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The Conquest

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The flame flickered upon its wick as its owner took her seat at her desk. With a delicate hand, she reached for her quill, perfect sheets of parchment before her begging to be documented upon. Moonlight shone in through her window and she looked towards it with a smile as it bounced off the rocky surface and into her face. The sun’s rays were most welcome on the planet. She dipped her quill into its thick liquid and brought the sharp tip to a blank world waiting to be filled with letters.

It was the year 2112AC (alliance centered) that is to be greatly remembered in the history book as the birth of the greatest power in the known galaxy. It was upon this date in the sixth month that a new star had been born and the planets of the Milky Way Galaxy all aligned for the first and only time of the century. It was this moment, in the birth of a great new power that the planets had been drawn to a single point in the galaxy, lining up one right after the other in recognition of the power that would soon rule them all. It was in this alliance that a great prophecy was soon made that the star born would again bring the planets into full alignment for centuries to come.
To give one background on this great event would be to travel twelve years prior to the ascension of the honorable Selenity to the throne of the envied Moon Kingdom that rested on the fourth planet of the solar system the Moon. Birthed from the goddess of the Moon, Selene, she was praised as a woman of tradition and elegance who led her people with love and gave prosperity to all who would take her hand. Granted with the power of the goddess she possessed a crystal with the purest form of power that only her birthright could yield. Its power was feared and respected as the greatest in the universe for no one feared to cross it and none could possess it. Single-handedly she helped rebuild the torn worlds of the system that had been devastated by their god counterparts who’s only remaining fragments where they’re left behind children. She gave them the power they needed to once again rebuild their worlds, healing their scars and creating stable monarchies throughout the system. She soon brought them in an alliance that would protect them from any outsider and nurture them as the true heirs to the galaxy. Through this Alliance, it was unanimously voted upon by its members to make Selenity the Queen over the Galaxy. In the year 2105AC Selenity was made Advisor and Queen to the planets of the Alliance, hailing her as the most powerful creature in the galaxy. Over time the only two that had not joined in her Alliance where the rogue planets Earth and the Sun who proved throughout the ages to stand alone as others had forged and broken alliances.
The Sun was a feared planet of magical powers for no mortal human or alien could live on the planets destructive and flaming surface. Its people were passionate and impulsive adventure seekers who dwelled in peace among themselves and others and they possessed a grand army of disciplined magicians who were hidden deep within the sun. Its private planet was ignored throughout the centuries yet glowed like a giant beacon as Lord of the galaxy, the moon being its second counterpart separate and equally powerful. In the year 2109AC the King of the sun, birthed from the god Apollo, met and despite surprising contrasts fell in love with the Queen of the Moon. Through their love was created a marriage that brought the only alliance of the Sun and the Moon ever recorded in our history. It was a love that had proved to break boundaries and the sun happily embraced its new Queen even though she would never step upon their land for even her powerful body could not survive. It was the only time recorded in history where the sun warriors had forgotten their prejudices and given into planetary peace and it was a decision wisely made.
The earth stood alone as the mortal inhabitation divided into sections with their own small rulers and governors all dominated by one Monarch family. Prejudice and Prideful it disregarded any other planet and lived amongst themselves wishing no alliance or enemy with anyone claiming neutrality as a mask of defense. Having mere mortals the gods had felt pity for the Earth and granted their chosen monarchy powers derived from the precious soil of their world and gave to it four solitary protectors called The Generals who possessed powers not known to the planet. To this monarch run by King Duucan a son was born in 2109AC as the single and sole heir to the throne and prophesied future protector forever bound to the land, he was born in. Endymion marked the new beginning of an old prejudice kingdom yet no one would realize that until he changed his world.
It was also in the year 2109AC during the great marriage celebration of King Fergal of the Sun to Queen Selenity of the Moon that the first child of the alliance was born to the distant world of Pluto. Controlled by the spinning wheels of time the new granddaughter to Chronos had his blood flowing through her veins claiming her as the new guardian to the Time Gate when she was old enough to assume it. Her birth was greatly celebrated and welcomed by Selenity as the start of their new beginning.
Yet it was the year 2112AC that would most be remembered as it marked the birth of the Inner and Outer Courts as well as the undying star. It was in this year that the planets Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune gave birth to new stars and powers in the form of daughters. Blessed by Selenity they were given the powers of their ancestors to become guardians to the galaxy and the royal families of the worlds. It was during this year as I stated before that the planetary alignment occurred drawing all ten planets lined one right after the other with the Moon as the leading star. It was in this alliance that a great surge of power had erupted sending each planet on a specific course around the galaxy. Before each planet save Earth, whose course had always been constant, was decided on a whim by the rulers and gods. It was the birth of a new ruler that had placed every planet on their alignment where they would remain for eternity.
It was in this year that Selenity gave birth to her only child Serenity. The daughter of the sun and moon. Throughout her labor, the planets remained still waiting in their alignment as their Queen struggled through the hard agony of childbirth. Even the earth had stood still behind the moon during this monumental period. The child was born and on her first cry a power erupted from the room that sent each planet on their way as the symbol of the goddess Selene and the Moon shone with bright glory upon the new heir to the throne.
It was this power that drew me from my planet and galaxy to come and fulfill my duty to the heir of a galaxy. I was a gift from the planet Mau and arrived shortly after the first cries of Serenity happily echoed through the marble walls of Selene’s great castle. She was the newborn hope of the nations. The child of peace and undying love birthed to the most powerful rulers in the universe.
And that was the importance of the year 2112AC.
It marked the beginning of the new Era.