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Don’t Trust A Demon

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Hunk hasn’t seen natural sunlight in years. All he’s used to now is the dimmed lights that hang low and sway without any wind. He has been accustomed to the rusty creaks they make and the constant moist dirt in his cage as it always smells of blood. How long has he been in here, years? It’s long enough to give his moms each a heart attack. But not even he can escape this cage, lined with metal bars that have demon repulsing runes. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t tried though.

“Huuuuuunk, what day is it?”

His anger manages to bubble slightly in his stomach. “I wouldn’t know, Lance. Can you use your fae magic and talk to the dirt and ask it or some shit?”

He hears rustling in the cage in front of him, but makes no attempt to look over.

“I’ll have you know that fae magic is precious and should never be ridiculed by the means of someone like you!”

Hunk laughs and manages to lie down in the cage, only able to do so with his whole body scrunched up into a tight ball. Hey, beats standing.

“Will you two stop bickering over there? I am literally losing my mind!”

“Good to hear you’re in good spirits, Keith,” Hunk comments. That only seems to make the vampire more upset.

“Don’t you get it?! I’m getting more bloodthirsty by the minute, and once those fuck tards find out, they’ll force feed me enough to not just be strong but to go blood crazy! I don’t want that to happen again!” Hunk hears groans and crashing coming from Keith’s cage and feels some sympathy, but it’s been happening for so long he’s gotten used to it.

“At least you get fed,” Hunk points out. That only makes Keith groan in agony.

Hunks eyes widen when he hears basement door open. The familiar whirs and clicks of the locks unlocking and the metal door swing open is enough warning to make anyone in here go quiet.

“Will you three shut up for once?” The voice asks, “We can all hear your annoying voices even on the second floor.” Second floor? How come he just found out they’re under a house?

“Or what? You’ll hurt me?” Hunk cackles. “Oh honey, I’ve experienced all kinds of pain. That empty threat doesn’t do shit.”

The stranger stops in their steps, the crunching of sand stops in a halt. “You’re the demon, aren’t you?”

“Yep.” Hunk pops the p in the word as he stands up. So much for relaxing. “And you must be new.”

“Here, I was brought here to bring this to you.”

God, Hunk is going to go crazy. He can’t see a damn thing going on. But he can make out that this newcomer is not talking to him anymore and can hear Keith hitting his back against his cage.

“Get back, spunk!” Keith hisses, “If you’re not careful, I could break your neck if I flicked you.”

The newcomer just sounds board at this point. “No you can’t; not now. Drink this so I can get the hell out of here.”

There’s more rustling and growling. Hunk can’t see anything, but he knows Lance can see everything and the demon glances over to see the fae’s usually tan face a ghostly white. He’s only seen this a couple of times, and a string of fear pings in his chest. What the fuck is this kid doing? There’s only so much your ears can do.

Soon he hears Keith scream and then silence. Lance backs up against his cage as his eyes trail in the movement to follow the footsteps. Hunk pulls his hard face, but it almost breaks when he sees who this newcomer is. It’s legitimately a kid who looks to be about 14. They’re definitely skinny with hair that’s neither short or long, but still a light brown. Their glasses are round and large, but does nothing to hide their curiosity and danger glinting in their eyes.

They scan over Hunk. “You don’t look much like a demon. And to think the rest are scared of you.”

“Not like this,” Hunk admits, stretching his back. “It is scary when I go like this.”

In an instant, he makes his eyes go black as his hands grip the bars of his cell, his fingernails now long, and his roar becomes deeper and deeper as it shakes the floor. The poor kid scrambles back, too afraid not to hold back a scream as they hit against the table holding Lance’s cage.

As fast as their legs can carry them, they run out of the room and Hunk hears them swear as they lock everything on the door. He soon breaks out laughing. Shit, this is the most fun Hunk has had this entire time being down here. He cackles away, but Lance isn’t having any of it.

“Hunk, what was that?! How could you just show your true form like that? You have never done that this entire time!”

“Pff, that was nothing,” Hunk scoffs, “That was simply a taste of what I look like. It’s enough to scare the fucking brat though.”

He tries to listen in on Keith, but he’s oddly silent. Did the kid just kill him? Is that why Lance looked so afraid? All he can hear is Keith whimpering.

“Are you ok over there?” Lance asks.

“I’m afraid of what I’ve become,” is all Keith responds before it goes quiet again. Hunk takes that as an opportunity to lie back down and hopefully get some sleep to pass by the time. He thinks about Keith’s words a lot during that time. It sounds so...tragically youthful. It’s just like him. Or rather, the old him. Being in a cell for a while will do that to anyone.