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Shen Wei

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Lan is sitting on the park bench, his arms draped over Wei's shoulders who is next to him.


"I am curious, Xiao Wei, can I ask you something?"


Wei nods.


"Why are you always Shen Wei, in every birth when my name is different always? Kun Lun, Zhao Yun Lan, Bai Yu... and many other names."


They have reincarnated many times after they met as Shen Wei and Zhao Yun Lan. They have met each other in all of the reincarnations. They remember everything. They are soulmates after all.


Wei looks down and smiles, "Does it bother you?"


Lan rolls his eyes, he whispers, "How can it bother me? It's the name I gave you, after all."


Wei's eyes sparkle. "That's exactly why. Because it's the name you gave me. That's when it all started, our connection. 11,000 years ago. We met and I fell for you, hard."


"We met again after 10,000 years, after out very first life. It was fate. I fell for you again and again. I never stopped loving you through all the reincarnations in the past 1,000 years. This you know because we were together, always, the past 1,000 years."


"But even before our meeting as Yun Lan and Wei, you were reincarnated. I watched over you. I loved you then as well. I just didn't have the chance to let you know because we didn't meet. I will always love you because I am your Wei."


"It will never be right if I were named something else, Shen Wei is meant to be, you know? I would be nothing if I am not 'Shen Wei'."


Lan smiles. He wants to say that Shen Wei will be everything more but he knows Wei won't listen to him. He gets Wei's sentiment.


He met Wei as Kun Lun, 11,000 years ago but that had not gone well. He left Wei waiting for over 10,000 years.


He then met Wei as Yun Lan again and it was a happy ending. After all their obstacles, they ended up together. And they will always have a happy ending in the future. It's happy because they will always be together, nothing can keep them apart.


Lan knows that he will choose being Lan, a normal human with powers over being Kun Lun, a mountain God if it means he can stay with Wei. Nothing else matters other than this.






Lan's mood suddenly drops and he growls, "Why does shitty Ye Zun have to be there in every birth, why does he always cling to you and challenge me mostly? Well, he is nice sometimes too but mostly he doesn't accept me for you easily, Xiao Wei."


Zun appears from behind a tree, out of nowhere and says nonchalantly, "Just be glad I am not evil and after your ass."


Wei just looks in between Lan and Zun and ignores their glares and doesn't say anything. They can sort it out. He can't always be their referee or mid ground.