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Don’t Trust A Demon

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Hunk hasn’t seen natural sunlight in years. All he’s used to now is the dimmed lights that hang low and sway without any wind. He has been accustomed to the rusty creaks they make and the constant moist dirt in his cage as it always smells of blood. How long has he been in here, years? It’s long enough to give his moms each a heart attack. But not even he can escape this cage, lined with metal bars that have demon repulsing runes. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t tried though.

“Huuuuuunk, what day is it?”

His anger manages to bubble slightly in his stomach. “I wouldn’t know, Lance. Can you use your fae magic and talk to the dirt and ask it or some shit?”

He hears rustling in the cage in front of him, but makes no attempt to look over.

“I’ll have you know that fae magic is precious and should never be ridiculed by the means of someone like you!”

Hunk laughs and manages to lie down in the cage, only able to do so with his whole body scrunched up into a tight ball. Hey, beats standing.

“Will you two stop bickering over there? I am literally losing my mind!”

“Good to hear you’re in good spirits, Keith,” Hunk comments. That only seems to make the vampire more upset.

“Don’t you get it?! I’m getting more bloodthirsty by the minute, and once those fuck tards find out, they’ll force feed me enough to not just be strong but to go blood crazy! I don’t want that to happen again!” Hunk hears groans and crashing coming from Keith’s cage and feels some sympathy, but it’s been happening for so long he’s gotten used to it.

“At least you get fed,” Hunk points out. That only makes Keith groan in agony.

Hunks eyes widen when he hears basement door open. The familiar whirs and clicks of the locks unlocking and the metal door swing open is enough warning to make anyone in here go quiet.

“Will you three shut up for once?” The voice asks, “We can all hear your annoying voices even on the second floor.” Second floor? How come he just found out they’re under a house?

“Or what? You’ll hurt me?” Hunk cackles. “Oh honey, I’ve experienced all kinds of pain. That empty threat doesn’t do shit.”

The stranger stops in their steps, the crunching of sand stops in a halt. “You’re the demon, aren’t you?”

“Yep.” Hunk pops the p in the word as he stands up. So much for relaxing. “And you must be new.”

“Here, I was brought here to bring this to you.”

God, Hunk is going to go crazy. He can’t see a damn thing going on. But he can make out that this newcomer is not talking to him anymore and can hear Keith hitting his back against his cage.

“Get back, spunk!” Keith hisses, “If you’re not careful, I could break your neck if I flicked you.”

The newcomer just sounds board at this point. “No you can’t; not now. Drink this so I can get the hell out of here.”

There’s more rustling and growling. Hunk can’t see anything, but he knows Lance can see everything and the demon glances over to see the fae’s usually tan face a ghostly white. He’s only seen this a couple of times, and a string of fear pings in his chest. What the fuck is this kid doing? There’s only so much your ears can do.

Soon he hears Keith scream and then silence. Lance backs up against his cage as his eyes trail in the movement to follow the footsteps. Hunk pulls his hard face, but it almost breaks when he sees who this newcomer is. It’s legitimately a kid who looks to be about 14. They’re definitely skinny with hair that’s neither short or long, but still a light brown. Their glasses are round and large, but does nothing to hide their curiosity and danger glinting in their eyes.

They scan over Hunk. “You don’t look much like a demon. And to think the rest are scared of you.”

“Not like this,” Hunk admits, stretching his back. “It is scary when I go like this.”

In an instant, he makes his eyes go black as his hands grip the bars of his cell, his fingernails now long, and his roar becomes deeper and deeper as it shakes the floor. The poor kid scrambles back, too afraid not to hold back a scream as they hit against the table holding Lance’s cage.

As fast as their legs can carry them, they run out of the room and Hunk hears them swear as they lock everything on the door. He soon breaks out laughing. Shit, this is the most fun Hunk has had this entire time being down here. He cackles away, but Lance isn’t having any of it.

“Hunk, what was that?! How could you just show your true form like that? You have never done that this entire time!”

“Pff, that was nothing,” Hunk scoffs, “That was simply a taste of what I look like. It’s enough to scare the fucking brat though.”

He tries to listen in on Keith, but he’s oddly silent. Did the kid just kill him? Is that why Lance looked so afraid? All he can hear is Keith whimpering.

“Are you ok over there?” Lance asks.

“I’m afraid of what I’ve become,” is all Keith responds before it goes quiet again. Hunk takes that as an opportunity to lie back down and hopefully get some sleep to pass by the time. He thinks about Keith’s words a lot during that time. It sounds so...tragically youthful. It’s just like him. Or rather, the old him. Being in a cell for a while will do that to anyone.

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Time drags on like usual, but it’s been more interesting with the kid around. It seems the older man who’s always in here with his son is now showing the ropes to his daughter. Geez, how big is this family? And even more, what kind of sick family makes their kids work for them?

“Now remember pumpkin, these creatures will try and threaten you, but we have the upper hand,” the man says, resting a hand on his daughters shoulder. “Our technology helps us to overcome their power and maybe one day, no one will ever have to deal with them again.”

Hunk is heaving against the leather strap tied around his mouth to gag him as spit flies off. He tugs at the restraints that tie him to the operation table, but winces when he feels his wounds again. God damn, what are they testing on him this time? It feels like a whip dipped in holy water, but there has to be something more because his healing hasn’t kicked in. The most annoying part about this is the single light that's hanging and its shining right in his eyes. You’d think with a bunch of smart assholes they would do something about it.

He glances over at the kid and sees them tense with fear. She looks like shes gonna vomit, but is holding it in. Maybe she doesn’t want to look weak in front of her dad.

Her dad continues his lecture, “When you’re finally ready to go out in the field, some monsters will try and make you feel empathetic and convince you that they mean no harm and that they haven’t hurt anyone. Don’t believe them for a second. That’s how this thing first acted, but once we finally broke him down, he began to show his true form. All monsters have the same sick disease and it’s our job to get rid of it.”

The man unties the mouth gag around Hunk’s mouth and Hunk can hear him pick up something from a metal tray, but it’s out of his view.

“Dad, what are you-?”

“Relax. This is just something to get him to talk. I want you to experience what it’s like.”

Hunks heart stops dead in his chest when he hears the familiar whirls of the drill. Oh fuck. Not the drill. Anything but the drill. He can’t go through that again.

He doesn’t let his face show any fear as he looks at the man with a smile. “You know, this isn’t really an age appropriate thing to do during bring your kid to work day.”

The man shows him the same smile. “Once they stop faking their human emotions, a lot of them become cocky and will taunt you. But they have no power here. All that’s here for them in endless suffering.”

Hunk laughs, “Yeah yeah, so spooky. But that’s all you’ll get once I greet you down in hell and I torture you myself you sick son of a bi-”

He can’t finish his sentence because that’s when the man decided to start drilling a hole through the back of his right hand. Hunk can’t hide his screaming as the pain becomes searing hot and unbearable as he can feel parts of his hand turning and tearing from the drill. His instincts tell him to pull away, but with the straps holding him down, all it does is make the marks he got from the whip hurt even more.

“Stop it! Stop it!” Hunk hears the girl cry out.

“Watch it!” the man roars, “I want you to watch how we take care of beasts like them!”

Hunk turns to her and he actually feels sorry for her when he figures out what he’s seeing. The man is drilling Hunk’s hand single-handingly, while the other hand is gripping the hair on the back of her head to keep her in place. Tears and snot are streaming down her face and her eyes are silently pleading to look away.

“I’m sorry,” she whispers, and Hunk can barely hear it through his screams, but he hasn’t heard a human say that to him in a very long time. It feels foreign. But he doesn’t have time to really think about it once the drilling in his hand stops and the man starts drilling on his side, right between some ribs. The pain becomes so unbearable that Hunk blacks out. Once he regains consciousness, he sits up, to find himself back in his cage, still bleeding and still shirtless. God dammit, he’s been laying in the dirt this entire time. This is not good for his wounds.

He hears shuffling at the front of his cage, but makes no attempt to turn around and face this newcomer.

“I’m sorry my dad did that to you.”

Hunk wishes he can feel something towards those words, but the only thing he can feel in his chest is this hollowness he hasn’t been able to get rid of. But instead of saying anything negative, he chooses not to say anything at all, which is at least something he has control over. He shifts to let the girl know that he is listening though.

“I always thought we were just testing new weapons out, not torturing others for the hell of it. That was...really cruel of him to do. I wish I could’ve stopped it.”

Hunk doesn’t respond.

“I’m- um, I’m Pidge by the way. What’…?”

He can tell Pidge is really hesitant and isn’t here to interrogate or taunt him. Or at least that’s what he hopes she isn’t here for.

“Hunk,” he answers. A part of him has been longing for a peaceful conversation for so long, he slowly lets down some layers of his protective wall. Maybe this won’t be so bad.

Pidge lets out a tiny giggle. “Hunk? That’s actually a really cool name.”

The two of them continue to sit in silence and Hunk can feels Pidge’s side of the conversation grow tense. She wants to say something, but she doesn’t want to cross a line. Who can blame her. She’s literally talking to a demon.

“So...who were you before you became a demon?”

Her question throws him off guard. “Haven’t you read my files? It’s all there. Your father made me spit it out years ago.”

Pidge’s breath intake is short and takes a good second before replying. “I did, but the notes are short and sporadic; I can’t understand any of it. If it’s ok, I’d like to hear it from you. I want to know your story.”

Hunks anger covers him as he lashes out. “You wanna know my fucking story?” he asks. “I’m the son of satan himself and that’s why I can’t just opt out of a body. This is my body. I’m a living fucking nightmare! And that’s why you’re daddy-kins likes to mess with me, because I have nowhere else to go!”

Hunk is too empty to cry, but he hears Pidge try and hold back hers as she sniffles. Good. At least she has the emotions to do so. He has nothing left. He hears her get up and walk towards the door, but before she can leave, Hunk calls out to her.

“Where’s Lance and Keith?”

“The other monsters in here? They’re off being- they’re doing something else.”

With the clicks and whirs of the locked door, she’s gone, and Hunk can’t stop thinking about how badly he wants to get out. He doesn’t want this life. He can’t go on like this. Poor Lance and Keith. They’re being tortured.

Not wanting to think about this further, Hunk lies down on the ground once more and hopes that when he wakes up, his wounds will be healed again.

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Hunk hasn’t heard from either Keith or Lance for what feels like weeks now. He never realized how lonely it gets without other people to fill out the space. He sees Pidge occasionally, which is nice because she gives him updates on the fae and vampire. Mostly just a note of “they’re still alive” but that’s all Hunk needs.

Most days he just lets Pidge ramble about whatever’s on her mind. Turns out she’s into space, video games, and technology. Which is scary, because the Holts use their tech to hurt others like him, but she explained she just wants to build robots or something other than a dangerous weapon.

“Was there anything you liked to do before you got here?” Pidge asks one day. Usually Hunk doesn’t indulge in the conversation, but for some reason it pulls at his heart strings.

“I used to cook and bake with my moms out on their farm.”

This causes her to perk up. “Wait, moms?! But I thought you dad was Lucifer? How does that work??”

Hunk vaguely waved his hand around, “Well, my moms wanted a kid of their own, but no one would let them adopt because hell forbid lesbians want a loving family, so they made a deal with my pops. He’d perform an experiment, they keep said experiment. Some magic jizz and 9 months later I came into the world.”

“So you’re half human and half demon?”

“Not really,” he tries to explain. “I’m like all demon but I have a soul so that means my body is permanent and shit. That’s why your dad likes to try stuff out on me because I can just poof myself out of a host.”

He sees Pidge flinch at the mention of her dad, but he doesn’t say anything about it.

She tries to make it more comfortable by cracking a tiny laugh. “Well, at least you aren’t the anti christ! I’m assuming mostly because you look older than 12.”

Hunk gives her a side glance, “I’m actually 7 I just went through puberty early.”

He watches her panic grow more and more but before she completely freaks out, the demon starts to laugh. His first ever laughing-at-a-joke-he-made laugh that makes him feel like the demon he used to be before the whole torture thing. Pidge joins in on the laugh too and even has to wipe away a tear once they settle down.

“Fuck, could you imagine me as the anti christ? Me?! Shiiiiit at least I’m not half goat or something fucked up,” Hunks says.

The Holt member looks at Hunk for a moment, thoughts clearly going everywhere, but he’s too afraid to ask her what they’re about.

“Are your wounds pretty healed?” She finally asks.

He shrugs his shoulders, “Eh, I’ve had worse. I’m tougher than I look, kid.”

That seems to be the right answer because Pidge nods her head. “Good. I should get going, but I’ll see you later!”

Hunk just waves his hand, slightly sad that she’s leaving, but now he can just sleep to pass the time.


“Hey! Hey! Get the fuck up! How are you sleeping through this?!”

Hunk jolts up by the sound of Keith’s voice, excited to hear it the first time in what feels like years, but when he looks up, he’s not expecting to actually see him. Keith’s always been to the left of his cage, out of sight, and he can’t even process the vampire. The main things that stands out is with such a deeper voice, he wasn’t expecting him to look like a twink.

He then processes Lance on his shoulder, cupping a bad wound on his cheek, and Pidge behind the two of them shuffling through a duffle bag. There are sirens blaring all around him, and he’s realizing the seriousness of the situation.

“What’s happening?!” Hunk asks, “How are you guys out?!”

“Cause I got this shit! You better get the fuck out of the way!” Pidge yells and Hunk sees that she’s holding a power saw.

He scrambles back in fear and she starts to saw down the bars of his cage. Once the first one snaps, he can feel the magic seeping away. With only three gone, the demon can crawl through, and for the first time in years, he’s free. He stands up, no chains holding him down.

He’s finally free.

“Come on, we have to go!” Pidge says, breaking him out of his thought process, “We have to run! They’ll kill us if we don’t get out of here!”

She grabs his hand and takes him outside the room to find almost a hundred people running around the Holt Manor. Each frantically carrying weapons of all sorts and shouting orders to each other. The only reason there seems to be so many people fitting into this space is because the manor seems to be at least four stories tall with the center being open while the walkways and the rooms are on the side of the wall.

Confusing as all hell, but Hunk doesn’t seem to focus on it too much as Pidge drags him to the right, moves a huge old family portrait to the side, and reveals a dig out hole in the middle of the wall.

She holds it aside as she hisses, “Everyone inside! Just keep on crawling!”

Immediately Hunk jumps in, and his huge body barely fits in the tiny hole, but he military crawls nevertheless. He hears Keith grunting and swearing behind him, Lance is oddly silent, and Pidge keeps on swearing at the vampire telling him to shut up.

After a while, Hunk finally reaches the end of the hole that’s being covered by a flimsy tarp. Gulping, he moves it aside to see a twenty foot drop to the ground and a truck parked, but running, not too far away.

“Hunk, you can jump, right?” He hears Pidge ask, but he just wants to keep his mouth shut. He can’t tell this human that he, a very scary demon, is afraid of heights.

After a few short pauses, Keith growls, “Oh, move you big oaf!!” And pushes him out the hole.

Hunk barely has time to cry out before he lands on his back and even THEN doesn’t have time to process all three of his idiot companions landing on top of him.

“Wow, that was a surprisingly safe landing,” Lance says and Hunk would snap at him if he still had air in his lungs. They are so lucky he managed to keep some of his plush exterior, despite being locked up with no food.

Pidge immediately takes off to the car, carelessly throwing her duffle bag into the trunk and hoping into the car. The rest of the supernaturals are close behind, but not before Keith suddenly stops and begins to actually growl, his fangs out and his eyes glowing red.

“Why the fuck do I smell a werewolf?” He very- obviously-threateningly asks. Pidge doesn’t say anything as she storms her way to him and yanks on the collar of his shirt so they’re eye level.

“You listen here, punk! That werewolf there is named Shiro, another ass that I’m saving just like yours! So you better get your greatful ass in the back of the truck and save your vampire feud against werewolves for another day so we can get out of this place actually make it out alive!”

Keith clenches his fists, but gets into the truck without another word, and not before Hunk carefully picks up Lance from his shoulders and puts the fae on his own. Climbing into the truck that was not meant to carry this many beings, Hunk takes a good look at the new werewolf.

His tall, broad, missing an arm, and has visible scars all over his body, but what’s mostly weird is his haircut that’s shaved on the sides, normal on top, but with this white tuff that’s near his forehead?

“Hi! I’m Shiro!” He cheerily says, but his claws that are out says otherwise. Maybe he doesn’t like vampires either.

Lance, despite his injury, still tries to smile. “Hello! I’m Lance of Altea!”

“I’m Hunk-“ but Pidge cuts him off by shouting, “Yes very lovely that we’re meeting but fUCKING DRIVE!”

After that moment, gunshots can be heard, and Shiro slams his foot on the gas and they’re speeding out of there. Looking outside the window, Hunk looks out at the stars and smiles to himself, not wanting the others to see he’s holding back tears. He can see the stars, the winds blowing in his hair, and despite the tight space, it’s one he doesn’t mind.

He’ll ask Pidge what’s really happening later, but for now, he’ll try and help Lance with his injuries as the new band of misfits drive into the night.