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Jordan’s head was still spinning as the Normandy docked on Omega. He’d been dead for two years, his sister had gone missing, and the reapers were back through a proxy species called the collectors. I die and everything goes to shit he thought as he stepped down the boarding platform with Lawson and Taylor in tow. Most of that he could deal with. It was Kaya that had him worried. He had no idea what the hell had happened to her and he’d be damned if he left her to fend for herself again. He bulldozed his way through the docks, picking up Zaeed Massani with an unnecessary amount of drama before sending Jacob back to guard the ship and meeting with Aria T’Loak.

His usually peaceful demeanor was shot through by a simmering, brotherly rage as he walked towards Afterlife, a rage that was momentarily unleashed on a shit talking batarian in the lobby. His entire body radiated a “fuck off” vibe as he approached the Asari’s throne room prompting her bodyguards to level their guns at the space between his eyes. He barely caught the look of surprise on the mob boss’ face before she grinned ear to ear. “Hello Shepard,” she sneered. “Why don’t you sit so we can chat a while?”


Kaya was starting to come down off of another stimpak when she heard the receptionist page both her and Mordin. She barely made it out of her chair before her coworker leveled her with a stare and said, “Stay here. Possible combatant. Need to make sure the patient continues to breathe for the next few minutes while the anesthetic sets in.” She nodded at him wordlessly and started to keep an eye out when she heard something that made her swear she was hallucinating.

She called over an assistant and rushed out to find someone she thought gone forever. As she looked him up and down she felt her exhaustion mix with the shock and fell to her knees.

“Kai?” he asked bewildered. “Kai is that you?” Jordan rushed forward to his sister as she collapsed. Solus got there first to catch her and called an orderly.

“Doctor Johnson has reached peak exhaustion and needs rest immediately. Take her to her quarters and make sure she gets it. Avoid using any stimulants for twenty-four hours. Needs to detox from stimpaks. Working too hard.”

The Commander’s head whipped back and forth between the Salarian and his sister as she was carried away. “What do you mean about stimpaks? Is she working here?” he asked.

“Yes. The doctor was the first to really set up this clinic. Came a few months after and joined as partner. We’ve been together through the quarantine to handle patient needs.”

Jordan logged it all away as the salarian continued on, “From appearance alone and rarity of genetic occurence in hair and eyes can assume you are her sibling. Figured she was here on false name. Never pried further. Are you here for her? No. Too surprised. Military. Not alliance. So fringe group. Maybe-”

“We’re with Cerberus,” Jordan interjected as he snapped back to the mission at hand. “The collectors are hitting colonies and may be working for the reapers. We need your help. Finding Kaya here was a total surprise.”

“I see. Could go with you but need something in return. Must introduce cure to the ventilation systems of the district. Can’t make it there alone. Assistant tried to go out. Couldn’t stop him. Might still be alive. Do this and we’ll talk.” With that, Mordin turned to care for his patients and Jordan set off putting his questions aside for when he got back.