First, they sorted through all the old and used silverware. Putting them in containers to wash later. Then they sorted through trash. It seemed like an endless mound of them. Uraraka gasped dramatically as soon as she found the ACTUAL FLOOR. Midoriya laughed at that. Midoriya couldn’t help but feel the sudden need to start collecting his mates cloths..he...just….need to have them...he would occasionally smell them and feel...fuzzy on the inside….his mates scent always calmed him and made him feel good…

“oh my god...”
“i just found a feshlight!”
“what?! I was cleaning and found this under his bed...oh god...i touched it!”
“IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!...wait….does….does that say Deku on it...”
“well stop! Just go...over there” Midoriya tried to move as fast over the piles as he could to get to said sex toy...when she wasn’t looking he grabbed it and looked at it…. It did say Deku on it...Midoriya blushed and imaged all the things Bakugo must have said while using this...all the dirty filthy words….all the sexy imagery...all the taunting and-” Midoriya shivered, he was starting to get turned on. Then he noticed it was sticky and realized just how much cum must have been pumped into this thing over and over and...over….and….over… Midoriya swallowed and felt a sudden urge to find his mate and feel just what sizeable load he could get inside of him...the ideas of suddenly getting knocked up with his mates pups….being bred in his nest…..

Midoriya realized his heat was coming pretty soon. He tried to put those thoughts deep away into the back of his mind. He just couldn’t. He started to use his own ‘personal garbage bag’ and started to put cloths into it. Underwear and shirts….he would keep them close. Scent his nest with them,….He felt so dirty for so so good….
“hey Midoriya, where should I put these?” Midoriya almost felt like his mind suddenly cramped up as he realized where he was at and who he was with. He thanked whatever god was out there that she was a beta and had no way of smelling his arousal.
“w-w-what is it?” his voice cracked
“it’s these little...awww look at you! Sooo cute! I found these little pictures of you and him in school! Awww look at my little fluff ball! And look at what an angry pup Bakugo is!”

“Um...put...those on the dresser for now….” Midoriya suddenly put the fleshlight in his personal bag. He mentally screamed at himself and asked what he was doing. Only to get his soon to be heat to reply. He whined out, trying to be quiet, he NEEDED his mate asap. He needed to breed. The heat was coming on and the longer he stayed in here the quicker it felt like it was arriving. He finally managed to get the balcony door open and took as deep as fresh air as he could. Uraraka did the same
“FINALLY! Fresh air! I feel the same way!” She was doing it because she needed fresh air from cleaning. Midoriya needed it to clear his lust. Midoriya knew he needed to finish up. FAST.

So the two tried to speed rush it. By the end the room was...SPOTLESS! Uraraka said she didn’t even think it was possible, but Midoriya was the master at cleaning and organizing. Finally, Bakugo’s room LOOKED like a room. No nasty musk either! No fresh air. Midoriya said he was going to go get ready and he would text her later. She smiled and parted after saying goodbye, leaving Midoriya alone. He looked around. He took his personal bag with him back to his room, it was surprisingly full. He didn’t know how he managed to take so much. But he NEEDED them. Including the fleshlight...he wouldn’t use it but….a part of him wanted to watch Bakugo use it…



Bakugo pursued the shelves, there was so much crap from inch to inch. The store was filled with items, people, and of course, even cosplayers. He felt weird all the time when he saw others try to ‘dress up’ as others. He found it disturbing. Like they wanted to stalk and wear the skins of their heroes. Being a minor hero no one really asked him if he wanted to start his own brand. He DID have his own sticker, but that was only part of a ‘up-coming hero collection’ that was made for the minor heroes. Most of the college heroes had at least one. In one of the cases, behind the checkout counter. He found what he was looking for. After shoving aside browsers and moving to the counter he asked for the item in the case. He slammed down the money and grabbed it. He noticed his pack was getting a bunch of hero crap. He got mad and told them to hurry the hell up.

The pack headed home and talked about what they got. Bakugo ignored them and just imagined what kind of face his omega was going to make. He knew it would be some sort of gasp and enjoyment. He couldn’t wait to see the actual thing. Bakugo said he was going to his omega and that was final, the pack said goodbye and headed off to their own thing. Bakugo walked the hallways until he came to his mates room, he opened the door to see his mate covering himself in his used cloths. He didn’t really know what to think, his nature suddenly made him feel lustful about the scene, a part of him felt a bit satisfied that his mate was craving his scent, and another part of him was mad that OUT OF ALL THE THINGS, HE HAD TO TAKE HIS FAVORITE CLOTHS.


There was no way he was about to deprive his mate of his scent.
“Deku.” Midoriya bolted up and gasped as he say his mate enter his room, shutting the door behind him. He didn’t notice until it was too late
“k-kac-chan! it’s not what you think! I just...i-”
“shut it. You wanted my scent. Good, I’m glad, that means your body is going through a deeper phase of accepting me as your mate. That actually makes me feel good. Now, from now on, you ask for my worn cloths, you get them. Only thing, you have to switch them out. I am NOT GOING TO LET YOU KEEP MY FAVORITE CLOTHS FOREVER! So, whenever I workout or anything, you get first dibs, got it?” Midoriya smiled happily and nodded.
“here, happy birthday. Yesterday was a shit show and I wanted to make sure you got something to really cheer you up.”

“oh what is it?”
“take it and find out” Bakugo walked over to their little love nest that was covered In his cloths. He couldn’t help but smile that his mate wanted to surround himself in them.
“This….AHHHHHHHHHH! THIS! WHAT?! HOW DID YOU!? WHERE DID YOU!? AAHHHHHH” Midoriya FREAKED OUT as he saw a SUPER RARE figure of All-might in his younger days.

“This one store, doesn’t matter. it’s yours.”
“and? it’s for you.”
“AHHHHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH!” Midoriya gently put it on a perfect spot on his table. He almost cried in joy. Bakugo walked up behind him and nuzzled his neck. Scraping his teeth gently onto the scent glad that now was scaring over perfectly.
“ahhhhHHHHH s-stop!”
“nah, you love this.”


it was true. Scent glands were very erotic to both omegas and alphas. Due to sensitivity, light touching from an omegas alpha easily arouses them. Alphas of course get aroused from their arousal.
“First waking up to you, then the bath, then the cloths, then this! This is the best day ever!”
“Deku, I wanted to make it. Now, why don’t you skip the cloths and have the real that….”
“i uh..might...have...found it...and….wanted you use it...” Bakugo noticed his fleshlight laying in the nest. He smiled and had a cruel twinkle in his eye. A very, very, dirty minded twinkle.

“well, my little Deku wants to watch his alpha pleasure himself to you? Dirty thing. Mmh, promise to moan and whine for me while I do it, and kiss me.” Midoriya purred and leaned back ino his mate, then felt the large thing ‘poke’ him.
“He really wants to show you what he can do. Why don’t we do it now?”
a knock on the door broke them both out of the prison of lust
“Hey Midoriya, We’re meeting soon! You ready?” Bakugo growled. He was about to have ‘fun’ and was now suddenly interrupted.
“the fuck she talking about Deku?”
“oh uh..”
“this is OUR day. This is OUR sunday.”
“well, the thing is….


All of class 1-A was in the living area, talking among themselves. They all suddenly heard a loud but heavily muffled
“THE FUCK YOU MEAN!?” Mineta made a shitty smile
“guess someone isn’t too happy….” Todoroki replied in his usual monotone voice
“Most likely because he now has to ‘share’ his mate for the day.” Hadakure groaned
“i hope he gets over it! We all need to cheer him up! After what you said yesterday to us...” Yaoyorozu looked sad and held her hand close to her
“I can’t believe that’s what it’s like in a place like that….it’s so awful….”

The day before, when the group got back from their little ‘field trip’. Iida and Uraraka, along with the bakupack, told everyone about what they had experienced. The class did all gather up worried, mostly because of the text Midoriya had sent earlier that day. The group then explained every painful detail. The class was silent after hearing that. They all knew about how secretive those places are….but to understand the reality of the situation…..they all knew that had to cheer Midoriya up. He WAS the only omega in their class, and the only male in the entire school. Life was never easy for him, but to have to constantly worry about being locked up in a place like that at any given moment….

Early that morning Uraraka saw the news, there was an announcement about a big carnival that just opened up. She shot up, realizing what a perfect thing this was, she dove over to her phone and texted the class as quickly as she could. She told them that this was the PERFECT thing they could all do! Cheer Midoriya up, have fun, spend time as a class! It was a miracle. So they all got ready and were not waiting on Midoriya. He happily agreed, only if he got to spend the day mostly with his mate, they all agreed to this.

Bakugo walked alongside Midoriya as they entered the room. EVERYONE could CLEARLY see how pissed off he was that he had to ‘share’ his mate today. The class clapped and said hello and thanked Midoriya for being in their lives. Midoriya felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to say at the sudden kindness. They explained they knew what happened. Learning about how stressful it seemed, they KNEW they needed to all be together and show support. He thanked all of them. Bakugo gripped his mate close them told them all off in a
“leave us the fuck alone today and we won’t have any problems. If I have to share him for MORE THAN A MINUTE I’M BLOWING YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF!” way. They all agreed.

“wait we have a bus?” Midoriya asked. Yaoyorozu then said
“yeah, I managed to get my family to rent one for us for the whole day!”
“No need to wait anymore! let’s go before the day ends!” Uraraka said
“It’s not even noon yet” Asui said

they all laughed together and headed out. Then suddenly wondered why she said that….

Chapter Text

Well. To say the bus ride was smooth wouldn’t be a lie. Technically.

“Everyone should be in their seats! No moving around or getting up until the bus makes a complete and safe stop!” Iida waved his arms around while telling everyone in his ‘stern’ voice. The class had JUST gotten on the bus when Iida so heroically took the job as safety instructor. The FIRST thing everyone noticed was Bakugo pretty much shove past everyone while pulling Midoriya behind him, then sitting them in a corner of the bus. Making sure Midoriya had a back to the wall and Bakugo next to him, pretty much preventing everyone from being near ‘his Deku’.

Everyone took the ‘hint’ and decided to just go with it. The entire bus trip all Bakugo did was tuck Midoriya’s head under his chin and angrily looked at everyone, daring them to try and pull his mate away from him. Meanwhile Midoriya just let it happen, knowing full well that Bakugo would just fight about it and argue that it was supposed to be just ‘their’ day, which technically it was. Midoriya was thankful that he managed to convince his mate to even go along with this. TECHNICALLY Bakugo OWNED Midoriya now and could have easily said ‘no’ to all this, And that would be the end of it.

Midoriya was happy that his Kacchan let him have fun with the class. Bakugo knew he had to share, even if it killed him. This is what would make his mate happy. And his happiness was all that mattered. Bakugo just wanted to steal his Deku away. Lock them both in their room and just cuddle in their nest for the entire day. Midoriya happily chatted the whole bus ride with his friends, talking about how fun it would be and what they wanted to do. Some wanted rides, some what games, some wanted to food, some wanted to win prizes, and some wanted to just overall have fun.

They would occasionally TRY to talk to Bakugo, who only would grunt in reply and hold his Deku tighter against him. It took a good hour but they finally arrived! It was a huge carnival!

(look. We all know what they look like. If not, look it up. I really don’t feel like explaining an entire carnival. Please let me rest XD)

“woooo! Time for fun!”
“I can’t wait to go do the things we just talked about!”
“same here!”
“wait should we split up?”
“we have each others phone numbers.”
“alright. Heres the plan. Everyone keep in contact, check you phone for the group chat to see if anything has come up.-” everyone was speaking to each other until they heard Bakugo say

they all looked to see a familiar face. Midoriya ran up over to him
“hey” the two hugged happily.

“Oh, everyone might not remember who you are, thats okay, so uh, this is Shinso. He was my first courter...oh uh...that...might make things seem a bit awkward….uh...anyways we’re all cool now! we’re just good friends.”
Shinso rubbed the back of his head and looked at them all
“it’s nice to see you all in a more personal setting, outside of studies I mean.”

‘shit he got beefy!’ they all thought, remembering the tired slim guy, now looking at the tired BUFF guy standing in front of them’.
‘It’s good to see you Bakugo” Shinso said with a tired smile. The class looked in shocked. Bakguo’s rival….talking to him….hugging Midoriya….HOW WAS HE NOT DEAD ON THE SPOT?!?!. they all watched anxiously at the scene. Everyone expecting a massive brawl to happen at any second.
“yeah…..good to see you too...” Bakugo said with a stern expression, although everyone saw how he CLEARLY was trying to FORCE himself to relax. They were all too stunned to even understand what Bakugo just said. What he JUST ACTED LIKE! Everything was quiet and very very tense.

Midoriya realized he was still hugging him and let go
“ahh sorry”
“it’s alright. it’s good to see you in person again.”
“you too! Oh did you hear? Apparently they were gonna release a new special book that was sorta a side story explaining one of the newest murder cases”
“yeah! I heard about that, I was wondering what exactly was going to be talked about, since they already solved the mystery anyways”
“i think it’s just going to go more into the back story of the ‘why’s’. sorta like one of those shows explaining things from the start, why they had the motives, why it drove them to do it, that sort of thing.”

The class couldn’t even think properly. Here Midoriya was, casually chatting about something with...BAKUGO’S RIVAL?! RIGHT IN FRONT OF BAKUGO. They couldn’t help but look back and forth. From the casual relaxed conversation, to the alpha trying to hold himself back. Like a single man trying to stop an earthquake all by himself. His hand twitched and little explosions were going off. Kirishima wanted to walk over to his bakubro and give support, but he too was in too much shock to move. Bakugo finally spoke up in a…..way to casual tone.

“so. What brings you here?”
“I came here with some of my friends, when Midoriya texted me saying he was coming here, I thought it would be cool if we met up and said hi. Especially after what happened.”
“so….you know about that?”
“yeah. He told me.”
“oh. You two talk about...personal….stuff?”
“we are good friends”

Midoriya was just smiling, happy to see two alphas he really liked be so kind to each other. One in a platonic way, the other in matehood.

“yeah...I’m glad...he...has….good….friends….” Bakugo’s eye twitched. Midoriya breathed, happy to see his mate trying to hard. Still, he looked like he was about to have a total meltdown.
“Okay, we’ll I’ll be seeing you! I’ll talk to you later” Shinso happily nodded, they hugged one more time then Shinso went his own way.

“whoa….i think he would straight up die right then and there” Kaminari said. Bakugo turned around, looking at him like he was death itself.
“hahahHHSHHHAHAH Ookay big guy! EASY, EASY!” Kaminari swallowed and pushed some others in front of him.

“okay, how about we go back to having fun” Midoriya said, rubbing up against his alpha, soothing his nerves. Bakugo took a deep breath and started to feel better already. The soft and loving touch of his mate along with his scent started to calm his intense alpha nature. The others nodded and walked away, making a bit of space around Bakugo and Midoriya….

Midoriya held Bakugo’s hand as they walked around. Midoriya was getting hungry and was about to attempt to buy something. Bakugo gave him and evil look, then pulled out his own wallet and paid.
“Glad we didn’t have any trouble right then and there. For a second, I thought you tried to reach for your wallet”
“m-me? N-no” Bakugo just smiled and nodded.
“good. Remember that.” the two sat on a bench while Midoriya ate, Bakugo suddenly started to pet and run his hand through Midoriya’s hair, rubbing the scalp softly. Midoriya purred in pleasure.
“shh my little nerd. Enjoy it.”

“so. How are you feeling?”
“really goooood~”
“good. I’m more than happy to make sure you’re feeling better. I know it must have scared you really deeply.”
“you know. Mental health crap. Super intense stuff that freaks you out. When you go through it, well it messes you up inside. I just wanted to make sure that little nerd brain of yours isn’t fried out. You keep me sane, why don’t I make sure I do the same thing to you.”

“hm...yeah I...I guess I still think about it...usually it’s always in the back of my head….’what if this happens and this happens making me go there’. But….all-might always told me I’m just over thinking stuff. Automatically making things the worse case.”
“You know how shitty I am at talking. I want you to know, no matter what, I want you to talk to me. Even if I can’t say shit. You talk to me as much as you want and need. Got it?” Midoriya nodded and smiled.

“good. Now, what does my little Deku nerd want to do now?”
“mmmh….oh! Look how cute that stuffed animal is! Its a fluffy dog! Ohh I want to win it!”
“done. let’s get you a new dog.”

Well. Midoriya got his dog…..he loved it! Bakugo smiled as he saw his Deku’s face light up, he cuddled and kissed his new little stuffed animal. Then THAT’S when it went downhill….

It was about 10 minutes later and it was a bit too much.
“quiet Deku. I’m winning you this one.”
“I only looked at it for a second!”
“and? I’m winning it for you.” there stood an angry alpha beating all the games in one go, winning prize after stuffed animal prize. Now Midoriya was holding an ENTIRE ARMFUL of them. It was amazing winning the dog! Then a cat….then a frog….then one after another after another after another after another after another and so on. Almost 22 stuffed animals were won. Now the alpha was going for 23.

“please this is too much!”
“I’m getting you that teddy bear.”
“i have 5!”
“Kacchan! I have too many! I don’t even know where I’m going to put all of them!”
“don’t you love them….”
“aww don’t pout! I love them! It’s just...too many...”
“i want you to be able to build an entire nest out of them!”
“too much!”

Eventually they had to buy a few bags just to be able to carry them around. Midoriya sat on a bench feeling a bit overwhelmed. He loved that his mate was trying so hard! But it was TOO HARD! TOO MUCH!. Sure they were all cute and soft and adorable...but it was just a mountain of them. There dorms were NOT that big! And the closet was already stuffed with stuff!. Bakugo said he would take a lot of them to his room. Midoriya happily agreed.

They never really ‘lived’ in Bakugo’s dorm. Midoriya’s nest was in his own room, so Bakugo moved into their, so to speak. Bakugo wanted his omega to feel the most comfortable. So uprooting a whole nest and moving it somewhere was NOT an option for him. The two decided to build a second nest, just in case they wanted to be there instead. Bakugo was happy about this, now knowing his mate would be comfortable going into his own room and being able to sleep there.

So while the two planned on it (mostly Midoriya, he was the omega after all, he was the one who built nests) and figured out what to get. Pillows, blankets, comforters, and now a nice mound of stuffed animals. One thing was on Bakugo’s mind, providing enough nesting material for his mate, so sub consciously his alpha nature was telling him to win more and more animals, to provide more and more nesting materials.

Midoriya looked around, the sights and sounds and smells and tastes, it all was fun and enjoyable. Midoriya whined as he saw his mate bring over an extra large fox plush.
“Guess who just won you a nice fluffy thing to cuddle?”
“you...i guess….”
“not big enough? I’ll go-”
“NO it’s huge! Thats the problem! I don’t want anymore. Please no more” Midoriya smiled onnocently with bit puppy dog eyes. Bakugo wanted to melt.
“okay okay….last one…i swear….hmm, I gotta take a piss. I’ll be right back, stay here. don’t let strangers talk to you.”

“kacchan I’m not a little kid”
“AND SOME ALPHA CAN SNATCH YOU UP AND KIDNAP YOU! Some beta could come try to take you somewhere to auction you off!” while it IS true that it did happen in the world, sadly, Midoriya felt perfectly safe. In large crowds, his entire class around, and his mate. He said he would be fine and he wouldn’t move an inch.

Bakugo just nodded and left….

Bakugo finished drying his hands off, he looked around, making sure his Deku was right where he promised to be. He wasn’t. His nature sparked up and the first thing that came to mind was
Bakugo nervously glanced around for any sign of his Deku. He ran over to the spot where he left him. Everything was there except his omega. HOW COULD AN ALPHA MISPLACE THEIR OMEGA?! WHAT KIND OF SHITTY ALPHA LETS THEM BE TAKEN?! His omega could be forced into a terrible position and possibly prostituted or tortured or-


Bakugo sped walked over to them, his hand was sparking up

“-thanks, I really feel good. I really am thankful to have you in my life”
“am I better than he is?”
“yeah, much better”
“will you forget about him for me?”
“of course! he’s ancient history! I don’t care about him one bit anymore.”
“I’m glad. I’ll make sure to always be better than he ever could be.”
“I’m so happy to hear that! I trust you, I know you will be above him in everything”
“i hope to be. And if he ever tries to talk to you or touch you in any way. You tell me first. I’ll keep him away from you” Midoriya smiled and the two hugged closely again.
“thanks for the rabbit, it’s soo cute!” it was a small blue little rabbit, it was simple and slim, but cute.

Bakugo heard and saw this, he knew that alphas fought over omegas all the time. There even used to be a law stating that the victor was allowed to keep the omega for themselves. Bakugo felt like he was about to blow this whole carnival up. He was willing to kill and only saw red. He would prove himself far better to his Deku. How could his Deku do this to him?! Was he not good enough? It wasn’t enough stuffed animals! It wasn’t enough love! It wasn’t enough attention! It wasn’t enough protection! It wasn’t-

“hi Kacchan, look what Todoroki just gave me”
“hello Bakugo, it-” Bakugo pushed Todoroki out of the way and started to scent his Deku right then and there. Rubbing himself over his Deku, making quick rubs on his neck and scent glad, touching forheads and overall rubbed up on him.

“k-kacchan! What a-”
“I’m sorry. I promise to be better. No one will be better than me! I promise! I’m not going to let anyone else take you away!”
“did you hear us?”

Bakugo was pushed away and Midoriya was angry.
“Stop being possessive! Do you ACTUALLY know what we were talking about?” Bakugo was stunned like he was just hit in the head. His omega was angry at him. He failed he didn’t do right he-
Todoroki spoke up.
“you didn’t have to scent him in front of me. You know as well as I do about that kind of possessive behavior is not acceptable in today’s society.” it was true. An alpha scenting their mate suddenly in front of another alpha in a possessive manner was like saying ‘fuck you’ and being up in their face about it.
“that wasn’t called for Kacchan.” Midoriya said to a now ashamed looking Bakugo.
“i just thought-”
“once again you’re being possessive!. Next time you feel that way, PLEASE just ask!.”

“i’m sorry….”
“now apologize to Todoroki". Bakugo turned around, rubbed his head and grumbled out an apology. The three of them knew that was probably the best they would get out of him.
“I accept your apology. Now. If it will soothe your mind, I will tell you what we were talking about. It was about my father and how his interaction with Midoriya was unacceptable. I promised I would never be like my father, and that if he truly ever even got near him and started to speak, Midoriya would come find me first and foremost. I would deal with my father, not him.”

Bakugo once again felt like he was hit in the head. The world shook and he suddenly felt his face and ears getting hot.
“sorry I….i didn’t...i thought...” Midoriya sighed
“that he was trying to claim me? Seduce me? Have me leave you? Thinking that I was saying how much better an alpha he is than you are or ever will be?. that’s not nice Kacchan.”
“I’m sorry.” Bakugo looked at the ground. His guilt was overwhelming him and he felt so ashamed of himsef. Once again. He let his nature forced him to be rash. Unthinking. Aggressive. Territorial. Feral.

Midoriya noticed his mate mentally punishing himself. Midoriya cuddled into Bakugo, tucking his head into his neck.
“next time just ask me. I wouldn’t ever leave you. I don’t care if the most wealthy alpha wanted me, made me a god. I wouldn’t want it if it wasn’t you.”
“I’m sorry….”

Todoroki cleared his throat
“i can tell how this…..well, we can forget this interaction ever happened, if you both would like that”
“i would, kacchan, I’m assuming you want to also?” Bakugo just nodded and sighed into his mates hair. Burying his face and taking in his mates scent, to soothe his nerves.
“And by the way Kacchan. This rabbit was just a gift for me.”
“Between my fathers actions and the omega sanctuary, I wanted to give it to Midoriya because I remember rabbits are his favorite animal. I thought it would make him happy and lift his spirits.”

“winner!” a carnival machine yelled with flashing lights. Uraraka cheered as she grabbed a massive fist full of tickets. She slammed them down on a nearby counter with intense pride.
“that one.” she pointed to a toy.

It was sunset now, the class had texted one another, checking in on each other. Everyone was having fun, some felt a little sick from the food or rides. So a couple went back to the bus, some classmates went to go drop off their prizes that they won, or food they would finish later. Midoriya was happy he didn’t have to carry around so many stuffed animals anymore. ESPECIALLY because Uraraka won him A LIFE SIZE STUFFED ANIMAL RABBIT WITH ALL-MIGHT CLOTHS ON IT. Midoriya practically screamed in excitement. Bakugo suddenly felt very ‘ashamed’ that he didn’t win that for his Deku. How could he have missed such an important prize?!.

The bakupack practically stole Midoriya away when Bakugo wasn’t looking. This wasn’t the first time his ‘loyal’ pack stole his omega. Now that Midoriya was officially ‘one of them’ they had to celebrate! And this was the perfect time! So more games, bumper cars, roller coasters, and vomiting all to celebrate their matehood!. Then even awkwardly scented Midoriya, Bakugo knew this was just part of ‘his territory’ getting to know one another. After all, when packs formed, each member had the others scent rubbed onto them, making sure everyone know who was in a pack.

They wanted Midoriya all to themselves as a ‘fun pack bonding experience’. They only ‘stole’ Midoriya when Bakugo wasn’t looking, because they knew their alpha wouldn’t let their ‘fun’ happen. He was such a kill joy like that.

Finally the sun was about to set, just minutes away. Bakugo demanded him and his mate go onto a Ferris wheel and watch the sunset finish in a ‘cheesy romantic way’. The two did just that. It was a perfect evening. With plenty of nuzzling and kissing to match. Midoriya gasped in awe at how pretty everything was. The way all the lights decorated the ground like little rainbow sparks. Everything flashed and roared out in colorful noises and lights.

It was time to go home now. The day ended and the fun was had. The class joined up on the bus. Some had fallen asleep. Some excitedly talking about their day, some were just quiet and content. Others were playing with their little prizes. Ashido had a little frog noise maker, she kept poking and playing it to Asui.
“why must you torment me with my child’s screams!? Ribbit”

The bakupack had Bakugo and Midoriya between them, talking about how exicting everything was. Kirishima had a challenge of who would ride and eat the most without hurling up their guts. He won, meanwhile Kaminari had vomited 5 times.

Asui said she could have beaten them if she were involved. Since she LITERALLY could throw up her ‘guts’. The bus ride had calmed them all down after the calm drive. Everyone did their usual nighttime routine, bathing, talking, eating, whatever else each person did.

Midoriya yawned and was tired, he would deal with the stuffed animals tomorrow. He just wanted to sleep in his nest with his Kacchan. And that he did. The lovers curled up on one another. The usual of Midoriya tucking himself under his alphas head and curled up on his chest. While Bakugo had his face in his omegas hair and held him close. They drifted off to sleep and had a pleasant day.

Chapter Text

It started without warning. Usually that never happened.
It started suddenly. Usually that never happened.
It started at a horrible time. Usually that never happened.


It was the middle of class. Everything was quiet and normal. Then it began. Without notice. It felt like he was thrown into a direction suddenly with the force of a truck.

First came the whimpers. Then the panting. Then the groans and moans. Then the whining. Midoriya had gone into heat. He was in a daze. He felt the usual heat feeling. Hot, moody, so horny it hurt, he wanted to be with an alpha, he wanted to be bred in his nest. He wanted to be in his nest at all times. He felt hot enough that he could melt the sun. he needed to feel cold! Everything around him was sooo cooling...he wanted to rub up on everything. Feel the cool touch of it all. Somehow everything felt softer, smoother. His brain couldn’t focus. He just whined in need.

“-Midoriya!” Midoriya snapped out of his daze, if only a tiny bit.
“w-wh..a?” Midoriya looked around at all the awkward faces looking at him. The alphas covered their noses, some had turned away. He suddenly felt a strong grip on his arm pull him up.
“come on. let’s get you out of here. Class do what I assigned. What a drag. I have to do this too.”
“Relax. Breathe. We have to get you out of the school asap.” His teacher was helping him walk away. Midoriya’s mind was just dazed out. He wanted to just rub up on everyone he saw and get them to hump him. His focus faded in and out so much he felt like he could teleport places. One second he’s in the classroom. The next hes in the hallway. The next hes in recovery girls room.

He couldn’t tell who was talking, all he could figure out was that there were others in the room while he laid on a bed panting and whimpering, hoping for attention.

“poor thing. Hmm, looks far more intense this time.”
“due to his body understanding he has a mate.”
“no wonder it’s so extreme”
“he’s never been like this before.”
“worse case half the school jumps him.”
“he might get a fever at this rate.”
“why did it happen so suddenly? he’s never just have it suddenly happen?”
“great. Now all the alphas will be riled up.”
“god. don’t even get me started on Bakugo.”
“oh shit that’s right. Out of all the wild alphas. He HAD to pick that one.”
“shit, he must want to kill everything that moves right now. I better go there and see if anyone’s dead yet. Ugh. This day should have been simple.”
“omegas shouldn’t be blamed for their bodies.”

Midoriya tried to speak
“shh, rest dear. Here take this medicine. It will cool you down.” Midoriya’s head was lifted and he felt some very cold very bitter fluid come into his mouth. He wanted to gag and choke but managed to swallow it all.

“rest. You need it. There you go, just fall asleep..”

“so who wants to be the one to take him to his dorm.”
“and risk my life? Nah I’m good.”
“if I was strong enough I would carry him back.”
“yeah, I can’t even stay in here any longer, let alone touch him and end up next to his nest.”
“g……..h……...e…….” that was the last Midoriya heard as he drifted off to sleep. Somehow the bed felt so so so soft and cooling. He wanted to sleep forever….

“Midoriya” Aizawa called out as he noticed the omega start to act strangely.
“are you choking? Why are you making those noises?” suddenly the scent wafted through the room. The one and only omega on that side of the building just went into a heat. An intense one by the looks and smell of it.
“Great. Now every alpha is going to want him.” Aizawa sighed and walked over quickly.
“Midoriya. Focus.”
“come on. let’s get you out of here. Class do what I assigned. What a drag. I have to do this too.” Aizawa had to practically hold him up while he walked down the hallway heading to recovery girls room.
‘what a drag. Geez the poor guy can’t even move. Its no wonder why, he’s so out of his own mind.’ Aizawa thought trying to speed up their walking, only to feel awkwardly pulled back by supporting Midoriya’s weight.
“Come on kid, at least try to use your legs for me.”

As the two walked the halls Aizawa would notice some students walk out of their classes or poke their head around the corner. He would yell at them to get back to class, hoping they wouldn’t try anything. He himself was trained to ignore heats, as did the other teachers at the school. Still, heat was heat. Nature could only be restrained for so long. Not the he would EVER try to pull a stunt. He was worried about the students. Midoriya had no way of fighting them off if they get a bit too close in his personal space. Due to their low acceptance rate, and omegas trying to become heroes even rarer, they weren’t built with proper omega care when the most intense cases happened. Cases such as this one. When an omega goes into heat, they usually send them someplace far away from any alphas that would be near. Those places typically had things that aided heats, scent blockers, medicine to prevent fevers and also to ‘calm down’ heats, and large locks so no one would try to get in or out.

Omega’s naturally wanted to have pups, even if they weren’t ready for them. Their bodies just yelled at them to breed and reproduce. Some omegas had strong wills, being able to control their urges, meanwhile there were omegas who always succumbed to their nature, going along with what their bodies tell them to do.

All these years here, Midoriya’s heats were always easy, he did have heavy ones from time to time, but not as sever as this one. He could always tell when his heat was coming on, usual signs happened of increased body temperature, the sudden need to nest more often. And of course, needing to hump far more than any usual libido would have. Midoriya always locked himself up in his room and just spent the entire time in there until it passed. The teachers made sure to give him breaks and ease up on him during this ‘vulnerable’ time. Heats couldn’t be faked, so giving out heat passes were pretty easy when they needed to be given them.

“Alright, here you go. One omega in heat, extra hot”. Aizawa joked through his monotone voice, leading Midoriya inside Recovery girls room.
“oh is it that time already? I’m surprised he didn’t come in sooner”
“yeah well it just happened in class”
“my! Look at the poor dear. Lay him over there, hmm, it’s far more extreme this time.”
“I’ll call all-might.”
Recovery girl nodded and put a cold wet washcloth on Midoriya’s forehead…

Some teachers were told about his condition. This was the first time in YEARS that an omega had such an intense heat. The regular ones could be felt slowly coming on and could be easily dealt with, given the proper time and care. Intense ones? They stuck suddenly and hard, no usual blockers could cover up the far stronger scent, the omega was more feverish, their bodies more demanding for pups, their minds turned to jelly, and overall they had little control over their thoughts and actions.

Because of the rarity, the other teachers needed to be informed, even the ones that Midoriya didn’t have. Everyone needed to be in the know, so if they had any kind of problem, in any way or situation, they could deal with it without being surprised. A few had gathered to look at Midoriya’s state. Only to witness a panting vulnerable overly hot omega. Hardly having any kind of solid thoughts form. He had just fallen asleep when the teachers spoke more.

“We’re going to have to move him to his nest.”
“that won’t be good enough this time.”
“why not?”
“heats this intense won’t be blocked easily. We don’t have any heavy duty stuff, and no place around here sells it. Ordering it online would take too long too”
“so what do we do?”
“we all know the alpha students are just going to break out into fights with this kind of severity.”
“already bad enough alphas get tense and irritable when an omega is in heat, let alone a strong one.”
“Speaking of strong...what about his mate?”
“Bakugo should be dealt with by the hour. He’s going to cause far more trouble than anyone else during this time.”

“we could move them both someplace? Far away from everyone else”
“omegas HAVE to be in their nests. We can’t just uproot his nest and take it some other place. Midoriya could get sick from the sudden change in atmosphere.”
“So what should we do? We can’t do nothing”
“does he nest anywhere else?”
“not that I know”
“He’s always been such a good quiet boy. Funny, now he’s going to be the one to end up drawing the most attention in the school.”
“we can just send him and Bakugo away, give them a shit ton of condoms, and let them do there thing until it’s over.”
“that doesn’t solve the problem as a whole.”
“get the principle, he will know what to do. Hopefully.”

Aizawa was outside the classroom when he already heard fighting.
“great. Already to late.” he sighed heavily, expecting everyone dead and the room on fire and Bakugo shirtless roaring out on the pile of dead students.
“-Bakubro chill”
Aizawa saw the scene of some desks knocked over, some students in the back left of the classroom afraid. The ‘bakupack’ holding Bakugo back as he tried to free himself and attack the others.
“what-” Aizawa quickly ducked as a chair was thrown at him by a new freed Bakugo.
“H-Help! HE’S GONE C-CR-” that was all Kaminari could say before he was grabbed and thrown across the room, right into the bodies over a few other students who all landed with a heavy thump onto the ground.

“that’s enough Bakugo.” Aizawa said, using his quirk then wrapping Bakugo up. The alpha struggled and thrashed like crazy, as If it were back at the U.A sports festival, only know even more aggressive and feral.
“Alright. Someone hurry up and tell me what happened.” suddenly all the students started to speak at once.
“QUIET. One at a time. I’ve already got a big enough headache.” Iida came forward, unafraid of the alpha on the floor next to him.
“The moment Midoriya had, well, entered his current state, Bakugo had suddenly tried to walk out after you. We calmly explained to him that he should wait for your return, as it would be the proper thing. He swore and became aggressive, to where we tried to restrain and talk sense into him, only for him to retaliate back with far heavier violence. Then Uraraka tried to pick up Midoriya’ belongings and take them to his room. Then, well, the damage you see has been caused.

Bakugo clearly tried to scream and curse through the bindings he was currently in. he breathed heavily through his nose and wouldn’t stop struggling. He even hit his head hard enough on a nearby upturned desk that his forehead was cut and started to bleed. His thrashing only made the blood flow a bit heavier, as well as spread the blood around on the floor from his movement.

“today couldn’t be easy could it. Clean this up. I’ll handle him. Everyone is dismissed, I’m going to be too busy with this nut job to have time for all of you, go do whatever, go place in traffic, I don’t care.”
Aizawa pulled Bakugo closer, tied him up harder, and grabbed him, throwing him over his shoulder, then walking out of the class.


“WHERE’S MY FUCKING DEKU?!” Bakugo slammed up against a wall, his arms and mouth were restrained, Bakugo having a type of cage muzzle over his mouth, letting him breathe and speak, as well as having his quirk taken away by Aizawa. They had him separated in a type of ‘strong room’ they had on campus. It was a heavily built room that kept very feral students in check. Somewhat like a ‘time out’ room. Only this one was heavily fortified to protect everyone else from whatever was causing potential harm. It had a large and very thick one sided window to check up on the occupant(s).

“Any way to speed this up? My eyes are killing me.” the teachers had decided on what to do. They would let Midoriya stay in his room, but have his door ‘locked down’ so to say. Have the hallways leading to his room blocked off and put plenty of whatever blockers they had around there. Using spray cans on the walls and air.

Meanwhile now they had to try to deal with Bakugo….

Alphas naturally got very territorial and protective of their omegas when going into heat. Naturally they kept close and hardly left the nest. Their omegas stayed in the nest or their surrounding area, such as within their home. The alphas typically would become very irritable and prone to aggression and violence during this time, even if they were no where near their omegas. They became even more stressed out the longer and further away they were from their omegas.

Alphas, along with omega, could have a more ‘feral’ attitude at certain times, depending on the situation. Alphas became more feral when their omega was threatened, or in heat, or both. Each alpha varied on their ‘intense attitude’. Some were easy going, while others, like Bakugo, became horribly feral in attitude. Thrashing and attacking the first things that moved. He was made even worse being away from his omega AND the fact that this is the first heat they are together AND that its an intense heat. All those three things together and you get one alpha who will literally kill someone.

They feared more for the safety of others than his own. Midoirya would be passive and just wanting to lay around, a typical omega in heat, while the alpha would attack anyone who came to close. Even close friends were seen as enemies and threats at times.

“Bakugo. Calm down.”
“FUCK YOU FUCK YOUR SCHOOL FUCK THIS LIFE FUCK YOU FUCK THESE CHAINS FUCK EVERYTHING I WILL MURDER EVERYONE UNLESS YOU GIVE ME BACK MY DEKU. I WI-” his mouth was covered as he became worse. Literally running into the door, trying to break it down.
“Bakugo, we will let you see Midoriya. Only if you calm down.” Bakugo only thrashed more.
“Dam hes feral. I haven’t seen this kind of case in a long time.” All-might said walking through the door watching Bakugo from behind the safety of the window.

“we could dart him.” Aizawa said.

The school had developed a small dart that had concentrated oils from Midnight’s skin. They rarely had to use them, but when they did, it quickly injected enough of it to subdue the person being injected. Knocking them out quickly and harmlessly. Even on major doses, worst case was they slept a bit longer.

“we need the principles permission for that. he’s on his way right now. He just had to check up on Midoriya first.”

W-w-whe-eres K-ka-acchan” Midoriya said softly through his panting. Recover girl along with all-might and the principle spoke to him in recovery girls room. The principle spoke kindly and softly, understanding how Midoriya felt.
“He’s not here right now.”
“i...i...i wa...want him...”
“First we have to ask you a few questions, do you think you can answer them.”
“mhm..” Midoriya slowly nodded yes.
“good. First, what’s the first thing you think of right now?”
“the second?”
“the third?”
“mh….mm...i want his pups...”
“that’s what I thought. All-might if you please” All-might nodded and placed a pink pill next to a cup of water.
“do you know what this is?”
Midoriya shook his head no.
“this is birth control. We cannot stop you from your nature. But we do want to make sure you don’t end up making a choice you might regret later on.”
“i….i want k-acchans p-pups...”

All-might said softly while pushing the pill and the water closer to Midoriya.
“no you don’t. Not right now.”
“i...i want his p-pups...”
“right now you might want that, but later you might not. You don’t want to...engage in those kinds of activities at the’ve told me plenty of times. You aren’t ready for pup raising.
“b-but...i...i want pu-ps.”
“no you don’t. Please take the pill”

Midoriya sat there and stared at the birth control. Whatever cognitive function his brain had left was trying to form proper thoughts. All he wanted, no, NEEDED WAS TO HAVE HIS MATES PUPS. Nothing else in the world mattered. Nothing. He would gladly give up his dream of being a hero if he could just have his mates pups.
“i...i wan-t pups...”
“not right now. You can later, when you can weigh the idea better.”
“i...i can think...enough….and thats all I want...”
“not in this headspace. Not right not.”

Midoriya was quiet again. The principle spoke up
“i know how hard it is to make very big decisions in life. They are never simple or easy, however, you are currently under the influence of your heat. You don’t have the proper mind to want this. Your body might be telling you, but your mind doesn’t. When you are ready, you are ready. For now, we want to make sure you will be safe. Do you understand?”

“you won’t be making a big choice right now. You may later. For the time being you’re going to want to be comfortable and not have to worry about anything. We all make choices in the moments that we regret down the line. This COULD be one of them. We cannot control your actions. We only want to ensure that later on in your future when your heat passes that you can make the proper decision. Will you please take the medicine? Not for us, but for yourself.”

Midoriya’s brain finally took the hint. He slowly reached for the pill and water, then took it.
“will you please open your mouth”
“we want to make sure you took it, not try to pretend you did so you could have pups.” Midoriya stayed silent, took another drink of water, then opened his mouth. Recovery girl looked all in it, moving his head and tongue.”

“there. See? That wasn’t so hard.”
“c-c-ca-can I have my ka-cchan now?”
“He’s having a bit….of an anger problem. When he calms down and we know he’s going to be nice and safe to be around, then you can be with him”
“hes just having his nature respond to yours. Hes just being very aggressive at the moment. His hostility is very high, we want him to be able to show that he can be calm, not just around you, but around everyone else.”
“okay….then I can...see...h-him?”

“yes. So you just have to wait a little longer. Here, let’s get you to your nest so you can relax, okay? Will that make you feel better?” Midoriya nodded to the principle.
“good, now let’s go get you comfortable.”

they managed to get help from a few more ‘stronger’ teachers. Help ‘escort’ him back to his room. All-might was the only one to help Midoriya go into his room. Midoriya knowing that all-might is a friend and has no hositle intention, also being a beta and won’t cause any disturbance in the room. Midoriya needed help getting undressed for the most part, then went to his bathroom, splashed cold water onto himself, then changed into some light clean cloths. All-might helped him lay down, then covered him up.

“goodbye young Midoriya. Call me if you need anything.”
“than...ks….all might….”
with that he nodded and slowly closed the door, making sure to leave the tv remote and Midoriya’s cell phone within arms reach of the nest. Then proceeded over to the ‘time out room’ where Bakugo was now in. the teachers were all told that, making sure the ‘little psychos’ location was made clear to them.

The door to Midoriya’s room had a lock installed on it for the time being, it had digital codes that needed to be input into it. They also made the door heavier and stronger, more durable and thicker overall. Making sure no one was about to break in and take advantage of the omega.


the principle entered the room behind the window.
“my my, he really is an aggressive one.”
“do we have permission to dart his ass or what? I feel like my eyes are about to bleed.”
“it is always a last resort, but I believe this is considered that.” the door to Bakugo’s room was opened when he wasn’t paying attention. He suddenly felt a small sting and then felt relaxed. Then more and more, then eventually he was drifing off to sleep…..


Bakugo suddenly snapped awake. He looked around, he was restrained to a chair. He was about to start thrashing when a voice over an intercom spoke
“Midoriya. Are you calm?”
“where am I? Wait...I’m in this god DAM ROOM STILL!”
“Midoriya, will you be calm?”
“Do you want to be with Midoriya?”
that suddenly got Bakugo’s attention.
“listen carefully. We will not allow you to see him if you keep acting this way. We are afraid for his saftey as well as your-”
“we know. I meant from your rash behavior, you might accidentally harm him.”
Bakugo growled in response.
“Bakugo. You need to be calm. We need to make sure you won’t threaten the safety of yourself or anyone else. Do you promise to be calm? If you do AND mean it. You will see Midoriya.”
Bakugo growled and wanted to thrash. His mind told him to relax.
‘mate back! Need mate! NEED MATE! PROTECT MATE! FIND MATE!’
‘ calm...get mate if calm….protect mate if calm….’
“alright. I’ll be calm.”
“you mean it?”
“i swear. Punish me all you want. I don’t care. I just want my Deku.”

the intercom was silent for a while. The alone sound that Bakugo could hear was his own tense breathing. He calmed himself down little by little, using the breathing practices he learned. It was at least 5 minutes later until something actually happened. The door opened up and Aizawa, the principle, all-might, and Midnight walked in. The principle smiled and spoke in his usual cheerful voice.
“well, someone is a very strong willed alpha. that’s a good thing. But it can also be bad. You know, we are legally making sure everyone will be safe from your anger spouts. We all know well enough about how aggressive you can be.

Especially now with Midoriya in such an intense heat. We only want to be sure you will be perfectly reasonable throughout this whole...event. We do care for you! We just want to really make sure you won’t end up hurting anyone, including yourself and Midoriya.”

Bakugo said passively, but with his usual annoyed voice.
“i wouldn’t touch a hair on his head.”
“like we said before, your rash actions could harm him in directly.”
“i won’t.”
“we’re going to make sure you keep your promise. Or the consequences of your actions WILL have a dire effect.”
“i don’t care what happens to me. You can do whatever you want. I just want my Deku. Now…...please.”

the principle nodded. Aizawa and all-might undid his restraints. Everyone in the room was ‘tense’. The staff had known plenty of alphas to easily lie, then strike at them, then try to flee to wherever their mate was. They felt that way especially strong since they all noticed Bakugo eye the door. His body had tensed up to. The ‘clear path to his mate’ was right there. Just for the taking. All he had to do was run past them. He was smarter than that though, he held himself back, he was stronger. He needed to be in order to see his Deku.

Aizawa sighed tiredly, applying more eye drops
“good. I’m glad we don’t have to chase you around the school.”
“I...won’t….run…..” Bakugo said between his teeth. They all noticed how hard he was forcing himself to stay put and not bolt out the door. Midnight smiled
“ah, young love. I remember when I was your age. Oh the omegas I would chase after~. I know the exact feeling of what you’re going through. Everyone here are just betas but you and I, we have thought the same thoughts. You want to run, you want to find your omega, curl up around him, then hump like there’s no tomorrow. Just keep being calm and passive and you’ll be allowed to see him. Be anyway opposite of that. And you will be punished. Trust me, you don’t want to be punished.”

“yeah yeah, kinky stuff blah blah. Look its clear you can see me struggle to fight off the urge to blast you all and run out. So let’s hurry up so I can see him and I won’t be a threat to anyone else.” they nodded and left with him. Bakugo kept grinding his teeth as they walked the hallways. He felt like they were moving at a snails pace. He needed to get to his Deku. RIGHT NOW. He could wait...just...a tiny...bit longer….he was stronger that his nature, he needed to be.

“wait….what the fuck is this shit?” Bakugo was clearly surprised at seeing the bigger door, smelling a shit ton of blockers in the air, and seeing a couple hallways closed off. All-might punched in the numbers on the pad, purposely making sure Bakugo couldn’t see.
“These are safety measures in place to make sure he won’t be threatened. By anyone. Including you, yes we know you won’t hurt him, I honestly think you’re telling the truth, in fact, I know you are. However, I meant of him being threatened by you, in the sense of you attacking everyone the moment you’re away from him. Causing him distress and upsetting him in his current state. I know that you try your best to keep him perfectly happy. Just remember. And I know you say you will, and I believe you, but you must BRAND this into your mind. Keep his atmosphere calm, relaxed, quiet. Do not disturb him in anyway, or else he would become physically ill in this state. His body is on a very thin line of becoming severely ill, and being healthy.

This is his bodies very first heat that is this intense. it’s not used to it. The reasoning behind why his body is this way, is because this is the first time he’s had a mate, thus it’s a do I put it….eager?. he’s never experienced courtship before, so his body assumes this will be the one and only time he will ever be able to have pups, so it’s put itself beyond maximum overdrive, literally costing him a lot of his bodies fuel. So to speak. His immune system is thin, so is his ability of reason and so on and so forth. Be gentle, even during….well, we don’t have to say anything. we’ve left plenty of condoms in there for you, he is also taking birth control now, as an added measure. The birth control isn’t about you. Its about him. He wants pups, its the only thing on his mind. He will try to have you impregnate him as much as he can. You and I both know he doesn’t want to actually have pups. So the Midoriya in there that will try to convince you, its not the real him. Its practically a heat come to life.”

Bakugo just nodded as he heard this. The door clicked open and Bakugo was actually a bit nervous. His eyes filled with surprise as he saw his Deku, naked, panting and touching himself in their nest. The smell was even worse now. The heat hit him in the face like a brick back in the classroom. Now, it felt like he was blasted point blank by a gun. The scent was so heavy, warm, intoxicating. Bakugo felt himself slipping away quickly. He just wanted to mount. That’s the only thing he could think of. He started to forget Midoriya’s name, The world, and everything. All he thought was, that was his mate. He needed to put pups in him.

Bakugo shook his head, he closed the door as quickly as he could, then took deep breaths, like he was breathing in poison and this was the only actual oxygen he had . He rubbed his face, then ran his hands through his hair
“i...i can’t go in...”
“nervous? Oh sweetie don’t be” Midnight said through a little illness mask she wore to prevent her from smelling the heat.
“ohh, or are you getting a little...nervous somewhere else? Feel like you won’t be able to….provide enough ‘companionship?’. I have plenty of ‘alpha tools’ to assist. Even some specially crafted proetien shakes.”

“no...well….I want to come back to that….not now, later. Much later, anyways no. he doesn’t want sex. He isn’t ready. Now, he might demand it. But like you said, that isn’t him. I don’t want to be near him. I don’t trust myself. I just...i NEED to be near him but I can’t! I don’t want to do something that he will feel awful about later on!.”

All-might gently put a hand on Bakugo’s shoulder.
“This is very kind of you to think about his wishes and feelings. I don’t know what it feels like, but this must not be easy in the slightest.”
“it isn’t, trust me” Midnight giggled
“it’s true. Especially at his age. Well, there are some ways I can teach you to keep your grubby little hands off of him”
“please...teach me...i need to know...”

Midnight walked in front of him, squatted down, looked at him directly into the eyes, then slapped him hard
“not thinking about it now are you?” she smirked
“come on, time to be serious, let’s go. I’ve got plenty of things to keep you ‘sane’ during all this.” the two got up and Bakugo followed her to wherever she was taking him. He turned around and looked back at his mates door.

This wasn’t going to be easy.

Chapter Text

Bakugo slammed his head against the wall and grunted through his teeth. Breathing in sharply shortly after.
“you wana talk about it?” Kirishima asked making sure to give Bakugo a good amount of personal space.
“it fucking HURTS.”
“Well, hitting your head against the wall won’t make the pain go away”
“it. Fucking. HURTS.”
“want to go do something to get your mind off of it?”
“okay okay, chill, just-” Bakugo swung a fist at him, Kirishima hardened and blocked it with his forearm.
“I….I can’t be here, but I can’t leave! I feel like My insides are going through some cramped blender!.”

It’s been 2 days now since Midoriya had entered his heat. Bakugo felt like he was turning inside out and boiling in water. Alpha’s get very territorial and aggressive when their omega goes into a heat, even more so when it’s an intense one. Top it off with Bakugo not having sex, it was a lit bomb just ready to go off at the slightest movement. His nature was twisting itself up into an agonizingly painful knot. Since Bakugo was avoiding his mate, he hurt, his nature demanded he be near him. He hurt even more since his body demanded sex, and Bakugo wasn’t giving it the pleasure it demanded. Bakugo tried his best to fight his nature, trying to keep it under control, he would NOT succumb to his nature no matter how strong it was. Bakugo would NOT use Midoriya. He would make sure he did whatever it took to prevent it. Midoriya wouldn’t stop trying to text Bakugo, call him, get his attention, send notes, tried to leave his own room just to find him, and everything else he could possibly do to get Bakugo’s attention.

Bakugo did every little thing possible he could to distract himself. Hobbies, training, hanging out, playing games, making sure to stay the hell away from the dorms as long and as much as he could. What little relief he got was sending cloths, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, really anything he could rub his scent on, to Midoriya. It eased the tense, only by drops however. Still, Bakugo would take ANY relief he could get. Yes, he tried to masturbate as much and often as he could, but it was like trying to use an umbrella in a hurricane. It did nothing. He almost twice went into Midoriya’s room. Only to be stopped at the last possible second.

Bakugo had gotten his pack to keep him occupied and busy for the duration of the heat. They told him
“why not just go have sex? You both want it! he’s taking birth control, you’re pent up and angry, just fuck!” To which Bakugo would yell, or more likely ‘let loose’ his frustration by attacking whoever said anything close to that.
“at this point you would get more sexual pleasure by sticking your dick into a garbage disposal” Someone would say. Bakugo mentally agreed to that statement. He wasn’t just suffering, but everyone around him was, to no ones surprise. Bakugo was a FIERCE alpha, one who was already to short fused at the start, but now? With the current situation at hand, it truly was a powerful storm ready to ruin and wreak everything.

Bakugo tried to focus in class, volunteer for after school activities, hell he even helped clean up after class. He lashed out plenty of times to anyone he could when his fuse went off. He practically lived in the training room now, never wanting to leave so no one would pretty much be killed. Everyone else agreed to this. He would train until he literally couldn’t move, he would force himself through any pain, his body needed to focus on literally anything else besides needing to run to his mate and fuck. He always reminded himself that he loved Midoriya too much to use him. They both knew they would regret it post heat. Midoriya not feeling like he was sexually ready for a partner, and Bakugo feeling horrible that he was weak enough to let his body control him, on top of him knowing he hurt Midoriya by using him for his own pleasure and relief. So, Bakugo made his body push past it’s limits. Bleed, break, strain. At least the intense self inflicted pain would distract his body long enough to buy whatever little time he could get. Every second felt like a needle slowly being hammered into his nerves. Every little thing pushed him over the edge, even the smallest, stupidest things he would usually never care about. Someone dropped a book nearby and he dug his nails into his palm so hard it bled.

Bakugo tried to go to class, it wasn’t soon after he and the faculty had ‘agreed’ he should be excused for the time being. It was simply a polite way of saying ‘leave, no one wants your angry ass around, you are FAR to dangerous to be let around sane folk.’ so they let him take whatever work he had to his own dorm.

The pack supported him through thick and thin! Even when Bakugo LITERALLY PICKED UP AND THREW SERO THROUGH A WALL, they still stuck by him! Well, not Sero after that for a while while he recovered from some broken ribs. Kaminari was ‘poofed’ constantly, he at least like that he was helping Bakugo, even if he wasn’t ‘aware’ for most of the time. Kirishima let himself be a bunching bag of sorts for Bakugo, it was easier to let Bakugo attack him than anyone else, at least he could handle Bakugo’s anger and power.

Bakugo had a terrible time sleeping, he tossed and turned almost always. What little sleep he could get didn’t help him either, it just made him more tired and agitated. Bakugo wanted to die. Bakugo was sick of it all. Bakugo wanted to break his mates door down. He didn’t want to wait. He didn’t want the pain anymore. He didn’t want his mate to be alone..


On the opposite end, was poor little Midoriya. He was in an almost constant daze, he could hardly have stable thoughts, his body wouldn’t stop trying to hump everything, he even had 2 minor fevers come and go. He tried to sneak out of his room, he tried to call and text and just contact his mate. It killed Bakugo, to ignore him, but that’s what they both needed. Midoriya would beg on the phone for Bakugo to come fuck him. He even cried. Late at night sometimes Midoriya would cry into the phone, sobbing.
“please...please come here….i don’t want to be alone.”
“you know I can’t”
“i don’t care anymore! I need you NOW”
“you will care when this heat passes”
“i don’t care!”
“please. Please. I want your pups...i want YOU”
“we aren’t ready for pups, and no you don’t.”
“i...i don’t care. I just want pups. Please. Please. Don’t you want to make me happy? don’t you want a family?”
“….don’t talk like this. You know the answer.”
“then come here!”
“why are you hating me so much?! you’re going back to how you were! You don’t want me again!”


That hurt Bakugo badly. To hear Midoriya say that. It stung. It was more painful than when he trained. Bakugo kept having to remind him that THIS Midoriya, wasn’t his. It was just some lustful non thinking creature in Midoriya’s body.
“that isn’t true.”
“yes it is! Give me pups! Want me!”
“no. you don’t want pups”
“please...please I don’t care. I don’t care if you don’t want pups. I DO. You….you don’t even need to be in their lives. You don’t have to take care of them or be around them. You don’t have to support us. you’re free to go. I just want Kacchan’s pups. Please. It hurts so much. I don’t want this empty feeling In me anymore. It hurts. It hurts so much.”
“no. I won’t leave you or our pups. I would never abandon you.”
“i don’t care, I….I'll stay at home. I can take care of us. I'll stop being a hero and just stay home. I don’t want to be a hero anymore. I just want you.”
“don’t say that. You NEVER should say that. I won’t let you give up on your dream.”
“i don’t want to be a hero anymore. I just….i just want to be a mom...please...don’t you love me?. Why are you letting me hurt like this. It hurts so much. Please. Please stop letting me hurt. Why are you making me suffer?”

Bakugo tried to hold back his emotions. He knew this wasn’t his Deku. He knew he would never say this. Bakugo wanted to cry and scream and lash out for being talked to like this. He held himself back, he knew better. He had to focus on that, on HIS Deku. Who he REALLY was. Not this monster on the other side of the phone.

“please stop talking like this. It hurts to hear this.”
“please….i don’t want to cry anymore.”
“…...i have to go. it’s late. I’m tired. You need to rest.”
“now you just….want to leave me?. Now you just want to abandon me?. Why do you like to hurt me so much? you’re just a bully. You just want to hurt me, that’s all you want.”
“no….look I can’t talk to you when you’re like this. I clearly can’t reason with you. Goodnight, I love you. Get some sleep. This is for the best, for both of us” and with that, Bakugo hung up. Only to get constant phone calls. He turned his phone off and tried to sleep.


This was their life. Neither one wanted to live like this.


It was the fourth day. Bakugo couldn’t take it. He had to do something. So, he talked to All-might.
“why does he keep saying he feels so empty?”
“omegas feel like that when they aren’t pregnant. it’s like having a cold painful void in them, they need something to fill it, and that’s typically when the alpha does their job. I’m very proud of you. If that matters hearing it. you’re one of the strongest willed alphas I’ve ever met. Literally anyone else would have caved in far before now.”
“ feel nice hearing that. what’s the answer? How do I solve this! How do I make all of...this go away!”
“you can’t. You don’t. The only two answers are the first, and the second which is to just wait it out. You are both bonded now and your bodies are trying to well, you know, if they don’t then its a massive strain, something you feel. This is the very first time that you both have experienced a heat with partners, which is why it’s so difficult. You only have a few more days before it clears up. I promise, after this, nothing as severe will ever happen again.”
“the most intense possible one is happening now? I NEVER have to worry about this kind of thing again?”
“yes, just this one time. I promise.”


“i trust you I just….he keeps calling and crying and...i just….well I told you...i….i don’t know what to say or do. Can we just get him some stuffed animal for a pup ‘replacement’ or something? Anything that would help him!”
“no, that is not an option for you two. While it is something you can choose. It will only be a terrible choice. The kind of emotional extreme connection that would happen could scar him badly. Even after this heat and he knows it was just a temporary thing, he will still have a very intense attachment. Take that away, well, it won’t be anything good or decent. The one with the assignment would be like a toothpick, and this connection would be a tree. It would ruin him. He would become too codependent on it, I would like to say it wouldn’t be anywhere near like the classmate I had, but in all honesty, I have no idea.”

Bakugo just put his face in his hands and groaned.
“has midnight helped you at all? She has helped plenty of alphas, although I honestly don’t know if any of them had to deal with any situation close to this.”
“yeah she gave me some nasty med stuff to take, help my body get numbed to his heat, but it just made me feel awful and had no effect otherwise.”
“you could try meditation”
“i tried that. didn’t work. I can’t sit still. I have to do...something ANYTHING to just, not be still.”
“hmmm. I’m sorry, I don’t have any other ideas as to help”
“that’s alright. Thanks for the talk.”


Midoriya was in a complete emotional wreak. Crying, moaning, masturbating until he felt so sore it hurt, but he needed more, always more. He couldn’t stop thinking about his Kacchan. He would constantly stuff himself with his dildo and just imagine it to be him. Midoriya had no sense of self anymore. He just didn’t care. He deleted it. The only thing he could think about was having pups. He wanted to stop doing everything else. He just wanted to have as many as he could. Just stay at home and breed. His body hurt so much it felt like his very core was straining just to hold himself together. He ignored everyone else that wasn’t his Kacchan. He didn’t talk to anyone or respond to any messages, he didn’t do anything else but lay in his nest and pleasure himself, even if it felt more painful than not.

He was supposed to take his birth control every day, even if he wasn’t having sex, better safe than sorry. He tried to avoid it. He tried to hide it, spit it up, vomit it out of his body, he did whatever he could possibly due to get that ‘poison’ out of his system. He stopped taking anything that dulled his heat, he wanted to stop having suppressants sprayed all around, he just...he wanted to leave. He wanted his Kacchan only...but...a part of him hurt so much he would literally hump ANY alpha that he saw….even have their pups….

He felt this emptiness in him, this cold lifeless hole that made him feel like a gross husk of a person. He felt he had no reason, nothing in his life that gave him hope of any kind. Even his dreams were a mash of images and memories, he couldn’t make anything out anymore. He gave up trying.


Each day someone would come by and have a fresh coat of suppressants sprayed on his door. Someone to make him take his birth control, someone to make sure he was locked up tight. The first day no one needed to worry that much. However halfway through the second day, he kept leaving and tried to find Bakugo. So, they had to make sure he was actually ‘jailed’ up in his room. Only a very small handful of people were allowed near him or to interact with him in any way. One of them being Uraraka. She tried her best to actually talk to him or get his attention focused on anything else. Midoriya would just pant and loose focus, his eyes glazed over and unthinking. The only time she really saw him snap out of it was when she was giving him things that had Bakugo’s scent on them. She would just give him a box like some sort of present, he would just yank it violently out of her hands and retreat back to his room.

Midoriya would pretty much mummify himself in them. It was one of the few things that settled his erratic emotions. The nasty volatile feelings in him just oozed itself out through any means. He did snap and growl at others, however he mostly just felt vulnerable and depressed. He would stuff himself while he was surrounded by the ‘fresh’ new items of his mate he received. It was something that actually helped him fall asleep. Stuffing himself to the base of the toy and bundling himself up then having an orgasms and imagining that his ‘Kacchan’ did to, it settled his body for a bit, relaxing him for a few wonderful moments before it became ‘aware’ that it wasn’t the real thing. Then a wave of depression, lust, and frustration. It was an endless painful cycle.

Midoriya tried to watch TV, his phone, read, write, nothing would help. His few ‘untainted’ thoughts seemed like such rare solid things that just didn’t exist anymore in him. One day though he actually saw his Kacchan. He wanted to use his perk to get to him as fast as he could. But he was always stopped or hallucinating. It was the 5th day and he felt like his heat was finally letting up. He wouldn’t stop badgering Bakugo into having sex with him.
“i feel better! I can think! I want you! I mean it!” But it never worked. He actually got a lot more excited when he got some new sex toys. They felt different, more ‘new’ to his body, which happily accepted the intrusions. Midoriya would play with himself on both ends. It was something that really did help. Finally he got a very ‘special’ toy, one that shot pseudo sperm, into him, THAT made him feel sooooo much relief. His body tried to ‘accept it’ into an egg, but it never took since it wasn’t real. At least it tricked his body for a far longer while than anything else. He was even more thankful since the depression was a lot less extreme. His body just thought ‘well I’m not pregnant. I guess I just have to keep trying.’


eventually one phone call happened and it wasn’t very pleasant….

“I’m tired of you treating me like I DON’T MATTER. I’ve had it. If you don’t come have sex with me right now...I’ll end this courtship. I mean it. I’m going to break it off for good. I’m not afraid to Go to the sanctuary and end this. I’ll get a REAL ALPHA TO HELP ME.” Bakugo didn’t know how to reply. He truly was between a rock and a hard place.
“Don’t talk like this. You don-”
“I DO MEAN IT. I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU 5 MINUTES TO GET TO MY ROOM.” Bakugo watched as his phone showed that the call had ended. He was emotionless and still. What the hell was he going to do….


Midoriya sat in his nest counting the time. He was done with the waiting. He was going to get his mate to give in no matter what. He knew his bluff wouldn’t be called, he had Bakugo ‘by the balls’. Bakugo would do anything to make sure the relationship would still keep going no matter what, so Midoriya exploited his ‘weakness’. It was the only way. Midoriya’s phone buzzed and a simple messages replied

“end it. I would rather this end than for me to use you.”

well shit. His bluff was called.


Bakugo sat with all-might, he had explained the current situation.
“geez. He really is trying to push every button and pull every string. Well I don’t have to explain again that this isn’t actually him. I highly doubt he means it. Call his bluff. it’s the only thing you could do at this moment.”
“it hurts so much just to even think about it, let alone say it.”
“Well, it’s either this or, well.”
“not going with the latter….he’s never been like this I know, but, has he even done anything like this before?”
“no, not to my memory.”
“great...well…...there. The deed is done and I feel even worse somehow.”
“Guess all you can do is wait it out. I’m sorry if all I’m doing is repeating myself, I honestly have no advice to give.”
“It’s alright, I appreciate every second I can get with you.”
“thanks for saying that, it makes me feel good to-”
“...excuse me?”
“no not you, shitty Deku just said he’s going to get the paper work right now! He said hes printing it out as we speak!”
“he doesn’t have a printer...”

Bakugo had stormed out of the room.
“well. He is mortal I suppose. I just hope things go well after this storm is over.”



it was the next day. Midoriya woke up, cried a bit as all the horrible feelings suddenly washed over him. He laid in his nest feeling god awful before reading a text sent to his phone from Uraraka.
“something huge happened yesterday! Bakugo’s suuuper in trouble!”
“not sure, from what I’ve heard he beat some guy almost half to death and LITERALLY BLEW UP A HALLWAY!. Like, there is LITERALLY nothing but burned and broken building materials left! It seriously looked like he had a huge meltdown”
“i need to see him! Unlock my door!”
“you’ve yelled that at me 6 times now, I’m calling your bluff.”
“no you don’t”
“well, moving on from your horrible lie, I’ll dig up some info for you. If we ARE still friends.”
“okay we are, please help. I need him!”



Bakugo sat, well, it was more forced, into a chair and chained to it. He was being talked to in the ‘time out’ room. Currently Midnight was speaking to him face to face, while all-might, the principle, and Aizawa stood behind the glass.

“yesterday y-”
“yeah, I’m glad I sent that shit head to the hospital. He deserved it. I would do it again if I could. I would rather fucking kill him.”
“and I fucked up that hallway beating his ass. I would do it again. Go on, do whatever you want to me. I don’t fucking care.”
“It is very rude to interrupt.”
“well, clearly we won’t get very far for very long so I’ll make this quick. You will from now on be working to pay off the damages done, but to property and person. When you’ve paid off the debt for re construction and medical billing, you may go back to doing your daily routine, although we both know you would prefer not to at this given time. The second punishment to go along with this, and most likely going to be the more intense one, you are from here on out, until we’ve decided to lift this, prohibited from your mate.”

“...the fucks that supposed to mean?”
“You’re on mate probation. You are no longer allowed to interact with Midoriya in any way until we have decided that attitude of yours has been calmed down and-”
“YOU CAN’T FUCKING TAKE MY DEKU AWAY FROM ME I’LL KILL YOU, I’LL KILL YOU ALL, I DON’T F-” Bakugo was restrained and silence as he began to thrash around aggressively.
“Alphas are very well know to act like this, you are far to extreme. we’ve given you good options to try and attempt to cool your attitude and stave off that violent temper. We understand how you feel and what you and Midoriya are going through, especially with the pent up energy. Which is why we aren’t going to send you to jail for assault and destruction. This is for the best and a fitting punishment. We will inform Midoriya of this situation. You are still allowed to send him any and all scented objects, as that is for health reasons, other than that, there will be no contact with him. You won’t be allowed to stay in the same room as him, you won’t be allowed to touch him, you won’t be allow-please stop fighting against the restraints

they will only tighten and become more painful, although by the looks you clearly don’t care. Look kid, I feel ya, I’ve been there. Mmmh, this one cute little fella I was with way back when was having the same thing happen to him, except he was more ‘involved’ with me, well I won’t get into it, my point is, I know how ‘intense’ all this is to you, except I can only imagine how much more extreme it must be for you without getting any. So, please calm down and let me finish talking to you, okay?. There. Now then where was I, ah yes, this probation DOES extend past his heat. So yes h-and there you go thrashing again. I understand how much it means to be near your mate post heat, especially for you since you will be able to actually be around him, and how ‘mate starved’ you are doesn’t help. You work off your debt, you’re on mate probation for a while, then everything goes back to normal. that’s how it’s going to be. Think of it like this, if we sent you to jail, it would only end up making things worse, if you WERE there, you wouldn’t be able to see Midoriya except from behind glass for a very. Very. Long time. This probation will only last for a while, but not nearly as long as a possible 50 year sentence.


So, you be a good alpha, do what you’re told, and everything goes back to being fine and dandy. There, see? We didn’t even have to dart you. Now, you have your little calming quiet time for a few hours, then you’ll get started on helping to clean up that mess of yours.”


Midoriya wept into his nest as all-might gave him the news
“th-th-this is all my fault! I’m a terrible person! I DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE!”
“please don’t say we have to put you on a watch now, just to make sure you don’t ‘attempt’ anything.”
“i..i need him….i need my Kacchan...please…..please...”
“you’re already not seeing him currently. After this, it will be easier and easier, before you know it, you’ll both be allowed to be with one another again. You will still be allowed to receive his belongings though.” Midoriya only continued to weep in his nest.


Bakugo was wearing an ‘emotional control’ wrist band. It was only a device that signaled when Bakugo’s temper was starting to rise. It would blink more intensely the more emotionally unstable he got. When it reached a certain point, it would inject small amounts of midnight oil into him, a few tiny drops to calm him down. Bakugo was currently sweeping and cleaning up debris from his little attack he had the day before. It was something so small that turned into something devastating….

When Bakugo stormed out of the room, he went on a walk to calm himself down, he was already at a 99 out of a 100 on his ‘I’m about to erupt and kill a man’ anger scale. Then of course a man walked past him, bumped into him by accident. Bakugo was about to apologize when the guy started to be a total dick
“watch where you’re going asshole”
“I was about to say sorry.”
“well you should, maybe next time you might be looking where you’re going.”
“hey, I’m not done talking to you, turn the fuck around and look at me”
“Leave me alone, or we’re about to have some serious problems. I am in no. mood. to. be. Talking. Right. Now.” Bakugo said through his teeth, he was considering biting his tongue, only to have the thought of him biting it off by accident.
“aww what’s wrong? The pussy alpha all pent up cause he can’t fuck properly? Whats up limp dick? Not good enough for your omega? can’t make him feel good? I bet he’s cheating on you right now. I bet you can’t come close to being a good alpha, hey, I bet I could go to that little dorm room of his and fuck him. He probably wants a REAL alpha in him. Something you clearly can’t provide. Yeah that’s right, whats wrong pussy? can’t handle the facts? Yeah we all know what that little omega is going through, and word around is your limp dick can’t satisfy him. Maybe I should head over there and give him something you can’t provide.

Yeah, I bet he would love that. Showing him what a real alpha’s like. Maybe I should take pictures of the faces he’ll make for me, prove to the school that he really is just some cock slut omega who doesn’t belong here. Whoever even let him in here must have just wanted to fuck him. Why else would they let such a small, pathetic, thing, in here with us REAL heroes. He doesn’t deserve any place besides being in his nest moaning for pups. Ohhhh look at YOUR FACE HAHAHA! Looks like you’re about to pop a blood vessel! What, don’t wana fight? can’t stand up to me? Some minor hero you are. Come on alpha, take a swing, riiiight here, I’ll even let you get in the first hit. No? Well guess you really are a limp dick. What kind of alpha can’t even fight. What kind of alpha can’t fuck his omega properly?! Whats wrong, you actually a beta trying to be an alpha? j-”

well, Bakugo tried to hold back for as long as he could. Plenty of violence was had. The alpha was more bark than bite. His ribs were broken and one broken arm and leg to match. The guys face was so beaten, it looked like a plum. The hallway took most of the beating, it was just ruins at that point. A lot of people heard the fighting and watched, few dared to pull them apart. A few teachers had to step up and dart Bakugo. They put him in the ‘time out’ room, chained him up, aaand gave him the talk.

A lot of people blamed the alpha for talking shit, mostly because almost everyone knew who Bakugo was, AND what his situation was too. Plenty of rumors going around about how Bakugo wasn’t having sex, most people just assumed Bakugo really couldn’t please his omega, so they snickered behind his back. The smart ones shut their mouths and never mentioned anything.

Bakugo swept up into a dust pan, he noticed a few broken teeth in a pile, the band started to beep very slightly, Bakugo did some breathing techniques and calmed himself back down to 0. he tried his best not to think of what the alpha said. His Deku, being a cock slut, going around begging for every alpha’s dick. No, his Deku wasn’t like that. He wouldn’t be like that. Even if he did mention he wanted to find someone to have sex with… No he said plenty of bluffs through this whole thing, that was clearly one of them. Earlier when Bakugo first started to clean, his pack came by to try and support him, cheer him up, calm him down, and overall be there for him. He actually did verbally say how thankful he was for the, which shocked them all.

Sero and Kaminari whispered to one another
“is that oil giving him side effects?”
“must be it...”
“maybe hes gotten so horny he’s actually somehow gone so far, he’s come back to being calm. Like a full circle!”


“WHAT THE FUCK, I CAN’T SAY SOMETHING NICE TO YOU SHIT HEADS?!” Bakugo yelled, his band quickly blinking, he calmed himself down once more. Kirishima hugged him and told him the would stay by his side. Bakugo realized this was his shitstorm. He was responsible. He would be the one to handle it. All he asked of them was to let him fix his mess. Also that if anything happened, they would keep Midoriya safe. They of course agreed and said
“well practically be like his own owners! don’t worry, we won’t have sex with him! No matter how good he smells!”

that joke didn’t land well….


It was almost nigh time now when Bakugo headed down to the baths, he quickly cleaned himself up, and headed to his own room. He had a very hard time debating if he should put all of his Deku’s belongings that were In his room away, or keep them closer than ever. They would help him get through this, but it would also hurt a lot, knowing that it was his own actions that kept him away from his Deku. He decided that he would deal with it tomorrow. Bakugo was thankful he was allowed to keep his phone, however they said they wouldn’t allow any phone call or text message of any kind between him and Midoriya, one thing was well known about Bakugo, was that he kept his word. So they trusted him. Midoriya had agreed to do the same thing, even if he was even more reluctant that Bakugo was.


The two would just have to add that to the pile of ‘bullshit we have to deal with during this hell time.’


They’re strong enough to do this. they’ve done harder things. They can wait longer.

Midoriya’s heat would end in a few days, Bakugo’s probation would last longer, but only for a bit.

They could do this. It was only for a bit.

They could do this.

Bakugo felt like he needed to recharge though. He needed his Deku. He needed to hold him against his chest. Snuggle up in their nest. Gently scent one another, have quiet calm conversations about nothing, and overall just be close to each other. It was one of Bakugo’s favorite things.

He told himself he could have it again as soon as he was done. It was something he could look forward to, something he could keep pushing forward for.



Midoriya yawned and stretched, he felt amazing! His heat was finally on its very last leg. Sooooooooooo many of those feelings had finally left him, now only very few small shards existed, but they were easy enough to push away and ignore. Midoriya was actually calm and stable enough now that he was allowed to leave his room and think properly. The first thing he did? Cry horribly in apology to Uraraka and All-might. They both said it was alright, and that wasn’t him thinking. Still, Midoirya promised he would make up for it. They told him to go back to his room and stay there for the last day or so, really let the rest of the heat flush out of his system finally. He complained saying he really did NOT want to be in his room. He needed fresh air! He needed so move around and be free! He needed to be with friends and support!….he kept having the terrible nagging weight of wanting to see his Kacchan dragging him down. All-might reminded him of the punishment. Midoriya just nodded.

“this is a punishment you don’t deserve. One thing I brought up to the others to have this probation be shorter than what was planned. You needed to be with him, medically wise too. So, just try to have your body intake whatever it can with what Bakugo’s scent has on it, it won’t be the same, like trying to tiptoe instead of walk normally, but by the time’s up, you’ll be able to go back to ‘full recovery’. Until then, take it easy, don’t push or strain yourself, or else your body WILL get hurt and sick badly. Conserve your energy when you can.”

“thanks All-might, I promise I will. Guess no training then huh?”
“don’t even lift a finger when you don’t have to. Everyone will understand.”
“tip toe, got it…..but why?..i mean, I know I can’t push myself while being on the verge of scent and touch starved but...why would it be this bad?”
“because of the severity of your heat, that’s why. If it were a regular one, the cloths and blankets would cover the need easily. But with such an intense heat, your body is practically starved. If we let you both interact, it would only end up causing what heat you have left to flare back up for the remainder, and the two of you wouldn’t be able to control yourselves overall.”

“well, this really is bad for me either way huh...”
“dammed if you do dammed if you don’t. This is the least medically and dangerous way for you.”


Midoriya covered himself in Bakugo’s blankets he just got. The two would switch blankets and pillows every other day so neither would become starved. While alphas just got more aggressive and anxious, omegas would become ill. So clearly for both of them, this was best. After this heat was over and they could be with one another. It was time for the final phase of their courtship, besides marriage. But this was the ‘natural’ part. Midoriya would claim Bakugo, one bite on his scent glad and they would be tied for good, or at least for a very long period of time. Midoriya made a check list of the things the two would do after that claim. 1, visit their parents and talk about the good news. 2, celebrate. 3,….’embrace’.

Midoriya was ready….ish. He knew he could do it. He wanted to. He just had ‘cold feet’ still. But after the claim for Bakugo, he felt like he would feel safe and secure enough to have sex. Midoriya practically laid in his nest relaxing, still masterbaiting, but thankfully, the need was actually met afterwards. Midoriya talked to Uraraka and could actually hold a conversation now, they chatted about what it was like on the ‘outside world’. Uraraka said class was the usual, not missing out on much. Bakugo was getting calmed down now, if only if it was a tiny bit. Still, progress was progress, and everyone would take whatever they could get. Midoriya wanted to say how sorry he was to him, Uraraka knew and she told Bakugo, Bakugo just said it was alright, he knew Midoriya didn’t mean it.


That still didn’t help Midoriya feel any better though. He wouldn’t begin to feel better until he said it face to face.

Midoriya scrolled through channels on his TV while he buried himself into his newly scented cloths that he got from Uraraka. His body did feel like it was on the verge of illness, only being held back from what it could get, so Midoriya really didn’t like to do much if it kept him away from his nest for more than 20 minutes or so. He made sure to really preserve himself as much as he could, eating light meals, nothing heavy or big. Proper stretches, drink plenty of water, hardly leave and do little, practically start to wear his Kacchans shirts in his nest. He felt like everything was finally going away, all that terrible terrible weight and storm was passing. He was thankful he wouldn’t ever have to experience anything like that again.

Midoriya made some mental ideas for his ‘re charging’. He could ask for some more things, really make sure to keep his health increasing, Bakugo would happily agree. He almost actually wanted a body pillow, however he thought that might be a bit creepy. He was thinking about sending his own cloths to Bakugo, have him scent them heavily, then send them back so Midoriya had something in his own size to wear without feeling tired and queasy.

Finally his heat had ended and everything went back to ‘normal’. Or at least as much as he had hoped. His body was still intensely drained and he needed to keep up the now regular routines. Bakugo felt like he could finally breathe as well, he was feeling a lot better, now he didn’t want to crush his own skull. He ALSO could focus in class. Although….

The teachers told both of them that they were still on probation. So, only one would be allowed to go. Bakugo offered the first second he got. He’s been able to walk around and literally go anywhere he wanted without being cramped in a room like Midoriya was. Midoriya on the other hand felt awful that he had to ‘have Bakugo kicked out wherever he went’. Bakugo told others to tell him that it was fine. Which Midoriya had to reply to the ‘messenger’ that it still didn’t feel right….

Everyone was starting to get sick of playing telephone between the two of them. Bakugo said he wasn’t going back to class, at least this way he could keep working on fixing things. Midoriya agreed reluctantly, but was very glad to see his friends and his teachers again.

The first thing that happened to him was having an ‘attack by the pack’. Being hugged and talked to by the three all at once. They told him he was their ‘honorary omega’ for the time being. Midoriya thanked them awkwardly, unsure how to feel about it. He knew they wouldn’t pull anything, it was still an awkward feeling though. The three of them were practically body guards, a little too protective at times. At least Kirishima was the more ‘loose and relaxed’ one, like the fun parent figure. Still, he didn’t let up when others ‘gave sass’ to Midoriya.

Midoriya was embarrassed about him and Bakugo being the ‘talk of the town’. Everyone gave him looks or would quietly talk behind his back. He was used to this sort of treatment, since he WAS the ONLY male omega in the school. This however, happened a lot more than before.

Something fun was about to happen to the class though! Or at least, Midoriya didn’t think so…

“field trip!” the class chanted.
“quiet down.” Aizawa replied.
He explained that they would go on this training camp out thing for a couple nights. The girls and boys went to different ones though. Midoriya felt awful of course since only him or Bakugo could go….Bakugo said for Midoriya to go, he needed to stay and clean. It WAS TRUE. But Midoriya knew it was just the go to excuse so he wouldn’t feel bad. Bakugo knew him too well.

Kirishima was talking to Midoriya as he and the pack helped pack their own things up.

“...are you sure?”
“Yes, he said he was sure. Look, we’re all gonna have a shit load of fun! Even if you can’t really fight or whatever….you still running on fumes?”
“yeah….I’ll be fine though. Bakugo’s scented plenty of things for me that I can pack up, I’ll be fine for the duration”
“you pack up enough crap? Oh! Nesting stuff, did you pack your nest up?”

Midoriya laughed, at how ‘innocent’ Kirishima was. He had started to study with Uraraka and Iida about omega care, but he still knew super few things.
“you can’t pack up a nest, like you can’t pull out a whole tree. You just grab what you want or need most, and kinda just work from there”
“oh...uh oops sorry”
“it’s fine, you got everything else right”
“hmm…..OH do you have enough stuff to tide you over? don’t omegas need like, hobby stuff?”
“i mean, that goes for everyone,”
“what about earplugs? isn’t there a saying ‘never wake a sleeping omega’?”
“it’s just some old dumb saying, it really doesn’t matter about anything, not like we sleep any differently from anyone else. but I’ll be fine dad.”
“hey! As your father it’s my duty to make sure you don’t die so Baku-bro doesn’t die! don’t worry so, I sat him down and gave him ‘the talk’. Making sure to know well enough his intentions with you are pure”

“very funny dad, you didn’t threaten him right?”
“only a little”
the two laughed.

“OH wait about ownership stuff? I don’t want to joke about us being your ‘owners’ and then suddenly getting arrested! Do we need like, something signed from Baku-bro?” Midoriya giggled
“nooo! Besides, I have my serial number. If anyone even asks, I just tell them it, they look up my info and then that’s it”
“what is your serial code?”

the pack suddenly stopped and looked at him
“waitwaitwait. you’re literally telling me. you’re number. Is 1 2 3 420 69?! Nice.”

Midoriya laughed
“wow. I never even realized it before, I guess it is. Nice.”


the four had finished packing up and were leaving the room to go onto a bus when they stopped and saw Bakugo walking down the hall in front of them,
“ah! Sorry no go!” the pack stood in front of Midoriya like a wall
“no lookie!” Bakugo huffed and rolled his eyes.
“whatever. Hey de-tell Deku I hope he has fun. Take pictures. And all that crap.”

“we will!...hey so he just said-”
“yeah I...kinda heard him.”
“he said he heard you”

Midoriya blushed and felt awkward having to talk like this, even if he technically didn’t have to do it like this, he felt like a little kid in an argument with someone.

“ugh. Idiots. You take care of him, or-”
“or we die, we get it. We kinda just tag that last bit along with everything.
‘make sure he brushes his teeth or we’ll die”
“make sure he goes to bed or we’ll die”
“make sure he isn’t harassed or we’ll die”

the pack said, making Bakugo smile a bit
“good. you’re all learning. Well. See ya.”
“bye!” Bakugo walked past them, getting a little side view of his mate before turning the corner and leaving.

“let’s get going! Woo!” Kirishima said excitedly with a ‘manly fist pump’.

The four got on the bus with the rest of the boys from the class, and took off….

Gonna be a fun field trip!

Chapter Text

Bakugo and Kirishima were in Kirishima’s dorm room, both getting their Halloween costumes on. Bakugo looked in the mirror as Kirishima put a collar on him
“this looks fucking stupid.”
“aww I think you look good! Besides, Deku will love it~”
“...he fucking better or-” there was a knock on the door. Midoriya’s voice was heard

“Kacchan, Kirishima, you two ready?”
“yeah bro just one more second! This alpha won’t settle down. don’t worry it’s not my penis I’m talking about!”
“okay, I’ll be with Uraraka, Iida and Todoroki, meet us in the hallway” Bakugo growled with clenched teeth
“hurry the fuck up shitty hair. I don’t want my omega alone.”
“he’s not alone”
“i meant with those extras.”
“aww, big alpha scared for his little omega?”
“I WILL blast your dick off”


Uraraka looked at Midoriya’s costume, it was a little ghost.
“aww you look so cute!” Midoriya blushed
“thanks...think...Kacchan will like it?”
“you know whatever you do he likes”

Uraraka was dressed up as a creepy doll
Todoroki was a vampire
and Iida was...his hero costume
“why are you wearing that and not a REAL costume?”
“i wanted to be a hero”
“we ARE HEROES. Why-whatever, anyways where are the guys?”. As if on cue the bakupack came
Sero was a mummy, Kirishima was a samurai, Kaminari was wearing a Pikachu outfit (jacket, hood, face paint, pants, etc) and lastly Bakugo was a werewolf.
“aww Kacchan you look cute”
“yeah, whatever….you look better.” Katsuki walked over and pulled Midoriya into a nuzzle. Uraraka checked her phone for the time. They had all planed to go to a special Halloween carnival.
“let’s hurry and get going! We need to hurry up or we won’t have any time!”
“Uraraka, it’s only been a half hour since it started”
“that’s a half hour less! it’s only open until 4am!” Iida waved his arms around

“that is WAY past curfew! We will NOT be staying up that late either!”
“you are just the fun police. that’s what you truly are dressed up as”
“someone must keep order!”
“it’s a holiday! We only get this once a year! Lighten up not tighten up!” Kirishima groaned loudly
“CAN WE GO! I HAVE A SHIT LOAD OF CANDY TO EAT THEN VOMIT IT UP!” Uraraka just looked at him weirdly
“why are you looking forward to that?!”
“we’re having a competition to see who can eat the most and hold it down for the longest!”


The group had arrived, it was already night out and the carnival was lit up brightly. Scary decorations, people in costumes, the smell of various food, the sounds of screams, everything was perfect.
“first things first. Haunted houses! don’t be afraid Bakugo” Uraraka teased
“what’s wrong? Afraid to jump into the arms of your Deku”
“i meant...uh….”

Uraraka grabbed Midoriya’s hand and pulled him as she ran off
“you want him back come get him!”


The group had caught up and entered a very large haunted house. After getting tickets and heading inside, they were separated by different entrances inside, leading them off in different directions. Uraraka, Bakugo, and Midoriya were together. As they walked through it, Midoriya and Uraraka screamed, meanwhile Bakugo shook but tried to play it off like he wasn’t getting scared. He needed to show he was a fearless manly alpha to his omega! He did warm up and feel great when Midoriya get close to his chest when he needed comforting. When Uraraka did it, not so much.
‘fuckin third wheel bullshit extra’ he thought when she and his Deku would spend more talking time together than having his Deku talk to him. They finally made it out, Bakugo tried to bite his tongue and hold himself still, the last guy who jumped out at him almost scared him so much that Bakugo was about to blast his ass into next year.

Uraraka gasped with excited shivers
“ahh that was so scary! let’s hurry up and go somewhere else before the lines form to long!, were yoooou scared Bakugo?”
“don’t lie”
“fuck off” Midoriya looked at Bakugo with cute puppy eyes
“were you scared?” Bakugo just blushed and didn’t want to admit it
“let’s just hurry up and go someplace.”
“you totally were!”
“shut it shitty Deku...”
“Want me to hold you next time?”
“SHUT IT! I’m supposed to hold YOU!” Uraraka started to walk away
“come ooon let’s hurry up!” Midoriya looked at the exit of the haunted house
“shouldn’t we wait for everyone else?”
“they’ll catch up!” Midoriya was about to walk with her, until Bakugo grabbed him and pinned him to a wall, then nuzzled him
“fuckin shitty Deku. I want you all to myself tonight. Leave the extras alone.”
“but-” Katsuki gently scraped his teeth over Midoriya’s scent gland, causing him to squirm and moan
“s-stop~” Midoriya started to produce arousal
“you don’t want me to...mmmmhhh you’re getting so turned on. You always do stimulate too easily.”
“we’re gonna miss everyone” Bakugo started to grind into Midoriya
“too fuckin bad. you’re mine. let’s go hump somewhere for a while. You said you wanted pups, I’ll put a whole dozen inside of you.”
“ahhh~ knock it o-off”
“this wolf wants his candy. you’re gonna give it to me”
“You’ll get your candy after. What’s gotten into you ahhh~”
“something that’s about to get into you-” Uraraka made a big
“we’re supposed to be getting scared, not horny! Now stop dry humping and let’s leave! Look at what you did to him Bakugo, he’s practically In heat now!”
“I’m f-fine” Bakugo growled as he looked at Uraraka. She wasn’t having it.
“don’t you try to get territorial! Its OUR night out, you can have him later!” Midoriya was starting to walk away, but not before Bakugo spoke into his ear
“I’m going to ruin you later. Get ready to be demolished.” Midoriya blushed and laughed awkwardly.


Kirishima looked around along with Sero and Kaminari.
“awww they ditched us!”
“well. It is Bakugo with Midoriya...they probably pulled away to go do something together.”
“at least now we can start our challenge!”

Todoroki and Iida came out, Todoroki looking unimpressed and plain
“what’s up? You weren’t scared? That place scared the crap out of me!”
“nothing is more horrifying than life itself and all it’s burdens” the group just looked at him in silence
“that...really sounds like something Tokoyami would say…..uh anyways, anyone want to join us?” Iida looked around the carnival
“no thank you, I would rather not purposely make myself ill”
“okay, todoroki? You up for it?”
“no. although I do want something to eat”
“then lets g-”
“not with you. I’d rather not watch you three gorge yourselves until you become sick, it will ruin my hunger”


the entire time Bakugo, Midoriya, and Uraraka went around, Bakugo wouldn’t stop being a bit to ‘hands on’ with Midoriya. Eventually Iida rejoined them and shared their current experiences. Bakugo said he needed to use the restroom so he went off. Midoriya felt like he finally had breathing room, he didn’t mind the constant ‘attention’, he secretly loved it, but he wanted to hae fun with his friends first! Iida was thankful he wore his helmet, he did notice Midoriya in ‘arousal mode’ frequently, and didn’t want to be subjected to it. Midoriya sighed as he watched Bakugo walk away
“i just don’t know what’s gotten into him”
“from what I’ve witnessed it seems to be a classic case of missattribution of arousal.”
“what now?”
“it’s a common thing, it’s a psychological event when the brain mistakes fear for arousal” Uraraka started to remember the scary stuff they went through
“he has been trying to hide his fear the whole time”
“those pent up fears must have triggered it then, Midoriya, I advise you try to calm him down, or else continue to be experiencing this attitude for however much longer, until you, well, you understand what my meaning is”

Midoriya adjusted his costume.
“yeah...i see what you mean...let’s just keep trying to continue for the night, I really want to eat popcorn now, it smells so good”


the bakupack had dunked their heads in their own buckets, each trying to get as many apples out as fast as possible to beat the others. Kirishima had won. He gasped for air and moved his soggy hair out of his face
“n-no f-fair”
“now-you both h-have to pay for my f-food!”
“totally not c-cool! You have way to big a stomach!”

Kisihima just laughed as he saw the other two groan and already regret the bet the three of them made. Whoever won, the other two had to pay for the winners food for the night.


Bakugo had Midoriya pinned to another wall, the others had walked off and this was his chance to strike. Bakugo was dragging his tongue across Midoriya’s neck and ear.
“mmmh, Deku~”
“let me have you~”
“later. You-aahhh!-you’re not horny”
“pretty dam sure I am”
“there's this thing called mis att...thingy. It means that when your scared sometimes you think you’re need to be scared so you won’t be horny”
“rather this than that. let’s put that pretty mouth to proper use”

“BAKUBRO! THERE YOU ARE!” Kirishima was munching on a large candy bar. The bakupack were walking around, looking to see what kind of food they had yet to eat, when they came across Bakugo and Midoriya
“fuck off shitty hair!”
“ohhh shit, am I cockblocking you? Shit! that’s like, rue number 1 on the ‘bros don’t do that’ list. Sorry, hey Deku, what’s up?”
“n-nothing” Midoriya said, trying to hide himself behind Bakugo as to not expose his ‘shame whistle’.
“get lost! Already shitty hair!”
“want some candy first?”
“FUCK OFF!” Uraraka huffed as she came up to them along with Iida and Todoroki
“would you knock it off and have fun!”


the group had finally calmed Bakugo down, making him promise to behave himself. They wanted to have fun, he could hold himself back until they got home. Bakugo wanted to fight everyone, but Midoriya had made him promise too. Bakugo was defeated. He gave in. now the group went walking around, going on a few rides, eating more things. The group had saw pumpkin carving had to do it, there they were all having their own fun, cutting up and designing their own. Bakugo was the worst at it. He just kept getting angry and ruining it. Now it was just a mushy half burned cut up mess. With a ‘smile’ that now just seemed distressed. Midoriya kissed him and said he loved it. MEANWHILE MIDORIYAS WAS INCREDIBLE. It had a lot of great facial detail. Everyone was jealous. Todoroki’s pumpkin was as simple as possible.
“i never was allowed to do something like this”
“well it’s good for your first time!” Bakugo twitched and thought
‘I’ve been doing this shit for years HOW THE FUCK DID HE DO BETTER THAN I DID?!’

Afterwards the bakupack decided to do their ‘final’ challenge of the night. It would also be their main. They asked others to help judge them, everyone said no and somehow suddenly had some other place to be. Midoriya said yes however, they were his friends! He wanted to support them! Even if maybe it isn’t the ‘best’ use of their time. Plus it would keep Bakugo calm(ish) if he was distracted by how ridiculous his pack was. Everything was moving along happily, until a small ‘event’ occurred….
Midoriya was walking when a couple of guys around the packs age ran past them, one of them bumping Midoriya back a bit. The guy who bumped into Midoriya stopped and turned around
“oh sorry”
“it’s fine” however one of the guys looked back at his friend
“hurry up! we’re going to be late!”
“i was just saying sorry”
“Who cares, it’s just a dumb omega. Hurry up!” the guy looked at Midoriya for a split moment before running off after his friend. Bakugo was seething with anger from witnessing this.
“what the fuck did that little punk ass bitch just say?”
“Kacchan it’s okay”
“i deal with this all the time, just let it go”
“you used to” Bakugo suddenly shut up, then growled out
“i know...i don’t want others to do the same mistake….”

“Kacchan, let it go please. They already ran off into the crowd and I don’t want us to have to spend the night just trying to find them, it was only one of them who said that. The one who did actually bump into me said sorry anyways”
“….fine...but if I see that little bitch again..” Midoriya pulled Bakugo’s head into his neck.
“just calm down okay? let’s just have fun” Bakugo was quickly calming down, the soft touch of his mate and his scent relaxed the alpha. The pack found a table and was sitting down, Kirishima called out
“yoo you guys coming or what!?”

So, the barfing began. As expected, Kirishima won, stuffing himself full while the other two tapped out. Midoriya congratulated him and gave him a tiny pumpkin with a silly face on it as a trophy.
“yes! I am the champion of consumption!” Bakugo smirked
“you’re such a dumb ass. What kind of title is that?”
“you’re just jealous! Okay, gonna go vomit now”

Bakugo sighed in annoyance. He didn’t care for this stupid shit. He would rather be in the nest watching scary movies while holding his Deku. Midoriya tugged on Bakugo’s shirt
“are you alright?”
“yeah I’m fine”
“are you sure? Like you tell me. don’t lie”
“look. I don’t want to shit all over your fun.”
“tell me”
“i want to go home, cuddle and just watch scary shit with you in our nest.”
“you just want to spend some spoooky alone time?”
“i guess. Just have fun alright. don’t think about me”
“i want to go then, that does sound really nice. I’ve had a fun time here, besides it’s getting late”
“you aren’t just saying that right?”

Bakugo was pulled into Midoriya’s neck again. He went into auto nuzzle. Feeling his mates soft hair. His sweet scent. His warm skin.
“I’ll text Uraraka and everyone. I doubt they would mind”
“now I feel like a shit head”
“don’t, where did my horny wolf go to? I want him to come back~” Bakugo growled and started to nibble
“Well, I can bring him back.”


Midoriya sent a text to the group that came together. They understood and said they did have fun with them. Midoriya did feel bad about just leaving them, but he was kinda getting tired from hearing too many screams and walking everywhere, along with having to move through the huge crowds. The two lovers were exiting the carnival when in the corner of Midoriya’s eye appeared a person.

He was slim, hooded with dried cracked skin, a pale complexion, and an eerie smile. Midoriya looked to see if it was someone he thought he knew…..

when he looked there was no one there.

“what’s wrong babe?”
“..huh? Oh I just thought, never mind I thought I saw someone”
“people are everywhere”
“i meant...never mind it doesn’t matter”

the two got on a bus and headed home to hump then watch scary movies



Chapter Text

Midoriya was approached by two people. They said they were investigating his life. He asked why, all they replied was that he was in dangerous situation. Midoriya pleaded that he wasn’t, however they simply didn’t listen to him. Suddenly he was taken to the back of a padded windowless van. He was forced into a seat as they drove off. Midoriya was nervous and felt like he was on the verge of a panic attack. The scene shifted and Midoriya was collard in a courtroom. He was listening to the evidence about the danger he was in. he hadn’t been living in a safe environment, thus he was sentenced to live in a sanctuary for the rest of his life. He pleaded not to, he cried out that he was safe, he screamed he didn’t want to go, he was starting to be led away and towards a room. He kicked and thrashed around as he was pulled into it. He was forced into a chair and talk to someone. An overly happy man smiled at him and talked softly

“well hello there little fella.”
“let me go.”
“sorry, you can’t”
“you know why. Now let’s get our pap-”
“no. you can’t keep me here!”
“shhh, don’t be so scared. you’re fine”
“no I’m not!” Midoriya started to thrash and get up, he was handcuffed and forced back into the chair.
“as soon as we’re done here, you can go home”
“i-i can?”
“yes” Midoriya looked confused. The man kept his smile and started to type
“now then. First thing we have to do is see which home you chose”
“no...nonono you said I could go home!”
“yes, your home”
“no not here! I don’t live here!”
“you will now. Just relax. we’re going to take good care of you.” Midorya tried to break free but he just felt so tired and weak.
“please stop. We don’t want you to hurt yourself.”
“let me go! LET ME GO” the man at the desk waved a few guards over
“hold him still.”
“shhh, you’re scared just like everyone else would be. Just breathe. you’ll be safe and cozy. doesn’t that sound nice?” Midoriya wouldn’t stop struggling.
“now now, if you don’t stop we will force you to. you’re becoming a danger to yourself.” Midoriya started to weep
“please just let me go. I don’t want this. I want to go home.”
“you will”
“no. I don’t live here!”
“you are from now on. you’ll be nice and happy”
“NO. I’M NOT STAYING HERE, I’D RATHER DIE THAN BE SOME-” Midoriya felt a sharp prick in his neck. He started to feel tired, he could hardly keep his eyes open now.
“there. See? Nice and calm.” Midoriya couldn’t fight anymore. He just wanted to cry and leave. Why did he have to have this done to him!? He didn’t deserve this treatment!. He didn’t want to forget himself. He didn’t want to be at the mercy of someone else. He didn’t want to loose his free will. He didn’t want to loose his life…...


Midoriya snapped his eyes open quickly. He shook heavily and felt a cold sweat envelop him. Tears started to swell up and spill down his face. He looked around and remembered where he was. The bus that his class, well all the males, took to go to the special hero camp for the next few days. He was all alone on it. His memories started to come back to him. He tried to stop breathing so unevenly, calm himself down. He couldn’t stop shaking though. He slowly breathed in and out, wiping his face clean. He remembered that the bus had made a stop someplace for everyone to stretch their legs, go to the bathroom, etc. he remembered staying back and falling asleep. He remembered that on the way to the camp he looked out the window to see an ‘omega van’ drive past them. He tried to ignore the built up thoughts and fears in him from seeing that. He remembered feeling tired and decided to nap. His mind had formed terrible fears from what it wouldn’t let go.

He finally steadied his breathing, more or less, and stopped crying. He still shivered a bit but thankfully wouldn’t be noticed, or at least he hoped so. He had to remind himself that he wasn’t in danger, he was around his friends, he wasn’t having that happen to him. He knew it would always be a real threat. Something that could never be forgotten. One fear that could come to reality without him being able to stop it. Midoriya breathed one final large shaky breath out. He wanted to forget that nightmare, not just from that moment, but all of the one’s hes had throughout his life. He just didn’t want to think. He didn’t want to feel. He didn’t want to be aware. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine all the good things in his life. At the back of it all, his fear just couldn’t be shaken off. The memories seemed to feed it, reminding him that it would all be taken away within a few moments. No fighting, no protection. He couldn’t just run away either, no hiding from the government. He wanted to be back in his nest. He wanted to tuck himself into Bakugo. He needed to feel something safe and steady he could latch onto. He needed the comfort of his mate. He knew Bakugo wouldn’t ever let him go, one thing Midoriya loved, his mate would fight tooth and nail before ever letting him go.

Midoriya yawned and tried to wake himself up fully, he hoped that if he didn’t fall asleep, that he wasn’t tired, his mind wold stabilize. He wasn’t property. He was a person. Even if he technically IS property, he belonged to his mate, someone who treats him right and keeps him safe. There was noooo way that he was going to be taken away or abandoned at anytime. At least. He hoped….. Midoriya’s mind snapped fully as he heard Kirishima laughing and running into the bus with Sero and Kaminari in hot pursuit. Midoriya quickly did one final tear wipe and took another deep breath, he really hoped his eyes weren’t red. Kirishima frowned as he saw that something with Midoriya
“yoo, you okay?” Midoriya forced a smile and tried not to make much eye contact.
“I’m fine!”
“you don’t seem like it..”
“i am”
“you sure?”
“do you need to talk or something?”
“I’m okay…..even if...i wasn’t, which I’m not, I wouldn’t really want to..”
“okay, that’s cool, I won’t force you to. Do you need us to do anything?”
“no not really….could you just...kinda sit by me though. I don’t really want to be alone right now” the pack sat down next to Midoriya, Kaminari started to talk
“isn’t is usually the other way around? People don’t like being around others, wait is that just like, an omega thing or whatever?”
“i don’t know, maybe.”
“is that whats bothering you?” Midoriya started to frown and look outside at nothing in particular.
“i just kinda got a little freaked out is all” Kirishima moved into the seat right next to Midoriya
“about what?’
“...i don’t want to really think about it..but..i….when we were driving there was this van that drove past kinda freaked me out I guess...” Kaminari turned around in his seat to face them
“a van?”
“That’s kinda dumb to get freaked out over, was it like, the color?”
“ was an omega van...”
“what like one was being driven by an omega?”
“no, the kind that takes us away...” Midoriya started to feel like he was starting back up. He suddenly felt pulled into a hug by Kisihima, who started to pet him.
“shhh, you don’t have to talk about it, you’re with us! No van will stop you!” with his other hand he slapped Kaminari and whisper shouted
“why’d you talk about it?!”
“what?! I wanted to know! Why are you whispering!? He can hear us!” Sero tried not to laugh at how dumb this was, he didn’t want Midoriya to think he didn’t find this subject serious. Kaminari rubbed the side of his face
“oooooowwwwwww!” Kirishima smirked a bit
“don’t be insensitive! Oh knock it off, I didn’t even use my quirk”
“it hurt! Your skin is rough like an actual rock!” Midoriya smiled, all this did make him feel better. Still, he really just wanted his Kacchan.
“sorry about all this.”
“no it’s alright”
“we’re being stupid. This is a really serious thing”
“no its fine! I actually really like it, it’s making me feel better, just dumb nonsense”
“oh well then you’re in the right fucking pack!...uh..i...i didn’t mean to be loud” Sero spoke next
“hey wait...come to think of it, you’ve been with us for like, over a month right?”

Kirishima slapped an arm rest
“we should celebrate! I can ca-oh uh never mind we can’t have him...”
“well I don’t think we should celebrate without Bakugo”
“yeahhh he wouldn’t be very happy if we celebrated ‘our time together as a pack’ without him” Kaminari smiled
“don’t worry Midoriya, this whole thing will blow over and you’ll never have to think about those things again! Well except for the fact that this could actually happen at any given moment in your life-” Kirishima hit in this time
“what the fuck’s wrong with you?!”
“i was trying to help!”
“BY MAKING IT WORSE?!” meanwhile outside Aizawa was sipping a juice box as he watched the boys silently smack one another.
‘god don’t make me go back in there. it’s too dam early.’ (it was almost 1pm)


(while writing this part I was listening to pray, by night club. Album is requiem for romance, I weirdly find it ultra sexy. All I can ever think about from it is someone dancing on a strip pole)


Bakugo had finished cleaning for the time being. The teachers said he was allowed to take off the wrist band for good since Midoriya was gone and everything was calm enough now to not need it. This shit was the worst. At least he was almost done. Sometimes the god dam equipment broke from the chunks or got stuck in there, so he had to clean out the cleaner with a cleaner so the thing that was supposed to clean would be able to clean again (haha) He just flopped into his room and closed his eyes. He pulled Midoriya’s blanket onto his chest and rubbed it, imagining it was his mate, it still smelt like his Deku’s heat, at least the very end of it. He really needed to give the dam thing back, but he didn’t want to while Midoriya was away. He needed something to cuddle so he wouldn’t go crazy from the anger and stress. There was always something about omegas that could always calm alphas down, even the rowdiest ones like Bakugo. Soft touches, voices, scents, overall just existing, at least that’s what Bakugo thought. He tried not to think of his Deku, he didn't want his heart to ache. His stupidly cute smile, his laugh, his scent, the soft hair he just wanted to bury his face into. ………..

(NSFW ALERT! I tried at least, I don’t know how to describe stuff without just recycling it!)

He was getting hard thinking about the cute little omega under him, moaning his name and begging to get filled with pups. Bakugo did get a bit too excited when he imagined knocking his mate up, getting him fat and stuffed with his pups. Bakugo just chalked it up to some alpha program in his brain. He would NEVER want actual pups right now. At least he could fantasize without any drastic event actually end up happening. Even better was that his mate was on birth control, something that told his mind he could hump harder without anything bad happening. He didn't just want sex, he wanted his mate. It wasn’t about getting off, it was about being….sensual….something that had actual meaning. Bakugo reached under his bed and pulled out the ‘toy’ he had. He unzipped his pants, pulled some lube out of a drawer, and started to use the fleshlight. He closed his eyes and imagined his little Deku wrapping his lips around his cock. Slowly taking it in until he’d reach the base. Bakugo would run a hand through his hair and then looked down at those pretty eyes, so sweet and innocent. Feeling the warm wet slickness. He imagined throat training him, helping him improve over time, taking more and more each go. After ‘warming up’, his little Deku would pull it out then give a kiss to the head.

Bakugo’s imagination switched to his little Deku on top of him riding his dick, hearing his little omegas needy moans and whines. Bakugo grabbed his Deku’s hips, lifting him up and down, timing his thrusts to go along with it. He would slowly pull out and push back in, nice and gentle to help open him up. He imagined his little Deku begging to get knocked up, Bakugo would speed up his thrusts to deliver the goods (god dammit. stupid wording XD). Humping harder while he pulled his Deku’s hips into him. He felt halfway close, he wanted to breed him differently. Bakugo imagine pinning his Deku under him, kissing and biting his neck. He pulled his Deku’s hips up, getting a better angle to thrust into. The constant begging, the constant moans that his Deku made, The calling of his name. It sent Bakugo over the edge. He thrust hard a few times, pounding his load in. his mouth clamping tightly on his little Deku’s neck while his little Deku grabbed Bakugo’s back and neck crying out in pleasure. His little Deku’s cock rubbed between the two bodies, the friction causing him to cum, making a mess between their stomachs. Bakugo closed his eyes and just focused on his high, the whimpers of his mate, the intense pressure that was so built up and finally released. He imagine looking into his little Deku’s eyes, then lowering his head and biting all over his body. Chest, neck, stomach, nipples, making sure he really claimed him. After he finished the two would lay there and cuddle. Feeling the post intensity vibrate throughout their bodies.

In the real world Bakugo came hard. He bit his little Deku’s blanket just as hard as he would to the actual thing. He felt the tight slickness build up and start to leak out all over his groin.
‘fucking sh-shitty stupid De-eku...why do I love you so fucking much?!’ Bakugo’s body shivered as he finally spurt out the last of his cum, imagining his little Deku begging for pups. His eyes closed and he just laid there thinking of his little Deku…..


his heart hurt.


Was it his fault that he caused all this to happen? To not be allowed near his actual mate?. He did ruin a part of the school….still. Only because that asshole forced him to. no. no one forced him to. He did it. He shouldn’t have lashed out. He made a promise about taking whatever punishment they gave him. Still, he was an adult. This was his life not theirs. He should be able to enjoy his own fucking life, who gave them the right to take his Deku away from him?!. Bakugo was just angry. Mostly at himself. Naturally like anyone, he wanted to blame everyone and everything but himself. These were HIS actions though that caused this. He only had to wait a bit longer. Then everything will go back to normal. He could do that. he’s been through a hell of a lot worse…..he wanted his Deku to lay on his chest. He wanted to pet his Deku. He wanted to kiss his head. He wanted to listen as his Deku fell asleep on him. He wanted to do everything. Being mated for over a month now seemed like nothing, like he’s hardly had anytime with his mate. He wanted to be the ONLY one that his Deku wanted to be with. ONLY HIM. Bakugo was feeling possessive again. He can’t get those feelings out of him no matter how hard he tries!. he’s sick of it. Sick of feeling just so intense. He’s so tired of just...wanting his Deku all to himself. Put him somewhere so no one else could have him. Take care of him. Just….keep him. He could…..he legally could….he did own him….he was all his…..there was nothing illegal with having him cut off all contact to the rest of the world….he could have him to himself….no….no...his Deku would never let that happen. He would leave. He COULD legally leave at any given moment no matter what….

Bakugo rubbed his face with his clean hand. He grunted as he got to work cleaning himself up….he could just go to wherever...get a house….keep his Deku there...he would be safe….far away from everything and everyone...they could have a family down the line….no….his Deku wanted to be a hero….but….he DID say he wanted to quit…….no….that wasn’t him… wouldn’t be fair. Bakugo wanted to make sure he was always fair…..still….one command was all that it took to take what he wanted…he could take his Deku away within an evening… his Deku would fight tooth and nail. He wasn’t about to risk loosing his Deku over his bullshit Alpha nature….or was it just...him. Was it just himself that wanted to be possessive?. It was hard to tell. Any alpha that ever came close to his Deku he wanted to kill them….was that just nature guarding his mate?...then again it was all his life he felt that way......he mentally had already ‘claimed’ his Deku when they were younger….promising himself one day his little Deku WOULD be HIS little Deku. No one else was allowed to have him. No one…..that HAD to be his nature, right?...then again….it didn’t matter who it was...he just...wanted them to leave….to never come back….was that himself!? Or…..

Bakugo stopped trying to think. He didn’t need that bullshit in his head. His heart already hurt from not being able to be near his Deku. It hurt more knowing he wasn’t allowed to SEE him or ANYTHING involving interacting with him really.

He had to take a nice long hot bath. Forget his thoughts, clear his head. Now no one else was around at least….he did have a spare key….the locks on his mates door were undone and dismantled….he wasn’t banned from going into his room….just...lay in there… would only make him hurt more…


The bus finally stopped at their destination. It was evening now and everyone was happy to finally get off. The campgrounds were a way. Big lake, across it was the girls campgrounds (classic summer movie right?) at each of the campgrounds were a few large buildings, cabins (although more ‘up to date’ I guess? Eh whatever who cares XD. wow. Way to really phone it in huh? Well it’s my fic! And I don’t feel like explaining and entire campground! Look that shit up yourselves! xD) a training grounds some big history building, and a few large storage buildings. Everyone had gotten their bags and came into the main building to get their cabin keys. Aizawa came out the front door and sighed
“alright listen up. I’ve got good news and bad news” Iida was the first to ask
“what’s the bad news?”
“Bad news is that apparently we scheduled this shit wrong..sure...WE did….anyways all the cabins are being fumigated right now and no one really feels like dealing with a potential lawsuit. So until further notice you will all be staying in that storage building, the one next to the lake. Good for you, lake side room. don’t worry everything’s being moved out and there’s more than enough room for you all. Think of it as a big sleepover or whatever.”
“the good news?”
“my cabins fine so I'm leaving to go put my stuff in it. Alright class dismissed” Aizawa started to just walk away. Kirishima spoke up as the class watched him walk away
“he’s….just leaving us….HEY WHAT SHOULD WE BE DOING!?”
“figure it out yourselves! you’re all adults!…….this is my vacation too you know!”

After they all unpacked their things in the large storage building, they all just did their own thing.

(look. A lot of stuff got deleted and I’m still angry at it, so just bare with me for the next couple chapters while I kinda just hurry it up...probably. I wrote a shit ton and the fact that all of my hero stuff pretty much got erased and I have to start from scratch, not fun. AND YES ALL MY NOTES TOO! SO LIKE, OHH THIS IS A FUN IDEA LET ME WRITE THIS IN A FUTURE CHAPTER, OHH THIS IS NEAT I SHOULD PUT THIS HERE AFTER THIS, OH THIS CHAPTER WOULD CONNECT BETTER AFTER THIS. OHH THIS IS A COOL IDEA, LEMME JOT DOWN SOME IDEAS REAL FAST.



Midoriya was watching the sunset reflect off the water. The Bakupack were messing around, skimming rocks, kicking dirt, idk. Midoriya was feeling relaxed, enjoying himself. Then suddenly he felt a sharp sting on his neck. He gasped and grabbed it, trembling as the terrible dreams of him getting sedated started to flood his mind. Kaminari walked over to Midoriya, after seeing him start to freak out
“hey, are you okay? I’m sorry about that! I guess I shocked it a bit too much and kinda was sent flying….wait are you crying?! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you!” Midoriya wasn’t paying much attention, he finally ‘came to’ from his thoughts when Kirishima put a hand on his shoulder
“are you okay? Did I cut you or something?”
“n-no it’s nothing let’s just go back and ignore this okay? Please?” Midoriya tried not to cry and shake anymore.
“are you sure you’re okay?”
“is it like what happened on the bus?”
“….I’m sorry, I ruined the fun. it’s just stupid.”
“nothings stupid if it’s all messing with your head. We don’t share secrets”
“i just..had stuff on my mind and that...hurt….it just felt like a shot I guess...”
“afraid of needles?”
“no….at...places...they give us shots when we aren’t makes us not able to really move or feel anything...” Midoriya started to have tears run down his face and took a hard swallow
“like some sedative?”
“do you want us to do anything?”
“no I’m okay….i don’t want to feel vulnerable….i don’t want to feel like I’m at the mercy of someone else...i don’t want to feel defenseless….i don’t want to be taken away..” Midoriya lost it, he couldn’t hold his feelings back anymore. He just started to weep. Kirishima hugged him along with the other two.
“you’re not going anywhere. We promise”




It was nighttime now, about an hour later. Midoriya was looking up at the stars. He did feel a little better after his….break down. He was sitting by himself against a tree. He couldn’t help but occasionally rub his neck or under his forearm. Two big veins that he remembers getting shots in. thankfully never sedatives, just usual health shots…...but just imagining the feeling that he can’t fight back, numbed and weak, he can’t be free, forced to live somewhere, he’s tortured and no one can save him, or even know about him it. He explained everything that’s been going through his head, all his nightmares and fears and overall thoughts. He finally let it all out, it wasn’t pretty, but when has it ever been when someone let’s everything out. Midoriya tried to just focus on the life around him, but the flashes of his ‘scenes’ wouldn’t leave him be. As if reminding him that everything can and will be gone for good. He just wanted to be alone, it was a lie of course. He wanted, NEEDED, to be around someone, but he didn’t want to at the same time. If he was, it just came up that he’s going to loose it, when he’s alone, it made him imagine being someplace weak and defenseless. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. Yeah, this went through his head from time to time, but that’s just it, it wasn’t as often as it is now.

“come here” Midoriya shivered as he heard the sudden voice burn through his thoughts and forcing him back into reality. He turned to see Aizawa
“come on let’s go” Midoriya gagged trying to swallow down the fear in him
“I’m here to help, don’t think anything else of it. It was because of the van you saw right?” Midoriya could only nod
“It’s been pretty obvious you haven’t been all right since then.” Midoirya managed to choke out without breaking
“..h-has it?”
“at least to me. Come with me, I’m going to hopefully make you feel better”
“first we have to go to the medical center in the main building. I won’t make you talk if you don’t want to, I would give you the choice of not going, but I’m not going to let you break yourself down alone at night in the woods." Midoriya held himself together and tried not to shiver as he got up. The walk was nice, well, it wasn’t awful. The moon and stars were pretty, and the air was soothing. There was always something about the cold sober air at night that just helped clear your head. It didn’t take long to get where they needed to go. Midoriya sat down in a decent looking waiting room, not much in it other than a few dozen chairs and a few plants in the corners. Midoriya just breathed. Calming himself, he didn’t want to close his eyes though. Aizawa came back to Midoriya, then led him into a small check up room.
“Alright, you only have one option here. You aren’t going to like it”
“what is it?” Aizawa showed him a pill bottle
“Sedatives” Midoriya’s eyes went wide and his breathing skyrocketed, he wanted to run out the room
“it’s alright. Let me explain. These don’t even come close to the crap they use in a sanctuary. These are sedatives but not the kind that turn you into a rag doll. These will help your nerves calm down and get steady again. These are in a way, omega painkillers. They usually work well enough to keep you from breaking down and going crazy. Talked to one of the medical staff, they told me the reason you’re like this is because you’ve been away from Bakugo for too long. Even with all the stuff you have, well it’s not enough. Take a couple of these tonight and you’ll be thankful you did. You can either have more breakdowns or get better, your choice. Like I said, this isn’t anything close to what they do to omega’s. Simple pain killers basically.” Midoriya took the bottle into his hand, this was his worst fear, but he didn’t want to mentally live through more moments.


“well like I said, it’s your choice. I’m leaving now, if you need anything ask someone else”
“never mind”
“well spit it out, you clearly want to say something”
“it’s not important”
“listen you’re not going to waste my time with nonsense, now talk.”
“am...i good enough?”
“yes, don’t even bother thinking that. Take the meds and you won’t think or feel these things anymore. Well, not automatically and as severely at least.”
“what if something happens to me….”
“well in all honesty, yeah it could. You could end up living there for the rest of your life. But you could also NOT have that happen to you. Everything that has happened is because we’ve prevented it. All-might isn’t your caretaker anymore so there isn’t any strings to pull or people to convince. This is all you and Bakugo now. I’m honestly more afraid that little shit will fuck something up for you. You know he’s never going to let you go, he’s going to kill himself guarding you. Other than that, you’re able to do well for yourself. you’re smart and strong and know how to handle things. nothing’s going to change that, well at least as far as we know. Bakugo isn’t a regular alpha, he’s a minor hero, same with you. That gives you some slack, if only a tiny amount, it’s still far better than anything else. Although I don’t have to tell you that. Well pop a couple of those and go relax. They shouldn’t take too long to kick in, although they won’t last more than a few hours, so go ahead and keep them. don’t worry they can’t do any harm, worse case for the side effects is that you might feel tired.”
“thanks for everything”


“you’re welcome. let’s not get too sappy though, it’s late and emotions run higher when you’re tired, you clearly don’t need any more of that than you already have. we’ll talk more tomorrow. Speaking of, sorry to say this but, you can’t join everyone. You physically and mentally can’t handle the strain, even if you take those pills.”
“it’s alright, I figured that would happen, I’m just happy I got to come”
“well there’s plenty more things to do than just run around and kick things. Go to bed, goodnight, talk to you tomorrow and all that crap” with that Aizawa left. Midoriya just looked at the bottle in his hands again. They would make him feel better, they wouldn’t hurt him, Aizawa said that and he trusts his teacher. He took a long deep breath before getting water and downing two of them. He went to a bathroom and cleaned himself up so it didn’t look like he was breaking down. he left shortly after that and headed to his new sleeping quarters. It wasn’t exactly ‘silent and calm’. Midoriya smiled then remembered the bottle in his hand, he stuffed it in his pocket and hid them, he really didn’t need anyone knowing what was going on with him. He went over to his belongings and started to get ready for bed….


Midoriya just now needed to make a nest, something he hasn’t done in a while. He pulled out some of his favorite pillows and blankets, he didn’t want to pack too much and make it seem weird, or embarrassed that he’s taking up so much space. The pills had kicked in and Midoriya actually felt a lot better. He didn’t have those thoughts anymore, or at least not directly. He could actually ignore any negativity that his brain might develop. He actually turned around after finishing to see some others looking at him. Suddenly his anxiety sparked up and he wasn’t sure what the problem was.
“d-did I do something wrong?” Iida calmed him down by explaining that
"its such a rarity to see an omega build a nest outside of their own home, so they wanted to ‘watch the natural system’ out of curiosity." Midoriya smiled awkwardly and ‘thank you?’ to them. It wasn’t long after until everyone went back to their own devices. Midoriya had left for a couple minutes to grab something, only to come back to...

“wooow this is sooo soft! No wonder omega’s love them so much. This is the most cozy thing I’ve ever been in!” Mineta was now laying in Midoriya’s nest stretched out relaxing. Iida grabbed him and bonked him on the head before dragging him away
“you can’t enter an omega’s nest without permission! That is highly illegal and I SHOULD report this!”
“w-what?! I was just curious and-”
“and you decided to simply do what you wanted to do without proper consent from the nest’s owner!” Midoriya smiled awkwardly and just told them it was okay, no harm done right? Meanwhile in the back of his head a part of him wanted to beat the shit out of the small grape boy for entering his nest. The bakupack moved their stuff over to Midoriya. They made their own beds next to his. ‘packs stick together!’ Midoriya actually felt a bit calmer now, something in his mind made him feel this way because he was surrounded by protective alphas that he felt comfortable around. Sero excitedly said
“we should totally say secrets and stuff!” Kirishima was looking at his phone then smiled when he found what he was looking for
“hey! So, one of the girls in class told me about this thing called, the wheel of truth?” Midoriya suddenly had his flashbacks then cried out
“NO! I-I-MEAN NO...uh...never mind”
“jeezzz what’s that all about? They didn’t even tell me what it was”
“it’s uh….nothing” the sudden flashes of his sexual fantasies with Bakugo crossed his mind. Midoriya had to quickly ignore them and clear his head from those perverse ideas. There were waaay too many alphas in the room that could easily smell his arousal if he started to produce it.
“uh it’s just a dumb game anyways let’s just do something else”
“huh...says here that you played it before”
“NO. I, it’s a dumb game anyways let’s do something fun”
“what’s gotten into you? They won’t even tell me anymore about it, I just keep getting winky faces in reply”

“nothing’s gotten into me! I’m fine, see!”
“okaaayy well then what do you suggest?”
“uh...hmm…..i don’t know, in all honesty I’ve never slept with guys before’
“you’ve slept with Bakubro though”
“i meant like, just in general. This would be like my, second time sleeping near others? Does that make sense?”
“yeah I guess. Well we-no I can’t do that”
“do what?”
“eh nothing, anyways..hmm...that might be too rough on you”
“what might?!”
“hmm...i don’t want to hurt you with that”
“OH! Perfect idea, you can tell us omega things!”
“ya know, you stuff”
“uh...I’m not following”
“well, we don’t know shit about anything ‘omega’ since they’re all lock-...elsewhere… so no one really gets the ‘actual insight’ from a real omega up close and personal!. So tell us, reveal to us your seeeccccrrreeetttssss”
“omegas don’t really have secrets in our nature? I’m sorry I’m not being much help”
“eh it’s fine, well I guess Alphas don’t really have any ‘secrets’. Well no matter what, you’re a part of our pack! Our own omega add on” Iida smacked the back of Kirishima’s head. The small group gasped in surprise at Iida’s sudden appearance
“owww what was that for?!”
“that’s horribly offensive what you just said!”
“what did I say!?”
“you just said he’s your ‘add on’. that’s extremely offensive!”
“because it implies that omegas are simply made to be an add on to alphas!”
“oh..ooh..OOHHH OH SHIT I’M SORRY DEKU!” Midoriya smiled while picking lint from his nest
“it’s okay, I know you didn’t mean anything by it”
“what’s a puppymill?”
“well, I hear words thrown around every once in a while, I hear that and I think windmill but for kids?”

Iida sighs
“it’s degrading. Its a term that means omegas are whores who’s sole purpose is to produce as many pups as possible” Midoriya rubs his arm from the memories of him being called that
“yeah I’ve been called that a few times...I’ve been called worse though”
“do not speak about it if you do not want to, I don’t want to see you become distressed over avoidable subjects”
“thanks Iida, I’m good though” Kirishima bit his lip in regret from bringing it up
“sorry for...talking about it”
“it’s okay, you were curious and well I’m glad you know what it means and you won’t say it yourself by accident”
“yeah...uh….never mind”
“what’s wrong?”
“it’s...kinda heavy”
“well, go ahead and ask”
“it kinda has to do with ...certain places where...certain genders live at...”
“i just had some questions since, well, you go there and have to deal with it all. I mean I’m working on it with Iida and Uraraka and all that, but none of us have actually had to fully deal with it all. You go through the entire thing, not just the upper parts. Like, if omegas need scent therapy to, ya know, not die, and alphas aren’t allowed anywhere near does that work?”
“oh uh, they have government approved alphas that just scent stuff and give them to omegas every once in a while, they usually never find out who the alpha’s are, cause...well...attachments...”
“i shouldn’t have brought this up either”
“I’m kinda glad you did”

the small group looks at Midoriya with a questioning stare
“well, okay, I just...feel kinda good educating you. I know you’d never do anything bad, and this will actually help you in the future, plus if you know how to do things right it’s going to help your omegas feel more comfortable”
“if...if there’s anything you DON’T want to talk about or reply or whatever, we can just skip it”
“that sounds fair”
“okay you’ve talked about omegas not really wanting to...go...and that they do…, has that ever happened to you?”
“no. I’ve seen it done though. I've had nightmares about it. I kinda don’t want to talk about it anymore”
“i won’t push if you don’t want to keep going”
“anything else?”
“okay so like, do you HAVE to sleep In a nest or what?”
“well, kinda? I mean yes, but..hmm….I’m not really sure how to explain it really. Like, sleeping in a bed, vs sleeping on cold stone, I can, but I won’t feel good at all, eventually we do need to nest” Kirishima took a deep breath, really unsure if he should bring this up...
“i really need to know but….the vans? what’s that about?”
“well to make it short. Government wants us to be as protected as possible, they use these heavily made padded vans to take us from place to place. It makes sure we’re perfectly safe in it without having to worry about anyone ‘coming to attack or hurt us’”
“does that actually happen though? Or is it just another paranoid government thing”
“it’s both actually….omegas are worth a lot...there’s a market for us...we go missing. We can’t be found...yeah..”
“uhh okay, let’s switch to brighter things. So do omegas have any ‘specific’ eating habits?” Midoriya couldn’t help put laugh at that
“we eat just like everyone else, but legally we’re supposed to be fed only healthy stuff, so junk food is a no. although Iida here knows when to make exceptions himself” Midoriya smiled at his friend who was now sitting with them, self invited but that’s alright, Midoriya trusted him so he didn’t feel uncomfortable.
“yes, I’ve learned from Midoriya that things aren’t just yes or no, there’s more of a middle ground to it. Ironic that in all my years studying, I never realized what the actual perception is like from the other side, Midoriya has given me great clarity into what omega lives are like”
“well the biggest most important thing for you all to know is pretty simple. we’re just people. Take everything away, and compare us to you, we’re the same. Our bodies are just...a bit different. Everyone has their own needs and omegas just need a little more than the others do” Kirishima was feeling awkward right now but he really wanted to know, so he spoke his mind, although making sure to word it carefully.
“if….something were to happen to you...and you had to… there anyway to get you back?”
“oh...uh that’s complicated actually. It really does vary. Is there anything specific?”
“what if you got hurt badly and they said your life is too dangerous”
“well...hmm...i would be taken away, given health exams, and then move there. If you or anyone else wanted to bring me out, you would be tested and questioned about your reasons why, along with investigating you and your life. Why do you ask?”
“because if anything ever happened and Bakuobro couldn’t help, I want to make sure I can help” Midoriya felt anxious but warm inside, his friend was willing to put his neck out just for him. Kaminari, Sero, and Iida all agreed they would do the same thing. Midoriya felt so blessed to have all his friends in his life……


the next few days were simple enough. Midoriya’s kept taking the meds while hanging around (to really help him get over the last of it off his mind). He really wasn’t enjoying himself, even if he couldn’t do the more exciting things. He would walk around and just enjoy the relaxation. Of course there were other things he could do, lectures to listen to (something only he and a few others actually wanted to go to), learning the ‘history of the hero’, from day one of hero’s being established, to today's current events, and he would geek out over things. (look. Bookworm stuff alright, I honestly don’t know how else to say it XD)


Eventually it had ended and the class’s ‘field trip’ had ended. The drive back was as rowdy as ever, to Aizawa’s dismay. After the long drive back everyone was glad to have gotten off, they were dismissed (or politely ‘gtfo’ by Aizawa) and went off to do their own things. Midoriya was picking up his stuff before feeling a sudden grab behind him. Midorya was pulled into Bakugo’s chest.
“mmh..i missed you”
“Kaccha-” Midoriya was cut off by a kiss. After a nice long few moments Bakugo ended it, then pulled Midoriya back into his chest and nuzzled his hair.
“i thought you weren’t allowed to see me?”
“they lifted that. Got told the shit you were going through. No one wanted you to die or go crazy. So it’s for the best if we just got to do whatever the fuck we wanted. I’m done cleaning up my shit storm so we can spend all the time in the world with one another again.”

“heyy Bakobro!” the bakupack came over and greeted their alpha
“see? We didn’t let him die!”
“i guess you did good enough….i don’t see a hair missing, alright, you get a pass.”
“just a pass huh? Well we’ll have you know we swore a blood oath”
“about what?”
“that if anything ever happened between you and Deku, we would keep Deku”
“NONONO! I only meant that if something were to happen, like you died or some shit, that we would make sure to take care of him!”
“oh….well good.”
“we’re going to call ourselves-” the three did a dramatic anime pose
“the Deku protection society!”
“...DPS? Like some stupid fucking video game?!”
“oooh yeah huh?”

Uraraka ran up and pulled Midoriya out of Bakugo’s arms.
“i heard what happened!”
“how did you find out?” Kirishima raised his hand
“i told her about….everything” Midoriya blushed and felt...bad. He felt like he was being too weak, he couldn’t pull his own weight, he was being a burden.
“well, they said they were making some cult dedicated to you, so I wanted in”
“doesn’t matter what matt-” Bakugo pushed Uraraka away and jealously pulled Midoriya back into him
“oh stop it, you know dam wel-” Midoriya closed his eyes and actually felt good for the first time in a while. The sounds of his friends talking around him made him feel at ease. The strong grip of Bakugo around him helped to soothe his nerves. Like they finally got the break they’ve been screaming for. Midoriya just breathed, relaxing himself into his mate. It felt like a whole lifetime since he was touched by Bakugo, it made it all the sweeter

“-ohhh like Iida wouldn’t join, although he did think it was a more ‘legal’ thing”
“NO WAY HES GOING TO GET MY DEKU IN MY FUCKING WILL” Midoriya’s mind remembered something. Something that made him feel weary about. He was supposed to claim Bakugo now, or at least soon. Midoriya felt nervous, what if he did it wrong? Or something weird happened or-
“stop it.” Bakugo’s strong voice suddenly was whispered into Midoriya’s ear
“i know what you’re thinking. Stop thinking that. we’ll talk about it later, relax”




Midoriya was stretched out in his nest, he felt so much more comfortable now than he had been in for a very long time. Bakugo was unpacking his belongings, Midoriya didn’t want him to but Bakugo pretty much just argued back. “well I’m doing it. Either argue or lay in your nest. Either way I’m doing it” Midoriya just kept quiet, feeling his nest and looking up at the ceiling.
“that’s the last of it. Now, time to start talking. Pay attention. Good. First things first. I’m giving you an order.” Midoriya tensed up, he was never really given orders before, and Bakugo was using a very serious voice.
“for the rest of the day, you’re not going to leave my side. You and I AND ONLY YOU AND I will be spending the rest of the day AND NIGHT together. Second, I’m going to scent you, third, you and I are going to talk about your claim on me. Finally, we’re going to have sex. No, I’m not going to force you to, I just want to talk about it.”

Chapter Text

Two small children are in their backyard. One stomping around angry and upset, while the other is quiet and sad.

“this isn’t fair!”
“I’m sorry kacchan Jr”
“you don’t even LIKE daddies quirk!”
“it’s too loud and bright, it scares me”
“i don’t have a quirk! Why did you get it Yuuto! You don’t even want it!”
“if I could give it to you I would”
“this isn’t fair! Why didn’t I get one! Mommy and daddy both have one!”
“mommy says being angry like this won’t help”
“i don’t care! This isn’t fair! (haha rhyme)”
“i know it’s not fair, mommy says life isn’t a lot of the time. Maybe you might get one someday”
“the doctor said I wouldn’t!”

Kacchan Jr’s smaller brother Yuuto tucked himself into his knees, trying to calm himself down from getting stressed. Whenever he did, his quirk would go off and start sparking up. He was always afraid of it, always afraid of it coming out. Meanwhile Kacchan jr is stomping around, kicking dirt and grass here and there. He was always hot tempered just like his father, something that his parents worried about. Bakugo was always too rough and tumble, angry, violent, and would get into trouble a lot. They didn’t want their son to walk the same road. Yuuto was quiet and scared, always in his own shell and world. He had a hard time interacting with anyone, he just always had too much anxiety. Yuuto, a tiny omega like his mother is, and Kacchan jr, a big rough and tumble wanting to fight alpha just like his father is. They both were nearly identical twins, only a few details separated them apart. Slight differences in hair, Yuuto having red eyes like his father while Kacchan jr having green eyes. Their attitudes and second genders of course, along with a tiny bit of height difference. Other than that, if you looked at them far away or just didn’t know them, you’d have a hard time figuring out who was who. While they were both born at the same time, Kacchan jr considers himself the older brother, which no one minds. The two children along with their parents had just come back from the doctors. They went there to see why Kacchan Jr's quirk had yet to ‘spring up’, while Yuuto’s had. When they were told the news, Kacchan jr was actually going around and kicking everything, including his parents. When they got home, they decided to just let Kacchan jr blow off his steam. His little brother always was able to calm him down eventually. The two practically couldn’t be separated for long, they both loved each other very much. Kacchan jr was always very protective for his brother, always standing up for him, and picking fight, even if that was unnecessary. While it is good that he cares and protects his brother, it’s still not very good that he goes to the extreme’s.


Yuuto was one of the few people that was able to calm Kacchan jr down, making sure to end fights by just talking calmly, and overall pacify his older brother. Yuuto was the creative type, always drawing, painting, and building things. He was always afraid to share his creativity, not because he would be afraid of what others might think, but because hes scared of the people themselves. Kacchan jr was always able to get Yuuto comfortable and help him through his anxieties, surprisingly calmly. He always made sure his little brother felt safe and secure, and if not, then they would leave or stop what they were doing.

“Kacchan jr, do you want me to get water?”
“YES! Yes.” Yuuto nodded and went to fetch some. Meanwhile Kacchan jr looked up at the bright sunny blue sky.
“this isn’t fair.”



many years earlier



Midoriya laid in his nest in bliss. He missed his alphas touch, and now having Bakugo rub all over him was the greatest feeling he’s had in a very long time. Midoriya didn’t want this moment to end, with Bakugo doing this, Midoriya’s body felt like it could finally and FULLY relax and breathe. All that stress and anxiety and pain, all of it just melted away. Midoriya did feel a bit bad, that he was just laying there are his mate did all the work. Bakugo just told him to relax and let him do it fully. Midroiya whimpered in need as Bakugo rubbed his face into his mates neck, kissing and licking it just to make Midoriya whine in need for him. Bakugo was also biting and gnawing lightly all over his Deku’s body, really marking it all over, juuuust light enough to be seen and not be painful.

“there. All finished. Better?”
“mmmmhhhhmmmm” Bakugo kissed up Midoriya’s neck as well as licked it. At this point Midoriya was producing heavy arousal, to which Bakugo dug his nose into him.
“fuck you smell so good. So, about having sex. Did you want your Kachan to fuck your brains out right now, or wait till later?” Bakugo shifted himself so he now had his face right above his mates, he didn’t realize his body started to grind against his mates. Midoriya pulled Bakugo’s head back into his chest
“k-keep d-doing what y-you were d-doing”
“sure” Midoriya mewed in love, feeling his mate attend to his body. Through the bliss and euphoria, the word sex finally made its way into Midoriya’s brain, registering what was going on in that lustful moment.
“uh….i...i need to know...why….did you….order me….?”
“because I said so. I’m the alpha and my word is law to you, I know someone’s going to want to talk to you or interrupt us or take you away. no. you. Are. MINE. So no one will interact with you in any way until tomorrow. Got it? No phone, no going outside, no talking to anyone. You’re mine~
“y-you could have j-just asked...”
“no. if I did then you would be able to leave. Not now, not tonight. You belong to me for until tomorrow~ understand?”
“yeah….i...i just was a little afraid when you ordered me...”
“no need to be. I was just being serious. Now, relax, let me take care of you. Just you and me until tomorrow, no one and nothing else matters. Focus on me, like I’m doing to you~”
“i...i feel….vulnerable….”
“with what? The order?”
“no...well maybe a little...I’ve never been ordered before to do anything….but I just...feel vulnerable….i just….in the back of my mind somethings telling me you’re going to hurt me. I know you aren’t but...”
“you still don’t fully trust me. that’s fine. I won’t fuck your brains out. Even if I really, really, really, really want to.”
“I’m…..sorry….i…..i wish I could be a better mate….”
“shhh, don’t talk like that. you’re amazing”
“but...i never give you what you want. I should be. I’m an omega. we’re supposed to give whatever you want to you.”
“stop talking like that”
“I’m a bad omega. I don’t listen. I don’t do what I’m supposed-” suddenly Bakugo bit down hard on Midoriya’s neck, causing him to whimper in pain.


“i said. Stop. Talking. Whatever is in your head right now, is bullshit. I don’t know what’s happening to you to make you think this, maybe it’s the order, maybe it’s me, maybe it’s those dam meds. Whatever it is, I don’t like it. This isn’t my Deku talking. Yeah, I wana fuck the living shit out of you, but I’m not going to unless you feel safe and fully consent. I’m not a rapist, I will not take advantage of you. If you don’t want to give, I won’t take. I’m not some jackass who’s going to get mad and dump you at one of those shit holes they call a ‘safe place’ for omegas just because I don’t get what I want. I want to make you feel safe, loved, and cared for. Those are my top concerns. I’m possessive I know, I get so jealous and angry if another alpha even looks at you! I just want to keep you all to myself. Take you someplace. Keep you there. Far away from everyone else. I want to keep you there and love you, raise pups with you, live life with you. This fantasy won’t ever happen though, I won’t let it. I’m not going to force you into some place that cuts you off from all contacts with the world. I’m not going to make you quit being a hero just to take care of my fantasy. I’m not going to just knock you up because of that fucking fantasy that plays in my head. I could so easily just do that. so. so. Easily. I have the legal rights to do so. Mostly, but I’m not. Besides, I’m pretty dam sure you’d leave me if I forced you into a corner for the rest of your life. I am NOT risking anything to loose you. It took me this long for me to alpha up and do what I needed t do our whole lives. I’m not just about to loose it all just because I want to be jealous, obsessive, and needy for pups, in the fantasy at least. I don’t want you to just suddenly stop living your dream to be some house omega taking care of my needs, having pup after pup after pup after pup, just because I feel like you should. So unless you feel like doing the process that makes pups right now, I’m not going to. So, do you want to?”


“I want you to be honest. I won’t get mad”
“okay” with that Bakugo gets off of Midoriya leaving with one last nuzzle. Midoriya naturally whimpers for his alphas touch to return.
“Deku, tonight, we’re going out and you’re claiming me, got it?”
“you’re claiming me. I claimed you, your body adjusted, now it’s time you have to claim me. Then, we’re mates officially, well, biologically we finally will be fully.”
“you DO want that, don’t you?”
“yes! I was just caught off guard. Just….kinda loopy right now”
“bet it’s those dam meds. I don’t want you taking that shit anymore, got it. You don’t need to”
“hey, what’s with that face? You got something on your mind?”
“the whole….thing...”
“nothing to stress over. You and me go out on our ‘first official’ date since we’re finally going to be mates, you bite me, then it’s over with”
“what if I mess up? I don’t want to hurt you. Omegas aren’t taught on HOW to claim, only how to BE claimed”
“surprised they didn’t teach you this stuff, then again, they do take you away when these subjects come up. Fuck. They teach you how to belong to someone instead of learning how to be an equal partner. All you do, is bite my scent glad on my neck like I did you. Then that’s it.”
“that’s it?”
“yeah. No ceremony, no big magical blast. Just one bite and that’s it. it’s going to be the exact same thing I did to you”
“i don’t want you to feel that pain!”
“well, yeah it WILL be painful, thing is, it’s nothing compared to the pain it gives omegas. Getting a paper cut vs getting cut with a knife.”


“oh….so….that’s easy then...”

Midoriya groaned as he sat up he looked into Bakugo’s eyes, a small whimper building in his throat.
“Deku, why do you look like that?”
“i….i can’t….i want to give you….”
“no. don’t force yourself.”
“but I WANT TO. Why can’t I?”
“your mind. you’re not a whore, you know you’re not used to this, shit you’re still a fucking virgin. You don’t fully trust me still and we’re not officially mates. When we do become mates, your body will fully register me and you don’t be nervous or afraid or feel vulnerable to me”
“it won’t?”
“fuck no. life’s going to be a lot easier after this”
“how do I….do it properly”. Bakugo gets up out of the nest and walks over to a small bag he brought into the room with him earlier when he picked up Midoriya. Midoriya watched as he rifled through it until he found what he was looking for. A small mold.
“here. This is like a fake scent glad thing. They gave us these in school, I managed to snag one from recovery girl. I used to use one of these all the time and thought of you. I should have just made a fucking move on you instead of being angry and possessive.”


in the past there were more than enough times where Bakugo scared off the ‘competition’. He remembers one time specifically…

Midoriya was packing his things up, getting ready for the next class when someone came over to him
“you’re Midoriya right?” looking over, the small omega saw a kind looking alpha
“yeah I am”
“I’m (I looked up and found this name cause it’s honestly easy to type) Aoi. it’s nice to talk to you”
“likewise. Hello Aoi”

Bakugo was talking to a couple of his friends at the front of the classroom, his ears picked up his Deku’s talking. Something he always paid attention to whenever the nerd opened his mouth. The jealous alpha turned around and noticed the conversation, he listened to it, grit his teeth and became his usual possessive angry self.
‘who the fuck does this asshole think he is talking to my Deku!?’
“-Aoi I think I might be busy, but that does sound nice to come with you”
“well, whenever you’re free and still interested, here’s my number, we can still go on that walk if you ever ask”
“that sounds….really nice, thanks, I’ll remember it” Aoi smiled and left, leaving Midoriya to feel warm and fuzzy inside. Not many alphas came up to him, to be kind that is. He never put finding a mate as his top priority for one very specific reason..he was still waiting for Bakugo to make a claim finally…. still, it’s always nice to find affection….


It was after school now. Bakugo told his friends to go on without him, he needed to do something. So there the alpha was waiting. Impatiently. He leaned his back against a building wall and watched others walk out of the school. Finally he found who he was looking for….

The next Day Midoriya sat down in class, getting out his things, suddenly jumping as he heard Bakugo slam his hand down on the desk
“don’t fucking talk to other alphas.”
“y-you scared me. What do you mean?”
“don’t. Fucking. Talk. to. Other. Alphas. Is that so hard to understand? Shitty fucking Deku.”
“i can talk to whoever I want. Stop trying to control my love life. You always do this. Whenever anyone talks to me, you always scare them off.”
“i can do whatever the fuck I want.”
“I’m not yours to control, you’re not even my mate.”
“shut up omega.” Midoriya whimpered and avoided Bakugo’s aggressive eyes.
“stop whimpering and toughen up. I’m the only alpha you talk to. Got it?” Midoriya nodded his head silently
“….want to say...anything to me?” Midoriya slowly raised his eyes, not looking directly into the alphas eyes. A bit of rising hope in his voice at the thoughts of Bakugo finally telling him he wants to be mates
“knock that shit off. I better not find out you talked to anyone else.” Bakugo growled out and went to his own seat. Midoriya whimpered quietly and tried to focus on his work. Holding back his emotions. He didn’t want to feel any of the stress and pressure. He didn’t want others to see him tear up.


Out of the corner of his eye Bakugo noticed this. In a weird way he felt….happy he did that. Putting HIS Deku into HIS place. Making sure he knows BAKUGO will own him.

Later that night, Bakugo laid on his bed, looking up at his bedroom ceiling and thinking of what he did. He liked that he almost made his Deku cry. He liked that he made sure to really get the message. Bakugo didn’t need any wanabe alpha to come along and try to talk to HIS omega. One day, he’s going to claim him. Then he can order his omega around all he wants. Someone to cook for him, clean for him, give as much sex as Bakugo wanted. Sounded like heaven. His Deku, knowing he was beneath him at all times. He can just take his Deku and put him somewhere. Somewhere no one can talk to him. No one can interact or see him. He would be ONLY talking to Bakugo. See ONLY Bakugo. Be bred ONLY by Bakugo. The alpha smiled and lowered his hand to start stroking his growing erection. The images of his little omega purring and begging for him, promising he doesn’t care about anyone else. That he will give his undying affection and attention to ONLY his alpha. Get knocked up with as many pups as BAKUGO wanted. His Deku, smiling and agreeing to anything he wanted, helping him be taken care of and fulfilled. The alpha would finally have his Deku all to himself. Just like he wants. No more talk of being a hero, no more talk about being around others, no more talk about wanting to do anything with his life unless it involved serving his alpha. Bakugo was now gripping himself, pumping himself and biting his lip.

All mine.


All mine.

All mine.

All mine.

All mine.

His Deku moaning his name, begging for pups, demanding he gets taken care of. Begging to be filled, promising to give himself over to his alpha entirely. Bakugo gets to own his mind, body, soul. Everything is his alphas rightful property.


All mine.

all mine.

His shitty little Deku promising he won’t do anything without his alphas permission first.

All mine.

His shitty little Deku, naked and always begging for sex 24/7, always letting him get fucked whenever Bakugo felt like it. His horny little omega. His small vulnerable horny little omega. Who’s life will revolve around his alphas. Bakugo finally came. Imagining himself knocking his omega up. HIS omega. No one else gets him. No one.

All mine.


Bakugo was tempted to reach for his phone, tell that stupid little omega to come over and ride him until he shoots a few more loads. Fuck the pups right into him. Make his omega beg for it, beg to belong to him. Promising he was just an omega, property to belong to HIS ALPHA. Bakugo just finished himself, cleaning up and heading for the shower, already hard again, imagining his moaning horny little omega crying that he didn’t get to have more sex. On his knees or bent over all the time. Bakugo’s life would be perfect. If he had a problem, he could talk to his alphas dick about it. His little Deku will be grateful for everything he gets. it’s whatever Bakugo wants to give him. His little Deku’s mouth was made to compliment his alpha, agree to whatever Bakugo wanted, if not, then he can have it stuffed with his alphas dick….


Back in the present, Bakugo shook the cringy memory away. Hating himself for ever thinking like that.
“bite down on it, like that, until you feel that hard plastic spot at the bottom. that’s as far as you go, you’ll feel the hard part in my scent glad, then you stop, no stopping before it, and no going past it. I practiced on one of those for a super long time, always wanting for it to be perfect. Guess it paid off. You just keep that up, remember it, I’ll be right back. don’t forget my order. No one talks or sees you. If they complain, tell them to talk to me.” Midoriya nodded as he practiced, wanting to make sure he would remember it perfectly. The alpha ran over to his room to get something, when he came back, he found his omega crying.
“whoa what’s wrong?”
“I’m going to get taken away!”
“They’re going to take me away!”
“you know who! I’m a bad omega! I’m going to get taken away!”
“what? There is no chance in hell I’m letting them take you.”
“I’m a bad omega. I’m not good enough for you! I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve being a hero!”
“what the fuck’s gotten into you?? did I fuck you up somehow?!”
“i….hit me...”
“what?” Midoriya pulled Bakugo into the nest grabbing his mates hand and putting it to his face
“hit me.”
“what the fuck!? Why?!”
“i...i….you’re so angry. I want to make it go away. Hit me, let me be your punching bag. that’s all I deserve to be. I’m not good at being an omega. I don’t deserve you or this life or anything.”
“WHAT THE FUCK!? NO! what’s gotten into you?!”
“I’m not good enough...” Midoriya kept trying to pull Bakugo’s fist into his face
“let go!”
“okay, you need to relax and take a breath-”
“no...I’m not good enough...i don’t deserve this life...i don’t deserve anything or anyone...i can’t take care of you, I can’t be what you want me to be!”
“you want to hit me! Hit me! Beat me! Scar me!”
“WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK!? OKAY. YOU NEED TO RELAX.” Bakugo had to pull himself away and push Midoriya down into the nest.
“NONONONONO! DON’T LE-” Bakugo left, closing the door. He ran a hand through his hair and the pulled out his phone with the other….


“-So, what the fuck’s going on?” Bakugo sat in the break room with all-might.
“hm...this is….strange….”
“yeah you fuckin think?! Did I already ruin him?! Shit. Not even 2 months and I’ve already ruined him.”
“no no. well, technically this is your fault, however it’s not.”
“those meds, there is an EXTREMELY rare side effect that happens to omegas who take it. The pills are meant to stabilize them, help keep them calm, their heads above the waters when they’re scent starved. it’s only meant to be a temporary aid until they get what their bodies need. One side effect that pretty much never happens, is that when the medication is still in them, and they finally receive the scent and touch of whoever they get it from, it makes their bodies and mind go to sudden extremes. It makes their emotions spiral out of control. He will be like this for, maybe a day? Two days at most. he’s not taken them for very long so they won’t be in his system for very long.”
“so, until then, I just have to make sure he doesn’t get me to beat him?!”
“in a simple manner. Yes.”
“how do I fix this? I always ruin him. This entire time we’ve been mates, he’s only suffered. All because of my dumb ass.”
“i won’t agree to that. Although, in all technicality, the con’s outweigh the pro’s. But it’s just a rocky beginning, this isn’t an uncommon thing for any relationship to go through. omega’s have it a bit harder, for reasons exactly like this. Hm, I’m surprised the side effects have even happened to him. This must be the very first time a male omega has ever suffered this side effect. there’s only been about a little over 50 cases of this happening for the years it’s been used. Then again, he is a MALE omega, something no one hardly ever sees. It could be that his body is going to react differently to things that his female counterparts. we’re going to have to keep a closer eye on that from now on. Not that I’m saying you don’t, I’m just saying it’s good to be at full attention now. Hmm, something like this hasn’t happened before, that I remember at least.”

“so. For the next two days. he’s going to be an emotional shit storm that wants me to hit him, report him, and do everything he can to ‘prove’ he doesn’t deserve his life. What the hell do I do to not, ya know, make things worse”
“well, best to just, ignore it? Like I said, situations like this are so rare, no one knows how to really effectively deal with them. I suggest just, being there for him. Let him cry into you, try not to give him too much attention during ‘flare ups’. Just do things calmly and also try to have things he enjoys. Petting him, brushing his hair, rubbing his back, that sort of thing. don’t give much reaction to when he does ‘flare up’. Be a supportive stone? he’ll react worse if you give him anything to ‘work with’. So, try to withhold any words or actions.”
“alright. I’ll try to not make things worse”
“well, I don’t have to really tell you that if you need anything, talk to me. I do want to hear about him though later on, and if anything suddenly changes out of the blue” Bakugo nods and rubs his face…


Bakugo sat in their nest. Midoriya crying into his chest, practically begging to be hit or hurt in someway. Bakugo just focuses his attention on the TV. Not giving in to anything. No words, no reactions whatsoever. The only thing he does, is run his hands through his Deku’s hair, rub his scalp and just overall pet and relax him. Midoriya sniffles and whines into his mates chest, not getting anything out of him, Midoriya just shudders and eventually falls asleep.


It was the next morning. Bakugo laid on his bed in his own dorm room, looking up at the ceiling. Next to him was Kirishima sitting at a desk, tapping away on his phone, talking about how his ‘omega education’ is coming along.
“-well I’m not really able to do that one cause I don’t have any prior experience. Good thing though is I know you and Deku! So, I can talk to him personally about this stuff! annnnd I have you to talk to! as an alpha, can you tell me how you’ve experienced being in a relationship with an omega-hey, you okay?”
“hey, pay attention!”
“does this have to do with Deku? You only ever have that look when it does”
“so, is it cool if I have sex with Deku?”
“there we go! Now you’re paying attention! Gonna have to remember to say that more often. Anyways, what’s with that face? what’s going in that bakubro brain of yours?”
“don’t fucking say that shit again! And I fucked him up. Again.”
“what’s wrong?”


Midoriya tossed and turned in his nest. His head filled with static. He grunted and whined, he couldn’t rest. Everything hurt. He couldn’t form regular thoughts and everything felt broken.
‘It’s your fault.’
‘why can’t you listen?’
‘everyone tells you what you should and shouldn’t be doing.’
‘why are you trying so hard?’
‘this isn’t natural for you’
‘what are you even doing here?’
‘you shouldn’t have come.’
‘you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do.’
‘you shouldn’t be denying him’
‘you’re being selfish.’
‘this isn’t his fault. it’s yours’
‘the other alphas are right.’
‘you’re the only one here. there’s a reason for that.’
‘what are you even trying to do? You can’t be a hero. You weren’t born to be one.’
‘its too dangerous here. Leave.’
‘the others are right, you need to be by him.’
‘only supporting him matters.’
‘he doesn’t love you because you don’t love him’
‘you deserve to be treated like this.’
‘you were born to be like this’
‘you aren’t supposed to exist’
‘omegas shouldn’t be outside.’
‘you’re just weighing everyone else down.’
‘they feel sorry for you.’
‘everyone wastes their time and energy just trying to help you be less of a burden’
‘you’re supposed to be attending to him.’
‘alphas don’t NEED omegas. Omegas NEED alphas just to live.’
‘there are reasons you’re a rarity.’
‘male omegas are just a universal mishap.’
‘you were born so weak you didn’t even get a quirk.’
‘you’re his property.’
‘he owns you’
‘he should do whatever he wants and you shouldn’t argue.’
‘It’s not too late to quit.’
‘you should be tending to your alpha’s needs. it’s what you were born for.’
‘it’s easier to just stop’


It was late at night now. Bakugo opened Midoriya’s dorm room door and came inside quietly. It was dark and silent, except for the sounds of the small omega breathing in their shared nest. Bakugo emptied his pockets and plugged in his phone, he stopped as he heard blankets shift.
“go back to sleep”
“is….that an order alpha?”
“okay….I’m sorry...this is my fault...i shouldn’t hav-”’
“hush. Go back to sleep. don’t think like that.”
“are you going to lay with me?”
“do you want me to lay with you?”
“how close do you want me to lay to you?”
“hush. Go to sleep. Think in the morning.”
“yes alpha...” hearing Midoriya say that, almost broke Bakugo’s heart. His Deku just sounded like another broken submissive omega. Usually owned by alphas who don’t care about their own personalities, or by abusive alphas, mentally, emotionally, or physically sometimes. Even though it’s highly illegal to be so, it doesn’t mean others don’t do it. it’s easy to control an omega, even to the point where they don’t want to report it. If younger Bakugo heard that voice, those words, he would have smiled. Now, Bakugo just felt like he was another one of the vile scum bags he hated. No one should OWN a person. Omegas shouldn’t be some second class citizen, some little extra piece to society. Bakugo tried to hold back his anger, no point in thinking that right now. As he turned his phone off, he saw the glint of the med bottle from the sudden light. It was empty.
“have you been taking the rest of those?”
“yes alpha..” Bakugo’s emotions skyrocketed. He didn’t know what to feel at that very moment
“why the fuck were you taking them!?” He noticed how much of his tone was raised, mostly from hearing and seeing Midoriya whimper and shiver in their nest. Calming himself, Bakugo just went over and threw the now empty bottle away. He said calmly and quietly
“why did you take them?”
“they made me feel better...”
“no they don’t, they made you feel worse”
“they help me think...”
“no, they fill your head with voices and thoughts that aren’t yours.”
“everyone says how I should be….”
“well, not everyone.”
“i have to be like this. it’s whats right.”
“no. it’s not.”
“but I’m an omega..”
“THAT DOES-that doesn’t matter what your gender is. You need to be you, you have your own will, your own personality, your own feelings.”
“I’m not good to you. I don’t give you what you want. I don’t do like you say.”
“yes you do, I want you-” Bakugo rubbed his temples, then slid his hands through his hair
“listen Deku. It’s late. it’s time to go to bed.”
“yes alpha” every time he heard that. It make Bakugo feel even worse….


It was afternoon now. Bakugo was on his phone, ignoring the glazed over look Midoriya was giving him. All day his omega had been asking if he could, SHOULD, be doing something. Like he was some dam robot who needed instructions to do the most basic of tasks. Asking for permission to even go to the bathroom! Bakugo was up to his neck in guilt and self hate. He refused to give in and show ANY reaction to his mate. Hopefully it won’t be long before the meds are finally out of Midoriya’s system. Until then, Bakugo’s not going to leave his mates side. If he has to ask to go to the dam bathroom, there’s no way he can be left unattended for any period of time. The alpha told everyone to back off, at first they thought he was being possessive, selfish, until he explained what was going on, none of them believed him of course. Thankfully All-might was one to vouch for him, explaining the situation, especially since it worsened (however they left that part out), so everyone finally understood and left the alpha and his omega alone until the recovery is finished.
“what should I be doing?”
“nothing, relaxing and doing what you want”
“what should I do?”
“whatever you want.”
“do you want me to eat?”
“if you’re hungry, yeah”
“am I hungry?” Bakugo wanted to punch the wall. He held back but mentally screamed
‘ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHIT?!’. He has heard of some alphas who are cruel enough to break their omegas down to basic levels. He personally arrested (and almost beat to death) one alpha who trained his omega to sit at the table with him when they ate. Except that his omega wasn’t allowed to eat until after he was finished stuffing his face. Another alpha didn’t even like his omega. He just wanted a live in free servant. Someone to cook for him, clean for him, someone he can have sex with. He even made a rule of ‘omegas aren’t allowed to sit on furniture’. So the entire time, his omega would just sit on the floor and wait for further instructions. Alphas like that, or people in general, who do that to omegas sicken Bakugo so much, he would love for all of them to drop dead.
“alpha?” Bakugo grit his teeth and hissed out
“I’m sorry”
“for what?”
“for making you angry at me”
“I’m. Not. Angry. At you. Okay?”
“yes alpha.”


It was the next morning. Bakugo yawed and stretched. Wiping his face and noticing another looking at him.
“I’m sorry”
“for what?”
“for acting like this...”
“acting how? We LITERALLY JUST woke up! There is NO WAY that you could have done something wrong.”
“I meant for the past few days. I’m starting to have a….well my….i can….I’m starting to think again I guess?”
“so...I’m talking to my Deku? Not the puppet?”
“not...completely...i...still feel weird...”
“Better than nothing.”
“Can I call you Kacchan again?”
“yes. I would love that actually”
“can we snuggle?”
“of course”


The next morning. Bakugo did his stretch and yawn. He turned to see his mates smiling face, being stupidly cute. Then suddenly nuzzled into Bakugo’s neck
“I’m feeling a lot better now….ca...can we pretend the past few days didn’t happen?”
“i would love that”
“I’m sorry for being that way, those meds, they made me take them more and-”
“stop. No more saying you’re sorry”
“I’m sor-i mean I’m not sorry, uh no I meant-”
“i missed you Deku”


The next day, everything had gone ‘back to normal’ in a way. Midoriya had it all out of his system at this point. The two agreed to fully just pretend all of that didn’t happen. Currently they were planning out Midoriya’s unfinished task. His mark had fully scarred over, and it was time to have Bakugo’s scent glad marked.
“-then he was asking a ton of dumb questions, I don’t know how the fuck to answer them. you’re the omega, now at least he can bother you with all of it. How am I supposed to know what omegas feel like post heat!” Midoriya smiled and nodded. The two ate lunch and talked. They planned on having a full day and night to themselves again. A nice retry, without anything bother them like before.
“so. Today, go hangout wherever, tonight, go to dinner, maybe has desssert, then you bite me, then we come home. Sound good?”
“i...i want it. I want to have sex with you”
“are you sure? that’s not something making you talk right?”
“no. it’s my choice. I want to have sex. I’m ready. I want this. I want you” Bakugo did notice the sound of nervousness, along with the look of uncertainty on his face.
“don’t force yourself into doing something”
“no. I’m tired of not having sex with you. I’m tired of being afraid. From now on, as a sort of training, I want to embrace whatever I’m afraid of. whatever’s in my way. I want to get past it….will me?”
“would there be any real reason I wouldn’t?” the two shared a comforting smile.
“from now on, I’m not going to be afraid. If I am, I’m going to overcome it and understand.”
“that sounds amazing. I’m happy for you. I guess in a way, we can both overcome our fears, together.”
“what do you think? it’s loosing you. it’s my obsessiveness, it’s my anger, it’s my possessive nature for you. I need to get this thing out of me once and for all.”
“then I’ll be by you to help. We’ll support each other”


The date day was nice. Of course, others tried to talk to Midoriya or get in the way. Bakugo told them to leave. Well, not in those words. Still, he meant them. First, they went to an arcade, had fun, Bakugo kept winning prizes, to Midoriya’s dismay.
“I love them but I really don’t want anymore’
“I’m getting you that fucking rabbit!”
“but you’ve gotten me three, I love them! But this isn’t feeling as special anymore”
“I’M GETTING YOU THAT FUCKING RABBIT. THEN THAT FLUFFY PILLOW, THEN THAT COZY SNAKE, THEN-” well, the couple hours they were there was...nice. The Bakupack, for some strange reason, was nearby and gladly helped to take the prizes back to their room for them.
“those fuckers better not disturb our nest. Or your room. And why the fuck were they around here?!”
“well, to be fair they were at the food fair, it’s really close, but that doesn’t mean they were spying”
(in all actuality, they were) then the couple took their turn for the food fair! Enough to have a nice lunch, not wanting to fill up before dinner. Midoriya’s hand was in his pocket at the stand. He shivered when Bakugo suddenly was behind him
“you weren’t about to pay for anything. Were you?”
“n-no! I was just...looking for my phone!”
“your phone is in the other pocket.”
“which is why I was looking for it!”

The food vendor looked a bit worried at this aggressive scene
“hey, mind your own fucking business!”
“be nice!, everything’s alright, he just...strongly...feels like he should be the one paying for everything”
“the alpha provides. I’m taking care of his ass. doesn’t matter if he likes it or not. he’s not paying any amount for anything.”
“even though you’re spending all your money on m-” Bakugo slowly slid the hot dog (do they even haver those in japan?) into his mouth
“shhhh. I’m paying for it. You just enjoy what I provide.”

After that, they got a little ice cream, funny, they got the same kind as they did way back when. Back when Shinso asked to hangout.

After that, a nice dinner! The same place Bakugo and Midoriya went to back when he claimed his Deku (finally)

finally. They watched an amazing sunset. It somehow seemed more beautiful than any others.
“Well Deku. You ready?”
“to go home? Not really, kinda wanted to watch the stars”
“i mean’t with my claim”
“oh...OHH uh..yeah?”
“well, let’s do it.” Midoriya leaned over. Nervous, his heart was racing. Bakugo tilted his head.
“j-just….b-bite down?”
“yeah. Like you practiced”
“ you need anything? Like to bite or whatever?”
“no, I’ll be fine. Like I said, it hurts omegas wayyy worse than it does alphas”
“okay...uh..yeah” Midoriya took a nice deep breath, went over to his alphas neck. Feeling a bit comforted by being so close. Then, he bite down

When Midoriya heard his alpha in pain, his reaction was to pull away. Bakugo had to hold his head down so he wouldn’t. Midoriya felt the hard part, then stopped. Slowly pulled out, then wiped his mouth.
“fucking shit! Ugh. Yeah, like that.”
“Are you going to be okay?”
“yeah I’ll be fine. let’s go to recovery girl. I don’t want this getting infected somehow.”


The couple now stood in Midoriya’s room. After going to recovery girl, getting the scent glad cleaned up and sanitized, then bandaged, Bakugo stretched and moved his neck around
“fucking thing’s gonna be sore. Shit. Well, I can only imagine what I must have been like for you”
“i can smell your distress. Is it really this stressful? If so, we’ll stop”
“NO! I...i want this”
“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on ruining you or going full force. Nice and slow. Simple and plain.”
“okay..that sounds should we start?”
“well, first, we go bathe. Clean ourselves up. Then we come back and get dirty again. Then we fall asleep in each others arms like some fairy tale. And that’s it.”
“that sounds easy enough” The alpha nodded, took off his shirt and tossed it onto Midoriya’s face
“that’ll calm your nerves for a bit. Alright, I’m getting my shit and heading down there. Meet me there whenever.”


The two were all alone. The hot steamy bath was relaxing. They had already finished up. Expect, Bakugo was massaging and washing his Deku’s hair. Running his hands through, making little rubs and pets, causing Midoriya to purr in pleasure.
“already getting turned on? Just from being near me? Well, We’re about to go have actual fun”
“You gonna be okay?”
“yeah..can we this a bit longer? I really love it”
“of course”

(look. When I write smut, I honestly can’t think of anything except what I’ve already written! You can only say fuck and cock so many times! I mean, yeah, they fuck, but like, I can’t think of anything when I’ve already said it! I don’t just like to keep repeating myself either! there’s only so many ways to play with nipples! And etc! I also don’t just wana steal ideas or thoughts from other porn fic’s I’ve read! Well, make my own take on it I guess)


Midoroya took a deep breath. Bakugo had taken everything off except his boxers, which clearly didn’t cover much. Usually Midoriya avoided looking at it. This time he couldn’t he bit his lip and relaxed his body
“you ready?”
“yeah...” for the past few minutes, The omega had played with himself in the nest. Fucking himself on one of his toys. Midoriya closed his eyes, then opened them when his alpha came into the nest
“gonna have to wash these sheets tomorrow”
“yeah...can something first?”
“Sure, what is it?”
“i want to...blow you”
“just like that? No asking or anything or talking?”
“it’s sex, not some speech. Sucking dick can only be explained so much. You put it in your mouth, bob your head, make sure not to bite it or scratch it with your teeth, and that’s it”
“okay, no teeth...where do I...put them?” Bakugo laughed at that
“you don’t take them out or anything! You just, be careful. Fuck, haven’t you ever played with yourself orally?”
“not...that it’s not like the dildo could react.”
“alright, let’s get to it. Unless you want to back out now. I won’t be upset”
“no. come over here. Please”
“don’t have to tell me twice”. Bakugo moved himself until he sat on his knees in front of Midoriya’s face. The head bobbed in eagerness. Midoriya swallowed and just went for it. First licking the head all over, moving his tongue, tasting and getting it went. Then took it in. sucking on it and running his tongue along the slit. Bakugo closed his eyes and enjoyed this. This is what he’s always wanted. Finally, his Deku was letting him have sex. He didn’t really want to admit it, but somewhere deep down, he knew he should have done this ages ago. To just...own his mate now…
Midoriya took the head in, licking and running his tongue along the undershaft. Moving his tongue from one side to the other. Slowly taking every bit into him, little by little
“FUCK are you sure you’ve never done this before?!”
“don’t talk with your mouth full nerd!” Midoriya was about to pull his head away, until it was suddenly grabbed and pulled deeper in
“no. keep going.” Midoriya obeyed his alphas command. He kept at it. Slowly pulling it out, then taking it deeper. Each time he pulled away, Bakugo’s arm tensed up, ready to push the omega back into him. Midoriya finally took it all the way to the base, taking it into his throat. Running his tongue along any inch he could.
“fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccck. Where the fuck did you learn how to do that”
“don’t talk! Shitty nerd. Mmmhhhh...fuuuuucck”
Midoriya hummed a bit and slowly pulled back off, only to suddenly have Bakugo fuck it back into his mouth. Now, Bakugo was in command. He moved his mates head back and forth, using his throat like a fleshlight. Midoriya went along with it. He didn’t like having his head pulled, but inside of him, he looooved it. To just be...used….to pleasure his alpha how HE wanted it. To know he was satisfying his mate. He WANTED to be used however his alpha wanted it. Midoriya sank into pleasure, starting to taste pre. His throat and mouth, slicking up his mates cock. Quickly it was pulled out, Midoriya whined, he wanted to keep going!. Then plop, it was out. Bakugo hissed a bit from the sudden shift in temperature.
“w-why-” Bakugo started to thrust onto Midoriya’s pretty little face, dragging his cock along it. He had to close his eye as it rubbed against his cheek.
“mmmhhh fuuuck. Sorry babe. I was getting tooooo close. I don’t want to finish just yet. Not like that. Although, I wouldn’t mind that too much if we did it more often”
“i...i really want to do it a lot more”
“fuuuuuck yes! You want to blow your kacchan?”
“you want me to throat fuck you?”
“you want me to fuck my dick on your face? Dragging it around”
“you want me to make that pretty little face a mess?”
“good. Fuuuuuck I feel like I’m about to burst. Sooo pent up. Finally, being able to fuck my Deku. Speaking of. Get that ass over here. Literally this time.” Before Midoriya could even say anything. His legs were grabbed and pulled towards his alpha. Bakugo started to rub his dick up along Midoriya’s balls and dick. Causing his little omega to whimper.
“beg omega.”
“beg better.”
“look at me, make that cute little face you make. Beg for your alphas cock. Your kacchans cock.”
“pleaasseeee! I need it!”
“I’m your horny little Deku! I need you in me! I need your pups! I need to be your fuck toy”
“mmmhhh...keep going”
“i need to have your dick in me! I need you to get off to me, I want to do nothing but pleasure you! My body is yours and I neeeeed you! Please, alpha! Your Deku wants to be fucked on his Kacchans dick!”
“yes! Good omega. Good Deku. Are you my slutty little cock whore Deku?”
“yes! Whatever my Kacchan wants me to be”
“only a whore for me though.”
“only for you!”
“good. Good.”

Midoriya took a few sudden breaths as Bakugo rubbed his dick up on his hole. Slapping it a bit
“pleasseee fuck your Deku! I can’t live without it! I need it! Like I need air!”
“shit, where the fuck did you even learn to talk like this? I mean, I wanted you to talk dirty. But fuuuuck I didn’t think It’d be THIS good”
“i uh...might….have watched a lot of porn over the years...and thought of you...and well...i...combined the two..”
“WHAT SO YOU LIKE, PREPARED?!” Bakugo started to laugh hard
“that’s fucking amazing! My little slutty Deku, aching for his Kacchan’s cock so much he made up entire dialog!” Midoriya whimpered in embarrassment
“hey, don’t do that. It’s great! I just thought it was funny, I’m not laughing at you for being weird, I’m laughing because I’m giving you what you’ve always wanted. Also because I’ve thought of you so much, but I didn’t think jack shit about actually talking to you! This is fucking great! I’m going to have to hear more from you later on. I don’t want you wasting all your best stuff in one go”
“uh...okay….i won’t”
“good. Now...ohh yeah, okay, so tell me about you wanting me to fuck your brains out”
“okay..uh...hmm….I’m really aching for it! My body feels incomplete without it! I feel soo empty it hurts!”
“shit this is good. Yeah, make that cute little face for me. Whine. Whimper. Yeah just like that. Fuuuck. You belong to me now. who’s my bitch?”
“i am!”
“you’ll always be my bitch?”
“only yours!”
“you want me to fuck you, no one else?”
“you want to be owned by my dick?”
“good. Whos a good little horny Deku?”
“me!” Bakugo put his head, easily getting in, from the dildo earlier used. Midoriya gasped, it felt entirely different, having something alive in you. This was his dream come true! And he felt so….right! His anxieties totally flew out the window. He felt so..dirty…
“i looove to hear you. If you want me to fuck you. Keep begging. Ohhh I love that little face of yours. I might make it my picture of you on my phone”
“no you DON’T want me to fuck you?”
“i do!”
“pleaasseee! I can’t feel right unless you’re inside of me! I want to get fucked so much, I can’t have any more pups! I want to feel stuffed! I want to be your breeding toy!”
“hooolllyyy fuuuuck that’s REALLY turning me on.” Bakugo started to glide in deeper. Midoriya squirmed, moaned, and gasped. Whining for it and begging more whenever his alpha stopped. Sloly, he started to thurst. His little Deku wanted him to go faster. Only if he contiuned to beg, calling himself his Kacchan’s little breeding toy. His little fuck object. Midoriya whined and moaned it. Loudly. Suddenly the door opened
“-hey you two in here? Hey bakubro I needed to ask you about tommorows homework-oh SHIT”
“get the fuck out!”
“are you..getting laid?”
“GET THE FUCK OUT” Kirishima ran out the door, quickly closing it. Only to open it up again, stuck his head in and said
“nice, make sure he gets off fully. No one likes a selfish lover”
“lock your door next time” with that Kirishima left. Riiight after, Bakugo looked down at his little Deku’s face, partially covered and red
“oh god..he saw me...he heard me begging...”
“so? Bakugo went back to thrusting
“what!? How can you keep doing this!”
“like this. Now shut up slutty fuck toy. My little Deku whore.”

Bakugo sped up, causing all thoughts of anything else to leave both their minds. Midoriya whined and begged, moaning loudly for his alpha to fuck him harder. Bakugo complied to the demand. He came to a stop, bending down and biting his Deku’s neck, then continued. Midoriya started to make his usual noises, right in his mates ear. He fucked harder and rougher. Midoriya started to claw and grip Bakugo’s back, to the point of casuing it to bleed a little.
“f-fuck g-gona c-cum”
“please! Stuff me with pups! I need it!”
“fuc fuck fuck fuck” Bakugo did a few more rough slams, he clamped down on his mates neck, biting hard, avoiding the scent glad though. Midoriyas body convulsed and squirmed. The friction of pressure between the two bodies, caused Midoriya to have his own orgasm, making their stomachs sticky and wet. Bakugo did a few slow thrusts, slowing himself down to a halt. The two bodies stilled and the room became quiet, the only noises were that of their heavy panting, and Midoriyas occasional whine.
“i love you so much”
“i love you too, shitty Deku….oh...oh OH FUCK. I DIDN’T WEAR A CONDOM. OH FUCK. OH FUCK. I DON’T WANT TO BE A DAD! I DON’T WANT PUPS YET. THAT’S JUST TO GET ME OFF. OH FUCK OH FUCK” Midoriya started to giggle then burst out laughing, watching his mate panic.
“well, it looks like you’re gonna be a daddy Kacchan. And me a mommy Deku”
“I hope we have sooo many pups. I want 5, no 9 pups.”
“relax! I’ve been taking birth control since my heat”
“i thought it was fu-” Bakugo clamped down and bit his mates neck.
“don’t fuck with me again with pup stuff.”
“aww, I like seeing my Kacchan panic.”
“well I don’t. God, look at you. Such a beautiful mess.”
“mmmh, I feel like it...”
“so, have any regrets?”
“no...NONE! bodies totally fine!”
“good. I told you everything would work out”
“i love you”
“i love you too”
“i...i want to do this...a LOT more! And a LOT more often”
“holy fuckin shit babe. You ask and my dick is yours.” the two kissed and laid down. Bakugo’s cock pulled out, some seed spilling onto the sheets. Midoriya began to leak out, the two didn’t care, they would clean up later.
“Both our dreams. Nice.”
“yeah. Now we can do this the rest of our lives”
“shiiiiiitttt yeah”. Midoriya snuggled onto Bakugo’s chest, tucking himself under his chin.
“goodnight Kacchan”
“goodnight. Slutty Deku”
“ that we’re official...i...i want to tell my mom”
“oh fuckin shit.”
“what’s wrong?”
“i have to tell the old hag. Yeah, we need to tell them. Tomorrow. let’s worry about them later. it’s us time. Not theirs.”
“yeah...i love you”
“i love you too...stupid nerd...”
“big dick alpha~”
“ohh, I like that.” the two quietly fell asleep. A total mess. THE END

Chapter Text

(I tried to look up Christmas in Japan, It’s pretty different than the USA! So I hope I got things right on here! And if not, don’t blame me please)


Midoriya was building a snowman. Next to him, Todoroki was making harder icicles. Midoriya smiled and patted some more snow here and there, doing little extra ‘touches’

(haha, get it? Cause he’s finishing it up and he’s doing it by touching it? Eh whatever you don’t have any taste in humor if you didn’t find that funny. Yeah that’s right, I’m calling you out! You mad about it? Well are you? Mad during the holiday season? Yeah I bet you are! What, you wana throw down? I’ll fuck you up bitch! I got a nasty right hook and I’m not afraid to whip it out! Take your shirt off! I don’t want to get blood on it. what’s wrong? Too scared? I don’t care if blood will stain it or not! that’s your own fault you wore a light color today! You should have been prepared at all times to get into a fight! You never know what’s behind the corner and oh no! Suddenly you get stabbed! You should have prepared for death! Death is always an option! I’m not afraid to die! You can’t hurt someone who’s got nothing left to loose! You should have prepared a will like I have! No one gets anything! Only my ghost does! Yeah that’s right, I’m going to keep everything! Ohhhh suddenly I’M the greedy one? Well guess who’s about to haunt your ass? ME!. You know I’m gonna spooky the shit out of you! Ooops, guess who just knocked over that vase? ME! Oh no, look who slammed the window shut, oh wait you can’t see me CAUSE I’M A GHOST! Oh fuck, wait what if you can? wouldn’t that make you a psychic? Ohhh fuuuck that would be cool to be one! See the future and shit. Actually I wouldn't want to be able to see ghosts, I don’t want to constantly see dead people all the time. Now THAT is scary. I don’t need some weird ass Victorian lady scaring the shit out of me while I’m trying to walk down my god dam hallway. Do you ever wonder if WE’RE the ghosts? Every time we move or do something it somehow affects another world. Where was I going with this?

I lost track. Anyways the holidays are stressful and I guess I’m just lashing out my own anger onto you. My husband just got me a car and I lost it by parking somewhere I forgot, okay I never had a husband, I was just trying to impress you. Why? I guess cause I truly am lonely in this world. Do you ever wonder about space? Like, what’s out there? It must get lonely. Speaking of lonely did you ever watch that one movie where those two guys literally try to kill a child and said child plans and builds things that is a straight up child version of the saw movies? Not only that but he takes pleasure when they writhe in pain. ALSO he could have ONLY CALLED THE COPS but nooooo he decides to just watch two grown men suffer in multiple ways and enjoys it. LITERALLY branding a guy and enjoying it! He makes sure they’re aware that he’s about to cut the rope, smiling as he sees the pure fear in their eyes. Then cuts it and potentially could have killed them even though they landed in snow. Not to mention the cuts and burns and blunt trauma to the head and potential spine shattering! Maybe something caused him to slowly snap on the inside. Being tormented by his other siblings, being ignored by his parents, not having any friends. By the way he was strangely good at somehow building perfectly working ‘people’, like he’s had experience in doing it before, maybe to silence the inner demons slowly churning inside of him and growing his potential hate for others, only to have the flames fanned and rise as those two men who tried to rob the house are tortured in the various ways he created. Anyways I’m sorry for wanting to throw down, I don’t want to fight, I just wanted the attention. I don’t have many friends and for some reason I thought that if we both were sent to the hospital it would somehow make for a funny story and we end up going on adventures in life and then we fall in love after realizing we’re each others soul mates, then while one of us (probably me) is on their death bed holding hands and whispering out one ‘come closer. Closer. Closer’ then

WHAM SUCKER PUNCH! THAT’S RIGHT. IT WAS ALLLL A RUSE! I TRICKED YOU AND NOW YOU CAN’T WIN THE FIGHT CAUSE I JUST WHOPPED YOUR ASS AND WENT TO THE GRAVE. YOU NEED TO LIVE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE KNOWING THAT SOMEONE HIT YOU RIGHT BEFORE THEY DIED. I GOT THE LAST LAUGH FUCKER! can’t do anything now! I guess unless you die, and then our ghosts can fight for the rest of eternity. Can a ghost die? Would they become a super ghost? Can ghosts haunt other ghosts? Like what happened to that Victorian lady who haunted me, is she like, gonna just hangout with me now? Maybe we find someplace and just kinda chill and haunt people together. Would you get jealous that I’m giving her attention instead of fighting you? Wow, you shouldn’t be jealous, that’s SO like you! Ohhh now it’s MY fault for wanting to have friends?! Aww don’t leave! Come on, let’s just talk okay? Remember that one evening on the lake. We watched those geese fuck and the sunlight was beautiful. We went out to dinner and laughed, then we went home and we burned it down for the insurance money. We DID get away with it, oh fuck wait if someone was doing a reading, could they hear us? Ohhh fuuck now we’re in deep shit! I can’t fucking go to prison for doing that! Okay, calm down, I know what we can do. let’s fake our own deaths-wait shit we’re already dead. What if they have ghost lawyers?! If you rat me out I WILL take you down with me! I won’t go quietly, I’ll kick your ass and make you a super ghost!.

Oh wait I was writing a holiday special fanfiction wasn’t I? Why didn’t you tell me I was suppose to focus! YOU’RE the reader! You should have said something! Well it’s too late now, this shit’s written in stone. Well, at least we have those memories together. Speaking of holiday, do you like eggnog? I LOVE eggnog! Have you tried it with almond milk? it’s alright, it just tastes like almond in milk. I honestly don’t know what I expected, it LITERALLY SAYS what it is. Well, maybe it could have been one of those things that SAY it is, but then taste differently! Oh fuck I got off task again, and once again YOU didn’t say anything! it’s sooo like you to just ignore me isn’t it?! Well maybe I should just stop and go watch the grinch with Jim Carrey in it. Did you hear how he drove his makeup artist insane?! Like holy fuck! Then again, if I had to spend sooo long getting my makeup done, I guess I wouldn’t be happy either. But like, don’t be a dick to the person just doing their job! Unless that persons a dick then, I don’t know. Treat others how you wish to be treated, but then what if you’re a dick to someone else accidentally, then THEY’RE one to someone else, and eventually it’s like pay it forward but with everyone being terrible to everyone else. Well this shit spiraled out of control.

Anyways here’s Wonderwall)

Midoriya patted his hands together and smiled and spoke with a chipper tone
“now he’s going to have a nice crown! A true winter prince!” Todoroki said in his plain monotone voice
“true snow royalty”
“are you enjoying yourself?”
“yes I am, these are amusing to create. It would have been enjoyable if I was able to do this during my childhood”
“i always build at least one a year! I like to make my snowman a friend, so he wouldn’t get lonely”
“they feel no emotions though, they aren’t sentient”
“i know, but it’s just for fun!”
“hm, I’m glad you’re here to explain things to me”
“now I need you to melt the crown together jjuuuuuust a tiny bit, there we go! Perfect!” the two backed away a bit and looked over their creation!. A large perfectly round snowman, eye height and smiling. A crown of ice and a smile and a tie. Kirishima ran up to them with haste as he saw their completed project
“ohhh! This is amazing! Ohh I wana build one! Oh and give him a chainsaw!” Midoriya looked at him like he was crazy
“why would you give him a chainsaw?!”
“uhhh so they could battle to the death! The winner gets to become the rightful ruler of the winter land!” Todoroki looked over to them unsure what to make of what he just heard. Then curiously asked
“is this part of the tradition? I don’t see how they could properly battle”
“nooo! Kirishima is just being silly” Kirishima patted his chest
“You mean being awesome!” they all turned when they hear Mineta giggling
“perfect.” in front of him, stood a poorly made snowman, except he used his quirk to give it ‘massive boob’s. Kaminari was helping him build it
“now, long hair, you’re ruining it!”
“hey YOU try carving it with a stick!”
“i did MY job! Now you do yours!”
“all you did was stick your balls on her chest! I have to do actual work!”
“haha balls on her chest” the lovely smell of hot chocolate wafted through the air, followed by an actual cup of it wafting in the air
“Midoriya! We have hot chocolate for all the good omega boys and girls!”” Uraraka said merrily as she sipped her own and floated some over.
“thanks! Well HAVE I been a good omega this year?”
“you are like if someone turned a puppy into a human” Kirishima tried to each for one, only to have it float away
“Aww I want one!”
“have YOU been a good omega this year?”
“NO!...but I’ve been a good ALPHA this year!”
“I’m even taking omega care training!”
“if you TRULY cared, you wouldn’t be bragging about it. That’s like saying ‘yeah I’m great. I just donated to charity, yeah I’m something to brag about’. Here, Todoroki gets one”
“He’s been a good alpha this year. Also he needs this because he’s missed out on pretty much everything fun as well as be horribly traumatized.” Todoroki took the floating cup and sipped it.
“this is very sweet. Your kindness will not be forgotten”
“I’ll make sure your kindness won’t be forgotten Uraraka!”
“Iida’s been ana amazing alpha this year! He gets one”
“thank you” Midoriya and Kirishima both gasp from the sudden appearance of him
“why would I need a bell?”
“stop shouting. Hello everyone, I hope your day is going well” Midoriya gave that warm smile that could melt the heart of any hardened criminal
“thanks Iida! You too! Actually that goes to everyone too!”


“what wer-Kirishima! When did you put that there?!”
“honestly it wasn’t me” Uraraka says happily
“i did it!”
“Cause I had one and he talked about it and I thought it would be funny”
“well, you never know when you might need one” Bakugo shoulder bumped her along with Todoroki, then grabbed Midoriya and pulled him in for a heavy kiss.
“what are you holding? And why do you taste like chocolate?”
“it’s hot chocolate, Uraraka gave it to me”
“let me have one round face”
“NO! Only GOOD omegas, and alphas, and betas get one! And YOU’VE been like the MEANEST one! you’re not even on the naughty list! you’re practically in an entirely different list! You won’t get coal! you’ll end up getting an entire truck full!”
“FUCK OFF! Fine, Deku give me a sip”
“nooo! it’s mine!”
“get your ooooown!”
“GIVE IT!” Suddenly a snowball smashed against the side of Bakugo’s head
“Sero did it!” Kaminari pointed
“yes you did!”
“NO YOU DID IT! DON’T BLAME ME! I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” another snowball hit Bakugo’s head, only at the other side
“WHO THE FUCK THREW THAT?!” Uraraka threw another one, smashing against his face
“oops! My bad! I was aiming for something in front of me and I guess you got in the way”
“I’LL FUCKING DESTROY-” another hit his head. He looked to see his Deku smiling and giggling, making another and throwing it
“BETRAYAL! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR AL-” another one hit him, this time from the back of his head. Kirishima was doing his best not to laugh, and failing horribly at it
“b-b-b-ak-u b-bro, s-sorr-y I w-was trying to g-get v-vengeance for you on h-her”
“HOW THE FUCK DARE YOU! I LET YOU INTO MY PACK AND THIS IS THE TH-” another. This time from Todoroki
“i thought this was a common theme. I wanted to partake in it”
“OH HELL THE FUCK NO YOU JUS-” another. By Midoriya
“Sero did it!”
“shut up Kaminari I did not!”
“THAT’S IT” Bakugo quickly made a few handfuls and just started to chuck them everywhere, nailing everyone in the head, even Sero and Kaminari from far away. He had one left, he looked with pure hate at Midoriya
“Deku. Apologize right now and I’ll let it slide. I’ll even still let you have sex with me later”
“ooOOooooh? Suddenly some very serious things have just got put onto the table? Well I’m going to call your bluff. You would NEVER attack me! Especially with this face”
“stop making that face!”
“my Kacchan wouldn’t deprive me of his dick! don’t you want me to make other kinds of faces? The ones you REALLY like, don’t you want to make me feel good? Be your pretty little Deku~”
“STOP MAKING THIS DIFFICULT FOR ME” faster than he could react, he was suddenly smacked in the face with a snowball thrown by Midoriya. By the time Bakugo cleaned it off his face, he was alone. Suddenly he heard Kirishima yell
“SNOW BALL FIGHT! GETS YOUR ASSES DOWN OR GET OWNED!” within a couple minutes more classmates joined in and thrashed one another with the small balls. Many sides were formed, alliances made, pacts broken. It truly was a blood bath. Uraraka had created a massive amount of snowballs, slowly having them sneak around out of sight then loom over the others. Blocking out the sun, bolts of snow shaped and molded into a sphere for pleasure fell downwards. It was almost like rain. Bakugo watched the ruthless carnage, only to stop as he could tell someone was coming behind him, he turned around, ready to attack! When his Deku suddenly kissed him. Sneak kiss attack!.
“I’m really having fun today. Later tonight you and I should go on a walk and look at all the lights”
“that sounds like fun.”
“i love you”
“i love you too” looking into each others eyes, Midoriya had slammed one last snowball into the side of Bakugo’s head
“ohh come on! That was funny!”


it was a nice warm toasty party indoors! Everything was decorated and lovely! Everyone helped out! Even a nice big tree! Although some argued over who got to pick it out and who got to chop it down. Not to name names, (stares at certain alphas) but they finally agreed to work together! The lights were shinning, some music was playing, the heavy smell of tasty treats wafted through the air. It was all so lovely and nice. A few got into trouble for bringing some snow balls in to nail some others in the head one final time. Other than that, everything was peaceful. Then, gift giving time!!!! a fun secret santa!
(look. I’m not going to write 20 god dam gift giving okay? Just make it up on your own XD hell maybe Uraraka gave someone a dildo as a joke idk!) Bakugo was walking up to his little Deku, just imagining the look on his face when he gets his gift. Bakugo couldn’t wai-WHAT THE FUCK!?
“Midoriyaaaa! here’s your present!” Uraraka said in a sing song happy voice. She handed him a VERY RARE exclusive all-might statue, about as tall as your forearm. All-might is smiling wide as he has his hands on his hips and shines like a bright sun is is sending a beam of hope and light
“it took a lot of looking around and research and threats and shady business deals, but I finally got one!” Iida adjusted his glasses as he was suddenly behind them
“i hope that was just a joke. Here this is for you Midoriya, although it won’t be as surprising now”
“AHHH IT’S ANOTHER ONE!” The Bakupack came up to them
“Deku!! It took a lot of searching around, but we found the perfect gift! We all chipped in to get you-oh wait. Well shit, I guess this won’t be as cool”
“AHHH A THIRD ONE!” Todoroki came up to them, wondering what all the noise was about.
“here Midoriya, I managed to acquire one through my fathers contacts. I-oh. I suppose it won’t be as impressive now”
“AHHHH A FOURTH ONE!” Bakugo was more than furious now. He stomped over to them
“NONONONO we only wanted to do something nice and be an amazing surprise!”
“really what were the other five?”
“first meeting all-might! The second was getting my quirk! The third was getting into UA! The fourth was getting my hero license! The fifth was having Kacchan finally be my mate! And then this is the sixth day!”
“Glad your pack made your day!”

everything was being cleaned up and the party almost finished. The bakupack suddenly pulled Midoriya aside when he was all alone. Kirishima looked him over, inspecting him for every detail
“okay Deku. Hold still, okay?”
“uh..okay? What are you going to do?”
“hold still! This won’t hurt a bit!” the Bakupack started to tape and put tinsel around his body, along with wrapping paper. Various colorful tapes Sero bragged saying it was his that they colored and made extra special with designs. Then as they finished, Kirishima but a big red bow on his head
“there! All finished!”
“uh..okay?” Midoriya moved his arms around and looked over his body, now like he was a living present
“now, be slow and come with us!”


Bakugo was getting impatient, he was still simmering with anger and hate from an hour earlier when the whole gift giving happened. He was standing under a doorway. Kirishima had pulled him aside and put him there, telling him to stay put until he came back. He finally heard his second in command alpha
“okay! Close your eyes!”
“ugh. What the fuck’s going on?”
“close them!” Bakugo sighed and did it. He heard some steps near him.
“okay! You can okay them! Here’s your present! Open it up!” He opened his eyes and was shocked to see his Deku smiling awkwardly, wrapped up.
“hi Kacchan”
“what are you-why are you covered in that?”
“HE’S YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT BAKUBRO! I know you’ve always wanted one of these! So here’s your present!” Bakugo smirked and couldn’t help but make a little laugh. His mate all wrapped up like a present, a big red bow on his head. Bakugo rolled his eyes and decided to play along. He broke off some stuff and pulled off some tape, then took off the bow as the last thing.
“Hi Kacchan”
“Hi Deku”
“you two have to kiss!”
“you’re under a mistletoe!”
“ugh. Fine.” Bakugo leaned in for a kiss, loving and warm, he felt butterfly's and the world melt away. His bliss ended when he heard his pack ‘awww’ and pretend to sniffle ‘so beautiful’
“THIS ISN’T A FREE SHOW, STOP STARING!” Midoriya felt a little embarrassed about all this but played along, he thought it was cute and a little fun too. They touched foreheads and just closed their eyes and became silent for a few loving moments. Then the Bakupack did their thing again. Bakugo lashed out once more, all while Midoriya was just loving how his full day went. Bakugo grabbed Midoriya’s hand and started to pull him away. As they walked past the pack, Bakugo slapped the bow onto Kirishima’s head.


Bakugo and Midoriya held hands while looking at a massive christmas tree out in a plaza. It took a lot of calming, as well as sex, to get Bakugo’s aggression out. Finally the two enjoyed the night, snowing, cold, but warm with one another.
“I love this day Kacchan”
“I love it to, Deku”
“I’m excited to see what’s going to happen with the rest of our lives”
“me too. The snow and stars are pretty tonight. Not as pretty as you though”
“that’s really cheesy but I love it”
“Well what the fuck did you want me to say? ‘your cutie when you have cum all over your face and begging for another load inside of you to start being my personal puppy mill?!’”
“okay no. I rather prefer the first one. The tree is so nice. I love all the lights”
“i love you loving the lights”
“I don’t want to make a constant chain, so I love us and end it with that”
“stupid fucking gift giving.”
“hey, let’s relax okay? I’m happy and that’s all that matters”
“yeah you’re right. Still that was supposed to be my special fucking gift. I wanted to be the one to have your first reaction.”
“i know you do, there’s going to be plenty of those in the future, this is just one of them”
“yeah alright.”
“speaking of fucking gifts”
“you NEVER curse, it’s this serious!?”
“yeah. I love you so much Kacchan”
“that’s your gift? I love you too Deku” Midoriya went closer and gently moved Bakugo’s hand onto his belly.
“it’s a very special gift”
“what? Your stomach?”
“what’s going to happen”
“what? Get stuffed full of food? My jizz?”
“jizz yes, but the gift might take about 9 months to arrive”
“what did you get fucked over by some shipping?!...wait….” Midoriya smiled innocently and with love
“I love you Kacchan”
“Wait...wait..are you saying...your..”
“oh fuck OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO DO?! WE AREN’T PREPARED FOR SHIT!” Midoriya started laughing hard at his mates reaction
“I’m kidding! Although I have your actual gift at home, and it’s not just extra special bonus sex”
“what’s special about it?”
“you’ll have to wait and seeee~.”
“okay, what’s the gift?”
“you’ll have to wait and see~”
“ugh fine!”
“ohh look the fireworks are starting!” the sky lit up, sounds boomed outwards, the flashes of light lit up the night. Various colors and images were created. Truly a romantic evening. Bakugo just made a ‘tst’ sound
“whatever. I can do that anytime.”
“not with colors and shapes”
“i love you”
“i love you too. I don’t want to have to keep repeating myself! I love the living shit out of you!”
“i know. Wow. you’ve really come a long way”
“from what?”
“from what you promised to change, to behave, to truly better yourself, just for me”
“huh, it has been a while hasn’t it?”
“I’m happy you’ve done so much in such a short time”
“only for you babe”
“You really are changing for the better”
“i still have a long way to go.”
“i know but I’ll be right here beside you the entire time. I’ll be your support”
“the thing that’ll help remind me why I’m doing this”
“I love that you’re doing this just for me, but I want you to feel like you want to do it for YOU. I don’t want you to blame yourself when something bad happens, for not being good enough for me. I want you to want to fix yourself because you want to willingly, not because you HAVE to. Does that make sense?”
“kinda. You lost me though”
“i want you to make yourself happy. Not just for me. But for yourself”
“huh, I guess I do. Whatever, I love you. FUCK you make me repeat myself!”
“i love you too”
“when we finish here, I want to give you a romantic dinner”
“aww thanks! I’d love that”
“Then after we’re all done and can relax for the night, I want to fuck your brains out and ruin you in our nest so much you won’t be able to function for the rest of your life. Then afterward cuddle together while watching some dumb movie until we fall asleep”
“i wouldn’t want it any other way. I love you”
“you don’t have to always reply”
“i love you”
“i love you”
“i love you”
“I LOVE YOU, SHUT UP!” they both laughed and hugged. The fireworks still going, the mood still wonderful, the night truly beautiful.

Chapter Text

Midoriya tossed around. He felt hot and horrible. He shook uncontrollably.


(I want to put a ra- pe T.W just In case. it’s very minor and simply mentioned, but still, also massive angst! Totally skip able if you want! it’s more just to set up the next scene, again, totally skip able, and T.W. I wrote another note like this to say the scene was over)









“NNONONONONONONO! PLEASE I’M S-SORRY! I PROMISE, I’LL BE BETTER KACCHAN! I WON’T DO ANYTHING BAD EVER AGAIN!” Midoriya struggled out of two guards grips as he was being pulled through a hallway. Over at the counter, Bakugo was signing forms, forms that ended his ownership. Midoriya was going to live in a sanctuary.
“PLEASE I DON’T WANT THIS! PLEASE PLEASE I’LL DO ANYTHING! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME!” Midoriya was nothing but a gross sobbing mess. He was trying to fight behind dragged away. The sharp prick in his neck. He started to feel woozy. Midoriya gasped out, trying to take as many deep as breaths as he could. He tried go struggle, run away, but his entire body was shutting down. The last few things he could focus on was Bakugo sneering at him, making a ‘tst’ sound with his tongue and saying
“fucking shitty Deku. I knew you were never good. Like you could ever be a hero.”
“pl...e..a..s.e…..please...” Midoriya’s body shut down one thing by one thing. He felt utterly numb. He couldn’t even see anything except blurry spots….



Midoriya woke up, a deep sudden shaky gasp. He looked around, he was in his nest. Except it wasn’t. He was in an omega home. The one omega outfit on him.
“nononononoon!” he tried to run, his legs still wobbling and wouldn’t move forward much. He tried to use his quirk but it just wouldn’t work. His fleeting memories of Bakugo looking at him, with such disgust. The one person he wanted to love, and receive love in return. He suddenly felt like Bakugo had broken him, made him become this rag doll. This broken husk of lifeless meat. He even took one for all away from him. Broken, dead, lost, worthless. that’s all Midoriya was now. He fell onto his knees, then collapsed, his face hot and heavy. The gross sobbing terrible mess came back. He wanted to crawl away, but he just couldn’t move. He couldn’t think. He wanted to die….


Midoriya sat at his little table. Looking at a bowl of food, or at least, what it was called. It was some sort of gray mush that had everything in it to be healthy. It was like the texture of vomit, something Midoriya had done earlier, simply out of pure fear and shock. A memory flashed. Faded and sluggish, but it was a bitter memory that he could focus on.

Bakugo had humiliated him. Midoriya had just been horribly, well, without a proper ‘yes’ to the situation, being surrounded by others outside. Midoriya, on his knees, weeping. Bakugo kicking him in the stomach. Calling him worthless. Useless. A stupid disgusting creature. He shouldn’t have ever been born. A male omega shouldn’t exist. He should have just faded into oblivion. No one around was trying to help him, everyone just walked past them. Ignoring the scene. Midoriya tried to call out for help, for ANYONE to help him. No one responded. The closest thing he got was someone looking at him like someone would a small child who peed themselves. Bakugo just kicked his ribs and spit on him. Midoriya’s entire body hurt, certain parts of him burned from rough handling.
“stop fucking existing!” Midoriya had fallen over now. No energy left in him. He just dry heaved now. His face burning from the pain of crying too much and just overall feeling like his body was being torn apart through his eyes.
“give it to me.”
“give me one for all.”
“because that’s all your good for. you’re NOTHING you don’t DESERVE IT. I’m going to take EVERYTHING away from you. You don’t deserve shit. I just wanted to break you. Make you worthless and weak. You don’t deserve to breathe the same air as I do. GIVE ME THE ONE THING THAT MAKES YOU HAVE SOME SMALL AMOUNT OF WORTH!”. A massive pain coursed through him like acid in his blood stream. He couldn’t fee anything anymore. Midoriya just felt numb. His eyes just stared at nothing as his head lay against cold cement.
“it’s mine. You have nothing left. So why should I keep you?. No one cares, see! No one cares! They can do as much as you can, jack shit! I drained you of the one thing that gave your life meaning. Now you’re just living meat, dead inside and rotting. I don’t want you. No one does. If they did, why don’t they come here, huh? Where are they? Cause I don’t fucking see them!. I could just kill you right now. No one would care. I’m just going to walk away. No, I’m dragging your ass to your favorite place.” Bakugo kicked Midoriya in the ribs again after finishing his sentence.

Midoriya snapped out of it as he heard a knock on his door. He wiped himself clean before getting up and opening it.
“hiii!” it was Midoriya’s only friend here. His pen pal. Midoriya just felt emotionless and shut down.
“i...i know living here isn’t...what you wanted...but...i can make you happy! I can show you around! Come on! I can make it fun! Did you finish eating?”
“I’m not hungry...”
“okay!..i...i know you and….I promise. As long as we’re here, I will help you forget all can make friends here! I have this other friend, she’s suuuper nice! you’ll love her!”


“-and over there is his house, he’s shy and he doesn’t really like to come out much, that’s okay though! I understand. Although I think it would get boring being all by yourself all the time”
“ohhh! Later they’re going to give us hot chocolate! I forgot to mention! Well I did now! it’s sooo goood! We only get it twice a year!”


Midoriya sat on his little couch. The silence was almost painful. All the pain would just wash back up the second he forgets about it. It won’t stop haunting him. He thought he was good. He thought his Kacchan loved him. He thought his friends would help. But they just weren’t there. The bruises on his ribs hurt terribly, but it was completely blocked out by the mental and emotional pain. This was his life now. To relive ever painful memory and moment in this prision for the rest of his life. That vulnerable feeling of being broken on the ground. No one to help him. His mate walking away from him. He took everything. Midoriya knew this would happen. He knew it. But he didn’t listen. He didn’t. Maybe he does deserve this. This was all his fault. His actions and choices all led up to this moment. His mate even took one for all. The thing that was supposed to be used for good. To help people. Now belonged to someone abusive and selfish. Midoriya failed the world. He failed all-might. He failed his school. He failed himself.

He wanted to die.



5 days. it’s been 5 days since he’s lived here. Every day, every second was the same. He still couldn’t feel anything, except this storm of mass numbness, along with the painful moments, all mixing and forcing his mind to not understand anything. The sanctuary reviewed his health and forced him to take a lot of medication. Sedatives and anti depressants. He mostly felt like a rag doll that could breathe and feel pain. His only friend had left him 2 days ago. He was suddenly 21 and left to his own alpha. Midoriya was all alone. Truly now. Left to just rot in his house. What was the point of all of this?. There wasn’t anything that could help him. He had the TV, but all it did was play an endless 20minute loop of the same ‘educational program’. Midoriya wasn’t even sure who he was anymore. Everything officially became blurry and useless. Just like he was. He hardly ate that entire week, he was loosing weight and the sanctuary was going to start forcing him to eat. The endless shudder of just accepting this life wouldn’t go away.


Midoriya felt a sharp pinch in his neck. He groaned and his world shifted and he opened his eyes. His head just couldn’t register everything, the sudden change, the heavy sleep, he panicked and rolled out of the nest crying. Bakugo woke up groggily from hearing his mate in distress
“d-dek-u..whas...wrng..” he looked over to see his mate heavily weeping, hugging his knees, tucked away in a corner or the room. Bakugo jolted awake from his alpha nature registering his mate in distress
“Deku wha-”
“get out!”
“GET OUT! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU WHY DID YOU HURT ME SO BADLY?! GET OUT AND STOP TAKING MY LIFE AWAY! I SHOULDN’T HAVE EVER BEEN YOUR MATE! GET THE FUCK OUT!” Bakugo’s mind couldn’t put together what he did to fuck up this badly. Did he somehow do something in his sleep?!




(OKAY! BACK TO THE STORY! For those that skipped it, Midoriya had a terrible nightmare of his worst fears, being abandoned and left at a sanctuary by Bakugo. Just to know what’s going on!)


Midoriya was so tired. He didn’t want to fall asleep. He couldn’t. He couldn’t bring himself to. He didn’t want to have that horrible nightmare again. He just held himself, he tried to bundle himself as much and as tightly as he could in his nest. He felt protected, only a little bit however. His brain couldn’t understand his mates scent. He remembers what he did to him, but his body also is telling him it was comforting. His head just throbbed in constant pain.



Midoriya shivered. He was across from Bakugo now, Bakugo was simply sitting in a chair while Midoriya was still bundled up in their nest. He was fully awake and remembered who he was and where he was and what his life was. His head couldn’t stop heavily replaying that dream over and over and over. Through heavy sobbing, he managed to get out the basics of the dream. Occasionally giving out details. Bakugo didn’t know what to say or do. He wanted to call all-might, thing is. It was currently 6am. Midoriya woke up at 4am. Two hours of absolute hell for him. Bakugo felt like a failure. He had no idea on how to help his omega. He was so in pain, Bakugo couldn’t fix it. He felt like his body was contorting in pain as his alpha instincts screamed at him to fix it! Help the omega! Stop this! Bakugo didn’t even want to utter a word. He didn’t want his Deku’s intense emotions to flare up and worsen from hearing his voice and having to relive the dream. He heard Midoriya start to talk in a shaky stuttering voice
“i-i-i d-don’t want you to lea-leave. I need you n-near me. B-b-ut I can’t ha-ve you t-touch me r-right n-n-ow. I don’t k-know how to fee-l.”

“is there….anything I could do?”
“i...i….i….” he went back to shivering and being silent…


Bakugo slept, or tried to, on the floor. He was given a pillow and a blanket. He didn’t want to ask for more. His arms were behind his head, he was half asleep. He was restless. His body can still smell and FEEL his mates distress. It wouldn’t stop panicking.

As is commonly know, alpha bodies react to their mates, surprisingly more than omega bodies react to alphas. While omegas became needy and submissive, scared and vulnerable, alphas felt protective, territorial, scared when their mates in distress. When an alpha feels like they can’t do any of these, for whatever reason, the bodies panic and start to go into overdrive, forcing itself to act so it can solve the problem. If its somehow getting to the omega, helping the omega, protecting the omega, etc. Alpha bodies don’t physically require an omega. They could live their whole lives without one. Omegas on the other hand. Their bodies LITERALLY can’t function without and alpha. Scenting and touching, protection, feeling love, the need for reproduction aka the maternal clock starts to tick, and overall just the need for an alpha’s presence, at least to an extent. The omega’s body can sustain itself on bare minimum, but to be completely healthy, it’s good to have a very constant alpha to interact with. It can be completely platonic, it could be romantic, it could be friendly, it doesn’t matter. As long as the omega gets its need of scent and touch, it can go on feeling healthy. Alphas who are friends with omegas, if they trust them, will happily do it, it’s harmless and meaningless, unless you want it to be more, other than that, it’s just like drinking water when you’re thirsty, needed but you don’t need to make a big deal out of it. To grind it down to it’s simplest form, scenting is just rubbing up against one another. Alpha and omega bodies will just naturally react to each others. Pheromones are released, tense muscles relax, a nice feeling of intense relief happens between the two of them, more so for the omega. Although the alpha won’t complain, their bodies feel good too. Scenting can technically be done at any given time, there’s nothing special or intense or life threatening, again, it’s just like drinking water, it’s good for you but not a big deal.

Society has made certain ‘actions’ mean different things. Such as for example, a SUPER mean thing to do is to scent your omega in front of another alpha that they’re talking to, maybe a rival or maybe someone the alpha just wants to go away. A biiig fuck you right up into your face. Still, body gestures make the meaning, so it’s not just anytime they do it in front of other alphas. Maybe they just want to do it lovingly and their friends are next to them, it doesn’t really have any mean or negative aspect to it. Another mean gesture is an alpha scenting a blanket or pillow or article of clothing, anything an omega would use really, and give it to them as a gift, when they have a rival competing with them. If the omega accepts it, It shows that the omega is accepting THEIR scent, THEIR affection, THEIR ability to provide. Showing that the other alpha is the inferior choice. When an omega let’s an alpha start to touch them, hugging and nuzzling them for example, it means that alpha is winning and showing who’s the better mate choice.

The small quiet voice of Midoriya broke the silence
“I’m sorry for how I am...”
“Don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault”
“it is.”
“no it’s not. We all have fears and terrible things we think about, it’s not our fault we have them, we can only deal with them and shit”
“i….i feel like every time I think I’m over this, I just go back to being afraid again, it just starts all over with a fresh coat of fear….”
“we can’t just overcome our nasty stuff instantly. It’s been a while now since I promise I’d change for you, I still have a hard time dealing with my own issues.”
“i know. that’s true. But you’re just so much stronger than me.”
“no, it’s the opposite, you’re strong than I am”
“you don’t let things get to you though” Bakugo started to laugh at that
“are you sure you remember who I am?” Midoriya giggled a little bit
“i guess so….will you come and just...hold me...”
“of course”…


It wasn’t a very comfortable sleep, but the two at least COULD sleep. They only managed to get in a couple hours before waking up. Midoriya laid on his back in his nest looking at the ceiling, contemplating his life, his choices, who he is, and just everything overall. How he got to this point in his life. Where he started from. How the road he’s travel been like.
“i think I figured out why it scares me so much”
“what is it”
“its the experience. I mean, clearly but, it just….my control. I don’t have control over the situation so it scares me more. Not being able to take care of yourself and decide things. Having others do it for you and control you. It hurts so much to think about but….i imagine myself WANTING it. Let me explain, when I CHOOSE something, I have control over it. I can stop or keep going whenever I want. At least on paper. Still it’s what I truly want, what I decide, and what I want to live through. If you forced me somewhere without my consent, without hearing my pleads. I would be terrified. If you asked me and wanted my opinion and if I felt like I wanted it and willingly CHOSE it, it doesn’t scare me. When I’m in control of my own actions without any outside sources influencing me, its so...well it’s a lot easier. it’s what I WANT, NOT what someone else forces me through. When I imagine me going to one on my own free’s horrifying but….it actually feels a lot better than being dragged away kicking and screaming. Does that make sense at all?”
“yeah it does. you’re afraid you can’t protect yourself because someone else is controlling you. When you CAN protect yourself and do what you want on your own free will, starting or stopping, going or leaving, it doesn’t scare you, because you know you can do what you want without worry”
“yeah!. I mean, if I didn’t want to go to a party and decided not to, I’d feel kinda bad about not going, but it’s nothing like what I’m talking about. Does that make sense?”
“yeah it does”
“Kacchan. I love you”
“i love you too. I’m never going to abandon you. I’d rather off myself than to force you to go to one of those shit holes, or anything resembling them”


“this… going to sound weird but…..i….want to ask you to do something”
“okay? What is it?”
“you won’t mind me asking right?”
“anything for you”
“...i want to watch you masturbate...with the fleshlight”
“is that doable?”
“yeah sure, not like this morning woods going down anytime soon anyways. I just want to know why exactly? I have no problem, just….kinda random to pop out after what you just said”
“it does have to do with it. I want to CHOOSE to do this. If I experience something while I’m fully aware and on my own free will then it will truly register to me that there’s nothing wrong. If I want to stop I do. I won’t you...because I know you’ll let me make my own choices and you won’t make me feel vulnerable”
“experience something while you’re fully aware and choosing to do so on with your own free will, making sure you understand you have control over yourself and no one else does”
“let me get him real fast”

(I’m really not feeling like writing it fully, or the next scene, sorry! D=)


Bakugo pumped himself with his toy. Midoriya watched him grunt and moan in pleasure. Occasionally sputtering out something along the lines of him ruining his Deku. The entire time Midoriya just watched, feeling a strange bit of comfort, and of course, being incredibly aroused. He would constantly moan into Bakugo’s ear and rub his chest, drag his tongue from his neck all the way to his ear.
“f-fuckin D-deku. Getting c-close”
“tell me right when you’re about to burst” Bakugo just nodded and bit his lip while Midoriya dragged his tongue across Bakugo’s neck up to his cheek.
“a-b-out to blow” Midoriya nibbled Bakugo’s neck a little until he decided to do something else. Bakugo was just a few moments away from finishing when Midoriya had his idea. He stopped Bakugo’s momentem and pulled the toy off, then stuffed his cock into his mouth and started to suck and pump.
“HOL-Y F-FUCK!” Bakugo growled out right before reaching his climax, currently being pumped into Midoriya who swallowed it down. Bakugo’s chest quickly rose and fell, one hand holding his head in a pleasurable surprise, while the other couldn’t help but rub and push Midoriya’s head down little by little, making his omega take more of his cock. A few good moments of swallowing, bobbing his head, and pumping the shaft. Midoriya slowly pulled it out, causing Bakugo’s body to shiver a bit, from the combination of pleasure, and the sudden shift of temperature, going from warm and wet, to cold and out in the open.

“w-what t-the f-fuck?!”
“ sorta...just...sprang to mind”
“s-shit-ty D-deku!”
“you had fun right? Well...” Midoriya moves and adjusts himself so he now sat down on Bakugo, the alphas dick twitched against Midoriya’s back
“i want you to fuck my brains out now. Just this….feeling that I’m in control of my own makes me feel….and I’m really horny now so...why not both?”
“f-fuckin D-Deku..”
“that’s what you’re about to do...”



Midoriya laid on Bakugo’s chest, purring into his neck
“thanks~ I feel a lot better actually. I feel calm”
“that all I made you feel?”
“you know what I mean”
“anytime. You made me feel pretty fucking good”
“I’m glad~”
“i just remembered.”
“we have to tell our parents I finally stepped up and did what I should have done years ago. Ugh, the old hag is going to have a field day with this, I just know it.”
“well, tomorrow we can go and ‘get it over with’ if you’d like”
“ugh. You.”
“did...i do something wrong?” Midoriya’s heart started to speed up, the dream still fresh on his mind. His fears began to rise up again. The sudden distress was picked up, causing Bakugo to try and soothe the situation with a gentle voice and touch. Rubbing Midoriya’s back
“shhh no. no need to worry. Relax. I only meant that every time you, as a subject, came up, my mom would yell at me to do what was right. Stop stringing you along and treating you-well, I don’t have to explain what you lived through. Anyways, so having you there with me, I can tell it’s gonna be hell. For me I mean”
“we don’t...have to go if you don’t want to”
“shhh. Relax okay? I’m never going to abandon you. you’re more likely to leave me than me leaving you….wait that doesn’t sound right….my point is, I’d rather die and keep you safe, then letting any of those assholes lay a finger on you. You will never go to any of those shit holes unless you absolutely need to, I promise.”
“thanks. Hearing that really does help”
“of course, anytime. Not just that, but remember what I said a while back, whenever you need to talk, pull me aside and we will, in private too if you need it. No matter where or what, we’ll stop and leave if it’s too much. I want you to be feeling safe and happy. I don’t care if I want to do something or not. you’re my mate. I want you to feel at ease and loved. NEVER feel like you’re going to make me mad or be nervous that you’ll interrupt our fun. I know you won’t abuse that, you’re not the type to constantly complain about every detail.”
“and don’t YOU forget about that either, what I said I mean, about needing to calm down”
“we’ll help each other”
“like we said before”
“well now we’re just repeating ourselves”
“i love you”
“i love you too”
“speaking of you, I DO want to go. I never want you to feel like I HAVE to do something for you. I WANT to. If you want to go somewhere and do something, but for some reason you would think I’d be angry about going, don’t. I want to take you there or do whatever.” after saying that, Bakugo kissed Midoriya’s head and nuzzled into his hair. He would never stop loving his mates scent, so soft and soothing. It always relaxed him and made him feel warm and fuzzy.
“i love you so much. God I swear you’re my own personal sedative...oh...i shouldn’t say that...”
“it’’s just a word, you don’t need to avoid saying it just to make sure I feel okay”
“i will, I am, because it’s scary. Oh shit speaking of scary, we need to hurry up and get ready for class. Shit.”
“at least this time it’s just a quick and small morning one”



the class was simple enough, just more basic things. Afterwards Kirishima talked to Bakugo and Midoriya, asking if he could borrow Midoriya for a bit
“what for?”
“i need your help with some omega stuff, there’s a lot I don’t understand and BOOM! I have you! So it’s like my own personal cheat sheet!”


so now Kirishima and Midoriya sat together in Kirishima’s room.
“-okay so this one. ‘what to feed an omega’, so like, do you have some special food I need to get?”
“pfft no! Ugh. So ridiculous. there’s NOTHING different between what you and I eat. They just want to make sure we only eat ‘healthy’ stuff. So we’re not allowed to eat ice cream or pop corn or junk food like chips. it’s stupid, just say the answer and ignore it afterward.”
“that really is stupid. Okay next question, ‘if an omega is feeling stressed and needs aid. Which should you do?
A. let them figure it out themselves by giving them time and space
B. having them lay down in their nest and not leave until they are no longer emotionally vulnerable
C. be as physically affectionate as possible even if they think they don’t want it
D. put them somewhere safe and away from all noises and people until they’ve calmed down enough to solve the issue
I’m totally stumped”
“those are all horrible!”
“well ONE of them is the correct answer, any help? Or hints? Like what would you prefer out of all of these”
“none! No one should be treating it like this!. So it’s: ignore us, keeping us in our nest until WE ‘figure it out’ instead of just fixing the problem, grope us even if we say no, or making US feel bad because WE’RE ‘removed’ from what’s going on, forcing us into some random spot until we’re the ones who’ve calmed down enough. Ugh, I knew this was bad but I honestly didn’t think it was THIS BAD. No wonder there are so many shitty people out there. Well, at least they truly want to help. Like you.”
“i...I sorry...i don’t want you to think I’ll act like some asshole who thinks he knows what to do”
“no, no, I know you wouldn’t. you’re smarter and better than to do anything like that. Although I do need to be honest with you”
“thanks, I really want to do my best, okay! Always hit me with honesty!”
“i think you might not get one”
“oh...why? Is it my breath? Or my hair? Or the way I dress?”
“no, none of that, you’re fine with all of that. it’s how you are”
“huh...explain...please?...I’m not mad! I’m just worried”
“well, everyone has their own preference. I really like you, you’re a great friend! But to another, they might not like you. Let me explain deeper. When we went on the day I had to...well yeah...we walked around, everyone was scared and felt vulnerable. And that’s with you just being quiet. you’re loud, playful, intense. it’s great! But….well, it doesn’t mix well with someone who’s going to be shy, scared, skittish, vulnerable, and overall just be somewhere quiet and safe, where they feel relaxed and feel comfortable because they’re used to it or something along those lines. When I get stressed, I want to be in my nest. With Kacchan of course, but you understand my meaning. So, if you really do want one from a sanctuary, you have to learn how to be calm, slow, gentle, and quiet. At least at first, then when they start to open up more and feel better, that’s when it’s going to be easier being yourself, well your rowdy side at least. Like I said, you’re a great guy, but you just need to tone it down a bit at first, don’t be someone else, just be yourself, but, toned down. Sorry if I’m being rude”
“no way! you’re not being rude! you’re being a good friend and telling me the truth, yeah it’s kinda ouch but now I know what to work on”
“when you do get someone, they’re going to be really lucky. I know you’ll take good care of her and keep her feeling the best she can feel. So I guess, B. it’s the lesser evil”
“cool, thanks for all this, it’s REALLY helping me! Oh sorry, really helping me”
“well you don’t need to start right now! Although it’s really thoughtful of you”
“thanks. Oh uh, hey since we’re talking about, owning. Uh, this is gonna be kinda awkward but, I’m going to own you, I mean mated!. Let me explain! Well, we, pack, Iida and Uraraka, all talked and decided I would be the one. Only I’m training, Uraraka of course will try her best, but alphas have the ‘right away’ as you know. You want to be owned by a male, mated! Sorry, and you know daaaam well Bakugo would NEVER allow Iida to get you. So, that comes down to me, WHICH I’M HAPPY! don’t get me wrong! I’m just kinda worried...”
“that’s really sweet of you, thank you, yeah you’re right, most likely you’re going to be my mate. What has you worried?”
“well...i..okay I would NEVER abandon you! But I just….well...i...want my own actual mate. I want a wife and pups in my future. I want a family. Well with you...i...won’t really be able to”
“don’t worry! I'll let you knock me up and you can have the pups you want! I trust you to be a good dad”
“of course!”
“phew! Okay”
“well, legally you will have to breed me at least once a week. You also legally have to get me pregnant, at least once. Since, omegas need to have at least one pup throughout their lives. Well, I hope you’re not a selfish lover”
“uh...i….wait seriously?! I mean I know the pup thing… offense but...I’m not into dudes, well you know that...okay uh..maybe if you’re...bent over...and you’re in heat….and I just focus on your long hair...maybe you could make girly noises for me?”
“I’M KIDDING! Wow you’re blushing so much! More than whenever Kacchan flirts with me! All-might never touched me, remember?”
“that was a joke?! Ohhh yeah, God I was freaking out!”
“well no need to. Well don’t worry, if for whatever reason Kacchan does pass away, or for some reason, I’m legally taken away, then you don’t have to worry about me! Silly, we NEVER have to have sex! Although I would have to do the pup thing, but I can do that anytime, and technically with whoever, just as long as I have at least one. About your wife though, I promise I’ll be the best one!”
“that’s a joke too, right?”
“haha yeah it is. Well, believe it or not, but alphas are legally allowed to have as many omegas as they want”
“whoa I could have my own harem!”
“that’s….really offensive actually”
“oh shit I’m sorry! I was joking!”



“Don’t worry, I knew you were, but I just want you to know that. So yeah, you could have your wife and family, I’d just be like the step mom or something”
“haha! that’d be funny, plus she wouldn’t be so afraid outside, since you could be with her and stuff”
“yeah, I actually really want to do that, or something along those lines, one day. Being able to comfort others”
“i want to do that too”
“i know you do, which is why she’s going to be very happy and thankful. And don’t worry, I WILL meet and comfort her, whenever she needs it”
“another great benefit for having you as a resource! OH SHIT I DIDN’T MEAN IT LIKE THAT”
“hahaha it’s fine! I get what you actually meant, yeah, I’m your cheat sheet” Kirishima set down his pencil, and nervously asked while rubbing the back of his head
“hey...i...need to ask something...kinda dark”
“okay, uh, sure”
“if it’s not cool to talk about then we can stop, I won’t get mad”
“okay, it’s no problem”
“well, yesterday, I saw the cutest little face you made when Bakubro was boning your brains out” Midoriya’s face became hot and red as quick as could be
“hahaha! I’m kidding!”
“look, I PROMISE I didn’t see anything. The only things I saw really were Bakubros angry face, and a bunch of sheets and blankets”
“okay..i...believe you”
“well, we can talk about this later, if you want, I was just trying to lighten up the mood a little. Okay, time to be serious..uh...well…...why are there abusive relationships? I mean for omegas and alphas. I hear about it, you talk about it, I see things. I just….why? Omegas are allowed to leave any second, so...why stay?”
“oh…..yeah that is a mood killer…..well… be honest….it’s better.”
“better than what?”
“the few omegas who actually live outside of those places, well, we learn just how big of a difference there is. it’s horrible on the inside, and a lot of times….we just prefer to ‘roll with the punches’ rather than be forced into one. Yeah there’s omegas who leave of course, but a lot of us...just...want to stay outside. At least we can breathe. We can see others. We can walk around and just….live. it’s horrible. But it’s the lesser evil.”
“if….you….were in one...”
“i wouldn’t want to leave. that’s actually how a lot of my childhood and teens were. I was beat up on. Yelled at, messed with. Most of it was Kacchan. Still. I didn’t want to be trapped. I would rather deal with it than to just be sent away. it’s easy to hide bruises and tear filled eyes. That or living at one of those places for who knows how long. I would just take what I had to take. And well, years later, everything happened, and here I am”
“I’m so sorry about all of that...I’m sorry for bringing this all up”
“no, it’s fine really. I’m happy you did”
“wait why?”
“it just...helps me embrace it?….i….had this nightmare last night….it’s really intense. It goes along with what we’re talking about. Hearing me say my experience out loud, it makes me feel a little better. I dunno, some sort of therapy probably. Well, in any case, it does help”
“sorry, I really don’t know what to say. I’m always here for you”
“i know you are. Thank you”
“i get really upset when others bully people who can’t defend themselves. Hearing and seeing stuff about omegas….it really upsets me. I really wish I could just DO something. I feel like I can’t”
“you’re doing great right now. No one can really do anything more than they can at this very second in this room. you’re learning, you have such a good heart, I know you’re going to help others out. Not just with hero stuff, but omega stuff too.”
“so….if… omega gets bruised up….and they’re sent there….what happens next? Can someone just take them?”
“no. not really. If that happens, they have to go through this whole process. Medical checkups, therapy, a lot of stuff. Then afterwards, they’re ‘up for grabs’. They just have to live there until they get mated. Then they get to leave”
“i remember hearing that one lady at the place when you had to do your check up ask if we were there to make a claim. How does that all work?”
“ah, that’s sorta easy, but sorta complicated? To make it simple. You put your information into their system. Blood type, looks, name, quick, etc. then YOU get to ask about preferences. Do you want someone to have blonde hair, do you want a specific type of quirk, do you want male or female or whatever you want, do you want a specific height and weight, that sort of thing. Then you get a number in the system. When an omega that has all that is available, you just get them. Automatically, we don’t get to even say hi before we’re just legally given to you. Then you just walk out the door with us and leave. And that’s it. We don’t get any information or anything. Some are terrified about the unknown and not wanting to be dragged away, others are grateful that they can leave asap, and then there’s some in between.”
“just...given? So you just wake up one morning, just taken to the entrance and leave with whoever?”
“yeah pretty much”
“wow...that’ I couldn’t imagine just being owned-MATED by some rando who I’ve never even seen before. Then you just head out and live life?”
“so, what if the alpha breaks off the whole mate stuff, like, is everything the same?”
“yeah pretty much. Thing is, you just sorta ‘return’ us. Like a book for a library. You just tell them you’re done with us, for whatever reason. And they take us back. you’re asked if you want someone else, and if you do, then the whole process is up and running again”
“who the hell would, return a person?!”
“a lot of people. Most of the time it just means they don’t want us anymore because they don’t like us. Maybe we looked pretty, wasn’t very ‘interested’ in having sex, then returned. You don’t legally even HAVE to give a reason, THAT’S optional. You just take them, go in, say you’re done, then they take the omega away.”
“fuck. I really don’t want this to freak you out, and I NEVER will. But just hypotethically, if for whatever reason I have to...what would happen to you?”
“well, you’d bring me there. Actually, you wouldn’t need to, no one needs to”
“they don’t?”
“no, if you don’t want to, can’t or whatever reason, bring us there. They send a van to come pick us up. You just sign a small form and that’s it. You can LITERALLY just get a new omega THAT DAY if you wanted.”
“so you’re LITERALLY someone!?’
“you don’t get ANY information about the other person you’re going to be own-mated to?!”
“nope. Not a word. Just take you to them, and leave. Although you actually do have to physically be there to pick us up, we’re not a delivery service”
“fuck. When I get my omega, will you please be there with me? I just...i don’t want her freaking out and having a panic attack the second she sees me. Having you there, you can vouch for me and help calm her, right?”
“i promise, I will be, and yeah! I could do that no problem, I’d love to help another omega try to adjust to the outside world, if they haven’t been there already”


“okay so, if an omega gets returned, and then they get a new mate, then what?”
“well, they live life”
“what if they get returned again?”
“same process”
“so someone could just go through a shit ton of mates?”
“it hurts to think about. Being returned because they don’t love you anymore, or something just doesn’t work out. Then you get a new mate, same thing happens. You start to think YOU’RE the problem. it’s YOUR fault you aren’t loved. Then you become depressed and a whole lot of stuff. It really does hurt. To just feel like you really are just some object no one wants. we’re people, just like anyone else. The world doesn’t treat us like that though”
“i really don’t know what to say to that”
“it’s okay, it’s not like there’s one simple easy answer. that’s why there are a lot of protesters, it’s kind people like you that want to help change the world. You see that we matter and are living and breathing and just want a life..”
“so, some jackass who believes ‘this is the proper system, it’s for your own good, it’s to save the world’ just makes sure it keeps happening? Wow.”


“look I’m super sorry for bringing all this up. Everything got heavy and painful. And here I was just wanting to know if I should give an omega a blue towel or a red one” Midoriya giggled at that
“yeah, at least there are really simple things. Oh and just, another thing, you know how vulnerable we can get, how alphas can just...turn us into puppets? Well that’s something to worry about, not you! I know you’d never do anything like that! But, I just want you to know, omegas can become really stressed and submit easily. Another way we’re taught not to leave whatever courtship we have. A lot of alphas just see us as something to have sex with, something to clean up after them, cook for them, just do everything for them. Just useful objects who can’t be loved. I had this friend, emphasis on ‘had’, who was returned 4 times. He had a highly low fertility rate, when he just couldn’t start a family, he was abandoned. He hated himself, and started to try to force himself to be better, more useful so someone would actually want him for the first time in his life. He tried becoming a better chief and home keeper, he learned how to do a lot of art’s and crafts to make things nice around the house, he learned how to sew and knit, making little things for his alphas. Always saying thank you and bowing, even for the smallest of things. He got up really early in the morning, always cooked food for his alpha, dinner, kept everything spotless, every single corner for everything, he cleaned. He even tried to learn how to be better at sex, he tried his best to just… better at everything. They still didn’t want him. The first was some terrible guy who just wanted him so he could brag to his friends how he has his own male omega, then when the alpha got bored with him, he was returned. Then another alpha, didn’t like his cooking. And was returned. Just because they didn’t like his cooking. The third was a bit too...grabby grabby….he didn’t feel comfortable, he was hurt whenever he said no. the alpha was fed up, and he was returned. The last one, he really didn’t talk about him, but from what he did say, the alpha let his friends...well….be with him….for his amusement. they’d literally make bets on whatever, the winner of the bet got to do whatever they wanted to him for a whole day. Then, they got bored with him because he wasn’t ‘entertaining’ them anymore. He wasn’t ‘interesting’ anymore. Then before he was fully returned. he..well….he’s not around anymore.


When someone has that kind of life for YEARS, it really doesn’t make you feel good. It makes you hopeless. He tried so hard for everything, and he just wanted to be loved and have a family and settle down. He told me one of his favorite things was to watch and feed ducks. Sitting on some park bench, just relaxing and letting the world go by. So now whenever I see ducks or anything like that, I remember him a little bit. He died years ago. Still. I miss him. We weren’t the best of friends, I mean, we really knew each other and talked a good amount, but it’s not like we were like how Uraraka and I am. Then again, he was always far away and we were both busy a lot, so we could only catch up from time to time. Still. Sometimes when Kacchan goes out and does his thing, he rescues and helps a lot of omegas from super terrible places. He lies to me about it, just saying basic things, hes helping them and they’re safe. But I know what actually happened, well sometimes. I hear him talk when he thinks I can’t hear him or anything. Well, let’s make this a lot lighter! I think it’s enough sadness for one day, I sometimes do wonder who my alpha would have been if Kacchan never stepped up, or any reason really that I never got one. They lady at the counter said he looked nice, but I’m pretty sure she always says that about everyone”
“hey so, why can’t omegas be with omegas? I mean like, I know there’s a lot of ‘legal’ rules, but like, you can’t own each other?”
“nope, that’s a big nono. it’s just some dumb thing that would ‘break the system and ruin it for everyone’. Ugh. Whatever. Oh, one tiny last thing, and it’s the next thing on your test, I saw it. The answer to the question is to just let us try it for ourselves, without pushing”
“huh?...OH...wait I don’t get it. It just says when you can’t make a decision, what should the alpha do?”
“well, a lot of omegas can’t think for themselves, for whatever reason. A lot of alphas ‘train us’ to listen and follow their rules. They legally are allowed to. So maybe an alpha wants us to dress a specific way, or even use a certain type of toothpaste!. A lot of the time, the omega gets broken down, they can’t think for themselves after a long ‘exposure’ to that. So, if that ever happens, let them try to decide. I have another friend-ish. I met her through my friend, the one you went into his house and met, anyways she was a really bad mess. Abusive alpha, she wasn’t really used to the outside world, really bad combo. So when she did have another mate, he would ask her what she wanted, and it was like asking an algebra question. So for you, if you ever encounter anything like that. Wait for an answer for a bit, if the omega starts to stress out on it, just say it’s good to try something. So gently get one thing or whatever, and let them ‘re learn’ that they get to be their own person. They aren’t some doll to dress up or to play with.”


“geez, toothpaste!? Wow. Alphas really are assholes aren’t we?” Midoriya suddenly started to laugh hard. It really took him by surprise
“huh, I’m kinda curious about Iida. He has his license and all that, but he’s suuuper ‘by the book’ well I don’t have to tell you about the guy we’ve been around for years now. So, like with these ‘single answer multi choice’ questions, I’m going to assume he just does it”
“yeah, he really did for a long time. Actually, it was funny, one time Uraraka tried to ‘force’ me to eat this one kind of ice cream. I said I didn’t want to try, she kept pushing it, just a dumb playful thing, anyways Iida went BALLISTIC! He was our friend, but still, rules are rules. Two things that shouldn’t happen to omegas. Having something forced onto them, and eating junk food. But throughout the years, I opened his eyes and he learned that not everything is black and white. OH another super funny time, so, this was early on in our friendship, like super early on. So there I am, eating this bag of chips, the kind that are ultra unhealthy. He walks over and asks me to stop for my personal health. He did it kindly of course, buuut I felt like messing with him. So I just look him in the eye and slowly eat chip after chip. You could CLEARLY see he was trying to figure out how to handle the situation. He can’t man handle me, so he can’t just take my chips away. He isn’t my alpha so he’s legally not allowed to tell me to stop. Buuuut as a ‘proper alpha’ he has to make sure omegas eat a healthy diet so we don’t, well, die. He asks me again, really asking me, trying to make this unhealthy choice stop.

So I start eating faster, he panics, thinking HE’S the one making me do this, which I guess technically he is, so now he’s trying even harder to ‘aid the situation’. So I have to have ooonneee last laugh. I offer the bag of chips to him, he takes it. Then after like, a second, I start to pretend to cry, saying how he just ‘deprived me of food’. Once again, he’s super in panic mode, not knowing what to do. He can’t just deprive me of food, buuutttt it’s un healthy buuuttt he’s not my alpha buuutttt he can’t just sit by and do nothing. His brain looks like it’s about to have a melt down, trying to process the current situation and run simulations of every possible outcome. Anyways I decide to end his torment and laugh, he looks like his entire life was a lie and it was just some movie the entire time (get the reference?) I tell him I was just kidding and not to panic over dumb stuff like that. I think that was one of the very first few times he started to realize life isn’t just yes or no. well, one more mind changed!”
“that… so fucking funny! I wish I was there!...speaking of funny….so….we joked about me knocking you up haha pup stuff. But since you DO need to have one, I wouldn’t technically have to be the biological dad?”
“nah, it could come from anyone, hell I could just go to a sperm bank if I wanted to”
“what about dating? Like, I ow-am mates with you, but like, I really want you to feel love and be happy and have your own dude”
“well, easy, like with all-might and Kacchan, you just hand me over. it’s terrible that the process is so simple, but that’s how it is”
“oh good, I was afraid you’d ‘technically’ have to go behind my back”
“haha nope!”
“i guess that would technically make me a cuck huh?” Midoriya laughed hard enough to where he had to grip his sides
“what?! It technically would be true!”
“i mean yeah!”
“would Bakugo be bakucuck?”
“cuckchan?” Midoriya is literally on the floor now. At least everything was nice and light again


The two finished up and said their goodbye’s, truly was a very emotional teaching session. Midoriya came into his dorm room to see Bakugo grumbling and moving the various parts of the nest around
“cuc-kacchan...ugh now I can’t stop thinking about it” Midoriya started to giggle again. After closing the door behind him and still not being noticed, he decided to walk up to his alpha and start nuzzling and purring into him
“oh fuck sorry I didn’t notice you”
“it’s alright. What are you doing?”
“i can’t find the dam fleshlight.”
“well. That was...not expected”
“what?! I need to find the dam thing!”
“yeah that’s true I guess….so, later I was thinking of calling my mom, tell her the good news that we’re together, she will most likely call your mother”
“ugh. Hag. Not your mom, your mom is too sweet to exist. Somehow you’re just as sweet, if not sweeter. God being around you both at once is like a passive aura. Well, at least she knows how to keep the hag happy and off my balls”
“those belong to me now”
“yes they do. Well, guess we need to get it over with. Not that I’m not proud and happy that I’m your mate, but because once we finally say it, I can hurry up and go through the hell that will be met for me”
“well, she always has loved me, I know how to keep her calm”
“fuck. You honestly can. What is with you and your mom? You both could calm down a god dam warlord. Shes always loved you since we were kids”
“she always was so sweet, I remember she would always offer me something sweet, like a little snack or something, every time I went over there as a kid”
“pft. She treated you better than me”
“aww no she didn’t”
“she did! You were too god dam adorable to even think a nasty thought to! Hell you’re still too fucking cute. Ugh god, she hated how I treated you so god dam much.”
“yeah, when you weren’t around she would go fucking ballistic on me. Stringing you along, being a dick to you, not stepping up, just using and abusing you. That kind of thing”
“if she didn’t like it, how come she didn’t make you quit?”
“she told me that I had to get my act together and you would help me, like what Aizawa said, only you could calm my crazy ass down. You always did. Except when you went into heat, hooolllyyy fuuuuucccckkkkk you drove me crazy. I was fighting the urge to just call your cute ass over and just PUMMEL you into my bed. Or that I would blast your door down and just rut you into your nest so hard you couldn’t walk for the next two days. Shit I thought I was some big shot back then. I honestly felt like I could just knock you up whenever I felt like it, have you be a sweet little mommy for me, we’d live some place nice and private. Although it was more like keeping you all to myself, making sure no one else could contact or just be around you. I was OBSESSED with you when I got horny, or just in general, but waaayyyy more when I was horny. I just wanted to fuck 20 pups into you. I’m so fucking glad I don’t think like that anymore. I….still do...i just…..i HATE when someone else is just NEAR YOU. You know what I mean and how I am. you’re helping me sooo much. Just to calm down. Fuck, just burying my face into you, your god dam warm soft scent. You straight up melt me. And when you start to purr, I feel like I want to stop any kind of violent thoughts from happening ever again. I really really really REALLY want to stop OBSESSING over you! Why do I feel this way?! Why do I just can’t stop thinking about...well...YOU!. I’m sorry about that little rant”


“it’s alright. I understand. you’re getting so much better kacchan, you don’t even realize it. You really are improving so much! I love you so much! you’re being wonderful. Everything takes time and all that stuff”
“yeah….i just...wish I could STOP. Like, I could finally fucking calm down for once”
“well, you will. Just keep this up, I know you will”
“yeah you’re right. we’re each others rocks”
“we are”
“think you could be a bit playful right now? I really want to see you again~”
“well, if my little omega needs his alpha, how can I say no?. You gonna suck me off this time?”
“maayyybeeee. I like to see you work yourself up. Allll for me. I like teasing you in a way. Mmmhhh...big daddy Kacchan~”
“well, big daddy huh? I think I like that”
“mmhh...will big daddy Kacchan be playful with me~?”
“he will. One day, I want to do te opposite. I want to watch YOU play with YOURSELF”
“that’s fair”
“let’s get cozy”
“after all this we can deal with figuring out tomorrow”
“sounds good!”