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Rising Adversity [Jayde the Hedgehog]

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Space Colony ARK

"Boss, what are we doing here again?"

Eggman glanced at his red henchman as he strolled through the old hallways, determination in his eyes. No one had been up here for years. Ever since that last battle, not even the Ultimate Lifeform returned. The whole place seemed rundown and neglected.

"We are here for research." The doctor finally responded, his arms swinging by his sides, "This was the birthplace of that traitor. There may be information up here about him that would prove useful to me."

"You mean find a weakness? Good idea boss!" Cubot praised his creator.

"Hush, you dimwit." Eggman grumbled, "This place may be a lost cause but that doesn't mean G.U.N. hasn't got any surveillance. We don't want to blow our cover."

The doctor continued through the hallways of Space Colony ARK, trying to keep his breathing as quiet as possible. The place hadn't been cleaned well. There was thick dust coating every nook and cranny, chairs that had been tipped up and left. The doctor shuddered slightly. Normally this wouldn't creep him out, but having been in the place where his grandfather worked and created the Ultimate Lifeform gave him a slight anxious feel.

The three eventually reached the lab room, a large window overlooking the planet below them as it turned. Eggman enjoyed the view a few seconds more before going to the computer. The old chair creaked as the doctor sat amongst the dust before loading up the old tech. The password was easy to guess; nowadays it all seemed the same.

The two henchmen floated back and watched as their creator pulled up a bunch of files, mainly related to the Ultimate Lifeform. Various amounts of information came up, but nothing that the doctor didn't know already.

"Why is there never anything when you need it?" Eggman huffed. Orbot glanced at the screen, noticing an unopened document.

He tugged at the doctor's jacket, pointing, "Boss, there is an unopened recording there."

Eggman nodded approvingly towards Orbot before clicking. A dark screen came up before a security camera recording came up. Although this was not what Eggman was looking for, he decided to leave it on in the background as he set about looking through the hand-written files.

"You two make yourself useful and look through another pile of information! I want to know how to get Shadow onto my side!" The two henchmen saluted towards their creator before zipping to the other side of the room.

Eggman grumbled some more, reading through a file before something on the security recording caught his attention.

A large figure walked into view, one Eggman could only dispatcher as Black Doom, the only blood relative Shadow truly had. He noticed some corresponding between him and his grandfather before a bottle of red liquid was handed to the previous doctor.

Gerald looked carefully at the liquid before Eggman heard his grandfather speak after a long time, "Don't you think this is a bit much? I was only going to make one."

"Yes. But there is extra in case you fail. An invention this colossal cannot be done in one try." Black Doom responded, a hint of smugness behind his voice as if he didn't believe a human could succeed in this.

Gerald glanced up, a hand on his hip, "I assure you, it will be done the first try."

Eggman frowned. He couldn't have possibly used that much blood in the Ultimate Lifeform - it would have turned him purely evil. The doctor fast forwarded the recording until he saw his grandfather with a small drop of the red liquid in a smaller jar.

The evil genius cried out, "No! What did he do with the rest of it?"

Orbot and Cubot rushed over at the commotion, watching their creator fish about on the security system before rubbing his moustache between his fingers. Eggman looked around the room before his eyes landed on the same container his grandfather had hidden the remainder of the red liquid.

He ran over to the unopened box, all hope in his mind. Dr Eggman prayed no one else had stolen it. "Boss, what is it?" Cubot asked, watching as the doctor struggled to open the metal container.

"Only...the greatest thing ever!" Eggman grumbled as he eventually pushed open the lid a large grin implanted on his face as new ideas flooded into his mind. Oh, this was so much better than finding out information.


An ivory bat sat cross legged on a chair, staring at the Commander of G.U.N. as he flicked through a few files. "Jayde the Hedgehog is able to start at the earliest possible stage. These are some documents I'd like you to give her and Miles Prower. They are strict rules and regulations of becoming an Agent."

Rouge nodded, reaching to grab them. She chuckled slightly to herself; Jayde will hate all this paperwork. The two jumped as the door abruptly opened, slamming against the wall behind. A flustered looking male appeared, as if he had just ran. His clothes where messy and untucked as he struggled to breath.

"I'm terribly sorry for interrupting, but Sir, you must see what's happening on Space Colony ARK!" he gasped, leaning against the door frame. The mention of Shadow's former home grabbed the two's attention, both quickly standing up.

"The ARK?" Rouge asked, following behind as they rushed to the large security room. The male shot to his desk, bringing up the security cameras in the ARK.

"After we received a sound transmission from the ARK, we checked out the cameras we planted onboard. Look." The screen above them turned black before a view of the lab appeared, a large bald man, with a moustache and red jacket appeared, carrying a cylinder of red liquid.

Rouge gasped slightly, "That's Dr Eggman!"

"What is he doing aboard the Space Colony?" The Commander asked.

The young security man shrugged unprofessionally, "We've no idea but we believe that that red liquid is the exact same substance used to create the Ultimate Lifeform." The sapphire orbs of the ivory bat widened, was he making another one?

The Commander stood straight and began giving out orders, "I want troops sent out immediately. I want Eggman captured and returned before-"

"No." Rouge interrupted, "Shadow wouldn't want anyone to go up there. Not even Eggman. Let him go up and sort the doctor out."

The Commander looked at the fellow Agent - she did have a point. The Ultimate Lifeform flipped last time the G.U.N. Agents went up to set up the security cameras. He sighed before nodding, "Okay, this is in your hands. If Eggman isn't gone from Space Colony ARK in forty-eight hours, we move. Got it?"

The female nodded before grabbing the files from the side she placed them on and flew out the door. Rouge needed to get to Shadow quickly before Eggman did anything too drastic. Maybe he was with Jayde? He's been around that hedgehog since the day she arrived. Rouge grinned - she was glad he had someone else he could trust. The Ultimate Lifeform would always protect Jayde no matter what and wouldn't ever hurt her.

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Tails' Workshop

The peaceful forest was knocked from silence as a loud cry of excitement filled the air. A grey female shot past the trees, her sneakers securely locked onto the hover board invented by the twin-tailed fox. Her newly fashioned quills flew back against the wind, a large grin on her muzzle as she sped up, reaching speeds as fast as the blue speedster himself.

"Woo!" her hands raised in the air before flying above the trees. Cobalt orbs scanned around as the board slowed slightly. The sun shone on the whole of Mobius, the stray clouds blocking the heat every once in a while.

Everything that had happened to her in such little time was worth it. She was turned into her Negative Form and came back fighting thanks to Shadow. She saved the planet from being destroyed by Eggman's evil schemes for the first time. And she had made a huge number of amazing friends that she would never let go.

Everything was perfect.

Everything had returned to what it was before. Knuckles had departed back to Angel Island; the grey female having visited several times. She couldn't believe how amazing it was up there! The whole place was covered in wildlife and nature, the lakes pure blue. Jayde had also learnt a lot about the Master Emerald, which she found surprisingly interesting.

Jayde grinned as she started speeding again, enjoying the breeze that brushed across her fur. The boards twirled and looped in the air, her eyes scanning the ground below. She lowered to the river below, flipping the board and dragging her hand through the lapping waves. The grey hedgehog closed her blue orbs, smiling – freedom...

The grey female saw the twin tailed fox's workshop up ahead and began travelled towards it. Lowering to the board, she directed herself through the trees, careful to not crash her board any more than it was!

Jayde jumped off a metre above ground before holding her hover board under her arm and walked through the door, "I'm home!" she grinned. Since Jayde used to stay here over night before she had her own house, she usually labelled this place her second home – and due to her constant visits, it kind of made sense.

Tails looked up from his plane, "How lovely." He rolled his orbs, but a small grin still pried on his muzzle.

"Okay Faker, let me say this again," Jayde glanced towards the sitting area, raising an eyebrow to the two males sat there, a chess board on the table between them; "You can't move the pawns backwards!" Shadow growled at the blue hedgehog in front of him, his fist clenching on the table as he pointed the other.

Sonic looked confused, "But there was a space there, so I moved it."

Shadow rolled his eyes before moving one of his pawns, taking the opponents unguarded King from the centre, "Checkmate."

Emerald eyes glared at the board before knocking it off the table, causing all the chess pieces to fly everywhere, "Faker!" The Ultimate Lifeform yelled, causing Jayde to laugh.

Tails lifted his goggled from his head and wiped his hands clean, "Yeah, this is what I've had to put up with. All this shouting is giving me a headache."

"JJ!" Sonic cheered – a new nickname he had made for the blue striped female.

Jayde clicked her fingers pointing to the two male hedgehogs, "Speedster, Shades." She turned to the twin tailed fox and gave an innocent smile.

Tails noticed this and sighed, placing his hands on his hips, "Okay, what did you do to your board this time?"

The grey quilled hedgehog handed him the board upside down, revealing the fresh new scratch along the levitation plate. Tails muttered under his breath, walking to his work bench, "I cannot trust you with anything."

Jayde pointed towards him, "Okay, it's not my fault a rabbit hopped out of the bushes and scared the Chaos out of me."

Sonic snickered, "A bunny scared you?"

"Hey, I fell off and hit my head okay!" Jayde crossed her arms and turned away, leaving all three chuckling.

"I'm not surprised you fell off with the way you use it." Tails muttered, "I'll probably have to upgrade its durability soon."

Jayde scratched her head, smiling nervously. It wasn't her fault she used it all the time. A communicator on Tails' desk went off, the blue hedgehog picking it up seeing the busy inventor. "Hello?"

"Sonic!" a girlish squeal came through the speakers, Amy Rose appearing on screen.

"Oh, hey Ames." Sonic answered, scratching the back of his neck. Shadow rolled his eyes at the blue blur and walked towards the grey female.

"I returned the final Shard to its post and made sure the Guardian was okay to look after it. They're all back in their secret gardens." Shadow updated Jayde on the task of returning the Seven Shards to their original homes. All of the Guardians were relieved to have them back safe and sound. The gang thought it best to keep them where they belonged, but Tails built special communicators for the Guardians, so they could contact Jayde if something should happen to the Shards at any time.

"Thanks," she grinned at him, pulling her blue shard from her quills, "I think I'll hang on to this one."

"You're meant to. It's yours now."

"Yeah, Shads is here now why?" Sonic spoke, catching the two hedgehog's attention.

Shadow glared at the blue hedgehog, "It's Shadow, Faker."

The emerald orbs of the male rolled, a playful smirk on his muzzle. Amy glanced behind her before speaking, "Rouge and I are on our way. It's really important so don't let him leave!" she spoke before ending the call.

"Well," Sonic said, placing the communicator back on the desk, "Looks like you're here a bit longer, Shads."

"Oh yippee!" Shadow muttered sarcastically, clenching his fists, "More time for me to kick your butt for calling me that again." He went to walk forward but Jayde grabbed his arm, forcing him to stop. The dark male glanced at her, but she didn't make eye contact, looking interested in her fingers. Shadow muttered under his breath.

Sonic chuckled, "Shads, you are whipped."

Jayde looked at Sonic, a slight glare before letting Shadow go, allowing him to go flying towards the blue hedgehog, "That's it, Faker!" The two started a fist fight in the corner of Tails' workshop, leaving the young fox to huff loudly.

"Why is it always at my place?" he mumbled, making the finishing retouches on Jayde's board, "Okay, that should do it. I've added extra resistance throttles near the thrusters, under the levitation plate and pressure boards. Hopefully you shouldn't easily get scratches along these areas."

Jayde grinned and took the board from the twin-tailed fox, "Thanks T-Dog!" Tails rolled his orbs at the new nickname as he began putting away his tools.

The door of the young inventor's workshop suddenly burst open, revealing the two females Sonic had spoken to previously. "You got here quick." Tails acknowledged.

Rouge glanced around the room, noticing that everyone she needed was here. She strolled in, whisking out two files and handed them to the grey hedgehog and twin-tailed fox, "These are you G.U.N. files. The Commander suggested you read through the whole thing."

Jayde's eyes widened as she quickly scanned through the booklet. Rules, regulations, training, uniform – how much did she need to do just to become an Agent? I thought it was just go in, turn up and take part in a mission! "No thanks." She muttered, throwing the file onto Tails' desk for the meantime.

Shadow rolled his eyes at Jayde, smirking before turning his gaze to Rouge, "Why did you need to know if I was here?"

The ivory bat glanced around the room, anywhere to avoid Shadow's crimson orbs piercing into her soul. She took a deep breath before spitting it out, "Dr Eggman is on Space Colony ARK."

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Shadow's whole body turned to face the ivory bat in one swift movement. Dark orbs stared directly at her as Rouge fidgeted under his gaze, hoping that maybe, just maybe he wouldn't retaliate as much as she knew he would.

"What?" That one word cut through the silence like a knife. No one else spoke a word. Each of them knew that this was a sensitive topic for the Ultimate Lifeform, even the grey quilled female who knew the least about it did, "Why is he at the ARK?"

Rouge shrugged, "All we saw was him holding some red substance for an unknown reason." She stated the facts, "I think he's creating another lifeform – like you."

"But to create another lifeform like Shadow would mean needing the Black Arms DNA." Tails spoke up.

"And there isn't any more of that left." Shadow added, steeping forward slightly.

Rouge glanced around. She didn't know what else to say. She could only guess Eggman was up to no good and  only Shadow could go up to the Space Colony ARK and sort him out. The rose hedgehog thought for a moment before speaking, "Maybe the Professor didn't use all the DNA he originally had and now Eggman is using it?"

Shadow looked to Amy, she did have a point. But wouldn't I have known about that? The blue speedster watched the Ultimate Lifeform, staring as he slowly started to pace around. "Jees, we don't need any more edge in this team. We should stop Egghead before he creates another you!" the cerulean male chuckled.

The red striped male glared at the hedgehog beside him, reaching for the Chaos Emerald in his quills, "You're staying here."

"No way! I'm coming with ya!" Sonic placed a hand on Shadow's arm, making the Ultimate Lifeform tense and glare. Jayde took note of this and immediately retracted Sonic's hand.

"Maybe it's best to leave this one to Shades?" she suggested, the dark male secretly agreeing with her. Shadow didn't want to go up to his former home anyway, let alone bring someone as irritating as the blue hedgehog with him!

Tails frowned at the three hedgehogs arguing in the middle of his workshop, "Maybe Sonic should go with you, just in case something goes wrong."

Shadow scoffed, but with a glance to Jayde, reluctantly agreed, "Fine. But no one else is coming."

Amy Rose pulled a face. She had been surrounded by boredom recently and she wasn't going to let an opportunity like this fly out the window without her. Her orbs sparked as she grabbed hold of Jayde.

"Whoa!" the grey female yelped, and as Shadow was about to say his famous words, the pink hedgehog grabbed hold of her beloved blue hero.

"Ames, n-!" and in a flash, they were gone. Tails and Rouge stared wide eyed at the empty space before them.

"Uh, was he supposed to take all three with him?" Rouge asked, Tails shaking his head, good luck to them.


Space Colony ARK: with Dr Eggman

The evil genius removed his goggles to the top of his head once more as the bright light ended. His fingers grasped the microscope, glancing through the lens. The red liquid was now dark as he added wolf DNA to his invention.

Orbot watched his creator, his robotic hands folded neatly in front of him, "Boss, I don't mean to be rude, but why should you need any more DNA? The Black Arms DNA is powerful enough."

Eggman looked towards his henchmen, "Wolves have high senses of smell and skilful tactics – along with the Black Arms substance, this invention should be twice as powerful. With all of this DNA I'll have to call it the Ultimate Hybrid! Nyahahaha!" he let out a deep laugh.

"But won't it be too powerful?" Cubot asked, scratching his head.

Eggman rolled his orbs, "I invented it – there's no way this will defy me!"

The rounded man took the ruby substance to the tank, opening the hatch, ready to add the final pieces to his ultimate invention. "When I add this powerful DNA, I'll become virtually unstoppable! Because of the Black Arms DNA, it will know and understand everything about them – including the Ultimate Lifeform! I'll be able to use it against that traitor and get rid of that blue rat once and for all!"

Orbot and Cubot stared doubtfully at the moustached man but didn't speak. When have any of his inventions gone according to plan? "What about Jayde?" Orbot inquired.

The evil genius huffed, a small, inaudible laugh coming from him, "That renegade won't know what hit her."

A security alarm suddenly went off, making the doctor jump. He turned his head to the top screen, watching as the four hedgehogs made an appearance. He grumbled towards his henchmen, "I told you your nosiness would attract attention!" Eggman looked around before his orbs caught sight of something shiny and reckless and he smirked evilly.


Space Colony ARK: with the hedgehogs

The Ultimate Lifeform shoved the blue hedgehog off him as Sonic tried to keep his balance as the pink female held close. Shadow glared at the two females, "What are you two doing here?" he snapped.

Jayde yanked her arm from Amy, shaking it. She clutched her board as she backed away with a raised hand, "I had nothing to do with this! Amy grabbed hold of me."

The rose hedgehog placed a hand on her hip, "Don't you leave me! We work together."

Shadow muttered under his breath and began walking towards the lab room. Why did those two come up? He knew Amy had been up here before, but that doesn't mean he wanted Jayde to know about this. It was something he wanted to keep secret from her.

Jayde was quick to follow the dark male, not wanting to be in any more trouble than she was. "So, this is Space Colony ARK?" she sniffed, wiping her nose from the amount of dust surrounding her.

"Yeah," Sonic mumbled, "Could do with a clean too."

Shadow glance back towards the three followers, "No one has been up here for ages – no one was supposed to."

Jayde gave a nervous smile, noticing the change in attitude in the Ultimate Lifeform – I guess he really didn't want to come up here again. But the grey female couldn't blame him. After everything he said happened here, she wouldn't have returned either. It was like her and her former home; it became too painful to remember.

"Where do you think Eggman is?" Amy asked aloud not to anyone in particular.

"In the lab at the end of this corridor," came Shadow's short reply as he turned through the halls. His mind navigated through the old walkways, surprising himself at the amount he actually remembered, "I've reason to believe the doctor is creating something like me."

"How would you know?" Jayde asked, jogging up to walk beside him.

The male looked at Jayde from the corner of his eye, "If the substance he had is Black Doom's DNA, it means it's very powerful. Black Doom is my biological father. If Eggman used too much of it, he would make a being of pure evil that could easily wipe out everything."

The silence after was interrupted by the cocky blue speedster, "That's a nice story, Grandpa."

Shadow turned and glared at the cobalt hedgehog as they reached the lab doors before bursting in, "Shut it down, Eggman!" he snapped, the four hedgehogs lining up in battle position.

The doctor leant against the tank smugly, wavering the red liquid above the hatch in a taunting manor. "Ah, how nice of you to drop in! You're just in time to see me finish my best creation yet!"

Jayde looked past the doctor and into the tank. The glass was blurred and steamed, but she could make out a Mobian like figure, "What is that?" she asked.

Eggman grinned, "What this?" he pointed to the tank, "Just something I like to call... your fate."

"Don't even think about adding that DNA, Egg Breath. You know it will be dangerous." Sonic warned, clenching his fists.

"Ha, you think I'll listen to you." He raised the hatch, pouring a drop in, making each of the hedgehogs freeze. "This will finally put an end to you once and for all. I'll rule the world and build my Eggman Empire!" Sonic and Jayde looked at each other before snickering, covering their muzzles. The doctor hummed, "You laugh now."

Shadow stepped forward slightly, "Don't you dare pour all the DNA in that tank. That being will be pure evil and you know it!"

Eggman scoffed, a grin on his face, "Only for you." And with that, he dumped the contents of the beaker into the tank.

The hedgehogs yelled out and went to run but Eggman produced a Warp Ring from behind his back, opening the portal to a different dimension. "Eggman!" Amy shouted before the four Mobians got sucked into the other side.

Yelling was heard until the portal fully closed. Eggman grinned, wiping his hands and letting out a chuckle, "Good riddance." He tapped on his communicator, linking him directly to his lair, "How are things going?"

A feminine voice responded, "The tank is ready for transport. I've sealed all the entrances too."

Eggman nodded approvingly, looking towards his two henchmen, "You two could learn a thing or two from her." But Orbot and Cubot already knew the real reason she was following the evil genius' plan. The doctor continued through the speaker, "We'll be returning to the lair shortly, make sure everything is intact. This cannot go wrong."

"Yes, sir." She answered, "I also need to warn you that G.U.N. has picked up on the transportation, they'll be arriving soon."

"Good job, Cleobella."

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Tails' Workshop

"You've got to be joking. If I left this room there'd be no one to look after you." Rouge grinned, facing the red echidna.

"Ha, very funny." Knuckles muttered back, crossing his arms.

Tails glanced behind him at the two argumentative Mobians, a frown on his muzzle. The red male had dropped by after the young fox had called him about what had happened, and Rouge decided to stay a little longer until the four hedgehogs came back. The twin tailed male had no idea what they were talking about, but it was beginning to annoy him.

"Imagine if we were locked together, twenty-four seven. I wonder what that'd be like." Rouge grinned. Knuckles' muzzle painted the same colour as his fur, clenching his fists as he glared up at the ivory bat.

"Listen bat girl, get this straight. I'd rather live in solitary confinement than with you." He yelled at her, waving his namesakes.

Rouge hummed a laugh, floating down to the ground, "What would you do if Eggman captured us?"

"Hmph, it'd take more than a few scrap piles to catch me." He muttered, crossing his arms once again and closing his eyes.

Sapphire orbs looked at the red male, a grin forming on her lips, "If that day did ever come – I hope we share a cell."

Knuckles' purple eyes shot open, facing the bat as she flew back slightly, "You're batty!"

Tails rolled his orbs, "Can you guys give it a rest?"

"I will once I give her a knuckle sandwich across that smug face of hers," the red echidna muttered, turning away from the two.

Rouge placed a hand on her hip, "Knuckle sandwich? Jees, that was real clever."

"Who asked you?!"

The twin tailed fox groaned, banging his head against the desk. He hoped Sonic and the others were having better luck than him.

Speaking of which, it had been over three hours since he last had contact with those four Mobians. Surely it wouldn't take this long – especially with the Ultimate Lifeform knowing his way around the ARK and being about to use Chaos Control.

The young fox was beginning to grow slightly anxious – surely Eggman wasn't doing anything too bad up there right? Tails turned to Rouge, his tails moving at his side, "Hey Rouge, what did it look like Eggman was doing on the ARK?"

The ivory bat turned to face him, placing a hand on her hip with a sigh, "To me? It looked like he was creating another Shadow." She tapped onto her G.U.N. wristwatch, "According to our database, that red substance is linked to the same liquid that was acquired by Black Doom's DNA."

Tails froze. They all knew how Shadow was the first time he came to this planet. He worked for Eggman, ready to destroy it for Maria but later conclude that indeed wasn't her wish. The Ultimate Lifeform was fearsome and would stop at nothing, even though his sole purpose was to bring peace and tranquillity. If Eggman was building another Lifeform, it wouldn't be anything like Shadow – it would be worse.

"Hang on a sec," Rouge mumbled before holding the earpiece, "Yes, this is Agent Rouge – mhm – right – no way! How is that possible?" The female glance worriedly towards the two males in front of her, biting her lip anxiously, "Okay, we will leave immediately."

"What's wrong?" Knuckles asked, clenching his fists.

Rouge ignored the red echidna and turned straight to the twin tailed fox, "Tails we need to get to Space Colony ARK immediately."


Rouge hoped in the passenger seat of his plane and strapped herself in, "Doctor Eggman has warped those hedgehogs."


Meanwhile: Eggman's Lair

"Boss, why didn't we just stay on Space Colony ARK?" Cubot asked, swinging around a rounded piece of metal.

Eggman grumbled under his breath, "Because those G.U.N. buffoons would have got an energy source coming from the Warp Ring. If they came up and found out what I was doing, my fate would be like my grandfathers. Now put that down and shut up before I disarm you!"

Cubot twitched slightly out of discomfort, causing the metal ring to swing from his finger. It bounced against the wall before smacking the doctor around the head. Eggman turned around and glared at the yellow cubed robot. "Uh-erm, Cubot is there something wrong with your system?" Orbot asked, hitting his companion upside the head.

"No. But I have been feeling nauseous lately."

The evil genius crossed his arms, "You're a robot, you don't get nauseous." he muttered under his breath before continuing with his work.

The being in the tank was now breathing and with the final touches in the DNA he gave it, the creature would awaken any minute now. Eggman used his computer to scan over the being once more as he added the last ingredient, checking for any sort of internal problems said in the journal written by his grandfather.

In the booklet, it gave top secret information on the making of Shadow of which not even G.U.N. had found and hid away.

But Eggman still had concerns.

The being would be extremely powerful - more powerful than any of his mechs he had ever created. But this was not a robot. It was a normal, breathing Mobian just with the invincible strength and power of a Black Arms alien. The creature would have its own mind, thoughts and feelings - creating it could be the end of the planet he lived on and other multi-verses out there.

"Dr Eggman," a light blue fox spoke, walking through the doors of the lab with a laptop in her arms, "I've been doing research on the substance like you asked. Because of the amount you put into its system, it will be more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

The female wore a red dress with a yellow belt securely around her waist. She wore white gloves with yellow cuffs and black and grey shoes on her paws. Her hair was tied back in a high ponytail with a fringe going straight across her forehead.

"I'll be controlling it. I've put a device inside the tank that will allow make it follow my orders." Eggman muttered, fixing up the last connection.

"But Doctor. Because of the amount of Black Arms DNA, you added the device would be d-" Cleobella froze as Eggman glared at her questioning him, "I-I mean... Yes, definitely." The young fox gulped, knowing that the evil genius was about to make a huge mistake- but what could she do?

Eggman finished up, thinking one last time about the consequences. It would be powerful, of course, but it would destroy Sonic and his irritating rat friends working for him or not. Nonetheless, the evil genius pulled the lever, opening the glass to the tank, revealing the creature herself. Cleobella stepped back with a gulp.

The female inside had dark purple and red markings, with Black Arms spikes on her arms. Two large ears stood up on her head along with quills that shaped her face and a ponytail on her head, representing the wolf within her. Her fingers pointed at the ends along with a fluffy tail that swished around behind her.

The creature opened her eyes, making Eggman's own orbs widen. Definitely Black Arms. Her iris' where yellow, a zigzag strip as her pupil and the rest of her eyes were pitch black, giving her a menacing look.

She looked down at her arm, her eyes scanning herself. What am I? How am I here? She looked around the room, taking in the evil genius' lab and equipment.

"Ah, Adversity!" Eggman spoke, thinking up a quick name.

The female looked up to the doctor; her orbs making him gulp slightly. He knew she was far beyond the word evil - everything about her screamed danger. Cleobella secretly glared at Eggman, wishing that he had just for once listened to her. She could easily tell he was terrified of the being he had created.

Adversity wore a tight fitting skirt and half top, along with a scarf around her neck. Her wrists had cuffs with spikes around it and her feet held dark grey boots with grey socks that reached her knees. Cleobella had designed her clothes for the doctor who said he wanted her to look daring and most importantly, evil.

"Adversity?" she asked, looking down at herself once more.

"It means hardship and suffering- which is exactly what you're here for." Eggman grinned, going to his computer and opening up files on Shadow and the Black Arms, "Would you care to look into your heritage?"

"My... heritage?" she asked, glancing to the side at the young, light blue fox who stood watching the scene. Cleobella visibly gulped, watching the menacing eyes as they never left her for some reason. The being could feel some sort of power coming from the female, and whatever she had, it could be expanded upon.

Eggman brought up a few files, nodding, "You are part of the Black Arms race, who were wiped out by one hedgehog." He spoke, matter-of-factly, slightly bending the truth.

"My relatives are extinct?" she asked, "Then how am I here?"

"You shall find everything you need to know about my nemesis, your heritage and yourself in these files. In the meantime," the Doctor turned towards the female fox who seemed to stand taller as he looked at her. He pulled out a Chaos Emerald and grinned, "Cleobella, how would you like to be upgraded?"

Chapter Text

Place Unknown

The four hedgehogs had been wandering for the past few hours through the desolate forest, not truly knowing where they were or where they were doing. Something about his surroundings gave Sonic déjà vu, but he couldn't quite pinpoint for the life of him what it was. The sense of evil surrounded him, and it felt as though it was connected to him by something unknown.

Amy walked beside her beloved hero, but distanced herself so he wouldn't become uncomfortable. The pink female decided to relax more and become less possessive towards the blue blur. And Sonic seemed to have taken a liking towards this side of her. The happy, individual side, not one that constantly relied on him and chased him around – she was growing up more.

But there was still one thing she will always be afraid of, "I-It's kinda dark." She whispered, sneaking ever so slightly closer to the speedster for comfort. This didn't go unnoticed by Sonic, but he didn't attempt to move away because he knew she was scared.

Unbeknownst to Sonic and the others, Amy also felt a familiarity to her surroundings. She felt as if something important had happened to her while she was here, and yet, she couldn't even remember what.

The grey female was up front with the Ultimate Lifeform, strolling through the dark forest, relying completely on her night vision. She used this power in these type of situations, as did Shadow, but they both knew that Sonic and Amy didn't have brilliant eyesight for places as dark as this. The only thing Amy was keeping track of and following was the glowing green band in Jayde's inhibitor rings. In fact, the other three kept close to this light that came from the Protector to stay together. Every so often, the band brightened or darkened slightly due to Jayde's curiosity and anxiousness.

Jayde grabbed a strap from her quills, wrapping it around her waist and left shoulder before tilting her hover board, allowing the magnetic surface to stick to the metallic plate on the strap. Tails had created it for her, so she didn't have to carry it all the time although she preferred holding it.

The blue striped female then stared down at her palms before clamping them together, taking a breath. Shadow stopped and turned to look at her, watching her hands begin to lighten up from within. Her hands opened, revealing a small ball of energy concealed between her fingers.

"Whoa!" Sonic whispered, staring with Amy in wonder. The grey hedgehog clutched her palms together again before completely opening them, releasing tracks of Potens light around them, dancing like fireflies in the darkness. The new found light lit up their surroundings, Jayde's orbs being the first to light up against them.

The hedgehogs were mesmerised by the small crystal like lights, "Wow. How did you do that?" Amy asked, gently sweeping her fingers through the light.

Jayde shrugged as they continued to walk, the fire lights following them in their path, "Just something I've been working on – discovering different uses of my powers?"

In the surrounding trees, sapphire eyes glared at the four hedgehogs entering his territory. How dare she invite them here! What did she think she was doing? That grey quilled hedgehog was going to get it when she returned. The male silently snarled at the blue male that walked with her, and him of all hedgehogs!

"Ah, what a pretty sight."

The four Mobians stopped at the sound of the menacing voice, Sonic completely freezing. He knew that voice from somewhere. The male came from behind the bushes, the Potens fireflies lighting up his emerald fur.

"Oh my God." Amy Rose clutched the blue hero's arm, only for Sonic to nod in reply.

Jayde frowned as her three friends glared at the hedgehog in front of them, am I missing something? Red glasses hid his blue eyes, the silver crown resting on his head as he strolled closer to them.

"Well," Sonic crossed his arms, "Now I know where we are."

"What are you doing here, Blue?" Scourge glared back at his Mobian counterpart, crossing his arms as well.

Sonic looked to Shadow, "Couldn't Egghead at least warp us somewhere other than this place?" The Ultimate Lifeform shrugged.

"I asked you a question, rodent!" The green hedgehog yelled, making all four look at him.

Jayde pointed towards him, "Uh, you know you're a hedgehog too right? You basically just called yourself a rodent." Sonic snickered at her response, took the words right out of my mouth.

Scourge glared at the grey female, "Jaylee, I swear to Chaos you're pushing your luck. Why are you bringing those goody two-shoes into Moebius?"

Jayde frowned and crossed her arms, "Excuse me? My name is Jayde, Princess." She took a quick glance at his crown before returning to what she presumed was eye contact.

The evil-twin glared at the female. At least I know why she's dressed different. "Listen here, babe. I own this kingdom. You think you can just come and stroll through here and be rude, you have another thing coming."

"Look dude, she doesn't even know who you are. So, Princess, I suggest you leave her out of it."

Scourge glared at his blue counterpart, "Okay Blue, you asked for it." The evil twin shot towards Sonic, spin dashing past the remaining three. Jayde's quills blew up at his speed, making her eyes widen.

She looked towards the Ultimate Lifeform who stared boredly at the fight between Sonic and Scourge, "Who is he?"

Shadow responded, not even looking away from the battle, "That's Scourge; the 'evil twin' or Anti-Sonic. He was once blue like Faker, but after he came into contact with the Master Emerald, his fur turned green and he had his own look."

Jayde watched as Scourge kicked Sonic while the blue blur punched the green hedgehog across the muzzle.

"Don't you think you should have brought some back up, Princess?" Sonic snickered, elbowing his evil twin in the gut.

Jayde grinned, looks like Princess is going to be hanging around for a while. Scourge clenched his fist and shot towards Sonic, a smirk on his muzzle, "I don't need back up to fight you."

"Are they done yet?" Jayde asked, boredly.

"They will never be done," The Ultimate Lifeform rolled his crimson orbs before walking into the fight, "No, but you need backup against me." The red striped male punched both hedgehogs across the face with brute force, causing them to fly back. Shadow turned to Scourge, "Go back to your castle, Snot. We don't need you bothering us right now."

The emerald male stood up, placing his glasses back on his head and growled. He pointed towards the male who punched him, "Listen, Ultimate Failure, I'll be back." Scourge shot through the trees before clutching his muzzle, damn that hurt.

Amy rushed to the blue hero and helped him up, scowling at Shadow, "Faker, why the heck did you hit me! He's the bad guy." Sonic asked, wiping his arm of dirt.

Shadow shrugged as Jayde stood beside him, "You're both irritating. I just killed two birds with one stone."

Sonic smirked, "Is that some oldies language you picked up?"

The dark hedgehog glared at the speedster before turning and walking into the forest again, "Come on, let's get moving. I don't know how long I can be around Faker." It was clear the statement was aimed at the blue striped female.

Jayde stretched out, the pink hedgehog letting out a yawn beside her, "Actually," Amy mumbled, "I'm pretty tired."

Shadow stopped moving and clenched his fists sighing, "Rose, are you serious?" Sonic snickered at the impatient male in front.

Jayde rolled her orbs and walked up to him, nudging his arm, "Come on, we should find a place to sleep."

Chapter Text

With Scourge

Not far away, Scourge angrily stomped through the castle. His fist roughly wiped his muzzle, but flinched as he did so. Damn, that hedgehog could pack a punch. The green male slumped on his throne, lifting his glasses up. He went to place them on his head before they were snatched from his hands and floated through the air.

Scourge sighed and rolled his orbs, "Jaylee, it's not funny."

The female appeared and crossed her arms, glaring at him, "Okay Mr Grumpy Pants." She turned and threw the glasses carelessly in the air, Scourge quickly moving to grab them before they broke against the brick flooring.

Scourge huffed placing them on his head before watching as the female faced him. She wore a black leather jacket with green sleeves that were rolled up halfway. The blue stripe that came around from her tail was visible due to her green half top that outlined the top of her frame. She wore similar shoes and shorts to the other grey female he had met in the forest, no wonder he got them mixed up. The main difference was Jaylee's front bangs. They flicked up and her quills were a little bit wavier.

She glanced at his muzzle before frowning and poking the large bruise, only for Scourge to growl and grab her wrist. Jaylee didn't flinch, but smirked at the emerald male, "Did you get another beat down from that same guy?"

The male glared at her, "No, my twin decided to visit."


With the Mobians

Jayde shuffled around on the tree branch, trying to find a comfortable position to lie in. She was still confused as to where they were. Sonic, Shadow and Amy seemed to know where they were now and didn't seem so happy about it. But the grey female was lost. She hadn't even heard of Scourge before and now she finds out he's an 'evil twin' of Sonic?

Groaning, she turned again, shifting to her other side to lie on. Jayde felt at a disadvantage to everyone else. They all knew what to expect from this world and she had no idea how react. Shadow glanced up at Jayde from the branch before, grumbling as she turned again.

"Renee, can you stop?" Shadow muttered, flicking moss from his quills yet again.

The grey female looked down innocently, "Sorry," she sighed, "I'm just confused."

The rose hedgehog looked up from below, Sonic and Amy deciding to sleep on the floor, still surrounded by the Potens lighting. "What do you mean Jayde?"

The female looked at Amy, lying on her stomach to see the two properly, "Well, you've all been here before and you know what to expect. I've never even heard of Scourge before, let alone Moebius."

"I guess you are at a bit of a disadvantage." Sonic chuckled, "Scourge is my evil twin. He is anything but nice. He took over this Moebius and he's tried taking over our Mobius as well. But he was too slow." The blue blur grinned.

Amy looked up, "Each of us have an evil twin here. I have one who looks like the younger version of me; her name is Rosy. Her mallet looks a lot more powerful but it's only the way she uses it."

The blue hedgehog chuckled, "Yeah, to smash her 'Scourgey'."

"'Scourgey'?" Jayde raised an eyebrow.

"Yup, she almost squashed me as well because she mistook Scourge for me." Sonic placed his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

Jayde laid on her back and stared up at the stars through the trees. Sonic has an evil twin... so does Amy... does that mean? "Hey, if you guys have an evil twin, does that mean I have one?"

Shadow nodded to himself, his eyes close, "Maybe that's the Jaylee person Scourge mistook you for. It's clear he was confused when he saw you."

Sonic spoke up, "I think we are going to see him soon anyway. He won't go back on his promises, you know."

The Ultimate Lifeform opened one orb and glanced at the blue blur, "I'd like to see him try." Jayde chuckled at Shadow before flicking some more moss at him. He glared at the female above him before shooting a small chaos spear up and through the trees, causing a load of leaves and twigs to fall on her.

"Hey!" she yelped, shaking her quills clean while the two on the ground laughed at the grey hedgehog.


With the Moebians

"Why do you get yourself into this mess?"

A wet cloth was pushed gently into his muzzle. The green male flinched, growling again in protest - why did she have to do this? "You act like I want what I get."

"Well you do ask for it sometimes." Jaylee mumbled, her face full of concentration as she cleaned the dirt from his muzzle with alcohol on a cloth. Her dark blue orbs traced the rest of his body, quickly checking for anything else but it was all mainly bruises.

"No, I don't! I don't go, 'hey Ultimate Faker, come kick me in the jaw if you like'!"

Scourge sat there impatiently as Jaylee cleaned his wounds. The grey female had snuck up on him earlier to enable her to pin him down long enough to help him – even if he didn't appreciate it. His whole body was in pain but the one wound she was heading for on his muzzle hurt the most.

"So, what does my lookalike look like?" the female asked, putting some more alcohol on the cloth and moving to his arm. Scourge attempted to move his limb, but Jaylee yanked it back towards her, making him grumble in protest.

"She looks like you but without the jacket." He muttered, looking around his castle with his head on his hand, "And her front bangs are styled different."

The grey hedgehog moved to him muzzle, Scourge tensing as she pushed the cloth gently into his wound. He watched her orbs scan the wound once again as he tried to move his head away. Jaylee chuckled slightly, replacing the wet cloth with an ice block on his muzzle.

Scourge completely jumped away, his ears pinned back in pain and anger, "What are you laughing at!"

Scourge didn't want anyone to see the massive bruise on the left side of his muzzle, but Jaylee had to stop by the castle and forced him on the stair to tend to him. Her hand was wrapped tightly on his arm until he ripped himself from her grasp to hide the flinch he made.

Jaylee couldn't help it anymore and burst into laughter, clutching her stomach, "Y-You!" She calmed down a bit and stood to try and grab him again before he ran off, "You can take a hit, a wallop around the face, a kick to the gut - but you flinch when alcohol is rubbed on your wounds?"

"It stings!" He yelled angrily which only caused Jaylee to start laughing again.

"C'mon! Let me finish." Jaylee went to grab him, but the green hedgehog shot away to the other side, "Scourge!" she growled, heading for him.

"No! It damn hurts!" He ran in circles around the grey female, causing her quills to rustle up. She stood with a bored look on her face and crossed her arms as he continued, creating a draft.

"Get back here you baby!" She yelled before spin dashing into him. They both tumbled to the floor, Jaylee landing below the green hedgehog.

They both groaned, Scourge at his already wounded body and Jaylee at the weight on her. The emerald male slumped on the grey female, much to her dismay. They stayed there for a short while, mainly so Scourge could get his payback on Jaylee, "Get off me you fat lump." She muttered, trying to push the green male from her.

"You deserve this." He mumbled into her clothes.

Jaylee grinned and held onto his jacket before placing the ice block back on his muzzle – which had surprisingly not melted in their little battle.

Scourge made a strange noise causing the grey female to chuckle again, "Did you just squeak?" The emerald hedgehog muttered under his breath turning slightly to face her.

"Why are you doing this? You hate me." They both sat up, Scourge's legs either side of Jaylee as she sat cross legged.

The female frowned and looked into his sapphire eyes before pressing the ice block back on his muzzle, watching him wince and close his eyes a bit. "Hate is a strong word."

"Okay then – you very much despise me, why are you doing this for me."

"Oh, despise – that's a big word for you, Shades," Jaylee grinned at his scowling face before responding properly to his question, "I never said I didn't like you - I said I couldn't stand you."

Scourge rolled his eyes, "Same difference."

"Maybe I'm doing this because you wouldn't bother with it."


It was Jaylee's turn to roll her eyes, "Your bruises would swell, and your cuts would get infected – then you wouldn't be able to keep that ego of yours looking like a dead rat."

Scourge looked away quickly and back again, "Good point. Can't have that now can I? Need to keep up my 'bad boy' nature and handsome figure."

"Tch, a 'handsome bad boy' who flinches at medical treatment." The grey hedgehog scoffed. Scourge growled and was about to speak until Jaylee pressed her finger against his lips and shushed him, a small smirk on her face, "I'll keep the bad boy's secret, Shades." She winked before standing up. Jaylee grabbed his hand and helped hull him to his feet.

Scourge glanced to her, "And stop calling me 'Shades'." Jaylee looked to him after depositing the cloth in the bin nearby and shrugged, "I don't even know why you say that."

Jaylee smirked and walked behind his turned figure before taking his glasses from his head. She turned invisible and placed them on her head, "Because of these, Shades." She chuckled, walking around him without turning visible.

Scourge rolled his eyes and snatched them from her, replacing them back where they belong and crossing his arms, "That's like me calling you Jackie because of your jacket."

He watched as she reappeared before him, "So," she placed a hand on her hip, "What you gonna do about the lookalikes?"

Chapter Text

Space Colony ARK

The twin tailed fox had landed them safely onto the ARK, each of them looking around at the old, abandoned space craft. Purple orbs glances around, still feeling a strong amount of Chaos energy up here, even after so long.

Rouge rubbed her arms, "It's hard to believe this has actually been up here for over fifty years." She spoke, wrinkling her nose at the smeared windows.

Tails nodded as the red echidna spoke, "I can still feel Chaos energy here... and another strange power."

Sapphire orbs rolled, and she bumped her hip on him, "Well, duh. That's because Eggman just used a Warp Ring to transport those hedgehogs to another location." Knuckles shoved her off, "Where do you think they ended up?"

Tails was walking ahead, looking on his device at the map displayed, searching for the lab. He knew that the doctor would've been here last, not only for a Warp Ring but probably most of the remaining information on Gerald. He sighed, "If what I fear is correct, there's only one other dimension apart from Silver's that uses Warp Rings."

"I thought they were used all over the multiverse?" Rouge asked.

"They are, but only a few dimensions use them properly. We aren't one of them and I have no idea why Gerald would have a Warp Ring up here in the first place."

The three made it to the lab, gasping at the mess Eggman had left. Tails rushed over to the computer, scanning through all the files the evil genius had looked through. "Eggman has taken every file with information stored with Shadow and Black Arms."

"And we agree that's bad right?" Knuckles asked, walking up beside the young fox.

"Of course! With that information, Eggman can truly create another Ultimate Lifeform – and with the amount of DNA he had, I fear it may be even stronger than Sonic and Shadow combined!" Tails stated, glancing around the room.

Blue eyes noticed an empty pod, one that looked like it had been storing something powerful. A shiny object caught his attention and he walked over to it, leaving the two treasure hunters talking. "What do you think Eggman's creating?" Rouge asked.

Knuckles looked around, tossing an unnamed file on the side. He looked at Rouge and shrugged, "Ask Tails – science isn't my type of thing."

"What is your type of thing?"

Tails rolled his orbs as he heard the two begin to argue again and resumed looking through boxes. It had been ages since they were last up here, and the ARK didn't look well-kept either. Seriously, the GUN agents could've at least cleaned the area a bit before putting up cameras – what was the point otherwise? To be honest, the young fox was amazed that they picked anything up in the first place with the amount of dust covering them.

Tails wondered where the hedgehogs had been warped to. The only place he could think of was the home of his evil-twin or perhaps the No Zone, but other than that, no one else used Warp Rings for transport.

If they had been transported there, Tails didn't know how he could communicate with them or return them. Sure, he may be a child genius, but interdimensional transportation? That's not easy. It would involve recreating either the Warp Ring's magnetic field or the Warp Posts – and unless they had them over there, he couldn't do that without some kind of damage.

The twin tailed fox sighed before throwing a few objects out of the box behind him before he heard a loud, and strangely familiar ping against the floor. Purple orbs immediately turned to the sound and grabbed the ivory bat before a portal opened before them. Tails cried out as he lost his grip on the side and was sucked through the portal, "Knuckles!"

"Tails!" Knuckles shouted, about to jump through until it closed on him.

Rouge looked frozen in her position, confuse on what had just happened. "Did... Did Tails just-?"

Knuckles nodded and growled out in frustration, clenching his namesakes, "He just sucked himself into the portal. And now we're stuck here because no one knows how to fly his plane!"


With the Mobians

The four hedgehogs walked through the forest. They had been up for a while, and the early morning mist still covered the surrounding area.

Now that they knew where they were, each of them were on high alert, ears twitching at the slightest sound. Shadow and Sonic had taken the lead, both of them knowing more about Moebius than the girls.

Jayde sighed poking the pink female beside her. Amy had been glancing around, her mallet in her tightened grip. She hummed. "What's it like in Moebius?"

Amy studied her with her jade eyes, "I've never been in town here, but Scourge's castle is pretty much like Acorn Castle." Amy chuckled a bit, "Although it could stand to be redecorated."

Jayde thought for a bit, not know anything about the Moebian lookalikes, "So what are our 'evil twins' like?"

Amy looked forwards, Shadow punching the blue hedgehog hard on the shoulder for something he said, "Well, you already know Scourge. He was powered up by the Master Emerald when he came in contact with it once before."

"Wasn't Knuckles guarding it?"

Amy shook her head, "This was when his father was looking after it. I have an 'evil twin' too - her name is Rosy. She used tarot cards like I did and had a growth and age spurt. But because if this Zone, there were some..." Amy stopped, trying to find the words to say, "...side effects."

Jayde raised a non-existent eyebrow questioningly, "What do you mean by that?"

Amy cringed, "Well, she's more insane than most. She prefers to kill than reason - the same as most of them here actually, she's just worse."

The rose female looked at Jayde, "Just remember that everyone in this Zone is the opposite of their counterpart back home. What you know of the people in Mobius is nothing like the people in Moebius. We are all opposites." The grey hedgehog gained a higher understanding the more Amy spoke.

No one in Moebius could be trusted. Always have your guard up.

A frown printed itself on Jayde muzzle, "But couldn't they... change? Like become good? Isn't it like us and we could become bad if we chose to?"

Sonic's ear flicked as he heard Jayde but didn't say anything. He knew what she was getting at because that's what he once thought too. But the truth is that you can't change people. People choose their own path and most Moebians choose evil.

Amy sighed, "You don't want to mess with any of them Jayde, they are unpredictable."

"So am I." She smirked.

Jayde glanced at the two males in front, watching as they discussed possible outcomes and plans. Both hedgehogs knew that Scourge was dangerous, even if he had been released from the No Zone Prison. But that was only because the Destructix left him. Sonic doubted they'd see Fiona or any of her gang while they were here.

"Scourge almost beat us both once before-"

Sonic was interrupted by Shadows hummed laugh, "You mean he almost beat you before."

Sonic rolled his orbs, "Whatever Shads."

"It's Shadow, Faker." The ebony male muttered, "And unlike you and Scourge, I have higher durability and enhanced fighting and combat skills. I could outlast both of you."

"Sure you could." The azure hedgehog mumbled, his ear twitching as a rain drop splattered against his muzzle, "Ah man."

Amy whined beside the grey female, "Aw, my fur's going to get dirty."

"You fur is already dirty." Jayde muttered, looking up as the clouds darkened and water began to pour down. She grinned, raising her hands above her head and embracing the rain, "Rain is awesome!"

Sonic, Amy and Shadow stared at her from under the trees, watching as she spun around before looking at them and laughing, "You guys are babies!"

"Never thought I'd say this," a voice spoke, causing the four hedgehogs to tense, "But you're right."

Jayde turned in one swift movement, coming face to face with the devil himself. The grey female jumped back slightly to distance herself between her and Scourge, clenching her fists.

"All you Mobians are goody-two-shoes, do the right thing," Scourge dipped his glasses, staring at the azure male, "and chose the wrong battles to fight."

"I could beat you any day, Scourge, and you know it." Sonic smirked, getting ready for battle.

"That may be," Scourge smirked, crossing his arms, "But I took your advice." The green coloured male flicked his fingers, giving the signal for three other Moebians to appear from the shadows.

Jayde froze as she stared forwards, eyes widening as if she was looking into a mirror. Another grey and blue hedgehog stepped forward, crossing her arms as she stood beside the 'King of Moebius' with a sly grin.

"Hey, Miles and Rosy!" Sonic grinned before sighing, "Our ex ally's." Amy and Rosy glared across from one another, both mallets pointing towards one another.

"I'm surprised you haven't tried to smash us yet," Amy bravely stated watching the glare pierce her. Rosy went to step forward and attack but Scourge stopped her. The grey female nodded at Anti-Amy, telling her to wait and be patient.

"Wow Scourge, finally got her on a leash?"

Scourge grinned smugly, "No, she's just preparing to beat you to a pulp."

Jaylee huffed, "So that's my lookalike?" Both blue striped girls stared down at one another, taking the first glance of their opposite.

Jayde growled, placing her hands in her hips, "So you're the Princess' guard?"

Jaylee hissed back, already disliking her Mobian counterpart. Now I understand why Scourge hates them. "You didn't tell me she had a smart mouth."

"No different to you then." Sonic muttered, Amy holding in a chuckle. Jaylee scolded towards Sonic.

"So you're the Faker that looks like Scourge?"

Sonic rolled his orbs, "I'm not a Faker! I'm the original!" He yelled before turning to Amy, "Why does no one get that?"

"Enough!" The green male snapped. Ice blue eyes glared at the Mobians before landing on Jayde, "This is Jaylee. Your superior."


Scourge grinned, "She's everything you are not. Smarter, braver, more powerful." Jayde's face bowed and glared at the two. Scourge glanced behind him before raising his hand, "Let's show them how powerful we are." And in an instant the four raced towards the Mobians.

Chapter Text

Jayde braced herself, pushing back at the fist that aimed for her. Jaylee growled, punching in different arms each second, her Mobian counterpart dodging every one of them. Jayde smirked before hitting straight across the muzzle, "Wow, your hands are slower than your feet."

The blue blur smirked at Jayde's comment, dodging the green male's hits as well, "Just don't get too carried away, Jayde. It's clearly been a while since these guys had competition."

Scourge gritted his teeth, both hedgehogs leaving a trail of dust behind them as they sped into the distance, "Why are you even here anyways?"

"Oh, finally want to talk, huh?" Sonic smirked, skidding to a halt and tripping up his counterpart, "Eggman used a Warp Ring on us and this is where we ended up – horrible place, isn't it?"

The two continued to hit each other back and forth, Sonic leaning to his right, dodging a hit from the left before flicking his feet around and knocking the green male to the ground. The hero smirked, "Slowing up, Scourge?"

"I'm faster than you, Blue." He hisses, repeating Sonic's action and knocking the cobalt hedgehog into a tree further away. Sonic let out an 'oof' but didn't stop the fight.

Zip, zip, zip-

The evil twin tailed fox growled, "Quit it with the teleporting!" he snapped, clenching his fists, "Fight me like a real hedgehog!"

Shadow smirked, chaos controlling once more before flicking around and planting his foot in Miles' muzzle, sending him flying back. The fox gritted his teeth, spinning his tails to prevent further injury. He flew above the Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow's enhanced hearing picking up on his quick decent before chaos controlling again, leaving the fox in the dust.

"You know, if you want to get a hit on me, you need to concentrate more." Shadow muttered, looking at the hunched fox who prepared to hit him again.

Miles growled, racing at him once again, "Shut up!"

"Hey, you're a smart kid like Tails, aren't you?" Shadow spoke, continuously using the Chaos Emerald in his quills, "You should predict where I'm going to appear from."

"Why are you helping me?" the fox snapped, already knowing not to trust the Mobian lookalikes.

Shadow stopped in front of him and crossed his arms, "Because it's killing me just watching you fight." Miles let out a battle cry, charging towards the hedgehog. The ebony male chaos controlled again, but this time, Miles took his advice, listening out for the slightest noise, trying to predict his appearing location.

In a sudden move, he threw his arm around, but it was grasped in the Ultimate Lifeform's hold. Shadow nodded, still not showing any emotion, "Good, but did you really think I was going to let you hit me?" and he threw Miles against the tree.

Jayde ducked another punch from her lookalike before knocking her down with her feet. Jaylee was quick to stand, wiping the dirt from her muzzle as the rain continued to pour, soaking through their clothes, "I'm impressed." She spoke, "You're stronger than I thought you'd be – yet, you are still weaker than me."

"How come you haven't landed a punch on me yet then?" Jayde smirked.

The grey hedgehog grinned back, "I'm only just getting started." And the Moebian disappeared. Jayde was shocked that her counterpart could become invisible as well, but the smirk never left her lips as she too turned to her powers.

"Good trick." Jayde smirked, staring at her evil-twin as she growled.

"Well, well, well, I see you and I have a lot more in common than I thought we did." Jaylee muttered, slightly disappointed in these turn of events, but used it as her advantage. "But don't you see than I am still stronger than you?"

"Why are you evil?" Jayde asked, standing straight, but not letting her guard down.

"What are you talking about?" Jaylee snapped, "You don't know anything about me."

Jayde crossed her arms, "Well, you're fighting against the heroes and with the villains. I think your alliance is pretty self-explanatory."

The evil-twin ran at the Mobian, both throwing hits towards one another. "I am evil because I chose to be." Jaylee hissed.

"Why though?" Jayde asked, shoving her counterpart off her, "All it takes is a little bit of respect – a little bit of decency – and you'd be like me."

Jaylee stared up at her twin from her sitting position, "I... I..." she gritted her teeth, "I wouldn't ever want to be like you. I have my reasons for being like this and that's never going to change!"

Jaylee growled, returning to fight her Mobian lookalike. This was her first time on a big mission like this, despite being in Scourge's team for many years now. The green male took his time in trusting her to fight for him, even when Fiona was good friends with her. It took a while before he saw her as a strong female, and she wasn't about to be manipulated by a goody two shoes and have that ruined.

With Tails

The twin tailed fox was not far from their fight, quickly running towards them with his device bleeping at the strengthening Potens energy. Tails didn't realise Jayde had so much within her! Never once before had the E.G.H. been this active in finding her, but his readings were going crazy.

The other side of the problem was not knowing whether that energy would harm her. If all this energy was coming from the Protector, it could mean that there was something dangerously wrong. The other idea was that Moebius could have some form of Potens Crystal here too – and by the readings, it was definitely more powerful in this dimension than back home.

The scientist grumbled in frustration, taping at his communicator again. Tails wasn't trying to contact with the hedgehogs because he knew he'd find them with the E.G.H. with Shadow and Jayde's powers. He was trying to connect between the two dimensions and somehow link a connection between him and the two stuck on the ARK.

Tails knew Knuckles couldn't fly the plane back home. He knew Rouge could fly planes because she worked with Eggman, but no one but Sonic – and possibly Jayde – knew how to start up and actually use his plane.

Looking at it now, he realised that it was a stupid idea.

Tails shrugged off the problem – Knuckles and Rouge could stick together for a little bit while he tries to find the hedgehogs. It hopefully won't end up with a funeral.

At this point, Tails heard the shouts and grunts, hiding behind a nearby tree to shield himself from flying Moebians. He grunted himself, hitting his communicator to try and make it work – not that it would do anything.

"If I can tweak the signals slightly, there's a possibility I might be able to connect with those two," he mumbled to himself, grabbing a screwdriver from his belt that he, thankfully, forgot to take off before leaving the workshop, "I just have to cut the right wire."



Within the fighting

"How's the talking going?" Sonic asked Jayde as their backs pressed together.

The pair quickly ducked as their evil-twins threw a punch towards them, "Oh, you know," Jayde shrugged, landing a kick in Jaylee's abdominals, "A walk in the park that didn't end well."

Sonic chuckled slightly, hitting the green male, "Care to perform a double attack?" The two Moebians began to run towards them, leaving the Mobians to quickly link arms, rolling into a double spin attack, crashing into both of their evil twins.

Jaylee and Scourge growled towards them before the 'King of Moebius' smirked, "Wanna fight fire with fire, Lee?"

The two linked arms as well, both sets of hedgehogs glaring across from one another. Sonic looked at Jayde, "You know, this would be so much more serious – if he wasn't wearing that thing on his head." They both spluttered laughter.

"Careful, Princess, you might break your hat." Jayde laughed, clutching onto her stomach.

Scourge's glare hardened, "It's not a hat! It's a crown – it shows you I own this place. And while you're here, on my land – I own you too!"

The Mobians looked at each other and burst into laughter once again. Jaylee rolled her orbs and patted him on the shoulder, "Great speech, Shades." He growled towards her and shrugged her off.

The battle was cut short as a shout of happiness came from behind the trees, and the twin tailed fox could be seen jumping up gleefully, "Yes!"

"Oh, looks like we have more company!" Scourge snorted, "Let's go guys. We'll sort these losers out later when they're weak and defenceless."

"Are we too tough for you, Princess?" Jayde smirked, crossing her arms and watching her lookalike turn back and look back at her. They stared at each other, the situation new to them, before Jaylee scoffed and walked away with clenched fists.

The four hedgehogs ran over to the young inventor, "Hey Tails! How'd you get here?" Amy asked, noticing the red echidna and ivory bat on his communicator, "And how are they there?"

"We went to Space Colony ARK after GUN contacted Rouge, which is when we found out about you being transported to another dimension." Tails spoke, looking around at the dying trees, "It looks worse than before."

"Agreed," Sonic mumbled before turning to the more important topic, "On another note, how are we getting home?"

Tails sighed, "Unfortunately, I don't know. I accidently transported myself here by flicking a Warp Ring – and it hasn't come through with me. The only way I can think of getting home is by getting Rouge and Knuckles to sort some device on the ARK to help us get back." He looked slightly at the Ultimate Lifeform, as if asking his permission.

But the echidna on the other side spoke up, "Wait, you want us to what?!"

His voice was slightly crackled because of the dimensional breach, but it was understandable, "I need you two to fix up a teleportation device for us. I know for a fact that Shadow's Chaos Emerald won't work between dimensions." Tails told them.

This time, it was Rouge who spoke up, "Sorry, Fox Boy, I don't do science. I'm afraid I have to agree with Knucklehead here."


"Don't worry. I'll be here throughout, I just need you guys to cooperate as well or we're never getting home!"

Chapter Text

A Few hours later...

The four hedgehogs and the twin tailed fox continued to walk through the forest. The sky above them was slowly darkening more than it originally way, and they needed to find a place to set up camp for the night.

"So, basically, you left Knucks and Rouge to fend for themselves, trapped in the ARK?" Sonic asked before snickering, "Man, I'm going to have to check out the security footage to see how many arguments they get in!"

The ebony hedgehog muttered, "They better hope they don't break anything."

Jayde hopped beside him and nudged Shadow, "Have a little faith, Shades," she chuckled, "Sure, they may dislike each other, but I've seen them working in battle together – they're secretly a good team."

"You know, even though I'm not there, I can clearly hear you through this communicator," Jayde jumped as she heard the red echidna's voice and glanced at the device on Tails' wrist, "I don't appreciate being doubled up with this bat at all."

"Aw, Knuckie!" Rouge pinched his cheeks, "Don't be jealous just because I'm understanding more of what Tails is saying than you!" Knuckles grumbled under his breath and shoved her off.

The twin tailed fox had been talking them through everything they needed for the device and he wasn't even a quarter of the way through yet. It seemed to be stressing Tails out more than the two aboard the ARK.

Tails dragged a hand down his face as Knuckles once again produced the wrong screwdriver head, "Knuckles, for the last time – that's a tri-wing, not a Phillips head!"

"They're both the same!" Knuckles snapped, "What's the difference!"

"One had three points and the one you want has four – it's the most common screwdriver you need!" Tails yelled out in defeat.

Jayde chuckled slightly, placing a hand on Tails' shoulder, "Don't worry – there's no hurry to leave here, right?"

"Unless you want to battle Scourge and his gang every day, then yeah, there is a hurry." Amy spoke, crossing her arms.

The Protector shrugged, "Makes a change from Eggman battling us every day."

"Oh, how kind you are, renegade. And to think – I was going to go easy on you this time." The five Mobians turned quickly, staring up at the bald headed, evil genius above them, rubbing his moustache.

"Any battle is easy with you, Egghead." Sonic spoke, placing a hand on his hip as he smirked.

The Doctor laughed at the azure hedgehog, "Ah, Sonic, my nemesis who won't be around for much longer. Don't you remember my creation on the ARK?"

"Does this conversation come with a chili dog? I feel like we'll be here for a while." Sonic asked the hammer wielding female beside him who giggled at his comment slightly.

"Silence!" Eggman yelled, grumbling, "As I was saying – that creation is researching her heritage," he glanced towards the Ultimate Lifeform who gritted is teeth, "So, I've got another friend to help me."

"Since when do you have friends?" Amy asked, leading the blue blur to look at her with wide eyes.

Sonic looked towards Jayde with a smile on his muzzle and placed a hand on Amy's shoulder, "She's learning from me!" The ebony hedgehog simply rolled his eyes.

The Doctor above gritted his teeth before aiming his weapon and firing towards the Mobians. Shadow was the first to notice because the others were talking and shoved them all to the side, "Less talking, more fighting!" he snapped.

Multiple shots were fired afterwards, leaving the five to scatter around the clearing. Jayde grabbed her board, flying around the trees and up in front of the doctor. Before he could make a sound of protest, the Protector spin dashed into his weapons, destroying them immediately before landing beside the others.

"Good battle." Jayde smirked, going to high five Sonic until an unfamiliar flash of light blue struck against her, faster than anyone could calculate, causing her to slam into the tree close by.

"Jayde!" Amy yelled, unleashing her mallet, before a foot struck both her and the blue hedgehog. Tails was the next to get hit, soon followed by an unexpecting Ultimate Lifeform.

The light blue being flipped into a crouched landing before standing tall. Green orbs watched as the grey female groaned, slowly standing to her feet. But who Jayde was prepared to punch was not who she expected, "Cleo?"

Cleobella stood taller, clenching her fist as she pointed towards her old, forgotten friend, "You!" Jayde pointed towards herself, a slight confusion rising in her at the fox's behaviour, "You have angered my master, I challenge you to a battle!"

Jayde stepped back, barely dodging an incoming hit from the female who used to be her friend, "Whoa! Cleo, what's gotten into you?" But the being did not speak and only continued to throw punches. The Protector, however, refused to fight back and potentially injure her old friend.

The moustached man chuckled, "Jayde the Renegade, I'd like you to meet the newest member of Team Eggman – I believe you've met before."

Jayde gritted her teeth and ducked from an incoming swing, "What did you do to her, Egghead!" she yelled. Sonic revved up on a spin dash before shooting straight towards the lighter female, colliding easily with her. Cleobella crashed into a tree, groaning loudly before slumping to an unconscious state. Jayde ran towards her before glaring at the male, "Sonic!"

"What? She's the bad guy!" he protested.

"No, she isn't!" Jayde hissed, running over to where her former friend landed. But the fox was quick to stand, making the Protector jump back.

Eggman grinned, watching as the two fought once again. Well, Cleobella tried to hit the grey hedgehog, being successful multiple time while Jayde refused to hit her, leading the fox to become angrier. The other Mobians stood on the side lines, Jayde warning them not to land another hit to her friend. "She's been upgraded." Eggman smirked.

Jayde blocked another incoming hit before quickly focusing on her powers and turning invisible. Cleobella looked around, trying to find the hidden enemy. Clenching her fists, she sensed the hedgehog's presence close by, throwing a punch in that direction.

To the others, it seemed like the light blue fox was punching thin air, but Jayde was still dodging every hit, "Hey, Tails!" the Protector called out, running over to the others, even though they couldn't see her.

Tails' ears pricked up and nodded, "Yeah?"

"Can you- whoa!" Jayde ducked as Cleobella ran over to them, distracting the grey female, causing her to appear visible again, "- scan Cleo and see what's up with her?"

Eggman heard this and hummed a laugh, "You'll never find out what-"

"Hey, McNosehair, why did you use Chaos Emerald's too enhance her skills?" Sonic asked, looking through all the information that was appearing on his proclaimed brother's screen.

"According to the analysis on screen, 75% of her body has chaos energy running through it which wasn't there before – and it's increasing. Do you know how dangerous this could be to someone without inhibitor rings?" Tails asked, typing quickly on his device.

Jayde growled as Cleobella landed a strengthened hit on her abdominals. The Protector could feel it in her hits that she was getting more powerful by the second – and without anything to control that power, it could lead to spontaneous combustion.

"Oh, please. This fox is more powerful than all of you combined. I can control that power within her and she still works for me!" Eggman looked to the grey hedgehog, "Is she too tough for you now, renegade?"

"Why won't you fight back!" Cleobella snapped, rapidly hitting her unknowing friend, leaving Jayde to tumble across the floor. Jayde groaned, leaning up on her forearms to see the light blue anti-hero walking closer, "Pathetic." She spat.

"I'm not fighting you, Cleobella. You're my friend, even if you don't remember." Jayde spoke, before letting out a gasp and quickly sliding back at an incoming kick.

"Okay, Cleobella – let's go. They've had enough – we should let them wait out their doom." Eggman chuckled, hovering down to let his henchman jump onto his eggcarrier, "We've much more important stuff planned for them." And he took off laughing.

Jayde stared to the side, gritting her teeth, "That rotten, sneaky -" Shadow placed his hand on her shoulder, watching the doctor fly away.

"We'll return her, Jayde." Tails spoke up, "I know exactly how to take that out of her system, but it needs careful planning." He sighed a bit. The grey hedgehog gave him a small smile, but she still wondered how Cleo got away from her clan.

"Let's just find somewhere to set up camp." She mumbled before they continued walking through the unknown.

Dr Eggman's lair

Adversity stared through the files of Dr Eggman's computer and scoffed. How could a man, with so much advanced technology, lose against a simple, blue hedgehog? All his mechs, and his attacks – all failures. Not so much as a single win towards the side of evil – that needed to change.

The creature had read through her heritage in the time of the doctor transporting himself to Moebius and back and she knew what she needed to do. Her loyalty wasn't to the doctor, or anyone else – her loyalty was to the Black Arms and her lost brother, Eclipse. They were here to destroy the planet, and like planned, she would do just that.

All she needed was a little help from another brother of hers – Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Lifeform.

She had read about him, how he was created, just like her, from Black Doom's DNA. His purpose was apparently to help protect the planet. But his true purpose was to help the Black Arms race destroy the planet, and help kill those pathetic humans and Mobians who lived in harmony. But he betrayed them.

That human girl – Maria, her name – had brainwashed him, so Adversity thought. Telling him to protect the planet they both 'loved' and save the people. In his blindness, he destroyed the Black Comet, and ruined the Black Arms chances – he was a traitor.

Adversity knew about her brother, Eclipse. She knew that he had been able to control the Ultimate Lifeform by showing him his true purpose – maybe it was time to bring the world to its knees, starting with Moebius, where the enemy lies.

"You did a good job for your first time, Cleobella." Adversity's ear twitched as she heard the doctor come through the door and turned to see the light blue fox crossed her arms, unamused, towards him.

"We backed out from the fight – I'm quite displeased about this, Doctor." Cleobella scolded, "I could've finished that grey hedgehog's life."

Adversity zoned out from the conversation at the mention of the grey hedgehog. Apparently, her name was Jayde, and according to the doctor's files, she now worked alongside his nemesis, the blue hedgehog named Sonic. She had read about Jayde's powers, and the Potens Crystal – that fact that it contained Black Arm's DNA within the Shards was very pleasing to her.

She knew she could use it.

"Ah, Adversity." Eggman grinned, "Are you ready to fight my enemy, and destroy him once and for all?"

The being turned and stared at him. Her stare seemed to pierce into him, making him gulp slightly. "I wish to eradicate the enemy myself."

"Oh, good-!" Eggman began but was immediately cut off by what she said next.

"Without your help."

"Excuse me?"

"I've searched through your files – just like you've said to." She muttered, clenching her fists, "I've seen all your defeats from day one, every time you could've ended that hedgehog's life – and yet you failed. It's time for a new villain."

Eggman stepped back, "I invented you! I created you. You do as I say, Adversity."

"I'll keep the name – and that's all you get a say in." she snapped, her orbs glaring into his specs, "I hope you like adventure, because you're going on one right now."

Adversity tapped on his control panel, a Warp Ring that Eggman had preserved popping out. Eggman gritted his teeth, "You cannot do this to me! We were going to conquer this planet, then build the Eggman Empire!"

Adversity scoffed, "The only thing you're going to be building up, is your reputation." She flicked the ring, making it bounce, "That's a pathetic name for a pathetic plan. I'll conquer this world for myself, and from it, the Black Arms will rise once again and soon rule the universe!"

The Warp Ring bounced again, a portal opening. "No!" Eggman yelled, before he, Cleobella and his henchmen were sucked into the unknown.

Adversity glanced around, scoffing once again, "The only way I'm going to defeat those hedgehogs slowly and painfully is hurting them from the inside out." She jumped through the portal as well, her plan ready to be true.

Chapter Text

With the Mobians

Shadow stared up at the night sky, watching the stars as they slowly moved above him. It had been a while since he'd been at peace for this long. Even with the soft snores coming from the Mobians around him, he still felt a sense of tranquillity.

Everyone was asleep around him. Jayde was on the branch above, shifting every so often. The other three were sat around the dying fire, Amy having manoeuvred herself closer to the blue blur's body for warmth, and the young inventor had wrapped his two tails around him to keep the heat in.

Shadow's ear twitched slightly, glancing up at the grey hedgehog. She whimpered slightly, making the ebony male frown – what was wrong? She had been peaceful through the night. But now she squirmed, slightly harsher than before.

In Jayde's mind...

I could hear everything.

The screams of civilians outside in our small unnamed village, the crackle of the fire around me, the rumble as the ground shook below us.

His robot was bigger than the others. It caused more damage, broke down trees as if they were twigs under it metallic foot. The male inside laughed loudly, wanting to get to our elders who were thousands of years old.

My twin brother grabbed my wrist, grinning, "Hey, wanna cause some havoc?"

My childish younger self nodded eagerly before we both raced towards the robot. Neither of us had any special powers. We weren't perfect in the art of combat and we didn't train six hours a day for this – but we went in any way with our fear on the tips of our tongues.

We sneaked past some small robots before we leapt inside the robot. "We should find the main power station. That way we can stop this man before he reaches the elders."

I nodded, following my brother as he navigated us around. We smashed multiple guard bots with our weakening feet, but still continued.

Our Dad was fighting below, smashing apart any robots that came too close. We were like him. We shared a passion in saving and helping people.

We reached the control station, a round, bald headed man sat inside. He stared out the window, watching everyone scuttle to their safe houses. He crackled with laughter, not noticing the twins as they snuck past until the robot began to malfunction.

"If we break the orange wire, that should stop the controls," Jayde muttered, yanking at another black wire. Her brother nodded, pulling out a pocket knife from his sword strap and slicing through the orange wire.

A yell of anger was heard, and the robot soon began to collapse. The twin's grabbed hold of the robot as it stumbled backwards, the male's eyes widening, "Jayde, it's heading towards the cliff!"

Jayde heard the shout of her brother and panic began to set in. They both started to run around, trying to find any way out. The robot began to malfunction and went haywire, tripping over multiple broken trees.

We gasped as the robot tilted over the edge of the cliff and began to fall. My twin grabbed my wrist and leapt out the front window, glass piercing our skin. The robot's arm crashed against the rock above, causing us both to fall.

My brother used his sword strap to make us come to a halt, staring down at the drop below us. He strained, looking for any way out.

The male glanced down at his twin sister, watching as the fear set into her eyes. He had to save her. He knew she had a reason to being here, the elders had told him their selves. She needed to be kept alive.

He looked up and saw a safe ledge – and only enough space for one person, "Jayde, promise me something," he looked down at her as she stared at him in confusion, "Promise me that you'll protect people. Promise that no matter what, you'll run with the wind."

Still confused, Jayde nodded. Her twin brother smiled sadly at her before mustering up all his strength, throwing her up to the ledge. He noticed the rocks above him beginning to crack, and drew a deep breath.

Jayde rolled into the ledge's wall before quickly scrambling to the edge, "No, wait! Jayden, I'll pull you up." Jayde began to reach down, but the edge broke slightly.

Jayden smiled up at his sister, "You can't Jayde."

"Yes I can!" she cried, trying to reach down further. Her hand went to grasp his fingers, trying to stretch as far down as she could. He smiled at her efforts, but looked up and saw the rocks seconds from falling.

"Jayde, stop." Jayden mumbled.

"No! I can save you. I won't leave you here!" Jayde yelled, but her brother simple shook his head.

"You've got to run, J.J!" he shouted at her and the rocks completely fell. Jayde scrambled back, a few of them scraping her arm.

She looked over the edge, watching Jayden let go of his sword strap, "No... No, JAYDEN!"

Jayde yelled as she woke up, jumping from her sleep. She breathed heavily, her hand placed over her rapidly beating heart as she tried to get oxygen into her lungs. Sweat dripped from her head and she jumped down from the branch. Jayde wobbled as she stood, wiping away multiple tears.

After leaning against the tree for some time, she looked around at her fellow teammates. Sonic and Amy were still asleep next to each other and the red and black hedgehog was still snoozing in the tree. Or so she thought.

Shadow shifted in his spot, turning to look down, watching the grey hedgehog as she walked off into the forest. He had watched her from below as she tossed and turned, ready to catch her if she fell. He got down from the tree, awakening the other two as he began to follow her into the woods.

Chapter Text

He watched as she leapt onto a low tree branch, before clambering up after her, and sitting beside her. Jayde didn't look at him, making sure he didn't see the unshed tears that were caught in her orbs.

"It's gonna be okay." Shadow mumble, placing a hand on her shoulder. He didn't truly know what was wrong with her, all he knew was that she needed his support.

Jayde scoffed, sniffing as she wiped her nose with the back of her hand, "You don't even know the truth – I hurt everyone I loved because of one stupid mistake."

Shadow didn't say anything, watching as she stared up at the sky with tearful eyes. But none of those drops of water strayed from her eyes. Her dark blue orbs turned to the Ultimate Lifeform, locking with his crimson orbs, "I could have saved him Shadow."

He suddenly realised, "Renee, you were only little and-" Shadow was cut off by a small laugh of hers.

"I may have been little, but I was strong. I was one of the strongest kids in the village – my Dad was a guard for crying out loud! I could've lifted him up and we could've gone home together, looking back on it now as a silly memory." Her fists clenched, "But I didn't. I reached, and I stretched, and I still didn't do enough. He told me to run but I couldn't leave him."

Jayde grabbed her baseball form her quills, staring at it, "Instead I watched him fall to his death." She stood on the thick branch before lobbing to ball somewhere, a shout of agony leaving her lips. Jayde breathed heavily and jumped down, quickly followed by the dark male.

She turned away from him, "I didn't even have the guts to return to my friends." She chuckled again, "Jayden was Mitzy's crush, her love, her everything." Her voice grew quiet and she placed a hand on the tree trunk, "And I took that away from her!"

Tears were now on the verge of her rims, desperate to fall and stream down her muzzle but she refused to cry again. I don't deserve to cry for him. "How could I ever face her after I watched the one she loved plummet to his death when I could've saved him. I could've stretched a little further. I could've grasped his hand and pulled him up."

Jayde punched the tree closest to her, wincing in pain at her stupid action, "I could've saved him!" she shouted, continuing to hit the bark with her fist, hoping that somehow it was take away her pain and make her forget the look on his pale muzzle as he dropped, his life flashing before his eyes.

"Jayde. Jayde, stop!" Shadow watched as blood crawled from her knuckles and stopped her fist with his palm as she went to hit the bark again, "You can't let this take control of you."

Shadow gripped her shoulders, making her glassy orbs look directly at his, "You've taught me that it's okay to embrace the past and learn from it. I know it's hard, but if you let it get to you won't-"

"You know it's hard?" Jayde laughed, "You think you know what it's like to watch a person you love die before your eyes? You don't know anything!" she yelled, pushing him away. But as soon as those words left her mouth her eyes widened and her bloodied hand covering her mouth.

He did indeed know what it was like.

The red striped male flinched, clenching his fists. Shadow's face turned cold as he glared at the female in front of him before turning and walking away. "Wait, Shades, I didn't-"

Shadow stopped, "You think I don't know what it's like to watch your friend die and not be able to do anything about it?" the Ultimate Lifeform threw something to her which she stumbled back as she caught and continued walking away, "And the name's Shadow."

Jayde glanced at the baseball in her hands, when did he get this? She watched his retreating figure heading back to the two sleeping hedgehogs before she slumped to the ground, holding the ball close to her, what have I done?


Shadow scowled as he walked back towards the fire. His fists clenched by his sides as he continued, not acknowledging Sonic or Amy as he strolled past.

"Hey Shads, what's-" Sonic was roughly shoved into the tree closest to him, a small grunt leaving his throat. Shadows red striped arm was across his peach chest, the Ultimate Lifeform glaring into the emerald eyes of the blue hedgehog.

"Don't talk to me, Faker." He growled before pushing him hard and walking off.

Sonic frowned, wiping off the dirt and glancing at his retreating figure, "What's his problem?"

Amy got up, "Shadow, we should stick together." She spoke gently, not drawing attention to herself.

The dark male stopped, glaring at the trees in front of him, "I'll be back by morning, Rose." He spoke, no anger evident in his voice towards her - she didn't do anything wrong.

He continued, leaving Amy and Sonic to look at each other. They had woken up to the Ultimate Lifeform following the grey female into the trees, but they didn't hear any shouting or anything that would cause them to fall out - what happened between them?

Not long after, the two hedgehogs saw the grey quilled female coming out to the clearing. Her hands were limp by her side, head bowed, and quills drooped. Amy looked worriedly to her; she was never usually this quiet. "Jayde, what's wrong?"

But the grey hedgehog shook her head, walking straight past them without saying a word.

She couldn't believe she let that slip. Jayde knew Shadow had been through a lot and she knew he knew what it felt like to lose someone close - and she hurt him. She saw his flinch. Jayde could hear a twig snap in the silence he gave her. His whole face went blank, but she could see it in his eyes. Pain.

Jayde reached a tree, jumping to grab the branch and hulling herself up.

Sonic looked up, grinning slightly, "What's up?"

"Go away, Sonic. I'm not in the mood for jokes." She mumbled, climbing higher into the tree until she rested on the most stable branch.

Amy frowned, before beginning to climb up on a close nearby tree under the watchful eyes of the blue hero, "Jayde? What happened?" She asked softly, sitting on the branch, watching the grey female back as it rose and fell as she breathed.

Jayde sniffed slightly, still holding back her tears that swarmed her eyes, "I... I hurt him, Amy."

The rose female frowned. Shadow wasn't one to get hurt easily. He took everything said with a pinch of salt and let it fly over his head and didn't listen to what others thought of him. "I'm sure he was okay?" She stated, although it sounded more like a question than a response, "Maybe he just needs time to cool off?"

The blue striped hedgehog bit her lip. Jayde clenched the baseball tighter in her palms, bring it forward and burying her face in her knuckles, "You didn't see his face..." She shut her eyes tightly, curling against the tree trunk.

The rose female watched the hedgehog with great concern. She glanced down as the blue hedgehog who shrugged with a small uneasy smile across his muzzle. Sonic's eyes glanced off towards where the Ultimate Lifeform had left, for once considering running after him – but the blue blur knew better than to try and talk with him on a grouchy mood. He really would be smacked through the floor.

Chapter Text

With the Moebians

Jaylee walked through the halls of Acorn Castle, throwing up a tennis ball. She thought back to her Mobian lookalike – how did she meet the Sonic gang? She could only guess it was better than her meeting with Scourge.

She stumbled on his castle when she was running from home. She was malnourished and weak, and fainted before she could respond to the green hedgehog's yelling. When she woke up, she was on a table in a lab – which didn't help the state she was in. That's when she first met Miles. He told her that she was healing from her injuries, and that they weren't doing any kind of experimentation on her.

It took a while for Scourge to let Jaylee into his team. At this time, the Suppression Squad and Fiona were all still together. Her and Fiona became good friends, and she helped Jaylee train to the highest standard.

And then it was the final test.

Scourge never said it was a test, but Jaylee believed it was. It all happened after she told him why she was running. That was the reason most of the team left. They believed that Scourge was forcing Jaylee to turn evil. She didn't try and stop them, and it was like her and Fiona's friendship came crashing to a halt, Jaylee almost becoming emotionless.

But she still remembered the flames.

Jaylee shook her head from the memories and turned into the throne room, watching as the king paced the floor, glaring at every tile like it was his lookalike.

"Hey, Shades." Jaylee didn't know whether he heard her or not, but the male blatantly ignored the female.

"Scourge." She walked up to him and punched his arm. The male glared at her, but she showed no response of fear. Maybe that's why Scourge took an interest in her - she never once feared him. "Why are you just pacing around the room like an idiot?" she crossed her arms and smirked, "You're not worried about the Mobians, are you?"

"Of course not!" he snapped, "I'm just trying to come up with a plan to end their pathetic lives."

Jaylee hummed and walked up to the throne before slumping on it, "You know, a couple of those Mobians are pretty powerful – my lookalike has inhibitor rings like mine."

Scourge stopped, "What's your point? You don't even know what your inhibitor rings are for!"

The grey female twisted the rings around her wrists, looking at the shiny red band around the middle – that was the only different between them. "But she is full of untapped potential. It's clear that Jayde has only recently joined that team. She's still undecided on whether she's good or bad."

Scourge smirked at the grey hedgehog. He knew what she was doing because he had tried the same thing with the blue blur – they would've been unstoppable. "You have a plan?"

"Just keep the others distracted," Jaylee smirked, "All it takes is a bit of encouragement."

With the Mobians

The next morning, everything was silent.

No one even dared speak a word.

The five Mobians were wondering aimlessly around the Moebian forest, not knowing where they were or what they were doing. But the thing that Sonic, Amy and Tails knew was that Shadow and Jayde weren't going to talk to each other anytime soon.

The grey hedgehog had a guilty look on her muzzle and glanced over at the ebony male every so often. But Shadow never even turned his head. His crimson orbs stared straight ahead, and his posture was strong as he strode forwards. Sonic had attempted to talk to him a while back, which ended up with him pummelled into the closest tree – now he was pouting next to the rose female.

The twin tailed fox didn't even want to talk. The situation was so awkward, he'd probably end up saying something he shouldn't. Instead, he occupied himself by fiddling with his communicator, trying to get a better connection with the two back on Space Colony ARK. Rouge and Knuckles had been made aware of the situation, and even they had nothing to say about it and the conversation was quickly dropped.

Jayde knew she was in the wrong – there was no one to blame but herself. Even if she was upset and angry with herself, she still should've been more considerate of Shadow – he had been through worse as well.

The silence was broke when the Acorn Castle of Scourge's dimension came into view and the familiar Moebians came into view.

Scourge smirked, "Ready for round two?"

Chapter Text

A few hours later...

Jayde smirked, swinging from the trees branches to meet her attacker's hits. The grey lookalike growled, looking up at the female, "Come down here, you coward!"

"Oh, like this?" The Protector jumped from the high branch, spin dashing to land a quick attack on her opponent, before landing softly on the ground. Jayde's smirk widened as she watched Jaylee growl at her in anger, "Don't go all pouty on me now, Jaylee."

"Don't get cocky."

They ran at each other again, Jaylee drawing back her fist to hit her Mobian twin in the stomach. Jayde gaped, but quickly ducked on the incoming attack, before swishing her leg and knocking Jaylee over. She landed with a grunt, Jayde quickly pouncing on her before they wrestled along the dirty ground.

Sonic and Scourge were also locked in combat, but they fought standing up. Sonic shoved his counterpart back before swinging his foot around. At this point, Scourge was already planning his next attack and soon, fist connected muzzle and foot connected chest. They simultaneously groaned as they flew back.

Sonic dodged another hit from his evil twin, barely swaying right from the swing. The sapphire eyes stared into his emerald ones, only a little less friendly. "Give it up, Scourge. I could beat you any day and you know it!" the blue hedgehog yelled.

Scourge merely chuckled, "Sure you could beat me," the green male scoffed before pulling down his glasses and looking towards the two grey females battling it out. Jaylee hardly moved from the punch aimed at her before giving a mean right hook to Jayde. Sonic watched as his friend flew back, scrambling back to her feet, "But what about your friends?"

Sonic glared at Scourge, "They'll beat you all."

Scourge chuckled darkly, "Amy could possibly beat Rosy, just like Tails could possibly beat Miles – but what about Jayde?"

"She's strong enough to destroy Jaylee."

"You think?" the green hedgehog watched as the opposite females collided with each other, "Jaylee may seem good but she's not. Boy, is she one of the meanest girls I've met."

Sonic chuckled, clenching his fists, "Boy, have you not changed Scourge." He drew his fist back, smacking him straight into his stomach. Scourge turned in mid-air, landing safely back on his feet, "So, what's the deal with you and Jaylee?"

"Jaylee? Oh she's different." Scourge muttered, glancing back at the two grey hedgehogs, "Most girls from this zone are dark from the get-go."

The cobalt hedgehog rolled his orbs, "Like I haven't heard you say that before." They went into another full blown fist fight.

"Yeah, you have. She also chooses to be evil. And do you know why?"

Sonic stared at his Moebian counterpart, "Because she hates you and wants to murder you when you least expect it." Scourge shoved him back a good few meters, getting some distance between them. The green male growled at him.

"No. It's because she's just like me."

Sonic relaxed a bit, looking over to her, "Hm, nope. She's a girl... And she's grey. There's a big difference between green and grey, you know."

The Moebian growled at the blue blur, "Very funny." He raced towards him but Sonic was prepared and jumped back as he punched, "But I mean her past is like mine. Her parents also ignored her. They didn't have any time for her either. So... you know what she did?"

Sonic's orbs widened slightly before his fist was caught in Scourge's grasp, along with the green hedgehog's fist trapped in his opposite hand. Scourge grinned, "She killed them, just like me."

"So you think that just because she did the same thing as your sick twisted brain that you two are relatable? Jees, that's like me saying I'm like Amy." Sonic spoke before adding, "Though, while I run for the pleasure of it she runs for the pleasure of trying to chase me. Or used to."

"Used to, huh? Did she finally catch you?" Scourge grinned. Sonic pretended to puke before shoving his lookalike away. "Don't hide it, Blue. It's as visible as daylight."

"Unless you're in Moebius." Sonic shot back.

The green hedgehog muttered under his breath before speaking again, "You know, we may be doing great, but what about the rest."

Sonic crossed his arms and rolled his eyes, "This is the second fight – I'm sure they'll do fine."

Scourge pushed down his glasses, glancing back again at the two grey hedgehogs, "You really think so?" Sonic looked towards his Moebian lookalike, what did you do, Scourge?

Jaylee stood up quickly, standing over her Mobian counterpart.

Jaylee scoffed at the female below her, pushing up her jacket sleeve once again, "You know, you kind of made sense-"

Jayde growled before jumping up, slamming her fist into her muzzle, making her evil twin fly back. Jaylee glared at her, leaning against her arms. "You said, if I had a little bit of decency, I'd be just like you. You're right."

The two ran towards each other once again, matching strengths as they glared at one another, "You were actually listening to me?" Jayde asked, pushing her Moebian counterpart back slightly.

"Yes but not in the way you think." Jaylee push back before punches started to be thrown again, "You see, all it takes is one bad day and you'd be just like me."

Jayde froze, flashbacks shooting towards her the day she transformed into Raven. The pain she brought to her friends, the scars she mentally left in them – and the way Shadow had to fight her to bring her back. In her hesitation, Jaylee jumped and kicked her hard, sending her flying back.

The grey Mobian groaned, sitting up slightly. Jaylee walked in front of her, looking high and mighty as she held her hand out. "You're full of untapped potential, Jayde. Join me, and we can take over this zone and the multi-verse."

Sonic's eyes widened as he watched Jayde stuttered a response; don't do it. The blue hedgehog was suddenly punched across the muzzle, flying into the said grey hedgehog. They both grunted, but nodded towards each other as their lookalikes drew closer.

Scourge grunted, "You both are weak and pathetic, look at you – holding onto each other. What kind of sad-" before he could finish, Sonic had swung the Protector around, allowing her to kick them both harshly across the muzzle.

Jayde stood and wiped her hands, glaring down at the two, "'Manners make a man', Scourge." The green hedgehog gritted his teeth as her rubbed his muzzle angrily.

Shadow watched nearby. He crossed his arms, but his body was tense, as if someone was staring at him. He frowned, turning around but there was no one. As he swayed back, hands gripped his head, images flashing through his mind of the Black Arms.

A sudden blast struck both Mobians and Moebians away, all groaning at the unexpected attack. Jayde rolled, wincing in pain before flinching as a being stood in front of her suddenly. She looked up and gritted her teeth, "Who are you?"

The female grinned, "I'm the adversity of your life. And I want my brother back." Another blast shot towards the grey hedgehog, Jayde barely able to jump out the way.

"What are you talking about?" Jayde asked, but the being simply turned her head, looking towards the Ultimate Lifeform who was hunched over, hands on his head.

"Shadow..." he stiffened as his name was called and it felt as though they were a part of him. He stumbled away, holding onto his aching head as he looked through his blurry vision. He saw a tall female floating just above the ground, staring at him.

She looked like... him. But instead of black fur, hers was a dark mystic purple. Black clothing was tightly wrapped around her, showing off her curves. "Who are you?"

The female chuckled, "I'm Adversity the Darkling, and I am your sister."

Shadow glared, "I don't have siblings. Or a family." His vision came back, allowing him to properly look at the female in front of him. Her eyes were pitch black with striking yellow orbs that glared and stared menacingly at everyone around her.

"I am like you, Shadow. I was created by Dr Eggman to help him rule this world." She snickered, "But his attempts are in vain."

"What do you want with me?"

Shadow might have wished he never asked that as she swooped down, her hands connecting with his head again, pain shooting through him as he yelled out, clenching his fists, "I want you to join me, you traitor!"

Jayde heard Shadow's shout of pain and stood from her position. She watched as the female tampered with his memories, filling his thoughts with the way of the Black Arms. "Shadow!" she went to run but the evil being glanced towards her, making her freeze in her tracks.

Adversity grinned and let Shadow go, watching his form as he stumbled closer to the grey female, "They don't care about you, brother!"

Jayde held onto his form, leaning his weight on her as he groaned, trying to fight the thoughts and feelings. He'd been through this before – he had to fight it again. But his orbs flickered until they were pupil less, clenching hold of the female arm.

The blue striped hedgehog gulped, trying to pull herself away, "Shadow, stop!" but the Ultimate Lifeform simply looked up to meet her orbs, leaving Jayde to stare into the empty fiery pools. Shadow yanked on Jayde's arm, and threw her through the air, crashing straight into the green and blue speedsters who were watching, and landing in a pile on the floor.

The anti-Amy growled, not wanting anyone else to do her job. Rosy screeched, running towards the being. "Rosy, don't!" Miles yelled, watching as the mallet slammed against the back of Shadow. The hedgehog stumbled forwards slightly but didn't make any yelp of pain.

Rosy glared at this and about to hit him again until his hand shot behind him, shooting a powerful chaos blast from his palms into the Moebian. The evil twin flew back and crashed into the tree, leaving everyone shocked and stunned.

Adversity grinned down at Shadow, praising herself. She finally had her brother on her side. All she needed now was to raise her other sibling and then the trio would be unstoppable. "Come on Shadow, let's prepare."

Shadow turned, but his head turned back and glanced straight at the Protector who leant against her arms, fear evident in her orbs. The red and black hedgehog scoffed before walking away. "No," Jayde went to get up and run but the blue blur had a firm grip on her, "We can't leave him!" She looked at Sonic, but he simply shook his head.

"He's too powerful, Jayde. We need to prepare."

Chapter Text

Jayde sighed, flying high on her board. She hadn't ran from everyone else, they were on the ground below her, but up here, she was alone - she could think. And all she thought about was how she hurt Shadow.

How could I have said that to him?

There's no way Shadow would ever forgive her for this. Maria was the closest thing he had to family on the ARK, and she had basically thrown that back in his face - he was only helping.

Jayde should've felt honoured that her and Shadow was close. Everyone had told her that he hardly took to newcomers, that he was often closed to him, but he had opened up to her. He became her friend and they became close in the few months they had known each other.

Jayde slowed on her board before letting out an angry shout of agony. The three Mobians heard this from below and looked up, but they knew it was best to leave her alone for a minute.

Tails sighed, "I wish there was something we could do."

"There's nothing we can do, bud." Sonic answered, "It's best to leave Jayde alone while she's angry or upset, you know that."

The fox looked to her brother figure, "What actually happened between them?"

"They had an argument." Amy answered, "Jayde didn't tell us much, and all I can get from it is that they aren't going to be talking anytime soon."

"Of course not, Shadow's trying to kill her." Sonic joked, but stopped laughing when the two flared at each other, "Too soon?"

Amy rolled her eyes before an idea struck, "Wait... maybe Rouge could...!" She gasped and grabbed Tails' arm with the communicator on it, "Rouge?"

Jayde sighed, looking up at the sky. She had noticed the three stop below and resorted to laying on her board. She sat up when her communicator went off and thinking it was Sonic, she growled at him, "Speedster, I'm not in the mood for-!"

"Well, that's a nice hello." Jayde stared down and saw the ivory bay from the ARK.

The grey hedgehog huffed, "Sorry, I thought you were Sonic."

Rouge chuckled softly and the two fell silent. Jade orbs looked through the communicator, and even though it was static, she could clearly see the anger and sadness in Jayde's orbs, "How you holding up?"

Jayde laughed sadly, "How do you think?"

"I know your upset and angry, but you need to push that aside," Rouge said, "It will be difficult, but you need to focus all your energy on strong Shadow back."

"Rouge, he doesn't even like me anymore - I hurt him!" She spoke, "You know what happened."

"No, not really." The bat replied, "But the past doesn't matter, okay? No matter what, you have to keep fighting. Worry about fixing things up with Shadow after you rescue him. He's been turned like this before."

Jayde's eats twitched at this but the communicator started to fuzz out, "Wait, Rouge!"

"GUN Agents are here." Rouge spoke, "I'll connect with you once this little ordeal is over."

Jayde sighed before looking down at the three staring up at her, guess I should go down to them again.


With the Moebians

"Well," Jaylee huffed, leaning against Scourge's throne as he slumped in the seat, fixing his crown, "That didn't go according to plan."

"No," the 'King of Moebius' growled, clenching his fists, "And now a new enemy has crossed my territory – no doubt that Dr Kintobor twin will show up soon."

"Dr Kintobor has a lookalike?" Jaylee smirked, "I bet you work well with him."

Scourge scoffed, "He may be the evil version, but that does not mean I like him." Ice eyes glanced at the female beside him, "He tried to build a robotic version of me to destroy me!"

Jaylee snickered, "Really?"

"Easy scrap," Scourge said before murmuring, "Although it was with the help of Blue."

"Whoa, you worked with Sonic?" The anti-Protector asked, surprised, "Never thought I'd hear that."

He crossed his arms and looked away, "That was only because we were both getting beat up, so we agreed on a truce."

Jaylee looked at the male, "If the new enemy proved more powerful, would you work with Sonic again?"

"It would take a lot of convincing."

Miles walked into the room, greeting both Moebians, "Hedgehogs."

Scourge didn't bother welcoming the twin tailed fox and asked, "So, have you found out how those Mobians got here?"

The anti-Tails nodded, projecting a screen from his communicator, "It seems that they were warped here, using a powerful energy field – one like a Warp Ring. By their bewildered expressions, I can only guess that they didn't warp themselves here willingly."

"It would be no surprise if it were Kintobor's twin." Scourge muttered, "Is there any way we can get them out of here now – or else, they're dead."

Miles smiled nervously, "It is possible we can, so long as you know that it will be our last Warp Ring."

"What? I thought we had loads!" Scourge shouted.

Jaylee butted in, crossing her arms, "We did until someone decided to get us lost in the multiverse a few months ago." She smirked at his irritation.

"Exactly," Miles continued, "I can create more, though it will take me a few months because I need to get the right resources."

Scourge shrugged, "Whatever, I just want these Mobians out of my territory."

Jaylee chuckled, "You're very possessive of what's yours."

Scourge looked at her, "Yes, I am."

She rolled her azure orbs, before a loud bang was heard and the said Mobians walked through the door, "Yo, Scourge!" Sonic shouted, walking through the doors, "The party has arrived."

"What the heck are you doing here!" Scourge growled, standing from his throne.

"So, the Princess has a hat and a chair. Precious." Jayde chuckled, holding her board under her left arm, having flown it recently.

"We came to see the sights!" Sonic grinned, looking around, "Not much to see in this trash house, is there?"

"The only thing you'll see is two things – my fist, then the floor, if you don't leave right now." The green hedgehog gritted his teeth and clenched his fists by his sides.

The blue hero and the Protector looked at each other before snickering at his threat. Amy rolled her orbs, slamming her mallet against the ground to grab their attention, "Now, we have some silence. The new villain, Adversity, is going to destroy this dimension."

"T'yeah, good luck with that." Scourge muttered.

"It's true." The young fox stepped forward, "We've kept location of the Ultimate Lifeform through a tracker Jayde planted in his quills for a time like this -"

"I knew you liked him, but jees, twin – no need to stalk the hog." Jaylee smirked, resting a hand on her hip.

Jayde flushed slightly, "We only use it when we need it!"

"Guys!" Amy yelled, "We know Adversity is close by and will probably attack soon but-"

"Sooner than you think." a strangely familiar voice cut the pink hedgehog off, and they all immediately turned to the source of the sound. They all ran out the doors of the castle and came face to face with the enemy herself.

"Adversity." Sonic clenched his fists.

She flipped her bangs to the side, growling in annoyance, "Stupid Eggman, putting so much fur on me."

"Looks like she's got a secret weakness in that fluff." The blue hedgehog spoke. Even though it wasn't the best of situations, Jayde managed to let out a small chuckle.

Adversity growled at them before she smirked, showing her white jagged teeth, "Hello, weaklings. How's you're team now that it's Shadow-less?"

Sonic put a finger on his muzzle, "Well, when you put it that way."

"Sonic!" Jayde growled. The blue blur raised his hands, before she spoke again, "Where's Shadow, fuzzball!"

Adversity gritted her teeth at the nickname, "You want me to show you your former ally – then take a look."

"Scourge, get your lot inside," Sonic spoke, noticing the figure coming through, "This isn't your fight." But the lookalike simply huffed, not even thinking to follow his twin's orders. No one tells him what to do!

A dark figure moved from the darkness in the forest, his figure so recognisable, yet so foreign. Fists clenched by his sides, and the inhibitor rings on his rings seemed darker and dull. It wasn't his ebony fur anyone saw first, but his bright, shining, crimson orbs.

Jayde gulped as she watched the Ultimate Lifeform take another step closer. His eyes were just pools of fire, no pupil, no emotion – only hatred and disgust resided in them. Everyone else was fighting each other. She was on her own – it was only her and no one could save her.

Shadow studied her movements, watching as she took a stumble backwards and scoffed. Pathetic. Jayde had never been so scared in her entire life. The one who promised to protect her, the one who promised to be there for her no matter what – was going to be her downfall. Her ears pinned back as she clenched her fists, ready for him to make the first move. But anyone could sense the fear surrounding her.

The dark male merely chuckled, watching her flinch at his actions. "Shades?" Jayde gulped, taking an anxious step closer. She didn't know whether he could hear her in this state or not, but she was willing to try. Rouge had told her about the last time he was like this.

They made him think negatively and give him 'his true purpose' for being here. She said last time her and Omega told him about their past with him and how they won him back – but this time wasn't going to be that easy.

He was brought forward by a much stronger force. One that's not only part of the Black Arms but created by Eggman too – who knew what he put in that being? Shadow stared at the female in front of him, snickering at her foolishness – she could not stop him, she was mortal compared to him.

"Shadow..." his eyes flickered as she whispered his name. Jayde saw this, but her face quickly went to shock, and she swiftly dodged an incoming Chaos Spear attack. She stumbled to stand up, her body already weak from her last encounter with him.

"Yes Shadow –" Adversity hissed from above them, an evil glint in her eyes as she finally had her 'brother' on her side and ready to defeat the weakling below her, "Destroy her!"

Shadow complied, charging up before another Spear flashed in front of the grey female. Jayde cried out in pain, grabbing her injured arm as she stared at the Ultimate Lifeform. The male seemed to flinch at her yelp, and his fists clenched.

"Get away from me, Jayde." His hushed dark voice spoke.

Chapter Text

Jayde looked painfully towards him, hoping she had heard him right. He said her name! He was trying to come back.

"Remember what the humans did to Maria." The powerful red and purple female spoke from above, causing Shadow's orbs to return to their original hatred, "And remember what this pathetic Mobian said to you before – you don't know what it's like to lose anyone close, do you, Shadow?" The Protector's ears pinned back at the comment she made, feeling it stab her back.

His fists clenched, and Jayde's eyes widened, "I SAID GET AWAY!" and a powerful Chaos Blast struck towards her. But before it hit, her name was yelled, and a blue blur crashed into her already pained body, swiping her away from the flames.

Jayde and Sonic rolled away, and the female coughed, choking on her tears she refused to let go. She knew this wasn't Shadow and she knew he didn't mean any of this. It wasn't him. "Are you okay?" Sonic asked, running over to pick her up. Emerald eyes watched as Shadow turned towards them, his dark orbs lighting up in anger at the incomplete task.

Jayde nodded, pushing him away, "I got him – you take care of Scourge."

Sonic frowned worriedly, "But Jayd-"

"Go!" the female ordered. But Sonic wasn't going anywhere. Shadow's body has crashed into the cobalt form, crushing him against the nearby trees, snapping them in half like twigs. Sonic groaned, trying to push away from the manipulated ebony hog as he continued. A fist drew back, slamming roughly against the striped male.

Jayde gaped as she watched the two strengthened males fight against each other. The sound of grunts and hits reached her ears as they ran in circles around her at high speeds.

But this was only a distraction.

Adversity quickly swooped down, flinging her foot around. It collided with Jayde's back, a pained yell leaving the Protector as she dropped to the floor. The evil being grinned, "You're all going to fail."

Jayde gritted her teeth, standing strong, "Don't count on it."

A smirk pried itself on Adversity's muzzle, her sharp canines showing, "Shadow's turned to my team, you've lost the most powerful member on your team and your weak because of it," the wolf walked around the grey hedgehog, "How could you possibly win?"

Jayde growled and punched Adversity across the face as she turned. The evil being hissed angrily at the hedgehog, throwing multiple chaos spears in her direction. The female jumped up into the trees and leapt from branch to branch, trying to escape Adversity's attacks.

"You are destined to fail – it is futile to resist." Jayde clenched her fists, trying to keep moving. She knew everyone was fighting – even against each other.

Amy and Tails where currently fighting their Moebius counterparts, not truly trusting any of each other. But they were all equally matched. Sonic and Shadow were still fighting – to the death. If this battle continued, Jayde knew someone would be terribly injured.

"I will continue fighting to save Shadow and Moebius," she growled, grabbing the attention of Scourge and Jaylee, "And nothing you do will stop me from reaching my goal!"

Adversity hummed an evil laugh, "I beg to differ."

The dark being blasted a direct hit towards the hedgehog, the branch under Jayde breaking completely, causing her to drop from the trees. Jayde's body rolled harshly against the ground, cuts scraping along her fur. Groaning, she weakly lifted her arms up, staring towards Adversity. Her vision blurred slightly, as the evil being landed on the ground, walking towards her.

Shadow and Sonic were fighting nearby, their grunts and yells echoing around the forest. Their fists pummelled into each other, trying to finally win against the other "Y... You won't win." Jayde growled, punching the ground as she tried to stand.

Adversity hummed an evil laugh. Jayde choked as she grasped the Protector's neck, slowly tightening her grip, "Don't get in my way. After all, you wouldn't want me to unleash Raven again - would you?"

Jayde gulped, trying to take deep breaths against the firm fingers around her neck. Memories flooded through her mind. The time she was taken over by Mephilies. The time she almost killed Shadow and her friends. But she couldn't be manipulated by Adversity.

The evil being frowned to herself, trying to push sinister thoughts into Jayde's head. It could manipulate her, and she'd turn evil and against her friends once again. It usually worked. It worked with Shadow, messing up his mind to bring him to her side. But Jayde didn't change.

The female weakly grinned, knowing what she was trying to do, "Take that, brat." Jayde muttered. Adversity glared darkly; she must have had a Psychic Shield - the only thing that could stop her from messing with Jayde's thoughts. In her hesitance, a green blur shot past them, ripping Jayde from Adversity's grasp.

Jayde coughed into his scarred chest, breathing deeply, "S-Scourge...?"

"You're welcome." He muttered, holding onto her weakened frame, "Jaylee, Miles, Rosy - fall back!"

Sonic glanced to the side, watching as the three Moebians with Jayde raced back to the castle. Distracted, Shadow managed to punch him across the face, causing the azure hedgehog to fly back into his twin tailed brother.

They both groaned, but the cerulean hedgehog quickly stood. Sonic grasped Tails' hand and shot around Shadow. He clutched the pink hedgehog's arm before racing back to the castle and away from the battle.

Jayde was more important in this matter.

Chapter Text

"Jayde, you're hurt." Tails spoke, but the grey hedgehog simply shook her head.

After being told by him that Cleobella had some kind of mind control on her from Eggman, she didn't care how injured she was. She needed to save her friend from his evil clutches, "It doesn't matter."

"You're crazy." Scourge muttered, fiddling with something on Miles' desk.

Jayde smirked, "Thanks."

"Yeah but it's not impossible." The anti-Tails spoke, placing a hand on his chin, "If you know what kind of substance Dr Eggman used on that fox, it's more than likely we already have an antidote on it."

"How?" Rosy asked, bounding through the doorway, followed by her Mobian twin.

Miles simply shrugged, "It's Moebius – we are opposite." He opened a nearby cupboard, "All these range from antidotes to poison darts – just make sure you know which one is which." He smirked slightly at the end.

The twin tailed Mobian walked over to the cupboard, muttering to himself as he tried to find the right kind of treatment for the light blue fox.

"So, what's your plan to get that fox back?" Jaylee asked, staring at them boredly.

Jayde shrugged. Sonic spoke up, "It's more than likely that if Adversity rebelled, she probably sent Eggman into this dimension too. She may be evil but she's smart."

"How do you know that?" Miles asked.

The blue blur smirked smugly, "Because I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!"

"That and you looked on my security device covering Eggman's lair." Tails spoke aloud, still looking in the cupboard, "Ah, ah!"

Sonic frowned, "Thanks, bro..."

Tails smirked back towards his proclaimed brother with the same attitude and produced a small bottle of purple liquid, "If I can mix this with some healing treatment, it will start destroy anything that shouldn't be in her system straight away."

"Think you can accomplish that? Seems a bit of a challenge for you, twin." Miles teased with a grin.

Tails gritted his teeth at his twin, but didn't respond. He knew that he could do it, and with Miles saying he couldn't, that only pushed his motivation further. He would help Jayde, and he would save Cleobella – and return them all home.


With the Moebians

"Why did you save Jayde?"

The green male looked down from his throne and to his blue lookalike walking into the room. Jaylee stood next to Scourge, leaning against his thrown with a look of boredom.

"She's powerful." Scourge simply replied with a shrug.

"And you think that if you saved her, she will automatically join your team?" Sonic asked, resting his knuckles on his hips.

"No," anti-Jayde spoke, stepping forward, "She said she will help save Moebius."

Sonic smirked, "Too weak to do that yourself, Princess?" He spoke, directing his comment to Scourge.

The King of Moebius stood and growled, "I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself - but at least I know I've always go back up."

"Ha, you think Jayde will back you up? Jaylee tried killing her."

The grey female crossed her arms, "That was before I could see how powerful she was. Now I know we can use her, there's no reason for me to end her existence."

Sonic gritted his teeth, "If you try anything with Jayde - or any of my team - I will personally knock you into next week, got it?"

Scourge snickered, "Your threats are almost as weak as you."

The blue blur smirked, beginning to walk away, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

"Wow, I thought you had an attitude on you." Jaylee muttered.

Sonic looked back into the room, "By the way, you two make a cute couple!" And he shot out the door as Scourge growled at him, laughing loudly.

"I'll kill that idiot." He muttered.


A few hours later...
With the Mobians

Jayde watched as the twin tailed fox poured the contents of liquid into another pot, watching as it turned from orange to a light purple. Blue orbs were full of concentration as he measured out the small amount of another he needed – too much would cause Cleobella's body to be over powered, resulting in a long coma or even death.

After all that Jayde had done for him, Tails couldn't dare take that risk. However, it was not helping as she watched him. It was actually quite nerve racking. He sighed, "Jayde, I know you want to watch me do this, but I can't concentrate with this pressure."

"Sorry." She mumbled, not noticing she had been staring at the liquid for a while now.

"I know that Cleobella means a lot to you, so I also want to do this right. If anything goes wrong with this, there is no way I could ever make it up to you." The young fox spoke.

Jayde smiled tightly, "Even if it did go wrong, I wouldn't blame you. I know that you always try your hardest anyway."

Tails nodded slowly, "I do, but whatever Eggman used to enhance Cleobella's senses was very powerful. The only thing my communicator can pick up is faint Anarchy power."


"It's the Moebius version of Chaos Emerald. Whilst we have only seven, Scourge has a limitless amount. His may even last a bit longer than Sonic's." He explained.

"The only difference is when I power down, it gives me a boost," the said hedgehog walked through the door, "But it burns Scourge out."

The green male walked through the door, "Mine is still stronger than yours."

"Mine is more powerful."

Scourge smirked, "If I remember correctly, I beat you up in your super form. Which makes mine stronger, and more powerful, than yours."

Sonic mumbled under his breath, ignoring his evil-twin and turning to his proclaimed brother, "How's it going with the antidote?"

Tails had his tongue as he put the last drip in and smirked, "Done and dusted! It should work perfectly now." But he turned and frowned, muttering to himself, "I hope."

"Okay!" Sonic grinned, not bothering to notice Tails' despondent look, "All we need to do is find that Egghead!"

"Shouldn't be too hard," the pink hedgehog spoke, tapping on the twin tailed fox's laptop, "The Doc's on the radar – he's close."

Scourge grumbled, "Great - more annoying rats to deal with."

"Okay, if Eggman's is close, that means he's going to attack soon – we need a plan." Amy said, walking over to them.

The 'King of Moebius' gritted his teeth, "Yeah, and you better think of that quickly before I throw your butts out of here."

"Someone's chirpy today." Sonic muttered.

Jayde looked at the communicator, watching the red dot slowly move closer. She already knew that this Adversity being was powerful, and if they had any chance of beating her and returning Shadow – they needed Eggman's help.

"We need to get the Doctor on our side." She spoke aloud, leaving the others, including the Moebians, to look at her like she was crazy.

"Are you insane? Eggman created that being, he's the enemy!" Amy responded.

"Exactly," Jayde answered, "Eggman created Adversity. He knows the most about her and her powers. If we're going to win against her, we need his knowledge of the enemy – whether we like it or not."

Sonic thought about the point the Protector was making before sighing, "As much as I hate to admit it, Jayde's right. We do need Egghead."

"And he's not the only one we need." Jayde spoke, before both her and the blue hedgehog turned to the three Moebians, Jaylee having just walked in to hear.

"I made a mistake of walking in." Jaylee spoke, turning to leave. But Jayde was quick to stop her and stood in front of her evil-twin.

"We need all of your help. Adversity is dangerous. You may not notice it now, but she's more powerful than all of you combined – you wouldn't stand a chance against her."

"Are you calling me weak?" Scourge snarled.

"I know you're not weak – none of you are." Jayde shook her head, "But against the enemy, you are easy prey."

"Guys, Eggman's getting closer." Amy pitched in.

Both the anti-Protector and 'King of Moebius' crossed their arms and looked away, "If you think I'm working with you under any circumstances, you're wrong." Scourge hissed. No way would he work with his lookalike again – not after last time.

Jaylee was also immediately on Scourge's side. Her plan was to get her twin on her side, not the other way around. She had big plans to conquer the multiverse with Jayde and Scourge and his gang – no one would stop them.

But now Jayde was suggesting that the two opposite gangs team up and work together to defeat the enemy. How weak did she think Scourge was? In his normal form, he was the typical powerful Moebian that conquered Moebius. But when he turned into his super state, the hedgehog was virtually unstoppable.

"Guys." Amy warned again.

Jayde gritted her teeth at the two Moebians, before turning to Tails, "Give me the vaccination, I'll get Cleobella back myself." The twin tailed fox didn't argue with the angered female and passed her a tranquiliser gun.

"I'll still need to analyse her when she returns. That serum won't have remove all of whatever Eggman put in her." Tails sighed, disappointed that he couldn't complete his task.

Sonic jumped up, "I'm coming with you." Jayde looked at him but didn't protest – she needed a distraction for Cleobella anyway. They both nodded towards each other before running out and leaving the castle.

Jayde hovered on her board beside the blue hedgehog as they sped towards the doctor's location. The Protector slotted the injection into the tranquiliser gun before readying the trigger and threw it to the male beside her.

She sighed, "I'll distract her, you'll have a better aim with this."

Sonic nodded, knowing the real reason behind it. He knew that Jayde didn't want to cause her friend serious pain herself. He could see that they used to be close. The azure hero skidded to a halt at the familiar laugh and rested a hand on his hip.

"How's your vacation, Egghead?"

"Honestly, not the best." The Doc answered, "I mean, seriously, how can I take over a place when it looks like this?"

"I think you mean, how can you take over a place when it already looks like a dump." Jayde smirked, fist bumping the blue hedgehog as she jumped off her board.

"This is why I came here! To destroy both of you!" Eggman yelled as a female familiar to the grey hedgehog appeared from the trees.

"I believe you actually got trapped here by your own invention, correct?" Sonic asked.

"I created that darkling to destroy you all." Eggman slumped slightly, "Though she is doing the job she was built for, she's not doing it in the way I'd hoped."

"Then work with us!" Jayde said, dropping her fighting stance, "We need to defeat Adversity, and you have the know-how to help us with that."

"You really think I'd work with you annoying rats?" Eggman scoffed, "I'll need a lot more proof that Adversity can actually do any damage to you."

"How about the fact that she's taken over Shadow and is using him against us." Jayde snapped, "She plans to destroy and bring fear to the multiverse, and kill us all – you included, Eggface."

The Doctor visibly gulped, but shook his head, "Cleobella will protect me. She has been enhanced using a Chaos Emerald." Eggman slumped again, "I was planning to use a Shard, but those guards are really mean!"

"It's their job to protect their Shards." Sonic muttered with a roll of his orbs. Jayde's orbs widened slightly, but no one else noticed it. She had to get them out of here, or it would end up with more than one person hurt.

Jayde snatched the tranquiliser gun from the blue hedgehog, "And I don't like the idea of Cleobella under your control." She shot her friend, wincing herself. Sonic looked towards the grey female, a look of shock on her face.

Eggman began to ramble about how it took him ages to perfect Cleobella, but the grey hedgehog didn't listen, "Sonic, take Cleo back to the castle and get Tails to examine her. Eggman, you're either with us, or leave, now."

The blue hedgehog noticed the panic in her voice, "Jayde, what's wrong?"

The Protector looked towards him, a slightly pleading look in her azure orbs, "Just go back to the castle and don't return."

It didn't take Sonic long to recognise the same scent, and he took a quick glance in that direction. He pretended he didn't know that the Ultimate Lifeform was in the trees and picked up the young fox, "Egghead, move!" Surprisingly, the Doctor didn't protest to the hedgehog's demand and followed him.

Chapter Text

Jayde looked behind her as they left before turning back and clenching her fists, "Shadow."

The red striped male came from behind the trees, his figure coming from the shadows. His eyes still held the same emotionless pools, and his motions were swift and sturdy – this still wasn't her Shadow, and she needed to return him.

Shadow and Jayde stared across from one another. The female's eyes full of fear and anger while the manipulated males were empty. No kind of emotion swirled within them – it was like he didn't even recognise her. Their last fight ended with Sonic ripping Shadow from Jayde; soon followed by a surprise save from the green Moebian away from Adversity.

Jayde failed the last time. It was too much pressure, and everything had gone too quickly. She couldn't make that mistake again.

"No matter what you do, he is on my side," Adversity hissed, an evil grin plastered on her face as she too floated from the darkness, "You've already failed."

"No – not again," Jayde growled before whispering to herself, "I can't."

The two hedgehogs charged towards each other, Shadow powering up a chaos spear whilst Jayde tapped into her invisibility. The male flung his arm around, but Jayde quickly disappeared, making the hedgehog's hit attack thin air.

Shadow growled, Jayde jumping up as she became visible again, pouncing over his head. The ebony male leapt up, knocking her feet. Jayde rolled along the floor before kneeling up, glaring towards the hedgehog who had once promised to protect her when really – she should've protected him.

The fight continued, even ending up with them both slamming against falling trees. Jayde swung her leg around, Shadow quickly holding up his arm to stop her attack. A rough punch caused her to fly back into a tree trunk again, but she weakly stood, her fists clenched.

Jayde knew she couldn't beat him – she could only weaken him.

She ran at him again, Shadow soon following in her footsteps. Jayde squinted her eyes and waited for the right moment before turning invisible. Her body ran through him before she quickly turned around, slamming her foot against his back. Shadow dropped to the floor with a grunt, Jayde quickly pouncing on his back.

The Ultimate Lifeform growled, using his rocket skates to fly back and crush the female under his back. Jayde whimpered slightly but didn't give in to the pain. She repeatedly punched his back, hating the idea of hurting him, before Shadow moved again. Flipping himself over, he grasped her wrists.

"Defiance is futile – join us." His monotone voice spoke, Jayde fists clenched as she stared up at the emotionless pools. She struggled against his hold before jolting her head forward, smacking it straight into his. She kicked up, flipping them both over so she held him against the floor.

She blocked an incoming punch, struggling to hold the stronger male down. Jayde raised her fist, determination in her orbs but it weakened. Everything she had told her to hit him and return the pain, but she couldn't.

All the memories they shared, all the good times and laughter they had together. She was the one that made this happen. She told him he didn't know what it felt like to lose someone close to him, but now, he couldn't feel anything.

She couldn't hit him.

Shadow saw her hesitance and grabbed her clenched fist, pressing his foot against her stomach and tossed her over his head. Jayde yelped in pain as her back smacked into the ground below her. Shadow was quick to pounce on her, pinning her arms to the ground. Jayde looked up almost in defeat.

She growled in anger, her Shard glowing from her quills, the negative emotions awakening it, and a powerful chaos-like blast erupted from her palms, firing Shadow away from her. Adversity stared in shock at the strengthened female, but it was quickly washed away – that's exactly what I need.

Shadow's orbs glared up from the ground at Jayde, his eyes lightening. Jayde's orbs widened before hands clasped around her arms, swinging and throwing her directly into the tree beside him. Jayde groaned loudly, pain filling her body completely.

"Wait, Shadow," Adversity grinned, watching him about to take his final kill.

Jayde mumbled against the ground, "Shadow, come back." She felt a pluck from her quills and fear filled her whole body – not the Shard! But her body was too weak to fight anymore.

Adversity hummed a laugh, throwing the Shard up before catching it again, "She's not worth to finish off and die quickly."

Jayde wobbled to her feet, wanting to stop them walking away. Shadow's back was to her, but she still refused to be beat. "Shadow."

The male's ears twitched, and he turned in one swift movement around to her. A gust of wind blew around them as he did so, "Don't say my name. You will all pay for what you did to Maria. You are nothing to me." The female flinched at his words.

"He won't listen to a word you say," Adversity smirk, throwing up the shard in the air a few times. Jayde gulped as she saw the gem she swore to protect darken, and its shine was lost. The being seemed to corrupt the Shard, using the evil within it, "And he won't turn back to your side. He's with his real family."

"You're not his family!" Jayde hissed, "You don't know anything about him!"

"I know he was created by Gerald Robotnik to protect this planet – but his true purpose lies deep within, through his DNA. Black Arms is within him, and there's nothing you can do about it." Adversity smirked, bringing the Shard up to her face, "And there's nothing you can do from me unleashing my other brother."

The female thrust the Shard into the air, a yell leaving her lips. Jayde flinched, watching as a dark mist surrounded them all, concealing the darkness from the outside world. The Protector could feel the energy being taken from the Shard – from her. Her body strained, something unexplainable coursing through her as she struggled to even stand.

Jayde gritted her teeth, glaring up as she watched a new being form. His eyes were piercing yellow, just like Adversity's, and he had red and grey stripes on his body. His smirk was already on his face, like he had been waiting for this day to arrive for a long time.

Jayde knew who this was. Shadow had told her before about his previous battles against this being. He was created, just like Shadow, but he was created by Black Arms. No human, or Mobian, input – this creature was pure evil.

Eclipse the Darkling.

Chapter Text

The three beings stood before her, Adversity and Eclipse having their usual grins on their face while Shadow looked his evil self. Adversity looked at the hedgehog below her, "Now do you see? You are all destined to fail – the whole multiverse will come crumbling down under our rule."

Jayde sneered, clenching her fists, "You will never win."

This time, it was Eclipse who spoke for the first time. He chuckled, "You Mobians are so pathetic. Your puny comments only make us laugh. Shadow has turned against you – how could you possibly win?" Jayde could see his palms light up, but her body was too drained to move. Her powers were even weaker, preventing her from turning invisible and the blast struck her back.

But she never made a sound other than a small grunt. She turned on her back, lifting herself up with her forearms as she stared at the three.

She could never fight them by herself.

"Shadow," she grunted, standing up, "You know that they've manipulated you – why are you still fighting with them?"

"They've showed me the future. A good future where I can avenge Maria and the Black Arms." He spoke in a monotone voice.

"That's not what Maria would've wanted at all!" Jayde shouted. Jayde felt metal claws grasp her weaken figure and she began to struggle. There was no way she could lose this again. She had to fight him – she had to fight Adversity! "No! Shadow you've got to come back! This isn't you!"

She was lifted off the ground, Shadow staring up to where she was being taken. He knew he'd have another opportunity to defeat her later – she was his prey, a weak one too. Tears filled her orbs that she refused to allow fall, "Adversity is the bad guy, Shadow! She's using you."

It was like she wasn't even saying anything. The Ultimate Lifeform turned away from her and began heading towards the forest. Jayde was dropped beside the blue hedgehog, his gloved hands securing themselves around her weak arms to stop her from escaping.

"N-No!" Jayde cried, watching his figure disappear, "We... We have to stop her. We've got to save Shadow!"

Sonic looked away from the grey hedgehog, his ears pinning back. But even the hero knew that they could not save Shadow without a proper plan. Without that they were all destined to fail. Jayde looked at Sonic in disbelief – he was supposed to be the saviour, the hero.

"No!" Jayde yelled, gripping the sides of the Eggcarrier as Eggman began to fly away, "SHADOW!"

Sonic walked through the lab doors with the grey female in his arms after having exhausted herself out with struggling. Amy was quick to make up a bed like area for her and the blue hedgehog gently placed her there. He sighed, looking at the Protector.

The doctor walked in after the blue hero, leading Amy and Tails to tense up and move into a fighting stance, "Calm down, guys. Eggman's on our side – right?" Sonic asked, studying the evil genius with his emerald orbs.

Dr Eggman nodded, raising his hands up, "I promise not to harm anyone until this battle is over. I am here to help." He smirked, "But after this is done, get ready for the beat down of your life, hedgehog."

"Still waiting." Sonic mumbled, looking back at the sleeping female.

"What happened?" Amy asked, looking towards her blue hero.

"She tried fighting Shadow alone – it only ended up with her more hurt." He mumbled, "Adversity also took her shard."

Tails sat up straight after hearing this, "Who knows what Adversity could do with that shard! The Potens Crystal is still very much a mystery – we've only just scratched the surface of its powers."

"She unleashed Eclipse." Sonic spoke, causing his two closest friends to fall quiet. Now with three strong and powerful enemies on the loose, they needed to know that Scourge wasn't going to betray them. The enemies weren't just strengthened by the chaos energy in them, but the Potens Shard would've definitely been stronger than all of them combined. They still needed Shadow.

"Jayde, at the moment, is in a split between herself and her dark form." Sonic spoke, looking towards the Mobians, "I saw that when she fired a powerful energy at Shadow – almost like a chaos blast."

The cerise hedgehog looked at the female and nodded, "With everything that's going on, I'm not surprised. I mean – look at Shadow. They were close, and now it's like Adversity is tearing them apart, tearing Jayde apart from the inside."

"I think it best that we try not to stress her out too much, despite everything that's going on." Tails spoke, typing on his laptop, "I know that Raven won't be unleashed from her, but if her Dark Form became angry enough, it would be just like yours, Sonic."

Tails looked at his communicator as it bleeped, showing the two Mobians back on the ARK, "Hey, Tails. How's everything going?" the red echidna asked, both him and Rouge in one of the spare rooms of the ARK.

"It..." he looked around. Sonic, himself, looked exhausted. Amy was constantly rushing around, probably trying to distract herself from what was happening and Cleobella and Jayde were practically knocked out cold, "It could be better." He finally sighed.

"How's things with Shadow?" Rouge asked, coming into view.

"We don't know how to return him." Amy simply spoke, "This is the second time Jayde has fought with him – even trying to talk to him isn't working."

"Last time all it took was recreating the fake information in his mind. Telling him about his past and how he's helped us," Rouge sighed, "But I don't think this time will be that easy."

"How do you mean?" Knuckles asked.

Before the ivory bat could answer, Tails beat her to it, "Because Adversity was created by more than one set of DNA, plus Eggman has put some kind of Chaos energy in her, she is three times as powerful as Eclipse. It means it'll take more energy and more power to bring him back."

"The super forms won't work." Sonic said, "Compared to both the Shards and Chaos Emeralds – which we don't have – I'd have no chance." The blue hedgehog paused, "Wow, never thought I'd hear myself say that." Amy giggled at him.

Tails nodded, "It needs to be something that comes from Shadow. It has to be his own willpower that brings him back. I don't know whether he can see what he's doing but he most certainly can feel it still."

Rouge bit her lip a bit, "There's only one person that I can think of who could actually knock some sense into him."

"Jayde..." Amy whispered, looking over to the sleeping hedgehog. The ivory bat nodded. But they all knew that she was on her last strand of hope and all it took to snap it was Shadow breaking her one more time.

Chapter Text

Jayde sighed, leaning against the tree. At the moment she was away from everyone to gather her thoughts. Tails and Miles continued to argue in the lab, Scourge and Sonic argued over who was in charge, Amy and Rosy continued to give death glares across from one another and Jaylee wouldn't stop trying to turn her evil – was there any point to this anymore?

She had woken up to everyone arguing around her, for a reason she didn't stay to find out. She quietly walked out, her mind damaged and permanently tortured by the images of Shadow's emotionless orbs piercing into her, his hurtful words that she couldn't help but feel true.

The grey female felt a failure.

She had been defeated twice now by Adversity. She didn't protect and help Shadow from transforming into this emotionless being – and she had lost her Shard. The one thing she was given by the Gods to protect and it was taken from her in a whim. Adversity had snatched it within her evil claws at the end of the last battle when Shadow almost killed her.

And now with Eclipse unleashed, and the three forming their evil plan that the Ultimate Lifeform probably has no say in, that's at least three times she messed something up and made it worse for the multiverse.

Jayde knew that Adversity would start with Moebius – she wouldn't even spare it. Everyone that could stop her was here, and the Moebians of Scourge's dimension wouldn't stand a chance. They would all perish along with Moebius.

Jayde flinched when her communicator went off, "Yep?"

"Can't you answer like a normal Mobian?" Rouge's voice came through before her face appeared on the small screen. Jayde chuckled slightly, "Anyway, we've managed to make contact with –" Rouge paused as she stared at the grey female, "Hey, are you okay?"

Jayde glanced at Rouge before projecting the screen in front of her, "Yeah, I'm fine."

The ivory bat studied Jayde for a second before shaking her head, "No, you're not, hun, what's wrong?"

"Honestly Rouge, I'm fine."

"Then you're lying to yourself. I've seen Shadow look like that, so I know when something's up." Rouge noticed Jayde's flinch when she said the ebony hedgehog's name and realised, "It's about Shadow isn't it."

Jayde sighed, wrapping her arms around her legs, resting her chin on her knees and looking sadly up at the bats hologram. "Are we running out of time, Rouge- out of luck?"

Rouge saw her ears bend back and smiled sadly at her, "I can't say everything's going to be okay because I know it isn't. It's just like last time – Shadow was taken over by his 'brother' Eclipse and almost killed Omega and I."

Jayde's ears perked at this and she sat up slightly, "How did you get him back?"

"Well we started talking about his past – his real past. Eclipse had switched his memories around, making him think that the humans purposely killed Maria and that it was his duty to save the Black Arms." Rouge told her, "But this time Shadow has been taken over by a much powerful force. That being not only has Black Arm's in her, but she has naturally enhanced hearing and sense – wherever you go, she will hear you."

"Great, you're helping Rouge." Jayde muttered.

The ivory bat chuckled, "All you have to do is look for her weak areas and use it against her. She wants to restore the Black Arms and she's started with Shadow –"

"So you're saying if we get Shadow back, she'll be weakened?"

"Exactly," Rouge concluded, "I know you're not in good terms with those opposites, but in order to win you need them."

"They'd never work with us." Jayde said.

Rouge smirked, "Jayde, you're a soon-to-be GUN Agent. You're better than just giving up. You need to find out what they want and use that to your advantage as well. These worlds aren't all sunshine and rainbows – you just need to be smart. Just remember, hesitation isn't an option."

Jayde ran through the halls of the castle before reaching the lab. Everything was a huge mess. Everyone was yelling at each other, even Jaylee had joined Scourge in yelling at the blue hedgehog.

"You guys are so pathetic!" Scourge snapped, "Do you really think that you're going to defeat that darkling?"

"From what I hear, you don't even know who Eclipse is. You just thought, 'Oh, look, a guy trying to steal my pretty princess hat, let's fight him!'" Sonic answered, performing a weird impression with a strange feminine voice that caused Amy, and even Rosy, to giggle at him, amused. But Scourge growled at the anti-Amy which quickly shut her up.

"For the last time – it's a crown!" The green male hissed, "And yeah, if someone was trying to take Moebius from me, then yeah, I would fight them!"

"Are you guys serious?" Jayde snapped, stepping in between them, crossing her arms. The authority in her voice was heard by all, causing them to immediately shut up, "Shadow's life is on the line here, Moebius is on the line here, and your screaming at each other like a bunch of five-year olds!"

Tails and Amy joined the small circle, still glaring at their lookalikes. Jayde noticed Cleobella sitting on the desk, quietly watching as they all began to argue again. "I don't care about that hedgehog! All I care about is returning Moebius to the way it was!" Scourge snapped, clenching his fists and sizing up to the grey hedgehog.

Jayde didn't back down, "And how exactly are you going to do that?" She questioned, crossing her arms, staring straight into his eyes, "Are you going to act all brave and powerful in your super form? Because that won't work!"

"How do you know?" Scourge snarled towards her for underestimating his power.

"Adversity is a being that can take you over with easy. One chaos blast from her and you're dead, get the picture?" She asked, "The only way to end this battle is by working together! I thought you were someone who didn't let anyone get in his way – are you just going to give up on this team, and let all this effort go to waste?"

Scourge gritted his teeth as she continued, "None of us can fight this alone, Scourge. Even if we hate each other, we need each other to survive this. The only way for you to get Moebius back for yourself is to fight with us – not against us!"

The green male turned away. Behind him stood his team – Miles, Rosy and Jaylee. The nodded towards him because they already knew that working together was the best option. It can make the battle end faster and they can return to the normal routine.

He sighed. There really was no way out of this – the 'King of Moebius' had already shook on it with the blue hedgehog to agree to fight with them. He turned back around, looking at the grey hedgehog, "What's your plan?"

Chapter Text

Jayde sat on the stair beside the throne in the castle, her head in her hands. She wanted Shadow back. She didn't care how, as long as the Ultimate Lifeform returned to his normal self, she would be happy.  Scourge and Jaylee rolled their eyes at her as they stood in the corner.

"Why is she just sat there moping over him?" Scourge muttered, fixing his crown.

"Well you know," Jaylee grinned, "No one mopes over you when you're gone." Scourge growled at her before walking off, leaving a chuckling Jaylee. But the anti twin stared back at her Mobian counterpart – did she really care that much about the red and black hedgehog?

After debating to herself for a while, Jayde's evil twin walked over to her, slumping down beside her. "Go away Jaylee. I'm not in the mood for your games."

"Well that's a nice hello." Jaylee mumbled. She leant back, "So, what's the deal with you and Shadow – are you two together?"

Jayde shot up, "What – no! We're just friends."

"Then why are you so sad?"

Jayde stopped, staring at the floor in front of her, "He's the only one who understands me. He's always there."

Jaylee frowned. She had never had a close bond with someone like her counterpart. She refused to get close to anyone because everyone leaves in the end. Jayde sighed as the silence sunk in again before an idea flew through her mind and she jumped up, startling her evil twin.

"Where's the Shadow of this dimension?" she asked quickly.

"What? Why?" Jaylee asked standing and dusting herself off.

"Because if the Shadow of my zone has been taken over, that means the one of this zone will be able to communicate with him and bring him back."

Jaylee burst into laughter and had to sit back down again. Jayde felt torn inside – she finally had an idea and it gets laughed at. "Oh, twin, you are so naive."

Jayde crossed her arms, glaring at her evil counterpart as she tried to calm herself down, "Just because you're so heartless doesn't mean I am. I just want my Shadow back. Not this blank faced, evil monster that Adversity has created."

The Moebian stopped, "Wait, your Shadow? Ha!" Jaylee laughed again.

Jayde's muzzle tinted and she struggled to hold her glare, "I didn't mean it like that!"

Jaylee wiped her tears and started to walk away, motioning for the Mobian to follow her, "Has being with those dimwits not taught you anything?" Jayde frowned again, quickly following behind her evil twin as she left the castle. But Jaylee had another plan up her sleeve and her orbs glinted with wickedness.

"We are all opposites," Jaylee said, "You want to see Shadow?" she pulled open a cell door and jumped down into the darkness. Jayde gulped before hoping down after her. The Mobian kept her guard up just in case Jaylee attacked, "Then here."

Lights flicked on and Jayde let out a gasp. Jaylee opened a container, revealing the experiment himself. His body was in suspended animation, his wrists and ankles tightly cuffed in place. Jayde's hand covered her muzzle, anger flowing through her veins.

"This is your Shadow – never to wake in this dimension." Jaylee grinned, leaning against the container. Jayde kept staring, unable to look away – is this what they did to him for fifty years? The Moebian knew that her twin was becoming angrier and could use this against her, "How does this make you feel, hm? Angry and betrayed by those humans?"

Jayde's hands pressed against the glass, staring at the lifeless being before her – this wasn't her Shadow. He wasn't the one she had been around and told her biggest secrets to.

Jaylee stepped closer to her lookalike, "If you join me, we can make these people pay for what they did to the Ultimate Lifeform. We can destroy them and release him ourselves – you can have your Shadow back."

Dark blue orbs widened and Jayde finally understood what Jaylee was doing. She wanted the Mobian angry enough that revenge would blur her thoughts and they could join forces – but it wouldn't work.

Jayde now knew that the Shadow from this zone wasn't like the Shadow from home. This Shadow wouldn't become friends with her, this Shadow wouldn't open up to her – this Shadow wasn't her Shadow.

Jayde growled, "He isn't my Shadow." She turned to face Jaylee, "And I'm not joining your pathetic team." Jayde turned to walk out and back to the castle.

Jaylee glared at her counterpart, "So you're just going to walk out on this offer and save that monster instead?"

Jayde froze, clenching her fists, "What did you say?"

"You'll never get him back. He's already taken over by Adversity. No whining of yours is going to bring him back." Jaylee spat.

The Mobian shot across the room faster than Jaylee could register and gripped hold of her lookalike. The evil twin gulped, staring into the pure white orbs of Dark Jayde. Her fists tightened around the Moebian's jacket, but she was so shocked she couldn't move them.

"I don't care what it takes – even if I have to give up my own life – I will bring Shadow back. I will not let him be evil forever because he's not. If you think for even a second that I will side with you and leave him in that darkness, you're wrong." Dark Jayde growled.

"Why? What for? It not like he cares for you! Look what he did to you today!" Jaylee hissed, finally gripping hold for Jayde's darkened arms.

"Whether he cares for me or not, I don't care. I care for him and none of your snarky comments will change that. He saved me once and I will return that favour no matter what it takes." The sinister being snapped back, glaring at the pathetic Moebian in front of her.

Jaylee was shell-shocked, "Y... You really care for him that much?"

"I do." Was all that Dark Jayde snarled before shoving Jaylee.

"What if he hurts you," Jaylee muttered, trying one last time, "even more."

The dark female stood at the exit, stopping at her evil-twin's words. Her fists clenched and her eyes shut tight, "I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all." Her orbs snapped open and she jumped out, leaving Jaylee to deal with herself.

Jaylee seemed to drop her stance, letting go of a breath she didn't know she held in. Never in a million years would she have thought that her Mobian counterpart would let loose like that over a few simple words. But the more she thought about it, the more she understood.

"Jayde?" The dark female turned and faced the blue blur, leaving Sonic's emerald orbs to widen in shock. He raced over to prevent her from falling as she calmed right down and held her upright, "Hey, what happened?"

Jayde sighed and shook her head, looking back to the door she had just come from, "It's nothing. I just... have to get out of here."

Sonic grinned, "Wanna go for a run?"

Jayde looked at the blue hedgehog, "You can go for a run. I'll go for a ride." She tapped on her wrist watch, her hover board shooting straight towards her.

"I still don't get how it finds you." Sonic muttered, watching as she hopped on and readied herself.

"Ready? Go!" She shouted, both of them racing off into the forest.

Meanwhile, Jaylee had finally shaken off the look of her 'good' twin and stood up. She glanced around before staring at the Ultimate Lifeform of her dimension. She really wanted to help Shadow no matter what? The Moebian watched him breath slowly, wondering what he did to protect Jayde in Mobius.

Sonic and Jayde rushed through the forest, too fast for the naked eye to see. Everything was a blur around them. Even so, it didn't go unnoticed by the cobalt hedgehog when Jayde wiped a few stray tears from her muzzle. Sonic frowned, noticing where they were before calling her.

"Yo J.J, follow me" The blue blur slowed down slightly so she could weave through the trees easily before they reached the edge of a dangerous looking cliff.

"What you gonna throw me off?" Jayde asked, jumping from her board as Sonic looked over the edge. The male chuckled. Sure, it wasn't as amazing as it was back home, but it was still his place.

"No just... relax." Sonic spoke, breathing in something that would probably kill them if they stayed too long.

"You're telling me to relax?" Jayde asked, sitting on the dirty ground and staring from the edge of the cliff. The sunset wasn't as mesmerising as back home, but it was still something she would never see the same again.

The two hedgehogs sat in silence for a while, enjoying the cool breeze that brushed through there quills, despite the awful smell. Green orbs looked at the grey female before speaking, "You wanna tell me what happened back there?"

Jayde opened one eye before closing it again, "Nope."

The cerulean hedgehog chuckled, "Come on. Was it Jaylee?"

The female sat up and cross her legs, fiddling with her fingers, "She wants me to turn to her side – against you."

Sonic looked at her, "Not to be pushing it, but bad girl isn't your style."

"Oh really?" Jayde grinned, "I don't think bad boy is your style either."

"Dude, I'm the baddest boy out there."

"Okay," Jayde snickered, "I'll let Amy decide that." Sonic abruptly stopped chuckling and glared at her which only made Jayde laugh harder, "Oh come on, you'd think we didn't notice."

Sonic's face burned, "Ames is my friend. I've known her since I was little."

"Man, you just friend zoned yourself."

The blue blur muttered under his breath before returning serious for a second, "But honestly – would you turn evil?"

Jayde glanced at him, "Really? And leave you crazy lot – I don't think so." She smiled, "You guys are my friends – I'd never go against you. I couldn't fight any of you which is why is so hard for me to go against Shadow."

Sonic turned and listened to her, having never heard her sound so vulnerable before, "He's always been there for me when I needed him and now he just wants to destroy us. I mean – how can I hurt someone I care for so much?" she slumped back into her original lying position, "I just want my Shadow back."

"Yeah," Sonic looked away before pausing – did I hear that right? Did she just – "Wait, 'my Shadow'?"

Jayde's muzzle darkened, "That's not what I mean, Speedster." Sonic hummed before laughing, "I-I mean, come on! Don't you want Shadow back – the grumpy one that you'd always fight with?"

Sonic lay down on his back, putting his hands behind his head, "Yeah but, he's less grumpy with you around."

"Please, I tried to kill him." She chuckled slightly, looking up at the darkening sky.

Sonic grinned, "Yeah and now he's getting his own back." They both chuckled, knowing that they were only trying to make light of the situation.

The twin tailed fox drew a breath, releasing the final amount of Black Doom's DNA from Cleobella's system. The female was currently in cryosleep and wouldn't wake up from the rest of the day at least. Tails put away the last of his equipment before turning and looking at her. She breathed steadily and silently and looked so peaceful he almost wanted to join her.

The young fox had been up for the past night trying to remove everything dangerous from her system to make sure she'd be completely back to normal. But the procedure had consequences, and one that Jayde had yet to find out.

Amy came through the door with another pot of coffee, Rosy the Rascal and Miles right behind her. Tails sighed, not wanting to deal with any evil twin at the moment. All he wanted was to tell Jayde the bad news and sleep.

"Hey Tails, "Amy spoke softly, "I brought you some more to drink."

"Thanks Amy." Tails murmured, taking a gulp of the steaming hot coffee, not caring whether it burnt his throat or not.

"Hey, twin." Miles muttered, walking towards Tails who tensed up.

The Mobian sighed, "Look Miles, I don't care. If you want to throw some more in the flames then do it later. I'm not in the mood right now."

"Wow, you've grown. Last time I saw you, you were a cry baby and now you're talking back."

Amy growled, "Can it, Miles."

The Moebian snickered. Miles put his hand on Tails shoulder, "I just wanted to say – nice work."

Tails glanced at his Moebius counterpart, not believing a word, "Really?"

"Sure," Miles grinned, "I mean – I could've done it quicker and it would have already been completed." Tails rolled his orbs and took another gulp of his coffee, "But you did good too."

"Yeah right." Rosy muttered under her breath before being forced out by her Mobian twin.

"Okay, Moebians, time for you to leave." Amy said, much to the relief of the young fox. The cerise hedgehog had noticed his discomfort as soon as the two evil twins had entered and wanted it to be a bit more peaceful for him.

"Aw, but we just got here." Rosy whined.

"Yeah and now you'll leave." Amy hissed, shoving them both out the door.

"I can't wait till this is over so I can squish you!" Rosy screamed from the other side of the door, making Amy sigh.

Tails chuckled slightly, "Thanks Amy." He said again. Amy smiled slightly before walking over to the sleeping female, surprised that she's still in cryosleep after that racket.

Ears twitched as they heard familiar voices from the other entrance to the lab, "I could destroy you any day hedgehog. I just chose to play with you until your doom."

"Can you believe this guy?" A male voice spoke, "He really cracks me up."

"That's eggxactly what I was going to say, Speedster." A female voice answered, chuckling.

Eggman, Sonic and Jayde walked through the door, the evil genius crossing his arms and glaring at the two, "This isn't funny. Wait until I destroy you."

"Ooh, he's sizzling now." Jayde laughed. Sonic grinned at his two best friends in front of him who each had confused frowns on their faces.

"Don't worry, Eggy, always keep your sunny side up!" The azure hedgehog answered. The doctor impatiently tapped his foot, waiting for them to finish with their jokes.

Tails spoke up, "Guys, stop trying to whip up trouble."

"You know we're only yolking, right?" Jayde asked, trying to keep her laughter in.

"Stop being so hard-boiled, Tails." The blue blur snickered.

"Stop it!" Eggman grumbled, walking to the other side of the room to the exit.

Amy decided to join in, "I think he's finally cracking."

"You know what you need Egghead?" Jayde said, smirking, "A clean break."

The evil genius muttered under his breath, turning to walk away. Sonic grinned, placing a hand on his hip, "Yeah, you're always walking on egg shells."

"If we weren't in this situation I would call my robots and destroy you. Lucky for you, all my robots were either destroyed by that traitor or are back home." Eggman muttered, for some reason still in the room.

"Oh no," Sonic trembled sarcastically, "I hope it doesn't fry me."

"Don't be a chicken." Jayde snickered, "I'm sure Eggman is a nice guy under that hard shell."

Eggman stopped and turned, stroking his moustache, "Well, actually-"

"If not, we'll boil his plans once again!" Amy cheered, leaving Eggman to glare at the pink female.

"You pesky rodents – I can't wait till we get back home!" the doctor yelled before finally leaving the room for good.

It was silent until Sonic spoke up again, "I'm eggspecting the worst." They all burst into laughter, lighting up the situation with their jokes on the bald headed man.

Jaylee walked through the doors of the castle, noticing Scourge slumped in his throne again. She saw Miles discussing something with him, possibly a way to get rid of the Mobians and take over their zone. That was their original plan. But was that really right?

The evil twin had spent the last few hours asking herself that question. Was it right to take away everything from them? She saw how Jayde truly felt about Shadow being taken from her only a few hours ago and now she was questioning her whole existence. Jaylee knew that she wasn't born evil; it was something she had grown into. And with her father and mother being the opposite of Jayde's parents it was no surprise.

Her parents never had time for her so that's what she's learnt –to never give anyone her time or appreciation. Maybe she was never meant to be good, but all she could think about was doing this one favour for her counterpart. She would never return to being the good Jaylee she once was, but she would help her this one time. And there was only one thing in the way.


"Jaylee, what do you think of these plans?" she jumped in surprise as Scourge spoke to her, not having paid any attention to the world around her. It was unusual for the green male to ask her for assistance – maybe some Sonic was rubbing off on him.

"Hm? What?" she asked, walking up to the throne and peering over at the map on his lap. It was a full layout of their capture points and hostage cells. But it didn't feel right. "Uh, yeah about that. Can I talk to you?"

Chapter Text


Jayde smiled at Tails as he walked through the door, a small yawn leaving him after his nap. The pink hedgehog insisted that he go sleep just after Eggman left and she didn't take no for an answer.

Tails went to grab a cup of coffee as Jayde spoke to him, "Thank you, T-Dog."

The twin-tailed fox froze and turned to look at Jayde. His eyes furrowed, and he knew he needed to tell Jayde the truth. Abandoning the drink, he pulled a chair up to his desk and typed on his computer, "Um, Jayde. There's something you should know."

The blue striped hedgehog walked over to him, "What's wrong?" She could already hear the fear in his voice, almost as if he was afraid to tell her.

"Well, because the Black Arms DNA travelled all through her and her nervous system, it took a lot of pressure to take every drop out," Tails spoke, "Unfortunately, the process I was forced to use in such short timing may damage some of her brain cells."

Jayde gulped, worried that what she thought would be real, "Which means what?"

Tails sighed, looking up at Jayde sadly, "It means she may have amnesia and she may not remember you." Jayde took a deep breath, looking back at her friend still in cryosleep. All those memories, all that time spent with her – Cleobella wouldn't remember, "I'm sorry – there's nothing I could or can do."

Jayde smiled tightly at Tails, "It's okay, you did what you had to do. I don't blame you." Tails gave a small smile before it disappeared.

Sonic and Amy walked into the room. They noticed the tension and the pink female glanced towards they young fox, "Did you tell her?" Tails silently nodded and watched as Jayde walked back to sit next to her friend.

Jayde stared at her friend, looking at the dark bruise on her muzzle that she had to create in order to get her to stop fighting them. The three Mobians stared sadly at the grey hedgehog, wishing there was something they could do.

Everyone flinched at a loud bang, and Jaylee crashed through the wall of the lab and into the other side. Jayde quickly stood up, standing protectively in front of her friend in case of an attack. Jaylee groaned as she sat up, gripping hold of her head.

"Jaylee?" Amy asked, frowning.

They all looked towards the hole in the wall, watching as Scourge came through the door, "You want to what!" he yelled, everyone stepping back as they watched the argument between the two Moebians.

Jaylee quickly stood up without pain and clenched her fists, "I want to help them." She pointed towards the Mobians, who all widened their eyes at what Jayde's 'evil-twin' was saying.

Scourge growled and shot towards her. Jaylee readied herself and gripped hold of his hands as they went to pin her against the wall, groaning at the pressure, "Why would you want to help them? They're our opposites – they are weak!"

Jayde gritted her teeth and clenched her fists, "Earlier you said you'd work with us!" she growled.

"Well, it comes and goes, I wouldn't trust it!" he snapped at her.

Through her struggle, Jaylee take a glance at her lookalike and this didn't go unnoticed by Jayde, "Because I don't want Jayde to go through what I did."

Only Sonic and Scourge knew what she was talking about. Scourge's orbs widened a bit but he continued to growl at her. Jaylee ripped her hand from his grasp and pulled it back to punch him around the muzzle. Scourge flew back, barely missing his Mobian lookalike. As soon as he landed he rolled into a spin dash, shooting over to Jaylee, both going into a full blown fist fight.

Rosy and Miles walked through the hole before leaning against the wall with a bored look again. The Mobians noticed his face, "Is this the usual?" Sonic asked, crossing his arms as he watched the two.

Miles nodded, "Maybe once or twice a week this happens over something. Looks like Jaylee took over Fiona's position but with more fighting."

Jaylee grabbed Scourge's arm, swinging him around to crash into the wall. He growled loudly, glaring at her, "Why can't you accept my decision!"

"Because you know I hate those pathetic Mobians." Scourge snarled before spin dashing into the female.

"Aw, is somebody still mad because I tricked him to come out of his super state?" Sonic mocked, pulling a sad face.

Scourge looked at him, "You cheated that day. And I can control my super form now, you know." Sonic shot him a smug look as if to say, yeah right. During his distracted moment, Jaylee was able to grab a small lab table, launching it towards him. Scourge stumbled forward as it hit him, his head snapping to glare back at the Moebian.

Jaylee smirked and held up her hands, giving him a 'bring it on' signal. The green and grey hedgehogs spin dashed towards one another, hissing and spitting towards one another.

"If anyone ever asks me what a catfight is," Sonic began, raising an eye, "I'm going to show them a fight between these two."

The wall behind their fighting figures broke, and Eggman came through in a large robot. He grumbled at the sight of the two Moebians before two claws came down, picking up each of them by their jackets.

"Hooray for Egghead." Amy cheered, wooing slowly and sarcastically. Jaylee and Scourge growled, swinging from the claws to try and break free.

"Do you two mind? People are trying to sleep, and they don't want to listen to a couple of rats scratching each other's eyeballs out!" The evil genius yelled.

"We wouldn't be fighting if Jaylee hadn't made an absurd suggestion."  Scourge muttered, trying to yank the hook from his jacket.

"Absurd, huh? That's a big word for you, Shades." Jaylee hissed back, swinging from side to side without breaking her jacket, "Let me down!" Scourge growled at her comment.

Jayde rolled her eyes, not believing Cleobella stayed asleep through all that. She walked in between the two Moebians and looked up. Jaylee squirmed more to try and get out, "If you didn't over react we wouldn't be trapped here!"

"Oh, that was far from over reacting." Scourge snapped, "You should feel lucky this fat man stopped us. I would've destroyed you.

"Hey!" Eggman muttered.

Jaylee scoffed, "Yeah, like you'd do anything to me. You can barely run away from your girlfriend when she attacks her 'Scourgey'."

"Rosy isn't my girlfriend." Sonic chuckled at his lookalike, having been in a similar situation himself. Jayde sighed and looked towards Eggman who was still hurt about the comment. He noticed her look before dropping the two hedgehogs roughly on the floor. They both groaned in response, leaving the doctor to smile smugly.

"Right are we going to sort this out or are you two going to fight like a married couple and I'm going to have to get Eggman to hold you up there all night?" Amy marched towards Jayde, showing her authority over them.

"I will stop if grumpy over here can keep his temper down." Jaylee muttered, tugging her jacket and ignoring Amy's comment. Scourge growled and went to sprint towards her before the evil genius grabbed him again, squashing him against the floor.

The green male was about to spin dash out of there and give Jaylee a lesson she would never forget when Rosy came bounding over and jumped on him. "Aw, my Scourgey is trapped." She giggled, holding onto his quills. Scourge groaned, face planting the floor.

Sonic glanced towards his Moebian counterpart, "You know, Scourge, if Adversity succeeds, she'll not only destroy Mobius but Moebius as well."

"Yeah, good luck with that."

"It's true Scourge," Miles muttered, tapping on the device on his wrist, "Some idiot has made her almost purely from Black Doom's DNA. To us, that's almost twice as powerful as the anarchy for your super from." Eggman coughed at the 'idiot' remark but didn't say anything.

Scourge stopped struggling and looked towards the Moebian who he attacked. Jaylee bit her lips nervously, "I know you don't like them," she pointed towards the Mobians in the room, "But if you don't want to help them to save Shadow, then help them to save your zone."

Everyone looked towards the proclaimed King of Moebius, awaiting his answer. Scourge growled. As much as he hated to admit it, Miles and Jaylee were right. Even with his enhanced super form, he would still be worn out after and Adversity would destroy his planet.

Scourge glanced up at the evil genius still glaring at him for the comment, "Can you let me out of this trash can?" Eggman muttered under his breath but complied. Scourge stretched as he walked over to the blue hero, holding out his hand, "Truce."

"Truce," Sonic grinned, before muttering, "Until it ends." Scourge scoffed before walking out the door without looking back.

Everyone looked at each other before a groan made them freeze and a small voice made the Protector's eyes light up, "Jayde?"

The grey hedgehog twirled around, coming face to face with her friend she'd missed for so long. Without a second thought, Jayde flew over to her, wrapping her arms around her azure fox friend. Cleobella smiled and immediately returned the embrace, however it was strange - Jayde was never the one to hug.

Jayde had no idea of the reason why she hugged Cleobella. Maybe it was because she hadn't seen her for so long, or maybe it was because of everything that had been going on recently. Everything had been a whirlwind of emotion and fighting, and all she needed was a strong embrace.

She needn't have to worry that Cleobella was in danger - she was right here and Jayde wasn't going to lose her friend again.

The Sonic team looked at the connection and smiled, knowing that this little encounter would make everything so much more easier for Jayde, even if Shadow was still in danger. Scourge watched the scene before quietly taking his leaving - he didn't need to be there.

A Little While Later...


The green male's ear twitched and he looked to find the grey hedgehog walking towards him, however it wasn't the one he'd become accustomed to. Jayde walked towards him in a confident stride which also confused the male. Usually Moebians were cowering when he walked past them - then again, he needed to remember that Jayde was almost like Jaylee - just not evil.

"What?" he muttered, sitting up in his chair.

"I wanted to say thank you."

Scourge tensed slightly, thank you? No one had ever said thank you to him before. Well, not that he'd ever earned a thank you in all honesty, "What for? You remember that I'm supposed to be your enemy right?"

Jayde chuckled slightly and walked up the steps to the throne, "Maybe you should be my enemy, but I still want to thank you. I know that you never wanted to help us to begin with."

Scourge crossed his arms and scowled, "I hope you know I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing it so I can get rid of you Mobians, then I can control Moebius again."

"So, you are doing it for us? To help us get back home to claim your ground again," Jayde smirked at him as he spluttered a reply.

"No - that's not what it is!" Scourge growled, glaring at her.

Jayde patted his head and snatched the glasses on his head, making him growl, "Sure thing, Kingsy." she spoke, looking through the red lenses.

Scourge rolled his eyes, standing up and taking his glasses back, "You are just as bad as Jaylee with my glasses." he muttered, "Aren't you supposed to be planning an attack?"

"I have a plan - attack." she smirked as he rolled his orbs.

"Brilliant, I'm putting my trust in a girl's hands who has no idea of her plan." Scourge sighed in annoyance, "You better help me win back Moebius."

"I will," Jayde turned and walked away, before looking back over her shoulder, "It's nice to know that you trust me, Scourge - it's an honour!" she chuckled.

Scourge shook his head as she walked out, whispering to himself, "She's been around Blue for too long."

Chapter Text

Jaylee pushed the last of the Anarchy Beryl against the wall, having retrieved it from Scourge's throne and the underground base. With the battle now closer than ever and everyone completely focused on plans, they needed to gather a lot of Anarchy for the green male. She drew a breath, leaning against the wall. "Was that too heavy for you?"

Jaylee looked towards the door, her Mobian twin walking through. The anti rolled her orbs, "Tch, I'd like to see you try and lift it."

Silence came over the two opposites, neither of them having anything to say. Jaylee just couldn't wait to get rid of her good counterpart, so she could return to being the Jaylee she was before the Mobians arrived.

As they walked back towards the lab to join everyone else, Jayde brought up a question she had wanted to ask, "Hey, Jaylee, why did you agree to help us?"

The Moebian froze in her steps, glancing back at her twin with a scowl, "Why do you care?"

Answer a question with a question, huh? Jayde crossed her arms, "Why are you so sensitive about the topic?"

Jaylee clenched her fists, "I already said it was so you didn't go through the same thing as I did." She began walking in a different direction through the castle and the Moebian could sense Jayde following her, "You know curiosity killed the cat, right?"

Jayde scoffed, "You wouldn't kill me. Now tell me why you wanted to help – or is it all a trap?" Jaylee rolled her eyes at the Mobian and pushed open the door to her bedroom. She walked over to a desk and opened a small box.

"You don't know anything from this zone do you?" Jaylee muttered, leaning back against the desk, "We are unpredictable. The only thing you know is that we are opposites – can you not get anything from that?"

Jayde didn't know anything from this zone. She crossed her arms, agitated by her counterpart. All she wanted was answers, not to play twenty questions, "All I want is answers. Now get to the point."

Jaylee rolled her eyes again before throwing her a tennis ball, "Ring any bells?"

The Mobian frowned, rummaging through her quills for her baseball and brought them together, "But in Mobius, he was killed. What happened to our twin here?"

Jaylee laughed, "It was no 'he'. In this zone our twin was female." Jaylee scowled, "And 'what a gift she is'!" the Moebian used quotation marks as if someone had said that in the past before glaring at Jayde, "Or was."

The Mobian frowned but didn't speak as Jaylee continued, "I bet your parents were kind, generous and always had time for you, didn't they? They treated you and your brother equally and loved you both, right?" Jayde nodded. Jaylee walked over and handed her a photo of Moebians – it looked like Jayde's family but also completely different.

Her mom in this zone was pitch black with dark green stripes. She still held the same hairstyle and clothes, but her dress was red instead of orange. Jayde's dad was no longer jade but a burning orange with dark blue stripes. The Mobian then glanced at the two twin girls at the bottom. One was happy, both parent's hands resting on her shoulders, looking down at her like she was the best thing that ever happened to them. She was pitch black and had blazing orange stripes on the ends of her quills – and then, to the right of them all, was Jaylee. She sat cross legged with her back to them, a small sad but angry glare on her muzzle.

Jayde looked up at her Moebian twin, now thinking completely different from her, "Jaylee, I-"

But the Moebian's head snapped towards her, "Don't even pity me." Jaylee smirked darkly, "Besides, I got my own back."

Dark blue orbs widened, "What did you do, Jaylee?"

"Well, I presume what happened in your zone is that your twin died right... in an accident with Eggman?" Jayde frowned in confusion at how she knew that, but nodded all the same, "See, me and my twin where going to help Dr Kintobor with an experiment. And when it began to break and fall apart, guess what she did." Jaylee clenched her fists, "She left me to die."

"I eventually escaped," The Moebian grabbed the photo and tennis ball, "I ran until I was weak. Scourge found me when I was passed out outside the castle and after some hard training and fighting, he allowed me to join him. I eventually told him why I ended up outside the castle and when I did he came up with a brilliant plan."

Jaylee pulled out a few scrap books, thrusting them into her twin's hands. Jayde gulped slightly before opening them, afraid of what she might find. After some reading the plans and drawn plots, she gaped and stared at her evil twin, "You... killed them?"

"After I realised how much they hated me and didn't do anything for me, didn't even bother searching for me in the ruins, I returned and burnt my home to the ground." Jayde scoffed, "Their screams where pitiful."

"Why would Scourge even suggest that?" Jayde threw the book down and crossed her arms.

"How do you think he became King of Moebius?" Jaylee grinned darkly. Jayde's orbs widened as everything came together. Jaylee sighed, throwing the ball and photo back into the box, "But when you turned into your dark form in front of me, something about you reminded me of the one friend I had back home. The one I always went to and who would always be there for me no matter how much I messed up."

"When you said about how much you care for Shadow, it was the same with how much I cared for my friend." Jaylee's ears pinned against her head, scowling at the floor, "I just don't want you to go through what I went through when I failed to save her."

Jayde frowned at her Moebian twin before walking over and placing a hand on her shoulder, "I've already been through losing someone – I know how it feels." She looked down, so did Shadow.

Jaylee shrugged her off and returned to her normal emotionless face. Breathing deeply, she walked towards her door, "Come on, they're waiting for us." Jayde looked back at the family photo once more before following her out and to the lab. Jaylee turned back to her room, glancing one last time at the photograph.

Jaylee stared at the photograph in her hands. It was her and her 'family'.

Tch, yeah right, family.

They never even looked at her. She was the outcast of her family – everyone turned their back on her and now she only trusted herself. There was no way she could bear to turn to another.

Scourge walked through the castle halls and into the throne room, immediately looking at the grey hedgehog slumped sideways on the throne with her legs thrown over the sides. The green male walked up beside her and crossed his arms, "You know, only people with a crown can sit in the throne."

Jaylee stared up at him and shrugged, "Then move me."

Scourge rolled his orbs, "What's wrong with you?"

The blue striped female scoffed, "Oh you know, betrayal is everything I want."

"What do you mean?" the green male was intrigued by this. Jaylee had only recently joined the team after weeks of vigorous training, but he had never known where she came from.

Jaylee sighed, holding out the photo as she leaned back, "Here – that's my 'family'," she muttered, quoting with her fingers, "Or was my family."

"Is she your sister?" Scourge asked, pointing to the dark coloured female.

"Yeah, and how precious she is!" Jaylee mimicked, raising from the throne to walk around, "She was my parents pride and joy. She was always the first for everything; my parents never even gave me a second glance."

Scourge frowned as he slumped on the throne, "How did they betray you?"

Jaylee was facing away from him and Scourge saw her shoulders slump, "We were in Dr Kintobor's lab – we were good friends with him at the time. He was doing research on twins and their DNA. In the main laboratory he had several crystal-like items – something that looked like shards. My twin decided it would be a good idea to shove me into them."

The female clenched her fists before removing her jacket. On her upper arms where multiple scars that had healed over time, "I don't know what happened, but as soon as I came into contact with them, I felt pain. A blue one in particular felt like it pierced my body and that's when I got the inhibitor rings."

Scourge rose from his throne, walking up behind her. Jaylee tensed slightly when his finger traced the healed scars, lifting up her arm to examine them - they must have been pretty deep. They weren't just on the surface, but they seemed to dig through her fur, peach skin showing. Jaylee took her arm back, shivering slightly.

"When I was being tortured by that shard, Dr Kintobor's lab started to crumble and break under the impact. My twin didn't even give a second glance before running out and leaving me. The Doc didn't do much either before escaping." Jaylee turned her head to the side slightly, "I was left to save myself."

"The Shard was in my quills and it must have saved me while I passed out from the pain. I never returned home, and I just ran until I was weak-"

"Which is when you passed out outside the castle," Scourge finished, leaving Jaylee to reply with a nod. The green male walked to sit again and leaned back in his throne, an evil smirk prying on his face, "Have you ever wanted to get revenge?"

Jaylee turned and grinned, "You don't know how much I've wanted to return the favour of betrayal."

Scourge's smirk widened as he heard this, "Then I have the perfect idea."

Jaylee stood outside the burning building, a smoking twig in her grasp as she heard the pathetic screams of her so called 'family'.

She wasn't even emotional.

At that very moment she felt nothing. No pain. No anger. Only revenge filled her, and the lust of blood continued to fill her. Jaylee growled and threw the burning twig into the flames. She promised herself to never rely on anyone else and to never put her trust in others because everyone will eventually betray you – no one stays for long.

Behind the grey hedgehog stood the green male who smirked evilly. He had made the right choice in letting Jaylee joining his new team. She was secretly pure evil to the bone.

An excellent addition to the team.

The grey anti-hero growled before slamming her bedroom door shut and leaning against it. She shouldn't have let her guard down.

Chapter Text

"So, who is this 'Shadow' person?" Jayde looked over from her bandaged wrist to her fox friend. Cleobella was now up and walking around. She did have minor memory loss, but that was only for a short while.

"What do you mean? You know who Shadow is." Jayde replied, walking over to sit on Cleobella's bed.

The blue female shook her head, "No, not really. I know that he's the guy Adversity took over, and I know that he's on your team – but who is he to you?"

The Protector flushed slightly at what the Ocheanian was suggesting, "What? We are just friends?"

"Yikes. I heard Sonic friend zone himself – I never thought you would." Cleobella smirked, her emerald orbs lighting up slightly at Jayde's embarrassment, "You two do seem kind of... close."

"We are just friends," Jayde sighed, "Probably not even that anymore..."

Cleobella tilted her head and frowned, "What do you mean? What happened?"

Jayde fiddled with her fingers, looking down, "I had a nightmare about my past, and he comforted me. I was just so angry at myself, and I said some things that I didn't mean... and I can't take it back. He'll never forgive me."

At this moment, the pink hedgehog walked through the door and chuckled, "If you think Shadow will never forgive you for something – you don't know Shadow."

Cleobella watched as Amy busied herself in tidying the lab the Mobians were staying in. She still didn't know the pink hedgehog's name, but Jayde soon cleared that up for her, "Amy, what are you talking about?" Jayde sighed, falling back on the bed and putting am arm over her eyes, "You didn't see the flinch he made when I shouted at him. That pain crossed his face for one second until he returned to the emotionless person he was when I met him."

Amy crossed her arms, "Shadow may seem like the grumpiest hedgehog on Earth. Others may think he's a stubborn, cold-hearted male with serious anger issues. But when you get passed all that, Shadow opens up more. He's secretly caring and passionate – especially for someone like you."

Jayde scoffed, "You don't know what you're saying Amy – Shadow hates me now. I can't even call him by his nickname."

"You are extremely naïve." Amy chuckled, "Why do you think he's been close to you ever since you joined our team? He's always watching you and helping you. If you think a small argument like this is going to break you apart, then you need to relook at your relationship with him."

Jayde looked at the pink hedgehog before covering her eyes again with her palms, "Adversity took him from me before I could say sorry. It's too late." She whispered.

Amy walked up to the mopping hedgehog and yanked her up, "Hey!" she snapped, making Jayde flinch, "You are Jayde the Hedgehog, the Protector of the Seven Shards. You're a strong, independent, soon-to-be Agent for GUN – don't ever say it's too late."

Jayde's orbs widened slightly as Amy continued, "Don't ever give up this fight, because I know that Shadow would never give up on you. Do you remember when you turned into your Negative Form, when Raven took over? Shadow never gave up on you then, so don't give up on him now."

"I know you want him to return. I know you want the Shadow back from before. You want your Shadow back." Amy spoke, "And you're the only one who can bring him back. Not me, not Sonic, not any of the Moebians – you."

Jayde slumped her shoulders and looked down, "I don't know how I can do that."

Amy stared at her directly into her azure orbs, "I know that you can. Even if it may all see dark now, I know you know what you have to do." She stepped back, and everyone filed in behind her as she raised her hands – Sonic, Tails, Scourge, Miles, Rosy and Jaylee. All of them nodding, "We are all here to support you – and we won't stop until Shadow is back."

"And guess what," Sonic smirked, throwing up a gem, "Tails really is a genius."

"What is that?" Scourge asked, "I thought the Chaos Emerald were back on Mobius."

"Who said they were real?" Sonic smirked, grinning towards his proclaimed brother, before glancing at Jayde.

Jayde clenched her fists and smirked, nodding her head. Cerulean orbs glanced back to Cleobella, who nodded towards her friend, "Okay then," the Protector spoke. They were ready to battle. They were ready to turn wrong back to right, everyone fighting on the correct side for once. Nothing could go wrong now. "Let's get Shadow back."

Chapter Text

"Tails, I thought you said they were close by?" Amy asked, as the 'heroes' ran through the forests of Moebius.

"They were!" Tails spoke back, looking on his device at the bleeping red dot, "Adversity's signal that Eggman gave me is moving around. Jayde can't you feel her energy?"

"T-Dog, I can only feel Potens energy. Adversity was created with Black Arms, and Chaos energy. The only ones who could sense that would be Shadow and Knuckles." Jayde remined the young fox.

Amy frowned slightly, "Where's Egghead anyway?"

Sonic shrugged, eyes half cast, "Who knows with that guy."

"Well, that's just great." Scourge sneered, "We're practically lost in Moebius forest and the guy who was supposed to be on our team has betrayed us."

"Surprising that it wasn't you, Princess." Sonic smirked.

"I regret agreeing to this." Jaylee muttered, glaring to her lookalike. Jayde simply stared back with a roll of azure pools.

The 'heroes' had been running for over an hour now, and no trace of physical evidence put Adversity, Eclipse or Shadow close by. Jayde had insisted that Cleobella stay back at the castle, not wanting her to be injured in the battle. Eggman had vanished soon after, and no one knew where he had gotten to. The doctor had been quite distant ever since he 'joined' their team.

Miles scoffed at the Mobian's conversation, "Serves you right for trusting the twerp." He smirked as his lookalike turned to glare at him, "I would've found them by now."

"Shut up, Miles." Tails snapped back, "You don't even know how to build a communicator." Sonic, Amy and Jayde glanced at each other in shock of Tails' outburst but didn't say anything.

"Actually, I'd like you to know-"

The anti-Tails was cut off as an evil laugh echoed around them. A familiar laugh that made everyone tense. The young fox smirked triumphantly, glaring back at his evil twin, "I told you they were close!"

"One hour later." Rosy muttered, "Scourgey, when can I smash-smash?"

"In a minute, Rosy." He replied, clenching his fists as the familiar figure came into view. Her hand whipped her bangs over her eyes, smirking at the 'heroes' below her.

Adversity knew she could beat them. She was stronger than they could ever imagine, especially with the Protector's Shard in her grasp. Eggman had designed her specifically to destroy the enemy, and that's what she was going to do – it just wasn't for him.

The young darkling knew about her 'brother' from the files she had seen at the doctor's lair. He made a big mistake of letting her look. After a while of watching them, she found the perfect opportunity to strike, snatching Shadow up in her grasp, at his weakest moment. She laughed as she watched the team fall apart.

Adversity had been watching them since the day she took the Ultimate Lifeform. Jayde had crumbled; it almost made her laugh. It's why you should never depend on someone. The grey hedgehog was weakened every time Shadow physically hurt her and his promises where never kept. She loved to watch his former friend suffer – it made it easier for her.

Once the Mobians had stumbled across the Moebians and tried joining forces, she merely chuckled at their move. You can never work with the ones who want completely different things to you. That's why Adversity believed they stood no chance against her and her 'brothers'. They had chosen their allies poorly, and they would pay because of it.

"Adversity." Jayde snarled, clenching her fists.

"Ah, Jayde, it hasn't been so long – are you feeling bruised from last time?" Adversity chuckled, raising her hands a bit, "I'll gladly not spare you this time. Or better yet," Jayde's eyes connected with the ebony hedgehog's emotionless pools staring directly at her, "He won't spare you."

"I'll be happy to crush that plan of yours, fuzzball." She hissed back, trying not to show any kind of fear, but the others could sense it.

Sonic knew that it hurt her having to fight Shadow. There would be no back out option, no way Jayde could avoid hurting him back because if she didn't, she would perish.

"Not so fast!" the familiar voice broke through, and the Doctor appeared, robots surrounding him, "There's only room for one super villain in this franchise – and that's me!"

"Oh, joys." Adversity hissed, "My dearest creator is here. The one who wished for me to end these pathetic creatures and tries to destroy me when I'm about to."

"The only person destroying that blue rat, is me!" Eggman snapped.

"Egghead, you've been at this long enough to know that I am a hedgehog!" Sonic answered.

Amy whispered to her blue hero, "Is he on our team on not?"

"I want to end your life, hedgehog or not. All of you will perish under the stampede of the Eggman Empire!" the doctor shouted before throwing his fist forward, and all of his robots charged forward, surrounding the small team.

"Guess not." Amy sighed, unleashing her ballet and immediately hitting the robot as it swooped towards them.

"Just great." Miles muttered, swiping his fist around to hit the closest enemy.

Adversity sighed, her grand speech foiled by the appearance of her creator. Jayde noticed the Ultimate Lifeform watching her every move, as if studying her fighting techniques, "Sonic, I need to get to Shadow before he knows all my moves."

"If he's got the same memory-whoa!" he ducked at a firing robot before spin dashing into it, "If he still has his memories, he'll know how you fight anyway – you need to find a different way."

"Be – heeya! – be unpredictable." Amy added, "Remember, don't hesitate!"

The grey hedgehog clenched her fists and nodded, tapping on her wrist watch, calling her board for back up, just in case a strike was headed her way. She needed to try and get through to Shadow without putting up a fight that could make her seem like a threat.

"Shadow." Adversity called out to her 'brother'. The Ultimate Lifeform uncrossed his arms and looked up at her. She smirked as she still saw the emotionless orbs, "Don't even think about stopping."

A malicious smirk spread across his muzzle, and he stepped forward into the battle zone. None of these creatures were worth living. They were all weak, pathetic mortals that had no chance against him.

But that grey one was very persistent, trying to talk to him. Something in his mind told him to stop and listen, but Adversity told him to continue with his task in ending her – and he would do just that.

Chapter Text

"Shadow." Jayde spoke, standing tall and strong in front of him. She needed to find a way to get through to him, without taking or gaining a hit. The Protector knew it wasn't going to be easy, but it was her job to protect those around her – especially Shadow.

He always said that he'd protect her, save her, catch her – and he'd proved that. But it was her turn to return the favour and catch him from his downfall. He never let her stay trapped in her Negative form, and she couldn't let him stay trapped on the side of evil, being controlled by the enemy.

"How do you know my name?" he asked, "You've been persistently talking to me, telling me to stop – I don't even know how you are."

"You do, Shades." Jayde clenched her fists, watching as his orbs twitched at the nickname, "We met at an Eggman battle and you saved me from falling. We worked together to defeat the Interficio Quattuor and stop Eggman's plans! We turned into the Potens form and shared our powers!"

The ebony male was stepping closer to her every second she talked, looking at her like she was spitting a story. His face showed anger – how dare she make up some lie to try and get me on her team!

"Shadow, you have to remember! You saved me from myself before - you saved me from Raven. You brought me back from my negative form."

"Liar!" he shouted, firing a chaos spear towards her, Jayde quickly jumping out the way.

"You've got to believe me!" Jayde pleaded.

"This is going very well." Adversity smirked, watching the two hedgehogs before turning to Eclipse, "We'll let Shadow end that Protector's life before moving on to the rest – they'll be easy to defeat after her death." Eclipse nodded in agreement, grinning evilly.

"My sister told me that you creatures used me to go against the Black Arms, my clan. You submerged my memories with petty friendships, when I should've been working with Black Doom to destroy this world." Shadow hissed, stalking closer.

"What she tells you are lies!" Jayde dodged another attack, "You chose to destroy the Black Arms because they were doing to end the world you swore to protect. You chose their fate, and you chose to be good."

"Don't lie to me."

"I'm not lying! You told me yourself!" Jayde cried, losing all her hope as she was struck back by an attack. But the only difference was that this attack was aimed at the floor below her. Her back crashed against a tree, a whimper leaving her.

Shadow heard this and smirked, "See, why would I associate myself with you? You are weak and pathetic – I am superior to you!" A bright ball formed in his palms, chaos energy building up. Jayde's orbs widened, and she quickly got up and ran. But she didn't get far as Eggman robots surrounded her.

She scoffed slightly, of course he was going to betray them in the end, it's how the doctor works.

"Jayde! Get out of there now!" Amy yelled. Each Mobian and Moebian watched as enemies surrounded them, especially the grey hedgehog as she tried one final time to connect with the Ultimate Lifeform.

Dr Eggman's robots were circling, ready to attack, the doctor no longer on any sort of side. Adversity hovered above it all, Shadow and Eclipse stood either side on the ground below. Her smug eyes watched as the hapless hedgehog tried reasoning with her biological brother.

"Shadow please! You've got to snap out of it!" Jayde yelled, dodging a few bullets from the surrounding Badniks. She didn't care whether she got hurt, or even killed, as long as the dark male returned. Jayde clicked on her wrist watch once again, slamming a foot against another approaching tin can.

The Ultimate Lifeform stalked closer, ready to make the final blow on her, much to the appreciation of Adversity. He wasn't taking in a word of what the hedgehog in front was saying. It was time for him to end her once and for all – just as the Black Arms would have done.

Jayde glanced to the side, watching her hover board slowly make its way to her without being detected. "What about Maria?" the blue striped female bravely stated, clenching her fists. She didn't know what else she could say apart from what she knew, "She wouldn't want you to be taken over by the enemy! She helped you escape from GUN to protect the planet - to protect those who need it. You promised her!"

"Maria is gone!" He shouted back. Jayde's orbs widened and swiftly dodged an incoming attack, the chaos blast hitting Badniks behind her. It was if his memories of Maria and everyone else was gone, and now his mind was full of hate and anger, ready to fulfil the Black Arms mission. Adversity and Eclipse watched with great pleasure as their 'brother' was preparing to make the final hit.

Eclipse had waited for this day for a long time. He'd tried in the past multiple times, but he was always in vain. And now, with this his new 'sister' beside him, he actually believed that they could finally complete the Black Arms true mission – nothing could possibly stop them.

Jayde shook her head, not giving in to defeat yet, "She is here; Maria is always here! She's inside you and she wouldn't want you to do this. Show her who you truly are! Keep your promise!" Shadow's eyes widened a minuscule amount, hope rising in Jayde's dark orbs.

But Adversity noticed Shadow's hesitance and glared – she would not be defeated by a simple Mobian. "Enough of this!" She growled, "Shadow – attack!" Her voice was full of venom and hate. Jayde's orbs widened, and she leapt on her hover board, rising higher into the sky as everything began to fire again.

The Badniks fired at her, Jayde barely able to manoeuvre her was through. A rough bump hit the underside of her board, making her wobble. Tails looked up from below, gasping, "Jayde, your right booster is gone!" he called through the communicator.

"Don't need it!" Jayde gave a nervous grin, looking at the danger below her. Her board lifted high above the trees, trying to avoid Eggman's flying robots incoming attack.

Everyone watched from below as Jayde tried to fight through. Even her Moebian counterpart watched with great anticipation. Jaylee finally understood her lookalike – Jayde would not give up on anyone. The evil-twin wanted to help her, but she and everyone else was frozen. There would be no way out.

Another hit made Jayde's board drop, "Left booster!" Tails cried, watching her quickly descend towards the Badniks.

"Could live without it!" Jayde strained, begging her board to stay up long enough for her to get past. A menacing grin plastered itself across Adversity's muzzle as she aimed, firing the final shot.

"JAYDE, WATCH OUT!" Tails yelled, everyone shouting up to her, just as the blast struck the levitation plate on the underside of her board. 

"Oh, no." Jayde gulped. The Ultimate Lifeform watched as the board dropped below her and the shout that left her lips caused his mind to be submerged with memories of the first time he caught her from Eggman. He could see everything. The young fox readied his tails as everyone gasped, about to fly through the bullets to save her, but a black blur shot past them, straight towards the grey hedgehog.

"Shadow, no!" the Sonic team shouted, believing that he was going to finish her off for good.

Jayde yelled out as she twirled before her body abruptly stopped and was caught in black arms. She could smell that familiar scent, and the chest fur that was pressed against her muzzle. She opened a dark orb as she felt her saviour place their feet on the ground, looking up to see the red striped male staring down at her.

His eyes had returned to normal and emotion sprung back into his face, "Shadow!" Jayde cried in happiness, wrapping her arms around him. The Ultimate Lifeform tensed but quickly returned the hug, hiding his smiling face in her quills.

"Thank you." He whispered.

Chapter Text

"NO!" Adversity shouted, glaring at her 'brother' as he hugged the enemy. Her plan was flawless, how did he return to normal? "I'm not through yet!"

The blue blur smirked, the fake seven Chaos Emeralds circling around him, "And neither are we." Shadow walked up next to him and nodded, both hedgehogs absorbing the power. In her distracted moment, Jayde turned invisible and snatched the blue Shard from Adversity and landed next to her Moebian counterpart.

"Ready?" the Mobian asked taking Jaylee's shard from her. Jayde's shard lightened up slightly as it's true owner returned, but a black mist still hovered over the crystal. The Protector knew it was risky to use it at this time, but there was no other option.

"For what?"

Jayde smirked at her clueless evil twin before glancing up at the three hedgehogs who glowed above them, "To become our type of super." Jayde pressed the two shards together and spoke those three words, "Otium, Luminis, Ancora!"

The two counterpart's bodies floated off the ground and Jaylee could feel the power racing through her – it was like nothing she had ever experienced before. As she opened her eyes, her fur was no longer grey, but a burning orange and her blue stripes had darkened. Her orbs were no longer white and blue but a dark, menacing black and red – almost pure evil.

Scourge flew down beside her, his purple form lighting up the closer her got to her, "Nice coat, Lee. Ready to teach them a lesson?"

Jaylee grinned and turned to face the enemy, "Time to kill or be killed."

The five 'heroes' lined up, glaring at the two powerful beings above them. Eclipse glanced at his 'sister', "It's funny how they think they can actually beat us."

Adversity stared at all of them, but her eyes locked with the grey hedgehog, and a menacing glare rose, "Their efforts are futile," she smirked, "Maybe we should show them hoe powerful we truly are before with remove them from this pathetic excuse of an existence."

"They have no hope of winning." Eclipse grinned darkly, his eyes gleaming with the want of revenge.

Scourge growled at the darkling, "Come here and face me. I won't lose Moebius to a loser like you." Eclipse took on this challenge and shot towards him. They crashed through trees, leaving Scourge pinned on the floor by his neck. He gritted his teeth, kicking up at the form above him and landing a harsh punch across his muzzle.

Jaylee turned to the Mobians, "I'll help Shades. You guys get her."

The Protector frowned, "But that's my nickname for Shadow!" The other two males rolled their eyes before they all circled around Adversity.

"Oh, look at that," she mumbled, "Whatever will I do?"

"Well it makes it easier for us while you float there so we can finish you off." Sonic suggested, leading Adversity to strike towards him. The golden blur quickly moved sideways, avoiding the hit as he smirked, "Or not. It's no fun if it's too easy."

Adversity balled her fists, a strong sense of power coming from them, "Oh, I don't plan to make it easy for you." Her palms faced towards them before a blast sent them twirling back, making it painfully remind Shadow of Raven.

Jayde gritted her teeth and shot towards the enemy, clenching her fists before pummelling them across her muzzle. Adversity flew back at the force, but the female didn't stop. She gripped the darkling's neckerchief, swinging her over her head and into the trees behind. Sonic landed beside Jayde, "Hey, try not to have all the fun, J.J!"

Jayde glared at the being that took over Shadow, "Then you better keep up." And she shot off again, quickly followed by the two golden hedgehogs.

The two antiheroes had already got a few punches on the darkling in front of them, but Eclipse hadn't been in a fight for a while, and his energy was continuously building up. After Adversity unleashed him, he was more than happy to help her with his plans – and he is more than happy to crush someone in his way.

"Doesn't it feel good to work together with someone, Scourge?" Jaylee snickered, watching his head snap to her, a small glare on his muzzle.

The purple super charged his energy, shooting towards Eclipse. The darkling simply shifted away, using his arms to punch the hedgehog away, "No, it feels like I'm relying on someone." Scourge muttered, twirling back around to his ally.

Jaylee shrugged, turning invisible and swinging her body around, knocking the enemy off guard, "I could do more damage on him without you anyway."

Eclipse growled, "You two are losing focus – this makes all the more easier for me."

Scourge ignored the enemy and flew towards Jaylee, a playful glare and challenging look in his eyes, "Care to make it interesting?"

Jaylee dodged an incoming attack from Eclipse, smirking at the King of Moebius, "What did you have in mind?"

Eclipse snickered at the beings in front of him, "You pathetic creatures and your petty games. You think you can end me? I'd like to see you try."

The two hedgehogs looked away from the darkling and towards each other, each having a smirk on their muzzles that seemed to make them lose their sanity, "I think we just got our challenge." The purple super spoke.

Jaylee's orbs twinkled, reminding Scourge of the time she destroyed her family, "The one to give him the most scars wins." And she shot off, already producing a wound on the unexpecting being. The male grinned, pushing up his sleeves before shooting off to join her.

"Why aren't they getting any weaker?" Jayde asked, spinning to land a quick kick to Adversity's abdominals, the attack soon being returned by the enemy punching the Protector across the muzzle. Jayde flew back and crashed into the golden blur.

"Eclipse was recreated with pure Potens energy – Jaylee's negative attacks should be weakening him slowly anyway." Shadow answered, "As for Adversity, she was created from Black Arm's and Mobian DNA, just like me."

"So, how can we destroy you?" Sonic asked, chuckling slightly.

Shadow rolled his orbs, dodging an incoming chaos spear, and returning one tenfold, "The way to weaken me, is to take away my inhibitor rings. My body would start to weaken because of the chaos energy running through me."

"Adversity doesn't have inhibitor rings." Sonic said in a dumbed tone.

"I can see that." Shadow snapped back, "So, how about we give her more?"

"What? Are you insane?" The hero of Mobius asked, "That would make it impossible to destroy her." Sonic looked towards the Protector, "J.J, are you hearing this?"

"Yes, and it's brilliant!" Jayde grinned, almost an evil glint of her Dark Form still running through her.

Sonic's orbs widened, "You guys are crazy!"

"You blue idiot." Shadow sighed.

"Speedster, don't you get it?" Jayde asked, hovering beside them, dodging an attack from the enemy, who surprisingly wasn't listening to their plans, "Adversity doesn't have any inhibitor rings, which means she doesn't have anything controlling the power she has."

Sonic's red eyes glanced at the evil female who grinned towards the three with an increasing spear forming in her palms. He smirked as he got the idea, and nodded, "Go tell the others, we'll keep her busy."

Jayde nodded, shooting over to the Moebians fighting Eclipse.

Chapter Text

Scourge created another bruise on the enemy, grinning, "I believe that's sixteen to me and fourteen to you."

Jaylee scoffed, using her invisibility to her advantage and appearing behind Eclipse. She tapped his shoulder, disappearing as he turned and shot a spear, before appearing again, and landing a left, then a right, and then a left again. "How's that!" Jaylee grinned towards Scourge before landing a spinning kick to Eclipse's jaw.

Scourge watched her, not noticing his staring until Jaylee appeared in front of him and shut his open mouth, "Take a picture, Shades – it'll last longer."

Jayde scoffed, "Chaos, someone pass me the sick bucket."

Jaylee floated over to her 'twin', still amazed by her superform – not that she would ever admit that to Jayde, "What are you doing here? I thought you were fighting Adversity."

"We've got a plan, it's going to take all of us." Jayde informed them.

Eclipse rose higher again, glaring at the three below him, "Are you guys serious? This is a battle, there are no-"

He was suddenly blasted away by a Potens blast created by the anti-Jayde, "Can't you see I'm trying to have a conversation here!" She snapped at him as he groaned.

Scourge held back his uncharacteristic snicker, hovering over to the two females, "What's the plan?"

Jayde was quick to whisper to the plan to the two hedgehogs, before they all looked at each other and smirked. The Mobian nodded before flying off to tell the others, leaving the two anti-heroes. Jaylee noticed the evil look in her orbs as she turned, knowing full well that her Dark Form was still there and sighed, "She would've made a good addition to the team, Shades."

Scourge hummed before turning to Eclipse who glared at them, "Ready to take on the weakling again?" Eclipse growled at the insult before firing another energy source towards them.

Jayde glanced over at Jaylee and nodded, "Ready to put this plan into action?" she asked the two golden forms, they nodded towards her before Eclipse was rounded up by Scourge and Jaylee.

The two evils grinned, "Don't you know that us being close makes us more powerful?" Adversity asked, "We become stronger as we share our powers, linking the Black Arms energy into us."

"This is going to be risky," Shadow looked towards Jayde, "It's going to drain our energy. Everyone ready?" he asked the superforms, watching as they nodded.

"You have no chance against us," Eclipse grinned, "As soon as we've finished you, we'll destroy Moebius, and spread chaos over the entirety of the multiverse! Our power will be unstoppable!"

"Oh, really?" Sonic smirked, each hedgehog having a bright energy light in their palms, "How would you like some more?"


Before they could say anything else, five beams shot towards them, hitting them straight on. Adversity laughed, "Oh, you naïve animals! Don't you see what you are doing is ridiculously amusing? You're giving us more power!" she laughed evilly, spreading her arms to embrace the strength freely given to her.

Shadow grinned, an evil glint in his orbs, "But don't you see, oh dearest sister," He mocked, "If I were given the energy you are, my body would accept it. It would flow through me and connect with my inhibitor rings and make me more powerful each second." He smirked as she looked down at him, "What do you have?"

Jayde continued, "The purpose of inhibitor rings is to control the amount of power given to you. It stops you from over powering and prevents you from spontaneous combustion. It helps us," Jayde smirked, "So, what helps you?"

"No... wait!" Adversity yelled, her and Eclipse trying to move from the beams – but they followed them wherever they went.

"You see, to have power, you need to have responsibility for it - you need to understand it." Sonic added, "If you use that power wrong, it comes back to get you."

"You... cannot defeat me." Adversity gaped, trying to take in as much power as she could. All the hedgehogs were weakening, blood even dripped a bit from Jaylee nose, due to her Potens form having certain disadvantages.

"Amy!" Jayde called. The pink hedgehog nodded to her evil-twin, both of them grinned. Their inhibitor rings seemed to glow brighter than before, causing the young fox's eyes to widen as he smashed the last Eggman robot.

The two hedgehog's hammers seemed to grow with the power surrounding them as they ran forwards, jumping high into the air and performing their hammer spin, crashing the head on the two enemy's.

Both Eclipse and Adversity seemed to lose focus, both yelling loudly as the energy coursed through them, quickly overpowering their bodies, "Shadow... how can you... do this to us? We are family!" Adversity hissed, gripping hold of her stomach.

"You're no family – family doesn't use each other." He snapped back, "And there's another thing you don't know about me," he released his inhibitor rings, his body firing up, "I can control the power that I own."

Adversity growled angrily, a large spear enveloping in her hands, causing the hedgehogs orbs to widen. They needed to act quick.

"Now!" Sonic yelled, and each of the superpowered hedgehogs pushed their body to the max, increasing the amount of energy passing through the two enemies. Their forms seemed to break, slowly withering under the increased power that concealed them.

Shadow yelled out as the energy blasted from him. He ignored the look on his 'siblings' face, and the chaos blast shot towards them, hitting them both directly, "NO!"

A sudden bright light blinded everyone, before a large blast threw everyone back, each groaning and grunting as their bodies smacked into the rubble below. The red striped superform stared at the empty face where his 'siblings' once floated, not even a small spec of reminder that they existed.

Chapter Text

Shadow descended from floating as the hedgehog's superforms burned off, landing next to the grey Protector. Jayde slumped on the ground, breathing heavily. Her power was almost drained, mainly because her Shard had been in the hands of another – the hands of an evil presence.

The ebony male knelt beside the grey hedgehog, lifting her top half up off the ground. Jayde groaned quietly, her azure eyes slowly making an appearance. She clenched the Shard that was in her hand, slowly feeling her strength come back to her before she glanced at the Ultimate Lifeform.

He still looked hurt.

Uncharacteristically, Jayde wrapped her arms around his neck quickly, ignoring his tensing figure, "I-I'm so sorry, Shadow. I didn't mean what I said before. There's no excuse for it, I should've never-"

"I forgive you."

Jayde pulled back slightly, "What?"

"I said," he stood, pulling the apologetic hedgehog up with him, "I forgive you."

"But... What? I need to explain everything and apologise! I've got a whole speech planned out here!" Shadow cracked a smile at her comment, leaving Jayde to return the gesture, "So... can I call you Shades again?" she looked at him with a pouty face, which he found extremely funny, laughing as he nodded, "Yes!"

Sonic, Tails and Amy smiled as they saw the two hedgehogs make up. The pink hedgehog knew that it would take a little bit more than some harsh words for Shadow to hate Jayde – nothing could separate those two. Not even a war.

"No way, dude! I got way more hits on him that you!" The Mobians turned to find Jaylee and Scourge arguing once again.

"Nope." Scourge shook his head, "Last I counted, I had twenty-five hits to twenty-two."

"Cheat!" Jaylee shoved him, causing Miles to sigh at the two.

He glanced at the blue hedgehog, "And so it begins again." Sonic chuckled at the anti-Tails and his snarky remarks.

"Let's just move this along." Sonic spoke, zipping behind the green male.

"I'm King," Scourge responded to the grey hedgehog, "I should be the winner anyway. I mean, you did put up a good game – I was just better."

"Are you serious, your majesty?" Jaylee mocked, saluting to the male in front of her, "My fighting skills were quicker and faster than yours. You couldn't even keep your mouth shut at my moves." She smirked, crossing her arms.

"Listen here, Lee. I-"

Before Scourge could finish his sentence, his sneaky cobalt lookalike had shoved his form forward, making his lips connect with the grey hedgehog's. Both the Moebian's eyes widened at the unexpected move, whilst Miles simply clapped and Rosy squealed.

"Finally, someone did it." The anti-Tails muttered, still watching bored as ever.

Jaylee was the first to come back to reality, shoving the green male off her and furiously wiping her lips, "What in Chaos are you doing!" she yelled at the male who sat slumped on the floor.

Scourge woke up from his daydream at her outburst, and clenched his fists, glaring at the Hero of Mobius, "Blue!"

Sonic cheered, "Victory kiss!" and he pecked the pink hedgehog on the cheek before running away from an angry 'King of Moebius'.

Amy gaped at his action, placing a hand on her muzzle, a light blush spreading across her muzzle. Jayde chuckled as she looked off to her lookalike who hadn't said anything else and had her fingers on her lips with a confused look on her face.

Shadow had half-cast eyes, watching the scene before him boredly, "Are we supposed to join in, or...?"

Jayde's orbs widened at his comment and turned and smacked his arm, "No!" Shadow chuckled at her response, rubbing his arm.

"Well, this didn't go as I planned." Eggman mumbled as he held a broken piece of Badnik, "I blame Moebius. Apart from Warp Rings, this dimension has rubbish technology."

"Excuse me?" Miles hissed.

"Speaking of robots, where are Orbot and Cubot? Didn't they transport here along with you and Cleobella?" Tails asked.

"They're back at the lair."


"By me – because Moebius technology is far more advanced than your world." Miles hissed, crossing his arms, "Whilst you guys were busying trying to compose yourself, I recreated the warp barriers."

Scourge seemed to not know of this, "I thought you had to give those back to Dr Kintobor?"

Miles scoffed, "Please, I memorised those design patterns and codes in a second. I could create them again in about ten minutes - with our last warp ring, I hope you know."

The 'King of Moebius' rolled his orbs at the fox's pride, "Whatever, Fox Boy, just hurry and get these weaklings home."

Sonic smirked, "And it's back to normal."

"It was great working with you," Sonic grinned, "Even though I could've done it without you."

The green hedgehog gritted his teeth and glared at his lookalike from across the room, "We didn't need your help to defend Moebius, you just slowed us down."

"Tch, yeah right." The blue blur scoffed.

"It's a shame I didn't get to smash your hammer to bits this time." Rosy crackled, looking at her pink counterpart.

"That me was weaker than now." Amy stated, not saying much to her evil twin.

"Ha! You just called yourself weak!" the spikey quilled female laughed, cheering to herself, "I am your superior!"

Amy simply rolled jade eyes and didn't respond, knowing full well that she was much stronger than Rosy. Miles clicked his tongue, his eyes tracing through all the information before the portal opened once again, showing the Mobians the way home.

"Ready to leave this place behind us?" Shadow asked Jayde as the Mobians stood in front of the portal, their quills blowing in the breeze it was creating.

Jayde glanced back at her lookalike, Jaylee leaning against the side with her arms crossed, and her usual emotionless face on her, "Maybe."

"Maybe?" Shadow echoed, confused.

Azure eyes looked at the ebony male in front of her with a small smile, "Nothing good may come of this place, but I still learnt so much. Even if something bad happens, all it takes is a little bit of persistence and a little bit of hope, and everything will eventually turn okay again."

"I promise to never hurt you again," Shadow spoke, "I could see everything when I was controlled, and I couldn't stop it. I'm sorry."

"Don't worry, I knew you were always there." Jayde smiled before chuckling, "Sonic and I just agreed that you were getting your own back for when Raven took over me."

Shadow laughed, this action surprising everyone around them. No one had ever heard him laugh like that before except Jayde. It was deep, but had a strange comforting feeling to it, to Jayde that was. It was one of a kind.

"Even if I wanted to get back at you, I would never hurt you the way I did these past days." Shadow spoke after he stopped laughing.

Jayde smiled, her orbs twinkling slightly. Jaylee muttered under her breath before speaking aloud, "This is great and all, but save your romance until you leave Moebius. No one wants any mushy stuff here."

"I don't know," Sonic smirked, leaning towards the pink hedgehog and whispering, "Do you remember when Scourge and Jaylee kissed earlier?"

Amy giggled at the memory, but both the said hedgehogs flushed, Scourge growling, "I'll get you back for that!" he went to punch the blue hedgehog, but Sonic was quick to dodge.

"Watch out, Ames!" he called, laughing before he quickly picked her up in a bridal hold and sped through the portal and back home.

Tails shook his head before turning to Jayde, "How do you think Knuckles and Rouge got on together?"

Jayde chuckled, Shadow finding her laugh as pleasant as she did his, "Oh, I can't wait to find out what happened." The two males jumped through the portal, but Jayde stopped herself and turned back to her lookalike, "Nice knowing you, Jaylee."

Jaylee didn't respond, but the Protector saw her feeling in her orbs. It wasn't hate, nor was it like. Jayde would never be able to tell how Jaylee saw her, but she new that they were mutual for the time being.

The female jumped through the portal and returned to Mobius. Jaylee stared at where the Warp Ring disappeared and her Mobian twin left. "Do you think we'll ever see them again?" Jaylee turned to see Scourge grin evilly and hum a laugh.

"They've lowered my ego enough to feel embarrassed by working with them. I think some payback is in order." he slumped proudly on his throne, watching Miles and Rosy enter the room, a small nod leaving the both of them. Jaylee wasn't sure when they had left, but she knew it must have been after Sonic and Amy had left, "I assure you Lee, we will see them again."

Jaylee smirked – and that'd be the day she'd finally beat Jayde in a fight.

Chapter Text

The Mobians appeared in the twin tailed fox's workshop, both Knuckles and Rouge rushing over to greet them. Tails was startled by their sudden appearance, "When did you guys get here?"

"Hey guys!" Rouge waved, hugging the pink hedgehog, not noticing Tails' question.

"Hi Rouge, Knux." Sonic grinned, "Missed us?"

Knuckles huffed and crossed his arms, "No way. I got some peace while you were gone."

Rouge rolled her orbs and placed her hands on her hips, "Please, you couldn't stop worrying about them. You were scared they'd never return and you'd be stuck with me forever! Then you got scared when GUN showed up to bring us back and 'protected me'." She quoted.

Tails nodded to himself, "So that's how they got back. Wait! So that means my plane is still on the ARK? Aw, man!" Amy chuckled at the twin tailed fox, being the only one that heard him.

The red echidna's muzzle tinted, "Well when you put it that way, I'm glad they're back. I don't think I can spend another minute near you."

Amongst the bickering, Jayde had picked up the Warp Ring and sighed. Even though they were the bad guys, she would miss them. They may have hated the Mobians guts, but they still stood up to help save Shadow in the end – even if they did say it was only to save Moebius.

Slipping the Warp Ring in her quills, she turned to the calling fox. "Hey Jayde! Come here a sec'!"

She jumped over to Tails, placing her broken board on his table, resting a hand sadly on the pieces, "Think you can fix him this time?"

The young fox chuckled; his two tails moving in happiness to finally be back home, "I've built a TV out of some pizza boxes and a paper clip. Fixing a destroyed hover board? No problem!"

"You've been around Speedster too long." Jayde rolled her orbs with a grin.

"That, and," he pulled out another hoverboard, exactly the same shape, except it was plain grey and didn't have any colouring on it, "I have the prototype. Same speed, same shape, just no colour – you can use this for the time being."

Azure orbs lightened up at the sight of a board, and even though it wasn't the same, she would take it for the few days Tails needed, "Thanks, T-Dog!"

Tails smirked, "But that's not what I called you over for." He walked over to his shelves, slightly surprised that Knuckles and Rouge hadn't destroyed any of his tools and inventions in being here together without fighting. "I wanted to give you this before but Eggman sucked you lot away to Moebius with me closely following."

He pulled a box from a high shelf and presented it to Jayde. When she opened it, she saw brand new, homemade shoes. They had blue tongues with two thin black straps along the top; a golden strap along the middle and a jade strip besides the tongues and white at the front of the shoe.

"The gold strap and gold buckle at the top are the same as your shoes now, they should change colour if you ever transform into your dark form, or Potens form again. I also scanned your shoes and used the exact same soles, so they should help you with climbing and have a memory of home. And as a bonus addition with your board, the bottoms of your shoes hold a small super magnet which should prevent you from falling off your board at high speeds without the straps on your feet."

Jayde smiled but a small frown quickly etched on her face, "But... why?"

Tails gave a nervous grin, "I know that your shoes at the moment are valuable to you – but I also know about the argument you and Shadow had." He looked away and twirled his fingers, "I was hoping that with these you could... 'put the past behind you', so to say?"

The Protector looked at the shoes and back at the young fox with a sad smile, "Thanks Tails." The twin tailed Mobians grinned at Jayde, both knowing that their friendship had grown a little bit closer with that one gift.

Sonic raced to Jayde's said, "Whoa, cool sneakers! Maybe Tails could reinvent Knuckles'."

They all chuckled as the red echidna raged, "This is why I don't miss you! You make fun of me!"

The blue blur crossed his arms, "No, I tease!"

"There's a difference!" both Amy and Sonic laughed, quickly followed by everyone else. Jayde smiled as she watched everyone – even Shadow had grown that little bit fonder of the Sonic Team. Her friends were her family but even so... maybe it was time to face the past and go home. Everything that had happened in the time of her being in Moebius made her think more about her former home.

Jayde sighed and looked towards the door, noticing the light blue fox standing there, staring out into the forest. The Protector walked over to her friend, "Hey, Cleo – what's up?"


Cleobella frowned slightly, still looking out into the open, "All the time I was in my clan, I always wanted to explore the world. I wanted to learn about the technology that my ancestors despise so much, to make my own opinion about it."

"Being with Eggman proved what my ancestors said true, but Tails seems to change that altogether. His whole life revolves around technology, and none of that is bad!" She spoke, green orbs meeting azure, "I want to explore."

Jayde smiled. As much as it hurt her to have to leave her friend again, she couldn't hold Cleobella back from what she had dreamt of doing her whole life, "You should go."

"But I don't know where to go. I have no one to guide me."

"That's the best part," Jayde grinned, "You don't know where you're going, and you don't have to. As long as you're happy with the destination, nothing between matters."

Tails overheard the conversation and walked up behind them, a small device in his hands, "If you go explore the world," he clipped the communicator on Cleobella's wrist, "We'll always be here whenever you need us."

Cleobella smiled, looking back to the grey hedgehog, "You really think I should?"

"It's been your dream to explore the world and learn new things – and the only way to do that, is to take a first step." Jayde spoke, the gang watching as the light blue fox stared back out to the forest.

She never believed her clan were right. She always knew that there was something more about the technology of this world than what her clan would say – it wasn't all bad, there was good within it. Cleobella took a step forward, taking in a deep breath, "Okay." She turned back and surprised Jayde with an unexpected hug, but the Protector returned it nonetheless, "Thanks, J.J."

The grey female smiled and let go. The light blue fox walked out of the workshop and into the forest, not looking back.

As the gang disbursed to their own thing, Jayde was left sitting on a tree branch outside of the workshop, thinking over everything that had happened. She had seen her lookalikes – something she never thought she had.

Jaylee may have been her lookalike and acted similarly, but they were two very different hedgehogs. For starters, the inhibitor rings – the main difference between the two. Jaylee's bands were a blood red, giving a clear indicator who was evil between the two. But they could work together. Despite some minor setbacks, the two 'twins' could work as a team.

Jayde still knew not to trust her though. She knew not to trust any of them.

Then there was Adversity.

The Protector couldn't be more relieved that she was gone. It hurt Jayde to have to fight Shadow, more than anyone could see. Whenever his emotionless orbs met hers, it was like a knife slicing straight through her. It was like Adversity took all his memories and changed them, making it seem like everyone was against him.

Jayde was just glad to have the real Shadow back. She chuckled a bit – the real, grumpy Shadow. "What are you laughing at?" the said hedgehog caused her to jump as he chaos controlled beside her and sat with the Protector.

She looked at him and smiled, "Nothing." Jayde looked at her new shoes as they sat comfortably on her feet, "I'm just glad you're back."

"Me too, it's weird being under someone else's control." Shadow muttered.

"Didn't you used to work for Eggman?" Jayde chuckled at him.

"That wasn't really under control, I could leave that lair whenever I wanted, and the doc couldn't do anything about it." They laughed a bit before a familiar, cheerful voice caught their attention.

"Hey, Jayde, up for a race?!" Sonic asked, holding on to her prototype hoverboard.

Jayde grinned at the blue hedgehog, nodding, before glancing at the male beside her, "Think you can best me, Shades?"

Shadow smirked at the challenge and they both hopped down, "You're on, Renee."

"What about me?"

"I could beat you any day, Faker." Shadow grinned as they all readied themselves.

Sonic scoffed at the Ultimate Lifeform, "I'll take that bet, Faker, and crush you with it." He grinned before looking forward, "First to Westopolis and back wins!"

Amy and Rouge snuck behind the three hedgehogs and grinned, "GO!" they yelled. Jayde shot off with a loud laughing, cheering with her hands in the air, whilst Shadow and Sonic stumbled forwards, before glaring at the two girls and racing off after the grey female.

Rouge chuckled, "Nothing changes." She smirked.

The rose hedgehog watched the dust trails of the three slowly die out as she smiled, "And I hope it never will."