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The Heart of a Hero

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Friday at Yueei Academy was always a buzz. Students anxious for the weekend break, ready to relax and destress from the burden of their classes. Midoriya Izuku was no exception. He liked his classes, and those he had them with, and any homework involivng Pro Heroes had done about several months (or years) ago, however this has led to both Kaminari Denki and Ashido Mina begging at his door more than once.


Though if he had to pick a favorite Friday activity, it would be their Hero Practice class, with no doubts.




"Oy, Midoriya. Are those weird gloves new?" Kaminari asked, slipping his disk shooter over his right arm.

"Oh! Yeah, I got these from Hatsume right before the culture festival. They're very useful!" Midoriya replied, holding one out to be examined.

"So what do they do?" Kirishima Eijiro pondered out loud, planting his elbow on Midoriya's shoulder and leaning against him.

"To put it simply, it takes the force from a flick of my fingers and concentrates it into a smaller area. It dramatically increases my overall range, making it possible for me to target about 30 meters away, maybe more if I increased the power, though too much might be too dangerous considering I'm still working out the kinks with this technique-"

"Midoriya, you're muttering again."

"Huh?" Across the small row of lockers, Iida Tenya stood, smiling softly at his friend. "O-oh, sorry Iida," Midoriya responded bashfully, a soft warmth in his cheeks rising.

"It's nothing to apologize for, though I must politely ask you work on that habit! It can become a distraction for more than you, and as class representative, I cannot allow it!" Iida's hands chopped vigorously through the air at each syllable.

Kirishima sighed. "Man, you guys are a handful." He smiled and softly tap Midoriya's shoulder with a punch. "It's good to see you improving so much, though! Can't wait to see what you do when you're pro!"

"Y-yeah! You too! T-to all of you, that is..."

"Even Bakugo?" Kaminari snickered.

"The hell did you say about me?!" A loud Bakugo Katsuki rose from the other side of the room.

"Nothing, Kachan!"

"I believed it'd be wise to set out to the training grounds before the room explodes."

"I fucking heard that, Four Eyes!"




Most of the boys of Class 1-A filed out to Training Grounds Beta, leaving Kirishima to deal with an easily agitated Bakugo, Sero interrogating a taped-to-the-wall Mineta about the whereabouts of his helmet, and Sato rushing to refill his sugar supply. The girls had beaten them by a few moments, save for Yaoyurozu, who had to make a quick repair to her costume, caused by the aforementioned Mineta (accidentally, according to him).


Midoriy fiddled with his gloves, trying to find why they just were not sitting comfortably as they should. As he passed three of the 1-A girls, they called to him.

"Oh, Deku!" Running after him was none other than Uraraka Ochaco, his first and best friend here at U.A. After her were Asui Tsuyu and Jirou Kyoka.

"What's up, Uraraka?" Midoriya asked, smiling.

"Would you mind clarifying something for us?"

"Sure thing!"

"Do you know what Quirk generation began the Hero career?" Asui asked, in her usual deadpan tone.

"I still think it was the second." Jirou interjected.

"The fourth. Careers as a Pro Hero is still relatively new, kero."

"I'm telling you two, it's-"

"-the third." Midoriya interrupted. "The first two generations of Quirks saw a massive economic collapse, which an exponentially rising crime rate in tandem. After the Public Quirk Prohibition, the United Nations created a system of people authorized to use their Quirks to combat those who'd use their powers for crime, aptly named 'Heroes.'


The trio of females stared at Midoriya with surprise. Uraraka then turned to the other two and bragged. "See? I told you it was tbe third!"

"Yeah, yeah, alright. Remind me to take Midoriya's notes in the future." Jirou teased, prompting a nervous laugh from Midoriya.


Before returning to their original spot, Uraraka turned to Midoriya, giving him a warm smile and a thumbs up. "Thanks, Deku!" He couldn't help but blush a little, unable to hide it if he tried. 


As the rest of the students arrived (Mineta still pulling off tape), a sleeping Aizawa rose from his yellow sleeping bag, yawning. "Alright, let me walk you through today's prodecure."




Their procedure today was a hybrid of Midoriya's favorites: Search and Rescue, and Villain Attack. The ruined landscape would be littered with lifeless dolls, and the Hero team and Villain team would fight to collect the most. With an old fashioned Aizawa twist, the dolls were worth 1 point, while capturing opposite team members was worth 5 points.


As Aizawa dragged on, and Iida continuously asking questions about the exercise, Midoriya felt his eyes begin wander. He looked around the enviroment in front of them, taking in the great detail of damage before his eyes wandered onto his classmates. It wasnt too long before they landed on Uraraka.


He carefully studied her face, admiring how her brown hair framed her face with two long locks, her eyes looking like pools of chocolate, and her rosy cheeks, which occasionally he caught being darker shades of red.


Without any warning, she turned her head towards him, their eyes meeting. Midoriya felt himself flinch, panicking after being caught checking out his friend. 'Oh, why did I do that? She probably thinks I'm a creep now. She'll never talk to me again...'


Instead of disgust, she simply responded with a smile and a soft giggle, her cheeks growing a shade darker. Midoriya's heart clenched, making him smile back at her before turning back to Aizawa's instructions.




Aizawa had begun to draw names to determine the teams. It had been decided that the exercise would be a 10 versus 10, meaning a huge fight in the middle while few members from both teams play outside the fight. As names were read aloud, Midoriya began to lose focus. The clenching of his heart had suddenly felt worse, going from slight discomfort to a sharp, constant pain. 'What...what's happening?' His mind and vision became fuzzy, and his legs weakened, buckling beneath him as he held himself up. Uraraka took notice, losing any interest in Aizawa's monotone commentary and watched her friend, a look of great concern spreading across her face.


"Uraraka," Aizawa stopped. "Care to tell me what has taken your attention-" He'd followed her gaze, his words stopping in his throat as he reached the writhing, young green boy. "Midoriya?"


The rest of the class were now watching Midoriya, worry and confusion sweeping through them all. His eyes struggled to look up, let alone stay open. He was short of breath, the words in his throat desperate to escape.




Midoriya slumped forward, his body going limb as he connected with the hard ground, hearing only the shouts of his friends before completely slipping into a dark abyss of silence.




Despite his Quirk, Iida was unable to beat Uraraka to Midoriya. She rolled him over, Iida trying desperately to wake him up as she check for his pulse. Turns out his costume was too thick to check his arms. Iida lightly slapped Midoriya's cheek, hoping to bring him back to consciousness. "Midoriya, please wake up! You're worrying the entire class!"


The rest of the class surrounded him, crowding around with worry on their faces and in their hearts, trying to see what's happening. Uraraka quickly pressed two fingers on his neck, directly below where his jaw met the rest of his skull. She waited for what felt like forever, tears pooling in her eyes. 


No pulse.


The pools began to leak.


"No no no no, NO! DEKU!!" She screamed, putting both her hands over his heart and pumped. Her arms moved hastily, desperate to bring him back. Her tears fell onto the homemade costume, staining it as she slammed her palms down with great force and speed, threatening to bruise. "Deku, please! Come back to me!!" She choked on her words, uncomprohenible to anyone but her.


"Everyone, move out of the way! Now!" Aizawa commanded, breaking free of the blockades of bodies and reaching his unbreathing student. Iida set his dying friend down gently, backing away as his teacher instructed. Uraraka continue to push down into her best friends unmoving chest. "Uraraka, I need you to move."


Tears scattered from her face as she shook her head, sobbing uncontrollably. "N-no. I can't...I can't l-let him go..." 


Aizawa grabbed her by the shoulder. "Uraraka-"

"I ain't leavin' his side, got it?!"


Aizawa took a step back. Everyone was staring at her with surprise, and a bit a pity. She let her accent slip, but that normally happens when she's worked up. She'd swung at her teacher. Aizawa's weapon looked ready to geab her, but it settled back onto his shoulders.


He kneeled dowm next to his gravity student, determination in his eyes. "We're talking later," he whispered to her. "Everyone, pay attention, because I'm not repeating myself."


"First," he began, lowering his ear to Midoriya's lips. "Check for breathing. Do not continue if they are." He raised his head back up. He softly took Uraraka's hand and place it back on top of her others. "Make sure your hands are interlocked and in the middle of the chest." Uraraka laced her fingers between each other, Aizawa placing his upon hers in the same position. "Now, what you'll do here is lightly push down into his chest every half second, counting up every push to thirty." He pushed his hands into Uraraka's, whose in turn pushed into Midoriya's chest. After about ten chest compressions, he let go of his student's hands, and she continued to count up to thirty. Once she reached thirty, she look up at her teacher. "Check his pulse." She slipped her two fingers back onto her friend's neck, only to have her panic growing more prominent on her face as she look up at her teacher.



"Repeat your compressions, same as last time." Aizawa turned to the rest of his students as Uraraka tried again to save her best friend. "Iida."

"Y-yes, sensei!"

"Go find Recovery Girl. Tell her what happened and bring her back."

"I...I'll see it through!" Iida quickly sprinted off, disappearing through the training area's double doors.


"O-oh! Yeah?"

"We may need you as a defibrillator. Be ready."

"Ok...I'll do my best."



"I need to call this in. With Iida occupied, I need you to take control."

"Alright...I can do that."

"And Uraraka?"

She looked up, still compressing Midoriya's chest.

"...Bring him back."

She nodded, determination peering through the tears and hysteria.


Aizawa quickly separated from the group, phoning whoever he needed to. Uraraka tried to bring her friend back, but after a minute and a half, nothing was working. They tried using Kaminari's Quirk once, which only resulted in a spasming, lifeless Midoriya, which would've been hilarious under normal circumstances.


After what seemed to be Uraraka's fifth attempt, some of the others were losing hope. They didn't want to give up on him, not when they knew that he wouldn't give up on them had their positions been switched. Everyone was on edge, unknowing if they would lose their classmate and friend here and now....




...and a certain blonde was not helping.


"What do you think you're doing?" He slammed past Sero and Sato, walking up to the body of his childhood friend. "Do you really think I'm letting you call it quits here?!" Yaoyorozu tried to intervene, only to be met with several small explosions.


Bakugo fell onto his knees, continuing to rant. "You've yet to surpass me, you little shit!" He slammed his hand next to Midoriya's head, small firecrackers popping in his other. "You don't have my permission to die yet! You're going to get up! You're going to become a Hero! And you're damn well going to become the new Symbol of Peace! Only then do you have my blessing to drop dead, you USELESS. BASTARD!!"


Kirishima took action, hardening his body and hooking his arms under Bakugo's shoulder. "Bro, let's get you outta here."

"LET GO OF ME, SHITTY HAIR!" Explosions could be heard fading as the two disappeared back into the locker room.




Kaminari tried his Quirk one more time, lowering the voltage as not to have his friend's lifeless body spasm uncontrollably again. Midoriya's body jerked upon the release of electricity, but still no life returned to him.


Todoroki knelt down beside the boy across from Uraraka, planting his right palm on his head while Uraraka continued giving chest compressions. Even with his Quirk, he could feel the warmth being drained slowly from the boy who threw the fight just to help him. Tears froze upon his right cheek while they evaporated on his left, feeling absolutely powerless to help his friend.


On the thirtieth compression, Uraraka slid her fingers back onto Midoriya's neck, desperately clinging to any hope that he'll come back to them. Her fingers shook in terror, fearful she'll lose her best friend to...she didn't even know what happened, which was just salt into the wound of her heart.




She didn't feel anything.




"D-Deku..." Her head fell onto his chest, her hands clinging to his costume as she screamed. Her voice was muffled, but her pain and despair were heard crystal clear. Kaminari sat down, feeling like he was absolutely worthless in saving his friend. Todoroki's tears fell and froze/evaporated quicker than before. Everyone hung their heads, muttering the goodbyes they'd never thought they'd have to.


"Goodbye, my friend..."

" were one of the good ones."

"Only the good die young..."

"Non, I won't let your sparkle fade from our hearts..."


Uraraka clung to his body, the goodbyes she heard muttered from her classmates only throwing her deeper into the dark depth of despair. In a precession of choked sobs, it was time for her own.


"G-good...goodbye, Dek-...Izuku..."











Uraraka's head snapped up, her cheeks glistening from the fresh tears she soaked back up from Midoriya's costume. 'Was that...?' She leaned her ear back against his chest, a slight hope rekindled in her heart.


Thump...Thump. Thump...Thump


"De-...I-Izuku?!" The others brough their heads back up, confused pain across the faces as they watched Uraraka press her ear against the greenette's lips.


A weak, cold breeze flowed across her ear from the back of Midoriya's throat.


Now she was crying for a whole new reason.


"Izuku!!" She screamed in relief as she threw her arms around her revived friend's neck, cheeks smashed together as she cried in delight. Sero, Ashido, Kaminari, and Sato all began bawling with her, completely overjoyed. Mineta had fainted long ago from the stress. Everyone else remained silent, smiling through their own tears.






After the intial shock and relief, Yaoyorozu had everyone (except Uraraka, whom she wouldn't be able to pry away with a crowbar of she wanted to) give the young hero some space, quickly making a small oxygen mask to place over his mouth and nose. Kaminari and Ashido clung to each other, still ecstatic from first saying goodbye, to now celebrating their undead classmate. Jiro then threw herself in between them, clearly needing the cathartic relief.


Iida suddenly burst through the door. "EVERYONE! I have returned with Recovery Girl!" As if Class 1-A had a new uniform, his cheeks were also stained with dried up tears. Recovery Girl, along with two small robots carrying a stretcher and an emergency med kit, came in after him, hurrying over to the congregation of students.


Recovery Girl was relieved to see Midoriya alive. She wasn't exactly thrilled to have him in the nurse's office again, but it was a lot better than seeing him in a coffin. She took off the oxygen mask Yaoyorozu made, placing her own in it's place. It wasn't that it was bad, just that hers would last a lot longer and could distribute oxygen more efficiently. She bent down next to Todoroki, snapping her fingers in front of the barely alive student's eyes. "Can you hear us, kid?"


Midoriya's eyes struggled to open. He was barely able to see through the tiny slits he could manage with all his strength. "Re-Recov...ery...G-Girl?"

A sigh of relief. "Good, you remember me. What about your name?"


"Good, good. You're doing great. What about the girl clinging to you?"


Midoriya's eyes rolled to the side, only to have his vision engulfed in a sea of brown, moisturized hair. Luckily for him, his heart was too weak to send blood up to his cheeks at the moment, and their was barely enough oxygen in his brain for those thoughts. ""


"Izuku..." He felt her grip in him tighten slightly. "Don't...don't go."

If he had the strength, he would have held her back. "...won't."




After much pleading (and some slight prying), Recovery Girl was able to get the gravity brunette off of Midoriya, and get him on the stretcher, oxygen mask still worn as he was rolled away to the nurse's office. Aizawa followed her, but not before addressing his class.


"You're free for the rest of the day." Instead of usual cheers, everyone nodded in understanding. Some began to head back to their lockerrooms to change, with Shoji carrying a still unconscious Mineta back with him. Wiping tears from her eyes, Uraraka started walking back as well, just wanting today to end after everything.




She looked over to her teacher whom was adressing her.


"Once you're changed, meet me in my office."