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Mornings Aren't Great Without You

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It wasn't any typical Sunday morning. Zhu Yilong and Bai Yu were in bed,nakedly cuddling with each other. Finally none of them had any schedules that day and wanted to do nothing but roll around together in bed.

"I love you so much." Yilong suddenly announces. It was already a ritual for him to say those words everyday.

"How much?" Bai Yu questions,grinning smugly as he turns around and snuggles his face into Yilong's chest.

"Too much that I want to marry you and live my life with you till we're old and still stupidly in love with each other." Bai Yu moves his face slightly away from his lover's chest,looking at him with doe eyes. Did his boyfriend just propose to him in bed? Naked with morning breath?

The older chuckles in response,kissing his lips right away.

"You know what,you could've been more romantic but you already have my yes."

The two of them laughed with each other in their arms. A silver band was slid down Bai Yu's ring finger that very morning.