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Transformer Prompt Fills

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Down the halls the echoing sound of pedes repeatedly landing against the floor was heard by anyone unfortunate enough to be nearly trampled by the running mech. A blur of blue and a rushing wind greeted those minding their own business, leaving them dazed and dizzy surrounded by scattered data pads. 

“Sorry!” Blurr called out before taking a sharp turn, anyone he passed only an obscurity of colour. However they were no matter to him as he reached his destination, nearly smacking into a door that barely had enough time to open for him. 

“Holy fragging Primus! Blurr!” Wasp exclaimed, jumping and grabbing over his spark chamber. 


“Wha-Wasp is working!” 

“I’ll be quick, I promise.”

“Fine, but Blurr has work too.” He reminded with a sigh, accepting a peck from the speedster. “So, what does Blurr need?”

“I-just-needed-to-let-you-know-I-love-you.” The aforementioned mech replied, sneaking another quick kiss. 

“…Blurr ran all the way to Wasp for that?” Wasp asked, barely able to hide how touched he was below a thin layer of exasperation. 

“Yes-but-like-you-said-I-have-work-to-do.” Blurr said, earning himself a look.

“Welllllll,” Wasp started. “Since Blurr is already here, Wasp take break.” He pushed up onto the tip of his pedes and gave the other mech a proper kiss. “Wasp loves Blurr too.”